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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 10, 1941 Ken Hammonds News hammonds To Sign Cover Contract 
January 10, 1941 James Pass Information Pre-Meds Visit County Hospital 
January 10, 1941 Hueber to Show Films Of Congo After Lit; Fellowship Supper Saturday Information Foreign Missions Fellowship Sponsors Two Day Missionary Convention 
January 10, 1941 Alan Cheesebro News Students To Vote For Banquet Toastmaster 
January 10, 1941 Anonymous Gift Eases Housing Problem; Plan Coed Coop Home News College Gets Straw House For Christimas Present 
January 10, 1941 National Association Of Schools of Music  News Prof Attend Music Convention In Cleveland 
January 10, 1941 Dr. C. L. Nystrom Information Forum To Discuss Free Speech 
January 10, 1941 "Modern Trends in Theology" Information Powers To Speak On Modern Theological Trends  
January 10, 1941 Men and Women's Glee Clubs Information Glee Clubs Tour Nearby States 
January 10, 1941 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom Information Orators to Vie In Cook Contest 
January 10, 1941 Nelsonmen Miss ten Free Throws, Make Three Sports Crusaders Face Williams; Lose to Sterling 
January 10, 1941 Wrestling Sports Playermen Squad to Meet Michigan State 
January 10, 1941 Ole and Ray Column The Tip- Off. . 
January 10, 1941 Harvard Team Sports Academy try Harvard Cagemen 
January 10, 1941 Bowling Sports Co- rec Council Sponsors Bowling Sport 
January 10, 1941 Preparation For Exams Column Now Is Time To Begin Cramming 
January 10, 1941 Pay Our Bills Article Running Up Bills Hurts Testimony, Creates Ill Feelings 
January 10, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
January 10, 1941 Abe Van Der Puy  Column A Student's Meditation 
January 10, 1941 Gay Gargoyle Column Gay Gargoyle 
January 10, 1941 Christmas Vaction Article Twelve Couples Join Ranks During Vacation 
January 10, 1941 Offers 75 Dollars to Student Writing Best Reformation Story News Faculty Opens Short Story Prize Contest 
January 10, 1941 Harvey Chrouser Sports Chrouser Reveals Grid Schedule For 1941 
January 10, 1941 Debate Information Caravan Travels to Normal Debate Tourney 
January 10, 1941 Grigolia Presents Paper To Convention Of Anthropologist News Faculty Attend Conventions Over Vacation 
January 10, 1941 Tennis Sports Ping-Pong Holds I-M Spotlight 
January 10, 1941 Rev. Wendell P. Loveless News Loveless Improves After Accident 
January 14, 1941 Begin Construction Of $30,000 Building In Spring News Trustees Approve Plan For Dining Hall Addition  
January 14, 1941 Dr. Paul Culley Information Culley Discusses Medical Missions 
January 14, 1941 Herb Anderson Information Anderson to Direct Prayer Meeting 
January 14, 1941 The Holland Fellowship News Terpstra to head Holland Club 
January 14, 1941 Rev. L. E. Olsen Information Skilton Lectures To Philosophers On Barthianism 
January 14, 1941 Howard M. Sheppard  Article Sheppard Explains Truck Crop Co-op Marketing 
January 14, 1941 After-Lit Quiz News Experts Suffer Jitters, Fear Failure in Quiz Program 
January 14, 1941 Both Leaders Serve On Mission Field Before Teaching News Board Of Trustees Choose Edman President, Elect Culley Dean 
January 14, 1941 Scripture Distribution Society News SDS Covers 30 Colleges With Gospels 
January 14, 1941 Wheaton Makes Progress During Past Year Column Wheaton Makes Progress During Past Year 
January 14, 1941 Werner Graendorf  Column Off the Record 
January 14, 1941 Abe Van Der Puy Column A Student's Meditation  
January 14, 1941 Debaters Column Coeds Start New Rage On Campus 
January 14, 1941 Students Opinions Column Opine . . . 
January 14, 1941 Orange and Blue Bow to Michigan State Saturday 33 to 5 Sports Crusader Matmen to Face Nothwestern 
January 14, 1941 Basketball Sports Wheaton Cagers Face Pirates, Lose to Tech 
January 14, 1941 Track Candidates Sports Track Coach to See Candidates 
January 14, 1941 Ole and Ray Column The Tip- Off . .  
January 14, 1941 Vistors Held a Height Advantage Sports Prep Hoopsters Lose to LaGrange 
January 14, 1941 Harvey Chrouser Sports Chrouser Begins Grid Sessions 
January 14, 1941 Nelson's Reserves Get Early Lead; Johnson, Payne Star Sports Crusaders Drop Williams In Close Game 
January 14, 1941 Carl F. H. Henry  News Carl Henry To Receive Ordination 
January 14, 1941 Mr. John R. Rice Information Rice Addresses Junior League 
January 17, 1941 Hopes To Be Hired For Next Tower Concert Article Foxwell Perfects Illusion Floats Coed Off Floor 
January 17, 1941 Bernard Kinzer Information Kinzer Gives Seminar 
January 17, 1941 Charles G. Trumbell News Sunday School Times Editor Dies 
January 17, 1941 Ruth Gittell News School Operates Independent Phone System 
January 17, 1941 College Forum Information Debaters To Discuss War Problem 
January 17, 1941 Frank VanDusen News Students Give Kimball Hall Recital 
January 17, 1941 Christian Council News Gospel teams Hold Sunday Services 
January 17, 1941 Banquet Committee Sponsors After-Lit Program News Board Of Experts Faces Question Barrage At Phil-Celt Quiz Show 
January 17, 1941 Annual Free Faculty Series of Lectures News Moule To Open faculty Lecture Series 
January 17, 1941 Washington Banquet Toastmaster News Students Choose Banquet Toastmaster 
January 17, 1941 House Of Foreign Affairs Committee Article Does Roosevelt Lead America To War 
January 17, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
January 17, 1941 Abe Van Der Puy Column A Student's Meditation 
January 17, 1941 Gay Gargoyle  Column Gay Gargoyle 
January 17, 1941 Johnny Dunkin  Article Bartlett Boys Hit Column Again 
January 17, 1941 Associated Collegiate Press Article Quotable Quotes 
January 17, 1941 Roger Pins Foe To Take Crucial Bout Sports Crusader Grapplers Whip Northwestern 18-12 
January 17, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser Sports Frosh Face V.F.W. Quintet 
January 17, 1941 Basketball Sports Orange and Blue to Meet Millikin Five 
January 17, 1941 Volleyball Sports Ladies Top Bows In Volleyball 
January 17, 1941 Academy Hoop Team Sports Academy Bows to North Park 
January 17, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser Sports Elmhurst Tops Nelsonmen In Close Game 
January 17, 1941 Men To Cover Wisconsin, Women Go To Michigan News Glee Clubs To Travel Between Terms 
January 17, 1941 Wheaton Club Of Chicago Information Wheaton Grads In Chicago Plan Banquet 
January 17, 1941 Ole and Ray Column The Tip- Off. . 
January 21, 1941 Arguers to Meet Eleven Teams In Florida, Carolina News Men Debaters Plan Two- Week Southern Trip  
January 21, 1941 Princess Juliana Of Netherlands News Juliana's Aide Replies To Holland Club 
January 21, 1941 Tower Heads News ' 42 Tower Hits New Advertising High 
January 21, 1941 Dr. Richey Kamm News kamm to Direct Forum Panel 
January 21, 1941 Advanced Students Recital Information Recitals Fill Music Calendar 
January 21, 1941 Faculty Experts Miss Posers; Students Collect News Faculty Experts Miss Posers; Students Collect 
January 21, 1941 Cooke Oratorical Contest  News Cooke Finalist Orate On Peace Theme  
January 21, 1941 Myron Baskin Information Baskin Edits Final Record 
January 21, 1941 Versatile Magican Turns Hobby Into Profession Article Foxwell Perfects Routine For Tower Program, Memorizes Dorm List 
January 21, 1941 Dean Edward R. Schell News Academy Grads To Honor Dean Schell 
January 21, 1941 Myron Baskin Article Editor Writes End to Career As Staff Head 
January 21, 1941 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
January 21, 1941 Abe Van Der Puy Column A Student's Meditation  
January 21, 1941 Gay Gargoyle Column Gay Gargoyle 
January 21, 1941 Dewitt Jayne Article Columnist Begs Pardon Of Readers 
January 21, 1941 The New President Article The New President 
January 21, 1941 Last Half Rally By Orange and Blue Falls Short Sports Crusaders Lose To Millikin; Face Augustana 
January 21, 1941 Crusader Matmen Sports Player To Meet Chicago Squad  
January 21, 1941 Volley Ball Sports Ladies Win Volleyball Title 
January 21, 1941 Ole and Ray Column The Tip- Off. . 
January 21, 1941 Harvey Chrouser Sports Yearlings Top V.F.W. Five 
January 21, 1941 Women's Varsity Debate Team News Women Return From Wisconsin 
January 21, 1941 Basketball Sports  Academy Five Loses To North Shore 
February 7, 1941 Versatile Magician Turns Hobby Into Profession News Foxwell's Nimble Fingers Finance College Education 
February 7, 1941 Naitermian Literary Association Information Knights To Hold Lit Dinner Meeting 
February 7, 1941 College Gospel Teams News Gospel Teams To Hold Services  
February 7, 1941 Dr. Edward I. Hambro Information Hambro To Speak At Washington Banquet 
February 7, 1941 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany News Phi Beta Kappa Members Form Faculty 
February 7, 1941 Class Student Committee News Academy Classes Elect Presidents 
February 7, 1941 Miss Ruth Berg and Mrs. Dorothy Penheiter News Berg, Penheiter Leave Staff 
February 7, 1941 Men Direct radio Hour, Work As Evangelists For Ten Years News Ferrin, Booth To Conduct Mid-Winter Revivals 
February 7, 1941 Senior Banquet News Roberts Directs Senior Dinner 
February 7, 1941 Kreitonian and Epinoian Literary Societies Presidents News Seiler, Christiansen Lead Prep Lits  
February 7, 1941 Arguers, Edmans Meet in Georgia; Exchange News Notes News Debaters Send Back JournalOf Southern Trip 
February 7, 1941 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News Radio Class Appears On College Forum 
February 7, 1941 Wheaton's Eight Societies News Eight Lits Fill High Offices For Coming Term 
February 7, 1941 Ole and Ray Column The Tip-Off  
February 7, 1941 Visitors Take Lead In Third Canto To Win Annual Game Sports Hoopsters Drop Sixth Straight To Kings 
February 7, 1941 Wrestling Team Sports Grapplers Defeat DeKalb 26-6; To Face Beloit 
February 7, 1941 Coray Observes Unloyalty To Loser Breaks Article III Sports Chapel Service Stresses Code Of Sportsmanship 
February 7, 1941 Academy Cage Team Sports Prep Cagers Top Todd, Harris 
February 7, 1941 Red Shirt Announcement Red Shirt Day 
February 7, 1941 Riflemen Sports Gunners Outshoot Yale, Nebraska 
February 7, 1941 Opening Game Sports Frosh Cragers Hold Victory Streak; Beat Austin 40-22 
February 7, 1941 Myron Baskin Article Record Builds On Past Foundations, Plans  
February 7, 1941 Dr. Armerding Short Comment Chapel Nuggets 
February 7, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
February 7, 1941 Dr. Herbert Moule  Article World War II - England. . . 
February 7, 1941 Think On These Things Article Think On These Things 
February 7, 1941 Access To British Africa News Germany Puts Clamps On Vichy For Access To British 
February 7, 1941 Baskin Article Baskin Changes Sides, Takes Up Gossip After Soccer Trip Try 
February 7, 1941 Germany, Italy, Switzerland Hold Interest Of Faculty Lectures News Gerstung, Lane Discuss Middle Europe 
February 7, 1941 Tower of '42 Officials Signed News '42 Tower Signs Cover Contract 
February 7, 1941 Phil Foxwell Letter Open Letter 
February 7, 1941 Men's and Women's Glee Clubs News Glee Clubs Return From Lake States' Tour 
February 7, 1941 Mr. Edward A. Cording News Cording Leave For Southland 
February 7, 1941 Julius Haavind News Haavind Reveals 
February 7, 1941 Mrs. Alice Oury News Oury Holds Contest For Students 
February 7, 1941 Getrude Nystrom Poetry President Edman 
February 11, 1941 Rev. Howard W. Ferrin News  Ferrin Continues Mid-Winter Revival Services  
February 11, 1941 Isabella Smith  Music  Smith, Lefever Present Concert At Rockford  
February 11, 1941 Phil Foxwell  News  Foxwell Stops Doubting Toms; Float Lady 
February 11, 1941 Elvera Johnson Information Women to Debate Olivet Tonight  
February 11, 1941 Alice Wallendorf News  Debaters View Florida's Scenic Wonders 
February 11, 1941 Betty Penner News  Waterhouse Assumes Guild Leadership 
February 11, 1941 Dr. Edman  News  College Gets Dinning Hall Funds  
February 11, 1941 Mr. Ralph Stewart Information Young People to Hold Rally 
February 11, 1941 Dean Edward R. Schell News  Schell Announces Enrollment Increase 
February 11, 1941 Abe VanDerPuy News  Student Body Elects VanDerPuy Toastmaster of Washington Banquet 
February 11, 1941 Dr S. R. Kamm Information Forum To Sponsor Wisconsin Tour 
February 11, 1941 Wheaton Holds Possibility of Revival Now  Information Wheaton Holds Possibility of Revival Now  
February 11, 1941 Howard W. Ferrin News  Chapel Nuggets  
February 11, 1941 1Samuel 2:2 Article  Think on These Things  
February 11, 1941 Newell R. Bush Article  World War II-France  
February 11, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII Article  Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
February 11, 1941 Rosa Bell Article  Baskin Protests Against Ups, Downs of Columnists 
February 11, 1941 Italian Disaster  Article  Petain Survives Vichy Shakeup Laval Remains Out 
February 11, 1941 Matmen Tie Beloit 16-16; Voget, Jongeward Pin Sports  Crusaders Finish Strong to Snatch Victory from Northerners  
February 11, 1941 Del Nelson Sports  DeKalb Trounces Cage Quintet 
February 11, 1941 Chet Raube Sports  IM Paddlers Open Tournament 
February 11, 1941 Dag Johnson Sports  Red Shirts Blossom Today 
February 11, 1941 Majorie Wood  Sports  W.A.A. Elects Slonaker 
February 11, 1941 Dayton Cooper  Sports  Trackmen Begin Indoor Practice for First Meet 
February 11, 1941 Dale Greenwood  Sports  DeKalb Stops Frosh Victories  
February 11, 1941 Robert Hedstrom News  Dresser to Lead Prep Lettermen 
February 11, 1941 Coach Chrouser Sports  The Tip-Off 
February 11, 1941 Marjorie Taussig News  New Dormers Inaugurate Rummage Sale Day 
February 11, 1941 Mel Kessinger News  Tower Offers Engraved Copies  
February 11, 1941 Library Force Holds Treasure Hunts  News  Library Force Holds Treasure Hunts  
February 11, 1941 Frank E. Herrick  Article  Dean Schell 
February 11, 1941 Ken Hammonds  News  Yearbook Meets Printing Deadline  
February 11, 1941 Frank E. Herrick News  DeWitt Jayne 
February 11, 1941 Safety Driving Hints  Information Safety Driving Hints  
February 14, 1941 Ruth Gittell News Dinning Hall Jobs Train men 
February 14, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Stae Federation Inducts Dr. Edman 
February 14, 1941 Dr. Joseph P. Free News Graduates Hear Archeology Lecture 
February 14, 1941 Howard Johnson News Fox Valley Youth To Rally In Lower Chapel  
February 14, 1941 Grace McNaughton News Ferrin, Booth Spend 10 Years As Gospel Team 
February 14, 1941 President V. Raymond V. Edman News Prexy To Attend Baltimore Rally 
February 14, 1941 Dr. John R. Rice News Rice, Moseley To speak In Chapel 
February 14, 1941 Joseph Coughlin News Coughlin Writes Brigade Book 
February 14, 1941 Mrs. Clarence Nystrom News College Forum To Debate Press 
February 14, 1941 Thomas Lindsay News Washington Dinner Lauds American Way of Life In Patrotic Program 
February 14, 1941 Prof. Enock Dryness & Prof Carel J. Smit News Dryness, Smit To Lecture On Homelands 
February 14, 1941 Men's Debate Team News Debaters Travel 4000 Miles On Southern Trip 
February 14, 1941 Miss Ada Rury News Operations, Flu Fill Infirmary 
February 14, 1941 Mr. Peter Stam News Stam Awards Notebook Prizes At Recital 
February 14, 1941 College Gospel Team News Gospel Teams To Hold Seven Meetings 
February 14, 1941 Grafton Harpell News Harpell Announces First Semester Christian Council Statistics 
February 14, 1941 Injury, Sickness Hit Squad; Nelson Hopes In Height Sports Nelsonmen face Arch Foes, Plan Revenge 
February 14, 1941 Freshmen Hoopmen Sports Greenies Aim For Ninth Win 
February 14, 1941 Volleyball Sports Coed Houses To Play Volleyball Finals 
February 14, 1941 Ole and Ray Sports The Tip-Off 
February 14, 1941 Wrestling Sports Grapplers tangle With Dubuque 
February 14, 1941 Academy Cagers Sports prep Cagers to End With Tournament 
February 14, 1941 Howard W. Ferrin News Wheaton, North Central Relations rest With Students 
February 14, 1941 Think On These Things Article Think On These Things 
February 14, 1941 Fred B. Gerstung Article World War II- Germany . . . 
February 14, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . . 
February 14, 1941 Washington Banquet Article Junior Coed Classifies All Men By Their Lines 
February 14, 1941 Washington Agreement News Balkans Fulfill Historians' Nickname Of " Hot Spot" 
February 14, 1941 McShane Directs Orators, Extemp Speakers At Lake Forest News Debaters Enter Whitewater, State Tourneys 
February 14, 1941 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News Mrs. Nystrom Subs For Hubby 
February 14, 1941 Miss. Florence E. Cobb Information Cobb Pupils To Give Expression Recital 
February 14, 1941 Mr. George V. Kirk  News Kirk Says South Likes Prexy 
February 14, 1941 Equestrian Receive Gym Credit For Riding Class Information Horsemanship Classes Plan For Show In May 
February 14, 1941 R. C. Stone Letter Stone Exults in Gargoyle's Envy 
February 14, 1941 Maurice Dobbins News Dobbins, Gerig To Play In Texas 
February 14, 1941 Ken Smith Information Public Affairs Forum To Discuss U. S. Foregin Policy 
February 18, 1941 Revival Of 1941 News Prayer Brings Revival to Campus 
February 18, 1941 Jean Johnston Announcement Johnston Calls For Tower Snap Shots 
February 18, 1941 Four Wheaton Debaters News Debaters Enter Indiana Tourney 
February 18, 1941 Mrs. W. E. Hockman Information Mrs. Hockman to Speak On Missions 
February 18, 1941 Bob Spiro Information Spiro To Direct Prayermeeting 
February 18, 1941 " World War II" Article Dryness, Smit Present Faculty Lectures 
February 18, 1941 Party In Lower Chapel Information Prepsters Sub party For Banquet 
February 18, 1941 VanDerPuy To Announce Patriotic Numbers At Banquet  News Student Body To Celebrate Washington Banquet In Oriental Medinah Club 
February 18, 1941 Interpretive Readings Information Cobb Students To Present Recital Tonight 
February 18, 1941 Mr. Ferrin News Prayer Maintains Revival Spirit 
February 18, 1941 Think On These Things Column Think On These Things 
February 18, 1941 Mortimer B. Lane Article World War II- Italy and Switzerland 
February 18, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII . . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
February 18, 1941 Mostrom, Reiter Introduce Two- Tone Neckties Article Mostron, Reiter Introduce Two- Tone Neckties 
February 18, 1941 Far East Claims  News Far East Claims Attention Of War Experts 
February 18, 1941 Christiansen Garners Lone Decision From Iowa Farmers Sports Playermen Bow 25-3 To Dubuque Wrestlers 
February 18, 1941 Wheaton Five Sports Hoopmen Drop Second Game To North Central 
February 18, 1941 Riflemen Sports Riflemen Gun For Win Over Suburbans 
February 18, 1941 Dr. Paul G. Culley Sports Culley To Address Prep Junior League 
February 18, 1941 Eleanor Doan Information Doan To Demonstrate Visual Aid Manual 
February 18, 1941 Intramural Basketball Sports I-M Cagers Play Hot Games 
February 18, 1941 Volleyball Sports Hiatt Trio Captures Volleyball Crown 
February 18, 1941 Ole and Ray Sports The Tip-Off 
February 18, 1941 Rice to Open Two-Week Series Of Meetings Information Wheaton Evangelist Talks In Chapel, Bible Church 
February 18, 1941 Academy Seniors Announcement Schell Announces Academy Honors 
February 21, 1941 Abe Van Der Puy News Senior Debater Climaxes Active Scholastic, Extra -Curricular Career 
February 21, 1941 Washington Banquet News Lindsay, Cheesebro Head Committee 
February 21, 1941 Dr. S. Richey Kamm News Washington Citizen 
February 21, 1941 Dr. Hambro  News Hambro Describes Norway "Under The Iron Heel" 
February 21, 1941 Wheaton Washington Banquet News Tradition Cloaks Washington Party 
February 21, 1941 The Washington Banquet News 360 Students, Faculty To Gather At Medinah For Washington Banquet 
February 25, 1941 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News College to Inaugurate Dr. V. R. Edman May 9 
February 25, 1941 Mr. De Witt Jayne News Jayne Describes Greek Sculpture In Seminar  
February 25, 1941 Miss Esther Blowers News Blowers Addresses International Students 
February 25, 1941 Rev Kenneth S. Wuest  News Wuest To Discuss Greek Bible At Service Club 
February 25, 1941 Kenneth Smith  News History Majors Hold Forum 
February 25, 1941 Washington Banquet News 400 Students Hear Hambro At Banquet 
February 25, 1941 Conservatory Recitals News Students Present Music Recital 
February 25, 1941 Dr. V Raymond Edman News Committee Approves Plans To break Ground For Gym At Inauguration 
February 25, 1941 Dr. Allan A. MacRae News MacRae Speaks To Seminary Club 
February 25, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser News College Plans New Gym For Fall Term 
February 25, 1941 Dr. Edman Article Chapel Nuggets 
February 25, 1941 God's Vineyard Article Think On These Things 
February 25, 1941 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor Article Jupiter And Saturn 
February 25, 1941 Banquet Friday Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
February 25, 1941 Washington Banquet Article Boardmans Declare seven Pound Dividend Friday 
February 25, 1941 Politcal Updates News British Fox Axis By Mining Mediterranean Sea 
February 25, 1941 Frosh Tackle Alumni  Sports Matmen Lose To strong Illinois Normal 
February 25, 1941 Coach Harvey Chrouser Sports Frosch Cagers Defeat Elmhurst 
February 25, 1941 Annual Record-Faculty Basketball  Sports Record Challenges Faculty 
February 25, 1941 Ole and Ray Article The Tip off 
February 25, 1941 Co-Recreational Committee News Co-Rec Plans Roller Skating Party 
February 25, 1941 Wheaton Basketball Team Sports Cage Team Beats Elmhurst 47-39, Travel South 
February 25, 1941 Coach Chet Raube Sports Academy Drop Game To Chicago Latin 
February 25, 1941 Record Staff News Reporters Relax, To Try Skating 
February 25, 1941 Mrs. Elmer Harmmer News Girls Guide Hold Rally In Lower Chapel 
February 25, 1941 Bows and Arrows News Lits Sponsor After-Lit Debate 
February 25, 1941 Junior League News Prepsters View For New Testament 
February 25, 1941 Dr. Paul M. Wright News Wright Addresses Tower Club Radio 
February 25, 1941 Mrs. W. E. Hockman News Hockman Gives Lecture Series On Missionaries 
February 25, 1941 Alan Cheesebro & Arthur Dominy News Cheesebro, Dominy To Lead Californians 
February 28, 1941 Student Supply Store Began On Table In Old Library News Stupe Has Varied Career In 50 Year History 
February 28, 1941 Names in Gold Short Comment Students Approve Of Engraved Towers 
February 28, 1941 Wheaton's Men News Debaters Meet Emory After Lit 
February 28, 1941 New Gym News Juniors Pledge 3000 For Gym 
February 28, 1941 Robert Loveless News Loveless Wins Class Of '44 Presidency 
February 28, 1941 Lend-Lease Bill Short Comment College Forum Talks On Lend-Lease Bill 
February 28, 1941 Dr. Allan A. MacRae News MacRae Speaks On Archaelogy 
February 28, 1941 Dr. Yoder Short Comment Yoder Publishes Hooker Article 
February 28, 1941 Eight Mid-West Colleges Enter Tournament; Finals Start At 7.30pm News College Greets Wrestlers To Fourth Annual Invitational Tomorrow 
February 28, 1941 Young Life Mass Meeting News Dobbins, Gerig Play To Thousands 
February 28, 1941 Juniors Place More Students On Honor Roll Than Seniors News Class Of '41 Captures Faculty Scholarship Trophy 
February 28, 1941 French Club News French Club To Sponsor Musical Program 
February 28, 1941 International Club Short Comment Foreign Students To Conduct Chapel 
February 28, 1941 Scripture Distribution Society Short Comment His Triumph. . . 
February 28, 1941 Lincoln House News College Opens Lincoln House 
February 28, 1941 Varsity Tennis Sports King Announces Tennis Season 
February 28, 1941 Sigma Iota Alpha News Graduates Hold Hymn Sing 
February 28, 1941 Pi Gamma Mu News Historians Discuss Race Problem 
February 28, 1941 Club Rifle Sports Rifle Team Drops Forest Park 
February 28, 1941 by Ole and Ray Column The Tip-Off... 
February 28, 1941 Cage Season Sports Cagers Lose To Millikin In Year's Finale 
February 28, 1941 Orange and Blue Speedsters Sports Thinclads Enter Mid-West Meet 
February 28, 1941 All-School Skating Party Short Comment Co-Rec Party... 
February 28, 1941 Fourth Annual Wheaton Invitational Wrestling Tournament Article Wheaton Pioneers In Collegiate Wrestling 
February 28, 1941 Dr. MacRae Short Comment Chapel Nuggets 
February 28, 1941 Zechariah 8:16 Article Think On These Things 
February 28, 1941 by Enock C. Dyrness Article World War II -- Scandinavia 
February 28, 1941 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII . . . 
February 28, 1941 "Ginny" Tribble Article Ginny Tribble Opens Her Mouth, Sticks Foot In It 
February 28, 1941 Easter Airliner Article British Blitzkrieg Reserves Field, Strikes Somaliland 
February 28, 1941 Grads Enjoy Songs, Memories Of College Days News Lake Erie Alumni Imitate School Banquet 
February 28, 1941 The Faculty Reply Column Ye Faculty Replies 
February 28, 1941 Wheaton College and Community Chorus News Nordin To Direct Community Chorus In Presentation Of Saint Paul 
February 28, 1941 Intramural Games Sports Gophers, Floor Win Cage Games 
February 28, 1941 College Symphony Orchestra News Dobbins To Lead Orchestra In Concert 
February 28, 1941 Dr. S. Richey Kamm Leads 16 Students To Madison News Social Science Majors To Visit Wisconsin Capital 
February 28, 1941 Wheaton College Gospel Teams News 14 Gospel Teams Cover Area During Weekend 
February 28, 1941 Equestrians Sports Equestrians Practice For Horse Show 
February 28, 1941 Life After College News LEctures To Aid In Later Life 
February 28, 1941 New Chem Room News College Build New Chem Room 
March 4, 1941 Chicago Mission Head Speaks To Students From Personal Experience News Saulnier To Discuss Perfecting Gospel Teams 
March 4, 1941 Le Cercle Francais News French Club Presents Recital 
March 4, 1941 Dixie Club News Southerners Feast On Grits, Ham Gravy 
March 4, 1941 College Symphony Orchestra News Dobbins Leads Orchestra In Free Concert 
March 4, 1941 Faculty Lecture News Erickson, Culley Continue Lecture Series 
March 4, 1941 "Places of Worship" News Moule Talks To Graduates On Cathedrals 
March 4, 1941 Academy Chapel Short Comment Clark, Wade Speak At Prep Chapel 
March 4, 1941 Boethallian Literary News Bows To Induct New Members 
March 4, 1941 Prexy Rosser Announces Extension Of Week Day Permission For Men News Student Council Suggests Ground Breaking Date To Board Of Trustees 
March 4, 1941 Dr. S. Richey Kamm News Kamm Leads Observation Trip 
March 4, 1941 New Physical Education Building Article Juniors Display Wheaton Spirit In Pledge For Gym 
March 4, 1941 Clean Living  Short Comment Clean Living Helps 
March 4, 1941 "Acres of Diamonds" Short Comment Chapel Nuggets 
March 4, 1941 by Carel Jan Smit Article World War II -- The Netherlands 
March 4, 1941 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . .  
March 4, 1941 Dr. L.A. King's Slanderous Remarks Article Baskin Defends Record Against Kings Slanderous Remarks 
March 4, 1941 War Article War Front Moves From Trenches To Parley Tables 
March 4, 1941 Normal Takes Second, Wheaton Ties Bradley For Third Place Sports Dubuque Cops Invitational With Five First Places 
March 4, 1941 Volleyball Sports Coeds Pick All-Stars In Volleyball 
March 4, 1941 Wheaton Thinclads Sports Thinclads Fail At North Central 
March 4, 1941 Baseball Sports Coray, Nelson Issue Call For Diamondmen 
March 4, 1941 Basketball Tournament Sports Academy Enters League Playoffs 
March 4, 1941 by Ole and Ray Column The Tip-Off 
March 4, 1941 Lars Granberg News Granberg To Give Senior Seminar 
March 4, 1941 Junior Symphony Orchestra News Carbaugh Leads Child Orchestra In Honolulu 
March 4, 1941 Employment News Mrs. McDonald Finds Jobs For Students 
March 4, 1941 Carl C. Harwood News Harwood To Hold Chapel Service 
March 4, 1941 Bill Graham News Graham Speaks To Prepsters 
March 4, 1941 College Boy Co-op News Students Develop Work Co-op 
March 7, 1941 Group Visits Legistlature, Highway Department, University of Wisconsin News Polictical Science Majors Inspect Wisconsin Capital 
March 7, 1941 Wheaton's Women Debate Team News Coed Debaters Place in Tourney 
March 7, 1941 Mr. E. E. Beck News Beck DelineatesPrinciples For Getting Job 
March 7, 1941 Afer-Lit Program Information Band to Give After-Lit Light Concert 
March 7, 1941 Lars Granberg Information Granberg to Explode Race Superiority 
March 7, 1941 Professor H. William Nordin News Chapel Choir To Travel West 
March 7, 1941 Skeleton Declares Herself On Vagaries of Life; Supprts New Gym Article Josephine Tell Bare Facts Of Her Existence In Revealing Interview 
March 7, 1941 Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse News Barnhouse Comes For Chapel 
March 7, 1941 Doug Parsons Article Doug Parsons Personalifies The Christian Athlete 
March 7, 1941 Mr Harwood Short Comment Chapel Nuggets 
March 7, 1941 Think On These Things Column Think On These Things 
March 7, 1941 Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII. . . 
March 7, 1941 Suzanne Knox Article Occupy Till I Come 
March 7, 1941 Coeds Eavesdrop On Naitermian Lit Program Article Coeds Eavesdrop On Naitermian Lit Program 
March 7, 1941 Dougboys To Europe? Column Lease-Lend Change To Prohibit Overseas 
March 7, 1941 "W" Club Sponsors Post- Season Card Memorial Wrestling Grapplers Hold Parsons' Plaque Exhibtion Match 
March 7, 1941 Frosh Matmen Sports Frosh Matmen Face Oak Park 
March 7, 1941 Academy Radio Club Information Radio Club . . . 
March 7, 1941 Itramural Basketball Sports Floor, Olympians Win Cage Tilts 
March 7, 1941 Ole and Ray. . . . Column The Diamond 
March 7, 1941 "B" Team Sports "B" Grapplers Defeat Division 
March 7, 1941 Speedstars Sports Thinclads Appear In Track Meet 
March 7, 1941 Rev. Raymond F. Kahle Information Kahle To Speak On Evangelism  
March 7, 1941 Chapel Speakers Information Speakers Fill Chapel Schedule 
March 7, 1941 Presbyterian Young People's Society Information Prepsters Hold Gospel Service 
March 7, 1941 Marion McKenny Information Business Forum To Hear McKenny 
March 7, 1941 Boethellian Literary Society Information Bows Hold Annual Breakfast 
March 7, 1941 Scripture Distribution Society News SDS Announces Tract Issue  
March 7, 1941 Virgina Ramsey News Aels Induct New Members  
March 11, 1941 Coach Edward Coray Sports Record Spots Faculty Ten Buckets in Net Game 
March 11, 1941 President V. Raymond Edman News Prexy Addresses Junior League 
March 11, 1941 Lars Granberg News Granberg Speaks On Nordics 
March 11, 1941 Ruth Gittell News Infirmary Proves Nice, But No Valhalla 
March 11, 1941 Robert Mostrom News Hams Hear Thrilling Saga By Short Wave 
March 11, 1941 Carl F. H. Henry News Religious Journalist Produce Film 
March 11, 1941 Jack Rosser News Rosser Takes Mooseheart Job 
March 11, 1941 Prof H. William Nordin & Mrs. Nodin News Chapel Choir Makes SwingThrough Mid West 
March 11,1941 Profs Collect Milk-Sop Aggregation to Stop Staff Information Record Spots Faculty Ten Buckets in Net Game 
March 11,1941 V. Raymond Edman News  Prexy Address Junior League  
March 11,1941 Lars Granberg News  Granberg Speaks on Nordics  
March 11,1941 Ruth Gittell News  Infirmary Proves Nice, But No Valhalla 
March 11,1941 Robert Mostrom News  Hams Hear Thrilling Saga By Short Wave 
March 11,1941 Carl F. H. Henry Information Religious Journalists Produce Film 
March 11,1941 Jack Rosser  News  Rosser Takes Mooseheart Job 
March 11,1941 H. Willaim Nordin News  Chapel Choir Makes Swing Through Mid-West 
March 11,1941 Corinne R. Smith Information Smith Lectures Thursday on Courship 
March 11,1941 Mutilation of Library Books Takes Costly Annual Toll Information Mutilation of Library Books Takes Costly Annual Toll 
March 11,1941 Dr. Albert Hughes  Article  Chapel Nuggets 
March 11,1941 Think on These Things  Article  Think on These Things 
March 11,1941 Evelyn E. Erickson Article  World War II-Latin America 
March 11,1941 Charlie Schramm Article  Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
March 11,1941 Jean Donnan Article  Reporter's Remark Puts Editor in Dutch With Prof. 
March 11,1941 Hitler's Balkan Move Fails To Bluff Greeks into Surrender Article  Hitler's Balkan Move Fails To Bluff Greeks into Surrender 
March 11, 1941 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith News  Smith Lectures Thursday On Courtship 
March 11, 1941 Rosser, Miner, Voget, Sole Point Winners; Final Score 19-11 Sports  Crusaders Wrestlers Bow to Duncan Y.M.C.A. 
March 11, 1941 Pete Decker  Sports  Rifflemen Hold Winning Streak 
March 11, 1941 Paul Edwards  Sports  Lits Vie For Cage Title  
March 11, 1941 Eb Rosser  Sports  The Diamond  
March 11, 1941 Harold Amstutz Sports  Frosh Grapplers End Perfect Season 
March 11, 1941 Larry Kulp Sports I-M Cagers Play Final Round  
March 11, 1941 Carl De-Vries  Sports  Crusaders Lose to DeKalb in Track Meet 
March 11, 1941 H. William Nordin Music  Singing Groups Fill Season with Local Concert 
March 11, 1941 George Kevorkian  Information Prayermeeting  
March 11, 1941 Evelyn Erickson  Information Saints to Speak at Youth Rally 
March 11, 1941 Rev. A. N. Bostrom News  Alliance to Hold Confab Here  
March 14, 1941 Llyod Fesmire  News  Christian Council Nominates Presidential Candidates  
March 14, 1941 Lyle York  News  York Takes Second in Extemp 
March 14, 1941 Tom Conway  News  Camera Club Elects Same Officers  
March 14, 1941 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany Information Tiffany, Free Lecture Monday 
March 14, 1941 John Witmer  Information Record Heads to Attend ICPA Convention 
March 14, 1941 Mrs Doris Bunting  News  Taussing Wins WCTU Speech Pin 
March 14, 1941 Dr. Clarence Nystrom  Information  Debaters Leave for State Tourney 
March 14, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire  Information  Tower to Present Final Program 
March 14, 1941 Dr. Russell Mixter  News  Trustees to Start Gym Inauguration Day if Fund Campaign Succeeds 
March 14, 1941 Thomas Lindsay  Information  Eleven Teams to Carry Gospel Over Week End  
March 14, 1941 Mr. J. Lloyd Hunter  Information Hunters to Conduct Course in Rural Evangelism  
March 14, 1941 Dr. Walter McClure  Information  McCulture, Smith to Speak in Chapel  
March 14, 1941 Ruth Trudel  News  Students Attend Family Conference  
March 14, 1941 Mrs Irl McClennny News  Grads Travel to Mission Field on Zam Zam  
March 14, 1941 Harvey Chrouser  Sports  Profs, Scribes Prime for Basketball Game  
March 14, 1941 Dr. Lauren A. King  Sports  Rosser to Preside at Wrestling Banquet Receives Annual Dawson Award 
March 14, 1941 Del Nelson Sports Hoopmen Gather for Dinner  
March 14, 1941 Peter Decker  Sports  Gym Class Practices on Rifle Range  
March 14, 1941 Jean DeYoung  Sports  Coed Lits to Open Cage Tournament  
March 14, 1941 Pauline Abbot  Sports  WAA Announces Semester's Programs  
March 14, 1941 Arrows, Knights Reach Lit Finals Sports  Arrows, Knights Reach Lit Finals  
March 14, 1941 Eb Rosser  Sports  Chicago Lawyer Presents Gold Trophy to Annual High Point Man  
March 14, 1941 Ole and Ray  Sports  The Diamond 
March 14, 1941 George Rogers  Sports  Bonner, Eire's Gift to U.S, Captains Wheaton's Nine  
March 14, 1941 Phyllis Diles  Sports  Diles Leads Undefeated Senior Hoopsters  
March 14, 1941 Dr. Barnhouse  News  Barnhouse's Quotation Hits Nail on Head  
March 14, 1941 Dr. Albert Hughes  Article  Chapel Nuggets 
March 14, 1941 Charles Evans Hughes  Article  Think on these Things  
March 14, 1941 Dr. Paul Culley  Article  World War II-Oceanica  
March 14, 1941 Gay Gargoyle  Article  Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
March 14, 1941 Dr H.C Thielsen  Article  Faculty Opens Campaign to Prepare Students for Marriage 
March 14, 1941 News Magna Carta  Article  Seven Billion Loan Causes Psychological Reaction in Europe  
March 14, 1941 Old Fashion Wheaton Day  News  Lits Return to Old Days for Open Lit 
March 14, 1941 Mrs Doris Bunting  Information Phils Hold Baby Meeting  
March 14, 1941 R.F. Milliameter  Information  Radio Club to See Special Equipment  
March 18, 1941 Mrs. V. Raymond Edman News Christian Club To Hear Kilby, President's Wife 
March 18, 1941 Wheaton College Trustees News Trustees Promote Nine Profs 
March 18, 1941 Mr. Delburt Nelsons News Nelsons Monopolize Junior League 
March 18, 1941 Dupage County Alumni News Alumni To Bid Old Gym Adieu 
March 18, 1941 Pearl Nielson News German Club Installs Officers 
March 18, 1941 Record Staff & Faculty News Scribes Swamp Aging Profs In Annual Tussle 
March 18, 1941 Old Fashioned Wheaton Day News Lits To Recall 'Good Old Days' 
March 18, 1941 Dorothy Bamford News Bamford Brings Talk At Prayermeeting 
March 18, 1941 Rev D. L. Foster News Foster Addresses Moody Grads 
March 18, 1941 Florence Keller News Coeds Dine Dates At Arms Hotel 
March 18, 1941 Christian Council Election News Christian Council To Hold Presidential Election During Chapel Tomorrow 
March 18, 1941 Dr. S. R. Kamm News Kamm Announces Easter Vacation Historical Tour 
March 18, 1941 Gymnasium Inaguration News Trustees Place Responsibility For Gym On Campus 
March 18, 1941 Christian Council Election News Lord's Will For Council President Found Through Prayer 
March 18, 1941 Kindness Column Think On These Things 
March 18, 1941 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany News World War II- Russia, Far East 
March 18, 1941 G. G. 23 Column Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
March 18, 1941 Record Staff Column Baskin Gloats Over Outcome of Record, Staff Game 
March 18, 1941 War News Column II Duce's Appearance Fails To Inspire His Legions To Victory 
March 18, 1941 Edwin Rosser News  Captain Rosser Ends Carrer With Wrestling Banquet 
March 18, 1941 Coach Edward Coray Sports Coray Directs Indoor Practice Of Crusader Nine 
March 18, 1941 Ole and Ray News The Diamond  
March 18, 1941 Don Ewing Sports Cagers Elect Ewing New Captain 
March 18, 1941 Illinois Tech Relay Games Sports Cinderman Get Return Meet With Techmen 
March 18, 1941 Phyllis Diles Sports Diles' Senior Cagers Win Tourney Unbeaten  
March 18, 1941 President Moseley News Letterman To Hold Dinner Meeting  
March 18, 1941 Inter-Lit Trophy Sports Knights Take Lit Cage Trophy, Beat Arrows 
March 18, 1941 Christian and Missionary Alliance  News Christian Missionary Group To convene Here 
March 18, 1941 Dr. S. Richy Kamm News Kamm Continues Lecture Series  
March 18, 1941 Pre-Med Soceity News Pre-Med Club Plans Tour  
March 18, 1941 Freshman Class News Dowdy, Bjorkman To Publish Frosh Record 
March 18, 1941 Tower Radio Club News Crume Lecture To Radio Club 
March 21, 1941 Old Fashioned Wheaton Day News Open Lit To Climax Old -Time Day 
March 21, 1941 New Gym Fundraising  News Campus Pledges Bolster Campaign 
March 21, 1941 New Gym Thermometer News Watch It Grow 
March 21, 1941 Alumni Endorsement News Alumni Clubs Endorse Drive By Letter, Wire 
March 21, 1941 President V. Raymond Edman Information Message from President V. Raymond Edman 
March 21, 1941 New Gymnasium News Trustees Set $75,000 Goal For May 1 To Break Ground May 9 
March 21, 1941 Rev. Erwin King News Kings Establish Loan Fund For Men 
March 21, 1941 Inauguration of President V. Raymond Edman News Trustees To Install Edman May 9 
March 21, 1941 Lloyd Fesmire News Students Elect Fesmire Council Head 
March 21, 1941 Glenn Sullivan  News Sullivan To Lecture On Aztecs 
March 21, 1941 Allan Borch '40 News Borch Presents Gary Recital 
March 21, 1941 Jane Buswell New Outside Girls Dine at Oak Park 
March 21, 1941 Mr. Julius Haavind News Haavind Reports Progress On Dinning Hall 
March 21, 1941 Ken Hansen News Yanks Take Chateau Thierry 
March 21, 1941 Edward A. Coray News New Gym To Provide Ample Facilities For Athletic Division 
March 21, 1941 Renee Person Sports Coeds To Practice Coaching Art 
March 21, 1941 President Robert Moseley News Moseley Presides At Dinner Party 
March 21, 1941 Miss Lois Nixon News Women Athletes Look Forward To Renovated Gym 
March 21, 1941 Fourth Floor Intra-Mural Basketball Team Sports Floor Wins Basketball Title 
March 21, 1941 DuPage County Alumni News Old Timers Hold Farewell Party For Old Gym 
March 21, 1941 Wheaton Cindermen Sports Crusaders Bow To Illinois Tech In Track Meet 
March 21, 1941 Co-Recreational Committee News Co-Rec Holds Roller Skating Party 
March 21, 1941 Physical Education Department News Cooperation Will Bring Success In Gym Fund Drive 
March 21. 1941 Gipsy Smith Article Chapel Nuggets 
March 21, 1941 Forgiveness Article Think on These Things 
March 21, 1941 Joseph P.Free News World War 11 - Near East 
March 21, 1941 Ray Creer Article Gay Gargoyle XXIII 
March 21, 1941 Marshal Weatherby News Car Has "Hot Foot" Steers Scare Early Risers 
March 21, 1941 Balkan Trends News Germany Eyes Yugoslavia As Next Victim 
March 21, 1941 Blind Evangelist Leaves Jazz Nand News Kallenbach Talks At Easter Sunrise Service 
March 21, 1941 Kennerly Long Information Lit Majors Hold Dinner Party 
March 21, 1941 David Hammer Information Prepsters Lead Church Services 
March 21, 1941 Van Dusen Pupil To Appear On Artist Series News Conservatory Presents Held In Recital 
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