Index to the Record, 1948 (August)-1948 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1948 August 15 Gil Dodds front page School Adds Dodd's Name as Professor, Track Coach 
1948 August 15 The King's Heralds front page Group Achieves Purpose of Trip 
1948 August 15 Big Sister and Big Brother front page Chairmen Outline Reception Plans 
1948 August 15 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Team Describes Tour Progress 
1948 August 15 Howard F. Sugden front page Fall Speaker Chosen 
1948 August 15 enrollment front page Nichols Reports Enrollment Hike 
1948 August 15 Senior Class '48 front page Seniors Leave Class Gift Illuminating Tennis Courts 
1948 August 15 Faculty front page Administration Reveals Changes as Fifteen Teachers Join Faculty 
1948 August 15 Blanchard Tower Bell front page Romance Captures Spirit of Bell While Discord Turns into Legend 
1948 August 15 Chapel editorial Standing Fast 
1948 August 15 Record editorial As One Body 
1948 August 15 Art Johnson, Jim Elliot, Jack Varland letters to the editor Letters to the Student 
1948 August 15 C. C. Brooks editorial Words from the Dean 
1948 August 15 WETN news Radio Station to Increase Receiving Range, Programs 
1948 August 15 Student Council news Council Picks Chiefs 
1948 August 15 Faculty workshop news Faculty Retreat to Lake Geneva for Conference 
1948 August 15 Jean Leckemby news Wheatonite Dies in Auto Accident 
1948 August 15 Tower news Yearbook Heads Lay Plans for 1949 'Tower' Edition 
1948 August 15 Spike sports In the Sportlite 
1948 August 15 Jim Rust sports Jim Rust Lowers 440 Mark Again 
1948 August 15 football sports New Players Brighten Prospects for 1948 Crusader Grid Forces 
1948 August 15 Sidney Correll news Correll Speaks Here 
1948 August 15 Aaron Gast news Gast Takes Post 
1948 September 23 Pep rally front page Rally to Prelude Kalamazoo Tilt 
1948 September 23 Student Council front page Council Sponsors Chicago Quartet 
1948 September 23 Evangelistic Services front page Fall Services Begin in Gym 
1948 September 23 Corrine R. Smith front page Dean Carries Office Duties 
1948 September 23 Senior bench front page Seniors Re-Erect Kidnapped Bench 
1948 September 23 WETN front page Radiomen Transfer Office, Increase Reception Range 
1948 September 23 Record front page Paper Rates All-American Award as Peck Upholds High Precedent 
1948 September 23 Ada Wang front page Former Buddhist Preaches Salvation in Native Land 
1948 September 23 Merrill C. Tenney front page Tenney to Speak to Training Group 
1948 September 23 Ernest Larson front page Larson Launches Fall Campaign 
1948 September 23 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Goes to Taylor for Annual Reunion 
1948 September 23 radio workshop front page Workshop Provides Interest, Experience While Broadcasting 
1948 September 23 student lounge editorial Wanted - One Lounge 
1948 September 23 Dining hall poll Dining Hall Dilemma 
1948 September 23 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1948 September 23 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 September 23 Eugene M. Harrison editorial Redeeming the Time 
1948 September 23 football sports Gridders to Inaugurate Season Against Kalamazoo Under Lights 
1948 September 23 Spike sports In the Sportlite 
1948 September 23 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 September 23 Bob Blaschke sports Blaschke Recieves Injuries 
1948 September 23 football sports Bombers to Play at LaSalle-Peru 
1948 September 23 soccer sports Wheaton Opposes Morton for Initial Soccer Contest 
1948 September 23 prayer meetings news Classes to Meet in Prayer Bands 
1948 September 23 Chicago Railroad Fair news Studetns Travel to Fair via Bus 
1948 September 23 James E. Bennet, W. Cameron Townsend news Lawer, Linguist Talk to Chapel Audiences 
1948 September 23 Clarence J. Simpson news Simpson Joins Staff to Advice Recorders 
1948 September 23 William H. Blair news Army Calls Blair to Chaplain Post in Pennsylvania 
1948 September 23 Business forum news Students Picnic for First Forum 
1948 September 23 James R. Adair news 'Power' Editor to Discuss Professional Manuscripts 
1948 September 23 Men's Mixer news Knights Feature Richmond Models 
1948 September 30 Artist Series front page Artist Series Begin Yaer with Symphonic Ensemble 
1948 September 30 Myra Koppin front page Prof Plays Thug at Faculty Picnic 
1948 September 30 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Bus, Jeep Bring Women in White to FMF Group 
1948 September 30 Merrill C. Tenney front page Tenney Edits Text on John 
1948 September 30 Harold F. Sugden front page Fall Evangelist is Baptist Minister, Youth for Christ Speaker, Author 
1948 September 30 Jo-Nell Frizen front page Doctors Diagnose Jo-Nell's Illness; Tiny Heart Complicates Operation 
1948 September 23 Jo-Nell Frizen front page Emergency Operation Determines Life of Fountain Manager's Baby 
1948 September 30 Roberta Taylor front page Mrs. Taylor Dies Here in Wheaton 
1948 September 30 Tower front page Blaze Warms Up Cooling Hot Dogs as Lads Bring Relief to Firemen 
1948 September 30 Homecoming front page Homecoming Committee Reveals Plans for Grads 
1948 September 30 Foreign Missions Fellowship editorial West Suburban Enlightenment 
1948 September 30 Freshman initiation editorial Initiation...Is It Funny? 
1948 September 30 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 September 30 Wallace Pollock editorial Purposeful Lives 
1948 September 30 Testing voices Students Contemplate Prospect of Nine-Week Tests 
1948 September 30 Clyde Kilby news Kilby Commences Research Seeking Data from Scenes of Blanchard's Early Life 
1948 September 30 Faculty news Faculty to Help in Charity Drive 
1948 September 30 Faculty Women's Club news Women Serve Tea at Club Meeting 
1948 September 30 Health Insurance news New Plan Offers Hospitalization 
1948 September 30 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1948 September 30 Pi Kappa Delta news Society Invites Students to Join Forensic Program 
1948 September 30 Messiah news Chorus Prepares to Sing 'Messiah' 
1948 September 30 Buildings and Grounds news B & G Completes Lighting System on Lawson Field 
1948 September 30 V. Raymond Edman news Edman to Speak After Inaugural 
1948 September 30 Spike sports In the Sportlite 
1948 September 30 football sports Bombers to Meet Wilson Friday; Smothered by LaSalle-Peru, 26-6 
1948 September 30 basketball sports Hoopsters Start Indoor Practices 
1948 September 30 soccer sports Crusaders Play Delayed Contest Against Morton 
1948 September 30 Cross country sports Wheaton Harriers Begin Training on Nearby Chicago Golf Course 
1948 September 30 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 September 30 football sports Mayhall Sparks Crusader's Attack Against Hornets 
1948 September 30 Wheaton Academy sports Prepsters Whip First Opponents 
1948 September 30 football sports Gridders Nip Kalamazoo Eleven; Drill for Wesleyan Titans Next 
1948 September 30 golf sports Coach Gale Tops Staff Golf Meet 
1948 September 30 Julia Blanchard news Shrubs Round Out Full Life for Plant-Loving Librarian 
1948 September 30 Record news Recorders Sneak to Staff Outing 
1948 September 30 Ambassador Quartet news Singers Organize to Complete Team 
1948 September 30 Abe Thiessen news Thiessen Invites Students to Shop 
1948 September 30 European Relief news FMF Places Cups in Dining Halls; Proceeds Aid European Christians 
1948 September 30 faculty news Office Releases Three Teachers 
1948 October 7 Buildings and Grounds front page B & G Completes Press Box Before Day of Millikin Game 
1948 October 7 Norris Aldeen front page Aldeen to Speak at Forum Meeting in Fireside Room 
1948 October 7 Howard Sugden, J.H. Kornelson front page Sugden Delivers FEGC Fireside Chat; Ministerial Fellowship Hears Kornelson 
1948 October 7 John M. Oury front page Two Strokes Afflict Local Board Member 
1948 October 7 class schedule front page Faculty Vote to Change Schedule, Delay Saturday Classes Half Hour 
1948 October 7 Carl Armerding front page Armerding Takes Chapel Services 
1948 October 7 Jo-Nell Frizen front page Johnson Conducts Service for Burial of Frizen Baby 
1948 October 7 Roger Voskuyl, Joseph P. Free front page Teachers Travel During Weekend 
1948 October 7 Young Republicans front page GOP Elects Officers 
1948 October 7 Young Republicans front page Republican Club Registers Students for Fall Elections 
1948 October 7 Record, WETN front page RECORD Broadcasts Campus News as WETN Reveals New Schedule 
1948 October 7 dining hall editorial Segregation...Satisfactory? 
1948 October 7 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 October 7 Cheerleaders letters to the editor Writer Challenges System of Selection, Ability of Present Cheerleaders for Job 
1948 October 7 humanity letters to the editor Reporter Seeks Quips for Query 
1948 October 7 Howard Z. Cleveland editorial For Lying: Truth 
1948 October 7 football sports Wesleyan Titans Upset Gridders; Millikin Opposes Team Saturday 
1948 October 7 football sports Bombers Wallop Wilson in First Victory of Year 
1948 October 7 Soccer sports Soccermen Bow to Morton Team in Initial Match 
1948 October 7 cross country sports Wheaton Harriers to Clash with Loyola in First Trial 
1948 October 7 Wheaton Academy football sports Prep Gridders Lose to Defending Champs 
1948 October 7 Spike sports In the Sportlite 
1948 October 7 Homecoming news Madame X Volunteers Help as '48 Homecoming Queen 
1948 October 7 William Carden news Mrs. Carden Dies Following Illness 
1948 October 7 Public Affairs forum news Organization to Include Nurses as PAF Institutes Branch Forum 
1948 October 7 Wheaton Academy news Gymnasium Adds New Floor, Roof 
1948 October 7 John Willson news Willson Returns After Operation 
1948 October 7 Chicago Symphony Orchestra news Students Attend Concert, First of Symphony Series 
1948 October 7 Pre-Med Club news Pre-Meds Gather for Medical Film 
1948 October 14 Jan Taylor front page Frosh Hears Blanchard Raises Roof 
1948 October 14 Lits front page Literary Societies Combine Talent to Probe Campus Social Problem 
1948 October 14 V. Raymond Edman front page President Speaks at Film Showing 
1948 October 14 Student Supply Store front page Store Lowers Prices in Bargain Basement 
1948 October 14 Senior Bench front page Juniors Give Back Kidnapped Bench 
1948 October 14 Tom Collis front page Collis Helps Students Solve Lounge Problem 
1948 October 14 Tower front page 'Tower' Wins High Rating Under Howe's Editorship 
1948 October 14 Homecoming front page Buyse Forms Reunion Plan 
1948 October 14 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF to Provide Mission Training 
1948 October 14 North Central front page North Central Conducts Service; Returns Visit of Wheaton Group 
1948 October 14 Student Council front page Council Includes Suburban Nurses 
1948 October 14 Homecoming front page Mystery Queen Appears at Game; Journeys as Stowaway Aboard Ship 
1948 October 14 theft editorial Where, Oh Where is He Now? 
1948 October 14 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 October 14 cheerleaders, Dick Wroughton letters to the editor Writers Disapprove Condemnatio in Letter; Author Submits Apology 
1948 October 14 Bill Cathers news Did You Ever Want to See China? Read Cathers' Tale You May Study There, Too 
1948 October 14 Graduate school news Tenney Reveals Graduate Census 
1948 October 14 Charles C. Brooks news Brooks Spends Week at Directors' Meeting 
1948 October 14 "Out of the Night" film news Wheatonites Appear in Documentary Film 
1948 October 14 Lee Nelson news Horse Throws Student Rider 
1948 October 14 Enrollment news Seniors Top Classes in Enrollment Figures 
1948 October 14 Cheerleaders news Students at Pep Rally to Elect Cheerleaders by Secret Balloting 
1948 October 14 Jim Elliot news Elliot Gives Talk to Parsons' Club 
1948 October 14 soccer sports Wheaton Booters Trounce University of Chicago, 5-2 
1948 October 14 Intramurals sports Fall Sports Begin Intramural Contests in Men's Division 
1948 October 14 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 October 14 Wheaton Academy sports North Park Edges Academy Team by One Point in Second Setback 
1948 October 14 football sports Bombers Oppose Catholic Gridmen 
1948 October 14 football sports Crusaders Rout Millikin Gridders to Earn First Conference Victory 
1948 October 14 cross country sports North Central Loses; Titans Top Standings 
1948 October 14 football sports Crippled Crusaders Journey to Elmhurst for Next Battle 
1948 October 14 Bob Mitchell sports Mitchell Dispels Injury to Merit Grid Punting Job 
1948 October 14 cross country sports Runners Pin Setbacks on Beloit, LaGrange 
1948 October 14 Spike sports In the Sportlite 
1948 October 14 cross country sports Balog Wins; Harriers Swamp Loyola Team 
1948 October 14 cross country sports Balog Gets Thrill in Winning First Collegiate Meet 
1948 October 14 Ethel Anne Jones news Jones Reads Rebecca; Mitchell, Dunn Aid 
1948 October 14 Peter Veltman news Veltman to Talk in Grand Rapids 
1948 October 14 French Club news Members Enact Play for French Clubbers 
1948 October 14 Jo-Nell Frizen voices Letter Thanks Contributors 
1948 October 14 Betty Hansen news 'Big Sister' Head Plans Program for Students at West Suburban 
1948 October 14 European relief news Greeks Request New Testaments 
1948 October 14 Washington banquet news Drake to Head Committee; Brooks Serves as Advisor 
1948 October 21 A-Day front page "A-Day" Starts Tuesday; Women to Exchange First 
1948 October 21 Lawson Field front page Field Boasts More Seating 
1948 October 21 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Display to Show Missionary Need 
1948 October 21 Clarence Nystrom front page Nystrom Reveals Debate Schedule 
1948 October 21 Wheaton Club front page Students Present Separate Program; Dialogue Portrays Wheaton's Story 
1948 October 21 Moody Bible Institute science films front page Institute Releases Science Film Revealing Secret of 'Fish Talk' 
1948 October 21 John Buyse front page Committee Expects 800 Visitors For '48 Homecoming Celebration 
1948 October 21 Mignon Bollman Mackenzie front page Mackenzie Given Leave Of Absence 
1948 October 21 Chemistry club front page Chem Alumni Exchange Reports With majors 
1948 October 21 Ralph Christianson front page Tenney Promotes Seminary Meeting 
1948 October 21 gym building news Porrait Of A Building Program 
1948 October 21 Kenneth N, Taylor editorial  Blowing The Lid 
1948 October 21 Roly and Willy editorial Roly and Willy 
1948 October 21 Merrill C. Tenney editorial  Temptations Provide Channels Of Blessing When Tested By Word, Committd To God 
1948 October 21 Alice Benson letters to the editor Students Protest, Praise In Letter To Newpaper 
1948 October 21 Clearence Simpson editorial Lit Ledger 
1948 October 21 Jeanne Sherrow news Homecoming Skit, Pep Rally Present New Cheerleading Squad In Action 
1948 October 21 Earle Cairns news Professors To Publish Revision Of Research 
1948 October 21 Peter Joshua news Joshua To Speak At Parson's Club 
1948 October 21 Rowena Revis editorial Blanchard's Lofty Tower Speaks, Recalls Growth Of Homecoming Tradition 
1948 October 21 football sports Hedstrom's Paces IM Football Play 
1948 October 21 Audree Christianssen sports WAActivities 
1948 October 21 soccer sports Soccermen To Meet Alumni Team; Secure Engagements With Purdue 
1948 October 21 basketball sports Foresters Share Lead; Millikin Nips Redmen 
1948 October 21 Edward A. Coray sports Eastern Trip, New Foes Complete 25-Game Orange and Blue Slate 
1948 October 21 soccer sports Lake Forest Eleven Faces Gridmen For Annual Homecoming Struggle 
1948 October 21 cross country sports Harriers entertain Chicago Maroons 
1948 October 21 football sports Fikejs Highlights Wheaton's Antics In Rollick Over Elmhurst Bluejays 
1948 October 21 Spike sports In The Sportlite 
1948 October 21 football sports Academy Routs Glenwood; Encounters Parker Gridders 
1948 October 21 football sports Bombers Oppose Crusader Alumni In Morning Game 
1948 October 21 Mardi Steward voices New Machine Disturbs Strolling Sophomore 
1948 October 21 Michael Strange news Harpist Accompanies Artist Series Guest 
1948 October 21 Spiritual Life and Standards news Chapels Explain School's Pledge 
1948 October 21 John M. Oury news Trustee Dies After Stroke 
1948 October 28 straw poll front page Record Sponsors Straw Poll; Republicans Win Campus Support 
1948 October 28 Edward Coray front page WETN Plans Coach's Chat 
1948 October 28 Edward A. Cording front page Gerts To Direct Glee Club Women 
1948 October 28 Betty Hansen front page Hansen Requests More Big Sisters 
1948 October 28 Tom Collis front page Students To Sip Collis's Sodas Here 
1948 October 28 student council front page Council Revokes Plan For A-Day, Charters Busses To Aurora Game 
1948 October 28 Michael Strange front page Strange To Present 'Great Words' From Poetry For Artist Program 
1948 October 28 Rowena Revis front page Victory Determines Home For Coveted Little Trophy 
1948 October 28 chapel service  front page Speakers Answer Pledge Problems 
1948 October 28 public affairs forum front page Faculty Debates Election Issue At Public Affairs Forum Dinner 
1948 October 28 Howard Cleveland front page Cleveland Addresses Ministerial Fellowship 
1948 October 28 Edwin Orr front page Noted Author Speaks At Baptist Services 
1948 October 28 Christian duty editorial Christian Duty 
1948 October 28 homecoming game editorial About This 'n That 
1948 October 28 W. Wyeth Willard voices Willard Offers Prayer As Worry Substitute 
1948 October 28 inconsistency of council vote, band neglect letters to the editor Letters Deplore Inconsistency Of Council Vote, Band Neglect, Ignorance Of Warped Christians 
1948 October 28 homecoming weekend voices Roly and Willy 
1948 October 28 Schmid voices Blowing The Lid 
1948 October 28 football sports Alumni Pass Attack Spoils Bombers' Homecoming Tilt 
1948 October 28 cross country sports Harriers Invade Illinois Normal 
1948 October 28 football sports Preps Lose To Parker; Meet Luther Saturday 
1948 October 28 football sports Tourney Crowns Two Net Champs 
1948 October 28 football sports Orange And Blue Hand Foresters Initail Little Nine Reverse, 34-26 
1948 October 28 soccer sports Soccermen Down Returning Booters In Close Contest 
1948 October 28 Paul Johannaber news Seniors Present Readings In Evening Speech Recital 
1948 October 28 R. Hoyt news White Sells Library; Includes Rare Books 
1948 October 28 C. C. Brooks news Brooks Appoints Activities Leader 
1948 October 28 tower staff news Stam Reports 'TOWER' Progress With Student Portraits Underway 
1948 October 28 homecoming day attendance news Buyse Reveals Attendance Of 1000 Alumni At Game 
1948 October 28 World Relief committee news Committee Aims At World Relief 
1948 November 4 Public Affairs Forum front page PAF Mock Election Shows Added Interest In Politics 
1948 November 4 Paul E. Martin front page Martin To Supervise Missionary Workshop 
1948 November 4 Charles Blanchard front page Service In Chapel Commemorates Centennial Of Charles Blanchard 
1948 November 4 Pep club front page Classes Start New Pep Club 
1948 November 4 Dave Edman front page President Enjoys First Swiss Sundae As Stupe Holds 'Tom Collis Night' 
1948 November 4 Dale Crowley front page Crowley Quizzes Edman On Radio 
1948 November 4 Wanda Gail Schickling front page Junior Receives Carnegie Award 
1948 November 4 Dale McCulley front page College Group Shows Film To Depict Work Of Skid Row Mission 
1948 November 4 J. Edwin Orr front page Evangelist Addresses Ministerial Fellowship 
1948 November 4 Harold Paul front page Student Gets Glimpse Into Life Of R. A.Torrey 
1948 November 4 Artist Series on Wheaton campus editorial Artist Antics 
1948 November 4 little brass bell editorial Bell Symbolizes Courteous Play 
1948 November 4 students cutting line in dining halls letters to the editor New Student Expresses Surprise, Indignation Toward Students Cutting Line In Dining Halls 
1948 November 4 social problem voices Roly and Willy 
1948 November 4 Schmid voices Blowing The Lid 
1948 November 4 V. Raymond Edman voices 'Choices Reveal Self,' Says Wheaton Prexy 
1948 November 4 music recital news Conservatory To Present Students In First Recital 
1948 November 4 Burt Frizen news Stupe Offers Tickets To Regular Customers 
1948 November 4 Bud Schaeffer news Freshmen Elect Class Officers From Nominees 
1948 November 4 Youth for Christ news Gospel Teams Travel To Illinois Meetings 
1948 November 4 Dick Hills news Academy Begins Drive To Provide Gym Light System 
1948 November 4 women's dorm parties news 194 Girls Snag Men For Dorm Parties 
1948 November 4 German Baptists news German Baptists Hold First Dinner Session 
1948 November 4 Barbara Priddy news  Priddy To Attend Memphis Meeting 
1948 November 4 football sports Valpo Frosh Whip Bombers To End Undefeated Season 
1948 November 4 football sports Preps Hold Foes To Scoreless Tie 
1948 November 4 tennis sports IM Squads Rout Moody Gridders 
1948 November 4 soccer sports Maroon Soccermen Nip Wheaton By Goal In Final Minute Of Play 
1948 November 4 Audree Christianssen  sports WAActivities 
1948 November 4 Spike sports In The Sportlite 
1948 November 4 football sports Crusaders Whitewash North Central, 14-0 
1948 November 4 cross country sports Doddsmen Trounce Normal, Run In Loyola Invitational 
1948 November 4 football sports Orange And Blue Gridmen Battle Valparaiso In Season Final At Home 
1948 November 4 Dave Howard news Council Goes To Naperville; Bell Arrives At Wheaton 
1948 November 4 John Leedy news Faculty, Staff Relax At Election Eve Party 
1948 November 4 Art Johnson news Societies Guide Penny Cup Fund For World Relief 
1948 November 4 BOWS and ARROWS news Lit Ledger 
1948 November 4 S, R, Kamm news Businessmen To Speak In School Conference 
1948 November 4 Hi-C news  Alumni Meet To Plan Club 
1948 November 11 Jan Taylor front page Blanchard Exhibit Includes Personal Letters, Pictures 
1948 November 11 Mel Brdlik front page School Purchases Equipment To Aid Astronomy Study 
1948 November 11 Jack Wyrtzen  front page Youth Leader Speaks In Chapel Exercises 
1948 November 11 S. Richey Kamm front page $367 Swells World Relief Fund 
1948 November 11 Stacey Woods front page Groups Hear IVF Leader 
1948 November 4 football sports Wheaton Ends Cardinals' Two Year Brass Bell Rule 
1948 November 11 Clarence L. Nystrom front page Nystrom To Take Association Post 
1948 November 11 Herb Atkinson front page Freshmen Elect Atkinson Leader 
1948 November 11 Angeline Brandt, Roger Voskuyl front page Voskuyl To Instruct As Prof Rests; Glover To Return To Campus 
1948 November 11 political campaigns editorial Spirituality A Platform Plank? 
1948 November 11 Tower chimes editorial Bells Bring Blessing 
1948 November 11 Hap Holsinger editorial Roly and Willy 
1948 November 11 Kenneth S. Kantzer voices Prof Presents Pilosophy Of "Hothouse Education" As Preparation To Serve 
1948 November 11 Newt Roberts voices Visiting Evangelist Asserts Need For Stress On Ministry To Saved 
1948 November 11 Schmid voices Blowing The Lid 
1948 November 11 football sports Crusaders Face Augie in Season's Final Tilt 
1948 November 11 intramurals sports Hedstroms Lead; Roe, Sophs Take IM Distance Run 
1948 November 11 Wheaton Academy sports Prep Gridders Swamp Chicago Latin Eleven 
1948 November 11 football sports Morton Plays Bomber Team in Last Battle 
1948 November 11 soccer sports Booters Tie Foe, Trek to Oberlin 
1948 November 11 cross country sports Harriers Cop Invitational Run in State Meet Next 
1948 November 11 Spike sports In the Sportlite 
1948 November 11 Albert Blanchard news Wheatonites See Blanchard Bust at Chapel Service Presentation 
1948 November 11 George Hampshire news Student to Open Traveler Bureau 
1948 November 11 Minesterial Fellowship news Ministers to Discuss Pastor's Library, File 
1948 November 11 Williston news Dorms Entertain at Farm, Dinner 
1948 November 11 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1948 November 11 WAA news WAA Provides Activities for Nurses' Leisure Time 
1948 November 11 Glee Club news Party to Include Radio Quiz, Skits 
1948 November 18 Student Council front page Council Undertakes Sponsorship of Complaint-Suggestion Contestant 
1948 November 18 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman to Speak in Minnesota; Wright in Nyack 
1948 November 18 debate team front page Nystrom Chooses Varsity Debaters 
1948 November 18 Pep club front page Nash Announces Pep Club Plans 
1948 November 18 Wanda Nuhn front page Nuhn Reads 'Great Expectations' for Year's Second Speech Recital 
1948 November 18 Junior class front page Oriental Visits Juniors' Party 
1948 November 18 Student Council front page Students Ratify Charter Change 
1948 November 18 Directory front page Stupe Sells New School Directory Book Includes Individuals, Offices 
1948 November 18 Bob Jones, Sr., Ralph Davis, Billy Graham front page Presidents to Speak in Council Services 
1948 November 18 Record front page Printers Take Holiday 
1948 November 18 W. F. Tenney front page Kids Call Him Santa Claus, but Name's W. F. Tenney 
1948 November 18 Wheaton Flying Club front page Gift Lowers Fee of Plane Rental 
1948 November 18 Public Affairs forum front page PAF to Show Films 
1948 November 18 the Hub front page New Plans to Revive New Lounge Activities 
1948 November 18 Student Council editorial Double Means 'Boogey' 
1948 November 18 Chapel editorial Social Gathering? 
1948 November 18 Roger J. Voskuyl editorial Dean of College Lists Attributes of Christ 
1948 November 18 Artist series letters to the editor Letter Suggests Sacrifice of Student Artist Series 
1948 November 18 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 November 18 Herb Atkinson, Dave Fox letters to the editor Freshman Candidates Apologize for Error, Regret Inclusion of Spirituality in Planks 
1948 November 18 H. William Nordin news Nordin Conducts Handel Oratorio 
1948 November 18 E. Myers Harrison news Harrison Speaks to Parsons' Club 
1948 November 18 graduate library news Grad Library Grows, Obtains Theology Sets 
1948 November 18 Record news Scribes Prepare Program for Annual Christmas Party 
1948 November 18 Clarabelle Hiney news Conduct Funeral for Prof's Mother 
1948 November 18 symphonic band news Bandsmen Travel to Valparaiso to Lead Youth for Christ Rally 
1948 November 18 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1948 November 18 Men's Dorm news Men's Dorm to Hold 'Get Acquainted' Hike 
1948 November 18 Mardi Steward news Curious Student Discovers with Chagrin that 'Beehive' Contains Weather Station 
1948 November 18 Chapel Choir Quartet news Quartet to Sing for Youth Group 
1948 November 18 soccer sports Soccermen Upset Oberlin in Final Fracas of Season 
1948 November 18 football sports Wesleyan Beats Millikin in Race to Championship 
1948 November 18 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 November 18 football sports Bombers Overcome Morton with Second-Half Uprising 
1948 November 18 cross country sports Doddsmen Capture State Honors, Enter Nationals at East Lansing 
1948 November 18 Wheaton Academy sports Prep Team Wallops Elgin Academy Ending Record-Breaking Grid Year 
1948 November 18 basketball sports Crusader Cagers Inaugurate Season 
1948 November 18 basketball sports Coraymen to Play Exhibition Sunday 
1948 November 18 football sports Gridders Wipe Out Augie with Two Early Markers 
1948 November 18 wrestling sports Mat Candidates Start Organized Workouts 
1948 November 18 intramurals sports IM Grid Title Goes to Hedstroms, Brand, Ericksen Pace Net Tourney 
1948 November 18 soccer sports Booters Elect Genheimer to Captain Team 
1948 November 18 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 November 18 C. Raymond Ludwigson news Bible Seminary Names Ludwigson President 
1948 November 18 Buildings and Grounds news B & G Design Ice-Skating Rink on Tennis Courts 
1948 November 18 Tuberculosis donations news Rury Announces TB Seal Drive 
1948 November 18 student council news Council Signs Violinist for Holiday Concert 
1948 November 18 Wheaton Academy news Academy Class to Sponsor Film for Gym Lighting Fund 
1948 November 18 Language Clubs news Language Clubs to Hold Meetings; Spanish Flavor Pervades Dinner 
1948 November 18 Edward Cording news Workshop Hears Music Director 
1948 December 2 football front page Gridders Honor Mayhall, Select Captains for Year 
1948 December 2 Wheaton Academy front page Club to Bring Sacred Songs 
1948 December 2 Miriam Fackler front page Writers Hold Party 
1948 December 2 James E. Burr front page Tombstone Bemoans Fate Beneath Weather's Attack, Lies Neglected, No Longer Venerated by Students 
1948 December 2 Wheaton Academy front page Builders Begin as Funds Grow 
1948 December 2 Handel's Messiah front page Nordin Directs Handel's Messiah in Annual Musical Presentation 
1948 December 2 Conservatory front page Fourteen Musicians Perform in Conservatory Program 
1948 December 2 Black Hills front page Staff Shows Lore of Dakota Camp 
1948 December 2 World Relief front page Committee URges Penny Bank Aid, Follows Drive with CARE Week 
1948 December 2 Record front page RECORD to Entertain at Christmas Program 
1948 December 2 China editorial Missionaries to China, Not Arms 
1948 December 2 World relief editorial Plea for Pennies 
1948 December 2 John Fisher editorial Heavenly Values Cost All but Bring Rewards 
1948 December 2 Roller Skating voices Wheaton Students Give Differing Viewpoints Toward Ethics of School Roller Skating Parties 
1948 December 2 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 December 2 wrestling sports Matmen Wait Extra Week for Season's Initial Meet 
1948 December 2 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 December 2 basketball sports MBI Drops Tilt to Bomber Team 
1948 December 2 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 December 2 basketball sports Second-Half Rally Tops Chicago; Cagers Meet Loyola, Valparaiso 
1948 December 2 intramurals sports Net Play Ends; IM CAge Begins 
1948 December 2 Tuberculosis donations news Donations Mount for TB Campaign 
1948 December 2 football news Eight Wheatonites Attain Places in Conference Football Ratings 
1948 December 2 Pre-Med Club news Pre-Medics Hear Pediatrician Talk 
1948 December 2 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1948 December 2 band news Band Gives Annual Concert, Features 'Singing Bandsmen' 
1948 December 2 Billy Graham news Graham Presents Chapel Message 
1948 December 2 Cornelius Jaarsma news Jaarsma to Speak on Liberal Arts at PAF Meeting 
1948 December 9 Record front page RECORDers Present Party with Music, Skit, Reading 
1948 December 9 V. Raymond Edman front page Volumes Contain Edman's Sketch 
1948 December 9 WETN front page WETN Adds Program 'Songs in the Night' 
1948 December 9 Debate team front page Wheaton Debaters Tie for Third; Nystrom Selects Teams for Meet 
1948 December 9 Earle Cairns front page Cairns Solves Library Need 
1948 December 9 Maryanna Williams, Eleanor Vandervoort, Violet Carlson front page Thompson Reveals Various Replies, Three Suggestion Contest Winners 
1948 December 9 junior class, senior class front page Classes to Bring Sick Good Cheer 
1948 December 9 Cornelius Jaarsma front page Ex-Prof Talks Before PAF 
1948 December 9 Germab club front page German Clubbers Carol 
1948 December 9 Memorial Student Center front page Trustees Revamp Plans for Center; Alumni Office Schedules Drive 
1948 December 9 Chapel front page Chapels Feature Christmas Music 
1948 December 9 World Relief front page Donations Near Total of $5000 
1948 December 9 Speech department, conservatory front page Speech, Conservatory Pupils Perform, Continue Seasonal Emphasis in Program 
1948 December 9 Rana McDonald, Ella Horness, Agnes Horness editorial These Three - Daughters True 
1948 December 9 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 December 9 Leon Wang letters to the editor Letter Queries Interpretation of Communist Brand in China 
1948 December 9 R. C. Stone editorial Prof Regrets Emphasis on Faith Without Works, States Need to Manifest Salvation Through Life 
1948 December 9 Ruth Herriman editorial "Only the Broadcaster?" Take Back Those Words! 
1948 December 9 Record news Paper Gives Winner Prize 
1948 December 9 Karl Steele, Clyde Taylor news Steele to Sketch, Taylor to Lead at Annual Christian Council Sing 
1948 December 9 Christmas news Staff Continues Holiday Tradition 
1948 December 9 Record news Scribes Hold Party 
1948 December 9 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 December 9 basketball sports Millikin Blue Wins Over Eastern Five 
1948 December 9 Wheaton Academy sports Academy Cagemen Drop Opener, to Encounter Elgin Prep Rivals 
1948 December 9 basketball sports Garland Wins Net Crown, 'The Clique' Paces Cagers 
1948 December 9 wrestling sports Grapplers to Oppose Normal in Home Test 
1948 December 9 Wheaton Academy sports Prep Gridders Earns Chicago Area Honor 
1948 December 9 basketball sports Cruaders Run Over Valpo in Thriller 
1948 December 9 basketball sports Coraymen Open Little Nine Race with Augustana 
1948 December 9 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 December 9 basketball sports Bombers Garner Two Cage Wins 
1948 December 9 Student Council news Representatives Give Convention Summary 
1948 December 9 Lester W. Groom news Groom Tells Tale Behind 'Messiah' 
1948 December 9 Lits news Lit Ledger 
1948 December 9 Jim Elliot, Marvin Mayers, Art Johnston news Council Forms Association to Continue Relief Effort 
1948 December 9 Lost and Found news Auction to Help Needy Students 
1948 December 16 Professional ethics front page Profs Make Ethical Code to Govern Daily Conduct Before College, Outsiders 
1948 December 16 Washington Banquet front page Drake Plans School Feast 
1948 December 16 Women's dorms front page Dorms Give Parties, Carol Sings, Feature Special Musical Numbers 
1948 December 16 Ada Rury front page Director Discloses Sidelights on Life in Infirmary 
1948 December 16 Dottie Nash front page Freshman Wins Name Contest 
1948 December 16 John Baldwin front page Council Elects Prexy 
1948 December 16 Harve Chrouser front page Delegates Probe Problems of Health at State-Sponsored Student Meet 
1948 December 16 King's Men Quartet, Hazel Johnson, Virginia Erickson front page Teams Lead Three Rallies 
1948 December 16 Tract Society front page Nurses Get Tract Box 
1948 December 16 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Wheatonites to Play Major Role in Annual Missionary Convention 
1948 December 16 Red Cross, Lits front page Red Cross Holds Nutrition Classes; Lits Knit Afghans 
1948 December 16 World Relief front page Mercury Shows Relief Progress 
1948 December 16 Christmas editorial Three Aspects of Christmas 
1948 December 16 Royal Peck editorial Hung!!! 
1948 December 16 Schmid editorial Blowing the Lid 
1948 December 16 Ruth Lois Stam, Jack Enlow, Norm Hoyt letters to the editor Letters Protest Ban on Outsiders' Emblems, Request for Aid from Unsympathetic Crowd 
1948 December 16 fashion editorial Coed Majority Disagrees with Manufacturers' Claim to Popularity of Fedoras 
1948 December 16 Page Schreiber news Members Elect Prexy of Ministerial Club 
1948 December 16 Tuberculosis donations news Gifts Swell Fund in TB Collection 
1948 December 16 Christmas news Santa Claus to Visit College Family Party 
1948 December 16 Internationals' Club news Club Gives Hayride 
1948 December 16 Robert C. Stone news Stone Begins Program for Faculty Training 
1948 December 16 wrestling sports Normal Surprises Matmen with Close Upset Defeat 
1948 December 16 basketball sports Bombers Divide Pair of Battles 
1948 December 16 Intramurals sports Trio Dominates IM Cage Race 
1948 December 16 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 December 16 Wheaton Academy sports Academy Whips Two Opponents for Initial Wins 
1948 December 16 Basketball sports Augie, Bethany Fall to Cagers; Taylor Five to Play Team Next 
1948 December 16 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 August 15 Edward Cording front page Alumnus Assumes Position as Conservatory Director 
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