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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1948 May 13 Kodon front page Kodon Presents 'Family Album' with Dow Senior Vocal Recital 
1948 May 13 North Central front page North Central Takes Over in Student Prayer Meeting 
1948 May 13 symphonic band front page Bandsmen Play Sacred Concert in Chapel Hour 
1948 May 13 Roger Voskuyl front page Voskuyl Makes Trip East to Talk to Alumni Groups 
1948 May 13 Glee Club, Mignon Bollman MacKenzie front page Glee Club Gives Portrait to School to Honor Leader 
1948 May 13 Clara Giuliani front page Mother of Prof Dies After Long Illness 
1948 May 13 Betty Hansen, Marv Mayers front page Council Chooses Chairmen to Direct New Committees 
1948 May 13 Tower front page Tower Announces Publication Date 
1948 May 13 Student Council front page Chapel Presents Prexy Nominees 
1948 May 13 Sara Woll front page Bedsheet Tells Experience with Laundry Equipment 
1948 May 13 Freshmen Picnic front page Picnic to Include Boating, Baseball 
1948 May 13 Student Council editorial Here's Your Chance 
1948 May 13 Student Council editorial Election Talk 
1948 May 13 Teacher shortages editorial Shortages, Again 
1948 May 13 Bob Andrews editorial Looking Around 
1948 May 13 Virginia Christensen letters to the editor Student Inquires about Concert 
1948 May 13 Paul Keating voices Roving Reporter 
1948 May 13 track sports Elmhurst Hosts Little Nine Net, Track Title Meets 
1948 May 13 Gil Dodds sports Exhibition Features Dodds in Half-Mile 
1948 May 13 baseball sports Diamondmen Defeat Lake Forest with Three-Run Twelfth, 9=6 
1948 May 13 tennis sports North Central Blanks Crusader Racquetmen 
1948 May 13 Spike sports Joggin' Around 
1948 May 13 baseball sports Nine to Avenge Cardinal Loss 
1948 May 13 Allen Bennett news Accident Injures Staff Executive 
1948 May 13 Evangelical Missionary Literature news Wheaton College Sponsors Missioanry Lit Institute 
1948 May 13 WETN news WETN Conducts Campus Survey 
1948 May 20 faculty front page Office Reports Addition of New Faculty Members 
1948 May 20 Ralph Keen front page Gridder Hospitalized from Knee Operation 
1948 May 20 Wheaton Academy front page Prep Choir Sings Closing Concert 
1948 May 20 Student Council front page Campus to Elect Council Leader; Candidates Recruit Student Votes 
1948 May 20 Tower front page Editors Reveal Dedication of Tower in Chapel Services 
1948 May 20 Carl F. Henry front page Ex-Prof Begins Week's Chapels 
1948 May 20 1948 May 31 front page Rest for the Weary 
1948 May 20 Buildings and Grounds front page Repairs, Improvements Add Beauty, Utility to Campus 
1948 May 20 Clinton Kinney, G. William Supplee front page Supplee Plays Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, as Kinney Reads Yeats in Joint Recital 
1948 May 20 WETN front page WETN to Broadcast Student Vote Results 
1948 May 20 Student Council editorial Woo or Wail? You Name It! 
1948 May 20 North Central editorial Now It's Our Turn 
1948 May 20 Clint Kinney letters to the editor Glee Club President Challenges Restrictions on Spring Concert 
1948 May 20 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 May 20 Christian Council editorial Council Directs Christian Work 
1948 May 13 Christian Council editorial Member Explains Works of Council 
1948 May 20 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 May 20 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 May 20 baseball sports Crusaders Outhit Cards; Drop Close Contest, 8-6 
1948 May 20 track sports Doddsmen Travel to Beloit Relays 
1948 May 20 tennis sports Keeney Finishes High in Singles; Team Cops Fifth 
1948 May 20 track sports Runners Smother Foes for Second CCI Title 
1948 May 20 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 May 20 student council news Scribe Locates Start of Exciting Elections 
1948 May 20 Class Day news Classes Plan Park Outings 
1948 May 20 Edward McCully, Darlene Neprash news Neprash, McCully Lead Speakers in Cook Annual Oratory Contest 
1948 May 20 Alumni news Benson Describes Program of Alumni for Graduation 
1948 May 27 Dave Howard front page Howard Wins Prexy Title in Student Council Race 
1948 May 27 Chapel Choir front page Choir Offers Hall Concerts 
1948 May 27 Jim Rust front page Trackmen Name Rust as Captain; Germann, Kolsrud Get Awards 
1948 May 27 Clyde S. Kilby front page Kilby Passes Crisis, Plans Return Home 
1948 May 27 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Elliot, Weeber to Direct FMF; Group Sends Cash Gift to Spain 
1948 May 27 Carl Armerding front page Armerding Gives Series of Talks 
1948 May 27 Addison C. Raws front page Keswick Superintendent Speaks, Recieves Degree at Exercises 
1948 May 27 Charles Henricksen front page Singers Publish Election Result 
1948 May 27 Kathleen Witmer Buswell front page Recital Features Rachmaninoff with Second Piano Accompanying 
1948 May 27 Record front page Recorders Feast at Formal Party 
1948 May 27 Geology department front page Geology Students Go on Dells Field Trip 
1948 May 27 Student council editorial Constitution Change Needed 
1948 May 27 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 May 27 Robert Comfield letters to the editor Writer Asks Reason for Lack of Towels 
1948 May 27 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 May 27 Black Hills news Newly-built Camp Lures Students to Scenic Black Hills Wilderness 
1948 May 27 Robet L. Cooke news Prof Lends Airplane to New Air Exhibit 
1948 May 27 track sports Cindermen Total 91 Points to Capture Relays Crown 
1948 May 27 Wheaton Academy sports Preps Cop Second in League Track 
1948 May 27 tennis sports Tennismen Take Last Doubles Set to Top Valpariso 
1948 May 27 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 May 27 baseball sports Elmhurst, Valpo Fall Before Crusader Nine 
1948 May 27 Moody Chorale news Tab Sponsors Chorale from Moody Institute 
1948 May 27 Junior class news Program Sees Class of '49 
1948 May 27 Junior Class news Junior Class Elects Nominees in Primaries for Senior Officers 
1948 May 27 Alpine Lodge news Trouble Strikes at Alpine Lodge 
1948 May 27 Philalethian Literary Society news Phils to Put on Lawn Breakfast, Fashion Parade 
1948 May 27 George Horner news Horner t o Study for Ph.D. Degree 
1948 May 27 Wheaton Academy News Academy Holds Exercises for Graduating Students 
1948 May 27 Philip Marquart news Journal Includes Psychology Prof 
1948 June 3 Tuition front page Tuition Increase Faces Students; Organizations to Benefit by Hike 
1948 June 3 graduation front page School to Honor Four for Service at Exercises 
1948 June 3 John Varland front page Senate Chooses Varland as Head 
1948 June 3 art department front page Classes Display Art Production 
1948 June 3 senior class front page Class Mocks Graduation, Gives All-Senior Program 
1948 June 3 Roger Voskuyl front page Faculty Expresses Thanks to Prexy 
1948 June 3 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Addresses Group at FMF 
1948 June 3 Marian Bogert, Marilyn Ellinger front page Bogert, Ellinger Present Senior Graduation Recital 
1948 June 3 faith editorial Are You Ready? 
1948 June 3 student council news McCully to Preside Over Senior Class 
1948 June 3 George Soltau editorial Why Do Graduates Act That Way? Take a Look at the Lowly Larva 
1948 June 3 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 June 3 Lits news Lits Name New Officers; Electiosn End Semester 
1948 June 3 Betty Howard voices For Tomorrow, Too 
1948 June 3 graduates news Grads Look Forward to Work, Schooling 
1948 June 3 Marriages news Vacation Sees 27 Seniors March to Altar 
1948 June 3 senior class satire Seniors Make Will Leaving Talent, Ability to Needy Underclassmen 
1948 June 3 Senior Class news Class Revives Tradition of Planting Campus Tree 
1948 June 3 track sports Crusader Trackmen Shatter Twelve School Marks in '48 
1948 June 3 Gil Dodds sports Dodds Goes East to Begin Drills 
1948 June 3 baseball sports Olsonmen Close Season with 5-3 Win Over Chicago 
1948 June 3 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 June 3 Wroughton sports Written 
1948 June 3 baseball sports Records Give Nine Hitting Edge on Foes 
1948 June 3 Barbara Danenour news Barbara Returns to Campus in Wheelchair for Waffles 
1948 June 3 Student Council news Council to End Fund for Press 
1948 June 3 Comprehensive Exams news College Revises Comprehensives with Fall Term 
1948 June 3 Earle Cairns, Clarence Simpson news Cairns to Head Libraries; Simpson Replaces Downey 
1948 June 3 H. William Nordin news Nordin Directs Swedish Chorus 
1948 June 3 WETN news WETN to Broadcast Chapels for Summer 
1948 May 13 Larry Lufburrow, Arthur Volle news Prof Boasts Biggest, Best Tomato Crop 
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