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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 3, 1942 Carl F. H. Henry  News Henry Announces Easter Speaker  
March 3, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column The Tip-Off  
March 3, 1942 Baseball  Sports Baseball. . . 
March 3, 1942 German Students  Information German Clubbers Dine At Meeting  
March 3, 1942 Conservatory Recitals  News Music Pupils Give Recital  
March 6, 1942 Bits About The Lits Short Comments Bits About The Lits 
March 6, 1942 Coach Edward Coray News Coray Outlines Fitness Plan As Defense Aid  
March 6, 1942 Mr. Charles Baptista  News Baptista to Show Gospel Pictures  
March 6, 1942 Women's Glee Club News Song Birds Fly South  
March 6, 1942 Annual Silver Medal Contest  News WCTU Sponsors Speech Contest 
March 6, 1942 Harold Enright Article US Coordinator Speaks on Bombs To Town, College  
March 6, 1942 Foreign Mission Fellowship News Future Missionaries Elect New Leaders  
March 6, 1942 Magican Tries Hand At Chopping Girl In Four Parts  News Foxwell Attempts Escape From ' Air- Tight ' Box In Annual Performance 
March 6, 1942 Dr. Paul Wright  Article Wright Teaches Life Saving  
March 6, 1942 Work to Include Part-Time Teachings, Reaserch Activities  News Chem Students Receive University Fellowship 
March 6, 1942 Noble Cain Article Cain Augments Band Concert 
March 6, 1942 Physics Department  News Department Buys Sound Projector As Visual Aid 
March 6, 1942 Professor Lester W. Groom News  Groom Announces Recital Numbers  
March 6, 1942 Southwest Alumni Association News Texas Alumni Meet for Banquet  
March 6, 1942 Hymn Sing and Fellowship Team Information Chimes Annouce Freshman Sing  
March 6, 1942 Men's Debate Teams  News  Debaters Lead Services On Trip 
March 6, 1942 Public Affairs Forum Information Future of Captialism Occupies Forum 
March 6, 1942 Dr. and Mrs. Kellersberger  Information Congo Missionaries Speak In Chapel 
March 6, 1942 Anniversary Meet Brings 41-35 Score For Celebration Sports Jubilee Hoop Game Ends Orange Season In Defeat 
March 6, 1942 Ole and Rog Sports The Bull- Pen 
March 6, 1942 Volleyball Sports Frosh Down '43 In Dinals Of Volley Season 
March 6, 1942 Intramural Basketball Sports I-M Finals End Cage Season 
March 6, 1942 Belles On the Ball Sports  Belles On the Ball 
March 6, 1942 Track Team  Sports Four- Way Meet Pits Trackmen Against IC Teams 
March 6, 1942 Library Throngs Bring Woe To Students  Article Library Throngs Bring Woe To Students  
March 6, 1942 Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
March 6, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Springs of Life  
March 6, 1942 Short Haired One To Hurl Challenge At Campus Tyrants  Column Short Haired One To Hurl Challenge At Campus Tyrants  
March 6, 1942 Miss Martha Johnson Column Prep- Talk . . . 
March 6, 1942 Home Economics Department News Books Feature Home Economics  
March 6, 1942 Servicemen List Former Students Serve Country In Armed Forces  
March 6, 1942 Miss Agness Horness  News A. Horness Becomes Prexy's Secretary  
March 6, 1942 Transcribed Broadcasts Bear Message Of Christian Day School News Wheaton Prof Aids Roundtable On Education 
March 6, 1942 Phi Phi Delta ( Fourth Floor Dormitory) Information Penthouse Give All-Out Party  
March 6, 1942 Coping With Various Problems Of Congestion News Library Survey Student Opinion 
March 6, 1942 Juniors To Meet For Sing, Social Information Juniors To Meet For Sing, Social 
March 10, 1942 Werner Graendorf  Column off The Record  
March 10, 1942 The Gospel in Sound Films  News Baptista Shows Sound Films On Gospel Story  
March 10, 1942 Debate Team News Debaters Return From Iowa Meet  
March 10, 1942 Freshman Record Editor News Freshmen Record Starts Rolling 
March 10, 1942 Good news Publishing Company News SDS Publishes Scripture Tract  
March 10, 1942 Zoology Department  News Zoology Majors Take Grad Work  
March 10, 1942 Dick Wilkinson  Information Prayer Meeting  
March 10, 1942 Dr. Hugh M. Cole  Information Cole To Address War Board  
March 10, 1942 Campus To Carry Defense Program For Duration News Student Board Discloses War Efforts In Chapel 
March 10, 1942 Lester W. Groom  News  Groom Continues Vesper Series  
March 10, 1942 Miriam Bailey  News Bailey To Present Senior Voice Recital  
March 10, 1942 War With Japan Article War Activity Demands Action From Student  
March 10, 1942 Servicemen. . . List Servicemen. . . 
March 10, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Springs of Life . . . 
March 10, 1942 Boys Prep For Tech Relays In Chicago  Sports Orange Trackmen Capture Third In Field Meet  
March 10, 1942 Women's rifle Team  Sports  Women Sharpshooters Win Over Texas Team 
March 10, 1942 Football  Sports Griddlers Plan Spring Workouts  
March 10, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column The Bull-Pen 
March 10, 1942 Magic Program News Whoofle Dust Is Foxwell's Biggest Aid 
March 10, 1942 Charlotte Wright  Article Grave Story Comes to Lite  
March 10, 1942 Women's Christian Temperance Union  News WCTU Holds Contest For Frosh Speakers  
March 10, 1942 Howard Bellinger  Information Bellinger Presides Over Affairs Forum 
March 13, 1942 Bit About The Lits  Column Bits About The Lits  
March 13, 1942 Hugh Cole Returns To Alma Mater For War Board Meetings  News  Chicago Prof Speaks Twice On Present War  
March 13, 1942 Chapel Speakers  Information New York Evangelist Fills Chapel Pulpit  
March 13, 1942 Miriam Bailey  Information Miriam Bailey Sings After Lit In Recital  
March 13, 1942 Debate News  Debaters Enter State Meet  
March 13, 1942 Chapel Choir  Information Chapel Choir Ends Season With Campus Program  
March 13, 1942 Rural Evangelism Classes News  Rural Crusade Brings Classes In Evangelism  
March 13, 1942 Witmer at Piano Strings Augment Orchestral Presentation News  Orchestra Features Pianist In Annual Sprin Concert 
March 13, 1942 Freshmen Gather In Lower Chapel Information Freshmen Sing When Bells Ring 
March 13, 1942 Zoology and Botany Classes  Information Biology Students Travel to Chicago  
March 13, 1942 New Gym Article Gym Campaign Needs Final Push For Success  
March 13, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Springs Of Life  
March 13, 1942 Prep-Talk. . . Column Prep-Talk. . . 
March 13, 1942 Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
March 13, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column The Bull- Pen  
March 13, 1942 Rogers Gives Come-Back Exhibit Of Weight -Lifting Sports Alumni Return To Meet Frosh In Mat Battle  
March 13, 1942 Baseball Sports Diamond Batteries Prep For Season  
March 13, 1942 Pioneer Girls Club Leaders  Information Pioneer Girls Club Leaders Stage Retreat  
March 13, 1942 Basketball  Sports Women Begin Games In Lit Hoop Schedule 
March 13, 1942 Ping-Pong Tournment  Sports  Ping-Pong Paddlers Enter Tournament  
March 13, 1942 Organic Chemistry Class  Information Organics Drop Books For Rare Repast 
March 13, 1942 Leslie Gonnsen  News  Gonnsen Uses Slides In Anthro Seminar  
March 13, 1942 Mission Service  News  Teams Present Gospel Message  
March 13, 1942 Illinois Colleg Press Association News Record Editors  
March 13, 1942 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom  News Speakers Simulate Radio Broadcast 
March 13, 1942 French Club News  Jayne Brings Art To French Club  
March 13, 1942 St. Patricks Day Information Faculty Women Plan St. Patrick Day Tea  
March 13, 1942 Dr. Alan MacRae Information MacRae Addresses Minister's Meeting  
March 17, 1942 Workmen Lay Floor; Apply Final Touches  News  Launch New Drive For Gym Completion; Physical Education Plant Nears Dedication 
March 17, 1942 Faculty and Staff News  Faculty Soars Over Third Goal 
March 17, 1942 New Gym Article Prexy Edman Issues Statement  
March 17, 1942 Kathleen Witmer  News  Spring Orchestra Concert Features Kathleen Witmer, String Ensemble  
March 17, 1942 Student Prayer Meeting  Information Prayer Meeting  
March 17, 1942 Dr. Paul Wright and Dr. Roger Voskuyl  Information Victory Program Presents Profs  
March 17, 1942 New Gym  News  New Gym Yields Staggering Figures As Record Statisticians Get Busy 
March 17, 1942 Faculty Members and Student Body Leaders  Article Statement Reflects Campus Pulse . . . 
March 17, 1942 'W' Club Sponsors Parsons Wrestling Room For Late Athelete  News  College Friends To Install Memorial Rooms  
March 17, 1942 Women's Physical Education Building  News Women To Use Remodeled Gym  
March 17, 1942 Crusaders Track Team Sports Season Closes For Trackmen With City Meet  
March 17, 1942 Marian Bulander  Sports  Belles On The Ball  
March 17, 1942 Wrestling  Sports  Alumni Swamp '45 In Mat Meet  
March 17, 1942 Physical Education Program Sports Athletic Program Expands Under New Gym Set-Up  
March 17, 1942 Basketball Sports Grudge Battles Get Under Way 
March 17, 1942  Ole and Rog  Article The Bull-Pen 
March 17, 1942 New Gym Column Faculty Donations Should Spur Individual Endeavor  
March 17, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Springs of Life . . . 
March 17, 1942 Geraldine Anderson  Article These Are the Horrors of War - - - 
March 17, 1942 Servicemen List Servicemen  
March 17, 1942 New Gym Article Suggested As Best Place For Faculty Carnage  
March 17, 1942 Werner Graendorf  Column Off The Record  
March 17, 1942 Organ, Piano, Voice Selections Feature Program Information Music Students Give Recital Thursday Eve 
March 17, 1942 Mrs. V. Raymond Edman Information Mrs. Edman Speaks To Pioneer Girls  
March 17, 1942 Dr. James B. Mack  Information Biology Majors Present Seminar  
March 17, 1942 Robert Taussig News Crusader Matmen Hold Annual Banquet  
March 17, 1942 Final Basketball Class Tournament Sports Soph Girls Take Hoop Tournament  
March 17, 1942 Russian Refugee News Refugee Appears Before German Club 
March 17, 1942 William Nordin News Chapel Choir Sings Saturday 
March 17, 1942 Special Facilities News Underclassmen Give Accessories 
March 17, 1942 Iola Darzes News Darzes To Present Expression Recital  
March 17, 1942 New Type Telescoping Bleachers News Gym Bleachers To Fold Back 
March 20, 1942 Campus News bits News Bits about the Lits 
March 20, 1942 Director Art Dominy News Campus Saves Waste Goods For Defense 
March 20, 1942 American Red Cross News Med Club Asks For Blood Plasma  
March 20, 1942 Iola Darzes News Darzes Presents Senior Recital  
March 20, 1942 College Student Committee Civilian Defense  News Civilian Defense Occupies Board 
March 20, 1942 Mary Garfield News USO Group Sponsors Servicemen Visits  
March 20, 1942 Carolyn Troutman News Women to Make War Supplies 
March 20, 1942 Faculty , Students Unite Efforts In Campaign News Student War Board Brings All-Out Victory Drive 
March 20, 1942 Wheaton College Victory Campaign News Wright, Voskuyl Speak Monday 
March 20, 1942 Mary Katherine Pittman News College Red Cross Cross Unit Trains Campus For War 
March 20, 1942 Homer E. Dowdy News Dowdy Leads Promotion Group Of Council  
March 20, 1942 Mr. Charles McDonald  News Poster Contest Brings Prizes 
March 20, 1942 Student War Board  News War Board Plans Future Finance 
March 20, 1942 Annual Washington Day Celebration News Flag Recognizes Men In Service 
March 20, 1942 Speakers Cover Every Phase Of War News Faculty Prepares Lectures On Vital War Topics 
March 20, 1942 Wheaton Chapel Choir News Choir Concert Shows Campus Varied Talent 
March 20, 1942 Campus News Titbits News Prep Talk 
March 20, 1942 Ole and Rog News Bull Pen  
March 20, 1942 Entertainment for 150 Soldiers News WAA Sponsors Trip To Fort 
March 20, 1942 Page, Dick Represent Wheaton News Academy Swimmers Compete at Chicago 
March 20, 1942 50 WAA & 50 Fellows Sports Girls Bring Fellows To WAA Blowout 
March 20, 1942 John Q. News Well Organised War Board Brings Results 
March 20, 1942 Werner Graendorf Editorial Off The Record 
March 20, 1942 T. D. Parks News Student Body Sends Letter To Roosevelt 
March 20, 1942 John A. Witmer News Springs Of Life 
March 20, 1942 Chairman Lucille Knotts News Research Board Collects Data On Activities 
March 20, 1942 Roger Martin News Ex '43 Incurs Injuries In Army Plane Crash  
March 20, 1942 Recitals News Speech Students Continue Series 
March 20, 1942 Ann King News Discuss Education At Anthro Seminar  
March 20, 1942 Dr. Frank Van Dusen News Van Dusen Completes Vesper Recital Group 
March 24, 1942 Werner Graendorf News Off The Record 
March 24, 1942 Sponsors Meetings On Campus News Council Guides Christian Work of Wheaton 
March 24, 1942 Melvin Kessinger News Kessinger Sings Italian Numbers In Voice Recital 
March 24, 1942 Webber, Sanders and Graham News Campus Makes Choice In Chapel For Christian Council President 
March 24, 1942 Drs. Robert Stone & Harriet Jameson  News Stone, Jameson Write Greek Text 
March 24, 1942 Freshman Records  News Freshman Class Publishers Record  
March 24, 1942 Enock C. Dryness News Dryness Attends Registrars' Meet 
March 24, 1942 Mel Carrico News Campus Offers Increased Jobs During Spring 
March 24, 1942 Belt Hall News Belts Acquire New Lit Hall 
March 24, 1942 Edmund Brust  Information Brust Presents Zoology Seminar  
March 24, 1942 Gospel Team News Gospel Teams Fill Increased Demand For Services 
March 24, 1942 Illinios College Press Association News Record Takes State Honors  
March 24, 1942 Student Prayer Meeting  Information Prayer Meeting 
March 24, 1942 Miscellenous Recital  Information Afternoon recital Presents Varied Musical Talents 
March 24, 1942 Mr. Carl F. H. Henry  News  Army Recognizes Brother of Prof 
March 24, 1942 Nick Klassen News Klassen Takes Air Raid Post  
March 24, 1942 Harned , Gerstung Defeat Opponets In Novice Championship Sports Orange Matmen Reach Finals In AAU Meet 
March 24, 1942 Belles On the Ball  Sports  Spring has Sprung The Grass Is Riz I Wonder Where The Flowers  
March 24, 1942 Game Blowout  Sports Faculty Holds Game Blowout  
March 24, 1942 Intramural Teams  Sports Juniors Topple Sophs To Take Hoop Crown 
March 24, 1942 Annual Play Day Sports North Central Offers Play Day For Coeds  
March 24, 1942 Wrestling  Sports Crusader Wrestlers Forsake Mat For Banquet, Program, Awards 
March 24, 1942 United States Is At War Sports  War Training Cancels Indoor Track Meet  
March 24, 1942 Basketball Sports Lit teams Settle Basketball Tile  
March 24, 1942 Walter Craymer  News Craymer Succeeds Rosser As Treasurer  
March 24, 1942 Council Election Not Merely Popularity Concert  Article Council Election Not Merely Popularity Concert  
March 24, 1942 John A. Witmer  Column Spring Of Life  
March 24, 1942 12 Officers and Servicemen News Reviewing Stand 
March 24, 1942 Thursday Night Brings Last Stand Of Faculty Chiefs  News  Special Bulletin 
March 24, 1942 Wheaton College Dining Hall News Small Space, Great Haste, Bring Broken China Crashing Down  
March 24, 1942 Dr. V. Raymond Edman  News  Announce speakers For Chapel Services  
March 24, 1942 Easter Sunrise Service  News  Sunrise Service Brings Throngs For Easter  
March 24, 1942 The Field Museum  Information Biologists Visit field Museum  
March 24, 1942 Ruth McLaughlin  Information Seminar Discusses Aboriginal America  
March 24, 1942 Engagements News Tower Bell Rings For Graduate  
March 24, 1942 Prayer Meeting Information Upperclassmen Unite In Prayer Service  
March 24, 1942 Wheaton College and Moody Bible Insitute Article Schools Interchange All But Campuses  
March 27, 1942  Fragments About The Societies  Column Ruth Bates  
March 27, 1942 " The Human Adventure" News  Movie Revives Glorious Past Of Mankind  
March 27, 1942 Harry Guilbert  Information Guilbert Speaks On Safety Monday Night  
March 27, 1942 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom  News  Debaters Vie In Nations  
March 27, 1942 Mendelssohn's Oratotio  News Oratorio Brings Emminent Voices To Campus  
March 27, 1942 President Elect Places Stress On Evangelism  News Student Body Elects Billy Graham to Council Presidency  
March 27, 1942 Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon  News Pastor Brings Chapel Series  
March 27, 1942 Efffective Tesimony Based On Balanced Endeavor  Article Effective Testimony based On Balance Endeavor 
March 27, 1942 Fordyce Tyler  Column Gleams From the Word  
March 27, 1942 Johnson Article Prexy Cogitates  
March 27, 1942 Notaw Thentic Short Story On The Inside Track 
March 27, 1942 Dr. Straw  Short Comments  Chapel Nuggets Current  
March 27, 1942 Howard W. Ferrin  Short Comments Chapel Nuggets Past  
March 27, 1942 Freshman Wins On Pin In Final Round  Sports  Wheaton Duo Win, Lose In AAU Meet 
March 27, 1942 Basketball Sports Lit Basketball 
March 27, 1942 Tennis  Sports Tennis manager Announces Racquet Schedule  
March 27, 1942 Marg and Ping Sports Scrambles and Damsells  
March 27, 1942 Pysical Education  News Open House Makes Possible Gym Inspection 
March 27, 1942 Emerson Norman News  Rockford Recital 
March 27, 1942 The Christain and Missionary Alliance  News F.M.F Elects Thorne President As Group Anticipates Coming Of Missionary Conference 
March 31, 1942 Warren Lane  New Off the Wreckage 
March 31, 1942 Charles Shirk News Shirk Announces Two day Ride 
March 31, 1942 Scholastic Honor Society News Honor Society Announces Fund For Scholarship 
March 31, 1942 Beth Branson News Williston Girls Buy Bond 
March 31, 1942 Lucille Knotts News War Progam Marches On 
March 31, 1942 Miss Virginia Mandy News Graduate Weds Chicago Man 
March 31, 1942 Sophomores Information Preps Collect Waste Paper For Holiday 
March 31, 1942 Students, Townfolk To Have Opportunity For Instruction News  Cadet Training Corps Makes Bow on Campus At Special Chapel 
March 31, 1942 President V. Raymond Edman News New Gym Drive Hits Last Lap 
March 31, 1942 Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon News Speaker Makes Jinx Journey 
March 31, 1942 Wheaton College Infirmary Information Students Illnesses Show Sharp Decline 
March 31, 1942 Gretchen Stanbury News Students Must Stop Helping Seeing Eye Dog 
March 31, 1942 Record From Table Article Freshmen Rhetoric Devotees Observe Student Study Habits 
March 31, 1942 Mavis King  News Campus Customs Date Back To Days of Old 
March 31, 1942 Glen Evans  News Surprise Tests Are Profs Weapon 
March 31, 1942 Edith Bervein News Wheaton Plays Essential Role In Two Wars 
March 31, 1942 Harned Takes Up Wrestling In Self Defense News Freshman Wins, Novice Crown In AAU Contest 
March 31, 1942 Coach Lauren King News Students Battle For Positions On Tennis Team 
March 31, 1942 Eileen Johnson Sports Women's Rifle Team Defeats Opponents 
March 31, 1942 Marg and Ping Sports Scrambles and Damsels 
March 31, 1942 Stan Benson Sports From Where We Sit 
March 31, 1942 Bob Paine News  Comes Springtime, Comes Baseball 
March 31, 1942 Foxwell Recital Brings Profits Merle Schultz News Foxwell Recital Brings Profits 
March 31, 1942 K.B.Tiffany's Rhetoric News Writers Stress Chapel behavior In Courtesy Bits 
March 31, 1942 Gospel of Our Risen Christ Article Christian Soldiers Must Work Now-- Not Later 
March 31, 1942 Bill Johnston Article Prexy Cogitates  
March 31, 1942 Fordyce Tyler Article Gleams From The Word 
March 31, 1942 Hei-Lung-Kiang Column Letters To The Editor 
March 31, 1942 Prevar-I-Cator Literature On the Inside Track 
March 31, 1942 Statistics Information What your Defense Stamp Dollars Will Do 
March 31, 1942 Joe Marone Ariticle Chapel Nuggets... 
March 31, 1942 Deam Schell  News Academy New 
March 31, 1942 The big bullies! Article When Mother Accompanied Me To A Football Encounter 
March 31, 1942 Beautiful Sunday Article A Students's First Experience At personal Work on the "L" 
April 2, 1942 Jack Frost's News Super Snooper 
April 2, 1942 Ellie Bailey News Dining Hall Hostess Burns In Effigy 
April 2, 1942 New Dorm Women News Lonesome gals Gain Relief 
April 2, 1942 Edman Raffles 1940 Chrysler For Defense News Frosh Pull A-A Scoop Foil Senior Attempt For Real Sneak 
April 2, 1942 Bob Taylor New Letter Exposes Secret Plans Of Weatherby 
April 2, 1942 German Classes News Paper Sends Correspondents To Europe 
April 2, 1942 Glenn Evans Article Gleams From The Word 
April 2, 1942 Cooper Manor Article Queer Queries 
April 2, 1942 Watta Bigred Lie Literature On the Inside Track 
April 2, 1942 Warren Lane News  Off the Wreckage 
April 2, 1942 Joe Pinkerton News Council Prexy Works Secretly As Sleuth 
April 2, 1942 New Dorm News You Paranoids Cut It Out 
April 2, 1942 Mrs. Anderson  News Dorm Pranksters 
April 2, 1942 J.C.Patterson News Frosh Regime 
April 2, 1942 Roger King News Kings's Kornor 
April 2, 1942 Joel Wilson News Wilson Covets 46 Editorship 
April 17, 1942 Campus News Titbits News Bits About The Lits 
April 17, 1942 Stanley S. Carpenter & Joyce S. Wang News Graduate, Senior Win Illinois Scholarships 
April 17, 1942 Women Housing Groups News Dorm, Town Girls Stage Parties  
April 17, 1942 Elizabeth Joslin News Nobody Knows The Trouble.... Women Sing  
April 17, 1942 Homer E. Dowdy News Extend Deadline For SWB Contest 
April 17, 1942 Dr. Russel L. Mixter News Mixter, Obrien Lecture On War 
April 17, 1942 Missionary Alliance Convention News Alliance Meet Hears Speakers From War Zones 
April 17, 1942 Gilbert Koppin News Koppin Appears In voice Recital 
April 17, 1942 Al Bean News Bean Gives Seminar On Ancient Tablets 
April 17, 1942 Sixteen Concerts News Thousand Mile Tour Gives Brass Choir Busy Time 
April 17, 1942 President V. Raymond Edman News Edman Returns From Trip East 
April 17, 1942 Rev Arthur W. Kuschkle News Seminary Field Man Shows School Movies 
April 17, 1942 Paul Edwards Sports Elect Edwards Basket Captain For Next Season 
April 17, 1942 Coraymen  Sports Rain Cancels North Park Game 
April 17, 1942 Coach Del Nelson News Coach Del Nelson Leaves For Navy 
April 17, 1942 Crusader Track Team Sports Orange Runners Hold Dual Meet 
April 17, 1942 Ole and Rog Sports The Bull Pen 
April 17, 1942 SWB News Your Gym Pledge, Your war Stamps Combine For Victory 
April 17, 1942 Rev. Logsdon Article Chapel Nuggets 
April 17, 1942 Chapel Literature Schedule for Day of Prayer 
April 17, 1942 John A. Witmer Article Springs of Life 
April 17, 1942 Werner Graendorf News Off the Record 
April 17, 1942 A.H.Johnson News Prep Talk 
April 17, 1942 Dr.James B.Mack News Zoology Majors Continue Med Work In Leading Universities of Nation 
April 17, 1942 Dr.Riley News Riley Messages Noted For Fundamentalism 
April 21, 1942 V.Raymond Edman News Prayer Day Statements 
April 21, 1942 Pianist Selects Classical Pieces For Junior Program News  Koppin Appears At keyboard For Recital 
April 21, 1942 Mr. Kirk's News Jeeps! Jeeps! You Buy Em 
April 21, 1942 Jean Killian News New Dormers Dine Under Spring Skies 
April 21, 1942 Chapel, Convocation, Small Groups Mark Prayer Day News College Family Observes Special Prayer Sessions 
April 21, 1942 Dr. Frank VanDusen News Music Students Present Recital 
April 21, 1942 The Human Adventure News Archaeology Film Depicts Orient 
April 21, 1942 Mrs. Clara Giulina News Announce Revisions In Faculty Personnel 
April 21, 1942 Christians Article Spiritual Salients For Prayer Warriors Include School, Nation 
April 21, 1942 Werner Greandorf News Off the Record 
April 21, 1942 OLE and ROG Article The Bull-Pen 
April 21, 1942 John A. Witmer Article Springs of Life 
April 21, 1942 River Forest Nine Starts In Seventh On Crusader Errors News Wheaton Falls To Concordia In First Loss 
April 21, 1942 Popular Sports Sports Belles On The Ball 
April 21, 1942 Naperville Team Sports Orange Runners Almost Win 
April 21, 1942 Illinois Tech Sports Netmen Drop To Dual Foe 
April 21, 1942 Personal Evangelism Gives Christian Heart-Felt Joy News Coucil Enlarges 'L' Work To Cover Chicago Parks 
April 21, 1942 Le Cercle Francais News French Club Meets For Sunday Vespers 
April 21, 1942 Zoology Seminar  News Kunz Brings Seminar On Digestive System 
April 21, 1942 Pi Kappa Delta News Kappas Admit New Members 
April 24, 1942 Junior Prexy Mary Garfield News BITS about the LITS 
April 21, 1942 Bob Oliver  News Glee Club Tells Of Annual Trip 
April 21, 1942 Seniors Kidnap Frosh Valkus In Blanchar Hall News Captors Release 'Dick Tracy' Retain Fesmire 
April 21, 1942 Marjorie Barber News 43 Tower Nears Completion After Year's Work 
April 24, 1942 Dean Smith News Secretaries Plan Spiring Open Lit 
April 24, 1942 Amerding, Reich, Smith  News Prominent Staff Members Aid Moody Day Program At Wheaton Bible Church  
April 24, 1942 Dr. Walter L. Wilson  News Pastors, Radio Staff Lead Chapel Services 
April 24, 1942 Len Osbrink  News Gospel Teams Continue Work 
April 24, 1942 Naval Air Forces News Navy Announces V-1 Changes For College Men 
April 24, 1942 Wheaton Leads 2 to 1 Sports Baseballers Lose, 5 top 4 To Forest park 
April 24, 1942 Campus Literary Organizations Sports Badminton Beckons Lits 
April 24, 1942 Basket Ball Team Sports Recognize Girl All Stars 
April 24, 1942 Ann Johnston's  News Blackstone Plans WAA Banquet 
April 24, 1942 Hoffacker House News Hoffacker House Entertains At Party 
April 24, 1942 Y.M.C.A News Ex-Wheatonite Supervises YMCA Foods 
April 24, 1942 Time to Ripe unto Harvest Article Climazes in Daily life Present Opportunities For Future Establishment 
April 24, 1942 Louise Cole Literature Meditations In April 
April 24, 1942 Weyman Cleveland News Israelites Learn Lesson Of Jehovah's Goodness During Desert Wanderings 
April 24, 1942 Dr. Edman Information Chapel Nuggets... 
April 24, 1942 Tom Conway News Ancient Willow Crashers; Termites, Woodpeckers Take Final Nibbles 
April 24, 1942 Jimmie Weber  Sports Tracksters Go To Elmhurst 
April 24, 1942 Hinsdale News Bartlett Visits Forest Preserve 
April 24, 1942 Drom Boy Gonnsen News Juniors Publish Spectacular Sneak News Before Seniors Escape TO Jack And Jill Ranch 
April 24, 1942 Sigma Pi Sigma News Oddities From Science 
April 24, 1942 Del Nelson Column Prep Talk 
April 24, 1942 Chinese Students Invite Statesman To Dinner Party News Chinese Consul-General Visits Wheaton Campus For Lecture Finale 
April 28, 1942 Ken Smith  News Affairs Forum Talks About Future Peace 
April 28, 1942 Mr. Jolley News Jolley, Sanford Go To Urbana 
April 28, 1942 George Moffitt, Jr News OFF the RECORD 
April 28, 1942 Miss Florence Cobb News Cobb Presents Six Students In Recital 
April 28, 1942 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Prexy Lectures To Ministers On War Topic 
April 28, 1942 Corresponding Secretaries Center Meeting Around Popular Novel News Societies Plan Varied Program For Open Lit 
April 28, 1942 President Weyman Cleveland News Dixie Club Gathers For Eats, Elections 
April 28, 1942 David H. Heydenburk News Campus Guest To Direct Finney Meet 
April 28, 1942 Sneakers Bring Back Poison Ivy, Measles For Keepsakes News Seniors Return From Vaction In Michigan 
April 28, 1942 Dr. King Article Selfishness And Busy Life Interfere With Possible And Profitable Contacts 
April 28, 1942 Dr. Edman Article Chapel Nuggets 
April 28, 1942 THE RECORD Article "Star"Reporter Tells 
April 28, 1942 Weyman R Cleveland Article A "Must" In A christian's Life Enthrones God As King Regardless of Circumstances 
April 28, 1942 OLE and ROG Literature The Bull-Pen 
April 28, 1942 Drop 10-3 In Bradley Combat Sports Blueboys Beat Crusaders At Jacksonville 
April 28, 1942 Coach Harvey Chrouser's News Thinclads Meet Junior College  
April 28, 1942 North Central College Sports Girls' Tennis Team Starts May Schedule 
April 28, 1942 Illinois Tech  Sports Illinois Tech Netters Win Over Wheaton 
April 28, 1942 United States War News SWB Sells $100 In U.S. War Stamps 
April 28, 1942 Dr. Donald E. Hockman News Gun Clubbers Supplement Victory Program 
April 28, 1942 Dr. Frank W. VanDusen News College Changes Set Forth In New Catalog 
April 28, 1942 St Charles News Four Houses Plan Weekend Parties 
April 28, 1942 Muriel Taylor  News Infirmary Guards Scarlet Fever Patient  
April 28, 1942 Bob Whitaker News Whitaker Leads Salvage Plans 
April 28, 1942 Margaret Wendell News Wendell Presents Expression Recital 
April 28, 1942 Charles Mellis News Gospel Teams Inaugurate Park Campaigns 
May 1, 1942 Robert C. Stone News Chaperons, Sneakers Give Opinions 
May 1, 1942 Five Houses Bring Spring Parties News Committee Presents Facts Concerning Sneak Plans 
May 1, 1942 Dual Kidnapping Brings Heavy Punishment To Underclassmen News  Committe Presents Facts Concerning Sneak Plans 
May 1, 1942 Patsy A. Cristy News Blitz-Buggies Do Everything 
May 1, 1942 Bob Whitaker News SWB Inaugurates City Salvage 
May 1, 1942 Clarence Jones News HCJB Dedicates Program to Wheaton 
May 1, 1942 English Novel Funishes Background For Annual Program News Lits Break Precedent With Spring Informal 
May 1, 1942 Mr. Julius Haavid News Sugar Rations Cut School Use By 50 Per Cent 
May 1, 1942 Mel Carrico  News May Use Bell As Raid Alarm 
May 1, 1942 Military Group Learns Tactics In Wednesday Drills News Training Corps Prepares For Memorial Day Parade 
May 1, 1942 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News Nystrom Begins Womens' Course 
May 1, 1942 Margaret Wendell News Wendell Closes Work With Speech Recital 
May 1, 1942 Two Regulars Miss Game By Suspension News Crusaders Lose Sixth Straight To Elmhurst 
May 1, 1942 Archers Sports Archery Classes Determine Champion 
May 1, 1942 Darlene Holster Sports Girls Varsity Bow To Redbirds 
May 1, 1942 Dr. Russell Mixter News Health Groups Hold Posture Contest  
May 1, 1942 The Garden of the Moon News WAA Banquets For First Time 
May 1, 1942 Werner Graendorf News OFF the RECORD 
May 1, 1942 John A. Witmer Article Springs of Life 
May 1, 1942 Dr. Edman News Chapel Nuggets 
May 1, 1942 Dr. Rebecca R. Price News Prep Talk 
May 1, 1942 Harlan Harris News Rival States Unite For Spring Party 
May 1, 1942 Lauren A. King's  News Tennis Team Plays First Home Match 
May 1, 1942 Mrs. Nystrom News OCD Sponsors Home Lectures To Aid 'Behind Lines' Program 
May 1, 1942 President Alloway  News French Club Attends Church In Chicago 
May 1, 1942 Charles MacDonald Sports Saxby Takes Poster Prize 
May 5, 1942 Werner Graendorf News OFF the RECORD 
May 5, 1942 John C. Patterson News Seniors Meet For Discussion Of Class Stand 
May 5, 1942 Robert L. Cooke New House To Hold Informal Outings 
May 5, 1942 James Buswell  News Posture Winners To Receive War Stamp Books 
May 5, 1942 Bob Whitaker News Salvage Bring Paper Deluge 
May 5, 1942 Ruth Trudel News German Club Meets For Dinner Session 
May 5, 1942 Mrs Mignon B. Mackenzie's  News Music Students To Present Monthly Program 
May 5, 1942 Miss Evelyn E. Erickson News Spanish Students Hold Noon Luncheon 
May 5, 1942 War Ration News US Inaugurates Sugar Ration As War Measure 
May 5, 1942 Record Article Record Clarifies Editorial Views On Friday Issue 
May 5, 1942 Louise E. Cole Literature The March Of America 
May 5, 1942 Mr. Jolley Article Geidt Testy About Exams Quizzical on Comps 
May 5, 1942 John A. Witmer Article SPRINGS OF LIFE 
May 5, 1942 Patsy Cristy News U.S. Consumes One-fifth World Sugar Production  
May 5, 1942 Mrs. Valeria News Boggs Presents Senior Recital After Lit 
May 5, 1942 Mr. Lester Wheeler Groom News Groom Appears In Organ Recital 
May 5, 1942 Art Svedberg News Discuss Nerves In Zoo Seminar 
May 5, 1942 Wilbur Westerdahl News Anthropologists Hear Westerdahl 
May 5, 1942 Light of the West  News Colorado Clubbers Meet For Program 
May 5, 1942 Ruth Hamilton  News Women Present Home Concert 
May 8, 1942 Dr. Peter B. Joshua News Varied Talent Comes to Chapel 
May 8, 1942 Missionary's Daughter Takes Lessons In States, India News Boogs Appears After Lit In Piano Recital  
May 8, 1942 Mae Hiemenga News BITS About the LITS 
May 8, 1942 Dick Wilkinson News Gospel Teams Fill Weekend Engagement 
May 8, 1942 Salon D'Histoirie News Academy Sponsors Art Exhibition 
May 8, 1942 Witmer, Whitlock, Tallakson Solo; Trio Appears News Women's Glee Club Sings In Annual Spring Concert; To Show Movies of Tour 
May 8, 1942 Phil Foxwell's News SWB Succeeds In Paper Bailng 
May 8, 1942 Sophs Win Honors In Seven-Fold Health Competition News Coen, Flora Take First In Campus Posture Contest 
May 8, 1942 Mr. Carl F. H. Henry News Henry Receives Theology Degree 
May 8, 1942 Doris Ferry  News Fery To Close College Study With Recital 
May 8, 1942 Raymond News Geidt To Give All He's Got 
May 8, 1942 Paul Wright's  News Geologists Visit Dells For Rock Study 
May 8, 1942 V. Raymond Edman News Prexy Awards Military Honors 
May 8, 1942 Mr. Edwin Wade News Seminarians End Year With Banquet 
May 8, 1942 Chairman Johnson Informs Donors Of Day's Schedule News 80 Students Give Blood To Red Cross Bank 
May 8, 1942 Dr. Moule News Prep-Talk 
May 8, 1942 Dr. S. R. Kamm News Sociologists To Visit Cook County Jail 
May 8, 1942 Josepth Medill Article Reprinted Editorial Outlines Duties Of Newspapers 
May 8, 1942 Tower News Geidt bemoans Tower Difficulties; Exhorts: Carry on 
May 8, 1942 Miss Ruth E. Paxon Article Chapel Nuggets... 
May 8, 1942 Meet Illinois Tech, George Williams College On Home Field News Crusader Nine Tries Comeback In Double Tilt 
May 8, 1942 John A. Witmer Article SPRINGS OF LIFE... 
May 8, 1942 Mrs. H. William Nordin News Choristers Picnic On Fox River 
May 8, 1942 Dave Coleman News Trackmen Enter Elmhurst Relays 
May 8, 1942 Mrs. V. Raymond Edman News Women Athletes Hold Banquet For Year's End  
May 8, 1942 Charles Shirk Sports Riding Classes Plan Horseshow 
May 8, 1942 Helen Goodrich News Campus Rides; But In a Jeep 
May 8, 1942 Archery Tournament Sports WAA Enlarges Prgram With Spring Archery 
May 8, 1942 OLE and ROG Column  Bull Pen 
May 8, 1942 Lauren A . King's News Netmen Travel To Lake Forest 
May 8, 1942 Record Shows Advertising Increase For Year News Business Booms When Ads Soar, Says Patterson 
May 8, 1942 Managing My Money News Faculty Women Bring Lectures 
May 8, 1942 Werner Graendorf News Off the Record... 
May 8, 1942 Bill Johnson  News Johnson Assumes Mooseheart Post 
May 8, 1942 Carl F. H. Henry News Journalists Tour Tribune Plant 
May 8, 1942 Blanchard Hall News Frosh Change Gym Gift Plans 
May 8, 1942 Josepth Palmer News Parties Continue For Campus Houses 
May 12, 1942 Werner Graendorf News OFF the RECORD 
May 12, 1942 Glee Club News Glee Club Holds "Uncle Bill" In High Esteem 
May 12, 1942 Mary Lou Loomis News Council Appoints Big Brother, Sister 
May 12, 1942 William E. Geidt News Serious Geidt To Present Piano Recital 
May 12, 1942 Fayette Wing  News Anthropologitst Hear Wing Seminar 
May 12, 1942 Miss Cobb's Student Enacts "Mrs. Wiggs" From American Favorite News Ferry Interprets Novel In Final Expression Recital 
May 12, 1942 Arthur Burton News Burton To Discuss Bible Excavations 
May 12, 1942 Carl F. H. Henry News Henry Gains Book Material First Hand 
May 12, 1942 Student Government News Editor Discusses Major Issue Facing Campus 
May 12, 1942 Ward Schaap News Crusaders for Christ 
May 12, 1942 Rev. J. Edwin Orr Article Chapel Nuggets 
May 12, 1942 John A. Witmer Article Spring of Life 
May 12, 1942 Dean Culley Article Geidt Rejoices Over New Arrival In Records Office 
May 12, 1942 Rain Interrupts Second Game In Fourth Frame Sports Crusaders Drop Three-Hitter To Illinois Tech 
May 12, 1942 Ray Scott News Chrousermen Lose Invitational Relay 
May 12, 1942 Danny Dahl News Frosh Intramurals Take First Round 
May 12, 1942 Milikin University Sports Women Place In Tennis Meet 
May 12, 1942 Mrs. Harriet Hester News Rural Schools Convene For Music Festival 
May 15, 1942 Jean Dunkin  News BITS About the LITS 
May 15, 1942 Adops 30,000 Pilots-a-Year Training Program News Navy Suggests New Chances For College Men 
May 15, 1942 Marion Bailey News 43ers Evacuate To Jackson Park 
May 15, 1942 Williams Evans Geidt News Darzes, McAfee Assist Geidt 
May 15, 1942 Rev. M. J. Saloff- Ashtahkoff News Chapel Schedule Lists Russian 
May 15, 1942 Men Choristers To Recreate Dixie Atmosphere News Glee Club Ends Season With Home Concert 
May 15, 1942 Grades News Comprehensives Occupy Seniors 
May 15, 1942 Carl E. Johnson News Students Add To Blood Bank 
May 15, 1942 Record Article Editorial Excerps Restate Position Of Record 
May 15, 1942 John A. Witmer News Springs Of Life 
May 15, 1942 OLE and ROG  Article The Bull-Pen 
May 15, 1942 Werner Graendorf News OFF the RECORD 
May 15, 1942 Dave Nelson News Crusaders Meet Old Rivals In Diamond Fray 
May 15, 1942 Mrs. Elizabeth Downey News Artists Attend Exhibition Tea 
May 15, 1942 Carl Devries Sports Wheaton Wins Meet With Large Margin 
May 15, 1942 Academy Gospel Team News Preps Support Gospel Teams 
May 19, 1942 Kharkov may be Waterloo News OFF the RECORD 
May 19, 1942 Wayne Balch  News Balch Gives Organ Vespers To End Study 
May 19, 1942 Dallas Theological Seminary  News Ministerial Fellowship Closes Year With Chafer Speaking At Banquet 
May 19, 1942 Dick Strom News Sophs Retreat To Starved Rock 
May 19, 1942 Mr. V.D. Jolley News Jolley Leads Division Of Science Academy 
May 19, 1942 Bill Geidt News Geidt Performs For Uncle Sam 
May 19, 1942 Staff To Relax At Dinner, Canoeing Party News Tower Staff presents Book In Friday Chapel 
May 19, 1942 Dave Hammer News Freshmen Trek To Lake Geneva 
May 19, 1942 Dr. James R. Angell Article Secular Columnist Finds Bible Only Guide 
May 19, 1942 OLE and ROG Article The Bull-Pen 
May 19, 1942 John A. Witmer Article Springs of Life 
May 19, 1942 Wessner Lacks Effective Support Of Infield News Coray men Boot Close Game To Elmhurst 
May 19, 1942 Ruth Jensen Sports Women Take Elmhurst Match 
May 19, 1942 Frosh Softballers Sports Frosh Down Soph Nie For IM Round 2 Title 
May 19, 1942 Sigma Pi Sigma News Oddities From Science 
May 19, 1942 Aileen Smith News Smith, Martin Win Lit Meet 
May 19, 1942 War Department Calls Volunteers For Leadership News Reserve Corps Offers men Study Chance 
May 19, 1942 Dr. H.A. Bethe News Sigma Xi Elects Taylor President 
May 19, 1942 Lincoln Nelson News German Clubbers Meet For Folklore 
May 19, 1942 Lee Webber News Lee Webber To Head Seniors 
May, 22,1942 Art and Beth  Information  Bits and Lits  
May, 22,1942 Staff to Receives Preview Book at Canoe Party News  Staff Dedicates College Annual to Dr. Kamm 
May, 22,1942 Lucille Becker  News  Bows Hold Vespers in Knight Hall 
May, 22,1942 Wayne Balch Music  Balch Presents Organ Recital  
May, 22,1942 Dr. Harry Ironside  Information  Noted Speakers to Fill Pulpit 
May, 22,1942 Louis Flora  Information  Sophs Stage Exit to Starved Rock 
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