Index to The Record, 1938 (November)-1939 (February)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
November 22, 1938 Conservatory Inspection Article Music Critics Inspect School 
November 22, 1938 Moody Choir Article Moody Choir Sings Thursday 
November 22, 1938 Scavenger Hunt Article Dorm Coeds Seek False Teeth In House to House Escapade 
November 22, 1938 Psychology Club Article Psych Club to Visit Elgin State Hospital 
November 22, 1938 Library Employees Article Library Staff Displays Work 
November 22, 1938 Rudyard Kipling Writing Poetry Recessional 
November 22, 1938 California Alumni Article Californians Meet at Dean Emerson's 
November 22, 1938 Council of Teachers Article English Profs Attend Confab 
November 22, 1938 Africa Mission Trip Article Piersons Start for Mission 
November 22, 1938 Camera Club Film Article Clickers Show Oriental Film 
November 22, 1938 Speech Recital Article Speech Majors Give Recital 
November 22, 1938 Christmas Posters Article Price Attends Display of Christmas Posters 
November 22, 1938 Thanksgiving History Column Grub Street 
November 22, 1938 Scripture Column Sing Praise: Psalm 138 
November 22, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 22, 1938 World News Column Off the Record 
November 22, 1938 Apple Polishing Article College Prof Okays Apple Polishing 
November 22, 1938 Football Cartoon Column Campus Camera 
November 22, 1938 Campus Parties Article Fourth Floor Goes Swanky 
November 22, 1938 Football Sports Orange Miss Championship 
November 22, 1938 Basketball Team Sports Veterans Open Hoop Practice 
November 22, 1938 Wrestling Coach Sports Coach Player Rejoins Staff 
November 22, 1938 Soccer Sports Slippery Rock Profs Down McKellinmen 
November 22, 1938 Intramural Directors Article Al Salter Visits Big Ten Gyms 
November 22, 1938 Cross Country Sports Crosscountry Men Elect Raube Captain 
November 22, 1938 Basketball Intramurals Article Frosh Take Front in Hoop Intramurals 
November 22, 1938 Campus Party Article Brewers Dine Without Cat 
November 22, 1938 Junior League Meeting Article Wiggs Head Speaker on League Program 
November 22, 1938 Academy Football Article Captain Sutherland 
November 29,1938 Baseball Sports Hoopmen Open Against Joliet 
November 29, 1938 German Club Information German Club To Celebrate 
November 29, 1938 Thanksgiving News Lower Chapel Serves Thanksgiving 
November 29, 1938 Dr. James H. Breasted  News Camera Reveals Ancient Past 
November 29, 1938 Wheaton's Upsilon Chapter Continues Influence With 'Radiation' Article Dr. Taylor's Work Excludes Secrecy from Sigma Pi Sigmaa 
November 29, 1938 Stephen McShane News Frosh Elect Class Prexy 
November 29, 1938 Reserve Officers Association News U.S. ArmAir Corps To Stage Battle Over Wheaton 
November 29, 1938 Origins of Writing Information Spriggel, Young Head Seminar 
November 29, 1938 Mrs. H. E. Hammer Information Hammer Will Speak To Junior League 
November 29, 1938 Camera Club to Present Human Adventure Talking Film Information Film to Show Four Empires 
November 29, 1938 Aelioian Literary Society Information Aels Portray Greenwich Set 
November 29, 1938 Mrs. Benjamin Chapman  News Chapman Presents New Lab Equipment  
November 29, 1938 The Editor Column Grub Street 
November 29, 1938 2 Timothy 4:1-7 Column Itching Ears 
November 29, 1938 Don Hoke Column Off The Record 
November 29, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 29, 1938 John Woodses Show Similar Inclinations Article Choose Miller Peace Orator 
November 29, 1938 Business Forum Information Business Club Elects McMurty Vice-Prexy 
November 29, 1938 Orange Return from east With Impressive Showing Sports Soccer Men Close Season 
November 29, 1938 Table Tennis Sports Table Tennis Tourney Opens 
November 29, 1938 Basketball Sports Seniors, Frosh Clash In Intra Hoop Meet 
November 29, 1938 Cross Country Team Sports Harriers Place Second in AAU 
November 29, 1938 Wheaton's Women's Athletic Association Sports Coed Athletes Join Chicago Play Day 
November 29, 1938 Pat Patterson Sports Patterson Cops State Honors 
November 29, 1938 Howard Schoon Sports Greenie Wrestlers Prep for First Meet 
November 29, 1938 Wrestling Sports Crusaders Grapplers Show Spirit In Intense Practice 
November 29, 1938 Eleanor Von Voigtlander Sports Women Shoot Postal Match 
December 2, 1938 R. Koch Returns for Bass; Thut, Tenor;Bickerton Goodwin Expected Information Artists to Sing Messiah Solos 
December 2, 1938 Faculty Relaxes with Slips and Axes-- Lettermen Vary Hobbies Article Prof's Day Off! 
December 2, 1938 National Council of Teachers of English News Hawthorne Descendents Lectures to Profs At English Meet 
December 2, 1938 Dewitt Whistler Jayne News Kodachromes Help Display Ancient Art 
December 2, 1938 Robert M. Hutchins Sports Hutchins Hits Grid Gravies 
December 2, 1938 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Information Missionary Alliance Gathers at Edman's 
December 2, 1938 Hans Lange Information Stam Forecasts Pop Concert Scores 
December 2, 1938 Gideon Bibles News Gideons Give School Bibles 
December 2, 1938 Professor W. C. Litopen  News Litopen Discovers Aisthanomentoscope 
December 2, 1938 Human Adventure Picture Will Display New Excavations News Breasted Film Shown Tonight 
December 2, 1938 Mrs. Minnie cedergreen Jernberg Information Jernberg Presents Recitals in Chicago 
December 2, 1938 Dr. Howard News Howard Will Leave Infirmary Tomorrow 
December 2, 1938 The Editor Column Grub Street 
December 2, 1938 Jean Cook Column Coffee House 
December 2, 1938 1 Peter 2:1-7 Column Desire the Word. . .  
December 2, 1938 Don Hoke Column Off The Record 
December 2, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
December 2, 1938 Student Opnions Column Opine. . . . 
December 2, 1938 Crusaders Take Opener From Strong Joliet Quintet Sports Hoopmen Down Joliet Face Teacher Monday 
December 2, 1938 Jim McDonald Sports Frosh Start Season Against Glen Ellyn 
December 2, 1938 Academy Basketeers Sports Academy Prime For Concordia 
December 2, 1938 Basketball Intramural Championship Sports Senior Eye Title In Intra Hoop Meet 
December 2, 1938 Hostess in Long Skirts Represent gay '90 To Escorts Article Dow Girls Go Old-Fashioned 
December 2, 1938 Dr. Will H. Houghton News W. M. B. I Dedicate Program to Stams 
December 2, 1938 Wrestlering Sports Wrestlers Prime For First Match 
December 2, 1938 Tennis Sports Topsy Roberts Wins Lit Tennis Singles 
December 2, 1938 Dr.Hawley O. Taylor  Information Taylor to Talk On Astronomy 
December 2, 1938 Eunice Claar News Eunice Claar Engagement 
December 2, 1938 Paul Lefever News Students Entertain Junior High School 
December 6, 1938 Holiday Parties Article Coed Houses Liven Campus With Varied Holiday Fetes 
December 6, 1938 Illinois College Conference Sports Officials Attend I.C.C. Confab 
December 6, 1938 Football Banquet Article Frosh Simmer Plans for Grid Feed 
December 6, 1938 Dow House Party Article Dow Damsels Entangle Men 
December 6, 1938 Student Council Traditions Article Ancient Lore Written 
December 6, 1938 Chapel Article French, Athletes, Lits Lead Chapel 
December 6, 1938 Literary Meeting Article Societies Unite for Open Lit 
December 6, 1938 Infirmary Article Infirmary Business Reaches New Low 
December 6, 1938 Men's Literary Societies Article Lits Receive 150 Members As Frosh Level Rivalry 
December 6, 1938 Radio Debaters Article Debaters Open Radio Program 
December 6, 1938 Social Reform Papers Article Pi Gammu Mu Meet for Reform Confab 
December 6, 1938 Ezekiel Passage Article Flesh for Stone . . . 
December 6, 1938 Holiday Shopping Column Grub Street 
December 6, 1938 World News Column Off the Record 
December 6, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
December 6, 1938 Bach Chorus Article Chicago Offers Bach, Kreisler 
December 6, 1938 Lava Discovery Article Higley Lava Discovery Arrives for Exhibition 
December 6, 1938 Basketball Sports Wheaton Five Down Teachers 
December 6, 1938 Intramural Basketball Article Senior A Lead Intra Schedule 
December 6, 1938 Football Sports Footballmen Elect Patterson Captain 
December 6, 1938 Wrestling Sports Player Squad Eye New Style 
December 6, 1938 Wrestling Sports Freshmen Wrestlers Flash Strength 
December 6, 1938 Gospel Teams Article Student Rule Groups Report 
December 6, 1938 Chapel Service Article Dr. Free, French Club Hold Chapel Service Today 
December 6, 1938 Academy Athletes Article Academy Athletes To Direct League 
December 6, 1938 German Christmas Party Article Santa Claus Will Astound Germans 
December 6, 1938 Annex Party Article Annex Maidens Outwit Time, Avoid Wrinkles With Men 
December 9, 1938 Speeches at Christmas Program Article Speech Majors Greet Yuletide 
December 9, 1938 Political Science Trip Article Complete Plans for Field Tour 
December 9, 1938 New Jersey Fellowship Article Jersey Enthusiasts Organize New Club 
December 9, 1938 Messiah Chorus Article College-Community Chorus Presents Handel's Messiah 
December 9, 1938 Football Banquet Article Frosh Sponsor Grid Banquet 
December 9, 1938 Music Recital Article Students Give Music Recital 
December 9, 1938 Scripture Distribution Article M.I.T. Christian Club To Distribute Gospels 
December 9, 1938 Christmas Party Article To Honor Xmas in Fiesta Style 
December 9, 1938 Chapel Choir Article Chapel Choir Plans Trip to Eastern Cities 
December 9, 1938 Literary Meeting Article Litopen Comes to Lit Tonight 
December 9, 1938 Academy Debate Team Article Academy Joins Debate Tourney 
December 9, 1938 Missionary Speaker Article African Missionary to Speak to FMF 
December 9, 1938 English Exam Article Profs Devise English Hurdle 
December 9, 1938 Motion Pictures Article Films Supply Sugar Coating 
December 9, 1938 Literary Questions Column Grub Street 
December 9, 1938 Doctrine Article Songs of Doctrine 
December 9, 1938 World News Column Off the Record 
December 9, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
December 9, 1938 School Calendar Article Dyrness Plans Cram Sandwich 
December 9, 1938 French Club Article French Club Hears Prof. Hale Address 
December 9, 1938 Married Couples Article Marital Couples Hash Commencement of Bliss 
December 9, 1938 Infirmary Article Two in Infirmary Lose Appendices 
December 9, 1938 Mission Slides Article Academy Student To Show Slides 
December 9, 1938 Basketball Sports Hoopmen Face Elmhurst Five 
December 9, 1938 Frosh Basketball Sports Greenie Basketeers Take First Battle 
December 9, 1938 Women's Hockey Article Juniors Break Hockey Tie 
December 9, 1938 Senior Quintet Article Senior Quintet Continue to Lead 
December 9, 1938 Ping Pong Tourney Article Champions Gather To Flash Paddles in All-Men Tourney 
December 9, 1938 Alumni Coaches Article Grads Coach Strong Squads 
December 9, 1938 Christmas Choir Article Germans Sing Carols At Dress Festival 
December 9, 1938 College Church Choir Article Choir Offers Concert 
December 9, 1938 Banquets and Parties Article Celebrating . . . 
December 13, 1938 Audience to Ballot On Radio Finals in Oratorical Contets Information Miller Presents Peace Oration 
December 13, 1938 Rev. W. Talbot-Hindley News Talbot-Hindley Speaks in Chapel 
December 13, 1938 Tryouts for the State Oratory News Extempore Speakers Travel to Wesleyan 
December 13, 1938 Ten Thousand Gospels Information Texas University Receives Gospels 
December 13, 1938 Rev. Abram Schellenberg Information Guest Speaker Here Tomorrow  
December 13, 1938 Hum as You Come Information Hum as You Come to Chapel 
December 13, 1938 Chris Critic News Open Lit Hits Original High 
December 13, 1938 Foreign Students Gather to Present Radio Program Short Comment Season Recalls Old Memories 
December 13, 1938 Volunteers for the Mission Field Information Mission Fellowship to Hold Convention 
December 13, 1938 the Staff of the 1940 Tower Information Tower Panels Hit Deadline 
December 13, 1938 Spanish Fiesta in Lower Chapel Information Senoritas Don Lace Curtains 
December 13, 1938 Wheaton College Orchestra Celebration Music Prof. Dasch Recalls Music Experiences 
December 13, 1938 Carl Henry Information Henry Confers on Magazine 
December 13, 1938 Students from the Windy City News Windy City Students to Celebrate Season 
December 13, 1938 Late Reports from the Business Department Information Library Fines Cheat Malteds 
December 13, 1938 Carrying Lighted Candles News Teuton Serenaders Carol in Candlelight 
December 13, 1938 Centered in a Week of Musical Chapel Programs News Nordinmen List Full Schedule 
December 13, 1938 Leading Workers Commend Booklet; Edition Third Sold Information S.D.S. Re-edits 14 Collegians" 
December 13, 1938 The College Forum, Weekly Broadcast News Male Debaters Broadcast Sat. 
December 13, 1938 Interllectualism and the Scriptures Information Theologos Elect Prexy, Hear Clark's Paper 
December 13, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry News Design Scripture Posters for Metopolitan Cars 
December 13, 1938 Camera Club News Camera Club Salon Winners Get Prizes 
December 13, 1938 to Announce Winners at Christmas Party Thurs. Evening Information Round Robin Debates Close 
December 13, 1938 Christmas Story Short Comment Grub Street 
December 13, 1938 Songs of Doctrine Music Elliott  
December 13, 1938 Washington News Hoke off the Record 
December 13, 1938 Christmas Holidays Music Dr. Clark Christmas Meditation 
December 13, 1938 Learns to Talk Information Watson an Autobiography 
December 13, 1938 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Short Comment John Newton 
December 13, 1938 a Christmas Sketch by Neda Westlake Short Comment The Candle Shop  
December 13, 1938 Zaida Harvey Information Three Christmases 
December 13, 1938 Crusaders Beat Pirates for Third Victory of Season News Underfeated Quintet Downs Elmhurst; Faces Powerful DeKalb Squad Friday 
December 13, 1938 the W.A.A. Will Hold Their Annual Christmas Party Information WAA Gather for Yule Party 
December 13, 1938 Wheaton's Frosh Lost Their First Game Sports Greenies Drop Close Battle 
December 13, 1938 Chet Raube, Basketball Star Sports Ping Pong Champs Enter Final Play 
December 13, 1938 Crusader Hoopmen Sports Walkermen Meet Dekalb With Spotless Record 
December 13, 1938 Gerald Radice, Wrestling as a One Man Team Sports Radice Places Over Mid-West 
December 13, 1938 Don Gustafson Sports Seniors Lead Intra Schedule 
December 13, 1938 The Phils and Celts Are Planning a Skating Party News Phils, Celts Meet for Skating Party 
December 13, 1938 Wheaton's Soccer Squad Closed Their Season Sports lettermen's Dinner Closes Soccer Season 
December 13, 1938 OrangeFace Armour Tech in Grappler Test Tonight News Season Opens for Twisters 
December 13, 1938 Football Men Met Together for the Last Time Sports Frosh Entertain Football Men as Letter Winners Get Awards 
December 13, 1938 Bill Haarlow Information Intras to Hear Olympic Champ 
December 13, 1938 ed McCausland and Howie Moffett Were Named Information Moffett, McCausland Earn Soccer Honors 
December 13, 1938 Cork Cottage Girls Revealed Information Santa Comes to Williston; Cork Coeds to Visit City 
December 13, 1938 130 Members of the Various Psychology Information Psych Classes Attend Clinic  
December 13, 1938 Dr. Elsie Dow News Profs Gather to Celebrate 
December 13, 1938 Ladosians Invited New Members Information Ladosians Initiate Young Enthusiasts 
December 13, 1938 Moody Fellowship Members Planned at Their Last Meeting Information Students Plan Gospel Teams 
December 13, 1938 Six Men of Clark's House  News Clark's Frat Avoids Coed Room Inspection 
December 13, 1938 The Choir of the College Church Music Carbaugh Leads Choir Concert 
December 13, 1938 Movies, Melodies Entertain Open House Guests of Friarmen Information Friar Visitors Seek Dust; Bartlett Men Quote Poetry 
December 13, 1938 Maroon Come From Behind to Decisively Beat Wildcats Sports Prepmen Down Suburban Foe 
December 13, 1938 Miss Florence E. Cobb News Cobb Gives Reading in Seasonal Chapel 
December 13, 1938 Orien Johnson Music Johnson Leads Music Program 
December 13, 1938 Celebrating Christmas Information Academy Lits Join in Party 
January 6, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell Article Buswell opens Faculty Talks 
January 6, 1939 Dr.V. Raymond Edman News Edman Plans Two Day Tour 
January 6, 1939 "Pop" Concert News Pop Concert Holds Wheatonite Coterie 
January 6, 1939 Forensic Men Debate On Air News Hoke, Eichorn Broadcast 
January 6, 1939 Mario Salvador News Organ Genius To Play Here 
January 6, 1939 Senior Athropology Majors Article Any Old Bones dead Give-Away 
January 6, 1939 Frank Speaight News Dickens' Artist To give Recital 
January 6, 1939 Conservatory's Progress Clips Year from Credit Schedule News Conservatory Receives National Recognition 
January 6, 1939 Dr. Alexander Grigolia Article Grigolia reads Missing Paper 
January 6, 1939 Student Foregin Mission Fellowship News FMF Convenes For Elections 
January 6, 1939 Engagements News Tower Knells Quadruple Tie 
January 6, 1939 Prof. William H. Nordin News Nordin Leads Chorus In Spring Oratorio 
January 6, 1939 Clowney Column Grub Street 
January 6, 1939 Hoke Column Off The Record 
January 6, 1939 George Spriggel Column Cook Coffee House 
January 6, 1939 The Second Psalm Column Elliot Songs of Doctrine 
January 6, 1939 Gay XVIII Column Gargoyle 
January 6, 1939 Crusader Mat Squad Host To Strong Maroon Aggregation Sports Grapplers Down Armour; Face Chicago U.Saturday 
January 6, 1939 Basketball Sports Prep Hoopmen Meet Chicago 
January 6, 1939 Bill Haarlow Sports Intras to hear Olympic Champ 
January 6, 1939 Danny Moore Sports Crusaders Greenboys Drop to Cardinals 
January 6, 1939 Jim Leasure Sports Redbirds Top Orange 53-32 
January 6, 1939 Volleyball Sports Coed Netball Opens Season 
January 6, 1939 Miss Ruth Berg News Phys Ed Majors Eat; Attend Pop Concert 
January 6, 1939 Afred Martin News Three Colleges Added to SDS 
January 6, 1939 Student Christian Council Article Prayer Room Gains Strong Endorsement 
January 6, 1939 Ed Pike Information Artists Represent Primative Decoration 
January 10, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell Article Prexy Decries Liberal Joyride 
January 10, 1939 State Oratorical and Extempore Contests News Orators to Try State Speeches 
January 10, 1939 Clayton Howard Article Marconis Aid Ham Network 
January 10, 1939 Dr. Robert L. Cooke News teachers Plan Visual Methods 
January 10, 1939 Leon Lehman  Article Lehman Tours Brazil On Missionary Mule 
January 10, 1939 Dr. Phyllis Wittman Information Elgin Psychologist Will Address Club 
January 10, 1939 Organist Makes third Appearance Here In Pierce News Salvador Plays Tuesday In Artist Series Recital 
January 10, 1939 Dean E. R. Schell News Academy Holds Science Award 
January 10, 1939 Secret Fraternities Information Apology 
January 10, 1939 Dick Halverson  News R. Halverson Leads Arrows 
January 10, 1939 'Youth Looks at Life' Is Title for Easter Special Article Plan Christian College Journal 
January 10, 1939 Lit Meeting Information Radio Club Presents South Sea Movies 
January 10, 1939 Mr. Ralph Johnson Information Coke Man Pictures Good Salesmanship 
January 10, 1939 Crusaders Swamp Maroons To Keep Record Unbroken Sports Player Matmen Down Chicago 
January 10, 1939 Howie Moffett Sports Chicago Profs Top Walkermen Quintet 
January 10, 1939 Wheaton's Intramural Program Sports Intra Seniors Near Cup Play 
January 10, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Sports Edman to Address Academy Jr. League 
January 10, 1939 Baseketball Sports Crusader Five Meet Council 
January 10, 1939 Tennis Sports Raube, Youle Paddle Finals 
January 13, 1939 Forensic Squad Journeys To State Normal For Contest News Debaters Vie In the States Meet 
January 13, 1939 Joint Lits Enjoy Music; Discuss Fantasies Article Societies Date 
January 13, 1939 Enock C. Dryness News Prof to Chart School Change 
January 13, 1939 Women's Glee Club News Women's Glee Club Tours Middle West 
January 13, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Appoint Edman History Head 
January 13, 1939 Overwhelming Straw Vote Moves Banquet To Chicago Article Vote Washington Banquet To Edgewater Beach Hotel 
January 13, 1939 Cook Inovates Coed Regime News New Record Chief 
January 13, 1939 Prof. H. William Nordin News Prof Nordin Starts Oratorio Practice 
January 13, 1939 Dorothy Bamford Information Debaters Broadcast Tax Bill Discussion 
January 13, 1939 Chapel Program Information Chapel Programs Feature Macrae 
January 13, 1939 Clowney Column Grub Street 
January 13, 1939 Hoke Column Off The Record 
January 13, 1939 Psalm 27 Column Elliot Songs of Doctrine 
January 13, 1939 Gay XVIII Column Gargoyle 
January 13, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Article Samual Logan Brengle: Prophet of Blood and Fire 
January 13, 1939 Crusaders Meet Michigan With Undefeated Record Sports Matmen Face Big Ten Foe 
January 13, 1939 Wrestling  Sports Frosh Twisters Start Season 
January 13, 1939 Tennis Sports Juniors Lead Ball Paddlers 
January 13, 1939 Academy Hoopsters Sports Academy Hoopsters Eye Francis Parker 
January 13, 1939 Basketball Sports Final Minute Stops Quintet 
January 13, 1939 Crusaders Basketeers Sports Hoopmen Host To Prof Five 
January 13, 1939 New Members Sports W A A Greets New Members 
January 13, 1939 Bob Foster Sports Frosh Basketballers Trounce Warrenville 
January 13, 1939 Ed Frizen Article Tropics Lure in Club Movies 
January 13, 1939 Reverend F. E. Holland Information Holland Traces Trails In Africa for F.M.F 
January 13, 1939 Ellen King Information Luncheon to Replace Tea For Baby Phils 
January 13, 1939 Bob Evans News Gospel Teams Grow; Teach Song Leading  
January 13, 1939 Rev. Percy Crawford News Percy Crawford Leads Chicago Youth Rally 
January 13, 1939 Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Hoffman Information Der Dsutsche Verin Sings Sunday Evening 
January 13, 1939 Dr. R. E. Rindfuzz Article Noted Chemist Discusses Ads 
January 13, 1939 Park Tucker Article Tucker Prints Life Testimony 
January 13, 1939 Miss Virginia Mandy Information Conservatory Soloist Plays fo Musical Club 
January 17, 1939 Political Science Majors News Edman Group To Tour State 
January 17, 1939 Mrs. James Incurs Injuries In Car Accident On Saturday News Attorney Hits Faculty Auto 
January 17, 1939 Rev. Mr. Percy Crawford, '29 News King's College Prexy To Speak in Chapel 
January 17, 1939 Public Lecture News Prof. Dyrness Shows Educational Advance With System Change 
January 17, 1939 "Cork Art Gallery" Is Response to Tack Law News ARS GRATIAM ARTIS 
January 17, 1939 Final Conservatory Program News Conservatory Ends Semester With Choice Music Program 
January 17, 1939 Abe Vanderpuy News Vanderpuy Ekes Out Win In Preliminaries 
January 17, 1939 Camera Club News Clicker's Club To Screen Film 
January 17, 1939 Dr. Allan A. MacRae News Noted Linguist To Speak Here 
January 17, 1939 Dr. Herbert Moule News Dr. Moule Taken To City Hospital 
January 17, 1939 Forensic Squad Journeys To Illinois Normal For Contest NEws Debaters Vie In State Meet 
January 17, 1939 Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities News Artist to Read Dickens' Tale 
January 17, 1939 Phils Short Comment Old, New Phils Tea In Seasonal Setting 
January 17, 1939 Grub Street Column Clowney 
January 17, 1939 Songs of Doctrine Column Elliot 
January 17, 1939 Off The Record Column Hoke 
January 17, 1939 Gay Gargoyle XVIII Column Bronstein 
January 17, 1939 by Dr. V. Raymond Edman Column Prophet of Blood and Fire 
January 17, 1939 Basketball Sports Orange Quintet Face King Five 
January 17, 1939 Frosh Basketeers Sports McDonaldmen Down DeKalb 
January 17, 1939 Soccer Team Sports Soccer Squad Form Active Organization 
January 17, 1939 Free Scoring Game Sports Sophs, Seniors Clash in Finals 
January 17, 1939 "W" Club Sports Varsity Club Elect Leaders 
January 17, 1939 Profs Outscore Crusaders As Height Advantage Make Points Sports DeKalb Topple Walker Squad 
January 17, 1939 Wrestling Squad Sports Michigan State Stops Grapplers 
January 17, 1939 Basketball Sports Raube Downs Youle To Lead Paddlemen 
January 17, 1939 New Semester Courses News Nurse Teaches Home Hygiene 
January 17, 1939 Volleyball Sports Bows, Ladies Charge Into Volleyball Final 
January 17, 1939 "Model" Government News Student Civic Plan Functions 
January 17, 1939 W.A.A.  News Black Eye for Maggie In W.A.A. Snow Year 
January 17, 1939 Brother and Sister Party News Bud, Sis Join in Post-lit Fun 
January 17, 1939 Junior League Sports Hammer Leads Junior League 
January 17, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. News Prexy Travels West To Biola Conference 
January 20, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Article Edman Head Capital Tour 
January 20, 1939 Mrs. Adelle E. Mortensen Article Transfers Aid Pre-Registration 
January 20, 1939 Allan A. MacRae News MacRae Emphasizes 
January 20, 1939 Bud-Sis Party Information Exams Eliminate Bud-Sis Party 
January 20, 1939 Mrs.James News Mrs.James Recovers In Infirmary 
January 20, 1939 President J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. News Faculty Give Prexy Party 
January 20, 1939 Dr.Clarence L. Nystorm News High School Debaters Convene Here for Annual Tournament 
January 20, 1939 Alexander Kominsky News Czar's Soloist Gives Concert 
January 20, 1939 Basketball Sports Wheaton Tops King Five 38-26 
January 20, 1939 Jeannette Gruner News Round Robin Meet Concluded 
January 20, 1939 Dr. Moule Information To Operate Today On Dr. Moule 
January 20, 1939 President of King's College Leads Chicago Youth Rallies Saturday Information Chapel Opens With Crawford 
January 20, 1939 Dr. C. L. Nystrom Article New Speech Division Includes Free Clinic For Speech Defects 
January 20, 1939 Women Visit Scandinavians As Men Broadcast News Singers Tour Between Shifts 
January 20, 1939 The Proposed Federal System Compulsory Information Maroons Air Views Satuarday 
January 20, 1939 Rifle Team Sports Rifle Club Outshoots Fox Valley, Cleveland 
January 20, 1939 Grub Street Column Clowney 
January 20, 1939 Coffee House Column Cook 
January 20, 1939 Songs of Doctrine Column Elliot 
January 20, 1939 Off The Record Column Hoke 
January 20, 1939 Eldis Christensen News Pick Academy Lit President 
January 20, 1939 Associated Collegiate Press Article College Press Salon Offers Photo Prizes 
January 20, 1939 Crusaders Eye Wisconsin as Semester Changes First Line-up Sports Matmen Face Big Ten Foe 
January 20, 1939 Basketball Sports Academy Basketeers Seek Fourth Victory 
January 20, 1939 Jim Young Sports Seniors Down Salter Sophs 
January 20, 1939 Major Letter Winners Sports W Club Invite All Lettermen 
January 20, 1939 Volleyball Sports Coeds Battle Three-Way Tie 
January 20, 1939 Howie Schoon Sports Frosh Grapplers Start Schedule Against Morton 
January 20, 1939 Margaret Lovik Sports WAA Elect Lovik Association Prexy 
January 20, 1939 Voight of Chicago Bar Will Address Gathering Saturday News Acad. Alumni Toast Seniors 
January 20, 1939 Academy Bulletin News Prep History Reaches Printer 
January 20, 1939 R. Festyn Davies News Welsh Male Singers Entertain at Aurora 
February 3, 1939 Dr. McQilkin to Preach on Christian Life and Second Coming News  Columbia Head Opens Service 
February 3, 1939 College Heroes Bid for Boxes News  Bid for Boxes 
February 3, 1939 Betsy Johnson News  Sprigget Travels Homeward Trail 
February 3, 1939 John Wiley News  Weir, Finnigan Debate Profs 
February 3, 1939 Vivian Strombeck News  Girl Debaters Suffer Injury 
February 3, 1939 Dr. M. A. Stone News  Dr. Stone to Speak on Madonna Histroy 
February 3, 1939 Mrs. Adelle E. Mortenson News Dyrness Assistant Falls on Pavement 
February 3, 1939 Vasil G. Angeloff News  Send Gospels To Carolina U 
February 3, 1939 Carl Henry News  Journal Head Organizes Board 
February 3, 1939 Grads Will Present Fund at Annual Banquet in Chicago News  Alumni Honor Dr. Dow In Endowmwnt Memorial 
February 3, 1939 Carl F. H. Henry News  Senior Class Tithes To Scripture League 
February 3, 1939 Dr. McQuilkin Article  Responsibility and Revival  
February 3, 1939 J. C. Eichorn Article  The Christ of the College Campus 
February 3, 1939 To Our Public  Article  The Gay Gargoyle 
February 3, 1939 Mal Watson Article  Off the Record 
February 3, 1939 Dr. Lauren A. King  News  Dr. King Offers English Gifts  
February 3, 1939 Betty Dobson News Frosh Marry in Iowa In Exam Celebration 
February 3, 1939 Crusaders Meet Naperville in Second Battle of Season Sports  Quint Journey to Naperville To Avenge Earlier Defeat 
February 3, 1939 Chet Raube Sports  Orange Coast To Easy Win 
February 3, 1939 Thomas of Wheaton Sports  Riflemen Defeat Chicago U. 
February 3, 1939 Miss Ruth Berg Sports  Coach Lines Up All Start Team 
February 3, 1939 Bob Foster Sports  Academy Five To Meet Harris 
February 3, 1939 Jim McDonald  Sports  Frosh Hoopmen Down Ainsley 
February 3, 1939 Elizabeth Walker News  Lits Nominates New Officers  
February 3, 1939 Mrs. J. H. Hunter News  Geology Department Gets Sand Display 
February 3, 1939 Wheaton College Students Lead Gospel Services News  Christian Council Displays Activities  
February 3, 1939 Henry P. Crowell News  Business Men Testify In New SDS Booklet 
February 3, 1939 William Allen  News  Academy Kids Elect Prexies  
February 7, 1939 Carl F. H. Henry Article Henry Plans New Booklet 
February 7, 1939 Dr. Lauren A. King News Senoirs Join Honor Class 
February 7, 1939 Clint Youle News Snow Injures Youle 
February 7, 1939 Dickason to Name Speaker In Friday's Issue Of Record Article Select Shearer Toastmaster For Wdgewater Beach Dinner 
February 7, 1939 Latest Registration Figures Information Registrar Gives Class Enrollment 
February 7, 1939 Prof. H. William Nordin News Chapel Choir To Tour East 
February 7, 1939 John L. Strohm Information ICPA to Meet At U. of Illinois 
February 7, 1939 Al Salter News Salter Plots Lit Rivalry 
February 7, 1939 John Eichorn Article Frosh Debate Mid-West JC's 
February 7, 1939 Miss Julia Blandchard News Pamphleteers Revel In New Shelves 
February 7, 1939 Columbia President Opens Annual Mid-Year Services Article Dr.Maquilkin Stresses Call 
February 7, 1939 News Courses News School Offers New Courses 
February 7, 1939 The Editor Column Cook's Galley 
February 7, 1939 Gay Gargoyle XIX Column Gay Gargoyle 
February 7, 1939 Margret Bailey Article The Christ of The College Campus 
February 7, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
February 7, 1939 Record Short Story Contest Information Record High Finance 
February 7, 1939 Student's Opinions Column Opines . . . 
February 7, 1939 Wrestling Sports Big Ten Foe Downs Matmen 
February 7, 1939 Basketball Sports Coed Athletes Try Hoop Play 
February 7, 1939 Basketball Sports Intra Schedule Starts Hockey 
February 7, 1939 Basketball Sports Cardinals Top Whateon Quint 
February 7, 1939 Football Sports Move Get-together 
February 7, 1939 Wrestling Sports Greenie Grapplers to Tangle Belmont In Attempt to Equal Previous Record 
February 7, 1939 Dr. Elsie Storrs Dow News Illinois Grads Honor Dr. Dow 
February 7, 1939 Basketball Sports Academy Basketeers Bow to Harris Five 
February 7, 1939 Epinoian Literary Society News Eps Try Moonshine; Kreits Apply Polish 
February 7, 1939 Mr. Randell Jones Information Randell Jones Screens Film 
February 7, 1939 Basketball Sport Prep Hoopmen Host To North Park Team 
February 7, 1939 Lydia Children's Home News Add 3 Alumni To Lydia Staff 
February 10, 1939 Send Gospel To Illinois U News Scripture Distribution Society 
February 10, 1939 Mrs.George V.Kirk News Flu Attacks Fill Infirmary 
February 10, 1939 Rev.George Bernard Information Bernard to Describe Origins 
February 10, 1939 Dr. Page News Page Returns For Service 
February 10, 1939 28 Year Banquet Tradition Prevail Article Class Orators Out- Gargoyle Each Other As Kidnapers Gather to Create Bedlam 
February 10, 1939 The Williston Hall Dorm Boy Article Pussy Fishes In Red Castle 
February 10, 1939 Edman, Class Presidents to Speak at Annual Gathering Article Banquet Follows Tradition With All College Orators 
February 10, 1939 Christian Council News Council Group Holds Service 
February 10, 1939 Peter Stam Jr. News Stam to Address Music Directors 
February 10, 1939 John Shearer Information Shearer Instructs Song Leading Class 
February 10, 1939 Onesimus Jonathan Rundus  Article Outstanding Name Brings Scholarship 
February 10, 1939 The Editor Column Cook's Galley 
February 10, 1939 Gay Gargoyle XIX Column Gay Gargoyle 
February 10, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
February 10, 1939 Bruce Dunn Column The Christ Of The College Campus 
February 10, 1939 Bentonelli to Orchestra News Pop Concerts Calls Students 
February 10, 1939 The Record Writing Contest Infromation Record Prizes Speed Entries 
February 10, 1939 Full Line-up Will Journey To Meet Strong Prof Team Sports Local Matmen Face DeKalb 
February 10, 1939 Prep Paddle Competition Sports Academy Paddlers Enter Tournament 
February 10, 1939 Wrestling Sports Frosh to Wrestle Belmont Y. Team 
February 10, 1939 " To Make Wheaton Students More Fit" News Coray Starts Health Drive 
February 10, 1939 Les Siegfreid Sports Thinclads to Begin Season's Workout 
February 10, 1939 Chet Raube Sports Raube, Miller Make Finals 
February 10, 1939 Volleyball Sports Wile, Anderson Win Volleyball Doubles 
February 10, 1939 Orville Warning News Physics Students Start Radio Club 
February 10, 1939 Dr. M. A. Stone Article Stone Speaks On Old Hobby 
February 10, 1939 Academy Honor Roll News Sophs Rank Highest In Academy Honors 
February 10, 1939 Dr. V. Raymond Edman Sports Edman Will Address Junior League Meet 
February 10, 1939 Mrs. Mignon Mackenzie  News Mackenzie Directs Academy Glee Club 
February 14, 1939 All Halopies to Leave Early As Students Travel In Style Article Student Ticket Slaes Rise As Banquet Hour Nears 
February 14, 1939 Dewitt Whistler Jayne News Freahmen Buy Oil Portrait 
February 14, 1939 Dr. C. Benton Eavey News Eavey Writes Book On Bible Instruction 
February 14, 1939 Whitewater Tournament News Speakers Enter Annual Contests 
February 14, 1939 " The College Forum" News Debate Squad To Broadcast 
February 14, 1939 Prof. Wilbur F. Swanson News Music Dean Holds Chapel 
February 14, 1939 Faculty Views Extra- Curricular Activities Article Profs Voice Sentiments 
February 14, 1939 Armand Buisseret Directs String Ensemble in Light Classics Article Tower Concert Features Burdette, Negro Baritone 
February 14, 1939 Dr. H. O. Taylor News Club Magazine Leaves Press 
February 14, 1939 Mrs. Minnie Cedargreen Jernberg Information Hold Violin Recital 
February 14, 1939 Josephine Peterson Article Trolley Cars Carry Gospel 
February 14, 1939 The Editor Column Cook's Galley 
February 14, 1939 Bob Evans Article The Christ of the College Campus 
February 14, 1939 Gay Gargolye Column Gay Gargolye XIX 
February 14, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
February 14, 1939 Philosophy Article Sophists Stir Shady Bodies 
February 14, 1939 Hess Remains Undefeated As Grapplers Take Six Matches Sports DeKalb Bows To Playermen 
February 14, 1939 Tennis Sports Miller, Raube Battle finals 
February 14, 1939 Basketball Sports Preps Eye Harvard In Champ Hoop Play 
February 14, 1939 Basketball Sports Carroll Quintet Downs Orange 
February 14, 1939 Wrestling Sports Belmont Entangles Greenie Grapplers  
February 14, 1939 Ed McCausland Sports Butler Stars In All Fields 
February 14, 1939 Rifle Team Sports Crusaders Out- Shoot Washington and Lee 
February 14, 1939 Gymnastics Team Sports Gymnasts Tumble Into Team Shape 
February 14, 1939 John E. Woods Article Woods Shows Student Costs 
February 14, 1939 Intramural Council Sports Intra Volley Ball, Hocky Start Soon 
February 14, 1939 Alfred Campbell News Council Prexy Regains Office 
February 14, 1939 Academy Debaters News Debaters Win Prep Matches 
February 14, 1939 Song Composer to Release Story of Old Gospel Favorites Information Writer Tells Hymn Origins 
February 14, 1939 Rural Bible Crusade News Bible Crusade Presses Goal 
February 14, 1939 Annual Hard-Times Party Information Hard-Times Hits Merry Makers 
February 14, 1939 H. William Nordin News Chapel Choir Tours States 
February 14, 1939 Chi Sigma Theta Information Educators Gather At Boardman Home 
February 14, 1939 Mr. W. J. Anderson News Appoint Anderson Field Representative To Operate in Eastern State Territory 
February 17, 1939 Society Distributes Gospels Through Country; Covers U.C. News SDS Reports Year's Work 
February 17, 1939 Annual Spring Tour News Spring Tour Covers East 
February 17, 1939 Annual Usher's Banquet News Dr. Edman Speaks To Moody Ushers 
February 17, 1939 Rev. Mr. E.A. Brownlee News Page's Aide to Bring Chapel Talk 
February 17, 1939 Influenza Epidemic News Patients Fill Guest Rooms 
February 17, 1939 Wheaton Debaters News Touring Trio Talks on Air 
February 17, 1939 Orators and Extempore Speakers News Orators Enter State Contest 
February 17, 1939 Wheaton's Grapplers Sports Wrestlers Eye Normal Profs 
February 17, 1939 Flu Short Comment Prexy, Dyrness III 
February 17, 1939 Le Cercle Francais  Short Comment Students Attend French Services 
February 17, 1939 Dr. Clark News Clark Scrapples Without Books 
February 17, 1939 Life Saving News Prof. Wright Offers Life Saving Class 
February 17, 1939 Edman, Upper Class Prexies Discuss Washington's First Address News Faculty, Students Gather At Washington Banquet 
February 17, 1939 "Wheaton College Day" Short Comment Prexy Speaks Wheaton Day 
February 17, 1939 Basketball Sports Seniors Meet Northwestern 
February 17, 1939 Chet Raube Sports Raube Heads Ping Pongers 
February 17, 1939 Basketball Sports Crusaders to Face Aurora Five There 
February 17, 1939 Frosh Wrestlers Sports Frosh Team Meets Oak Park Y 
February 17, 1939 W.A.A Sports Interhouse Teams Earn WAA Points 
February 21, 1939 Debate News Squad Meet In Tournament 
February 21, 1939 Dewitt Jayne News Jayne Slates Art Lectures 
February 21, 1939 Reverend Armand Bois. News Club Members Aid in French Service 
February 21, 1939 Vending Machine News Tower Candy Vendors 
February 21, 1939 President Pearl Hetrick Article Lonely Hearts Organize Club 
February 21, 1939 Speech Department Information Speech Pupils Give Recital 
February 21, 1939 John Burdette News " Dixie's Dynamo" to Present Negro Spirituals in Concert 
February 21, 1939 National Association of Deans of Women News Deans Attend Ohio Meeting 
February 21, 1939 Conservatory Faculty Members News Faculty Solos In Oratorios 
February 21, 1939 Dr. P. M . Wright Information Correction 
February 21, 1939 Flora Peterson News Girl Orator Takes Third 
February 21, 1939 Washington Banquet Mishaps News Banqueteers Crash In Four Accidents 
February 21, 1939 Oncoming Auto Careens Into Millers Car On Viaduct News Car Strikes Gospel Team 
February 21, 1939 Robert Carbaugh News Physics Dep't Donates Labor 
February 21, 1939 The Editor Column Cook's Galley 
February 21, 1939 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
February 21, 1939 Warren C. Vinings Jr. Column The Christ of The College Campus 
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