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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1949 September 15 class of 1953 front page Class of 1953 Adds Talent to Wheatonite Procession 
1949 September 15 Lits front page Lit Society Members to Discuss Pointers on 'Wonderful Evening' in Meeting in Chapel Tomorrow 
1949 September 15 Clyde S. Kilby front page Kilby Completes First Book Draft 
1949 September 15 Student Council front page Council Goes to Wisconsin, Appoints Student Leader 
1949 September 15 William Culbertson front page MBI Prexy to Hold Special Fall Services 
1949 September 15 Effie Jane Wheeler front page President's Office Prepares Wheeler Memorial Service 
1949 September 15 Freshman class front page Freshmen Swell Registration Line 
1949 September 15 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Continues Chapel Services 
1949 September 15 Freshman class editorial Welcome, Frosh! 
1949 September 15 Christian service editorial 'Faith Without Works...' 
1949 September 15 Cass Community Church editorial In the Byways 
1949 September 15 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1949 September 15 Grace Woodberry editorial Wheatonites All 
1949 September 15 Ruth Herriman editorial From the Files 
1949 September 15 Buildings and Grounds news B & G Installs New Lights in Frost, Constructs Courts 
1949 September 15 Record news Scribes to Picnic, Sponsor Course 
1949 September 15 Nursing news 72 Students Register for Nurses' Training 
1949 September 15 World Relief news Relief Committee Sends Clothes, Books Overseas 
1949 September 15 Merrill C. Tenney news Tenney Resigns from Pastorate 
1949 September 15 Housing news Directors Continue Search to Meet Housing Problem 
1949 September 15 Faculty Retreat news Retreat Helps Faculty form Education Policy 
1949 September 15 Memorial Student Center news Memorial Drive Nears Goal for Homecoming 
1949 September 15 Tower news 'Tower' Gift Obtains New Chapel Curtains; Other Groups Assist 
1949 September 15 Artist Series news Choir to Open Artist Series 
1949 September 15 track sports Diller Leads Thinclads in Notre Dame Race 
1949 September 15 Intramurals sports Coach Schedules Intramural Sports 
1949 September 15 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 September 15 football sports Pep Rally Opens Football Season 
1949 September 15 Don Brinks sports Meet the Athlete 
1949 September 15 WAA sports WAActivities 
1949 September 15 soccer sports Veterans Return to Soccer Team 
1949 September 15 football sports Players Train at Camp Shagbark for 1949 Crusader Grid Season 
1949 September 15 Big Sister news Women Hold Party Tonight 
1949 September 15 Music news Musicians Plan Trips as New Band Forms 
1949 September 15 class picnics news Juniors Meet at Lagoon; Seniors Plan Weekend Trip; Others Picnic 
1949 September 15 Glen Erickson, Record news Erickson Assumes RECORD Post, Conducts Subscription Campaign 
1949 September 19 Faculty front page Three Teachers Join Faculty; Five Return from Absences 
1949 September 19 Tomorrow's Campus front page Group Produces Wheaton Picture 
1949 September 19 Robert L. Gilbert front page Gilbert Replaces Ex-Director Schell 
1949 September 19 Kodon front page Editor Announces Date for 'Kodon' 
1949 September 19 Wheaton College Style Book front page Faculty Prepares Writing Booklet 
1949 September 19 Physics 210 front page Students, Professor Sponsor Courses in Automotive Mechanics, Radio 
1949 September 19 Tower front page Yearbook Heads Finish Layout, Contract Plans, Schedule Photographs 
1949 September 19 Homecoming front page Homecoming Committee Chooses Holiday Theme, 'Roundup Time' 
1949 September 19 WETN front page Campus Station Announces New Broadcasting Schedule 
1949 September 19 Commencement front page Wheaton Grants Diplomas to 84 
1949 September 19 Memorial Student Center news Here are the Main Facts 
1949 September 22 Kenneth Hillstrom front page Infirmary Sends Victim of Polio to City Hospital 
1949 September 22 Pierce chapel front page Chapel Receives Christian Banner 
1949 September 22 football front page Crusaders Meet Aurora Clippers in Opening Game at Grange Field 
1949 September 22 Joseph P. Free front page Van Kampen to Print Revision of Textbook 
1949 September 22 library, record front page Map to Inform Wheaton Family of World News 
1949 September 22 L. W. G. Duff-Forbes front page Duff-Forbes Talks to Student Body 
1949 September 22 Memorial Student center front page Campaign Lacks $15,000 of Quota for Homecoming 
1949 September 22 Youth for Christ front page Scandinavian Team Reports Success Despite Handicaps 
1949 September 22 Johnny Albus front page College Donates $374 to Albus 
1949 September 22 Crusader Productions front page Club to Plan Year's Films 
1949 September 22 WETN front page WETN to Begin Fall Broadcasting 
1949 September 22 athletics editorial Sportsmanship for Christ 
1949 September 22 Joy Culbertson editorial From the Files 
1949 September 22 Dagmar Michalova editorial Wheatonites All 
1949 September 22 Roland Ebel editorial Speakers Portray Statism as Major Political Issue 
1949 September 22 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1949 September 22 Wanda Schickling editorial In the Byways 
1949 September 22 soccer sports Morris to Coach Crusader Booters 
1949 September 22 WAA sports WAActivities 
1949 September 22 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 September 22 Pep Rally sports Tumblers, Cheerleaders to Head Pep Raly; Hedstrom to Captain Five-Student Squad 
1949 September 22 football sports B Team Opposes Junior College 
1949 September 22 Jim Yorgey news Yorgey Sees Spiritual Need in Travels Through Europe 
1949 September 22 Wheaton College news College Acquires New Automobile 
1949 September 22 Clubs news Week's Club Calendar 
1949 September 22 Pi Kappa Delta news Professor Introduces New Debate Question 
1949 September 29 Homecoming front page Campaign Lacks $13,000 of Goal for Homecoming 
1949 September 29 Symphony Orchestra front page Players Swell Orchestra with Full Instrumentation 
1949 September 29 World Relief front page Committeemen Launch World Relief Drive 
1949 September 29 Freshmen front page Take Heart, Frosh, It's All Tradition! 
1949 September 29 Elizabeth Schell Rogers front page Pastor Conducts Rogers' Funeral 
1949 September 29 WSH Choral Club front page Nurses to Sing Under Dobbins 
1949 September 29 Bud Schaeffer, J. Foster Oury front page Schaeffer, Oury Lead Music for Services 
1949 September 29 Music Library front page Students to Use Music Library 
1949 September 29 Revival editorial Your Part in Revival 
1949 September 29 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1949 September 29 Wanda Schickling editorial In the Byways 
1949 September 29 Humor letters to the editor Letter Deplores Trend of Humor 
1949 September 29 Roland Ebel editorial British Solve Dollar Crisis by Devaluation of Pound 
1949 September 29 Paul Thompson editorial Wheatonites All 
1949 September 29 Joy Culbertson editorial From the Files 
1949 September 29 William Culbertson news Evangelist's Daughter Tells about Life with Father 
1949 September 29 Messiah news Choir Rehearses for 'Messiah' 
1949 September 29 Vivian Barnett news Barnett Replaces Recorder Carden in College Office 
1949 September 29 Nurses news Nurses Hold Outing 
1949 September 29 Buildings and Grounds news B & G Completes Work on Courts Near North Hall 
1949 September 29 Wheaton Academy news Academy to End Week's Services; Balyo Preaches 
1949 September 29 Artist Series news Shaw Concert to Include Cantata, Modern Numbers 
1949 September 29 Book store news Book Store Promotes Sale of Recordings 
1949 September 29 Ken Hillstrom news Hillstrom Transfers to Grant, Progresses 
1949 September 29 cross country sports Harriers Travel to South Bend to Battle Notre Dame, Quantico 
1949 September 29 baseball sports Pfundmn Begin Autumn Practice at Lawson Field 
1949 September 29 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 September 29 football sports Bombers Seek Initial Win after Loss to LaSalle-Peru 
1949 September 29 WAA sports WAActivites 
1949 September 29 Jim Diller sports Meet the Athlete 
1949 September 29 Wheaton Academy sports Parker Opposes Academy Eleven 
1949 September 29 football sports Crusaders Down Aurora Clippers, 12-6 
1949 September 29 WETN news Station Plans Sportscasts 
1949 September 29 Tower news 'Tower' Acquires Popcorn Machine 
1949 September 29 Pi Gamma Mu news Society Chooses Season's Theme 
1949 September 29 Jim Wroughton news Group Appoints New President 
1949 September 29 Johnny Albus news Albus to Get $1216 
1949 September 29 Clubs news Week's Club Calendar 
1949 October 6 Homecoming front page Chorale to Open Activities on Homecoming Program 
1949 October 6 Chapel front page Chapels Feature Honor Assembly 
1949 October 6 Earl A. Winsor front page Winsor Arrives at Mission Post 
1949 October 6 Memorial Student Center front page Center Fund Nears Quota; Coray Hopes for Success 
1949 October 6 Donald E. Suttie front page Lombard Accident Kills Ex-Student as Motorcycle Collides with Truck 
1949 October 6 Peter Veltman front page Instructor to Go to Dutch School for Year's Work 
1949 October 6 World Relief front page Bank Campaign Nets $65; Board to Send Packages Overseas 
1949 October 6 Record front page RECORD Sends Delegates to ACP Press Convention 
1949 October 6 Kenneth Hillstrom front page Doctor Grows Hopeful 
1949 October 6 Fred McManis front page Wheaton to Recieve $2,500,000 
1949 October 6 Merwin A. Stone front page Teacher Dies in Arkansas 
1949 October 6 Pi Kappa Delta front page Howard to Talk on Debate Topic 
1949 October 6 Homecoming editorial Are You Still Interested? 
1949 October 6 Joy Culbertson editorial From the Files 
1949 October 6 Helen Harris editorial In the Byways 
1949 October 6 Bill Johnson editorial Wheatonites All 
1949 October 6 Cold War editorial Soviet Atom Bomb Causes Change in American Policy 
1949 October 6 Johnny Albus letters to the editor Parents Give Thanks for Student Donations 
1949 October 6 football sports Wilson Gains Tie in Bomber Fray 
1949 October 6 WAA sports WAActivities 
1949 October 6 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 October 6 cross country sports Notre Dame Conquers Cindremen in Triangular Cross-Country Meet 
1949 October 6 football sports Gridders Top Redmen Face Elmhurst Bluejays 
1949 October 6 Horsemanship news Riders Hold Horse Show 
1949 October 6 James H. Carnahan news Group Sponsors Safety Director in Demonstration 
1949 October 6 clubs news Week's Club Calendar 
1949 October 6 Geology news Classes to Visit Michigan Dunes, Study Vegetation 
1949 October 6 Wheaton Academy news Academy Campaigns to Finish Gymnasium 
1949 October 6 Kodon news Kodon Appears with New Type 
1949 October 14 campus front page Century Old Elms Reveal Prairie-to-Campus Changes 
1949 October 14 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman to Broadcast at Western Spring 
1949 October 14 Freshman orientation front page Freshman Attend Separate Chapel 
1949 October 14 Tower, Record front page 'Tower' RECORD Recieve All-American ACP Ratings 
1949 October 14 Memorial Student Center front page Prexy to Break Ground for Center Ceremony Climaxes Homecoming 
1949 October 14 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF to Display Curios, Movies 
1949 October 14 Moody Science films front page MBI Shows Science Film Here Monday 
1949 October 14 Memorial Student Center news Letter from V. R. Edman to Glenn Heck 
1949 October 14 Philip Marquart news Marquart Links Psych, Scripture 
1949 October 14 Joseph P. Free news Press to Release Textbook by Archaeology Professor 
1949 October 14 business conference news Kamm Discloses Convention Plans 
1949 October 14 Black Hills breakfast news Prof Announces Hills Breakfast 
1949 October 14 Speech Department news Pupils to Present Speech Program; Department Adopts New Schedule 
1949 October 14 Lewi Pethrus, Senior Class news Pethrus Receives Degree; Seniors Win Class Trophy 
1949 October 14 French department news French Students Make Recordings of Hymns 
1949 October 14 Modernism editorial Are We Safe? 
1949 October 14 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1949 October 14 Ken Hillstrom letters to the editor Mother Gives Thanks for Letters, Prayers 
1949 October 14 Helen Harris editorial In the Byways 
1949 October 14 Roland Ebel editorial Steel Strike Shows Need for Return to Early Ideal 
1949 October 14 Leighton Ford editorial Sophomore Tells of Work in Youth for Christ Group 
1949 October 14 Wheaton Academy news Grads Return to Academy 
1949 October 14 Alexander Macaulay news Scot to Lecture on Robert Burus 
1949 October 14 Christian Council, Newt Bearden news Bearden Takes Over Christian Council Job 
1949 October 14 World Relief news Group Supports Displaced Family 
1949 October 14 Chapel news Dean, Visitors Speak in Chapel Services 
1949 October 14 Frank O. Green news Profs to Hear Green 
1949 October 14 Homecoming news Council Holds First Homecoming; Attendance Increases from 69 
1949 October 14 Paul Lutz news Class to Gather for Sinspiration 
1949 October 14 Homecoming news Committee Plans Memorable, Action-Packed Homecoming for 1949 
1949 October 14 Homecoming news Committees Adorn Campus as Graduates Come Home 
1949 October 14 Nurses news WSH to Award Diplomas to 36 
1949 October 14 Charles B. Shaw news Shaw to Lecture on Book Design 
1949 October 14 campaign against liqour sale news Geogia Pastor Campaigns; Stop Vice, Starts Review 
1949 October 14 meetings news Week's Cub Calendar 
1949 October 14 Chi Sigma Theta news Society to meet for Discussion 
1949 October 14 College Band news College Band to Use New Seating Section 
1949 October 14 football sports Chrousermen to Battle Illinois Wesleyan in traditional Homecoming Football Game 
1949 October 14 trip news Majors Journey to Oury's Barn 
1949 October 14 football sports Chrousermen Trounce Jays for third Straight Triumph 
1949 October 14 pep rally news Pep Board Plans Rally to include Serpentine, Fire 
1949 October 14 events sports Keeler Komments 
1949 October 14 Wendy Loveless sports Meet the Athlete 
1949 October 14 football sports Warriors Defeat Elmhurst Eleven 
1949 October 14 cross-country sports Trackmen Outrun Loyola, 20-36, to Register Initial Season Victory 
1949 October 14 wether and changed scedule sports WAActivities 
1949 October 14 basketball sports Coray Announces Schedule for '49 Bsketball Season 
1949 October 14 football sports Bombers Defeat Glenview Navy 
1949 October 14 soccer sports Crusador soccermen Face purdue in Fray Tomorrow 
1949 October 14 golf sports Harriers Win meet 
1949 October 20 Brian McAllister front page Brian Undergoes Treatment Following Cercy Flight 
1949 October 20 lecture front page Paper Sonsors Shaw lecture On Typography 
1949 October 20 Memorial Student Center front page Edman Urges Action to Reach Memorial Student Center Goal 
1949 October 20 homecoming front page Alumni Elect New Leader 
1949 October 20 Chapel front page YFC to Supply Chapel Speaker 
1949 October 20 Betti Chamberlain front page Students, Nurses to Hear Chamberlain Piano Recital 
1949 October 20 Wheaton Record front page RECORDers Investigate Newspaper Policy at National Press Conference in Detroit 
1949 October 20 faculty front page Four Profs to Fill Faculty Vacancy 
1949 October 20 Talent Contest front page Academy Plans Talent Contest 
1949 October 20 WETN front page WETN to Broadcast Lake Forest Grid Tilt 
1949 October 20 silence editorial Silence 
1949 October 20 outreach news Wheatonites Visit Patients At Cook County Hospital 
1949 October 20 Memorial Student Center news Fron the files: 95 Years of Campus Growth precede Memorial Ground-Breaking Ceremonies 
1949 October 20 Lit Ledger news Lits Conduct Rush Week, Consider History, Beauty 
1949 October 20 economic security editorials Headline Issues: "'Fair Deal' Economists Promise Increases in Living Standards 
1949 October 20 chapel news Chapel Nuggets 
1949 October 20 Kathy Kuhn news Wheatonites All: Student Claims 'I Enjoy Life' 
1949 October 20 football sports Keeler komments 
1949 October 20 Soccer sports Booters Edge Purdue, 4-2, To Battle Oberlin Tomorrow 
1949 October 20 cross-country sports Doddsmen Face Michigan Squad 
1949 October 20 football sports Crusaders Nip Illinois Wesleyan before 4000 Homecoming Fans 
1949 October 20 football sports Bombers Topple Alumni Gridmen 
1949 October 20 Women's Athletic association sports WAActivities 
1949 October 20 red cross news Women to visit Hines Hospital 
1949 October 20 party news Parties Assume Foreign Theme 
1949 October 20 field trip news Students to Tour Stores, Museum 
1949 October 20 club activity news Weak's Club Calendar 
1949 October 20 Dr. S. Richey Kanm news Prof to address Pi Gamma Mu 
1949 October 27 football front page Rivals Seek Brass Bell As Grid Tilt Trophy 
1949 October 27 Artist Series front page News Commentator to Speak In Artist Series Program 
1949 October 27 Paper Changes front page Paper Changes Press 
1949 October 27 Halloween party front page Student Council to Sponsor Party for Nurse Trainees 
1949 October 27 North Central College front page Nrth Central Invites Wheatonites to hear Naperville Concert 
1949 October 27 nothing done Cartoon Li'l Aloysius 
1949 October 27 football sports From the files: Crusader-Cardinal Football Rivary Starts in 1900; Wheaton Scores Initial Touchdown in1916 
1949 October 27 marriage news The Tolling Bell 
1949 October 27 Memorial Student Center editorial Move It Over 
1949 October 27 prison ministry news In the Byways: Students Hold Weekly Services For Prisoners at Dupage Jail 
1949 October 27 politics news Global Situation to Depend Upon Tito-Stalin Showndown 
1949 October 27 Warner Brown news Wheatonites All: Cencert Head holds Variety of interests 
1949 October 27 Lits news Lit Ledger: Lit Attendance Increases; 'Bows' to Give Style Show 
1949 October 27 chapel news Chapel Nuggets 
1949 October 27 Phyllis Holzworth news Holzworth to Give Recital; Drake Professor to Assist 
1949 October 27 Botany news Scientists to Travel 
1949 October 27 Philip B. Marquat news Presbyterians Hear Prof 
1949 October 27 Spanish club news Linguists See Movie 
1949 October 27 Junior class news Juniors to Hold Halloween Party 
1949 October 27 Radio club news Radio Club Reorganizes 
1949 October 27 Raymond G. Rayburn, Ministerial fellowship news Rayburn Talks to Pastors 
1949 October 27 Sociology club, Lamberta Voget news Voget Offers Opinion 
1949 October 27 World Relief, David Kruse news Kruse Requests Food for Needy 
1949 October 27 Christian Council, Race Relations news Students to Present Work of Negro Sunday Schools 
1949 October 27 Trustees news Trustees Re-Elect Heads for Year 
1949 October 27 North Hall 2, Howe House news Houses to Give Informal Parties 
1949 October 27 Marine Band news Marine Band to Play for College Audience 
1949 October 27 Chapel, C. C. Brooks, Kathleen Cowan news Services to Inclue Sermons by Brooks, Cowan, Irish Leader 
1949 October 27 cross country sports Harriers Score Third Win, Defeat Western Michigan 
1949 October 27 football sports Bombers to Face Valparaiso, Top North Park, 20-0 
1949 October 27 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 October 27 WAA sports WAA Releases Breakfast Plans 
1949 October 27 soccer sports Morrismen Score Tie with Oberlin, 2-2 
1949 October 27 football sports Orange and Blue Gridders Topple Lake Forest for Third CCI Win 
1949 November 3 Science front page Display Reveals Mysteries of Science to East-Enders 
1949 November 3 Marine Band front page Marine Band to Give Two Concerts Monday 
1949 November 3 Clifton M. Utley front page Utley to Speak on Europe after Tour of Continent 
1949 November 3 Lois Lawler front page Lawler to Interpret Etude, Modern Piece in Recital 
1949 November 3 T. Stanley Soltau front page Missionary to Speak 
1949 November 3 Memorial Student Center editorial Cog in a Wheel 
1949 November 3 Helen Harris, Earl Cook editorial In the Byways 
1949 November 3 Joy Culbertson, Record editorial From the Files: RECORD Starts in Monthly Form 
1949 November 3 Lorrain Hoey, Kitty LeFever editorial Wheatonites All: Senior Describes Interest in Young Peoples' Work 
1949 November 3 Roland Ebel editorial Headline Issues: Uncle Sam Takes Responsibility for Defense of Western Europe 
1949 November 3 Wheaton Gospel Heralds news Baptista to Take Film of Heralds 
1949 November 3 Wheaton Academy news Academy to Acquaint Guests with School 
1949 November 3 Record news RECORDers Hold Mid-Term Party 
1949 November 3 College Directory news Printer to Release College Directory 
1949 November 3 WETN news WETN Awards Radio in Contest 
1949 November 3 S. R. Kamm news Prof Enrolls 200 for Trade Meeting 
1949 November 3 Red Cross news Red Cross to Cook Emergency Meal 
1949 November 3 Danish Gymnastics Team news Danish Gymnasts to Hold Second College Program 
1949 November 3 Blanchard House, Maranatha, North Hall 1 news Women to Conduct Fall Dorm Parties 
1949 November 3 soccer sports Soccermen Leave for East, Top Chicago Booters, 3-0 
1949 November 3 intramurals sports 'Knights' Capture Intramural Crown 
1949 November 3 football sports Galemen to Battle Cardinal Gridders, Seek Fourth Win 
1949 November 3 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 November 3 basketball sports Cagers Schedule Tilt with Chanute in City Stadium 
1949 November 3 Memorial Student Center voices Students Dislike Center Location, Want 'Open Space' on Campus 
1949 November 3 football sports Crusaders Register Sixth Triumph, Retain Bell with 13-0 Victory 
1949 November 3 Cross country sports Harriers Trip Illinois Normal, Run at Loyola Invitational 
1949 November 3 Clifton Utley, lits news Societies to Study Europe in Preparation for Talk 
1949 November 3 World Relief news World Relief Plans CARE Campaign 
1949 November 3 Edward A. Coray news Coray Addresses Pastors 
1949 November 3 Wives Club news Wives Hear Pointers 
1949 November 3 Darlene Neprash, Roy Rodgers, Mabel Hoffman, Bud Knoedler, Sociology news Sociologists Elect Heads 
1949 November 10 Business forum front page Conference Speakers to Discuss Christian Business Relationships 
1949 November 10 Danish Gymnasts front page Danish Team to Present Tumbling, Folk Games 
1949 November 10 Orchestra front page Orchestra to Give First Performance 
1949 November 10 World Relief front page Seniors Hold Lead in Package Drive 
1949 November 10 J. Poppinga, Student Council letters to the editor Council President Explains Faculty Vacation Decision 
1949 November 10 Memorial Student Center editorial Present, Future Campus Plans Favor Site X 
1949 November 10 Joy Culbertson, Student Union editorial From the Files: Housing Shortage, Rising Costs Delay Construction of Original Student Union 
1949 November 10 Helen Harris, Child Evangelism fellowship editorial In the Byways: Students Lead CEF Meetings 
1949 November 10 Chester O'Neal, Communism editorial United States Must Fight Red Advance in Europe 
1949 November 10 W. Wyeth Willard news Willard to Publish Book on Wheaton 
1949 November 10 WETN news WETN to Announce Winner of Slogan Contest Monday 
1949 November 10 Conservatory news 12 Plan Recital in Conservatory 
1949 November 10 Lits news Societies to Hold Closed Sessions 
1949 November 10 West Suburban hospital nurses news Nurses to Join Escorts for Party 
1949 November 10 Faculty-staff party news Teachers to Stage Student 'Take-Off' 
1949 November 10 J. Edwin Wade news Ex-Prof Joins Board of 'Harvard Review' 
1949 November 10 Chapel news Chapels to Include Columbia Prexy 
1949 November 10 V. Raymond Edman news Edman to Speak at Bible Church 
1949 November 10 basketball sports Stadium Tickets Go on Sale for First Basketball Tilt 
1949 November 10 Cross country sports Harriers Enter State Tourney 
1949 November 10 soccer sports Morrismen to Battle Chicagoans after 6-Day Trip to New York 
1949 November 10 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 November 10 football sports Galemen Trample North Central; Graf Tallies on 85-Yard Jaunt 
1949 November 10 football sports Crusaders Fall to Valpo for First Season Defeat 
1949 November 10 Philip B. Marquat news Marquat Counsels 
1949 November 10 Internationals news Internationals Dine 
1949 November 10 Presbyterian fellowship news Presbyterians Relax 
1949 November 10 Gunnar Hoglund, Hi Crusaders news Youth Leaders Train 
1949 November 10 Chuck Johnson news Johnson Wins Presidency of Frosh; Evans to Assist 
1949 November 10 Sigma Pi Sigma news Scientist to Speak to Physics Group 
1949 November 17 Artist Series front page Series to Bring Soprano for Thanksgiving Concert 
1949 November 17 Debate team front page Debaters Enter Annual Tourney 
1949 November 17 Brian McCallister front page Brian Convalesces 
1949 November 17 Orchestra front page Orchestra to Play; Soloist to Appear 
1949 November 17 World Relief front page 40 Groups Give to CARE Drive 
1949 November 17 Knights front page 'Knights' Present Question, 'Hey Buddy, Wot Hoppen?' 
1949 November 17 Memorial Student Center front page Building Contributions Fall Since Homecoming Drive 
1949 November 17 WETN front page WETN to Describe Game with Millikin 
1949 November 17 Joy Culbertson, Charles Blanchard editorial Basketball Season Begins after Prexy Bans Football 
1949 November 17 Al Knudsen editorial Wheatonites All: Student Comes to Wheaton for Summer - Stays All Year 
1949 November 17 buildings and grounds editorial Reporting... 
1949 November 17 Roland Ebel, Bethlehem Steel editorial Headline Issues: Strikers' Victory Shows Weakness of Business 
1949 November 17 Hazel Van Hoozier editorial Veterans Recall Kindness of Energetic 'Mrs. Van' 
1949 November 17 Gospel Heralds editorial In the Byways: Team Emphasizes Varied Program 
1949 November 17 Intersociety Christmas party news Societies Arrange Program for Norwegian Festival 
1949 November 17 Lits, Virginia Felten news Outside Women go to After-Lit Party 
1949 November 17 Wheaton Academy news Academy to Buy Gym Equipment 
1949 November 17 Chapel news Chapels Feature Baugh, Rice, Sand 
1949 November 17 Geography 201 news Students Make Chicago Tours 
1949 November 17 Philip B. Marquat news Psychologist Evaluates 
1949 November 17 Chefoo fellowship news Chefoo Group Sings 
1949 November 17 Chi Sigma Theta news Teachers View Film 
1949 November 17 Chemistry club news Grads Discuss Chemistry 
1949 November 17 Earle Cairns, Seminary club news Cairns Opens Club 
1949 November 17 Carl Armerding, Ministerial fellowship news Armerding Instructs 
1949 November 17 German club news Club Studies Poetry 
1949 November 17 WETN, Lester Groom news Lester Groom Submits Prize-Winning Slogan 
1949 November 17 Junior class news Juniors to Give Holiday Party 
1949 November 17 intramural, Mel Lopston sports Lopston Guides 'Belts' to Victory 
1949 November 17 basketball, Marv Johnson sports Johnson Leads Coraymen to Victory over Chanute 
1949 November 17 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 November 17 cross country sports Runners Take Invitational; Hallworth Captures Crown 
1949 November 17 WAA sports WAAers to Hike; Tournament Starts 
1949 November 17 soccer, Bob Phillips sports Phillips to Lead Booter Eleven 
1949 November 17 football sports Crusaders Seek Title, Bowl Bid at Millikin 
1949 November 23 artist series front page Soloist Brings Vocal Concert 
1949 November 23 Junior Class front page Class Turns Green, Chooses Corduoy 
1949 November 23 football front page Crusaders, Macomb to Tangle in Annual Corn Bowl Classic 
1949 November 23 Jean Wry Snow front page Speech Major to Interpret 'The Sign of the Cross' 
1949 November 23 food service front page Food Service Roasts Thanksgiving Turkey as Part of Year's Overloaded Schedule 
1949 November 23 Junior Class quartet, Jim Diller, Mel Roy, Bill Jersey, Roy Rodgers front page Quartet to Sing for 'Interlude' 
1949 November 23 J. C. Macaulay news Macaulay to Show Film of Trip to British Isles 
1949 November 23 Sociology club news Pastor to Lead 'Town Meeting' 
1949 November 23 Philip B. Marquat news Clubs Discuss Mind, Service 
1949 November 23 Christian Nurse Fellowship news Trainees to Sing 
1949 November 23 Thanksgiving editorial Praise without Prayer 
1949 November 23 Joyce Giles editorial Wheatonites All: Wheatonite Enjoys Work in Local Sunday School 
1949 November 23 Foreign Missions Fellowship news FMF Speakers 
1949 November 23 Roland Ebel, cold war editorial Headline Issues: Soviet-American Clash Typifies Historical East-West Competition 
1949 November 23 Aaron Gamede, soccer sports Senior Star Tops Scorers as Booter End Season 
1949 November 23 Track sports Trackmen Defend CAAU Meet Title 
1949 November 23 sports sports Keeler's Komments 
1949 November 23 basketball sports Hoopsters to Face Beloit Cagers Here 
1949 November 23 WAA sports WAAers Initiate 
1949 November 23 football sports Crusaders Top Millikin, 26-19, Tie Augustana for CCI Crown 
1949 November 23 debate team news Debaters Earn Superior, Excellent Tourney Ratings 
1949 November 23 World Relief news Drive Sends $250 to National Office 
1949 November 23 science forum news Forum Studies Creation, Flood 
1949 November 23 Chapel news Coaches to Lead Awards Chapel 
1949 November 23 conservatory news Majors to Sing, Play in Recital 
1949 December 1 Handel's Messiah front page Choir of 375 to Sing in Christmas Oratorio 
1949 December 1 Record, Chester O'Neal front page O'Neal to Guide Newspaper Staff 
1949 December 1 World Relief front page Kruse Gives CARE Figure 
1949 December 1 Record front page RECORD Plans Christmas Party 
1949 December 1 Wheaton Academy front page Academy to Give Concert in Chapel 
1949 December 1 Joy Culbertson, Record editorial From the Files: Editors Succeed in Many Fields 
1949 December 1 Joe Grimes editorial Wheatonites All: Trainer Describes Interest in Semantics, Linguistics 
1949 December 1 Memorial student center editorial Democracy at Work 
1949 December 1 Thanksgiving holiday voices Students Emphasize Wish to Have Longer Vacation 
1949 December 1 Roland Ebel, religion, church and state editorial Headline Issues: New Jersey Group Protests Classroom Bible Reading 
1949 December 1 Paul Turner, Jim Malcolm editorial In the Byways: Wheatonites Start Negro Bible Class 
1949 December 1 sports banquets news Teams to Banquet Make Awards, Review Seasons 
1949 December 1 North Central news Students to Go to Naperville 
1949 December 1 psychology news Students to Visit Children's Home 
1949 December 1 debate team news Orators to Vie in Knox Meet 
1949 December 1 Glee club news Glee Club to Sing in Chicago YFC 
1949 December 1 Tuberculosis news Response Drops in Seal Drive 
1949 December 1 WETN news WETN to Bring Game to College 
1949 December 1 Chapel news Glee Club to Sing, Kansan to Speak 
1949 December 1 John Leedy news Society Members to Visit Leedy Home in 'Norway' 
1949 December 1 Kodon news 'Kodon' to Name Contest Winner 
1949 December 1 cross country sports Harriers Place Thirteenth in Annual NCAA Meet 
1949 December 1 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 December 1 football sports Crusaders Lose in Corn Bowl 
1949 December 1 intramurals sports IM Record Falls 
1949 December 1 basketball sports Coraymen Seek Second Victory in Home Battle Against Valpo 
1949 December 1 Earle Cairns, Ministerial Fellowship news Ministers Hear Cairns 
1949 December 1 French Club news Club Celebrates Christmas 
1949 December 1 food service news Elite Meet to Eat at Food Staff Fete 
1949 December 1 Home economics news Majors Entertain Faculty 
1949 December 1 Business forum news Forum to Present Chain Store Plan 
1949 December 1 Pi Gamma Mu news Society Considers Statism 
1949 December 1 Internationals news Internationals Hold Party 
1949 December 8 Bernice Vander Schurr, Frank Fernandes, Phyllis Brattland, Harold Sutton front page Injured Students Improve after Highway Tragedy 
1949 December 8 Douglas Stewart front page Director Leads Chapel Service 
1949 December 8 Record front page Scribes Prepare 'Headliner' 
1949 December 8 Handel's Messiah front page Singers to Repeat Concert Sunday 
1949 December 8 Band front page Sonderstrom to Conduct Band in Program Tomorrow Night 
1949 December 8 Roland Ebel, National Defense editorial Headline Issues: Navy Budget Cut Weakens Nation's Defensive Power 
1949 December 8 Chuck Johnson editorial Wheatonites All: Prexy Reflects Spirit of Frosh 
1949 December 8 Memorial Student Center editorial Chins Up! 
1949 December 8 Record Christmas party editorial From the Files: Professor Recieves Gifts at First Christmas Party 
1949 December 8 Phyllis Brattland, C. C. Brooks editorial No Accident: In Memory of Phyllis Brattland 
1949 December 8 Shirley Viel editorial In the Byways: Student Arranges Classes to Train Negro Teachers 
1949 December 8 biology lab, Clinton O. Mack editorial Mack Keeps Water Zoo for Benefit of Students 
1949 December 8 West suburban hospital news Trainees Hold Initial Party 
1949 December 8 World Relief news Wheaton Donates $1710 to CARE 
1949 December 8 Archie MacKinney, Intersociety council news Council Elects MacKinney; 'Bows' Give Holiday Tea 
1949 December 8 chemistry department news Society Grants Approval to Science Department 
1949 December 8 WETN news WETN Features New Broadcast 
1949 December 8 speech recital news Students to Interpret Christmas Readings 
1949 December 8 Conservatory news Musicians to Sing, Play in Program 
1949 December 8 Junior class, senior class news Classes to Join in Carol Sing 
1949 December 8 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 December 8 WAA sports Women Receive Athletic Awards 
1949 December 8 wrestling sports Matmen Enter Iowa Tourney 
1949 December 8 football sports Bombers Whip Trinity College 
1949 December 8 football sports Crusaders Trim Valpo, Elmhurst, Face Southern Illinois Saturday 
1949 December 8 football, Chuck Schoenherr sports Schoenherr Cops Honors in 1949 Football Season 
1949 December 8 Public Affairs Forum news Forum Shows movie 
1949 December 8 Home economics club news Homemakers Give Party 
1949 December 8 Spanish club news Group Celebrates Christmas 
1949 December 8 German club news Germans Sing Carols 
1949 December 8 Chemistry club, Harold Fiess news Chemists Hear Fiess 
1949 December 8 Chi Sigma Theta news Society Studies Philosophy 
1949 December 8 Sociology club, Lamberta Vogel news Vogel Addresses Sociologists 
1949 December 8 Wives' club news Wives Recieve Tips 
1949 December 8 Seminary club news Seminary Club Relaxes 
1949 December 8 physical education, John Leedy news Leedy Entertains Majors 
1949 December 15 Washington banquet front page Van Os Announces Banquet Speaker 
1949 December 15 Christmas party front page Faculty Plans Annual Fete 
1949 December 15 Karl Steele front page Artist Displays Interest in Wheaton - Between Speaking Trips, Exhibitions 
1949 December 15 Wheaton Academy front page Santa to Visit Prep Carolers 
1949 December 15 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman to Open 1950 Chapels 
1949 December 15 'Lemon', telescope editorial 'Lemon' Portrays Firmament to Wheatonites Through 12-inch Telescope, Faces Rejuvenation 
1949 December 15 campus building program editorial Progress 
1949 December 15 Record, Advertisements editorial From the Files: Advertisements Show Changed Way of Life 
1949 December 15 Art Brown editorial Wheatonites All: Vet Plans Missionary Career in France after Grad Work 
1949 December 15 Knights, John Stam news 'Knights' Select Stam as Prexy 
1949 December 15 sports sports Keeler Komments 
1949 December 15 wrestling sports Matmen Enter Badger Match 
1949 December 15 basketball sports B Team Whips Moody Institute, Faces Foresters 
1949 December 15 WAA sports WAAers Tumble, Complete Tourney 
1949 December 15 basketball sports Cagers Seek First League Win in Tilt with Lake Forest Quint 
1949 December 15 WMBI news WMBI to Sponsor Wheaton Speakers 
1949 December 15 Dorm parties news Dorms to Hold Parties Jan. 7 
1949 December 15 WSH Nurses news Staff Plans Fetes for WSH Nurses 
1949 December 15 North dining hall news Mop Repairs Rain Damage 
1949 December 15 sophomore class news Sophs to Relax at Class Party 
1949 December 15 world relief news Gifts Increase Fund by $80 
1949 December 15 Geology 231 news Class Takes Trip 
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