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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
August 19, 1941 Intiating New Measures News Government Methods 
August 19, 1941 Soccer Team Sports Booters Hold unique Spot in Athletics 
August 19, 1941 Calls Mildred reedy For Secretrial Training; Offers Home Economics News College Adds Two Departments to Curriculum 
August 19, 1941 Tower of '43 News Tower of '43 Signs Contracts, Appoints Staff  
August 19, 1941 Conservatory of Music  News Van Dusen, Groom Speak on Music At Mid- West Church Institutes 
August 19, 1941 Dean Smith Approves Lit Presidents' Plan To Give Combined Program News Women's Lits To Hold Joint Informal 
August 19, 1941 The Conservatory of Music News Wellner Joins Music Faculty  
August 19, 1941 Dr. Paul E. Stanley News College Offers CAA Course  
August 23, 1941 President Edman To Lay Cornerstone Homecoming Weekend News New Gym Takes Shape; Fund Totals $102,464 
August 23, 1941 33 Campus Leaders From Senior Class  News New Seats Honor Senior Leaders 
August 23, 1941 The Traditional Senior Cake News Juniors Discover Senior Cake 
August 23, 1941 Dr. Walter L. Wilson Article Wilson Preaches Series of Sermons On " The Master" 
August 23, 1941 Donna Rundlett  Information Women To Hold Tea For Little Sisters 
August 23, 1941 New Students News Faculty Welcomes New Students 
August 23, 1941 Patterson, Zercoff Score In Second Half Drive; Forester's Pass Attack Fails Sports Crusaders Win Opener, Drop Concordia 13-6 In frist Gridiron Meeting 
August 23, 1941 News Students  Article Wheaton College Faces Year of Progress  
August 23, 1941 The American Legion Article American Legion Sells Out To Warmongering Politicians 
August 23, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
August 23, 1941 Werner Graendorf  Column Hash  
August 23, 1941 Dr. Wilson Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
August 23, 1941 Howard Bellinger  Column Off The Record  
August 23, 1941 Geidt Introduces Intimate Views of Senior Beaux Column Geidt Introduces Intimate Views of Senior Beaux 
August 23, 1941 Marshell Weatherby  Article Marshell Weatherby . . . 
August 23, 1941 By Ole and Rog Sports The Huddle . . . 
August 23, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire  News Fesmire Outlines Council Plans  
August 23, 1941 Robert deWolfe News Sophs Devise Freshman Rules  
September 26, 1941 Tower Artist Series Brings World Famous Group To Campus Next Week News presidents Own Brand Grows From Drum Corps 
September 26, 1941 Lois Kunz News Lits To Hold Joint Informals 
September 26, 1941 Alden Clark News Clark Assumes WMBI Job As Staff Organist  
September 26, 1941 Professor William Nordin News Chorus to Begin Messiah Practices 
September 26, 1941 Dr. Water L. Wislon News Dr. Wilson Fills Spare Time Of His 18 - Hour day With Bible Reading  
September 26, 1941 Floyd Pinder News Tower Schedules Class Photos 
September 26, 1941 Chairman Jack Rosser News Council Approves Funds Increase For Homecoming 
September 26, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries and Theories 
September 26, 1941 Dr. Smit Starts Prayer Service for Men News Wheaton Grads Don Khaki For Uncle Sam 
September 26, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire Short News Call to Personal Work 
September 26, 1941 Edward Burkhalter News Christian Council Holds Dinner For Gospel Teams  
September 26, 1941 H.Don Munro News News Knights Banquet For Pep Meeting 
September 26, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News  Dr. Edman Begins First Full Year, College Head Since May 9, 1941 
September 26, 1941 Two Local Boys Wear Prof's Uniform  Sports Gridders Aim For Win Face Macomb Tomorrow 
September 26, 1941 Dick Robertson Sports Harriers Prep For First Meet 
September 26, 1941 Ladosian Literary Society News Ladosians Hold Steak Fry, Meeting 
September 26, 1941 Coach Ken Hammonds Sports Soccermen Build Seasoned Squad Around Lettermen 
September 26, 1941 Touch Foot Ball Sports Touch Football Steals IM Scene 
September 26, 1941 OLE and ROG Column The Huddle... 
September 26, 1941 Aurora Borealis Article Present Situation Forces Worldly Man To Consider Christ 
September 26, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
September 26, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire Short News Wheaton Naperville Students Confer 
September 26, 1941 Dr. Wilson Information Chapel Nuggets 
September 26, 1941 Johnny Patterson Column  Coed Invades Floor For Class; Home Ec, No Doubt 
September 26, 1941 Musical Organizations Begin Rehearsals, Plan Annual Tours News  Stam Reveals Student Increase In Conservatory 
September 26, 1941 Donna Rundlett News Rundlett Presides At Women's Tea Deans Pour 
September 26, 1941 Alumni, Former Students Answer Call to Arms, Spread Over Nation News Streators to Tour Camps To ORganize Christians 
September 26, 1941 Paul G. Culley News Navigator Head To Speak 
September 26, 1941 Stephen McShane News McShane to Preside At FMF Banquet 
September 30, 1941 William Johnson, Indianapolis Frosh; Assumes Chairmanship News Council Announces Hoosier Head Class of '45 
September 30, 1941 Station HCJB News Quito Broadcasts HCJB Tribute  
September 30, 1941 Board of Trustees  News Trustees Hold Quarterly Meeting 
September 30, 1941 Fiftieth Anniversary Of The University Of Chicago News Prexy, Dyrness Attend Chicago's Golden Jubilee 
September 30, 1941 Dr. C. B. Wyngarden Information Wyngarden to Tell First Quintet Saga 
September 30, 1941 Billy Graham News Graham Fills Tabernacle Post 
September 30, 1941 Captain Santelmann Holds Historic Baton, Follows Dad's Footsteps News Marine Band to Headline Brass, Xylophone Soloists, Present Matinee Concert 
September 30, 1941 The Navigators  News Navigators Tour Army Camps, Speak At Chapel 
September 30, 1941 Now The Grind Begins Column Student Body Needs Spiritual Conditioning To Beat Grind 
September 30, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
September 30, 1941 Dear Editor Column Readers Write 
September 30, 1941 Howard Bellinger . . . . Column Off The Record  
September 30, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Hash. . . . 
September 30, 1941 Things We Never Noodle Now: Column Norman Ross Plays Alarm Clock For Jean Hammand 
September 30, 1941 C. Willard Rinehart Short Story C. Willard Rinehart 
September 30, 1941 Wheaton Blocks Well; Penalties, Fumbles Cause Downfall Sports Macomb Avenges Defeat; Statistics Show Even Game 
September 30, 1941 Women's Literary Societies  Information Women's Lit Prexies Sponsor Picnic 
September 30, 1941 College Rifle Club Sports Riflemen's Guests Visit Clubroom 
September 30, 1941 Speech Department News Debators Produce Mock Broadcast For New Students 
September 30, 1941 The Record Information Record Holds Dinner Meeting 
September 30, 1941 Jack Rosser Announcement Rosser Announces Homecoming Contest 
September 30, 1941 Tom Parks  Information Prayermeeting. . .  
October 3, 1941 Sigma Pi Sigma Sponsors Lecture; Observatory to Open News Johnson to Give Address On " The American Sky" 
October 3, 1941 Soph Court Article Sophs to Judge Bad Greenies 
October 3, 1941 The Tower of 1942 News Tower of ' 42 Rates First Class 
October 3, 1941 Registrar's Office News College Maintains Student Growth Despite Draft 
October 3, 1941 Open House Article Rosser Stresses Open House At Homecoming 
October 3, 1941 Mr. Frank Speaight Information Speaight to Give Miscellaneous Readings  
October 3, 1941 Maurice Dobbins  News Dobbins Reports Larger Band 
October 3, 1941 mayor Renton, Businessmen To Greeet Famous Group, Officials In Patron Group News Band Arrives Tomorrow For Two Concerts, Covers 16 States On Tour 
October 3, 1941 Fall Cold Season  Article Fall Cold Season Gives Nurses Work 
October 3, 1941 Comes to Wheaton As New Dorm Hostess After Work in Siam Article Mrs. McDaniel Serves As Nurse in Leper Mission 
October 3, 1941 Student Council News Student Council Acts To Improve Cheering 
October 3, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries and Theories . . . . 
October 3, 1941 Homer Dowdy Article Navigators, Christian Sailor Club, Starts In Simple Prayer Meeting 
October 3, 1941 Injuries, Frosh Ruling Hamper Squad; team Set For Battle Sports Gridders Face Lake Forest In First Conference Tilt 
October 3, 1941 Chapel Information LeTourneau to Fill Chapel Pulpit 
October 3, 1941 Coach Howie Schoon Sports Harriers Boast large Squad 
October 3, 1941 Women's Athletic Association Sports Coed Atheletes Plan Overnight Hike 
October 3, 1941 Soccer Sports Booters Play Chicago Semi-Pros 
October 3, 1941 Academy Team Sports Academy Prep for Todd Grid Battle; Plan Revenge for Last Defeat 
October 3, 1941 " For Better College-Town Relations" Article Students' Life Before Townsfolk Imperil Testimony 
October 3, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word  
October 3, 1941 Dear Editor Column Readers Write 
October 3, 1941 John F. Meredith Article Onward Christian Soldiers 
October 3, 1941 Dr. Wilson  Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
October 3, 1941 Pete McKnight  Short Story Ten Buck Phone Call Proves Girl Friend Is Really Dear 
October 3, 1941 Business Manager of The School Paper Short Story A. Lennat Olson . . . 
October 3, 1941 Jack Rosser Announcement Announce Slogan Deadline For Monday Noon 
October 3, 1941 Annual Snapshot Contest Information Tower head Urges Picture Entries 
October 3, 1941 Ole and Rog Sports The Huddle . . . 
October 3, 1941 The Conservatory of Music News Stam Announces Two Addition to Music Staff 
October 3, 1941 Boethallian Literary Society  Information Bows Install . . . 
October 3, 1941 Mr. William H. Nordin Announcement Messiah Practice Begins Sunday 
October 3, 1941 Coah Del Nelson Sports Frosh Gridders Hit Dekalb With Green Team 
October 3, 1941 Child Evangelism Fellowship Information Child Evangelism Classes Open 
October 7, 1941 Soloists Return For Numerous Encores; Santelmann gets Bible News Marine Band Intrigues Crowd With Eerie Sounds 
October 7, 1941 Gym Project News New Gym Reaches First Floor Level, Weather a Factors for Early Finish 
October 7, 1941 Robert G. LeTourneau Information LeTourneau to Address Chapel Tomorrow 
October 7, 1941 Sophomore Court  News Soph Judges Mete Out Justice 
October 7, 1941 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany Information Tiffany Opens Debate Lectures On Labor Unions 
October 7, 1941 Robert Frost Information Frost Lectures At North Central 
October 7, 1941 Alumni Hour to Introduce Ingles, Decamp, Edmans, ZamZam Survivors News Homecoming To Feature Special Broadcasts: WMBI, South America 
October 7, 1941 Homecoming  Article Students Hold Key To Homecoming Success For Alumni 
October 7, 1941 So They Say . . . Poem So They Say . . . 
October 7, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
October 7, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Hash. . . 
October 7, 1941 Howard Bellinger Column Off The Record 
October 7, 1941 Mr. Lockett Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
October 7, 1941 Concert Provides Gossiper Geidt With Dirt Column Concert Provides Gossiper Geidt With Dirt 
October 7, 1941 Carroll Rinehart Sports An Old Story - - -Figures Offset 21-0 Grid Loss 
October 7, 1941 Basketball Sports Tournies Planned For Lit Sportswomen 
October 7, 1941 W.A.A. Sports Shift Point Scale For Girls Sports 
October 7, 1941 Coach Howard Schoon Sports Schoon Promises Harrier Win For Homecoming 
October 7, 1941 Ole and Rog  Sports The Hundle . . . 
October 7, 1941 Billy Graham Information Graham to Address Junior League 
October 7, 1941 Mr. Frank Speaight  News Dickens Reader to Give Miscellaneous Recital 
October 7, 1941 Girls' Guild  News Girls' Guild Reorganizes Work 
October 7, 1941 Mason and Dixon News Dixans Elect New Officers 
October 10, 1941 Student Composer Gains Reputation As Musical Genius News Loveless Writes Pep Song For Cardinal Game 
October 10, 1941 Public Affairs Forum Information Public Affairs Forum 
October 10, 1941 Literary Societies News Grads Highlight Lit Meeting 
October 10, 1941 Sigma Iota Alpha News Grad Students Elect Officers For Honor Society 
October 10, 1941 Herman Fischer To Speak News 400 Alumni Return to Campus; Edman Lays Gym Cornerstone 
October 10, 1941 Rev. Donald MacKay Information MacKay to Fill College Pulpit 
October 10, 1941 Homecoming  News Rosser Directs Three-Day Program 
October 10, 1941 The Record Office News Record Heads Remodel Office 
October 10, 1941 College Dorms Invite Inspection Guides Aid Visitors Information First Official Open House Features Departments 
October 10, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries and Theories 
October 10, 1941 Gilbert Koppin News Sunday Vesper Service To Present Alumni 
October 10, 1941 Alumni Homecoming News Ecuador, WMBI Give Programs 
October 10, 1941 John Shearer News Informal Hour To Climax Open House 
October 10, 1941 Wheaton Record News Record Editors Contine Work In Other Fields 
October 10, 1941 Mr. Coleman News Ingles, Coleman Write Books 
October 10, 1941 By Ole And Rog Article The Huddle 
October 10, 1941 Wheaton Gun Club News Gun Club Elects Johnson President 
October 10, 1941 Bob De Wolfe Sports Pushball Contest To Decide Fate of Greenies 
October 10, 1941 Coach ken Hammonds Sports Booters Take On Alumni Squad 
October 10, 1941 Injuries Thin Crusader Team: Redbirds Hold Advantage In Record Books News Cardinals Invade Campus For Homecoming game: Shatzer Sparks Opponents  
October 10, 1941 Milwaukeet Team Sports  Harriers Face Milwaukee Profs In First Meet 
October 10, 1941 General Electric House of Magic News Physics Club To Sponsor House of Magic 
October 10, 1941 Miss Lois Dickason News Coed Infomal to Fete Dean Dickason 
October 10, 1941 Werner Dick News Prep Frosh Elect Dick Prexy 
October 10, 1941 Scripture Distribution Society News SDS Aims to Distribute 100,000 Gospels of John This Year 
October 10, 1941 Donald James Mackay Short Information New Book by Wheaton Alumni 
October 10, 1941 Allen Peterson News Campus Buildings To Resemble Castles, Shops 
October 10, 1941 Mr. Harry G. Johnson News  Star Lecturer Reviews Sky 
October 10, 1941 Blanchard Hall News Klassen Directs Summer Work As Campus Undergoes Changes 
October 10, 1941 Homecoming Article Added Joy Comes With Understanding Homecoming Meeting 
October 10, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
October 10, 1941 Frank Earl Herric '99 Literature The College Homecoming 
October 10, 1941 John F. Meredith Article Onward Christian Soldiers.. 
October 10, 1941 Rincy Rinchart News Rinehart Breaks Collar Bone For Third Time 
October 10, 1941 Lois Dickason News  Coed Lits Give Alumnae Full Programs 
October 10, 1941 Dr. Robert L. Cooke News Cooke Reports Interest In Bible Crusade 
October 10, 1941 Miss Doris Lacy News  Library Revises Reserve System 
October 10, 1941 Dr. Robert C. Stone News  Stone Prepares Greek Text 
October 10, 1941 Marian Bulander News  Amazonia 
October 10, 1941 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News Grigolia Prepares Special Booklet 
October 10, 1941 Mr. Speaight News Speaight Presents Dickens, Poe In Free Recital 
October 10, 1941 Roy C. Snell News News Library exhibits Work of Grads For Open House 
October 10, 1941 Harvey C. Chrouser Sports News Prexy, Coach Speak At Rally, Bonfire 
October 10, 1941 John Frame News Alumni to Elect National Officers 
October 14, 1941 Paul Holsinger News  Holsinger Speaks At '43 Prayermeeting 
October 14, 1941 Philip Claar News Homecoming Ramblings 
October 14, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire News Men's Lits Use Army Term For Informal Title 
October 14, 1941 Dr. Kamm Presents Awards To Campus Groups For Homecoming Motifs News Knights, Sophs Win Plaque For Decorations 
October 14, 1941 Johnson To Speak At Youth Rally News  H.D. Sandborn to Present House of Magic General Electric Project 
October 14, 1941 Dr. Orrin C. Tiffany News Jolly To Explain Labor Economics 
October 14, 1941 Sigma Pi Sigma News Sigma Pi Sigma Sponsors Demonstration Of Latest In Science 
October 14, 1941 1941 Wheaton Homecoming News Wheaton Displays School Spirit At Homecoming 
October 14, 1941 Alfred Campbell Article The Living Word 
October 14, 1941 Werner Graendorf Literature  Chapel Nuggets 
October 14, 1941 Howard Bellinger Article OFF THE RECORD 
October 14, 1941 Jim Buswell News Geidt Usurps Dominy's Column, Asks Own Questions 
October 14, 1941 North Central Receives Credit For Assist In 13 to 0 Victory News Shatzer Defeats Chrouser Gridders In Grudge Battle 
October 14, 1941 Captain Dick Robertson Sports Milwaukee Takes Orange Harriers By One Point 
October 14, 1941 Del Nelson Sports Alumni Luminaries Overwhelm Frosh Gridders 19 to 0 
October 14, 1941 Robert Keesey  News Sophs Appoint Stam, Keesey Tower Observers 
October 14, 1941 Kenneth Smith News Forum Hears Book Reviews 
October 14, 1941 Miss Dickason News Lits Break Old Tradition, Combine For Formal Program 
October 17, 1941 Christian Council Sponsors Program; College Talent Appears News Johnson to Speak At High School Youth, God Rally 
October 17, 1941 John Charles Thomas News  Tower Artist Series To Present Thomas 
October 17, 1941 Men Pick "Bivouac" For Meeting Title News Lit Societies Drop Traditional Informals For Combined Meetings In Both Chapels 
October 17, 1941 Miss McShane News McShane Thesis Reveals Importance of Public Speaking Training 
October 17, 1941 Miss Lois Dickason News Women Take Novel For Program Theme 
October 17, 1941 Marjorie Barber Article Author Snell wept Halls in College Days 
October 17, 1941 President V. Raymond Edman  News College Entertains Mothers, Dads For Weekend 
October 17, 1941 Lit Societies Left Social Programs To "Y's" in Early Days  News Phils Hold First Informal In 1913, Simple Program 
October 17, 1941 J. Lawrence Kulp News  Sigma Pi Sigma Inducts Members 
October 17, 1941 Maitermian Literary Society News  Knight Organize 12:40 Club For Luncheon 
October 17, 1941 Lee Webber News Fesmire Deputizes Nine Teams For Gospel Work 
October 17, 1941 Work In America When Poland Fell Hit Language Trouble News Polish Students Express Good Opinions of College 
October 17, 1941 Berlin Dairy News Seniors Review Books At Forum Dinner 
October 17, 1941 What About Cosmetics? Article Queries and Theories 
October 17, 1941 Wheaton Record News Record Wins Second Class Rate 
October 17, 1941 Injuries Don Team, Squad Plans to Break Losses News Frosh Return To Lineup For DeKalb Grid Battle 
October 17, 1941 Mina Taylor News Poineer Girls Edit Handbook 
October 17, 1941 Coach Howie News Harriers Run Chicago Team In Windy City 
October 17, 1941 Park Woolmington News Booters Prep For Chicago, Eastern Trip 
October 17, 1941 Ole and Rog Article  The Huddle 
October 17, 1941 J.Calvin Article Ad Lib 
October 17, 1941 Miss Marjorie McShane News Extracurricular Activities Provide Lab For Classes 
October 17, 1941 Alfred Campbell Article The Living Word 
October 17, 1941 Chapel Nuggets Article Readers Write 
October 17, 1941 John F. Meredith Article Onward Christian Soldiers 
October 17, 1941 T. Robert Moseley News Columnist Reports Discussion Subjects Of Bull Sessions 
October 17, 1941 Complete Trailer Home Serves As Base For Evangelism  News  Gospel Trailer To Cover Army Camps 
October 17, 1941 Foreign Missions Fellowship News FMF Elects Gabler Treasurer 
October 17, 1941 Dr. Nystrom News FBI Investigates Old Grad But Only For Job 
October 21, 1941 Muriel Fuller Writes Literary Success Story Works For "Redbook" News Grad Assists In Publication Of "Lady Editor" 
October 21, 1941 Mr. Peter Stam News Stam Attends Presby Synod 
October 21, 1941 Aus Italien News Stock To Direct First Pop Concert 
October 21, 1941 Rev. Harold P. Warren News  Phils, Celts Take Chapel For Friday 
October 21, 1941 Dean Dickason Stars In Elaborate Setting Of "Girl of the Limberlost" News Women Build Joint Lit Theme Around Novel 
October 21, 1941 Dean Smith News Smith To Conduct Prayer Meeting 
October 21, 1941 Athletic Contests, Open House, Informal Highlight Celebration News Faculty, Student Committee Announces Program For Dad's, Mother's Day 
October 21, 1941 Rev. Torrey Johnson News Johnson Speaks At Youth Rally 
October 21, 1941 Weyman Cleveland News Uniformed Prexies Direct Program Of Men's Lit 
October 21, 1941 Miss Ada G. Rury News Health Record Tops Last Year's For Six Weeks 
October 21, 1941 Wheatons New Regulations News Car Regulations Prove Unsuccessful In Six-Week Trial 
October 21, 1941 Alfred Campbell Article The Living Word 
October 21, 1941 Werner Graendorf Article Hash 
October 21, 1941 Howard Bellinger News Off The Record 
October 21, 1941 R. Alan Cheesebro News Convicts Writes of Proposal To Fence Campus 
October 21, 1941 Orange Outgains, But Huskies Score Third Moral Victory News News Crusaders Lose on Passes Dekalb Wins Game, 24-0 
October 21, 1941 Captain Dick Robertson  Sports  Harriers Score First Win of Seasons, Defeat Chicago University 24-34 
October 21, 1941 Wheaton Academy  Sports Prep Gridders lose To Latin, 6-0 
October 21, 1941 Marian Bulander Sports Bellers ON The Ball 
October 21, 1941 Mertis Byram News Foreign Students Plan Taffy Pull For After Lit 
October 21, 1941 Women Physical Education Sports Girl Gym Majors Plan Night Hike 
October 24, 1941 Mr. E. E. Beck News Historic Stupe Assumes Atmosphere Of Big Business 
October 24, 1941 John Patterson News Senior Party Assumes Rural Atmosphere 
October 24, 1941 John Charles Thomas Tower Concert News After-Lit Audience Hears Thomas Songs 
October 24, 1941 Dr. Rebecca Price News Faculty Women Hold Tea For Local Profs 
October 24, 1941 Dr. Clarence B. Hale News Greek Classes Reach High Mark; 202 Enroll 
October 24, 1941 John L. Gloom News History President Elects Groom President  
October 24, 1941 John DeHorn News DeHorn Accepts Vocal Work At WMBI 
October 24, 1941 Alan Cheesebro & Betty Martin News Phils, Celts Direct Chapel Service 
October 24, 1941 Coach Coray News Room Reservations Indicate Large Number Of Parents For Dads', Mothers' Day 
October 24, 1941 Miss Evelyn E. Erickson News Foreign Students To Pull Taffy, Play After Lit 
October 24, 1941 Wheaton Chaplain  News Chapel Featured Varied Speakers 
October 24, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries And Theories: Does Wheaton Produce Good Citizens? 
October 24, 1941 Henry C. Thiessen News Thiessen Speaks At Convention 
October 24, 1941 Chicago Christian Industrial League News Gospel Teams Present Programs In Chicago 
October 24, 1941 William R. Shunk News Shunk Assumes Wayne Pastorate 
October 24, 1941 Ewart Edmund Turner News Lecturer To Tell History Club Story Of National Socialism 
October 24, 1941 George Rogers Jr. Sports Crusaders Face Illinois In Dads', Mothers' Day Tilt 
October 24, 1941 Soccer Sports Booters Meet Chicago Team 
October 24, 1941 Semi-annual House Party Information House of Baa Holds Semi- Annual Party 
October 24, 1941 Harriers Sports Harriers Tie Favored Loyola 
October 24, 1941 Coach Del Nelson Sports Frosh Team Tackle DeKalb In Second Start 
October 24, 1941 Homecoming Article Dad's, Mothers' Day Reminds Students of Debt To Parents 
October 24, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
October 24, 1941 Dr. Edman Short Comments Chapel Nuggets. . . 
October 24, 1941 J. Finley Meredith  Article Onward Christian Soldiers  
October 24, 1941 John Patterson News Patterson Dreams $30,000 For College In Fairy Dollars 
October 24, 1941 Chapel Choir Information Chapel Choir to Hold Get- together Informal 
October 24, 1941 Semester House Party Information Dow Coeds Plan House Party 
October 24, 1941 Roger Larson News Academy Announces Student Committee 
October 24, 1941 Miss Florence Cobb Information Advanced Pupils Of Miss Cobb To Give Recital 
October 24, 1941 Marian Rutherford Information Mills Coeds to Take Hike, Hay Ride 
October 24, 1941 Calvin Patterson News Ad Lib 
October 28, 1941 Students, Parents Banquet Together, Watch Football Films News 300 Parents Visit Campus For Dads', Mothers' Day 
October 28, 1941 WMBI alumni Broadcast on Homecoming Saturday News Alumni Broadcast Brings Replies 
October 28, 1941 Steve McShane Information McShane to Lead Prayer Meeting  
October 28, 1941 Eileen Johnson News Johnson Calls First Rifle Meet With Town Team 
October 28, 1941 Miss Ada Rury News Nurses Get Rush Of Broken Bones 
October 28, 1941 Annual Field Trip Information Urban Socialogists To Inspect Chi 
October 28, 1941 Connie Johnston News Tower to Close Photo Contest 
October 28, 1941 Sigma Pi Sigma News Odditis From Science 
October 28, 1941 Celebrating Hallowe'en Information Aels, Belts Hold Joint Meeting 
October 28, 1941 Missionary Service News Mission Recruits Hold Service At Grad's Church 
October 28, 1941 Mr. J. L. Leedy  Information Foresters to Visit Starved Rock 
October 28, 1941 Darzes Give Morden Version Of " Big Bad Wolf" Information Miss Cobb's Senior Group Present First Recital In Expression Series 
October 28, 1941 Athletic Department  News Officials Open Shuffle Courts 
October 28, 1941 Chapel Choir Information Chapel Choir Plan Party Tonight  
October 28, 1941 New Car Regulations Article Campus Morale Depends Directly On Student Body 
October 28, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
October 28, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Hash. . . . 
October 28, 1941 Richard Hill Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
October 28, 1941 Howard Bellinger Column Off The Record. . . . 
October 28, 1941 Art Dominy Article Dominy Proves Ancient Proverb---Time Is Money 
October 28, 1941 Crusaders Sports Blue Forces Tie; Last Minute Dash Swaps Crusaders 
October 28, 1941 Big and Little Sisters of Wheaton College Sports Belles On The Ball 
October 28, 1941 Soccer Sports Chicago Drops Soccermen, 1-0 
October 28, 1941 Coach Del Nelson Sports DeKalb "B" Team Takes Nelsonmen In 7-0 Upset 
October 28, 1941 Academy Eleven Sports Prep Gridders Lose To Elmhurst 
October 28, 1941 Captain Dick Robertson Sports Milers Win 17-19; Prep For Loyola 
October 28, 1941 Wrestling Sports Grapplers Prep For Busy Season 
October 28, 1941 Football Sports Seniors Hold Top In I-M League 
October 31, 1941 Park's Letter Letter Open Forum Correspondence 
October 31, 1941 Plans Includes Dinner, Football; Compensate at Vacations Information Prexy Announces College Thanksgiving Activities  
October 31, 1941 Dr. H. C. Thiessen News Theologians Start Pastors' Club 
October 31, 1941 New Gym News Weather Remains Only Gym Delay 
October 31, 1941 Mr. DeWitt Jayne News Artists Prepare' Angelo Slides 
October 31, 1941 Lloyd Coveney Information CPA to Address Business Students 
October 31, 1941 " Post - Hallowe'en Party" Information Seniors to Hold Rural Party  
October 31, 1941 Professor Clarence B. Hale  News Hale Completes Doctorate Work 
October 31, 1941 Pep rally to Precede free Discussion Of Stuendt Government News President Calls Open Foruim To Discuss Problems After Student- Prof Request 
October 31, 1941 Art Rech  News Rech to Direct Gospel Squad In Personal Work 
October 31, 1941 Tower of '43 Artist Series News Tower of '43 Picks Thomas On Popular Vote 
October 31, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries and Theories  
October 31, 1941 Dr. Russell Mixter News Anatomy Paper Prints Mixter's Treatise 
October 31, 1941 Radio Club News Aels, Belts Held Spook Party 
October 31, 1941 Miss. Doris G. Hamilton News Science Class Studies Chicago's Social Conditions 
October 31, 1941 Sigma Pi Sigma Column Oddities From Science 
October 31, 1941 " Hitler's Battle For South America" Information Turner to Speak On Hitler 
October 31, 1941 Greenies Fill Gap Left by Injuries; Team Seeks Revenge Sports Frosh Return to Grid Squad For Elmhurst 
October 31, 1941 Bob Oliver  Article Harrier Captain Learns Running On Paper Route 
October 31, 1941 Edward A. Coray Sports Coray Reveals Game With North Park 
October 31, 1941 Cross- Country Sports Runners Aim At First Place In Loyola Meet 
October 31, 1941 Soccer Sports Hammonds to Choose Traveling Booters 
October 31, 1941 Harvard School Sports Fuller Shakes Lineup For Havard Game 
October 31, 1941 Soccer Sports Hammonds to Choose Travelling Booters  
October 31, 1941 By Ole and Rog  Sports The Huddle 
October 31, 1941 Wrestling Sports Grapplers to Face Big Ten Squad 
October 31, 1941 Open Forum Article Open Forum Marks Progress Of Self Goverment 
October 31, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
October 31, 1941 Dear Editor. . .  Column Letters to The Editor 
October 31, 1941 J. Finley Meredith. . . Article Onward Christian Soldiers 
October 31, 1941 On The Sports Horizon. . . . Sports Hash Slingers Try Their Hand At Footbal 
October 31, 1941 Darl Devries Short Story C. Ellsworth Devries 
October 31, 1941 Professor William Nordin Information College, Town Chorus to Sing At Bible Rally 
October 31, 1941 Shufelt House Information Shufelt Girls to Hold Barbecue Outing 
October 31, 1941 Sophomore Social Information Sophs to Hold Hayloft Party 
October 31, 1941 Raymond McAfee News Anthropolgy Museum Gets Gifts; McAfee to Present Senoir Seminar 
October 31, 1941 The College Prayer- Chain News Students Fill Prayer Chart For Daily Chain 
October 31, 1941 Dr. O. E. Tiffany News Tiffany to Confer Scholastic Honors 
October 31, 1941 Literary Societies Sports Coach Announces Coed Lit Games 
October 31, 1941 Bill Johnson Information Frosh to Hike To Glen Ellyn 
November 4, 1941 Music Scholarship Turns J. C. Thomas From Medicine News Tower Artist Wins Acclaim As World Singer 
November 4, 1941 Football Sports Juniors Plan Football Party 
November 4, 1941 Prayer Meeting Information Peggy Stam Leads Prayer Meeting  
November 4, 1941 " The Pastor's Adjustment to Church" Information Graduates Meet For Seminar 
November 4, 1941 President V. Raymond Edman Information Prexy Reveals Travel Schedule To New Year 
November 4, 1941 Five House Parties News House Parties Dominate Social Calendar 
November 4, 1941 Conservatory Recital Series Information Music Staff Presents Year's First Recital 
November 4, 1941 Antonas Smetonas Information Lithuanian President To Visit Chapel 
November 4, 1941 Colorado Club Members Information Coloradoans Hold Dinner Meeting 
November 4, 1941 Mary Nelle Womack News Mary Womack's Father Dies 
November 4, 1941 Rev. D. L. Foster Information Foster Addresses Ministers Tonight 
November 4, 1941 Pep Rally Precedes Student Queries, Speeches On Self- Rule, Holidays News President Edman, Tom Parks Leads Forum Discussion On Student Government  
November 4, 1941 Alumni Association News College to Offer Alumni Institute 
November 4, 1941 Open Forum Article College Open Forum Demonstrates Need For Definations 
November 4, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
November 4, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Hash. . . . . 
November 4, 1941 Howard Bellinger Column Off The Record 
November 4, 1941 The Bible Defeats Atheism Article The Reviewing Stand. . . 
November 4, 1941 Women's Lit Informal Article Women's Waterfall A Dribble Say Photographers 
November 4, 1941 Jean Johnston Short Story J. Francis Johnston. . . . 
November 4, 1941 Crusaders Outgain, But Touchdown Drive Slips in Mud Sports Elmhurst Ties Wheaton, Wat Field Stops Plays 
November 4, 1941 League Play Sports Juniors Top Frosh Intramurals 
November 4, 1941 Soccer Sports Hammonds Names Soccer Squad 
November 4, 1941 Harriers Sports Harriers Run Sixth In Stiff Meet At Loyola 
November 4, 1941 College Gun Club Sports College Gunners Fall Before Town Team 
November 4, 1941 Mr. John Nuveen News Chapel Program To Dedicate Bibles For Dorm 
November 4, 1941 Junior League Sports Wayside Girls Lead Junior League 
November 4, 1941 Literary Societies Information Aels, Belts Hold Friday's Chapel 
November 4, 1941 Botany Seminar Information Richards Speaks To Botany Majors 
November 7, 1941 Rivals Call Battle To Drink Tea At Half Time Sports Hash- Slingers Try Hand At Football in Grudge Fight 
November 7, 1941 Several Athletic Injuries News Infirmary Holds Students, Staff 
November 7, 1941 The Pleiades Society News Writing Club Inducts Members 
November 7, 1941 Mary Sue Bucko Article Lithuanian President to Speak Nov. 11 
November 7, 1941 Wheaton's Civil Areonautics Program News One Local Flyer Fails CAA Physical Exam 
November 7, 1941 Dr. Roger Voskuyl News Voskuyl to Direct Planetary Study 
November 7, 1941 Student Council and The Faculty Committee News Students, Profs Study Self-Rule 
November 7, 1941 Authority on Nazism Brings Rich Experience Into Lectures Information Ewart Turner to Describe Battle for Latin America At History Club Program 
November 7, 1941 Phil Saint  News Saint Opens Youth Week With Chalk Talk 
November 7, 1941 " We're Not Worrying," Say Daughters As Word Comes News Japanese Hold Parents Of Byram Sisters 
November 7, 1941 Anthropolgy Majors Information Savage Manners Is Seminar Topic 
November 7, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries and Theories 
November 7, 1941 Oddities From Science Column Oddities From Science  
November 7, 1941 Rural Bible Crusade News Bible Crusadrs Tell Progress 
November 7, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire News Gospel Teams Cover Chicago Area; Workers Continue 'EI' Project 
November 7, 1941 Captian Glatfelter To Play From Side; Frosh Fill Gap Sports Gridders Travel to Carroll, Hope to Break Tie Streak 
November 7, 1941 Coach Howie Schoon's Sports Harriers Enter State Meet 
November 7, 1941 Academy Eleven Sports Academy Points For Victories In Last Three 
November 7, 1941 By Ole and Rog Sports The Huddle . . . . . . 
November 7, 1941 Hot Water Gauge Article Hot Water Gauge Indicates Spiritual Condition of Campus 
November 7, 1941 Alfred Campbell column The Living Word 
November 7, 1941 Student Government Library  Column Readers Write 
November 7, 1941 J. Finley Meredith Column Onward Christian Soldiers 
November 7, 1941 The Columnist Column Brash Trash Imitates Hash, But This Is Verse 
November 7, 1941 Dining Hall Workers Football Game Short Story All the Campus Is Talking 
November 7, 1941 Louise Cole Poetry The Poet's Corner 
November 7, 1941 Round Robin Tournments Sports Debaters Prep For Round Robin, Practise Tourneys 
November 7, 1941 John Charles Thomas  News Tower Announces Thomas Numbers 
November 7, 1941 Art Dominy Information Dominy calls French Club Meeting 
November 7, 1941 Charles Richards Information Richards Directs Botany Seminar 
November 7, 1941 Dr. Henry C.Thiessen Information Thiessen to Speak At Chicago " Y" 
November 7, 1941 Dr. Paul G. Culley Information Culley to Tell Mission Incidents 
November 7, 1941 California Club Information Californians Hold Dinner Meeting  
November 7, 1941 Patrica Stafford News Pat Stafford Wins Snap Shot Contest 
November 11, 1941 John A. Witmer Information Editor Walk Out ! ! 
November 11, 1941 Coray, Hammonds Lead Booters On Jaunt Play Oberlin Tomorrow Sports Soccermen Leave For East, Play Five Games on Trip 
November 11, 1941 Fourth Annual Chirstian Youth Week Information Youth Week Ends With Sunday Rally 
November 11, 1941 Bob Payne Information payne To Speak At ' 45 Prayermeeting 
November 11, 1941 Ruth McLaughlin News McLaughlin Decides Savage, Modern Alike 
November 11, 1941 First " Pop" Concert  Information Orchestra To Give First Concert 
November 11, 1941 Two Wheaton Coeds Emulate Singer, Work For Concert Article Thomas Rises To World Fame Despite Poverty  
November 11, 1941 Dr. Joseph P. Free Information Free leads Trip To Chicago 
November 11, 1941 Anthropology Majors Information Anthropology Majors Hold Dinner 
November 11, 1941 Antonas Smetona Article Smetona Declares Peace Means Total Education 
November 11, 1941 Discussion To Include Ideas For Personal Work On Chicago " Ls" News Christian Council Heads Call Student Open Forum On Service Opportunity 
November 11, 1941 " Can We Do Business With Hitler Article History Students Discuess Hitler 
November 11, 1941 Learns Trade Early; Works Way Through Moody , Wheaton News Mostert Makes Bookbinding Paying Work 
November 11, 1941 Miss Gudrun Thorlakson News Academy To Dedicate New Song Books 
November 11, 1941 Music Students Fill Program With Varied Numbers Information Conservatory To Present Second Recital 
November 11, 1941 Dr. Alexander Grigolia Information Juniors Hold Sunday Service 
November 11, 1941 Jim Rayburn Information Rayburn To Tell Of Young Life Work In Taxes 
November 11, 1941 The Williamstown Baptist Church Information Lindsey, Kamm To Fill Williamstown 
November 11, 1941 Fullback Staven Scores Three Touchdowns; Orange Threaten Twice Sports Carrol Runs Roughshod Over Crusaders 27 to 0 
November 11, 1941 Coach Del Nelson Sports Naperville Tops Weakened Frosh 
November 11, 1941 Harriers Sports Harriers Take Fourth in State Meet; Robertson Places Seventh 
November 11, 1941 Armistice Day Article Christian Pray --- Come Lord Jesus--- On Armistice Day 
November 11, 1941 Fischer Library Information Student Government Library 
November 11, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
November 11, 1941 Alfred A. Kunz- Short Comments Chapel Nuggets. . . 
November 11, 1941 Howard Bellinger . . . Column Off the Record  
November 11, 1941 Geidt Deciaes To Vamoose, Leave With Booters Column Geidt Deciaes To Vamoose, Leave With Booters 
November 11, 1941 Record Ad Manager News Libby Takes page Ad 
November 11, 1941 Peggy Kellogg Information Outside Girls Meet For Super 
November 11, 1941 New Gym News New Gym Facts 
November 11, 1941 Student Council News Freshmen To Elect Class President 
November 14, 1941 Dobbins Directs Popular Program; DeHorn To Sing Information Orchestra Plays First Concert For After Lit 
November 14, 1941 Dr. Clarence Wyngarden Information Pre- Med Hear School Physician At Meeting 
November 14, 1941 Werner Graendorf Article Lith. President Disguises, Enjoy Grigolia, Campus 
November 14, 1941 Gordon Northrop Information Northtrop Discusses White Indian Race 
November 14, 1941 German Club Information Thiessen To Address German Meeting 
November 14, 1941 Special Chapel Service Information Missions Director To Hold Chapel 
November 14, 1941 Chapel Program Information Bows, Arrows Preside At Chapel Service, Give Variety Meeting 
November 14, 1941 William Johnson News Frosh Elect Johnson Head 
November 14, 1941 Famous Baritone Worked Way Up In Music World Information John Charles Thomas To Present Concert In Tower Artist Series 
November 14, 1941 Christian Service News Students Witness On Chicago " Ls" 
November 14, 1941 Student Government Article Dr. Kilby Supprts Student Government In Guest Editorial 
November 14, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
November 14, 1941 Dean Culley- Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
November 14, 1941 Werner Graendorf  Column Hash 
November 14, 1941 Art Dominy Column Queries and Theories 
November 14, 1941 Geidt Column Ole Outaoes Geidt On Gossip But Can't Tell 
November 14, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser Sports Orange Griddlers Set For Battle With Eureka 
November 14, 1941 Soccer Sports Booters Hit East, Drop To Orberlin 
November 14, 1941 Junior Class Information Juniors To Hold Own Church, Lower Chapel Scene of Service 
November 14, 1941 Charlotte Stevens and Clarence R. Nida News Alumni Wed Friday At College Church 
November 14, 1941 Mr. Mortimer B. Lane Information Lane To Attend Business Session 
November 18, 1941 Never Tires Of Hearing Baritone Sing Article Thomas' Mother Comments on Son After Concert 
November 18, 1941 Thanksgiving  Announcement Record Staff Takes Holiday 
November 18, 1941 Conservatory of Music News famed Organist To Apper Soon 
November 18, 1941 Whitaker House Information Whitaker Coeds To Hold Farm Party 
November 18, 1941 H. A. Shagain Article Hash Slingers Make Stew Of Each Other 
November 18, 1941 150 Juniors News Juniors Gather In Church Service 
November 18, 1941 Mark Williston Information Williston Party To Take Guests Into Gypsy Camp 
November 18, 1941 Dining Hall Staff To Prepare Feast From 33 Gobblers Information College Family To Join In Thanksgiving Program; Game, Dinner Climax Day 
November 18, 1941 Student Council News Council Selects Campus Who's 
November 18, 1941 All Races and Creeds Reached by Groups In Cars, On platforms Article Rebuff on " L" Brings Chance for Witnessing  
November 18, 1941 Naitermain and Ladosian Literary Societies Information Joint Lits Present " Life In Big City" 
November 18, 1941 Student Prayer Meeting Anouncement Prayer Meeting. . . 
November 18, 1941 Dixie Club Dinner Meeting Information Dixie Club Meets For Business 
November 18, 1941 Making The Honor Roll News Academy Students Make Honors 
November 18, 1941 Sigma Pi Sigma Column Oddities From Science 
November 18, 1941 Salon d' Historia News History Students Organize Club 
November 18, 1941 Ole and Rog  Column Huddle. . .  
November 18, 1941 Munro and Zarcoff Score; Sutherland Runs 37 Yards For Longest Gain of Day Sports Chrousermen Win Second, Defeat Eureka Eleven, 13-7 
November 18, 1941 Annual Games With The Record Staff  Sports Professor Train For Sport Tilts 
November 18, 1941 Crusader Booters  Sports Booters Encounter Eastern Opposition; Drop to Lafayette, Third Loss In Row 
November 18, 1941 Student Government Column Dean Corinne Smith Says Time To Ripe For Student Rule 
November 18, 1941 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
November 18, 1941 Werner Graendorf  Column Hash. . . . . 
November 18, 1941 Howard Bellinger. . . Column Off The Record  
November 18, 1941 Dear Editor  Column Reader Write  
November 18, 1941 Geidt Column Valdo Exposes Ryan Leg Hoax, Names Admirers 
November 18, 1941 Crusader Gridders Sports Crusaders End Grid Season, Play North Park 
November 18, 1941 Joint Lit Meeting Information Bows, Arrows Meet In Frosh 
November 18, 1941 Junior League Meeting Information Junior League. . . 
November 18, 1941 Academy Eleven  Sports Prepsters Bow In Season Finale 
November 18, 1941 Rifle Team Sports College Marksmen Lose At Batavia 
November 25, 1941 Elroy Robinson Leaves December 1 With Chink For Field  News Former Coach To Join Graham In China  
November 25, 1941 Frank Cassel  News Alumnus Reads Orithology Paper 
November 25, 1941 Conservatory of Music  Information Chicago Artists To Appear In Music Series  
November 25, 1941 Christian Service Information Editor To Discuss Religious Writing At Graduate Club 
November 25, 1941 Catherine Kearns Announcement Kearns to Lead Prayer Meeting 
November 25, 1941 Miss Florence Cobb Information Speech Students Present Recital 
November 25, 1941 Marion E. Oestreich  News Oestreich Discusses Women in Religion 
November 25, 1941 Associated Collegiate Press News Record, Tower Send Delegates To ACP Confab 
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