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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1946 August 15 Kodon magazine front page 'Kodon' To Present Giles In Humour 'Tension Lifter' 
1946 August 15 Dr. Clyde W. Meredith front page Meredith Speaks at Convocation 
1946 August 15 Stan Goerner Front Page Council to Offer Artist Concerts 
1946 August 15 Senators Brooks and Lucas Front Page Senators Spark PAF Schedule 
1946 August 15 Al Drake  Front Page Drake, Aigner to complete Freshman Welcome Plans 
1946 August 15 Joseph P. Free Front Page Dr. Free Directs Casting of Map 
1946 August 15 George A. Dunlap Front Page College Releases Latest Additions 
1946 August 15 Miriam Fackler Front Page Record Editor Opens Writing Positions 
1946 August 15 Albert S. Nichols Front Page Officials Admit Few New Women 
1946 August 15 Enrollment Front Page Juniors Boast Top Enrollment 
1946 August 15 Ethel B. Patterson Front Page Housing Shortage Eases 
1946 August 15 College, an Open Door to Life Voices Why You Come 
1946 August 15 Christian College Education Voices Who Should Come? 
1946 August 15 Tradiquette Editorial And These Are Traditions 
1946 August 15 Don Campbell Letters to the Editor Helpful Oldsters Offer Hints To Frosh 
1946 August 15 Paul Martin News Profs Prepare Workbooks for Science, Greek Classes 
1946 August 15 Labs News Scientists Gain Basement Labs 
1946 August 15 H. William Nordin News Choralists Elect Nordin Director 
1946 August 15 Fred Howe News Scholars Find Greek Class Electrifying 
1946 August 15 Ruth Lindal News Editors Report Final Setback in 'Tower' Date 
1946 August 15 Charles C. Brooks News Councilors Discuss Problems at Resort 
1946 August 15 Rana B. McDonald News Plenty of 'Jobs' Office Asserts 
1946 August 15 Mel Lyons News Coach Relies on Vets to Spark'47 Gridders 
1946 August 15 Coach Coray Sports Wheaton Rallies to Aid Al Platt 
1946 August 15 The New North Hall Dining Room Sports Diners to Eat in New Style 
1946 August 15 Basketball Sports Nine Colleges Set to Play under Illinois Conference 
1946 September 19 annual faculty reception front page Faculty Shortens Lines At Freshmen Reception 
1946 September 19 Dr. C. Gregg Singer front page Singer Challenges Wheaton To Lead 
1946 September 19 Blanche Branche; Ray McAfee front page Sophs Present Movies, Music 
1946 September 19 Kodon writers front page Explain Opportunites To Campus Journalists 
1946 September 19 Kodon initiation program front page 'Kodon' Sponsors Giles in Comedy 
1946 September 19 Jane Randale front page Randale Opens Artist Series 
1946 September 19 North Hall diners front page Diners Afforded Enlarged Hall 
1946 September 19 aeronautics front page College Offers Flying Course 
1946 September 19 Alumni gym barracks front page 87 Men Housed In Alumni Gym 
1946 September 19 Wheaton's big and little brothers and sisters front page Entrees Entertained By Older Helpers 
1946 September 19 literary societies front page Diner Launches Lit Activities 
1946 September 19 Harvey Chrouser sports Opener Draws Near, Chrouser Shapes Team 
1946 September 19 Gil Dodds sports Gil Dodds Tops Year's Record 
1946 September 19 cross country sports Tracksters Face Important Meets 
1946 September 19 sports summary sports Scratches from Scrimmage 
1946 September 26 Chairman Dave Case front page Chairman Case Announces Present Homecoming Plans 
1946 September 26 graduate chapel front page Chapel Overflows To College Church 
1946 September 26 North Hall addition front page Gym To Be Empty Before Christmas 
1946 September 26 Emma Jane Randalle front page Artist Presents Speech Recital 
1946 September 26 Kodon subscription front page Orders Reflect Program's Spark 
1946 September 26 largest enrollment front page Seniors Number Fewest Members 
1946 September 26 Miss Miriam Fackler front page Fackler to instruct RECORD Journalists 
1946 September 26 field staff front page Field Staff Adds Five Members 
1946 September 26 Edwin J. Pittman front page Pittman Assumes Businses Post 
1946 September 26 Rev. Mervin E. Rosell front page Rosell To Speak At Fall Services 
1946 September 26 North Hall front page Homecomers To See Finished North Hall 
1946 September 26 Glenn Barker front page Scribes Choose Barker Advisor 
1946 September 26 campus literary societies front page Literatists Lay Semester Program Plans 
1946 September 26 The Record Editorial Aiming High 
1946 September 26 Dr. Robert C. Stone Editorial  Council Account 
1946 September 26 C. S. Lewis Editorial Church Clippings 
1946 September 26 Connie Calenberg Editorial There is Such Strength 
1946 September 26 Hap Holsinger Editorial Biggest Change on Campus? 'Flowers, Women, Prices!' 
1946 September 26 Frank Freed Voices Freed Clears up Council Status 
1946 September 26 A. Humble Freshman Voices So Fume the Frosh 
1946 September 26 A. Freindly Soph Voices So Say the Sophs 
1946 September 26 Eleven Ready for Expected Air Attack Sports Crusader Gridmen Encounter Concordia in Opener 
1946 September 26 Harriers Prepare For 6-Mile Run Sports Coray Announces Director of Intramural Activities 
1946 September 26 Rose Arzoomanian News Prep Yearbook Presents Singer, Hustad, Karollers 
1946 September 26 Dr. V. Raymond News Council Sponsors Chapel Programs 
1946 September 26 Wheaton Wives' Club News Wives Offer Welcome to Latest Newcomers 
1946 September 26 Philalethean Literary Society News Phils Plan Outing at Hastings Lake 
1946 September 26 Dr. Rebecca Price News Fancher to Lead Graduate Club 
1946 September 26 Dr. Robert L. Cooke News Teachers to Gather for Papers, Initiation 
1946 September 26 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney News College Starts Grad Library 
1946 September 26 Mr. Robert Clark News Missionary Presents Slides at Fellowship 
1946 September 26 William F. Santelmann News Archaeology Classes Try New Preceptorial System 
1946 September 26 Stan Goerner News Goerner Lays Out Council Concerts 
1946 October 3 Dr. C. C. Brooks Front Page Dean Announces Increases in Student Fee Divisions 
1946 October 3 Carnegie Foundation Front Page Council Resumes Music in Lounge 
1946 October 3 Fire at Beckon House Front Page Fire Evicts Students From Beckon House 
1946 October 3 Dr. Roger J. Voskuyl Front Page Voskuyl Chosen Academic Planner 
1946 October 3 YWCA Camp in the Black Hills Front Page YWCA Calls Halt on Camp Lease 
1946 October 3 Rev. Mervin E. Rosell Front Page Rosell Preaches, Skinner Sings in October Evangelistic Series 
1946 October 3 Grace Raws Front Page Raws to Direct First Pep Rally 
1946 October 3 Arthur Volle Front Page Volle Appointed Vocation Guide 
1946 October 3 Junior Class Jackets Front Page Juniors to Select Class Coat Fabric 
1946 October 3 Faculty Raise Front Page Trustees to Grant Faculty "Cost of Living" Raise 
1946 October 3 Dr. Carl F. H. Henry Front Page Dr. Henry Writes Philosophy Text 
1946 October 3 Environment News Trash Trouble 
1946 October 3 Homecoming News Parents' Heyday 
1946 October 3 Football News Support The Team 
1946 October 3 Devotion Voices Come Ye Aside... 
1946 October 3 Evangelistic Services News Student Opinion Favors Preaching Over Studies 
1946 October 3 Student Life Voices You Name It 
1946 October 3 Student Council News Council Account 
1946 October 3 Church News News Church Clippings... 
1946 October 3 Inky the Kitten news Kitten Threatens To Usurp Treasured Editor's Throne 
1946 October 3 North Hall dining hall news Building Halts Dining Parties in North Hall 
1946 October 3 Hemorrhage News Hemorrhage Confines Prof After Attendance Record 
1946 October 3 Sophomore Court News Sophomore Court Climaxes Rought Week for Freshies 
1946 October 3 Prayer Service News Council Revises Prayer Service 
1946 October 3 Soccer Sports Philips Arranges Soccer Schedule 
1946 October 3 Football Sports 'B' Team Gridders Face LaSalle-Peru Under Lights 
1946 October 3 George Schum Sports Jawin' with George 
1946 October 3 Football Sports Juniors Clash with Seniors in First Game 
1946 October 3 Glee Club News Songsters To Travel North, South, East 
1946 October 3 Public Affairs Forum News Farah Announces Forum Programs 
1946 October 3 Campus Life News Polio, Operation Send Two Men To Hospital 
1946 October 3 The Record News Record Staff Treks To Glen Ellyn Lodge 
1946 October 3 Rev. Sidney Correll News Editor Correll Asks About Mission Call 
1946 October 3 Lit Formals News Lits Revive Tradition Of Pre- War Formals 
1946 October 3 Basketball Sports Aspirants Begin Bucket Practice 
1946 October 3 Debate News Debaters Raise Labor Questions 
1946 October 3 Campus Life News 'Rough' Junior's Plan Saturday Lake Outing 
1946 October 3 College Choir News Choir Rehearses Annual Oratorio 
1946 October 3 Football News Equipment Costs Defrayed By Reserved Seat Sales 
1946 October 3 Campus Life News Club Initiates Year's Program 
1946 October 10 Ken Kennard Front Page Bulging Bookcases Reveal Characters Of Music Head 
1946 October 10 United States Marine Band Front Page Tickets Offered For Band Concert 
1946 October 10 Ella Anderson Front Page Anderson Begins Recital Series 
1946 October 10 Unlimited Chapel Cuts front page Registrar Lists Cut Claimants 
1946 October 10 Wheaton alumni association front page Reveal Officers At Homecoming 
1946 October 10 Kodon Contest front page 'Kodon' Plans Anecdote Contest 
1946 October 10 Pierce Chapel Rally front page Chapel Made Setting For Republican Rally 
1946 October 10 Carnegie Foundation phonograph front page Group Initiates Co-Rec Concerts 
1946 October 10 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney front page Chapel Stresses Basis Of Faith 
1946 October 10 Illinois Collegiate Press Convention front page Scribes Attend Press Conclave 
1946 October 10 Mrs. and Dr. Clarence Nystrom front page Nystroms Entertains Lit Divison Profs 
1946 October 10 Dave Case front page Case Announces Weekend Theme 
1946 October 10 Miss Francis White front page Faculty Club Honors New Members At Tea 
1946 October 10 revival news Imitation Revival 
1946 August 15 The Artist Series Voices Council Prexy Previews Year; Attempts To Aid Homeless Vets 
1946 September 19 Herb Eggleston; Glenn Samuelson front page Heads announce '48 Tower Staff 
1946 September 19 freshmen vesper and singspiration  front page Vespers Display Freshman Talent 
1946 September 26 Don Parker and Chuck Schoenherr Sports Injuries Take Backs from Season Opener 
1946 October 3 Football Sports Crusaders Initiate Wheaton Seizes 13 Points in First Quarter Rushes 
1946 October 3 Football Sports Season by Crushing Cougars 
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