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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1951 May 3 Lorraine Hoey front page Girls Worry, Scrub For Spring Banquets 
1951 May 3 Elmer Wolfenden and Leighton Ford  front page Finalists Reveal Platforms 
1951 May 3 Huane Engholm front page Faculty Approves Plans for Activities 
1951 May 3 Peter Lehrecke front page German Student to Speak At Campus Forum program 
1951 May 3 Foreign Missionary Fellowship front page FMFers Elect Fox President, Select Half of Cabinet Board 
1951 May 3 Leighton Ford and Elmer Wolfenden front page Voters Choose Ford, Wolfenden To Compete in Presidential Race 
1951 May 3 World Relief  front page World Relief Nets $520 for Missions 
1951 May 3 Karl Milsson front page Nilsson Undergoes Major Operation 
1951 May 3 Enock C. Dyrness front page Air Force Rejects Bid for ROTC Training Unit 
1951 May 3 registeration front page Over 400 Preregister for Courses In Inter-Session, Summer School 
1951 May 3 V. Raymond Edman front page Panel of 3 Honors VRE in Assembly 
1951 May 3 Jay McCully front page MSC to Highlight Community Day 
1951 May 3 May Festival front page Phys Ed Departments Give May Festival Performance 
1951 May 3 Studnet council  front page Council to Name Freshman Leaders 
1951 May 3 John A. Mackay front page  Princeton Seminary Prexy Speaks To Wheatonites at Local Church 
1951 May 3 Community Day editorial Reward Offered 
1951 May 3 Alma Mater editorial Gentle Hint 
1951 May 3 Elections editorial Can You Top This? 
1951 May 3 Korean War, Great Britain, Truman, Iran voices Reds Lose May Day Offensive 
1951 May 3 Esther Joy Pearce voices Nurse Starts Small Riots 
1951 May 3 Roy Aldrich, Student Council letters to the editor Aldrich Protests Ruthless Gossip 
1951 May 3 baseball sports Pfundmen Take 1 in 3, Seek League Victory 
1951 May 3 tennis sports Netmen to Play Pair of Matches 
1951 May 3 intramurals, WAA sports Intramural Tennis Tops WAA Final Sports List 
1951 May 3 tennis sports Women to Take on North Park Netters 
1951 May 3 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 May 3 track sports Runners Win Dual, Fall in Drake Meet 
1951 May 3 golf sports Cardinals Down Wheaton Golfers 
1951 May 3 WETN news Station to Change to 640 Kilocycles 
1951 May 3 art majors, memorial student center news Majors to Display Paintings in MSC 
1951 May 3 clubs news See You There 
1951 May 3 Phyllis Holzwarth news Powers to Prezent Holzwarth as Pianist in Senior Concert 
1951 May 3 Geology news 4 Groups MAke Field Trip to Dells 
1951 May 3 Lits news Societies Sponsor Banquet, Silverware Demonstration 
1951 May 3 House Bill 490, V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Sends Support of Bill to Legislators 
1951 May 10 Community Day, chapel choir front page Choir to Present Community Day Finale 
1951 May 10 Campus Forum front page Campus Forum Begins Series of News Films 
1951 May 10 art majors, memorial student center front page Senior Art Exhibit Opens in Center 
1951 May 10 Phils front page Phils Give Pink Parade, Honor Engaged Women 
1951 May 10 Community Day front page College Welcomes Townspeople; McCully Reveals Saturday's Plans 
1951 May 10 Artist series front page Cossacks Begin Artist Program for Next Year 
1951 May 10 student council front page Classes Elect New Officers 
1951 May 10 Karl Nilsson front page Nilsson Improves after Operation 
1951 May 10 interfaith policy front page Council Considers Trustee Action 
1951 May 10 military exams front page Exam Deadline Nears 
1951 May 10 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Cook to Talk at FMF on Mission Boards 
1951 May 10 Comprehensive Exams front page Seniors to Write Last Half of Comps 
1951 May 10 Chapel front page Wheatonites to Speak in 4 Chapel Services 
1951 May 10 Elmer Wolfenden, Student council front page Wolfenden Triumphs in Election 
1951 May 10 Record front page 'Recorders' Take Course 
1951 May 10 Earle Cairns news Professor Includes Survey of Wheaton in New Textbook 
1951 May 10 student council editorial Bigger Handfuls 
1951 May 10 humor editorial The Story of Henry Klpfb 
1951 May 10 class activities editorial Avoid the Hangman 
1951 May 10 Albert Bruce Phillips voices Many-Tilted Miser Escapes Bizarre Ferris Wheel Death 
1951 May 10 John Stam, Ron Carlson, John Shenk, John Younker letters to the editor Stam Urges SMile Epidemic; Students Discuss Election 
1951 May 10 Korean War, MacArthur, Israel, Syria voices Mac Neglects World 
1951 May 10 John A. Mackay, Christianity news Mackay Condemns Failure of Christians as 'Betrayal' 
1951 May 10 George L. Bate news Prof Takes Leave for Grad Study 
1951 May 10 Library news Library Builders Board Roof, Work on Gables 
1951 May 10 Chicago Motor Club news Youth Attend Annual Picnic 
1951 May 10 Lits news Lit Societies Plan Banquets, Voting 
1951 May 10 Memorial Student Center news Fund Total Shows Over $13,000 Due 
1951 May 10 Dick Reed, Nolan Huizenga news Reed to Present Senior Recital; Huizenga Gives Junior Program 
1951 May 10 House Bill 490 news Legislators Defeat House Animal Bill 
1951 May 10 baseball, Fred Wren sports Prediction Fails as Wren Succeeds 
1951 May 10 Golf sports Golfers Face Illini after First Victory 
1951 May 10 WAA sports State WAA to Hold Meeting at College 
1951 May 10 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 May 10 track sports Elmhurst Invitation Draws Thinclads after 1/3 Point Loss 
1951 May 10 tennis sports Coeds Spill Cards, Vie in State Meet 
1951 May 10 Tennis sports Netters Split Tilts, Engage Pier, Jays 
1951 May 10 baseball sports Crusader Nine Tops Pair of Foes, Battles 3 Conference Opponents 
1951 May 10 Tower news Carnell to Introduce '51 'Tower' Thursday 
1951 May 10 Wheaton Graduate Seminary news Seminarians Banqet in St. Charles Hotel 
1951 May 10 clubs news See You There 
1951 May 10 Jay McCully news McCully Speaks in Finals of Hearst Oratory Contest 
1951 May 10 Carl DeVries news Instructor Recieves Government Aid 
1951 May 10 Chemistry majors news Majors Participate in Chem Meeting 
1951 May 10 Class Activities news Student Board Announces Rules for Class Activities 
1951 May 17 class trips front page Classes Plan Trips to Mexico, North 
1951 May 17 Billy Graham, graduation front page Graham to Talk at Graduation; 283 Earn Degrees 
1951 May 17 Senior sneak front page Seniors Keep, Set Traditions 
1951 May 17 military exams front page Examiners Extend Date 
1951 May 17 Faith Dugan, Dorothy Hurst front page Hurst, Dugan Give Dual Junior Recital 
1951 May 17 graduate school front page Grads Form Council, Choose Committee 
1951 May 17 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Kuhn to Address FMFers in Last Meeting of Year 
1951 May 17 clubs front page See You There 
1951 May 17 Student council front page Council Picks 5 Chairmen, Plans Elections 
1951 May 17 Bud DeVries, Bud Gray front page 2 'Buds' Head Rival Classes 
1951 May 17 Moody Chorale front page Chorale to Present Sacred Classics 
1951 May 17 Kalr Nilsson front page Program to Boost Nilsson Gift Fund 
1951 May 17 Chapel front page Ohio Pastor Talks in Chapel Service 
1951 May 17 concert band front page Platz Leads 60 Players in Spring Program 
1951 May 17 sports front page Crusader Squads to Vie for CCI Crowns in Weekend's 3-Sport League Tournament 
1951 May 17 Kodon front page Final 'Kodon' to Feature 'Love at First Fight' 
1951 May 17 track sports Thinclads Trail Ramblers at Elmhurst Invitational 
1951 May 17 golf sports Golfers Claim Second Win 
1951 May 17 intramurals sports Carter Spills Smith for Ping-Pong Crown 
1951 May 17 tennis sports Women Blank Teachers; Face North Park Netters 
1951 May 17 tennis sports Netmen Conquer Navy Pier, Jays 
1951 May 17 baseball sports Crusaders Aim for CCI Pennant after Wesleyan, Cardinal Wins 
1951 May 24 Tuition front page Year's Tuition - $36 
1951 May 24 Robert A. Walker, W. Wyeth Willard front page Walker, Willard to Leave Wheaton Faculty in June 
1951 May 24 Dare Day, Senior Sneak front page Juniors Take Lead in Dare Day Tilt; '51 Sneaks Away 
1951 May 24 oratory contest front page 6 Students Vie in Cook Contest 
1951 May 24 Honey Rock, Black Hills front page Summer Camps Draw 42 
1951 May 24 Tower front page 'Tower' Editor Names 1952 Staff 
1951 May 24 Campus forum front page Forum Shows 2 Films on War Background 
1951 May 24 Karl Nilsson front page Program Aids Nilsson Fund 
1951 May 24 Lost and Found front page Lost and Found to Hold Spring Rummage Sale 
1951 May 24 Chapel front page Pastor, Missionary Give Week's Chapel Talks 
1951 May 24 Band front page New Chimes, Horns to Highlight Band's Spring Concert Saturday 
1951 May 24 military exams front page College Gives Service Test 
1951 May 24 Student Council front page Board Sells Texts 
1951 May 24 Paul Robbins, Washington Banquet front page Robbins to Serve as WB Chairman 
1951 May 24 senior class front page 172 Seniors Find Persistance Pays 
1951 May 24 Charles Reeder front page reeder Receives Award in Special Presentation 
1951 May 24 campus problems editorial Don't Forget 
1951 May 24 picture of the week letters to the editor 'Print that Photo' Demand Seniors 
1951 May 24 Alvera Johnson voices Studies, Journalism Ensnare Bookweary School Teacher 
1951 May 24 Korean War, Iran, Israel, Syria voices Troops Home Soon? Reds Hint at Peace 
1951 May 24 tennis sports Netters Finish Third in CCI, Face Alumni 
1951 May 24 intramurals sports Lits, Classes Vie on Cinder Track in IM Finale 
1951 May 24 tennis sports Women's Net Team Meets Chicago Teachers College 
1951 May 24 baseball sports Nine Collects First Championship in 18 Years as Cardinals Fall 16-0 
1951 May 24 track sports Crusaders Claim Fifth Track Title in Little Nine, Fall to Chanute Field 
1951 May 24 tennis sports Tennis Tourney to End Women's Sport Activity 
1951 May 24 Record, Vaughn Shoemaker news Shoemaker to Speak at 'Record' Banquet 
1951 May 24 Memorial student center news Donors Give $4017 in Drive 
1951 May 24 clubs news See You There 
1951 May 24 Genive Smith, Don Gilchrist news 2 Juniors to Give Combined Recital 
1951 May 24 horsemanship news Wheaton to Sponsor Student Horse Show 
1951 May 24 Kodon news 'Kodon' Picnics at Lagoon 
1951 May 24 West African Broadcasting news Station Announces Broadcasting Plan 
1951 May 24 Lits news Lits End Year's Meetings; Bows, Aels Turn Informal 
1951 May 31 summer front page Some Will Work, Others Loaf 
1951 May 31 graduation, Lester Groom front page Groom to Improvise in Graduation Recital 
1951 May 31 graduation front page Grad Guests Hear Recital, Concerts 
1951 May 31 graduation front page 279 Receive Arts Diplomas at Annual Commencement 
1951 May 31 oratory contest front page Nystrom Announces Cook Oratory Victors 
1951 May 31 Joseph P. Free, archaeology front page Wheaton Sponsors Excavation 
1951 May 31 student council front page Council Adds 2 Delegates 
1951 May 31 V. Raymond Edman, Memorial Student Center front page Edman to Dedicate Center in Service 
1951 May 31 essay contest front page Frosh Take Prizes in Essay Contest 
1951 May 31 Red cross front page College to Donate Blood 
1951 May 31 Student Council front page New Student Council Elects Fall Officers, Plans 2-Day Retreat before Registration 
1951 May 31 V. Raymond Edman, Merril C. Tenney, Carl Armerding front page 3 Profs to Speak in Summer Camps 
1951 May 31 Blanchard front page School to Assign Rooms 
1951 May 31 summer  editorial Get It and Give It Away 
1951 May 31 Earl Roe voices 'Skid' Pursues Hilarious Life Through Childhood, Army 
1951 May 31 Karl Nilsson editorial Reporter Finds Karl Happy 
1951 May 31 Israel, Syria, Iran, Korean War voices Jews, Arabs Imperil West; UN TRoops Whip Chinese 
1951 May 31 sports sports Crusaders' 3 CCI Titles Highlight '50-'51 Play 
1951 May 31 golf sports Linksmen Drop Fourth 
1951 May 31 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 May 31 track sports Frosh Score 85 1/2 to Sweep Track Contest 
1951 May 31 Wheaton Academy news Prep Chorus to Give Program at College 
1951 May 31 Record news Hutter Tells Fall Positions 
1951 May 31 summer school news 418 Students Take Summer Courses 
1951 May 31 Harv Chrouser news Chrouser Announces Swimming Instruction 
1951 May 31 V. Raymond Edman news Edman to Lead 3 Services 
1951 May 31 Dave Howard, graduate school news Grads Select Howard First Council Prexy 
1951 May 31 Garry McCracken, Ginny Raedeke, Carl Cassel news Vocal Clubs Pick McCracken, Cassel, Raedeke Presidents 
1951 May 31 Library news Students to Get Library for '51 Christmas Gift 
1951 May 31 H. William Nordin news Nordin Receives Doctors Degree from University 
1951 May 31 sports news Athletes to Join Sports Honorary 
1951 May 31 Memorial Student Center, Student Union news Fall Plans Include Newsreels in MSC 
1951 May 31 Merrill C. Tenney news New Tenney Book to Appear in Summer, Publisher Reveals 
1951 May 31 Robert Baptista news Baptista to Join Staff of Phys Ed Instructors 
1951 May 31 clubs news See You There 
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