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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 9, 1943 Siemens Information Meet For Prayer; Siemens Leads Group 
March 9, 1943 Sports Lights Sports Sports Lights 
March 9, 1943 Indoor Meet Sports Thinclads Open; In Indoor Meet; Lose Stewart 
March 9, 1943 Warren Hale News French Club Hears Hale 
March 9, 1943 Adison Sewell  Information Sewell Represents Work of Young Life Group 
March 9, 1943 Wendell S. Brooks News Alumnus Accepts Superintendency 
March 9, 1943 Typogremlin News Typogremlins Play Havoc With Record 
March 9, 1943 American Council of Education Information Discussion Tests Promise Winner Mexican Trip 
March 12, 1943 Navy Life, Enemy Propaganda Information War Board Film Brings World News to Campus 
March 12, 1943 DeWitt Jayne Information Jayne Begins Delayed Series Of Art Courses 
March 12, 1943 Guest Speakers Information Guest Speakers Fill Pulpit In Chapel 
March 12, 1943 Sophomore Comps Information Sophomore Comps Moved Ahead 
March 12, 1943 Campus Groups News Campus Groups Finally Land 
March 12, 1943 Gym Fund Information Gym Fund Opens New Campaign In Long Chapel 
March 12, 1943 Public Affair Forum Information Discuss Air Control! In Affairs Program 
March 12, 1943 Ann Onimus Information Faculty Seeks Record Revenge In Gym Carnival 
March 12, 1943 Mosiman News  Mosiman, Maddy Place First In Cook Contest 
March 12, 1943 Research Information Physics Films Shows Research 
March 12, 1943 Red Cross News Red Cross Collects More Wheaton Blood 
March 12, 1943 Music Recital Information Conservatory Plans Afternoon Music Recital 
March 12, 1943 Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Column May His Beauty Rest Upon Us. 
March 12, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider 
March 12, 1943 Communique News Communique 
March 12, 1943 BITS About the LITS Column BITS About the LITS 
March 12, 1943 John F. Meredith Column Off the Record 
March 12, 1943 Ole and Rog Column Ole and Rog 
March 12, 1943 Jim Lewis Sports Novice Matmen Place In A.A.U. Wrestling Bout 
March 12, 1943 Illinois Tech Relays Sports Weakened Team Enters Relays 
March 12, 1943 Sports Exhibition Sports Athletic Majors See Oak Park Gym Exhibition 
March 12, 1943 Intra-Murals Sports Bartlett Wins I-M Basketball 
March 12, 1943 St. Patrick's Day Information Juniors Schedule Party On St. Patrick's Day 
March 12, 1943 Allan MacRae Information Seminary Students Hear School Head 
March 12, 1943  A subject of prayer Information Renew Drive For Gym Funds (continued from front page) 
March 12, 1943  Blood Donor project News Donor Process Stepped Up By New Method (Continued from front page) 
March 12, 1943  The event you've all waiting for Information Bits About Lits (Continued from page two) 
March 12, 1943  Communique News Communique (Continued from page two) 
March 12, 1943  Recommended for a concentrated program News Seven Seniors Receive Degrees After Commission 
March 12, 1943  The State and Provincial Tournaments News Debaters Enter Tournaments 
March 12, 1943  Accept applications for positions Information Civil Service Opens Door For Graduates 
March 12, 1943  Will conduct a book drive Information SWB Plans Drive For Red Cross 
March 16, 1943  Soloists will augment News Community Choir Gives Oratorio "Holy City" 
March 16, 1943  Assembled for a breakfast meeting News Graduates Meet, Discuss Plans 
March 16, 1943  Return for a full concert News Glenview String Trio Comes For After-Lit Concert (Continued on page three) 
March 16, 1943  Will be a speaker News Mission Secretary Addresses FMF 
March 16, 1943  Clubs filled engagements News Glee Clubs Favor Chicago With Trip 
March 16, 1943  What is the use? Information Never Let It Be Said ... 
March 16, 1943  E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider ... 
March 16, 1943  John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD (Continued on page four) 
March 16, 1943  Betty Lou Pingree Column and this for ...THE WOMEN (Continued on page four) 
March 16, 1943  OLE and ROG Column OLE and ROG 
March 16, 1943  The first Wheaton Sport Carnival Sports Record Wins Second Game At Sports Carnival 
March 16, 1943  Will appear an article News Alumna Writes For Maganize 
March 16, 1943  Will defend their title Sports Knights, Celts Vie For Title 
March 16, 1943  A digest of an address Information McNutt Speaks On Manpower To College (Continued on page four) 
March 16, 1943  Annexed the University division Information Trackmen Fail To Place In Meet Relays 
March 16, 1943  Eligible to take the test Information Civil Service Offers Jobs (continued from front page) 
March 16, 1943  Radio training  Information Cadets Operate New Systems 
March 16, 1943  Elected fo the presidency News Bible School Calls Aldrich 
March 16, 1943  Entertainment ability News Critic Praises Glenview Trio 
March 16, 1943  Dr. Paul G. Culley's missionary records. News Dean Culley calalogues missionaries of the world. 
March 16, 1943  Mrs. R. O. Stull tells of mission work in The Amazon News Speaker tells of Jungle Life. 
March 16, 1943  Work as part of the girls' tennis team. News Cole, Strickland plan girls' tennis (continued from page two). 
March 16, 1943  Search for Counselors Announcement Christian camps seek counselors 
March 16, 1943  Mr. Alfred E. Prowitt guest lectures News News, Digest Editor lectures journalists. 
March 16, 1943  Wheaton Grads feature in Westmont's music faculty News Wheaton Grads prominent in Westmont 
March 16, 1943  Flying Fortress News Off the record... (continued from page two) 
March 16, 1943  Billy Graham Information Prayer Meeting 
March 19, 1943  Wheaton Athletes News Final Gym drives begin 
March 19, 1943  Edward A. Coray News Coray reviews gym activites 
March 19, 1943  Student Council News New plan aims at liquidation of gym debt 
March 19, 1943  Mrs. Ruth Stull News Missionary comes to hold meetings for Wheaton 
March 19, 1943  Dr. Leslie Wheeler Groom News Groom plays Vesper recital 
March 19, 1943  Athletic team News Chapel honors athletic teams 
March 19, 1943  Uncle Sam Information Uncle Sam aid --- pledge paid 
March 19, 1943  New Building  Article  Gym thoughts turn 
March 19, 1943  President's word News The President's Word 
March 19, 1943  Bits about the Lits News BITS about the LITS 
March 19, 1943  E.Lousie Cole Article When I consider 
March 19, 1943  Werner Graendorf Information Communique 
March 19, 1943  W.C.T.C News W.C.T.C 
March 19, 1943  Ole and Rog Article OLE AND ROG 
March 19, 1943  John F.Meredith News Off the Record 
March 19, 1943  A.A.U championship News Flash 
March 19, 1943  New Gym News Plan....Fulfillment. 
March 23, 1943  Red Cross and Student War Board News Red Cross calls roll- SWB assists Red Cross Drive for members 
March 23, 1943  Eugene A. Frost  Information Expressionists give Recital 
March 23, 1943  Special war Fund News 1943 roll call swells special war fund 
March 23, 1943  Prayer Service  Information V-7 senoirs theme class prayer service 
March 23, 1943  H.Williams Nordin News Chorus prepares for Oratorio 
March 23, 1943  Elwyn Stafford Information Prayer Meeting 
March 23, 1943  Mrs. Ruth Stull Information Mrs. Stull continues talks to Girls, Chapel  
March 23, 1943  Pi Kappa Delta News Debators return victorious from tourney 
March 23, 1943  Sue Griffith News Frosh accept Record Heads 
March 23, 1943  Bill Shunk Information ' Factual Data' Reveals Grigolia Prodigy..... 
March 23, 1943  Out poring of HolySpirit Article Time to check up 
March 23, 1943  John F.Meredith News Off the Record 
March 23, 1943  E.Lousie Cole Column When I Consider 
March 23, 1943  THE WOMEN Article  and this for THE WOMEN 
March 23, 1943  Ole and Rog  News OLE AND ROG 
March 23, 1943  President V. Raymond Edman News Final Gym Drive nets first results 
March 23, 1943  Championship Wrestling Matches Sports Orange and Blue Matmen Take Honors in AAU 
March 23, 1943  Ed Boslough Sports Faculty Team joins I-M fray 
March 23, 1943  Basket ball team Sports Celts defeats Knights in Tilts 
March 23, 1943  Wrestling Team Sports Banquet ends 1943 season for wrestlers 
March 23, 1943  Gym Campaign Sports Classes select workers for Gym campaign 
March 23, 1943  Wheaton Revival Fires News Wheaton revival fires to Warren church 
March 23, 1943  Mr. Bostrom  News Bostrom starts Radio Ministry 
March 23, 1943  Dr. Lester Wheeler Groom Information Groom accepts speaking dates 
March 23, 1943  Donald R. Murray News Murray promises lower town tax 
March 23, 1943  George A.Carlson Information Townfolk meet in college Gym 
March 23, 1943  Mrs. Ruth Stull Information Mrs. Stull speaks to fellowship 
March 23, 1943  John Salzman  Information Salzman leads Anthropoligists 
March 23, 1943  Dr. Kilby  Information Sophs puzzle over comps 
March 26, 1943  Chet Terpstra  News Student council elects Terpstra new president 
March 23, 1943  Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News Navy to test unenlisted men for new services 
March 23, 1943  Jean Bayless Information Senior Quartet gives recital 
March 23, 1943  Red Cross News Orchestra SWB aid Red Cross drive after lit 
March 23, 1943  Floyd L. Pinder Information Prexy Pinder off to Navy  
March 23, 1943  Dr. Groom Information Conservatory group in Noon Program 
March 23, 1943  ' The Holy City' News College community chorus sings springs Oratorio 
March 23, 1943  Gym Campaign  News Gym Campaign in final stage 
March 23, 1943  John F. Meredith News Off trhe Record 
March 23, 1943  Mr. Alfrd Kunz  Information Guests features chapel services 
March 26, 1943  The Navy wants Men News Reserve means concentration the Navy wants MEN 
March 26, 1943  Fifth Column Information Fifth Column... 
March 26, 1943  E.Louise Cole Column When I consider 
March 26, 1943  Bits about the Lits News BITS about the Lits 
March 26, 1943  President Edman News Prexy notes.... 
March 26, 1943  Nuggets  News Chapel Nuggets 
March 26, 1943  Werner Graendorf Column Communique 
March 26, 1943  W.C.G Article Review to you 
March 26, 1943 Baseball Sports Baseball Team Moves Outside for Practice 
March 26, 1943 Intra-Murals Sports Faculty Sinks Seniors in I-Ms 
March 26, 1943 Dr. S. Richey Kamm News Kamm Heads Committee For Post-War Plans 
March 26, 1943 Gen Crow Column  Ohio, Nyack, Campa Companions Take Part in Life of Mrs. Stull 
March 26, 1943 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News Book of Thiessen Comes From Press 
March 26, 1943 Missionary Alliance News Alliance Comes To Campus For Conference 
March 30, 1943 R.R. Brown Directs Program Information Missionary Group To Hold Annual Session Here 
March 30, 1943 Films Information Seniors Show Music Films 
March 30, 1943 Lost and Found Information Going, Going To Highest Bid 
March 30, 1943 Basketball Sports Cagers Climax Good Season 
March 30, 1943 Shorty Agy Column Dining Patrons Confronted By Raw Life 
March 30, 1943 Youth Program Information Rayburn Returns to Campus From Washington 1our 
March 30, 1943 Wheaton Scholastic Honor Society News Faculty Elects Largest Honor Group 
March 30, 1943 Easter Sunday Service Information Easter Group Anticipates Record Service 
March 30, 1943 Cox, Supplee, Lambert, Oliver Information Mixed Quartet Presents Accelerated Song Recital 
March 30, 1943 Comprehensives Information Six Seniors Scuttle Comps 
March 30, 1943 Tom Sawyer Column Tom Sawyer Here? 
March 30, 1943 Fifth Column Column Fifth Column.. 
March 30, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider... 
March 30, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Column and this for THE WOMEN 
March 30, 1943 Thomas P. Lindsay Column Review to You 
March 30, 1943 John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD.... 
March 30, 1943 Volley Ball Sports Juniors Take League Lead 
March 30, 1943 Indoor Track Championship Sports Thinclads Score In CAAU Meet 
March 30, 1943 Basketball Sports Girls' Sports 
March 30, 1943 Intra-Squad Game Sports Diamond Squad Shapes Up For First Game 
March 30, 1943 Gym Fund News Frosh Top Gym Fund Drive In Week's Total 
March 30, 1943 Yellow and Purple Day Information It's Yellow and Purple Day 
March 30, 1943 Peter Stam News Stam Leaves Campus For Music Conclave 
March 30, 1943 Lincoln Park News Zoology, Botany Students Hold Chicago Field Trip 
March 30, 1943 Pi Kappa Delta Information Pi Kap Closes Forensic Season 
March 30, 1943 Red Cross Table News Red Cross Gives Full Program Of Activities 
March 30, 1943 "The Holy City" News Joint Chorus Sings Gaul's Sacred Contata 
March 30, 1943 John L. Leedy News Bulb Sprouts, Leedy Rejoices 
March 30, 1943 Alfred Kunz News Kunz Speaks To Cadet Corps 
April 2, 1943 Banquet, Slides, Missionary Rally Theme Weekend News Alliance Comes To Campus For Annual Conference 
April 2, 1943 Carnegie Endowment News Kamm Students Attend Sessions At MacMurray 
April 2, 1943 Missionary speakers Information Missions Group Plans Banquet 
April 2, 1943 Glee Clubs Information Glee Clubs Give Joint Concert 
April 2, 1943 Miss Ada Rury Information Infirmary Sees Much Action 
April 2, 1943 Bob Woodward News Prexy Accents P. E. B. Goal 
April 2, 1943 Dr. H. C. Thiessen News Thiessen Assists At Ordination 
April 2, 1943 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen Column Author Tells of Writing 
April 2, 1943 U. S. Navy Information Navy Offers Plan To College Upperclassmen 
April 2, 1943 Mrs. Betsy Parker Shank News Spring Returns; Horsemen Ride 
April 2, 1943 Dr. Joseph Free Information Wheaton Prof Presents Paper At Northwestern 
April 2, 1943 Women's Faculty and Staff clubs Information Faculty, Staff Women Take Tea 
April 2, 1943 "Deep River" to "Liebestraum" Information Seniors Sponsor Musical Films 
April 2, 1943 Campus Isolationism News Campus Isolationists vs. True Crusaders 
April 2, 1943 "MOOSE" PAYNTER Sports Fifth Column.. 
April 2, 1943 E. Louise Cole Poem When I Consider... 
April 2, 1943 John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD......... 
April 2, 1943 Werner Graendorf Column Communique 
April 2, 1943 Meet North Park Saturday Sports Baseball Nine Opens Season On Home Field 
April 2, 1943 Coach Coray's Organization News Class Trackmen Enter Meet 
April 2, 1943 U. S. Navy News U. S. Navy Tells New Requirements 
April 2, 1943 The junior class won Sports Win I-M Tourney 
April 2, 1943 Skating party Information Wheaton Skates Before Vacation 
April 2, 1943 President V. Raymond Edman News President Edman Speaks At Churches 
April 2, 1943 Took the qualifying test Information Army, Navy Test Wheaton Men 
April 2, 1943 The recently adopted son News Benjamin Hale, Jr. Arrives In Town 
April 2, 1943 Infarmary Information Infirmary ... (Continued from front page) 
April 2, 1943 Baseball ... Sports Baseball (Continued from page three) 
April 6, 1943 Objective moved a big step Information Extra Vacation Incites To $158,000 Goal (Continued on page four) 
April 6, 1943 Will present student talent Information Conservatory Offers Students In Recital (Contunued on page three) 
April 6, 1943 Debaters attended News Pi Kappa Delta Elects Officers At Banquet (Contuned on page three) 
April 6, 1943 Has been named a beneficiary News College Becomes Beneficiary 
April 6, 1943 Candidates for the presidency Information Counsel Reports Nominees (Continued on page four) 
April 6, 1943 Annual spring tour News College Glee Clubs Tour During Spring Vacation 
April 6, 1943 Will speak in Chapel Information East Supplies Chapel Speakers 
April 6, 1943 Chicago's Easter sunrise service News Easter Sunrise Service Schedules Joshua (Continued on page four) 
April 6, 1943 The first all school skating party News Skaters Plan All-School Party 
April 6, 1943 Maintaining spring vacation News VACATION and REPAIR 
April 6, 1943 Fifth Column Column Fifth Column ... 
April 6, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I consider ... 
April 6, 1943 REPARTEE Column REPARTEE 
April 6, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Column and this for THE WOMEN 
April 6, 1943 John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD 
April 6, 1943 College team defeated Sports Crusader Nine Triumphs Over North Park, 10-3 
April 6, 1943 The Inter-Class Track Meet Information Classes Vie In Track Meet 
April 6, 1943 Filling application to enter News Debaters Admit New Members (Continued from Front Page) 
April 6, 1943 Groom, VanDusen Pupils Play Information Groom, VanDusen Pupils Play (Contunued from front page) 
April 6, 1943 A team of Ladies and Phils Sports Women's Lits Enter Finals In Tournament 
April 6, 1943 Choir a part of service News Glenview Choir, Wheaton Quartet participate in sunrise service (continued from front page). 
April 6, 1943 Dr. Joseph Paul Free lectures at Michigan University News Dr. Free Speaksw at Michigan U. 
April 6, 1943 Elizabeth Anderson and Raymond Creer give seminar Announcemet Anthropologists give seminar 
April 6, 1943 Dr. Clinton O. Mack News Prof. Mack augments Chemistry Dept. 
April 6, 1943 prepare for Gospel Ministry News Vote on Brand, Grob, Saxe. 
April 6, 1943 Outside speakers address history class Announcement Visitors address history class. 
April 6, 1943 Money donated News P.E.B Money (Continued from front page). 
April 23, 1943 Marian Bulander Column Glee Clubbers see campus after 12-day concert tour. 
April 23, 1943 Mr. Albert Goodwin speaks to Grad Students News Grad Students hear principal. 
April 23, 1943 Old train ride through neighbouring states News Men ride train  Men ride train through Illinois, Indiana, Michigan. 
April 23, 1943 Band plays for students News Co-Rec Lounge houses records, 
April 23, 1943 Speech recital at Pierce Chapel News Expressionists present program of variety type. 
April 23, 1943 Dr. Voget gets PhD. at U.C. Berkeley News Miss Voget goes west for degree 
April 23, 1943 Dr. V. Raymond Edman travels for speaking engagements. News Radio programs, speaking dates, occupy prexy. 
April 23, 1943 Special Good Friday service at Wheaton College Announcement Christian Council sponsors service for Good Friday, Lits Suspended. 
April 23, 1943 Prayer for servicemen Announcement Call to prayer 
April 23, 1943 Triumphant Trumpeteers are going hold meetings Announcement Trumpeteers go to Milwaukee 
April 23, 1943 Sixty workers hired to help with repairs News Vacation brings campus repair. 
April 23, 1943 Wheaton men took service men tests News Service tests determine special trainees. 
April 23, 1943 Cross of Calvary Editorial Man of Sorrows 
April 23, 1943 Fifth Column Column Fifth Column 
April 23, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider 
April 23, 1943 John F. Meredith Column Off the RECORD 
April 23, 1943 Warner Graendorf Column Communique 
April 23, 1943 Crusader Sports Crusader Nine Breaks Jinx, Out-Slugs North Central 
April 23, 1943 Intra-Mural Sports Softball I-M League Starts Monday 
April 23, 1943 Baseball Sports Baseball Squad Meets De Kalb 
April 23, 1943 Women Sports Sports Women Resume Sports Program 
April 23, 1943 Concordia Sports Prepsters Play At Concordia 
April 23, 1943 P.E.  Sports P.E. Classes Plan Exhibition 
April 23, 1943 John C. Patterson News Record Alumnus Visits Campus 
April 23, 1943 Williston Hall Information House Parties 
April 23, 1943 Hiatt Hill-Billies Information Hiatt Hall 
April 23, 1943 Mills Cottage Information Mills Cottage 
April 23, 1943 King's Daughters News Women's Trio Travels in East 
April 23, 1943 Match Sports Netmen Lose Chicago Match 
April 23, 1943 Academy Nine Sports Academy Nine Opens Season 
April 23, 1943 Grob, Saxe Brand Named Candidates For President Information Special Convocation Brings Christian Council Election Before Student Body 
April 23, 1943 Congleton Information Congleton, Fitton Lead Anthro Seminar 
April 23, 1943 Open Lit Information Open Lit Brings May Queen 
April 23, 1943 Women's Glee Club Information Lady Songsters In May Theme 
April 23, 1943 Board Goes Up Information Courses Change In Name Only; Board Goes Up 
April 23, 1943 Sigma Pi Sigma News Physics Society Elects Stam President 
April 23, 1943 Recitals Information Speech Students Combine Forces For Recital 
April 23, 1943 Mary Price Information Price Expression Recital Features Abridged Novel 
April 23, 1943 Raymond Edman Information Dr. Edman Makes Chicago Trips 
April 23, 1943 Christian Council Column Christian Council Success Depends On United Support 
April 23, 1943 Fifth Column Column Fifth Column 
April 23, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column  When I Consider 
April 23, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Column and this for THE WOMEN 
April 23, 1943 Ann Onimus Column Repertee...  
April 23, 1943 John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD 
April 23, 1943 Runners Defeat North Central Sports Crusader Track, Baseball Teams Triumph/Runners Defeat North Central 
April 23, 1943 George W. Moffitt Sports Diamondmen Rally To Take DeKalb In Tenth Inning 
April 23, 1943 Lauren King Sports Tennis Team Opens Home Season Today 
April 23, 1943 Springfield Information Civil Service Positions Open 
April 23, 1943 Tennis Sports Coed Net Team Loses First Meet 
April 23, 1943 Gym Festival Information May Gym Festival Features Races, Novelty Events 
April 23, 1943 Blanchard Bell News Blanchard Bell Calls To Prayer 
April 30, 1943 John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD 
April 30, 1943 Accepted in graduate school Information War Research Calls Senior Science Majors 
April 30, 1943 Entertain their guests News May Day Motif Themes Cork Cottage Formal 
April 30, 1943 Glee club women Information Singing Women Herald Spring With Concert 
April 30, 1943 Aimed toward meeting News Christ Centered Camp Group Organizes 
April 30, 1943 Under the direction of Miss Florence Cobb News Mary Price Reads Novel In First Senior Recital 
April 30, 1943 The special attraction of the Freshman Records Information Frosh Take Over Record in May 
April 30, 1943 Evening for anthropology majors Information Anthros Present Annual Program 
April 30, 1943 Black Hills expedition Information Biologists Plan For Black Hills 
April 30, 1943 All-day picnic Information Sophomores Travel To Chicago For Picnic 
April 30, 1943 The Blanchard tower bell... Column ... Comes A Pause In The Day's Occupation 
April 30, 1943 Fifth Column ... Column Fifth Column ... 
April 30, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider ... 
April 30, 1943 Lits go into the home stretch Sports Bits About The Lits ... 
April 30, 1943 Werner Graendorf Column Communique  
April 30, 1943 Letter from Lieut Information A Lieutenant's Challenge 
April 30, 1943 Get back in the win column Sports Double Header Engagement Brings Stiff Competition 
April 30, 1943 In a surprise chapel service News Academy Student Receives Award 
April 30, 1943 The heated competition Sports Local Riflemen Face Techsters 
April 30, 1943 Lake Forest's baseball team Sports Rally In Ninth Brings Victory To Invaders 
April 30, 1943 Plans News President-Elect Plans Program (Continued from front page) 
April 30, 1943 On the intramural field Sports Speedball Fans Begin Practice 
April 30, 1943 Meeting in the Co-Rec Lounge News Pi Gammas Take New Members 
April 30, 1943 Pitched very good ball Sports Fluke Single Nets Two Runs (Continued from page three) 
April 30, 1943 Elected vice-president News Illinois Board Chooses Hiney 
April 30, 1943 Annual banquet Information Seminary Club Plans Banquet 
April 30, 1943 Patsy Cristy Column Botany Projects Occupy Majors 
April 30, 1943 Term of presidency Information Off The Record (Continued from front page) 
May 4, 1943 Nursing power News Capitol to Campus 
May 4, 1943 May Gym festival Sports Phys Ed Groups Present Festival Of Gymnastics 
May 4, 1943 Will go to bat again News Men's Glee Club Goes Patriotic For Concert 
May 4, 1943 Prof. I. V. Neprash do give Chapel message News Guests arrive, Edman leaves. 
May 4, 1943 Tunis Romien publishes article News Wheaton Grad writes for magazine 
May 4, 1943 Gene Frost leads meeting Announcement Prayer Meeting 
May 4, 1943 Three days in the Wisconsin Dells News Geologists plan fourth trip to Wisconsin Dells 
May 4, 1943 Senior anthropologist seminars News Johnson, Holsinger give anthropology seminars 
May 4, 1943 Pagentry of "May Court" News Spring Open Lit takes May Court Theme Friday 
May 4, 1943 "Christ Centered Camp" conference News Wheatonites go to conference for Camp Leaders 
May 4, 1943 Blanchard bell. Editorial If you didn't read this last week, don't bother. 
May 4, 1943 Exchange for butterfingers Editorial Fifth column... 
May 4, 1943 E. Louise Cole Editorial When I Consider... 
May 4, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Editorial and this for THE WOMEN 
May 4, 1943 masterpiece about typogremlins Editorial Repatree... 
May 4, 1943 Ann Onimus Yett Editorial Thank You 
May 4, 1943 Trackmen win by large margin Sports Trackmen take Triangular; defeat Tech, Elmhurst. 
May 4, 1943 Suffer loss in Baseball Sports Orange suffers dual defeat on Diamond 
May 4, 1943 Wheaton defeated in tennis. Sports Elmhurst beats local Netsters 
May 4, 1943 Students ask about jobs News Capital... (Conntinued from front page) 
May 4, 1943 Rev. T. J. Bok and others lecture on Post-war missions News Discuss missions after war... 
May 4, 1943 Reports on post war plans for employment News camus (continued from page three) 
May 4, 1943 Colored movies by anthropology dept. News Anthro Dept. sponsors war movies. 
May 4, 1943 Dr. Paul M. Wright to have demontration lecture. Announcement Chemistry club to discuss war gases. 
May 4, 1943 University of Detroid debate team visit. News Detroit Debaters visit Wheaton. 
May 7, 1943 Glee Club concert tomorrow Announcement Men's Glee club concert features "To the Colors"  
May 7, 1943 Class of '46 takes over publication for 3 weeks News Frosh Relieve Record Seniors 
May 7, 1943 Planning issues for "Christ-Centered Camp" News Camp Leaders Meet in Chicago 
May 7, 1943 Vocal, organ and piano renditions News Conservatory Pupils Render Monthly Recital 
May 7, 1943 Victory Garden will theme dorm party Announcement Lincoln House Party Takes V-Garden Theme 
May 7, 1943 Open lit in Pierce Memorial Chapel News Royalty Reigns Tonight; Presides over "May Court" Given By Lit Societies 
May 7, 1943 Elections for student body next week Announcement Student Elect Council Members 
May 7, 1943 Dr. Harris Gregg, foremost teacher-evangelist of the South, will bring the Chapel messages next week Announcement Gregg To Bring Chapel Messages 
May 7, 1943 Success of spring pledge drive News Gym Pledges Soar $4000 Above Goal 
May 7, 1943 Sigma Pi Sigma will present Mr. Elliot James in a demonstration lecture Thursday evening. Announcement Sigma Pi Sigma Offers Lecture 
May 7, 1943 Replacement (Warren Hesson) for Ambassadors Quartet of baritone who left (Bert Frizen) for the army News Ambassadors Fill Chicago Engagements 
May 7, 1943 Communique Column Communique 
May 7, 1943 Beat De Kalb decisively Sports Netmen Defeat Redbirds 4--3; Second Win of Week 
May 7, 1943 Wheaton College riflemen won against Illinois Institute of Technology Sports Illini Tech Bows To Rifle Squad 
May 7, 1943 College baseball team loses return game against Concordia 10 to 3 Sports Errors Bring Orange Losses At Concordia 
May 7, 1943 May Gym festival announcement Announcement May Day Themes Gym Festival 
May 7, 1943 Wheaton baseball team faces undefeated Lake Forest team (to whom they lost 8 days ago) Sports Crusaders Face Joybird Nine; Mistele Hurls 
May 7, 1943 Track team to compete in Elmhurst against some of the best competition Sports Trackmen Go To Elmhurst 
May 7, 1943 War resulting in scarcity of stationery Information Shortage Affects Students Supply Store Materials 
May 7, 1943 Wheaton profs attend annual meeting of Illinois State Academy of Science News Profs Attend Science Meeting 
May 7, 1943 Seniors receive awards to continue their studies elsewhere Information Local Students Receive Honors; Study Elsewhere 
May 7, 1943 The end of the semester is around the corner Information Three Classes Order General Evacuation 
May 7, 1943 Wheaton college catalog for 1943-44 arrived last Wednesday News New Catalogs Note Changes In Curricula 
May 11, 1943 Harlan Harris Information Students To Elect SWB Prexy 
May 11, 1943 Picnics Information Arrange Class Picnics For Saturday 
May 11, 1943 Outing News Frosh Finish Outing Plans 
May 11, 1943 Recital Information Musicians Give Special Recital 
May 11, 1943 Gym Festival Information Tomorrow Is May Gym Festival 
May 11, 1943 Phil Saint Information Saint Illustrates Lecture On Anthropology Subject 
May 11, 1943 V. Raymond Edman Information Prexy Addresses St. Paul Bible School Exercises 
May 11, 1943 Twenty Years Hence Column Twenty Years Hence 
May 11, 1943 Still Forgetting? Column Still Forgetting? 
May 11, 1943 Senior Cake Information Juniors Endeavor To Unearth Senior Cake Before Class Day 
May 11, 1943 Gethsemane Column In The Light of Gethsemane 
May 11, 1943 Wheaton's Women Column Wheaton's Women 
May 11, 1943 Things Are Tough Column Thisa and Thata ...  
May 11, 1943 Tennis Match Sports Netmen Trounce Dentists; Capture Third Victory/ Orange and Blue Forfeit Last Tennis Match To Attend Men's Glee Club Concert 
May 11, 1943 440 Yard Run Sports Thinclads Tie For Tenth Place 
May 11, 1943 Intramural Sports Three Teams Tie For First Place 
May 11, 1943 OWI Film Releases Information SWB To sponsor Three Films After Lit 
May 11, 1943 Baseball Sports Lake Forest Again Hands Crusaders Close Defeat 
May 11, 1943 Service To Public Information Half of Class Seves Public Through Jobs 
May 11, 1943 Wilbur Smith Information Wilbur Smith Speaks at Moody Alumni Banquet 
May 18, 1943 Elliot James Information Elliot James To Present "Wonders of Liquid Air" 
May 18, 1943 Election  Information Students To Elect SWB President In Next Chapel 
May 18, 1943 John Herbert Lindsay News Baby Boy Enters Lindsay Family 
May 18, 1943 Freshman Record Information Recreation, Recitation, Recuperation: Freshman Record Show Promises All/ Seniors Sneak While Undergrads Frolic 
May 18, 1943 Freshman Class News Classes Pick Their Leaders For Next Year 
May 18, 1943 Eleanor Warner Information Warner Lectures To Journalists 
May 18, 1943 Archery Play Day Information Physical Ed. Women Sponsor Army Day 
May 18, 1943 Joe Palmer Information Prayer Meeting 
May 18, 1943 Jerry Elder News Frosh Thrill In His Services 
May 18, 1943 Freshman Record Show Information Seniors Sneak While Undergrads Frolic 
May 18, 1943 Weak-end Sneak Column Seniors Are Totally Ignorant Concerning Weak-end Sneak 
May 11, 1943 John Elliot Information '46 Journalists Will Present Humor Program 
May 18, 1943 Wheaton motto Information "For Christ and His Kingdom" 
May 18, 1943 The Empty Tomb Column In The Light Of: The Empty Tomb 
May 18, 1943 Wheaton freshmen join in the Army Information Over The Globe 
May 18, 1943 Squirrel News Squirrel Food 
May 18, 1943 Exam. Schedules Information Release Exam. Schedules For Week of June 4-11 
May 18, 1943 Miss Ridderhof News Missionary Tells Of Unusual Work 
May 18, 1943 The Weather Column All Dry Subjects Aren't So Dry-Take The Weather 
May 18, 1943 Paul Stam News To Distribute 1944 Towers After Delay 
May 18, 1943 Navy physical fitness tests News Wheaton Men Find That Clean Living Pays In Navy Tests 
May 18, 1943 Intramurals games News Intramurals 
May 18, 1943 Harold "Gorilla" Taussig Sports 'Gorilla' Taussig Stays On Top and Pins'em 
May 18, 1943 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Crusaders To Avenge Defeat 
May 18, 1943 Ellen Wood News WAA Banqueters See Liquid Air Show 
May 18, 1943 Grady Mills News Mills On Campus For Furlough 
May 18, 1943 Pat McQueeny News Academy Nine Whips Harvard Team, 15-0 
May 21, 1943 The senior class sneaked off News Seniors Off To Tabor Farms As Juniors Say "Winona" 
May 21, 1943 Entertainments are planned News "REC"ital Plans Full of Stars 
May 21, 1943 Wheaton Bible Conference News Meeting Bring Bible Leaders To Campus 
May 21, 1943 Janet Louise Wood Column Several People Give Rainquotes 
May 21, 1943 A mock air raid Information Air Raid Tests Civil Air Defence Machinery 
May 21, 1943 Twelve members of the Wheaton faculty News Faculty Group Aids Study Plan For After War 
May 21, 1943 Liquid air demonstration News Liquid Air Is Hot Stuff 
May 21, 1943 A piano recital Information Local Children Give Recital 
May 21, 1943 Exists a shortage News Change Sunday Supper Hours 
May 21, 1943 Heads campus war activity News Strom Elected SWB Head Promises Renewed Activity On War Bond, Stamp Sales (Continued on page four) 
May 21, 1943 Class spirit Poem Class Spirit Reflects True Wheaton Spirit ... 
May 21, 1943 John F. Meredith Column Off The Record 
May 21, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider ... 
May 21, 1943 Drizzles Poem Drizzles ...  
May 21, 1943 Werner Graendorf Column Communique ... 
May 21, 1943 The hugest scholarship fund News Training Funds Supply Studies To Soldiers 
May 21, 1943 Return to the campus News Grads Return In Quartet 
May 21, 1943 Former editor Editorial Service Grads Tell Training; Dowdy Dodges Bullets, Oliver Goes To School 
May 21, 1943 W.A.A Sports Athletic Gals Hold Playday 
May 21, 1943 Will be married News Ex Prof Marries In South 
May 21, 1943 Rainquotes Editorial Rainquotes ...(Continued from front page) 
May 21, 1943 The Chicago Herald-American Information Chicago Newspaper Photographs Campus 
May 21, 1943 The post-war aspects Information Fund Gives School To Peace Leaders (Continued from page 3) 
May 21, 1943 The annual spring meeting Information Faculty Women's Club Holds Spring Meeting 
May 21, 1943 War Board Information War Board (Continued from front page) 
May 21, 1943 Combine a joint program Information Students Plan Joint Recital 
May 21, 1943 The Billiter House party Information Billiter, Baa Houses Hold Parties 
May 21, 1943 Annual sneak News Seniors Off To Tabor Farms As Juniors Say "Winona" 
May 21, 1943 Second annual Wheaton Bible Conference Announcement Meetings Bring Bible Leaders to Campus 
May 21, 1943 Wheaton talent at recital tonight Announcement "REC"ital Plans Full of Stars 
May 21, 1943 Mock air raid notification Announcement Air Raid Tests Civil Air Defense Machinery 
May 21, 1943 Wheaton faculty discuss the current problem of the war and how it should be addressed Information Faculty Group Aids Study Plan For After War 
May 21, 1943 Dick Strom '44 becomes fourth chairman of the student war board News Strom Elected SWB Head Promises Renewed Activity On War Bond, Stamp Sales 
May 21, 1943 Elliot James, scientific lecturer and demonstrator, performed an hour and one-half in a program of fascinating experiments News Liquid Air Is Hot Stuff 
May 21, 1943 Twenty of local piano students render selections in a piano recital today Announcement Local Children Give Recital 
May 21, 1943 Staffing shortage pushes dinner hours earlier Announcement Change Sunday Supper Hours 
May 21, 1943 John F. Meredith Column Off the Record 
May 7, 1943 News on the war by John F. Meredith Column Off the Record 
May 7, 1943 Questioning the leadership structure of the Student War Board Column Worth-While?... 
May 7, 1943 Fifth Column Column Fifth Column 
May 7, 1943 Poem by E. Louise Cole inspired by Psalm 144:12 Column When I Consider 
May 7, 1943 Wheatonites remember mothers during the war Column Mothers' Day 
May 21, 1943 Reflection on what class spirit is and why it is needed Column Class Spirit Reflects True Wheaton Spirit 
May 21, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider 
May 21, 1943 Humorous piece on the weather (not very dry humor) Column Drizzles 
May 21, 1943 Werner Graendorf Column Communique 
May 21, 1943 The criminology class tour News Crime Students Visit Jail; See Settlement, Clinicon Trip 
May 21, 1943 Navy Motto Is ... Column Navy Motto is ... "Hit The Deck" (Continued from page 3) 
May 21, 1943 Spending on training university men for war News Training Funds Supply Studies To Soldiers 
May 21, 1943 Alumni sing in a quarter that will perform at the college Announcement Grads Return In Quartet 
May 21, 1943 G. Bob Oliver and Homer E. Dowdy give impressions of life in the army Column Service Grads Tell Training; Dowdy Dodges Bullets, Oliver Goes To School 
May 21, 1943 Girls' archery tomorrow (weather permitting) Sports Athletic Gals Hold Playday 
May 21, 1943 William E. Tisdale will be married to Katherine Bowman Announcement Ex Prof Marries In South 
May 21, 1943 Several People Give Rainquotes Column Rainquotes (continued from front page) 
May 21, 1943 Wheatonians comment on the copious rain of the past two weeks Column Several People Give Rainquotes 
May 25, 1943 Organ, piano and solos in voice from students of six music teachers Announcement Conservatory Plans Recitals Two Afternoons 
May 25, 1943 Dr. Helen R. Messenger speaks on "Professional Ethics and Present Problems For Teachers" Announcement Northern State Professor Speaks On Ethics 
May 25, 1943 Distribution of yearbook -- Tower of 1944 -- will begin on Friday Announcement Tower Heads Dedicate Annual Before Distribution 
May 25, 1943 Yearbook staff is planning a canoeing party for Thursday Announcement Year Book Staff Relaxes After Sleepless Nights 
May 25, 1943 Open house literary exhibition on development of American Literature on May 31 Announcement American Lit Classes Sponsor Novel Exhibit 
May 25, 1943 End of year banquet Announcement Pi Gamma Mu Closes Year With Banquet 
May 25, 1943 Annual Home Concert of Wheaton College Chapel Choir Announcement Chapel Choir Features Robinson's 'Battle Hymn' In Annual Home Concert 
May 25, 1943 Ruth Michener will lead student prayer meeting tonight Announcement Prayermeeting 
May 25, 1943 Recital after prayer meeting tonight Announcement Recitalists Sing, Give Readings 
May 25, 1943 Tower staff will conduct Wednesday's Chapel program Announcement Chapel Speakers Give Varied Experiences 
May 25, 1943 Educational honor society will meet Thursday at Dr. Robert Cook's home Announcement Chi Sigmas Elect Officers 
May 25, 1943 Peter Stam III will speak on the work of the Foreign Missions Fellowship Announcement F.M.F. Ends Year As Stam Speaks 
May 25, 1943 Clowney '39 has child "David Wallace" Announcement Former Editor Clowney Offers Own Successor 
May 25, 1943 Senior sneak at Tabor Farms Column Hot Tip 
May 25, 1943 Cheerfulness in spite of hard times Column Sneaks, Shoes And Smiles 
May 25, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Article  and this.......FOR THE WOMEN 
May 25, 1943 John A. Witmer News Off the Record 
May 25, 1943 Baseball team Sports Weather decides play in camp grant game today 
May 25, 1943 Women's Archery team Sports Coeds trail in Archery shoot 
May 25, 1943 Vernon Deroner Sports Netmen lose fourth to IT  
May 25, 1943 Mock air raid Information Air Rapid leaves college unscathed 
May 25, 1943 Ed Carnell Information Carnell returns to cook, takes German 
May 25, 1943 Mrs. Valeria Hill  News Pianists to give ensemble Recital  
May 25, 1943 A Backward Glance.... Photos A Backward Glance.... 
May 25, 1943 Hayride party  Information Bartlett boys dress up for Hayride party 
May 28, 1943 Dr. Effie Jane Wheeler News Wheeler's lit classes sponsor American exhibit 
May 28, 1943 Glen Barker Information Prayer Meeting 
May 28, 1943 French Club News French club aids allied soldiers with sound films 
May 28, 1943 Conservatory Recital  Information Quartet stars in conservatory Recital series 
May 28, 1943 Scripture distribution society News SDS passes Gospel Ammunition 
May 28, 1943 Enock C. Dyrness News Summer school prospect exceeds Dyrness' hopes 
May 28, 1943 Dr. and Mrs. V.R. Edman  News Edman go East to New Jersey for memorial day 
May 28, 1943 Earl Robinson News Robinson's " Battle Hymn" highlights spring concert of college chapel choir 
May 28, 1943 Dr. Clyde S.Kilby News  Kilby receives dedication  
May 28, 1943 Women's Glee Club News Women's Glee Clubbers choose Hamilton prexy 
May 28, 1943 Work Study Plan  News College outlines Work Study Plan 
May 28, 1943  Information Column Column Hey! Company's comming soon 
May 28, 1943 Werner Graendorf  Column Communique 
May 28, 1943 E. Louise Cole  Article When I Consider...... 
May 28, 1943 John F, Meredith  News Off the Record 
May 28, 1943 Baseball team Sports Crusaders take Elmhurst; drop to camp grant nine  
May 28, 1943 Communion Chapel Information Seniors Sponsor communion chapel 
May 28, 1943 H. William Nordin Information Morning Chapel brings choir, communion 
May 28, 1943 Dinning Hall Plans  Information Trustees commence dining hall plans 
May 28, 1943 Phi Beta Kappa Information Phi Betas Honor Clark at Lunch 
May 28, 1943 Ethel Smith Information Ethel Smith presents senoir voice Recital 
May 28, 1943 Military Parade News  Military unit parade, plan 
May 28, 1943 Rest to Workers Information Dining Hall Gives rest to workers 
May 28, 1943 Track meet Sports Cinderman Beat North Central 
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