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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1948 January 8 R. J. Voskuyl front page 'HappyNewYear', Wheaton  
1948 January 8  Stephen Olford  front page Chapel To Hear British Speaker  
1948 January 8  WHON front page WHON Realizes Plans In Broadcasts Over WMBI  
1948 January 8 Frank Farrell front page Faculty Changes System To Ease Grade Transfers  
1948 January 8 Robert Boyd Munger front page Munger Is Chosen Spring Evangelist 
1948 January 8 new recreational lounge front page TEA TO OPEN RECREATION LOUNGE 
1948 January 8 Edward Matson editorial Support Alumni 
1948 January 8 new co-rec lounge editorial Idle Equipment 
1948 January 8 Dave Sunden editorial 'No More Term Papers' Is Prof's New Year's Decision 
1948 January 8 John Gillies editorial The WORLD And You.. 
1948 January 8 V. Ramond Edman editorial Prophet's Gems 
1948 January 8 National Christian Service Brigade  news Boy's Brigade Holds Campus Conference 
1948 January 8 Engaged and Married editorial For Whom The Bell Tolls 
1948 January 8 Smith news Lits Submit Humor, Variety In Themes 
1948 January 8 relay sports Harriers Eye Eastern Trip; To Run In Boston Gardens 
1948 January 8 basketball sports Academy To Face Conference Foes 
1948 January 8 Wanda Nuhn sports WAActivities 
1948 January 8 National Football Coaches Association sports Mentor Journeys East For Parley 
1948 January 8 George Olson sports Techawks Cancel Meet; Grapplers Drill For Illinois 
1948 January 8 basketball sports Hoopsters To Battle Bluejays And Cougars 
1948 January 8 basketball sports Coray Thump Morehead 70-61 In 1947 Cage Finale At Lousville 
1948 January 8 Barbara Danenour news Barbara's Doctor Reports Response To Physiotherapy 
1948 January 8 Fremont Eggleston news Poor Heart Kills Senior's Father 
1948 January 8 Ada Rury news Miss Rury Announces Seal Drive Results 
1948 January 8 Lillian Powers news Pianist To Play Bach, Beethoven 
1948 January 8 Ruth "Ella" Meyer news Toboggan Throws Four To Injuries 
1948 January 8 Grovenor Rust news Film Recaptures Events Since '39 
1948 January 8 Everett Black news Disease Thwarts Clear Diagnosis 
1948 January 8 Royal Peck news Students Sustain Decision Of Council To Elect Peck 
1948 January 8 Clarence L. Nystrom news Nystrom Serves OnDebateGroup 
1948 January 8 Oak Park's Christian Reform church news Glee Club To Appear In Oak Park Concert 
1948 January 15 United Gospel Tabernacle front page Tabernacle Members Drw Plans To Build Own Church 
1948 January 15 Recreational Lounge Front page Contest Decides Lounge Name 
1948 January 15 X-ray Mobile Unit Front Page Deep Breath..Hold It...That's all 
1948 January 15 Royal Peck Front Page Faculty approves Council Vote Naming Peck New Record Boss 
1948 January 15 Donation Front Page Friend Presents School $ 50,000 
1948 January 15 Babrbara Danenour Front Page Envoys Visit Polio Victim in Hospital 
1948 January 15 Mrs Joanne Jaarsma Front Page Jaarsma's wife dies 
1948 January 15 Calvin Vincent Front page Calvin Vincent Joins Prof Trabetas Family 
1948 January 15 Paintings Front page Dispay, shows Painting, Craft 
1948 January 15 Record's Staff banquet Front page Recoders Plan Mid Year Banquet 
1948 January 8 Wheaton Masonic Temple front page 'Four Alarmer' Battled By Sleepy Volunteers  
1948 January 8 debate team front page Team Merits First Rating 
1948 January 8 New Year editorial Happy New Year!! 
1948 January 15 Tuberculosis Front Page TB unit X-rays 732 of Family 
1948 January 15 Royal Peck editorial Luck, Peck... 
1948 January 15 George Horner editorial Real Results... 
1948 January 15 John Gillies editorial The WORLD and You... 
1948 January 15 William Bell Riley news Church Clippings 
1948 January 15 Paul W. Hollenbach; Peter Stam, Jr. letters to the editor Letters Call for Students to Run Record Player, Attend Recitals 
1948 January 15 V.R. Edman editorial Prophet's Gems 
1948 January 15 Douglas Oliver news Press Shop Keeps Doug Busier than One-Armed Paperhanger 
1948 January 15 Elijah news Chorus Prepares Elijah Oratorio 
1948 January 15 Japan relief news Drive Collects Relief for Japan 
1948 January 15 European relief news Drive Brings Quota Excess 
1948 January 15 Lits news Lits Select New Officers as First Semester Closes 
1948 January 15 Tower news Howe Says Most Photos are Taken 
1948 January 15 S. Richey Kamm news Kamm Discusses UNESCO Plan 
1948 January 15 football sports JV's Defeat Pair to Win Five Straight 
1948 January 15 Football sports New York Meeting Reveals Nation's Fall Football Plans 
1948 January 15 basketball sports Cagers' Trounce Concordia, 59-38; take Tilt from Jays by One Point 
1948 January 15 wrestling sports Wrestlers Meet Iowa, Three National Champs 
1948 January 15 basketball sports Cagement to Battle Little Nine Champs in Crucial Tilt at Millikin 
1948 January 15 wrestling sports Grapplers Throw Navy Pier, 28-6 
1948 January 15 sports sports Gym Shorts 
1948 January 15 basketball sports Academy Defeats Latin High, 42-22 
1948 January 15 Stephen Olford news Evangelist Army Might Win England, Says Stephen Olford 
1948 January 15 Bertha Supplee news Teacher Resigns to Earn Degree 
1948 January 15 Bachelors' Union news Stude or Bucketed, You're No Bet to Bachelor's Union 
1948 January 15 Norma Spaulding; Elain Alderson news Spaulding to Read Claudia, Anderson to Play Beethoven 
1948 January 22 Robert Boyd Munger front page Spring Evangelist Pastors Home Church on Coast 
1948 January 22 Dick Gerig front page Dick Gerig Named WHON Leader 
1948 January 22 horsemanship front page Join in Horsemanship and Perform in Show 
1948 January 22 V. Raymond Edman front page Edman Speaks to Graduates at Exercises 
1948 January 22 game tickets front page Committee to Reapportion Tickets for Cardinal Game 
1948 January 22 student bills front page New Plan Allows Payment of Bills at Registration 
1948 January 22 Don Crider front page Ministers Choose Crider, President 
1948 January 22 Washington banquet front page Campbell Reports Banquet Plans; to Announce Location Later 
1948 January 22 European relief front page Penny Cups Net Less than $100 
1948 January 22 S. Richey Kinney; Albert Hyma front page Prof to Arrange Informal Dinner 
1948 January 22 Merrill C. Tenney front page Tenney Finishes Analytical Study 
1948 January 22 Glendora Nilsson front page Glendora Nilsson to Read American Novelist's 'Crisis' 
1948 January 22 Record editorial Won Horizons - the Year's Over 
1948 January 22 V.R. Edman editorial Prophet's Gems 
1948 January 22 John Gillies editorial The WORLD and You... 
1948 January 22 Edward Carnell news Church Clippings 
1948 January 22 basketball sports Cagemen Suffer First CCI Defeat at Millikin; Huskies Take Three-Point Lead 
1948 January 22 Intramural sports IM Fives Finish First Round Play 
1948 January 22 Annelis Strange Jensen sports Athletic Department Adds Danish Gymnasitcs Teacher 
1948 January 22 basketball sports Cagers Leave for Eastern Trip; To Play Marshall at Huntington 
1948 January 22 wrestling sports Teachers Topple Crusader Matmen 
1948 January 22 Lits news Lits Take Off for Finals; Install Officers Next Time 
1948 January 22 conservatory news Recital to Close Music Calendar 
1948 January 22 Far Eastern Gospel Crusade news Students Hear Crusade Report 
1948 January 22 Far East Broadcasting Company news FEBC Requests Prayer for Aid 
1948 January 22 Velma Pickett news Pickett Represents Translation to FMF 
1948 January 22 Choral tours news Three Choral Groups Tour Nearby States and Canada 
1948 January 15 Choral Tours news Clubs Travel for Concerts 
1948 January 22 Record news Scribes Banquet on Swedish Meal 
1948 February 5 Ken Wilkens front page Squirrel Shuns Nuts, Likes Ice Cream 
1948 February 5 Barbara Danenour front page Barbara Improves Slowly; Awaits Arrival of Fiance 
1948 February 5 Washington banquet front page Washington Committee Discloses Banquet Location as Shore Hotel 
1948 February 5 Wheaton veterans front page Trailers Accomodate Vets to Solve Housing Problem 
1948 February 5 Rogre J. Voskuyl front page Editor Serves on Committee 
1948 February 5 Robert Boyd Munger front page Munger Stresses Bible Teaching 
1948 February 5 day of prayer front page Classes to Stop as School Prays 
1948 February 5 Ambassador Quartette front page Ambassador Quartette Appears in Lutheran Bible Hour Program 
1948 February 5 Edward J. Carnell front page Alumnus Receives $5000 Book Prize 
1948 February 5 Record editorial This is Your Paper, Student 
1948 February 5 Stephen Olford editorial Forward?? 
1948 February 5 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You... 
1948 February 5 "The Devil" by Whittaker Chambers editorial 'Must' Reading 
1948 February 5 Clifford A. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 February 5 wrestling sports Illini, Wisconsin Lose to Orange Grapplers 
1948 February 5 track sports Trackmen Travel to Boston; Race in Garden Games 
1948 February 5 basketball sports Cagers Return to Face Two CCI Foes at Ho 
1948 February 5 wrestling sports Matmen to Meet Braves Saturday 
1948 February 5 V.R. Edman news Prexy Addresses Graduates, Reports Progress of Book 
1948 February 5 films news PAF Movies Feature Film on American Cop 
1948 January 22 films front page Movies Portray Meat Industries 
1948 February 5 Stephen Olford news Olfort to Speak at Moody Rally 
1948 February 5 WHON news Sunday Broadcasts Hasten Finishing of Control Room 
1948 February 5 Memorial Center news Sophomores Lead Drive Donations 
1948 February 12 Far Eastern Broadcasting Company front page $1000 Donated as Wheatonites Aid Far East Broadcast Station 
1948 February 12 Gil Dodds front page Mumps Halt Flyin' Parson 
1948 February 12 Washington banquet front page Ex-Representative to Speak at Annual School Banquet 
1948 February 12 Ferenc Kiss front page Professor Tells War Experience 
1948 February 12 Student Lounge front page Committee Extends Closing Date for Contest to Name New Lounge 
1948 February 12 Wheaton veterans front page Vets Say Hooray to GI Bill Raise 
1948 February 12 European relief front page Pays Dollars for Fun, No Pennies for Europe 
1948 February 12 V. Raymond Edman front page Ailment Keeps Edman at Home 
1948 February 12 Henderson W. Cutler front page Cutler Gives Up Promotion Office 
1948 February 12 Matthew S. Evans front page Bookstore Announces Sale of Evans' Book 
1948 February 12 sports news Tops in Intercollegiate Sport 
1948 February 12 game tickets news More Tickets for You 
1948 February 12 Clifford A. Alsen editiorial The Changing Scene 
1948 February 12 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 February 12 Ambassador Quartet letters to the editor Ambassadors Correct RECORD Mistake 
1948 February 12 basketball sports Crusaders, Cardinals Meet in Crucial League Contest 
1948 February 12 track sports Runners Record Top Relay Times in Boston Games 
1948 February 12 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 February 5 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 February 12 basketball sports Coraymen Defeat IC and Carthage 
1948 February 12 wrestling sports Grapplers Score 23-5 Victory Over Normal 
1948 February 12 WHON news WHON Recieves Present from Friend on Birthday 
1948 February 12 Wives Club news Wives Club to Install Newly Elected Heads 
1948 February 12 W. Wyeth Willard news Willard Conducts Michigan Services 
1948 February 12 George Soltau editorial Salty's Boston Impressions 
1948 February 12 Jack Richardson news Academy Edits First Paper as Post Grad Leads Staff 
1948 February 12 conservatory news Students Appear in Music Recital 
1948 February 12 Clarence Nystrom news Nystrom Accompanies Debate Team on Tour 
1948 February 19 WHON front page WHON to Increase Time for Broadcasting 
1948 February 19 Stephen Olford front page Olford Requires Operation; Must Cancel Meetings 
1948 February 19 Senior class front page Seniors Resalve to Alter Custom 
1948 February 19 Library front page Library Recieves Valuable Books from Unknown Friend of College 
1948 February 19 Inter-Varsity front page FMF Group to Share National Prayer Day 
1948 February 19 John Kephart front page Senior Named to Get Grant 
1948 February 19 V. Raymond Edman front page Church Holds 'College Day' 
1948 February 19 Howard F. Smiley front page Veteran Coming to Take Position as Assistant Business Director 
1948 February 19 Jean Prescott front page Prescott to Read 'Wuthering Heights' in Year's Fifth Senior Speech Recital 
1948 February 19 Gaylord Taylor front page Taylor Builds Model to Collect Memorial Center Funds 
1948 February 19 student lounge editorial Swing Versus Conscience 
1948 February 19 singing editorial Singing We Go? 
1948 February 19 Clifford A. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 February 19 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 February 19 Student Council news Council Upholds No-Flower Rule 
1948 February 19 Washington banquet news High Formality Replaces Rivalry as Wheatonites Uphold Tradition 
1948 February 19 Chester J. Mellis, Jr. news Speaker to Tell Story of Fliers' Work on Fields 
1948 February 19 Frank Farrell news Farrell Gives Policy Report 
1948 February 19 Speech recital news Speech Pupils to Present Poetry, Humorous Readings 
1948 February 19 Earl Cairns news PAF to Hear Cairns Answer History View 
1948 February 19 Derrick's Drug Store news New Store Opens Near Men's Dorm 
1948 February 19 basketball sports Cagers Rally to Roll Over Cards, 60-49 
1948 February 19 wrestling sports Wrestlers Topple Maroons, Scots 
1948 February 19 basketball sports Cagers Face Jays; Seek Sixth CCI Win 
1948 February 19 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 February 19 Intramural sports Graber Paces I-M Scoring 
1948 February 19 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 February 19 track sports Cindermen Duel Hilltoppers in Opener 
1948 February 19 wrestling sports Matmen Shut Out DeKalb Huskies 
1948 February 19 basketball sports Four Seniors Bow Out in Final Home Fracas 
1948 February 19 basketball sports Cardinals Topple Bombers, 43-40 
1948 February 12 basketball sports Bombers Trample Rockford Stars 
1948 February 5 basketball sports Crusaders Trounce East Coast Pair; Bombers Whip MBI, St. Procopius 
1948 January 22 basketball sports DeKalb Trounces Bombers, 59-45 
1948 January 15 basketball sports Bombers Lose, 59-45 
1948 February 19 Ferenc Kiss news European Sees Danger in American Opinion 
1948 February 19 Wheaton College news Faculty Defines Wheaton Tenets 
1948 February 19 student lounge news 'Hub' Wins Contest Award in Naming Student Lounge 
1948 February 19 Washington Banquet news Sales Total 475 for Formal Date 
1948 February 26 Wrestling front page Wrestling Tourney Grows into Major College Event 
1948 February 26 Cornelius Jaarsma front page Prof Returns for Summer 
1948 February 26 Effie Jane Wheeler front page Wheeler Revives After Flu Attack 
1948 February 26 Earle Cairns front page Group Probe Exam System 
1948 February 26 Sarah E. Spiro; James Kraakevik front page Spiro to Present Senior Music Recital as Kraakevik Accompanies on Violin 
1948 February 26 Madrigal club front page Madrigal Club Presents Concert of Sacred and Secular Favorites 
1948 February 26 enrollment front page 1945 Register for Semester 
1948 February 26 Kodon front page Kodon Writers' Workshop Opens Contest in Short Fiction Writing 
1948 February 26 Ernest Cuny front page Staff Member Plans Indian Mission Work 
1948 February 26 faculty front page College Promotes Profs; Adds Three New Teachers 
1948 February 26 Foreign Missiosn fellowship front page FMF Institutes Prayer Program 
1948 February 26 Wheaton Pledge  editorial You Pledged It...Keep It 
1948 February 26 Edmund Tratebas editorial Glorify God Here, Too 
1948 February 26 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 February 26 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 February 26 basketball sports Sportsketch 
1948 February 26 basketball sports Hoopsters Thump Bluejays, Titans 
1948 February 26 basketball sports Huskies Edge Team, 52-48 
1948 February 26 basketball sports DeKalb Defeats Wheaton Jayvees 
1948 February 26 Wrestling sports Grapplers Defend Championship in Invitatioal Mat Tournament 
1948 February 26 track sports Tracksters Whip Marquette; Set Trio of Records 
1948 February 26 Andrew Song news Motto Attracts Pastor Teaching in Shanghai 
1948 February 26 conservatory news Students Appear in Music Recital 
1948 February 26 Harry G. Saulnier news Saulnier to Tell of P.G. Mission 
1948 February 26 Paul Martin news Martin Receives $125 for Project 
1948 March 4 Basketball front page Crusaders Take Share of CCI Title 
1948 March 4 Lits front page Lits Combine for Semester 
1948 March 4 Debate team front page Debaters Finish in Second Place 
1948 March 4 Chorus front page Chorus Gives Elijah; Nordin Leads Group 
1948 March 4 James McKellin front page Youth Group to Meet at Food Chef's Home 
1948 March 4 European relief front page FMF Contest Encourages Contributions for Relief 
1948 March 4 Frank Freed front page Council to Lead Open Discussion 
1948 March 4 Memorial center front page Gifts Fall Short for Center Fund 
1948 March 4 Corinne R. Smith front page Doctors Tell Dean to Rest 
1948 March 4 trade school front page Groups Seeks School View 
1948 March 4 Frost Library editorial Library Lamentations... 
1948 March 4 Frost Library editorial All for One? 
1948 March 4 Frost Library voices Students Criticize; Librarian Explains 
1948 March 4 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 March 4 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 February 26 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 March 4 Marilyn Ellinger letters to the editor Writer Lauds Banquet; Applauds Half-Day 
1948 March 4 Wrestling sports Matmen Top Seven Teams; Win Tourney 
1948 March 4 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 March 4 basketball sports Cagers Release Max to Anchor Relayman 
1948 March 4 Track sports Tracksters Eye Title in Midwestern Meet 
1948 March 4 weather news Spring's Sprung! So We Thought 
1948 March 4 Senior Class news Seniors Present Gift to Academy 
1948 March 4 Christian and Missionary Alliance Conferance news Missionaries Speak in Costumes in Concluding Conferance Service 
1948 March 4 debate team news Team Returns with Prizes; Visits Nine Schools on Trip 
1948 March 11 Orchestra front page Student Leader Announces Spring Orchestra Concert 
1948 March 11 Fred W. Jandrey front page Official to Give Chapel Message 
1948 March 11 Joan Wright front page Wright Plays Bach Fantasy as Opening Recital Number 
1948 March 11 buildings and grounds front page Alterations Enlarge Stupe Space as Bookstore Moves into Lounge 
1948 March 11 Robert R. McCormick front page Colonel McCormick Speaks in PAF-Sponsored Program 
1948 March 11 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page FMF Sends $1075 to Support FEBC 
1948 March 11 JoAnne Mitchell front page Mitchell Presents Recital; Nutting, LeJeune to Assist 
1948 March 11 Voter Registration editorial Elephant? Donkey? Register! 
1948 March 11 Red Cross editorial Your Turn Now 
1948 March 11 Clifford R Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 March 11 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 March 11 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You 
1948 March 11 Student Council news Monologist to Present Sketches in Last Council Artist Program 
1948 March 11 Craft shop news Power Tools Aid Craft Shop Work 
1948 March 11 Republican club news Students Start Republican Club 
1948 March 11 Earle Cairns news Cairns to Speak to Lion Clubbers 
1948 March 11 National Association of Evangelicals news Profs Help NAE Form Philosophy 
1948 March 11 Elijah Oratorio news Oratorio Portrays Scenes of Prophet Elijah's Life 
1948 March 11 Wheaton Academy news Work Progresses on Prep Gym 
1948 March 11 wrestling sports Grappler Foursome Travels East for Case Tournament 
1948 March 11 track sports Tracksters Sweep Midwest Meet; Hit Record High of 66 1/2 Points 
1948 March 11 basketball sports Johnson Paces Crusaders to 1438 Total 
1948 March 11 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 March 11 bowling sports Couples Bowl in New Loop 
1948 March 11 wrestling sports Matmen Prepare for IM Tourney 
1948 March 11 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 March 11 track sports Bombers to Race for CAAU Title 
1948 March 11 basketball sports Bulletin... 
1948 March 11 Track sports Thinclads Face 38 Teams in Tech Relays 
1948 March 11 Wheaton Academy gospel team news Academy Gospel Team Plans trip to Canada During Spring Vacation 
1948 March 11 Barbara Dananhour news Barbara Sits Up for First Time 
1948 March 11 Women's Glee Club news Club to Tour Eight States 
1948 March 11 Stephen Olford news Olford Awaiting Major Operation 
1948 March 11 Frost Library news Faculty Delays Library Proposal 
1948 March 11 European relief news Students Decide to Miss Dessert for Foreign Aid 
1948 March 11 Conservatory news Advanced Students Present Instrumental, Vocal Program 
1948 March 18 Student Council front page Draper Reads Monologues to Close Artist Programs 
1948 March 18 Barbara Danenhour front page 'Barb' Invites School Pals to Visit Her 
1948 March 18 Chapel front page Chapel to Adopt New Song Books 
1948 March 18 European Relief front page Only Dinette Meets Quota in Penny-A-Meal Contest 
1948 March 18 Coach Chrouser front page Chrouser Conditions Aging Profs for Defeat at Hands of 'Recks' 
1948 March 18 Christian Council front page School Buys Station Wagon for Christian Council Use 
1948 March 18 Christian Council; speech department front page Program to Join Songs, Readings 
1948 March 18 Stephen Olford front page Olford Recovers from Operation 
1948 March 18 Intramurals editorial Intramurals Meet Campus Need 
1948 March 18 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You 
1948 March 18 Wheaton College editorial Vision Produces New Spirit 
1948 March 18 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 March 18 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 March 18 racism letters to the editor Writer Deplores Racial Attitude 
1948 March 18 Gil Dodds sports Gil Enters Five in Stadium Meet 
1948 March 18 track sports Thinclads Total 23 Points; Take Third in Relays 
1948 March 18 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 March 18 Intramurals sports Vets, Fulanos, Shaprs Crowned Champions in IM Cage Leagues 
1948 March 18 wrestling sports Willson Paces Grappler Quartet to Third Place in Case Tourney 
1948 March 18 basketball sports Schaeffer, Johnson Named in All-Conference Squad 
1948 March 18 symphonic band news Band Holds Services on Weekend Tour 
1948 March 18 conservatory news Soloists Present Music Recital 
1948 March 18 Public Affairs news Officers Travel to Visit Parley 
1948 March 18 Marvin Mayers news Mayers Reports on Tract Work 
1948 March 18 George R. Horner news Instructor Studies Village from Anthropological View 
1948 March 25 Faculty front page Recks Whip Profs in Thriller, 35-33 
1948 March 25 Frost Library front page Committee Adopts Student Library Plan 
1948 March 25 Student Memorial Center front page Bank Aids Drive for Center Fund 
1948 March 25 housing front page City Listens to Trailerites 
1948 March 25 Choir; Glee Club front page Choir, Glee Club to Cover 21 States in Spring Tour 
1948 March 25 WMBI; WHON front page Sunday Program Uses College Student Talent 
1948 March 25 registration front page 500 Admitted for Fall term 
1948 March 25 Missions front page Missionary Teams to Trael During Week of Vacation 
1948 March 25 Robert W. Andrews; Young Republicans front page Andrews Elected as GOP Prexy 
1948 March 25 Marie Fetzer front page Fetzer Replaces Horner on Staff 
1948 March 25 Intramurals front page Coke Profits Aid Sports Program 
1948 March 18 Intramurals front page IM Council Installs Coke Machine in Gym 
1948 March 25 housing editorial Outcasts? 
1948 March 25 Frost Library editorial Student Burden 
1948 March 25 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 March 25 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You 
1948 March 25 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 March 25 Student Council news Council Considers Library Rules, Lounge Problem, Interest Rates 
1948 March 25 baseball sports Olson Begins Indoor Drills for Fielders 
1948 March 25 football sports Gridders Open Spring Practice 
1948 March 25 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 March 25 basketball sports Cagers Rally to Topple Amerocks in Post-Season Contest, 62-54 
1948 March 25 Track sports Dodds Takes Team to Lafayette Relays 
1948 March 25 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 March 25 C.C. Brooks news Heart Ailment Keeps Dean Home Abed 
1948 March 25 Red Cross news 394 Donate to Red Cross in '48 Drive 
1948 March 25 Earle Cairns news Cairns Makes Class Survey 
1948 March 25 buildings and grounds news Campus Goes Heatless as Rain Floods Basement 
1948 March 25 William Hoyt news Hoyt Takes Solo in Youth Chorus 
1948 April 8 Stupe front page Stupe Sports 'New Look' 
1948 April 8 WETN front page FCC Assigns New Name to Campus Voice, WETN 
1948 April 8 debate team front page Co-ed Debaters Clash with Houghton Squad 
1948 April 8 buildings and grounds frotn page Then There are Shirkers 
1948 April 8 Women's Glee Club front page Women's Glee Club Depicts Life of Saviour in Annual Concert 
1948 April 8 Charles Feinberg front page Feinberg Speaks at Local Church 
1948 April 8 Foreign Missions Fellowship front page Team Forms FMF Chapter 
1948 April 8 geology front page Ever Look at a 4200 Pound Book? No? Then Read About This One 
1948 April 8 Memorial center front page Giving Increases for Center Fund 
1948 April 8 pre-med club front page Med Club Hears Leprosy Worker 
1948 April 8 Chapel front page Plan Spanish Chapel 
1948 April 8 baseball sports Diamondmen Begin Season Against Cougars Saturday 
1948 April 8 football sports Thirty Turn Out for Grid Drills 
1948 April 8 Who's Who in America news Who's Who Includes Profs in New Edition 
1948 April 8 conservatory news Music Students Give First Spring Recital 
1948 April 8 tennis spots Netters Engage Elmhurst Squad in First Match 
1948 April 8 high hurdle sports Hurdlers Take Second in Boilermaker Relays 
1948 April 15 Mission rally front page College Institutes Mission Rally to Present Need of Foreign Field 
1948 April 15 Inter-varsity front page Wheaton Shares IVCF Projects 
1948 April 15 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy Pays Visit on Way to East 
1948 April 15 Christian Council front page Council Outlines Deputation Tour 
1948 April 15 Record front page Frosh Elect O'Neal and Erickson to Print Paper for Two Weeks 
1948 April 15 Beth Grace front page Reader Depicts Oriental Royalty in Missionary's Novel of Siam 
1948 April 15 Jim Elliot front page Students Leap from Auto Stalled in Front of Train 
1948 April 15 Joseph C. Macaulay front page Pastor Authors Book from Recent Sermons 
1948 April 15 Honor students front page Assembly Names Honor Students 
1948 April 15 Vaughn Shoemaker front page Program Features Chicago Artist 
1948 April 15 Everett Black front page Ex-Student Announces Intention to Return 
1948 April 15 symphonic band front page Band to Present Sacred Concerts 
1948 April 15 Taft-Hartley Education Finance Act editorial Too Much for So Little 
1948 April 15 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You 
1948 April 15 Frank Farrell editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 April 15 Lois Warrens editorial Being Sick Can be Fun - In the Infirmary 
1948 April 15 buildings and grounds letters to the editor Writer Raps Editor on B and G Attack 
1948 April 15 track sports Trackmen Try for Titles in Three States 
1948 April 15 tennis sports Racketmen Face Big Blue Netters 
1948 April 15 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 April 15 WAA sports WAActivities 
1948 April 15 baseball sports Baseball Team Meets Cardinal Nine Here 
1948 April 15 baseball sports Crusader Nine Defeat Cougars and Bluejays 
1948 April 15 basketball sports Cagemen Appoint New Co-Captains 
1948 April 15 Red Cross news Red Cross Council Holds Annual Spring Sessions 
1948 April 15 Donald C. Boardman news Scientists Honor Faculty Member 
1948 April 15 Earle Cairns news Cairns Addresses Bar Association 
1948 April 15 Walter R. Agard news Agard Discusses Sculpture Myths 
1948 April 15 Wheaton Day news 25,000 Attend Wheaton Day 
1948 April 15 Foreign Missions Fellowship news Christian Teachers Correspond with Members of Prayer Group 
1948 April 15 Robert Fisher news Alumnus to Talk to Chem Chapter 
1948 April 22 Clyde S. Kilby front page Alumni-Faculty Committee Names Kilby to Recieve Research Grant 
1948 April 22 faculty front page Office Announces Addition of Three New Instructors 
1948 April 22 Chapel front page Chapel Features Vocation Series 
1948 April 22 Christian Council front page College Purchases DeSoto for Christian Council Work 
1948 April 22 Ken Anderson front page Author to Speak in Writer's Shop 
1948 April 22 Marjorie Conway front page Marjorie Conway Will Climax Recital with Grieg's Concerto; Supplee to Sing 
1948 April 22 Admissions Office front page 'Phantom' Typist Operates Admissions Office Machine 
1948 April 22 Frost Library front page Library Acquires Rare Bach Music 
1948 April 22 the Hub editorial Hub Disinterest 
1948 April 22 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You 
1948 April 22 John Kephart editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 April 22 Christian colleges news From Our Files 
1948 April 22 Warner Brown letters to the editor Letter Informs Students of Law 
1948 April 22 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 April 22 Walter Ecklemann news Men Tell of Mission to South Side Slums 
1948 April 22 Wives club news Wive Entertain Mates at Party 
1948 April 22 John Leedy news Leedy Installs Display Table 
1948 April 22 Cook Oratorical Contest news Oratory Contest to Award Cash for Student Speeches 
1948 April 22 History department news History Professors Attend Illinois, Indiana Meetings 
1948 April 22 Enock C. Dyrness news Dyrness Revisits National Parley 
1948 April 22 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 April 22 track sports Runners Cop Three Firsts to Rate High in Iowa Meet 
1948 April 22 Intramurals sports Intramurals First All-School Golf Tournament 
1948 April 22 WAA sports Women Schedule Annual Play-Day 
1948 April 22 Track sports Trackmen Travel to Philadelphia to Enter Three Events at Relays 
1948 April 22 football sports Chrouser Plans Scrimmage Days 
1948 April 22 Wheaton Academy sports Prepsters Work in Three Sports 
1948 April 22 baseball sports Wheaton Drops Contests to Chicago, North Central 
1948 April 22 baseball sports Crusaders to Play St. Ambrose, Augustana 
1948 April 22 track sports Harriers Compete in Bluejay Meet 
1948 April 22 tennis sports Netmen Bow to Millikin in Opener; Defeat Elmhurst in Second Match 
1948 April 22 Robert Fisher news Graduate Tells Group of Recent Experiment 
1948 April 22 WMBI news Station Plays Quiz Program 
1948 April 22 pre-med news Nurses to Hold Open House, Tea 
1948 April 22 W. Wyeth Willard news Office Outlines Willard's Travels 
1948 April 22 Carolyn Jones news Glee Club Picks Jones as Leader 
1948 April 22 Christian Council news Printer Ships First Tracts 
1948 April 22 Miriam Brachen news Brachen to Tell of Record Word 
1948 April 22 speech recital news Speech Recital to Include Original Monologue, Poem 
1948 April 29 Senior class front page Flag Pole Yearly Assists Hot Junior-Senior Warfare 
1948 April 29 Wheaton Academy front page Work Progresses in Academy Gym 
1948 April 29 Record front page Staff Rests; Frosh Work 
1948 April 29 Chapel Choir front page Chapel Choir Will Feature 'Songs of Home' in Concert 
1948 April 29 Edward McCully front page Student Appears in Contest Final 
1948 April 29 Lits front page Music, Skit Will Take Audience of Lit Program Through America 
1948 April 29 Chad Walsh front page Group Hears Author Speak 
1948 April 29 Senior retreat front page Seniors Make Sneak Non-Secret Retreat 
1948 April 29 Karl Steele front page Steele to Teach Art at Bible Conference 
1948 April 29 Chapel front page Chapels Present Seminary Profs 
1948 April 29 Motor Club front page Motor Club Brings 1000 Studetns to Wheaton for Annual Program 
1948 April 29 North Central College editorial New Era of Friendship 
1948 April 29 John Kleppe editorial Helping Nature 
1948 April 29 Buildings and Grounds editorial Public Menace 
1948 April 29 Joanne Mitchell editorial Daughters Too 
1948 April 29 Clifford R. Alsen editorial The Changing Scene 
1948 April 29 V.R. Edman editorial If I Were You 
1948 April 29 baseball sports Crusader Errors Pave Way to Double Diamond Losses 
1948 April 29 track sports Doddsmen Place at Drake, Pen; Win at Elmhurst 
1948 April 29 track sports Thinclads Swamp Navy Illini 105-26 
1948 April 29 Wroughton sports WRITTEN 
1948 April 29 baseball sports Ruutilla to Hurl in Viking Contest 
1948 April 29 track sports Runners Host to DeKalb, Normal for Traditional Triangular Affair 
1948 April 29 tennis sports Keeneymen Whip Huskie Net Crew 
1948 April 29 Effie Jane Wheeler news Heart Ailment Forces Professor to Retire 
1948 April 29 Conservatory news Pupils Present Music Recital 
1948 April 29 Ambassadors Quartet news Quartet Appears on Radio Series 
1948 April 29 Glee Club news Trip Atmosphere Keynotes Glee Club Spring Banquet 
1948 April 29 Sudan Interior Mission news Mission Speaks on Africa Work 
1948 April 29 WETN news Campus Station Adds New Weekly Program 
1948 May 6 Robert Stone front page Stone Represents College at Association Workshop 
1948 May 6 H.A. Ironside front page Ironside Brings Chapel Message on Secret Clubs 
1948 May 6 Burt Smith; Wes Kerr front page Men Revise Jingle to Read '...and a Haircut by Smith' 
1948 May 6 Freshman picnic front page Class Prexy Calls Freshman Picnic 'Super Colossal' 
1948 May 6 Glee Club front page Glee Club Gives Home Concert; Combines Sacred, Secular Music 
1948 May 6 C. Gregg Singer; Young Republicans front page Prof Addresses GOP Group 
1948 May 6 Pi Kappa Delta front page Debaters Elect Officers at Season Closing Dinner 
1948 May 6 Herbert Moule front page Late Prof's Wife Dies 
1948 May 6 Home economics front page Style Show will Weigh New Look 
1948 May 6 art department front page Art Department Plans Steak-Fry at Lagoon 
1948 May 6 Roger Voskyul front page Voskuyl Speaks to Alumni 
1948 May 6 Freshman class editorial At Home, Now 
1948 May 6 Formal events editorial Enough Formal Events? 
1948 May 6 John Crew Tyler voices Senior Offers Advice to Frosh 
1948 May 6 W.S. Gale editorial Minute Meditation 
1948 May 6 Bob Andrews editorial Looking Around 
1948 May 6 track sports Northern Upsets Orange Harriers 
1948 May 6 Tennis sports Tennis Team to Seek Revenge in Busy Week 
1948 May 6 baseball sports Ruuttila 'Mixes Up' Collection of 'Stuff' 
1948 May 6 Spike sports Joggin' Around 
1948 May 6 baseball sports Diamondmen Snap Losing Streak, Shutout Vikings 
1948 May 6 Track sports Trackmen Enter Elmhurst Meet Against 25 Midwest Schools 
1948 May 6 formal events editorial What Does Wheaton Think of Formal Social Events? 
1948 May 6 Ivy Olson news Librarian Promoted 
1948 May 6 football sports Grid Team Performs 
1948 May 6 Conservatory news Students Sing, Play in Musical Program 
1948 May 6 WETN news WETN Presents 'Radio Workshop' 
1948 May 12 Gregg Singer freshman comic edition Professor Plans to Leave College, Teach at Chicago 
1948 May 12 Stephen Bryant freshman comic edition History Student Jumps to Death from Tower 
1948 May 12 Roger Voskuyl freshman comic edition Voskuyl Made Ill by Announcement of Faculty Member's Resignation 
1948 May 12 Mildred Sisco freshman comic edition Sophomore Quits 'Wasted Learning' 
1948 May 12 Gregg Singer freshman comic edition Singer Decides to Boost Wallace 
1948 May 12 Don Crider freshman comic edition Council Leader Reveals Divorce 
1948 May 12 Buildings and Grounds freshman comic edition We Need More Baths! 
1948 May 12 Gregg Singer freshman comic edition What Effects? 
1948 May 12 Buildings and Grounds freshman comic edition Wasted Resources 
1948 May 12 Bob Andrews freshman comic edition Andrews Confers with State GOP 
1948 May 12 Freshman Record freshman comic edition Alumnus Praises Freshman Staff 
1948 May 12 Freshman comic edition freshman comic edition All Over Now 
1948 May 12 Crozier freshman comic edition Crozier Sets High-Jump Mark with Unique Shoes 
1948 May 12 Swimming Pool freshman comic edition College to Build Pool Room Next to Alumni Gym 
1948 May 12 George Olson freshman comic edition Olson Buys Robot Pitching Machine 
1948 May 12 sports freshman comic edition Written Rotten 
1948 May 12 sports freshman comic edition Schoenherr Sets Winking Record with 115 Tiddles in One Season 
1948 May 12 John Bostrom freshman comic edition Frosh Indulges in New Unusual Campus Activity 
1948 May 12 sports freshman comic edition Schuffle Squad Sets Scrimmage Sessions 
1948 May 12 Student Council freshman comic edition Student Council Puzzled Over Mysterious Incident 
1948 May 12 English Department freshman comic edition English Dept. Adopts New Contract Clause 
1948 May 12 WAA freshman comic edition WAActivities 
1948 May 12 Herb Eggleston freshman comic edition Gunman Shoots at Senior Prexy 
1948 May 12 Conservatory freshman comic edition Musicians to Play Monthly Program of Many Pieces 
1948 May 12 WETN freshman comic edition Campus Station Uses New Wire Equipment 
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