Index to the Record, 1950 (January)-1950 (May)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1950 January 12 air condition front page Library Gift Provides For Air Conditioning 
1950 January 12 Rowena Revis front page RECORD Adopts Final 'New Look' 
1950 January 12 Harold Paul front page 'Snail' Opens Scrapbook 
1950 January 12 Julius Poppinga front page Teachers Grant Longer Holiday 
1950 January 12 Cobin Carnell & Donald Gast front page Sophomores Elect Gast, Carnell to Head 'Tower' 
1950 January 12 Walter Maier front page Mary Lou Fillier Interprets Arias in Program; Bettye Been Presents Humorous Readings 
1950 January 12 Clarence L. Nystrom front page 20 Bebaters, Judges Enter Annual Bloomington Meet 
1950 January 12 senior year editorial Diploma in Hand 
1950 January 12 Harold Paul editorial Hard at Work 
1950 January 12 Roland Ebel voices Reds Ease Cold War, Threaten New Governments in Far East 
1950 January 12 Lorraine Hoey Voices Newt Roverts, Former RECORDer, Drives Taxicabs, Desires Broader Outlook to Understand Others 
1950 January 12 basketball sports Cagers to Play Millikin; Battle Chicago at Home 
1950 January 12 basketball sports Athletics Nip Bomber Five 
1950 January 12 wrestling sports Matmen Face Lowans 
1950 January 12 Keeler sports Keeler Komments 
1950 January 12 Women's Athletic Association sports Officer Elections Top WAA Program Plans 
1950 January 12 election of officers news PAF, Kamm Assist in Town Meeting; Prexy to Present Hoover Economist 
1950 January 12 library staff news Library Displays Blanchard Papers 
1950 January 12 Wheaton College chorus news Chorus Begins Bach Rehearsal 
1950 January 12 short news news RENDEZVOUS 
1950 January 19 A. W. Tozer front page Author Speaks To Graduates 
1950 January 12 Edwin S. Johnson front page Seattle Pastor to Speak At Evangelistic Services 
1950 January 12 Chester O'Neal front page Scribes Feast At 'Tally Ho' 
1950 January 12 Harold Paul front page Ads, Fees, Management Unite To Keep RECORD fron Debt 
1950 January 12 Kodon front page 'Kodon' to Issue Humor Edition 
1950 January 12 Albert S. Nichols front page Faculty Approves Committee's Modified Plan For Campus Buildings, Basic Quadrangles 
1950 January 12 Chapel Choir front page Musicians Begin Concert Season 
1950 January 12 Wheaton banquet front page Committee Picks Site for Banquet 
1950 January 12 Chet editorial Swan Song 
1950 January 12 Helen Harris voices Council Starts New Project At State Mental Hospital 
1950 January 12 Lorraine Hoey voices Stam Twins 'Do Everything Together,' Describe Interest in Young People 
1950 January 12 wrestling  sports Disputed 4-2 Decision Gives Victory To University of Iowa Grapplers 
1950 January 19 volleyball sports Dormitory Earns Volleyball Title 
1950 January 19 basketball sports Bombers to Oppose Illinois Med Squad 
1950 January 19 Keeler sports Keeler Komments 
1950 January 19 basketball sports Crusaders Bow To Millikin Five 
1950 January 19 track sports Thinclads to Open '50 Track Season In Boston Garden 
1950 January 19 Arthur S. Flemming news Speaker Urges Adoption Of Commission Report 
1950 January 19 new students news Party to Honor New Students 
1950 January 19 Archie Mackinney news MacKinney to Assume Lit Duties At Intersociety Dinner Meeting 
1950 January 19 Internationals news Clubs Feast, Elect Sterne 
1950 January 19 Religious Production news Quartet Makes Second Album 
1950 January 19 15-day field trip news Geologists to Tour West During Spring Vacation 
1950 January 19 Jack Goffigon & Muriel Thompson news Chairmen Report Date for Social 
1950 January 19 Merrill C. Tenney news Society Elects Dean As Vice-President 
1950 January 19 WETN news Chapels to Include Phil Saint, Edman, WMBI Ex-Head 
1950 February 9 Nona Lawson front page Shea Tells Highlights Of Winter Campaigns 
1950 February 9 V. Raymond Edman front page Builders to Start Work in Spring 
1950 February 9 Grace Katherine Watson front page Teacher to Seek Masters Degree 
1950 February 9 Orrin E. Tiffany front page Former Professor Dies, Left Wheaton in 1944 
1950 February 9 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF to Introduce Missionary Courses 
1950 February 9 George Weller front page Journalist to Address Washington Banquet 
1950 February 9 Doug Liefeld front page Make-Shift Crew Curbs Flames In Dorm Closet 
1950 February 9 Norman Thomas front page Socialist to Talk In Public Debate 
1950 February 9 Earl Roe & Roy Rodgers front page Rodgers, Roe Pick Staffs; 'Kodon' Adds New Items 
1950 February 9 Edwin S. Johnson front page Evangelists to Talk In Chapel Services 
1950 February 9 Bob Cook editorial Smester Keynote 
1950 February 9 Marjie Hope voices Dave Fox Varies Activities, Prefers Preaching, Singing 
1950 February 9 John Baldwin voices Motto For Spectators? Control, Says Baldwin 
1950 February 9 Bill Showalter voices Edman Reviews Incidents Of Past Campus Revivals 
1950 February 9 Keeler sports Keeler Komments 
1950 February 9 tract sports Tracksters Open Season Against Michigan Squad 
1950 February 9 basketball sports Loyola Edges Bomber Five 
1950 February 9 Wrestling sports Wrestlers Rout Chicago Matmen, Face Wartburg 
1950 February 9 basketball sprots Cagers to Battle Cardinal Quintet 
1950 February 9 basketball sports IM Teams Start Cage Tournament 
1950 February 9 WAA sports WAA'ers Hold Skating Party 
1950 February 9 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship news Prayer Group Grows Into IVCF Chapter 
1950 February 9 men's varsity debate team news Debaters Travel to Five States 
1950 February 9 John H. Rouch news Infirmary Marks Attendance High 
1950 February 9 Marcia Cole news Students to Aid In Book Choice 
1950 February 9 V. Raymond Edman news Requests Grow For Pamphlet, 'Karl Marx...or Jesus Christ' 
1950 February 9 short news news RENDEZVOUS 
1950 February 9 LIT LEDGER news Council Outlines Semester Plans 
1950 February 17 Boug Liefeld front page Heat, Water, Power Fail As Storm Hits Wheaton 
1950 February 17 Bill Showalter front page 'Chicago Tribune' Writer Relates Impressions of Campus Services 
1950 February 17 Mary Alice Watson front page Watson to Read Bronte; Steward Aids in Recital 
1950 February 17 Bob Weeber front page Weeber Announces New Prayer Group 
1950 February 17 Jim Rayburn  front page Council Presents Chapel Program 
1950 February 17 Mardi Steward front page 'Send a Great Revival' 
1950 February 17 Public Affairs Forum front page Student Team to Provide Humor for Annual Banquet 
1950 February 17 basketball front page Cagers Defeat Calvin 90-76 
1950 February 17 Marjie Hope voices Gutierrez Picks Wheaton To Prepare for Service 
1950 February 17 John Baldwin voices Truman Faces Decision On Vatican Tradition 
1950 February 17 V. Raymond Edman  editorial Service Amazes Revival Leaders 
1950 February 17 basketball sports Basketeers Win Pair, Battle Carthage Next 
1950 February 17 Keeler sports Keeler Komments 
1950 February 17 track  sports Ypsilanti Tracksters Drop Wheaton by Heavy Score 
1950 February 17 injuries sports Injuries Sideline Wheaton Athletes 
1950 February 17 wrestling sports Victorious Olsonmen Seek Seventh, Eighth Mat Wins 
1950 February 17 revival service news Revival News Hits Papers Across Nation 
1950 Feburary 17 Art Brown's song leading course news Brown to Instruct 60 in Songleading 
1950 Feburary 17 LIT LEDGER news Societies to Hold Open Meetings 
1950 Feburary 17 Dr. Nichols news College Revises Admission Policy To Aid Students 
1950 Feburary 17 WETN news WETN to Return to Air With New Program Listings 
1950 Feburary 17 Wheaton's 55-piece concert band news Band to Travel To YFC Rally 
1950 Feburary 17 vasity debate team news  Debaters to End Southern Trip 
1950 Feburary 17 short news news RENDEZVOUS 
1950 Feburary 23 visiting Freeport front page Students Plan Freeport Activities 
1950 Feburary 23 H. G. Faulkner front page School Obtains New Coal Supply 
1950 Feburary 23 J. P. Free front page Professor Publishes Archaeology Book 
1950 Feburary 23 Youth For Christ International front page Wheatonites to Tour Europe Under YFC 
1950 Feburary 23 Leighton Ford front page Sophs Choose Ford As Prayer Chairman 
1950 Feburary 23 R. Rice Nutting front page Nutting Presents Organ Vespers 
1950 Feburary 23 Paul Van Os front page 215 couples Plan to Attend Annual Wheaton Banquet 
1950 Feburary 23 Chicago Daily News front page Campus to Hear Banquet Speaker 
1950 Feburary 23 varsity debate team front page Varsity Debaters Return from Southern Excursion 
1950 Feburary 23 Robery Jay Nicholson front page College Donates $300 to Help Destitute Family 
1950 Feburary 23 Brothergood Week editorial Real Brotherhood 
1950 Feburary 23 RECORD staff letters to the editor RECORD Staff Wallows In Inefficiency, Corruption 
1950 Feburary 23 John Baldwin voices Communism Takes On Character Of Powerful Fanatical Religion 
1950 Feburary 23 Marjie Hope vocies Farmerette, Pilot Shows Interest In Sports, Youth Camp Work 
1950 Feburary 23 Keeler sports Keeler Komments 
1950 Feburary 23 Wrestling sports Wrestlers Take Pair, Face Augie Groaners 
1950 Feburary 23 basketball sports Gale Inaugurates IM Cage Race, Seven Activities 
1950 Feburary 23 basketball sports B Squad Wins One, Drops Two 
1950 Feburary 23 basketball sports Coraymen Battle Naperville Five 
1950 Feburary 23 WAA sports Women Participate In Basket Tourney 
1950 Feburary 23 Roger Voskuyl news Voskuyl Announces Faculty Promotions 
1950 Feburary 23 T. J. Honeyman news Scot to Illustrate Lecture on Art 
1950 Feburary 23 Mrs. V. Raymond Edman news Prexy Sponsors Writing Contest 
1950 Feburary 23 Youth For Chirst news YFC Rally to Hear Academy Glee Club 
1950 Feburary 23 V. Raymond Edman news Alumni Celebrate Traditional Dinner 
1950 Feburary 23 Paul L. Foster news Director Reveals Public Relations Representatives 
1950 Feburary 23 Christian and Mission Alliance  news Delegates to Speak In Chapel Programs 
1950 Feburary 23 Glee club news Glee Club to Sing On Week-end Tour 
1950 Feburary 23 National Teacher's examination news Exams Question Future Teachers 
1950 Feburary 23 short news news RENDEZVOUS 
1950 March 2 Leander Barnes front page Key-Keeper Watches as Students Sleep 
1950 March 2 Artist Series front page Council Presents Musical Group 
1950 March 2 Basketball front page Cagers Stop Bluejays Five, End Season 
1950 March 2 Coal shortage front page Campus Reduces Use of Electricity 
1950 March 2 Lester H. Groom, Eugene Lye front page Majors Give Two Recitals 
1950 March 2 Asbury College revival front page Meeting Closes after 114 Hours 
1950 March 2 student-faculty basketball game front page A Challenge... 
1950 March 2 Art appreciation front page Scotch Art Director Shows Slides to Illustrate Lecture 
1950 March 2 World relief front page World Relief Starts Campaign for Books 
1950 March 2 Wanda Schickling front page Senior Presents Gift to Family 
1950 March 2 Oratorio front page Oratorio Chorus Prepares for Spring Presentation 
1950 March 2 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Church Arranges Missionary Rally 
1950 March 2 Singspiration, Marjorie Glover, Christian Council front page Council to Sponsor All-School Songfest 
1950 March 2 gospel teams editorial Our Mission, Too 
1950 March 2 Bud Schaeffer editorial Farewell, Bud 
1950 March 2 studying editorial Demon Study Captures Victims, Makes Them into Book Addicts 
1950 March 2 John Baldwin, euthenasia editorial From My Position: Baldwin Upholds Command 'Thou Shalt Not Murder' 
1950 March 2 Bedelia Weirick editorial In the Spotlight: Activities Play Large Role in Busy High School Life 
1950 March 2 wrestling sports Six Teams to Enter Annual Mat Tourney 
1950 March 2 track sports Squad Defends Cinder Honors at Invitational 
1950 March 2 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 March 2 WAA sports WAActivities: Women to Dine at 'Kungsholm' 
1950 March 2 basketball sports Hoopsters End Season's Play 
1950 March 2 football sports Chrousermen Top Naperville Quint 
1950 March 2 Crusader Productions, Bill Thompson news Club Chooses New Leader, Plans Films 
1950 March 2 Chi Sigma Theta news Group Discusses Teaching 
1950 March 2 William Seath news Workers Hear Preacher 
1950 March 2 Intervarsity news IVCF Writes Letters 
1950 March 2 Foreign Missions fellowship news Missionaries Answer Questions 
1950 March 2 Word of Life news Wheatonites to Hear Wyrtzen in Chapel 
1950 March 2 John Kephart news Trustees Appoint Acting Librarian 
1950 March 9 student-faculty basketball front page Faculty Accepts!!! 
1950 March 9 Artist Series front page Artist Series to Feature Krakow String Group 
1950 March 9 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Beginner's Luck Develops in FMF Photography Class 
1950 March 9 Oratorio front page Tenor Takes Chorus Solo 
1950 March 9 Red Cross front page Unit Launches Annual Drive 
1950 March 9 Bill Willson front page Wheatonites Respond to Fund Collection 
1950 March 9 John Stam, Archie Mackinney, George Johnson, Bill Thompson front page Societies to Sponsor Debate with Illinois 
1950 March 9 National Association of Evangelicals front page College to Open Display Contest 
1950 March 9 wrestling front page Grapplers Win Tourney, Enter Case Invitational 
1950 March 9 Joan Kadey front page Kadey to Present Recital; Cronk to Assist at Piano 
1950 March 9 Wheaton Directory front page Directory to Have New Supplement 
1950 March 9 studying editorial Let's Help Them Out 
1950 March 9 pranks editorial You Kill It: Humor Develops through Years of Practice in Meal-Time Antics 
1950 March 9 Young Life news Young Lifers to Hold Chapel Prayer Session 
1950 March 9 John Baldwin, Scripture editorial From My Position: Practice Healthy Skepticism by Standards of Scripture 
1950 March 9 Hank Garland editorial In the Spotlight: Scholarship Brings Hank Garland to Wheaton's Varsity Hoopsters 
1950 March 9 basketball sports Cagers Stop Taylor Five, Finish Play 
1950 March 9 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 March 9 track, Len Peterson sports Peterson Sets Shot Record 
1950 March 9 basketball sports Steagall Tops CCI Scoring 
1950 March 9 track sports Crusaders Tracksters to Enter Annual Illinois Tech Relays 
1950 March 9 Public Affairs forum news PAF Delegates Attend Forum, Study American Foreign Policy 
1950 March 9 Eugene Harrison news Harrison Writes Evangelism Book 
1950 March 9 speech contest news Paper Sponsors Speech Contest 
1950 March 9 Robert C. Stone news Group Elects Stone to Serve as Prexy 
1950 March 9 Glee club news Glee Clubs to Sing in Chicago Churches 
1950 March 9 Lits news Lit Ledger: Societies to Investigate Science, Syncopation, Fashion, Careers 
1950 March 2 Lits news Lit Ledger: Societies to Discuss China, Revival, Homes, H-Bomb 
1950 March 9 Far Eastern Gospel Crusade news Crusade Sees Slides 
1950 March 9 German Club news Germans Discuss Goethe 
1950 March 9 Music majors news Majors Discuss Music 
1950 March 9 Wives' Club, Robert Rayburn news Wives Hear Pastor 
1950 March 9 V. Raymond Edman, Faculty Women's Club news Women Discuss Decoration 
1950 March 9 Chapel news Geologist to Speak in Chapel Tuesday 
1950 March 9 Vivienne Blomquist news Group to Discuss Music at Dinner 
1950 March 16 student-faculty basketball front page RECORD, Faculty Prepare for Duel 
1950 March 16 black hills front page Geologists Prepare Black Hills Display 
1950 March 16 Reverse Day front page Council Names Reverse Day 
1950 March 16 Mardi Steward, Paul Lutz front page Juniors to Visit Beloit Discussion 
1950 March 16 Frank Kimmel, coal shortage front page Kimmel Solves Heat Problem 
1950 March 16 Harold Germann front page Germann to Read 'Northwest Passage' in Year's Last Senior Speech Recital 
1950 March 16 Oratorio front page Chorus to Present 'St. John's Passion' 
1950 March 16 red cross front page Campus Red Cross Unit to Show Films to Advertise Spring Drive 
1950 March 16 student-faculty basketball editorial They Haven't Got a Chance 
1950 March 16 foreign policy, John Baldwin editorial From My Position: Delegates Reveal Concern for International Affairs 
1950 March 16 Doug Robinson editorial In the Spotlight: Robinson Boasts Victory in GI Football League 
1950 March 16 St. Patrick editorial Scotch Monk Becomes Patron Saint of Eire 
1950 March 16 basketball, Marv Johnson sports Cagers Set Scoring Mark, Johnson Leads Team Again 
1950 March 16 football sports Chrouser Gives Call for Grid Candidates 
1950 March 16 baseball sports Squad to Travel on Dixieland Baseball Jaunt 
1950 March 16 track sports Tracksters to Race in Chicago Relays 
1950 March 16 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 March 16 wrestling sports Matmen End Year's Work 
1950 March 16 nationalization news Students Vote Down Basic Nationalization 
1950 March 16 World Relief news Wheatonites Aid Translation Work 
1950 March 16 Glee club news Chorus to Give Chapel Concert 
1950 March 16 Wheaton Academy, student-faculty basketball news Academy Paper to Hold Faculty-Student Game 
1950 March 16 Sunbeam Gospel news Teachers Watch Television 
1950 March 16 Chefoo news Chefoosians Hold Reunion 
1950 March 16 Boy's Brigade news Six Teams Play in Boy's Brigade Basket Tourney 
1950 March 16 Seminary Club news Graduates Hear MacRae 
1950 March 16 Lits news Lit Ledger: Lits to Discuss Everything from Courtship to Decorating 
1950 March 23 Music groups front page Musicians Recall Trip Experiences 
1950 March 23 Glee club front page Two Groups Leave for Spring Tours 
1950 March 23 World Relief front page Kruse Ends Book Drive 
1950 March 23 Glee Club front page Glee Club to Appear on Television Program 
1950 March 23 Jay McCully front page McCully to Compete in Oratory Contest 
1950 March 23 Memorial student center front page Center Work to Begin after Spring Vacation 
1950 March 23 Student Council front page Council Sponsors Community Day 
1950 March 23 variety show front page Students to Give Variety Program 
1950 March 23 Chapel front page Pastor Presents Easter Messages 
1950 March 23 Frank Neuberg, Paul M. Shellhouse front page Professor to Join Graduate Faculty 
1950 March 23 Red Cross front page Contributions Set Record in Red Cross Campaign 
1950 March 23 Gospel Heralds front page Program to Feature Gospel Team Film 
1950 March 23 memorial student center editorial An All-Student Project 
1950 March 23 John Baldwin, dating editorial From My Position: Social Problem Becomes Traditional Campus Riddle 
1950 March 23 Rosemary Buckner editorial In the Spotlight: Former West Suburban Student Finds Tennis Expert at Chicago State Hospital 
1950 March 23 track sports Tracksters Journey to Purdue Relays 
1950 March 23 baseball sports Pfund Conditions Squad for Spring Training Trip 
1950 March 23 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 March 23 football sport Chrouser Discloses Grid Schedule 
1950 March 23 wreslting sports Grapplers Enter NCAA Meet 
1950 March 23 student-faculty basketball news RECORD, Faculty Play Basketball 
1950 March 23 denate tournament news Squads Enter State Tourney 
1950 March 23 Tradiquette news Work Proceeds on Tradiquette 
1950 March 23 lits news Lit Ledger: Squads Plan to Hold Party 
1950 March 23 Gil Dodds, Bob Pierce news Dodds, Pierce Visit Schools in Far East 
1950 March 23 Bartlett Hall news Dorm to Hold Party 
1950 March 23 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Intervarsity news FMF Sends Gospel Teams to Visit IVCF Chapters 
1950 March 23 American Scientific Affiliation news Group Discusses Bible Miracles 
1950 March 23 Sociology club news Sociologists Discuss Lewis 
1950 March 23 Internationals news Internationals Pull Taffy 
1950 March 23 North Central news Council to Entertain North Central Group 
1950 March 23 Frank Houser, Presbyterian Fellowship news Houser Talks to Presbyterians 
1950 March 23 Paul Lutz, Mardi Steward news Students Report on Conference 
1950 March 23 CPO front page Food, Laundry Come through 'College P.O.' 
1950 March 23 Socialism, Lits front page English Author to Discuss British Socialism after Lits 
1950 March 23 Moody-Wheaton sports night front page Moody Night Offers Four-Sport Program 
1950 March 23 World Relief front page Chairman Continues World Relief Drive 
1950 March 23 Geology front page Group to Go West for Geology Study 
1950 March 23 Carl Crider front page Educator to Inspect Scholastic Methods 
1950 March 23 Moody-Wheaton sports night, William Culbertson front page Culbertson Leads Moody to Triumph over Faculty at Annual Sports Night 
1950 March 23 Band, Chapel Choir front page Band, Chapel Choir to Tour South, Central States on Trips 
1950 March 23 Edward A. Coray front page Coray to Meet Eastern Alumni 
1950 March 23 Pruth McFarlin, Kodon front page Singer Pruth McFarlin to Give After-Easter Recital for 'Kodon' 
1950 March 23 Botany, Betty Urquhart front page Majors to See Botanical Garden 
1950 March 23 Helen L. Smith front page Smith to Attend April Convention on Geography 
1950 March 23 Easter Vacation editorial Vacation Reminder 
1950 March 23 world affairs editorial Could We Do Better? 
1950 March 23 Jean Somerville editorial In the Spotlight: Canadian Finds Americans 'Diferent, So Enthusiastic' 
1950 March 23 John Baldwin, Science editorial From My Position: Biologist Questiosn Position of Science in Modern World 
1950 March 23 Intramurals sports Coach Gale Announces New Intramural Listings 
1950 March 23 wrestling, Dick Simmons sports Simmons Cops NCAA Fourth 
1950 March 23 tennis, Marv Johnson sports Johnson Heads Net Veterans 
1950 March 23 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 March 23 track sports Distance Relay Team Wins First, Sprint Medley Third at Purdue 
1950 March 23 baseball sports Baseball Squad Leaves on Spring Training Trip 
1950 March 23 Tower news Carnell, Gast Reveal Selection of Staff Members for '51 'Tower' 
1950 March 23 Missions news Faculty Members Plan Discussion of Mission Field Requirements 
1950 March 23 Norm Voth, Harold Reimer, Ray Felten, James Richmond news Wheatonites to Join Wrytzen's Program 
1950 March 23 Ellyn Anderson, Darlene Neprash, George Johnson, Art Klem news Debaters Enter State Tourney 
1950 March 23 west suburban nurses news Nurses to Hold Party at West Suburban 
1950 March 23 Taxidermy club news Taxidermists Choose Eyes 
1950 March 23 Greek Lovers Club news Greeks Discuss Love 
1950 March 23 William Jersey, National Association of Evangelicals news Jersey Recieves Art Contest Prize 
1950 March 23 Free Church fellowship news FCYF Hears Olson at Spring Banquet 
1950 March 23 Community Day news Classes Aid Preparations for Community Day Events 
1950 April 13 Baseball front page Baseball Squad Compiles Impressive Southern Record 
1950 April 13 Kodon front page College to Hear Negro Singer at 'Kodon'-Sponsored Program 
1950 April 13 spring parties front page Groups Schedule Spring Parties 
1950 April 13 Speech recital front page Nine Participate in Speech Recital 
1950 April 13 comprehensive exams front page Seniors to Take Comprehensives 
1950 April 13 Socialism front page English Author to Present Description of Socialism 
1950 April 13 National Association of Evangelicals front page Convention Includes Wheaton Exhibition 
1950 April 13 honors convocation front page Seniors Cop Class Honors 
1950 April 13 Memorial Student Center front page School Plans to Accept Bid for Center within 10 Days 
1950 April 13 Student Council front page Here's Your Chance 
1950 April 13 China Inland Mission front page CIM Speaker Holds Services Next Week 
1950 April 13 Saradell Ard, Clarabelle Hiney, H. William Nordine, Fred B. Gerstung news Illnesses Hold Profs in Four Hospitals 
1950 April 13 Bible conference news Three Churches to Sponsor Weekend Bible Conference 
1950 April 13 golf sports Squad to Battle Redbird Golfers 
1950 April 13 Wallace Pollock, Ministerial fellowship news Ministers Discuss Publicity 
1950 April 13 Wives' Club news Wives Show Hobbies 
1950 April 13 Lits news Lit Ledger: Societies to Meet Early, Discuss Varied Subjects 
1950 April 13 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 April 20 Intervarsity front page IVCF to Supply Chapel Speaker; Lillenas to Talk 
1950 April 20 Memorial student center front page Work Begins on Student Center 
1950 April 20 Faculty front page College Announces Changes in Faculty 
1950 April 20 Wheaton Gospel Tabernacle front page Board Closes Tabernacle 
1950 April 20 Craft Shop front page Handmade Wallets Show Popularity of Craft Shop 
1950 April 20 Chapel Choir front page Chapel Choir Presents Suite as Feature of Home Concert 
1950 April 20 Orchestra front page Dobbins to Lead Spring Concert 
1950 April 20 World Relief front page Kruse Declares 'Balm' Results 
1950 April 20 Community Day front page C-Day Plans Near Completion 
1950 April 20 Gertrude Dixon front page Dixon Presents Opera Excerpts in Voice Recital 
1950 April 20 student council editorial Don't Be Modest 
1950 April 20 Neale Strom editorial In the Spotlight: Mother's Prayers BringThree Stroms to Campus 
1950 April 20 Cold War, John Baldwin editorial From My Position: Russia's 'A' Bomb Necessitates Formation of Universal Society 
1950 April 20 tennis sports Net Crew Drop Initial Contest to Lake Forest 
1950 April 20 WAA sports WAActivities: 'Bow' Cagers Capture Lit Tourney Crown 
1950 April 20 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 April 20 football sports Coaches Intensify Practice to Ready Spring Gridmen 
1950 April 20 baseball sports Wright Nine Tops Bomber Ball Nine 
1950 April 20 baseball sports Pfundmen Win Over Bluejays; Bombers Lose 
1950 April 20 Russell L. Mixter, Merrill C. Tenney news Profs Turn Author, Discuss Bible, Nature 
1950 April 20 Russell Mixter, biology department news Mixter to Lead Biology Group 
1950 April 20 Wheaton Academy news Prepsters Plan Dad-Son Night 
1950 April 20 sociology club news Sociologists Discuss 'Problem of Pain' 
1950 April 20 Conservatory news Musicians Plan Two Recitals 
1950 April 20 W. Wyeth Willard, Ministerial fellowship news Ministers Hear Chaplain 
1950 April 20 home economics news Majors Play 'Kids' 
1950 April 20 Carl Armerding, Music majors news Armerding to Speak at Major's Banquet 
1950 April 20 Chemistry club news Club Hears Chemist 
1950 April 20 Pre-med club news Premeds View Film 
1950 April 20 Presbyterian fellowship, Paul Bechtel news Presbyterians Discuss Art 
1950 April 20 Cow and Moon Club news Group Eats Pancakes 
1950 April 20 Lits news Lit Ledger: Society to Meet for Steak Fry 
1950 April 27 Student Council front page Nominations to Close for Council Office 
1950 April 27 Darien Straw front page Prof Straw Dies at 93 from Fall 
1950 April 27 Chapel front page Speakers to Tell of Social Work 
1950 April 27 community day front page C-Day Committee Plans Exhibits, Movies, Concert 
1950 April 27 WETN front page WETN Plans Improvements 
1950 April 27 Memorial Student Center front page Construction Work Continues; Frosh Still Lead Donations 
1950 April 27 Glee Club front page Men's Glee Club Presents Three-Part Program, Film 
1950 April 27 Orchestra front page Chicago Violinist Performs for Orchestra Program 
1950 April 27 Don Hilty front page Hilty to Take Managership 
1950 April 27 Cancer drive front page Banks to Collect Cancer Money 
1950 April 27 West Suburban nurses front page Director to Cap WSH Freshman 
1950 April 27 college students editorial Good Neighbor Policy 
1950 April 27 Nelle Evans editorial Housemother Enjoys Duties in Counselling Dorm Girls 
1950 April 27 Peter Muir editorial In the Spotlight: Muir Anticipates Return to Work in West African Mission Station 
1950 April 27 John Baldwin, psychology editorial From My Position: Want to Improve Grades? Psychology Gives Answer 
1950 April 27 track sports Squad to Participate in Annual Relays 
1950 April 27 WAA sports WAActivities: Women to Sponsor Bi-Annual Play Day 
1950 April 27 Tennis sports Netmen Conquer Naperville Team; Face Augustana 
1950 April 27 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 April 27 baseball sports Pfundmen Split with Maroons 
1950 April 27 Golf sports Jay Squad Tops College Golfers 
1950 April 27 education certification news State Allows College to Grant Certificates 
1950 April 27 Saradell Ard news Ard Recuperates from Operation 
1950 April 27 enrollment news 1064 Register for Fall Term 
1950 April 27 Lits news Lit Ledger: Tau Delta to Debate Advantages of TV 
1950 April 27 field trips news Classes Arrange Three-Day Trips 
1950 April 27 Red Cross news Red Cross to Offer Aquatic Scholarship 
1950 April 27 Tradiquette news Printers Receive Revised Edition of 'Tradiquette' 
1950 April 27 Russell Mixter news Prof Schedules Science Talks 
1950 April 27 home economics news Students Model Originals 
1950 April 27 Scholastic honor society news Society Honors Seniors 
1950 April 27 debate team news Debaters Hold Banquet 
1950 April 27 Wives' Club news Wives See Hats 
1950 April 27 Ministerial Fellowship news Ministers Hear Loveless 
1950 May 4 The campaign for the Student Council Presidency front page Here They Are-Take your Pick 
1950 May 4 exhibition front page Art Majors to Show Paintings, Drawings 
1950 May 4 concert front page Women's Glee Club to Sing Last concert of Semester 
1950 May 4 conference front page Department Sponsors Social Work Forum 
1950 May 4 front page Elizabeth Stough Berg front page Soprano to Give Senior Recital 
1950 May 4 election front page Voters Pick 12 Students In Primaries 
1950 May 4 Press Award front page RECORD Wins Press Press Award 
1950 May 4 chapel front page Chief Navy Chaplain to Speak in Chapel 
1950 May 4 Student Memorial Center front page Freshmen Continue to lead in Drive 
1950 May 4 lecture-demonstration front page Bell Official to Demonstrate Telephone Work After Lit 
1950 May 4 an conductive atmosphere at chapel editorial Just a Reminder 
1950 May 4 humor Cartoon They'll Do It Every Time 
1950 May 4 Social Aspects of Gospel editorial Effective Witness Includes Social Aspects of Gospel 
1950 May 4 Harriet Arnold news In the Spot light: Christian Ed Student Studies Courses for Missionary Wife 
1950 May 4 Wtudent Activities Office news New Bureau, Student Activities Office Combine To Correlate Records of Wheaton College Events 
1950 May 4 chapel news Chapel Nuggets 
1950 May 4 Play Day sports 125 perform In Play Day 
1950 May 4 softball sports IM Teams Start Baseball Grind 
1950 May 4 tennis sports Women to Play Chicago Teachers 
1950 May 4 distance relay sports REelayers Fourth at Drake; Team Tops Dekalb Teachers 
1950 May 4 baseball sports Crusaders Whip Chicago Team 
1950 May 4 football sports Keeler Komments 
1950 May 4 1950 Tower news Gowman to Distribute Annual by May 24 
1950 May 4 pink parade news 'Parade' Honors Engaged Women 
1950 May 4 Pi Kappa news Pi Kappa's Elect 1950 Officers 
1950 May 4 World Relief news World Relief Sends Clothing Overseas 
1950 May 4 community day news Townspeople Visit Campus; See Films, C-Day Exhibits 
1950 May 4 event news Club to Sponsor Comedy Program 
1950 May 4 Lits news Lit Ledger: Bows Plan Fair, Auction; Knights Hear Businessmen 
1950 May 4 Dr. C. S. Boucher news Educator to Discuss Lincoln after Lit 
1950 May 4 Junior Class news Junior Class Eats Pancake Beakfast 
1950 May 4 Chefoo news Chefusians Hold Dinner 
1950 May 4 French Club news Frenchmen Dine 
1950 May 4 Home Economics news Home Ec'ers Camp 
1950 May 4 Ministerial club, Robert G. Rayburn news Rayburn Addresses Ministers 
1950 May 4 Internationals news Internationals Take Hayride 
1950 May 11 Glenn Heck, Student Council front page Council to Install Heck; Classes Pick Nominees 
1950 May 11 TV front page TV or Not TV? 
1950 May 11 Lizzie E. Conner, Eileen Meschke, Etta Burkins, Janet Bridenstine front page Faithful Students Carry Lunch to Blind but Still Spry Woman 
1950 May 11 Chapel Choir, organ front page Choir to Donate Electric Organ 
1950 May 11 Chauncey S. Boucher front page Educator to Give Lincoln Lecture 
1950 May 11 Phils, Pink Parade front page Phils Model New Styles 
1950 May 11 band front page Band to Perform in Lawn Concert 
1950 May 11 glee club front page Glee Club Presents 'Musicale' 
1950 May 11 Student council front page What Comes After Elections? 
1950 May 11 Nona Lawson, Quent Sewell front page Council Chooses Lawson, Sewell 
1950 May 11 Artist series, Deane Ballard front page Ballard Reveals Series Features 
1950 May 11 religion editorial Saying it and Meaning it 
1950 May 11 Record editorial On Display 
1950 May 11 Christian Vernacular editorial From My Position: Trite Phrases Lose Effect Without Spiritual Stimulus 
1950 May 11 Saradell Ard letters to the editor Ard Sends Thanks for Cards, Letters 
1950 May 11 Beryl Hickman editorial In the Spotlight: Marimbist Includes Sports in Busy High School Life 
1950 May 11 sports sports  Keeler Komments 
1950 May 11 football sports Grid Scrimmage Ends in Scoreless Battle 
1950 May 11 tennis sports Netwomen Trip City Teachers 
1950 May 11 track sports Tracksters Dump Chanute Field 
1950 May 11 baseball sports Pfundmen to Encounter Three CCI Opponents 
1950 May 11 track sports B Team Topples Wilson Trackmen 
1950 May 11 tennis sports Racketmen Top Cardinals, Battle Navy Pier 'Illini' 
1950 May 11 baseball, Ken Nissen sports Nissen Pitches Bomber Victory 
1950 May 11 Sociology news Sociology Profs Plan Second Conference 
1950 May 11 Chicago Motor Club news Children Invade College Campus 
1950 May 11 Chapel news Chapel to Hear Chaplain, Pastor 
1950 May 11 Bernard A. Nelson news Grant Gives Nelson Funds for Research 
1950 May 11 W. Wyeth Willard news Van Kampen to Print Complete College History 
1950 May 11 Harv Chrouser news 24 Campers Take Trip to Wisconsin 
1950 May 11 West Suburban Hospital news WSH to Celebrate Nightengale Banquet 
1950 May 11 Lits news Lit Ledger: Hamlet, Bugs Bunny Battle for Beltonian Support 
1950 May 11 Red Cross news New Class Studies Red Cross Course 
1950 May 11 Stamp club news Club Sells Stamps 
1950 May 11 Edward Coray, Ministerial Fellowship news Coray Discusses Camping 
1950 May 11 Faculty Women's Club news Women Conclude Meetings 
1950 May 11 Spanish Club news Group Elects Officers 
1950 May 18 Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Jonathan Blanchard lecture series front page Pastor Prints College Talks 
1950 May 18 Senior Sneak front page Extra! 
1950 May 18 Glee club, Mignon Bollman Mackenzie front page Pet 'Fritzel' Joins Women Singers 
1950 May 18 Senior Sneak, Class Parties front page Senior Sneak, Class Parties to Fill Wheatonites' Weekend Calendar 
1950 May 18 Duane Engholm, Hal White front page Engholm, White Lead Rival Upperclassmen 
1950 May 18 gospel teams front page YCF Team to Open Meetings in Norway 
1950 May 18 Alan Redpath front page Redpath to Speak at Fall Services 
1950 May 18 Betty White, Eugene Lye, Anna and Mary Britton front page White, Lye to Give Recital; Britton Sisters Play Piano 
1950 May 18 Record front page Scribes Hold Staff Dinner 
1950 May 18 Tower front page Gowman Sets 'Tower' Date 
1950 May 18 Foreign Missions Fellowship, Gerald Gingrich front page Gingrich to Head FMF Activities 
1950 May 18 growth editorial A Matter of Growth 
1950 May 18 Stereotypes editorial From My Position: Stereotyped Labels Signify Laziness, Snap Judgment 
1950 May 18 pipe organ correction Explanation 
1950 May 18 Editorials letters to the editor Letters Evaluate Editorial, Column 
1950 May 18 Ty Johnson editorial Athletics, Council Highlight Johnson's College Career 
1950 May 18 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 May 18 track sports Harriers Seek CCI Crown, Place Second at Elmhurst 
1950 May 18 baseball sports Cardinals Drop Crusader Nine 
1950 May 18 tennis sports Netmen Vanquish Three Opponents 
1950 May 18 Phillipine Islands, Stanton W. Salisbury news Salisbury Describes 'Phillipine Hotbox' 
1950 May 18 Helen Burgess news Burgess Presents Piano Ensemble 
1950 May 18 Wheaton Academy, Betty Stanley news Stanley to Direct Academy Singers 
1950 May 18 Kodon news Roe Announces Final 'Kodon' 
1950 May 18 Wheaton lagoon news Lagoon to Greet Upperclassmen 
1950 May 18 Red Cross news Leaders to Gather with Red Cross 
1950 May 18 Spanish Club, Margaret Smith news Spaniards Elect Officers 
1950 May 18 Chemistry Club news Chem Club Picnics 
1950 May 18 Clarence Wyngarden, Wives' Club news Wyngarden Shows Slides 
1950 May 18 Chapel news Reed to Speak on Youth Work 
1950 May 18 Class of '52 news Class of '52 Picks Blue for Jackets 
1950 May 18 Lits news Lit Ledger: Knights to Hear Armerding Discuss Pre-Millenialism 
1950 May 18 Chauncey S. Boucher news Boucher Advises Students to Know Responsibility 
1950 May 18 Douglas A. Block news School Gives Block Leave of Absence 
1950 May 18 Lits news Lits to Sponsor Treasure Hunt 
1950 May 25 Florence Cobb front page Cobb Retires after 29 Years at Wheaton 
1950 May 25 Senior Sneak front page Extra Extra... 
1950 May 25 Wheaton Academy front page Pastor to Address Academy Graduates 
1950 May 25 Tradiquette front page Students to Buy New 'Tradiquette' 
1950 May 25 Lits front page Societies to Hunt Hidden Treasure 
1950 May 25 Wheaton Bible Lands Cruise, Joseph Free front page Archaeology Prof to Lead Fourth Bible Lands Cruise 
1950 May 25 Wheaton Academy front page Academy Glee Club Finishes Concert Season at College 
1950 May 25 Marian Downey front page Downey Resigns after 25 Years 
1950 May 25 Joseph Free, wire recorder front page Recorder Teaches Absent Prof's Class 
1950 May 25 new library front page School to Break Library Ground 
1950 May 25 Water shortage front page College Stops Drinking H2O 
1950 May 25 Dave Roe front page Freshmen Elect Roe President 
1950 May 25 public affairs editorial Encouraging Report 
1950 May 25 Dating editorial From My Position: 'Casual Dates' Can Provide Solution to Social Problem 
1950 May 25 Glen Erickson editorial In the Spotlight: Erickson Claims 'Normal' Life, Plans Career in Saleswork 
1950 May 25 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1950 May 25 baseball sports Pfundmen Face Eastern in Season's Final Game 
1950 May 25 tennis sports Netmen Top Pier 'Illini' 
1950 May 25 Intramurals sports Gale Announces IM Track Meet 
1950 May 25 track sports Thinclads Win CCI Title, Set Six New Records 
1950 May 25 tennis sports Squad Beats North Park 
1950 May 25 golf sports Golfers Conclude Season's Activities 
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