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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
November 10, 1939 German War Article Minority Groups Oppose German War 
November 10, 1939 By Werner Graendorf Article Goering Misses Opportunity At Dictatorship 
November 10, 1939 Opinion Court Article Court Condemns Social Lack 
November 10, 1939 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
November 10, 1939 Colossians 1:18 Article Practical Faith Is Key To Victory 
November 10, 1939 By Werner Graendorf Column Meditate... 
November 10, 1939 Student Opinion Column  OPINES 
November 10, 1939 Jack Radeos Column Friends 
November 10, 1939 Skating Party Short Comment Record Staff To Relax At Skating Party 
November 10, 1939 Fried, Roberts Lead Team In Home Season's Final Sports Soccermen To Meet Morton College 
November 10, 1939 Freshman Football Sports Frosh Gridmen To Play Redbirds 
November 10, 1939 Intramural Football Sports Intramural Football Reaches Final Play 
November 10, 1939 Wheaton Men Sports Men Rank High In Physical Tests 
November 10, 1939 All-School Breakfast Hike Sports All-School Hike Postpones Hockey Practice 
November 10, 1939 Dr. James R. Graham Short Comment Graham Speaks To Prep Club 
November 10, 1939 By Ray Klein Sports The Grandstand Quaterback 
November 10, 1939 Braun Suggests Travelling South To Avoid Rains News Young to lecture on North After Summer Expedition 
November 10, 1939 Chicago Tribune News Journalists Tour Tribune Plant 
November 10, 1939 American Legion Short Comment Buswell Speaks To Legion 
November 10, 1939 Mr. Earl Windsor News Winsor Addresses Junior League 
November 10, 1939 Collegiate Photographer News Boardman Edits Magazine For Cameramen 
November 10, 1939 Wheaton College Chapel Choir Short Comment Bruce Directs Chapel Choir Party 
November 10, 1939 Julia E. Blanchard Short Comment Infirmary Discharges College Librarian 
November 10, 1939 New Dorm News House Parties Fill Social Calendar For Three Groups 
November 10, 1939 Rev. J.C. Macaulay Short Comment Macaulay Speaks 
November 10, 1939 Coffee Shop News Belts Inaugurate Coffee Shop 
November 14, 1939 "This Place Was Saved," Leads List of Excuses For Stealing Head Positions News Chiselers Display Artistry In Crashing Head of Line 
November 14, 1939 Gospel Song Leading Class Short Comment Smith To Teach Song Leading Class 
November 14, 1939 3rd Intercollegiate Conference News Collegians Hear Thiessen, Edman 
November 14, 1939 Peter Stam Jr. Short Comment Stam Visits East For Conservatory 
November 14, 1939 All School Social News Students Plan Weekly Socials After Lit 
November 14, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr Short Comment Prexy Spends Week At Conference 
November 14, 1939 Intercollegiate Peace Association News Orators Declaim For Peace Prize 
November 14, 1939 Mr. J. W. Leedy News Leedy Delivers Radio Series 
November 14, 1939 Williston Dining Hall News Williston Range Riders Whip New Dorm Cooks 7-0 
November 14, 1939 Large Majority Favor Advance Toward Progressive Self-Government News Student Body Approves Council's New Constitution 
November 14, 1939 David Roberts News Roberts Name Complete Roster Of '41 Tower 
November 14, 1939 Football Article Sports Emphasis Produces Social Misfits 
November 14, 1939 By George Cole Article Abraham Speaks... 
November 14, 1939 By Werner Graendorf Article Finns Hold Out Against Russia 
November 14, 1939 Methodist Laymen Article Laymen Answer Questionnaire 
November 14, 1939 Orville Shick Article Shick Crashes House Party In Dress, Curls 
November 14, 1939 Student Opinion Column OPINE 
November 14, 1939 1939 Roster Includes Representative From Five Foreign Countries Sports McKellin Picks Soccer Squad For Third Eastern Invasion 
November 14, 1939 Frosh Gridders Sports Frosh Lose To Cardinals 
November 14, 1939 Intercollegiate Football Competition Sports Gridders To Play Final Game 
November 14, 1939 Wheaton Academy Gridders Sports Prepsters Test Tough Foes In Grid Battles 
November 14, 1939 Varsity Racers  Sports Thinclads To Face Wright Harriers 
November 14, 1939 Women's All-Star Soccer Team Sports Athletic Directors Pick Coed All-Stars 
November 14, 1939 Wheaton's Soccer Team Sports Soccermen Drop Morton In Home Game 
November 14, 1939 Peterson To Explain Advance of Movement For Scripture Advertising News Best Seller Publicity Founder Addresses Students 
November 14, 1939 Chi Sigma Theta News Chi Sigma Theta Debates Tests 
November 14, 1939 Spanish Club Short Comment Students Organize Spanish Club 
November 17, 1939 Interpretive Readings Include Humor: Musicians Sing, Play News Cobb Students Present Reading Recital 
November 17, 1939 Dr. Wallace Emerson News Students To Give Testimonies On Radio Program 
November 17, 1939 Joseph Beal News Beal Wins Peace Contest, Chance For State Championship 
November 17, 1939 Donald Hoke News Templeton Clowns With Keyboard Classics 
November 17, 1939 "Attic" Information Attic Residents To Hold House Party 
November 17, 1939 Pysical Education Department Sponsors All- Activities Article Coray Revives All- School Game Blowouts To fill Eventless Saturday Nights 
November 17, 1939 Dr. Merwin A. Stone Article Dr. Stone Visits; Relates Travels Since June 
November 17, 1939 Dr. Paul Stanley Information Stanley To Direct Study Moon 
November 17, 1939 Miss Ada Rury News Infirmary Advises Cold Vaccine 
November 17, 1939 "Gay Nineties" News Seniors To Dress " Gay Ninety" Style For Party 
November 17, 1939 Carl F. H. Henry Article Henry Succeeds Where U.S. Fails  
November 17, 1939 National Honorary Physics Society News Taylor Entertains Sigma Pi Sigma At Initiation 
November 17, 1939 Why Not Fraternities? Article Campus Escapes Fratenity Fueds 
November 17, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
November 17, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Barrage And Echo 
November 17, 1939 John C. Eichorn Column Wolrd Shuns Bible But Reads You 
November 17, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks 
November 17, 1939 Bert Broer Information Brewers Hold Scavenger Hunt 
November 17, 1939 Cross-Country Sports Robinsonmen Outrun Wright 
November 17, 1939 Kreitonian Literary Society  Information Academy Lits Plan Fall Themes 
November 17, 1939 Breakfast Ride Information Equestrian Ride 
November 17, 1939 Gains Early Experience In Soccer At English Schools Sports Fried Captains Soccer Team On Third Eastern Trip 
November 17, 1939 Volleyball Sports GAA Volleyballers Begin Tournament 
November 17, 1939 Rev. M. J. Eggan Information Prep W Club To Hold Meeting 
November 17, 1939 Football Sports Vipers Whip Fourth Floor In Finals  
November 17, 1939 Season's Closing Game Sports Crusaders To Meet Elmhurst Elven In Season's Closing Game 
November 17, 1939 Alden W. Clark Article Music Fans To Attend Concert In Popular Series 
November 17, 1939 Ernest Young Information Young To Lecture On Indian Cultures 
November 17, 1939 Alison Fowler Sports Fowler Establishes New Archery Record 
November 17, 1939 College Church Information Church To Sponsor All- School Social 
November 17, 1939 Graham Ryan News Fourth Floor To hold Open House; Fo' Castle Men Celebrate 
November 21,1939 Don Boardman News Scene of Plane Crash 
November 21, 1939 Don Hoke Column Editorial 
November 21, 1939 Edward A. Coray Sports Coray Revives All- School Game Blowout 
November 21, 1939 Mrs. Grace Loucks Elliott Article Deans Hear Expert Discuss Personnel Problems 
November 21, 1939 "Gay Nineties" Information Seniors To Hold Gay Nineties Event 
November 21, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Information Dr. Edman To Speak At Junior League 
November 21, 1939 Russell Wright, Owner of Death Plane, Recovering Fromn Burns, Shock; Memorial Service Planned News College Mourns Death Of Freshmen In Plane Crash 
November 21, 1939 Fourth Floor Banquet News Fourth Floor Men Entertain At Party 
November 21, 1939 Tower Concert Information Campus Ticket Sale Cloese Wednesday 
November 21, 1939 Dr. Merwin A. Stone Article God Answers After Whirlwind 
November 21, 1939 Werner Graendorf Article German Mines Sink Neutral Vessels 
November 21, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Meditate 
November 21, 1939 Faculty Bulletin Article Faculty States Opinions On School Movies 
November 21, 1939 Thanksgiving Day Information Roosevelt Cramps Record Style 
November 21, 1939 Jane Hollingsworth Information New Dorm, Williston To Entertain Guests 
November 21, 1939 Dewitt Jayne News Art Class Visits Chicago Display 
November 21, 1939 Miss Gudrun Thorlakson Information Thorlakson Gives Travel talk  
November 21, 1939 Academy Upperclassmen News Academy Students Earn Honors 
November 21, 1939 Booters Schedule Six Games On Tour Sports Soccer Team Tackles Eastern Foes On Annual Thanksgiving Tour 
November 21, 1939 Touchball Sports Fourth Floor Whip Vipers 12-6 
November 21, 1939 Football Sports Crusaders Trounce Pirates 13-7; Win Trophy Permanently 
November 21, 1939 Interpretative Readings Information Students To Give Varied Program At Recital 
November 21, 1939 Andrew Gih Information Chinese Evangelist To Speak In Chapel  
November 21, 1939 Hocky and Soccer Contests Sports Crusaders Coeds Participate in Play Day 
November 28, 1939 Athletic Council Plan Blowouts For Future Eventless Saturdays News Students Play At Revival Of Game Night 
November 28, 1939 Gay Nineties Party News Gay Nineties Draw Seniors To Party 
November 28, 1939 Mr. Francis O. Kanehl News Accountant Addresses Business Forum Members 
November 28, 1939 "Assorted Sweets" Information Bows, Arrows Plan Joint Meeting 
November 28, 1939 Girls Guild News Girls' Guild Begins Work With Junior High Girls 
November 28, 1939 Round Robin Debate News Men Vie For Debate Honors in Round Robin Tournment 
November 28, 1939 Dr. Russell Mixter News Mixter To Speak On Program 
November 28, 1939 Crusaders Booters Avenge 5-1 Lose To Oberlin In First Encounter Sports Rosser Leads Soccermen To 1-0 Win Over Howard  
November 28, 1939 Mrs. Rana B. Leasor News Part Time Jobs Give Students Winter Work 
November 28, 1939 Dr. John Harry O. Anderson News SDS Covers Three Colleges 
November 28, 1939 Wheaton's Forensic Men Information Monmouth, Wheaton Debaters To Discuss Railroad Problems 
November 28, 1939 " Never a Dull Moment" News New Dorm Coeds Hold Fall Party 
November 28, 1939 Pierce Chapel  Article Chapel Serves As Auditorium 
November 28, 1939 Werner Graendorf Article Corner News Hawk Claims War Over 
November 28, 1939 Tradition Booklet Article Tradition Forbids Morning Church Dates 
November 28, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
November 28, 1939 John C. Eichorn  Column It Is Good To Give Thanks Unto The Lord 
November 28, 1939 Betty Kerr Column Kerr Budgets College Week 
November 28, 1939 Coach Player Conditions Team For Initial Match Sports Local Wrestlers Prepare For Hard Season 
November 28, 1939 Dr. R. B. Bingham Information African Missionary To Speak In Chapel 
November 28, 1939 Coach Fred Walker Sports Walker Primes Court Quintet 
November 28, 1939 Mrs. Dorothy Penheiter Article Food Expert Talks Turkey 
November 28, 1939 " Sadie Hawkins" Information Academy To Celebrate Sadie Hawkins Style 
November 28, 1939 House Party News Clark's Frat Holds Dinner In French Style 
November 28, 1939 Mr. Delburt Nelson News Prepsters Organize Chemistry Club 
November 28, 1939 Cross-Country Men Sports Croos- Country Team Places Second In Annual Meet 
November 28, 1939 Men's Glee Club News Men's Glee Club Meet For Fall Party 
November 28, 1939 " Come -As- You- Party" Information Californians Meet In New Dorm 
November 28, 1939 Enrollement in The College Has Decreased News Registrar Reports Enrollment Drop 
November 28, 1939 Alden W. Clark Article Chicago Concerts Present Famous Talents 
November 28, 1939 Students Opinions Column Opine Column 
December 5, 1939 Alex Templeton News Alec Templeton To Appear As Scheduled; Managers Consent To Change In Program 
December 5, 1939 Mr. Peter Stam Jr. News Students To Play At Informal Recital 
December 5, 1939 Art of the Zuni Information Pike Discusses Indian Lore 
December 5, 1939 Round Robin Tournament News Debate Squads Plan Full Season As Round Robin Tournamnet Closes 
December 5, 1939 Dr. James R. Graham News Graham To Speak On Broadcast 
December 5, 1939 Bruce Dunn & Helen Cederberg News Lits To Use Yule Theme At Open Lit 
December 5, 1939 Grant Gordon News Rural Bible Crusade Launches New Work In Grade Schools 
December 5, 1939 Peter Sam Jr. News Conservatory Adds Practice Rooms 
December 5, 1939 Marjorie Wood Information Woods, Nelson Wed 
December 5, 1939 Alec Templeton News Blindness Fails to Hinder Musical Career of British Virtuoso 
December 5, 1939 Wheaton College Radio News Radio Broadcasts Face Compettion 
December 5, 1939 Warren Vining Jr. Information Trained Listeners Hear God's Voice 
December 5, 1939 Werner Graendorf News Finns Withstand Sudden Invasion of Red Army 
December 5, 1939 George Cole News Abraham Speaks 
December 5, 1939 Roy Anderson Information Parties Fill School Vacation 
December 5, 1939 Students Opnions Column Opines 
December 5, 1939 Isabelle Smith Information Tower Bell Rings Smith Engagement 
December 5, 1939 Orville Schick News Shick To Direct Student Prayer Meeting 
December 5, 1939 Ray Klein Sports Patterson Places On All-Conference Football Team 
December 5, 1939 Coach Elroy Robinson Sports Crusaders Runners Climax Season 
December 5, 1939 Academy Basketeers News Prepsters Meet Concordia In First Game 
December 5, 1939 John Groom  News Minnessota Residents organize Club 
December 5, 1939 Wheaton Soccer Team Sports Soccer Squad Closes Season; Team Carries Testimony East 
December 5, 1939 Coach Louis Gehr Sports Gym Team Prepares For Exhibition 
December 5, 1939 Christian Youth League News Christian Council To Participate In League Rally 
December 5, 1939 Wheaton Alumni News Graduates Enroll At Northern Baptist 
December 5, 1939 Virginia Lowell News Lowell Drops Class Post To Assist Tower 
December 8,1939 Charles Miller News  Dunn, Cederberg To Preside At Open Lit 
December 8,1939 Barbara Miller News  Sophs Plan Circus  
December 8,1939 J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. News President Addresses Students  
December 8,1939 Mr. Peter Stam Jr. News  Orchestra Augments Messiah Chorus At Oratorio Concert  
December 8,1939 Abe VanDerpuy News  New Debate On Radio Forum 
December 8,1939 Betty Whitaker News  Coed Volunteers Plan Handbook 
December 8,1939 S. A. Martin News  S.D.S Covers Four New Schools  
December 8,1939 Miss Florence Cobb News  Women Debate On Neutrality In Round Robin 
December 8,1939 Jonathan Cilly News  Bell Anounces Cilly, Nicholas Engagement 
December 8,1939 Blind Pianist to Play Classics, Original Works On Revised Program News  Tower Heads Predict Sellout For Templeton Concert 
December 8,1939 Floyd Pinder  News  Pinder To Head Frosh 
December 8,1939 John C. Eichorn  News  Muller Lists Prayer Rules  
December 8,1939 G.G. XX Article  Gay Gargoyle 
December 8,1939 Werner Graendorf  News  Reds Bog Down In Finnish Snows 
December 8,1939 Ruth Byrum News  Records Show Less Sickness  
December 8,1939 Agatha L. Student Article  Opines 
December 8,1939 Charles Shirk Sports  Shirk To Teach Horsemanship For Gym Credit 
December 8,1939 Dr. J.J Hoffmann News  French Prof. To Speak Before Seminary Club 
December 8,1939 Coed Interclass Tournament  Sports  Classes To Play For Hockey Honors  
December 8,1939 Volleyball Interclass Tournament Sports  Coed Hold Netball Practice  
December 8,1939 Rev. Evan Welsh News  Welsh To Address Academy Chapel 
December 8,1939 Wheaton Intramural Volleyball Tournament Sports  Vipers Play Final Game  
December 8,1939 Don Kennedy Sports  Quintet Trains For St. Norbert Varsity Meet 
December 8,1939 Earl Winsor  News  Winsor To Address Chapel Audience  
December 8,1939 Alden W. Clark News  Ochestra Plays Beethoven  
December 8,1939 Miss Mary Hosler Music  Students Present Informal Recital 
December 8,1939 Betty Cornelius  News  Cornelius Travels Home At Fahter's Death 
December 8,1939 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen  News  Bible Majors Study For Comprehensives  
December 8,1939 Seniors Protest Against Ethics  News  Seniors Protest Against Ethics  
December 8,1939 Jim McKellin Sports  Moseley Captains Soccer Team 
December 12, 1939 Soph Frosh Brawl Article Sophs Invite Frosh for Annual Brawl 
December 12, 1939 French Club Article Club to Celebrate in French Style 
December 12, 1939 President Radio Speech Article Prexy to Speak on Montain Top Radio Broadcast 
December 12, 1939 Auto Accident Article Students Upset Following Concert 
December 12, 1939 Reception Song Article Templeton Plays at Reception 
December 12, 1939 Tower Concert Article Templeton Entertains Crowd with Classics, Improvisations 
December 12, 1939 Record Editor Article Council Elects Baskin to Edit Next Record; Promises Conservative Editorial Policy 
December 12, 1939 Christmas Recital Article Expression Students to Present Christmas Recital 
December 12, 1939 Prayer Meeting Article Lees to Use Yule Theme at Prayer Meeting 
December 12, 1939 Messiah Soloist Article Guest Soloists to Sing in Oratorio 
December 12, 1939 Personality Not Guaranteed Article Christ Guarantees Salvation, Not Personality 
December 12, 1939 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
December 12, 1939 World News Article Bicycle Rivals Meet On Western Front; League Sends Russia Peace Ultimatum 
December 12, 1939 Campus News Article Abraham Speaks 
December 12, 1939 Opinion Column Opine 
December 12, 1939 Camera Club Article Young To Teach Slide Making 
December 12, 1939 Basketball Sports Crusader Quintet Opens Against St. Norbert Five 
December 12, 1939 Soccer Banquet Sports Soccer Squad Holds Banquet 
December 12, 1939 Football Banquet Sports Freshmen Plan Football Banquet 
December 12, 1939 Rifle Team Sports Riflemen Loose to Town Team 
December 12, 1939 Wrestling Sports Player's Matmen Meet Armour Tech 
December 12, 1939 New England Club Article New England Club Dines at New Dorm 
December 12, 1939 Academy Basketball Sports Prepsters Win Initial Game 
December 12, 1939 Freshman Basketball Sports Frosh Hoopsters Play St. Norbert 
December 12, 1939 Women's Athletic Department Article WAA Starts Posture Clinic 
December 12, 1939 Engagement Information Eichorn, Lea Engaged 
December 12, 1939 Women's Athletics Information WAA Holds Business Meeting 
December 12, 1939 Music Recital Article Music Students to Participate in Conservatory Recital 
December 12, 1939 Faculty Book Article Eavy Prepares Final Draft For New Book 
December 12, 1939 Men's Glee Article Men's Glee Club to Sing in Chapel 
December 12, 1939 Class Panels Article Editors Prepare Panels for Engraver 
December 12, 1939 Women's Field Hockey Article Coed Teachers Pick Hockey All-Stars 
December 12, 1939 Chicago Artist Article Artist Places Paintings on Exhibit 
December 12, 1939 Honor Society Information Honor Society to Hold Open Forum Meeting 
December 12, 1939 Winter Music Program Article Music Units Plan Winter Program 
December 12, 1939 New Literary Society Members Article Literary Societies Welcome New Students Into Membership 
December 12, 1939 Wheaton Devotional Transcriptions Article College Prepares Transcriptions 
December 12, 1939 Junior League Speaker Information Missionary Speaks to Junior League 
December 15, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell Information German Club To Carol After Yule Party 
December 15, 1939 Bob Lewis News Delegates to Discuss the Purpose of Education 
December 15, 1939 Miss Ada Rury News Nurses Attend Concert 
December 15, 1939 Margaret Bailey News Christian Council Offers Tracts For Vacation Use 
December 15, 1939 Miss Julia Blanchard News Library Opens a Branch in Conservatory 
December 15, 1939 Dr. Frank B. Kirby News Kirby Lectures To Pre-Meds On Allergies 
December 15, 1939 Cortland Drake News Skiers Organise To Learn Technique 
December 15, 1939 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News College Forum to solve Railroad Problems 
December 15, 1939 David Bronstein New Soceity Secretaries Revel Final Program Personnel For Fall Open Lit 
December 15, 1939 Rev Evan Welsh Information College Church Plans Vacation Program for Students 
December 15, 1939 Ringmaster William Geidt Sports Fresh, Sophs Meet In Saw Dust Ring 
December 15, 1939 Arthur Dyke News Elyria Busses Carry Best Seller Cards 
December 15, 1939 H. William Nordin News Chorus of 150 To present Handel's Messiah 
December 15, 1939 George Cole News Editor Names Cole Tower Sports Head 
December 15, 1939 Basketball  Sports St. Norbert Quintet Beats Walkermen; Frosh Cagers Defeat Evanston 
December 15, 1939 Christmas Party News Women's Athletes Revise Constitution At Christmas Party 
December 15, 1939 Business Meeting News Redheads Frolic In Red Schoolhouse 
December 15, 1939 Debater's Forum Program Information Beal, Hoke To Discuss Peace On Law Program 
December 15, 1939 Christmas Party Information Orchestra Plans Party 
December 15, 1939 Debate Squads News Winners of Debate Tournament Earn Women's Varsity Posts 
December 15, 1939 Grace Maxant  News Wayside Girls, Guests Skate at Warrenville 
December 15, 1939 Interclass Debates  News Academy to Hold Interclass Debates 
December 15, 1939 Miss Florence Cobb Information Cobb to Read Dickens In Academy Chapel 
December 15, 1939 Voget, Mare Win Individual Bouts In First Varsity Match Sports Crusader Matmen Trounce Armour Tech Grapplers 
December 15, 1939 Football Sports Fourth Floor Captures Touchball Title 
December 15, 1939 Basketball Sports Kennedy Captains Crusaders Basketball Team 
December 15, 1939 Coach Mckellin Presides As Toastmaster At Annual Feast Sports Soccer Squad Banquets At Williston 
December 15, 1939 Cross-Country Squad Sports Cross-Countrymen Hold Banquet 
December 15, 1939 Volleyball Sports Coeds Elect Volleyball Captains 
December 15, 1939 Football Sports Frosh Postpone Football Dinner 
December 15, 1939 Murray Smoot Column God Gives Joy In Finished Work 
December 15, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 . . . Column Gay Gargoyle 20. . . 
December 15, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Britian Scores Hit on Nazis As garf Spee Reaches Neutral Port 
December 15, 1939 Student Opinions Column Opines 
December 15, 1939 Public Open Forum Information Club To Discuss Current Wars 
December 15, 1939 Dr. H. C. Thiessen News Thiessen Speaks At Northern Baptist 
December 15, 1939 Physical Education Department Article Gym Teachers Test Students For Posture 
December 19, 1939 Donald E. Hoke Article Hoke calls Maestro Musical Infant 
December 19, 1939 Annual Tournament News Debaters Attend Normal Tournament  
December 19, 1939 Miss Lynette Carlson  News Carlson, Lummis to Wed 
December 19, 1939 Donald C. Boardman Article Best Pictures to Bring Awards In New Contest 
December 19, 1939 Betsy Johnson News Sawdust Lures Sophs, Frosh To Annual Party 
December 19, 1939 Coach Macdonald to Send Frosh Against Teachers In Afternoon Tussle Sports Crusader Quintet Battles Veteran DeKalb Five 
December 19, 1939 College Education News Delegates Discuss College Purposes At Forum Meeting 
December 19, 1939 Dean Wallace Emerson News Dean Leaces For West 
December 19, 1939 Morgan Gates News Gates Flies Home  
December 19, 1939 Lieutennat Eugene Stewart News Parachute Ace Gives Lecture To Pilot Class 
December 19, 1939 Werner Graendorf Article Nazi Sea Raider Commits Suicide 
December 19, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 . . . Column Gay Gargoyle 20 . . . 
December 19, 1939 Warren C. Vining Jr. Article Careless Actions Harm Testimony Of Christians 
December 19, 1939 George R. Spriggel Column Spriggel Challenges Wheaton Students  
December 19, 1939 Student Opinions Column Opines  
December 19, 1939 Dean Edward Schell News Academy Profs Plan Vacation 
December 19, 1939 Richard Grob News Prep Chemistry Club Tests Toothpastes 
December 19, 1939 Concordia Five Bow Before Scoring Thrusts Of Orange And Blue Quint Sports Raube Paces Walkermen To Initial Win Of The Season 
December 19, 1939 Winifred Prescott News Junior Academy Present Oratorio 
December 19, 1939 Basketball Sports Prep Squads Drop Latin School teams 
December 19, 1939 Annual Joint Meeting Information Academy lits To Hold Joint Meeteing 
December 19, 1939 Coach Howard Schoon Sports Coach Schoon's "B" Grapplers Oak Park Y.M.C.A Matmen 26-8 
December 19, 1939 Charles Shirk News Shirk Plans Course 
December 19, 1939 College Church Information Youth Group Unite For Sunrise Service 
December 19, 1939 Bernice Christiansen News Spaulding House Holds Party 
December 19, 1939 Rev. Wiliam McCarrell Information McCarrell To Conduct Spring Meeting 
December 19, 1939 Annual Christmas Party News Dean Smith Plans Christmas Party 
December 19, 1939 President Murray Smoot News French Club Elects Paul Fried Vice-President  
December 19, 1939 Harry Sagar News Sagar Lectures on Primative War For Anthropology Seminar 
December 19, 1939 Christmas Party News New Jersey Club Plans Home Party  
December 19, 1939 Miss Gwin Article Food Expert Introduces Recipes  
December 19, 1939 Annual Christmas Programs Information Latin Clubs Celebrate 
December 19, 1939 Rev. Mr. M. D. Christiansen Information African Missionary Addresses League 
December 19, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. Information Prexy Conducts Meeting 
December 19, 1939 College And Community Chorus News Community Chorus Sings Messiah To Full Chapel 
January 5, 1940 Schedule of Examination Information THEY SHALL NOT PASS! 
January 5, 1940 College and Community Chorus News Community Chorus Begins Rehearsal For Easter Oratorio 
January 5, 1940 Joint Convention News Cobb, Nystrom Hear Speech Profs 
January 5, 1940 Six-day School News Saturday History Class Creates Six-day School Agitation 
January 5, 1940 Wheaton's Biology Dept NEws Biology Lab, Library Receive Class Gifts 
January 5, 1940 Junior League Short Comment League Holds Service 
January 5, 1940 Annual Convention of Music Teachers News Stam, Groom Visit Music Convention During Vacation 
January 5, 1940 First Annual Inter-Session of Wheaton College News College Inaugurates Inter-Session 
January 5, 1940 Salzman Will Train Chinese Nurses At Inland Kimhwa News Nurse to Vacate School Post For China Hospital Position 
January 5, 1940 Wheaton's Tower Bell News Betrothals Gain Popularity 
January 5, 1940 Epinoian Literary Society Short Comment Prepsters to Dine 
January 5, 1940 New Year Resolution Article Resolution Bans Three Finals Per Day 
January 5, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle...20 
January 5, 1940 Numbers 27:18 Article Joshua Exemplifies Use Of God's Power 
January 5, 1940 By Werner Graendorf Article Ski Troops Wipe Out Entire Red Division 
January 5, 1940 College Forum Article Debaters Discuss College Education For Women 
January 5, 1940 Special Student Service Article Students Explain Council Work 
January 5, 1940 Wheaton College Mountain Top Radio Program Article Holiday Broadcasts Use Transciptions 
January 5, 1940 Vacation Training Keeps Wrestlers In Condition Sports Matmen To Meet Chicago U In Second Match Of Season 
January 5, 1940 Academy Cage Team Sports Prep Cage Team Meets Chicago High 
January 5, 1940 Great Nebula in Orion Short Comment Taylor Invites Star Gazers 
January 5, 1940 Class Volleyball Tournament Sports Junior Coeds Win Championship 
January 5, 1940 Spokesmen Club News Spokesmen Club Banquet Marks First Year Of Organization 
January 5, 1940 "B" Squad To Try For Second Win of Season Over Duncan "Y" Matmen Sports Schoonmen To Wrestle Duncan "Y" 
January 5, 1940 Intersociety Volleyball Tournament Sports Women Lits Begin Netball Drill 
January 5, 1940 Women's Athletic Association Sports WAA Holds Party 
January 5, 1940 Wheaton's Cage Team Sports Orange Face Dekalb 
January 5, 1940 Prof To Discuss Problems Of Organist At Northwestern News Groom To Address Church Music Conference 
January 5, 1940 First National Convention of Tau Kappa Alpha News Hoke Places Seventh In National Forum 
January 5, 1940 Philip Mack '36 News Mack Returns To Visit Parents 
January 5, 1940 Christian Council Activities News Increased Work Drains Council's Treasury 
January 5, 1940 Academy Students At The Art Institute of Chicago News Students View Exhibit 
January 5, 1940 J. Stratton Shufelt '34 News Shufelt Leads Chorus At Bible Rally 
January 5, 1940 Brigade Banner News Boys' Brigade Issues Paper, Organize Journalism Division 
January 9, 1940 Nystrom To Direct Largest Debating Group At Bloomington News Debaters Invade Normal Meet By Bus 
January 9, 1940 Anthropology Seminar News Tinley Discusses Indian Religions 
January 9, 1940 Weekly Prayer Meeting Short Comment Hartman, Stam, To Lead Prayer Meeting 
January 9, 1940 Conversatory Schedule News Conservatory Fills Year's Schedule 
January 9, 1940 Practical Politics News Political Scientists Offer Course 
January 9, 1940 Wheaton's Tower Bell Short Comment Popularity Continues For Bethrotals 
January 9, 1940 Strike Among Forgotten Men Would Produce Chaos In Dining Hall System News Vegetable Crew Works Unseen Behind Food They Prepare 
January 9, 1940 "Over Lincoln Trails" News Lincolnian To Give Illustrated Talk 
January 9, 1940 Walker, McDonald Award Letters, Numerals To Gridmen At Banquet News Frosh Present Arch Ward At Grid Dinner 
January 9, 1940 Evening Recital Short Comment Musicians Give Recital 
January 9, 1940 Hoboes Drop Aggressors; Britain Rations Food Article Barrage And Echo 
January 9, 1940 Coach Edward A. Coray Article Coray Protests Poor Sportsmanship 
January 9, 1940 The Door Of The New Year Article Christ Opens 1940 Door 
January 9, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 20 ... 
January 9, 1940 Desertion Article Library Picture Honors Deserter 
January 9, 1940 Placing Hymn Books Back In The Rack Article Book Banging Unity Enhances Chapel 
January 9, 1940 Mills Cottage Girls Article Coeds Predict Leap Year Results By Efficiency Test 
January 9, 1940 Little Man Club Article Little Man Club Asserts Rights 
January 9, 1940 Artificial Resuscitation Short Comment Wright To Demonstrate Artificial Respiration 
January 9, 1940 Gopher Club Short Comment Reed Heads Minnesotans 
January 9, 1940 Crusaders To Attempt Comeback After Two Defeats By DeKalb Teachers Sports Orange and Blue Quintet Aims To Defeat Blueboy Team 
January 9, 1940 Women's Athletic Association Short Comment Dianas, Guests Hold Rollerskating Party 
January 9, 1940 Wheaton's "B" Team Grapplers Sports "B" Squad Opens Home Mat Season; Bows To Duncan 
January 9, 1940 Wheaton's Matmen Sports Maroon Grapplers Drop Crusaders 
January 9, 1940 Intersociety Volleyball Teams Sports Coed Squads Elect Volleyball Captains 
January 9, 1940 Academy Cage Team Sports Academy Five Tops Chicago U Prepsters 
January 9, 1940 Van Dusen Opens Group With Organ Program; Nordin Sings News Conservatory Plans Faculty Series For Chapel 
January 9, 1940 Table Tennis Competition Sports Borch, Blocher Lead Paddlers 
January 9, 1940 Academy "W" Club Sports W Club Reviews Season 
January 9, 1940 Chicago Music Schedule News Symphony Opens New Year Season 
January 9, 1940 Chi Sigma Theta Short Comment Chi Sigma Theta Meets 
January 9, 1940 Frosh Basketball Team Sports Freshman Team To Meet Church Squad 
January 9, 1940 Scripture Distribution News Wheaton Graduates Distribute Gospels In S.D.S. Project At Harvard 
January 12, 1940 Dave Bronstein Article Bronstein Lines Up Banquet In Diametrical Circle  
January 12, 1940 12 Students Undergoing Treatment News Infirmary Treats Flu Patients 
January 12, 1940 Melvin Whitaker News Whitaker Presides 
January 12, 1940 The Kings Men Information King's Men to Sing At Moody Church 
January 12, 1940 J. Maurice Dobbins Information Dobbins To Play In Instructors' Music Recital 
January 12, 1940 Carl F. H. Henry Article Henry To Teach Religious Journalism 
January 12, 1940 College and Community Chorus Information Chorus Begins Rehearsals For Spring Oratorio 
January 12, 1940 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News Debaters Compete In State Normal Invitational  
January 12, 1940 Medicine Men Information Fried Lectures On Medicine Men 
January 12, 1940 Nordin Directs Men In Six Day Tour Of Middle West News Women's Club Sings in South On Annual Spring Tour 
January 12, 1940 College Forum Information Forum Discusses School Finances 
January 12, 1940 Bob Reed News Club Sponsors Drive For Finnish Relief 
January 12, 1940 Dr, V. Raymond Edman Article Edman Proposes Substitute for Washington Banquet Against Banquet 
January 12, 1940 Jeanne Cook Article For Banquet 
January 12, 1940 Wheaton's Morning Mountain Top Radio Program News College Lacks Funds For Radio Program 
January 12, 1940 Jeanne Cook  Column The Wheaton Record 
January 12, 1940 Lindbergh Charge Stirs Student Loyalty Column Opines. . . 
January 12, 1940 The Lord's Prayer Column Civil War Solder Writes On Prayer 
January 12, 1940 Dr. Edman Column Gay Gargoyle 20  
January 12, 1940 "B" Team Will Grapple Belmont "Y" Wrestlers In Preliminary Sports Captain Watts leads Crusader Grapplers Against Michigan In Revenge Attempt 
January 12, 1940 Bruce Kurrle Sports Crusader Five Drop Close Game 
January 12, 1940 Tennis Sports Intramural Champs to Clash  
January 12, 1940 Ray Klein Sports Watt Climbs From Novice To Orange and Blue League By Persistance 
January 12, 1940 Volleyball Sports Coeds Practice For Tournament 
January 12, 1940 Eugene Nida Information Chapel Speakers 
January 12, 1940 Girls Athletic Association Sports Academy Eleven Goes Military 
January 12, 1940 Miss Stepania Thorlakson Information Thorlakson Speaks At Youth Rally  
January 12, 1940 Football Sports Varsity, Frosh Griddlers Dine At Annual Stag Banquet 
January 12, 1940 Edman To Answer Law Questions In Second of Series Article Tiffany Discusses War Causes in Opening Faculty Lecture 
January 12, 1940 Coach Jim McDonald Sports Frosh Defeat Church Quintet 
January 12, 1940 Betty Moore News Moore Makes Last Appearance In School Recital 
January 12, 1940 Ellen Faye Zimmerman Information Junior League Competes For Workers Testament 
January 12, 1940 Professor Lester W. Groom Information Organ Program To Initiate Vesper Series 
January 12, 1940 Literary Societies Information Phils Join Celts For Lit Meeting 
January 12, 1940 Football Sports Collegiate Press Reviews Debate On Subsidized Football Players 
January 16, 1940 Tower Editors News Publications Board Approves Editors For Class of ' 42 Tower  
January 16, 1940 W. A. A. News Women Athletes Choose Officers 
January 16, 1940 College Forum Information Forum Offers Radio Debate With North Central 
January 16, 1940 Skating Party News Eastgate Parties At Skating Rinks 
January 16, 1940 Mrs. Owen News Evangelist Shows Visual Study Plan  
January 16, 1940 Carl Johnson Information Johnson To Speak 
January 16, 1940 The Annual Wheaton Invitational High School Debate Tournment News High School Debaters Enter Tournment 
January 16, 1940 Boethallian Literary Society News Bow Lit Holds Banquet Meeting 
January 16, 1940 Women's Glee Club News Women Singers Tour South; Men take Mid- Semester Trip 
January 16, 1940 Vote To Discontinue Banquet Celebration; to Solicit Fund For Chinese, Finnish Relief Article Students Decide For Relief Instead of Banquet 
January 16, 1940 Academy Alumni Association News Academy Alumni To Hold Banquet 
January 16, 1940 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. News Buswell to Address Orange City Conference 
January 16, 1940 Editorial Column Editor Commends Staff, Urges Free Press In Swan Song 
January 16, 1940 John C. Eichorn Column Examination Success Will Prove Strength Of Spiritual, Educational Foundations 
January 16, 1940 Werner Graendorf Column Barrage And Echo 
January 16, 1940 Don Hoke Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
January 16, 1940 Netball Sports Olympians, Bullets Play Netball Finals 
January 16, 1940 Flu Epidemic News Infirmary Treats Capacity Crowd 
January 16, 1940 Pre-Med Club Information Pre-Med Meeting 
January 16, 1940 Annual ClassTournerments Sports Coeds Begin Badminton Practice 
January 16, 1940 Mr.H. E. Hammer Sports Hammer Addresses Junior League 
January 16, 1940 Ray Klein Sports McCarrell Gets Honoray Post As Freshmen Pick Football Captian 
January 16, 1940 Basketball Sports Crusader Five To take On Elmhurst Pirates  
January 16, 1940 Wrestling Sports Playermen Bow To Michigan States; Rosser, Gordon Win On Decisions 
January 16, 1940 Academy Tackles Tough Schedule Next Season Sports Prepsters Elect Nelson At Annual Banquet 
January 16, 1940 Wheaton Riflemen Sports Crusader Riflemen Defeat Chicago U 
January 16, 1940 Dr. Fanny Boyce News Boyce, Free Offer New Courses  
January 16, 1940 Conservartory of Music Information Students Give Concert 
January 23, 1940 Receives Degrees From Houghton, Dallas Seminary News Enrollment Doubles Under Buswell Leadership 
January 23, 1940 Literary Societies News Lit Societies Elect Officers 
January 23, 1940 Earns Doctorate In History At Clark University News Varied Career Leads Edman To Wheaton 
January 23, 1940 Lack Of Administrative Cooperation Necessitates Action Of Trustees; Change Takes Place Immediately News Trustees Request Resignation; Edman, Acting President 
January 23, 1940 The Board Of Trustees Short Comment Trustees Make Statement 
January 23, 1940 Tracts News Council Adds To Tract Supply 
February 2, 1940 Singers Travel Through Indiana, Michigan In Warm Up Trip News Men's Glee Club Returns From Mid-Semester Tour 
February 2, 1940 Faculty Lecture Short Comment Edman To Give Lecture On Neutrality Problems 
February 2, 1940 Illustrated Travelog Lecture News Hagen Presents Lincoln Film 
February 2, 1940 Men's Varsity Debate Team News Men's Debate Team Travels South 
February 2, 1940 Special Program To Climax Campaign Funds; Professor Gerstung Heads Committee For Finnish Relief News Finnish Vice-Consul Opens Drive; Committee Sets $1000 Goal 
February 2, 1940 Dr. Oswald J. Smith News Smith To Speak At Meetings 
February 2, 1940 Evangelistic Services Short Comment Edman, Graham Speak Sunday 
February 2, 1940 Scripture Distribution Society News S.D.S. Sends Gospels Of John To Seven Schools 
February 2, 1940 First Aid News Red Cross Institutes First Aid Course 
February 2, 1940 Celts Choose McDonald, Dons Presides At Ladies Miller Leads Knights News Literary Societies Elect New Officers; Prepare For Full Semester Program 
February 2, 1940 Hammond High Debate Team News Hammond Captures Debate Tournament 
February 2, 1940 Ice-Skating Party Short Comment Easterners Skate 
February 2, 1940 Tower Staff News Tower Shifts Staff To Fill Vacancies 
February 2, 1940 Faith Theological Seminary Short Comment Faith Seminary Elects Dr. Buswell To Faculty 
February 2, 1940 Palm Sunday Presentation News Prominent Soloists To Appear In Elijah Oratorio 
February 2, 1940 First Conservatory Recital of The Semester News Conservatory Teachers Present Pupils At Afternoon Music Program 
February 2, 1940 Wisconsin University Offers Playermen Tough Competition News Matmen To Meet Badgers Grapplers 
February 2, 1940 Intramural Department Sports I-M Department Progresses Rapidly 
February 2, 1940 Fred M. Walker Sports Coach Walker To Resign In June 
February 2, 1940 Girl's Athletic Association Sports GAA Officers Meet At Breakfast 
February 2, 1940 Crusader Basketball Team Sports Crusader Quintet Trounces Elmhurst Pirates 
February 2, 1940 Annual Women's Interclass Ping Pong Sports Coeds To Begin Ping Pong Tournament 
February 2, 1940 Student Greetings Article Student Greetings To Each Other Bring Comment From Outsiders 
February 2, 1940 Atheltics Department Short Comment Athletics Department Offers New Class 
February 2, 1940 Editor Opens Term By Dedicating Column To Jesus Christ Article Baskin 
February 2, 1940 Christians Urged To Desire God's Will Article Harpell 
February 2, 1940 Finns Hold Headlines In Review Of Week's News Article Witmer 
February 2, 1940 Confucius Confuses Scandal With Wisdom Article Bronstein 
February 2, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle . . . 21 
February 2, 1940 Dr. C.L. Nystrom Leads Varsity Debaters In Radio Discussion News College Forum To Discuss International Political Systems 
February 2, 1940 Wheaton Varsity Sports Crusaders Aim For Second Win 
February 2, 1940 J. Maurice Dobbins News Dobbins Plays 
February 2, 1940 Academy Alumni News Prep Grads Elect Leaders At Dinner 
February 2, 1940 Literary Societies News Academy Lits Elect Official Staff For New Semester 
February 2, 1940 Alumni News Alumni Open Drive To Assist College 
February 2, 1940 Mrs. Smith To Assist In Second Program Of Season News Prof. Groom To Play Organ At Monthly Vesper Recital 
February 2, 1940 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Short Comment Edman Addresses Iowa Conference 
February 2, 1940 Astronomical Observatory News Observatory Holds Planet Preview 
February 2, 1940 Intramural Basketball Tournament Sports I-M Hoopsters Start Play 
February 2, 1940 Presidents of The Academy Classes News Academy Elects Class Leaders 
February 2, 1940 Volleyball Sports Volley Ball Teams To Compete In Coed Tournament 
February 2, 1940 Wrestling Sports Alumni To Wrestle Frosh 
February 6, 1940 Christian Groups To Receive Entire Campaign Fund News Five Thermometers To Register Progress Of Drive 
February 6, 1940 Ms. Gwendolyn Sundquist Short Comment Sundoquist Fills Infirmary Vacancy 
February 6, 1940 Women's Glee Club Short Comment Escort Greets Women Singers 
February 6, 1940 Beth Blackstone Short Comment Blackstone Suffers Appendectomy 
February 6, 1940 Irene Forsythe News China Pioneer Finishes Study 
February 6, 1940 Prof. Russell Mixter Article Mixter Gives Advice On Health Regulations 
February 6, 1940 Future Pilots Near End Of Eight Hour's Flying in C.A.A. Course News Air Students To Solo After Training 
February 6, 1940 Julia Blanchard Tells Of Early History Dating To Charles Blanchard News Semi-Annual Services Foster College Development 
February 6, 1940 Freshman Men Stag Party News Greenie Stags Defy Women At Valentine Party 
February 6, 1940 Crusader Matmen Sports Crusader Matmen Upset Badgers In Close Match 
February 6, 1940 Finns Desires Aid From Friends In Other Lands Article Baskin 
February 6, 1940 Evangelistic Services Article Services Need Prayer 
February 6, 1940 Britain's Stanley Presents War Aims Article Witmer 
February 6, 1940 By Associated Collegiate Press Article Higher Education Should Cultivate Human Qualities 
February 6, 1940 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 21 
February 6, 1940 Bible Study Gives Victory To Believers Article Harpell 
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