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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1947 August 14 Blanchard Lecture Series Front Page English Leader Launches Blanchard Lecture Series 
1947 August 14 Edman's Vacation Front Page Prexy Vacations At Winona Lake 
1947 August 14 Coaches attend sports clinic Front Page Coaches Brush-up On Their Sports 
1947 August 14 Graduation Front Page Record Number to Graduate As Dr. Lloyd-Jones Speaks 
1947 August 14 Artist Series Concerts Front Page Fesmire Describes Council Concerts For Coming Year 
1947 August 14 College Church Front Page Rayburn Leads College Church 
1947 August 14 New Gym Front Page Workers Erect Prep Gym: Business Office Tells Final Fieldhouse Plans 
1947 August 14 Big Sibs News Big Brother, Sister Prepare Way For Frosh With Advice, Parties 
1947 August 14 Dr. H.C. Thiessen News Dr. Thiessen Dies in West; Taught Here Eleven Years 
1947 August 14 Grading News College to Instruct Students in ABC's . . .  
1947 August 14 Choral Plans News Choral Leaders Intersperse Summer With Travel, Study, and Relaxation 
1947 August 14 Faculty News Kilby And Cleveland Return As Faculty Increases By Ten 
1947 August 14 Student Council News Council Meets to Draw Plans 
1947 August 14 Faculty News Injuries Plague Wheaton Profs 
1947 August 14 Campus Housing News College Converts Dorm To Faculty Apartments 
1947 August 14 Williston Hall News Time Locks Welcome Girls To Painted Williston Hall 
1947 August 14 Freshman News Your Choice, Frosh 
1947 August 14 Minute Meditation . . .  News Minute Meditation . . .  
1947 August 14 Summer News Sum Ears Herd . . . 
1947 August 14 Freshman Orientation News Step Right Up And Meet The Family, Frosh . . . 
1947 August 14 Cross Country and Track Sports Gil Dodds To Train Team At Winona Lake, Indiana 
1947 August 14 Softball Sports Bartlett Hall Tops Softball League 
1947 August 14 Softball Sports Ball Club Tries For City Honors 
1947 August 14 Football Sports Crusaders Meet Kalamazoo In Opening Gridiorn Clash 
1947 August 14 Hap Germann -- Hurdles Sports Germann Hurdles to Sixth in AAU 
1947 August 14 Football Sports Fifty Report To Bethany Training Camp In Preparation For Initial Grid Battle 
1947 August 14 Naitermian Society News Knights To Hold Mixer Meeting 
1947 August 14 Odette Wilson News Junior Injured In Hiking Fall 
1947 August 14 Summer Class News Record Summer Class 
1947 August 14 Laundry Facilities News College Buys New Washer 
1947 September 18 School Begins Front Page Beat That Brain, Student! 
1947 September 18 Faculty Front Page College Adds 10 Profs In 6 Departments 
1947 September 18 Keith Smejkal Front Page Annual Sponsors Radio Soloist 
1947 September 18 Dr. Harry Hager Front Page Services Bring Chicago Pastor 
1947 September 18 Kodon Front Page Kodon Presents Lecturer; Gomer to Show Color Film 
1947 September 18 Student Council Front Page Aim To Make Student Council 'Reality' This Year, Says Prexy To Discuss Government Function At First Student Assembly 
1947 September 18 WHON Front Page WHON Reports First Grid Game 
1947 September 18 Faculty Retreat Front Page Study Spiritual Problems At Winona Faculty Retreat 
1947 September 18 College Church Front Page Church Installs Rayburn Sunday 
1947 September 18 Football Sports Coaches Smooth Performance Of Wheatons Largest Grid Squad 
1947 September 18 Soccer Sports Reinhart Trains Aspirants To Undefeated Soccer Club 
1947 September 18 Cross Country Sports Runners Prepare To Meet Illinois 
1947 September 25 Dr. Harry Hager Front Page Fall Speaker is Pastor; Heads Mission Boards 
1947 September 25 Piano Concert Front Page Pianists Appear in Free Concert 
1947 September 25 Executive Board Front Page College Expands Executive Board 
1947 September 25 Pi Kappa Delta -- Forensics Front Page Open Forensics With Reception 
1947 September 25 VocationalTests Front Page Tired of School Tests? Then Try These! 
1947 September 25 Grad School Front Page Trustees Announce Receipt $25,000 By Grad School 
1947 September 25 Leland Wang Front Page "Moody of China" Reared In Family of 200 Members 
1947 September 25 Freshman President Front Page Council Chooses Frosh President 
1947 September 25 Prayer Meetings Front Page Chairman Tells Prayer Program 
1947 September 25 False Fire Alarm Front Page College 'Burns' In False Alarm 
1947 September 25 Hazing News Haze Problem 
1947 September 25 Church News News Church Clippings 
1947 September 25 Fashion Voices Male Deplores Latest Hemline; Coed Retorts, "You're Lucky!" 
1947 September 25 Lit Programs News Lits to Welcome New Members 
1947 September 25 1947 Semester News From Here 
1947 September 25 Freshman Voices Discouraged, Frosh? Read About Jo-jo 
1947 September 25 Football Sports Gridmen To Encounter Hornets Under Lights 
1947 September 25 Soccer Sports Epidemic Upsets Soccer Schedule 
1947 September 25 Football Sports "B" Gridders Meet Wilson Saturday 
1947 September 25 Sportslore Sports Sportslore 
1947 September 25 Faculty Vacations News Study, Pleasure Mark Vacations of Faculty 
1947 September 25 Student Council -- Freshman News Freed Welcomes Freshman Class 
1947 September 25 Red Cross News Red Cross Plans For Coming Year 
1947 September 25 The Soil Runs Red News Purchasing Agent Finishes Novel After Three Years 
1947 September 25 Ministerial Fellowship News Club To Feature Homiletic Study 
1947 October 02 Homecoming Front Page Chairman Morgan Tells Homecoming Slogan 
1947 October 02 Health Front Page Infirmary Warns To Avoid Colds 
1947 October 02 Walter Olsen Front Page Wheatonite Buys Rajah's Crown Jewels During Witness to 32 Indian Kings 
1947 October 02 Enrollment Front Page '47 Enrollment Reaches Record, Juniors Top List 
1947 October 02 Evangelistic Series Front Page Reed to Direct Singing In Evangelistic Series 
1947 October 02 John Leedy's Front Page Leedys Obtain Biology Plants On Trip Abroad 
1947 October 02 Frank LeJeune Front Page LeJeune To Offer Recital; Cellist Assisted By Hoyt 
1947 October 02 Co-Rec Lounge News About That Decrepit Lounge 
1947 October 02 Enrollment News Expand Or Not? 
1947 October 02 Chapel News Sh-h-h-h . . . 
1947 October 02 Lit Activities News Lits to Feature Outings, Forums 
1947 October 02 Church Clippings News Church Clippings 
1947 October 02 Weekly Thoughts News Pity Please . . . 
1947 October 02 WHON News 400 Hear Sportscast of Opening Grid Tilt 
1947 October 02 Gun Club News Gun Club Elects Leaders Tonight 
1947 October 02 Graduate Income News Mission Work Lowers Average Grad Income 
1947 October 02 Academic Future News Faculty Chooses Group to Make Academic Plans 
1947 October 02 Home Ec Club News Elect Officers, Lay Year's Plans For Home Ec Club 
1947 October 02 Singer Advisor News Juniors Elect Singer Advisor 
1947 October 02 Public Affairs Forum Senate News Forum Plans Closed Senate As Nucleus For Activities 
1947 October 02 Flying License News Offer Half-Price Flying License 
1947 October 02 Bethany House News Bethany To Seat 200 Worshipers 
1947 October 02 Football Sports Mayhall-Germann Duo Clicks To Cop Fray From Kalamazoo 
1947 October 02 Football Sports I-M Games Start with Grid Tilt 
1947 October 02 Football Sports Cindermen Race Illini At Half 
1947 October 02 Sports Sports Gym Shorts 
1947 October 02 Soccer Sports Booters Open with Morton 
1947 October 02 Football Sports Crusaders Face Wesleyan with Injury-Riddled Team 
1947 October 02 W.A.A. Sports Waactivities 
1947 October 02 Craft Shop News Chrouser Announces Craft Shop Opening 
1947 October 02 Sports Sports Kleppi's Men Repair Track for Harriers 
1947 October 02 Football Sports Winning J.V. Combine 
1947 October 02 Football Sports 'B' Gridders Meet Morton Saturday 
1947 October 02 Track and Cross Country Sports Gale Extends Entry Deadline to Friday 
1947 October 02 Football Sports J.V. Overcomes Slow Start to Take First Tilt, 26-0 
1947 October 02 Basketball Sports Coray Calls for Cageman; Hardwood Practice Starts 
1947 October 02 Polls Voices 'Poll on Polls' nets Writers Varied Ideas 
1947 October 02 Ushers News Drake Heads Ushers; to Serve in Chapel 
1947 October 02 Betty Urquhart News Urquhart Takes Leave During One Semester 
1947 October 02 Concerts News Students Crowd College Chapel in First Concert 
1947 October 02 Joseph P. Free News Free Completes Requested Book 
1947 October 02 Irwin A. Moon News Moon's Film Offers His Answer to Atomic Problem 
1947 October 02 John Leedy News Foresters Visit Peninsular Park 
1947 October 02 Married couples News Couples Hit High Total This Year 
1947 October 09 Science Front Page Spectrophotometer Makes Way for Further Scientific Research 
1947 October 09 Parents' Day Front Page To Discontinue Parents' Fete 
1947 October 09 Veterans Front Page Vets Buy Bi-Monthly 
1947 October 09 Alumni Front Page Expect 1500 Alumni Back Next Week 
1947 October 09 Football Front Page Fikejs Leads Gridmen to Swamp Titans 49-13 
1947 October 09 Evangelistic services Front Page 2000 Crowd Gym in Opening Service: Student Songleader Directed in Japan 
1947 October 09 Georgina Lange Front Page Lange Reads French Novel in First Recital of Year 
1947 October 09 Senior Scramble Front Page Seniors to 'Scramble' 
1947 October 09 Literary Society News Lits to Launch Chapels, Formals 
1947 October 09 Church News Church Clippings 
1947 October 09 Football Sports Seniors-Sophomores Win in Inter-Class Competition 
1947 October 09 Cross Country Sports Thinclads Topple Illini Cindermen 
1947 October 09 Football Sports Bombers Lose 36-0 to Morton Gridmen 
1947 October 09 Football Sports Gridders Face Redmen in First CCI Contest 
1947 October 09 Soccer Sports Booters Suffer Initial Defeat 
1947 October 09 W.A.A. Sports Waactivities 
1947 October 09 Buildings and Grounds News Buildings Office Plans Storage Shed, Painting 
1947 October 09 Buildings and Grounds News Miller Forecasts More Fire Drills 
1947 October 09 J. Maurice Dobbins News Dobbins Stars as Guest Artist 
1947 October 09 Conservatory News Over 100 Attend First Rehearsal 
1947 October 09 Dave Howard News Howard is Named Temporary Head for Fund Drive 
1947 October 09 International Students' Association News ISA to Sponsor Weiner Roast 
1947 October 09 Autumn Party News 'Cowboys' Enjoy Roast Pig at Unique Autumn Party 
1947 October 09 Writing Class News Students Audit Writing Clinic 
1947 October 16 Black Hills Front Page Trustees Allocate $16,000 More to Finish Black Hills Field Camp 
1947 October 16 Evangelistic Services Front Page Services Please Brooks, Voskuyl 
1947 October 16 Homecoming Front Page Edmans Visit Campus to Attend Festivities 
1947 October 16 Georgina Lange Front Page Lange Gives Recital 
1947 October 09 Humor Humor Pity Please... 
1947 October 16 Homecoming Front Page Committee Head Tells Homecoming Program 
1947 October 16 Wheaton Academy Front Page Plan to Finish Prep Gym Shell in Three Weeks 
1947 October 16 Events Front Page Wheaton's Weekend 
1947 October 16 Class Survey Front Page Lee Conducts Class Survey 
1947 October 16 Black Hills Front Page Geologists Breakfast 
1947 October 16 Tower Front Page Sophomores Pick Stam, Nash to Edit, Manage '49 Tower 
1947 October 16 Extra-Curricular Grade Points Front Page Grants Grade Points 
1947 October 16 Enrollment Front Page Registrar Clarifies Present Enrollment 
1947 October 16 Enrollment News Don't Drop that Problem Yet... 
1947 October 09 Enrollement Editorial Surveys, Reports Show Wheaton Must Cut Enrollment 
1947 October 16 Walter A. Maier News Church Clippings 
1947 October 16 John Gillies News Traveler Discusses World Food Crisis 
1947 October 16 Enrollment Letters to the Editor Letter to the Editor Challenges Statements of Recent Editorial 
1947 October 16 Humor Humor Humorisk... 
1947 October 16 Homecoming News To See Silver Anniversary of Yearly Campus Invasion 
1947 October 16 Homecoming News Sights, Sounds Thrill Returning Graduates 
1947 October 16 Homecoming News View the Decorative Work on a Campus Tour, Visitor 
1947 October 16 Alumni Booklist News Benson Suggests Text to Swell Alumni Booklist 
1947 October 16 Eugene Scheele News Scheele to Speak 
1947 October 16 Homecoming News Morgan Regroups Planners 'For Peak of Efficiency' 
1947 October 16 Homecoming News WHON Manages 'Tell-All' Booth 
1947 October 16 Thomas Congdon News Hold Memorial for Descendant of J. Blanchard 
1947 October 16 Kodon News Ward Announces Kodon Meeting 
1947 October 16 Watch the Birdie Voices Writer Revenges Humility of 'Watch Birdie' Process 
1947 October 16 Ambassador's Quartet News Quartet to Begin Series of Services 
1947 October 16 Record News RECORD Merits Honor Rating for Fourth Successive Semester 
1947 October 16 Student Payroll News Record Number is Reported on College Student Payroll 
1947 October 16 Sophomore Class News Sophomores Formulate New Class Constitution 
1947 October 16 Foreign Missions Fellowship News FMF Sponsors Foreign Exhibit 
1947 October 16 football sports Huskies Trample 'B' Gridmen, 25-0 
1947 October 16 Student newspaper (Record)  News Paper Exceeds Goal by Over 50 Points 
1947 October 16 Homecoming News Lits to Welcome Alumni in Annual Starred Progams 
1947 October 16 Crosscountry Sports Crosscountrymen Defeat Loyola; Meet DeKalb Next 
1947 October 16 soccer sports Maroons Shutout Wheaton Booters 
1947 October 16 Wheaton Academy sports Academy Seeks First Win Friday 
1947 October 16 Homecoming-Football Sports Locals Face Elmhurst in 22nd Annual Tilt 
1947 Homecoming- JV Football Sports J.V.-Alumni Meet in Grid Classic 
1947 October 16 Intramural Cross Country Sports Seniors Spring to Win Laurels 
1947 October 16 football (Schoenherr) sports Crusaders Crush Carthage Eleven 
1947 October 16 message from President Edman (Prexy) to football team sports Gym Shorts 
1947 October 16 Gil Dodds sports Gym Shorts 
1947 October 16 Homecoming news Classes to Hold Meal Reunions 
1947 October 16 Record office news Office Rises Through Stages of Pale Green to Lavendar 
1947 October 16 Hans Buerki news Prof Negotiates Permit Renewal 
1947 October 16 Who's Who news Vote to Drop Who's Who Membership 
1947 October 23 Brass Bell front page Tradition, Spirit Emblazon Dull, Tarnished Brass Bell 
1947 October 23 Chaplain Wyath Willard front page Willard Travels East 
1947 October 23 Enrollment front page Trustees Affirm 1500 Enrollment 
1947 October 16 Homecoming sports Reserve 500 'Best' Seats for Students 
1947 October 23 Debate Team- Clarence Nystrom front page Debaters Practice for Tournaments 
1947 October 23 Army Maps front page Wheaton Obtains 25,000 Maps From Army Depository Program 
1947 October 23 Public Affairs Forum; Dr. Gregg Singer front page Singer Talks to Introduce PAF Series 
1947 October 23 Darien Straw; Roger Voskuyl front page Straw Concludes Trustee Service 
1947 October 23 Dr. Edward Matson; Alumni Association front page Matson Elected Alumni Prexy 
1947 October 23 Frank Freed - Homecoming front page Freed Lauds Homecoming Says It 'Went Over Swell' 
1947 October 23 Benny Mannix front page Mannix Bids Goodbye to Track Ribbons 
1947 October 23 Elizabeth Rice, Amelia Staples, Roy Fanoni, Frank Freed front page Wheatonites Speak on CBS Broadcast 
1947 October 23 Student Council - Homecoming policy Editorial Do or Dawdle 
1947 October 23 John Gillies editorial Gillies Challenges Wheatonites to Increased Interest in Crisis 
1947 October 23 Lits  editorial Special Events Over; Lits Launch Series with Guests, Discussions 
1947 October 23 football sports Gridmen Meet Non-CCI Team As Sailors Invade Grange Field 
1947 October 23 cross-country sports Cindermen Lose to Normal Squad 
1947 October 23 JV football- Carl DeVries sports JV's Seek Win Over Cardinals 
1947 October 23 Varsity basketball- Coach Coray sports Hoopsters Give Season Preview 
1947 October 23 soccer- Aaron Gameda, Sherwood Roach sports Soccermen Victorious in Homecoming Tilts 
1947 October 23 football sports Crusaders Blast Blue Jays, 38-0 
1947 October 23 homecoming bonfire news Untimely Blaze Stirs Chairman into Action 
1947 October 23 WHON news Radio Station Adds New Staff Members 
1947 October 23 Glee Club news Glee Clubs Join for Games, Food 
1947 October 23 Louis Rassera news Skits Featured in Staff Party 
1947 October 23 Record news Record Sends Scribe Delegates to Press Caucus 
1947 October 23 E.W. Hatcher news Singing Salutes Baby's Arrival 
1947 October 23 Speech Recitals news Eight Seniors Inaugurate Monthly Speech Recitals 
1947 October 23 International students news Foreigners Plan Outdoor Social 
1947 October 30 Howard Thombs front page Student Races Model Plane To Second in State Contest 
1947 October 30 James N. McKellin front page Food Manager Explains Bag Lunches Shortage 
1947 October 30 Washington Banquet front page Expense Daunts Banquet Hopes 
1947 October 30 Football - North Central College front page Buses Transport Local Grid Fans 
1947 October 30 Great Lakes Naval Station football team front page Navy Fails to Post Watch in Locker; Gear Plundered 
1947 October 30 writer's clinic front page Journalists to Benefit By New Organization 
1947 October 30 Hans Buerki editorial Don't Judge Buerki Too Quickly 
1947 October 30 John Gillies news Students Arrange Trip, Finances for Study Abroad 
1947 October 30 student council letters to editor Letter Labels Policy Obnoxious, Other Lauds Spiritual Emphasis 
1947 October 30 news editorial Council Improves 
1947 October 30 Lewis Sperry Chafer news Church Clippings 
1947 October 30 Konstantin Sadko news Council Calls Sadko for Informal Concert 
1947 October 30 Christian Council news Office stresses Crusader Slogan Reality in Work 
1947 October 30 Norman P. Grubb news Wheaton Should Lead, States Chapel Visitor 
1947 October 30 European relief news Weeber Reports Slump in Giving 
1947 October 30 Millie Sisco news Dorm to Play 
1947 October 30 Don Safstrom news Safstrom Made Prexy 
1947 October 30 Minneapolis Press Convention news Conventions Inspire Staff to Stress Reader Interest 
1947 October 30 Intramural Sports news IM Sports Gain Field from Dump 
1947 October 30 Howard Z. Cleveland news Cleveland Gives Homeletic Helps 
1947 October 30 Football Sports Crusaders Win Fourth Straight; Sink Navy on Flooded Field 
1947 October 30 Cross Country Sports Harriers Outrun Maroons in Rain 
1947 October 30 Intramural sports Seniors Tackle Junior Gridders in IM Finals 
1947 October 30 football sports Red Birds Seize Breaks to Win 
1947 October 30 WAA sports Waactivities 
1947 October 30 Cross Country Sports Cindermen Race at Loyola 
1947 October 30 Football Sports Expect No Breaks in Duel with Arch Foe 
1947 October 30 Basketball Sports Cager Team Reunited; Wadewitz Qualifies 
1947 October 30 Football Sports Academy Gridmen Down Todd 13-6 to Win First Game in Four Starts 
1947 October 30 Football Sports 'B' Team Battles to Balance Wins 
1947 October 30 Sports Sports Gym Shorts 
1947 October 30 Wheaton Student of 1947 news '47 Wheatonite is Baptist; Planning for Mission Field 
1947 October 30 Conservatory news Musicians Begin Fall Recital List 
1947 October 30 Halloween news Halloween Lures Friday Programs to Out-of-Doors 
1947 October 30 WAA news Athletes Judge Pie Eaters in Wheaton's Fall Festival 
1947 October 30 writing contest news Magazines Offer Writing Prizes 
1947 October 30 Pteromothians news "Outsiders" Frolic 
1947 November 6 missionary work front page Spanish Students Conduct Nearby Missionary Work 
1947 November 6 Clarence Nystrom front page Nystrom to Address Teachers' Convention 
1947 November 6 Faculty food co-op front page Faculty Overcomes Inflation Spiral with Group Food Buying Scheme 
1947 November 6 European relief Front page Weeber Cites Cup Fund Aim 
1947 November 6 WHON front page Only Tenth of Staff Packs New WHON Office in Stupe 
1947 November 6 Jonathan Blanchard front page Chapel to Honor College Founder 
1947 November 6 European relief front page Women to Forego Party for Relief 
1947 November 6 Mary Jane Kitchen front page Mary Jane Kitchen to Read Ethan Frome for Recital 
1947 November 6 economy editorial Co-ops Solve National Problems 
1947 November 6 John Gillies Editorial Europeans Want Leaders for Spiritual Re-Emphasis 
1947 October 30 Hans Buerki front page Buerki Outlines Plan for Wheaton to Halt Trend to Secularization 
1947 November 6 cross country sports Final Home Meet Sees Invasion by Michigan 
1947 November 6 Football sports 'B' Crusaders Tie Concordia 18-18 
1947 November 6 football sports Team Takes to Road; Clashes with Valpo 
1947 November 6 football sports One Point Kills CCI Title Hope 
1947 November 6 Dave Paynter sports Gym Shorts 
1947 November 6 Intramural sports Seniors Cop IM Grid Title 
1947 November 6 film projector news Movie Machine Takes Fast Trip - Downstairs 
1947 November 6 senior class advisor news Poor Turnout Results in Ballot Election 
1947 November 6 Red Cross news Wheatonites Lead Red Cross Groups 
1947 November 6 W Club news Letter Men Organize Gospel Team Groups 
1947 November 6 Choir news Choir to Hold Informal Party 
1947 November 6 Conservatory news Students Bring Music Numbers 
1947 November 6 Robert Harkness news Over 4000 Songs Credited to Visiting Chapel Speaker 
1947 November 6 Buildings and Grounds news Sewer Trouble is Student Trouble 
1947 November 6 Pre-Med club news Pre-Medics Visit Mental Hospital 
1947 November 6 football news School Charters Buses to Valpo 
1947 November 13 Public Affairs Forum front page Student Poll Prompts PAF Series to Stimulate Newspaper Reading 
1947 November 13 Student memorial center front page Students Default in Center Giving 
1947 November 13 European relief front page Income Drops in Fund Drive 
1947 November 13 Clyde S. Kilby front page Seniors Choose Kilby as Sponsor 
1947 November 13 Harvey Chrouser front page Make Your Christmas Gifts in Craft Shop, Says Coach 
1947 November 13 Wheaton College band front page Band Tours for Weekend for First Time in History 
1947 November 13 Alumni office front page Alumni Office Makes New Bulletin Board 
1947 November 13 fashion front page Long Skirts Protested as Males Set Style 
1947 November 13 Kenneth Strachan front page Missionary Tells Chapel Challenge 
1947 November 13 Pi Kappa Delta front page Practice Opens Debater Season 
1947 November 13 statement of faith front page Profs Integrate Classes - Faith 
1947 November 13 social programs editorial More 'Social Problem' 
1947 November 6 Social programs editorial That 'Social Problem' 
1947 November 6 Buildings and grounds editorial Shades of Night! 
1947 November 13 Student council editorial Come, Come, Members 
1947 November 13 freshmen class editorial Long May They Howl 
1947 November 13 freshmen class editorial Confused, Frosh? Here Come Facts 
1947 November 13 E. Stanley Jones news Church Clippings 
1947 November 13 Hans Buerki letters to the editor Writer Challenges Buerki's 'System' 
1947 November 6 Hans Buerki letters to the editor Buerki Corrects Report of Talk 
1947 November 13 Israel editorial 20th Century Witnesses Rebirth of Jewish Nation in Holy Land 
1947 November 13 football sports Final Home Game Sees Wheaton-IC Grid Tilt 
1947 November 13 football sports Bombers Humbled by Morgan Park 
1947 November 13 football sports Booters Avenge Morton in Snow 
1947 November 13 cross country sports Cindermen to Seek Third Championship 
1947 November 13 football sports Valpo Beaten by Crusaders 
1947 November 13 WAA sports WAActivities 
1947 November 13 Bob Whitaker, "Big Dick" Simmons sports Gym Shorts 
1947 November 13 Don Brinks sports Lyons Had Big Shoes but Brinks Fills 'em 
1947 November 13 Tower news '47 Tower Wins All-American Rating 
1947 November 13 Speech recital news Junior Students Featured in Varied Speech Program 
1947 November 13 W. Wyeth Willard news Willard Conducts Revival Services 
1947 November 13 graduate fellowships news Pepsi-Cola Pays Graduate Tuition 
1947 November 13 Dutch gymnasts news Gymnasts to Perform 
1947 November 13 Robert Walker news Walker Exhorts Class to Write 
1947 November 13 Lit club news Lit Features Latin Subject for Informal 
1947 November 20 John Gillies front page The WORLD and You... 
1947 November 20 Symphony orchestra front page Strauss Waltzes Highlight Symphony Orchestra Concert 
1947 November 20 European relief front page Penny-Cups Send Relief to Europe 
1947 November 20 Dean Brooks front page Dean Rises Early to Peddle 'Tribs' 
1947 November 20 Washington banquet front page Student Poll Favors Off Campus Banquet 
1947 November 20 Charles Jordan front page Student Tumbles from Fast 'Elgin' 
1947 November 20 football banquet front page Squad Elects to Foot Bills, Plan Banquet 
1947 November 20 Paul M. Wright; Bob Morgan front page Telegram Tells Truck Accident 
1947 November 20 Westminster choir front page Westminster Choir Appears in Third of Council Series 
1947 November 20 Paul Lutz front page Freshman Choose Paul Lutz Prexy 
1947 November 20 Tower editorial Fine Pictures but Little Backing 
1947 November 20 social programs editorial Social Issue Solvent 
1947 November 20 engagements news For Whom the Bell Tolls 
1947 November 20 Hans Buerki letters to the editor Letters Define Life View, Rebuke Systems 
1947 November 20 Palestine editorial Best Sights Offered in Palestine Rebirth 
1947 November 20 Anna Marjorie news Mei-Mei Keeps Vigil Through Rain or Shine 
1947 November 20 Paul Beckwith news Alumni Sponsors Special Service 
1947 November 20 Merrill C. Tenney; Roger Voskuyl news Vespers Present Tenney, Voskuyl 
1947 November 20 Paul M. Wright news Camp Director Takes Gear to Black Hills 
1947 November 20 faculty news Profs Attend Local Schools 
1947 November 20 Junior class news Juniors Pick Corduroy for Jacket Material 
1947 November 20 Earle Cairns news Cairns Counsels Boys' Town Citizens 
1947 November 20 cross country sports Harriers Win Third State Crown 
1947 November 20 football sports CCI Honor Rests on Jaybird Fray 
1947 November 20 football sports Booters Wallow to 4-1 Victory; Revenge Defeat 
1947 November 20 basketball sports Cagers Play in Tourney 
1947 November 20 Bull Durham; Art John sports Team Has Both Art 'n Bull 
1947 November 6 Dale Oxley; Johnny McGlothlin sports Champ Boxer Plays Rough Football 
1947 November 20 Don Toevs; Sid Scott sports Gold Toe Proves Best Since 1936 
1947 November 20 football sports Four Seniors to Close Careers Against Lake Forest Saturday 
1947 November 20 Chuck Schoenherr sports Gym Shorts 
1947 November 20 cross country sports Runners Invade Nationals 
1947 November 20 football sports Gridders Take Mud Bath; Smear IC 44-0 
1947 November 20 WAA sports WAActivities 
1947 November 20 Memorial Student Center news Success of Memorial Center Rests on Student Backing, Contributions 
1947 November 20 Jim Rayburn news Rayburn to Lead Young Life Parley 
1947 November 20 WAA news WAA'ers Revive Freshman Hazing 
1947 November 20 Sophomore class news Sophomores to Skate at Holiday Eve Party 
1947 November 20 Hudson Armerding news Armerding Talks to Senate Group 
1947 November 20 Kodon news Kodon Sponsors Poetry Contest 
1947 November 20 Wheaton College band news Band Completes Tour Ignoring Snow, Flats 
1947 November 20 Philosophy club news Phils to Present C.S. Lewis Novel 
1947 November 20 Danish gymnasts news School Signs Danish Team Second Time 
1947 November 27 local churches front page Churches Say Thanks 
1947 November 27 European relief front page Pennies Produce Happier Holiday Through CARE 
1947 November 27 Thanksgiving front page Thanksgiving Note: 'Remember the Needy' 
1947 November 27 Record front page Scribes Present Holiday Program 
1947 November 27 Westminster Choir front page Choir Sings Artist Concert Featuring American Music 
1947 November 27 WHON front page WHON Helped by Dial Change 
1947 November 27 Charles Schoenherr front page INS Names Schoenherr All-Star as Season's Scoring is Tabulated 
1947 November 27 Handel's "Messiah" front page Stamp Announces Handel Soloists 
1947 November 27 Paul M. Wright; Earnest Cuny front page Snowstorm Stops Truck Expedition 
1947 November 27 James McKellin front page Food Head Promises 'Old-Fashioned' Meal 
1947 November 27 Record editorial Problems Made to Orders... 
1947 November 27 W Club editorial Christian Hosts 
1947 November 27 John Gillies editorial The WORLD and You... 
1947 November 27 editorials letters to the editor Letters Approve Blending Indict 'Destructive' Policy 
1947 November 27 Cold war letters to the editor No Borrowed Time 
1947 November 27 fundementalism news Church Clippings 
1947 November 27 engagements; marriages news For Whom the Bell Tolls 
1947 November 27 cross country sports Harriers Run in CAAU 
1947 November 27 football sports Crusaders Clip Jaybirds 34-19 
1947 November 27 Bud Schaeffer; Chuch Schoenherr; Bob Baptista sports Gym Shorts 
1947 November 27 cross country sports Diller Finishes 49 in Nationals 
1947 November 27 Intramural sports 18 Teams Launch I-M Cage League 
1947 November 27 J.N. McKellin; Ed McCully news McKellin Escapes Freezing as McCully Comes to Aid 
1947 November 27 Christian Council news Council Changes Tract System 
1947 November 27 football banquet news Crusaders Hold Banquet Monday 
1947 November 27 Ambassadors male quartet news Quartet Travels During Holidays 
1947 November 27 Sylvia Sirag news FMF Speaker Comes from Borneo Mission 
1947 November 27 Lit programs news Bows Present Fashion Show; Lits Begin Early Friday 
1947 December 4 Student council front page Council Reorganizes Machinery to Meet All Student Problems 
1947 December 4 Barbara Danenhour front page Paralysis Strikes Wheaton Senior 
1947 December 4 missionary trade school front page Proposed School to Offer Trades to Missionaries 
1947 December 4 symphonic band front page Band Concert to Highlight Gospel Song Arrangement 
1947 December 4 Handel's "Messiah" front page Chorus to Sing 'Messiah' Sunday 
1947 December 4 European relief front page Relief Reaches Peak on Holiday 
1947 December 4 WHON front page Radio Station to Affiliate with Inter-Campus System 
1947 December 4 Home Economics front page Home Ec Majors Set Inviting Table on Varied Budgets 
1947 December 4 Student council editorial New Feature for Council Future 
1947 December 4 Edward Coray editorial Season Opener 
1947 December 4 John Gillies editorial The WORLD and You... 
The WORLD and You... engagements; marriages news For Whom the Bell Tolls 
1947 December 4 Clifford R. Alsen; James F. Adams letters to the editor 'Is Christian Council Adequate?' 'Promises Fulfilled?' Letters Ask 
1947 December 4 Christian education news Church Clippings 
1947 December 4 cross country sports Dodds, Doddsmen Run to Victories as Wheatonites Dine on Turkey 
1947 December 4 wrestling sports Olson Trains Matmen for DeKalb Meet 
1947 December 4 basketball sports Cagemen to Win Midwest Tourney; Fall Victim to Valparaiso 72-59 
1947 November 27 basketball sports Coraymen Play Host to Midwest Tourney 
1947 December 4 Chuck Schoenherr sports Schoenherr Adds Trophy to Fame 
1947 December 4 Betty Stanley news Graduate Directs Academy Concert 
1947 December 4 conservatory news Musicians Give Evening Recital 
1947 December 4 college directory news Directories Feature Change in Form, Size, Punctuation 
1947 December 4 V. Raymond Edman news Edman Flies Home 
1947 December 4 European relief news Prayer Group Initiates Relief Clothing drive 
1947 November 27 European relief news Students Export Clothing Parcels 
1947 December 4 debate team news Round Robin Tourney Says Rice, Morgan, Oldham Best 
1947 December 4 Student memorial center news Sophomores Lead All-School Giving 
1947 December 4 "Shrine of a Nation" film news Film Tells History of London Abbey 
1947 December 11 Christmas party front page All School Party Scheduled for Next Week 
1947 December 11 Tuberculosis seals front page Students Support New Plan to Sell Tuberculosis Seals 
1947 December 11 V. Raymond Edman front page Prexy Tells Title of Grant Thesis 
1947 December 11 Calvin Chao front page Atheist to Preacher is Chao's Story 
1947 December 11 M. Bryan Baker front page Student Loses $1000 as Flames Destroy Temporary Shed Dwelling 
1947 December 11 Barbara Danenhour front page Orange Says 'Crisis Past' for Barbara 
1947 December 11 European relief front page $250 Aid Needed for Relief Goal 
1947 December 11 Choraliers front page Ensemble Carols Special Program 
1947 December 11 Helene Hekman front page 'Messiah' Soloist to Teach on Conservatory Faculty 
1947 December 11 Jane Cunningham front page '48 Elects Councilman 
1947 December 11 Emily Dyer Knight front page Sickness Takes Life of Graduate of 1873 
1947 December 11 Art Johnston front page Skid Dents Grill of College Ford 
1947 December 11 John Buswell; LaVon Witmer front page Soloists Appear for New Program 
1947 December 11 European relief editorial Keep those Pennies Plunking... 
1947 December 11 John Gillies editorial Muddled Critics 
1947 December 11 Lits editorial Socialize Lits? 
1947 December 11 V. R. Edman editorial Prophet's Gems 
1947 December 11 John Gillies letters to the editor Column Represents Leftist Press Socialism Nonsence, Letters Say 
1947 December 11 John Gillies editorial The WORLD and You... 
1947 December 11 Club Time Ensemble news 'Club Time' Artists Perform in Christmas Singspiration 
1947 December 11 Spanish Party news New Club Throws Spanish's Party 
1947 December 11 Christmas Music news Chao, Choir Highlight Week's Chapel Agenda 
1947 December 11 Foreign Missionary Fellowship news 200 Get Clothes From Aid Drive 
1947 December 11 Mignon B. Mackenzie news Students Offer Final Musicale 
1947 December 11 Howard Vos news Grad School to Expand Enrollment 
1947 December 11 Christmas speech recital news Poetry, Stories To Combine In Seasonal Speech Recital 
1947 December 11 Chuck Schoenherr sports Nine Crusaders Gain Berths On All-Conference Squad; Schoenherr First String FB 
1947 December 11 WAA sports WAActivities 
1947 December 11 basketball sports Christian Hi Cops Academy Opener 
1947 December 11 wrestling sports Matmen Seek Win over Normal; Travel To Bloomington Saturday 
1947 December 11 basketball sports Crusader Cagemen Bid For Initial CCI Victory 
1947 December 11 basketball sports IM Cagers Play for League Spot 
1947 December 11 Peck sports GYM Shorts 
1947 December 11 basketball sports Crusaders Trounce Illinois Tech; Lose Tourment Finals To Loyola 
1947 December 11 Bud Schaeffer sports Schaeffer Leads In Cougar Win; J. V.'s Blast Bedes 
1947 December 11 Willis Gale sports Gale Assumes Duties As Varsity End Coach 
1947 December 11 wrestling sports Grapplers Score Four Pins To Take DeKalb Opener 
1947 December 11 Miriam Fackler editorial Jumbled Race Thwarts Attempts At Fusion 
1947 December 11 Bartlett news Bartlett Begins Bachelors Union 
1947 December 11 skating parties news Classes To Hold Skating Parties 
1947 December 11 Knight news Knights Present Charity Program 
1947 December 11 Ray Rockwell news Rockwell Finds Body 
1947 December 11 Christmas programs news Lits Climax Year's Activities With Holiday Programs 
1947 December 11 staff meeting news Paper Staff To Meet 
1947 December 18 Dorm is robbed front page Thief Posing As Expressman Robs Dorm Tenant of $300 In Goods 
1947 December 18 faculty Christmas party front page Faculty To Plan Christmas Party 
1947 December 18 comprehensive examinations front page Comps To Ambush Febuary Grads 
1947 December 18 Dave Sunden front page Poll Shows 'Silent Night' Is Favorite In Any Language 
1947 December 18 all-school Christmas party front page Gi't Adm s Prapsters To Season Celebration  
1947 December 18 Samuel Pittman front Page Food Prices Rise 
1947 December 18 free Christmas party front page Band, Giant Gift To Introduce RECORD Sponsored Free Party 
1947 December 18 Barbara Danenhour front page Barbara Asks For Reading, Out Of Coma 
1947 December 18 European relief campaign front page Increase Needed To Collect Goal 
1947 December 18 Christmas seal sales front page $223 Solicited For Seal Drive 
1947 December 18 M. Bryan Baker front page Workshop Aids Fire Victim By Typewriter Fund Drive 
1947 December 18 Peter Stam Jr. front page Music Head To Attend Schools Association 
1947 December 18 the Spirit editorial See You, Spirit 
1947 December 18 John Gillies editorial The WORLD and You.. 
1947 December 18 Keeley Institute of Dwight editorial Church Clippings 
1947 December 18 Maryanna Williams letters to the editor Caution, Please... 
1947 December 18 Ed McCully letters to the editor Letters Back Christian Coulcil, Support Thomas Committee Work 
1947 December 18 V. R. Edman editorial Prophet's Gems 
1947 December 18 poet laureate contest news Sick Student To Read Kodon Humor Verse 
1947 December 18 Peck sports GYM SHORTS 
1947 December 18 basketball sports Four Teams Earn Top Spots In IM 
1947 December 18 basketball sports Varsitymen Travel South; 'B' Cagers Tromp Evanston 
1947 December 18 Edward Coray sports Little Nine Pick Coray As Prexy 
1947 December 18 Wanda Nuhn sports WAActivities 
1947 December 18 track sports Alumni Fund Donates Board Track To Aid Harriers' Winter Training 
1947 December 18 basketball sports Cagemen Trip Up Augustana 78-63 
1947 December 18 wrestling  sports Matmem Cancel Trip 
1947 December 18 Mel Bradlik news Team Helps Bring Joy To Negroes' Christman 
1947 December 18 gym fund news Academy Appeals For Gym funds 
1947 December 18 Matthew S. Evans news PAPERS RECALL WIGS, WILLS 
1947 December 18 Warren Fesmire news Service Secures Student Passage 
1947 December 18 W. Wyeth Willard news Willard To Travel During Vacation 
1947 December 18 construction news B and G Builds Garage For Bus 
1947 August 14 Royal Ravings Entertainment Royal Ravings 
1947 August 14 Lloyd-Jones News Lloyd-Jones Prefer Cup of Tea To Coke For Hot Day Cooler 
1947 August 14 Missionary Airmen' Fellowship News McCulley Calls Radio Enlistees 
1947 October 02 College and Community Chorus Front Page Start Practice For Oratorio 
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