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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
April 19, 1945 Lorna Lee Macfarlane  Editorial Critic Appraises senior readings 
April 19, 1945 Freshman Edman McCully News McCully Wins Prize In Oratarial Contest 
April 19, 1945 Verne H.Fletcher Editorial It Appears to me..... 
April 19, 1945 Arnold Tweten says that the stories should be an actual war happening News To Sponsor Contest 
April 19, 1945 Chi Stigma Theta News Chi Stigma Discuss Prep curricula 
April 19, 1945 Mrs. Emeline Anderson  News Hostess leaves Women's Dorm  
April 19, 1945 Mr. John Kleppe News Spring Brings New Gardener 
April 19, 1945 Dean of Student - Charles C.Brooks News Editor reports service Tower project begun 
April 19, 1945 Women's Glee Club Announcement  Army Officer Lauds Women's Glee Club 
April 19, 1945 Teams Undefeated at State meet Sports Debate squad sets record at Provincial Tournament 
April 19, 1945 Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Robb - Salvation Army of the Chicago News Robbs Discuss Slums  
April 19, 1945 Couples Party Announcement - Sports Campus Couples Cash in on Moon 
April 19, 1945 Miss Sara Hammerschmidt  Announcement Musical Alumna Plays in Chicago 
April 19, 1945 Prep Talk Editiorial Prep Talk..... 
April 19, 1945 Women's Glee Club annual home Concert Announcement Songsters offer Night of Music  
April 19, 1945 Gordon H. Smith  Announcement  Smith Speaks First In Romance Series 
April 19, 1945 Jean Bayless student of Dr. Lester W. Groom  Announcement  Organist Bayless, Baritone Lehman Present Recital 
April 19, 1945 Lousie Armerding Hermanson '45 Announcement  Musician Gets Honor 
April 19, 1945 Dream Editorial We Can Dream..... 
April 19, 1945 Am Important  Editorial  This Am Important  
April 19, 1945 Davehourette  Editorial Such A Luffly Spring  
April 19, 1945 M.L.G. Editorial La Primavera 
April 19, 1945 Stonelynn Editorial Stonelynn Begins Analysis of Council Organisation 
April 19, 1945 Jan Taylor Editorial Obviously We Aren't Dumb 
April 19, 1945 Krakle and Curt Editorial Comunique  
April 19, 1945 Unrecorded  News unRECORDed 
April 19, 1945 Basket Ball Sports Sixth innings rally nips morton; wins opener for crusader Nine  
April 19, 1945 Basket Ball Team Sports Crusaders face Huskies, Wright  
April 19, 1945 Track Men Sports Buker Clips Two -Mile Record  
April 19, 1945 Phy.ed.instructor: Mrs. John Leedy  Sports Gym WAAstics 
April 19, 1945 Soccer Team Sports Thinclads enter four - way meet  
April 19, 1945 Wheaton's Crusaders News Diamondope 
April 19, 1945 The 13th Harvard Information Prepsters Smash Harvard Nine 
April 19, 1945 Rhapsody in G Minor News Musicians Play Classics For Concert Audience 
April 19, 1945 Speech Program News Speech Program Features Seniors 
April 19, 1945 Lits . . . Information Lits . . . 
April 26, 1945 Simplicity Marks Formal Program News Lits Cooperate To Open 'Windows on the World' 
April 26, 1945 Carol Dewey Information Coed To Wed Joseph Varner 
April 26, 1945 Enola Dewey News Musicians Give Joint Recital In Voice, Piano 
April 26, 1945 Physical education department News Spring Pageant Traces History Of Phys Ed 
April 26, 1945 Marjorie Glover Information Christian Council Schedules Sing 
April 26, 1945 Earl Pope Announcement Earl Pope Leads Prayer Service 
April 26, 1945 Dewitt Jayne News Jayne Resigns For Press Post 
April 26, 1945 College Opens Pre-Registration Announcement College Opens Pre-Registration 
April 26, 1945 Dr. Albert S. Nichols Information Freshmen Take Vocational Tests 
April 26, 1945 Women's Glee Club Information Glee Club Fills Air With Varied Music At Entertainment 
April 26, 1945 John L. Leedy Information Movies Portray Black Hills 
April 26, 1945 President Arnold Tweten Information SWB Takes Offering 
April 26, 1945 Juniors, Seniors Exchange Mutual Compliments News Rivalry Flares By Night As Upperclassmen Clash 
April 26, 1945 Mrs. Katherine B. Tiffany News Senior Shows Slides At English Reading 
April 26, 1945 Verne H. Fletcher Column It Appears To Me 
April 26, 1945 President V. R. Edman News Prexy To Broadcast From Western Spring 
April 26, 1945 Ruth Buck News Artist Presents 400 Lectures In Four Years 
April 26, 1945 E. Louise Cole News Columnist Cole Quits Campus 
April 26, 1945 SWB Prexy Arnold Tweten Information SWB Urges Contribution To Fill Clothes Drive Quota 
April 26, 1945 Twila Doutt Information Recitalist Uses Novel Scenery  
April 26, 1945 Florence Stratton Announcement  Varied Numbers Characterize Next Musical  
April 26, 1945 Fred Giles  News Physics club choose Giles as New Prexy  
April 26, 1945 Guest Speaker Mrs. Aldering, South American Missionary  Announcement  Hear Guest Speaker 
April 26, 1945 Student War Board News SWB heads visit U of I Board  
April 26, 1945 Rev. Vance Havner  Announcement  Vance Havner Speaks In Tomorrow's Chapel 
April 26, 1945 Prep Talk Editorial Prep Talk 
April 26, 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Helmuth Bekowies Announcement Vocalists to appear in Speech Program 
April 26, 1945 Dr. Paul Wright is the chairman of chemistry section of Illinois Announcement  Profs present papers 
April 26, 1945 Edgar F. Reibetanz from Providence Bible Institute News PBI man to head public relations 
April 26, 1945 Chicagoland Youth for Christ  News Plan Youth rally on Anniversary 
April 26, 1945 Spring house cleaning Editorial Does your house need Cleaning? 
April 26, 1945 Student Council Editorial Whose Wisdom? 
April 26, 1945 Krakle and Kompany  Editorial Communiqe.... 
April 26, 1945 Stonelynn Editorial Writer questions adequacy of council membership 
April 26, 1945 Anti - Audience Activity Editorial Professor's wife voices opinion 
April 26, 1945 Editors Note Editorial New Mexico view point 
April 26, 1945 DeKalb Forces only loss Sports Crusaders Pound Elmhurst; Take Third Straight Win; Gun to topple Wright 
April 26, 1945 Basket ball team Sports Face Huskies in return game 
April 26, 1945 Wright Junior college will open the home track season  Sports Locals trample track rivals  
April 26, 1945 Crusader Cinderman  Sports Trim Herzl JC 
April 26, 1945 Baseball team Sports Error Forfeits Prespter's Game  
April 26, 1945 Unrecorded  News unRECORDed 
April 26, 1945 The assistant Viceroy Irene Parsons, is the incharge of this rally News Girls Club holds rally 
April 26, 1945 "Ways to man's Heart" and " citrus in nutrition" were shown to the economics girls News Home Ec Girls see Food Films 
May 3, 1945 Roy Fanoni and Prudence Todd will act as Big Brother and Big sister News Fanoni,Todd to orient New Frosh  
May 3, 1945 Alf LeRoy Urseth assits John Charles Thomas, well known radio singer News Music Graduate assists Artist  
May 3, 1945 Dr. Cornelius Jaarsma, visiting professor of education News Professor comes for year visit  
May 3, 1945 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis News Physical Therapy calls Collegians 
May 3, 1945 Judith Pickart, Piano student of Mrs. Claire Mandy, and voice student of H. Williams Nordin, will present her junior recital in piano and voice News Student gives Junior Recital In Piano, Voice  
May 3, 1945 Paul Allen as editor and Bill Brock as the business manager News Staff Exists Frosh Take Over 
May 3, 1945 Marilyn, Flora, and Ruth forms the Joy Trio News Joy Trio Travels  
May 3, 1945 Sacred Numbers fill the navy song News Glee club sailors sing Navy songs  
May 3, 1945 Jan Taylor  Editorial . Sneak Preview on the Sneak.  
May 3, 1945 RIchard H. Johnson, graduate if the Academy and student in the conservatory, was killed in action in Germany  News Add two more to Casuality list  
May 3, 1945 President V.R. Edman will fly to Dallas,Texas. News Prexy Files South 
May 3, 1945 Spring Festival of the physical education department  News  Overflow crowd views festival in Gymnasium 
May 3, 1945 PEACE Editorial Peace----It's Wonderful 
May 3, 1945 Dan Stevick  Editorial Pun----ishment 
May 3, 1945 Eleanor Bertuleit  Column Did I Hear Thirty - Five?  
May 3, 1945 Junior Judy Pickart  News Doubly Musical 
May 3, 1945 Cirriculum change for history, Economics and Biology  News Makes Changes In Curriculum 
May 3, 1945 Verne H. Fletcher Editorial It appears to me  
May 3, 1945 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom  News Prof Reads Horror Play 
May 3, 1945 H. William Nordin  News Nordin Directs Swedish Choir  
May 3, 1945 Boethallian literary society  News Bows Pour Tea 
May 3, 1945 Margaret McNaughton Editorial  Lits of Offer Full program 
May 3, 1945 Final evening conservatory recital for this semester News Music Recital terminate evening series  
May 3, 1945 Prep Talk  Editorial Prep Talk... 
May 3, 1945 FMF will center around student conducted prayer meeting Announcement  FMF woll portray Typical Prayer Group  
May 3, 1945 Motion Picture entitiled, " Take an hour to say no "  News Students see courtesy film  
May 3, 1945 Dr.Charles C.Brooks to the position of Dean of Students  News New Ranking Dean 
May 3, 1945 Editor's Note Editorial  18 Years ago  
May 3, 1945 Love demands Action Editorial  Love in Action 
May 3, 1945 Letter to Editor  Editorial Coeds Ask: How do you rate?  
May 3, 1945 Student Council Editorial  Leaders right and wrong 
May 3, 1945 Communique.. News and Information Communique.... 
May 3, 1945 Unrecorded News unRECORDed 
May 3, 1945 Chapel Updates News Chapel Nuggets 
May 3, 1945 Baseket Ball team  Sports Local Diamondmen seek to trounce old rivals; Long Lead Pounds Wilson 
May 3, 1945 Orange and Blue Athletes Sports Harrier Sweep Wilson Meet 
May 3, 1945 Wheaton's Track and Field squad  Sports DeKalb, Normal Invade Lawson For Tough Meet  
May 3, 1945 Coach Johnson  Sports  Rain Postpones First Net Match  
May 3, 1945 Dr. Charles C.Brooks, Wheaton Dean played basket ball and football and married the valedictorian of his college graduating class News Dean of Students reviews His Two Stays At Wheaton  
May 3, 1945 Gym Nuggets News Gym WAAstics  
May 3, 1945 Manager Mr. Leo. D. King News Carpenters busy Remodeling Stupe 
May 15, 1945 Extra - WHAT THE RECORD?  News Cheer, Co- Ed! Male invasion changes All  
May 15, 1945 Reaction for Male Influence  News Sophs React Surprisingly to male influx 
May 15, 1945 Student War Board  News 21 Squirt salute inaugurates huge memorial bird bath drive SWB Launches Moonlight Ferries 
May 15, 1945 Peace restored News Peace Pervades Campus as Sophhomers Evaporate 
May 15, 1945 Robert Woodward, president of the student council News Prexy's Pride Pricked  
May 15, 1945 Colossal Gift to Dr. Edman News Sophs Burst Buttons presenting colossal class gift to school 
May 15, 1945 Helpful Hints Editorial Helpful hints for the Hopeful 
May 15, 1945 It appears to me  Editorial  It appears to me  
May 15, 1945 Campus planning committee News Convert Belfry into Office for Dr. Edman 
May 17, 1945 Miss Marjorie Glover, who continues as executive director announces the council members News Council Elects activity heads for next year 
May 17, 1945 Final concert of the year News Orchestra gives " String Serenade" 
May 17, 1945 " Go Ye" and The man who forgot God"  News FMF shows films 
May 17, 1945 Students to elect council heads News Students to elect council head; candidates presents their policies  
May 17, 1945 The Student Boar Ward Column ALLUSIONS TO ELUCIDATIONS 
May 17, 1945 Dick Hills, Elmer Fitch, and Mark Lee News Lee, Fitch, Hills Chosen To Run 
May 17, 1945 A Red Cross Unit News Gerstung Heads Red Cross Unit 
May 17, 1945 Lew Wallace's Ben Hur Information Senior Gives Ben Hur 
May 17, 1945 Vote Friday Information Vote Friday! 
May 17, 1945 Elmer Fitch Information Know Candidates 
May 17, 1945 FINIS News FINIS 
May 17, 1945 The Wheaton Record Information The Wheaton Record 
May 17, 1945 Lee Lewis Column Sad Soph Squawks . . . 
May 17, 1945 Prescott Williams Column "Why Pledge?" Reader Asks 
May 17, 1945 (MRS. ) ANNE B. T. HOWARD Column Israel and Us 
May 17, 1945 Dotty Curtis News Communique . . . 
May 17, 1945 froshRECORDings Information froshRECORDings 
May 17, 1945 Jeanette M. Troup Announcement V-E Day Prayer 
May 17, 1945 Johnny Stohs News Nine Trounces Cardinals; Nipped In Concordia Tilt; To Tour To Chicago, Cicero 
May 17, 1945 Marty Cole, Sue McCutcheon and Wynne Wagner News Gym WAAstics 
May 17, 1945 Diamondope Sports Diamondope 
May 17, 1945 Marge Jones and Sue McCutcheon Information Bows Bow Out; Frolic In Rain 
May 17, 1945 Mrs. Haynes Information Rally Closes Year's Efforts 
May 17, 1945 Vaughn Shoemaker Information Lits Present Cartoonist In Joint Program 
May 17, 1945 Lieutenant General Dobbie of the British army News General Dobbie Tells Testimony In Chapel 
May 17, 1945 Phyllis Gunther Information Students Present Final Program 
May 17, 1945 Wheaton Symphony Orchestra Information Players Compete For Honors 
May 17, 1945 Conservatory Events News Noon Recital Ends Conservatory Events 
May 17, 1945 Exam Schedule Anouncement Exam Schedule 
May 24, 1945 Tower Bell Calls Solicitors To Gym Announcement Students Canvass Wheaton In Seventh Loan Drive 
May 24, 1945 Vaughn Shoemaker News Lits Sponsor Chicago Artist 
May 24, 1945 Paul Allen Information Frosh Entertain Printer, Staff 
May 24, 1945 Louise Armerding Hermanson Information Senior Vocalist Gives Recital 
May 24, 1945 Norma Jewett News Juniors Picnic At St. Charles 
May 24, 1945 Prof. Talmadge J. Bittikofer Information Youth Lauds Yank Sacrifice At Memorial Day Rally 
May 24, 1945 Colonel F. J. Miles News Shadduck To Present Tower In Chapel 
May 24, 1945 College Orchestra News Players Present Summer Concert 
May 24, 1945 Professor John L. Johnson News Popular Prof Leaves Campus 
May 24, 1945 Dick Hills, Mark Lee, and Elmer Fitch News Fitch, Hills, Lee Promise To Serve Students Well 
May 24, 1945 St. Louis Information Joy Trio Flies To St. Louis 
May 24, 1945 Dr. C. Gregg Singer Announcement Dr. Singer Discusses Democracy's Future 
May 24, 1945 Servicemen's Tower project News Concerted Efforts Get Results 
May 24, 1945 Cowboy Ballad News Cowboy Ballad Ends Dude Seniors' Sneak 
May 24, 1945 Ens. Phil Claar Column That We Might Live 
May 24, 1945 Verne H. Fletcher Column It Appears To Me . . 
May 24, 1945 unRECORDed Information unRECORDed 
May 24, 1945 Dotty Curtis Information Communique . . . 
May 24, 1945 Ball Game Sports Orange And Blue Drops Twin Diamond Contests; Triple Bill Ends Season 
May 24, 1945 Gym WAAstics News Gym WAAstics 
May 24, 1945 FMF Information FMF Jaunts To Lagoon 
May 24, 1945 Racketeers Sports Racketeers Bow Twice To Rivals 
May 24, 1945 Diamondope Column Diamondope 
May 24, 1945 A. A. U. meet News Rain Cancels Final Meet In Track Season of Wins 
May 24, 1945 Pfund Day . . Information Pfund Day . . 
May 24, 1945 Elizabeth Howard News Colonel Miles Addresses Chapel Group This Week 
May 24, 1945 Men's Glee Club News Candidates Qualify 
May 24, 1945 Spring 's house-parties News Girls Go Outside For Spring Parties 
May 24, 1945 Rimsky-Korsakoff's "Flight of the Bumble-Bee" News Piano Ensembles Perform Tuesday 
May 24, 1945 Don Campbell heads Excelsior literary society Information Excelsior Elects Campbell President 
May 24, 1945 Select Officers Announcement Select Officers 
May 24, 1945 Hilda Cordes Information Prep Talk . . 
May 24, 1945 Recitalists Speak Of War, Love Information Recitalists Speak Of War, Love 
May 24, 1945 Ethel Taylor News Ethel Taylor Heads "Californian" Roster 
May 31, 1945 Dorothy Rensch Information Rensch Reads Dickens Tale For Recital 
May 31, 1945 Rosella Wilson News  WMBI Claims Campus Talent 
May 31, 1945 Editor Al Shadduck News Shadduck Names Dr. Wheeler In Tower of ' 46 Dedication 
May 31, 1945 Paul Allen News Freshmen Choose Paul Allen Chief 
May 31, 1945 Dale McCulley News Paper Receives High ACP Score 
May 31, 1945 Ten 45'ers Earn Highest Ratings Announcement Ten 45'ers Earn Highest Ratings 
May 31, 1945 Program Slated For Alumni Gym News RallyBroadcast Concludes SWB Bond Drive Effort; Features WGNSinger, Band 
May 31, 1945 Bob Woodward Information Council Convenes To Install New President 
May 31, 1945 Dale McCulley Information Students Seek To sell Bonds 
May 31, 1945 Miss Frances Whitlock Annoucement Teacher Weds Business Man 
May 31, 1945 Record staff members Information Record Staff Dines At Kungsholm 
May 31, 1945 Ruth Ferguson News Van Dusen Pupil Gives Organ Recital 
May 31, 1945 Wheaton Woman's Glee Club and the Men's Glee Club News Glee Clubs Assist Edman at Moody 
May 31, 1945 Mrs. Ethel Patterson Announcement Announce Facts About Housing 
May 31, 1945 Chapel Choir Information Choristers Banquet At Spinning Wheel 
May 31, 1945 Lt. Lawrence W. Larson News Soldier Draws Battle Scene 
May 31, 1945 Donna Young Information Teachers Elect Fall Officers 
May 31, 1945 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor News Honor Society Members Discuss Campus Culture 
May 31, 1945 Women's literary socities News Women's Lit Societies Elect Officers For Fall Semester 
May 31, 1945 Bob Erickson News Senior To Lead Prayer Meeting 
May 31, 1945 Rev. George Cowan News Linquist Speaks 
May 31, 1945 Men's Glee Club News Glee Club Goes To Hotel Baker 
May 31, 1945 President V. Raymond Edman News Edman Gives Messages In Chicago, Ohio 
May 31, 1945 Mr. Manross Information Prep Talk . . 
May 31, 1945 Miss Claribel King Information Claribel King Resigns To Take Chicago Post 
May 31, 1945 Mr. Alton P. Juhlin Information Juhlin, Jolley Take Year Leaves 
May 31, 1945 Dr. O. E. Tiffany Information College Confers Degree On Dr. Tiffany 
May 31, 1945 Citizenship Counts Information Citizenship Counts 
May 31, 1945 S. S. R. Column Are We Living In Our History? 
May 31, 1945 M. Geiger Poem You Who Have Returned 
May 31, 1945 Student Council Announcement Stonelynn Reveals Plan For Student-Faculty Council 
May 31, 1945 The Wheaton Record Announcement The Wheaton Record 
May 31, 1945 Ruth Tietje Column Student Enters Intelligence Force 
May 31, 1945 Dotty Curtis Information Communique . . . 
May 31, 1945 unRECORDed Announcement unRECORDed 
May 31, 1945 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Naval Patrl Pounds Crusaders In Game Prelude To Youth Rally 
May 31, 1945 Jim Palmer Sports Former Brave Pitches 
May 31, 1945 Coach Edward Coray Sports Wright Swamps Crusaders 
May 31, 1945 Dr. Russell R. Mixter Sports Honor Society Dines In Glen Ellyn 
May 31, 1945 Tennis Team Sports Illini Match Ends Tennis 
May 31, 1945 Gym WAAstics Information Gym WAAstics 
May 31, 1945 Diamondope Column Diamondope 
May 31, 1945 Lee Pfund Information Group Presents Pfund With Bag 
May 31, 1945 Phys Ed office Sports College Team Plays Softball This Summer 
May 31, 1945 Howard Hendricks News Sophomores, Juniors Elect Officers For Next Year 
May 31, 1945 Howard Hendricks News Hendricks To Head Junior Cabinet 
May 31, 1945 Dubs Norbeck News Sophs Honor Norbeck With Presidency 
May 31, 1945 Men's Glee Club News Anderson, Haupt Lead Musical Organizations 
May 31, 1945 Chicagoland Youth for Christ Rally News Thousands Witness Giant Youth Rally 
May 31, 1945 Bob Woodward News Woodward Auctions . . . 
May 31, 1945 Verne H. Fletcher Column It Appears To Me . . 
May 31, 1945 Change Fall Opening News Change Fall Opening 
June 7, 1945 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News 483 Preregister For Summer, Inter-Session 
June 7, 1945 Jim Fraser Announcement Fraster Becomes SWB Chief 
June 7, 1945 Baccalaureate News Edman To Speak At Baccalaureate 
June 7, 1945 Alumni association News Alumni Sponsors Banquet, Program 
June 7, 1945 Prudence Todd News Varnell Named New Big Sister 
June 7, 1945 Marian Widman News Program Revives Sneak Memories 
June 7, 1945 Don Hawthorne News Chapel Choir Elects Hawthorne, Martel 
June 7, 1945 Student Council's proposal Information Cut Controversy Dies Until Fall 
June 7, 1945 Bernice Carlson Information Seniors Give Resume Recital 
June 7, 1945 Rev. Johnson Announcement Johnson Addresses Commencing Seniors 
June 7, 1945 Wheaton's symphony orchestra News Orchestra Joins Choir In Concert 
June 7, 1945 Professor Enock C. Dyrness News Dyrness Gets LL.D. Degree At Houghton 
June 7, 1945 Dr. Vincent Bennett Information Bennett Joins College Staff 
June 7, 1945 Pi Gammas Announcement Pi Gammas Meet For Election 
June 7, 1945 Glee club Information Singers Combine For Concert 
June 7, 1945 John Wood Information Seaford Leads 
June 7, 1945 Mr. Leo D. King News King Resigns As Stupe Head 
June 7, 1945 Verne H. Fletcher Column It Appears To Me . . 
June 7, 1945 Schedule 14 Weddings For Summer Season Announcement Cupid Catches Coeds In Captivating Clutches 
June 7, 1945 Christian Council Announcement On Record . . . 
June 7, 1945 J. C. P. Information Is Livelihood Or Life At Root of Education 
June 7, 1945 S. S. R. Announcement Noted Profs Quit Campus 
June 7, 1945 Dan Stevick Poem Take Time . . . 
June 7, 1945 Christian scholars News Stonelynn Roddy Evaluates Varied Collegiate Career 
June 7, 1945 Weekend Calendar News Weekend Calendar 
June 7, 1945 Dale McCulley Information Senior Reflects On Teleology 
June 7, 1945 Dotty Curtis Column Communique 
June 7, 1945 Joe Persaud Announcement unRECORDed 
June 7, 1945 Rev. Harold P. Warren Information Rev. Warren To Give Address As Seniors Receive Diplomas 
June 7, 1945 The journalism class News Scribes Meet For Lunch 
June 7, 1945 Next year Information Class of '46 Elect Officers 
June 7, 1945 Eunice Russel Column Senior Evaluates School Career 
June 7, 1945 A group of Academy students Information Students Assist In Bond Drive 
June 7, 1945 Lits came News Lits Choose Hansen, Sipe 
June 7, 1945 Academy sports Sports Trojan Athletes Forget Past Defeats In Anticipation Of Fall Line-Ups 
June 7, 1945 "Bluebird Inn" was the lodging News Transform Chapel For Prep Affair 
June 7, 1945 Audrey Lindal Column Writer Lauds Academy Faculty 
June 7, 1945 Agrees with Mr. Johnson News Simpson Takes Johnson's Post 
June 7, 1945 Final tea Announcement Council Sponsors Tea For Campus Visitors 
June 7, 1945 Full time director of the Alumni program News Benson Leaves Public Relations For Alumni Post 
June 7, 1945 Honors and headaches of WAA Announcement Gym WAAstics 
June 7, 1945 While Paul dashed madly Sports Athlite ... 
June 7, 1945 The Wheaton College Gospel Messengers Information Group Plans Long Tour For Summer 
June 7, 1945 Paul Allen Sports Seniors Leave Team Vacancies 
June 7, 1945 Editor of the Tower of '46 Information Shadduck Wins Free Plane Ride 
June 7, 1945 An hour broadcast over station News SWB Sponsors Radio Program 
June 7, 1945 A dinner at the Chicago "King's Home" News Neeper Pays Bills For 'Record' Jaunt To Smorgasboard 
August 14, 1945 New faculty members Information Hurst To Direct Enlarged Program 
August 14, 1945 Wheaton college academy Information Prince Crossing Is 6 Miles West 
August 14, 1945 Released three buildings for college use Information College Inherits Three buildings 
August 14, 1945 College representatives Information Lay Plans For Welcoming Frosh 
August 14, 1945 Dean Schell comments Information Dean Speaks ... (Continued from front page) 
August 14, 1945 The college mourns the death Funeral Dr. Ludwigston's Wife Dies Suddenly 
August 14, 1945 Eleanor Bertuleit Column Summer Violinist Thrills Reporter 
August 14, 1945 Summer school graduates Information Lindsey Receives Honorary Degree 
August 14, 1945 Succeeding Ted M. Benson News Riebetanz Assumes Public Relations Post 
August 14, 1945 Wheaton's faculty will be increased Information Faculty Adds 13 To Ranks; Four Resign 
August 14, 1945 Total enrollment for the fall Information 312 Newcomers Bring Fall Totals To 1126 
August 14, 1945 Nyack Transfer Succeeds Neeper News Newsmen Choose Fitch To Be Business Chief 
August 14, 1945 Otto C. Benjamin Information Crawford, Cutler Join Field Staff 
August 14, 1945 Miss Mary Krom News Mary Krom Becomes Periodicals Librarian 
August 14, 1945 Therizonian literary society News Summer Lit Chooses Weekly Chairmen 
August 14, 1945 Dr. Roger J. Voskuyl News Voskuyl Works On Atomic Bomb 
August 14, 1945 Paul Allen News Freshmen! The Sophs Are Loose! 
August 14, 1945 Dr. Herbert Moule Information Dr. Moule Dies, Taught 15 Years 
August 14, 1945 Elisabeth Fletcher News RECORD Prints New Style Book 
August 14, 1945 Otto C. Benjamin  News Promote Benjamin To Vice President 
August 14, 1945 Dr. Albert S. Nichols News Nichols Examines New Students In Orientation 
August 14, 1945 The Record Announcement Things Will Be Different Now 
August 14, 1945 W. C. S. Column When The Gang Comes Back 
August 14, 1945 Elisabeth Fletcher News The Wheaton Record 
August 14, 1945 Our Faith Column Our Faith Can Stand 
August 14, 1945 Lois Varnell Column It's A Real Job, Big Sisters 
August 14, 1945 unRECORDed Announcement unRECORDed 
August 14, 1945 Mark Lee Column And These Are Leaders You'll Want To Know 
August 14, 1945 Offices Change Personnel News Officers Change Pesonnel; Get New Locations 
August 14, 1945 Five Tower concerts Information Tower Plans Extras For Concert Season 
August 14, 1945 Annual house party News Dorms Combine At Lagoon Party 
August 14, 1945 Present for a tea News Faculty Tea Honors Visiting Professors 
August 14, 1945 Mark Lee Column President Begins Council Column 
August 14, 1945 Launching of the alumni program News Alumni Move To New Quarters On Fourth Floor 
August 14, 1945 Summer school News Enrollment High 
August 14, 1945 During the summer months News Summer Students See Midwest 
August 14, 1945 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith Information Dean Gives Tenderfoot Tips ... 
August 14, 1945 Gil Dodds Information "Flying Parson" Is Student Coach 
August 14, 1945 Cross country squad Information Veterans Strengthen Harriers Prospects 
August 14, 1945 Men who win a letter Information W Club Outlines Year's Program 
August 14, 1945 Plans for a tour Information Hawthorns Reveals Chapel Choir Plans 
August 14, 1945 Women's glee club  Information Women's Glee Club Slate Eastern Trip 
August 14, 1945 Carol Hermansen Column Girls! Enlist In The Waags 
August 14, 1945 Joe Persaud Column Joe's Sad Tale Of Pete The Barber 
August 14, 1945 Next fall's football eleven Information DeVries Surveys Football Season 
August 14, 1945 The soccer ball Information Soccermen Work On Fall Schedule 
August 14, 1945 More men students Information Intramurals Stress Class Competition 
August 14, 1945 Faculty planning committees News Faculty Planning Group Dissolves For Smaller Unit 
August 14, 1945 Profs Increase News Prof Increase (Continued from front page) 
August 14, 1945 College students News Students Fill Pulpits 
August 14, 1945 Appointed managing editor Information RECORD Fills Editorial Jobs 
August 14, 1945 Summer school students News North Hall Holds Outdoor Jaunt 
August 14, 1945 Student War Board Information Veterans To Be SWB Interest 
August 14, 1945 New hymnbooks Information Juniors Buy Hymnals 
August 14, 1945 Academy Staff Expands Information Academy Staff Expands (Continued from front page) 
September 20, 1945 Enlargement of certain departments News Office Shuffle Accents Recent Innovations 
September 20, 1945 Featuring a program for men only Information Big Brothers Throw Strictly Stag Affair 
September 20, 1945 Further additions News Academy Opens In New Location 
September 20, 1945 Business manager News Fill Tower Posts; Announce 'Extra' 
September 20, 1945 First of the Wheaton prof News Army Releases Botany Professor 
September 20, 1945 Emptied by the move News Grads Take Over Academy Bldg. 
September 20, 1945 The freshmen in upper chapel Information Faculty Receive Frosh Tomorrow 
September 20, 1945 Big sisters Information Big sisters Hold Tea In Co-Rec Lounge 
September 20, 1945 Sophomores entertained News Sophs Feature Foxwell At Welcome Party 
September 20, 1945 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News Grigolia Resigns For Eastern Job 
September 20, 1945 Word has been received News Add Three Stars To Service Flag 
September 20, 1945 W. C. S Column Confused? 
September 20, 1945 Mark Lee Have You Responded?  
September 20, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column Remember Jesus Christ 
September 20, 1945 Communique Column Communique ... 
September 20, 1945 Flashes By Fitch ... Information Flashes By Fitch ... 
September 20, 1945 Heavy Wheaton gridiron season Information Crusaders Undertake Tough Grid Schedule Headed By New Rival 
September 20, 1945 Barbara Danenhour Sports Gym WAAstics ... 
September 20, 1945 Mark Lee Information Meeting Discusses Council Questions 
September 20, 1945 The cross-country squad Sports Harriers Tackle Notre Dame Soon 
September 20, 1945 Prize in a writing contest News Albus Cops First Prize In Coronet Story Contest 
September 20, 1945 Weekly cabinet meetings Information Norbeck Plans To Unify Juniors 
September 20, 1945 Will live in the dormitory Information At Winona Lake (Continued from page 1) 
September 20, 1945 Work on the addition Information Lay Foundations For Dorm Add 
September 20, 1945 At Bethany Camp News Faculty Hold Retreat 
September 20, 1945 Mrs. Harvey Shank News Betsy Shank Leaves 
September 20, 1945 Will gather tonight  Information Scribes Picnic; Ourline Year 
September 20, 1945 To centralize activities Information Art Prof Heads Social Program 
September 20, 1945 New students News Newcomers Give Vesper Musicale 
September 20, 1945 Congressional Record News Congress Hears Faculty Letter 
September 20, 1945 "Of course," admitted News Seniors Began Sneakly Program At Avoid Rush 
September 20, 1945 Jane Leasor '44 Information Grad Joins Staff 
September 27, 1945 Accoring to a statement News 'Council Is Powerless,' President Lee Asserts 
September 27, 1945 Literary societies  Information Women Review Literary History 
September 27, 1945 Freshman Bob Blaschke News Blaschke To Lead Freshman Activities 
September 27, 1945 Unprecendented "extra" concerts Information 'Extra' Features Shea And Hustad 
September 27, 1945 Sophomores will meet Information Frosh Soon Bow To Soph Hecklers 
September 27, 1945 Features speaker Information Bennett Preaches, Al Smith Sings At Fall Services 
September 27, 1945 Devotional talk News Dean Addresses Junior Meeting 
September 27, 1945 Faculty members News Faculty Greets Fall Arrivals 
September 27, 1945 Each man on the campus News College Women Face Serious Man Shortage 
September 27, 1945 Each man on the campus Information College Women Face Serious Man Shortage 
September 27, 1945 Forums for members of the staff Information Simpson To Conduct RECORD Staff Forum 
September 27, 1945 Maritan Hall Information Pianist Opens Artist Series 
September 27, 1945 Will accounce new regulations Information Add Two Minutes Between Classes 
September 27, 1945 Newly-appointed chairman Information Council Names Homecoming Head 
September 27, 1945 So much time! Column So much time! 
September 27, 1945 It Was Fun Knowing You, Frosh, But Now ... Column It Was Fun Knowing You, Frosh, But Now ... 
September 27, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column A Standard For Youth 
September 27, 1945 Some Say The Student Council Should Be ... Column Some Say The Student Council Should Be ... 
September 27, 1945 A serious textbook shortage Information 'Any Books Today?' Asks Dr. Downey 
September 27, 1945 The Christian council Information Too Many Prayer Meetings? 
September 27, 1945 The Mourning After ... Column The Mourning After ... 
September 27, 1945 Flashes ... Column Flashes ... 
September 27, 1945 Crusader football machine Sports Crusaders Face Teacher Eleven 
September 27, 1945 A practice tilt Information Soccermen Oppose Lake Forrest Academy 
September 27, 1945 J. D Column Sportscribblings ... 
September 27, 1945 Barbara Danenhour Sports Gym WAAstics. 
September 27, 1945 Football team Sports Prep Gridders Face North Shore In Initial Tilt 
September 27, 1945 Class six-man Sports Intra-Murals Begin With Touch Football 
September 27, 1945 Four new housemothers News Staff Additions To Supervise House Activities 
September 27, 1945 Much of the Crusaders' success Sports Fight Macomb 
September 27, 1945 The marching band Information Band Anticipates Marching Season 
September 27, 1945 Personnel and operational changes News Initiate New Methods To Manage Library 
September 27, 1945 Farce? Column Farce? 
September 27, 1945 Among the innovations Information Peschke Plans Reducing Diet 
October 5, 1945 The first of the "extra" concerts Information 'Extra' Combines Talent Of Bev Shea, Don Hustad 
October 5, 1945 Budding Wheaton poets Information Contest Offers Poets Awards 
October 5, 1945 An organizational meeting News Palmer Succeeds Giles As Sigma Prexy 
October 5, 1945 Geraldine Lawhorn Information Council Presents Negro Artist 
October 5, 1945 Family to be taken prisoner News David Kliewer Wins From Camp Hiroshima 
October 5, 1945 Historial pageant Information Pageant Pictures Lit Development 
October 5, 1945 A prep rally Information Rally Precedes First Home Game 
October 5, 1945 Washington banquet chairman Information Cole Organizes Banquet Plans 
October 5, 1945 Evangelistic service Information Edman Discusses Haggai For Chapel 
October 5, 1945 With joyous shouts Sport Campus Buzzes As '48,' 49 Clash 
October 5, 1945 Mark Lee Column Lee Interprets Council Powers ... 
October 5, 1945 Official rosters News 9 Literary Societies Elect Leaders For Fall Team 
October 5, 1945 When you're Up Front Information Are Libraries Two Solitudes? 
October 5, 1945 Foreign Missions Fellowship News Guest Describes Prison Camp 
October 5, 1945 Rehearsal for the Messiah Information 'Messiah' Chorus Begins Rehearsals 
October 5, 1945 Elner Fitch Column Facts and Fitchion ... 
October 5, 1945 Fourth Floor Houses News Fourth Floor Houses Student Council Office 
October 5, 1945 Seniors were told News '46 To Breakfast At Early Hike 
October 5, 1945 The quartet will sing Information Women Review Society History (Continued from page 1) 
October 5, 1945 Subscriptions News RECORD Sales Jump Over Previous Year 
October 5, 1945 Men's literary societies Information Voskuyl Analyzes Atomic Bomb For Lit Program 
October 5, 1945 November will bring a concert Information Orchestra Anticipates Successful Season 
October 5, 1945 Fire News Fire Devastates Building Housing 3 College Men 
October 5, 1945 President V. R. Edman News Prexy Talks On Conduct 
October 5, 1945 Chapel choir News Choir Admits 30 Of 170 Tryouts 
October 5, 1945 First artist recital News Marion Hall Acclaims 'Interested' Audience 
October 5, 1945 The fashion show Information Dorm Girls Show Correct Styles 
October 5, 1945 Girls were accepted News Girl's Glee Club Add 21 Members 
October 5, 1945 Inter-varsity fellowship News Intervarsity Meets 
October 5, 1945 Homecoming chairman News Fraser Reveals Committee Heads On Homecoming 
October 5, 1945 Free church News Free Churchers Dine 
October 5, 1945 Waiter Wishing ... Column Waiter Wishing ... 
October 5, 1945 Merrill C. Tenney Column The Great Question 
October 5, 1945 Dr. Albert S. Nichols Editor's note Nichols Considers Veteran On Return To College Life 
October 5, 1945 Question Question and answer Do We Hang 'Em Or Help 'Em? 
October 5, 1945 Phone call News KIDNAPPED 
October 5, 1945 Dottie Curtis Column Communique ... 
October 5, 1945 The Morning After ... Column The Morning After ... 
October 5, 1945 Initial appearance  Sports Dodds Favors Buker To Win Initial Run 
October 5, 1945 It's poor sports policy Information Sportscribblings ... 
October 5, 1945 Soccermen Sports Booters Oppose Chicago Friday 
October 5, 1945 Firing will begin Information Rifle Team To Accept New or Used Members 
October 5, 1945 Barbara Danenhour Column Gym WAAs tics ... 
October 5, 1945 Still smarting Sports Gridders Eager To Make Up For Macomb Score 
October 5, 1945 Replacing News White Runs Supply Store 
October 5, 1945 Open letter Sports No Let Down (Continued from page 5) 
October 5, 1945 Veteran Information Tell Vet's Views (Continued from page 4) 
October 5, 1945 Radio Information Shea Active Over Radio (Continued from page 1) 
October 5, 1945 Spelled defeat Sports Three Downs Win Game For Macomb (Continued from page 5) 
October 5, 1945 WAA activities Sports Girls To Begin Hockey Practice (Continued from page 5) 
October 11, 1945 Tower concert Information Tower Expects Sellout For Opening Concert 
October 11, 1945 Honor rating News Paper Achieves Honor Rating 
October 11, 1945 Special bus transportation News Supply Bus For Game 
October 11, 1945 Announcement was made News Name Fourteen To Who's Who 
October 11, 1945 Negro expressionist Information Artist Blinded At Early Age 
October 11, 1945 The seniors Information Seniors Hike For Breakfast 
October 11, 1945 Joe Persaud Column Bennett Brings Challenge At Evangelistic Services 
October 11, 1945 Heads of committees News Cole Picks Chairmen For Washington Fete 
October 11, 1945 At a meeting News Alumni Award Research Grant 
October 11, 1945 International students' association News Internationals Meet 
October 11, 1945 First campus prayer meeting Informaton Unite Groups In Service For Prayer 
October 11, 1945 Record staff members Information Scribes Attend Press Conference 
October 11, 1945 Blanchard hall News 3-Minute Fire Drill Satisfies Chief 
October 11, 1945 We Need Yells! Column We Need Yells! 
October 11, 1945 49 Veterans Begin Trek Wheatonward Column 49 Veterans Begin Trek Wheatonward 
October 11, 1945 Dr. M. C. Tenney Colulmn The Great Alternative 
October 11, 1945 Ray Morgan, Ken McArthur Column "Out With It!" They Say ... 
October 11, 1945 Ted M. Benson Column Some Like It; Some Don't 
October 11, 1945 Facts and Fitchion Column Facts and Fitchion 
October 11, 1945 The Mourning After ... Column The Morning After ... 
October 11, 1945 A makeshift combination Information Grid Injury Revamps Crusader Backfield 
October 11, 1945 With freshmen Wes Morris News Soccer Hopes Raised 
October 11, 1945 Don Safstrom's catch News Sportscribblings ... HIGHLIGHTS of a close one 
October 11, 1945 Staticstics  Information LOWLIGHTS of same 
October 11, 1945 Ray Buker led the field News Ray Offsets Team's Loss 
October 11, 1945 Football practices Sports Wehling Reports Small Response 
October 11, 1945 Drastic rulings highlighted News Gym WAAstics ... 
October 11, 1945 Crusader harriers Information Harriers To Oppose Illinois Normal Here 
October 11, 1945 Time run out on Wheaton's changes Sports DeKalb Wins By Fast Push 
October 11, 1945 New members were welcomed News 80 Women Meet To Dine, Greet New Members 
October 11, 1945 Will be united in marriage Information Ruth Caldwell Plans Wedding 
October 11, 1945 Holds its first meeting Information Singer Discusses Debate Question 
October 11, 1945 Officers of Tiadathian literary society News Tau Delts Name Semester Officers 
October 11, 1945 "Glamour plus" News Style Show Stresses Campus 'Glamour Plus' 
October 11, 1945 Besides being a preacher News Bennett Writes ... (Continued from page 1) 
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