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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
September 16, 1938 Peeches and Music Feature Evening Reception, Refreshments Information Faculty Greet Frosh Tonight 
September 16, 1938 Wheaton College Quintet News Quintet Returns From Travels 
September 16, 1938 Plans for the 1940 Tower News Dinks, Photographs, Take Tower Time 
September 16, 1938 North Woods Article Dean Mimics Lowly Sheep 
September 16, 1938 New Wing Made Possible By Gift; Contains Classrooms Information Six New Profs Increase College Staff; Dorm Gets Wing, Houses Fifty Girls 
September 16, 1938 The United States Marine Band News Marine Band Visits Wheaton 
September 16, 1938 Jim Thompkins and Elwood Marvin News Model T Ford Brings Frosh 
September 16, 1938 Howling Elmer Information Tadpoles Take Heed, Join Record Staff 
September 16, 1938 Group Cosmopolitan Information Growing faculty keeps Pace with Student Enrollment 
September 16, 1938 Europe with Intrigue and Ancient Beauty Information European Trip Interests Profs 
September 16, 1938 Dr. Cooke Gives Answer to Technique Problem in Teaching Information Education Prof Publishes Paper 
September 16, 1938 Miss Gudrun Thorlakson Information Academy Greets Students Tonight 
September 16, 1938 The Annual Glenbard-Wheaton Grudge Battle News Local Students Riot; Battle With Police 
September 16, 1938 Dean Edward R. Schell Information Academy Roll Hits Record 
September 16, 1938 Miss Clara Florence News Recorder's Assitant Sails for S. America 
September 16, 1938 Four Seasoned Backs, 180-Pound Line Officer '38 Optimism Information Soph Heavies Strengthen Returning Varsity Squad 
September 16, 1938 Booters' Tough Schedule Will Include Eastern Encounters Sports Practice Opens for Large Soccer Squad 
September 16, 1938 Wheaton's Track Squad Opened Training Sports Cinder Squad Greets Coach 
September 16, 1938 Reprensentatives Determine Relings, Institute Forfeit Fee Sports Salter Opens Intramural Sports' Second Season Tomorrow 
September 16, 1938 Collegiate Crinkles Article Grub Street 
September 16, 1938 1 Timothy 4:6-16 Short Comment Meditate Upon These 
September 16, 1938 Janne Cook Article Coffee House 
September 16, 1938 Mal Watson Article Off the Record 
September 16, 1938 Coray Receives Honors at Boston; Others Aim at Ph.D Information Profs Study for Vacation 
September 16, 1938 Miss Julia Blanchard News Film to Picture Use of Library Facilities 
September 16, 1938 Frank Wood Article  Record Fetes Wood as Journalist Ages 
September 16, 1938 Women's Club Holds its Opening Meeting in Pierce Information Faculty Club Gathers at Tea  
September 16, 1938 Plumb Studios Information ;38 Reunion Descends on Boardman's For Gab Session, Food, Business 
September 20, 1938 Dr. L. Allen Higley News Discovery Tops Black Hills Trip 
September 20, 1938 Peter Stam Article Stam Promises Fine Music Year 
September 20, 1938 Offices Changed to Make Space for Student Prayer Room News Record Downed To First Floor 
September 20, 1938 John Lee News Senior Class Dons California Jackets 
September 20, 1938 Frosh Exams Scrable Scripture Facts Article Frosh Version 
September 20, 1938 Bob Lewis and Paul Carlson Article Dorm Boys Auction Coveted Position 
September 20, 1938 Freshman Class News Freshman Enrollment Covers Entire Globe 
September 20, 1938 Expands from Motley Corps Through President's Command Article Marine Band Reaches Peak 
September 20, 1938 Carl Henry  Article Christian Monthly Introduces Feature 
September 20, 1938 Formaer Grid Star Brings Biblical Messages To Students Article Graham Opens Fall Service 
September 20, 1938 " Whaton College, Class of' 41" News New Eastgate Nears Finish 
September 20, 1938 The Editor Column Grub Street.  
September 20, 1938 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
September 20, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargolye 
September 20, 1938 Betty Kerr News No-Man's Land 
September 20, 1938 Student Opnions Column Opine. . . 
September 20, 1938 Pre- Season Line-Up Gives Heavy Front Wall, Seasoned Backs Sports Man by Man Account Shows veteran Poundage on Squad 
September 20, 1938 Seven Veterans Nucleus for McKellinmen in Stiff Card Sports Booter Plan Second Trip 
September 20, 1938 Soccer Sports Coed Booters Plan Intersociety Fraca 
September 20, 1938 Al Salter Sports Intramural Program Opens Next Monday  
September 20, 1938 Les Siegfried Sports Full Schedule faces Warriers 
September 20, 1938 Couple Honetmoon East; Groom Has Assistant Pastorate News 400 Hear Wilda , Bob Say 'I Will' 
September 20, 1938 Black Hills Botany Directory Aids Identification for Students News Henry Creates Herbarium From South Dakota Weeds 
September 20, 1938 Dr. Wallace Emerson News Stag Features Prexy, Dean Fall 
September 23, 1938 Steve McShane News McShane Made Frosh Prexy 
September 23, 1938 Freshmen News Freshmen Lead in Enrollment 
September 23, 1938 Hannah Benson Information Hanna Benson Recovers from Appendectomy 
September 23, 1938 Columbus News History Club Shows Picture 
September 23, 1938 Dr C.L.Nystrom  News Forensic Union Votes on National Soceity's Debate Proposition 
September 23, 1938 Wallace Emerson News Don't Use Burma Shave 
September 23, 1938 Phil Saint News Saint Draws Cartoons Sun 
September 23, 1938 John Erwin Woods News Start Plans For Homecoming 
September 23, 1938 Christian Council News Christian Council Has Chapel Service Monday 
September 23, 1938 Weight, Spped Characterize Squad in Opening Scrimmage; "Pat" Leads Backs News Gridmen Open With Alumni 
September 23, 1938 United States Marine Band News Concert Tickets Placed on Sale 
September 23, 1938 Chapel Choir News A Cappella Prepares For Concert Season 
September 23, 1938 By the Editor Column Grub Street ...  
September 23, 1938 By Jeanne Cook Column Coffee House 
September 23, 1938 By Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
September 23, 1938 1 John 5:13-18 Column If We Ask... 
September 23, 1938 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 23, 1938 Student Opinion Column Opine... 
September 23, 1938 Season Looks Promising With Return of Veterans News Cross Country Dons Uniforms 
September 23, 1938 Intramural Sports Sports Intramural Sports Open with Changes 
September 23, 1938 Prinzing Captains Squad Composed of New Men; Buswell Shifted to Center Post as Coach Nelson Scrambles Line-up News Academy Prepsters Drill Squad For Opening Game agaisnt Todd 
September 23, 1938 Annual Traditional Hike Short Comment Academy Hikes 
September 23, 1938 Grid Contest Sports Frosh-Alumni Battle Varsity 
September 23, 1938 Junior League Sports Junior League Holds First Autumn Meeting 
September 23, 1938 Aelioian Literary Society News Aels Elect New Girls, Fill Vacant Offices 
September 23, 1938 Three Women, Twelve Men Enroll in Dozen Med Classes News Wheaton Grads Enter Medicine 
September 27, 1938 Camera Club Article Camera Club Pictures West 
September 27, 1938 Glee Club Article Men Singers Gain Talent 
September 27, 1938 Drugs and Tobacco Article Narcotic Weekly Asks for Wheaton's Stand 
September 27, 1938 Bible Club Article Scripture Group Sends Gospels 
September 27, 1938 Orchestras Article Dasch Conducts Six Local Orchestras 
September 27, 1938 Marine Band Article Branson Noted as Composer 
September 27, 1938 Literary Society Jackets Article Phils Sports Straitjacket 
September 27, 1938 Radio Club Article Radio Club Reopens Thursday 
September 27, 1938 Orchestra Rehearsal Article Orchestra Rehearses for Chapel Program 
September 27, 1938 Whisker Growing Contest Article Whisker Situation Becomes Ticklish 
September 27, 1938 Football Sports Varsity Ties Frosh-Alumni As Seesaw Game Ends 6-6 
September 27, 1938 Academy Literary Societies Article Academy Lits Open Season 
September 27, 1938 Sports Commentary Article The Sport Short 
September 27, 1938 Debate Article Debate Squad Will Broadcast 
September 30, 1938 German Club Article German Club Meets for Pro-Tem Votes 
September 30, 1938 Aviation Article Commercial, Private Flying Attracts Air Minded Wheatonites 
September 30, 1938 Holy Land Cruise Article Globe Trotters Visit King Tut 
September 30, 1938 Youth Temperance Council Article Temperance Council Holds Meeting 
September 30, 1938 Camera Club Article Lense Capture Baboons, Beads 
September 30, 1938 Ladosian Literary Society Article Ladies Present First Informal 
September 30, 1938 Naitermians Society Article Knights Also Present 
September 30, 1938 Glee Club Article Concert Plans Push Glee Club 
September 30, 1938 Invite to Parade Information Hey Frosh! 
September 30, 1938 Yearbook Sale Article Students Swamp Tower Pre-Sale 
September 30, 1938 Homecoming Plans Article Musical, Athletic Programs Feature Homecoming Slate 
September 30, 1938 News Commentary Column Grub Street 
September 30, 1938 European News Column Off the Record 
September 30, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 30, 1938 Bible Passage Article Who Shall Abide? 
September 30, 1938 College News Commentary Article Coffee House 
September 30, 1938 Philosophy Courses Article No-Man's Land 
September 30, 1938 Opinions Column Opine . . . 
September 30, 1938 Football Sports Gridders Tackle Elmhurst in Initial Tilt Tomorrow 
September 30, 1938 Soccer Sports Soccer Squad Drills Daily 
September 30, 1938 Intramural Schedule Informatino Intramural Program Goes Strong 
September 30, 1938 Cross Country Sports Harriers Open Against Frosh 
September 30, 1938 Frosh Football Sports Frosh Eleven Await DeKalb 
September 30, 1938 Campus Opinion Article Feminine Frosh Finds Fly in Ointment; Still Satisfied 
October 4, 1938 Mr.Lloyd Hunter Article Gosp[el Reaches Rural Children 
October 4, 1938 Mrs. Rana B. Leasor Article Alumni Teach, Preach Abroad 
October 4, 1938 Moving Pictures of Past Trips to Be Shown At Meeting Information Debate Managers Discuss Activities 
October 4, 1938 President James Oliver Buswell Jr. News Budget Drops Minor Sports 
October 4, 1938 Wallace Emerson Article Strange Nicknames Outgoing Of Fertile Face Derby 
October 4, 1938 Glee Club News New Choristers Fill Vacancies 
October 4, 1938 Dr. H. C. Thiessen Information Students Organize Bible Club 
October 4, 1938 History Club Article Film Portrays Flood Prevention Methods 
October 4, 1938 Prof. Dryness Announces Scholastic Honor Winners News Seniors Earn Class Trophy 
October 4, 1938 Mr. Julius Haavind Article Pudding Eaters Skip Breakfast 
October 4, 1938 The Editor Column Grub Street 
October 4, 1938 Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
October 4, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 4, 1938 Student Opinions  Column OPINES . . . 
October 4, 1938 Captain Gavin, Patterson Score in Passing Battle Sports Hayes Displays 'UMPF' 
October 4, 1938 Captain Bill Peck Sports Friars Promise Loss For Barlett 
October 4, 1938 Miss Gudrun Thorlacison Information Academy Societies To Present Societies 
October 4, 1938 Football Sports Sophs Win First I-M Grid Clash 
October 4, 1938 Don Hoke Column The Sport Sport 
October 4, 1938 King Arthur's Company Holds Table Round In Pierce News Ladies Seek Holy Grail Knights Offer Challenge 
October 4, 1938 Ed Frizen Sports Radio Club Plans To Relay N.C Tilt 
October 4, 1938 College, Bible Churches Tie Couple;Home Pastors Assist Project Information Men, Maids . . . . . . 13 Knots 
October 7, 1938 Prominent Collegian Will Outline Year's Program For S.D.S; Benson Heads Group News Cornell Grad Speaks Mon 
October 7, 1938 Literary Societies News Set Informals For Belts, Aels 
October 7, 1938 La Cercle Francais News Eckhardt Succeeds Paul Fried, Outgoing French Club Prexy 
October 7, 1938 Geologists Short Comment Geologists to Conduct Expedition 
October 7, 1938 Annual Concert News No Vegetables Expected 
October 7, 1938 Six Representatives of Palestine News Breadon Join Wheaton Schools En Masse; Display Costumes 
October 7, 1938 Robert Isele News Soloist Plays With Marines 
October 7, 1938 Walkermen, Outweighed, Await Traditional Clash, Gird for Revenge Victory News Crusaders Tackle Redbirds 
October 7, 1938 By the Editor Column Grub Street ... 
October 7, 1938 Psalm 119:97-104 Column Love Thy Law 
October 7, 1938 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle.. XVIII 
October 7, 1938 By Mal Watson Column Off The Record 
October 7, 1938 RCT Column Thumb Thport For New Club 
October 7, 1938 Student Opinion Column Opines... 
October 7, 1938 Veterans, New Prospects Clash for Starting Positions Sports Soccermen Prime For Eastern Trip 
October 7, 1938 Intersociety Soccer Tournament Sports Bows, Ladies Lead In Soccer Tournament 
October 7, 1938 College Infirmary Short Comment 300 Enter Infirmary For Prevention Tests 
October 7, 1938 First Dual Meet Offers Test For Untried Runners Saturday Sports Frosh Harriers Face LaGrange 
October 7, 1938 Isele Rises to Soloist Fame Since '37; Doubles on Cello News Marines Bring Trombonist 
October 7, 1938 Dallas Theological Seminary News Wheaton Grads Swell Dallas Enrollment 
October 7, 1938 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Prep League Hears Poly-Sci Professor 
October 7, 1938 Esther Bassett, '38 News Wayside Girls Give Shower for Bassett 
October 7, 1938 Football Sports Bartlett Bears Taunt Friars 
October 7, 1938 Dean and Mrs. Edward R. Schell Short Comment Schells Entertain Academy Faculty at Dinner 
October 11, 1938 Psot Game Jubilee News Buehrer, Fergie Collide To Celebrate 
October 11, 1938 The Messiah News Begin Oratorio Under Nordin 
October 11, 1938 Ancient Trouble Buried in Crusader-Redbird Encounter News Courthouse Feud Opens Wheaton-Naperville Tiff 
October 11, 1938 Bill Gavin News Peg's Cooking Defeats Breen 
October 11, 1938 Walkermen Stage Second Half Rally to Overcome Opening Lead Gained by Redbirds News Crusader Gridders Down Naperville To End Jinx, 7-6 
October 11, 1938 Marine Band News Band to Parade Before Concert 
October 11, 1938 Chapel Speakers Short Comment Prexy Will Speak at Academy Chapel 
October 11, 1938 By the Editor Column Grub Street... 
October 11, 1938 By Mal Watson Column Off the Record 
October 11, 1938 Lamentations 3:22-27 Column New Mercies... 
October 11, 1938 A Review of Andrew Jackson Column Border Captain President 
October 11, 1938 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 11, 1938 First-Down Record Proves Score; Team Shares Star Honors Sports Gridders Kill Redbird Jinx 
October 11, 1938 Football Sports DeKalb Takes Greenie Game 
October 11, 1938 Frosh Cross-Country Men Sports Frosh Thinclads Beat LaGrange 
October 11, 1938 Frosh Debate Team News Eichorn Pilots Frosh Debate 
October 11, 1938 By Oorah and Hod Column The Sport Spot 
October 11, 1938 Homecoming News Announce Plans Of Homecoming 
October 11, 1938 Gridmen Sports Maroon Gridmen Bow to Harvard 
October 11, 1938 Lester W. Groom News Groom Plays Organ For Festival 
October 11, 1938 History Club News Students See Club Pictures 
October 11, 1938 Jane McNally Leads Village Talk in Tyrolean Folk-Play News Switzerland, Sea, Form Web For Ael, Belt Informal Lits 
October 11, 1938 Wheaton College Debaters Short Comment Debaters to Discuss Business Stimulation 
October 14, 1938 Dr. Free News Anthropologists Hold Seminars 
October 14, 1938 Ed McCausland News Library Paintings Illustrate Symbolic View Of Scripture  
October 14, 1938 Howard F. Moffet The Tower '39 Tower Returns Balance to Seniors  
October 14, 1938 Jane Johnson News Williston Hayrides With Friends Sat. 
October 14, 1938 Dr. Robert L. Cooke News Students Join Bible Crusade  
October 14, 1938 Dr. Gordon Palmer News Varied Programs Fills Week's Chapel Roster 
October 14, 1938 Steve McShane News Freshmen Plan Alumni Sport 
October 14, 1938 United States Marine Band Music Tower Brings Marine band Here Tomorrow  
October 14, 1938 Iner Basinger News Bows, Arrows Offer Twentieth  
October 14, 1938 Beta Theta Lambards News Strombeck presides Over Bows 
October 14, 1938 Besty Johnson News Saxaphone Score Strirs Corkers  
October 14, 1938 Ernest Young  News Grigolio Opens Seminar In Anthropoly Tomorrow 
October 14, 1938 Mrs. Mortenson News Directory In Two Weeks 
October 14, 1938 Mrs. Hale News Facult Women Hold Annual Tea 
October 14, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell News Prexy Speaks at Dedication  
October 14, 1938 Dr. Clark  Sports Chess Players Plan Intercollegiate Meet  
October 14, 1938 Frank Butler  Sports Crusaders Face DeKalb With Complete Roster  
October 14, 1938 Gordon Fisher  Letter North Central letter Lauds Coach  
October 14, 1938 Chuck Fenske Sports Harrier Face Wisconsin U 
October 14, 1938 Dan Moore Sports Frosh Gridmen Seek Revenge Over DeKalb With New Offence  
October 14, 1938 The Wheaton Record Column Grub Street 
October 14, 1938 The Wheaton Record Article Words of Truth  
October 14, 1938 Don Hoke  Column Off The Record  
October 14, 1938 Jeanne Cook  Column Coffee House  
October 14, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column  Stam Stammers 
October 14, 1938 Bruce Linton News '79 Record Stirs Old Memories  
October 14, 1938 Coach Jim McKellin  Sports Booters Extend Trip Card, Plan Warm-up Contest  
October 14, 1938 Ruth Baumgartner News Prexy, Dr. Hoffman Support Deutschers  
October 14, 1938 Sophomores news Intras Match Frosh, Sophs  
October 14, 1938 Coach Nelson  Sports Academy Tries York Saturday 
October 14, 1938 Fith Theological Seminary news Grads Compose Half Of Students at Faith  
October 14, 1938 Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Newhart News Announcing David E. Newhart  
October 14, 1938 Dr. Thiessen  News Miracle book Club Forms Local Branch  
October 14, 1938 Miriam Eavey News Miriam Eavey Leads Junior League Grup 
October 14, 1938 Miriam Cox News Wheaton Grad Snares Incautious Butterflies  
October 14, 1938 Roger McShane news Class of '38 Forgets Cake; Turns to M.A.'s, Teaching  
October 18, 1938 Stetson Singers News Quartet Sings At Homecoming 
October 18, 1938 John Eichorn News Greenies Form Squad To train for Debate 
October 18, 1938 George V. Kirk and Edward A. Cording News Kirk, Cording To Visit Confab 
October 18, 1938 Captain Taylor Branson News Capacity Crowd Encores Band 
October 18, 1938 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Mackenzie News Academy Glee Club Offers Solo Talent, To Conduct Chapel 
October 18, 1938 Tower Radio Club News Club Members Send Messages  
October 18, 1938 Dr. Gordon Clark News Chessmen Philosophize Future University Meets Possible 
October 18, 1938 Dr. C. Benton Eavey News Eavey Broadcasts Thurs. for Bible Campaign 
October 18, 1938 Sir Charles Marston To Speak Here Soon News Sir Charles Marston To Speak Here Soon 
October 18, 1938 Debate Article Jolley Primes Debate Pump 
October 18, 1938 Social Commentary Column Grub Street 
October 18, 1938 Scripture Article Walk Worthy 
October 18, 1938 World News Commentary Column Off the Record 
October 18, 1938 Student Opinions Column Opines 
October 18, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 18, 1938 Football Sports Fleet DeKalb Back Hands Orange Gridmen First Loss 
October 18, 1938 JV Football Sports J.V. Gridders Hold Dekalb 
October 18, 1938 Intramural Football Article Sophomores Win Over Frosh Gridders 
October 18, 1938 Academy Football Article Academy Team Defeats York 
October 18, 1938 Cross Country Sports Athletic Insight and Insteps 
October 18, 1938 Soccer Sports Soccermen Play Opener Wed. 
October 18, 1938 Literary Societies Article Academy Lits Travel, Float 
October 18, 1938 Literary Societies Article Bows Live Out Fairly Land; Arrows Look for Indians 
October 18, 1938 Orchestra Director Article Johnson, Cornetist, Directs Orchestra 
October 18, 1938 Literary Native American Program Article 'First Americans' is Title for Informal Program 
October 21, 1938 Current Film Article Film Pictures Nomads' Life 
October 21, 1938 Football Sports Team Ranks First Place 
October 21, 1938 Mission Agency Article Legters Will Speak on Missions 
October 21, 1938 Honor Society Article Pi Gamma Mu Initiates 18 
October 21, 1938 Psychology Club Article Psych Club Plans for Speakers Soon 
October 21, 1938 NYU Article New York's Dean Stresses Individual 
October 21, 1938 Homecoming Football Sports Junior Plan Homecoming 
October 21, 1938 Bible Crusade Article Hurley Heads Crusade Work 
October 21, 1938 Junior League Service Article Junior Leage Group Will Hear Quintet 
October 21, 1938 Literary Societies Article Friday Program By Phils, Celts 
October 21, 1938 Illinois Association Collegiate Registrars Article Local Officials Plan Visit to I.A.C. Meet 
October 21, 1938 Library Staff Article Two Male Librarians Join Feminine Staff 
October 21, 1938 Homecoming Quintet Article Bugle Herald Stetson Voices 
October 21, 1938 Annex Girls Space Article Infirmary Handy for Annexettes 
October 21, 1938 Social Commentary Column Grub Street 
October 21, 1938 Campus Commentary Column Coffee House 
October 21, 1938 Scripture- Psalm 95 Article Enter Into Rest 
October 21, 1938 Poem Article Today and Tomorrow 
October 21, 1938 World News Column Off the Record 
October 21, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 21, 1938 Cross Country  Sports Badgers Lead Wheaton Home 
October 21, 1938 Soccer Sports Woolmington's Soccer Makes Orange History 
October 21, 1938 Intramural Sports Article Sophs Drive to Intra Win 
October 25, 1938 Army Versus G-Men Information Off the Record 
October 25, 1938 Special Student Program News Leland Wang Speaks in Chapel 
October 25, 1938 Four Men and Piano Top Week-end Homecoming Schedule Music Stetson Singers Here Saturday 
October 25, 1938 Leland Wang Information Chinese Evangelist Will Visit Campus 
October 25, 1938 Voicem Organ, Trumpet to Enhance Expression Program Music  Speech, Music Join in Recital 
October 25, 1938 The Tower Bell Set an Academy Victory Sports Academy Men Score Victory 
October 25, 1938 The Willston Dorm Girls News Williston Sees County Through Hay 
October 25, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell  Information Prexy Visits Rimmer's Church 
October 25, 1938 Matriculation at the " University of Hard Knocks" News Youth League Holds Socials 
October 25, 1938 Mrs. Corinne M. Smith News Mrs. Smith to Present Standards to Deans  
October 25, 1938 Scores 25 Point Increase Over 1938 Publication in Nationals Sports '39 Tower Rates in First Class 
October 25, 1938 Philalethean Literary Society Information Phils Swank, Celts in Sand 
October 25, 1938 Wheaton's varsity Cross Country Team Sports Normal Defeats Thinclads 20-35 
October 25, 1938 Homecoming News Dark Shrouds Envelop Float 
October 25, 1938 Intercollegiate Christian Group Meets Here Next Week Information Mallis Speaks at Conference 
October 25, 1938 Origins of the Bow Breakfast Information Book Reveals Souce of Traditions 
October 28, 1938 Publisher President Information Trustees Hold Day of Prayer 
October 28, 1938 Contests, Banquet, Concert Included in Varied Program Information Homecoming Program Will Extend Welcome to Returning Grads 
October 28, 1938 All College Communion Service in Upper Chapel Information Pres. Buswell Leads Sunday Service 
October 28, 1938 Radio Quartette Presents Homecoming Concert; Weber Directs Music Male Quartet Gives Concert 
October 28, 1938 Chicago District of the Educational Buyers Association Information Buyers Association Meets Here 
October 28, 1938 Old Women in the Shoe News Academy Wins Float Debate 
October 28, 1938 Papaya Seeds Planted Here Sent to Experiment Station Information Siamese Fruit Received Here 
October 28, 1938 Response to the Immunization Program Information Shots, Colds, Cause Nurse's Main Worries 
October 28, 1938 Nine Bible Reading Clubs Announce Future Meetings News Council Plans Bible Groups 
October 28, 1938 Coach John Breen Brings from Carroll College Information Veterans Lead Carroll Team  
October 28, 1938 Rivalry Between the Classes of '41 and '42 Sports Pushball Tops Dink Rivalry 
October 28, 1938 Coach M. Walker Information Coaches Laud Fred Walker 
October 28, 1938 Homecoming Battle Brings Spirited Eleven to Meet Northerners Information Walkermen Face Breenmen in Grid Highlight of Season 
October 28, 1938 Face Alumni Information Frosh Gridmen 
October 28, 1938 Alumnus of '38 Continues Study; to Train Cross-Country Sports Les Siegfried Coaches Track 
October 28, 1938 New Table Tennis Equipment Sports Paddles Ping Pong Pellets 
October 28, 1938 Wrestling Comes into Full Swing on the Wheaton College Sports Sports Coach Schoon Starts Team 
October 28, 1938 Homecoming Information Frosh, Varsity Compete Sat. 
October 28, 1938 Although Chet Wulff Sports Wulff's Folks See First Game 
October 28, 1938 Wheaton's Football Men Sports Team Starts Heavy Lineup 
October 28, 1938 Johnson Heads Immortals Sports Grads to Play Frosh Eleven  
October 28, 1938 Last Year's Starts Test Varsity's Strength in Game Today Information Soccer Team Meets Alumni 
October 28, 1938 Intramural Touch Football Championship Sports Hakes Leads Soph Champs 
October 28, 1938 Coach Fred Walker Sports Three Battles Season Eleven 
October 28, 1938 Conference to Hear Concert by Men's Glee Club Under Nordin Music Singers Present First Program  
October 28, 1938 John Eichorn Information Debaters Dig Into Gov't Pump Priming 
October 28, 1938 Missionary Connections in all Parts of the World News Material Here For Museum 
October 28, 1938 Vesper Services in Pierce Chapel Information Homecoming Vespers in Chapel 
October 28, 1938 Members of the Child Evangelism Fellowship Information Hold Bible Classes for Grade School 
October 28, 1938 Dickey Memorial Students Form Ministerial Association Information Seminary Men Orgnize Unit  
October 28, 1938 Auld Lang Syne Information Grub Street 
October 28, 1938 Psalm 121 Article Thy Coming In 
October 28, 1938 Alumni Plan Programs for Homecoming Meetings of Societies Information Lits to Hear Grad Numbers 
October 28, 1938 Arisyonians Will Meet Together at Rami's Cafe Information Arrow Early Birds Will Breakfast 
October 28, 1938 Psychology Club News Psychology Members Discuss Telepathy 
October 28, 1938 New Dorm Girls on the Second Floor News New Wing Girls Will Give Anti-Post Party 
October 28, 1938 The German Bible News German Bible Nears 200 Mark: on Display 
October 28, 1938 Der Deutsche Verein Club Information Celebrate Join Deutcshe Verein 
October 28, 1938 Admittance to a Haunted House News Seniors Haunt House On Monday Escapade 
October 28, 1938 Center of Informal Social Life Information Beds, Bread Lines Fill Williston Hall 
October 28, 1938 Here Come the British News Gunners Shoot in Basement Range 
October 28, 1938 Business Forum Information Business Club Gains Charter 
October 28, 1938 Reminiscences Turn Back to Good Ole Days  Article  Remember When  
October 28, 1938 James Buswell News Mission Address Academy 
October 28, 1938 Studies of Chapter Achievement Information Forensic Men Lift Standing 
October 28, 1938 First of a Series of Physical Fitness Information College Displays Fitness Tests 
October 28, 1938 Dr. L. Allen higley Information Geologists Get New Workroom 
October 28, 1938 988 of Our Army Have Fallen News Tower Pictures Near Completion in Chapel 
October 28, 1938 Downers Grove' B" Team Sports Academy Eleven Meets Downers Grove Today in Season's Final Encounter 
October 28, 1938 Physical Education Information P,E, MajorsForm Society 
October 28, 1938 Girl's Riding Club Sports Riding Club Begins Years Activity 
October 28, 1938 Women's Volleyball Team Sports Alumnae Challenge 
October 28, 1938 The Women's Athletic Association Information W.A.A. Issues Book Has Breakfast, Hike 
October 28, 1938 Thirty-Five Freshman Girls  Sports Freshmen Girls Tug Last Years Winners 
October 28, 1938 Miss Mildred Seymour is Assisting Miss Ruth Berg Information Former Wheaton Athlete Accepts Assitant's Position 
November 1, 1938 Dr. and Mrs. Free News Free to Show Holy Land Reel 
November 1, 1938 Mr. Lloyd Hunter News Rural workers Study Methods 
November 1, 1938 Homecoming Information Foo Float Foozles For Frosh 
November 1, 1938 Mrs. Nellie Button Information Old Eastgate Girls Return 
November 1, 1938 Dr. J.Oliver Buswell News President Buswell Speaks in North 
November 1, 1938 Bob Tilden News Tilden Sweeps To Jewel Skill 
November 1, 1938 Homecoming News Alumni Broadcast Puts Homecoming in Ether 
November 1, 1938 Frederick Stock News Chicago Offers Recital Opportunity 
November 1, 1938 Homecoming Graduates News Grads Apper; Tell Occupation 
November 1, 1938 Homecoming Weekend News 300 Old Grads Visit Campus 
November 1, 1938 Bible Reading Fellowship News Bible Crusade Starts Groups 
November 1, 1938 The Editor Column Grub Street 
November 1, 1938 Don Hoke Editorial Off the Record 
November 1, 1938 Editor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 1, 1938 Neda Westlake Column Realistic Rusticism Portrayed by Charles A. Smart 
November 1, 1938 Coach Walkerman Sports Carroll Power Swamps Locals 
November 1, 1938 Table Tennis Sports Faculty Flashes Bop Celluloid 
November 1, 1938 Wheaton Soccerman Sports McKellinmen Defeat Grads 
November 1, 1938 Wheaton Academy Sports Academy Use Shifty Offense To Down Downer's 'B' 31-0 
November 1, 1938 The Crusaders Sports Blue Harrieres Journey North 
November 1, 1938 W.A.A. Prominents Sports Cooed Athletes Cover Country 
November 4, 1938 Wheaton College Intercollegiate Conference News Colleges Send S.D.S. Guests 
November 4, 1938 Illinois College Press Association News Staff Members Visit ICPA Convention 
November 4, 1938 Radio Broadcasts News Conservatory Lists Broadcasts 
November 4, 1938 Dr. Joseph P. Free News Free Presents Palestine Films 
November 4, 1938 Prince Crossing Riding Academy News Seniors Brave Goblins 
November 4, 1938 Annual Convention NEws Cobb Attends Speech Meet 
November 4, 1938 Dr. Howard Short Comment Howard in Infirmary 
November 4, 1938 Homecoming Parade News Juniors Take Float Trophy 
November 4, 1938 Etiquette Check News Men to Suffer Etiquette Daze 
November 4, 1938 Archaeologist Will Arrive From Canada; May Speak Sun. News Marston Comes Here Monday 
November 4, 1938 Intercollegiate Peace Contest News Debaters Test Peace Orations 
November 4, 1938 By the Editor Column Grub Street... 
November 4, 1938 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 4, 1938 James 3:1-5 Column A Little Fire... 
November 4, 1938 By Jeanne Cook Column Coffee House 
November 4, 1938 By Don Hoke Column Off the Record 
November 4, 1938 Mrs. Mortenson on Vacation, Dean Stauffer Returns Next Week News Coed Mentors Attend Confab 
November 4, 1938 Gospel Teams News Crane's Lizzie Jonah's Clark 
November 4, 1938 Academy Junior League News Ekvall Speaks Tues. To Academy League 
November 4, 1938 Dr. Alexander Grigolia Short Comment Grigolia Addresses Docs on Anatomy 
November 4, 1938 Crippled Squad Journeys to Second Conference Encounter News Gridders Face Millikin Eleven 
November 4, 1938 Wheaton Soccer Men Sports Crusader Soccerites Meet Morton Here 
November 4, 1938 Wheaton's Cross Country Team Short Comment Teachers Stop Oulundmen 
November 4, 1938 Wheaton College Dianas Sports Orange Dianas Out-Shoot N.C. 
November 4, 1938 Snow Fun Sports Intramural Movies Show Winter Sports 
November 4, 1938 Crosscountry Men Sports Crosscountrymen Down Eight Porkers 
November 8, 1938 James E. Mallis Article Intercollegiate Conf. Closes 
November 8, 1938 Dr,Glen G. Cole News Cole Studies Labor In City Conference 
November 8, 1938 Deans Lead Discussion in Two Day Check-up Article Etiquete Daze.... 
November 8, 1938 Social Committee Information Juniors Evacuate Class Rooms for Retreat 
November 8, 1938 Bob Noles News New Dorm Coeds Oust Mrs. Post 
November 8, 1938 Sir Charles Marston Article ' Law Precedes Sinai'-- Marston 
November 8, 1938 Circle Francais News French Hear Lane Tell of Switzerland 
November 8, 1938 The Magazine Rack Short Comment Phils Browse In New Dorm 
November 8, 1938 Edward R. Schell News Dean Schell Confined By Pneumonia Attack 
November 8, 1938 Conservatory Recital Information Musicians Present Conservatory Recital 
November 8, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry  Article College Misses Mrs. Melissa 
November 8, 1938 Defining Democracy News Scribblers Consider Democracy Defense 
November 8, 1938 Varsity Wallop Millikin to Remain Unbeaten in Conference Sports Crusaders Eye Championship 
November 8, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell Article Prexy traces Liberal Trends 
November 8, 1938 Chuck Wilson Sports Frosh Eleven Defeat N. C. 
November 8, 1938 Soccer Sports Soccer Team Takes Morton Booters 4-1 
November 8, 1938 Miss Lois Bohn Sports P. E. Majors Splash At Naperville 
November 8, 1938 Martha Christie Column No Man's Land 
November 8, 1938 Fall Intramurals Sports Sophs Lead in High Point Intramurals 
November 8, 1938 Scavanger Hunt News Hiatt Guests Invade Record 
November 8, 1938 Overall Party Information Sophs Invite Frosh To Overall Party 
November 11, 1938 Literary Society Honor Article FVI Honors Cole's Work 
November 11, 1938 American Colleges Conference Article Vice Presidents Attend Confab 
November 11, 1938 Women's Club Article Staff Women's Club Gathers in Dorm 
November 11, 1938 Ideal Women and Men Article She Shearer Sighs for Ideal Girl; He Coeds Dream of Ideal Man 
November 11, 1938 Trustee Recovering Article Howard, Infirmary Patient, Improves 
November 11, 1938 Etiquette Article Jayne Speaks on Etiquette 
November 11, 1938 Bachelor Life Article Young Batches Toward Degree 
November 11, 1938 Junior Retreat Article Class Uphold New Retreat Tradition 
November 11, 1938 Faculty Recall WWI Stories Article Faculty Recalls Eleventh Hour 
November 11, 1938 World News Commentary Column Grub Street 
November 11, 1938 Scripture Passage Article Ordanied of God 
November 11, 1938 Political Commentary Column Off the Record 
November 11, 1938 Etiquette Column Coffee House 
November 11, 1938 Professor Joins Inter-State Narcotic Association Article Higley Joins Fight Against Marihuana 
November 11, 1938 Opinions Column Opines 
November 11, 1938 Cross Country Sports Seigfriedmen Close Season 
November 11, 1938 Soccer Sports Moffett Key Offense Star 
November 11, 1938 Academy Basketball Sports Academy Face New Hoop Foes 
November 11, 1938 Soccer Sports Soccer Squad Ends Warm-Up 
November 11, 1938 Wrestling Sports Large Squad Opens Wrestling Practice 
November 11, 1938 Girls Hockey Sports Coed Champions Travel Southward To State Play Day 
November 11, 1938 Football Sports Footballmen To See Chicago Game 
November 11, 1938 Psych Studies Article Gadgets Help Psych Studies 
November 11, 1938 Literary Society Programs Article Eps Present Goofus, Kreitonian Secretive 
November 11, 1938 Funny Story Article Joliet Band Slaps Faculty Wrists- Out-Giggles Profs 
November 11, 1938 Teacher Placement Association Article Placement Secretary Attends Convention 
November 11, 1938 Football Skating Party Article Academy Skate to Honor Team 
November 11, 1938 National Youth Administration Article Study Shows Need of More NYA Funds 
November 11, 1938 Choir Rehearsal Article Messiah Rehearsals Continue Sunday 
November 15, 1938 Radio Debate Article Debaters Open Radio Series 
November 15, 1938 Youth Rally Article Johnson Heads Youth Rally 
November 15, 1938 Chinese Evangelist Chapel Speaker Article Wang Speaks Today in Chapel Program 
November 15, 1938 Bible Crusade Article Rural Bible Crusade Schedules Broadcast 
November 15, 1938 Academy Students Article India, Alaska Trade Socks 
November 15, 1938 Red Heads Club Article Wheaton Reds Unite 
November 15, 1938 Soccer Sports Soccermen Leave Tomorrow To Battle Strong Eastern Foes 
November 15, 1938 Student Chalk Artist Article Saint Chalks Purple Hair 
November 15, 1938 Italy Column Grub Street 
November 15, 1938 Kenya Article Imperbable peace Fills Kenya Colony for Isak Dinesen 
November 15, 1938 International News Column Off The Record 
November 15, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 15, 1938 Trustee Health Improves Article Dr. Howard Improving; Infirmary Trade Drops 
November 15, 1938 Opinion Column Opine . . . 
November 15, 1938 Football Sports Varsity to Point to Last Battle 
November 15, 1938 Hillbilly Party Article Sophs Lay Out Hillbilly Brawl 
November 15, 1938 Church Concert Article Groom Conducts Concert in Chicago Church 
November 15, 1938 Faculty Ping Pong Tourney Article Brains and Brawn Clash in Faculty Ping Pong Tournament: Dean Balks 
November 15, 1938 Soccer Sports Kickers End Warm-Up Practice With Win 
November 15, 1938 Women's Hockey Sports Coeds Journey to Play Day 
November 15, 1938 Ice-Skating Pond Article Pumpkin Frost Calls Skaters to IM Field 
November 15, 1938 Junior Retreat Article Juniors Retreat to Lake Camp 
November 15, 1938 Radio Musicians Article Dials Reach Music Hours 
November 15, 1938 Fashion Festival Article Bows Model Collegiate Dress in Friday Fashion Festival 
November 15, 1938 Yearbook Staff Article Miller Names Revised Staff 
November 15, 1938 Cartoons Commentary Campus Camera 
November 18, 1938 11 Leaves This Afternoon For Jacksonvile Struggle Sports Championship in Balance Against Illinois Saturday 
November 18, 1938 Jim Weir News Medicine Men To See Surgery 
November 18, 1938 Harry Sagar Information Sagar to Lecture On Aztec Religion 
November 18, 1938 Inez Olander Information Speech Majors to Give Recital 
November 18, 1938 Camera Club Information Camera Clickers See Oriental Movies 
November 18, 1938 Lyle Frost Article Volunteers Rush Rural Scriptures 
November 18, 1938 Franklin Swenson Article Jap Air Raids Miss Swenson 
November 18, 1938 Scripture Distribution Society News Washington U. Gets SDS Books 
November 18, 1938 Library Has Aquired 800 books Information Library Entertains Faculty Members  
November 18, 1938 Yehudi Menuhin News Chicago Symphony Features Menuhin 
November 18, 1938 Kickers Blank Opponents in Strong Offensive Battle Sports Soccer Crusaders Down Oberlin By 3-0 Score 
November 18, 1938 Business Forum Information Business Club Elect Heads  
November 18, 1938 Being a Monologue of Our Life and Times in one Setting and Many Scenes Column Grub Street 
November 18, 1938 Galatians 6:1-9 Short Comment Bearing Burdens 
November 18, 1938 Don Hoke Column Off The Record  
November 18, 1938 Jean Cook Column Coffee House 
November 18, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 18, 1938 Feminine Frosh Wants Spikes Column Opines. . . . 
November 18, 1938 Graduate Leaves For India As Medical Missionary In December News Klokke Speaks In Tabernacle 
November 18, 1938 Al Salter Sports Al Salter treks On; Inspects Ohio, Illinios For New Sports Ideas 
November 18, 1938 Richard Dickson Sports Academy Gals Feed Football Aggregation 
November 18, 1938 Academic Honor Roll News Two Students Gain 95 Average 
November 18, 1938 Compulsory Chapel News W J Students Protest Compulsory Chapel 
November 18, 1938 Herb Bryant News Bryant Leaves For West Coast  
November 18, 1938 Studentin Perform Stunt at Bob LeTourneau's Kinershcule News Lugibihl Sings German Solo 
November 18, 1938 Lois Raws News W.A.A. Broadcasts From Celt Station 
November 18, 1938 Carl Wolff News Benson Boys Entertain 
November 18, 1938 Mrs. Jack Welsh News Phils to Hear Doctor's Wife 
November 18, 1938 Piano Students Information Conservatory Gives Students 
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