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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
May 22, 1942 Mr. Lester Wheeler Groom News Groom Receives Doctorate With Notables  
May 22, 1942 War Board Gives Airplane Rides To Stamp Purchasers Information Columnist Geidt Hits Piano, Not Typewriter Keys  
May 22, 1942 President V. Raymond Edman Information Edman To Address Graduation Services  
May 22, 1942 Fellowship Ends Active Year With Banquet  News Chafer Cites Essentials For Effective Ministry  
May 22, 1942 Mr. DeWitt W. Jayne News Jayne Paints Ship For Clubhouse 
May 22, 1942 Sigma Iota Alpha  Information SIA's To Picnic At Herrick Lake  
May 22, 1942 Freshman Outing Information Frosh To Elect At Class Outing 
May 22, 1942 Miss Doris G. Hamilton News Miss Hamilton Weds Soldier In Quiet Service  
May 22, 1942 Rev. and Mrs. Frank L. Fiol News Alumni Members Escape India 
May 22, 1942 Lower Classmen News Prep Talk. . . 
May 22, 1942 Thorlowe Smith '42 News Tech Grants Smith Chemistry Assistantship 
May 22, 1942 Experiments With Plants In Greenhouse Article Botanists Grow Medicinal Herbs Vital To War 
May 22, 1942 First and Second Year Spanish Classes News Spanish Classes Attempt Fluency  
May 22, 1942 Mrs. Clarence L. Nystrom  Information Mrs. Nystrom Talks To Women's Club 
May 22, 1942 Editor Recommends Geidt, Tower, Wheaton in General Short Stories Editor Recommends Geidt, Tower , Wheaton in General 
May 22, 1942 Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
May 22, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Springs of Life. . .  
May 22, 1942 Thursday , In a Hurry Column Geidt Happy Over Ad From " The Major" 
May 22, 1942 Rev. John Minder Short Comments Chapel Nuggets . . . 
May 22, 1942 Wessner Hurls Four- Hitter To No Avail Sports Concordia Odds Defeat Diamondmen 
May 22, 1942 Archery Tournament  Sports Soph Girls Win Archery Tourney  
May 22, 1942 Mr. Paul F. Gorby  Information Field Employer Speaks To Management Class 
May 22, 1942 Chrouser's Thinclads Sports Orange Runners End Good Season With 76-41 Win 
May 22, 1942 Sophomore Comprehensives  News  Top Students Of Sophomore Class Revealed In Comprehensive Marks 
May 22, 1942 Harriet Crawford  Sports Belles On The Ball 
May 22, 1942 Julius Haavind News campus Cuts Sugar Usage More Than Half  
May 26, 1942 Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
May 26, 1942 Specialist Include Harstick, Trombonist; Glee Club  Information Band Presents "Pop" Concert In New Gym 
May 26, 1942 Tom Sanders  News Sanders To Head Chapel Choir Cabinet  
May 26, 1942 Patsy Cristy  Article Kamm Receives Ardent Support Of Student Body 
May 26, 1942 Pteromotheans Annual Elections Information Ptermatheans To Elect Officers At Party  
May 26, 1942 Student Prayer Meeting  Information Prayer Meeting 
May 26, 1942  Music and Speech Departments News fine Arts Pupil Join In Recital 
May 26, 1942 FBI Positions News FBI Offers New Positions  
May 26, 1942 Sports Exhibitions, Open House, Highlights Day  Information Varied Program To Initiate New Gymnasium 
May 26, 1942 Pearl Harbor  News  Alumnus Publishes Pearl Harbor Poem 
May 26, 1942 Christian Opportunities Present Challenge, Bring Responsibilities  Column Christian Opportunities Present Challenge, Bring Responsibilities  
May 26, 1942 Dr. Mervin Stone Short Comments Chapel Nuggets . . . 
May 26, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Springs Of Life . . 
May 26, 1942 Geidt Concert  Article Ole, Rog Sling The Bull-Pen In Big, Red Circles. . . Trying To Follow Geidt Concert  
May 26, 1942 Coraymen Face Camp Grant In Season Finale Sports  Crusaders Drop Double Header To Cardinals 
May 26, 1942 Ruth Bates  Article Students Enjoy Gospel Work 
May 26, 1942 Mill's Cottage Girls  News Mills college Girls Hike To Herrick Lake  
May 26, 1942 Archery Tournament  Sports Students Enjoy Gospel Work  
May 26, 1942 Led By John F. Meredith  Information Record Staff Meets For Discussion In Dinner Session 
May 26, 1942 Freshmen and Sophomores Return from Lake Geneva Article Vacant Campus Comes Back To Life As Sophs Return From Outing 
May 26, 1942 Women Glee Club Information Women Singers Plan Banquet  
May 26, 1942 Bill Geidt and Associates  News  Geidt Senoir Recital Pays SWB Expenses  
May 29, 1942  Beth and Art  Column Bits About The Lits  
May 29, 1942  Pinder, Kling, Terpstra Receive Nomination For Leadership Article Council Submits Revisions To Student Body  
May 29, 1942  French Club Information Diiner Closes Club Activities  
May 29, 1942  Cadet Training Corps  Information Training Corps Ends Year With Memorial Day Parade  
May 29, 1942  Wheaton's Measles Epidemic  News  Measles Fill Infirmary To Capacity  
May 29, 1942  Long Chapel Begins Significant Day In Wheaton History  News Campus Participates In Opening Of The New Physical Education Building 
May 29, 1942  David J. Fant II Information Academy Plans commencement 
May 29, 1942  Brown, Oury Pupils Appear In Programs; Faculty Meets For Dinner News Conservatory Gives Campus Season- End Recitals  
May 29, 1942  Faculty Women's Club News Faculty Women Elect officers At Luncheon 
May 29, 1942  Ann U. King  Information Ann King Sings Sacred Aits In Vesper Service  
May 29, 1942  Dick Storm and Mary Lou Loomis  Information ' Brother, Sister' Lead Chapel 
May 29, 1942  The Triumphant Trumpeteers  Information Girls Trampeeters Lead Service At Bible Church 
May 29, 1942  Mrs. Clarence L. Nystrom  Information Mrs. Nystrom Ends Series 
May 29, 1942  Chalres G. Finney News June Confab Honors Finney 
May 29, 1942  Gun Club  Sports Gun Clubbers Vie For Legion Trophy  
May 29, 1942  Faculty Approves Council Selection For Coming Year  News Bjerke Succeds Olson As Record Buisness Head  
May 29, 1942  Chapel Services  Information Announce Chapels For Last Week  
May 29, 1942  Ted Claims Baseball Prowess Owed To Sisler Sports Diamondmen Elect Wehling As Captain  
May 29, 1942  Memorial Day Activities  Sports  Crusaders Play Camp Grant 
May 29, 1942  Student Faculty Committee  Column Revised Consitution Would Give Students Better Representation 
May 29, 1942  John A. Witmer  Column Springs Of Life  
May 29, 1942  Ward Schaap  Column Crusaders For Christ  
May 29, 1942  Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
May 29, 1942  Christian Service Brigade Camp News Wheaton Group Heads Camp 
May 29, 1942  Terpstra, Pinder, Kling  News Council Nominees Show Ability In Leadership  
June 2, 1942  Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
June 2, 1942  Wheaton's Literary Societies  News Lit societies Elexct Officers For Next Year  
June 2, 1942  Honorary Degrees News College Confers Honor Degrees  
June 2, 1942  Iowan Wins Presidency Over Opponents  News Student Body Ratifies Amendments; Pinder Succeeds Parks As Prexy 
June 2, 1942   Active Summer News Pre- Reqistration Indicates Active Summer 
June 2, 1942  Student Prayer Meeting  Information Prayer Meeting  
June 2, 1942  New Physical Education Building News To Dedicate Gym At Commencement 
June 2, 1942  Student Council Constitution News Campus Accepts Revisions With 8-1 Vote  
June 2, 1942  Mr. Elmer E. Beck News  Beck Announces Tentative Plans For New Stupe  
June 2, 1942  Choir, Orchestra Perfom At Gym Dedication; Glee Clubs Sing  Information Conservatory Augments Commencement Calender  
June 2, 1942  W.C.T.C Information Cadets To Meet For Completion Of Training  
June 2, 1942  The Men's Glee Club Information Gleemen To Dine At Elmhurst  
June 2, 1942  Eighty- Third Annual Commencement Information Eighty-Third Commencement Has Full Program 
June 2, 1942  Conservatory Recital  Information Campus Favorites Present Recital  
June 2, 1942  Two Hundred Seniors  News  Graduating Class Numbers Two Hundred 
June 2, 1942  Commencement Activities  News  Expressionist Give Recital  
June 2, 1942  John Hall News Soph Elect J. Hall To Lead Coming Year  
June 2, 1942  M. K. Pttman News  Scribe Rebels At Routine  
June 2, 1942  The Quintet  News  Quintet Tours Midwest States  
June 2, 1942  Morning Chapel, Open House , Concert Feature Program News  College Hails Gym Opening In Special Day 
June 2, 1942  Bible Conference  Information College Offers Bible Conference  
June 2, 1942  Paul B. Stam and Bob Keesy  News  Tower Heads Announce Staff  
June 2, 1942  camop Grant Wallops Wheaton For 28-3 Win Sports  Soldier Nine Bombards Coraymen 
June 2, 1942  Belles On The Ball. . . Column Belles On The Ball. . . 
June 2, 1942  Big Results Accomplished During Year  Column Big Results Accomplished During Year 
June 2, 1942  John A. Witmer  Column Springs Of Life  
June 2, 1942  Famous last Words  Column Geldt's Last ColumnIs Long Series Of Last Words 
June 2, 1942  The Bull Pen Boys Review The Sport Year; Find Room For Improvement Column The Bull Pen Boys Review The Sport Year; Find Room For Improvement  
June 2, 1942  Trackmen Sports Trackemen , Guests Hold Banquet To End Year  
June 2, 1942  Riding Classes Sports Riding Classes End Season 
June 2, 1942  Gun Club  Sports  Cole, Taylor Receive Trophies  
June 2, 1942  Football Sports Footballers Picnic At Herricks's Lake 
June 2, 1942  Prep Talk  Column Prep Talk  
June 2, 1942  Academy Program . . .  Information Academy Program. . . 
June 2, 1942  Annual Field Day  Sports Academy Field Day Atheletes  
June 2, 1942  Debate Teams  News  Three Varsity Debate Teams Enter Varied Competitions During Year  
June 2, 1942  Annual Lit Banquet  News Lit Societies Hold Banquet At Varied Points  
June 2, 1942  Mr. Carl F. Henry  News Henry Receives Th.D at Northern 
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