Index to The Record, 1939 (August)-1939 (November)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
August 1, 1939 Prexy to Address Newcomers At Annual Picnic Information Faculty, Student to Welcome Frosh Three Day Orientation Program 
August 1, 1939 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby Information Eight Seniors To Tackle Comprehensives 
August 1, 1939 Council Committee Information Council to Choose Frosh Chairman 
August 1, 1939 Norma Bloomquist Heads Council For Summer Work News Gospel Teams Evangelize City Beaches 
August 1, 1939 Dr. Charles A. Porter Information Moody Co-Pastor To Address Seniors 
August 1, 1939 Taught Here Since '26 Service Held in Pierce Chapel News College Family Mourns Death Of Professor Osborne 
August 1, 1939 Professor Enock C. Dryness News Summer School Grows Form Single Course 
August 1, 1939 Additions to the Personnal Staff News Fowler, King Join Personnel Staff 
August 1, 1939 Little Sister Tea News Chairmen Plan For Freshman Reception 
August 1, 1939 Posts on Editorial, Business Staffs Give News Experience News Record Offers Position To Freshmen 
August 1, 1939 Individual Year Honors for 1938-39 News Registrar Names Honor Students 
August 1, 1939 Dr. Elsie Dow News Dow, Downey Tour British Isles; Visit Literary Haunts 
August 1, 1939 Biola Trumpeters News Biola Team Holds Services 
August 1, 1939 Infirmary Staff  News Infirmary Staff Safeguards Campus Health 
August 1, 1939 Early Lettermen Return; Don Philips Back Sports Captain Patterson to Lead Early Grid Drill 
August 1, 1939 Jim McDonald Sports McDonald to Coach Frosh 
August 1, 1939 Billy Allen Sports Nelson Views Academy Grid Prospect 
August 1, 1939 Ten Vacancies On Squad Open to New Men Sports Soccer Stars Look to Third Eastern Trip 
August 1, 1939 Louis Gehr Sports Gehr to Head Intramurals 
August 1, 1939 Captain Jim Watt Sports Wrestlers Seek Tenth League Title 
August 1, 1939 Elroy Robinson Sports Robinson To Coach Track, Cross Country  
August 1, 1939 Summer Edition Tackles Frosh Questions Article Summer Record 
August 1, 1939 W. Edmund Boslough Article Christian Council Opens News Fields 
August 1, 1939 John C. Eichron Column Living Water Gives Eternal Refresment 
August 1, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 19 Column Gay Gargoyle 19 
August 1, 1939 John E. Woods  Article Student Prexy Opens Pond To Little Frogs 
August 1, 1939 Rosa Bell Poem Why? 
August 1, 1939 Carl F. H. Henry  Article New Courses Forecast More Journalist 
August 1, 1939 Izler Solomon Information '41 Tower To Present Illinios Symphony 
August 1, 1939 Post Office Guarantees Uncensored Mail News Students Meet At Stupe for Soup, Socks 
August 1, 1939 Wheaton College Expedition News Scientists Resume Study At Black Hills 
August 1, 1939 Membership Open To Outstanding Scholars News Honor Societies Offer Distinction 
August 1, 1939 Gospel Teams News Gospel Teams Tour Country 
August 1, 1939 Miss Alma Penheider News Academy Teaches Shorthand 
August 1, 1939 Music Festival News College Students Celebrate With City 
August 1, 1939 Daily Vacation Bible School News Dr. Price Supervises Bible School 
August 1, 1939 Annual Academy Reception News Academy Plans Student Reception 
August 1, 1939 New Plan Provides More Food At Same Cost News Haavind's Measured Service Increases Food Consumption 
August 1, 1939 Summer Remodeling News Summer Workers Remodel Dorms; Build Jayne Suite 
August 1, 1939 Musical Programs Music Conservatory Gives Summer Recitals 
August 1, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell News Prexy Speaks Across Continent 
August 1, 1939 Regional Braggars Congregate to Fight Homesickness News Red Heads, Debaters Open clubs To Non-Fake Amateurs 
August 1, 1939 Two Entripising Zoology Students News Early Risers Classify 102 Bird Species 
August 1, 1939 College Employment Office News Employment Bureau Places Graduates 
August 1, 1939 Rev. Isaac Page News Dr. Page to Return For Fall Meetings 
August 1, 1939 Americans Experience Fireless Fourth While Sailing News Archaeology Students Cruise To Palestine for Research 
August 1, 1939 Glee Club News Glee Clubs Plan Annual Tours 
August 1, 1939 Scripture Distribution Society News San Francisco Fair Receives S.D.S Tracts 
August 1, 1939 Courses for Non-Music Students News Conservatory Gives College Credit to Non-Music Majors 
August 1, 1939 Two-Week Courses News Two-Week Courses Offer Special Work 
August 1, 1939 Varsity Debaters News Debaters Face National Meet 
August 1, 1939 Carl F.H. Henry '38 News Henry to Edit Chapel Talks For Publication 
September 22, 1939 Test Results Determine Student Programs News Freshman Candidates Take Entrance Examinations 
September 22, 1939 Fourteen Wheaton Couples News Wheaton Couples Parade to Altar 
September 22, 1939 Speak Easy Club News Speaking Club Holds First Meeting 
September 22, 1939 Dr. Lauren A. King News King to Answer Practical Problems For Students 
September 22, 1939 Ernie Young '39 News Young Arrested As German Spy 
September 22, 1939 Local Photographer Receives Contract For Student Pictures News Tower Heads Select New Staff Members 
September 22, 1939 Seniors News Seniors Meet To Choose Class Jacket 
September 22, 1939 Homecoming Saturday News Tower to Bring Symphony Concert For Home Coming 
September 22, 1939 Wheaton's Gospel Teams News Gospel Teams Tour Country 
September 22, 1939 Total Enrollment Drops From Last Year's High Mark News Class of '40 Breaks Record For Senior Registration 
September 22, 1939 Annual Reception News Faculty to Greet New Students 
September 22, 1939 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle XX 
September 22, 1939 By Ed Boslough Article Constant Prayer Changes Things 
September 22, 1939 By Werner Graendorf Article Barrage and Echo 
September 22, 1939 By Dave Bronstein Article Advertisers Show College Trends In Merchandise 
September 22, 1939 By George Cole Article Abraham Speaks 
September 22, 1939 Wheaton College Academy News Reception Party Opens Year for Prepsters 
September 22, 1939 College Church News Church Builds New Parsonage 
September 22, 1939 Melvin Whitaker '43 News Whitaker Earns New York Trip 
September 22, 1939 Maroon and White Gridders Sports Prep Gridders Drill for Initial Battle 
September 22, 1939 Football Sports Crusaders To Meet St. Norbert College 
September 22, 1939 Frosh Football Men Sports McDonald Starts Frosh Practice 
September 22, 1939 Intramural Sports Sports Intramural Sports Program Starts Activities Under New Head 
September 22, 1939 Boys' Movement Spreads To Pennsylvania West Coast News Wright Heads Brigade Camp 
September 22, 1939 Advanced Expression Pupils News Expressionists Plan Recitals 
September 22, 1939 Women's Athletic Association News Women Athletes Entertain Freshmen 
September 22, 1939 Cross Country Men Sports Robinson Trains Harriers For Stiff Year 
September 26, 1939 Senior Jackets News Senior Class Selects Alpine Jackets 
September 26, 1939 Dr. Joseph P. Free News French Professor Escapes War Zone 
September 26, 1939 United States' Attitude Big Question Mark To Allies News Dow, Downey Leave Britain As War Breaks 
September 26, 1939 Christian Council News Christian Council Directs Prayer Day 
September 26, 1939 Teachers Return From Leave of Absence News Professors Fill Recent Vacancies 
September 26, 1939 Annual Black Hills Expedition News Black Hills Group Collects Rare Plants 
September 26, 1939 Dr. James R. Graham News Graham to Teach, Heads Athletic Committee 
September 26, 1939 Women's Athletic Association Short Comment Wheaton Coeds Enjoy Hay Ride 
September 26, 1939 Toronto Evangelist Preaches Series of Sermons On Christian Life News Dr. Isaac Page Directs Evangelistic Services 
September 26, 1939 Ranken Moffitt '42 News Moffitt Returns On Aquitania 
September 26, 1939 Semi-Monthly Evangelistic Meetings Article Spiritual Results Depend on Prayers Of Students 
September 26, 1939 "What do you think of the war?" Article Neutrality In War Crisis Collegians Urge 
September 26, 1939 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle XX 
September 26, 1939 By Werner Graendorf Column Barrage And Echo 
September 26, 1939 By Robert Noles Article College Mates Crowd Out True Friend 
September 26, 1939 Student Opinion Column OPINE 
September 26, 1939 Scoreless Game Initiates New Season Sports Crusader Eleven Ties Strong St. Norbert Team 
September 26, 1939 Interclass Soccer Tournament Sports Women Booters Start Class Rivalry 
September 26, 1939 Enock C. Dyrness News Dyrness Announces Chapel Seating 
September 26, 1939 Wheaton College Thin-Clads Sports Thinclads Train For Initial Meet 
September 26, 1939 Skin Tests News Infirmary Gives Skin Tests To Students 
September 26, 1939 Wheaton College Golf Day Sports Students, Faculty To Play Golf At Green Valley 
September 26, 1939 Wheaton's Intramural Season Sports Football, Tennis Headline Intramural Sports 
September 26, 1939 Christian Council News Christian Council Presents Program For Freshmen 
September 26, 1939 Mrs. Elsie H. Van Dusen News Van Dusen's Mother Passes Away 
September 26, 1939 Night Patrol News Watchmen Patrol Campus 
September 26, 1939 Crime Wave Spread to Wheaton News Local Police Apprehend College Boys 
September 26, 1939 Edward A. Cording News Cording Directs Journalists 
September 26, 1939 Ladosian Literary Society News Ladies Elect Officers At Wiener Roast 
September 26, 1939 Annual Faculty Reception News Faculty Receives New Students At Annual Party 
September 26, 1939 Students from Foreign Countries News Frosh Represents Foreign Countries 
September 26, 1939 Mr. and Mrs. P.G. Spangler Short Comment Spangler, Hammer Announce Marriage 
September 29, 1939 Program to Include Novel Features For Returning Grads News Bayly to Direct Homecoming For Council 
September 29, 1939 John E. Woods News Committee Revises Student Council Constitution 
September 29, 1939 Paul E. Stanley News Stanley to Direct Student Flying Courses 
September 29, 1939 Professor Report European Opinions  News Britain Asks Assistance From Struggle 
September 29, 1939 Scripture Distrubution Society News S.D.S Sends Gospels to Wayne University  
September 29, 1939 Mr. Homer Hammontree Information Hammontree Leads  
September 29, 1939 Dr. Wallace Emerson Article Local Profs Study, Rest During Summer 
September 29, 1939 Illinois Symphony to Play Numbers Most Popilar With Local Audience News Student Body To Select Music Program 
September 29, 1939 Orien Johnson News Band Prepares To Assist At Grid Contests 
September 29, 1939 Mr. H. William Nordin  News Nordin Student Wins Music Festival Honor 
September 29, 1939 John Drawz Article Page, Hermann Renew College Friendship 
September 29, 1939 Glee Club News Glee Clubs Fill Vacancies 
September 29, 1939 Christian Council News Council Offers Opportunities For Service 
September 29, 1939 Freshmen " Idiosyncrasy" Atricle Frosh Threaten Senior Dignity 
September 29, 1939 The Gay Gargoyle 20 Column Gay Gargoyle 
September 29, 1939 George Cole Article Abraham Speaks 
September 29, 1939 Werner Graendorf  Article Warsaw falls; Graham Predicts Chinese Results 
September 29, 1939 Joseph W. Coughlin Column Brigade Asks Girls to Join Movement 
September 29, 1939 Fischer Library News Library Increases Book Capacity 
September 29, 1939 Injured Stars To Play Against Ohioans Sports Walkermen To Meet Akron Zippers 
September 29, 1939 Earl C. Helfrick  News Homecoming Alumni To Broadcast 
September 29, 1939 Jean Gardiner Information Academy G.A.A To Hold Hike 
September 29, 1939 Football Sports Prep gridders Prime For Todd Eleven 
September 29, 1939 Football Sports Patterson Plays last Season Of Football 
September 29, 1939 Intramural Program Sports Intramural Men Organize Teams 
September 29, 1939 Soccer Sports Coed Teams Practice Soccer 
September 29, 1939 Academy Officers For the Class of '43 News Academy Officers Plan Activities 
September 29, 1939 Bows Meet To Elect Officers News Boethalian Literary Society 
September 29, 1939 Robert Reed News Collegiate Hall Elect Reed President 
September 29, 1939 Edwin McDaniel News Magazine Recognizes Inventor Of Bicycle Safety Device 
September 29, 1939 Wallace Greig Information League to Welcome Academy Students 
September 29, 1939 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News Dr. Nystrom To Announce Debate Plans 
September 29, 1939 Rev. A. N. Bostrom News Students Assist On Radio Program 
October 3, 1939 Deans Revise Regulations For Freshmen News Personnel Office Inaugurates Rules 
October 3, 1939 Jim Tompkins Information Bible Club Plans Extension 
October 3, 1939 Mr. Peter Stam Jr. News Conservatory Roll Shows Increase 
October 3, 1939 Homer Wichern Article Students Ballot On Concert Program 
October 3, 1939 Dr. Elsie Storrs Dow News Dr. Dow Reaches Fourscore Marks 
October 3, 1939 Men's Interhouse Council News Men's Council Discusses Sports 
October 3, 1939 Sophomores Present Regulations For Frosh Acceptance Article Pinder Wins Council Election; Frosh Vote on Soph Rules 
October 3, 1939 Bob Spiro Information Spiro to Direct Little Brother Banquet 
October 3, 1939 Mr. Torrey Johnson News Council Plans Homecoming For Alumni 
October 3, 1939 Lloyd Fesmire News Gospel teams To Reorganize 
October 3, 1939 John E. Woods News Iowan To Lead Class of '43 Until Frosh Vote 
October 3, 1939 The Pilgrims News History Club Pictures Pilgrim Landing 
October 3, 1939 Ruth Cole News Graduate Recovers From Auto Collision 
October 3, 1939 Peter Stam III Column God's Power Enables Victorious Life 
October 3, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Barrage & Echo  
October 3, 1939 John E. Woods News Thank you, Council 
October 3, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
October 3, 1939 Dr.Isaac Page Column A Kitchen Ode 
October 3, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks 
October 3, 1939 Darlyne Fiegel News Appendicitis Claims First Frosh Victim 
October 3, 1939 Wheaton's Line Unable to Stop Frankie Zazula Sports Crusaders Bow To Akron team In 33-6 Defeat 
October 3, 1939 Football Sports Intramural Leaders Inaugurate Football Leagues 
October 3, 1939 Don Boardman Information Cameramen Plan Picture Annual 
October 3, 1939 Golf Sports Rainstorm Stops Golf Tourney 
October 3, 1939 Rifle Team Sports Riflemen Draw Aim On Full Shooting Schedule 
October 3, 1939 Soccer Sports Soccer team To Start Season 
October 3, 1939 Miss Marian Rodgers News Cooks Sing to Aid Rodgers' Recovery 
October 3, 1939 Todd Eleven Sports Academy Gridders Tied 0-0 By Todd Eleven 
October 3, 1939 Dr. J. J. Hoffman News Christian Council To Picnic, Plan Year's Work 
October 3, 1939 Boxing Sports Doc Cardiff To Initiate Boxing Classes 
October 3, 1939 Soccer Sports Women Begin Soccer Schedule 
October 3, 1939 Symphony Group Elect Congdon President News Dasch Prepares Orchestra For Concert 
October 3, 1939 Football Sports Gehr Directs Football Decathlon  
October 3, 1939 Aelioian Literary Society Information Aelioian Lit Holds Initial Coed Informal 
October 3, 1939 Lois Tyner News Academy Lits Elect officers 
October 3, 1939 Dr. H. O.Taylor Information Observatory Hold open House 
October 3, 1939 Harmon McMurty News Business Majors Pick McMurty To Lead Forum 
October 3, 1939 Football Sports Frosh Gridmen Train for Delalb 
October 3, 1939 Dr. Clarence Nystrom Announcement Nystrom Announce Birth of Son 
October 3, 1939 Mr. Delburt Nelson  Information Academy Hikers Choose North Side Picnic Site 
October 6, 1939 Second-year men Devise New Frosh Rules; Punish law-breakers Article Yearling Fear Bombing From Soph War Lords 
October 6, 1939 Muriel Weeks News Pitt house Elects Officers 
October 6, 1939 Prof. Russell Mixter Article Codes, Coffs Mage Life Mizruble 
October 6, 1939 Booklets Introduces Belt Members To New Students News Belts, Aels To Entertain At Informals 
October 6, 1939 Crusaders Battle Arch Foes Sports Walkermen Hope to repeat Last Year's Victory  
October 6, 1939 Bob Spiro Information Spiro Directs Brother Banquet 
October 6, 1939 History Club Information Historians Present Film 
October 6, 1939 Thanksgiving  News Faculty to Observe Traditional Date For Thanksgiving 
October 6, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Information Missionary To Speak At Tabernacle 
October 6, 1939 John Witmer Column Cardinal Win Depends On School 
October 6, 1939 John Witmer Column Record Supports Progressives 
October 6, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Barrage and Echo 
October 6, 1939 Grafton Harpell Article Obedience Demands Humility 
October 6, 1939 The Gay Gargoyle Twenty. . . Column the Gay Gargoyle Twenty. . . 
October 6, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks 
October 6, 1939 Academy Gridders Sports Prep Gridders to Play Harvard Eleven 
October 6, 1939 Cardiff Intiates Boxing Classses Announcement Misinterpreted 
October 6, 1939 Hiking Information WAA Breakfast Ready In Glen Ellyn 
October 6, 1939 Football Sports Robinson's Men Race Monmouth 
October 6, 1939 S.D.S Information S.D.S Conducts Chapel Service 
October 6, 1939 Intramural Sports Southsiders Crush Olympian Club 32-6 In first Intramural Tussle 
October 6, 1939 Board of Trustees News Trustees Meet To Discuss College Problems 
October 6, 1939 The News Bureau News Students Earn School Expenses On NYA Projects 
October 6, 1939 Burton Sutherland News Academy Lits Elect Officers 
October 6, 1939 Rev. D. Welsh Information Welsh to Tackle Current Problems Of Young People 
October 6, 1939 Miss Elizabeth Fenton Information Prepsters organize Latin Club 
October 6, 1939 Rev. Newberry Cox Information Junior League Hears Missionary 
October 10, 1939 Managers To Present Year's Plans News Orators To Announce Debate Questions 
October 10, 1939 Boutwell Earns Scholarship News Joseph Boutwell 
October 10, 1939 Clarence Mason Information Alumnus to Speak At homecoming Church Service 
October 10, 1939 Patterson, Wulff, Lee Cross Goal Line As Walkermen Stop North Central Second Consecutive Time Sports Crusaders Eleven Crushes Red Birds 19-6 In Traditional Struggle 
October 10, 1939 Local Churches News Churches Hold Open House 
October 10, 1939 Brigade Activities News Brigade Spreads To New Fields  
October 10, 1939 Engagement of Charlotte Michaud and Edwin McDaniel Announcement Tower Bell rings For Local Couple 
October 10, 1939 The Student Body Column Run Down Enthusiasm Comes To Life 
October 10, 1939 D. A. Straw  Column In Memoriam 
October 10, 1939 O. Peterson  Article Those Also Serve Who Wait 
October 10, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
October 10, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Barrage and Echo 
October 10, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks 
October 10, 1939 Wheaton College Student Directory News Registrar Complies Directory 
October 10, 1939 Mr. C. H. Shamberger Information Shamberger Speaks To Business 
October 10, 1939 W. A. A. Hikers News WAA Take Breakfast Outdoors 
October 10, 1939 Richard Dixon News Dixon Heads W Club 
October 10, 1939 North Central Game Sports Raube, Cooper Lead Cross Country Team 
October 10, 1939 Mr. Frank Speaight  Information Speaight Gives Dickens 
October 10, 1939 Intramural Sports Bartlett Hall heads Football Classic 
October 10, 1939 Wheaton Academy Griddlers Sports Prep Griddlers Whitewash Harvard Eleven 
October 10, 1939 Gun Club Sports Gun Club Holds Intial Meeting 
October 10, 1939 Women's Athletic Association Information WAA to Show Movies on Hockey 
October 10, 1939 Editors to Announce Full Staff, Printing Contract News Roberts, Eckert Complete Plans For Tower 
October 10, 1939 Bettye Harrison News House Council Elects Officers 
October 10, 1939 Victor Beattie  News Jersey Students Form Club 
October 10, 1939 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen  News Thiessen Develops Seminary Courses 
October 10, 1939 Academy Students Committee News Prep Students Elect Council Officers 
October 10, 1939 Ed Rosser News Rosser Appoints Class of '41 Committees 
October 10, 1939 Missing Amplifier News Summer Burglary Baffles Police 
October 10, 1939 " Arabian Nights" News Aels, Belts Entertain Frosh To Begin Literary Informals 
October 13, 1939 Ken Hammonds and Ken Hensen News Sophomores Elect Tower Observers 
October 13, 1939 Gordon Hermanson News Hermanson To Edit Magazine 
October 13, 1939 Orien Johnson Information Band Travel To DeKalb 
October 13, 1939 Dr. and Mrs.Samuel Yoder News Yoders Announce Birth of Daugther 
October 13, 1939 Football Information DeKalb Broadcast 
October 13, 1939 Don Hoke News Varsity Debaters Attend Festival 
October 13, 1939 Alden W. Clark News Orchestra Hall Season Begins With Chicago Symphony 
October 13, 1939 Static Faith Stabilzes the World Article Paradox of Constancy 
October 13, 1939 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges News Eichorn, Woods Rate College "Who's Who" Recognition 
October 13, 1939 Illinois Symphony Orchestra  News Tower Presents Symphony Concert At Homecoming 
October 13, 1939 Students Council Action Information Faculty Reserves Prayer Room 
October 13, 1939 Radio Theme Headlines Arrow Program Information Bows, Arrows Entertain Frosh At Informals 
October 13, 1939 C. Stacey Woods News Inter-Varsity Engages Grads 
October 13, 1939 Werner Graendorf  Column Barrage and Echo 
October 13, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 . . Column Gay Gargoyle 20 . . 
October 13, 1939 Helen Cederberg Column Friendship Change to Brotherhood 
October 13, 1939 Abraham Speaks Column Abraham Speaks 
October 13, 1939 Student Opinions Column Opine. . . 
October 13, 1939 Dean Smith Information Wheels of Justice Grind Frosh 
October 13, 1939 Williston Hall News Jones To Lead Red Castle Inmates 
October 13, 1939 Gridmen Face Teachers As Part Of Homecoming Program Sports Walkermen try For First Win Over DeKalb 
October 13, 1939 Francis Parker Sports Academy Eleven Primes For Battle With Parker  
October 13, 1939 Intramural Program Sports Nelson Plans Intramurals For Prepsters 
October 13, 1939 Dean E. R. Schell Announcment Academy Increases Visual Education 
October 13, 1939 Miss Mildred Seymour Sports Seymour Directs Coed Atheles At Play Day 
October 13, 1939 Morgan Gates News Redheads 
October 13, 1939 Billings and Cole Sports Decathlon Claims Intramural Spotlight 
October 13, 1939 Captian Chet Rauble Sports Harriers to Run Monmouth 
October 13, 1939 H. William Nordin Information Community Choirs Practices Messiah 
October 17, 1939 Smith To Utilize Student, Faculty Talent On Program News Cording Plans Daily Program For Campus Broadcast 
October 17, 1939 Mr. Frank Speaight  News Humorist Reads Pickwick Papers 
October 17, 1939 Dr. Paul E. Stanley Information Aviation Course Offers Instruction At Reduced Rate 
October 17, 1939 Frost Library News Anthropologists Increase Museum 
October 17, 1939 Long Chapel  Information Deans to Address Divided Chapel 
October 17, 1939 The Bradley Tech Forum's Round -Table Discussion News Debators Attend Bradley Round Table 
October 17, 1939 Professor. Russell L. Mixter News Mixter Earns Doctorate In Anatomy 
October 17, 1939 Thirteenth Annual Informal Information Bows, Arrows Present Annual Informals 
October 17, 1939 Dr. Wright to Direct Observation Of Star Cluster News Observatory Holds open House to Study Hercules 
October 17, 1939 Colleges Kill Original Thought  Article Colleges Kill Original Thought 
October 17, 1939 Prayer Meeting Article Students Need prayer Meeting 
October 17, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Meditate. . . . 
October 17, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Barrage and Echo 
October 17, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 . . Column Gay Gargoyle 20. . 
October 17, 1939 George Cole  Column Abraham Speaks 
October 17, 1939 Football Sports Moore Wins Decathlon 
October 17, 1939 Elroy Robinson Short Story Robinson Speaks At Prep Lit 
October 17, 1939 Former Wheaton Students News grads Continue Work At Faith Seminary 
October 17, 1939 Fumbles Pave Way For Two Prof Touchdown In Second Quarter Sports Dekalb Teachers Trounce Crusaders, 19-7 
October 17, 1939 Academy Girls Athletic Association Sports Academy GAA Elects Officers 
October 17, 1939 Golf Sports Dean Stauffer Shoots Low Score 
October 17, 1939 Football Sports Frosh Gridmen Whitewashed In First Game 
October 17, 1939 Soccer Sports Coeds Begin Soccer Tournament 
October 17, 1939 Wheaton Academy Gridders Sports Academy Eleven Drops Close Game 
October 17, 1939 Baseball Sports Baseball Stars Instruct Local Players 
October 17, 1939 Miss. Evelyn Hayden News Students to Reorganize German Club 
October 17, 1939 Bruce Dunn Information Dunn Leads Meeting 
October 17, 1939 Neal Curtis News Moody Grads Elect Curtis President 
October 17, 1939 Oliver Peterson Information Peterson to Give Devotional Studies 
October 17, 1939 Long- Track Sports Harriers Beat Monmouth 
October 17, 1939 Association of American Medical Colleges News Pre-meds Study For Exams 
October 20, 1939 Lit President Returns For Week End Article Bayly Predicts Record Crowd At Homecoming  
October 20, 1939 Professor H. William Nordin News Singers Begin Rehearsals Of Messiah 
October 20, 1939 " Picture of The Week" Information Camermen Post Week's Picture 
October 20, 1939 Peter Stam Jr. News Seniors Receive High Grades In Music Test 
October 20, 1939 S.D.S News S.D.S Covers Four Campuses 
October 20, 1939 Celts Follow Morden Trend In Annual Program Information Wright To Preside At Informal 
October 20, 1939 Mr. Milo Jameson News Club Founder Addresses Student Body 
October 20, 1939 Mary Alice Lees News mary Lees To Lead New Dorm Coeds 
October 20, 1939 Hazel Long Article Solomon Conducts Symphony In Homecoming Concert 
October 20, 1939 Betty Whitaker Information Brigade Plans At Steak Fry 
October 20, 1939 Dr. James R. Graham Information Graham to teach Chinese Language 
October 20, 1939 Dr. D. H. Dolman Information English Author To Speak In Academy Chapel 
October 20, 1939 Christian Council Article Students Fill Part-Time Posts 
October 20, 1939 Part-Time Jobs Article Student Marjority Earns Way In Part-Time Jobs 
October 20, 1939 Monroe Bertsch Column Students Neglect Bible Study In Rush of Activities 
October 20, 1939 Werner Graendorf  Column Barrage and Echo . . . 
October 20, 1939 Gay Gaygoyle 20  Column Gay Gaygoyle 20 
October 20, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks  
October 20, 1939 Bob Noles Column Opine  
October 20, 1939 Aeloian Literary Society  News Aels Elect Year's Officers 
October 20, 1939 Patterson to Lead Walkerman Against Strong Foe Sports Crusaders Meet Central College In Night Game 
October 20, 1939 Dorothy Madsen Sports Academy GAA Drafts Constitution 
October 20, 1939 Coach James McKellin Sports Booters Drill For Mooseheart  
October 20, 1939 Soccer Sports Soph Drop Juniors In Coed Soccer Play 
October 20, 1939 Coach Elroy Robinson Sports Harrier Run Against Normal 
October 20, 1939 Archery Class Sports Riot Breaks Out In Archery Class 
October 20, 1939 Ruth Buswell News Ruth Buswell Recovers After Operation 
October 20, 1939 Wheaton Graduates News Graduates Study At Ann Arbor 
October 20, 1939 New Jersey Fellowship Information New Jerseyites Hold Steak Fry Social 
October 20, 1939 Miss Florence Cobb News Cobb to Direct Choric Verse Class 
October 20, 1939 Pteromethea News Outside girls Plan Vacation Parties 
October 20, 1939 Football Sports Fourth Floor, City Residents Top Grid Leagues 
October 24, 1939 Young Artist To Occupy First Chair In Cello Section Article Tower Brings Orchestra For Concert 
October 24, 1939 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News Kilby Revises Test Gradings 
October 24, 1939 Junior Class Rodeo Information Juniors To Go Wstern At Rodeo Party 
October 24, 1939 Donald Boardman News Boardman Edits Camera Annual 
October 24, 1939 " In The Eighteenth Century Drawing-Room" News Philalethean Has Old-Fashioned Theme; Excelsiors Go Mordern at Informals 
October 24, 1939 Flost Parade Precedes Wheaton-Illinios Game, Tower Concert Article Frosh Bonfire, Pepmeeting Open Homecoming Clelebration 
October 24, 1939 Lois Bohn News Cork Cottage Coeds Entertain At Open House 
October 24, 1939 Naitermian and Ladosian Literary Societies Information Knights, Ladies Postpone Informals 
October 24, 1939 Cording, Smith Direct Mountain Top Program News Buswell To Speak On Inaugural Radio Broadcast 
October 24, 1939 Mary Lou Allison and Theodore Benson News Benson, Allison Marry In Home Ceremony 
October 24, 1939 Christmas Vaction Short Story John Q. Indulges In College Life 
October 24, 1939 Warren Vining Jr. Column Lives Hold Room For Improvement 
October 24, 1939 Gay Gargoyle 20 . . . Column Gay Gargoyle 20. . . 
October 24, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Browder Uses Fake Passport; Indicated 
October 24, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks 
October 24, 1939 Ima Ginit Column Opine 
October 24, 1939 Mr. Elmer E. Beck  Information Beck Secures team Appointments 
October 24, 1939 Wulff, Patterson Score Touchdowns For Crusaders Sports Walkermen Lose Night game To Central  
October 24, 1939 Gordon McCarrell Sports Frosh Eleven Bow To Concorida Varsity 
October 24, 1939 Robinson's Racers Sports Thin-Clads Finish Third In Triangular  
October 24, 1939 Wrestling Sports Local Wrestlers Train For Heavy Schedule 
October 24, 1939 Soccer Sports Prep Gridders Lose 13-0 
October 24, 1939 Women's Soccer Tournament Sports Sophs Lead Soccer Tournment 
October 24, 1939 Coach Elroy Robinson Sports Track Men To Meet 
October 24, 1939 Roberts, Rosser Kick Goals For Wheaton Points Sports Local Booter Whitewash Morton 3-0 
October 24, 1939 Archery  Sports Coeds Plan Archery Meet 
October 24, 1939 Dr. Wallace Emerson Article Deans to Speak On Etiquette 
October 24, 1939 Christian Council Information Girls Conduct Child Evangelism 
October 24, 1939 Coeds of Sterling's House Information Sterling House Coeds Hold Steak Fry 
October 24, 1939 Alden W. Clark  Article Chicago Symphony Orchestra Opens 1939 Pop Season 
October 27, 1939 WMRO Features Two Campus Broadcasts Daily Article Homecoming Crowds Halls 
October 27, 1939 Bayly Expects Large Response From Alumni News Homecoming Activities Welcome Graduates During Week End Program 
October 27, 1939 Special Vesper Recital Information Alumni Hold Vesper Recital 
October 27, 1939 Grafton Harpell News New Englanders To Organize 
October 27, 1939 Wheaton Band News Band to Play In Parade, At Game 
October 27, 1939 Wedding News Mohr, Sandburg Say 'I Do' 
October 27, 1939 Clarence Mason News Clarence Mason to Address Alumni at Homecoming 
October 27, 1939 Gospel Messengers Information Gospel Messengers To Hold Service 
October 27, 1939 Student Poll For Active Council Brings Results News Faculty Approves Changes In Council Consitution 
October 27, 1939 Ernie Frost  News Soph, Frosh Meet In Annual Fracas 
October 27, 1939 Fellowship Banquet Program Information Alumni to Banquet In Lower Chapel 
October 27, 1939 Special Homecoming Program Information Grads Present Midnight Radio Hour 
October 27, 1939 Symphony Favorities News Orchestra to Play Popular Selections 
October 27, 1939 The Value of Our College Education Article Alumni Dictate Cooperate For Progress 
October 27, 1939 Werner Graendorf  Column Meditation 
October 27, 1939 Joe Bayly Column Toil Continues Mountian Top Experiences 
October 27, 1939 Gay Gargoyle XX Column Gay Gargoyle XX 
October 27, 1939 George Cole Column Abraham Speaks . . . 
October 27, 1939 Prexy Welcomes Graduates To Homecoming Celebration Information Prexy Welcomes Graduates To Homecoimg Celebration 
October 27, 1939 Riflemen Meet To Elect Officers Sports Gun Club Membership Predicts Winning Team 
October 27, 1939 Drop in Registration News Men Outnumber Women Students In Enrollment 
October 27, 1939 Intramural Activities  Sports Intramural Activities Change As Fall Season Draws to Close 
October 27, 1939 Gridders to Try For Revenge Against Grid Foe Sports Walkermen Face Illinois In Final Home Game 
October 27, 1939 Betty Kerr Sports Girls'Hockey Gains Support 
October 27, 1939 Football Sports Harriers To Run In Dual Meet 
October 27, 1939 Frosh Gridmen Sports Frosh Gridmen To meet Alumni In Annual Battle 
October 27, 1939 Athletes Train For Homecoming Battles Sports Athletes train For Homecoming Battles 
October 31, 1939 Student Governing Council Editorial Constitutional Revision points to self -Government 
October 31, 1939 Rev John D. Nutting News Nutting Tells Experiences of First Record Editor 
October 31, 1939 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News Speech Profs Report on Study 
October 31, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Diplomats Post Maps On War Score 
October 31, 1939 Peter Sam III News S.D.S. To distribute Study Leaflets 
October 31, 1939 John E. Woods News Student Body to Vote On Constitutional Revision 
October 31, 1939 Flora Peterson News  Orators to Vie For Awards 
October 31, 1939 President Evelyn Hayden News Club to show German Films 
October 31, 1939 Cowboy George Cole News Juniors To Go Wild West For Rodeo 
October 31, 1939 Chi Sigma Theta News Soceity Invites New Members 
October 31, 1939 Werner Graendorf News English Sell Nerve Tonic To Aid Blockade 
October 31, 1939 Homecoming Editorial Gay Gargoyle 20 
October 31, 1939 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News Debate Squads Prepare For Year's Program 
October 31, 1939 Lloyd Fesmire Information Sleepers Fail To watch For Service 
October 31, 1939 George Cole Information Abraham Speaks 
October 31, 1939 Wheaton Crusaders Sports Crusaders Hold Blueboys Scoreless 
October 31, 1939 Paul Fischer  News Fischer Talks to Business Majors 
October 31, 1939 Chuck Wilson Sports Frosh, Alumni Battle To 0-0 Tie Annual Fracas 
October 31, 1939 Coach Del Nelson Sports Prep Gridders Triumph 30-6 
October 31, 1939 Beth Blackstone & Howie Fischer Sports Coed Lits To Begin Tennis Play 
October 31, 1939 Don McDonald News "W" Men Hold First Meeting 
October 31, 1939 Esther Riemenschnitter Information Academy Grad Marries Urban Meyer 
October 31, 1939 Dr, Orrin Tiffany News Dr. Tiffany Presents Honor Scholarships 
October 31, 1939 Coach Fred Walker Information Letterman to Conduct Chapel  
October 31, 1939 Mrs. Migon Mackenzie News Prep Singers to Skate 
October 31, 1939 Milwaukee Teachers Information Milwaukee Teachers Outrun Harriers 
October 31, 1939 Marcel Dupre News Organist To Play In Oak Park 
October 31, 1939 Free Recitals News Conservatory Presents Recital 
October 31, 1939 Faculty Business Meetings News Faculty to Discuss To Current Topics 
October 31, 1939 John Witmer News Club To Broadcast Game 
October 31, 1939 Julia E. Blanchard News Books Pass Eight Markers 
October 31, 1939 Homecoming Parade News Sophs Enter Float In Annual Homecoming Parade 
October 31, 1939 Marjorie Wood News Annex Girls Hold Pop Concert Party 
October 31, 1939 Coach Elroy Robinson Sports Robinsonmen Face Beloit Harriers 
October 31, 1939 James A. McKellin News McKellin Directs Drill 
October 31, 1939 Sigma Pi Sigma News Physics Group Elects Members 
November 3, 1939 Hitler Trades Russia Ships For Submarines To Continue Sea Raiding News Il Duce Demotes Cabinet Officials For Nazi Sentiments 
November 3, 1939 Alec Templeton News Tower To Bring Alec Templeton For Concert 
November 3, 1939 American Conservatory of Music News Musicians Attend Recital 
November 3, 1939 Martin Luther Short Comment German Club Recalls Luther's Birthday 
November 3, 1939 Williston and New Dorm Dining Hall Boys News Williston, New Dorm Cooks Renew Bloody Gridiron Feud 
November 3, 1939 Student Council News Students to Vote On Revisions To Constitution 
November 3, 1939 President James Oliver Buswell Jr. Short Comment Buswell to Speak At Alumni Rally 
November 3, 1939 Annual Conference of Church Music News Stam, Nordin Address Group on Music 
November 3, 1939 Mrs. Parks News Park's Aunt Survives Athenia 
November 3, 1939 Harpell Adds Extra Half Hour To Week End Limits News Radio Rules Eliminate Stooge Methods 
November 3, 1939 Junior Rodeo News Rangemaster Cole Directs Juniors At Rodeo Party 
November 3, 1939 Pi Gamma Mu News History Society Adds Members 
November 3, 1939 Student Council Article Council Proposes Democratic Law 
November 3, 1939 Humor Column  Gay Gargoyle 20 
November 3, 1939 By George Cole Article Abraham Speaks 
November 3, 1939 Let Us Go On Article Resting on Laurels Invites Failure 
November 3, 1939 Grafton Harpell Article Greater Leniency Marks Rules 
November 3, 1939 By Philip Foxwell Article Foxwell Claims Balmy California No Garden of Eden 
November 3, 1939 Walkermen In Top Condition For Hard Battle Sports Crusaders Travel To Carroll With Complete Roster 
November 3, 1939 Alumni Volleyballers Sports Women Grads Crush All-Stars 
November 3, 1939 Coed Archers Sports Coed Archers Defeat Cardinals 
November 3, 1939 Touch-Football Sports I-M Touchball Reaches Finals 
November 3, 1939 Soccer Sports Soph Women Lead In Class Soccer 
November 3, 1939 Wheaton's Frosh Gridmen Sports Frosh Gridders Face Redbirds 
November 3, 1939 Cross Country Men Sports Cooper Leads Field Home As Local Harriers Lose to Beloit 
November 3, 1939 Naitermian Literary Society News Ladies, Knights To Hold Final Informal 
November 3, 1939 Academy Library News Academy Receives New Furniture 
November 3, 1939 Observatory Open House News O'Brien To Direct Observatory Study Of Jupiter 
November 3, 1939 Steel- Man's Servant News Color Film Pictures Steel Industry 
November 3, 1939 Conservatory Recital Series Music Conservatory Students Present First In Recital Series 
November 7, 1939 Amendments Include Student Court Proposal News Students To Vote On Revised Constitution 
November 7, 1939 Publication of Tower '41 News Tower Heads Sign Contract 
November 7, 1939 Informal Afternoon Recitals Information Conversatory To Present Afternoon Recital 
November 7, 1939 Alec Templeton News Ticket Sale For Tower Concert Begins Monday 
November 7, 1939 Ernest Young '39 News Young Lectures On Indian Lore 
November 7, 1939 Moore Presides In Garden Scene News Knights, Ladies Entertain At Informal 
November 7, 1939 Peace Orations News Orators to Give Peace Orations 
November 7, 1939 Good News Tract Short Comment Students Choose Illustrated Tracts 
November 7, 1939 35th Annual High School Conference News Educators Show Use of Radio 
November 7, 1939 Steel- Man's Servant News Film Pictures Steel Industry 
November 7, 1939 John Eichorn News Eichorn Coaches Frosh Debaters 
November 7, 1939 Representatives Meet To Discuss College Problems News S.D.S. Sponsors Meeting Of Intercollegiate Convention 
November 7, 1939 Prehistoric Man News Horner to Discuss Prehistoric Man In Seminar 
November 7, 1939 Neutrality Act of 1939 Article "Neutrality" Act Discriminates Against Germany 
November 7, 1939 By Charles Frame Article Spiritual Trials Prepare For Blessings 
November 7, 1939 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle 20 
November 7, 1939 By George Cole Article Abraham Speaks 
November 7, 1939 By Werner Graendorf Article Congress Votes To Repeal Arms Embargo 
November 7, 1939 Student Opinion Column Opine.. 
November 7, 1939 Strong Passing Offense Spells Defeat For Crusader Gridders Sports Walkermen Bow To Carroll 
November 7, 1939 Wheaton Harriers Sports Harriers Place Fifth In Loyola Invitational 
November 7, 1939 Women's Hockey Tournament Sports Class Teams Prepare For Hockey Tourney 
November 7, 1939 Soccer Sports Coed Dorm Help To Play Soccer Game 
November 7, 1939 Men's Intramural Council Sports Men's Council Discusses I-M Plans 
November 7, 1939 Gun Club Sports Gub Club Elects Officers; Awards Letters To Varsity Team 
November 7, 1939 Juniors Festivities News Juniors Stage Mock Western Rodeo For First Class Party 
November 7, 1939 Judge John F. Voight News Voight to Speak on Broadcast 
November 7, 1939 Paul W. Tappan News Miami Professor Approves Bluffing 
November 7, 1939 Herbert W. Greig News Greig To Address Junior League 
November 7, 1939 Academy Football Team Sports Prep Gridders Close Season With 19-6 Victory 
November 7, 1939 Wheaton College Soccer Squad Sports Booters Crush Mooseheart Soccermen 4-1 
November 7, 1939 Orchestra Hall News Students Hear Chicago Orchestra 
November 7, 1939 New Englanders Short Comment New Englanders Form Society 
November 7, 1939 Scripture Distribution Society News S.D.S. Sends "His Triumph" To Cornell 
November 10, 1939 Pianist Learns Of Blindness After Seventh Birthday; Continues Music Study News Tower Promotes Ticket Sales For Templeton's Concert 
November 10, 1939 "Tragedy of Mt. Everest" News Film Pictures Everest Tragedy 
November 10, 1939 Dr James R. Graham News Graham Teaches Chinese In Non-Credit Course 
November 10, 1939 Manager Haavind Claims "My Team Will Win" In Playoff Game News Hashlingers Try To Break Gridiron Tie 
November 10, 1939 3rd Annual Intercollegiate Conference News Intercollegiate Conference Meets Under SDS Sponsorship 
November 10, 1939 Student Council Short Comment Students to Vote On Constitution 
November 10, 1939 Wheaton Hiker's Short Comment Early Bird HIkers Jaunt to Glen Ellyn 
November 10, 1939 Whitaker Directs Movement, Establishes Groups In Winfield, Elgin News Girls Guild Answer Call For Christian Girl's Club 
November 10, 1939 Seminary Club News Stam To Govern Dickey Seminary Club 
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