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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
May 2nd, 1946 Football Sports Close Game Taken By Wheaton Nine 
May 2nd, 1946 Golf  Sports Golf To Be Added To Spring Sports 
May 2nd, 1946 Athletics Sports Crusader Cindermen Crush Cardinals/ College Tracksters Remain Unbeaten In Five Meets 
May 2nd, 1946 Athletics Sports Sport hash ... By Jack 
May 2nd, 1946 Football Sports Pillsockers Pound Out Lop-Sided Win 
May 2nd, 1946 Intercollegiate Debate News Group Tours For Panel Talks 
May 2nd, 1946 Valley Historical Association News Profs Attend Conference 
May 2nd, 1946 Internationals Business and Social Meeting News Internationals Elect Officers 
May 2nd, 1946 Earnest S. Larson News Historian Joins Teaching Staff 
May 2nd, 1946 Illinois State Academy of Science Information Wheatonites Lecture At Normal 
May 2nd, 1946 Jim Palmer News Chemists Plan Annual Meeting 
May 2nd, 1946 Camp and Hospital Committee News Group Cheers Naval Hospital 
May 2nd, 1946 Student Sponsored Chapel Services Information Classes Plan Chapel Programs 
May 2nd, 1946 C.B. Hurst News Hurst Travels To Conference 
May 8th, 1946 Fred Howe Column Red Cross Humor Show Proves Pros Are Funny; Barker Emcees 
May 8th, 1946 Wheaton in Missions Information Grads voyage To Uttermost Earthly Parts 
May 8th, 1946 Recitals Information Students Present Final Recital 
May 8th, 1946 S.U.S Campaign News Sophomore Wins Picture Contest 
May 8th, 1946 F. William Roger Information Academy In Charge Of Chapel Program 
May 8th, 1946 Mastersingers News Ensemble Prsensted Offer Of Radio Time 
May 8th, 1946 Clarence L. Nystrom News Nystrom Elected Head of Division 
May 8th, 1946 Mignon Bollman Mackenzie News Women's Glee Club sings Concert To Eager Crowd 
May 8th, 1946 Children's Bible Hour Information Program To be Broadcast From Upper Chapel 
May 8th, 1946 Gertrude Hill Nystrom Column Prof's Wife Writes Of Woman Preacher 
May 8th, 1946 Coal Shortage Column Mud---Slightly Anhydrous 
May 8th, 1946 Devotions Column Devotions 
May 8th, 1946 Class of '49 Column Frosh Staff Offers Orchids And Onions 
May 8th, 1946 Fred Gerstung News Red Cross Holds Convention 
May 8th, 1946 Bill Braun Column Weights increase At Turkey Dinner 
May 10th, 1946 Fred Howe Column Power Shortage Short Circuits Campus Activities; Resist Tower 
May 10th, 1946 Karl Schmutzler News Officer Finishes Exam In Navy 
May 10th, 1946 Wind Instrument Recital Information Winds Plan In Recital 
May 10th, 1946 Flash! Flash! Flash! Column Flash! Flash! Flash! 
May 10th, 1946 Bobie Given Column Men's Glee Club Presents Music Of 'Old West' In Concert 
May 10th, 1946 Forty-niners Information Frosh Expect To Frolic At Super Picnic 
May 10th, 1946 Anonymous Faculty Committee News Profs Raise Chapel Grade 
May 10th, 1946 Co-Rec Field Day News Revive Field Day; to Serve Picnic Supper 
May 10th, 1946 Dean E. R. Schell News Prep Seniors Present Gift To Dean Schell 
May 10th, 1946 Student Council President Information Students To Pick Council Leader 
May 10th, 1946 Funeral News '47ers Mourn Senior Deaths/ Junior conducts Funeral Service From Tradiquette 
May 10th, 1946 Devotions Column Devotions 
May 10th, 1946 Repartee? Column Repartee? 
May 10th, 1946 Debate Column Bits on Lits 
May 10th, 1946 Home Economics Clubs Show Information Home Ec Clubbers Give Style Show 
May 10th, 1946 Baseball  Sports College Down Elmhurst Nine 
May 10th, 1946 Tennis Sports Racketeers Lose Ton North Central 
May 10th, 1946 Football Sports Whip Cardinals Eight Win 
May 10th, 1946 Tennis Sports Tennis Men Trim Junior college 
May 10th, 1946 Baseball Sports Blaschke Stars In Mad Slgfest 
May 10th, 1946 Jack Column Sports Hash ... 
May 10th, 1946 Football Sports Tracksters Secure Sixth Victory By Taking DeKalb Triangular Meet 
May 10th, 1946 Handball Sports Handball Revived After War Lapse 
May 10th, 1946 "W" Club News Whitaker To Lead lettermen's Club 
May 10th, 1946 Tower Staff Annual Banquet Information Williams Emcees Tower Banquet; Quartette Sings 
May 10th, 1946 Skating Party Information Workers To Skate At West Chicago 
May 10th, 1946 College Chapel  Information College To Hear Academy Talent; Poppinga Speaks 
May 10th, 1946 John Baergen Information Chaplain Speaks At German Chapel 
May 10th, 1946 Chi Sigma Theta News Chi Sigma Theta Holds Monthly Meeting 
May 10th, 1946 Pi Kappa Delta Information Speakers Dine; Elect Officers 
May 10th, 1946 Inter-Society Council Information Lit Presidents Serve Informal Lounge Tea 
May 10th, 1946 All-Academy and High School Students' Banquet Information Churches Honor Graduating Students With Banquet 
May 16th, 1946 A. Jun Yer Column '46 Finds Isteld In Grave Condition 
May 16th, 1946 Student Council Presidency Information Lewis, Norbeck, Williams Run In council Primaries 
May 16th, 1946 '47 Tower Information Juniors Dedicate Delayed 'Tower' 
May 16th, 1946 Alumni Association News Alumni contributions Demonstrate Loyalty 
May 16th, 1946 Speech Recital Information Speakers Appear In Last Recital 
May 16th, 1946 Chapel Hours News 'Very Satisfactory' Is Faculty Report 
May 16th, 1946 Rev Charles E. Pont Information Bible Artis Speaks In Monday Chapel 
May 16th, 1946 Chapel Programs News Advise Revision Of Services 
May 16th, 1946 Lauren A. King Information King To Teach At Houghton 
May 16th, 1946 Chapel Choir News Musicians Elect Year's Officers 
May 16th, 1946 Senior Class Officers News Campbell, Bell Named Top Senior Officers 
May 16th, 1946 "Open House" Information Academy Plans Exhibitions Day 
May 16th, 1946 Democracy Column It's Up To You --- 
May 16th, 1946 Faith ...  Column Faith ... 
May 16th, 1946 Junior-Senior Activities Column No More Rules! 
May 16th, 1946 Sue Griffith column Survey Students Advocate Changes In Bible Policy 
May 16th, 1946 Lit Fun Information Lits To Recast Annual Banquet 
May 16th, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
May 16th, 1946 Ralph Payne Column The Alphabet 
May 16th, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
May 16th, 1946 Athletics Sports College Records Fall At Elmhurst; Buker And Relay Teams Lead 
May 16th, 1946 Tennis Sports Phys Ed Heads Seek New Tennis Courts 
May 16th, 1946 Baseball Sports Valpo Takes Tough Game 
May 16th, 1946 Athletics Column Jack and George 
May 16th, 1946 Outdoors Sports Juniors Enjoy Steaks, Fun As Seniors Sneak 
May 16th, 1946 Academy Seniors Information Prep '46ers Plan Dawn Departure 
May 16th, 1946 Lynn Sykes Column Spruance Livens Damp Field Trip 
May 16th, 1946 Salvation Army News Officers Interview Students On Campus 
May 16th, 1946 Piano Recital Information singers Support Duo-Piano Teams 
May 16th, 1946 Edgar F. Reibtanz Information Editor Presents Complete 'Tower' 
May 16th, 1946 North Hall Dorm Party Information North Hall Lasses Invite Dates To Oriental Party 
May 21st, 1946 Students Journey To Chicago News '47 Outwits juniors Meet Senior Busses 
May 21st, 1946 Dave Norbeck News Norbeck Pops Sneak Secrets 
May 21st, 1946 Junior Jingle Column Junior Jingle 
May 21st, 1946 Hubbub ...  Column Hubbub ... 
May 21st, 1946 Not-So-Sneaky Senior News We're Sorry Howie; We Can Hear You 
May 23, 1946 Student Council News Council Nominees Unfold Presidential Platforms 
May 23, 1946 Conservatory Recitals News Musicians Appear In Last Recital 
May 23, 1946 Room And Board Price Increase News Boost Prices For Students 
May 23, 1946 Academy Exhibition Information Academy Shows Works In Varied Exhibition 
May 23, 1946 Mrs. Tiffany News Peiades Chooses Officers For Year 
May 23, 1946 Philalethian Literary Society Information Phils Entertain At Pink Parade 
May 23, 1946 Field of Chamber Music Information Orchestra Offers Chamber Music 
May 23, 1946 Chapel Decorum News Faculty Lowers Grude In Chapel Conduct 
May 23, 1946 Student Council Elections News Students To Elect Council President/ Primaries Select Class Representation 
May 23, 1946 Chicago Motor Club Information Patrol Boys See Free Ballgame 
May 23, 1946 Scribes' Annual Spring Banquet Information RECORD Writers Go Formal For Evening 
May 23, 1946 Cost Of Living Column High Cost 
May 23, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
May 23, 1946 Ruth Tietje Column Scholars Voice Disapproval Of Frost Library Eviction 
May 23, 1946 Bible Survey Column Student Praises Present Course 
May 23, 1946 Ruckert Column At Dead Of Night 
May 23, 1946 Elisabeth Fletcher Column '46? Rowdy Dow! 
May 23, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
May 23, 1946 Baseball Sports Cardinals And Lake Forest Fall To Wheaton's Powerful Sluggers 
May 23, 1946 Football Sports College Batters Lose Power At Chicago 
May 23, 1946 Softball League Sports Daniel leads Team To Easy Triumph 
May 23, 1946 Athletics Sports Single Point Give Victors Margin 
May 23, 1946 Basketball Sports Netmen Take Aurora Win 
May 23, 1946 '47 'Tower' News Mrs. K.B. Tiffany Receives Yearbook Dedication Honor 
May 23, 1946 Academy League Presidency News Name Le Tourneau League Leader 
May 23, 1946 American Red Cross News ARC Chapter Selects Todd, Sacher, Gibbs 
May 23, 1946 Jullius Poppinga and Eunice Russell News Seniors Awarded Honor Ratings 
May 23, 1946 Freshmen Class Picnic Information Frosh Lay Plans for Class Picnic 
May 23, 1946 Athletic Convocation Information Athletes To Receive Convocation Awards 
May 23, 1946 Juniors' Party Information juniors Have Fun At Lake Geneva 
May 23, 1946 Men's Glee Club Information Glee Club To Enjoy Baker Hotel Banquet 
May 23, 1946 Theology Graduates Information Grads, Guests Frolic At Pottawatomie 
May 23, 1946 Summer School News Tuition Remains The Same Till Fall 
May 23, 1946 Illinois State Academy of Science News Students Attend Science Council 
May 23, 1946 '48 Class Information  Sophs Plan Gala Holiday 
May 23, 1946 Bill Henderson News Henderson, Stam Lead FMF For Coming Year 
May 30, 1946 Youth For Christ Rally News Youth For Christ Sponsors Rally, Graham Speaks 
May 30, 1946 Junior Academy Information Eliminate Junior Academy In Fall 
May 30, 1946 Jean Dryden Information Organist Plays Vesper Recital 
May 30, 1946 Virginia Pumfrey News Pumfrey Awarded Alumni Essay Prize 
May 30, 1946 Doug Scott News Recent Arrival Named Douglas Scott, Junior 
May 30, 1946 Student Council News Lewis Wins Council Presidency; New Balloting nets Small Vote/ Prexy Announces Aims For Council 
May 30, 1946 '46 Men's Glee Club Members Information Men Title Feast 'Last Roundup' 
May 30, 1946 Senior Comprehensive Results News Registrars List Highest Seniors 
May 30, 1946 Helen Drake Information Seashore, Drake Join To Present Recital 
May 30, 1946 Chapel Choir's Selections Information Choir Records Songs Of Current Season  
May 30, 1946 Helen Hartley Burgess Information Burgess To Give Final Recital 
May 30, 1946 No Simple Matter Column No Simple Matter 
May 30, 1946 Political Campaign Column Campaign Comments 
May 30, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
May 30, 1946 Corinne R. Smith Column Et-ification 
May 30, 1946 For Whom The Bell Tolls Column For Whom The Bell Tolls 
May 30, 1946 Robert Leighton Column Devotions ...  
May 30, 1946 Virginia Pumfrey Column Use Gift Wisely Is Essay's Theme 
May 30, 1946 Just for You-All Column Just For You-All 
May 30, 1946 Student Council News Soph Thinks Campus Needs More Water Fountains 
May 30, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
May 30, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
May 30, 1946 Football Sports Wheaton Plays In Conference/ Gerstung Represents School At Meetings 
May 30, 1946 Tennis Sports Tennis Team Scores Final Season Win 
May 30, 1946 Athletics Sports Runners Drop Final Meet 
May 30, 1946 Baseball Sports Crusaders Finish Baseball Season 
May 30, 1946 Katie Peace Column GymWAAstics 
May 30, 1946 Softball Sports Locals Take Third Win 
May 30, 1946 Annual Spring Banquet News RECORD Honors Simpson, Fitch At Formal Banquet 
May 30, 1946 Ruth Tournell News Californians Choose Tournell For Leader 
May 30, 1946 Chi Sigma Theta Elections News Doris West Named Chi Sigma Theta Head 
May 30, 1946 Reading Clinic Information Hiney To Offer Reading Clinic 
May 30, 1946 Mastersingers Information Vocalists Record Choice Numbers 
May 30, 1946 Christian Council Information Stevens To Head Prayer Meeting 
May 30, 1946 Red Cross Camp News Hospitalees Thank Discussion Group 
May 30, 1946 Sigma Pi Sigma News Honor Society Dines; Elects Palmer Prexy 
May 30, 1946 Pre-Meds Club Elections News Pre-Meds Elect Fall Officers 
May 30, 1946 Taxonomy Class News Taxonomists Trip To Starved Rock 
May 30, 1946 R.A. Gaul Column Duo concert Next Week 
June 6, 1946 Alumni Gym Information Men To Live In Basement 
June 6, 1946 Pierce Chapel Information Break Tradition In Class Night 
June 6, 1946 '46 Seniors Information Graduation Begins '46 Campus Exodus 
June 6, 1946 Baccalaureate Address Information Edman Addresses Baccalaureate 
June 6, 1946 Faculty Additions Information New Faculty Augments Five Departments 
June 6, 1946 "College Family Night" Information Feature Choir On Family Night 
June 6, 1946 Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Information Glee Clubs Give Sacred Concert 
June 6, 1946 Ruth Lindall Information Lindal To Edit New Magazine 
June 6, 1946 "The Compass" News 'Compass' Delayed 
June 6, 1946 Alumni Banquet Information Alumni Banquet; Classes Reunite 
June 6, 1946 Eighty Seventy Academy News Stam Speaks To Academy 
June 6, 1946 Dave Howard News Howard Wins Picnic Decision 
June 6, 1946 Associated Collegiate Press News RECORD Breaks All-American For Second Triumph In History 
June 6, 1946 Student Council News Council Dedicates Campus Leaders 
June 6, 1946 Wheaton Scholastic Honor Society Information Scholars To Initiate 21; Elect Officers 
June 6, 1946 Annual Commencement Speech Information Feature Seniors In Final Recital 
June 6, 1946 Homer Benton News Benton Succeeds Manager Fitch 
June 6, 1946 '47 'Tower' Information Mail Tower In July 
June 6, 1946 Literary Societies News New Lit Leaders Take '47 Helm; Allen Directs 
June 6, 1946 Uncle Bill Column This Was '46 -- Or Will It!/Seniors Divulge Legacy; Intrigueing Future 
June 6, 1946 Wheaton Enrollment Column Our Enrollment? Now There's A Problem! 
June 6, 1946 Fact and Fitchion column Facts and Fitchion 
June 6, 1946 Betty Kraklan  Column Gloom, & Worries Face Collegians 
June 6, 1946 Margaret J. McNaughton Column Chapel Memories 
June 6, 1946 Corn Crib Column Corn Crib/ Watch The Cobs Go By 
June 6, 1946 Twila Dout column Summer Spells Wedding Bells For 26 Couples 
June 6, 1946 Bill Standridge Column Juniors Mourn Permanent Sneak 
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