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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 17, 1946 Carol True Column Dougherty, Ruzicka Thrill Critic With Piano Duos 
January 17, 1946 Facts and Fitchion ... Column Facts and Fitchion ... 
January 17, 1946 In Mourning ... Column In Mourning ... 
January 17, 1946 Frank Freed Column Are We Complacent? 
January 17, 1946 Paul C. Duran Column Opine Queries Sunday Study 
January 17, 1946 John R. Rice Column Rice and Bible teachers 
January 17, 1946 Changes would you like to see Section Do You Think We Should Make Some Changes? 
January 17, 1946 Editor Leaves Solemn Valedictory Editorial section Editor Leaves Solemn Valedictory 
January 17, 1946 North Central Sports Cardinals Seek Initial Victory Against Crusaders 
January 17, 1946 First defeat Sports Cougars Hand Locals First Loss, 63-58 
January 17, 1946 Suffered their second defeat Sports Spartans Down Matmen 33-3 
January 17, 1946 Wheaton Academy's cagers Sports Cats Beat Elgin For Second Win 
January 17, 1946 College news News Changes Made? (Continued from page 2) 
January 17, 1946 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Hills Scores 20 In 48-43 Defeat By N-I Teachers 
January 17, 1946 Like the fella said Sports Sportscribblings ... 
January 17, 1946 The newly elected president News Officers Named At Election 
January 17, 1946 Clothes have been gathered News Council Surpasses Goal In Relief Clothes Drive 
January 17, 1946 Tickets went on sale News Committee Solves WID Riddle 
January 17, 1946 Artists and aspirants Information Artists Masquerade To Open New Studio 
January 17, 1946 Sixteen seniors News Koller Speaks At Convocation 
January 17, 1946 Dormitory facilities Information Tells Building Of Dorm Unit 
January 17, 1946 George Soltau Column You, Too, Can Stand In Line (Continued on page 4) 
January 17, 1946 Dr. Russell Mixter News Alumni Announce Research Grant 
January 17, 1946 Glee club News Clubs Hit Road For Short Tours 
January 17, 1946 Fifty voices Information Yearbook Presents Symphonic Choir 
January 17, 1946 Good news News Entrees Number Male Majority 
January 17, 1946 First singspiration Information Radio Artist Stars On Singspiration 
January 17, 1946 Neophyte Voices Desire To Please Column Neophyte Voices Desire To Please 
January 17, 1946 Facts And Fitchion Column Facts and Fitchion 
January 17, 1946 Frank Freed Column Inventory 
January 17, 1946 In a Wheaton library Information Footnoting Quizzer Notes Mid-Semester Diligence 
January 17, 1946 Marquerite McQuilkin Section Should Sunday Be For Sunday 
January 17, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
January 17, 1946 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Mat-Cage Twin Bill Pits Teams Against DeKalb, Lake Forest 
January 17, 1946 Initial road victory Sports Jack and George 
January 17, 1946 Crusader basketball team Sports Sink Greenville 62-50 In First Away Victory 
January 17, 1946 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Crusaders Vanquish A.C.P.E. Quintet 
January 17, 1946 Okay gals Sports GymWAAstics 
January 17, 1946 Sixth win Sports Crusader Five Beats NC 44-34 For Sixth Win 
January 17, 1946 RECORDers Dine At Baker Hotel News Scribe Banquet Celebrates Change In Editorial Regime 
January 17, 1946 A full evening of entertainment Information Program To Picture Academy Activities 
January 17, 1946 Four busloads of college students News 204 Skaters Relax At Mid-Term Party 
January 17, 1946 Ralph Gaw Obituary Prep Grad Killed In Plane Crash 
January 17, 1946 Academy League News Young Lifer Speaks At League Meeting 
January 17, 1946 Had proved myself News Sharks Auction Class Cards Off (Continued from page 1) 
January 17, 1946 Elections for the second semester News Societies Elect New officers For Semester 
February 7, 1946 Soprano Astrid Mattson Information Tower Bills Top Choir For 'Extra' 
February 7, 1946 Wheaton debaters News Debaters Win Tourney Laurels 
February 7, 1946 Portrayed by Mr. Newbern News Newbern Holds School In Jap Besieged Area 
February 7, 1946 Founder's Week conference News MBI Marks 60th Jubilee 
February 7, 1946 New song-leading class News 58 Aspitants Enroll In Non-Credit Course 
February 7, 1946 Washington Inaugural dinner News Dr. Tenney Emcees Banquet; WID Reservations Fill Up 
February 7, 1946 PBI fellowship News PBI'ers Honor Ferrin At Dinner Tonight 
February 7, 1946 Hilarious tales to tell News Singers Discover Nylons En Route 
February 7, 1946 Thirty housing  News Veteran Housing Receives Boost 
February 7, 1946 Navy chaplain Information Navy Chaplain Opens Evangelistic Series 
February 7, 1946 Class and office routines Information Campus Observes Day of Prayer 
February 7, 1946 Hearing of her brother's death Obituary Sophomore Attends Brother's Funeral 
February 7, 1946 It's Common Sense Column It's Common Sense 
February 7, 1946 We Don't Get It Column We Don't Get It 
February 7, 1946 Ruth Tietje Column Late Lit-Bits 
February 7, 1946 Frank Freed Column For The Duration 
February 7, 1946 Martha Prevette Column Frantic Scribe Fills Space With Plenty Of Nothing 
February 7, 1946 George Soltau Poem Get 'The Pause That Refreshes' 
February 7, 1946 Profile ... Column Profile ... 
February 7, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
February 7, 1946 Facts And Fitchion Column Facts And Fitchion 
February 7, 1946 Concordia's Cougars Information Seek Revenge In Cougar Tilt Tonight; Trek NC Saturday 
February 7, 1946 Target for tonight Sports Jack and George 
February 7, 1946 Crusader basketball team Sports Cagers Romp Over Lake Forest, Augustana For 9th, 10th, Win 
February 7, 1946 Wheaton WAA Sports WAA, Cardinal Mermaids Meet There Saturday 
February 7, 1946 Fraser Gets Pin In 59 Seconds Sports Matmen Win All Bouts, Swamp NI Nuskies 38-0 
February 7, 1946 Helen Burgess Plays Piano Information Phyllis Sandberg Performs On Keyboard After Lit; Violinist True Will Assist 
February 7, 1946 The Alumni association News Alumni To Post Senior Sketches 
February 7, 1946 Miss Lucy Lee Bascom News Academy Adds Students; Secures Full-Time Nurse 
February 7, 1946 Presentation of two papers News Future Teachers Hear Educational Ideas 
February 7, 1946 Mrs. Esther Fletcher News Former Math Teacher Returns To Academy 
February 14, 1946 Two types of messages News Willard Gives Timely Counsel 
February 14, 1946 Basketball players Information Greenville Team To Lead Chapel 
February 14, 1946 The Chapel Choir Information  Choir Circles East On Tour 
February 14, 1946 Women's glee club  News  Sick Vets Laud Girls' Glee Club  
February 14, 1946 Dr. and Mrs. V. R. Edman  News Edmans Board Clipper For Central America  
February 14, 1946 Application  Column Few Entries Get Wheaton "O.K." 
February 14, 1946 Washington banquet  Column  Singers Banquet At Niagara Falls  
February 14, 1946 A school sweater  Column  Record Scribes Earn Letter Sweaters  
February 14, 1946 Is Culture Wrong? Column Is Culture Wrong? 
February 14, 1946 Wheaton's Answer Column Wheaton's Answer 
February 14, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
February 14, 1946 W. Wyeth Willard Column Christian Joy 
February 14, 1946 Crafty 'Bloke' Originates Plan For Trapping Bride Column Crafty 'Bloke' Originates Plan For Trapping Bride 
February 14, 1946 Wade Seaford, Pres Williams Column Denounce 'Rook' As Poor Pastime 
February 14, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
February 14, 1946 Screwtape Column Wormwood At Wheaton 
February 14, 1946 Mr. C. Benson Hurst News Shoemaker To Appear For Academy Yearbook 
February 14, 1946 The Young sisters News Sisters Announce Troths Tonight 
February 14, 1946 Art Lewis News Prepsters Hear Vet At League Meeting 
February 14, 1946 George R. Hormer News Ex-Airman Joins Faculty Ranks 
February 14, 1946 The triumphant cry News GAA Team Beats Jr. High Girls 
February 14, 1946 Don Safstrom Column Lay Your Bricks Quietly, Please 
February 14, 1946 Kreitonians theme Information Prep Lits ... 
February 14, 1946 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney Information Tenney Addresses Club 
February 14, 1946 Replacing Information Illness Forces Adviser To Resign 
February 14, 1946 Music and testimonies News Prep Group Performs On Youth For Christ 
February 14, 1946 Fred Howe Column Scribe Uncovers Intriguing Tale 
February 14, 1946 A receiving reply News 20 Years Later Still No Pool? 
February 14, 1946 Dale McCulley Column Ex-Editor Sees Value Of Press 
February 14, 1946 Liz Fletcher  Column Those Were The Days 
February 14, 1946 Dear Student Body Letter The Alumni Association 
February 14, 1946 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Trample Concordia 73-33, Hit 34 of 68 Basket Tries; Cardinals Win In Rematch 
February 14, 1946 North Central's Cardinals Sports NC, 41; Locals, 33 
February 14, 1946 George Schum Column Explains Basket Defence Techniques 
February 14, 1946 Katie Peace Column Gym WAAstics ... 
February 14, 1946 Provides the opposition Sports Strong Loyola Quint Here Saturday 
February 14, 1946 The Crusader matmen Sports Matmen Beat Maroons 21-13 Take First Road Victory 
February 14, 1946 Wrestiling Coach Sports Diamond Post To Olson; Coray Builds Curriculum 
February 14, 1946 Jack and George  Column Jack and George 
February 14, 1946 North Cenrtal's woman swimmers Sports Cardinal Gals Down WAAers In Swim Meet 
February 14, 1946 Carroll True Column Critical Reviewer Judges Sincerity At Minimum 
February 14, 1946 The southern tier Information Singers Glimpse Canada On Trip (Continued from page 1) 
February 14, 1946 Admission  Column Priority Groups Rate On List  
February 14, 1946 Peter Stam Jr.  News Stam To Attend Music Convention  
February 14, 1946 Howard "Tommy Tucker" News Mother And Son Die 
February 14, 1946 Class Jackets  Column  Rivals Join For Frolic  
February 14, 1946 Redecoration  Column  Repairmen Swing Hammers Early  
February 14, 1946 Japan Information  Japan Ripe For Gospel?  
February 14, 1946 Homesickness for Indiana  Announcement  Hoosiers Gather For Food 'n Fun  
February 21, 1946 Merry-Making Column Singer, Movie Entertain Non-Banqueting Students  
February 21, 1946 Dr. Rebecca R. Price News Dr. Price Comes For Brief Visit 
February 21, 1946 Washington banquet Information Diners Served 6-Course Meal 
February 21, 1946 Vaughn Shoemaker Information Artist Appears On Prep Program 
February 21, 1946 Taking top honors News Orators Attain Contest Honors 
February 21, 1946 Chaplain Willard News Willard Accepts Wheaton Post 
February 21, 1946 The Washington Inaugural Dinner Information Dinner Sparked By Music, Humor 
February 21, 1946 Daily chapel services News Grad Students Hold Own Chapel 
February 21, 1946 The films Information PAF Sponsors Movies Tonight 
February 21, 1946 Four expression students Information Students Interpret Readings, Novelette 
February 21, 1946 As the result of a fall News Mrs. Tiffany Suffers Injury From Fall 
February 21, 1946 Louis Martin Sears Information Purdue History Prof Addresses 400 At Washington Banquet 
February 21, 1946 Traditional WID? Column Tradtional WID? 
February 21, 1946 Fitch Column Fact And Fitchion 
February 21, 1946 Katherine Chase Shapleigh Poem Adoration 
February 21, 1946 The story of George Column Don't Tell A Lie! Maybe You Too Can Be President! 
February 21, 1946 Lyall Nimmoe Column Having Trouble? Here's How ... 
February 21, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
February 21, 1946 Nova Scotia Column An Ivory Tower? 
February 21, 1946 Screwtape Column Warning, Wormwood! 
February 21, 1946 Dr. Vincent Bennett  Column  Bennett Conducts Services In Prep Revival Series 
February 21, 1946 Academy International Club  News New Organization Elects Officers  
February 21, 1946 Three Patriotic Films News Show Patriotic Films At Prince Crossings  
February 21, 1946 Archer Anderson  Column  Christian Ed Pioneer Speaks For Seminar  
February 21, 1946 Student Counsil President  News  Poppinga Heads Term Honor Roll  
February 21, 1946 The Stunt Trophy  Column  Vie For Trophy At Stunt Night  
February 21, 1946 A relief clothing drive Information Sophs Sponsor Drive For European Relief 
February 21, 1946 Stan Goerner Column Want To Rate At The WID? 
February 21, 1946 A special dinner News Academy Grants Senior Privileges  
February 21, 1946 Wheaton has been recorded News Council Cites Alumni For Undergrad Plan 
February 21, 1946 Eight Gospel teams News 8 Student Teams Carry Gospel To Nearby Towns 
February 21, 1946 George Shum Column How To Understand Defence ... 
February 21, 1946 The Wildcats Sports Prepsters Meet Harris, Luther 
February 21, 1946 Wheaton Suffers Loyola Victory Sports Orange and Blue Trounces Visiting Greenville Team; Brewer Scores 20 Points 
February 21, 1946 Jack and George Column Jack and George 
February 21, 1946 The high jump and hurdles Sports Co-Coaches See Good Chance In First Indoor Track Meet 
February 21, 1946 Crusader matmen Sports Matmen Deal Northern III. 25-11 Defeat 
February 21, 1946 Swimming and diving champs Sports WAAers Splash At Oak Park Pool 
February 21, 1946 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Hills Picks Up 22 Points In 53-38 Defeat of Foresters 
February 21, 1946 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News Revised Testament Rated 'Impovement' By Thiessen 
February 21, 1946 At the conference News Students Attend Education Council 
February 21, 1946 Dave Norbeck News 'W' Clubbers See '45 Sport Film 
February 21, 1946 An evening recital Information Offer Evening Music Recital 
February 21, 1946 Surroundings of palms and music Information Internationals Take Latin American Theme 
February 21, 1946 Etiquette and traditions Information 'Tradiquette' Due In One Month 
February 21, 1946 Succeding Ewart Stephenson News David Roberts Named To Field Position 
February 21, 1946 Held a reception News Varsity Fetes Greenville Team 
February 21, 1946 Dr. John Hyde Information Pre-Meds Hear Pediatrics Talk 
February 28, 1946 An accident News Auto Crash Interrrupts Edman Trip To Airport 
February 28, 1946 Dr. Samuel A. Yoder News Yoder Takes Over For 'K.B.' Tiffany 
February 28, 1946 The program News McAfee Warbles For Fun Night 
February 28, 1946 Dr. Lester W. Groom Information Dr. Groom Plays In Choir Concert 
February 28, 1946 Curricular problems Information First Forum Asks 'What Changes?' 
February 28, 1946 Resignations News Five Professors To Be Absent In Fall; Thiessen, Taylor Resign 
February 28, 1946 Washington  Column 'George' Brooks Attends WID With 400 Guests  
February 28, 1946 Conrad Thibault  News Radio Singer Ends Concert Series 
February 28, 1946 The Veterans' Christian Fellowship  Column  Henderson, Hatcher To Lead Vets 
February 28, 1946 A Survey  Interview  Did You Get Rooked On This Deal?  
February 28, 1946 The Traditional March Of The Seniors  Column  Seniors Commence Friday Marches  
February 28, 1946 Nobody Knows Column Nobody Knows 
February 28, 1946 Will You Flunk? Column Will You Flunk? 
February 28, 1946 Can It Be? Column Can It Be? 
February 28, 1946 Katharine Chase Shapleigh Poem Meditation 
February 28, 1946 Harold C. Ellis, Milburn Keen Letter for editor Do Our Social Attitudes Need A Little Doctoring? 
February 28, 1946 J.D.Grange Letter for editor Have YOU Been A Streetwalker? 
February 28, 1946 The program Information Lits To Query Men And God 
February 28, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ... 
February 28, 1946 Fitch Column Facts And Fitchion 
February 28, 1946 George Schum Column Ends Cage Series With Explanation Of Offense 
February 28, 1946 The Crusader matmen Sports Grapplers Bow To Wisconsin; Lowa Teachers Here Saturday 
February 28, 1946 Wheaton's Crusader Sports Beat U. of C. Matmen 28-10 In Home Meet; Score Five Falls 
February 28, 1946 Introducing prexy Sports Gym WAAstics ... 
February 28, 1946 Wheaton's tracksters News To Run At Naperville 
February 28, 1946 The Crusaders Sports Coray Cagers Down Jays, Oak Park 'Y' 
February 28, 1946 Dekalb's strong Huskies  Sport Seek Revenge Over NI Huskies In Final Home Cage Encounter 
February 28, 1946 The Chapel choir News Choir Banquet At Niagara: Return From Eastern Tour 
February 28, 1946 Three students papers were read News Teachers Hear Papers In Hiatt Lounge 
February 28, 1946 Marcella Antholt  Information Dorm Elects Officers 
February 28, 1946 Two Wheaton debate teams News Debaters Cop Tourney Honors 
February 28, 1946 Will be married Information Wagner, Smith Marry Tonight In Chicago 
February 28, 1946 Will speak in chapel service Information Week Brings Varied Chapel Programs 
February 28, 1946 Annual membership Information Charity Opens Drive Monday 
February 28, 1946 Fifty-five Californians Information Californians Walk To Winter Party 
February 28, 1946 Ready for presswork Information 'Tower' Hastens To Completion 
February 28, 1946 Due to a furnace breakdown Information Chilly Halls Freeze 'Em 
March 7, 1946 Leola Tanis Johnson Information Leola Johnson Interprets Love Story For Recital 
March 7, 1946 More men married Information Girls --- Are We Gonna Take It? 
March 7, 1946 A joint senior recital Information Pickart, Briscoe Join In Concert 
March 7, 1946 Vesper recital Information Organist Plans Sunday Vesper 
March 7, 1946 Discussion sessions News Need Sex Course Students Agree 
March 7, 1946 Aspects of prophecy Information Dr. Free Examines Historical Prophecy 
March 7, 1946 Presenting Conrad Thibault Information Thibault To Sing Popular Program 
March 7, 1946 The program Information Red Cross Plans Program For Vets 
March 7, 1946 Study by a faculty committee News Enrollment Jump Gets Trustees' Approval 
March 7, 1946 Annual missionary conference Information CMA Convenes Here Next Week 
March 7, 1946 Increased Enrollment at Wheaton Column A New Era? 
March 7, 1946 Chinese Art Column Lit Lites ...  
March 7, 1946 Katharine Chase Shapleigh Column The Night is Dark 
March 7, 1946 Paul Allen Column New Dining Rules confound Simple Collegiate Minds 
March 7, 1946 Wes Morris Column Want Facts Plus Christian View 
March 7, 1946 Hubbub ... Column Hubbub ...  
March 7, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fiction 
March 7, 1946 W.F. Albright Information Archeologist Analyzes 'Criticism' Here Monday 
March 7, 1946 Dr. C. Gregg News Juniors Name Singer As Class Advisor 
March 7, 1946 Alice MacKinney Oury Information Mrs. Oury Offers Piano Lecture 
March 7, 1946 Peter Deyneka News Deyneka Tells Problems of Russian Missions 
March 7, 1946 Married War Veterans Dwelling Units News Postpone O.K. On Vet Units 
March 7, 1946 Physical Education Classes News Women Attend Phys Ed Meet 
March 7, 1946 Sunday Dinner Service News Suspend Service At Stupe Sundays 
March 7, 1946 Eugene Scheeley News Personal Work Shows Increase 
March 7, 1946 Increase in Tuition News Jump Tuition To $ 12.50 
March 7, 1946 Dr. George Dean News Chem Club Hears Argo Representative 
March 7, 1946 Doug Scott Column Sleuthing Scribe Uncovers Numerous Faculty Debacles 
March 7, 1946 Eunice Russell News Localite Stars On Prep Campus 
March 7, 1946 Mrs J.B. Mark News Prof's Wife Injures Foot, Postpones Meet 
March 7, 1946 After-Lit Junior Recital Information Hawaiians Plan Friday Recital 
March 7, 1946 St Patrick Information Hoosiers Talk Irish At St. Patricks Fete 
March 7, 1946 Midwest Board Track News Dodds Approves Finished Track 
March 7, 1946 Charles P. Proudfil Information Dr. Proudfil Addresses Monday Chapel 
March 7, 1946 Academy's Evangelistic Services News Preps Ends Week Series 
March 7, 1946 Academy's Red Cross Drive News Juniors Handle Drive For Academy Red Cross 
March 7, 1946 Football Sports Huskies Wreck Final Home Hopes 
March 7, 1946 Basketball Sports Pedagogues War In Alumni Gym 
March 7, 1946 Basketball News Jack and George 
March 7, 1946 Wrestling Sports Iowa Wrestlers Conclude Undefeated Season Here 
March 7, 1946 Athletics Sports Crozier Cops Four Firsts, Leads Meet 
March 7, 1946 Basketball Sports Crusaders Close Record-Tying Season/ Orange and Blue Downs Auggies For 16th Win 
March 7, 1946 Betty Howard  Column Yoder Recalls Enjoying UNNRA Work in Europe 
March 7, 1946 Public Affairs Forum Information Affairs Forum Shows Varied Films Tonight 
March 7, 1946 Lower Chapel Information Spanish Chapel 
March 7, 1946 Enock C. Dyrness News Dyrness Meets Edmans En Route 
March 7, 1946 Spring House Party Information Dates Scavenger At Spring Party 
March 7, 1946 Dr. C. Gregg Singer News Singer Addresses Seminary Club 
March 7, 1946 Tower Price For Staff Information Faculty, Staff Feel Boost In Tower Price 
March 7, 1946 Sigma Xi Fellowship News Sigma Xi Hears Radar Reports 
March 14, 1946 Don Saftstrom Column Scribe-Tutor Battle Lacks Tiffany Touch 
March 14, 1946 Major In Psychology News Add New Department To Curriculum 
March 14, 1946 Aouney W. Dejney Information Dejney Analyzes Jew-Arab Issue 
March 14, 1946 Samuel A. Yoder Information Yoder To Show Slides At Open Lit Program 
March 14, 1946 All School Sports Night Information Lettermen Show Record Mile Run 
March 14, 1946 Dr. John L. Leedy News Alarm Calls Out Donors For Leedy 
March 14, 1946 Chapel Attendance Taking News Try New System For Chapel Roll 
March 14, 1946 Annual Debate Tournament News Two Women Debates Win Medals At Meet 
March 14, 1946 Conrad Thibault Information Thibault Closes Artist Series 
March 14, 1946 Nurses' Training Program Information Launch Joint Training For Nurses Next Fall 
March 14, 1946 Maintaining a Family Feeling Column Family Spirit ...  
March 14, 1946 Christian Magazines Column Not For The Lazy 
March 14, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
March 14, 1946 Katharine Chase Shapleigh Column Morning Breaks 
March 14, 1946 Discussion on the Problems of Spring Column Romantic Spring Awakens Men To Responsibilities 
March 14, 1946 Lament About Lounge  Editorial An Idealist Despairs Of Cleaner Co-rec 
March 14, 1946 Doug Scott Column Crafts Move To Plumb Attic 
March 14, 1946 Hubbub ...  Column Hubbub ...  
March 14, 1946 Cardinal Carnival, Naperville Sports Crusader Cindermen Place First In North Central Invitational 
March 14, 1946 Wrestling Sports Top State Normal In Season Closer 
March 14, 1946 Athletics Sports WAA Girls Travel For NC Sports Day 
March 14, 1946 Katie Peace Column Gym WAAstics 
March 14, 1946 Athletics Sports Jack and George 
March 14, 1946 Homer Benton Column Students Impress Albright By Interest In Archeology 
March 14, 1946 Tea Served To Students' Wives News Students' Wives Hold Tea In North Hall 
March 14, 1946 Chapel Choir Home Concert Information Choir To Spring Musical Holiday 
March 14, 1946 Pleiades Meeting News Pleiades Initiate Writing Novices 
March 14, 1946 Allan Mac Rae News McRae Traces Canyon Rescue 
March 14, 1946 Junior Recital in Pierce Chapel Information Recital Presents Stanley, Sole 
March 14, 1946 "The God of Creation" Information Church To Show Moon's Movies 
March 14, 1946 Jean Dryden News Broken Ankle Stops Dryden Organ Recital 
March 14, 1946 Mrs. Corine R. Smith News Parties Honor Dean Smith 
March 21, 1946 Sponsorship of Artist Concert Relinquished News No More Tower Concerts, Yearbook Heads Say 
March 21, 1946 Senior Recital in Pierce Chapel Information Seniors To Give Joint Musicale 
March 21, 1946 Marilyn May News Benson Baby No. 4 Bounces With Health 
March 21, 1946 Speech Recital Information Cobb Presents Light Recital 
March 21, 1946 Theodore Charles Stone Information Negro Baritone Adds To Orchestra Concert 
March 21, 1946 Annual Spring Concert Information Choir Tkes Spring Holiday With Saturday Concert 
March 21, 1946 Organ Recital Information Groom To Play Organ Vespers 
March 21, 1946 Dr. Lauren A. King News King Resigns; Reveal Changes In September Teaching Lineup 
March 21, 1946 Night Prayer Meeting Information Senior Class Plans Tuesday Eve Prayers 
March 21, 1946 Tower's Communique Column Were You There? 
March 21, 1946 Drama To Be Included In Wheaton's Curriculum Column Lit Lights 
March 21, 1946 Fitch Column Fact And Fitchion 
March 21, 1946 Katherine Chase Shapleigh Column Our Refuge 
March 21, 1946 Wes Morris Column Tower Concerts Gone; What Do We Do Now? 
March 21, 1946 Marvin Mayers Editorial Editor Listens; Students Speak 
March 21, 1946 A Realist Column Mother's Little Boy 
March 21, 1946 Hubbub ...  Column Hubbub ...  
March 21, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
March 21, 1946 Arthur S. Postle Information Cincinnati Dean Claims Colleges Slight Vet Needs/ Says Vet Education Poses Big Problem 
March 21, 1946 Annual Conference of Missionaries and National Workers, Central American Mission News Prexy Speaks In Honduras 
March 14, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
March 21, 1946 Women's Glee Club Banquet Information Singers Reestablish Banquet Plans 
March 21, 1946 V. Raymond Edman News Edman Startled By Redone Office 
March 21, 1946 All School Singspiration Information Council To Sponsor Easter Singspiration 
March 21, 1946 Forty-niners' Frosh Frolic Information Freshmen To Engage In Lower Chapel Frolic 
March 21, 1946 Senior-Junior Party News Seniors Initiate Junior 'Friends' 
March 21, 1946 Ellen Maxwell Information Prep Profile ...  
March 21, 1946 Girls' Dorm Party Information Dorm Party Highlights Academy Week-end Fun 
March 21, 1946 "The Stillwell Road" and "The Declaration of Independence" Information Prepsters See Films Featuring Two Wars 
March 21, 1946 Annual Midwest Physical Education Conference News Teachers Attend Phys Ed Parley 
March 21, 1946 "Play Day" at North Central College News WAA Representatives Shine At North Central 'Play Day'/Star In Tennis, Badminton Match 
March 21, 1946 Alumni Gym All-Sports Program Sports 'Steve' Wins Dawson Cup 
March 21, 1946 Students' Field Trip To Chicago Information Scientists Visit Field Museum 
March 21, 1946 Bio-Chemistry Inauguration In Home Economics Department Information Home Ec Majors Get Bio-Chem Course 
March 21, 1946 Mr & Mrs. Gordon Smith Skit Presentation News Skit Illustrates Indo-China Work 
March 21, 1946 Faculty-Staff Party Information Profs Show Art At Gala Party 
March 21, 1946 Hines Hospital Information Hospital May Close To Vets: Henderson 
March 21, 1946 Lots for Staff and Faculty News Provide Lots For Faculty  
March 21, 1946 '44 Reunion Party Information '44 Congregates For Jamboree 
March 21, 1946 Annual Chicago Daily News Relays Sports Crozier, Buker To Enter Relays 
March 21, 1946 Central AAU Award News Jack and George 
March 21, 1946 Basketball Sports Hoop Battle 1o Be Staged Monday As Lits Scamble 
March 21, 1946 Don Stafstrom Column Addicts Rewaken Baseball Talents 
March 21, 1946 Spring Football Sports Coach Calls For Gridmen 
March 21, 1946 Carroll True Column Conrad Thibault Wins Approval Of Audience 
March 21, 1946 First Banquet of the Year Information Texans To Hold First Banquet  
March 21, 1946 Effects of Foreign Trade on International Cooperation and Prosperity Information Red Cross Sponsors Debate At Hospital 
March 21, 1946 Annual Christian and Missionary Alliance News CMA Convention Ends With Rally 
March 21, 1946 Nona Lee Peterson News Freshman Cops First In WCTU Contest 
March 21, 1946 47th Annual Amateur Athletic Union Sports Wheaton Cindermen Edge Out N.U. To Win CAAU Meet 
March 21, 1946 Exhibition of Art Works News College Exhibits Art in Town 
March 21, 1946 All-School Skating Party Information Roller Skaters Hold April Fool Party 
March 21, 1946 Homer Benton Column Tutors Lose Gala Fracas 
March 28, 1946 Tradiquette Information Seniors Release New Book On Tradition and Etiquette 
March 28, 1946 Henry C. Thiessen News Thiessen Appointed Seminary President 
March 28, 1946 Don Safstrom Column 'To Be Or Not Be, That Is The Question' 
March 28, 1946 Faculty Family Night Information Profs Perform At Family Night 
March 28, 1946 Seminary Chapel Information Seminary Varies April Services 
March 28, 1946 Teaching Personel Information President Announces New Faculty Changes 
March 28, 1946 Geography Added To Curriculum Information Boost Geography In Curriculum 
March 28, 1946 The Social Calendar Column Calendar Confusion 
March 28, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
March 28, 1946 Betty Scott Stam Column I'm Standing, Lord 
March 28, 1946 Helmuth Bekowies Column 'Tower' Editor Endeavors To Clarify Concert Stand 
March 28, 1946 Ellis and Keen Column 'Friend' Laments Male Behavior 
March 28, 1946 Pilgrim's Progress as Lit Feature of the Week Information Lits Dramatize Pilgrim's Life 
March 28, 1946 Hubbub ...  Column Hubbub ...  
March 28, 1946 Engaged and Married Information For Whom The Bell Tolls 
March 28, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
March 28, 1946 Music Conservatory Recitals Information Musicale Opens Aprial Series 
March 28, 1946 Theodore Charles Stone Information Band Features Student Soloist 
March 28, 1946 V.R. Edman Information Honors To Be Awarded In Chapel Next Friday 
March 28, 1946 Lit Entertainment Information Orchestra Offers 'Pop' Classics 
March 28, 1946 Athletics Sports Wheaton's Track Stars To Enter Relays At Chicago 
March 28, 1946 Intramural Wrestling Tournament Information Amateurs To stage Wrestling Contest 
March 28, 1946 Katie Peace Column Gym WAAstics 
March 28, 1946 Football Sports Chrouser Announces 'B' Team Schedule 
March 28, 1946 Basketball Tournament Sports Celts Maintain Cage Supremacy 
March 28, 1946 Donald C. Boardman  Information Vet Returns Duties On Geology Staff 
March 28, 1946 Science Department Instructors Information Profs Journey To St. Louis 
March 28, 1946 Academy Gospel Team News Academy Team Leads Kenosha Services 
March 28, 1946 Roller Skating Sports Skaters Get Late Per For Monday Fling 
March 28, 1946 Hines Veterans' Hospital News Hospital Bans Personal Work 
March 28, 1946 Chi Sigma Theta Information Education Club Names New Members Tonight 
March 28, 1946 Kenneth Taylor Information 'Gifts Cut' Says Taylor 
March 28, 1946 Surprise To Alumni Office News Two Students Startle Alumni With Donations 
April 4th, 1946 George Soltau Column Foxwell Asks It's Spring ... So Be Prepared For Anything 
April 4th, 1946 Bobby Given Column Dr. King Lowers Spring Fevers 
April 4th, 1946 Sam Campbell Information Lits Bring Sam Campbell For Colorful Nature Talk 
April 4th, 1946 Tradiquette Information Seniors Promise Book Tomorrow 
April 4th, 1946 Art Lewis News Art Lewis Rates First In State 
April 4th, 1946 Expression Recital Information Reader Abridges Cronins 'Citadel' 
April 4th, 1946 Alumni Association Contest News Stan Goerner Wins First Alumni Prize 
April 4th, 1946 Mr. Earl A. Winsor News He Conducts Electricity To Shocking Degree 
April 4th, 1946 Now's The Time Column Now's The Time 
April 4th, 1946 Student Council Column For All Good Men ...  
April 4th, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
April 4th, 1946 Betty Scott Stam Column Prayer 
April 4th, 1946 Women Column Is Your Personality Punch Up To Par? Try This! 
April 4th, 1946 Hubbub ...  Column Hubbub ...  
April 4th, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
April 4th, 1946 Cornne R. Smith Column Et-ification ... 
April 4th, 1946 Raymond Ludwigson News Theologian Invents Biblical Slide Rule 
April 4th, 1946 Gerrit Verkuyl News Verkuyl Revises New Testament 
April 4th, 1946 Carroll True Column Orchesta Stars Negro Baritone 
April 4th, 1946 "Senior Panic" Information Panicky Seniors Let Off Steam 
April 4th, 1946 Student Council Elections News Council O.K.s Election Rows 
April 4th, 1946 Christian Nurses Society Information Campus Nurses Lead Pre-Med Meeting 
April 4th, 1946 Conference of Liberal Arts Colleges Information Six Profs To Represent Wheaton At Conclave 
April 4th, 1946 "Mastersingers" Information Choralists Bring Variety Concert 
April 4th, 1946 Criminology Students News Students Go To Court For Crime Study 
April 4th, 1946 Students of Clinical Psychology News Psychologists Visit 'Cure' For Alcoholics 
April 4th, 1946 Men's Qudrangle News College Awards Contracts For First Men's Building/North Hall Builders To Erect New Dorm 
April 4th, 1946 Public Affairs Forum Information PAF To Sponsor Current Movies  
April 4th, 1946 Football Sports Orange and Blue Gridman Drill Daily On Contact Fundamentals 
April 4th, 1946 Football Sports Steward, Varner Lead Scoring In Matches 
April 4th, 1946 Weekend Houseparties Information Houses To Hold Novel Parties 
April 4th, 1946 Academy Musicians Information Prepsters To Present Evening of Music 
April 4th, 1946 Tennis Sports Tennis Promises Campus Comeback 
April 4th, 1946 Relays Sports Jack and George 
April 4th, 1946 Baseball Sports Crusaders Open Baseball Season Agaisnst Chicago here Saturday 
April 4th, 1946 Athletics Sports Orange and Blue Runners Capture Relay Event; Buker Bests Record 
April 4th, 1946 Katie Peace Column Gym WAAstics 
April 4th, 1946 Wrestling Sports Frosh Attain Mat Honors 
April 4th, 1946 Youth For Christ News Globe Trotters Report Successful Meetings 
April 4th, 1946 Special Chapel Information Deutch Chapel To Hear North Central Ex-Dean 
April 4th, 1946 Student Housing Information Men Take Over Women's Houses 
April 4th, 1946 Roger J. Voskuyl News Atom Expert Explains Project To Chem Club 
April 4th, 1946 Wheaton College Concert  News Marches Stud Band Concert 
April 4th, 1946 Charles Young News Professor Contrasts Russia, United States 
April 4th, 1946 Muriel Fuller News Grad Publishes Story of Train 
April 4th, 1946 Baseball Sports Coats Make Team Bright 
April 4th, 1946 James E. Bennet Information Lawyer Bennett To Be Among Guest Speakers 
April 11th, 1946 Athletics Sports Offer Prize For Naming New Athletic Conference 
April 11th, 1946 Russell Mixter News Prof Discusses Science Texts 
April 11th, 1946 Mastersingers Information Phils, Celts Back Ensemble Concert 
April 11th, 1946 Don Safstrom Information  Safstrom To Edit Post-Vacation 'Record' 
April 11th, 1946 George Soltau Column Just Ask A Senior! 
April 11th, 1946 All-School Monthly Magazine Information Profs To Judge Magazine Title 
April 11th, 1946 'The Tower' Information Final Stages Prepare 'Tower' For Release 
April 11th, 1946 V. Raymond Edman News Edman Stresses Financial Need In College Building Program 
April 11th, 1946 E.F. Column 'All Things Are Possible' 
April 11th, 1946 Excess Legislation? Editorial Excess Legislation? 
April 11th, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
April 11th, 1946 Betty Scott Stam Column What is That Voice? 
April 11th, 1946 Margie Vander Mey Column Vital Positions Beckon Home Economics Majors 
April 11th, 1946 Marilyn Sykes Column Drop That Book; Hit The Road! 
April 11th, 1946 Hubbub ...  Column Hubbub ... 
April 11th, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
April 11th, 1946 Coinne R. Smith Column Et-ification 
April 11th, 1946 Football Sports College Nine Capture First Two Games Strodel Tames N.P. Hitters, Chicago Drops Game In 9th 
April 11th, 1946 Athletics Sports Freshmen Overwhelm Sophs In Track Meet 
April 11th, 1946 Katie Peace Column Gym WAAstics 
April 11th, 1946 Athletics Column Jack and George 
April 11th, 1946 Renovations, Repairs and Additions News Maintenance Crew Revamps Registrar's Office, Chapel 
April 11th, 1946 Faculty Housing Shortage Information Faculty Obtains College Houses 
April 11th, 1946 Carter Cody News Grad of '39 Chosen As Local Field Man 
April 11th, 1946 Honor Convocation News '46 Again Cops Honor Trophy 
April 11th, 1946 Academy Honors News Academy Bestows Semester Honors 
April 11th, 1946 Elizabeth Evans Information Local Pastor To Give Talk After Easter 
April 11th, 1946 Spring Vacation Information Teams Take Easter Tours 
April 25th, 1946 After-Lit Concert Information Mastersingers To Present First Full Campus Concert 
April 25th, 1946 Chapel Attendance Information Check Attendance With New System 
April 25th, 1946 Illinois College Press Association Meeting Information Scribes Attend Press Pow-Wow 
April 25th, 1946 Evan D. Welsh Information Welsh Leaves Church To Pastor In Detroit  
April 25th, 1946 Judith Pichart Information Pickart Sings Senior Recital 
April 25th, 1946 Chapel Behavior Information Alumni Offer $ 5 For Chapel Essay 
April 25th, 1946 Lester W. Groom Information Organist Plays Final Recital 
April 25th, 1946 Florence E. Cobb Information Interpret 'Macbeth' In Speech Recital 
April 25th, 1946 All-School Monthly Magazine Information Free Airplane ride Promised To Author of Winning Title/ Students To Name Campus Magazine 
April 25th, 1946 Academy Concert Information 'Compass' To Give Benefit concert 
April 25th, 1946 Hogs and Dogs Column Hogs and Dogs 
April 25th, 1946 George Schum Column Generally Speaking 
April 25th, 1946 Cornne R. Smith Column Et-ification 
April 25th, 1946 Betty Scott Stam Column Romance Is ... ? 
April 25th, 1946 George Soltau Column Freshman Brag Hopefully About Own Record Issues 
April 25th, 1946 "Our Life" News 'Birds' Is Burden Of Arrow's Talk 
April 25th, 1946 Lee Lewis Column Singer Exults At Tour's End 
April 25th, 1946 Fitch Column Fact and Fitchion 
April 25th, 1946 Football Sports Herzl's Nine Bows Twice To Wheaton Diamondmen 
April 25th, 1946 Tennis Sports Gym WAASstics 
April 25th, 1946 Athletics Sports Relay Team Wins Under Handicap 
April 25th, 1946 Tennis Sports Cardinals Press Crusader Team 
April 25th, 1946 Katie Peace  Column Schools to Hold Play Day Here 
April 25th, 1946 Scarlet Fever News Scarlet Fever Sends Women Singers Home 
April 25th, 1946 "March of Time" Information PAF Shows Films Of Stratigic Nations 
April 25th, 1946 Reuben A. Torrey Information Chapel To Hear China Worker 
April 25th, 1946 American Chemical Society News Chem Convention Visited by Profs 
April 25th, 1946 Williston Girls Information Feature Hillbillies At Williston Party 
April 25th, 1946 Alumni Fund News '45 Heads List of Fund Donors 
April 25th, 1946 Clinical Psychology Class Information Psychology Students To Visit Hospital 
April 25th, 1946 Don Safstrom Column Frosh Editor Names Staff 
May 2nd, 1946 Bobbie Given Column Women's Glee Club To Present Annual Spring Concert 
May 2nd, 1946 Upper Chapel After-Lit Program Information Profs To Provide After-Lit Humor 
May 2nd, 1946 Fred Howe Column Geologists Enjoy Wet Field Trip 
May 2nd, 1946 Veterans Housing Unit Information Housing Completion Date Set 
May 2nd, 1946 Anonymous Faculty Committe Rating News Committee Rates Chapel Behavior 
May 2nd, 1946 After-Lit Night News Student Ensemble Performs Before Eager Audience 
May 2nd, 1946 Spring Banquet Information Choir To Banqut At The Edgewater Beach 
May 2nd, 1946 Skimmed Scripture Column Skimmed Scripture 
May 2nd, 1946 Christian Vicory Column Christian Victory 
May 2nd, 1946 'Life Begins' Campaign News Campaign Begins In 'Windy City' 
May 2nd, 1946 My Daisy Column An Original By Henry Hales 
May 2nd, 1946 Ginny Fletcher Column Gallant '49ners Offer Tips To Gullible Sophomores 
May 2nd, 1946 Class of '49 Column Frosh Prexy Speaks 
May 2nd, 1946 Dave Norbeck Column Mud --- Slightly Anhydrous 
May 2nd, 1946 Tennis Sports netmen Serve Defeat To Valto and Elmhurst 
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