Index to The Record, 1940 (October)-1941 (January)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
October 11, 1940 Dr. John Scroggy Short Comment Scroggy To Address Chapel Monday 
October 11, 1940 Frank G. Sain News Sain To Describe Prison Work In Cook County 
October 11, 1940 Immunization News Infirmary Opens Immunization Program 
October 11, 1940 Erich Sorantin To Direct Little Philharmonic News Chicago Orchestra To Play At Homecoming Concert 
October 11, 1940 Class of '41 First Social News Seniors Use Dixie Setting At Autumn Frolic 
October 11, 1940 Newspapers Face Challenge In Present Crisis Article Baskin 
October 11, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 22 
October 11, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
October 11, 1940 Psalm 32:8 Column A Student's Meditation 
October 11, 1940 Monson Leads Senior Men In Beard Derby Article Witmer 
October 11, 1940 Mosley To Lead Soccermen In First Tilt Sports Botoers Bid For Win Over Morton 
October 11, 1940 Pteromothean Society News Buswell To Head Pteromothean Club; Girls Guild Elect New Offiers 
October 11, 1940 Cross Country Meet Sports Harriers Vie With Loyola 
October 11, 1940 Academy Gridders Sports Academy Faces Unbeaten Francis Parker 
October 11, 1940 Archery Day Sports Co-Rec Holds Archery Day 
October 11, 1940 by Ole and Ray Column The Huddle 
October 11, 1940 American League Information Touch Football 
October 11, 1940 Students To Watch Animals Eat; Visit Mei-Mei News Mack Leads Zoologists To Brookfield 
October 11, 1940 Chicago Club News Granberg To Lead Windy City Club 
October 11, 1940 Academy Gospel Quartet News Academy Group Leads Services 
October 11, 1940 Volumes Added To Library News Librarians Obtain Pacific Maps 
October 11, 1940 N.Y.A News NYA Finances Student Work 
October 11, 1940 Gopher Club Short Comment Gopher Club Meets 
October15,1940 Lucky Baldwin to Accompany Head of Cook County Jail News  Warden Sain To Lecture On Prison Work 
October15,1940 Ken Hansen News  Tower Heads Sign Printing Contract 
October15,1940 Ruth Little  News  Little to Direct Minnesota Club 
October15,1940 J. Maurice Dobbins Music  Dobbins to Conduct Ochestra 
October15,1940 Jean De Young News  Knight, Ladies Plan Informals 
October15,1940 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News  Free to Tell of Findings  
October15,1940 Dr. Paul G. Culley News  Dean Talks on Stone Age Tribe 
October15,1940 Ed Dunkin News  Radio Club to Institute Beginners Class  
October15,1940 Hudson Armeding  News  History Majors Elect Armeding President 
October15,1940 Dr. Thomas C. Poulter News  Poulter to Describe Explorations in Antarctic 
October15,1940 Dr. S. R . Kamm News  Kamm to Lead Forum Discussion on Election 
October15,1940 Baskin  Article  Balloon Bombs Transgress Safety Rules  
October15,1940 Werner Graendorf Article  Off the Record  
October15,1940 Abe Van Der Puy Article A Student's Meditation 
October15,1940 Witmer  Articles  Seniors Raise Stink Over Party Interruptions 
October15,1940 Rosser,Heller Scores for Crusaders in Initial Tilt Sports  Boosters Hit Morton Goal in 2 to 0 Victory 
October15,1940 Bill Svenson Sports  Co-Rec to Hold Game Blowout 
October15,1940 Francis Parker Gridders  Sports  Parker Sinks Prep Eleven 
October15,1940 Harvey Chrouser Sports  Chrouser Plans to Lift Track from Obscurity 
October15,1940 Esther Cederborg Sports  Senior Girls Lead Soccer League  
October15,1940 Dayton Cooper Sports  Harriers Bow to Loyola 
October15,1940 Ole and Ray Sports  The Huddle  
October15,1940 Phil Anderson Sports  Rifflemen Aim at Mid-West Championship 
October15,1940 Margeret Kellogg News  Town Girls Hold Progressive Meal 
October15,1940 Corrine Smith  News  Faculty Women Entertain  
October15,1940 Prof. Frank VanDusen Music  Teed Plays on WLW 
October 18,1940 Dr. T. C. Poulter News  Byrd Aide to Show Snow Cruiser in Action 
October 18,1940 Lester W. Groom Information Groom to Play Bach Program in Vesper Series  
October 18,1940 Ada Rury Information Empty Infirmary Gives Nurse Vacation 
October 18,1940 Alden Clark Information  Students Pick Concert Program 
October 18,1940 Myron Baskin Information Record, Historians Sponsors Presidential Straw Vote 
October 18,1940 Dr. Alexander Grigolia Information Grigolia Leads Anthropology Banquet 
October 18,1940 Jean De Young  News  Knight, Ladies Present Informals 
October 18,1940 Bill Graham Information Harpell Deputizes Gospel Teams 
October 18,1940 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News  Peterson Directs Seminarians  
October 18,1940 Howard Schoon News  Men Take 1 in 400 Chance in Nation's First Lottery 
October 18,1940 President V. Raymond Edman News  Edman Attends Installation at Denison 
October 18,1940 Baskin  Article  Men Register in First Peace-Time Draft 
October 18,1940 Gay Gargoyle  Article  Gay Gargoyle 
October 18,1940 Werner Graendorf Article Off the Record 
October 18,1940 Abe Van Der Puy Article  A Student's Meditation  
October 18,1940 Glenn Jensen Article Couples Ring Tower Bell to End Silence  
October 18,1940 Harvey Chrouser Sports  Crusaders Travel West to Battle Central College 
October 18,1940 Don Hoore  Sports  Booters to Bid For Second Win 
October 18, 1940 Ole and Ray Sports  The Huddle 
October 18, 1940 Intramural football Sports  Fourth Floor Tallies Twice 
October 18, 1940 Dunkin Stewart Sports  Stewart, Scott Pace Frosh to First Victory 
October 18, 1940 Wendell L. Willkie News  Kamm Emphasizes Civic Duties of Christians 
October 18, 1940 Bill Lehigh Sports  Lehigh to Lead Frosh Hike  
October 18, 1940 Clara Martinson News  Bows Install New Officers  
October 18, 1940 George Rogers  Sport Rogers Wins Contest 
October 22, 1940 Frank W. Van Dusen Information Van Dusen Pupils Give Private Recital 
October 22, 1940 Arnold Grunigen  Information Christian Dusen Pupils Give Private Recital 
October 22, 1940 Charles Cline  Information S.D.S Plans to Cover Eastern Colleges  
October 22, 1940 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Information Edman Calls Day of Prayer Thursday 
October 22, 1940 Hudson Armerding  Information Students Vote on Straw Ballot 
October 22, 1940 Dr. Paul Stanley Information Radio Club to Hear Dr. Stanley 
October 22, 1940 Dr. Russell Mixter Information Alumni to Speak on WMBI 
October 22, 1940 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News  Grigolia Speaks at Fellowship Dinner 
October 22, 1940 Alan Cheesobro News  Cheesebro Welcomes Alumni to Homecoming  
October 22, 1940 Grant Gordon  Information Gordon Directs Rural Bible Work 
October 22, 1940 Baskin  Article  Voters to Settle Third Term Issue 
October 22, 1940 Christ has Power to Answer Prayer Article  Christ Has Power to Answer Prayer 
October 22, 1940 Graham Ryan  Article  Gay Gargoyle 22 
October 22, 1940 Abe Van Der Puy Article  Meditation 
October 22, 1940 Werner Graendorf Article  Off The Record  
October 22, 1940 Witmer  Article  Workers Fete Dinning Hall Chief  
October 22, 1940 Flying Dutchman Repeat Last Year's 18 to 13 Victory Sports  Crusaders Fail to Avenge Defeat from Central 
October 22, 1940 Coach Edward Coray Sports  Frosh Pep Team for Alumni 
October 22, 1940 Dick Robertson Sports  Harriers Beat Beloit in Perfect Race  
October 22, 1940 Jim Mulheisen  Sports  Elmhurst Eleven Drops Academy 
October 22, 1940 Hallowen Program News  Dow House Holds Hallowe'en Program  
October 22, 1940 Angus Wallace  Sports  Booters Tally Second Win 
October 22, 1940 Albert Fesmire  News  Fesmire to Speak 
October 22, 1940 Dean Paul G. Culley News  Dean to Close Academy Day of Prayer 
October 22, 1940 Jack Rosser News  Sophs Prep for Class Rivalry 
October 25, 1940 Dr. Erich Soranti News Tower of '42 Presents little Philharmonic Group 
October 25, 1940 Hudson Amerding News Arrows To Greet Alumni Breakfast 
October 25, 1940 Dr. Russell Mixter News Cording Directs Broadcast 
October 25, 1940 Homecoming News Old Graduates To Take Part in Lit Programs 
October 25, 1940 Dr. Kelly Barnes News Barnes Speaks at Morning Worship 
October 25, 1940 Alan Cheesebro News Cheesebro Expects 400 Alumni To Attend Homecoming Celebration 
October 25, 1940 Wendell L. Willkie News Straw Vote Gives Willkie Large Majority 
October 25, 1940 Orien Johnson News Crusader Band To Play At Parades, Game 
October 25, 1940 Kenneth Hansen News Orchids Mix With Hamburgers At Reception 
October 25, 1940 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News Kilby Chairman Test Supervising Committee 
October 25, 1940 Ray McAfee News Patterson To talk At Pep Rally New Lawson 
October 25, 1940 George Cole Sports Frosh ; Sophs To Clash In Pushball Tilt  
October 25, 1940 Dr. A. D. Helser News Junior League To Hear Helser 
October 25, 1940 Stewart Barron News Forum Chooses Barron Prexy 
October 25, 1940 Homecoming News College Receives House , Land; Workers Make Campus Improvements 
October 25, 1940 Baskin Article Old Grads See Changes in College 
October 25, 1940 Homecoming Column Gay Gargoyle 22 
October 25, 1940 Abe Van Der Puy Article Meditation 
October 25, 1940 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
October 25, 1940 Witmer Column Hamburgers , Orchids To Mingle At Reception 
October 25, 1940 Coach Edward Coray Sports Eager Frosh To prove Mettle Against Alumni 
October 25, 1940 Coach Chrouser Sports The Huddle 
October 25, 1940 Wheaton Academy Sports Academy Faces Latin Combination 
October 25, 1940 Miss Ruth Berg & Miss Lois Nixon Sports Coeds Spend The Night Roughing It 
October 25, 1940 Alumni Teams Sports Unbeaten Booters To Clash With Grad Stars 
October 25, 1940 Coaches Chrouser and Del Nelson Sports Crusaders Throw Strength Against Professors 
October 25, 1940 Miriam Best News WAA Holds Hallowe'en Party 
October 25, 1940 Homecoming Sports Six Seniors Play Homecoming For Crusaders 
October 25, 1940 Captain Dayton Cooper Sports Harriers Run Traingular Meet Between Halves 
October 25, 1940 Miss Marjorie McShane News Public Speakers Prepare For Year's work 
October 25, 1940 Miss Julia Blanchard News Library Plans Exhibition 
October 25, 1940 Bible Archaelogy Department News Bible Department Gets Tablet 
October 25, 1940 Christian Council News Council Sends Out Gospel Teams 
October 25, 1940 John W. Sanderson News Johnn Sanderson, Former Record Editor Receives Ordination in St. Louis Church 
October 25, 1940 Gladys Marth News Marth To Serve As Phil Prexy 
October 25, 1940 Don Boardman News Boardman Leads Discussion For Camera Club 
October 25, 1940 Arthur Dominy News Dominy To Preside For French Club 
October 25, 1940 H. William Nordin News Glee Clubs Pan Mid-Winter Tours 
October 25, 1940 Intramural Activties Sports I-M Activities Fill Calendar 
October 25, 1940 Dave Roberts & Al Eckert News Tower of '41 Receives First Class Rating 
October 25, 1940 Dean & Class Of '41 President Information Juniors, Seniors Compromise On Rules to Govern Cake Burial 
October 29, 1940 Build Worship Service Around Theme, Defend the Faith News Aels, Belts to Present Chapel Service, Informals 
October 29, 1940 Seminar by Lars Granberg News Granberg Tells Of Old Rites At Seminar 
October 29, 1940 Prof. Enock Dyrness Short Comment Dyrness To Present Semester Honors 
October 29, 1940 Speech Students News Speech Students Give Recital 
October 29, 1940 Prayer Chain News Harpell Announces Completion Of Prayer Chain 
October 29, 1940 Tower Editor News Sophs To Elect Tower Heads 
October 29, 1940 Bernard Kinzer Short Comment Kinzer Speaks At Prayer Meeting 
October 29, 1940 Annual Fall Outing News Faculty Holds Annual Outing 
October 29, 1940 Wheaton College Gun Club News Gun Club Elects Officers, Tells Schedule 
October 29, 1940 Eric Barnett News Eric Barnett Talks On Missions 
October 29, 1940 Grads Comment On Spirit of Welcome Among Students, Faculty News 1940 Homecoming Breaks Attendance Records With 378 Registered 
October 29, 1940 Williston Hall Girls News Little Leads Dorm Harvest Hike 
October 29, 1940 Students Show Indiffrence In Poll Article Baskin 
October 29, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Article Off The Record 
October 29, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 22.. 
October 29, 1940 1 Peter 2:7 Column Meditation 
October 29, 1940 Events Information Coming Events 
October 29, 1940 Student Opinion Column OPINE... 
October 29, 1940 Bell Rings For Homecoming Engagements Column Witmer 
October 29, 1940 Huskies Score on Pass In First Half To Take Lead Sports Last Quarter Drive Fails As Orange Bows to Profs 
October 29, 1940 Academy Prepsters Sports Chicago Latin Bests Prepsters 
October 29, 1940 Rifle Team Sports Rifle Team Defeats Arrowhead Club 
October 29, 1940 Soccer Sports Varsity Booters Drop Alumni For Third Win 
October 29, 1940 Annual Homecoming Tilt Sports Patterson Leads Grads to Victory Over Cubs 
October 29, 1940 Orange and Blue Harriers Sports Harriers Place Second To Milwaukee 
October 29, 1940 By Ole and Ray Column The Huddle 
October 29, 1940 Art Department News Arts Changes Keep Pace With Enrollment 
October 29, 1940 Moody Fellowship News Moody Grads Elect Siddons President 
November 1, 1940 Edman Presents Certificates To Honor Students News Straw Addresses Students On Scholarship 
November 1, 1940 Christian Service Preparation Club News Christian Council Directs Training Classes 
November 1, 1940 Jupiter Information Taylor Announces Jupiter Talk 
November 1, 1940 Junior Party News Juniors Ban Dates For Autumn Outdoor Special 
November 1, 1940 Christian Service Brigade News Boys' Brigade Conducts Chapel 
November 1, 1940 Gospel Teams News Harpell Deputizes Eleven Gospel Teams 
November 1, 1940 Attic Men Short Comment Attic Men Plan Hallowe'en Party 
November 1, 1940 Co-Recreational Council News Co-Rec Sponsor Game Blowout 
November 1, 1940 Head Nurse Ada Rury Short Comment Head Nurse Rury Has Full House 
November 1, 1940 Beltionian Holds Age Record, Celebrates Eighty-fifth Year News Belts, Aels to Close Literary Informal Series 
November 1, 1940 "Dad's and Mother's Day" News College Invites Dads, Mothers For Special Day 
November 1, 1940 Members Owe Loyalty To Lit Societies Article Baskin 
November 1, 1940 Humor Column  Gay Gargoyle 22.. 
November 1, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
November 1, 1940 1 John 3:24 Column A Student's Meditation 
November 1, 1940 Picture of Week Enjoys Wide Popularity Article Witmer 
November 1, 1940 Student Opinion Column OPINE , , , 
November 1, 1940 Injuries Hamper Local Gridders; Seven Sophs to Play Sports Crusaders Bid For Win Over Strong Carroll Eleven 
November 1, 1940 Frosh Gridders Sports Frosh Eleven Faces DeKalb B Team 
November 1, 1940 Soccer Men Sports Unbeater Booters Meet Chicago 
November 1, 1940 W.A.A. News WAA Celebrates Hallowe'en At Costume Party 
November 1, 1940 By Ole and Ray Column The Huddle.. 
November 1, 1940 Soccer Teams Sports Soccer Women Vie For Championship 
November 1, 1940 Maroon and White Gridders Sports Academy Aims For First Win Over Harvard 
November 1, 1940 Intramural Leagues Sports I-M Leagues Undergo Changes 
November 1, 1940 Coed House Parties News Williston, Blanchard Coeds Entertain 
November 1, 1940 G.A.A Sports GAA Welcomes New Members 
November 5, 1940 Conservatory To Give Election Returns After Concert News Varied Program Opens Music Recital Series 
November 5, 1940 Juniors News Juniors To Hold Steak Fry, Skating Party 
November 5, 1940 Presbyterian Club Short Comment Presbyterian Men To Organize 
November 5, 1940 Ruth Lindal Short comment Lindal To Head Wayside Inn Officers 
November 5, 1940 Debaters News Debaters Discuss Education 
November 5, 1940 Althea Brownville News Father's Visit Surprises Althea 
November 5, 1940 New Dorm News Keeping House For 120 Coeds Downs Dorm Boys 
November 5, 1940 Aels and Belts Short Comment Oldest Lits End Informal Programs 
November 5, 1940 Dr. H.A. Ironside News Ironside Talks On Using Bible 
November 5, 1940 Girls' Guild Short Comment Girls' Guild Plans Semi-Annual Rally 
November 5, 1940 Yearbook Heads To Work With '42 Tower Staff As Observers News Sophs Elects Pinder, Steiner To Produce '43 Tower 
November 5, 1940 National Alumni Association News Grads Write Of Hearing Alumni Broadcast 
November 5, 1940 Nations Faces Problems At Home, Abroad Article Baskin 
November 5, 1940 Student Opinion Column OPINe... 
November 5, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 22... 
November 5, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
November 5, 1940 2 Samuel 7:2 Column A Student's Meditation 
November 5, 1940 Students Enjoy Sunday Walks News Witmer 
November 5, 1940 Fourth Quarter Drive Nets Carroll 19 points; Final Score 32-12 Sports Chrousermen Fail To Stem Carroll's 2nd Half Drive 
November 5, 1940 Wheaton Booters Sports Chicago Drops Booters 2-1 In Overtime 
November 5, 1940 Freshmen Gridders Sports DeKalb B Team Wins 7-0 Over Frosh 
November 5, 1940 by Ole and Ray Column The Huddle 
November 5, 1940 Wheaton's Academy Gridders Sports Academy Bows To Harvard 26-7 
November 5, 1940 Merle Schultz News Schultz Heads Student Committee 
November 5, 1940 New Books News Library Receives New Books 
November 5, 1940 Scripture Distribution Society News S.D.S. Distributes His Triumph 
November 5, 1940 German Club News German Club To Commemorate Schiller's Birth 
November 5, 1940 Rev. C.G. Sterling News Sterling Speaks At Junior League 
November 8, 1940 Inter- Society Council Inaugurates Series For Friday Eveings News Van Cavel Gives Frist After-Lit Program 
November 8, 1940 Dr. Edman News President Fills Weeks of Engagements 
November 8, 1940 College Registration News Registration Show Student Rise 
November 8, 1940 Wheaton's Co- Recreational Game Blowsout Sports Co-Rec Continues Game Blowout 
November 8, 1940 John Witmer News Gospel Teams To Cover Bible Centers 
November 8, 1940 Students Council  News Student Council Names Sixteen To Who's Who 
November 8, 1940 Annual Grid Feud News Dining Hall Workers Battle In Annual Grid Feud 
November 8, 1940 Phil Saint  Article Saint Compares Science, Evalution 
November 8, 1940 Philip Foxwell Article Foxwell Explains Scripture Memorizing 
November 8, 1940 Music, Decorations To Follow Christmas Theme News Apollo Boys' Choir to Sing In '42 Tower Concert 
November 8, 1940 Professor Hugh Hodgson Article Hodgson to Stress Fine Arts In Lectures 
November 8, 1940 Baskin Article Support Paper, Patronize Local Merchants 
November 8, 1940 Werner Graendorf  Article Off The Record 
November 8, 1940 Abe Van Der Puy Article A Student's Meditation 
November 8, 1940 Gay Gargoyle 22 . . . Column Gay Gargoyle 22. . . 
November 8, 1940 Witmer  Article Seniors Invade Junior Party 
November 8, 1940 Team Hits Top Form For Attempt To End Defeats Sports Crusader Aim At Victory Over Iowa Wesleyan 
November 8, 1940 Crusader Rifle Team Sports Riflemen To Meet Forest Park 
November 8, 1940 Soccer Sports Booters Post Eastern Schedule  
November 8, 1940 Edward Corey Sports Yearling Eleven Face Victorious Cardinals  
November 8, 1940 Dayton Cooper Sports Harrier Outrun Chicago Team 
November 8, 1940 Miss Evelyn Erickson News Erickson Hosts Foreign Students  
November 8, 1940 Intra-mural Football Sports Floor, Gridders In Semi- Finals 
November 12, 1940 Elmhurst Game, Open House To Attract Parents News College to Celebrate First Father', Mothers' Day  
November 12, 1940 Don Boardman News Winter Hits Wheaton With Gale, Snow 
November 12, 1940 Class of '41 News Class of '41 Heads Prep Honor Roll 
November 12, 1940 Wheaton's Intersociety Council News Council Sponsors New Programs For After-Lit 
November 12, 1940 Reverend John Cardiff Article Dr. Cardiff Calls Himself Lord's Errand Boy 
November 12, 1940 Rev. Evan D. Welsh News Welsh To Talk On Prayer 
November 12, 1940 Field Trip News Sociology Majors Inspect Madison Street Hobohemia 
November 12, 1940 Donna Rundlett Information Soph To picnic on Old Lawson 
November 12, 1940 Rural Bible Crusades Team News R.B.C Enrolls 300 Members 
November 12, 1940 Calls College Students Hope of America's Music Situation Article Hodgson Sees Renaissance Of Music Appreciation 
November 12, 1940 " Our Foregin Policy in Crisis" Information Forum to Discuss Foreign Policy Of America  
November 12, 1940 Baskin Article America Should Maintain Neutrality 
November 12, 1940 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
November 12, 1940 Gay Gargoyle. . . Column Gay Gargoyle 
November 12, 1940 Abe Van Der Puy  Column A Student's Meditation 
November 12, 1940 Associated College Press  Article Quotable Quotes. . . 
November 12, 1940 Student Opinions  Column OPINES . . . 
November 12, 1940 Witmer Article Bartlett Boys Inaugurate Parlor Football 
November 12, 1940 Orange And Blue Yield Four First Downs, Gain Eight Sports Crusaders Tie Wesleyan On rain- Soaked Field 
November 12, 1940 Wheaton Acadmy Prepsters Sports Academy Loses To North Park 
November 12, 1940 Crusaders Riflemen Sports Gunners Beat Forest Park Minutemen 
November 12, 1940 Soccer Sports Senior Coeds Soccer Crown 
November 12, 1940 Ben Wheling  Sports The Huddle. . 
November 12, 1940 Sleeper Play Gives Greenies First Touchdown Sports  Cub Gridders Overwhelm Cardinal Frosh 
November 12, 1940 Ruth Schattschneider Information New Dormites Entertain Guests 
November 12, 1940 Mr. C. O. Baptista  News Baptista Shows Films 
November 12, 1940 Crusader W. A. A. Archers Sports Coed Archers Defeat North Central 
November 12, 1940 House Party  News Mills Girls Hold House Party  
November 15, 1940 Preaching Information Thiessen to Speak on Homoletics 
November 15, 1940 Business Forum Information Business Forum to Hear Carlson 
November 15, 1940 Mexico Missions Article  Frosh Coed Relates Experiences in Mexico 
November 15, 1940 Gospel Teams Article Teams Spread Gospel Message in Chicago Area 
November 15, 1940 Reunion Article College To Welcome 175 Fathers, Mothers To First Annual Reunion 
November 15, 1940 Obvervatory Article Taylor to Describe Celestial Antics 
November 15, 1940 Tract Rack Article Tract Shelft Serves Important Duty 
November 15, 1940 Necktie Contest Article Men to Parade Loudest Neckties in Contest 
November 15, 1940 Dad's and Mother's Day Article College Greets Parents on Special Day 
November 15, 1940 Tie Contest Article College Men to Don Loud Ties for Celebration 
November 15, 1940 War News Column Off the Record 
November 15, 1940 Bible Meditation Article A Student's Meditation 
November 15, 1940 Poetry Column Gay Gargole 22 
November 15, 1940 Ties and Soccer Article Coeds to Learn What Ties Not to Buy 
November 15, 1940 Football Sports Crusaders Face Elmhurts in Final Game of the Season 
November 15, 1940 Women's Soccer Sports Coed Squads to Enter DeKalb Play Day 
November 15, 1940 Sports Commentary Colum The Huddle 
November 15, 1940 Soccer Sports Orange and Blue Booters to Meet Chicago Eleven in Revenge Try 
November 15, 1940 Thanksgiving Party Article Ptermotheans to Entertain Guests 
November 15, 1940 Faculty Prayer Meeting Article Faculty to Hold Prayer Meeting 
November 15, 1940 Academy Gospel Team Article Academy Leads Service in Aurora 
November 15, 1940 Frosh Football Sports Frosh to Meet North Park On Dad's Day 
November 19, 1940 Parent Visit Day Article Parents Visit Campus for Dad's Mother's Day 
November 19, 1940 Tie Contest Article Loud Tie Contest No Tie; Judges Decide Harris Wins 
November 19, 1940 Symphony Orchestra Article Dobbins Directs "Pop" Concert 
November 19, 1940 Inca Culture Seminar Article Sullivan to Show Inca Culture 
November 19, 1940 Student Vacations Article Vacation Pastimes Keep Students in Quandery 
November 19, 1940 Bible Lecture Article Dr. Graham Pays Surprise Visit, Relates Travels 
November 19, 1940 Prayer Meeting Information Roberts to Lead Prayer Meeting 
November 19, 1940 Speech Article Students Present Speech Recital 
November 19, 1940 Soph Party Article Sophs Brave Gale To Hold Party at Old Lawson 
November 19, 1940 Soccer Sports Crusader Booters to Launch Fourth Eastern Invasion 
November 19, 1940 Edman Speaking Tour Article President Edman Plans Speaking Tour 
November 19, 1940 Academy Thanksgiving Baskets Article Academy to Send Holiday Baskets 
November 19, 1940 Thanksgiving Reflection Article Nation to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day 
November 19, 1940 Inter-Society Council Article Council Alleviates Friday Evening Sore Spot 
November 19, 1940 World News Column Off the Record 
November 19, 1940 Poetry Column Gay Gargole 22 
November 19, 1940 Opinion Column Column Insanity Rate Among Profs Startles Columnist 
November 19, 1940 Football Sports Elmhurst Tops Crusaders in Final Game 
November 19, 1940 Archaeology Lecture Article Junior League to See Palestine Films 
November 19, 1940 Coed Soccer Article Coed Teams Win at Payday 
November 19, 1940 Storm Article Storm Causes Minor Damage 
November 19, 1940 Frosh Football Sports Frosh Gridders Close Season with 12-6 Lose to North Park Team 
November 19, 1940 Radio Club Article Radio Club to Hear WMBI Engineer 
November 19, 1940 Debate Article Dr. Kamn Speaks to Debaters 
November 26, 1940 Intersociety Program Article Mackenzie to Sing at Lit Program 
November 26, 1940 Books Published Article Wheaton Profs Publish Two New Books 
November 26, 1940 Radio Club Information Radio Club Contacts Byrd 
November 26, 1940 Newspaper Editor Article Board to Pick Record Nominee 
November 26, 1940 Christian Service Club Article Smith to Address Christian Service Club 
November 26, 1940 Piano Recital Article Josef Wagner to Give Piano Recital 
November 26, 1940 Rural Bible Crusade Article Rural Crusaders To Hold Dinner 
November 26, 1940 String Recital Information String Duo to Play at Meeting 
November 26, 1940 Harvest Frolic Article Johnson Captures Party Turkey 
November 26, 1940 Christmas Choir Concert Article Choir to Center Program Around Christmas Theme 
November 26, 1940 Speech Recital Article Speech Students to Present Readings 
November 26, 1940 Class Cutting System Opinion Wheaton Should Investigate Cut System 
November 26, 1940 World News Column Off the Record 
November 26, 1940 Poetry Column Gay Gargoyle 
November 26, 1940 Bible Reflection Article A Student's Meditation 
November 26, 1940 Campus Reflections Opinion Witmer Assumes Responsibility for What I Say 
November 26, 1940 Quote Article Quotable Quotes 
November 26, 1940 Soccer Sports Booters Drop First Game to West Chester Team 
November 26, 1940 Seminary Club Article Seminarians Lead Chapel Service 
November 26, 1940 Coed Hockey Article New Dorm Beats Williston 1-0 
November 26, 1940 Basketball Sports Hoopsters Face Concordia in Initial Game 
November 26, 1940 Football Banquet Sports Frosh Plan Football Banquet 
November 26, 1940 Wrestling Sports Wrestling Squad Practices for Full Season 
November 26, 1940 Recital Article Music Students to Give Varied Recital 
November 29, 1940 Coleman Cooper News College Graduate Founds Apollo Choir 
November 29, 1940 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Dr. Edman to Speak In East Lansing 
November 29, 1940 Mr. Edward Cording News Mr. Cording Trys Car Sledding 
November 29, 1940 Literary Soceities News Six Soceities To Hold Joint Meetings 
November 29, 1940 Christian Council Office News Gospel Teams To cover Church Centers 
November 29, 1940 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor News Pysics Soceity Initiates Members 
November 29, 1940 Mrs. Mignon Bolin Mackenzie News Mackenzie Sings At Program 
November 29, 1940 Josef Wagner News European Pianist Reaches Wheaton On Mid-West Tour 
November 29, 1940 Round Robin Tournament News Debaters Vie For Positions On Varsity Squad 
November 29, 1940 Student Life Column Good Manners Show Good Breeding 
November 29, 1940 Assocaited Collegiate Press Column Quotable Quotes 
November 29, 1940 Abe Van Der Puy Article A student's Meditation 
November 29, 1940 G. G. 22 Column GAY GARGOYLE 
November 29, 1940 Ken Hansen Article Ryan Wins Wager, Gets New Hat 
November 29, 1940 Coach Del Nelson Sports Nelson Drills Crusaders For Concordia Battle 
November 29, 1940 Intramural Football Sports K-27 Routs Fourth Floor In Grid Playoff 
November 29, 1940 Coach Delburt Nelson News Prep Coeds Plan Football Banquet 
November 29, 1940 Aelioian Literary Soceity Information Aels To Entertain New Girls 
November 29, 1940 Louise Troup Information Eastgate Coeds Plan Social 
November 29, 1940 Christan Council Information Harpell To Lead Verse Class 
December 3, 1940 Commission League Head To Talk On Prayer News Dr. Wadsworth To Address Service Club 
December 3, 1940 Wheaton Graduates News Wheaton Alumni To Speak At Conference 
December 3, 1940 Annual Christian Student Conference Short Comment S.D.S. Plans Annual Convention 
December 3, 1940 Gospel Team Short Comment Gospel Team Covers 1800 Miles 
December 3, 1940 Annual Cook Oratorical Contest News Orators Enter Cook Contest 
December 3, 1940 Coleman Cooper News Cooper Trains Apollo Choir At Summer Music Camp 
December 3, 1940 Needy Student Fund News Library Gives Book Fines To Needy Fund 
December 3, 1940 Brass Octette News Belts, Aels To Present Brass Octette 
December 3, 1940 Abe Van Der Puy Short Comment Van Der Puy To Lead Prayer Meeting 
December 3, 1940 Tuberculosis Christmas Sale News Forum Begins Christmas Seal Campaign 
December 3, 1940 Sophomore Class Party News Sophs To Sail At Party 
December 3, 1940 Wheaton College Soccer Team Sports Opposition, Mud Prove To Much For Booters 
December 3, 1940 Lindsay, Cheesebro Head Committees On Plans News Student Faculty Committee Votes Medinah Club Washington Banquet Site 
December 3, 1940 "It Pays To Advertise" Article Students Help Advertise Wheaton College 
December 3, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
December 3, 1940 Micah 5:2 Column A Student's Meditation 
December 3, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle. 
December 3, 1940 Soccer Trip Article Opportunity Knocks Soccer Team 
December 3, 1940 by Associated Collegiate Press Article Quotable Quotes... 
December 3, 1940 Crusader Basketball Team Information Crusaders Win 
December 3, 1940 W.A.A Sports W.A.A Plans Skating Party 
December 3, 1940 College Rifle Championship Sports Decker Outshoots Koopmans For Rifle Medal 
December 3, 1940 Play Day Sports Coeds Compete In Play Day 
December 3, 1940 Varsity Wrestlers Sports Varsity "Mat" Artists Prime For First Match With Illinois Tech 
December 3, 1940 Academy Hoopsters Sports Prep Hoopsters Play Concordia 
December 3, 1940 Wheaton Boy's Brigade News Dominy Heads Local Brigades 
December 3, 1940 by Ole and Ray Sports The Tip Off 
December 6, 1940 Faculty Advance Date of Comprehensives In Special Action News Class of '41 Inc. Sells Bonds To Raise Sneak Money 
December 6, 1940 Mr. and Mrs. Dyrness News Dyrness Travels To Miami 
December 6, 1940 Wheaton Debaters Short Comment Debaters To Argue American Union 
December 6, 1940 After-Lit Series News Brass Octet Plays After Lit 
December 6, 1940 Student Christian Council 12 Gospel News Teams To Cover Chicago Area With Gospel 
December 6, 1940 Prof. H. William Nordin News Nordin Leads Choir in Messiah Oratorio 
December 6, 1940 5th Anthropology Seminar Information Rosser Tells All About Hill-billies 
December 6, 1940 Scripture Memory Class News Harpell Conducts Bible Verse Memory Course 
December 6, 1940 Cooper Lifts Organization To National Fame In Six Years News Apollo Boys' Choir To Sing Yuletide Carols At Third Tower Concert 
December 6, 1940 Open Lit News Open Lit Takes Christmas Theme 
December 6, 1940 Advanced Students of Ms Florence Cobb Short Comment Advanced Class Gives Expression Recital 
December 6, 1940 Change in Class Attendance System Article Students Gain In Voluntary System 
December 6, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
December 6, 1940 Revelation 1:10 Article A Student's Meditation 
December 6, 1940 Humor  Column Gay Gargoyle 
December 6, 1940 Santa Claus Article Santa Claus Tries Hand As Salesman 
December 6, 1940 Nelson Trains Squad One Month For First Game Sports Crusaders Face Concordia In Hoop Opener 
December 6, 1940 Rifle Club Sports Riflemen Drop Clsoe Match 
December 6, 1940 Wheaton Debaters Short Comment Debaters Open Radio Forum Series 
December 6, 1940 Frosh Cage Team Sports Chrouser Preps Frosh Cagers For Lake Forest 
December 6, 1940 by Ole and Ray Article The Tip Off 
December 6, 1940 Football Banquet Sports Frosh Open Gridiron Banquet To Students 
December 6, 1940 Intramural Basketball Sports I-M Hoopsters Play First Round 
December 10, 1940 Dobbins Directs Orchestra; Hosler, Groom To Play News 140 Voice Choir To Sing Handel's Messiah 
December 10, 1940 Open Lit News Open Lit Theme Honors Yuletide Season 
December 10, 1940 German Club Short Comment Hermann To Speak To German Club 
December 10, 1940 Choir Brings To Life Classic Christmas Card Picture News Apollo Boys Thrill Audience With Perfect Harmony 
December 10, 1940 Delburt H. Nelson Short Comment Nelson Addresses Junior League 
December 10, 1940 Aeronautic Students Short Comment C.A.A. Students Complete Course 
December 10, 1940 Martha Christie Short Comment Christie To Lead Prayer Meeting 
December 10, 1940 Music Students News Music Students Give Recital 
December 10, 1940 Ms Marjorie McShane News McShane Talks On Ways To Read Bible 
December 10, 1940 Gillespie To Speak; Chrouser Gives Letters News Freshman Class To Honor Crusader Gridders At Annual Banquet 
December 10, 1940 Todas of India News Rosser Gives Customs Of Indian Todas 
December 10, 1940 MIchigan Club News MIchigan Club To Dine 
December 10, 1940 Gymanisium Article Gymansium Tops List Of College Needs 
December 10, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
December 10, 1940 Psalm 119:11 Column A Student's Meditation 
December 10, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 
December 10, 1940 Mary Ann Meter and Pythagoras Article College Houses Adopt Stray Dog 
December 10, 1940 Student Opinion Column OPINE. . . 
December 10, 1940 Edwards. Ewing Lead Nelsonmen On Offensive Sports Crusaders Rout Concordia In Season's Opener 
December 10, 1940 Wheaton's Coed Sharpshooters Sports Coeds, Outshoot St. Louis Team 
December 10, 1940 Soccer Team Sports Soccermen To Get Awards At Banquet 
December 10, 1940 by Ole and Ray Column The Tip-Off 
December 10, 1940 Academy Prepsters Sports Academy Beats Concordia In Overtime 
December 10, 1940 Grapplers Tryout For Posts On Varsity Sports Matmen Face Illinois Tech Friday 
December 10, 1940 School Relations Short Comment Groups Discuss School Relations 
December 10, 1940 Mythical Voyage News Sophs, Frosh Sail On Mythical Trip 
December 13, 1940 Wheaton College's Heating Plant News Visit Heating Plant, Campus' Lone Hot Spot 
December 13, 1940 Chicago Artists to Sing Solo Parts On Christmas Program News Nordin To Direct Choir In Handel's Messiah 
December 13, 1940 Anthropology Seminar News Boyko to Lecture On Indians, Evolution 
December 13, 1940 David Nelson Short Comment Nelson to Direct Prep Open Lit 
December 13, 1940 Christmas Party Short Comment Profs to Relax At Yule Party 
December 13, 1940 John Witmer News Faculty Approves Witmer As Record Head 
December 13, 1940 Colds and Sore Throats Short Comment Sore Throats Kept Infirmary Staff Busy 
December 13, 1940 Student Council News Rivals Discuss Interschool Relations 
December 13, 1940 Wendell Loveless News Loveless Speaks To Moody Group 
December 13, 1940 S.S. Wheaton News Sophs Frosh Take Motion Picture World Cruise 
December 13, 1940 Corresponding Secretaries Choose Theme, "But Thou, Bethlehem" News Knights, Ladies Preside At Open Lit; Ainge Receives Extempore 
December 13, 1940 After-Lit Program News Studetns Conspire To Put Experts On Mental Spot 
December 13, 1940 Expression Students To Present Christmas Recital News Choric Verse Choir Gives Luke's Christmas Story 
December 13, 1940 Gospel Work News Harpell Sends Nine Teams On Gospel Work 
December 13, 1940 Naitermian Literary Association News Knights Revise Constitution 
December 13, 1940 College Boy Co-Op News Braun to Explain College Co-op 
December 13, 1940 Rosser Leads Squad; Player Chooses Men From Tryouts Sports Grapplers Open Season Against Illinois Tech 
December 13, 1940 Intramural Basketball Sports I-M Hoop Games Produce Stars In First Round 
December 13, 1940 Orange and Blue Booters Sports Booters Celebrate Season's End With Banquet 
December 13, 1940 Crusader Cage Men Sports Quintet Shoots For Win Over Lake Forest 
December 13, 1940 Orange and Blue Harriers Sports Harriers Elect Robertson Captain 
December 13, 1940 W.A.A. Sports WAA to Hold Christmas Dinner 
December 13, 1940 Student Council Article Council Members Change Minds About School 
December 13, 1940 with Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
December 13, 1940 Acts 26:19 Column A Student's Meditation 
December 13, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle. 
December 13, 1940 Gay Gargoyle Copying Article Student Catches Gay Gargoyle Copying 
December 13, 1940 Student Opinon Column OPINES. . .  
December 13, 1940 Gillespie Addresses Grid Banquet; Chrouser Awards Letters News Gridders Elect Harris, Glatfelter 1941 Leaders 
December 13, 1940 Round Table Discussion News Debaters Discuss America, Peace 
December 13, 1940 by Ole and Ray Column The Tip-Off 
December 13, 1940 Academy Gospel Teams News Academy Sends Gospel Teams 
December 17, 1940 Blanchards, Buswell Intiate Campus Expansion Program News Blanchard Grows From Pillbox To Imposing Hall 
December 17, 1940 Christmas Service Brigade News Brigade Holds Annual Rally  
December 17, 1940 Wheaton's Expanding Curriculum News College Adds Secretarial Science Courses 
December 17, 1940 Dr. V. Raymond Edman  News Edman Bewildered Asks For Aid 
December 17, 1940 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News Grigolia Attends Science Congress 
December 17, 1940 French Club News Students Visit Chicago French Club 
December 17, 1940 After-Lit Program News Board Prepares For Quiz, Show 
December 17, 1940 Cobb, Nystorm To Directr Annual Program Information Chronic Verse Class To Appear In Speech Recital  
December 17, 1940 Miss Marjorie Mcshane Information Mcshane Talks To Service Club 
December 17, 1940 Christmas Article Christmas Affords Opportunity For Witnessing 
December 17, 1940 Opine Column Article Editor Explains Opines 
December 17, 1940 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
December 17, 1940 Abe Van Der Pay Article A Student's Meditation 
December 17, 1940 Gay Gargoyle Column Gay Gargoyle 
December 17, 1940 Danny Cupid Article Wheaton Grads Walk Last Mile Of Freedom 
December 17, 1940 Publication Board Information In Case You Don't Know 
December 17, 1940 Jaybirds Hand Quintet First Reversal, Johnson Leads Scoring Sports Crusaders Aim At Teach After Lake Forest Defeat 
December 17, 1940 Havery Chrouser  Sports Lake Forest takes Frosh Hoopsters 
December 17, 1940 Wrestling Sports Matmen topple Illinois Tech; "B" Teams Ties 
December 17, 1940 Riflemen Sport Riflemen Outshoot Illinois Tech 
December 17, 1940 Wayside Girls Sport Wayside To Lead Junior League  
December 17, 1940 Ole and Ray Column The Tip- Off. . . 
December 17, 1940 Academy Hoop Team Sports Prep Cagemen Down University 
January 10, 1941 President , Wife, Son To Cover 3000 Miles In Six States News Edman Leaves On Month Speaking Tour Of South  
January 10, 1941 Women's Debate Team News Women Debaters To Invade Wisconsin 
January 10, 1941 Dr. Howard Ferrin Information Ferrin To Conduct Spring Services 
January 10, 1941 After-Lit Program News Faculty Board To Answer Question Barrage 
January 10, 1941 Mr. E. E. Beck News Beck Appointed New Manager Of Supply Store 
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