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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
August 19,1942 People you should know  News PEOPLE you should know 
August 19,1942 Rev. Meril T. McPherson News War continued summer term draws to close 
August 19,1942 AI Levy  Information Black, outside light within 
August 19,1942 Mr. E. A. Cording  News War bonds, stamps acceptable for Gym  
August 19,1942 Lieutenant Neal Curtis  News Neal Curtis '41 dies in action 
August 19,1942 Largest student body Information Reconditional campus welcomes student flood 
August 19,1942 Mr. Enoch Dyrness News Enlisted offers chance to finish school 
August 19,1942 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen  Information Thiessan writing new text book 
August 19,1942 Mary Sue Bucko  Information So you want to go to college 
August 19,1942 Professor H.William Nordin  News Glee club, choir plan new year 
August 19,1942 R. A . F junior medical officer News RAF officer brings war close to campus 
August 19,1942 Prexy Lee Webber News Senior Prexy tells activities 
August 19,1942 Foot ball Sports Football team ready to go for big season 
August 19,1942 George Rogers Sports THE HUDDLE..... 
August 19,1942 Wrestling team Sports Grapplers hit by withdrawal 
August 19,1942 Continued from front page  News Service men all over the world 
August 19,1942 Reserve plans keep athletes on teams  Sports Sports picture good, despite enlistments; new gym big factor  
August 19,1942 Coach Coray  Sports Coach caught in grave error 
August 19,1942 Soccer team  Sports  Orange booters arrange games 
August 19,1942 Captain Duncan Stewart  Sports Dunc stewart heads harriers 
August 19,1942 Continued from front page News Errolment tops last year's figure inspite of war 
August 19,1942 New major subject  News College adds home economics as a new major subject 
August 19,1942 New physical education Sports New gym project nearly paid for 
August 19,1942 Continued from page three Sports Experienced men promise good season 
August 19,1942 Continued from front page News Blackout gives chances for prayer services 
August 19,1942 Program schedule  News Freshman - days program 
August 19,1942 Speed up program  News College offers speed up program to aid students during war- time 
August 19,1942 Continued from page two  News Keesy works way thru school 
August 19,1942 Continued from front page  News Room at top, campus leaders say to new students 
August 19,1942 Wheaton men News Wheaton men serve country on many fronts 
August 19,1942 Reserve Corps  Information Reserve corps offer students college chance 
August 19,1942 Coach Coray  News Sign error is coach's panic 
August 19,1942 Continued from editorial page News Off the Record 
August 19,1942 Football Sports Orange Gridders expect big year 
August 19,1942 Dr. Carl F. H. Henry News Henry writes mission book 
August 19,1942 Marian Bulander  Column. Belles..... on the Ball  
August 19,1942 Wheaton's Growth  Article  Wheaton's growth during war proves it unique 
August 19,1942 John A. Witmer Article  Springs of life 
August 19,1942 Werner Graendorf  News Off the Record 
August 19,1942 Coach Chrouser News Coach joins navy for two weeks, finds ideas for Wheaton's campus 
August 19,1942 Continued from page two News RAF ambulance man tells downing of planes by rifles during escape 
August 19,1942 Wrestling team  Sports Wrestling.......  
August 19,1942 Football team  Sports Football....... 
August 19,1942 Special war traning program News War night school offers courses in science, business 
August 19,1942 Wheaton Men News These men fight for God and country 
September 22,1942 Bits about Lits  News BITS about the LITS 
September 22,1942 Army officer urges college men to gain experience News Cadet training corps begins recruiting drive 
September 22,1942 Professor Enock C. Dyrness News Joint war board outlines plans for enlistment 
September 22,1942 Big and little sister Information Big, little sisters meet at afternoon tea 
September 22,1942 Al Graf  Sports Here and there 
September 22,1942 Evangelistic services News Evangelistic services start school year for largest student body 
September 22,1942 Rev. Colver J. Mason Information Mason opens fall services; Mckee leads songs 
September 22,1942 Students endures News Students endures endless lines 
September 22,1942 Edna Means News Edna means to give program 
September 22,1942 Scholastic year Column "New year" day brings emphasis on spiritual life 
September 22,1942 Alfred Campbell Article  The Living Word 
September 22,1942 S. Roberts Column W.C.T.C column 
September 22,1942 Dave Kleiwer News Letter from Japan 
September 22,1942 Olea and Rog News THE HUDDLE 
September 22,1942 Baseball  Sports Gridders tie Concordia in season opener 
September 22,1942  Coach Harvey Chrousers  Sports Graf assumes coach post 
September 22,1942 Continued from front page  News War boars visit.... 
September 22,1942 Marian Bulander  Column Belles on the Ball 
September 22,1942 Coach Corey  Sports Crusaders cavalry rise again 
September 22,1942 Continued from page two News Wheaton Grad, Prisoner of war, writes home from Japan 
September 22,1942 Football team Sports Arkansas claims grid namesake 
September 22,1942 Albert Graf  Sports Coach Graf  
September 22,1942 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby  News Dr. Kilby rates Sophs, Frosh on equal basis after testings 
September 25,1942 Mr. Arthur W. Mckee  News Mckee take over music in Evangelistic services 
September 25,1942 Glee club  Information Glee clubs, choir plan short tours 
September 25,1942 Edna Means  News Famed characterist to entertain 
September 25,1942 Dr. Howard Z. Cleveland  News Christian council co-ordinates service groups 
September 25,1942 Charles Svendsen  Information Svendsen leads prayer meeting 
September 25,1942 Southnaires, percy Grainger coming too News Tower of '44 announces artist series to begin with woman's symphony 
September 25,1942 Future teachers of America  News F.T.A . Initiates current program 
September 25,1942 WAA girls News WAA members adopt selling of war stamps 
September 25,1942 Bob Lovrless News Homecoming committee meets 
September 25,1942 Dr. Marion J. Downey Information English prof begin reading  
September 25,1942 Industrial heads, college profs teach classes  News War workers study government courses in special night school 
September 25,1942 New Recruits News Training corps enlists 200 
September 25,1942 Illinois battalions News Boy's brigade plans year 
September 25,1942 Patricia Washburn News Pat Washburn , Ex - 42 enters Air force 
September 25,1942 Tower heads News '44 Tower heads add to staff  
September 25,1942 Janet Wood  News Mason's life story shows Power of Holy Spirit  
September 25,1942 Biology de[artment Information Report finds lab equipment ranks superior  
September 25,1942 Freshman rules  Information Sophomores formulate freshman rules 
September 25,1942 Prexy Dr. Edman News Prexy to talk on missionary 
September 25,1942 Football team Sports Mission house meets Orange- Blue gridders 
September 25,1942 Soccer team Sports Soccer team begins practice 
September 25,1942 Christian Counsel Information Christian Council announces personnel 
September 25,1942 War stamps  Sports Column  Belles on the Ball 
September 25,1942 Contined from front page  Information Tower Artists sing, play 
September 25,1942 Football game Column Will to win makes football, Christian life 
September 25,1942 Off the Record News OFF THE RECORD 
September 25,1942 Alfred Campbell Article Springs of Life 
September 25,1942 Oleari  Information Oleari remembers 'Good old freshman Daze; and all about the sophs 
September 25,1942 Prep Talk News Prep Talk 
September 25,1942 Coach Morrie Nelson Sports Nelson returns as grid coach for prepsters 
September 25,1942 Mr. Mason News Cranford's Mason 
September 25,1942 Zoology students  News Zoology students enter med schools 
September 25,1942  Continued from page two Sports column Still Belles...... 
September 25,1942 Donna Rundlett Sports Hobo hike starts W.A.A. season 
September 25,1942 Coach Howie Schoon  Sports Harriers ready for big season despite losses 
September 25,1942 Mrs. C.E. Blanchard  Information Faculty greets new students 
September 25,1942 Football team Sports Gridders set for home game 
September 25,1942 Continued from page two  News Brigade enrollment shows increase 
September 25,1942 Robert Carbaugh News Grads return from Hawaii 
September 25,1942 Dr. Paul E. Stanley News Mars. classes open at night 
September 25,1942 Ensign Leslie R. French  News Leslie French safe at Alaskan base 
September 29,1942 Edna Means  Information Means to give 'American Way' at recital 
September 29,1942 Dr. Thessian  News Thessian adds to writings 
September 29,1942 Women's Symphony orchestra Information To sell tickets for first concert  
September 29,1942 College band News Music students take over band 
September 29,1942 Professor V. Dake Jolley  Information Social science acquire study hall 
September 29,1942 Harvest time party Information Seniors informalize at harvest party 
September 29,1942 Tower of '44 Information Tower arranges class pictures 
September 29,1942 Sophomore court Information Freshman obituary 
September 29,1942 Charles Mellis News Hospital, L Work to start Sunday 
September 29,1942 Foriegn missions fellowship Information Byrams to speak at FMF Banquet  
September 29,1942 Carnegie foundation News Gift recordings make lounge into music hall 
September 29,1942 Student war board News SWB begins year's work 
September 29,1942 Record equipment News Record equipment  
September 29,1942 Colver J Mason Column Chapel Nuggets 
September 29,1942 Reviewing Information Reviewing We Stand 
September 29,1942 America News America On the Offensive 
September 29,1942 Ole and Rug Column The Huddle 
September 29,1942 Alfred Campbell Column The Living Word 
September 29,1942 Crusaders Open Home Season Sports Crusaders Open Home Season With Win Over Mission 
September 29,1942 Bond Sale News Inclement Wheather Lessens Bond Sale 
September 29,1942 Newcomers Information Faculty Women's Club Entertain Newcomers 
September 29,1942 Charles Svendsen  Information Prayer meeting 
September 29,1942 Celts Dedicate Hall News Celts Dedicate Meeting Hall to Servicemen 
September 29,1942 Intramurals News Intramural 
September 29,1942 New Profs News New Profs Come From Many Lands 
October 2, 1942 H.H. and Elsie Column Lit Lites 
October 2, 1942 Byrams Suffer Imprisonment Information Byrams Suffer Imprisonment For Christianity 
October 2, 1942 Gym Pledges Information Gym Pledges Become Cash 
October 2, 1942 Chapel Audiences Information Chapel Audiences Hear Varied Speakers 
October 2, 1942 Missing Men Information Accepts Letters For Missing Men 
October 2, 1942 Rehearsals Information Rehearsals To Begin For 'The Messiah' 
October 2, 1942 Award Honors News Faculty Awards Honors To 100 Returning Students 
October 2, 1942 Enrollment Information Enrollment Tops Previous Years 
October 2, 1942 Saint Lectures News Saint Lectures At Local Church 
October 2, 1942 Crusaders Sports Crusaders Face first Real Test In Clash With Lake Forest Eleven 
October 2, 1942 Booters Sports Booters Choose Svendsen To Captain Squad 
October 2, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles on the Ball 
October 2, 1942 Wheaton Record Information The Wheaton Record 
October 2, 1942 Christian Students Column Christian Students Responsible for National Freedoms 
October 2, 1942 Nuggets Column Chapel Nuggets 
October 2, 1942 John Witmer Column Springs of Life 
October 2, 1942 Ole and Rog Column The Huddle 
October 2, 1942 Prep-Talk News Prep-Talk  
October 2, 1942 Koinonia Information Koinonia Schedules Sunday Prayer Meeting 
October 2, 1942 Time Trials Sports Harriers Vie for the First Team 
October 2, 1942 Debaters Dine Information Debaters Dine For Initial Meet 
October 2, 1942 Air Corps Information Air Corps Appeals for Junior Engineers 
October 6 , 1942 George Moffitt News Off the Record 
October 6, 1942 Bob Seger Information Frosh complains of ' Laxness' in soph court 
October 6, 1942 Rana B. Mac Donald News Need a job? Lotsuvem here 
October 6, 1942 Kathleen Cowan News Sigma Lota's elect officers for year 
October 6, 1942 Sarah Elizabeth Rogers News Lits to hold union meetings 
October 6, 1942 Lee Stewart  Information Prayer meeting 
October 6, 1942 Dr. R. W. Hambrook  News Special speaker cancels plans for pep chapel 
October 6, 1942 Wheaton Grad Information Wheaton Grad Speaks To Chapel Audience 
October 6, 1942 '42 Open House News Loveless Plans Open House 
October 6, 1942 Survivor of Zam Zam Information FMF To Hear Survivor of Zam Zam 
October 6, 1942 Reading Series News Downey Begins Reading Series 
October 6, 1942 Wheaton Record Information Wheaton Record 
October 6, 1942 Opportunity for Service Information Christian Council Shows Opportunity For Service 
October 6, 1942 Capital To Campus Information Capital To Campus 
October 6, 1942 Ole and Rog Column The Huddle 
October 6, 1942 Orange and Blue Sports Orange and Blue Show Ground Strength But Succumbs To Foresters' Air Prowess 
October 6, 1942 Wheaton Sport Sports Soccer Remains Wheaton Sport Despite Eastern Trip Cancel 
October 9, 1942 Rifle Marksmen Sports Rifle Marksmen Aim At Plan To Train WCTC 
October 9, 1942 Intramurals Sports Intramurals Provide Action 
October 9, 1942 H.H. and Elsie Column Bits About the Lits 
October 9, 1942 Wheaton Record Information Victory Parade Provides For All 
October 9, 1942 Homer Dowdy Column Concert Director Has Worl-Wide Background 
October 9, 1942 Student Body Moves to Naperville News Student Body Moves to Naperville For Annual North Central Grid Battle 
October 9, 1942 Zam Zam Survivor News Zam Zam Survivor Speaks To FMF 
October 9, 1942 Crusade Information Cycle Brigade Joins Crusade 
October 9, 1942 'Showing of Colors' Column Council Prexy Urges 'Showing of Colors' 
October 9, 1942 SDS News SDS To Revise '14 Collegians' 
October 9, 1942 Cavalcade Information Cavalcade Leaves Parking Lot At 12:30 
October 9, 1942 Early Holidays Information College Adopts Early Holidays 
October 9, 1942 Wheaton Record Information Wheaton Record 
October 9, 1942 "On Crusaders!" Information "On Crusaders!" Is Christian Way of Life 
October 9, 1942 Alfred Campbell Column Living the Word 
October 9, 1942 Ole and Rog Column The Huddle 
October 9, 1942 Dr. Britton Column Chapel Nuggets 
October 9, 1942 Marian Bulander Sports Orange Gridders set for north central tilt 
October 9, 1942 Bud Craymer Information Cheer squad leads night pep rally 
October 9, 1942 Belles on ball Column Belles on the ball 
October 9, 1942 Rev. Williamm Culbertson Information Moody speaker at local church 
October 9, 1942 Captain Duncan Stewart  News Harriers start season's meets against Loyola 
October 9, 1942 Prep talk Information Prep talk 
October 9, 1942 Harvest party  Information Seniors in corn at first party 
October 13, 1942 Make trip to north central Information College stages mass exodus for Grid classic 
October 13, 1942 Dr. Carl Jan Smit  News Dr. C. J. Smit begins duties at Harvard 
October 13, 1942 Floyd L. Pinder  Column Open letter from council prexy  
October 13, 1942 Bob Seger News Green reporter sticks out neck in publishing 'inside' of court 
October 13, 1942 Wheaton Alumni News Chicago alumni to attend game 
October 13, 1942 John Thorne  Information Prayer meeting  
October 13, 1942 Women's Symphony orchestra Information Tower concert brings distinctive musicians of women's symphony 
October 13, 1942 Rev. K. Paul Yphantis Information Grecian missionary addresses students 
October 13, 1942 Child Evangelism News Child classes meet Sunday 
October 13, 1942 Honor roll juniors and seniors Information Honor juniors, seniors get unlimited cuts 
October 13, 1942 Chairman Robert Loveless Information Favourite rule at homecoming 
October 13, 1942 Campus Cooperation Column Campus cooperation keynote cavalcade; will it last ? 
October 13, 1942 Women's Gymnasium Information  Soph Gestapo again ..... 
October 13, 1942 Special rules Information Special rules for Thursday 
October 13, 1942 John A. Witmer Article Springs of life 
October 13, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column THE HUDDLE 
October 13, 1942 Football Sports Crusader Eleven meets stone wall; fall to North Central 14-0 
October 13, 1942 Coach Carl DeVries' Sports Gridiron 'B' team succumbs to North Park's power drive 
October 13, 1942 Football Sports Band to appear in uniform 
October 13, 1942 Mary Garfield  Information Review features forum program 
October 13, 1942 Lt. Commander A. J. Jongewaard News Pre- Meds schedule first meeting  
October 13, 1942 Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Hanna  Information Missions group hears of orient  
October 13, 1942 Dr. Paul M. Wright  News Chemist band under pipenberg 
October 13, 1942 Pi Kappa Delta Information Pi Kaps meet for dinner 
October 13, 1942 Head Nurse Ada Rury  News Infirmary reports lack of patients 
October 16, 1942 Bits about the lits News BITS AND ABOUT THE LITS 
October 16, 1942 Pteromethen Information Pteromethans sing after evening church 
October 16, 1942 National Scholastic Press Association News Natioanl press rates '43 Tower in first class 
October 16, 1942 Robert C. Loveless News Decorate campus for homecoming 
October 16, 1942 Mr. Julius Haavind  News Java drinkers face shortage 
October 16, 1942 Five Gospel team Information Gospel teams conduct services 
October 16, 1942 Military Corps News  Women form military corps  
October 16, 1942 Chicago Woman's symphony  Information Classics, favorites form woman's ensemble concert 
October 16, 1942 Women's Christian Temperence Union  News Women attend WCTU session 
October 16, 1942 Student War Board News SWB Plans commando track 
October 16, 1942 Jupiter Symphony Information Music appreciation set gives concert preview 
October 16, 1942 School spirit  Column  Defines morale in terms of school spirit 
October 16, 1942 Marian Bulander Article  Belles on the ball 
October 16, 1942 Stacey Roberts  Information W.C.T.C  
October 16, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column THE HUDDLE 
October 16, 1942 Alfred Campbell Article The Living word  
October 16, 1942 Football team Sports Orange Back on Home field; face northwestern saturday 
October 16, 1942 Prep Talk News Prep Talk 
October 16, 1942 Soccer team Sports Soccermen meet Chicago University 
October 16, 1942 Chicago's Wheaton Alumni Club Sports Chicago Alumni visits campus 
October 16, 1942 Coach Schoon Sports Harriers run against Beloit between halves  
October 16, 1942 Colarodo dinner party Information Coloradans to dine at get- together 
October 16, 1942 Pioneer Girls Information Pioneer girls begin activities 
October 16, 1942 Student war board News Harris takes over SWB treasurership 
October 16, 1942 Future Teachers Association Information Future teachers to see film 
October 16, 1942 Supplement to Wheaton library Information Library receives important volumes 
October 16, 1942 Bill Mull  News Mull assumes social chairman job 
October 20, 1942 Christian Servicemen's center information Chicago mission opens center for servicemen 
October 20, 1942 Ernest Heimbach Information Prayer meeting 
October 20, 1942 Patricia Ann Cristy News Greek refugees tells trails during war 
October 20, 1942 Home coming reservation News Home coming reservations indicate all- time returning alumni record 
October 20, 1942 Robert Taylor  Article Soph prexy's open letter 
October 20, 1942 John F. Meredith Information Record staff holds first dinner meet 
October 20, 1942 Dr. James Perrine  Information Physics group brings speaker  
October 20, 1942 President Marshall Weatherby News Varied program features chapel 
October 20, 1942 Koinonians Information Working Girls assemble for prayer 
October 20, 1942 Dr. Marion Jane Downey News Faculty readers continue series 
October 20, 1942 Report from Washington News Capital to campus 
October 20, 1942 Open forum Information Record proposes open forum on class activities 
October 20, 1942 John A. Witmer Article  Springs of Life  
October 20, 1942 Ole and Rog Column THE HUDDLE 
October 20, 1942 Whitaker  Sports Gridders score twice to beat Northwestern 
October 20, 1942 Football team Sports Harriers whip Beloit 15-40 
October 20, 1942 WAA Members News W.A.A members Amend constitution 
October 20, 1942 Soccer team Sports Booters Tie U. of Chicago In Opening Game 
October 20, 1942 Skate Party Information Pteromtheans Plan Skate Party 
October 20, 1942 Redbird Sports Redbird B Team downs Orange 
October 20, 1942 GOP Candidates News  GOP Candidates Save Tires, Gas 
October 20, 1942 Ex-Missionary News Ex-Missionary Relates Tales To Pre-Meds 
October 20, 1942 Grigolia Information Grigolia Presents Opening Seminar 
October 20, 1942 Edman News Edman Addresses Fellowship Group 
October 20, 1942 Seminary Club News Seminary Club Visits Synagogue 
October 20, 1942 German Club Information German club Holds Steak Fry To Inaugurate Year's Activities 
October 23, 1942 H.H. and "Elsie" Column Bits About Lits 
October 23, 1942 Grads Perform Information Grads Perform For Saturday 
October 23, 1942 Vesper Recital Information Tower Chimes Call To Vesper Recital 
October 23, 1942 Song Sheet Column Laureatta 
October 23, 1942 Wheaton Moon Column Dreamy Wheaton Moon 
October 23, 1942 Souvenir Song Column Souvenir Song and Cheer Sheet 
October 23, 1942 Patriotic Decorations Information Campus Buildings, Houses Add Special Patriotic Decorations 
October 23, 1942 Sunday Message Information Welsh To Bring Sunday Message 
October 23, 1942 Highlight Weekend News Pep Rally, Bonfire, Open House, Vespers Highlight Weekend 
October 23, 1942 Show Movies Information Anthropologists Exhibit Project; show Movies 
October 23, 1942 Black Hills Fans Information Black Hills Fans Breakfast Together 
October 23, 1942 Photos Information Sociologists Show Photos 
October 23, 1942 W.A. Mercer Column Pastor Welsh shows Tendency Toward Wheaton 
October 23, 1942 Buffet Supper Information Alumin Hold Buffet Supper 
October 23, 1942 Bob Oliver Column Leaves Campus Leaveless 
October 23, 1942 SWB  Information  SWB Schedules Motion Pictures On War News 
October 23, 1942  Exhibition Information Phys Ed Classes Plan Exhibition 
October 23, 1942 Booters Sports Oberlin Arrives For Fray With Booters 
October 23, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles On The Ball 
October 23, 1942 Pep Rally Information WCTC Forms Nucleus Of Pep Rally 
October 23, 1942 George Rogers, Jr Column Elmhurst Bluejays Invade Campus For Annual Grudge Gridirion Battle 
October 23, 1942 Harriers Meet Ripon Sports Harriers Meet Ripon, Navy Pier In Triangular 
October 23, 1942 Memorial Rooms News Gym Features Memorial Rooms 
October 23, 1942 Alumnus Protests Sports What! No Game? Alumnus Protests, Wins 
October 23, 1942 Wheaton Record Information Wheaton Record 
October 23, 1942 1942 Homecoming Column 1942 Homecoming Demonstrates Wheaton Spirit 
October 23, 1942 Prep Talk Column Prep Talk 
October 23, 1942 John Witmer Column Springs of Life 
October 23, 1942 Ole and Rog Column The Huddle 
October 23, 1942 Forum Hears Review News Forum Hears Review of Best Seller 
October 23, 1942 Senior Women Donate Blood News Senior Women Donate Blood To Red Cross 
October 23, 1942 Battalion Parade Information Cadet Training Corps Presents Battalion Parade, Drill at Game 
October 23, 1942 I-M Grid Tourney Sports Juniors Tie Seniors In I-M Grid Tourney 
October 23, 1942 Dixians Meet Information Dixians Meet to Organize 
October 23, 1942 Coed Uniforms News Jayne Designs Coed Uniforms 
October 23, 1942 Stacey Roberts Column W.C.T.C. 
October 23, 1942 Star-Moon Gazers Information Taylor Opens 'Lemon' For Star-Moon Gazers 
October 23, 1942 Riding Classes News Riding Classes Increase in Size 
October 23, 1942 Returning alumni News Alumni Takes New Lounge As Headquaters 
October 23, 1942 Junior Hallowe'en party News Juniors Gather For Spook Party 
October 23, 1942 Live at Cork Cottage News Coeds Like Outside Houses 
October 23, 1942 Sing for the Homecoming worship News Chapel Choir Sings For Morning Worship 
October 23, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles On The Ball (continued from page three) 
October 23, 1942 A serious of quadrant studies  News Ecologists Hike For Lab Work 
October 23, 1942 Fleeing to escape News Hannas Flee Jap Drive 
October 23, 1942 George Rogers, Jr Column Crusaders Count On Regulars For Victory (continued from page three) 
October 23, 1942 New facilities Sports New Gyms Allow Enlarged Program (continued from page three) 
October 23, 1942 Bring the message News Chapel Services Bring Varied Programs 
October 23, 1942 Child Evangelism Federation Information Overholtzer Talks On Evangelism 
October 23, 1942 Alumnus Protests Sports 'Dag' Keyed-Up Over Grid Tilt (continued from page three) 
October 23, 1942 The opening of the Boy's Center News Service Brigade Opens Center in Wheaton 
October 23, 1942 Prize will be awarded News Award Prizes (continued from front page) 
October 23, 1942 Events on the mission trip News Wheatopn Grads go to Columbia 
October 23, 1942 Push ball contest  Information Camp Grant men loan pushball 
October 23, 1942 Chemistry department News Chem department shows science action  
October 23, 1942 Future Teachers Association Information Future teachers meet to see war film 
October 23, 1942 Walter L. Larsen Information Women's group honors tower 
October 23, 1942 Charles Richards  Information Biology depatment adds equipment 
October 23, 1942 New discoveries News Physicists show new discoveries 
October 27, 1942 Capital to campus  News Capital to campus 
October 27, 1942 Coach Al Graf Sports news Crusaders down Elmhurst Jays in Grid battle  
October 27, 1942 Ken Roberts  Information Frosh class hikes to Herrick's lake  
October 27, 1942 Miss Florence Cobb Information Expressionists give recital  
October 27, 1942 Lt. Carl G. Olsen News CPT trainees get induction 
October 27, 1942 Home coming celebration Information Homecoming celebration draws estimated 500 for fall festivities 
October 27, 1942 Bob Loveless Information Prayer meeting 
October 27, 1942 Enoch. C. Dyrness News Reservists meet for organization 
October 27, 1942 President V. Raymond Edman News Prexy to leave on speaking tour 
October 27, 1942 Dr. Palmer  News Eastern seminary head to hold conferences 
October 27, 1942 Anthropology seminar Information Wing gives seminar on culture of man 
October 27, 1942 Student Council Article Student council demonstrates democracy in action 
October 27, 1942 Alfred Campbell Article  Springs of Life  
October 27, 1942 Ole and Rog Column THE HUDDLE 
October 27, 1942 Football game  Sports Harriers lose to Navy Pier 
October 27, 1942 Push - Ball Game Sports Sophs take push- ball game  
October 27, 1942 Soccer Team Sports Booters hand defeat to Oberlin eleven 
October 27, 1942 Robert C. Loveless News Barlett gets first prize for decoration 
October 27, 1942 Halloween party  Information Ghosts haunt faculty party 
October 27, 1942 Elmer Zachay  Information German group elects Zachay president 
October 27, 1942 Authur H. Almendinger News Township forces cutting of weeds  
October 27, 1942 Dixie club member  Information Dixie Clubber meet ' way down south' 
October 27, 1942 Women's glee club Information Women singers plan Minneapolis trip 
October 27, 1942 Dr. Russell Carter  Information Chapel Services span continent  
October 27, 1942 Dr. R. L. Cooke  News Teacher group meets at Cooke home 
October 27, 1942 Music students News Music students present recital 
October 30, 1942 Bits about the Lits News BITS about the LITS 
October 30, 1942 Dr. C.O. Perrine  News Electric program speaks to group at Bell program 
October 30, 1942 TOWER pictures News Tower heads tell picture schedule 
October 30, 1942 Red Cross News Blood donors to give again 
October 30, 1942 Gospel Team News Gospel team visit churches 
October 30, 1942 P. W. Philpott News Philpott begins special meetings at Bible Church 
October 30, 1942 Halloween festival Information Student, staff spook parties fill weekend 
October 30, 1942 Carolyn Troutman Information Shank, Troutman speak to Girls 
October 30, 1942 Gun club Sports Gun clubbers ring tower bell 
October 30, 1942 Purpose of education  Column Education in college for a purpose means education in living 
October 30, 1942 Werner Graendorf  News Off the Record 
October 30, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column THE HUDDLE 
October 30, 1942 Alfred Campbell Article  The Living Word 
October 30, 1942 Foot ball team Sports Grafmen oppose Blueboys; try for third straight win 
October 30, 1942 Captain Duncan Stewart  Sports Harriers to compete in Loyola invitational 
October 30, 1942 Prep talk  News Prep Talk 
October 30, 1942 Morrie E. Nelson News Morrie Nelson to coach college cagers 
October 30, 1942 Dr. James B. Mack and Dr. R. L. Mixter  Information Biology chairmen attend association 
October 30, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles on the Ball 
November 3, 1942 WCTU activities News College launches drive to aid WCTU activities 
October 30, 1942 Fordyce Tyler  News Tyler directs inter- service group 
October 30, 1942 Mary Sue Bucko  Information SDS continued distribution 
October 30, 1942 Dr. C. O. Perrine  Information "Pete the Voder" tells life story at program 
October 30, 1942 Pearl Youngberg  Information Youngberg leads Prayer Meeting  
October 30, 1942 Women's Literary societies News Women's lits sponsers contest for writers 
October 30, 1942 Student war board  News SWB Sponsors Navy battle film 
November 3, 1942 Campus Health News infirmary Tells Campus Health 
November 3, 1942 Wheaton Record Information Wheaton Record 
November 3, 1942 Navy Battle Films Column Navy Battle Films Bring Pacific War To Campus 
November 3, 1942 Capital Reports News Capital to Campus 
November 3, 1942 John A. Witmer Column spring Of Life 
November 3, 1942 Ole and Rog Column The Huddle 
November 3, 1942 Illinois Hits Wheaton Sports Illinois Hits Wheaton 28-6; Sutherland Makes Lone Tally 
November 3, 1942 Orange-Blue Sports Orange-Blue Take U of Chicago In Soccer Battle 
November 3, 1942 Harriers Sports Harriers Win Fifth Place In Invitational  
November 3, 1942 Town Rifle League Sports Town Rifle League Takes College Team 
November 3, 1942 Personal Word News Personal Word Brings Fruit In Two Lives 
November 3, 1942 Wheeler Information Wheeler Reads For Faculty 
November 3, 1942 ICPA Conference News Scribes Attend ICPA Conference 
November 3, 1942 Navigator Information Navigator Speaks to Mission Group 
November 3, 1942 Town History Club Information Town History Club Visits Campus 
November 6, 1942 H.H. and Elsie Column BITS About LITTS 
November 6, 1942 Gospel Groups Information Gospel Groups Carry Work to Wide Area 
November 6, 1942 Class Yawns News Class Yawns, Goes To Market 
November 6, 1942 Literature Majors Information Literature Majors To Hold Coffee Shop 
November 6, 1942 Correct Form Information Dean To Give Correct Form 
November 6, 1942 Forensic Squad News Forensic Squad Begins Season 
November 6, 1942 Hankins Information Hankins, Smith Give Messages 
November 6, 1942 Conclave Information Frees, Stams Attend Conclave 
November 6, 1942 Prexy Returns News Prexy Returns, Goes To Detroit 
November 6, 1942 Annual House Parties Information Three Groups Annual House Parties With Hikes, Hay Ride 
November 6, 1942 Chemistry Club Information Chemistry Club To hold Initial Meeting 
November 6, 1942 Wheaton Record Information The Wheaton Record 
November 6, 1942 Navy boys Column wheaton enthuisiam plus should keep it on top; navy boys leave campus 
November 6, 1942 Prep Talk  News Prep Talk 
November 6, 1942 Alfred Campbell  Article  The living word 
November 6, 1942 Ole and Rog  Column THE HUDDLE 
November 6, 1942 Foot ball team Sports Graf gridders meet concordia in return game; Attempt to keep home slate in win column 
November 6, 1942 Coach Howard Schoon  Sports Harriers travel to Macomb in try for state meet title 
November 6, 1942 Soccer team Sports Soccer team seeks thrid win in game with Morton Booter 
November 6, 1942 Dawson Trotman  Information Trotman leads service group 
November 6, 1942 Marian Bulander  Column Belles on the Ball 
November 6, 1942 Werner Graendorf Information RECORD editors take night off 
November 10, 1942 Assiciated collegiate press  News Record heads attend press confab 
November10, 1942 Dr. Frank Van Dusen Information  Students appear in musical recital 
November10, 1942 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News Anthropologists hear congleton 
November10, 1942 Men's Glee club Information Glee Clubbers informalize 
November10, 1942 John MacDonald Information Arrow's bring 3 ring circus 
November 10, 1942 Dick Robertson Information Prayer meeting 
November 10, 1942 Licoln Nelson honoured News Faculty Altersd Honor Setup 
November 10, 1942 Dr. Philpott leads Wheaton Bible Church services News Philpott, Smith continue services 
November 10, 1942 Campus school life Information House parties continue to dominate scene of campus social life 
November 10, 1942 Kathryn Anderson  News FTA formulates year's plans 
November 10, 1942 Dr. Philpott Information Ministers to hear toronto Evangelist 
November 10, 1942 Convention trip  Column Convention trips renew faith in college 
November 10, 1942 John A.Witmer  Article Springs of Life 
November 10, 1942 From Washington News Capital to Campus 
November 10, 1942 Stacey Roberts  News W.C.T.C. 
November 10, 1942 Ole and Rog Article THE HUDDLE 
November 10, 1942 Football team Sports Crusaders Swamp Concordia, 40-0; Revenge Early Season 0-0 Tie 
November 10, 1942 Coach Howard Schoon Sports Harriers take third in state, "B" team bows to Beloit varsity 
November 10, 1942 Wheaton Bootes Sports Booters plan to smash Morton in return match 
November 10, 1942 Football championship Sports Intramital boys schedule tilt with seminary 
November 10, 1942s Janet Wood  News B and G boys rebuild campus in spite of war. 
November 10, 1942 Rev. F. John Scroggie  Information English speaker comes to Chapel 
November 10, 1942 Miss Erickson Information Spanish students meet for fluency 
November 10, 1942 Public Affairs News Affairs forum invites public 
November 10, 1942 Jim Rayburn  Information Prepsters awaits Rayburn Meetings 
November 10, 1942 Soccer team Sports Booters continue underdefeated; Kick Morton to 3-1 loss 
November 13, 1942 Dr. Philpott Information Philpott tells of conversation 
November 13, 1942 Footballgame Sports news Senior Gridmen play last game 
November 13, 1942 Geo.F. Kirk Information Vice president commends 
November 13, 1942 Top Circus  News Arrows to stage big top circus 
November 13, 1942 Lt. Jerome M. Jontry  News War board shows film of pacific battles 
November 13, 1942 Mr. H. A. Whaley  News College representation dies in Arkansas 
November 13, 1942 Homer Dowdy News Travelers find west coast takes war seriously  
November 13, 1942 Christian Council Information Large group lead services 
November 13, 1942 Rail travel  News Declares rail travel Okeh for Christmas 
November 13, 1942 Navy trainig Column Navy training presents campus with oppurtunity 
November 13, 1942 H. H. and Elsie  News Bits about the Lits 
November 13, 1942 Ole and Rog Column THE HUDDLE 
November 13, 1942 Alfred Campbell Article The Living Word 
November 13, 1942 Coach Al Graf  Sports Crusaders meet Eureka in grid finale; three seniors play their last game 
November 13, 1942  Track men Sports Harriers lose to Chicago 
November 13, 1942 Soccer men Sports Rossermen continue winning streak; turn back Morton for second time 
November 13, 1942 Jim Rayburn News Rayburn presents message for youth of Nation 
November 13, 1942 Annual debate News Squadmen take debate honors individually  
November 13, 1942 Rev. Archer Anderson Information International group holds chapel 
November 13, 1942 Christian council Information  Council begin clothes drive 
November 17, 1942 'Who's Who' Information Wheaton places 20 students in 'Who's Who' 
November 17, 1942 Lee Weber Information Foxwell fools again 
November 17, 1942 Red Cross Unit News SWB enlists donors in blood bank drive 
November 17, 1942 Jim Rayburn Information Union Service 
November 17, 1942 Lt. Jerome M. Jontry News Jontry reveals wartime data to wheatonites 
November 17, 1942 International Students Day Information International hold chapel  
November 17, 1942 John Elsen News Elson to speak to Pre- med club 
November 17, 1942 Miss Florence Cobb Information Speech Students to give recital 
November 17, 1942 Tower Concerts  News Tower concerts go informal 
November 17, 1942 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News Kilby continues reading series 
November 17, 1942 Blood Donorship Column Blood donorship gives chance for war service 
November 17, 1942 Reports from Washington News Capital to Campus 
November 17, 1942 Marian Bulander Column Belles on the Ball 
November 17, 1942 Ole and Rog  Article  THE HUDDLE 
November 17, 1942 John A. Witmerr Article Spring of life 
November 17, 1942 Baseball Sports Crusaders close successful season with 34-0 rout of eureka 
November 17, 1942 John Winston News French club members fill vacant offices 
November 17, 1942 Southnaries News Southnaries come to campus for Tower '44 
November 17, 1942 Richard Storm News Brigade Builds in wheaton 
November 17, 1942 Oregon Club News Oregonians meet for organisation 
November 17, 1942 German Club News German Club gives thanks 
November 17, 1942 Johnston Information Johnston presents facts on evolution 
November 20, 1942 H.H and Elise News Bits about the lits 
November 20, 1942 Sherman Roddy and Carter Chandler News Sophs elect Roddy, Chandler as observers 
November 20, 1942 Lieutenant Donna Rundlett  News Coed military unit to begin training; women to wear regulation uniform 
November 20, 1942 Jack Richenstein Information The Wheaton wave 
November 20, 1942 Blood Donorship News Blood donor number 360 
November 20, 1942 Glenn Barker News Oregonians meet elect barker prexy 
November 20, 1942 Phil Foxwell News Foxwell to use gadgets, Hokum 
November 20, 1942 Tower Concert Information Southernaries choose songs from real south 
November 20, 1942 House parties News Eight house parties highlights Wheaton weekend entertainment 
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