Index to the Record, 1950 (May)-1950 (June)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1950 May 25 Summer Term, Black Hills news 405 Enroll for Summer Term; Wright Reveals Station Plans 
1950 May 25 Student Council news Council to Install Prexy at Dinner 
1950 May 25 Chapel news PTL Head Speaks; No Chapel Tuesday 
1950 May 25 Physical Education news Women Phys Ed Majors Go to Lake Hastings for Camp 
1950 May 25 Red Cross news Red Cross Offers Camp Scholarship 
1950 May 25 Botany, John Leedy news Students to Study Plants, Soil Types 
1950 May 25 Lits news Lit Ledger: Knights to Hear Simpson Discuss Lewis at Banquet 
1950 May 25 Women's Dorms news Women's Dorms Schedule Parties, Informal Picnics 
1950 May 25 Pre-Med club, Stanley W. Olson news Pre-Meds Hear Dean 
1950 May 25 Internationals news Internationals Bike to Arboretum 
1950 June 1 Graduation front page College Plans Activities for Annual Graduation 
1950 June 1 Senior class front page Seniors Hold Class Night 
1950 June 1 Edith C. Torrey front page Torrey Retires from Faculty; Five Leave for Grad School 
1950 June 1 Mel Holsteen, Ray Hart, Glee Club front page Group Selects Holsteen, Hart 
1950 June 1 WETN front page Station Buys New Console, Promises Campus Coverage 
1950 June 1 Henry C. Thiessen front page Club Gives Picture to Grad School 
1950 June 1 Student council front page Council Chooses New Officers 
1950 June 1 Public Affairs Forum front page Reorganized PAF Promotes Newsreel Showings, Lectures 
1950 June 1 Mary Alice Watson front page Wilson to Read Gilbreth Novel 
1950 June 1 Stupe front page Workmen Renovate Worn Stupe Steps 
1950 June 1 Barbara D. Fleming front page Fleming Recieves Contest Award 
1950 June 1 student guides front page Student Guides Introduce Visitors to President, Campus Buildings 
1950 June 1 Semester editorial Story of a Semester 
1950 June 1 Public affairs editorial A Step Forward 
1950 June 1 Christian mannerisms editorial From My Position: Are You Man or Mouse? Impression Should Count 
1950 June 1 Carol Beth Young editorial In the Spotlight: Rough Life Greets Frosh, but She Makes the Grade 
1950 June 1 dating letters to the editor Letter Challenges Column, Says 'No Social Problem' 
1950 June 1 Rowana Revis editorial Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant, Chief... 
1950 June 1 sports sports Crusader Squads Enjoy Highly Successful Year 
1950 June 1 Bud Schaeffer, Dick Simmons, Wendy Harris sports Seniors Vacae Important Basketball, Mat Positions 
1950 June 1 baseball sports Six Graduate from Squad 
1950 June 1 tennis sports Netmen Conclude Years Activities 
1950 June 1 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 June 1 baseball sports Nine Captures Final Four Diamond Battles 
1950 June 1 Commencement, Wallace Dunn news Concerts to Include Dunn Organ Recital 
1950 June 1 World Relief news World Relief Sends 6 Tons of Food, Clothing Overseas 
1950 June 1 West Suburban Hospital news West Subs Appear in Orchestra Hall 
1950 June 1 Tower news Editor Chooses Photographs 
1950 June 1 Glee Club, Chapel Choir news Choir Sings Suites on New Records 
1950 June 1 Kodon news Board Plans to Distribute 'Kodon' to Student Body 
1950 June 1 Robert L. Cooke news Prof Tells Need for Teachers 
1950 June 1 Christian Council news Council Picks New Leaders 
1950 June 1 Lits news Societies Choose Semester Officers 
1950 June 1 Norma Bloomquist news Bloomquist to Tell of Literacy Work 
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