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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
November 22, 1944 American Red Cross Information Blood Donors Go To Chicago 
November 22, 1944 Women's literary societies Information Bows Take Top Honors In Bandage Rolling 
November 22, 1944 Audrey Lynn News Students Interpret Popular Authors In Entertainment 
November 22, 1944 Ruth Fried Information Expressionist Presents Novel 
November 22, 1944 A picture of colonial America Information "Crossroads Inn" Features Talent of Lit Societies 
November 22, 1944 DeWitt Jayne News Banqueteers Plan Future SWB 
November 22, 1944 Bob Hawthorne News Bob Hawthorne Heads Frosh Cabinet 
November 22, 1944 E. F. Column Gossip Is Besetting Sin In Christian Society 
November 22, 1944 Margaret Davidsmeyer Information Personasketch . . . 
November 22, 1944 Thanks Column We Give Thanks . . . 
November 22, 1944 Louise Cole Column Dr. Yoder Writes From Egypt 
November 22, 1944 Editor's Mailbox Information Editor's Mailbox . . 
November 22, 1944 Harry A. McKnight Column Communique . . . 
November 22, 1944 Poem Column Poet's Promenade . . . 
November 22, 1944 C. A. A. U News Crusaders Face Season's Rivals In CAAU Meet 
November 22, 1944 Students to Grapplers News Tussle Introduces Students to Grapplers 
November 22, 1944 Hail Halts Hockey Playoffs Information Hail Halts Hockey Playoffs 
November 22, 1944 Four Returning Lettermen News Lettermen Stud Cage Roster 
November 22, 1944 Badminton Practice News Blowout Features Badminton Practice 
November 22, 1944 The 1944 Soccer Season Sports Booters Oppose Oberlin Squad; Close Season 
November 22, 1944 Chapel Choir quartet News Quartet Visits Chicago Area On Song Trip 
November 22, 1944 Phils and Celts Information Phils and Celts Hike To Party 
November 22, 1944 Child Evangelism News Class Trains For Child Evangelism 
November 22, 1944 Prep Talk Column Prep Talk . . . 
November 22, 1944 Dr. V. R. Edman Information Stull Brings Chapel Talks 
November 22, 1944 Tiadathian Information Ti Delts Throw Party 
November 30, 1944 Handel's Oratorio News Nordin Directs Annual Messiah; Soloists Named 
November 30, 1944 Washington Banquet Information Banquet Heads Disclose Plans 
November 30, 1944 Mary Beth Engstrom News Violinist at Service 
November 30, 1944 West Suburban Youth News Singers Assist At Youth Rally 
November 30, 1944 Stan Goerner Information Sohps Skate At Aurora Rink 
November 30, 1944 Officers were elected  News Physics Sharks Meet; Elect New Officers 
November 30, 1944 The Co-Rec lounge will re-open News Lounge Houses Carnegie Set, New Furniture 
November 30, 1944 Blount House party Information "Gay Nineties" Is Party Theme 
November 30, 1944 Mrs. Stull's talk Information Mrs.Stull Describes Life Among Peruvian Campas 
November 30, 1944 Professor emeritus of Wheaton College Information Forum Hears Dr. Tiffany 
November 30, 1944 Twila Doutt Column Singer Analyzes Jaysees in Article 
November 30, 1944 Revision of the cut system Information Recommend Changes 
November 30, 1944 Missionary returned from India Information Rev. Opper of India To Address Chapel 
November 30, 1944 Christian Life Demands Practical Outlet Column Christian Life Demands Practical Outlet 
November 30, 1944 Jane Zelle-Bud Hutchins Column unRECORDed 
November 30, 1944 Dr. S. R. Kamm Column Devotions ... 
November 30, 1944 On Chapel Column On Chapel ... 
November 30, 1944 Editor's Mailbox Column Editor's Mailbox 
November 30, 1944 E. Louise Cole Column Communique ... 
November 30, 1944 Personasketch Column Personasketch ... 
November 30, 1944 Margeret J. McNaughton Column G I A N T S 
November 30, 1944 Basketball season Sports Cagers Open Season Dec. 2; Meet Bethel 
November 30, 1944 Triumphant termination Sports Booters Top Oberlin, 1-0; Score in Final Period 
November 30, 1944 Standridge Column Athlite ... 
November 30, 1944 Run in the CAAU Sports Wheaton Takes Second In CAAU Harrier Meet 
November 30, 1944 "B" basketball team Sports B Team, W. C. Clash Saturday In First Tilt 
November 30, 1944 Speaks on "Tools of the Trade" Information Bible Majors Hear Dr. Smith 
November 30, 1944 Performance at Aurora Information Chorus Travels To Aurora 
November 30, 1944 Has accepted the position News Sutherland Joins Staff Of Whitworth College 
November 30, 1944 Race problems Information Pi Gamma Mu Discuss Racial Problems 
November 30, 1944 The seniors swamped the juniors Sports Seniors Annex Hockey Crown 
November 30, 1944 The speaker for the anthropology seminar Information Engstrom Gives Seminar Considers Morality 
November 30, 1944 The coach hopes for a good season Sports Maroon Five Maps Schedule 
November 30, 1944 Consider royalty  Information Mrs. Stull Talks To Women's Lits 
December 7, 1944 Sherman Roddy News Pearl Harbor Plus Three 
December 7, 1944 New Stupe Manager News King Directs Stupe Activities 
December 7, 1944 Semi-formal Football Banquet News Gridders to Banquet at Spinning Wheel 
December 7, 1944 Edman to speak at Butler Announcement Edman Travels East 
December 7, 1944 Concert by radio star News Tower Books Radio Star For Concert 
December 7, 1944 Bob Woodward Announcement An Open Letter... 
December 7, 1944 Holiday Music for Christmas News Seniors Give Yule Readings 
December 7, 1944 Students Invited To Gather at Upper Chapel Announcement Trio Sings at Service. 
December 7, 1944 Elaine Chesnut News 150-Voice Chorus To Sing Annual Christmas Oratorio 
December 7, 1944 Recital at Conservatory News Soloists Offer Evening Recital 
December 7, 1944 New Lounge Hosts Events Column Adults Are Responsible 
December 7, 1944 Margaret J.McNaughton Editorial  Lits... 
December 7, 1944 Dr. C. C. Brooks Editorial Discipleship 
December 7, 1944 Don Hawthorne Editorial Hunted Males Flee Amazon 
December 7, 1944 "Anne Onimus" Editorial Editor's Mailbox 
December 7, 1944 Welcome "free" Letters Ediotorial Personasketch 
December 7, 1944 Mrs. Stull and John L. Johnson. Editorial Chapel Thoughts... 
December 7, 1944 E. Louise Cole Column Communique... 
December 7, 1944 Is It True That Editorial unRECORDed 
December 7, 1944 Cagers Team Looses Sports Cagers Drop 2nd Tilt; Defeat Bethel in Opener 
December 7, 1944 Cagers Plan For Big Games Sports Cagers Face Tough Schedule 
December 7, 1944 Men's Singles Badminton Sports Badminton Aces Battle For Championship 
December 7, 1944 House Volleyball Sports House Teams tangle For Volley Ball Crown 
December 7, 1944 Firts Tussle Against Illinois Tech. Sports Mat Squad Stars Veteran Grunters; Face Tech First 
December 7, 1944 Athletics Convocation Sports Sports Letters Awarded Friday 
December 7, 1944 Moodyites Host Progressive Dinner News Moodyites Will Hold Progressive Dinner 
December 7, 1944 Lecture at Corn Products Chemists Club News Dr. Edward J. Matson Talks On Malaria 
December 7, 1944 Stan Goerner News Sophs Jaunt To Aurora For Roller Party 
December 7, 1944 War Continues News America Fights (Continued Freom Front Page) 
December 7, 1944 Miss Alvera Ill News Lecturer Absent Due to Illness 
December 7, 1944 Dr. Albert S. Nichols News Teachers To Discuss Religion In Schools 
December 7, 1944 Anthropology Seminar News Seminar To See Slides 
December 7, 1944 Betty Swartz News Club Emphasizes Careful Grooming 
December 7, 1944 Maxcine Woodbridge News Plan Musical Evenuing (Continued from front page) 
December 7, 1944 Freshmen Meet In Lower Chapel News Nichols Administers Adjustment Tests 
December 7, 1944 Contract Won News Singer Wins Contract (Continued From Front Page) 
December 14 , 1944 Student War Board  News Popular quartets for War Board Concert  
December 14 , 1944 Chicago Daily News News Forum to open News stand review books 
December 14 , 1944 Hiatt hall broke christmas tradition News Hiatt bars men at house party  
December 14 , 1944 Margaret J.McNaughton  News Coed Cheers Glum Ghost  
December 14 , 1944 Building and grounds department  News Prof Is Santa for BG party  
December 14 , 1944 Special student chapels News Students take charge of chapel periods 
December 14 , 1944 June Philips  News Senior breaks tradition; presents double feature in expression Recital  
December 14 , 1944 Dr. Effie Jane Wheeler  Information Professor reads favorite story  
December 14 , 1944 Christmas Carols  News Singspiration features Carols, Special music 
December 14 , 1944 T-Sgt. Jim Stubbs,ex'45, killed in action adds 19th gold star for Wheaton News 19th Gold Star Added to Flag 
December 14 , 1944 Lucille Manners News Radi Soloist Wins Fame; Fulfills Childhood Ambition 
December 14 , 1944 Radio skits will be enacted Information FMF Use Radio Skits For Missions Program 
December 14 , 1944 A free program News Eureka Jubilee Sextet To Sing Spirituals 
December 14 , 1944 War stamps and bonds Information Sophs Head List In Bond Buying 
December 14 , 1944 Blood donor drive News Revoke Plans For Blood Drive 
December 14 , 1944 They sing regurarly News SWB Concert ... (Continued from Page One) 
December 14 , 1944 Meeting in Celt Hall Information Newshawks Play; Consume Food 
December 14 , 1944 June will be assisted Information Musicians Assist In Senior Recital (Continued from Page One) 
December 14 , 1944 Program and Decoration plans Information Banquet Creates Mt. Vernon Scene 
December 14 , 1944 The academy will gather Information Gala Party Features Carol Sing; Santas 
December 14 , 1944 Explaining the squeals Information Flash! 
December 14 , 1944 The musical events Information Plan Recitals, Carol Service For Pre-Holidays 
December 14 , 1944 Revision of Grades Point System News Council Adds To Activities 
December 14 , 1944 Dr. Edman to Speak At Youth For Christ Rally News Prexy Speaks At Rally Plans Busy Hollidays 
December 14 , 1944 "The Word At Christmas" Theme For Dinner News Prep Talk... 
December 14 , 1944 Faculty Host Civilised Party News Faculty Party Promises Civilized Enjoyment 
December 14 , 1944 Responding to the charge of being hypercritical Column Editor Pans [sic] Council; Advocates Reorganization 
December 14 , 1944 Margaret J. McNaughton Column Lits 
December 14 , 1944 Dr. Henry C. Thiesen on profound reasons for God's timing in sending Christ Column In the Fulness of Time 
December 14 , 1944 Stonelynn Editorial  Aladdin's Lamp  
December 14 , 1944 Don Hawthorne Editorial  Opine  
December 14 , 1944 E.Lousie Cole  Editorial  Communique ..... 
December 14 , 1944 Unrecorded  Editorial  unRECORDed 
December 14 , 1944 Baseball team Sports Crusaders Edge Cardianls; Trail in Chicago U. Tilt 
December 14 , 1944 Bill Raws and Bob Zuber Sports Zuber,Raws Map out cross country banquet  
December 14 , 1944 Badminton Team Sports  Tournament Delayed  
December 14 , 1944 Volley Ball and Badminton tournaments Sports Hikes, Contests Stud WDD program Roster  
December 14 , 1944 Basket ball team  Sports Academy Drops Preps; Swamps Harris Next  
December 14 , 1944 Track men Sports Athlite  
December 14 , 1944 Basket ball team Sports Crusaders Lose Cager to Army ; DeKalb Invades  
December 14 , 1944 Wheaton Couples Information Marraiges fill Holiday calendar for four couples  
December 14 , 1944 Spanish Club  News Spanish Enthusiasts Serenade Wheaton 
December 14 , 1944 Mrs. Mignon B. Mackenzie  News Choristers Repeat Messiah in Chapel  
December 14 , 1944 Christmas story and Party  News Graduates Frolic  
December 14 , 1944 Wrestling Season  Sports  Grapplers lose in Mat Fray  
December 14 , 1944 Miss Myrl Winstead is planning and directing the Christmas party  News Feed line celebrates with Dinner Party 
December 14 , 1944 Phils and Celts  News Phils - Celts Carol In Neighbourhood 
January 11, 1945 Ruth Buck  News Grad Describes Best Seller; Life as Writer  
January 11, 1945 Leon Hornes and Sgt. William P.Harro  News Battle Brings Two Gold Stars  
January 11, 1945 Lucille Manners News SInger Tours for War Relief  
January 11, 1945 Student War Board organizes the Carollers and Ambassadors  News Carollers, Ambassadors Combine; present sacred, popular program 
January 11, 1945 Memorial Student Center News Building Plans Include Dinning Halls, Lounges  
January 11, 1945 Public Affairs Forum News PFA Sponsors News Stand  
January 11, 1945 Sir John Stainer's cantata are scheduled for performance  News Begin Rehearsals for Soring Cantatas  
January 11, 1945 Comprehensive Examination for first semester Information Eighteen Seniors take January Comps 
January 11, 1945 Miss Miriam Bailey,'42 instructor of Music and Lt. (j.g) Hudson T. Armerding were married News Cupid Ensnares Music Teachers 
January 11, 1945 Time of War  Editorial More than Buildings  
January 11, 1945 Miss Elsa Maxwell Editorial Cargoes of Crusaders  
January 11, 1945 Peter Stam, Jr. Editorial Acres of Diamonds 
January 11, 1945 New Building Plans  Editorial  How Large Shall Wheaton Be? 
January 11, 1945 The Sprunger Sisters Information Personnasketch 
January 11, 1945 E. Louise Cole  Editorial  Communique..... 
January 11, 1945 Chapel Nuggets Information Chapel Nuggets 
January 11, 1945 Basket Ball  Sports Cagers Edge Concordia; Face Huskies.Dekalb 
January 11, 1945 Carl Gunderson wound up in a scoreles draw with Fred Myer Sports Grunter Drop Eastern Bouts  
January 11, 1945 Gymnastic  Sports  GymWAAstics 
January 11, 1945 Athletic program in the Alumi Gym Sports Matmen Co- Star with Cagers; face Michigan  
January 11, 1945 Valeria Hill Brown Information Recital Features Duo-Piano Music of Ensemblists 
January 11, 1945 Boethallian Literary Society Information Bows Anticipate; Plan Hope Chest 
January 11, 1945 Jack Murray Information Murray, Bower, Page To Address Chapel 
January 11, 1945 Bloomington Debate Information Speech Trips ... 
January 11, 1945 Marion Rogers and Helen Graham News Two Employees Vacate Business Offices 
January 11, 1945 Boethellian and Ladosian News Ladies, Bows Meet; Elect New Officers 
January 18, 1945 "Truth and Consequences" Information Profs Risk Reputations At Quiz Night Program 
January 18, 1945 Women's Council for Postwar Europe Information Academy Directs Book Drive 
January 18, 1945 Student Christian Council News Christian Council Announces Reform of Constitution 
January 18, 1945 Student Chapel Information Jack Wyrtzen Coming 
January 18, 1945 Students War Board News War Board Asks More Funds for Ambulance 
January 18, 1945 Post-Exam Relaxation Information Lits Promote All-School Skate 
January 18, 1945 Arnold Tweeten News SWB Brings Movies After Lit February 9 
January 18, 1945 Wendell P. Loveless Information Former B I Students Unite For Party 
January 18, 1945 Buehler House Party Information Hold Skating Party 
January 18, 1945 Literary Societies News Three More Lits Choose Officers 
January 18, 1945 Washington Banquet Information Banquet Tickets Go On Sale 
January 18, 1945 Myrtle and Wilbur News "Miss Pete" Announces March Wedding Plans 
January 18, 1945 Prayer Meeting Information Betty Maxson Leads Prayer Meeting 
January 18, 1945 Mid-Winter Tower Concert Information Lucille Manners Features Light Classics In Program/ Tower Star Famed In Radio, Opera 
January 18, 1945 Student Council Attendance Regulations News Council Approves Cut Changes 
January 18, 1945 First Semester Graduation Information Mid-Year Graduates Number Eleven 
January 18, 1945 Farewell To Arms ...  Column Farewell To Arms 
January 18, 1945 Tower Concert Tickets Column unRecorded 
January 18, 1945 Ted M. Benson Column Are We Humble ... 
January 18, 1945 Stonelynn Column Aladdin's Lamp 
January 18, 1945 Personnasketches ...  Column Personnasketches ... 
January 18, 1945 Valdo Oleari Column Communique ... 
January 18, 1945 Dr. Thiessen Column Chapel Nuggets .... 
January 18, 1945 Football Sports Crusaders Drop Two Contests; Drub Loyola 
January 18, 1945 Football Sports Hoopsters Face Elmhurst Quint 
January 18, 1945 Wrestling Sports Michigan Thumps Local Matmen 
January 18, 1945 Athletics Sports Athlite ...  
January 18, 1945 Court Play Sports Todd Trounces Academy Cagers 
January 18, 1945 Barbara Danenhour Sports GymWAAstics ...  
January 18, 1945 Vivian Brown Information Humor, Tragedy To Be Portrayed By Recitalists 
January 18, 1945 Cleaning Service Information Cleaning Service 
January 18, 1945 University of Illinois News Illinois U Proffers Grad Scholarships 
January 18, 1945 P. T. A. Information Lowell PTA Hears College Talent 
January 18, 1945 President V. R. Edman News Prexy To Make Speaking Tour 
January 18, 1945 Dr. Isaac Page News FMF To Preview Mission Courses 
February 1, 1945 Verne Fletcher Information It Seems To Me . . . 
February 1, 1945 Men's Glee Club News Glee Club Tours Midwest Churches 
February 1, 1945 LaVone Berthel News Berthel Reads Hilton Novel 
February 1, 1945 News Staff Position News Editor Makes Changes In RECORD Personnel 
February 1, 1945 Otto C. Benjamin News Wheaton College? Merely Call "Wheaton 3200" 
February 1, 1945 Lt. Colonel Robert Robinson News College Adds Four Gold Stars 
February 1, 1945 Mary Mumford Information Soloist Sketches Career In Interview 
February 1, 1945 Rev. Johnson Information Services Feature Youth Leader 
February 1, 1945 Anne Mullins and Bob Erickson News Senior Sleigh, Hike; Hold Business Meeting 
February 1, 1945 Elisabeth Fletcher News Elisabeth Fletcher Attains "Top of Masthead" Spot 
February 1, 1945 Doug Block Information Doug Block Returns To Geology Department 
February 1, 1945 S. S. R. Column Why Stupe? 
February 1, 1945 Margaret J. McNaughton Information Lits . . . 
February 1, 1945 C. S. K. Column No Idle Words . . . 
February 1, 1945 Fighting For Column We Are Fighting For . . . . 
February 1, 1945 Open Letter Column Open Letter 
February 1, 1945 E. Louise Cole Poem The Last Full Measure 
February 1, 1945 E. Louise Cole Column Communique . . . 
February 1, 1945 unRECORDed Column unRECORDed 
February 1, 1945 Standridge Column Athlight ... 
February 1, 1945 At the Elgin Gun Club Sports Pickens Posts Record 
February 1, 1945 Last-minute news Sports Flash ...! 
February 1, 1945 Sent its grapplers Sports Matmen Topple Illinois Tech 
February 1, 1945 Missing their signals Sports Seamen Fall To Crusaders 
February 1, 1945 Annual winter convocation News Grads Hear Ohio Pastor At Convocation 
February 1, 1945 Plans under the new regume Information Gym WAAstics ... 
February 1, 1945 Sent a girl's trio News College Trio Sings for Gobs 
February 1, 1945 High-point prof News Jayne Cops Prize On Prof Quiz Night 
February 1, 1945 Met at the home of Dr. R. J. Voskuyl News Scientists Discuss Molecular Weights 
February 1, 1945 The sophomore class goes to Aurora Information Sophs Plan Roller Party 
February 1, 1945 The Aurora roller-skating rink News All-School Skate Packs Aurora Rink 
February 1, 1945 Dr. V. R. Edman travels Information Prexy To Go On Tour; Will Address Youth 
February 1, 1945 Secretary in the Building and Ground office News BG Secretary Leaves 
February 1, 1945 Sale of chapel seats Information Tower Announces Sale 
February 1, 1945 Will exchange nuptial vows Information Wedding Bells Will Unite Local Alumni 
February 8, 1945 Verne Fletcher Column It Appears To Me ... 
February 8, 1945 Wheaton debate squad News Debaters Bring Home Laurels 
February 8, 1945 Washington banquet Information Mixter Says Lack of Support May Cancel Banquet Plans 
February 8, 1945 Student War Board News SWB Shows Military Films 
February 8, 1945 At the recent meeting News Alumni Amass MSC Fund 
February 8, 1945 Singspiration Information Council Sponsors "On Wings Of Song" 
February 8, 1945 Mary Mumford Column Librarian Serves 30 Years 
February 8, 1945 Honoring Miss Julia Blanchard Information Faculty Honors Miss Blanchard 
February 8, 1945 Elections of new officers News Societies Elect New Officers 
February 8, 1945 The speaker at the evangelistic meetings Information Grad Experiences Colorful Career 
February 8, 1945 Twila Doutt Column Berthel Reads To Full House 
February 8, 1945 Forget It? Column Forget It? 
February 8, 1945 Bob Woodward Column Editor's Mail Box 
February 8, 1945 J. P. Free Column Be Ye Separate ... 
February 8, 1945 Don Grollimund Column Telephone Talk ... 
February 8, 1945 Margaret McNaughton Column Lits 
February 8, 1945 E. Louise Cole Column Communique ... 
February 8, 1945 unRECORDed Column unRECORDed 
February 8, 1945 Crasaders win 43-28 Sports Scoring Spurts Smash Cage Foes 
February 8, 1945 Crusaders win 53-32 Sports Cagers Topple Loyola 
February 8, 1945 Barbara Danenhour on new WAA recruits News Gym WAAstics 
February 8, 1945 Anticipation of Crusaders vs Cardinals game on Saturday Sports Crusaders Seek Cardinal Defeat 
February 8, 1945 Intramural Basketball standings Sports Grads Head Cage Tourney 
February 8, 1945 by Standridge on Bob Foster who graduated from Wheaton academy and now attends the College News Athlight 
February 8, 1945 Recent Wheaton Academy games Sports Academy Splits Twin Bill 
February 8, 1945 Games postponed because of War effort Sports Flash 
February 8, 1945 Anticipation of running season beginning Feb 17 Sports 'Track Prospects Uncertain' Coach DeVries 
February 8, 1945 Plans to promote interest in devlopment of better athletic teams News Coray's 'W' Men Consider Plans To Revise Club 
February 8, 1945 Chi Sigma Theta members discuss educational problems tonight Announcement Societies To Discuss Educational Problems 
February 8, 1945 Letters of thanks for Christmas cards from Acadmy service men News Prep Talk 
February 8, 1945 Christian Nurses' Fellowship met Monday News Grad Tells Nurses Of China War Work 
February 8, 1945 Rev. Richard Seume, Wheaton alum spoke this morning. Tomorrow will be businessman Al Conn Announcement Al Conn To Speak 
February 8, 1945 Dr. Lester W. Groom of the conservatory to perform with American Guild of Organists at Fourth Presbyterian on Feb 12 Announcement Groom Is Soloist At Organist's Forum 
February 8, 1945 Bond stamps to be sold at the stupe Announcement Bond Drive Features GI Joe Valentine 
February 1, 1945 "It can be done" echoed Sports Cagers Trip Elmhurst; Foster Misses Loyola Tilt 
February 8, 1945 Dr. and Mrs. Culley have opened their home this evening to students planning to be misionaries Announcement Culleys Hold "Arabian Night" 
February 15, 1945 Things looked dark News Wheaton Comes Through With 648 Banqueteers 
February 15, 1945 Marriage of Elaine Larsen Information Nuptials Unite Staff Members 
February 15, 1945 Fully convinced News Dr. Price Receives Valentine Orchid 
February 15, 1945 Mary Clarke'47 had died News Student Dies In Philadelphia 
February 15, 1945 The greatest singing News Maestro Al Says "Super Singing" 
February 15, 1945 Chapel Choir News Chapel Choristers Enrtrain; Sing Way Through South 
February 15, 1945 A day of prayer News We Pause To Pray ... 
February 15, 1945 Presents humor stories Information Johnson Reads Humorous Items 
February 15, 1945 Speaker for the evangelistic services News Johnson Brings Simple, Practical Chapel Messages (Continued on page 4) 
February 15, 1945 Library Lassitude Column Library Lassitude 
February 15, 1945 Editor's Mail Box Column Editor's Mail Box 
February 15, 1945 C. Gregg Singer Column Ye Shall Know the Truth ... 
February 15, 1945 Elsie Poem Valentine's Day ... 
February 15, 1945 Ed Tratebas Column Train Talk ... 
February 15, 1945 Verne Fletcher Column It Appears To Me ... 
February 15, 1945 E. Louise Cole Column Communique 
February 15, 1945 Chapel Nuggets  Column Chapel Nuggets ... 
February 15, 1945 Illinois Mediocs Boast Long Victory String Sports Crusaders Encounter Toughest Stage Foe 
February 15, 1945 Wheaton Academy Struggles To Break Losing Streak Sports North Shore Trips Academy 
February 15, 1945 Record Staff Message Information Tuff Stuff 
February 15, 1945 Crusaders Beat North Central Sports Cagers Smash Old Rivals 
February 15, 1945 Postponed Activities Announcement Gym WAAstics... 
February 15, 1945 Faculty Accept Challenge Against Record Staff News Ancients Accept! 
February 15, 1945 Two Wrestling Meets Over The Weekend Sports Grapplers Face Michigan State; Seek Revenge. 
February 15, 1945 Alumni Join Staff News Alumni Augment College Staff As Field Men 
February 15, 1945 Speaker At Wheaton Alumni Missionaries Fundraiser Announcement Bach To Speak; Drive Begun 
February 15, 1945 Musical Events At Wheaton College Information Hear 'Em For Yourself... 
February 15, 1945 First Prayer Meeting After Evangelistic Service Announcement Bud Connor Leads Prayer Meeting 
February 15, 1945 Memorial Day Meeting at Soldier Field News Johnson Maps Plans (Continued from front page) 
February 15, 1945 J. M. Letiche Talk on World Peace. News Russian Talks On World Peace At PAF Meet 
February 22, 1945 Earl Walker and Edward Charles Kautz Remembered News Chapel Service Commemorates War Casualties 
February 22, 1945 SWB to present five new films Announcement Movies Depict Enemy Activity 
February 22, 1945 Upcoming Organ Recitals Announcement Groom's Organ Vespers Feature Classics 
February 22, 1945 Decoration for tomorrow's Washington Banquet News Banquet Guests Dine In Colonial Garden Replete Wtih Fountain, Vine-Covered Arbors 
February 22, 1945 John L. Johnson, assistant professor of English, to read humor tonight Announcement Johnson Reads Humor Tonight In Belt Hall 
February 22, 1945 Excellence in both debate and discussion Sports Debaters Win High Honors In Denver Tournament 
February 22, 1945 May Festival Announcement Phys Ed Heads Plan Festival 
February 22, 1945 The Washington Banquet committee let out all stops to make tomorrow's program a memorable one News Mrs. Smith Plays Plantation Hostess At Washington Formal 
February 22, 1945 Dr.S. Ritchie Kamm News Faculty member discuss fund for Alumni  
February 22, 1945 Virginia Anderson presided the Spanish Club to elect officer for this semester News Spanish Club Elects officers 
February 22, 1945 Present facilites, both as to space and equipment are adequate for the increased enrollement  News College Dreams fo Expansion 
February 22, 1945 Barbara Beck  Information  Paint refreshes Tower Interior 
February 22, 1945 The Monthly recital will be followed by program that include best seller abridgement and narratives Announcement  Speakers read varied Numbers Tuesday Night. 
February 22, 1945 Kay Witmer  News All- Bach wedding unites Kay Witmer, Lt.J. Buswell 
February 22, 1945 Foriegn Nations is the theme of the Pioneer Girls Announcement  Pioneer Girls Hear Costumed  
February 22, 1945 Women's Ghee Club Announcement Women's Glee Club to sing in Chapel  
February 22, 1945 Miss Frances Whitlock Announcement  Spring concert features singer 
February 22, 1945 Ruth, Flora and Marilyn Announcement Girl's Trio To sing at Prayer Meeting  
February 22, 1945 Beverly Shea, as the colored Gardener on the mt. Vernon News Noted WMBI soloist entertains guests 
February 22, 1945 James McKellin discloses Banquet menu  Announcement Cherry Pie Tops Caterers Menu for Banquet 
February 22, 1945 Honor to George Washington  Editorial  Father of a nation 
February 22, 1945 Several stupe Employees Editorial  Editor's mail box 
February 22, 1945 C.J.Simpson Editorial GO YE .... 
February 22, 1945 E.Lousie Cole  Editorial Communique 
February 22, 1945 Verne Fletcher  Editorial It appears to me  
February 22, 1945 News Bits Editorial unRECORDed 
February 22, 1945 Nuggets about Chapel Information Chapel Nuggets 
February 22, 1945 Musty Archives for banquet History News Chronicler explores Musty Archives for Banquet History 
February 22, 1945 Catherine Bowen Column Book Pictures Famed, Witty Judicial Sage 
February 22, 1945 Standridge Column Edman Produces Tract On Delay 
February 22, 1945 Dean Corinne R. Smith Column "Those Little Things" 
February 22, 1945 Football Sports Cagers Boost Win Streak to Eight/Concordia Proves Easy Victory 
February 22, 1945 Football Sports Last Minute Scoring Spurt Swamps Medics 
February 22, 1945 Athletics Sports Harriers Bag Initial Meet 
February 22, 1945 Wrestling Sports Michigan State, Culver Trounce Local Matmen 
February 22, 1945 Football Sports Hoopsters Gun To Extend Wins In Final Game 
February 22, 1945 Wrestling Sports Matmen Force Five Pins, Win Season's Final 25-9 
February 22, 1945 Dave Norbeck News Norbeck Heads WClub; Plans Active Program 
February 22, 1945 Basketball Sports Grads, Frosh Win Cage Tilts 
February 22, 1945 Standridge Column Athlight 
February 22, 1945 Reporter and Operator Editorial Reporter Quizes Operator; Gets Line On Connections 
February 22, 1945 Betty and William Information Betty Wesberg Becomes Bride 
February 22, 1945 Hortense Quinche News Congo Worker Helps Aspirants 
February 22, 1945 Martha Jane McDaniel News Williston Hall Meets 
February 22, 1945 Peter Stam News Stam Attends Music Meet 
February 22, 1945 Pi Gamma Mu News Students Discuss Negro Question 
March 1, 1945 Gustafson, Richardson Win News Men Debaters Gain Honors At Nebraska Invitational 
March 1, 1945 Donal Gramm Information Soloist Appears With Orchestra 
March 1, 1945 Bob Woodward Information Hold Open Forum On Honor System 
March 1, 1945 Alexander Grigolia News Surprise Grigolia 
March 1, 1945 Negro Quintet Information Tower Presents Fisk University Jubilee Singers 
March 1, 1945 Clarence J. Simpson News Simpson Depicts Falstaff Scences 
March 1, 1945 Otto C. Benjamin Information Introduce Benjamin 
March 1, 1945 Martha Prevette News Choir Remembers Trip to South 
March 1, 1945 Jonathan B. Cook oratorical contest Information Orators Compete For Cash Prices 
March 1, 1945 Musical Selections Intersperse Recital News Bernice Carlson ' 45 Reads " Magnificent Obsession" 
March 1, 1945 Lt. Paul Mortweet Information Fever Takes Life Of Serviceman 
March 1, 1945 Opinions Information Your Opinion Counts 
March 1, 1945 Paul E. Martin Column By Their Fruits . . . 
March 1, 1945 Faye Schwitters and Dale McCulley Column Do We Want The Honor System? 
March 1, 1945 Verne Fletcher Column It Appears To Me . . 
March 1, 1945 Faye Schwitters Column All We Need Is Culture . . . 
March 1, 1945 Ralph Cathcart News "Wife" Welcomed 
March 1, 1945 E. Louise Cole Column Communique . . 
March 1, 1945 Caps Season News Nine-Game Win Caps Season 
March 1, 1945 Moody News Moody, Wheaton Plan Sportnight 
March 1, 1945 WAA News GumWAAstics 
March 1, 1945 Bob Brewer Information Cagers Seize Closing Tilts 
March 1, 1945 Chicago YMCA News Illinois Meds Bow Again 
March 1, 1945 The CYO Sports Matmen Finish Strong, Poor Start Ruins Season 
March 1, 1945 Fred Atkinson Information Make It A Date! 
March 1, 1945 Chairman Sherman Roddy News Guests Banquet By Candlelight In Alumni Gym 
March 1, 1945 Wheaton's Faculty Women's club Information Plan Dow Memorial 
March 1, 1945 Student Council News Council Sponsors Tea 
March 1, 1945 Mark Lee News SWB Members Entertain Servicemen 
March 1, 1945 The Public Affairs Forum News PAF Discusses Negro In Open Forum 
March 1, 1945 Pre-meds Information Pre-Meds Visit Hospital 
March 1, 1945 Student prayer meeting Information Engstrom, Seaford Lead 
March 1, 1945 Washington Banquet  News Choir Banquets With Gartrells (Continued from front page) 
March 1, 1945 Rivalry Information Upperclassmen Suspend Rivalry For Skating 
March 1, 1945 Acting manager Information Alice Winsor Leaves 
March 1, 1945 Margaret J. McNaughton Column Lits ... 
March 1, 1945 Ann Onimus Column Record-Faculty Brawl 
March 8, 1945 Purchage of war bonds and stamps  Information Tweten Reveals Bond Sale Lag 
March 8, 1945 Songs from the South Information South Is Theme Of Choir Concert 
March 8, 1945 Reads selections Information Simpson Is Falstaff In Readings Tonight 
March 8, 1945 Applications for next fall Information Figures Indicate Record Rise In Pre-Enrollment 
March 8, 1945 Open forum held News Forum Discusses Honor System 
March 8, 1945 Newly elected president News Mrs. Pat Schulert Takes Phil Gavel 
March 8, 1945 Friends of Dr. Elsie Storrs Dow Information Faculty Women Honor Miss Dow 
March 8, 1945 Assistant professor in English Information Johnson Revising Composition Text 
March 8, 1945 The student prayer and praise service Information Fischer Leads Service 
March 8, 1945 Presenting her senior recital Information Lyric Soprano Sings Classic, Modern Works 
March 8, 1945 Combining for a skating party Information Juniors, Seniors Combine to Skate 
March 8, 1945 Where Do We Go From Here? Column Where Do We Go From Here? 
March 8, 1945 Editorial Shorts ... Column Editorial Shorts ... 
March 8, 1945 To A Man In Service Poem To A Man In Service 
March 8, 1945 Stonelynn Column Olives On The Fig Tree? 
March 8, 1945 Cut Poll ... Column Cut Poll ... 
March 8, 1945 Verne Fletcher Column It Appears To Me ... 
March 8, 1945 Louise Cole Column Communique ... 
March 8, 1945 unRECORDed Column unRECORDed 
March 8, 1945 Chapel Nuggets ... Column Chapel Nuggets ... 
March 8, 1945 The baseball season will depend on the weather Sports Veterans Fill Battery Posts In Early Warmup 
March 8, 1945 Women's sports Sports GymWAAstics 
March 8, 1945 Intramural basketball tie 26-26 Sports Grads Snatch Overtime Tilt 
March 8, 1945 Wrestling classes established Sports Classes Wrestle 
March 8, 1945 Friday nights the gym will be used by alumni, faculty and staff Announcement "Gym Period" Trims Faculty 
March 8, 1945 Wheaton vs Moody basketball on March 12 Sports Sportnight Sees B-Team Face Victorious MBI Quint 
March 8, 1945 Dr. Lester W. Groom Announcement  Groom plays original works at last vesper 
March 8, 1945 Norman B. Harrison News Variety Marks Chapel Docket 
March 8, 1945 Betty Ruth Brabazon Editorial International Play 
March 8, 1945 Bernie Carlson Announcement  Senoir Recital Draws Crowd 
March 8, 1945 Student War Board News SWB films show rehabilitation Work 
March 8, 1945 Margaret McNaughton  Editorial Lits.......... 
March 8, 1945 President Dr. V.R. Edman News Edman Travel to Louisville 
March 8, 1945 Hilda Cordes Editorial Prep Talk 
March 15, 1945 Fisk Jubliee Singers come to Wheaton to put on the final Tower Concert of the year News Singer Come to Conclude Tower Series 
March 15, 1945 Arnold Tweten, head of Student War Board, and Al Shadduck, Editor of the ' Tower of '46' News Plan Yearbook for Servicemen 
March 15, 1945 Student War Board News Bond Drive Tests Patriotic Effort  
March 15, 1945 Marjorie Jones Lyrc Sporano Announcement Soloist Combine Musical Talents 
March 15, 1945 Rustic stage frames dialogue, spriituals by chapel choir News Choristers Flavor home concert with Dixieland Airs, Scenery  
March 15, 1945 The Trio of soloists consists of Mrs.Karl F.Moellering, Francis R.Moon and Edward Burkhalter News Wheaton Sologist sing in oratorio on Palm Sunday 
March 15, 1945 Dr. Albert Nichols, examiner and associate professor of education News Administer Tests For Army, Navy 
March 15, 1945 Red Cross War fund drive ends today with a goal of $450 from college, faculty , and academy  News College Contributes To Red Cross Fund 
March 15, 1945 Mr. Bernard Zondervan  Announcement  English Majors sponsors social; Hear Publisher 
March 15, 1945 Miss Myrtle K. Peterson  Information Food Staff Honors Miss Peterson 
March 15, 1945 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith  News Dean Smith Reports 
March 15, 1945 President Bob Woodward News Council Sponsors Bi- Weekly Teas 
March 15, 1945 Wheaton has been chosen by the U.S. Maritime commission as one of the American colleges and universities News Christen V- Ship U.S.S. Wheaton 
March 15, 1945 Verne Fletcher Editorial It appears to me  
March 15, 1945 Director James McCulloch of the James Mullenbach Industrial Foundations News McCulloch Speaks on labor Ills 
March 15, 1945 Sadie Hawkins night for Williston and Hiatt last saturday News Williston Sails; Hiatteers Dine in Hawaiian Cafe 
March 15, 1945 Phyllis Sandberg will play for Evening mediation Information Students present Musical recital 
March 15, 1945 Prep Talk  Editorial Prep Talk 
March 15, 1945 Our thoughts turn lightly....... Editorial Our Thoughts Turn Lightly To.... 
March 15, 1945 DeWitt Jayne Editorial Fruit bearing  
March 15, 1945 Hundred of Moody students invaded the campus for MoodyNight last night. News Moodyites admit Wheaton is Tops  
March 15, 1945 E. Lousie Cole  Editorial Communique.... 
March 15, 1945 Unrecorded Information unRECORDed 
March 15, 1945 Track and field event Sports Crusaders Buker Runs 2 - Miler in father's steps 
March 15, 1945 Weather permits squad outdoors  Sports Appear in Relays 
March 15, 1945 Gymnasium Sports Gym WAAstics 
March 15, 1945 Atheletic team Sports Spikemen Enter Conference Meet  
March 15, 1945 Basket ball team Sports Wheaton Tops Moody visitors 
March 15, 1945 Scribe Succumbs  Information Scribe Succumbs to modern ideas of March 
March 15, 1945 Free church young people meet Announcement  FCF Gospel team to represent nations 
March 15, 1945 Dr. Roger J. Voskul  News Chem Club meets to elect officers 
March 15, 1945 Wright and Salisbury News Campus Planners See New Science Building 
March 15, 1945 Basketball Sports Frail Phaculty Fisiques Fumble, Falter Before Terrific RECORD Hoop Onslaught 
March 22, 1945 Illinois Intercollegiate Oratorical Association Information Lits Sponsor State Contest In Oratory 
March 22, 1945 Curriculum Reorganization News Faculty Approves Department Shift 
March 22, 1945 Christian Writing News Zondervan Speaks 
March 22, 1945 "The Daughter of Jairus" Information Chorus To Sing Stainer's Cantata 
March 22, 1945 Challenge of Intercultural Christianity News Students Win Honor Awatds 
March 22, 1945 Women's Glee Club News West Coast Tour Takes Glee Club On 24-Day Trip 
March 22, 1945 SWB Bond and Stamp Drive Information Bond Sales Earn Minute Man Flag 
March 22, 1945 Student Senate on Foreign Policy News Wheaton Speakers Journey To Iowa 
March 22, 1945 Expressionist Traces English Orphan's life News Senoir presents story of 'Jane Eyre' for Recital 
March 22, 1945 The Jubilee Singers  News Open Program with Spirirtual 
March 22, 1945 Dr. Lauren King News King Evaluates ' Day of our Years' 
March 22, 1945 Dr.Harriet Jameson has been awarded the Margaret Mann Scholarship  News Former teacher wins library scholarship 
March 22, 1945 It pays to indulge in extra curricular activities Editorial  Is Study Enough? 
March 22, 1945 R. C.Stone  Editorial Accent on Living  
March 22, 1945 Stonelynn Editorial Christian or Pagan?? 
March 22, 1945 Verne Fletcher Editorial It Appears to me...... 
March 22, 1945 Unrecorded  Editorial unRECORDed 
March 22, 1945 E. Lousie Cole  Editorial Communique..... 
March 22, 1945 Ann Onimus Editorial Chapel Repartee..... 
March 22, 1945 News about Chapel News Chapel Nuggets 
March 22, 1945 Track and field events  Sports Quartet downs Relay Rivals 
March 22, 1945 Basket ball team Sports Lits to fight final cage Bout 
March 22, 1945 Fanfare  Sports Gym WAAstics 
March 22, 1945 Intramural basketball team Sports Gradute cop Hoop Tourney, Frosh Second 
March 22, 1945 Red Cross receives Contest proceeds  Sports Short Buzz- Bombs Fizzle, Lanky Superforts Pound Objectives to Win 59 - 57 
March 22, 1945 Holy Week Announcement Recitalist Read Easter Messages Next Tuesday  
March 22, 1945 Dr. Robert C.McQuilkin, Columbia Bible college President News McQuilkin Speaks While Edman Tours 
March 22, 1945 Jane Eyre Information Girls surprise Boys 
March 22, 1945 Ruth Buck  News " Old Gray Hat" brings $768. 75 
March 22, 1945 Miss Myrtle K.Peterson News Myrtle Peterson Becomes Bride  
March 22, 1945 Sigma Pi Sigma  News Sigma Pi Sigma Accepts Eight  
March 22, 1945 Prep Talk News Prep Talk...... 
April 19, 1945 Renovation change men's dormitory to office space  News Plans for West Blanchard Eliminate " Fourth Floor"  
April 19, 1945 Doris Eaton Mason, sculptor will lecture News Sculptor - Speaker comes tomorrow  
April 19, 1945 Mrs. Kathrine B. Tiffany, professor of English News English Reading features slides  
April 19, 1945 Freshman Paul Allen will be acting Editor- in - Chief of the RECORD News Allen to edit freshman paper 
April 19, 1945 Arnold Tweten and Jim Fraser News Enlist Students in clothes drive  
April 19, 1945 Aldrich Novel pioneer Prairie Life;Hustad to assist  News Maurine Edvenson presents " Spring came on forever" In Senior expression recital  
April 19, 1945 Girls Bask in Warmth of California sun News Glee Club Span Nation on Annual Spring Tours 
April 19, 1945 Men's Glee Club News East Coast hears 28 - voices male group 
April 19, 1945 Bill ward and Verne Fletcher in the prayer meeting Announcement Bill Ward Leads Prayer Meeting  
April 19, 1945 Dr. Charles C. Brooks - New Dean News Brooks becomes College Dean  
April 19, 1945 Dr. Ernest Schwartz  News Teuton Visits here to Urge Latin Unity  
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