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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
February 21, 1939 Chapel Choir Information Chapel Choir Sends News 
February 21, 1939 Bertrand Farrell News Ingenious Students Invent Getter-Upper 
February 21, 1939 Student Opnions Column Opines . . . 
February 21, 1939 Baseball Sports Baseball Men Open Practice 
February 21, 1939 Ed McCausland Sports King, Faculty Duel Tonight 
February 21, 1939 Ping- Pong Sports Dickason Eyes Ping-Pong Ace 
February 21, 1939 Martha Christie Information W. A. A. Installs 
February 21, 1939 Football Information Gridders to Hold Pre-Season Banquet 
February 21, 1939 Miss Ruth Berg News Berg, Seymour Decorate 
February 21, 1939 Coach E. A. Coray Sports Poster Stresses Studies 
February 21, 1939 Wrestling Sports Freshmen to Wrestle Morton Jr. College 
February 21, 1939 W M B I Contest Winners Broadcast Sample Y P Programs Sports Junior League Wins Contest 
February 21, 1939 Debate Article Chicago Drops Formal Debate 
February 21, 1939 Randall Jones News Randall Lectures 
February 21, 1939 Boethallian Literary Society News Bows Initiate Babies In Chapel Breakfast 
February 21, 1939 Academy Debate Squad Information Prep Debaters Meet College Frosh 
February 21, 1939 John Stam News Stam Sprains Ankle, Breaks Flu Monotony 
February 21, 1939 W. M. Conley News Academy Names Alumni Pres. 
February 21, 1939 Sport Parade Sports Intrmural Program Brings Sports Film 
February 21, 1939 Bob Evans Information Council Leaders Address Gospel Teams 
February 24, 1939 Grads Gather For Banquets News  Grads Gather for Banquets 
February 24, 1939 Joseph Haydn News  Concert Presents String Artists 
February 24, 1939 Venders Register No Profit News  Vendors Register No Profit as Studes Batter Machines  
February 24, 1939 Lester W. Groom News  Groom To Play Bach, Brahms 
February 24, 1939 Dr. Ironside  News  Music to Confab To Hear Stam 
February 24, 1939 John Stam Music  Tower Brings Old Favorites 
February 24, 1939 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News  Records Picks Price Judges 
February 24, 1939 Choir Sings in Michigan Music  Chapel Choir Sings in Michigan, Indiana 
February 24, 1939 Miss Mariam P. Dugan News  Dugan Leaves for New York 
February 24, 1939 Mr. G. W. Aldeen News  Aldeen Talks to Forum Men 
February 24, 1939 John P. Woods  News  Debaters Broadcast on Saturday Forum 
February 24, 1939 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News  Forensic Men Vie in North 
February 24, 1939 Clint Youle News  Pencil Pushers Discuss Book 
February 24, 1939 Grafton Harpell Article  Alive Unto God 
February 24, 1939 Mal Watson News  Off The Record 
February 24, 1939 Miss Lois Dickason Article  Dickie Practices in Private 
February 24, 1939 Irma Green News  Bows Initiate New Members  
February 24, 1939 Martin Luther News  History Club Film to Picture Luther 
February 24, 1939 Robert Bishop News  Bishop to Recover After Car Accident 
February 24, 1939 Martha Dunham News  We Made a Mistake 
February 24, 1939 Tally Wollam Sports  Crusaders Try For 8th Win in Season's Fanale at Elmhurst 
February 24, 1939 Dr. Orrin Tiffany Sports  Prexy Speaks to Walkermen 
February 24, 1939 Chet Raube Sports  Wheaton Quint Try Elmhurst; Whitewash Aurora Courtmen 
February 24, 1939 Jim McDonald  Sports  Greek Basketeers Play Yearling Five 
February 24, 1939 John McDonald  Sports  Matmen Meet Big Ten Foe 
February 24, 1939 Jackie Reimer Sports  Coeds Defend Basketball Championship in DeKalb Annual Invitational Play Day 
February 24, 1939 George Thomas  Sports  Sharpshooters Down Badgers  
February 24, 1939 Ellen Hansen News  Academy Latin Class Elects New Officers  
February 24, 1939 Ted Andrew  News  California Here We Come 
February 24, 1939 L. W. Dohr Sports  Prep Hoopmen Try For Crown 
February 24, 1939 Intramural Netball Sports  Faculty Men Coach Intramural Netball 
March 3, 1939 Jack Comstock News Group Studies Skeletal Man 
March 3, 1939 Martin Luther News History Club Film Shows Reformation 
March 3, 1939 Medical Students Receive Answers from N.U. Applications News Pre-meds Pass School Tests 
March 3, 1939 Emily Miller '39 News Miller Receives Notebook Prize 
March 3, 1939 Fourth Floor clan News Fourth Floor Fueders Defend Rasslin Rights On Bloody Mat 
March 3, 1939 Class Honors News Seniors Take Class Honors 
March 3, 1939 Men's Glee Club News Men to Sing For Meeting 
March 3, 1939 Columbia Music Instructor Joins Conservatory Teaching Staff News Groom Plays Own Song In Vesper Organ Recital 
March 3, 1939 Frosh Debaters News Frosh Debate Full Schedule 
March 3, 1939 Mr. G. W. Aldeen News Aldeen Speaks To Forum 
March 3, 1939 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News Dr. Thiessen Plans Chapel 
March 3, 1939 Calvin College News College Entertains Travelling Debaters 
March 3, 1939 By the Editor Column Cook's Gallery 
March 3, 1939 Hal Wood Column Winners 
March 3, 1939 By Edwards E. Elliott Column The Christ Of The College Campus 
March 3, 1939 By Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
March 3, 1939 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 3, 1939 Essay Contest News Writers Seek Contest Prize 
March 3, 1939 Crusaders Leave Town for Last Match Before Invitationals News Playermen Try Beloit Squad 
March 3, 1939 Basketball Sports Academy Five Goes on Trip 
March 3, 1939 Volleyball Teams Sports Volleyball Teams Prepare For Season 
March 3, 1939 Charles Ellis Sports Appoint Ellis Baseball Capt. 
March 3, 1939 Frosh Wrestling Meet Sports Frosh Wrestle Belmont Men 
March 3, 1939 Women's Physical Education Sports Phys Ed Department Plans New Exhibit 
March 3, 1939 Midwest Intercollegiate Indoor Track and Field Meet Sports Harriers Run In NCC Meet 
March 3, 1939 Women Basketeers Sports Women Basketeers Begin First Round 
March 3, 1939 Wheaton Traditions News Witmer Edits Frosh Record 
March 3, 1939 Rifle Club Members News Armour Stops Local Nimrods 
March 3, 1939 Brothers and Sisters of The Campus News Brothers, Sisters Plan Annual Party 
March 3, 1939 Miracle Book Club Short Comment Thiessen to Speak For Book Club 
March 3, 1939 Basketball Awards Sports Court Squads Given Awards 
March 3, 1939 Lit Program News Coeds Depict Quints On New Ael Program 
March 3, 1939 German Club News Club Program Honors Goethe 
March 3, 1939 Men's Debate Tour Short Comment Radio Debate Concludes Tour 
March 3, 1939 Academy Ping-Pong Tournament Sports Preps Try Ping-Pong 
March 3, 1939 Dwight Schultz News Academy Quint Picks Captain 
March 3, 1939 Lit Basketball Trophy News Celts Take Arrows; Belts Beat Knights 
February 21, 1939 Gay Gargolye XIX Column Gay Gargolye 
March 7, 1939 Ed Clowney Draws Mural To Show Progress Of Electricity News  Dorm Station Radio Guest 
March 7, 1939 Dr. V. R. Edman News  Week's Theme Is Last Words 
March 7, 1939 Roy Anderson News  Psych Students Film Learning; Boldt's Hound Demonstrates 
March 7, 1939 Charles Miller News  Tower Hears Date Results 
March 7, 1939 Audience Decides News  Undefeated Varsity Squad Returns From Debate Tour 
March 7, 1939 Edwin N.P. Hempel News  Faculty Group Aids Students 
March 7, 1939 David Roberts  News  Carl Henry Speaks On Chapel Program 
March 7, 1939 Johann Von Goethe News  Club Honors German Poet 
March 7, 1939 Dr. Paul M. Wright  News  Wright Starts Driver Education Course In Twenty-fifth Annual Summer Session 
March 7, 1939 John Witmer News  Witmer Picks Cub Cohorts 
March 7, 1939 Dr. Oldfather Article  Cook's Galley 
March 7, 1939 Edmund P. Clowney Article  The Christ of the College Campus 
March 7, 1939 Mal Watson Article  Off The Record 
March 7, 1939 G. G. XIX Article  The Gay Gargoyle 
March 7, 1939 E. Prosper Clowney News  Propaganda 
March 7, 1939 Edward E. Elliott News  Local Shylock Loses Handout  
March 7, 1939 The Harmony of the Gospels  Article  Found Department Display Sprinklers 
March 7, 1939 Crusader Grapplers Down Strong Wisconsin Aggregation Sports  Player Squad Crush Beloit 
March 7, 1939 Cliff Bearmore Sports  Olympic Film Show Champs 
March 7, 1939 Senior Bombers Defeat Soph Reapers  Sports  Seniors Down Frosh; Frosh Down Seniors  
March 7, 1939 Howrad Schoon Sports  First Year Matmen Lose To Belmont 
March 7, 1939 F. Howling Elmer Wood Article  Nature's Soft Awakening Occassion Call of Wild  
March 7, 1939 Ed McCausland  Sports  Quint Closes Short Season 
March 7, 1939 Williston Bowed to Mills Cottage  Sports  Mills Defeat Red Castle  
March 7, 1939 Eight Schools Compete Sports  Schools Enter Annual Meet 
March 7, 1939 Chet Raube Sports  Intramural Winners Meet Visiting Teams  
March 7, 1939 Jean DeYoung  Sports Pitt Players Take Match 
March 7, 1939 Students Split to Work, Play Sports  Students Split to Work, Play 
March 7, 1939 Prof. Lester W. Groom News  Coed Singers Give Concert 
March 7, 1939 Dorothy Madsen Music  Prep Lits Announce Themes of Meetings 
March 7, 1939 Richard Scheel News  Academy Latin Clubs Elect New Officers  
March 7, 1939 John Meredith News  Meredith Addresses Camera Club 
March 7, 1939 Dr. Stephen Paine News  Paine Speaks At Graduation 
March 7, 1939 Youth Looks at Life News  Record Orders New Magazine  
March 7, 1939 Dr. Robert L. Cooke  News  Cooke Reports On New Trends 
February 21, 1939 Fred M. Walker Sports Hoopmen meet Aurora 
March 10, 1939 Carl Henry Article Record Buys New Booklet 
March 10, 1939 Dr.Jacob Hoffman Information Hoffman Talks On Theologies 
March 10, 1939 Dr. Winslow News Summer Term Adds Winslow 
March 10, 1939 John Balzer News Balzer Receives Acid Burns 
March 10, 1939 Carl Henry Article Clothes Cost Amazes Paper 
March 10, 1939 Debate News Houghton Men Meet Debaters 
March 10, 1939 President J. Buswell Jr. News Prexy Travels East To Visit Churches 
March 10, 1939 Edward Abner Thompson News Blind Reader Gives Hamlet 
March 10, 1939 Dean Corine R. Smith  News Group Honors Dean Smith 
March 10, 1939 Scripture Distribution Society News S.D.S Covers Duke Campus 
March 10, 1939 Burdette Heads Program Of Dixielands Style Melodies News Tower Concert Features Baritone, String Ensemble 
March 10, 1939 Werner Graendorf Article Hearse Unearths Spriggel Permits 
March 10, 1939 Dr. H. C. Thiessen News Bible Majors Travel South 
March 10, 1939 Debate News Debaters Broadcast Neutrality Program 
March 10, 1939 Campus Observer Column Cooks Galley 
March 10, 1939 Jeanne Smith Column The Christ of The College Campus 
March 10, 1939 Mal Watson Column off The Record 
March 10, 1939 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 10, 1939 Physical Ed. Dept. Article Sports Fight Spring Fever 
March 10, 1939 Dean Edward R. Schell News Weekly Films Aid Lectures  
March 10, 1939 Johann von Goethe News Club Commemorates Johann von Goethe 
March 10, 1939 West Conference Champs Enter Powerful Aggregation Wrestling Eight Teams Vie For Cup In Wrestling Invitational 
March 10, 1939 Basketball Sports Celts Eye Belts In Hoop Battle 
March 10, 1939 Jackie Reimer Sports Pitt Meets Irving In Coed Tourney 
March 10, 1939 Orien Johnson Sports Gymnasts Pyramid For Exhibit 
March 10, 1939 Coach Del Nelson Sports Academy Quint Closes Season 
March 10, 1939 Basketball Sports I-M Champs Top Cardinal Quintet 
March 10, 1939 Volleyball Sports Soph Take Juniors In Intra Volleyball 
March 10, 1939 Junior League News Junior League To Broadcast 
March 10, 1939 Rifle Team Sports Riflemen Drop Purdue Match 
March 10, 1939 Bows News Bows to Celebrate Twelfth Birthday  
March 10, 1939 Ray Klein News Brother, Sisters Call Truce 
March 10, 1939 Ira McCallister News Former Announcement Addresses Academy 
March 14,1939 Conservatory Students Play Mendelssohn in Recital Thursday News Octet to Sing With Baritone 
March 14, 1939 Rev. David Bronstein Information City Mission Head Discusses Passover 
March 14, 1939 Faculty Men Gain Distinction is Who's Who Article Books Honor Profs 
March 14, 1939 Professor Clarence F. Stauffer News Stauffer Speaks In Chapel 
March 14, 1939 Dr, Jacob J. Hoffman  Article Dr. Jocob J. Hoffman Gives Lecture  
March 14, 1939 Litrary Associations News Lit Speakers Give Orations 
March 14, 1939 Dorothy Lugibihl News Lugibihl Sings First Recital 
March 14, 1939 Carl F. H. Henry News Record to Buy Youth Booklet 
March 14, 1939 Student Christian Council News Council Letters Tell Of Christian Work 
March 14, 1939 Chapel Choir to Present Intial Wheaton Concert  News Traveling Choir Returns to Give Program On Saturday 
March 14, 1939 Debate News Frosh Change Debate Teams  
March 14, 1939 John Eichorn News Frosh Change Debate Teams 
March 14, 1939 Dr.Clyde A. Kilby  News Kilby Advises New Students 
March 14, 1939 The Editor Column Cook's Galley 
March 14, 1939 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 14, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off the Record 
March 14, 1939 Edward Dalglish Column The Christ of The College Campus 
March 14, 1939 E. Prosper Clowney Column Propaganda 
March 14, 1939 Orchestra Hall News Violin Soloist Plays in City 
March 14, 1939 Vivian Strombeck News Strombeck Improves Following Operation 
March 14, 1939 Grapplers Bring Strong Squad to Wheaton Invitational Sports Dubuque Wrestlers Enter Crusdar Mat Tournament 
March 14, 1939 Basketball Sports Williston Six Defeat Annex 
March 14, 1939 Litrary Societies News Academy Lit Teams Renew Annual Feud 
March 14, 1939 Basketball Sports Belts Capture Court Trophy  
March 14, 1939 Clint Youle Sports Raube Scores Point Record 
March 14, 1939 Spring Track Schedule Sports Thinclads Compete In Two Home Meets 
March 14, 1939 Moving Pictures of Major Sports Sports Academy "W" Club Shows Sports Reels 
March 14, 1939 Volleyball Sports Juniors Take Volleyball Lead 
March 14, 1939 Rifle Team  Sports Gunmenwin 
March 14, 1939 Coeds Indulge in Dessert As an Appetizer News Phils Back Up Into Banquet 
March 14, 1939 Comprehensive Examinations Article Exams Worry Upper Classmen 
March 14, 1939 Mr.Edward A. Corary Sports Council Distributes Sports Code 
March 14, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond News New Diplomats Plan Journey 
March 14, 1939 Paul McConnell News Brothers Entertain; Sisters Feed Them 
March 14, 1939 Miss. Florence E. Cobb Information Faculty Women Honor Staff 
March 14, 1939 Amateur Radio Magazine News Shack Club Seeks Radio Recognition 
March 17, 1939 Chapel Choir Article Choir Makes Home Debut 
March 17, 1939 German Club Article Teuton Group Shows Films 
March 17, 1939 Newspaper Banquet Article Record Staff Holds Traditional Banquet 
March 17, 1939 College Band Concert Article Fletcher to Lead Band in Spring Concert 
March 17, 1939 Short Article Contest Article Record Offers Bugs, Football 
March 17, 1939 Hamlet Reading Article Curry Artist Reads Hamlet 
March 17, 1939 Wreslting Sports Matmen Defend Invitational Cup 
March 17, 1939 Speech Students Article Special Clinics Aids Dialects 
March 17, 1939 Poem Article St. John Pens Poem for American Album 
March 17, 1939 War in China Threatens Relatives Article War Threatens American Lives 
March 17, 1939 Blind Wrestler Article Blind Athlete To Meet Hess 
March 17, 1939 Wrestling Meet Sports Crusader Grapplers Host to Annual Meet of 8 Schools 
March 17, 1939 Sunday Cantatas Article Nordin to Lead Oratorio Choir 
March 17, 1939 Social Commentary Column Cook's Gallery 
March 17, 1939 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 17, 1939 Campus Christianity Article The Christ of the College Campus 
March 17, 1939 World News Column Off the Record 
March 17, 1939 Music Appreciation Opinion Opine 
March 17, 1939 Dr. Edman Speaks Article Edman Speaks in Holy Week 
March 17, 1939 Christian and Missionary Alliance Article Dr. Brown Sponsors Alliance Conference 
March 17, 1939 Lie Detector Article Psych Class Builds New Lie Detector 
March 17, 1939 Photography Lecture Article Local Photographer Lectures to Clubmen 
March 17, 1939 Syracuse Chapel Article Syracuse Chapel Draws Crowd 
March 17, 1939 Men's Swimming Sports Crusaders Vie for Tank Wins 
March 17, 1939 Women's Athletics Sports W.A.A. Members Open Hiking Season 
March 17, 1939 Wrestling Coaches Sports Coaches Lunch to Plan League 
March 17, 1939 Interhouse Basketball Article Cork Six Bow to Williston 
March 17, 1939 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts Give Annual Exhibit 
March 17, 1939 Wrestling Sports Hess Shoots at Third Title 
March 17, 1939 Campus Camera Cartoon Henry Shull 
March 17, 1939 Intramural Volleyball Article Junior Volleyball Squards Hold First Place as Bombers Win Three; Destroyers Take 2 
March 17, 1939 Literary Societies Article Lit Societies Enter Orators 
March 17, 1939 Athropology Seminar Article Seminar to Discuss Indian Tribe Culture 
March 17, 1939 Academy French Club Article Academy Members Translate Rhymes 
March 17, 1939 Magazine Cover Article Salon Exhibits Youth Maganize Cover 
March 17, 1939 Zoology Tour Article Mack Conducts Zoology Tour 
March 17, 1939 Christian Council Article Council to Advertise in Chicago Trolleys 
March 17, 1939 Appendicitis Operations Article Gen. Hospital Gathers Appendicitis Victims 
March 17, 1939 Academy Celebration Article Academy Celebrates St. Patrick's Day 
March 17, 1939 Oratory Contest Article Winners Enter District Meet 
March 17, 1939 Circuit Court Article Class Attends Court Session 
March 17, 1939 Academy Debate Article Prep Speakers Debate 
March 21, 1939 Faculty Plan Victory Over Record Quintet Sports Profs Boast Win 
March 21, 1939 Foresnsic Men Lose Title By Single Defeat;Take Second News Women Varsity Debaters Win Illinois Championship 
March 21, 1939 Ted Benson News SDS Covers Northwestern 
March 21, 1939 Ruth Byrum Information Coloradans to Meet For Mountain Picnic 
March 21, 1939 Edward Abner Thompson News Blind Reader Gives Hamlet 
March 21, 1939 VanDerPuy, Kennedy Win Oratory, Extemp News Belts, Celts Cop Cups 
March 21, 1939 Senior Sneak Destination News Seniors to Sneak Southwards 
March 21, 1939 Enock C. Dyrness News Educators See Vacation Need 
March 21, 1939 John F. Fletcher Information Band to Play First Concert  
March 21, 1939 Harlod Hughes News Business Professor Sues For Back Pay 
March 21, 1939 Dave Bronstein Column Cook's Galley 
March 21, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
March 21, 1939 . . . Gay Gargolye XIX . . . Column . . .Gay Gargolye XIX. . . 
March 21, 1939 Warren Vining Column The Christ Of The College Campus  
March 21, 1939 E. Prosper Clowney Column Propaganda 
March 21, 1939 College and Community Chorus News Faculty Takes Soprano Solo 
March 21, 1939 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom Article Prof Appears In Who's Who 
March 21, 1939 Chapel Choir News Chapel Choir Gives Debut Home Concert 
March 21, 1939 Capt. Hess Retains Title; Carlson, Wilcox Win For Wheaton Sports Playermen Win Eighth Title;Six Crusaders Reach Finals 
March 21, 1939 Dick Wilkinson Sports We Were There; 1 Points Worth 
March 21, 1939 Epinoian Literary Society Sports Epinoian Lt Takes Trophy 
March 21, 1939 Gymnastics Sports Orange Coeds To Give Drills 
March 21, 1939 Baseball Sports Walkermen Practice For Season's Opener With Northwestern  
March 21, 1939 Official Basketball Techniques Film Sports W.A.A.Shows Films 
March 21, 1939 Art Isbell Sports Isbell Places In AAU Meet 
March 21, 1939 Speech Classes News W.C.T.U. Sponsors Silver Medal Contest 
March 21, 1939 Wheaton Sharp Shooters Sports Coed Sharp Shooters Down Chicago 
March 21, 1939 Basketball Sports Nelson Speaks To Jr. League 
March 21, 1939 Federation of Women's Clubs Article Federation Woman's Clubs To Hold School of Affairs 
March 21, 1939 Miss Roberta Leaf News Leaf Plans Luncheon For Faculty Women 
March 24, 1939 Class Elects Al Eckert as Manager for 1941 Publication News Dave Roberts Edits Tower 
March 24, 1939 Ptomanine Poisoning Epidemic News State Tests For Epidemic 
March 24, 1939 Upperclassmen Announce Vacation Plans News Seniors Retreat 
March 24, 1939 John Shearer Short Comment Shearer Performs Uncle Tom 
March 24, 1939 Tradition News Profs Forfeit Record Game 
March 24, 1939 Annual Spring Concert Music Music Group Gives Concert 
March 24, 1939 Woman's School of Affairs News Prexy Opens Club Meeting 
March 24, 1939 Employment of Women News Radio Arguers Discuss Jobs 
March 24, 1939 Dr. Herbert Moule News Moule Speaks On Catacombs 
March 24, 1939 Guest Artists to Present Tenor and Bass Solos News Chorus Sings Two Cantatas 
March 24, 1939 Women's Annual Intersociety Oratory and Extempore Contest News Phils Capture Forensic Cups 
March 24, 1939 Open Lit Program Short Comment Aels, Belts Present Open Lit Program 
March 24, 1939 By the Editor Column Cook's Gallery 
March 24, 1939 Editorial Column Column Feuds Pass 
March 24, 1939 Three Glimpses of Nicodemus Column The Christ of The College Campus 
March 24, 1939 By Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
March 24, 1939 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 24, 1939 Conservatory Music Music Groups Play in Town 
March 24, 1939 Rural Bible Crusade Short Comment Rural Workers Give Broadcast 
March 24, 1939 Academy Seniors Column Academy Celebrates At Picnic Luncheon 
March 24, 1939 Student Opinion Column Opines... 
March 24, 1939 Stunts with Flying Rings Feature Vining, Hill, McConnell Sports Crusader Gymnasts Give Seventh Annual Exhibition 
March 24, 1939 Baseball Recruits Sports Academy Nine Starts Practice 
March 24, 1939 Junior Bombers Sports Junior "Bombers" Lead in Volleyball 
March 24, 1939 Wheaton Athletic Association Baseball Team Sports Blue to Play Practice Game 
March 24, 1939 Interclass Basketball Tournament Sports Orange Coeds Plan For Interclass Play 
March 24, 1939 Former Wheaton Wrestling Stars Sports Alumni Mat Artists to Meet Local Frosh Wrestling Stars 
March 24, 1939 Inter-Collegiate Soccer-Football Sports Soccer Squad Joins League 
March 24, 1939 Annual Biology Trip News Biology Group Visits Museum 
March 24, 1939 Annual Record Banquet News Record to Journey To Plentywood Farm For Annual Banquet 
March 24, 1939 Rural Bible Crusade News Rural Crusade Starts Course 
March 24, 1939 Koinonia Short Comment Koinonia Coed Club Continues Meetings 
March 28, 1939 Forensic Men Uphold Honors Past Debators News Orators to Seek Victory In provincial Tourament 
March 28, 1939 Miss. Florence E. Cobb Information Speech Class Give Recital 
March 28, 1939 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Mackenzie Information Academy Glee Club to Sing in Chapel 
March 28, 1939 Rev. Joseph C. Macaulay News Bible Church Calls Pastor 
March 28, 1939 Miss Virginia Stough News Stough to Enter Training 
March 28, 1939 Tower of 1940 News Tower Brings Singing Six 
March 28, 1939 Frances Whitlock Information Student Broadcast On Moody Programs 
March 28, 1939 Sneakers Hie to French Lick, Feel Free Article Seniors Raise Cane 
March 28, 1939 Prof. Nordin Directs Singers During Southern Journey News Women to Reach Denver In Spring Concert Tour 
March 28, 1939 Dr. John W. Welsh Article Tests Reveal No Bacteria 
March 28, 1939 Ed Clowney News Local Scribes To Gab, Gobble 
March 28, 1939 Mr. George Dasch Information Dasch Directs Local Players 
March 28, 1939 Debate Information Frosh Debaters Eye Thornton Jr. College 
March 28, 1939 Donald Hoke Column Cook's Gallery 
March 28, 1939 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 28, 1939 Peter E. Boyko Column The Christ of The College Campus 
March 28, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
March 28, 1939 Productive Agricultural Center Article Time Charges Campus Trees 
March 28, 1939 Miss Alice Knowles Information Junior League Hears College Bible Prof 
March 28, 1939 Raube, Woolmington, Ellis Form Backbone of Orange Squad Sports Crusaders Meet Wildcats In Initial Game of the Season 
March 28, 1939 Tennis Sports Netmen Prep For First Tilt  
March 28, 1939 Chet Raube Sports Raube Garners Cup In Intra Hoop Meet 
March 28, 1939 Letterman's Club Sports Preps Discuss Spring Sports 
March 28, 1939 Cliff Bearmore Sports Olympic Photographer Shows Competitive Play In Berlin 
March 28, 1939 Academy French Clubbers  Information Academy Club Goes On Scavenger Hunt 
March 28, 1939 Crusaders Gym Department Sports Gymnasts Give Annual Exhibit 
March 28, 1939 Debate News Detroit University Sends Debate Men 
March 28, 1939 Philosophy  Information Jitterbug Cram Preps Platomen 
March 28, 1939 Academy Sophmores News Sophs Garner Class Honors 
March 28, 1939 Prof. V. Dake Jolley Information Business Club Tours Chicago 
March 28, 1939 Dr. Herbert Moule Article Moule Speaks On Catacombs 
March 28, 1939 Dorothy Thiess News Thiess Returns From Hospital 
March 28, 1939 Scripture Distribution Society News SDS Sends Books To Tulane, Loyola Via Baptist Union 
March 28, 1939 Helen Johnson Information Coed Schedule Spring Parties 
March 31,1939 Dr. Gordon H. Clark News  Record Staff Celebrate Annual Spring Banquet 
March 31,1939 Zaida Harvey News  Honor Group Receives Bids 
March 31,1939 Dr. Alexander Grigolia News  Seminar Discusses Prehistoric Culture 
March 31,1939 Professor Lawrence W. Murphy News  Scribes Study At Convention 
March 31,1939 Betty Varnell News  Journalist Join Alpha Delta 
March 31,1939 D. H.O Taylor  News  Scientists See Bursting Star 
March 31,1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News  Faculty Holds Lenten Service 
March 31,1939 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News  Speakers Vie In Provincials 
March 31,1939 Dr. Howard Hanson Music  Eastman Broadcast Gives Music Advance  
March 31,1939 Dr. Clyde S. Kilby News  Passing Grades To Exempt Seniors from Final Exams 
March 31,1939 Mr. J. Llyode Hunter News  Saint Directs Chalk Classes  
March 31,1939 Mr. George Dasch Music  Symphony Orchestra Appears In Concert 
March 31,1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News  Tour Takes Gov't. Majors to Colonial Virginia; Washington 
March 31,1939 Dorothy Dahl News  Lindsell Convalesces After Heart Attack 
March 31,1939 Foreign Mission Fellowship News  FMF Publishes Mission Tract 
March 31,1939 Robert LeTourneau News  Linguists Arrange International Party 
March 31,1939 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith Music  Aretists Give Music Recital 
March 31,1939 Werner Graendorf News  John Witmer Edits Records As Frosh Talks Over Paper 
March 31,1939 Fred Walker Sports  Blues Travel to Evanston To Meet Northwestern 
March 31,1939 George Thomas Sports Gunmen Enter Chicago Fray 
March 31,1939 Miss Ruth Berg Sports  Gym Teacher Attend Meet 
March 31,1939 Dave Bronstein Sports  Bronstein Reports Big Court Schedule 
March 31,1939 Al Salter  Sports  Salter Makes New Changes 
March 31,1939 Cliff Bearmore Sports Olympic Photographer Brings Pictures of Berlin Olympiad  
March 31,1939 Matmen Win Invitational; Take Seven Matches;Loses Only Two Sports  Grapplers End Winning Year 
March 31,1939 Marther Anderson Sports  Senior Coeds Take Juniors  
March 31,1939 Cook's Galley Article  Cook's Galley 
March 31,1939 G.G. XIX Article  Gay Gargoyle XIX 
March 31,1939 Charles Miller News  Tower Guarantees Flattery 
March 31,1939 Show Us The Father Article  Christ of The College Campus 
March 31,1939 Mal Watson News  Off The Record 
March 31,1939 E. Prosper Clowney News  Propaganda  
March 31,1939 Opine  Letter Opine  
March 31,1939 Women Go West; Men South On Annual Glee Club Concert Trips  Music  Singers Take Spring Tour 
March 31,1939 Mrs. Adelle E. Mortensen News  Mortensen Returns After Ankle Injury 
March 31,1939 Norman Drechsel Sports New Jerseyites To Skate  
March 31,1939 Prof. H. William Nordin Music  Student Gives Music Recital 
March 31,1939 DR. C.K. Carpenter News  Pastor Talks To Bird Class  
March 31,1939 Prof. V. Dake Jolley News  Jolley to Lead Business Trip 
March 31,1939 Jim McKellin Sports  Soccer Squad Makes Plans  
March 31,1939 Dr. London '41 Returns from Siam News  Dr. London '41 Returns from Siam; Continues Graduate Work in Chicago 
March 31,1939 Jean Johnson News  Aels Welcomes New Members  
March 31,1939 Mr. E.F Dival  News  Chemists to Inpect Corn Products Plant 
March 31,1939 Mary Brainerd Smith News  Epinoian Presents Easter Program 
March 31,1939 John Brobeck News  John Brobeck To Get Honor 
March 31,1939 Rev. and Mrs. Joseph C. Macaulay News  To Fete Macaulay 
March 31,1939 Richard Grob News  Junior League Holds Service  
March 31,1939 Kenneth Hammond  News  Frosh Start Speech Club 
March 31,1939 Kenneth Hansen  News  Hansen Takes Over Sunday School Post 
March 31,1939 Mills Cottage  News  Coeds Entertain 
March 31,1939 Hans Lange  Music  Chicago Orchestra Gives Pop Concert 
March 31,1939 Bob Spiro  News  Council Picks New Chairman 
April 4, 1939 Master Singers Article Tower Brings Singers Back 
April 4, 1939 Harvard Glee Club Article Harvard Club Sings in City 
April 4, 1939 Easter Services Article Dr. Stone Holds Services 
April 4, 1939 Staff on Vacation Article Staff Heads Leave To Study, Vacation 
April 4, 1939 Astronomy Article Dr. Taylor Conducts Observatory Opening 
April 4, 1939 Men's Debate Article Arguers Acquire Victory In Illinois-Wisconsin Biennial Tourney 
April 4, 1939 Literary Society Party Article Ladosians Entertain at Annual Banquet 
April 4, 1939 Record Editors Article Editors Meet at Conference 
April 4, 1939 Acappella Choir Article Acappella Choir Gives Concert 
April 4, 1939 Freshman Debate Article Debate Season Ends 
April 4, 1939 Wheaton Commentary Article Cook's Gallery: Seconds 
April 4, 1939 Jokes Article The Gagging Gargle 
April 4, 1939 Campus Christianity Article The Christ of the College Campus 
April 4, 1939 World News Article Off the Record 
April 4, 1939 Observatory Article The Lemon 
April 4, 1939 Archaelogy Curriculum Article Grigolia Plans New Courses 
April 4, 1939 College Representative Article College Agent Talks in South 
April 4, 1939 Astronomy Talk Article Taylor Speaks On Astronomy 
April 4, 1939 Association of Deans and Advisors Article Dean Attends State Confab 
April 4, 1939 Women's Glee Tour Article Singers Tour West, South 
April 4, 1939 Men's Glee Tour Article Men Reach Columbia 
April 4, 1939 Olympic Sports Pictures Article Sport Films Thrill Crowd 
April 4, 1939 Intramurals Vs. Faculty Article Intra Champs Meet Faculty 
April 4, 1939 Ping Pong Article Tisdale Leads Paddlers 
April 4, 1939 Wrestling Banquet Article Varsity Eats Veal Steaks 
April 4, 1939 Interclass Basketball Article Seniors Lead Coed Tourney 
April 4, 1939 Ping Pong Tourney Article Frosh Paddler Defeats Soph 
April 4, 1939 Freshman Athletics Sports Freshman Sports Resume Speaks Well for Future 
April 4, 1939 Academy Girls Basketball Sports Outside Girls Claim Crown 
April 4, 1939 Fencing Sports Fencers Plan Spring Exhibit 
April 4, 1939 French Club Lecture Article French Studes Hear Clark 
April 4, 1939 Oratorical Contest Article Annual Contest Lures Orators 
April 4, 1939 Hiatt Girls Formal Party Article Hiatt Girls Entertain at Spring Formal 
April 4, 1939 Formal Dinner Party Article Coffee-Hus Is Annex Theme 
April 4, 1939 Open House Article Mills Cottage Holds Annual Open House 
April 4, 1939 League of Evangelical Students Article Girls Conduct League 
April 4, 1939 Greek Majors Article Greek Majors Warned 
April 4, 1939 Chemistry Field Trip Article Chemists See Packing Plant 
April 4, 1939 Skating Party Article Clubbers Meet at Rink 
April 4, 1939 Faculty Progressive Dinner Article Faculty Dines in Installments 
April 4, 1939 Wheaton Resident Death Information Mrs. McDonald Dies 
April 4, 1939 Campus Opinion Column Opine 
April 4, 1939 Student Testimony Article Student Tells of Salvation 
April 4, 1939 Student Song Article Morning Song 
April 4, 1939 Professor Doctorate Article Downey Writes Bronte's Life 
April 4, 1939 Short Story Article Bean Weaves Good Story 
April 4, 1939 Professors Acknowledged Article Faculty Rate in Who's Who 
April 4, 1939 Faculty Receives Doctorate News Kilby Tests New Students 
April 4, 1939 Archaeology Findings Article Archaeology Stops Critics 
April 4, 1939 President Speaks Article Buswell Talks at Muskegon 
April 4, 1939 Campus Commentary Article Cook's Gallery 
April 4, 1939 World News Column Off the Record 
April 4, 1939 Talents and Service Column The Christ of the College Campus 
April 4, 1939 Poetry Article My Tryst 
April 4, 1939 Jokes Article The Gagging Gargle 
April 4, 1939 Poetry Article The Stream World 
April 4, 1939 Symphony Orchestra Article Strings Play Haydn Music 
April 4, 1939 Personal Story Article Canadian Tells His Story About Edward's Abdication 
April 4, 1939 Freshman Commentary Article Sink of Swim: The Meditatiosn of a Freshman 
April 4, 1939 Poem Article Editor Pens Poems Also 
April 4, 1939 Vesper Recital Article Recital Gives Easter Theme 
April 4, 1939 Kreitonian Literary Society Article Academy Lit Features Leaf 
April 4, 1939 Short Story Article Snow Drifts Enchantment 
April 4, 1939 Observatory Article The Lemon: Oddity Observatory 
April 7, 1939 Diplomat Will Come Here For International Festival News Hitler Attends School Confab 
April 7, 1939 King Farouk Column Bulletin 
April 7, 1939 Mr. James McKellin News WPA to Build Student Union 
April 7, 1939 Assistant Dean Sanctions Donut-Dunking Article Dickason Turns Radical 
April 7, 1939 Ken Hammonds Captures Monster in Park Lagoon News Frosh Shoots Queer Beast 
April 7, 1939 Dorothy Lugibihl News Women's Glee Club Weighs Too Much 
April 7, 1939 Greek Department News Greeks Visit Greasy Vest 
April 7, 1939 Stevie McShane News Greenies Go On Rendezvous 
April 7, 1939 Player's Grapplers Go Mad Trying to Slice Tough Meat News Matmen Fight Veal Cutlets 
April 7, 1939 Eating in Resturants Article President Bans Hasheries After First Embarrassment 
April 7, 1939 Seconds Column Cook's Galley 
April 7, 1939 John Groom Article The Lemon Oddity Observatory 
April 7, 1939 Werner Graendorf Column Off The Record 
April 7, 1939 The Gagging Gargle Column The Gagging Gargle 
April 7, 1939 Rug Cutters Society News Tower Offers Jam Session 
April 7, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Information Profs Eat Soup, Nuts 
April 7, 1939 To Frosh Editors Column To Frosh Editors 
April 7, 1939 Eichorn -Graendorf Clash Wrecks Windows In Plumb Article Arguers Lose Chicken Feed 
April 7, 1939 Charles Miller News Tower Guarantees Dates For Bashful Buzzards 
April 7, 1939 There Was A Little Girl Poem There Was A Little Girl 
April 7, 1939 Dr. Mack Truck News Warden Nabs Truck Sniping 
April 7, 1939 Hitler Give The World 24 Hours to Get out Column Off! The Record  
April 7, 1939 Miss Susanna Slurpgurp News Librarians Invoke New Talking Rule 
April 7, 1939 Bill Geidt News Women Riot To Set Whiffle- Head Geidt 
April 7, 1939 Ferdinard the Frosh Short Story Ferdinard Frosh Dreams of Ogres 
April 7, 1939 A College Litany  Column A College Litany 
April 18, 1939 Master Singers News Leaves Greet Men's Sextet 
April 18, 1939 Sigma Pi Sigma News Physics Profs Meet in Ohio 
April 18, 1939 Mr. Peter Stam Jr. News Stam Visits Hamps At Press Convention 
April 18, 1939 Students Will Read Psalms In Modern, Classic Languages News Linguists to Give Program On International Night 
April 18, 1939 Varsity Debate Squad News Debate Coeds Show Recovery 
April 18, 1939 Donna Ruth Raymod '40 Short Comment Raymond Gives Piano Program 
April 18, 1939 Phil Saint News Chalk Talk Evangelist Paints Ornithology Mural For Mixter 
April 18, 1939 Theodore Kennedy Short Comment Kennedy Receives Appointment 
April 18, 1939 Summer Institute of Linguistics News Camp Teaches Type Language 
April 18, 1939 C. Streit Speaks to Editors On International Peace News Scribes Learn News Trends 
April 18, 1939 Exeter News Exeter Urges Year Abroad 
April 18, 1939 By the Editor Column Cook's Gallery 
April 18, 1939 By Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
April 18, 1939 By Alden W. Clark Column Chris Critic Clark Comments 
April 18, 1939 A Challenge to Wheaton By a Former Student Column The Christ Of The College Campus 
April 18, 1939 Progressive Dinner News Faculty Members Dine At Progressive Dinner 
April 18, 1939 President Buswell Short Comment Buswell Speaks 
April 18, 1939 Team Chalks Up Two Wins To Begin Year's Schedule News Walker's Nine Starts Season 
April 18, 1939 Intramural Softball Sports Salter to Arrange Softball Tournament 
April 18, 1939 James Watt Sports Matment Elect Watt Captain 
April 18, 1939 Baseball Sports Nine Expects Third Victory 
April 18, 1939 W.A.A Short Comment W.A.A. Hold Fry 
April 18, 1939 Intramural Track Meet Series Sports Intramural Trackmen To Hold Field Meets 
April 18, 1939 Varsity Tennis Sports Tennis Coeds Open Season 
April 18, 1939 Illinois Department Head To Trace Origin of English Words News Dr. Oldfather, Noted Educator, Returns to Present Lecture 
April 18, 1939 Junior League Service News Grads Give Program At League Meeting 
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