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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 25, 1941 Baskin Wins First With Editorial on New Gym Need News Record Takes Honors At State Press Convention 
March 25, 1941 Dr. James Mack News Pre-Medics Pass Entrance Tests 
March 25, 1941 Home Decorations Information Jayne to Lecture On Decorating 
March 25, 1941 The Last Strong Hold News  Tower to Present Last Stronghold 
March 25, 1941 Miss Julia Scott News Scott Thiessen Continue Christian Work Series 
March 25, 1941 Gladys Marth News  Gladys Marth Leads Prayermeeting 
March 25, 1941 Wilbur Held Music Held Appears In Artist Series 
March 25, 1941 Hoke, York, Cornelius Take Honors  News Men's Debate Team Win Second Consecutuve Pi Kappa Delta Tournament 
March 25, 1941 Homer Dowdy News Dowdy Reveals Frosh Staff 
March 25, 1941 Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse Article Editor Presents Other Side Of Preparation Picture 
March 25, 1941 Dr. Edman Article Chapel Nuggets 
March 25, 1941 "Abide With Us" Article Think on These Things 
March 25, 1941 Youth Courtship Problems Article Books in Reivew 
March 25, 1941 Gray Ryan Article  Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
March 25, 1941 University of Illinois News Record Staff Causes Amusement, Amazement At Press Conference 
March 25, 1941 Balkans  News Balkans Hold Cherished Spot As Activity Center 
March 25, 1941 Freshman Grappler Wins Five matches  Sports Taussig Takes 145 Class Amateur Championship 
March 25, 1941 Volleyball Match Sports Prof Netmen Drop Moody 
March 25, 1941 Paul Long News Long To Speak At Junior League  
March 25, 1941 Coach Chet Raube Sports Raube Opens Diamond Practice  
March 25, 1941 Coaches Nixon and Chrouser Sports Coeds Participate In Field Day 
March 25, 1941 Moody Institute Team Sports Moody Cagers Beat Floor  
March 25, 1941 Ole and Ray Sports The Diamond 
March 25, 1941 President Edman Steals Spotlight News Open Lit Recalls Old Days With Themeless Program 
March 25, 1941 Carel J. Smit News Smit To Address Holland Club 
March 25, 1941 Mildred L. Campbell  News Campbell To Give Piano Recital 
March 25, 1941 Graham Ryan News Fourth Floor To Hold Banquet 
March 25, 1941 Miss Florence E. Cobb New Cobb Directs Speech Students In Recital 
March 25, 1941 H. William Nordin News Nordin Directs Saint Paul 
March 28, 1941 Christian Council Leaders Organize Program News  Saint to Illustrate Message At High School Rally 
March 28, 1941 WMBI News Prepsters To Appear On WMBI 
March 28, 1941 Josephine News Josephine Suffers Broken Rib 
March 28, 1941 Tower of 1941 News Tower Presents War Film 
March 28, 1941 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News Faulty Wives help Husbands Gain Success 
March 28, 1941 Dr. lauren A. King News  King Writes Grammer Textbook 
March 28, 1941 Prof. H. William Nordin News Nordin Directs Chorus In Town's First Presentation of Mendelssohns St. Paul 
March 28, 1941 Dean Smith News  Council Appoints Student Head For Gym Drive 
March 28, 1941 H. William Nordin Music Local Talent to Sing Majority of Solos: DeJonge Takes Tenor Part 
March 28, 1941 Grafton Harpell Information Harpell to Address Junior League 
March 28, 1941 Northwestern Orchestra To Emphasize American Composers News Dasch Conducts Symphony In Artist Series Concert 
March 28, 1941 Julia E. Blanchard Information Library Secures New Volumes 
March 28, 1941 Margaret Low Information Academy Sponsors Tea For Parents 
March 28, 1941 E.E. Beck News Beck Plans To Enlarge Supply Store 
March 28, 1941 Le Cercle Francais Information Stude ts To Visit French Church 
March 28, 1941 Miss Mildred C. Reeby  News Trustees Appoint Chicago Girl Secretarial Prof 
March 28, 1941 Don, Coach Del Nelson Remember Former Days As Teammates Sports Captain Ewing Leads Y Team To National Recognition 
March 28, 1941 Ralph Christensen Sports Prepsters Elects Christensen Captain 
March 28, 1941 Weestling and Basketball Sports The Diamond 
March 28, 1941 Al Cheesebro Sports Cheesebro, Peterson Lead I-M Ping Pong 
March 28, 1941 Coach Edward Coray Sports Nine Starts Outdoor Practice 
March 28, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser Sports Thinclads Hold Stag Banquet To Open Season 
March 28, 1941 Uncle Sam Article America's Fence-straddling Reveals Moral Cowardice 
March 28, 1941 Solomons Temple Article Think On These Things 
March 28, 1941 Dear Editor Article Readers Write 
March 28, 1941 Spring Clothes Shopping Article Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
March 28, 1941 Rosa Bell Article Designing Females Catch Casanova Fesmire On Love-Sick Act 
March 28, 1941 Conquest News Yugoslavia Revolts Against Axis Rule; Serbs Plan to Secede 
March 28, 1941 Dr. Paul E. Stanley News News Stanley reveals Anonymous Gift For Chimes 
March 28, 1941 Miss Florence E. Cobb News Expression Pupils Give Recital 
March 28, 1941 Dr. S. R. Kamm News  Kamm Announces Tour Route For Easter Trip 
March 28, 1941 Richard Scheel News Academy Teams Hold Services 
March 28, 1941 Mr. E. C. Dyrness News Dyrness reveals Several Changes In New Catalog 
March 28, 1941 Kambell and Kummin Music  Campbell To Give Recital Tonight 
March 28, 1941 President V. Raymond Edman News Prexy Opens Speaking Tour At Joliet 
March 28, 1941 Womens Lit Championship Sports  Ladies, Bows Reach Finals 
April 1, 1941 Old Leaders Kick Off News Old Gray beards Travel To Distant Vacation Haunts 
April 1, 1941 Miss Julia Blanchard News Librarian Tells Of New Novels For Old Shelves 
April 1, 1941 Mr. George V. Kirk News 'Exchange Plants' Harvard U Says 
April 1, 1941 Tower Concert Information Look Seniors! Here Are Yours Comp Questions 
April 1, 1941 Men's Dorm Information Ace Reporter Eavedrops And Gives Campus the Lowdown on Men's Dorm 
April 1, 1941 Wheaton Coed Information Rearrangeitic Seizes Coeds In Fatal Claws 
April 1, 1941 Lil Missay  News  Po Lil Honey Chile Is Jes White Trash 
April 1, 1941 Harold Gordon  Literature Green Gurgle 44 
April 1, 1941 By Flora Literature The Green House 
April 1, 1941 European War Article Hilites Of The News 
April 1, 1941 Lands In City Hoosegow After Battle of Words Literature Munsey Mac Gets Involved While Calling Maw and Paw 
April 1, 1941 J Gillesloppy Article  Open Letter 
April 1, 1941 Ed Stewart News  Studes to Sell Piano Cheap 
April 1, 1941 Mrs McDaniels  Article Comp Answers  
April 1, 1941 Dr. Carl Jan News  Nice Weather Quickens Pace  
April 1, 1941 George Dasch Music  Artists Series Presents Northwestern Symphony 
April 1, 1941 Joseph Coughlin News  Brigade Commander Announces Camp Site  
April 1, 1941 Grant Gordon  News  Rural Bible Crusade Sponsors Memorizing  
April 1, 1941 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen Information Thiessen Lectures on Home Affairs  
April 1, 1941 Rev. R. R. Brown  News Brown Continues Special Services  
April 1, 1941 Lester W. Groom Information Students Present Music Recital  
April 1, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman  News  Edman Concludes Faculty Lectures  
April 1, 1941 Humor Article In the Barber Chair 
April 1, 1941 Christian Education, Physical Fitness to Be Discussed News  Mrs. Stam, Chrouser Speak to Christian Service Club at Meeting Thursday 
April 1, 1941 Dr. Carel J. Smit News  Economic Majors Visit Chicago 
April 1, 1941 Dating Information Information Coed Approaches Boy, Learns of Dating  
April 1, 1941 James Tompkins  News  Junior Class to Dine in Williston Tonight  
April 1, 1941 louis Flora  Article  The Green House  
April 1, 1941 Unity at the end of World War II Article By Rhea  
April 1, 1941 First Day at College  Article  A Word by Dowdy 
April 1, 1941 Robert Loveless Article  In His Presence  
April 1, 1941 Myles Van Cura Article  Short Short Story  
April 1, 1941 Dr. Grigolia  Article  Green Gurgle 44 
April 1, 1941 Captain of Speedsters Follows in Footsteps of Lynn Hess Sports  Dayton Cooper Leads Crusaders Cindermen 
April 1, 1941 Co-Rec Program  Sports  Co-Rec to Sponsor Roller Skating Party 
April 1, 1941 Esther Huether  Sports  Heuther Leads Bows to Win Over Ladies 
April 1, 1941 Jean Duncan Sports  Scarlet Fever Reported 
April 1, 1941 George Richardson Sports  Sport Shorts  
April 1, 1941 Dr. Paul M. Wright  Sports  Wright Instructs Lifesavers  
April 1, 1941 John Cottonne Article  Scott and Scotty  
April 1, 1941 Ray Scott Sports  Inter-Class Men Vie for Honors in Track Meets  
April 1, 1941 Peter Decker  Sports  Eastern Riflemen Defeat Deckermen 
April 1, 1941 Emerson Norman  Music  The Music Box  
April 1, 1941 Jene Gillispie  News  Coeds Spin Long Line While Waiting to Eat 
April 4, 1941 Chapel Services News Council Gives Radio System To Infirmary 
April 4, 1941 Senior Bench Article Seniors Take to Ye Old Bench 
April 4, 1941 Coach Ewards Coray News Coray in East helps Alumni In Gym Campaign 
April 4, 1941 Peter Boyko Information Anthroplogist Speaks Monday On Race Problem 
April 4, 1941 Mrs. Glen Ogden Information Ogden to Speak On Missions 
April 4, 1941 Colored Pictures Shown After Lit Tonight In Pierce Chapel Information Glee Clubs travel To Eastern Cities; Alliance Continues Campus Sessions 
April 4, 1941 Dr. Paul E. Stanley News Radio Men Will Visit Chicago NBC Studios 
April 4, 1941 Academy French Club Information Academy French Club Banquet In New Dorm 
April 4, 1941 Zoology and Botany Classes Information Biology Classes To See Museums 
April 4, 1941 Men and Women's Glee Clubs News Women Go To Virginia, Men To new England; Will Meet In New York 
April 4, 1941 Debaters Information Bayly, Hoke End Radio Debates 
April 4, 1941 Louie Flora Article The Green House 
April 4, 1941 United Americas News Harold Rhea Asks For United Americas 
April 4, 1941 Raising Our Class Scholastic Average Column Dowdy Say. . . 
April 4, 1941 Marian Bulander Poem Sonnet To Spring 
April 4, 1941 Alf and the Cakes Story King Alfred- - - Chef 
April 4, 1941 Chapel Article The Following Is By John Graybill 
April 4, 1941 Bob Loveless Article in His Presence 
April 4, 1941 Gordy and Ginny Column Green Gurgle 44 . . . 
April 4, 1941 Close of Our Regime Acknowledgements Finis. . . 
April 4, 1941 Baseball Sports Diamond Prospects Look Brighter In Warm Weather 
April 4, 1941 Charles Edman Sports Edman Wins Tourney 
April 4, 1941 Academy Basketball Players Basketball Academy Basketeers Hold Stag Dinner 
April 4, 1941 The Drake Relays Sports Speedsters Prep For Drake Relays 
April 4, 1941 Scott and Scotty Sports Sport Shorts 
April 4, 1941 Public Affairs Forum Information Forum to Meet 
April 4, 1941 Ermerson Norman News the Music Box . . . 
April 8, 1941 Anonymous Gift Makes Chimes From Tower Possible For Inaugration News Tower Radio Club To Install Permanent Chime System 
April 8, 1941 Phil Saint News Saint Lectures On Fashions, Beauty  
April 8, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Prexy Speaks At Cole's Church 
April 8, 1941 " Spring on The Farm" News Belts, Aels Hold Joint Lit 
April 8, 1941 Tower Radio Club News Radio Club To Visit NBC 
April 8, 1941 Rev. D. L. Foster Information Foster, Nixon To Discuss Health, Marriage 
April 8, 1941 Glee Clubs News Singers To Meet In New York 
April 8, 1941 Weekly Student Meeting To Climax Series Of Services News President V. R. Edman Sets Aside Today For Campus Day of Prayer 
April 8, 1941 Wheaton Record Information Record Banquets At Baker Hotel 
April 8, 1941 Scripture Distribution Society News SDS To Cover Wisconsin 
April 8, 1941 Vacation Period Article Vacations Carry Responsibility For Christian Living 
April 8, 1941 Dr. R. R. Brown Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
April 8, 1941 Think On These Things Literature Think On These Things 
April 8, 1941 The Editor Column Readers Write . . . 
April 8, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII . . . Column Gay gargoyle XXIII . . . 
April 8, 1941 Regular Record Staff Vacation Article Former Editor Passes Orchids, Roses To Freshman Staff 
April 8, 1941 New War Front News European War takes new Turn Breaks Into Balkans 
April 8, 1941 Chrouser, Nixon Lead Twenty- One Coeds At Sports Day Sports W.A.A Participate In North Central Play Day 
April 8, 1941 Tennis Sports King Directs Tennis Practice  
April 8, 1941 Rifle Team Sports Koopman, Decker Receive Honors 
April 8, 1941 Crusaders Nine Sports Nine Prepare To Open Season With North Park 
April 8, 1941 Tennis Sports The Diamond 
April 8, 1941 Boardman Weather Bureau Article Freahmen Humor Serves As Filler For Record 
April 8, 1941 Kramer House Girls News Kramer Girls throw House Party 
April 8, 1941 French Club Information Le Cercle Francis Visits Church 
April 8, 1941 German Club News Germans Hold Declamation Contest 
April 25, 1941 Floating Lady Illusion Astounds Magician Club in New York News  Forxwell Tours In East With Trailer-full Of Tricks 
April 25, 1941 History Club  News History Club To Show Defense Films 
April 25, 1941 Bernard Kinzer  News Kinzer To Discuss Monotheism 
April 25, 1941 Charles Fettweis News News Fettweis Speaks To Radio Club 
April 25, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News College Sends 1400 Invitations For Inauguration 
April 25, 1941 Cort Drake Information Drake Publicizes Alma Mater 
April 25, 1941 Miss Dora M. Soldner Information Soldner Writes For Magazines 
April 25, 1941 Students, Faculty, Alumni Coordinate Efforts To Reach Goal by May 1 News Gymnasium Fund Grows To $63,676.20: One Week To Deadline 
April 25, 1941 Myron Baskin News Baskin, Finnigan Attend Confab On Public Affairs 
April 25, 1941 Former Wheaton President Accepts Left By Founder's Death News Bible Institute Calls Buswell For Presidency 
April 25, 1941 Blanchard Hall Information Building Get Spring Cleaning 
April 25, 1941 Abe VanDerPuy News  Campus Leaders Reveive Recognition In Collegiate Who's Who 
April 25, 1941 Kay Ibsen Sports Kay Ibsen Wins Free Ride With Horse Class 
April 25, 1941 Jack Comstock Information Bows, Arrows Hold Joint Lit 
April 25, 1941 Virginia Lowell News Williston Holds Spring Party Tomorrow 
April 25, 1941 Frosh Sutherland Pitches Four Hit Game In 6 to 5 Victory Sports Crusaders Drop North Park In Diamond Opener 
April 25, 1941 Captain Pete Decker Sports Sports Riflemen Split Last Two Shoots 
April 25, 1941 DeKalb Team Sports Netmen Win 5 to 2 From DeKalb 
April 25, 1941 The Diamond by Ole and Ray Sports Coeds Introduce Hash Game 
April 25, 1941 Coach Chet Raube's Academy Sports Academy To Play Chicago Latin 
April 25, 1941 Wheaton Cinder Men Sports Cindermen Prep For First meet 
April 25, 1941 Track Meet Sports Sophs Cpture Class Track Meet By Close Margin 
April 25, 1941 Method of Teaching Article Education Must Change To keep Pace with World 
April 25, 1941 Dr. Edman Article Chapel Nuggets 
April 25, 1941 Alexis Carrel Literature Think On These Things 
April 25, 1941 Williston Dining Hall  Article Readers Write 
April 25, 1941 Dorthy Dix Literature Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
April 25, 1941 DeWitt Jayne Literature Gay Gargoyle Changes Columns With Baskin 
April 25, 1941 Balkan Tragedy News Allies Continue Dogged Retreat In Balkans 
April 25, 1941 Miss Florence E. Cobb News  Cobb Pupils Present Speech Recital 
April 25, 1941 Rev. Mr. Alfred Cambell Information Junior Leaguers Hold Service 
April 25, 1941 Dr. Clarence I. Nystrom Information Nystrom Attends Speech Meet 
April 25, 1941 Ruth Brooks News  Van Dusen Pupils Present Organ Recitals 
April 25, 1941 Professor Lester Groom Information Groom Lectures To Chicago groups 
April 25, 1941 Registrar Enok C. Dyrness News Letter Asks For Record Of 1860 Grad 
April 25, 1941 William Nordin Music Choir To Present Home Concert 
April 25, 1941 Dr. Russel Mixter Information Mixter Leads Bird Hunts  
April 25, 1941 Glee Clubs Information Glee Clubbers Return From Trips With Odd Tales 
April 29, 1941 Scripture Distrbution Society To Sponsor Coverage Of Honolulu Schools News  Bouslough Plans Booklet For Service Men 
April 29, 1941 Alan Cheesbro News  Juniors To Hold Western Rodeo 
April 29, 1941 Ken Smith and Renee Person Information Chicago, Michigan Clubs Give Skating Party 
April 29, 1941 Prof, H. William Nordin News  Choir To Present Home Concert 
April 29, 1941 Mr. Fran L. Rand News Experts To Discuss Getting Jobs 
April 29, 1941 Olive Drechsel News Drechsel Day Assumes Serious Proportaions 
April 29, 1941 Gazella Bruce Information Bruce To Lead Prayer Meeting 
April 29, 1941 Gymnasium Short News Gym Drive Hits Final Lap, Tops $73,000 
April 29, 1941 Groom Pupil Accompanies Women's Glee Club, Bailey To Sing News  Conrad Gives Piano Recital, First of Students Series 
April 29, 1941 Jack Finnigan News Baskin, Finnigan To Discuss Nationa Defense 
April 29, 1941 United States Fighting Axis Article Post-War Era To Test Christians 
April 29, 1941 Dr. Thiessen Short Article Chapel Nuggets 
April 29, 1941 Impact of Shadow Literature Think On These Things 
April 29, 1941 W.G.Heslop Literature Books In Review 
April 29, 1941 Mr Jolley  Literature Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
April 29, 1941 Dean Dickason Literature Baskin Pats His Back For Super Job As Gay Gargoyle 
April 29, 1941 Turkish Position News Turks Suffer Case Of Jitters, Plan To Resist Nazis 
April 29, 1941 Coach King Pits Team Against Naperville Tomorrow On Local Courts Sports Netmen Win Two Matches, Drop One Over Weekend 
April 29, 1941 Wilson J.C Sports Cindermen Take Close Second In Triangle Meet 
April 29, 1941 Bob DeWolfe Sports Blueboys Swamp Local Nine 15 to 0 
April 29, 1941 Bertha Slonaker Sports Coed Courtmen Drop Cardinals 
April 29, 1941 Raube's Academy Sports Prep Nine Continues Winning Streak 
April 29, 1941 Students, Faculty Judges To Select Best Carriages On Campus Information Wheaton To Join In National Poster Week 
April 29, 1941 Maurice Dobbins Short News Dobbins To Play On After-Lit Program 
April 29, 1941 Gordy McCarrel Sports Gunners Attend League Banquet 
April 29, 1941 Bill Svenson Sports I-M Leaders Plan Softball League 
May 2, 1941 Knights To Sponsor Last Night Concert Series News Dobbins, Lefever Present Final After-Lit Program 
May 2, 1941 Debaters' Forum Information Debater Appear On WJJD Forum 
May 2, 1941 Academy Junior League Information Prep Gospel Team Covers Lisle Church 
May 2, 1941 Sigma Xi Club News Faculty Organizes Sigma Xi 
May 2, 1941 Public Affairs Forum Information Draft Laws Hold Spotlight At Forum Session 
May 2, 1941 Pysical Education Building News Gym Fund Hits $81,558 
May 2, 1941 American Anthropology Association News Students To Form Science Club 
May 2, 1941 Annual Banquet Information Forensic Society To Hold Banquet 
May 2, 1941 Vocal, Instrumental Group To Assist Singers, Fill Intermission Gaps News Nordin To Direct Choir In third Home Concert; Singer End Fifth 
May 2, 1941 Physical Education Building News $75,000 Remains Stepping-Stone To Final Goal 
May 2, 1941 Bob Jones, Jr. Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
May 2, 1941 Matthew 24:40,41 Column Think On These Things 
May 2, 1941 The Editor Column Readers Write. . . 
May 2, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII . . . Column Gay GargoyleXXIII. . . 
May 2, 1941 Wilma Hardie Article Wilma Hardie Draws Prize Response to Campaign Letter 
May 2, 1941 British Escape News British Play Puss In Corner; Escape Nazis 
May 2, 1941 Crusaders Nine Sports Lake Forest Nine Swamps Orange 14 To 3 
May 2, 1941 Tennis Sports Netmen Tie North Central 
May 2, 1941 Baseball Sports Prep Nine Suffers First Defeat 
May 2, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser and Seven of His Tracksters Sports Cinderman Travel To Beloit For Annual Relays 
May 2, 1941 Ole Sports The Diamond 
May 2, 1941 Class of '42 Information Juniors To Hold Spring Party In Rodeo Style 
May 2, 1941 President V. Raymond News Edman Visits Eastern Alumni 
May 2, 1941 Softball Sports Floor, Bartlett Start Softball 
May 2, 1941 Basketball Team Sports Coed Hoop All- Stars 
May 2, 1941 Wayside Girls Information Wayside To Give Annual Party 
May 2, 1941 Julius Voget News Voget Wins Ride 
May 2, 1941 Rev. Mr. John R. Rice, D.D. Information Rice Speaks At Prep Chapel 
May 6, 1941 Inauguration Day Information Coed Singers Appear In Concert Inauguration Day 
May 6, 1941 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby Information Kilby Announces Soph Comps For May 12,13 
May 6, 1941 Tower Chimes News Radio Club Installs Chimes 
May 6, 1941 Public Dedication of Year Book Information Juniors to Distribute Tower May 26 
May 6, 1941 Grace Johnston News Johnston To Give Voice Recital 
May 6, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Dignitaries Gather For Inaugural Of Dr. Edman 
May 6, 1941 Weekly Prayer meeting Information Prayer meeting 
May 6, 1941 Gymnasium Fund News Gym Fund Pushes Toward Goal 
May 6, 1941 Student Body Straightens Shoulders, Lifts Chins For Best Carriage Contest Article Faculty Group To Select Posture King, Queen In National Observance 
May 6, 1941 Dean E. R. Schell News Academy To Award Medal 
May 6, 1941 Charles Kunzler Article Patriotic Intolerance Presents Real Danger 
May 6, 1941 Miss Paxson Short Comments Chapel Nuggets  
May 6, 1941 Psalm 117 Column Think On These Things 
May 6, 1941 The Editor Column Readers Write . . . 
May 6, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII . . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
May 6, 1941 Dr. Edman Article Young Corays Put Papa On The Spot About Illinois Game 
May 6, 1941 More About Convoys News Vichy Gets Report On Convoyed Ships Slightly Twisted 
May 6, 1941 Coraymen Lose To Augustana 7-3; Errors Cause Defeat Sports Crusader Nine Beat III. Tech In League Game 
May 6, 1941 Tennis Sports Netmen Split Two Matches 
May 6, 1941 Wheaton Academy Sports Prep Nine Lose First League Game 
May 6, 1941 Six Upper Class Physical Education Majors Sports Women Attend Water Exhibit 
May 6, 1941 Coach Chrouser and His Track Squad Sports Track Squad To Enter Triangular Meet 
May 6, 1941 Dean Smith Commends Group On Singing; Features Sacred Music News Chapel Choir Ends Season With Concert 
May 6, 1941 Carl F. H. Henry News Canada Bans Henry's New Book 
May 6, 1941 Annual Banquet Information Prep Seniors To Hold Banquet 
May 6, 1941 Dr. Paul M. Wright  News Wright Speaks At Seminar  
May 6, 1941 Dean E. R. Schell News Academy Recieves Rating As High School 
May 6, 1941 Record Staff News Record Staff Visit Tribune 
May 6, 1941 Dr. J. J. Hoffman Information Hoffman Speaks To Service Club 
May 6, 1941 Baseballers Sports Local 'B' Nine Beat Redbird 
May 6, 1941 Ole Sports The Diamond 
May 9, 1941 Years As Doughboy , Missionary, Teacher Prepare Dr. Edman For Job Article Prexy Brings Background Of Experience To Office 
May 9, 1941 Ed Rosser Information Rosser To Discuss Ethics, Etiquette 
May 9, 1941 Mrs. A. Victor Edman  News Mrs. A. V. Edman Donates Chimes As Memorial 
May 9, 1941 Myron Baskin News College To Build New Gym Opposite Dorms 
May 9, 1941 Archibald Campbell News Campbell Dies In plane Accident 
May 9, 1941 Board Chairman Fischer To Present Charge To new Leaders; Ironside, Paine, Snavely To Speak During Ceremonies News Trustees To Ingugurate Dr. edman Fourth President on Birthday 
May 9, 1941 Tennis  Sports Women Racqueteers Drop Match 
May 9, 1941 Women's Glee Club News Coed Glee Club To Present Home Concert 
May 9, 1941 Examination by A Faculty Board of Judges News Rogers, Buswell Win Campus Posture Crowns 
May 9, 1941 Big Guns Collect 11 Hits In League Victory, Plan Lake Forest Revenge Sports Crusader Nine Wins 8-6 Over Elmhurst 
May 9, 1941 Women's Physical Education Department Sports Coeds Open Diamond Practice 
May 9, 1941 Tennis Sports Netmen Compete For State Tourney 
May 9, 1941 Wheaton College Trackmen Sports Trackmen Cop First Place Cup At Elmhurst 
May 9, 1941 Tennis Sports Chicago-Born Blocher Plays Tennis To Prepare For Career as Racqueteer 
May 9, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Article Dr. Edman Worthily Fills Wheaton's Presidency 
May 9, 1941 Dr. Edman Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
May 9, 1941 Acts 5:38,39 Column Think On These Things 
May 9, 1941 Alumnus Poem Wheaton College . . . 
May 9, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
May 9, 1941 Dr. Edman Letters Sport-Minded Men Endure Collars, Ties For Inauguration 
May 9, 1941 Columnist Warns Of Difference Between Words, Fact Column Word and Fact 
May 9, 1941 Inauguration News Alumni Gather From East, West For Inaugural 
May 9, 1941 Homecoming Information College Changes Homecoming Date 
May 9, 1941 Dr. Joseph P. Free News Free To Show Holy Land Films 
May 9, 1941 Nancy Carpenter Article Mrs. Edman Says Wife's Call Is Prayer Partner For Busy Husband 
May 9, 1941 Sophomore Comprehensive Infromation Sophs to take Mid-Stream Exams In Culture 
May 9, 1941 Doris Ferry News Ferry To head Pi Kappa Delta 
May 9, 1941 Ladosian Literary Society Information Ladosian to Install Little Ladies 
May 9, 1941 Women's Glee Club Information Women Singers To Hold Banquet 
May 13, 1941 VanDusen Pupil Works As Church Organist: Bailey To Assist With Solo Information Balch To Present Recital On Organ, Piano 
May 13, 1941 Paul Long News Long To Lead Prep Junior League  
May 13, 1941 Myron Baskin and Hudson Armerding News Seniors To Study At Clark  
May 13, 1941 Grace McNaughton  Article Prexy's Friend Makes Maps For Profession 
May 13, 1941 Dr. C. Benton Eavey Information Eavey To Speak On Children 
May 13, 1941 Dr.J. J. Hoffman  Information Hoffman To Address Seminary Club 
May 13, 1941 Miss Florence E. Cobb Information Rentschler Gives Danish Drama 
May 13, 1941 Climax Day of Races, Riots With Eveing Retreat; Cheesebro Heads Committee News Junior Cowpunchers Invade campus Tomorrow For Rodeo Roundup 
May 13, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Article Continued Support of Dr.Edman Proves Students' Sincerity 
May 13, 1941 Dr. Dow Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
May 13, 1941 1 Samuel 16:13 Column Think On These Things 
May 13, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
May 13, 1941 Williston Hall Coeds Column Williston Coeds Tumble For Pot O' Gold Stunt 
May 13, 1941 Speech Plans News Nation Awaits President's Speech Over Radio 
May 13, 1941 Glatfelter Holds Williams To There Hits; Coraymen Gather To Win 8 to 0 Sports Crusaders Nine Whitewash George Williams 
May 13, 1941 Crusader Cidermen Sports Cindermen Hold Three-Way Meet Here Tomorrow 
May 13, 1941 Ole Sports The Diamond 
May 13, 1941 Rifle Team Sports Riflewomen Win First Shoot 
May 13, 1941 Tennis Sports Cheesbro, Blocher To Enter State Court Finals 
May 13, 1941 Coach Chet Raube Sports Raubemen Defeat Francis Parker In League Game 
May 13, 1941 Saint To Describe Dress And Ornaments; Rosser Discusses Ethic News Saint, Rosser Present Senior Seminar Lectures 
May 13, 1941 Paul Long and Maurice Lehmann News Long, Lehmann Head Prep Lits 
May 13, 1941 Chapel Choir Members News Chapel Choir Hold Banquet 
May 13, 1941 Dr. Robert Jones, Jr. News Dr. Jones Speaks On Shakespeare 
May 13, 1941 Pittsburgh Xenia Seminary News Xenia Donates Art Treasures 
May 13, 1941 Frank Earl Herrick News The New Gym 
May 16, 1941 Describe Well-Dressed Coed From tip To Toe In revealing Article Article Taussing lays Down Law On Women's Fashions 
May 16, 1941 Maurice J. Dobbins News Dobbins Joins Music Honor Society 
May 16, 1941 Faculty Women News Faculty, Staff Women's Clubs To Hold Elections 
May 16, 1941 Ruth Gittell Article Wheaton Grows From Pillbox To Morden Plant 
May 16, 1941 Mrs. Rana B. McDonald  News Employment Bureau Places First Senior  
May 16, 1941 Jeanne Seibert News Seibert Receives Poetry Recognition 
May 16, 1941 Gospel Teams News Gospel Teams Hold Meetings In Chicago, Elgin 
May 16, 1941 Dorm Girls Center Programs In Plantations Country Garden News New Dorm, Maranatha Hold Annual House Parties  
May 16, 1941 Conservatory Students News Music Faculty Present Students In Recital  
May 16, 1941 Editor's Desk Article College Editor's Mail Provides Endless Amusement 
May 16, 1941 Dr. Edman Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
May 16, 1941 Isaiah 65:24 Column Think On These Things 
May 16, 1941 The Editor Column Reader's Write. . . 
May 16, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
May 16, 1941 Mike Baskin Article Geidt Writes Strictly Unbiased Junior Day Account 
May 16, 1941 Traitor or Trap Column Graendorf Quotes Hitler: " Hess Anyone Seen My Hess?" 
May 16, 1941 Coraymen Fail To Captialize On 13 Hits, Lake Forest Scores Most In Seventh Sports Crusaders Nine Outhit Jaybirds, Lose 7 To 1 
May 16, 1941 Coach Chrouser's Cindermen Sports Trackmen Win Triangular Meet 
May 16, 1941 Ole Sports The Diamond 
May 16, 1941 Academy Nine Sports Academy meet Concordia Nine 
May 16, 1941 Pre- Eating Contest, Mock Trial Highlight Junior Program News Junior Retreat To Herrick's Lake After Class Day 
May 16, 1941 Philaletheans and Excelsior Information Phils Celts Hold Joint Lit 
May 16, 1941 Marriage Plans Announcements Eadie, Youle Plan Marriage  
May 16, 1941 Virginia Lowell News Lowell Wins Illinois Scholarship 
May 16, 1941 Miss Irene Rentschler News Rentschler Gives Senior Recital 
May 20, 1941 Music Conservatory News Music Students To Present Final Recital 
May 20, 1941 Wheaton College Brass Choir News Brass Choir To Tour West 
May 20, 1941 Big Brother and Sister Program News Terpstra, Rundlett Direct Frosh 
May 20, 1941 Student Summer Earning News Money-Makers Plan Forum 
May 20, 1941 Social Committee News Sophs To Relax At Lake Geneva 
May 20, 1941 Nancy Carpenter News Seniors Brave Valley of Death In Camps 
May 20, 1941 Rev John Cardiff News 'Doc' Calls Himself "Errand Boy For The Lord" 
May 20, 1941 International Students Club News Foreign Students Elect Swenson Prexy 
May 20, 1941 E. J. Cummins News Cummins Receives Medical School Job 
May 20, 1941 Dr. Will H. Houghton News Moody President To Speak On Helping Youth 
May 20, 1941 Editor Kenneth Hammond News Tower of '42 Dedicates Yearbook to 'Doc' Cardiff, Trainer 
May 20, 1941 Scripture Distribution Soceity News SDS Plans New Booklet 
May 20, 1941 Dr. Paul E. Stanley News Radio Club To Hold Final Meeting 
May 20, 1941 Editorial Information "Doc" Cardiff Fills Indispensable Place on Campus 
May 20, 1941 Zamzam Sinking Column Think on These Things 
May 20, 1941 Dr. Kilby News Senior Comps 
May 20, 1941 G.G. 23 Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
May 20, 1941 Ed Ockert Column New Dorm Party Proves Too Much For Ed Ockert 
May 20, 1941 World News News Italians Sue For Peace Terms in Ethopia 
May 20, 1941 Crusader Tennisters Sports Courtmen End Home Season With Victory; Cheesebro, Blocher Enter State Finals 
May 20, 1941 Crusader Trackmen Sports Thinclads Gain First Leg On Trophy In Second Triumph Over Pirates 
May 20, 1941 Crusaders Baseball Team Sports Diamond Men Win One, Drop Two over Week-Ed 
May 20, 1941 Coach Chet Raube Sports Prep Nine Loses Champ Chance 
May 20, 1941 Horsemanship Activities Sports Riding Classes End Second Year With Horse Show 
May 20, 1941 Young People's Hour News Academy Quartet To Sing On WMBI 
May 20, 1941 Bob Moseley News Pi Gamma Mu Elects Moseley Prexy 
May 20, 1941 Edward MacDowell News Mandy Students To Give Recital 
May 20, 1941 Dr. Paul M. Wright News Wright Leads Geology Trip To Winsconsin 
May 20, 1941 Marjorie MacMillan News MacMillan Speaks at Prayermeeting 
May 20, 1941 Monsieur Bois News French Club To Hold Banquet 
May 22, 1941 Take Over 180 Acres Of George Williams College Camp For Day Information Sophs Anticipate Outing At Lake Geneva  
May 22, 1941 College Band News Band Picnics At Forest Preserve 
May 22, 1941 Collecting Baggage News Seniors Collect Baggage Successfully 
May 22, 1941 Ralph Christensen News Prep Team To Visit Oak Park Church 
May 22, 1941 Men's Glee Club News Men's Glee Club Present Concert  
May 22, 1941 Physical Education Classes To Give Demonstration Of Horsemanship Article Riders To Pace Stanton's Horse In first Show 
May 22, 1941 Annual Spring Banquet Information Juniors, Seniors Bury Axe For Party  
May 22, 1941 Conservatory of Music Information Music Ensembles To Give Recital 
May 22, 1941 President V. Raymond Edman Information Prexy Addresses Moline Church 
May 22, 1941 Rosser Announces Election For Thursday Following Council Meeting News Student Council Nominates Mcshane, Parks For 1941-42 President 
May 22, 1941 Men's Glee Club News Gleemen To Dine In Evanston 
May 22, 1941 Eb Rosser Article Student Council Presidency Offers Open Field 
May 22, 1941 Mr. Hedstorm Short Comments Chapel Nuggets 
May 22, 1941 Ephesians 4:32 Column Think On These Things  
May 22, 1941 Quotable Quotes. . . Column Quotable Quotes. . . 
May 22, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII . . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
May 22, 1941 Baskin Speaks Article Baskin Speaks Senior Viewpoint On Campus Events 
May 22, 1941 German Strategy  News Hitler Follows Rules Of Conquerors In Mein Kampf 
May 22, 1941 Top Tech Hawk Second Time In Close Duel Meet Sports Thinclads Stretch Victory String For four Straight  
May 22, 1941 National Atheletic Scholarship Sports Prep Athletes Win Honors 
May 22, 1941 Crusaders Nine Sports Crusaders Lose to Profs Nine at Home After Rain Cancels Game at Dekalb 
May 22, 1941 Orange and Blue Netmen Sports Netmen Drop Chicago Match 
May 22, 1941 Illinois College Conference Meet Sports Cindermen Enter Conference Meet 
May 22, 1941 Wheaton Students Information Summer Work Highlights Panel Forum 
May 22, 1941 Lennart Olson News Board Nominates Len Olsen 
May 22, 1941 Academy Girls' Atheletic Association Sports GAA To Camp At Lake Geneva 
May 27, 1941 Mix Choral Numbers With Vocal, Brass Groups: Gerig To Play News Men's Glee Club Offers Variety Program At Concert 
May 27, 1941 Annual Spring Picnic Short News Dining Hall Workers To Picnic 
May 27, 1941 Mr. Groom Short News Music Students Give Program 
May 27, 1941 Award of Distinction Short News Girls Guild To Hold Rally 
May 27, 1941 Stephen McShane News Student Body To Council Prexy 
May 27, 1941 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News Anthropologists Honor Majors At Banquet 
May 27, 1941 Betsy Johnson News Juniors Extend Friendly Hand At Jr.-Sr. Party 
May 27, 1941 Advanced Groups of Singers Pianist, Instrumentalists To Appear On Program News  Conservatory Ensembles To Present Recital Tonight 
May 27, 1941 Wheaton Equestrians Information Equestrians Prep For Show 
May 27, 1941 New Gymnasium  Information Shirk Deserve Commendation For Horsemanship Classes 
May 27, 1941 Dr. Dolman Information Chapel Nuggets 
May 27, 1941 Song of Solomon Article Think On These Things 
May 27, 1941 For the Second Semester Information Blitzkrieg Revised.. 
May 27, 1941 Excitement Literature Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
May 27, 1941 Olive Drechsel Article Seniors Return With Sore Seats, Red Noses 
May 27, 1941 Naval Supremacy  News British Lose Hood, Continue Naval Battle With Nazis 
May 27, 1941 Cheesebro, Blocher Upset North Central, LoseTo Augustana Champions Sports Tennis Team Place Second In State Finals 
May 27, 1941 Dayton Cooper News Thinclads Place Seventh In Meet 
May 27, 1941 Football Men Sports Gridmen To Hold Steak Fry 
May 27, 1941 Feginal Gerig Music Music Pianist Gerig To Present Junior Recital 
May 27, 1941 Wheaton's Women Varsity Tennis Team  Sports Netwomen Draw In Elmhurst Meet 
June 3, 1941 Juniors Treat Seniors To Traditional Party News Upperclassman Call Truce For Annual Banquet 
June 3, 1941 Pearl Neilson News German Club Holds Final Meeting 
June 3, 1941 Registrar's Office News Army, Age To Reduce Staff 
June 3, 1941 Wheaton Record News Ad Man Oslo To assume Manager's Job 
June 3, 1941 Wheaton Alumni News Alumni Gather For Banquet At Graduation 
June 3, 1941 Class Officers Elected News Classes Elect New Officers 
June 3, 1941 Piano Recitals News Gerig Picks Recital Numbers From Classicists, Modernists 
June 3, 1941 Rev John G. Mitchell News Oregon Pastor To Address Graduates -to-be 
June 3, 1941 Final Senior Recital News Baritone Lefever To Present Senior Recital 
June 3, 1941 Academy Glee Club News Academy Glee Club To Present Concert 
June 3, 1941 Ruth Brooks News Brooks To Comptet In Organ Concert 
June 3, 1941 Wheaton Horse Show News Horsmen Present First Show With College Aid 
June 3, 1941 The Editor Editorial Banquets 
June 3, 1941 Literary Societies News Men's Literary Societies To Close Year's Activities With Banquets 
June 3, 1941 President Bob Argue News Mens' Glee Club To Hold Banquet 
June 3, 1941 Orien Johnson News Johnson To Lead Brass Quartet In Summer Tour 
June 3, 1941 Look For Vicotry Over Concordia In Season's Finale Sports Crusader Nine Drops Two In Past Week 
June 3, 1941 Martha Christie Short News Coed Athletes End Year With Dinner 
June 3, 1941 Captain Dayton Copper Sports Thinclads Face last meet With One Loss 
June 3, 1941 By Ole Column The Diamond 
June 3, 1941 Crusader Tennis Team Sports Courtment Tie Techawk Match, Play Concordia 
June 3, 1941 Pierce Chapel  Article Dr. Emerson's Statement Challanges Seniors 
June 3, 1941 Mr. Claude Curtis Short Information Chapel Nuggets 
June 3, 1941 Clear Voice Article Things On These Things 
June 3, 1941 Dr. C.J Smit Literature Readers Write.. 
June 3, 1941 Bob Mostrom Column Myron Baskin Ends Collegiate Carrer As Jounalist 
June 3, 1941 British Losses  News Germans Take Crete As Booty In Air, Sea Battle 
June 3, 1941 Civil Aeronautics Authority  Information CAA Offers Flying Course In Summer School 
June 3, 1941 New Drom Dinning Hall Short Information Dining halls Hold Annual Outing 
June 3, 1941 Dr. Stanley News Radio Club To Overhaul Equipment At Semi-Annual All-Night Session 
June 3, 1941 Edmund Bouslough  Short Information  Bouslough Announces New Booklet 
June 3, 1941 Rev. George Alden Cole News Cole to Adress prep Seniors On Landmarks 
August 19, 1941 Announces Final Goal Of $155,000 To Build, Equip Gym News College Lets Contracts For New Gym Construction 
August 19, 1941 Mr. Habegger News Repair Crews Spend Summer Improving Campus 
August 19, 1941 Dr. Raymond Walters News Enrollment Figures Top Last Year Despite Draft 
August 19, 1941 Wheaton College Employment Office News College Makes Employment Big Business 
August 19, 1941 Northern Baptist Theological Seminary  News Henry To Enlarge Journalism Courses 
August 19, 1941 Deans Revise Adviser System News Prof.Dyrness Announces Summer Convocation August 22; Forty Grads 
August 19, 1941 Dr. J Palmer Muntz News  Winona Director To Speak To Candidates On Facing the World 
August 19, 1941 Hoffmann, Burgeson Leave; Wheeler Receives Leave For Graduate Work News  Three Profs To Drop Duties In September 
August 19, 1941 Student council To Place Freshman Men with Senior Roomates News  Terpstra, Rundlett Direct Big Brother- Sister Program 
August 19, 1941 Miss Alice K. Spaulding Information Bible Department Offers 42 Hours, Graduate Degree 
August 19, 1941 Wheaton College Towers of 1943 News Tower Artist Series to Include Thomas, Marine Band, Cossacks 
August 19, 1941 Coaches Chrouser, Nelson Plan Strong Team Around Old Timers News Draft Takes Small Toll From Orange Grid Squad 
August 19, 1941 Co-rec Council Fills Leisure Sport  Co-rec Council Fills Leisure 
August 19, 1941 Dick Robertson Sports Robertson to Lead Veteran Pack In Harrier Season 
August 19, 1941 Peter Decker  Sports  Gunners Hit New Record for Past Season 
August 19, 1941 Women Athletic Association  Sports  WAA to Open Year with Hayride 
August 19, 1941 Intramural to follow Last Year's plan Sports Men Plan I-M Program 
August 19, 1941 John Witmer  Article  Editor Encourages New Students to Help Wheaton 
August 19, 1941 Prof Merril C. Tenney Article  Think on These Things  
August 19, 1941 Reader Write Article  Reader Write 
August 19, 1941 Mildred Campbell Article  Onward Christian Soldiers  
August 19, 1941 Strange Bed-Fellow Article  History Repeats  
August 19, 1941 Joe Weeks  Article  Frosh Receives Tips to Teens From Blase Senior  
August 19, 1941 Charles Shirk  Sports  College Offers Gym Credit for Horsemanship 
August 19, 1941 J. W. Welsh  News  Infrimary Plans For Fall Rush 
August 19, 1941 Mrs Dorthea Williams  News  Library Revices Call System for Tabbing Books 
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