Index to the Record, 1950 (September)-1950 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1950 September 14 Big Sister front page Strategy Aids Big Sister Chairman 
1950 September 14 new library front page Workers Begin Library Building 
1950 September 14 V. Raymond Edman front page A Word from Prexy... 
1950 September 14 Student council front page Council Probes Topic of Social Integration 
1950 September 14 faculty front page College Adds 10 to Faculty 
1950 September 14 Roger J. Voskuyl, Ted Benson front page Voskuyl, Benson Resign to Assume New Duties  
1950 September 14 Norm Voth, Harold Reimer, Ray Felten, Bob Schindler, Bill Fasig front page Quartet Prepares to Join Wyrtzen 
1950 September 14 Chapel front page Briton to Speak in Chapel Series 
1950 September 14 Lester W. Groom front page Prof Succumbs to Heart Attack; Taught 15 Years at Wheaton 
1950 September 14 Draft front page Draft Keeps Dozen Men from Fall Registration 
1950 September 14 faculty reception front page Faculty Plans Music, Surprise for Program 
1950 September 14 football sports Taks of Rebuilding Line Faces Orange and Blue Grid Coaches 
1950 September 14 Inter-society news Inter-Society Starts Season with Annual Open Program 
1950 September 14 WAA sports WAActivities: 200 Plan to Attend Annual 'Howdy Hike' 
1950 September 14 Memorial student center news Workshop Studies MSC Opportunities 
1950 September 14 Alan Redpath news Britisher Comes for Fall Series 
1950 September 21 Draft deferment, Enock C. Dyrness front page Dyrness to Attend Parley on Draft Deferment Policy 
1950 September 21 band front page Platz Announces Band Openings 
1950 September 21 Bud DeVries front page DeVries to Lead All-School Rally 
1950 September 21 Public Relations Forum, Bob Andrews front page Forum Elects First Officers, Offers Reels 
1950 September 21 Memorial student center, homecoming front page MSC DEdication Crowns 1950 Homecoming Week 
1950 September 21 Wheaton Academy, new library front page Builders Work on Schedule as Academy Adds Chapel 
1950 September 21 artist series front page Ballard Reveals Series Features 
1950 September 21 Freshmen front page Weary Frosh Trudge Campus Bowed, Be-dinked, and Battered 
1950 September 21 Chapel, Fred Schwarz front page Australian to Bring Chapel Messages 
1950 September 21 Clarence Simpson front page Simpson Leaves RECORD Post 
1950 September 21 junior class front page Juniors to Sport Jackets Tuesday 
1950 September 21 student council editorial A Job for Everyone 
1950 September 21 Memorial Student center editorial Keep it Coming 
1950 September 21 football sports Seven Appear on Frosh Roster 
1950 September 21 WAA sports WAActivities: WAA Announces Sport Schedule 
1950 September 21 soccer sports Booters Face Schedule of Eight Soccer Games 
1950 September 21 sports sports Written by Wroughton 
1950 September 21 football sports Hornets Here Saturday 
1950 September 21 WETN news WETN Begins Year with New Equipment 
1950 September 21 Howard Smiley news Smiley Assumes Director's Post 
1950 September 21 dining hall news Students Crowd Dining Capacity 
1950 September 21 Christian Council news Council Announces Program of Classes, Gospel Teams 
1950 September 21 lits news Lit Ledger: Groups Present Sport Talk, Hike at Gatherings 
1950 September 21 Ministerial fellowship news Group Launches Series 
1950 September 21 World Relief news Clothing Drive Opens World Relief Work 
1950 September 21 Young Life news Young Life Holds Weekly Meetings 
1950 September 21 debate team news Squad Plans Trip South, Entry in National Tourney 
1950 September 21 Conservatory news Conservatory Lists Three Piano Recitals 
1950 September 28 Bud Schaeffer, Bill Wareham front page YFC Team Reports Summer Success 
1950 September 28 Public Affairs Coordinating Committee front page PACC Gives Student Talk, Indonesia Film 
1950 September 28 Mel Roy, campus front page Group Prepares Campaign for Campus Improvement 
1950 September 28 Oratorio front page Rehearsals Begin on Fall Oratorio 
1950 September 28 Forestry front page Foresters' Practice on Campus Trees 
1950 September 28 Homecoming front page Erickson Announces Homecoming Theme 
1950 September 28 student council front page Council Presents 'Funight' as Get-Acquainted Party 
1950 September 28 Senior retreat front page '51ers Leave for Retreat 
1950 September 28 youth for christ front page Team to Speak on YFC Trip 
1950 September 28 Record, Peter Veltman front page Veltman to Teach 'Record' Staffers 
1950 September 28 John Luft front page Cager Recovers from Paralysis 
1950 September 28 junior class front page Class Visits Lagoon 
1950 September 28 Tower front page 'Tower' Sponsors Photo Contest 
1950 September 28 V. Raymond Edman, Norman Voth, Richard Tuma front page Edman Speaks at Ordination of Two Wheaton Students 
1950 September 28 public affairs editorial Really Too Busy? 
1950 September 28 Japan editorial Heard 'Round the World 
1950 September 28 Fred Schwarz, communism editorial Doctor Crusades Against Menace of Communism 
1950 September 28 sports sports Written by Wroughton 
1950 September 28 football sports Bombers Prepare for Comeback Against Wilson After 40-7 Loss 
1950 September 28 track sports Tracksters Elect Vets Balog, Diller as Co-Captains 
1950 September 28 Christian education graduate club news Club Selects Leaders 
1950 September 28 seminary club news Group Plans Election 
1950 September 28 soccer sports Booters Face Morton Team 
1950 September 28 WAA sports WAActivities: WAA to Begin Tennis Tourney 
1950 September 28 football sports Crusaders Battle Redmen, Edge Kalamazoo Hornets 
1950 September 28 Enoch C. Dyrness, Evangelical Alliance news Dyrness Represents Alliance at Meeting 
1950 September 28 Douglas Robinson, draft news Signal Corps Calls Freshman Chairman 
1950 September 28 Lits news Lit Ledger: 'Knights' to View College Fashions 
1950 September 28 Mortimer Lane news Lane Prepares Statistics Text 
1950 September 28 West Suburban Hospital news West Sub Reports Student Increase 
1950 September 28 Memorial student center news MSC Totals Lack $50,000 of Goal 
1950 September 28 food service, fireside room news Food Service Opens Fireside for Meals 
1950 September 28 Memorial student center news Men Rush Work on Center Roof 
1950 September 28 buildings and grounds news New Machine Cuts Hedge-Trimming Time 
1950 September 28 Lester Groom news Organists' Guild Proposes Memorial Fund for Groom 
1950 September 28 Glee Club news Glee Clubbers Entertain 
1950 September 28 Intervarsity news Fellowship Resumes Discussion Group 
1950 September 28 Kodon news New 'Kodon' Includes Parody on C.S. Lewis 
1950 September 28 physical education news Phys Ed Majors Hold Fall Camp Seminar 
1950 October 5 Alan Redpath front page Redpath Begins Series With City-wide Service 
1950 October 5 Kenneth W. Masteller front page Masteller to Speak At Alumni Worship 
1950 October 5 Gym opening front page Council Opens Gyms For After-game fun 
1950 October 5 Lamberta Voget front page Chapel to Feature Prayer for Services 
1950 October 5 Bud DeVries front page Devries Plans Pre-game Rally 
1950 October 5 Douglas Robinson Jr. front page Armed Services Defer Robinson, Threaten Five Others With Call 
1950 October 5 Clean-up week front page Committee Postpones Clean-up Campaign 
1950 October 5 Chuck Huttar front page Students Favor Dress-up Dinner, Inquiry Reveals 
1950 October 5 Memorial Student Center front page Davies Sets MSC Goal 
1950 October 5 Campus forum front page Forum Gives Film Program 
1950 October 5 Billy Graham front page Graham to Visit Campus Tuesday 
1950 October 5 Ernest Larson front page Debate Squad to Ponder Ousting Russia from UN 
1950 October 5 evangelistic service editorial Ministry of Prayer 
1950 October 5 Chuck Huttar voices Trio Attend YFC Congress 
1950 October 5 Hugh Gowman voices South Koreans Cross 38th; Chicago Mobsters Kill Two 
1950 October 5 Bill Showalter voices Council Discusses Insurance Compulsion 
1950 October 5 short news sports Written by Wroughton 
1950 October 5 football sports Gridders Seek Third Win, Trounce Conference Foe 
1950 October 5 football sports Bombers Nip Wilson Team 
1950 October 5 cross country sports Harriers Open With DeKalb 
1950 October 5 soccer sports Morrismen Face Indiana Booters 
1950 October 5 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Outlines Library Plans; Building Has Air-Conditioning 
1950 October 5 Christian educatio club news Pennington Leads Christian ED Club 
1950 October 5 Bong Ryun Suh news Bong Suh to Teach Japanese Language 
1950 October 5 Memorial Student center news 'Worst is Past' Claims Center Superintendent 
1950 October 5 Roland Driscoll news Presbyterian Group Enters Westminister Foundation 
1950 October 5 Lugene White news Supply Store to Sell 2500 Used Books 
1950 October 5 Paul Johannaber news Seminary Club Elects Johannaber President 
1950 October 5 Bill Thompson & Don Searer news Aels, Belts Join for Social; Phils Offer Wedding Plans 
1950 October 5 Paul M. Wright news Geologists Visit Indiana Dunes 
1950 October 5 Ralph Rodgers news B&G Purchases Boiler To Heat New Buildings 
1950 October 5 West Suburban hospital news Nurses Hold Party 
1950 October 12 Mel Roy front page Campus to Get Scrubbing Says Clean-up Chairman 
1950 October 12 Memorial Student center front page Alumni Donate $1701 to Center 
1950 October 12 Arthur Billings Hung front page Soloist Presents Lecture-Recital 
1950 October 12 Campus Forum front page Kvam Cites Apathy Of College Students To World Situation 
1950 October 12 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman to Speak 
1950 October 12 faculty-student presentation front page 'Blazing Our Way' Surveys Wheaton Past and Present 
1950 October 12 Jubilee singers of Fisk university front page Singers to Presnet Spirituals, Classics 
1950 October 12 CARE front page School Opens CARE Drive 
1950 October 12 Ethel B. Patterson front page Official Totals Show Frosh Outnumber Other Classes 
1950 October 12 WETN front page WETN Installs More Speakers 
1950 October 12 short exhibition game front page Top Pro-Gridders Tangel In Homecoming Feature 
1950 October 12 rummage sale front page Students to Buy Coats, Jackets 
1950 October 12 clean-up editorial Next to Godliness? 
1950 October 12 Christian life editorial The Same God Worketh 
1950 October 12 Bill Showalter voices More to Share In Campus Jobs 
1950 October 12 Chuck Huttar voices Wheatonites Open Mission, Survey Need of Europe 
1950 October 12 King's men notice prayer meeting 
1950 October 12 Hugh Gowman voices Hershey Alters Draft Policy; UN Troops Gain in Korea 
1950 October 12 cross country sports Runners Face Two Squads, Beat Dekalb 
1950 October 12 football sports Bombers Face Great Lakes 
1950 October 12 short news sports Written by Wroughton 
1950 October 12 soccer sports Soccermen Take On Boilermakers, Edge Hoosiers in Close Battle 
1950 October 12 football sports Crusaders Drill For Elmhurst Tilt 
1950 October 12 tennis & soccer sports Four Teams Enter Intramural Play; Start Net Tourney 
1950 October 12 football sports Gridders Trounce Findlay Oilers 
1950 October 12 Pierce chapel news Oratorio Choir Holds Opening Rehearsal 
1950 October 12 West Suburban Hospital news Nurses to Attend Friday Service 
1950 October 12 blowdown chamber news B&G Constructs Boiler Blowdown 
1950 October 12 Clarence Hale news Hale Completes Work On Greek Syllabus 
1950 October 12 Lit member news Lit Members to Wear Identification Buttons 
1950 October 12 Lorraine Hoey voices Evangelist Describes Interest In Rugby, Tells of Work in English Pastorate 
1950 October 12 Beth Alpert news FMF'ers to Hear Of Leprosy Work 
1950 October 12 a tetanus toxoid shot news Infirmary to Give All Athletes 'Shots' 
1950 October 19 homecoming day front page Campus Dresses Up For Weekend 
1950 October 12 homecoming committee front page Homecoming Spirit Reigns Over Weekend Events 
1950 October 12 schedule front page Wehaton's Homecoming 
1950 October 12 alumni business meeting and buffet supper front page Alumni to Install Officers At Annual Buffet Supper 
1950 October 12 the fireplace front page Visitors Register In 'The Fireplace' 
1950 October 12 homecoming football game front page Exhibition Game to Feature Rivalry For Possession of Prized Pigskin 
1950 October 12 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy to Speak At Housewarming 
1950 October 12 open house front page Open House 
1950 October 12 senior week news Nurses to Graduate, Plan Senior week 
1950 October 12 Election of a new dean news Trustees to Pick College Dean 
1950 October 12 Chaplain Willard news Willard to Display Wheaton History 
1950 October 12 buildings and grounds workers news B&G Workers Lay New Steam Pipes 
1950 October 12 Junior class members news Juniors Lead Class Giving For Center 
1950 October 12 mem's glee club news Gift Provides New Band Risers 
1950 October 12 Fifth annual conference of Wheaton college news Field Representatives Hold Fifth Annual Convention 
1950 October 12 the department of economics news  Division Receives $1000 Donation 
1950 October 12 V. Raymond Edman news Edman to Speak On Education 
1950 October 12 Chemistry club  news Chemistry Club Lunches, Hears Professors' Reports 
1950 October 12 business forum members news Forum Visits Elgin, Sees Watches Made 
1950 October 12 Greece, Portugal, and Japanese Bible schools news Students Give Relief Clothing 
1950 October 12 alumni office news  Office Publishes Alumni Directory 
1950 October 12 short news news Lits Review Past for Guests 
1950 October 12 Dale Oxley news Oxley Recieves Call 
1950 October 12 homecoming day editorial Spark of Fire 
1950 October 12 Roy H. Rodgers letters to the editor Letter Lashes 'Clever' Performers In Artist Series Concert Audience 
1950 October 12 homecoming news Spark Plugs to Lead Rally, Firing Line, Frosh Bonfire 
1950 October 12 Joy Culberison news New Buildings Again Greet Homecoming Visitors, Alumni 
1950 October 12 foreign missions fellowship news 'Blazing Forth' Presents Aims of Mission Field in Displays 
1950 October 12 Alumni tree memorial news Preps Erect Alumni Tree 
1950 October 12 athletics news Athletes to Meet for Breakfast 
1950 October 12 homecoming, marching band news Band Makes Lawson Debut Between Halves of Game 
1950 October 12 Kenneth W. Mastellar news Mastellar Speaks in Alumni Service Sunday Morning 
1950 October 12 Henry B. Thomas news Historian to Take Part in Program 
1950 October 12 roller skating party news 60 to Skate at Party 
1950 October 12 sports sports Circular File 
1950 October 12 football sports Bombers to Tackle Alumni; Roll Over Great Lakes 24-6 
1950 October 12 track sports Thinclads to Seek Twelfth Dual Win 
1950 October 12 basketball sports Coray Schedules 27 Foes for Cagers 
1950 October 12 wheaton academy sports Warriors Meet Harvard Team 
1950 October 12 soccer sports Booters Face Three Teams After First Loss to Purdue 
1950 October 12 football sports Gridders Wallop Elmhurst Blue Jays; Eleven Players Score in 73-7 Rout 
1950 October 12 homecoming sports Crusaders Meet Lake Forest in Annual Homecoming Tilt 
1950 October 12 football sports Two Seasoned Jacks Lead Gridmen to 1950 Win 
1950 October 12 tennis sports Net Squad Cops Teachers Match 
1950 October 12 hockey sports Women to Battle for Hockey Crown 
1950 October 12 WETN news Broadcasting Starts with 'Listener's Day' 
1950 October 12 Black Hills news Scientists Meet for Reunion Meal 
1950 October 12 youth for christ news With YFC Team in Europe: Europeans Need Schools Seek Revival, Trio Reports 
1950 October 12 Home economics club news Club to Sponsor Brunch in Hiatt 
1950 October 12 Margaret Lovik, lagoon news Campus Canoe on Lagoon Trip 
1950 October 12 homecoming, class of '50 news Fest to Bring '50 Together 
1950 October 12 campus forum news Forum Shows Film in Campus Program 
1950 October 12 Student Council voices Council Plans WSH Activities 
1950 October 12 Korean War voices Troops Near Pyongyang; Rumors Report Army Cut 
1950 September 21 Student Council, social life voices Council Scenes: Council Attacks Problems of Wheaton Social Life 
1950 September 21 Helen Kinsler, Korean War voices Want to Get on a Radio? Just Escape from Korea 
1950 September 28 Student council voices Council Scenes: Council Committees Work Like Groups in Congress 
1950 October 26 John H. Fadenrecht front page Fadenrecht Assumes Post as Acting Dean 
1950 October 26 Elementary teaching certification front page Board Approves Training Program 
1950 October 26 Chemistry front page Chemists to Visit Corn Syrup Plant 
1950 October 26 Alumni Club, Cligord Michaelson front page Alumni Elect Prexy, Director of Club 
1950 October 26 Homecoming front page Homecoming Tops Records in Attendance, Enjoyment 
1950 October 26 memorial student center front page MSC Fund Lacks $41,000 of Goal 
1950 October 26 bake sale front page Sidelights Hold Bake Sale, Give Proceeds to Charity 
1950 October 26 Memorial student center, library front page Workmen Construct Walks, Library Walls 
1950 October 26 football front page Council Provides Buses to NCC 
1950 October 26 football front page Crusaders Fight to Keep Coveted Brass Bell Prize 
1950 October 26 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Long to Describe Aborigine Work 
1950 October 26 Halloween front page Classes Combine for Masquerade 
1950 October 26 Halloween front page Sophs to Convene for 'Coffin' Party 
1950 October 26 Chapel, Reformation Day front page Chapel to Honor Work of Luther 
1950 October 26 Clean-up Campaign front page Roy Calls Campaign Successful Reminder 
1950 October 26 speech recital front page Ard Sponsors First Fall Speech Recital 
1950 October 26 Crusade for Freedom, communism editorial Crusade for Freedom 
1950 October 26 social life voices Bill Stupe's Diary: 'College Joe' Recounts Troubles in Scheduling, Advertising Party 
1950 October 26 biology, Joy Culbertson editorial West End Displays Foot of Elephant - Just in Case 
1950 October 26 cross country sports Harriers Match Strides with Oberlin, Buffalo 
1950 October 26 Homecoming sports Foresters Fall; Crusaders Cop Fifth Victory 
1950 October 26 WAA sports WAActivities: Hewitt Sparks Team to WAA Hockey Title 
1950 October 26 sports, Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 October 26 football sports Bombers to End Schedule with Cardinal, Valpo Title 
1950 October 26 soccer  sports Booters Trek East, Face Three Tests 
1950 October 26 tennis sports Netters to Invade Cardinal Courts 
1950 October 26 business conference news College Announces Business Conference 
1950 October 26 Joseph Free, Clarence B. Hale, Mildred Young news Free, Hale Write New Text Books 
1950 October 26 Century club banquet news Businessmen Meet at Century Banquet 
1950 October 26 German club news Germans Study Traditions 
1950 October 26 Moody fellowship news Moody Students Hold Roast 
1950 October 26 Sociology Club news Sociologists Hear Policewoman 
1950 October 26 California club news Californians Reorganize 
1950 October 26 WETN news Staff Members Visit College Radio Clinic 
1950 October 26 Dorm Parties news Dorms Lay Plans for Fall Socials Over Weekend 
1950 October 26 Paul M. Wright, geology news Wright to Direct Geologists' Trip 
1950 October 26 Christian Nurses' Fellowship news Surgeon to Address Nurses' Fellowship 
1950 October 26 Lits news Inter-Lit Society Features Evening of Informal Fun 
1950 October 26 Dixie Club, John Mell news Southerners Elect Dixie President 
1950 October 26 West Suburban Hospital, Ministerial Fellowship news Nurses, Ministers Plan Holiday Celebrations 
1950 November 2 Jonathan Blanchard, 1860 front page Blanchard Day Emphasizes World Events of 1860 
1950 November 2 Walt Carrell, Allen Crawford, William Bayse, Burth Smith, Howard Milbourne front page Car Burns, but Students Escape 
1950 November 2 business conference front page Speakers to Tell of Opportunities in Business Work 
1950 November 2 Freshman class, Jim Larson front page Freshmen Designate Nominating Chairman 
1950 November 2 West Suburban front page Nurses Show Hospital Life 
1950 November 2 Ruth Stam, Chapel front page Marimbist Plays in Friday Chapel 
1950 November 2 Grant Reynard front page Versatile Artist Presents Illustrated Talk Saturday 
1950 November 2 Tower front page 'Tower' Sponsors Photo Contest 
1950 November 2 teachers front page Green Pedagogues Tell of Experience 
1950 November 2 "Lord of All" film front page Scripture Press Shows Film Featuring Colleen Townsend 
1950 November 2 Record front page Staff to Attend Press Convention 
1950 November 2 Business conference front page College Invites 700 Businessmen to Conference 
1950 November 2 game tickets editorial Horns of a Dilemma 
1950 November 2 Dating voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Dorm Party Date Baffles Frosh Football Enthusiast 
1950 November 2 Korean War, Catholicism, Sweden voices The Spinning Globe: Chinese Reds Assist in Defense of Korea 
1950 October 26 Korean War, Cold War voices The Spinning Globe: Truman Calls on UN to Disarm 
1950 November 2 football sports Chrousermen Win 49-14, Hand Cards Record Loss 
1950 November 2 cross country  sports Harriers Seek Loyola Title 
1950 November 2 tennis sports Netters Upset Cardinals 4-2, Avenge Defeat 
1950 November 2 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 November 2 football sports Gridders to Meet Tough Ohio Foe 
1950 November 2 football sports Bombers Face Valpo Frosh 
1950 November 2 World Relief news Relief Committee Launches Christmas CARE Drive 
1950 November 2 Foriegn Missions Fellowship, China Inland Mission news Canfield to Speak on China Work 
1950 November 2 Faculty Womens' Club, Joseph Free news Faculty Women Take Cruise 
1950 November 2 Wives' Club news Wives to Make Gifts 
1950 November 2 Lits news Societies Close Meetings, Hold Joint Outings 
1950 November 2 soccer sports Morris Leads Booters to Win, Draw 
1950 November 2 faculty, staff news Faculty, Staff Prepare Men's Mixer Program 
1950 November 9 business conference front page Businessmen to Discuss Problems at Conference 
1950 November 9 artist series front page University Orchestra Presents 'Carmen', Brahms' Symphony 
1950 November 9 David L. Roberts front page Roberts Rests After Collapse 
1950 November 9 Robert G. Rayburn front page Army Summons Pastor Rayburn 
1950 November 9 singspiration front page Class Prepares Singspiration 
1950 November 9 Dan Grubb front page Dramatic Milk-Drinker Breaks into Film 
1950 November 9 WETN front page Announcers Air Startling Advice 
1950 November 9 pep rally front page Guests Visit Pep Rally 
1950 November 9 Safety Award front page College Earns Safety Award 
1950 November 9 Tuberculosis front page Camera to Search Students for TB 
1950 November 9 Stephen Olford front page Olford to Open New Life Crusade 
1950 November 9 Chapel front page Local Pastors Talk in Chapel Services 
1950 November 9 World Relief, Campus Forum front page Forum to Present World Relief Film 
1950 November 9 marching band, cheer leaders editorial Let's Give Them a Cheer 
1950 November 9 business conference editorial Welcome, Visitors 
1950 November 9 dating, grades voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Bill Gets Jolt, Vacates Stupe 
1950 November 9 Korean War, United Nations, Cold War, Providence Bible Institute voices The Spinning Globe: UN Studies Korea Problem as World War III Threatens 
1950 November 9 Stephen Olford voices Seniors Call 1948 Talks of Britisher 'Firey,' 'Helpful' 
1950 November 9 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 November 9 cross country sports Harriers Down Opponents to Take Invitational Crown 
1950 November 9 Tennis sports Women Subdue Chicago Netters 
1950 November 9 football sports Gridders Seek Valpo Win; Princes Snap Victory String 
1950 November 9 WAA sports WAActivities: WAA'ers Hold Fall Initiation 
1950 November 9 football sports Bombers End Year with 12-0 Victory 
1950 November 9 intramurals sports Cagers Sign for IM Play 
1950 November 9 soccer  sports Booters Cop League Title 
1950 November 9 Singspiration news Freshmen to Reveal New Officers at Sing 
1950 November 9 Record, Tower, Kodon news Journalists Visit Press Convention 
1950 November 9 Lits news Lit Ledger: Societies Discuss Business Topics 
1950 November 9 Kodon news Strongbox Disappears from 'Kodon' Office 
1950 November 9 Memorial Student Center, library news Workmen Install System of Wiring, MSC Elevator 
1950 November 9 debate team news Nystrom Picks Debate Team from Tourney Contestants 
1950 November 9 V. Raymond Edman, W. Wyeth Willard news Edman, Willard Tell Speaking Schedule 
1950 November 9 Grant Reynard news Artist Shows Slides in Illustrated Lecture 
1950 November 16 Stephen Olford front page Town's Spirit Helps Mission, Says Olford 
1950 November 16 chapel front page Speakers Include Mission Founder 
1950 November 16 North Hall II front page Feminine Bootblacks Open Shop 
1950 November 16 basketball tickets front page Demand Exceeds Ticket Quotas 
1950 November 16 Kodon front page 'Kodon' Changes to Good News 
1950 November 16 Community Day, Jay McCully front page Council Chooses McCully to Lead Community Day 
1950 November 16 business conference front page Kamm Reports Student Aid in Conference 
1950 November 16 West Suburban Hospital front page Nurses to Sing Under Dobbins 
1950 November 16 cross country front page State Harriers Run on Local Course 
1950 November 16 Thanksgiving front page Seniors Gather to Eat Turkey 
1950 November 16 Campus Forum, World Relief front page Forum Shows Film on World Relief 
1950 November 16 Cheerleaders, Pep Band front page Pep Squad Plans Team Send-Off 
1950 November 16 Art Riewald front page Riewald to Head Freshman Class 
1950 November 16 Oratorio front page Chorus to Present 'Messiah' Oratorio 
1950 November 16 world relief, Korea front page Wolfenden Reports on Aid for Korea 
1950 November 16 Korean War editorial 'The Gentlemen Cry Peace' 
1950 November 16 revival editorial We Have a Part, Too 
1950 November 16 Thanksgiving vacation letters to the editor Cut Class and You Risk Losing Vacation Privilage, Letter Warns 
1950 November 16 dating voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Bill Describes Adventures in North Hall Lounge at 10 
1950 November 16 Delago Chabaud, Korean War, Cold War, Tibet voices The Spinning Globe: Venezuelan Dictator Killed; UN Troops Gain in Korea 
1950 November 16 football sports Gridders Face Blueboys in League Title Quest 
1950 November 16 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 November 16 soccer sports Booters Take First Crown in Midwest Conference 
1950 November 16 Don Genheimer sports All-American Prospect Recalls Rugby, Soccer Experiences 
1950 November 16 volleyball sports Bows Win Series 
1950 November 16 football sports Eight Seniors Display Grid Talent for Last Time 
1950 November 16 China news Pastor Tells of Conditions in Red China 
1950 November 16 Dixie club news Party to Feature Southern Life 
1950 November 16 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Travels to Sheboygan 
1950 November 16 Paul M. Wright news Geology Prof Fulfills 20 Year Ambition 
1950 November 16 Lits news Lit Ledger: 'Bows' to Show Fashions, 'Tau Delts' to hear Frish 
1950 November 23 Stupe, Lorraine Hoey front page Passing Pageant of School Life Intrigues Stupe Worker 
1950 November 23 Tower front page 'Tower' Editor Plans Larger Page Size 
1950 November 23 Joseph P. Free front page Professor to Lead Students on Mediterranean Tour 
1950 November 23 essay contest front page Fraternity Offers Awards in Contest for 11 Colleges 
1950 November 23 Lester W. Groom front page Groom Presents Memorial Recital 
1950 November 23 memorial student center, library front page Builders Finish Work on Stairs 
1950 November 23 Thanksgiving front page College Extends Holiday, Plans Thanksgiving Dinner 
1950 November 23 debate team front page Wheatonites Rate Excellent in First Debate Tournament 
1950 November 23 Library front page Weather Delays Library Service 
1950 November 23 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF to Feature 'Faculty Night' 
1950 November 23 Skating party front page Knudsen Postpones All-School Party 
1950 November 23 Detroit trip front page Group Charters Bus for Vacation Trip 
1950 November 23 Thanksgiving editorial 'For His Mercy Endureth' 
1950 November 23 telephone strike, Korean War, Suez Canal, Cold War voices The Spinning Globe: Telephone Strikers Go Back to Jobs 11 1/2 cents an Hour Richer 
1950 November 23 Big Brother, dating voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Big Brother Outlines Bill's Social Timetable 
1950 November 23 Student Union editorial Director Smiley Explains Setup of New College Student Union 
1950 November 23 cross Country sports Dodds Leads Harriers to Sixth State Win 
1950 November 23 soccer sports Booters Edge Kent in Second Overtime 
1950 November 23 football sports Potent Crusaders Capture Three Crowns 
1950 November 23 wrestling sports Grapplers to Rely on Eight Veterans 
1950 November 23 football sports Conference Coaches Select Seven Gridders for Honors 
1950 November 23 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 November 23 WAA sports WAActivities: Muntz Announces Volleyball Tourney 
1950 November 23 Christian Council news Council Begins Training Class 
1950 November 23 memorial student center news Drive Brings Results 
1950 November 23 basketball sports Cagers Open Season with Chicago Teachers 
1950 November 23 V. Raymond Edman news Van Kampen Prints Book's Fifth Edition 
1950 November 23 Lits news Lit Ledger: Lits Visit Arabia at Informal Party 
1950 November 23 Dead Sea Scrolls news Museum Displays Bible Manuscripts 
1950 November 23 Kodon news 'Kodon' Presents Candids, Faculty Evaluation Scale 
1950 November 23 Korean War, World Relief news Koreans to Recieve CARE Packages 
1950 November 23 Red Cross news Wheatonites Discuss World Understanding 
1950 November 30 Sophomore Class front page Sophs Take Trophy for Class Honors 
1950 November 30 Lits front page Lits to Feature 'Arabian Nights' at Annual Party 
1950 November 30 horsemanship front page Aspland to Lead Tour to Chicago 
1950 November 30 WETN front page WETN Plans Game Reports 
1950 November 30 Enock Dyrness, Japan front page Best Seller Publicity to Show Film on Japanese Work 
1950 November 30 Oratorio front page 300 to Sing in 'Messiah'; Nordin Directs Oratorio 
1950 November 30 Memorial student center front page MSC Committee to Present Program for Funds in Gym 
1950 November 30 Thanksgiving front page Snow Extends Icy Holiday 
1950 November 30 chapel front page Speakers Include Swiss Educator 
1950 November 30 Record front page RECORD Prepares Traditional Party 
1950 November 30 West Suburban Hospital front page Pre-Clinics Hold Opening Social 
1950 November 30 Rosella Wilson front page 'Rosie' Keeps Busy Solving Social Problems of Campus 
1950 November 30 tuberculosis front page Infirmary Sells Christmas Seals 
1950 November 30 Clyde S. Kilby, Tower front page Carnell Announces Yearbook Sponsor 
1950 November 30 critical thinking editorial A Challenge to Thinking 
1950 November 30 Student Union editorial Students to Take Part in Union Government 
1950 November 30 Korean War, Cold War voices The Spinning Globe: GIs Flee Before New Drive, Face Yule on Battlefield 
1950 November 30 studying voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Bill Decides to Hit Books, Meets Trouble in First Test 
1950 November 30 cross country sports Snow Fails to Halt Harriers' Title Quest 
1950 November 30 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 November 30 basketball sports Cagers Eye Rambler Battle; Coloneal Five Falls, 63-58 
1950 November 30 intramurals sports 25 Teams Vie for IM Crown 
1950 November 30 basketball sports Bombers Run Over Two Opponents 
1950 November 30 soccer sports Booters Elect 1951 Co-Captains 
1950 November 30 football sports Gridders Dine in Hinsdale 
1950 November 30 Physics news Physicists Construct Equipment 
1950 November 30 Grovener Rust news Instructor Attends Detroit Conference 
1950 November 30 Safety award news Company Shows Safety Film 
1950 November 30 California Club news Californians to Elect 
1950 November 30 Writing majors news Writers Hold Party 
1950 November 30 buildings and grounds news Boiler Failure Cools Campus Buildings 
1950 November 30 cross country news Harriers to Feast at Sunnybrook 
1950 November 30 basketball news Juniors Reserve Basketball Seats 
1950 November 30 World Relief news Sophs Lead in Donations to World Relief Clothing 
1950 November 30 Merrill C. Tenney news Tenney Addresses Seminary Opening 
1950 December 7 Wheaton Community High School front page Choir to Sing Vesper Music by Candlelight 
1950 December 7 Charles Hutter, Betty Glass front page Hutter Assumes Editorial Duties 
1950 December 7 Art department front page Art Department to Display Nativity Scene 
1950 December 7 Wheaton Academy front page Academy to Present Choir in A Cappella Concert 
1950 December 7 Student union front page Council to Elect Four to Board 
1950 December 7 Campus Forum front page Forum Shows News on Bulletin Boards 
1950 December 7 Singspiration front page Classes Plan Get-Togethers 
1950 December 7 Student council front page Council Plans Student Quiz on Activities 
1950 December 7 WETN front page WETN to Cover Game, Announces New Programs 
1950 December 7 Record front page 'Santa Claus is Coming...' 
1950 December 7 Thanksgiving front page Returning Students Defy Raging Elements 
1950 December 7 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Paget to Speak of India, Ceylon 
1950 December 7 World Relief front page Sophs Trail Seniors in CARE Campaign 
1950 December 7 religion editorial A Return to God 
1950 December 7 Student union editorial Union to Seek to Fil Gaps in Extra-Curricular Program 
1950 December 7 finances voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Big-Hearted Frosh Goes Cokeless 
1950 December 7 Cold War, China voices The Spinning Globe: Chinese Mass Million Men as UN Retreat Continues 
1950 December 7 basketball sports Wheaton Nips Loyola, Swamps Jays 80-60 
1950 December 7 wrestling sports Matmen Trek To Navy Pier 
1950 December 7 basketball sports Bombers Down Three Opponents 
1950 December 7 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 December 7 basketball sports Cagers Open CCI Against Foresters 
1950 December 7 intramurals sports Three Squads Cop IM League Leads 
1950 December 7 WAA sports Women to Hold Christmas Tea 
1950 December 7 drama news Dramatists to Present 'Christ of the Manger' 
1950 December 7 transportation news Agent to Sell Tickets 
1950 December 7 Carl Armerding news Armerding Takes Interim Pastorate 
1950 December 7 Clarence J. Simpson news Simpson Moderates Chapel Discussion 
1950 December 7 Christmas Parties news See You There 
1950 December 7 Conservatory news Students Perform in Music Recital 
1950 December 7 North Hall news North Hands Plands Christmas Party 
1950 December 7 Lits news 'Bows' Hold Christmas Tea; Program Includes Harpist 
1950 December 7 John Kleppe news Kleppe to Leave Gardening Duties 
1950 December 7 Intervarsity, Russell Mixter news Prof Addresses IVCF 
1950 December 14 Christmas front page 'Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace' 
1950 December 14 Record front page RECORD Sponsors 'Holiday Headliner' 
1950 December 14 Faculty front page Faculty Plans Annual Party for Vacation 
1950 December 14 Student Union front page Council Names Four Students to New Union 
1950 December 14 Tuberculosis front page Seal Donations Fall from Previous Totals 
1950 December 14 Post Office front page Post Office Cancels Evening Collection 
1950 December 14 basketball front page Valpo Comes from Behind to Drop Crusaders 71-52 
1950 December 14 World Relief front page School Groups Contribute 182 Packages to CARE 
1950 December 14 John Luft front page Soph to Return Second Semester 
1950 December 14 basketball front page Team Plans Games, Christian Service 
1950 December 14 Freshmen party front page Freshmen Sponsor Mid-Winter Party 
1950 December 14 Buswell Memorial Library, V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Dedicates Library Building 
1950 December 14 George L. Bate front page Instructor Wins Physics Award 
1950 December 14 Christmas editorial Our Christmas Spirit 
1950 December 14 Chapel editorial Our Spiritual Food 
1950 December 14 Christmas vacation voices Bill Stupe's Diary: Bill Bids Sad Farewell to Girlfriend, Faculty 
1950 December 14 college directory letters to the editor Letter Criticizes Directory; Registrar's Office Answers 
1950 December 14 Korean War, Libya voices The Spinning Globe: Armies Retain Order Despite Red Advances 
1950 December 14 wrestling sports Olsonmen to Duel Wisconsin Grapplers 
1950 December 14 basketball sports Wheaton Drops First CCI Tilt, Rebouds to Dump Texas 
1950 December 14 Dick Wroughton sports Circular File 
1950 December 14 basketball sports Cagers Trek to Augsburg for Initial Vacation Battle 
1950 December 14 Intramurals sports Six Intramural Cage Teams Remain Undefeated; Lutefisk Boys Set Pace 
1950 December 14 basketball sports Bombers Trounce Roosevelt 53-41 
1950 December 14 WAA sports WAActivities: Williston Triumphs in Volleyball Play 
1950 December 14 Abe Thiessen news Crafty Abe Thiessen Supervises Activities in Manual Arts Shop 
1950 December 14 World Peace news Tower Bell Calls College to Pray for World Peace 
1950 December 14 Geology news Geologists to Travel to Science Museums 
1950 December 14 Memorial student center news Furniture Arrives for Student Center 
1950 December 14 Washington Banquet news Chairman Announces Date, Names Banquet Committees 
1950 December 14 Junior party news Juniors Sponsor Caroling Party 
1950 December 14 debate team news Debaters Capture Tournament Third 
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