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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
November 20, 1942 War Discussion News Gerry Smith leaves dean's office; to wed herb williams,42 
November 20, 1942 Charlotte E. Brown Information Queries and theories 
November 20, 1942 Corrine M. Smith News Senior women plan for war 
November 20, 1942 Mary Sue Bucko Information Music teachers budget for heavy load  
November 20, 1942 Soccer team  Sports Booters set to defend record season as falk brings stiffest competition 
November 20, 1942 Ken Roberts  News Frosh elect by White Ballot 
November 20, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles on the Ball 
November 20, 1942 Football team Sports Zero hour near for shush- game of food mongers 
November 20, 1942 War study program Column Library conduct demoralize study program  
November 20, 1942 Al Campbell Article The Living Word 
November 20, 1942 Prep Talk News Prep Talk 
November 20, 1942 Jim Buswell News W.C.T.C 
November 20, 1942 Ole and Rog Column The Huddle 
November 20, 1942 Presbytarian church News Conservatory professors have busy schedules 
November 20, 1942 Gun Club Sports Cole leads riflers to victory over Austin 
November 20, 1942 Missions fellowship News Fried addresses missions fellowship 
November 20, 1942 Joseph Coughlin Information Coughlin to speak in Monday chapel 
November 20, 1942 Andrew Yang's  News Music students give recital 
November 20, 1942 Dr. Marian Jane Downey Information Faculty Women Entertain at Tea 
November 20, 1942 Christian Council News Teams carry Gospel to countryside 
November 20, 1942 Grady Mills  News Commander Mills to Drill WCMU 
November 24, 1942 Capital to campus News Capital to Campus 
November 24, 1942 Willliam Cordes News Sales continue for concert of southnaries 
November 24, 1942 Prayer meeting  Information Early prayer meeting  
November 24, 1942 Jack Richenstein  Information Campus goes turkey minded 
November 24, 1942 Famed magician to repeat floating girl act Information Foxwell does escape act in saturday performance 
November 24, 1942 Symphony orchestra News Orchestra gives first concert  
November 24, 1942 Red Cross blood donors News Blood donors aid in saving lives of wounded servicemen 
November 24, 1942 Fordyce Tyler Information Inter-service fellowship holds special chapel 
November 24, 1942 Edithann Harris News Foxwell's sister finds thrills in stooge's life 
November 24, 1942 Gymnasium Sports Gymnasts give exhibition 
November 24, 1942 Wheaton Coed Military Unit News Military women start drilling 
November 24, 1942 War thanksgiving  Column War thanksgiving remains day of thanks to christian 
November 24, 1942 Report from Washington News Capital to Campus 
November 24, 1942 Ole and Rog Column THE HUDDLE 
November 24, 1942 John A. Witmer  Article Springs of Life 
November 24, 1942 Wrestling team Sports Grunt and Groan squad readies for competition 
November 24, 1942 Physical education program Sports Co- Rec brings games for all 
November 24, 1942 Mrs. Ray R. Moore Information Returned missionary speaks to FMF 
November 24, 1942 Trackmen Sports Harriers run " Turkey Trot" as last race 
November 24, 1942 Football team Sports Booters drop last game of season but have best record of recent years 
November 24, 1942 Basket ball team  Sports Cagers play Glen view team thanksgiving 
November 24, 1942 John S. Ironside News Seniors hold own church 
November 24, 1942 H. Don Munro News Munro to lecture on ceramic art 
November 24, 1942 Football team Sports Northern Baptist beats senoirs gridders 
November 24, 1942 Rosemary Hanna  News International stage Hay Ride, Bonfire 
November 24, 1942 War stamp Information Preps to sell war stamps 
December 1, 1942 Southernaires Information Southernaires begin careers in college choirs 
December 1, 1942 Christian council Information Gas Rationing  
December 1, 1942 Conference on war problem News Debators convene for study of problems 
December 1, 1942 Red Cross News Mobile unit gathers blood for Red Cross 
December 1, 1942 Bily Graham News Graham gives seminars on human sacrificing 
December 1, 1942 Dr. Dow News Dow reads excerpts from Dicken's works 
December 1, 1942 'Messiah' Information 'Messiah' presentation features student singers in Oratorio solo roles  
December 1, 1942 Carrie Cogleton Information Prayer meeting  
December 1, 1942 Janet Wood  News First snow whitens campus, gladdens heart 
December 1, 1942 Athletic Convocation Sports To give awards in Convocation 
December 1, 1942 Hardy perinnials  Column Hardy perinnials of editorials appears again 
December 1, 1942 Reports from Washington News Capital to Campus 
December 1, 1942 King Bunyans Column Opine 
December 1, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column The Tip - Off 
December 1, 1942 John . A. witmer Article  Springs of life  
December 1, 1942 Track men Sports Harriers climax season with A.A.U win 
December 1, 1942 Rifle Club Sports Marksmen teach WCTC shooters 
December 1, 1942 Basket ball Sports Hoopsters take practice opener from cadets 
December 1, 1942 Fall sports Sports Fall sports end with banquets 
December 1, 1942 Clothes for war News Council collects clothes for war 
December 1, 1942 Missionaries Movies News Missionaries movies features FMF meetings 
December 1, 1942 Alice Batt News Future preachers adopt constitution 
December 1, 1942 Chemistry Club Information Chemist meet for Reports 
December 1, 1942 John S. Ironside  News Senior church service includes Ironside message, Group singing 
December 4, 1942 H. H. and Elsie Column  BITS About the LITS 
December 4, 1942 Rayburn Returns Information Rayburn Returns For Meeting 
December 4, 1942 'Messiah' Sunday Information Chorus Presents 'The Messiah' Sunday Afternoon 
December 4, 1942 Recital Information Arts Department To Give Recital 
December 4, 1942 Charlotte E. Brown Column Sun Pixied By Solar Halos 
December 4, 1942  ERC ERC Enlists Men of Campus In Special Drive 
December 4, 1942 Tower Concert Information Southernaires Present Tower Concert Tonight 
December 4, 1942 Bob Oliver Column Blood Donors Find Process To Be Half Not Half Bad 
December 4, 1942 Classes Meet News Classes Meet for Sevices 
December 4, 1942 Wheaton Record Information Wheaton Record 
December 4, 1942 Will to Win Sports Past Season Proves Wheaton Has Will to Win 
December 4, 1942 Prep Talk Column Prep Talk 
December 4, 1942 W.C.M.U News W.C.M.U. 
December 4, 1942 Ole and Rog Column Tip-Off 
December 4, 1942 Alfred Campbell Column Living the Word 
December 4, 1942 Season Opener On New Gym  Sports Cagers Face Elmhurst In Season Opener On New Gym Floor 
December 4, 1942 Harriers Dine Information Harriers Dine At Season's End 
December 4, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles On the Ball 
December 4, 1942 Music Progrms Information Music Programs, War Service, Mark Chapels 
December 4, 1942 Debaters Meet Information Debaters Meet On Campus 
December 4, 1942 Recital Information Voice Students Present Recital 
December 8, 1942 Music News Music Features Fill Week-end for Campus  
December 8, 1942 Oratorio Information Junior Preps Give Oratorio 
December 8, 1942 Rayburn Information Rayburn Trains New Life Helpers 
December 8, 1942 Gay Mat Sports Gay Mat Chief For First Match 
December 8, 1942 Blood Drive News Gather 120 Pints of Blood, Drive Continues Tomorrow 
December 8, 1942 Recital Information Song and Speech Bring Christmas In Recital 
December 8, 1942 Concert Information Pianists Present Friday Concert 
December 8, 1942 Dr. S. Ritchie Kamm Column Kamm Tells Manpower Problem In College 
December 8,1942 Marian Bulander Sports Belles On The Ball 
December 8,1942 Military Training Organization News W.C.T.C... 
December 8,1942 OLE AND ROG News THE TIP-OFF 
December 8,1942 Chapel Column Year of War Shows Job of Christian 
December 8,1942 John A. Witmer Column Springs Of Life... 
December 8,1942 Bluejays Spoil Grand Opening Of New Gym News Crusaders Drop Opener To Elmhurst Quintet 
December 8,1942 Court Sports Try Again... 
December 8,1942 Annual football banquet Sports Frosh Honor Grid Team With Banquet 
December 8,1942 Annual banquel News Harriers Elect Wheeler Captain 
December 8,1942 Mordh Information Mordh Donates Red Blood, 1 Pint 
December 8,1942 Sigma Pi Sigma Information Majors Give Papers At Sigma Meeting 
December 8,1942 Schoonmen expect Stiff Opposition From Tech Team News Grapplers Open Season On New Gym Mats Against Illinois Tech 
December 8,1942 Juniors Win Stamp Drive News Preps End Drive With $1,938 In Bonds, Stamps 
December 8,1942 Argo Corn Products Company Information To Show Film of Argo Company 
December 8,1942 Pierce Chapel Column Nordin Conducts Handel's 'Messiah' 
December 8,1942 Dicussion of College and University problems News Radio Round-Table Covers Colleges, War 
December 8,1942 Going Home Information Student Supply Store 
January 5, 1943 Two Sound Films News Movies Depict Battle Area 
January 5, 1943 Cleveland, Youngberg Preside Information Lits Starts Year With Open Meet In Coffee Shop 
January 5, 1943 Lit Societies Bring Back Old Custom News Council Sponsors Oratorical, Story Contest 
January 5, 1943 Early Comps News Senior Undergo Early Comps 
January 5, 1943 Dr. Edman News Students Gather For Year-End Service 
January 5, 1943 Crusaders Honor Three-Letter Man With Grid Leadership News Gridders Elect Sutherland To Captain ' 43 Team 
January 5, 1943 Modern Portable Electric Victrola Information Conservatory Purchases Portable Phonograph 
January 5, 1943 Weekly Prayer Meeting Information Prayermeeting... 
January 5, 1943 Caroline Smith News Lovik Assumes Dining Hall Job 
January 5, 1943 Navy Announces Modifications In Reserve Plan News Army To Call 60 Reservists At Month's End 
January 5, 1943  Buildings Renamed News College Renames Buildings, Athletic Fields 
January 5, 1943 To publish the word Column Uncertain world makes faith imperative 
January 5, 1943 Prep Talk  News Prep Talk 
January 5, 1943 John A. Witmer Article  Springs of life 
January 5, 1943 Ole and Rog Column The tip- off 
January 5, 1943 Wrestling team Sports Seahawks trim crusaders 20-8 in Mat contest 
January 5, 1943 Football team  Sports Booters elect Willits, Baptista 
January 5, 1943 War loss News Forum members discuss war loss 
January 5, 1943 Dr. Samuel A. Yoder Information Yoder continues faculty series 
January 5, 1943 Coach Morrie Nelson  Sports Mentors picks cage team for tech tilt 
January 5, 1943 Cork Cottage News Cork cottage changes housemothers 
January 5, 1943 WAA members Information WAA entertains frosh women 
January 5, 1943 Dr. H.C. Theissen  News Theissen delivers new text book to publishers 
January 5, 1943 Mc Rae Williams  Information Juniors choose class Jackets 
January 5, 1943 Floyd Pinter and Glenn Baker News Pinder, Baker attend confab 
January 5, 1943 Roger J. Voskuyl News Voskuyl leaves chem department for special government war work 
January 5, 1943 President tells state of Nation News Off the RECORD 
January 8, 1943 Bits about the Lits  News BITS about the LITS 
January 8, 1943 Washington Banquet News Drafts plans for traditional year banquet 
January 8, 1943 Meterology Department  News Army announces plans for meterology units  
January 8, 1943 Student war board News War Board presents after - lit color films 
January 8, 1943 Oratorical contest  Information Lits meet for oratorical story contest 
January 8, 1943 Jack Reichenstein Column Writer praises Red Cross work 
January 8, 1943 Medical aptitude test Information Pre-meds take Aptitude tests 
January 8, 1943 Christian council News council sends two gospel team 
January 8, 1943 Charles Mellis  News Personal work receives revamped set up 
January 8, 1943 To publish the word Column Why did war board collapse.....? 
January 8, 1943 Ole and Rog Column Ole, Rog give tip off on poetic ability of Onesimus 
January 8, 1943 Prep Talk  News  Prep Talk 
January 8, 1943 Alfred Campbell Article  The Living Word 
January 8, 1943 Marian Bulander Column Belles ... On The Ball 
January 8, 1943 Films show (continued from front page) News SWB Films Show War World 
January 8, 1943 Drilled for two hours News WCMU 
January 8, 1943 The Crusader matmen will take on News Matmen Gun For Meet With Northwestern U 
January 8, 1943 Intramural basketball got under way News Six Teams Play I-M Hoop Games 
January 8, 1943 Basketball team went back on active duty News Jones Paces Improvement of Rebounding  
January 8, 1943 Contests were finally dropped News Lit Contest (Contiuned from Page Four) 
January 8, 1943 The College and Community Chorus Information Messiah Chorus Travels To City For Concert 
January 8, 1943 The academic requirements Information Meteorology 
January 8, 1943 Physical education cources Information WCMU (Continued from front page) 
January 8, 1943 Gather for a sing News Outside Girls Gather For Sing 
January 8, 1943 Combine to present double-header sports program News Double Program For Sport Night 
January 8, 1943 Bandages for the overseas troops News Bandages Aid U.S Soldiers 
January 8, 1943 Open their house party with prayer News Baa House Plans Gala Party 
January 8, 1943 Banquet arranged News Banquet Plans ... (Continued from front page) 
January 8, 1943 The winning team scores the most points News I-M Cagers Open Series (Coninued from page three) 
January 8, 1943 Claimed joint honors News Morse, Bakker Win Story, Oratory Contest 
January 8, 1943 Tonight's Conservatory recital News Music Students Present Recital 
January 8, 1943 Speak at the spring evangelistic meetings News Warren Holds Annual Services 
January 8, 1943 A special survey Information Counsel Survey Report 
January 8, 1943 G.Bob Oliver Column Writer Gloats Over Book Box 
January 8, 1943 To acquaint students News Rayburn Tells Young Life Club Opportunities 
January 8, 1943 Play host to the physical education leaders News Educators Discuss Fitness Institute Program 
January 8, 1943 The committee is about to reveal a new plan Information Renewed SWB Elects Harris President 
January 12, 1943 Decided to remain dormant News War Board Blocked by Apathy 
January 12, 1943 John A. Witmer Column Springs of Life 
January 12, 1943 Marian Bulander Column Belles ... On The Ball 
January 12, 1943 A little of same old stuff  Information The Tip-Off 
January 12, 1943 Physical training  News Physical Education Institute Brings Outstanding Speakers to Campus ( Continued from front page) 
January 12, 1943 Evening's entertainment News North Hallers Plan 'School Daze' 
January 12, 1943 New books shelved News New-Books lag in circulation (continued from front page). 
January 12, 1943 Seniors have meet. News Graham speaks at Senior meet. 
January 12, 1943 Basketball loss Sports Eureka downs Wheaton in Overtime Thriller 
January 12, 1943 Cage Squad returns to action Sports News Nelson picks Cage Squad 
January 12, 1943 New Library Shelving News Library Proffers Browsing Shelf (Continued from page three) 
January 12, 1943 Northwestern overturns deficit to win at wrestling meet. Sports News Northwestern defeats Schoon Matmen 
January 12, 1943 Sport film showing Announcement Athletic Institution closes with Sport film (continued from page three). 
January 12, 1943 Elmer Zachay mock German broadcast News German Club presents 'Radio Broadcast".  
January 15, 1943    
January 15, 1943 Bits about Lits News BITS about LITS 
January 15, 1943 Whistling in the Dark News  Off the Record 
January 12, 1943 Army and Navy sports rivalry Sports Announcement Army-Navy Cage Tilt threatens to bring actual war to campus. 
January 15, 1943 Jack Potts trombonist News Band Concert stars Trombonist, Brass Choir 
January 15, 1943 Recruitment drivre for Army Women News Begin drive for army women's reserve; Navy, Coast Guard offer enlistment. 
January 15, 1943 Government to sponsor program monthly. News SWB to sponsor Monthly news pictures 
January 15, 1943 Lt. Sanford A. Schulert's death News Lt. Schulert dies in crash 
January 15, 1943 Dr. Benton Eavy appointed as psychology engineer. News Eavey receives new appointment. 
January 15, 1943 Women enlisted and receruited News Begin drivre for army women's reserve; navy, coast guard offer enlistment plan. 
January 15, 1943 Extended courses News College extends war courses in new semester. 
January 15, 1943 New mission fields News Rayburn depicts clubs as home mission fields. 
January 15, 1943 Band has concert News Band gives familiar pieces (continued from front page). 
January 15, 1943 Music pupils introduced News Music profs present pupils. 
January 15, 1943 German economic system discussed News War-bound Germany provides topic for discussion of affairs forum. 
January 15, 1943 Lost items auctioned News Auction sale brings bargains (continued from front page) 
January 15, 1943 President V.R. Edman News President leaves for meetings on Eastern tour 
January 15, 1943 Bethany Reformed church News Choral Group Repeats 'Messiah' 
January 15, 1943 Wrestling team Sports Crusaders Matmen set to meet Chicago U 
January 15, 1943 Barbara Nelson Information Dorm, Graham house hold parties 
January 15, 1943 Basket ball Sports Orange Rallies to Down Concordia, 38-33 for second win of season 
January 15, 1943 Intramural League Sports Frosh lead 1-M league hoopsters 
January 15, 1943 WAA invitation Information WAA sponsors fun for victory play day  
January 15, 1943 W.C.M.U cadet  News WCMU 
January 15, 1943 Student Government  Article Can student Government Work.....? 
January 15, 1943 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
January 15, 1943 Sergeant John Fisher News W.C.T.C 
January 15, 1943 N.Kalssen Column Practical Jokes may prove costly 
January 15, 1943 Ole and Rog Article Ole and Rog give tip off on bands encore 
January 15, 1943 Prep talk News Prep Talk 
January 15, 1943 Public Night School News College expands course in public night school 
January 15, 1943 Arguers make good records at DeKalb  News Debate Squad leaves for invitational Tourney 
January 15, 1943 Basket ball team Sports Hoopsters plan bluejay revenge 
January 15, 1943 Glee club Information Men, women singers plan journey 
January 15, 1943 Coach Bob Baptista News Navy sinks army in cage clash 
January 15, 1943 Education motion picture News Vis Ed prof turns statistician 
January 19, 1943 Homer E. Dowdy  News Editor - Elect speculates requests student cooperation in editorial policies 
January 19, 1943 Mrs. K. B. Tiffany  Information Faculty closes reading series 
January 19, 1943 John Harstick Information College band climaxes term with Pop Concert 
January 19, 1943 Mrs. Valeria Hill Brown News Piano ensemble presents novel program 
January 19, 1943 Maurrie Dobbins and RegGerig News Formal program schedules choir from Glenview 
January 19, 1943 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carbaugh News Banquet honors January Grads 
January 19, 1943 Paul Holsinger Information Prayer Meeting 
January 19, 1943 War Board Program News SWB brings news reels to depict month's battles 
January 19, 1943 Percy Aldridge Grainger News Grainger comes to conclude '44 tower series  
January 19, 1943 The Deacon's Week News Expressionists plan recital 
January 19, 1943 Song Column Swan song 
January 19, 1943 John Witmer Article This is where I get off ! or Springs of Life 
January 19, 1943 Captain Leanard Osbrink News WCTC- WCMU 
January 19, 1943 Ole and Rog  Article Tip- Off The boys tell of a " Five Bob Five" 
January 19, 1943 George Moffitt News Matmen fall to Chicago U; prep for Illlinois Tech 
January 19, 1943 First play day  Information WAA claims first play Day successful 
January 19, 1943 Dr. Paul E. Stanley  Information Sigma Pi Sigma hears papers 
January 19, 1943 Basket ball team Sports Crusaders hit Fort Sheridan for 54 - 41 win 
January 19, 1943 Marian Bulander Article Belles....... on the Ball 
January 19, 1943 Dorothy Rankin News  Lit societies elect new semester office 
January 19, 1943 Coach Morris Nelson Sports 'B' squad defeats naval reserve in preliminaries 
January 19, 1943 Chairman Barbara Nelson Information North Hallers play ' School Days'  
January 19, 1943 Geology Department News Geologist's visit science museum in annual trip 
January 19, 1943 Mary Garfield News Phils to elect at banquet 
January 19, 1943 Anthropology department  Information Stewart, Holecek presents seminars 
February 5 , 1943 Accelerated program News 18 seniors graduate in winter class 
February 5, 1943 Percy Grainger News Grainger to play light classics saturday 
February 5, 1943 Rev. Harold P. Warren  Information Warren speaks at mid- winter services 
February 5, 1943 Brass choir returns from concert tour News Culley leaves campus for Washington Call 
February 5, 1943 Glee club News Glee club makes midwestern tours despite transportation difficulties 
February 5, 1943 Pre-Meds Information Pre-Meds Visit County Hospital 
February 5, 1943 James E. Bennet Information New York Lawyer Speaks to Men 
February 5, 1943 'All-Out Effor' News War Program Demands 'All-Out' Effort 
February 5, 1943 Mostrom and Gollimund Column CAMPOLL 
February 5, 1943 Louise Cole Column When I Consider 
February 5, 1943 Ole and Rog Column OLE and ROG 
February 5, 1943 Finley Meredith Column Off The Record 
February 5, 1943 Wheaton Record Information  The Wheaton Record 
February 5, 1943 J. Robinson Column REPERTEE 
February 5, 1943 Redbird Prep Sports Nelson Revamps Riddled Squad In Redbird Prep 
February 5, 1943 Schoonmen Sports Schoonmen Swamp DeKalb 
February 5, 1943 I-M Parade Sports Frosh Lead I-M Parade 
February 5, 1943 W.A.A  Sports Girls Elect W.A.A. Prexy 
February 5, 1943 Longyear Sports Longyear Heads Lettermen 
February 5, 1943 Lits Programs News Lits Announce Week's Programs 
February 5, 1943 Two Mary Lous News Tower Bell Rings For Two Mary Lous 
February 5, 1943 Werner Graendorf News Communique 
February 9, 1943 College Family News College Family Pauses For Prayer 
February 9, 1943 Patricia Cristy News Grainger Works Long For Concert Finesse 
February 9, 1943 Army Reserve Corps News Reporting For Duty 
February 9, 1943 Charlotte E. Brown News Warren Finds Escape From God To Be Impossible 
February 9, 1943 Outside Girls Information Outside Girls Hold Dinner 
February 9, 1943 Pre-Meds News Pre-Meds Watch Famed Surgeon 
February 9, 1943 Dowdy and Brown Information Dowdy Leaves For Army Duty, Brown Takes Job  
February 9, 1943 Paul G. Culley News Culley Busy In Washington 
February 9, 1943 Exiting Students News Exiting Students Ask 'Keep Wheaton Standards' 
February 9, 1943 Esther Column REPERTEE 
February 9, 1943 E. Louse Cole Column When I Consider 
February 9, 1943 Ole and Rog Column OLE and ROG 
February 9, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Column THE WOMEN 
February 9, 1943 Finley Meredith Column Off The Record 
February 9, 1943 Coach Cozette Sports Matmen Turn Tables on Wildcats 
February 9, 1943 Marksmen Lose Sports Marksmen Lose To Forest Park 
February 9, 1943 Academy Cagers Sports Academy Cagers Drop League Tilt 
February 9, 1943 Crusader - Ragged Play Sports Crusaders Show Ragged Play, Poor Teamwork 
February 9, 1943 Intra-Mural Basketball League Sports Frosh Beat Crows, Hold I-M Lead; Regars, Bartlett, Gridders Win 
February 9, 1943 The Banquet will be celebrated News Banquet Plans Schedule Traditional Formal Program 
February 9, 1943 The Wheaton college "B" team Sports 'B' Team Takes Cardinal 31-25 
February 9, 1943 Did an effective job Sports Basketball (Continued from page three) 
February 9, 1943 The first Record promotional motion picture News Meredith Films Record Activities 
February 9, 1943 Vital to the life of student publication Information Second Women War Editor Asks Staff, Organization Cooperation 
February 12, 1943 The Banquet will be conducted News Formal Celebration Scheduled On Campus; Special Chapel 
February 12, 1943 Meet for their first party of the new semester News Frosh Informalize; Greet New Frosh 
February 12, 1943 Brings Dobbins back Information Dobbins Returns In New Role With Male Choir (Continued on page four) 
February 12, 1943 A Song leader par excellence  News Songleader Al Began At Moody 
February 12, 1943 The funds will be diverted Information Bibles For Bluejackets Is Campaign Of War Board 
February 12, 1943 Participate in the war training program News Name Wheaton Training Center 
February 12, 1943 Prominent among new personalities News Ponwith Comes To Williston As House Mom 
February 12, 1943 Bob Seger Column Beck Leaves For Position In Business 
February 12, 1943 Rolling of bandages News Women's Lits Aid Red Cross 
February 12, 1943 Wheaton shall not fail Information We Will Keep Faith 
February 12, 1943 Want the paper represent you Information Will you please ... 
February 12, 1943 The giving of "Life" to the lost Information It Can Be Done 
February 12, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider ... 
February 12, 1943 Werner Craendorf Column Communique ... 
February 12, 1943 W.C.T.C Information W.C.T.C 
February 12, 1943 J. Finley Meredith Column Off The Record 
February 12, 1943 Another opportunity to battle Sports North Central Invades Campus for Second Grudge Cage Game 
February 12, 1943 Meet to set forth on a breakfast hike Sports WAA Plans Hike For Breakfast 
February 12, 1943 Military drill News Military Women Resume Drill 
February 12, 1943 The Middlewest Championship Debate Tournament Sports Debaters Leave For Tourney At Whitewater 
February 12, 1943 Will be able to play or not Sports Basketball ... (Continued from page three) 
February 12, 1943 A Song leader par excellence News Songleader ... (Continued from front page) 
February 12, 1943 Concert work News Seaman's Chorus Numbers Men From Fire, Mechanics Departments 
February 16, 1943 Army Air Corps train at Wheaton College News Wheaton Aids Army Air Corps 
February 16, 1943 Don Hoke ordained at Park Ridge Gospel Church News Committee ordains Hoke 
February 16, 1943 Bob Urquhart to take charge of prayer meeting Announcement Prayer Meeting 
February 16, 1943 SWB continues "Buy Bible Week". News SWB continues Navy fund drive; contributions go to Glenview Choir. 
February 16, 1943 Dr. Paul; Culley returns home. News Culley returns from conference in Washington. 
February 16, 1943 Debaters win in Whitewater, WI. News Debaters win three trophies in tournament. 
February 16, 1943 Lengthened Freshman prayer meet. News Freshman class plans social. 
February 16, 1943 Evangelistic services tradition upheld. News Special Services Bring Blessings to Campus 
February 16, 1943 They've gone to a familiar field of service. News In his appointed place 
February 16, 1943 Pst. Warren urges students to live a without compromise. News Pst. Warren talks... 
February 16, 1943 Margaret Geiger Column Psalm for Today..... 
February 16, 1943 Ole and Rog  Column Ole and Rog ...... 
February 16, 1943 WCTC  News W.C.T.C 
February 16, 1943 John F. Meredith News Off the Record 
February 16, 1943 Wrestling team Sports Wrestlers defeat normal; Flitton, Scambia Pin Men 
February 16, 1943 Basket ball team Sports Crusaders five bows again to Naperville 
February 16, 1943 Basket Ball team Sports W.A.A. Girls begin practice for basketball 
February 16, 1943 Washington Banquet News Bate, Boardmen complete Washington formal plans 
February 16, 1943 Mina Taylor Information Mina Taylor Weds Jack Miner 
February 16, 1943 Ernie Heimbach News Pi Gamma Mu meets in lounge 
February 16, 1943 Jim Rayburn Information Rayburn returns to campaigner: speaks in chapel 
February 19, 1943 Washington celebration  News Washington celebration begins 
February 16, 1943 Glen View Navy Choir Information Evening program features students Glen view choir 
February 16, 1943 Bob Loveless News Loveless dedicates service flag in chapel service 
February 16, 1943 Alice Bate News Alice Bate, Don Boardman head committees 
February 16, 1943 Washington formal committee Information Lounges provide entertainment 
February 16, 1943 Washington Column In the Spirit of Washington 
February 16, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I consider 
February 16, 1943 Prexy Talks Information Prexy talks 
February 16, 1943 Ole and Rog  News Ole and Rog 
February 16, 1943 WCTC  News WCTC 
February 16, 1943 Donna Rundlet News W.C.W.U 
February 16, 1943 Basket ball team Sports Crusaders strike wins; Quintet, grapplers score 
February 16, 1943 Wrestling team  Sports Wrestlers beat northern teachers 28-8  
February 16, 1943 Student council News Student council presents flag honoring Wheaton's servicemen 
February 16, 1943 Washington Banquet Information Bate climaxes college career with Banquet chairmanship 
February 16, 1943 Mr. Donald C. Boardman News New reel shows Yank in Africa 
February 16, 1943 Donald C. Boardmen News Man behind films tells experiences in Visual Ed 
February 16, 1943 Manager Julius.C News Dining halls go formal too: Candles, Music and flowers. 
February 16, 1943 George Washington News Pair speculate why celebrate; facts integrate 
February 23, 1943 Miss Florence Cobb Information Expressionist present speech recital  
February 23, 1943 Harlan Harris  News Harris, Kolmodin give anthropology seminar 
February 23, 1943 Dr. P.Kenneth Geiser News Geiser to tell experieces in China to FMF 
February 23, 1943 Gordon J. Mc Carrell  News Mc Carrell gets commision 
February 23, 1943 Men's Varisity Debate squad News Varsity squad travel south to debate 
February 23, 1943 Miss Janna May Loeks  News Loeks, and Monson wed in two ring ceremony 
February 23, 1943 Red Cross unit  News Red cross unit returns to campus for blood 
February 23, 1943 Harlan Harris  News SWB drives thru with $ 1371.68 for testaments 
February 23, 1943 Malcolm Wenger News Clothes go for European relief  
February 23, 1943 Prof. and mrs. John W. Leedy  News Leedy entertain Sigma Pi Sigma 
February 23, 1943 John Winston News French club sponsors films 
February 23, 1943 Doubling Efforts Columns Time To Double Efforts 
February 23, 1943 Record Reporters Column Thank You! 
February 23, 1943 Mrs Smith Column Mrs Smith Talks 
February 23, 1943 E. Louise Cole Column When I Consider 
February 23, 1943 Ole and Rog Column OLE and ROG 
February 23, 1943 Women Information and this for THE WOMEN 
February 23, 1943 John F. Meredith Column Off The Record 
February 23, 1943 Crusader Hoopsters Sports Crusader Hoopsters Finish Seventh Win of Season 
February 23, 1943 Baseball Sports Baseball 
February 23, 1943 Basketball Sports Travel to Eureka For Loss 64-52 
February 23, 1943 Chicago Matmen Sports Chicago Matmen Win Match From Wheaton 
February 23, 1943 Hockey Sports Select Hockey Stars 
February 23, 1943 Academy Cagers Sports Academy Cagers Take U Prep, 42-41 
February 23, 1943 WAA Meeting Sports WAA To Meet In Belt Hall 
February 23, 1943 Basketball Sports IM Basketball Continues Undecided 
February 23, 1943 Volleyball Sports Class Chooses Volleyball All-Stars 
February 23, 1943 Patricia Ann Cristy Column  Ad Manager Downey Leaves To Enter Army Air Corps in March 
February 23, 1943 Olson News Olson Returns For Short Visit 
February 23, 1943 Gen Crow Column North Hall House Mother Tells Of Life in Rural Georgia 
February 26, 1943 Bombing Raids News Target For Tonight Shows Bombing Raids in 6 Reels 
February 26, 1943 Edman News Service Brigade Invites Edman As Director 
February 26, 1943 Don Boardman News Boardman Leaves To Assume Navy Position 
February 26, 1943 Gen Crow Column Joyful Juniors Jacketed 
February 26, 1943 Army Cadet News Army Delays Cadet Program, Cadre Transfers To Macalester 
February 26, 1943 Convocation News Award Scholastic Honors In Special Convocation 
February 26, 1943 LaVone Berthel Column Women Take "Commando Course" Too, Fellows 
February 26, 1943 Annual Your Conference News Quartet Travels To Conference 
February 26, 1943 Airport Facilities  News  Airport Facilities, Arrangement Details Cause Shift 
February 26, 1943 Warren Lane News Lane Heads Workers Group 
February 26, 1943 Extra Mile Column The Extra Mile.. 
February 26, 1943 E. Louise Cole Poem When I Consider... 
February 26, 1943 U.S.Treasury Dept. Picture American Heroes 
February 26, 1943 Gil Koppin Information W.C.T.C. 
February 26, 1943 Eleanor Baillie News W.C.M.U. 
February 26, 1943 After Hibernation Column Bits about the Lits 
February 26, 1943 John F. Meredith Information Off The Record 
February 26, 1943 The Record Staff Information OLE and ROG..... 
February 26, 1943 Wheaton College Basketball Team Sports Orange Drops Forest 42-31 In Season's Last Homer 
February 26, 1943 W. A. A. News W. A. A. Meets For Installation 
February 26, 1943 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Information Prexy Edman Speaks In Grand Rapids 
February 26, 1943 Coach Coray Information Diamond Squad Rushes Season 
February 26, 1943 Army Contingent News Army Contingent Leaves Campus 
February 26, 1943 Lost-and-Found Information Lost-and-Found Shifts Quarters 
February 26, 1943 Jackets News Juniors Appear In Senior Garb 
February 26, 1943 Wrestling Team Sports Grapplers Meet Bradley Tech In Last Match 
February 26, 1943 Brigade Information Service Brigade 
February 26, 1943 Rev. Arthur Bowen Information Chapel Services Schedule Bowen 
February 26, 1943 Bartlett vs. Gridders, Floor vs. Crows Sports I-M Hoopsters in Four-Way Tie; Play Off To Determine Champs 
February 26, 1943 Award Honors News Award Honors At Convocation 
February 26, 1943 "Moose" Paynter News Orange Wins.. 
February 26, 1943 Werner Graendorf Information COMMUNIQUE 
March 2, 1943 Student war board News SWB plans reorganization; members go to victory meet at Northwestern U  
March 2, 1943 Dr. Carl F. H. Henry  News Henry authors journalistic guide book 
March 2, 1943 Harlan Harris and Charlotte E. Brown News Harris, Brown attend assembly on college war program 
March 2, 1943 Wheaton Chemical society Information College chemical club meets Thursday Night  
March 2, 1943 Debate Team  News Debaters defeat southern teams 
March 2, 1943 Baseket ball team Sports  Record- faculty game themes New " Fun Nite" 
March 2, 1943 Mr. Peter Stam Information Advanced music student present varied concert 
March 2, 1943 Carroll Arnold  Information Prayer meeting 
March 2, 1943 William Libby  News Osbrink receives cadet major commission 
March 2, 1943 Gym pledge movement  Information Have you paid your pledge in full 
March 2, 1943 Easter Sunday Information Sunrise service schedules Joshua to speak 
March 2, 1943 War time sacrifice  News " Others" means effort 
March 2, 1943 Rev. Arthur Bowen News Chapel Nuggets 
March 2, 1943 E. Lousie Cole Column When I consider 
March 2, 1943 John F. Meredith News Off the Record 
March 2, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Article  and this is for THE WOMEN 
March 2, 1943 Ole and Rog  Column The Faculty Blows 
March 2, 1943 Basket ball team Sports Hoopsters trip tech: intramural end in tie 
March 2, 1943 Dr. Lauren A. King  Sports Tennis season begins in Gym 
March 2, 1943 Basketball team Sports Floor stopped; Barlett , Crows deadlocked. 
March 2, 1943 Wrestling team Sports Wrestling team exceeds season's losses with wins 
March 2, 1943 Rifle team Sports Sharp shooters better record but lose 
March 2, 1943 Wrestling team  Sports Wrestlers end season 
March 2, 1943 Washington Day Information Wheaton Alumni celebrate Washington day 
March 2, 1943 J. Hubert Cook Information Herbert Cook addresses FMF 
March 2, 1943 Elizabeth Joslin News February paper features Joslin 
March 2, 1943 Debate team Information Debater hold sunday services 
March 5, 1943 John F. Meredith Column off the RECORD 
March 5, 1943 Appealing to give blood Information Calling All Healthy Wheatonites! 
March 5, 1943 Present a full concert News Chapel Choir Visits Chicago 
March 5, 1943 To speak at the People's Church News Dr. Edman Travels To Toronto Church 
March 5, 1943 The wedding party News Marriage Joins Ters, Harold 
March 5, 1943 Completely reorganized layout Information Alumni News Goes Modern 
March 5, 1943 Will begin this year's series News Groom Opens Vesper Series Of Organ Music (Continued on page four) 
March 5, 1943 Lit Lites... News  All School Fun Night Plans Student-Prof Hoopsters (Continued on page four) 
March 5, 1943 Record-faculty mayhem Information Harstick's Band, WCMU Color Guard Add Tone (Continued on page three) 
March 5, 1943 A new Physical Education Building News Gym Pledges Near Final Payment (Continued on page four) 
March 5, 1943 Wheaton increases contribution to war effort. News ...'Over the top'.  
March 5, 1943 News around campus News OLE and ROG 
March 5, 1943 Louise Cole Poem When I Consider... (Ps. 65:9-13) 
March 5, 1943 Gil Koppin News W.C.T.C 
March 5, 1943 Werner Graendorf News Communique 
March 5, 1943 Indoor athletics begin News Indoor Runners Start Action 
March 5, 1943 Sports Deadlock Sports I-M Deadlock Ready for Break 
March 5, 1943 Games and fun night News Fun Night Satrs One Man Duet (Continued from front page). 
March 5, 1943 'Fun Nite' News Journalists meet Profs in Annual Tilt. 
March 5, 1943 Baseball season begins Sports News Diamond men begin workouts; First game set for April 3rd. 
March 5, 1943 Literature Meeting Announcement Prep talk... 
March 5, 1943 Themed hymn News Groom begins vesper series (continued from front page). 
March 5, 1943 "Whistling in the dark" News Bits about Lits (continued from front page). 
March 5, 1943 Wheaton grads complete training News Wheaton Grads end training at Glenview 
March 5, 1943 Referees needed News Record-Faculty 
March 5, 1943 Raising money for new gym News Gym campaign in final stage. 
March 5, 1943 College Church's Wheaton College day News Women singers in College Church 
March 9, 1943 Red Cross Information Time for Blood 
March 9, 1943 Jim Rich News Gospel team visit churches in near area 
March 9, 1943 Wheaton ERC men News Wheaton ERC men leave for camp grant  
March 9, 1943 Basket ball team Sports news Phys Ed group sponsors carnival 
March 9, 1943 Edna Sayers Information Pioneer Girls mark progress 
March 9, 1943 Jonathan B. Cook News Six orators try for honors in Cook contest 
March 9, 1943 Wheaton Debate team News Debaters return undefeated from southern competition 
March 9, 1943 Gil Koppin Information Prayer Meeting 
March 9, 1943 M.H.M. Skinner News Maranatha head comes to chapel  
March 9, 1943 President V. Raymond Edman News Dr. Edman travels to Tennessee churches 
March 9, 1943 Fordyce Tyler News Brand succeeds director Tyler 
March 9, 1943 War Board News War Board inaugrates " Stamp Night" Film 
March 9, 1943 Good Bye Article Good Bye-- and God go with you 
March 9, 1943 Ole and Rog  Column OLE AND ROG 
March 9, 1943 E. Louise Cole  Column When I consider 
March 9, 1943 The Wheaton Record Article REPARTEE...... 
March 9, 1943 Betty Lou Pingree Column and this for .....THE WOMEN 
March 9, 1943 John F. Meredith News Off the Record 
March 9, 1943 School Fun Night Information Record Flunks faculty ; Nelson, Longyear star 
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