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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
October 11, 1945 The seminars Information Revise Seminars In Anthropology 
October 11, 1945 A Red Cross college unit News ARC Sets Up Campus Unit 
October 18, 1945 Fireworks Information Victory Is To Keynote Homecoming 
October 11, 1945 Dedication of the graduate building Information Edman Dedicates Grad Building 
October 11, 1945 Sharon Ann Brand News Sharon Increases Brand Household 
October 11, 1945 Recitals Information Recital Opens Speech Series 
October 11, 1945 Practices over News Men Prepare For Spring Tour 
October 11, 1945 Betty Howard Column Novices Quake As Exams Near 
October 11, 1945 Something new was added News Stupe Serves 100 At Sunday Opening 
October 18, 1945 Martha Prevette News Tower Duo Draws Crowd 
October 18, 1945 Rich Brown Wool Information Juniors Select Jackets Of Deep Brown Hue 
October 18, 1945 Geraldine Lawhorn Information Miss Lawhorn Has Varied Talents 
October 18, 1945 Howie Hendricks Information Introduce Quiz At Initial Sing 
October 18, 1945 Red Cross Officers News Red Cross Official Address Chapel-goers 
October 18, 1945 Dr. Edman Column To Coin A Phrase . . . 
October 18, 1945 Mark Lee Column Lee Offers Culture 
October 18, 1945 The Wheaton Record News The Wheaton Record 
October 18, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column The Next Question 
October 18, 1945 George B. Schum Jr. Column Is it The Cheerleaders Or Could We Be Wrong? 
October 18, 1945 Fred Howe Column Unearth Hymnals After Mad Search 
October 18, 1945 4-D's Information Says 4-D's Must Pay Their Debts 
October 18, 1945 The Mourning After . . . Column The Mourning After . . . 
October 18, 1945 Elmer Fitch Column Facts and Fitchion 
October 18, 1945 Chapel Nuggets . . . Column Chapel Nuggets . . . 
October 18, 1945 Chapel Nuggets . . . Column Chapel Nuggets . . . 
October 18, 1945 Marriages . . . Announcement Marriages . . . 
October 18, 1945 DeVries' Crusaders Anticipate Win Number Two Over Bluejays News Ends Pose Problem As Coach Plots Saturday Lineup 
October 18, 1945 Jack Mayhall News Mayhall Scores Three To Insure Team's Victory 
October 18, 1945 24-6 News Grads Lead Race By 24-6 
October 18, 1945 Sparta A. B. A. soccer team News Crusader Booters Bow To Sparta Semi-pros 
October 18, 1945 Jack Mayhall Information Sportscribblings . . . 
October 18, 1945 Crusader Harriers Information Perfect Score Snares Meet For Runners 
October 18, 1945 Coach Gil Wisconsin Information Harriers To Travel For Wisconsin Meet 
October 18, 1945 Miles Strodel, Dubs Norbeck, Stan Goerner, and Glen Franke News Lits Stress Sport Theme Friday Night 
October 18, 1945 Prudy Todd and Henry Waterman Information Students Participate In Moody Radio Quiz 
October 18, 1945 Elmhurst Saturday News Busses To Transport Rooters To Elmhurst 
October 18, 1945 WAA Information Group Deck Campus Halls 
October 18, 1945 Remininance Announcement MBI'ers Hear Letters 
October 18, 1945 Aspirtants Information Green Talks To Chem Club 
October 18, 1945 Organized for the coming year News Washingtonians Dine, Select Chairman 
October 18, 1945 Principle speakers Information Well-Known Men Talk 
October 18, 1945 Chaplain Homer Paine News Chaplain Reviews Moral Conditions 
October 18, 1945 For the next concert Information "Formal" Is Next (Continued from page 1) 
October 18, 1945 Hallowe'en spirit Information Wayside Holds Party At Stables 
October 18, 1945 Wheaton's cheering Information Leaders Urge Fans To Learn Fight Song (Continued from page 3) 
October 25, 1945 The G.I. variety show Information Vets Depict Battle Scenes 
October 25, 1945 "Victory Through Christ" Information Offer Trophy For Decoration 
October 25, 1945 Cheers inaugurate Information Fireworks Top Cheer Session 
October 25, 1945 Alumni and students Information Homecomers Worship In Chapel Sunday 
October 25, 1945 Homecoming  Information Expect 500 for Weekend 
October 25, 1945 Open house Information Preps Exhibit New Quarters 
October 25, 1945 Elaine MacFarson Column Campus Coeds Fall In Love; Don't Worry--Just Kitten'! 
October 25, 1945 Homecomers News Servicemen Form Campus Club 
October 25, 1945 One grand piano Information Men's Choir Buys Piano With Bond 
October 25, 1945 The changes Question and answers 'Dictatorial!' Vets Label Cut System 
October 25, 1945 The college house News Christen New House For Former Registrar 
October 25, 1945 Yell contest News Cheer Contest Flops With Seven Entries 
October 25, 1945 Dedication Information Grads Show New Building In Dedication 
October 25, 1945 Home economic majors Information Men Name Cooks At 'Box Social' 
October 25, 1945 Wheatonites  News Book Represents Creative Work Of 70 Students 
October 25, 1945 The research documents News Edman Resumes Moule's History 
October 25, 1945 Promises a meeting Information Dr. Singer Plans PAF Opening 
October 25, 1945 As a spontaneous result News 70 Pledges Swell Ranks Of FMF 
October 25, 1945 Guest speaker News Sigma Pi Inaugurates Publicly Campaign 
October 25, 1945 They've Been Coming Back Since '23 Column They've Been Coming Back Since '23 
October 25, 1945 Facts And Fitchion Column Facts And Fitchion 
October 25, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column Foundations 
October 25, 1945 Corinne R. Smith Column Campus 'Emily' Elucidates How To Do What When 
October 25, 1945 The Mourning After ... Column The Mourning After ... 
October 25, 1945 Dotty Curtis Column Communique ... 
October 25, 1945 Fred Howe Column 1923 Is Essential Date In Homecoming Annals 
October 25, 1945 "International Trade" News Pi Kapps Outline Debate Attack 
October 25, 1945 Seniors met News '46 Congregates For Early Feed 
October 25, 1945 Chicken at Stanton stables News Emphasize 'Eats' At Houseparties 
October 25, 1945 Music from the Carnegie Information Announce Marinees For Record-Lovers 
October 25, 1945 Dr. Frank Dusen News Add 3 Musicians To Conservatory For Vacancies 
October 25, 1945 The first foreign language chapel Information Pseudo-Frenchmen Gather In Chapel 
October 25, 1945 The dilemma News Senior Hunts Solution To Spelling Troubles 
October 25, 1945 Hey Gang! Let's Go! Song Hey Gang! Let's Go! 
October 25, 1945 Grade school teachers Information Faculty Tea Honors Community Teachers 
October 25, 1945 Fight Song Song Fight Song 
October 25, 1945 Wheaton's running attack Sports Orange And Blue Attack Topples Elmhurst Passing Threats, 31-12 
October 25, 1945 Crusader Harriers Sports Locals Face Chicago U.; Dodds To Run 
October 25, 1945 First badminton Sports Practices Introduce Intramural Badminton 
October 25, 1945 An alumni soccer team Sports Alumni Challenge Varsity Booters 
October 25, 1945 On the hockey field Sports GymWAAstics ... 
October 25, 1945 Cause for concern Sports Sportscribblings ... 
October 25, 1945 Wisconsin university Sports Wisconsin Champs Top Wheaton Harriers 
October 25, 1945 Close football Sports Rate Homecoming Tilt A Tossip; Loras Duhawks Held Slight Favorites 
October 25, 1945 Intramural touch football  Sports Grad Gridders Lead At Tourney Midpoint 
October 25, 1945 Down memory lane Information Lits Glance Into History 
October 25, 1945 Paul Allen Column Prexy Loses Ph.D. In Flight Home 
October 25, 1945 "Theologs" will revel Information Theologians Play 
October 25, 1945 Decorations Information Festivities Spur Decoration Zeal 
October 25, 1945 Undertaking to pay Information Alumni Undertake $25,000 Project 
October 25, 1945 Alumni activities Information Scribe Burrows Among Archives (Continued from page 5) 
October 25, 1945 Missing from the Loras Sports Gridders Face Loras (Continued from page 7) 
November 1, 1945 An organ recital Information Teacher Plays Handel Concerto In Organ Group 
November 1, 1945 Taken to the Geneva hospital News Donors Supply Blood For Fischer 
November 1, 1945 Faculty members News Edman Announces Salary Increase 
November 1, 1945 Three buses Information Three Busses To Take Rooters To Naperville 
November 1, 1945 Fourteen Record staff members Information Scribes Trek To Conference 
November 1, 1945 DeWitt Jayne News Jayne Fashions Model Campus 
November 1, 1945 Paul Allen Column Janitors Evict Rattling Coeds From Sanctum 
November 1, 1945 Will present a concert Information Tower Brings Lange Group For Concert 
November 1, 1945 Alumni and visitors News 1300 Jam Campus Halls At Fall Homecoming 
November 1, 1945 Doctor Gallup Has Nothing On Us Column Doctor Gallup Has Nothing On Us 
November 1, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column Guidance 
November 1, 1945 Would Campaigns Arouse Council Election Interest? Question and Answer Would Campaigns Arouse Council Election Interest? 
November 1, 1945 Helpful Hank Letter Helpful Hank Suggests Reserved Band Section 
November 1, 1945 Everyone is swinging aboard Information Everyone is swinging aboard 
November 1, 1945 The Mourning After ... Column The Mourning After ... 
November 1, 1945 Facts and Fitchion Column Facts and Fitchion 
November 1, 1945 Conservatory recital Information Pupils Offer Varied Music In Recital 
November 1, 1945 Girls of the Mortweet house Information Hold "Dateless" Party 
November 1, 1945 Howard Jones Information Jones Brothers Play For Chapel 
November 1, 1945 A skating party Information Skating Party Calls Food Service Workers 
November 1, 1945 A hike to Glen Ellyn Information Indian Summer Colors North Hall Party 
November 1, 1945 Indian thought Information Internationals Study Indian Customs, Food 
November 1, 1945 Academy Junior league Information College Men Lead Academy Service 
November 1, 1945 Dictionary of American Biography News 21 Biography Volumes Supplement Library 
November 1, 1945 Academy students Information Postures Pick Up On Academy Campus 
November 1, 1945 A 56-yard pass play News Loras Drops Crusaders In Homecoming Fray 39-7 
November 1, 1945 First all-school game Information Games To Feature All-School 'Blowout' 
November 1, 1945 Muchas Grasias Sports GymWAAstics ... 
November 1, 1945 Wheaton's Rifle club News Elect Steward Gun Club Prexy; Open Year Nov.1 
November 1, 1945 Eleven services News Supply Services With Gospel Teams 
November 1, 1945 The varsity soccer tide Sports Alumni Booters Bow To Varsity 
November 1, 1945 Chicago university Information Thinclads Rematch Against Chicago U. 
November 1, 1945 Buker Leads Squad To Perfect Score Sports Harriers; Chicago U. 
November 1, 1945 Fred Howe '49 Sports Fagged Frosh Explains Soph Pushball Victory 
November 1, 1945 Football rivalry Sports Naperville Battle Rated Close, Cory Out With Injuries 
November 1, 1945 Soccer men Sports Pennsylvania, Ursinus, Westchester Oppose Unbeaten Crusaders 
November 1, 1945 Jack Daniel Sports Sportscribblings ... 
November 1, 1945 Top honors News Seniors Decorate Tower For Homecoming Trophy 
November 1, 1945 Kenneth N. Taylor '38 News Ken Taylor Heads Grad Association 
November 1, 1945 Housed in the showcase News Showcase Displays 'This America' Series 
November 1, 1945 Work had been stolen News FMF Films Stolen 
November 1, 1945 Determined to lead News 'Cast Off Garb of Isolationism,' Committee Urges 
November 1, 1945 The party News Girls Show Off Culinary Arts 
November 1, 1945 Charles Turner Information Turner Takes Gavel In Public Affairs Club 
November 1, 1945 Prayer meeting Announcement Train Leads Prayer At Regular Meeting 
November 1, 1945 Sub sinker News Kliewer Recalls 3 Years In Jap Prison Camp 
November 8, 1945 Crusader gridders Sports Posts Shift As De Vries Plots Second Wins Over Concordia 
November 8, 1945 The result of a fall News Anderson Falls From 13 Feet 
November 8, 1945 Action taken News Council Suggests Exam Revision 
November 8, 1945 Chapel services Information Young To Speak On Research Need 
November 8, 1945 Waiter service News Upper Dinner Approve Post-War Waiters 
November 8, 1945 An academic yearbook News Prepsters Plan Initial Annual 
November 8, 1945 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News Thiessen Recovers From Serious Attack 
November 8, 1945 Harriet Gertrude Blaine Succumb Professor Dies At Wheaton Home 
November 8, 1945 Donating a formal lounge News Al Smiths Give Furnished Lounge 
November 8, 1945 Scheduled for the trip News Press Meeting Affords Big Day For Writers 
November 8, 1945 Tower of 1946 News '46 Tower Wins Honor Rating 
November 8, 1945 A program Information Red Cross To Show Technicolor Slides 
November 8, 1945 Jazz Column Do We Approve Of Jazz? 
November 8, 1945 Chapel Nuggets . . . Column Chapel Nuggets . . . 
November 8, 1945 The Wheaton Record Announcement The Wheaton Record 
November 8, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column Dangerous Praying 
November 8, 1945 Jack MacDonald Information Students Judge Operas Necessary To Education 
November 8, 1945 Dr. Clarence J. Simpson News Classics Unite Knight Program 
November 8, 1945 Monroe Sholund Column Sholund Regrets 'Onions' 
November 8, 1945 The Morning After . . . Column The Morning After . . . 
November 8, 1945 Facts and Fictions . . . Information Facts and Fictions . . . 
November 8, 1945 Wheaton's Crusader Harriers Sports Score 2nd Win Over Chicago U Thinclads 25-30 
November 8, 1945 WAA News GumWAAstics . . . 
November 8, 1945 Jack Daniel News Sportscribblings . . . 
November 8, 1945 Bob Steward Sport Town Team Shades Crusader Gun Club 
November 8, 1945 Football Team Sport Grads Cop I-M Football Title 
November 8, 1945 Crusader Harriers News Harriers To Compete In Normal Invitational 
November 8, 1945 Football team Sports Blocked Kick Gives Cards Victory Over Crusaders  
November 8, 1945 Made a visit News Writers Watch Engraver Work 
November 8, 1945 School party Information Plan All-School Skate For Pre-holiday Fun 
November 8, 1945 French students Information Students Attend Woship Service In French Church 
November 8, 1945 Recital Information Pupils Perform In Recital Hall 
November 8, 1945 Academy literary societies News Academy Maintains Social Program With Party, Lits 
November 8, 1945 Educational films Information Three Films Coming 
November 8, 1945 Correction ... Editorial revise Correction ... 
November 15, 1945 Freshmen elected News Frosh Re-elect Blaschke To Permanent Prexy Post 
November 15, 1945 Seven different views News Speakers Debate Religious Views 
November 15, 1945 Out of the total tuition paid News Registrar Explains Fund Allocations 
November 15, 1945 Replace the faculty tea Information Feature Franck On Faculty Tea 
November 15, 1945 Round Robin Information Debaters Argue Tariff Issue 
November 15, 1945 Fred Howe Column Scribe Divulges Historic Data In Fowl Thesis 
November 15, 1945 Lee Lewis Column Tardinesses Draw Amazing Excuses ... 
November 15, 1945 Harpist Margaret Sweeney Information Orchestra Stars Chicago Harpist 
November 15, 1945 Dormitories for men Information Trustees Propose Dorms For Men 
November 15, 1945 Student and faculty options Information Students Favor Off Campus Fete 
November 15, 1945 Celt Hall Information Faculty To Organize Thanksgiving Party 
November 15, 1945 Carroll L. True Column Little Symphony Gives 'Thrilling' Performance 
November 15, 1945 Mrs. Ralph E. Neighbor News Students Hear EEC Director 
November 15, 1945 At a short meeting News Sophomores Elect Council Delegate 
November 15, 1945 Skating parties Information Buses Transport Skaters To Rink 
November 15, 1945 The annual feast Information Writer Briefs Turkey Diners (Continued from page 1) 
November 15, 1945 A program of motion pictures Information Affairs Forum Begins News Film Showing 
November 15, 1945 Barb Lewis '45 News Sleep Excuses Tardy Scholar (Continued from page 1) 
November 15, 1945 As a deviation News Students Attend German Service 
November 15, 1945 Moodyites Information Moodyites To Sponsor Progressive Dinner 
November 15, 1945 Bill Standridge Column Lit Revives War Victim: Celt Weekly 
November 15, 1945 Dr. Kenneth P. Landon News Grad Helps Formulate Jap Surrender Terms 
November 15, 1945 Don Safstrom  Column Booths Vanish Overnight In Stupe Metamorphosis 
November 15, 1945 Dottie Curtis Column Servicemen Think Of Return Home 
November 15, 1945 Seven dorm parties Information Week-End Sees Full Schedule Of House Parties 
November 15, 1945 Opened the Red Cross program News Red Cross Shows Patriotic Slides 
November 15, 1945 Were crowned prince and princess News Crown Royalty In Posture Vote 
November 15, 1945 Harry Westberg News Harry Westberg Heads Mission Covenaters 
November 15, 1945 Mother-Father's Day News Prepsters Invite Parents For Saturday Event 
November 15, 1945 How About Trying Political Parties?  Column How About Trying Political Parties? 
November 15, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column Thanksgiving 
November 15, 1945 President V. R. Edman Letter President Voices Jazz Disapproval 
November 15, 1945 E. T Letter Do We Know The Reason? 
November 15, 1945 Lester W. Groom Column Dr. Groom Discusses Opera From Wheaton Viewpoint 
November 15, 1945 The Mourning After ... Column The Mourning After ... 
November 15, 1945 Facts and Fitchion ... Column Facts and Fitchion ... 
November 15, 1945 Four lettermen Information Cagers Open Season Dec. 1; Four Lettermen Returning 
November 15, 1945 Jack Daniel Column Sportscribblings 
November 15, 1945 Wheaton harriers Sports Pinkerton, Team Cop Skate Meet Without Buker 
November 15, 1945 All-freshman Sports Trample Concoria For Third Victory 
November 15, 1945 Thrilling to the melody Frederick R. Sacher Warden To Address Wednesday Chapel 
November 15, 1945 The honors News Honors Awarded Best Students 
November 15, 1945 Informal Thanksgiving fellowship Information Staff Frolics Over Holiday 
November 15, 1945 Meet of the season Announcement Harriers Meet Airmen In Season's Final Run 
November 15, 1945 Spanish students Announcement Casanella Speaks To Spanish Chapel 
November 15, 1945 Barbara Danenhour Column Gym WAAstics 
November 15, 1945 At the ceremony News Service Unites Bulander-Larson 
November 15, 1945 College rifle team Information Club Entertains Maywood Team For Rifle Meet 
November 15, 1945 Elgin academy Information Elgin Last To Face Forster's Gridders 
November 23, 1945 Fifty orchestra members Information Annual Concert Includes Beethoven, Tschaikowsky 
November 23, 1945 Twenty servicemen News Henderson To Head Vet's Organization 
November 23, 1945 Movies on the Roosevelt administration Information PAF Initiates Movies Series Of New Films 
November 23, 1945 Ten appointments News Nystrom Chooses Debate Squad 
November 23, 1945 Paul Allen Monday morning Strikers Disrupt College Business By Phone Tie-up 
November 23, 1945 Hayrides hold News Dorms Celebrate With Hayrides 
November 23, 1945 Chosen by the sophomore News Sophs Determine '48 Tower Heads 
November 23, 1945 Students of oral interpretation Information Variety Spices Speech Recital 
November 23, 1945 The contest Information Alumni Sponsor Culture Essays 
November 23, 1945 Star-gazers Information Solar Fans To See Saturn 
November 23, 1945 Three Wheatonites represented News Coeds Represented In Verse Anthology 
November 23, 1945 The Wheaton Alumni association Information Alumni Sponsor Culture Essays 
November 23, 1945 Wheaton runners braved News Harriers Take Trophy In Thanksgiving Meet 
November 23, 1945 Tale Of A Coat, Or, Do We Steal? Column Tale Of A Coat, Or, Do We Steal? 
November 23, 1945 What's The Point? Column What's The Point? 
November 23, 1945 C.C. Brooks Column In Christ 
November 23, 1945 Lee Lewis Column Quiz Elicits Suggestions For Chapel Improvement 
November 23, 1945 The Mourning After ... Column The Mourning After ... 
November 23, 1945 Facts and Fitchion ... Column Facts and Fitchion ... 
November 23, 1945 Margaret J. McNaugton Poem A Solar Eclipse 
November 23, 1945 Potential wrestlers News New Mat Coach Issues Call For Wrestlers 
November 23, 1945 Physical education majors News WAA Hockyites Cop Host College Trophy 
November 23, 1945 Perfect scoring News Locals Quash Airmen With Perfect Score 
November 23, 1945 Returning to Wheaton News Olson Takes Up Coaching Duties After Navy Team 
November 23, 1945 Intramural volleyball  Information Volleyball Next On I-M Schedule 
November 23, 1945 Ray Buker Information Buker Faces Top Runners 
November 23, 1945 Jack Daniel Column Sportscribblings ... 
November 23, 1945 Held a meeting News Radio Club To Operate Amateur Set 
November 23, 1945 Wheaton booters Sports Booters To Play Terminal Game 
November 23, 1945 Traveling to Aurora Information Aurora Hears Messiah 
November 23, 1945 Ruth Tietje Column Lit-Lites ... 
November 23, 1945 Chi Sigma Theta News Club Initiates Novices, Profs 
November 29, 1945 Climaxing their concert News Coates Climaxes Evening Recital 
November 29, 1945 Pi Gamma Mu News Thirteen Initiated Into Honor Society 
November 29, 1945 Rev. J.C Macaulay News Macaulay Speaks At Dedication 
November 29, 1945 Buildings and grounds office information Dark Room Instituted In Plumb Basement 
November 29, 1945 Bill Standridge Column Butter Off Ration List After Two Years ... 
November 29, 1945 Quantity or Quality? Column Quantity or Quality? (Continued on page 2) 
November 29, 1945 First intercollegiate debates Information Debaters Travel To Lowa Tourney 
November 29, 1945 All lost and found articles News Lost Items Hawked In December Auction 
November 29, 1945 Dr. Frank W. VanDusen News Prof Undergoes Optical Surgery 
November 29, 1945 Randall Lee Habegger News Stork Delivers Son To Habeggar Home 
November 29, 1945 A program for students Information Council Sponsors Night At Moody 
November 29, 1945 Pre-Holiday High Spots Timeline Pre-Holiday High Spots 
November 29, 1945 Shall We Expand Or Set Limits? Column Shall We Expand Or Set Limits? 
November 29, 1945 Philip B. Marquart Column Unerring Knowledge 
November 29, 1945 Are Booths High-Schoolish In Chicago Restaurants? Editor Are Booths High-Schoolish In Chicago Restaurants? 
November 29, 1945 Facts and Fitchion Column Facts and Fitchion 
November 29, 1945 Dr. Russell L. Mixter Information Mixter Reveals Pre-Med Major To Be Offered 
November 29, 1945 Slides and motion pictures News Clark Presents Ecuador Views 
November 29, 1945 The annual meeting Information Deans Convene 
November 29, 1945 The Red Cross News Red Cross Forms Nursing Corps 
November 29, 1945 Russian is the subject Information Basic Russian Discussed In Lectures By Karenko 
November 29, 1945 Sigma Pi Sigma News Physicists Elect Ensign To Society 
November 29, 1945 Chemistry club program Information Halloway Shows Uses Of Soap 
November 29, 1945 Head the academy honor roll News Dean Schell Lists Honor Students 
November 29, 1945 Have returned to the states News Prep Profs Greet Vet Husbands 
November 29, 1945 Seminary club Information Graduates Debate Labor Problem 
November 29, 1945 Dr. Russell L. Mixter Information Mixter Reveals Pre-Med Major To Be Offered 
November 29, 1945 D.S.Clark Announcement  Clark Presents Ecuador Views 
November 29, 1945 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith and Miss Kathleen Cowan  Announcement  Deans Convene  
November 29, 1945 Red Cross  Information  Red Cross Forms Nursing Corps  
November 29, 1945 Russian language  Information  Basic Russian Discussed In Lectures By Karenko 
November 29, 1945 The Academy Honor Announcement Dean Schell Lists Honor Students  
November 29, 1945 Lt.Hudson Armerding U.S.N.R. and Lt. Robert Diehl  Information  Prep Profs Greet Vet Husbands  
November 29, 1945 The Christian Minister and the Labor Problem  Announcement  Graduates Debate Labor Problem  
November 29, 1945 Basketball Announcement  Open Private League Season December 7  
November 29, 1945 Bruce Stark  Information Stark To Assist At Akademy 
November 29, 1945 Yell, Cheer, Etc ... A Sports Editorial Yell, Cheer, Etc ... 
November 29, 1945 First wrestling  Sports Wrestlers Meet Illini At Champain Dec. 8 
November 29, 1945 E. C. "Ted" Curtiss Sports Ted Curtiss, Grid Official, Recounts Calling Big Ones 
November 29, 1945 Wheaton's Crusader cagers Information Meet Bethel With Hills And Davis Missing: Rudes At Center 
November 29, 1945 Barbara Danenhour Sports Gym WAAstics 
November 29, 1945 Jack Daniel Sports  Sportscribblings ... 
November 29, 1945 Plenty of surprises Information Sophs Tally The Mark At Robinhood Fete 
November 29, 1945 All four classes Information I-M Volleyball Begins Monday For All Teams 
November 29, 1945 Ray Buker News Buker Thirteenth In National Meet 
November 29, 1945 The books on the shelves Question and Answer Too Few College-Level Books On Stupe Shelf, Say Students 
November 29, 1945 Current trend for houseparties Information Many Revisions In Party Plans 
November 29, 1945 Dormitory units  Information Trustees Outline Dorm For Men 
November 29, 1945 Faculty members News Honor Clubs Discuss Campus Scholarships 
November 29, 1945 An opera Information Objects To Story (Continued from page 2) 
November 29, 1945 On the light side Information Lit-Lites 
November 29, 1945 Famous oratorio Information Present Oratorio For 18th Year 
November 29, 1945 Leon Gillaspie Information Murders Too? (Continued from page 2) 
November 29, 1945 Into the discussion of the opera Information Dr. King Seeks Better Reasons Against Opera (Continued on page 4) 
November 29, 1945 Entertain Moody Information Moody To Hear Variety Program 
November 29, 1945 Business at the supply store News Stupe Diners Increase, McKellin Announces 
December 6, 1945 Returned to Wheaton News Chrouser Returns To Coaching Job 
December 6, 1945 Business affairs News Academy Establishes Business Department 
December 6, 1945 Toastmaster Bob Blaschke  Information Grid Team Dines On Turkey Feast 
December 6, 1945 The occasion Information Sophs To Frolic Ala Robinhood 
December 6, 1945 Last Singspiration Information King's Karollers Liven Holiday Singspiration 
December 6, 1945 Handel's oratorio Information Nordin Directs Orchestra, Chorus In Annual Christmas Oratorio 
December 6, 1945 Rated second place News Wheaton Debaters Take Second Place At Lowa 
December 6, 1945 The program Information RECORD Sponsors Yule Festivities 
December 6, 1945 Rev. Kenneth Klepper Information Men's Club Presents Morning Concert 
December 6, 1945 Dr. Clarence B. Wyngarden News Serves Two Years As Army Surgeon 
December 6, 1945 Dr. Roger Voskuyl News Cut System Up For Revision 
December 6, 1945 Cornelius Jaarsma Column Defence Of Our Faith 
December 6, 1945 Ada Rury, R. N Editor Expendiency Governs Rules, Concludes Council President 
December 6, 1945 The Mourning After Column The Mourning After 
December 6, 1945 Facts and Fitchion ... Column Facts and Fitchion ... 
December 6, 1945 Rally meant victory Sports Meet Elmhurst Here Tonight; Down Bethel In Opener 45-34 
December 6, 1945 Jack Daniel Sports Sportscribblings ... 
December 6, 1945 Junior Varsity cagers Sports Jay-Vees Drop Wildcats 26-24 In Prelim Game 
December 6, 1945 Hopes for victory Sports Prep Cagers Open Private Loop Play 
December 6, 1945 Intramural volleyball Sports Volleyball Play Enters 2nd Week 
December 6, 1945 The academy "W" club Sports Academy 'W' Club Initates New men 
December 6, 1945 Wheaton's Crusader wrestlers Sports Matmen-Illini Open Season At Champaign 
December 6, 1945 Seven speech students Information Speech Recital Features Christmas Readings 
December 6, 1945 Pre-med club News Pre-medics Witness Emergency Operation 
December 6, 1945 Will enjoy dinner Information Teachers Hold Feast 
December 6, 1945 Three recitals News Musicians Give Three Recitals 
December 6, 1945 Indianas Information Indianans Fellowship 
December 6, 1945 Catching a few gleams Information Lit Lites ... 
December 6, 1945 L. A. King Column Bible Stories ... (Continued from page 1) 
December 6, 1945 Debaters News Prep Yearbook Named COMPASS By LeTourneau 
December 6, 1945 Dr. C. Gregg Singer News Singer Lectures PAF On China 
December 6, 1945 A party Information Novices Throw Party 
December 6, 1945 Film Information Prof Shows Films 
December 13, 1945 Opening the relief drive Information Open Drive For Clothing 
December 13, 1945 The pageant Information Societies Portray Nativity Scene 
December 13, 1945  Prince Crossing Information Campbell's Buys Prince Crossing Mushroom Farm 
December 13, 1945 Surprises to all Information Outside Girls Prepare Excitement For Dates 
December 13, 1945 "Holiday Headliner" Information Variety Sparks Holiday Headliner 
December 13, 1945 Lee Lewis Column Prexy Displays Borrowed Shirt On Plaid Day 
December 13, 1945 The enrollment Questions and Answers Students Divide On Query 'Should School Enlarge?' 
December 13, 1945 Christmas expression recital Information Recital Features Christmas Humor 
December 13, 1945 An all musical program Information Vespers Include Town Musicians 
December 13, 1945 Freshmen Information Freshmen To Sponsor Roller Skating Party 
December 13, 1945 One concert a week Information Suburban Audience Able To Hear Concerts By World Famed Artists 
December 13, 1945 The informal program News Students Dine Chinese Style 
December 13, 1945 Academy lits Information Lits Cooperate In Yule Program 
December 13, 1945 Football banquet News W's Awarded Preps At WAA Banquet 
December 13, 1945 Pre-med club meeting Information Maxwell Talks On Eye Dieases 
December 13, 1945 Miss Elizabeth Pollock News Christian Nurses Hear Chinese Experiences 
December 13, 1945 Fred Howe Column Wheatonites Plan To Tour South American Missions 
December 13, 1945 Bill Standridge Column Proper Christmas Presents Pose Dangerous Problems Without These Hints 
December 13, 1945 Beulah Kenagy, '47 Information Coed Realizes Air Castles 
December 13, 1945 Booklets News Future Profs Analyze Teaching Devices 
December 13, 1945 Bishop Leslie R. Marston Information Christmas Music To Hail Holidays 
December 13, 1945 Three papers News Author Leaves Gifts For Education Group 
December 13, 1945 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor News H. O. Taylor Is Pioneer In Acoustics 
December 13, 1945 By Their Works Column By Their Works 
December 13, 1945 Communique Column Communique 
December 13, 1945 Philip B. Marquart Column A Sound Mind 
December 13, 1945 Dear Editor Editor Thumbs Down On Quantity; Uphold Quality Education 
December 13, 1945 The Mourning Before Column The Mourning Before 
December 13, 1945 Facts and Fitchion Column Facts and Fitchion 
December 13, 1945 Wheaton's Crusaders News Capt. Hills Tallies 14 Points In 3rd Win  
December 13, 1945 Academy Wildcats News Uni High Drops Wildcats 40-18 
December 13, 1945 Hiatt Hall Column Hiatt Offers Thread To Volleyball Team  
December 13, 1945 Sport Sport news Sportscribblings  
December 13, 1945 Cross Country Banquet  Announcement Harriers, Dates Feed At Annual Banquet 
December 13, 1945 Junior Varsity Column J-V's Lose 26-18 
December 13, 1945 Crusaders  News Last Half Drive Downs Jays 30-27 
December 13, 1945 Chad Miller Information  Matmen Bow To Illini 19-13 At Champaign 
December 13, 1945 Pat Wanig Column GymWAAstics  
December 13, 1945 Rev. Milton B. Lindberg Information Lindberg Speaks To Seminary Club 
December 13, 1945 Oddie Truemper News Cooks Hear Truemper 
December 13, 1945 Miss Miriam Fackler Column English Prof Interviews Christian Fiction Writer 
December 13, 1945 Rosewald Museum of Science and Industry News Physicists Trek To Star Lecture 
December 13, 1945 Paul Allen Column Trips Resumed To Palestine 
December 13, 1945 DeWitt W. Jayne Information Jayne Lectures On Ancient Art 
December 13, 1945 Dr. Joseph P. Free Information Free Writes Series For Sunday Schools 
December 17, 1945 Santa's burden Information Santa To Arrange Short Local Stop 
December 13, 1945 The Record editor's explanation News Chiefs Explain Program Origin 
December 13, 1945 Special gifts Information Record Holds Name Contest 
December 13, 1945 Paul Allen Column Christmas Morn, Fount Of Youth 
December 13, 1945 A big third quarter won Sports Wheaton Tops Visitors 38-33 
December 13, 1945 Jack Daniel Column Sportscribblings ... 
December 20, 1945 Betty Ruth Brabazon Information Senior Recital Features Historic American Novel 
December 20, 1945 Bill Cole led the singing News Sunday Carolers Pack North Hall Lounge 
December 20, 1945 Debate tournament News Debaters Travel To Normal Meet 
December 20, 1945 Addition to the college family News Christmas Present Comes To Fiess Home 
December 20, 1945 Dr. Albert S. Nichols Column Cut System To Stay! 
December 20, 1945 A Record Santa Claus News 'Holiday Headliner' Is Send off To Homeward-Bound Students 
December 20, 1945 Two senior girls Information Two Coeds Plan Holiday Nuptials 
December 20, 1945 Duo piano team Information List Piano Team For Jan. Concert 
December 20, 1945 Paul Allen Column And What Of Those Who Stay Behind? 
December 20, 1945 All-school skating party Information Plan Skate Party For Early Date 
December 20, 1945 "Anthropology in the Postwar World" News Sociologists Examine Anthropology Future 
December 20, 1945 Goodbye's ... Column Goodbye's ... 
December 20, 1945 Sing Together Poem Sing Together 
December 20, 1945 Looked for a question News Amazing Facts Revealed As Quizzer Hunts Answers 
December 20, 1945 V. R. Edman Letter Edman Explains Opera Discussion 
December 13, 1945 Two-piano recital Information Brown Presents Piano Recital By Duo Teams 
December 20, 1945 Clyde S. Kilby Column 'Christmas Carol' Merges With Holiday Tradition 
December 20, 1945 The Mourning Before Column The Mourning Before 
December 20, 1945 Facts and Fitchion Column Facts and Fitchion 
December 20, 1945 Wheaton's varsity matmen  Sports Matmen Clinch First Home Meet In 28-6 Win Over Chicago CYO 
December 20, 1945 Spread Christmas cheer Sports Gym WAAstics 
December 20, 1945 Fifteen music students News Musicians Entertain Matinee Audience 
December 20, 1945 Offsetting and scraping Sports Prep Cagers Lose Third Tilt 45-26 
December 20, 1945 Jack Daniel Sports Sportscribblings ... 
December 20, 1945 Ignoring sub-zero weather News Frosh Defy Weather For Skating Party 
December 20, 1945 A long history of missionaries Information Brabazon ... (Continued from page 1) 
December 20, 1945 The program News Record Program Features Chorus (Continued from page 1) 
December 20, 1945 Food service workers News Steaks Hightlight Dinner Menu 
December 20, 1945 A Meeting of Sigma Pi Sigma News Sigma Pi Discusses Gambling, Calculus 
December 20, 1945 Gifts for European relief News Chairman Praises Student Response To Relief Drive 
December 20, 1945 A special program Information Easterners Plan Party Enroute 
December 20, 1945 The Christian education club News Sigma Lota Meets To Discuss Business 
December 20, 1945 Mary Curtis Column Mary Curtis Advises Book: Knows Practical Journalism  
December 20, 1945 Likes of students  Column  Students Voice Likes of Campus  
December 20, 1945 Prep Voice News Prepsters Alloted Record Space  
December 20, 1945 Homemaking Art Information  Girls Practice Homemaking Art 
December 20, 1945 Typing Information  Groom Is Star In Typing Class 
December 20, 1945 Thinking About Life Devotion  A Good Time For Inventory  
December 20, 1945 Writting Class  Column Here's How We Do It: Academy To Record  
December 20, 1945 Contest  Announcement  Classes Participate In National Contest 
December 20, 1945 Commuters  Column 91 Commuters Liven Academy  
December 20, 1945 Gospel Teams  Information  Teams Present Varied Program  
December 20, 1945 Prospect for the coming year Column Lits Open New Year With Resolutions  
January 10, 1946 Construction Information Dodds Promotes Building Of Outdoor Board Track 
January 10, 1946 Music students Information Music Students To Give Recital 
January 10, 1946 Symphony orchestra Information Orchestra Plays Chapel Concert 
January 10, 1946 Parliamentary law Information Men's Lits Watch '45 World Series 
January 10, 1946 New employees News Faulkner, Baltzell Join College Staff 
January 10, 1946 A joint recital Information Elsen, Pianist; Fuller, Soprano; To Hold Concert  
January 10, 1946 In German chapel Information Danker To Be Speaker At German Chapel 
January 10, 1946 Anthropology instructor Information Illness Prevents Young's Return 
January 10, 1946 Resurrection Realities News Dr. Tenney's Book Comes Off Press 
January 10, 1946 Gospel Messengers Information Gospel Team Travels 
January 10, 1946 Martha Prevette Column Chauncey W. Reed Discusses Activities Of Congress In Recent Appearance Here 
January 10, 1946 Ruth Tietje Column Julie Sieker Got A Kick Out' a Kix 
January 10, 1946 Have You Defined Christian Culture? Column Have You Defined Christian Culture? 
January 10, 1946 Chapel Nuggets ... Column Chapel Nuggets ... 
January 10, 1946 Revivial Appeal Column Revival Appeal 
January 10, 1946 Editor's note Column 'Beyond Personality' Rated Well Worth Cost By Prof 
January 10, 1946 A matter of enrollment Column 'Keep Standards,' Alumnus Urges  
January 10, 1946 Future Wheaton libraries Question and answer Students Opine On Libraries ... 
January 10, 1946 The Mourning After ... Column The Mourning After ... 
January 10, 1946 Facts and Fitchion ... Column Facts and Fitchion ... 
January 10, 1946 Andrew Yang News Accident Brings Death To Ex-Student A. Yang 
January 10, 1946 Bill Standridge Column  We're All Back To Recuperate  
January 10, 1946 Public Affairs Forum Information PAF Film To Depict News Parade of 1945 
January 10, 1946 Getting in tune Information Singers Plan Party For Pre-Trip Fun 
January 10, 1946 Announced her engagement News Reveals Engagement On New Year's Day 
January 10, 1946 New secretary News Takes Secretary Post 
January 10, 1946 To make the man News $300, Loud Shirt, And Dr. Edman Prove Interesting 
January 10, 1946 Roller enthusiasts News Bus Loses Way Coming From Skating Party 
January 10, 1946 Class party night Information Prepsters Have Social Night 
January 10, 1946 Pictures Information Bennett Photographs For Academy Annual 
January 10, 1946 Dean Edward Schell News Sandberg, Poppinga Lead In Academy Honor Roll 
January 10, 1946 Sophomores Information Sophs Bring Service For Prep Chapel 
January 10, 1946 Enroute to California News Accident Halts Trips To Coast 
January 10, 1946 Fred Howe Column Freshman Awed By Comps Bogey 
January 10, 1946 Mr. Sidney Gair News Philosopher Gair Speaks To Literature Students 
January 10, 1946 Howard Hendricks Information Dykes Joins Council 
January 10, 1946 Debating teams Information Eight Wheaton Teams Enter Debate Tourney 
January 10, 1946 A new book Information 46'ers to Edit Book On Campus Etiquette 
January 10, 1946 A New England wharf News Senior Portrays Johnston Novel 
January 10, 1946 Three new courses Information Add Courses To Curriculum 
January 10, 1946 Wheaton's five-game Information Cougar Five, DeKalb Next 
January 10, 1946 Bob Foster's prep cagers News Wildcats Lose To Todd School 
January 10, 1946 GymWAAstics Sports GymWAAstics 
January 10, 1946 In three starts Sports Locals, Spartans Tussle Saturday 
January 10, 1946 Crusader cagers Sports Snatch No. 5 Win From 'Y' 
January 10, 1946 Junior Varsity cagers Sports Jay-Vee Cagers 34-21 Victors 
January 10, 1946 Jack Daniel Sports Sportscribblings  
January 10, 1946 More guys next semester Information Writer Introduces Proper Male Attire 
January 10, 1946 Science Information Scientists Plan Faculty Banquet 
January 10, 1946 Women's clothes Information For Women Only --- Emphesis on Style 
January 10, 1946 Battle story News 'Sunday' Prints Freed's Story 
January 17, 1946 Sixteen seniors Information Sixteen Receive Degrees In Graduation Ceremony 
January 17, 1946 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith News Flu Downs Mrs. Smith 
January 17, 1946 Army officers News Discuss Campus R.O.T.C Unit 
January 17, 1946 Of the 28 seniors News Betty Kraklan Earns 'Distinction' On Comps 
January 17, 1946 Sketches News Disclose Plans For Men's Dorms 
January 17, 1946 Practice debate tournament News Debaters Fare Well In Practice Tourney 
January 17, 1946 Examinations Information 32 Profs Take Exams, Too 
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