Index to the Record, 1951 (January)-1951 (April)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1951 January 4 Winter Vacation front page 'You Meet Characters' 
1951 January 4 Chapel front page Profs to Speak on World Events in Chapel Talks 
1951 January 4 World Relief front page Relief Chairman Receives Report on Publications 
1951 January 4 V. Raymond Edman, Wheaton Academy front page Edman Tells of Chapel Gift 
1951 January 4 Intervarsity, Dave Howard front page Howard to Tell of IVCF Work 
1951 January 4 Home Economics Club front page Howard to Tell of IVCF Work 
1951 January 4 roller skating party front page Party Open to 60 
1951 January 4 Vincent Brushwyler front page Brushwyler to Speak 
1951 January 4 WETN front page WETN Lists Programs 
1951 January 4 Memorial Student Center, Buswell Memorial Library front page Workmen Finish Plastering, Begin Painting of Center 
1951 January 4 Intramurals front page Council Announces Intramural Sports 
1951 January 4 Carl Armerding front page Armerding Opens New Bible Class 
1951 January 4 class schedule front page Registrar Announces New Class Schedule 
1951 January 4 Comprehensive exams front page 36 Seniors Take Mid-Year Comps 
1951 January 4 Culp Hall front page Culp Men Plan Visit to Museum 
1951 January 4 Armin Gesswein front page Gesswein to Speak at Service, to Emphasize Bible Teaching 
1951 January 4 essay contest front page Group Offers Cash Awards 
1951 January 4 basketball sports Cagers Face Kings at Home; Travel to Renew CCI Play 
1951 January 4 Wrestling sports Grapplers Seek First Win in Great Lakes Home Meet 
1951 January 4 basketball sports Varsity Posts 4-3 Mark in Holiday Games 
1951 January 11 Freshmen retreat front page Vote Permits First Retreat of Freshmen 
1951 January 11 Memorial Student Center front page Builders to Complete Center Pretty Soon 
1951 January 11 Bill Watkins, Liberia front page Electrician to Hold Interview with President of Liberia 
1951 January 11 Curriculum front page Faculty Expands 1951 Curriculum 
1951 January 11 Student council front page Council Plans Skating Rink, Ponders Grade Point Awards 
1951 January 11 WETN front page WETN Changes Radio Frequency 
1951 January 11 science laboratory, Bernard Nelson front page $200 Lab Blaze Attracts Firemen, Crowd 
1951 January 11 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Shank Conducts Question Period 
1951 January 11 Draft, Enock C. Dyrness front page Registrar Counsels Men to Avoid 'Draft Jitters' 
1951 January 11 Navy front page Navy Man Speaks 
1951 January 11 Chapel front page Appelman to Talk in Chapel; Hoke to Tell of Japan 
1951 January 11 Orchestra front page Orchestra Concert Includes 'Barber of Seville' Overture 
1951 January 11 Roger Voskuyl front page Voskuyl Visits Campus 
1951 January 11 Tower, Ronald Goodman front page Sophomore Wins 'Tower' Contest 
1951 January 11 Fire safety editorial 'Cause for Alarm' 
1951 January 11 V. Raymond Edman editorial Congratulations... 
1951 January 11 social programs editorial Wheaton with a Long Face 
1951 January 11 Christmas vacation voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Christmas Surprises Bill - So Does School 
1951 January 11 China, Cold War, Soviet Union voices The Spinning Globe: U.S. Calls China Aggressor, but Fails to Get UN Support 
1951 January 11 Draft, Herb Atkinson letters to the editor Draft Talk Ruins Campus Confab 
1951 January 11 Intramurals sports Four Teams Remain Unbeaten in IM Play 
1951 January 11 wrestling sports Matmen Duel Navy, Iowa 
1951 January 11 basketball sports Crusaders Flatten Carthage, Succumb to Bluejays 83-61 
1951 January 11 basketball sports Bombers Cop Pair for 8-1 Mark 
1951 January 11 WAA sports WAActivities: WAAers to Elect Term Leaders 
1951 January 11 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1951 January 11 basketball sports Millikin Invades for CCI Clincher 
1951 January 11 conservatory news Conservatory to Hold Three Music Recitals 
1951 January 11 Lits news Lit Ledger: 'Belts' to Elect New Officers 
1951 January 11 Kodon news Editor Announces Release of Semester's Last 'Kodon' 
1951 January 11 Oratorio news Nordin Directs Choir 
1951 January 11 Telephone news Company Hikes Telephone Tolls 
1951 January 11 Campus Forum, Korean War news Forum to Show Film 
1951 January 18 Tower front page Busy Staff Struggles to Meet Deadlines 
1951 January 18 Student council front page Committee Plans Exchange for Secondhand Textbooks 
1951 January 18 Dick Reed, Don Sandberg, Special Services front page Reed, Sandberg to Direct Music for Special Services 
1951 January 18 Record front page New Editor Tells Date of Paper 
1951 January 18 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Lubkeman to Speak 
1951 January 18 World Relief, Korean War front page Wolfenden Sends Clothes Abroad 
1951 January 18 basketball tickets front page Wheatonites Buy 1200 Tickets 
1951 January 18 Merrill C. Tenney, Commencement front page Graduate Dean to Deliver Commencement Address 
1951 January 18 Thanksgiving Vacation front page Student Council Approves Thanksgiving Vacation Cut 
1951 January 18 Enrollment front page College Accepts 140 New Pupils Next Semester 
1951 January 18 Registration front page Barnett Explains New Procedure for Registration 
1951 January 18 Chapel front page Choir, Edman Lead in Exam Chapels 
1951 January 18 Craft Shop, Guy Ricker front page Soph to Take Over Craft Shop Position 
1951 January 18 Washington Banquet front page Group Chooses Edgewater Beach as Site of Washington Banquet 
1951 January 18 WETN, Don Geiger front page Board Approves Geiger to WETN 
1951 January 18 Harry A. Ironside front page Ironside Dies 
1951 January 18 Chester O'Neal editorial Finale... 
1951 January 18 Korean War, Truman, Cold War, Catholicism voices The Spinning Globe: UN Offers Cease-Fire Plan; Truman Advises Tax Boost 
1951 January 18 Thanksgiving vacation letters to the editor Heck Explains Loss of Vacation 
1951 January 18 draft, Earl Roe letters to the editor Vet Denies 'Jitters' 
1951 January 18 Bill Stupe voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Benevolent Uncle Calls Bill Stupe 
1951 January 18 wrestling sports Grapplers Seek First Win in Battle with Maroons 
1951 January 18 basketball sports Bombers Cop Tenth Victory 
1951 January 18 Intramurals sports IM Quints End Initial Tourney 
1951 January 18 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1951 January 18 basketball sports Cagers Prep for Valpo; Face Three Over Holidays 
1951 January 18 basketball sports Crusaders Fall Before Millikin in League Tilt; Lose to Techawks 
1951 January 18 soccer sports Morrismen Place Six on Squad 
1951 January 18 choral groups news Choral Groups Schedule Tours of Midwest During Vacation 
1951 January 18 Lits news Lit Ledger: Finals Interrupt Meetings; Groups Select Officers 
1951 January 18 Missions news College Announces Program for Missionary Preparation 
1951 January 18 bible lands cruise news Cruise Attracts 25 Participants 
1951 January 18 Debate team, Glenn Heck, Dick Robinson news Heck, Robinson Win Second in Normal Debate Tourney 
1951 January 18 Merrill C. Tenney news Professor to Publish Lectures on Gospels 
1951 January 18 Red Cross, Tom Bade news Bade to Supervise Red Cross Campagin 
1951 February 1 Edward A. Coray, George L. Bate front page Coray, Bate Assume New Executive Tasks 
1951 February 1 Dan Hassink front page Hassink Goes to Guard Ike 
1951 February 1 glee club, Rex Roth front page Bus Crashes Truck on Glee Club Tour 
1951 February 1 Honey Rock Camp, Harv Chrouser front page College Obtains Camp in Wisconsin Woods 
1951 February 1 Chapel front page Evangelist Talks in Friday Chapel 
1951 February 1 Bud DeVries front page DeVries Holds Rally 
1951 February 1 Track front page Thinclads Trek to Boston for First Indoor Action 
1951 February 1 Myra Johanneson front page Anthology Prints Poem 
1951 February 1 Campus Forum front page Forum Examines Foreign Policies 
1951 February 1 Freshmen class front page Frosh to Don Class Insignia 
1951 February 1 Washington Banquet front page Congressman to Address Washington Banqueters 
1951 February 1 Tower, Mark Harmeling front page Sophomores Choose Harmeling to Head 1952 'Tower' Staff 
1951 February 1 Johannes Brahms front page Wheaton Acquires Brahms's Works 
1951 February 1 Prayer Day front page Faculty Committee Slates Prayer Day During Week 
1951 February 1 Lits front page Lit Ledger: Turnwall to Speak on Neo-Orthodoxy 
1951 February 1 Infantile paralysis front page College Joins Town in Nation-Wide Drive 
1951 February 1 Record front page Journalists Hold Party 
1951 February 1 Presbyterian Fellowship front page Club Faces Future 
1951 February 1 internationals front page Internationals to Ride 
1951 February 1 railway strike front page Walkout Hinders Commuter Travel 
1951 February 1 wrestling sports Matmen Capture OPne, Bow to Normal 16-13 
1951 February 1 soccer sports Acuna Wins Soccer Honor 
1951 February 1 basketball sports Team Seeks to Win Two 
1951 February 1 WAA, Bev Chapman sports WAActivites: Chapman to Serve as WAA President 
1951 February 1 intramurals sports IM Play Opens; Gale Announces League Members 
1951 February 1 basketball sports CAgers Face Cards, Snap Loss Streak 
1951 February 8 Joy Carpenter front page Carpenter to Give 'The Silver Chord' 
1951 February 8 Chapel front page Johnson Returns for Chapel Talk 
1951 February 8 Student Union front page Union Offers New Horizons 
1951 February 8 railroad strike, Memorial Student Center front page Train Tie-Up Delays Flooring for Center 
1951 February 8 Valentine's Day front page Two Classes Arrange Ice-Skating Jamboree 
1951 February 8 Student council front page Students to Vote for Delegates 
1951 February 8 March of Dimes front page Students to Vote for Delegates 
1951 February 8 Pre Med, Psychology front page New Major Combines Pre-Med, Psychology 
1951 February 8 debate team front page Debaters Take 12 Wins 
1951 February 8 Bible Lands Cruise front page Travelers Leave Thursday on Trip to Bible Lands 
1951 February 8 Red Cross front page Red Cross Climaxes Drive with Program 
1951 February 8 Mildred Kratz front page Kratz Wins Chemistry Handbook 
1951 February 8 Washington Banquet front page Bade to Provide Wit at Washington Banquet 
1951 February 8 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Writes Book on Finney 
1951 February 8 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Stam to Show FMF Pictures from Chicago 
1951 February 8 Liberia, West African Broadcasting front page Watkins Announces Plans for Buying Land in Liberia 
1951 February 8 Student Council front page Council Schedules Second Book Sale After First Success 
1951 February 8 Revival editorial 'Let Us Go On' 
1951 February 8 Railroad Strike, Korean War, Cold War voices The Spinning Globe: Unions Walk Out, Test Court Order 
1951 February 8 Verle Everett editorial Verle Joins Holsteen Ranks 
1951 February 8 dating, Art Ross letters to the editor Wheat Meaneth This Slogan, Demands Ross 
1951 February 8 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 February 8 wrestling sports Grapplesr Seek Third Scalp from Pier; Taussig Primes for Ninth Straight Try 
1951 February 8 intramurals sports Trotters Pace IM Competition; Lutefisk Boys Win 
1951 February 8 basketball sports Coraymen Gain in CCI, Battle Titans, Augie 
1951 February 8 basketball sports Bombers Defend 14-1 Cage Mark Against Beloit 
1951 February 8 Foreign policy news Group Traces Foreign Policy 
1951 February 8 wrestling news Accident Ices Team 
1951 February 8 John A. Carlson news C & NW Train Kills College Employee 
1951 February 8 WETN news Station Changes Frequency Spot 
1951 February 8 Wheaton Bible Church news Congregation Votes in Open Meeting to Retain Pastor 
1951 February 8 Dorothy Hill news Librarian Goes to Asbury Job 
1951 February 8 Christmas, V. Raymond Edman, Robert C. Van Kampen news Wheatonites Enjoy Books Delivered Many Ways 
1951 February 8 clubs news See You There 
1951 February 15 artist series front page Robert Shaw Chorale Gives Concert to Highlight Council's Artist Series 
1951 February 15 International Christian Leprosy Mission front page Board Convenes, to Plan Missions 
1951 February 15 Washington Banquet, Fred Giles front page Giles to Emcee at Banquet 
1951 February 15 curriculum front page College to Add Four Courses to Curriculum 
1951 February 15 North Central front page North Central Invites Wheatonites to Sing 
1951 February 15 weather front page Abe's Birthday Brings Storms; Weatherman Predicts Sleet 
1951 February 15 Writing majors front page Seniors Concentrate on Writing Projects 
1951 February 15 Red Cross front page Themeless Show Stars Readings, Solo, Skits 
1951 February 15 W. Wyeth Willard front page Willard to Preach in California Rallies 
1951 February 15 Oratorio front page Nordin to Direct 200-Voice Choir in Haydn Work 
1951 February 15 WETN front page WETN Increases Evening Hours 
1951 February 15 Foreign missions fellowship front page Cree to Present Work of Gospel Recordings 
1951 February 15 Valentine's Day front page Class Socials to Highlight Week for Seniors, Freshmen 
1951 February 15 memorial student center front page Center Boss Recalls MSC Experiences 
1951 February 15 Biology front page Biologists Spend Easter Studying on Souther Trip 
1951 February 15 Chapel front page Speakers to Talk on Latin Missions 
1951 February 15 Student Council editorial Nobody Chose to Run 
1951 February 15 Record letters to the editor Bill Stupe Peels Potatoes, Dodges Sergeants at Camp 
1951 February 15 Ramona Beverly Johnson voices Wheatonites All: 4-F Receptionist Flexes Biceps 
1951 February 15 railroad strike, draft, Korean War, Dorothy Mae Stevens voices The Spinning Globe: CA & E Strike Continues; Frozen Woman Recovers 
1951 February 15 wrestling sports Olsonmen Risk Streak on Sailors, Wildcats 
1951 February 15 WAA sports WAActivities: WAA Prexy Promises Stimulating Program 
1951 February 15 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 February 15 basketball sports Bombers to Clas with J-V Cards 
1951 February 15 basketball sports Crusaders Seek to Repeat over Rival Cardinal Cagers 
1951 February 15 track sports Doddsmen Bow to Loyola; Price Leads Crusaders 
1951 February 15 Lits news Lit Ledger: Lits Resume Meetings; Aels Discuss Fashions 
1951 February 15 Campus forum news Forum Shows Film on FDR's Career 
1951 February 15 Faculty Women's club news Women Observe Weaving 
1951 February 15 Christian Nurses Fellowship news Nurses Choose Officers 
1951 February 15 German Club news Films Entertain Linguists 
1951 February 15 Presbyterian Fellowship, J. e. Luchies news Prof Talks at Fellowship 
1951 February 15 Philadelphia School of the Bible news Philadelphians Meet to Pray 
1951 February 15 Outside Girls' Club news New Officers Plan Banquet 
1951 February 15 Baptists news Baptists Hear Siamese 
1951 February 15 ROTC news Airmen to Visit College, Investigate for ROTC 
1951 February 15 Robert Rayburn news Chaplaincy Calls Rayburn to Serve Army in Far East 
1951 February 22 Stupe front page Contest Seeks Cafeteria Title 
1951 February 22 Robert Shaw Chorale front page Concert, Workshop to Mark Robert Shaw Chorale Visit 
1951 February 22 basketball front page Crusaders Attempt to Mar Lake Forest Title Hopes 
1951 February 22 Washington banquet front page Forty-Second Washington Banquet Attracts 230 Couples to Edgewater Beach Hotel 
1951 February 22 art department front page Artists Paint in Darkness, Rain 
1951 February 22 home economics front page School Urges Election of Home Nursing Course 
1951 February 22 record-faculty basketball front page Friend President... 
1951 February 22 student assembly editorial Model for the Future 
1951 February 22 elections editorial The Primary Test 
1951 February 22 Alma Mater hymn editorial Song Without Words 
1951 February 22 Stupe editorial Name It and It's All Yours 
1951 February 22 Korean War, draft, railroad strike voices The Spinning Globe: 'Great Debate' Rages; Red Hordes Retreat 
1951 February 22 chapel voices More Faculty, More Music: Wheatonite Offer Ideas 
1951 February 22 Leo Denetsone voices Wheatonites All: Chief Clubfoot Pursues Geology 
1951 February 22 Mike Hampshire letters to the editor Stuent Disputes Suggestions; NC Returns Jewelry 
1951 February 22 George Olson, Willis Gale news Wives Leave Home to Learn New Tricks 
1951 February 22 Broadcaster news Supervisor Alters Layout of Bulletin 
1951 February 22 Campus forum news Forum Presents 'Roosevelt Story' 
1951 February 22 Memorial student center news MSC Workmen Install Furnishings for Building 
1951 February 22 Directory news Office Adds to Directory 
1951 February 22 John White, Dick Forbes, Jack Estep, Ted Kalivoda, Jerry Sutton news Car Skids on Icy Pavement; Gospel Team Escapes Unhurt 
1951 February 22 examinations, education department news 54 Seniors Take Teachers' Exam 
1951 February 22 John Haaverson news Sophomore Decides He Wants another Name - Changes It 
1951 February 22 Chapel news Lewis to Talk in Chapels; Tozer Speaks 
1951 February 22 food service news 6 Students Apply for Sunday Work 
1951 February 22 scholarship, Bill Demarest news Committee Reveals Scholarship Winner 
1951 February 22 Wanda Schickling news Grad Finishes Juvinile Book 
1951 February 22 roller skating party news Knudsen Plans Skating 
1951 February 22 Harold Taussig, wrestling sports Taussig Continues Torrid Pace Toward Nationals with 12 Wins 
1951 February 22 intramurals sports Operators Tie Trotters in IM 
1951 February 22 wrestling sports Top Grapplers to Visit for Wheaton Tourney 
1951 February 22 basketball sports B Team Seeks Win Over Foresters, Stakes 15-2 Mark 
1951 February 22 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 February 22 track sports Doddsmen Meet DePaul on Boards in Second Duel 
1951 February 22 basketball, Norm Pott sports Norm Pott Sparks Closing Surge as Cagers Nip North Cental 
1951 February 22 laundry news School Suspends Laundry Service 
1951 February 22 Draft news Prexy Expects No Size Drop 
1951 February 22 Business forum news Business Forum Announces Officers 
1951 February 22 Radio Club news "Hams" Work on Code 
1951 February 22 Christian Nurses Fellowship news Nurses Relax at Social 
1951 February 22 Howe hall news Dorm Plans Parties 
1951 March 1 Reverse Day front page Game to Cap Reverse Day, Lutz Discloses 
1951 March 1 Enrollment front page Dyrness Reports Enrollment Jump 
1951 March 1 foreign policy front page Judd Calls Policy 'Wishful Thinking' 
1951 March 1 Campus Forum front page Campus Forum to Present Panel on 'Spirit of Revolt' 
1951 March 1 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Wins Freedom Prize 
1951 March 1 Marine corps front page Marines to Visit College, Interview Officer Prospects 
1951 March 1 Forum Wall, Wheaton bubble, Lorraine Hoey front page 15 Minutes a Day: Students Find Out the News from Harvey, Bulletin Board 
1951 March 1 Morris Faugerstrom front page Faugerstrom to Preside at Organ in First Individual Recital of Year 
1951 March 1 Memorial student center front page Name Writer to Receive $10 MSC Meal Ticket 
1951 March 1 Red cross front page 'Cavalcade' to Climax Red Cross Activities 
1951 March 1 Junior retreat front page Faculty Passes Plan for Junior Retreat 
1951 March 1 Dating front page Crushed! 
1951 March 1 chapel front page Duet to Sing at Service 
1951 March 1 Leighton Ford, Jay McCully front page Ford Wins Post in Run-off Election 
1951 March 1 responsibility editorial 'Let George Do It,' Say School's Responsibility Dodgers 
1951 March 1 Alma Mater editorial Get That Thing Fixed! 
1951 March 1 Corrine Christine Sonneveldt voices Wheatonites All: Newswoman Majors in Activity 
1951 March 1 Korean War, railroad strike, Truman voices The Spinning Globe: MacArthur Reports Red Slaughter 
1951 March 1 wrestling sports ISNU Cops Wheaton Title as Taussig, Gingrich Win 
1951 March 1 track sports Cindermen Enter NC Relay Meet 
1951 March 1 cheerleaders sports DeVries, Malehorn Fight - To Build Up School Spirit 
1951 March 1 basketball sports Loyola Frosh Give Bombers Third Loss 
1951 March 1 WAA sports WAActivities: WAA Basketeers Play 
1951 March 1 basketball sports Cagers Clas with Taylor in Finale after 2 Victories 
1951 March 1 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 March 1 Oratorio news Oratorio Features 3 Guest Soloists 
1951 March 1 Robert A. Walker news Voters Select Prof in City Primaries 
1951 March 1 Lits news Lit Ledger: Societies to Meet for Short Programs; Aels Discuss Flowers; Phils See Skit 
1951 March 1 Washington Banquet news Weather Hinders Banqueters' Trek 
1951 March 1 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Student to Address FMF Audience on India 
1951 March 1 clubs news See You There! 
1951 March 1 Clarence Nystrom, Clarence Johnson news 2 Recuperate after Operations 
1951 March 8 Women's gymnasium front page Gym Renovation to Follow Memorial Center Opening 
1951 March 8 Memorial Student Center front page Union Extends Name Contest 
1951 March 8 Oratorio front page Choir to Sing in 'Creation' 
1951 March 8 glee club, band front page Groups Tour East, Midwest on Trips 
1951 March 8 Dave Klasing, Dick Tuma front page Student Pastors Even Feed the sTock During Weekly Ministerial Calls 
1951 March 8 student council front page Council to Plan Revision 
1951 March 8 artist series front page Council to Sponsor Reader at Last Artist Series Program 
1951 February 22 artist series news Chicagoan to Give Reading Recital 
1951 March 8 Kodon front page New 'Kodon' Features Studies in Psychology 
1951 March 8 class songs front page Sophs, Juniors Sing New Class Songs 
1951 March 8 Memorial Student Center front page Open House to Mark MSC Presentation 
1951 March 8 chapel front page Students Hear Choir, Council 
1951 March 8 Marine Corps front page Marine to Interview Prospective Officers 
1951 March 8 record-faculty basketball front page Dear Wrecks: 
1951 March 8 Campus Forum front day Forum Shows Slides Depicting Art Trends 
1951 March 8 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF Sponsors Speaker on Argentine Missions 
1951 March 8 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF Presents 'Coke Hour' 
1951 March 8 Picture Story of the Week editorial About That Picture 
1951 March 8 Red Cross editorial Wanted: More Suckers 
1951 March 8 Draft, Korean War, Reconstruction Finance voices The Spinning Globe: Draft Amendment Fails; Army Smashes Reds 
1951 March 8 Edward Brinkman voices Wheatonits All: 'Available' Frosh Praises West 
1951 March 8 basketball sports Coray Ends 18-year Term with Victory over Taylor 
1951 March 8 Marv Johnson sports Johnson Makes All-CCI 
1951 March 8 Edward A. Coray sports Fans Applaud Coach's Work 
1951 March 8 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 March 8 baseball sports Pfund Starts Drills; 40 Bid for Positions 
1951 March 8 track sports Runners Eye AAU after Invite Upset 
1951 March 8 wrestling sports Top Pair Wrestle in Case Tech Meet 
1951 March 8 WAA sports WAActivities: Club Greets Members with Initiation, Skits 
1951 March 8 Robert Shaw Choral news Shaw Challenges Clinic at Chapel 
1951 March 8 Betty Barndollar, Bill Webber news Majors to Present Easter Readings 
1951 March 8 Lits news Lit Ledger: Lits to Close; Phils Study Art 
1951 March 8 Essay Contests news Simpson reveals Contest Awards 
1951 March 8 Harold Bratt sports Bratt Defeats Dugan in Council Run-Off 
1951 March 8 rollar skating party news 60 Tickets Go on Sale 
1951 March 8 debate team news Wheatonites Win 5 of 8 Debats in Meet 
1951 March 8 Clubs news See You There 
1951 March 8 Campus Forum news CF Donates 'Time' 
1951 March 8 Paul Hostetter  news Paul Hostetter to Speak 
1951 March 15 record-faculty basketball front page Ancient 'Frails' Drill, Face Certain Defeat 
1951 March 15 Biolan Fellowship front page Biola Group Joins Roster of Clubs 
1951 March 15 Gil Dodds front page League Sends Dodds on Trip Around Globe 
1951 March 15 record-faculty basketball front page Deans Date for Big Game 
1951 March 15 Glee Club front page Glee Club to Give Concerts in South 
1951 March 15 class parties front page 13 Classes Schedule Socials 
1951 March 15 Clyde S. Kilby front page Printer Contracts for Book by Kilby 
1951 March 15 Biology front page Biologists go South on Easter Vacation 
1951 March 15 Student Union, Memorial Student Center front page Union Board Postpones Presentation Ceremonies 
1951 March 15 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Panel Surveys Missions 
1951 March 15 World Relief front page World Relief Opens Drive for Mission Hospital Gifts 
1951 March 15 arts front page CF Panel Says: Arts Exhibit Modern Revolt 
1951 March 15 Catholicism, chapel front page Mission Director Talks on Catholicism Monday 
1951 March 15 world news editorial The World Behind the News 
1951 March 15 Korean War, draft, railroad strike voices The Spinning Globe: Army Attacks Seoul; House Debates Draft 
1951 March 15 Clayton Goertzen, D. S. Gusted, Janette Bohi, Duane Engholm letters to the editor Letters Challenge Faculty, Paper, Students 
1951 March 15 wrestling sports Taussig Cops Case Laurels; Gingrich Bows 
1951 March 15 intramurals sports Operators Take 'A' League Crown 
1951 March 15 track sports Balog Wins Twice in CAAU; Price to Hurdle in Relays 
1951 March 15 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 March 15 baseball sports Diamondmen to Play 21 Games, Tourney 
1951 March 15 WAA sports WAActivities: Williston Wins; Lit Play Starts 
1951 March 15 basketball sports Brigade holds Meet 
1951 March 15 draft, rotc voices Here's the Story: Deferments, ROTC Brighten Draft Picture 
1951 March 15 Paul M. Wright, Robert G. Harris news College Plans Research Trip 
1951 March 15 clubs news See You There 
1951 March 15 Lits news Lit Ledger: Art, Mystery Highlight Lits; Arrows Tour Shamrock Isle 
1951 March 22 Memorial Student Center front page Center to Open after Vacation; Union Committee Plans Program 
1951 March 22 Tuition front page College Raises Fee, Charges $15 Tuition 
1951 March 22 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman to Speak at Rose Bowl 
1951 March 22 WETN front page WETN to Broadcast on Larger Schedule 
1951 March 22 oratory contest front page Orators to Vie in Tournament 
1951 March 22 social security front page Law Covers Employees 
1951 March 22 sociology conference front page April to Bring Departmental Conferences in Christian Social Work, Evangelical Theology 
1951 March 22 Buswell memorial library front page Workers Cement Last Library Bricks 
1951 March 22 Foreign Mission Fellowship front page Mission Head to Show World Pictures in FMF 
1951 March 22 debate team front page 6 Represent College in Oklahoma Debates 
1951 March 22 record-faculty basketball front page Unbiased Spectator Reports Glorious 'Record' Staff Win 
1951 March 22 Edward A. Coray front page Friends Give Coray TV Set 
1951 March 22 Chapel front page McRae to Deliver Chapel Messages 
1951 March 22 glee club, band front page Band, Choral Groups Tour in 2 Countries 
1951 March 22 Civil service examinations front page Civil Service Offers Jobs 
1951 March 22 Lee Pfund front page Pfund Follows Coray in Post as Ball Coach 
1951 March 22 Lits front page After-Lit Program to Feature Alternate UN Representative 
1951 March 22 influenza front page Infection Strikes Wheaton 
1951 March 22 track sports Runners Visit Purdue, Seek to Amend Loss 
1951 March 22 Intramurals sports 2 Teams Gain Clean IM Slate 
1951 March 22 boxing sports Boxers to Perform in Sports Nights 
1951 March 22 baseball sports Southland Tour to Launch Crusader Baseball Season 
1951 March 22 tennis sports Veterans Fortify Varsity Net Squad 
1951 March 22 WAA sports WAActivities: Lit Play to Climax in Double-Header 
1951 April 4 Memorial Student center  front page Board Opens MSC for Student Use 
1951 April 4 Memorial student center front page MSC is a Building of Dignity, Discussion 
1951 April 4 Memorial Student Center front page School to Dedicate Center at Formal Ceremony in June 
1951 April 4 Memorial student center front page Governing Board to Direct Use, Activities of New Center 
1951 April 4 Memorial Student Center news MSC Opening Leaves $20,000 Unpaid of Construction Expense 
1951 April 4 Stupe news Cafeteria Opens for First Meal 
1951 April 4 Blanchard news Buildings Mark Campus' Growth 
1951 April 4 Record news Alumni Office to Mail 8000 Copies of 'Record' 
1951 April 4 Memorial Student Center news Years Alter Center Plans; Dreams Finally Come True 
1951 April 5 Edith s. Sampson front page Woman Delegate Appears in After-Lit History Lecture 
1951 April 5 baseball front page Crusader Nine Meets DeKalb in Opener of Home Season 
1951 April 5 Arlyne Lane front page Conservatory Presents Lane in Junior Recital 
1951 April 5 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Pontier to Tell FMF of Mission's Efforts in Interior of Africa 
1951 April 5 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page By Prayer, Work: FMF Aims at Reorganiation 
1951 April 5 debate team front page Spring Trip nets Debaters 16 Wins 
1951 April 5 campus forum front page Film to Hihglight Campus Forum Slate 
1951 April 5 Honey Rock Camp front page Students Work at Honey Rock 
1951 April 5 chapel front page Family Sing Opens Services of Week 
1951 April 5 student council front page A Matter of Duty 
1951 April 5 class retreats front page 475 Register for Retreats of 2 Classes 
1951 April 5 short story contest front page Magazine Offers Elephant as Prize 
1951 April 5 Sociology conference front page Sociologists Hold Second Meeting 
1951 April 5 Mardi Wilson front page Recital Features Mardi Wilson in Interpretation of Novel 
1951 April 5 stupe editorial For a New Face - New Treatment 
1951 April 5 Easter editorial Easter All Year 
1951 April 5 Truman, Korean War, draft voices The Spinning Globe: Edict Defers Students 
1951 April 5 stupe letters to the editor Opinion Decries New Name 
1951 April 5 Lorraine Hoey voices Wheatonites All: Lorrain Loves Life 
1951 April 5 track sports Thinclads End Indoor Season in Purdue Loss 
1951 April 5 baseball sports Diamondmen Return from Trip with 2 Victories, 3 Defeats 
1951 April 5 tennis sports Bellinger Primes Netmen to Meet 6 College Teams 
1951 April 5 football sports Grid Practice Begins for 8-Game Fall Slate 
1951 April 5 WAA sports WAActivites: Bows Down Phils; Coeds Visit NC 
1951 April 5 intramurals sports IM Play Starts in 5 Sports 
1951 April 5 intersociety council news Council to Discuss Society Houses 
1951 April 5 World Relief news Gift Total Reaches $100 for Hospitals 
1951 April 5 Lits news Lit Ledger: Lits to Abridge Forum Programs 
1951 April 5 Record news Scribes to Celebrate 
1951 April 5 clubs news See You There 
1951 April 5 Comprehensive Examinations news 317 Undergo Senior Comps 
1951 April 5 W. Wyeth Willard news Chaplain Ends Series in Eastern Church 
1951 April 12 sociology conference front page Social Workers to Talk at Second Conference 
1951 April 12 Honey Rock Camp front page Summer Camping Staffs Give Program 
1951 April 12 Wheaton Academy front page Work Progresses on New Chapel 
1951 April 12 registration front page Students to Pre-Register 
1951 April 12 Intersociety, Lits front page Intersociety Council holds Discussion of Lit Houses 
1951 April 12 Stupe front page 11 Like Name out of 654 
1951 April 12 Chapel front page Week Features Nida in Missions Services 
1951 April 12 WETN front page Station Boasts Better Squeak 
1951 April 12 student council front page Heck Tells Date for Nominations 
1951 April 12 Arlyne Lane front page Lane to Give Junior Recital 
1951 April 12 Blanchard Tower front page Tower Gets New Paint, Sports Gray-Green Coat 
1951 April 12 Christmas, Thanksgiving front page Student Vote Favors Long Holiday Period 
1951 April 12 stupe editorial Actions Speak Louder 
1951 April 12 college letters editorial Unlawful Law? 
1951 April 12 H. F. Smiley, Dan Chapman, Myra Johannesen letters to the editor Smiley Praises Conduct at Open Hosue 
1951 April 12 Korean War voices The Spinning Globe: Both Mac, Truman Erred 
1951 April 12 Quentin Curtis Sewell voices Wheatonites All: Prospective Preacher Turns Fuller Brush Man, Carpenter 
1951 April 12 baseball sports Crusader Nine to Face Pier in Delayed Home Opening 
1951 April 12 intramurals sports Carter Gains Finals in Ping-Pong Tourney 
1951 April 12 tennis sports Net Play Begins in Elmhurst Meet 
1951 April 12 Sonny Price sports Leg Injury Stops Price in Texas Relays Events 
1951 April 12 baseball sports Bombers to Play Vikings 
1951 April 12 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 April 12 basketball sports Cagers Win Playday Duels, Compete At Illinois Normal 
1951 April 12 football sports 40 Gridders Start 4-week Practice On Fundamentals 
1951 April 12 Henry Armerding news Area Churches Hold Annual Conference 
1951 April 12 short news news Christian Scientist Tells Why; Woman Explains Thailand Life 
1951 April 12 evening recital news Conservatory to Present 2 General Recitals 
1951 April 12 Joy Culbertson news Their Slogan: Hills Or Bust -- Often They Make It 
1951 April 12 Public Affairs Conference news Students, Adviser to Attend Public Affairs Convention 
1951 April 12 Campus Forum news Forum to Debate Foreign Policies 
1951 April 12 Robert G. Peterson news 2 Clubs Meet Together 
1951 April 19 Karl Steele  front page Steele Borrows Art Masterpiece 
1951 April 19 Eugene Nida front page Nida Leads Forum 
1951 April 19 Senior sneak front page Seniors Preview Sneak 
1951 April 19 Frank Lorimer front page Delegates Re-think Problems 
1951 April 19 Vesta Sommer front page Pioneer to Tell FMF Of Nigerian Work 
1951 April 19 Joyce Parker front page Speech, Music Studnets to Present Recitals 
1951 April 19 Student council office front page Board Occupies Office Space, Desk 
1951 April 19 Jay McCully front page McCully Represents School In Contest 
1951 April 19 marching day front page Class to March 
1951 April 19 World Relief front page Group Closes Relief Drive 
1951 April 19 Blanchard prayer room front page Students Petition For Prayer Room 
1951 April 19 Lauren Asplund front page Council Defeats Lit House Plans 
1951 April 19 Philip B. Marquart and Kenneth Kantzer front page College to Hear Grad, Faculty In Chapel 
1951 April 19 geography department front page Geographers Hold Tea To Honor Book Donor 
1951 April 19 MacArthur editorial Will Friends Forget? 
1951 April 19 voices Earl Roe Transfer Junior Likes Sports, Classics, IVCF 
1951 April 19 vocies Roger Kvam Mac Reports to Congress; Draft Plan Rouses Clash 
1951 April 19 Dud Hallworth letters to the editor Meeting the World Is Your Job 
1951 April 19 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 April 19 track sports Trackmen Enter Iowa Relays In Outdoor Season Opener 
1951 April 19 Willis Gale sports Gale Announces Start Of 4 IM Spring Sports 
1951 April 19 WWA sports WWA Cagers Lose Pair 
1951 April 19 baseball sports Crusaders Beat Weather, Elmhurst, Open CCI Race 
1951 April 19 football sports Gridders Resume Practice Sessions 
1951 April 19 tennis  sports Netmen Topple Elmhurst Varsity On Home Courts 
1951 April 19 baseball sports Bombers Face LaGrange 
1951 April 19 Merrill C. Tenney news Theologians, Grads to Assemble For School's First Yearly Meeting 
1951 April 19 "The Quiet One" news College to How Film on Slum Life 
1951 April 19 Lit members news Lit Members Attend 'Wild West' Party 
1951 April 19 Vivian Barnett news School Alters Catalog 
1951 April 19 Chicago Sunday school teachers news Teachers to Convene 
1951 April 19 Bushnell news 'Pop' Appreciates Student's Spirit 
1951 April 19 West Suburban Students news Council to show Center To West Sub Students 
1951 April 19 union governing board news Board Attends Union Meeting 
1951 April 26 May Festival front page Departments Sponsor Biennial May Festival 
1951 April 19 all school skating party  news Students to Skate In All-school Party 
1951 April 26 home economics majors front page Majors Model Styles 
1951 April 26 Dan Longnecker front page Longnecker to Manage 'Record' Business Staff 
1951 April 26 Bob Louthan front page Interviews Show 'War Ends' As Most Desirable Headline 
1951 April 26 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy Speaks To Legislators 
1951 April 26 installing wall clocks and coin phone selves front page Workmen Put Clocks, Expect Phones In MSC 
1951 April 26 Joann Loos front page Joann Loos Presents Recital 
1951 April 26 Women's Athletic Association front page 6 to Represent School At Athletic Meeting 
1951 April 26 Union governing board front page 5 Attend Convention 
1951 April 26 the class of '53 front page Class of '53 Chooses Plaid 
1951 April 26 Mignon Bollman Mackenzie front page Mackenzie to Lead Women In Glee Club Presentation 
1951 April 26 faculty student affairs committee front page Committee to Propose Class Activities Plan 
1951 April 26 faculty will talk at the chapel front page Profs to Begin Chapel Talks 
1951 April 26 pre-med students front page Pre-Meds to Take Exam at Wheaton 
1951 April 26 West Suburban Hospital front page 63 Students to Get Nurses' Insignia At WSH Capping 
1951 April 26 sophomore class front page Sophs Lead In MSC Drive 
1951 April 26 Lit members front page Lits Feature Sports, Party; Arrows Hear Marquart 
1951 April 26 Nida editorial Three Things To Do 
1951 April 26 Stanley Dunagin editorial North Baffles, 'Amoozes' Cook Dunagin 
1951 April 26 Glenn Heck and Dan Chapman letters to the editor Heck Praises Steele, Coray 
1951 April 26 Communistic offensive in Korea editorial Communists Push Southward; Teeth Split Labor Government 
1951 April 26 track  sports Track Star Price Continues Feats 
1951 April 26 Dave Patterson sports Time Out! 
1951 April 26 baseball sports Rain Crowds Diamond Card 
1951 April 26 tennis sports Tennis Women Face Cards in first Match 
1951 April 26 tennis sports Netmen Lose 5-4, Challenge Carthage 
1951 April 26 track sports Cindermen Revisit Iowa, Drake Meet 
1951 April 26 golf sports Golfers to Play North Central 
1951 April 26 ping-pong sports Smith, Carter Vie For Ping Pong Title 
1951 April 26 Win Lyons news Worker Says Wheaton 'On Trial' In Crowded Chicago 'Black Belt' 
1951 April 26 new colonial room news Board Announces Thursday Dinners 
1951 April 26 annual cook oratorical contest news Speakers Try Out For Cook Contest 
1951 April 26 short news news See You There 
1951 April 26 Marie Fetzer news Instructor to Leave For Mission Work 
1951 April 26 H. William Nordin news Voice Major Twigg to Present Spring Lyrics in Senior Recital 
1951 April 26 Carl Armerding and Clarence J. Simpson news 2 Prof Schedule Weekend Talks 
1951 April 26 completion of steel structure news Builders Complete Libraryt Girders 
1951 April 26 Virginia Lowell news IVCF Sponsors Macomb Prof In Post-lit Talk 
1951 April 26 registration news 1080 Preregister For Fall Semester 
1951 April 26 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sheed news  FMF Agenda Includes Bolivian Missionaries 
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