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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
December 7, 1937 Magazine Salesman Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
December 7, 1937 Walt MacMilan Article Heavenly Havens 
December 7, 1937 Psychiatrists Notes Opines 
December 7, 1937 C. L. Campbell Information C. L. Campbell Tells of Navajos 
December 7, 1937 Herb Jauchen Article After the Game 
December 7, 1937 Ken Taylor, Wes Pin Sports Wrestlers Lose 24-10 to Chicago in First Match 
December 7, 1937 Kathryn Sundstrand Comments on Sports Tower Class Panels Make First Deadline But Howie Worries 
December 7, 1937 Parker Woolmington Sports Woolmington to Captain Soccer; Consider Trip 
December 7, 1937 Dinkelsbuhl News German Club Plans Annual Yale Party 
December 7, 1937 Jean Phillips News May I Propose 
December 7, 1937 The Academy Basketball Schedule Information Academy Lines Up 17 Game Schedule 
December 7, 1937 Delle MacKenzie News Women Will Debate in Round Robin Fest 
December 7, 1937 Mills Cottage News Mills, Choir Skate 
December 10, 1937 By Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
December 10, 1937 Dr. Tiffany Leads Drive As Staff Gives $1,700 Above Aim News Faculty Ready for First Splash In New Pool; Pledge $11,778 
December 10, 1937 Activities Information Coming Up: 
December 10, 1937 Academy Glee Club Music Academy Glee Club To Give Christmas Recital in Chapel 
December 10, 1937 Illinois Intercollegiate Oratorical Association State Contests News Oratory Tryouts Are Slated for Jan. 6 
December 10, 1937 Pi Gamma Mu Short Comment Pi Gamma Mu Meets Thursday 
December 10, 1937 Educational Films News Classes Show Films to Aid Chem. Students 
December 10, 1937 Frosh Debaters News Hoke, VanderPuy To Debate on Air 
December 10, 1937 Meridith To Repeat Appearance Before League News Radio Pastor To Speak Here Monday Night 
December 10, 1937 Appendicitis Operations News Wotta Contest Folks; 3 More Enter Race To Lose Appendices 
December 10, 1937 Annual Presentation of Handel's Messiah News Stam Promises Solo Talent for Messiah, Sunday 
December 10, 1937 Greenhouse News Greenhouse Grows Bananas 
December 10, 1937 Intramural Athletic Work News Salter Reports Congratulations On Intramurals 
December 10, 1937 Archeaology Classes News Archeaology Classes Will Visit Museums 
December 10, 1937 Hardfloor Varsity To Try For Third Straight; Beat Concordia Sports Purdue Boilermakers Wrestle Here Saturday; Cagers to Meet DeKalb 
December 10, 1937 Frosh Wrestlers Sports Coach D. Johnston Drills Frosh Squad For After Vacation 
December 10, 1937 Junior B Team Sports Junior B's Trounce Soph Basketballers 
December 10, 1937 Pett to Wrestle 145 Pounds; Remaining Line-Up To Be Same Sports Purdue Boilermakers Wrestle Here Saturday; Cagers to Meet DeKalb 
December 10, 1937 Scripture Distribution Society Short Comment C. Seidenspinner '34, To Help SDS Work In R.I. Universities 
December 10, 1937 Literary Associations News Men's Lits Get 44 New Names 
December 10, 1937 Student Pastors News NIne Students Have Pastorates in Area Outside of Chicago 
December 10, 1937 John Senior Column Shrapnel... 
December 10, 1937 by Carl F.H. Henry Column The Ecclesiast 
December 10, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
December 10, 1937 Student Opinion Column Opines... 
December 10, 1937 Howard A. Smith Article Bandits Keep Smith Captive; Relates Flight 
December 10, 1937 Basketball Sports Concordia Is Latest Victim In Cage Tilt 
December 10, 1937 By Paul Raynor Column Rain or Shine 
December 10, 1937 Freshman Basketball Sports Yearlings Top YMCA Quint By 33-19 Score 
December 10, 1937 Academy Students News Academy Students To Visit Chicago Tomorrow; Sophs Entertain Frosh 
December 10, 1937 Academy Basketball Sports Academy Five Opens Season With Champs 
December 10, 1937 Mrs. Rana B. Leasor Short Comment Bureau Head Attends Conference 
December 10, 1937 Soccer Team Sports Soccer Team Closes Season With Five Wins, Four Losses 
December 10, 1937 Best Poster Display News Thorlaksons Offer Prepsters' Pennant 
December 10, 1937 12 girls of Irving House Short Comment Stone, Henry Debate 
December 14, 1937 Clint Youle News Off The Record  
December 14, 1937 John Dickey.Jr News College To Inaugurate Dickey Theology Degree  
December 14, 1937 Coach Gehr Sports Matmen Grapple Armour Tech In Chicago 
December 14, 1937 Jane Johnson New Appendicitis Craze Begin to Slacken No New Sufferers  
December 14, 1937 Adda Wile Sports Soph Volleyballers Trounce Sister Team  
December 14, 1937 Miss Florence E. Cobb Literature Expression Pupils To Present Recital Of Christmas Theme 
December 14, 1937 Coach Fred M. Walker Sports Hardfloor Five Faces Carroll Thursday Nite  
December 14, 1937 Wheaton College Chapel Choir Music Foreign Student, Chapel Choir TRo Broadcast Over WLS Wed  
December 14, 1937 H. William Nordin News Men's Glee Club to Appear in Chapel  
December 14, 1937 Shrapnel  Column Muck - Rakers Scrape Bottom .. Gargoyle Prize Contest! 
December 14, 1937 "Vine ... branches ... Fruit" Article Miniatures Of The Master 
December 14, 1937 V. Rydberg, Mattson  News V. Rydberg, Mattson Celebrates Tower tradition  
December 14, 1937 Bob Grasburger Sports Academy Five lose to Parker Champ 32 - 12 
December 14, 1937 Twit Willow Column Opines  
December 14, 1937 MacShane Sports Quint Vanquishes DeKalb First Time in Five Years  
December 14, 1937 Helen Schell News Academy Classes To Give Candle Recital  
December 14, 1937 Herb Jauchen  News After The Game 
December 14, 1937 George Shiroma Sports Grapplers Subdue 26-8; Win 4 Falls in 8 Matches  
December 14, 1937 National Broadcasting Company  News Radio Amateurs See Broadcast  
December 14, 1937 Lyons Hamilton  Sports Two Senior Basketball Teams Beat Opponents  
December 14, 1937 Dean Wallace Emerson News New Dorm Girls Skate  
December 14, 1937 Mrs. H. A. Ironside Sports Academy To Hear Mrs. H. A. Ironside In Junior League  
December 17, 1937 Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
December 17, 1937 Dr. Harold Hughes News Hughes Resigns To Practice Law 
December 17, 1937 Dean E. R. Schell News Schell to Experiment 
December 17, 1937 Margaret Lovick & Gertrude Eller News Two More Join Ranks Of Appendectomites As Craze Continues 
December 17, 1937 Coach Walker Sports Chicago University Nest Opponent For Local Quintent 
December 17, 1937 Junior College Divsion Debate News Eichorn-Miller Tie For First In Debate Tourney at Kirksville 
December 17, 1937 Norris Aldeen News Pool Fund Swells To $28,500 
December 17, 1937 Edward D. Oulund Sports E. Oulund to Lead Harries Next Year ; '37 Season 
December 17, 1937 Wheaton Walkerman Sports Cagers lose to Carroll 
December 17, 1937 Father McGuire News Eichorn, Frame Will Meet St. Viator in Radio Debate Sat 
December 17, 1937 Peter Sam Jnr. News Stay Behinds May Enjoy Carol Singing 
December 17, 1937 The Editor Editorial Shrapnel 
December 17, 1937 Leprosy Column The Ecclesiast 
December 17, 1937 Opinion Column Opines 
December 17, 1937 Christmas Program Article "War on Earth" is 1937 Christmas Program 
December 17, 1937 Wrestling Sports Grapplers Defeat Techmen in Wednesday Bout 24-6 
December 17, 1937 Violin Lessons Article Violin Teacher Busy With Concert Work Outside Class Hours 
December 17, 1937 Psychology Club Article Dr. Welsh Addresses Psychology Gathering 
December 17, 1937 Class Basketball Sports Senior A's Vanquish Sophomore Dubs by 68-12 Score Monday 
December 17, 1937 Academy Instructor's Surgery Article Miss Gessing Better after Foot Operation 
December 17, 1937 Arrows Information Arrows Propose Names at Meeting 
December 17, 1937 Campus News Article Nix-Nax 
December 17, 1937 Basketball Article Academy Cagers to Face YMCA Today 
December 17, 1937 Bible College Chapel Article F.M.F. Students From Columbia to Hold Chapel 
December 17, 1937 Graduate Students Article Graduates Organize To Choose Officers; Munson is President 
December 17, 1937 String Ensemble on Radio Article String Ensemble to Broadcast on WMBI 
December 17, 1937 California Alumni Article Californians to Meet at Rader Home in L.A. 
January 4, 1938 Commentary Article Off the Record 
January 4, 1938 Open House Article Open House to Start Jan. 10th With Lecture 
January 4, 1938 UW Christian Group Article Ex-Wheatonite Forms League at Wisconsin 
January 4, 1938 Academy Student Death Information Peter Vander Jagt Academy '41 Killed in Holiday Mishap 
January 4, 1938 New Life Article Look It! Blessed Events 
January 4, 1938 Music Department Article Music Dept. Gets Credit 
January 4, 1938 Lecture Series Article President to Open Faculty Lecture Series 
January 4, 1938 Basketball Sports Maroons Beat Cagers 46-23; McShane High 
January 4, 1938 Culture Commentary Column Shrapnel 
January 7, 1938 Clinton Youle Information Off the Road 
January 7, 1938 Six People of Grade of 90 Are Honored News Academy Honors Six, Denielson Wed Abroad 
January 7, 1938 Christmas Brought Engagement Rings to 9 Wheaton Girls News Santa Gives Diamonds to 9 Wheaton Coeds 
January 7, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell News President to Speak At Chicago Church 
January 7, 1938 Mr. John Phillips Is Teaching Law Information Ex- Missionary Instructs Law 
January 7, 1938 The Infirmary Staff Information Sandlin Joins Wife in Appendicitis Word 
January 7, 1938 Dr. Wallace Emerson Information Psych Students Study Salvation 
January 7, 1938 Sixty Los Angeles Alumni News 60 Wheatonites Hold Lit at Paul Rader's in California Vacation 
January 7, 1938 Ettinger's Crash News Ettinger, Dave Brobeck Crash 
January 7, 1938 Problems of the Present-day Foreign Missionary Information T. S. Soltau to Tell Problems of Missionary 
January 7, 1938 Carroll College Gridders Meet the Orange and Bule  News Carroll is Homecoming Rival in 1938 Docket 
January 7, 1938 10,000 Copies of His Triumph Will be Distributed Information Wisconsin, Michigan U. To Receive Gospels 
January 7, 1938 Shrapnel Short Comment Why Do You Go to College? 
January 7, 1938 Carl. f. H. Henry Short Comment The Ecclesiast 
January 7, 1938 Liquor in Ice Cream News 3000 Evangelists Gather in Peoria 
January 7, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Information Tower Class Panels Off, Staff Heads Take Film 
January 7, 1938 Diminished Squad to Meet Aurora Tomorrow in Local Gym Sports Quint Resolvers To Capture Win Against Aurora 
January 7, 1938 Dave Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
January 7, 1938 Peter Stam Information Stam Visits Schools Attends Convention 
January 7, 1938 In a Close Tussle the Freshman A Squad Sports Frosh Gain Edge on Sophs In Intramural Basketball Tourney 
January 7, 1938 Big Ten Baseball Aggregations Will Meet Coach Fred M. Walker News Baseball Nine Will Encounter Big Ten Schools 
January 7, 1938 Fancy Skating, Racing, and Other Events Information Intramural Program Introduces Skating 
January 7, 1938 Paul Raynor Sports Rain or Shine 
January 7, 1938 The Old Tower Bell News Tower Bell Sounds For Field V. Leach 
January 7, 1938 Wedding Bells  News December Sees Five Weddings of Wheatonites 
January 7, 1938 Dr. Glenn gates Cole News Cole Visits Indiana 
January 11,1938 Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
January 11,1938 Dr. Luther Gable News Radium Pioneer Will Demonstrate Element 
January 11,1938 Prof. C. B. Hale News Mrs. Hale Starts Profs In Appenticitis Rac; Resting in Infirmary 
January 11,1938 William Norton News Mission Follewship To Meet Wednesday 
January 11,1938 St. Albans Quintet Information Academy Faces Albans Tomorrow After Y Win 
January 11,1938 Drs. Dow , Straw Give Side-lightsof School Changes Article Prext Traces College Growth From Prairie 
January 11,1938 " Boss Mckellin's Article Making Their Nightly Rounds 
January 11,1938 Ice-Skating Meet Information Reschedule In Skating Meet 
January 11,1938 Herb Jauchen Sports After The Game 
January 11,1938 Peter Vander Jagt Memorial Information Academy To Hold Vander Jagt Memorial 
January 11,1938 Herbert Hoover News Shucks Fellows; Herb Hoover Won't Speak A Washington Fete 
January 11,1938 Herbert Bryant News Photo Contest Listed 
January 11,1938 Film Show News Camera Club Will Bring Pictures Of Mountains, Races 
January 11,1938 Walter MacMillan Article Senior Go Skating Munch taffy Apples On Elgin Outing 
January 11,1938 Updike Still Out; Nelson Lost to Walkermen For Season Information Crusaders Face Strong Outfit In Williams Thurs. 
January 11,1938 Professor John E. Philips Article John E. Philips To Teach Business Adminstration at College Instead of Law 
January 11,1938 Junior Updike Sports Quint Piles Up 43-17 Win Over Aurora 
January 11,1938 Louis Gehr Sports Twisters Clash With Redbirds 
January 11,1938 Volleyball Sports Women's Lits Play Volleyball Prelims Fri.; Doubles Start 
January 11,1938 Dave Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
January 11,1938 Al Salter Sports Navy Planes, Sports Spot Intramural Film 
January 11,1938 Basketball Sports Senior A team Ends First Round of Intras With Seven Straight  
January 11,1938 Katherine Cumming Article " I Spent a Week At Briarcliff" 
January 11,1938 Wallace L. Ermerson Article From The Desk Of Dean Emerson 
January 11,1938 Oxford Group Article Former Member Appraises Group; Tells of Conversion Experience 
January 11,1938 Robert L. Cooke, Ph. D. Article Dr. Cooke Lists Mordenistic Trends 
January 11,1938 Frank Buchman Article A Princton Graduate Looks at It; Describes Earliest Contacts 
January 11,1938 Frank Buchman Article Buchman Visits Pennsylania College 
January 11,1938 W. Dayton Roberts Article Group Challenges Churches' Failure 
January 11,1938 Dean Emerson Information Emerson to Address Y.P. Group at Moody 
January 11,1938 Intersociety Social  News Intersociety Council Sponsors Sleighing 
January 11,1938 Catalogue to Include Degrees of Dickey School of Theology Information College Offers 4 New Courses Next Semester 
January 11,1938 College Choir News Texas Coed Sings For Gum; Obtains Soprano Choir Job 
January 11,1938 Stanford University News Stanford Scientists Electrcute Germs 
January 11,1938 Carl F. H. Henry Article C. Henry Slings It; Informs Reporter Of Tower Concert 
January 11,1938 The American Student Union Article American Students States New Polices 
January 11,1938 Basketball Sports Denver Safeways Invade Chicago; To Face Negroes 
January 11,1938 Yale University Physicists News Physicists Can Make Helium in New Way 
January 14, 1938 By Clinton Youle News Off The Record 
January 14, 1938 Activities Information This Week-End 
January 14, 1938 League of Evangelical Students News Ekvall of Tibet To Visit League 
January 14, 1938 Dr. V.R. Edman News Edman to Lead Ten Day Tour Of East Coast 
January 14, 1938 Jim Murdaugh Short Comment High-Scorer Hits One for Ripley 
January 14, 1938 Invitational Includes Teams From 24 Colleges; For 2 Days ; Sixth Practice Tilt News Sixteen Leave To Join Normal Debate Contest 
January 14, 1938 International Students Association News Internationals Elect A. McLauchlin Prexy 
January 14, 1938 Comprehensive Exams Short Comment Comprehensives Are Coming 
January 14, 1938 Sixth Annual Wheaton College Invitational Debate Tournament News Expect 175 Debaters For Annual Tourney Of High Schools Here 
January 14, 1938 Maroon and White Cagers News Maroon and White To Try Luther Here; Quint Shaping Up 
January 14, 1938 Marie Hodges Short Comment Miss Hodges Joins Nurse Staff 
January 14, 1938 Jose Luna, Mexican Find, Leads Scoring With McDonal at 16 Apiece News Orange Quintet Romps Over George Williams 
January 14, 1938 Oratory Candidates Short Comment Eichorn, Cederburg Win Oratory Tryouts 
January 14, 1938 Literary Societies News Women's Lits Take Twenty-Four Names In Recent Meetings 
January 14, 1938 By The Editor Column Shrapnel... 
January 14, 1938 Student Opinion Column Opines... 
January 14, 1938 Humor Column Gay Gargoyle... 
January 14, 1938 Willingness to do the Will of God Article Miniatures of The Master 
January 14, 1938 Alumni and Friends' Banquet News President To Speak To Bostoners Tonite For Financial Drive 
January 14, 1938 Academy Interclass Debate News Academy Sophs Debate Seniors; Meets Planned 
January 14, 1938 Absent due to Illness Short Comment Four Preps Ill 
January 14, 1938 Academy General Science Class Short Comment To Visit Museum 
January 14, 1938 Dr. Joseph Free Short Comment Free to Lecture In Glen Ellyn Sunday 
January 14, 1938 Pioneer on Electric Organ Brings Group News Organist Will Play Electric Hammond 
January 14, 1938 Camera Club News Panay Films Here In Sound 
January 14, 1938 Prayer Meeting Short Comment Recommend 6.30 Prayer Meeting Time 
January 14, 1938 Enoch C. Dyrness News Dyrness Backs Bill to Regulate Education 
January 14, 1938 Wheaton's Glee Club News Glee Club to Sing Over Air 
January 14, 1938 College Open House Program News Present Vespers Sun. 
January 14, 1938 W.A.A News It's Jingle Bells For W.A.A. Members 
January 14, 1938 Annual Spring Oratorio News Community Chorus to Sing Elijah Mar. 27; Practices Start Soon 
January 14, 1938 Mrs. Caroline Garbe Mitchell News Mrs. Mitchell to Talk For Teaching Groups 
January 14, 1938 To Discuss International Tangle In Lecture Monday Eve. News Tiffany Claims Nations Normal 
January 14, 1938 Crusaders Take 7 Matches; Butler, Miller Wrestle Inaugurals Sports Twisters Set for Michigan; Knot Up North Central 35-1 
January 14, 1938 Extra-League March Sports Academy Takes St. Albans Again 
January 14, 1938 Mormonism Short Comment Dean Shows Cause of Mormon Growth 
January 14, 1938 By Paul Raynor Column Rain or Shine 
January 14, 1938 Translating Ancient Latin and Greek Manuscripts News Stone to Tell Trials Of Decoding Codices 
January 14, 1938 Swimming Team Sports Natators Start Season's Card Against Loyola 
January 14, 1938 Intramural Sports Program Sports Frosh, Soph A Teams Defeat Respective B's 
January 14, 1938 By Dave Enlow Sports Sports Barrage... 
January 18, 1938 Off The Record Column Clinton Youle 
January 18, 1938 Master of Eletric Organ to Appear in Concert Februray News Tower Concert to Combine Musical Dignity, Novelty 
January 18, 1938 Camera Club Information ' Sinking of Panay' Is Feature Tonight 
January 18, 1938 Paul Fried News Fried Quits banquet For Operating Table 
January 18, 1938 J. S. Knox Information Business Promoter Will Lecture Here On Success Rules 
January 18, 1938 Gordon H. Clark  Information Dr. Clark to Speak to Academy Chapel 
January 18, 1938 J. Robert Swart Information Varied Talent Will Mark Conservatory Recital Thursday 
January 18, 1938 Miriam Dugan News Budding Journalists To Visit Journal 
January 18, 1938 Jane Buswell News Girls' Lits Welcome New Names to Roll 
January 18, 1938 Maria Elizabeth Blanchard News Black Hills Veterans Exhibit Tribolites at Local Fossil Show 
January 18, 1938 W.J. Cameron Will Address Gathering in Chicago;Date Uncertain News Ford Official Main Speaker For Banquet 
January 18, 1938 Wes Berghouse Sports Berghouse is Alone As Point Annexer Michigan Mat Meet 
January 18, 1938 The Editor Column Shrapnel 
January 18, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
January 18, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Column The Ecclesiast 
January 18, 1938 Basketball Sports Academy Slips To Lose 29-28 In Last 8 Sec 
January 18, 1938 Nelson Patton Article Kreits, Eps End Lit Season With Topics On Newspapers, Dixie 
January 18, 1938 Delburt Nelson Sports Basketball Squad to Conduct Jr. League 
January 18, 1938 Lake Forest Comes Wed. With String of Wins, One Loss Sports Quit, Matmen to Clash With Foresters, Dekalb 
January 18, 1938 James D. Lightbody News Olympic Runner To Talk at Grid Banquet Thurs. 
January 18, 1938 Herb Jauchen  Column After The game 
January 18, 1938 Dr. V. Raymond News Booters Hear Edman At Annual Banquet 
January 18, 1938 Intramural Games Sports Senior A's Trounce Cellar-Haunting B's 
January 18, 1938 Herb Welch Sports Coming Reels bring Champs In Odd Sports 
January 18, 1938 David Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
January 21, 1938 Off the Record  Column Clinton Youle 
January 21, 1938 Publicity Lads Outdo Selves To Lure Dateless Students' Cash Article Campus Big Shots Contribute Bouquets to Tower Concerts 
January 21, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. Information President to Tour West Coast on Two Week Business Trip 
January 21, 1938 Don Hoke Sports Hardfloor Quint Eager For North Central Fray Here Tomorrow Night 
January 21, 1938 Clinton Youle News Thirteen Ex-Students to Re-enter College 
January 21, 1938 Edmund Prosper Clowney Article Ed Clowney 
January 21, 1938 Women Singers To Visit Detroit; Men in Illinois News Glee Clubs Arrange Trips To Nearby Cities Between Terms 
January 21, 1938 Dr. Lauren A. King Information King to Blast Foibles Of Ancient Grammers In Monday's Lecture 
January 21, 1938 Professor Florence E. Cobb Information Tuesday Recital Contains Humor 
January 21, 1938 Nelson Patton News Kreits Reelect Patton; Epinoians Pick Long 
January 21, 1938 Betty Whitaker News Betty Whitaker Heads Junior League 
January 21, 1938 Debaters Runs ' Republican' In Collegiate Mimic of Legislature News National Student Congress Nominates Lindsell to Chair 
January 21, 1938 Douglas Taylor News Chapel Choir Passes Business Management To D.Taylor, Fesmire 
January 21, 1938 Al Salter Sports Salter to Inspect Big Ten Game Coaches 
January 21, 1938 Evangelistic Piano Playing, American Music Added By Conservatory Information Mrs.Oury Will Teach in Gospel Music Course 
January 21, 1938 Basketball Sports Prep Varsity Faces Alumni in Banquet Appetizer Saturday 
January 21, 1938 O. Peterson Uses Method Patterned After 'Morgue' of 'Journal' Article Filing Cabinet for Clippings Inaugurates Morgue System 
January 21, 1938 Miss Stefania Thorlakson Information Stefania Thorlarkson I11; Mrs. Nystrom Substitues 
January 21, 1938 Wm. McDermott News McDermott, of 'News' To Address Academy Banquet 
January 21, 1938 A Recession from Pacifist Attitudes Article Albuquerque Group Recinds Pacifistic Votes of Last Year 
January 21, 1938 The Editor Column Shrapnel 
January 21, 1938 Walt MacMillan Article Miniatures of The Master 
January 21, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
January 21, 1938 Student Opinions Column Opines. . . 
January 21, 1938 Crusaders Lose Two Matches Out of Eight in Walk-away Sports Matmen Shine As DeKalb Men Succumb 30-10 
January 21, 1938 Ohio State University Fratenity Article Ohio State U. Pledges " Bismark" To Local Frat 
January 21, 1938 Fraternity Men at Washington University Article Corsages Go Out At Washington U. 
January 21, 1938 Jay Berwanger Sports Jay Berwanger To Be Speaker On Intra Card 
January 21, 1938 Harvard School Quintet Sports Harvard Five Tops Local Academy-ites 
January 21, 1938 Al Salter Sports Salter Boosts Sports Personalities in Pictures 
January 21, 1938 Doug Johnston Sports Frosh Matmen Try For team Berths 
January 21, 1938 Don Kennedy Sports Lake Foresters Win by 1 Point Here Wed. Nite 
January 21, 1938 Ed McClausland Sports Swimmers Open Tank Card At Naperville This Afternoon 
January 21, 1938 Howard Fischer Sports Senior Bat Artists Hand Close Defest To Sophomore Men 
January 21, 1938 Jean Scott Berg Article Cal.Coed Shows $240 Clothes Budget 
January 21, 1938 Dr. Joseph Free Article Free Attends Chicago Meet 
January 21, 1938 Rev, Robert T. Ketcham Information Ketcham to Speak At. Tab. Baptism 
January 21, 1938 Nelson Patton News Patton, Foster Convince Sophs 
January 21, 1938 Lucille Keiser News W.A.A Picks Leaders For Coming Semester 
January 21, 1938 Volleyball Sports Sophomore Girls Win Volleyball Tournament 
January 21, 1938 Paul Raynor Column Rain or Shine 
January 21, 1938 Debate News Debaters to Entertain N. C. and Elmhurst 
February 4, 1938 Debate Article Debate Team Leaves to Try Southern Schools 
February 4, 1938 Commentary Column Off the Record 
February 4, 1938 Dorm Rules Article Ho Hum- Late Again 
February 4, 1938 Tract Article S.D.S. Publishes Tract for College Students 
February 4, 1938 Evangelistic Series Article Page to Lead Evangelistic Series Here 
February 4, 1938 Dating Article 'No More Lonely Hours' -Date Bureau 
February 4, 1938 Music Concert Article Gillette Will Blend Classics, Impressionism in Concert 
February 4, 1938 Student Banquet Article List Expenses for Banquet February 22nd 
February 4, 1938 Sickness on Campus Article Mumps Now the Rage; Appendices out 
February 4, 1938 Social Commentary Column Shrapnel 
February 4, 1938 Devotional Column Column Introducing 'Triads of Romans' As Devotional Column 
February 4, 1938 Christian Living Article The Trinities of Christianity's Magna Carta 
February 4, 1938 Campus Commentary Column Nix-Nax 
February 4, 1938 Women's Literary Societies Article Women's Lits Post Choices for Officers 
February 4, 1938 Poster Contest Winner Article Lehman Wins Poster Tilt, Brazil-Bound 
February 4, 1938 Basketball Sports Crusaders Lose to Carroll 49-33 
February 4, 1938 Wrestling Sports Gehr's Toughs to Try Maroons 
February 4, 1938 Wrestling Sports Orange Matmen Beat Red Birds 30-10; 5 Falls 
February 4, 1938 Freshman Wrestlers Sports Frosh Wrestlers To Meet Y.M.C.A. 
February 4, 1938 Campus Basketball Sports Frosh A's Defeat Junior B's for 2nd in Cage Tourney 
February 4, 1938 Men's Literary Societies Article Lit's Choose Officers for New Semesters 
February 4, 1938 President Trip Article President Will Return from Trip Next Week 
February 4, 1938 Electric Organ Concert Article Hammond Electric Organ to Feature Chamber Group at Concert Tomorrow 
February 4, 1938 Engagement Announcements Information Bell Rings for Alumni of '31, '33 
February 4, 1938 Humor Article Wood Breaks into Public Eye 
February 4, 1938 Home Nursing Class Article Offer Baby Course 
February 8, 1938 Dayton Roberts Information Off The Road  
February 8, 1938 League to Hold National Meet February 18-20 in Grand Rapids News Local Chapter Sends Twelve to Convention 
February 8, 1938 Tabby Is Disillusioned With Life Short Comment Pussy Dampened In Bath; Charges Unfair Distinction 
February 8, 1938 Washington Banquet  Information Deans Present Chaperone List 
February 8, 1938 Age of Reason News Emily Post, Deans Support Anti-Victorian Dutch Treat; Mrs. Smith to Pick Couples 
February 8, 1938 Speaks on Divine Holiness, Man's Sin in First Messages Information Dr. Page Offers Outlines of Faith in Chapel Talks 
February 8, 1938 Wheaton College Gun Club News Gussy, Gun Club Gopher, Gets Sick, Then Tunnels Basement 
February 8, 1938 Honesty, Prayer Article Grub Street 
February 8, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Article The Trinisties of Christianity's Magna Charta 
February 8, 1938 Meet Maroon and White for Eighth League Tilt; Foster Out Sports Academy Five Tries N. Park on Wednesday 
February 8, 1938 Francis Parker Sports Parker Repeats Over Nelsonmen 33-19 
February 8, 1938 Berghouse, Hess Win on Time, Hansen Pins Heavyweight Sports Matmen Drop Revenge Try With Chicago 
February 8, 1938 George Spriggel Information Motor Bindery Has Maximum Eficiency; Unique Venture Pays 
February 8, 1938 Don Hoke Information Dribbles And Long Shots 
February 8, 1938 Alton Synder Will Succeed Robert G. Johnson as the President Information Al Snyder Heads Lens-Clikers 
February 8, 1938 Campus Newsreel Article College Paper Sponsors Films of Campus Life 
February 8, 1938 In the Finals of the Wheaton High School Debate Tournament News Elgin High Debaters Win in High School Tourney Held Here 
February 8, 1938 Al Salter Information Stalter to Go to Wisconsin for New Ideas 
February 8, 1938 Banding Together under the Title  News Christians at U of Georgia Give Gospels 
February 8, 1938 Nine Frosh Debaters Will See the Definite Action Information Freshman Debaters to Enter College Series 
February 8, 1938 Mumps Continues to be the Rage News Hostess Watches G. Carr's Mumps 
February 11, 1938 by Dayton Roberts Information Off the Record Dayton Roberts 
February 11, 1938 Faculty Lecture Series Will Continue With English Speech  Information King Describes Modern Speech 
February 11, 1938 Winter Starset Information Coleman Poem Appears in Jan. Issue of Poetry 
February 11, 1938 Frank Van Dusen Music  Organ Teacher Named Director of Sacred Music 
February 11, 1938 Dr. Merwin A. Stone Article Dr. M. A. Stone Leaves For Week End Tour To Bible Conference 
February 11, 1938 The Academy Classes Are Entering upon New Rivalry and Duties Information Academy Picks Class Officers for This Spring 
February 11, 1938 Walkermen Expert Hard Game With Leaders of Conference News Quint Clashes With Macomb Tomorrow Nite 
February 11, 1938 Helen Cederberg Information Oh Yes, They Debated 
February 11, 1938 Mr. Evan Welsh News Academy Alumni Present Donation 
February 11, 1938 Mr. John R. Riebe Information Mission Director Will Address League Monday 
February 11, 1938 Brub Street Information Silver Dollars Across the Potomac 
February 11, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Article The Trinities of Christianity's Magna Charta 
February 11, 1938 Dave Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
February 11, 1938 Too Mercenary Information Opines 
February 11, 1938 Carlson, Read, Butler Face Boilermakers For First Time News Altered Squad Visits Purdue Mats Saturday 
February 11, 1938 Tank Captain Sports Splashers Swim at Loyola Friday in Second Dual Race 
February 11, 1938 The Freshman Basketball Team Sports Frosh Try Rockford In Saturday Prelim 
February 11, 1938 Paul Raynor Information Rain or Shine 
February 11, 1938 Girls' Athletic Association Information W. A. A., Academy Lits Elect; Passers Journey to Chicago YMCA 
February 18, 1938 Mr. Peter Stam Jr. Music  Stam Posts Picture Gallery-You're welcome 
February 18, 1938 Band prepares For March Concert Music  Band Prepares for March Concert 
February 18, 1938 Frank B. Kirby News  Kirby Catches Vitamins Mon. 
February 18, 1938 Don Boardman News  Boardman Will Show Trip Films in Celts 
February 18, 1938 Alice McKelvey News  Alice McKelvey Joins 'Fad' 
February 18, 1938 Mr Vaughn Shoemaker News  Shoemaker to Illustrate Talk Monday Night  
February 18, 1938 Lieutenant Colonel Lafeton News  Aviation Officer Tells Training 
February 18, 1938 Washington Banquet News  Sages Advise Early Starting For Banquet 
February 18, 1938 Reservations to The Washington Banquet News  Reservation Figures Now Over 700 
February 18, 1938 Comprehensive Examination News  Define Comprehensives-Two Three-Hours Grinds 
February 18, 1938 Dr. Douglass Horton News  Wisconsin U. Has Religious Emphasis Week 
February 18, 1938 Dayton Roberts  News  Off The Records  
February 18, 1938 Thomas Lindsay News  Letters Tell Of Debater's Testimony on Tour of Southern Universities  
February 18, 1938 Dr. Joseph Free  News  French Club Votes on New Legal Basis 
February 18, 1938 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Music  Mrs. MacKenzie Gives Recital 
February 18, 1938 Miss Virginia Leach News  Virginia Leach Guest at Surprise Shower 
February 18, 1938 Dave Enlow  Sports Jap Olympics? 
February 18, 1938 Dr. Hobart Sports  Doctors Dislike New Basketball Rules  
February 18, 1938 Fred Walker Sports  Walker Offers Spring Players Spring Chicken 
February 18, 1938 Steve Dodd Sports  Wrestlers Down DeKalb For Second Time, 21-13; berghouse Still Unbeaten 
February 18, 1938 Wheaton Frosh Team Sports  Frosh Meet Green Cardinals  
February 18, 1938 Match Team will Travel to Illinois Normal for Match Sports  Wrestlers To Tangle Profs In Repeat Try 
February 18, 1938 Quint to seek Repeat On N. Central Floor Sports  Crusaders Test Redbird Charges Sat. 
February 18, 1938 Grub Street  Article  Grub Street 
February 18, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Article  Trinities of Christianity's Magna Charta 
February 18, 1938 Mr. Ralph W. Boyden Music  Eighteen Form Academy Band  
February 18, 1938 Betty Whitaker News  Academy Inmates Find Times Hard for Fete On Night of Banquet 
February 18, 1938 Alfred Campbell News  Choose Committee 
February 18, 1938 Mrs. C.W Howard News  Girls Window Shop for Home Economics 
February 18, 1938 Student Opine Article  Hating Symbols 
February 18, 1938 Don Hoke Sports  Dribbles and Long Shots 
February 18, 1938 Doug Johnston Sports  Frosh Wrestling Team to Meet Morton Junior College 
February 18, 1938 Academy Cage Team Defeats N. Park 41-33 Sports  Academy Cage Team Defeats N. Park 41-33 
February 18, 1938 'Diamond Experts' Sports  Intramural Heads To Show Movies 
February 18, 1938 Early Entries Presage Large Turn-Out for Contests This Season Sports  Intramural Docket Swings Around to Volleyball, Hockey 
February 18, 1938 Carter Cody News  Quintet Travels To Sugar Grove  
February 18, 1938 Testing Theories  News  Testing Theories 
February 22, 1938 Roger McShane News Tonight's Program 
February 22, 1938 Alumni Gather in Seventeen Cities to Celebrate; Launch Drive News Banquet Table Reaches From Coast to Coast 
February 22, 1938 George Washington Editor Grub Street 
February 22, 1938 Gay Gargoyle XVII Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
February 22, 1938 Formal Banquets Descend from Lineage of Noisemakers News Classes Vied in Old Days 
February 22, 1938 H. William Nordin News 'O, for a Thousand Tongues...' 
February 22, 1938 Dayton Roberts News Off the Record 
February 22, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Article Him That Glorieth 
February 25, 1938 Old Man Weather News Off the Record 
February 25, 1938 Fletcher Wields Banton Over Seven-Number Concert News Wheaton Band Opens Season on Wednesday 
February 25, 1938 Delle McKenzie News Eight Debaters Start for Huntingon Meet 
February 25, 1938 Dean Glenn G. Bartle News Sleepy Time Down South! 
February 25, 1938 Walter Willis News Thirty Attend Convention at Grand Rapids 
February 25, 1938 Bob Mason News S.D.S. Gains Popularity at League Convention; Michigan Work Done 
February 25, 1938 Clayton R. Burkholder News Boy Too Familiar with Tower 'Truck' 
February 25, 1938 Debaters Take Second as Carroll Lands Honors News McShane Wins Extempore First at Whitewater 
February 25, 1938 James Burr News Record Shows New Arithmetic, Proves Genius 
February 25, 1938 Cameron Quotes Fathers in Showing Need of Christianity News 'No State Without Religion' Declares Ford Executive 
February 25, 1938 John Eichorn News Eichorn, Weir Face Viator Over Radio 
February 25, 1938 Research Doctor Stresses Need for Vitamins in Diet News Kirby Speaks to Crowd on Oil Vitamins 
February 25, 1938 The Smith Lecture Hall News Radio Fans Broadcast North Central Game From Naperville 
February 25, 1938 Robert L. Cooke News Chinese Missionary Head Relates Experience in Japanes Raids 
February 25, 1938 Irving McEwan News J. Frame to Lead German Club 
February 25, 1938 Mr. William J. Cameron News Students Escape Without Injury When Car Flips 
February 25, 1938 Veteran Howard Schoon Sports Grapplers to Meet Normal Feb. 26, There 
February 25, 1938 Fred Walker Sports Redbirds Beat Orange Cagers 
February 25, 1938 Updlike, McCarrell, Meyers, McDonalds, Kennedy May Start Sports Illinois College Five to Play Local Quintet 
February 25, 1938 Lester Siegfried Sports Track Squad Begins Workouts with New Coach, Veteran Men 
February 25, 1938 Jack Hamilton Sports Classes Compete In Ticket Sale 
February 25, 1938 Beginning, Final Drives Save Crusaders from Slump Sports Crusaders Nose Out Elmhurst Here, 53-44 
February 25, 1938 Paul M. Wright Sports All Star Alumni Challenges Varsity to Grudge Match 
February 25, 1938 Don Hoke Sports Dribbles and Long Shots 
February 25, 1938 Robert and Moffett Editor Grub Street 
February 25, 1938 Wheezy Lindsell Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
February 25, 1938 Literary Doldrums Opinion Student Opine 
February 25, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry Article The Trinities of Christianity's Magna Charta 
February 25, 1938 The North Central Opinion 'Brimstone' Inevident as Truth Appears about Tickets 
February 25, 1938 Religious Education News 'Religious' Infidelity Covers Universities 
February 25, 1938 Morton Junior College News Frosh, Varsity Wrestlers Down Visiting Opposition 
February 25, 1938 Mrs. Boldt News Psych Club Inspects Sample Mental Tests 
February 25, 1938 Carlo Lazzaro News Versity Take Armour, as Schwitters Pins in Crisis 
February 25, 1938 Jackie Reimer News Blanchard House II Cops Basketball Cup 
February 25, 1938 David Enlow News Sports Barrage 
February 25, 1938 George Shiroma News Illini Normal Pounds Matmen; Hess, Pett, Berghouse Only Wins 
February 25, 1938 Julius Voget News Redbirds Win Over '41 Quint 
March 1, 1938 Dayton Roberts News  Off The Records 
March 1, 1938 Eddie Campbell Music  Band Features Military Music With Variations 
March 1, 1938 Dave Brobeck News  League Group S.D.S Guests At Wisconsin 
March 1, 1938 Sports Reels Arrive  Sports  Sports Reels Arrive Here This Week 
March 1, 1938 Improved Equipment For Speech News  Physics Students Build quipment For Speech, Psych 
March 1, 1938 C.B. Hedstrom News  Wisconsin Group Joins Campaign; To Distribute 'His Triumph' There 
March 1, 1938 Individual Prizes, Plaque Are Awards; Reading After Vacation News  Short Story Contest For Mar. 25 
March 1, 1938 Mignon Bollman Mackenzie Music  Mrs. Mackenzie Gives History, Background, Examples of Hymns 
March 1, 1938 W. Dayton Roberts  Sports  Record Office Tangle Features Blood Illegal Holds, With Hakes vs. Ex-Editor 
March 1, 1938 Baron Munchausen Article Grub Street 
March 1, 1938 Mr. Edmund Clowney News  Faculty Extends Traditional Glove 
March 1, 1938 Howling Elmer News  Elmer Howls Record Reply 
March 1, 1938 Delle Mackenzie Article  Gay Gargoyle XVII 
March 1, 1938 Bishop George C. Stewart Article  Bundy Article In Daily News Starts Furor 
March 1, 1938 Intramural Ping Pong Champs Meet Chicago Sports  Intramural Ping Pong Champs Meet Chicago 
March 1, 1938 Don Hoke  News  Dekalb Seeks Revenge  
March 1, 1938 Howard Schoon Sports  Normal Beats Matman; Title Hopes Steady 
March 1, 1938 Frosh Cagers Take Glen Ellyn Sports  Frosh Cagers Take Glen Ellyn 'Y' Team 
March 1, 1938 Bill McCarrell Sports  Crusader's Offense Keeps Illinois On Heels For Tilt 
March 1, 1938 Bud Brandt Sports  Green Swishers to Try DeKalb Rehash 
March 1, 1938 Paul J. Raynor Sports  Rain or Shine 
March 1, 1938 Dick Wilkinson Sports  Swiming Team Faces Wilson in Third Start 
March 1, 1938 Doug Johnson Sports  Frosh Defeat Morton Again by 23-13 
March 1, 1938 Ruth Berg Sports  Coeds Capture Championship in Basketball at Dekalb Tourney 
March 1, 1938 Academy Loses to Luther Sports  Academy Slips To Lose 25-22 to Luther 
March 1, 1938 Lois Nixon  News  NIX-NAX 
March 1, 1938 Mr. Carl Vining  News  Academy Library Gets Card Cataloging Case, Pictures, from Donors  
March 4, 1938 By Dayton Roberts Column Off The Record 
March 4, 1938 Sem. Honors Announced; Seniors Cop Silver Cup Again News Classes Gain Usual Honors 
March 4, 1938 Quintet Tenth Annual Tour News Basinger Announces Quintet Members, Summer Tour Route 
March 4, 1938 Federation of Illinois Colleges News Illini College Federation to Assemble Here 
March 4, 1938 Political Science Students News Edman Relates Final Plans For Spring Historic Journey 
March 4, 1938 Varsity Men Debaters News Varsity Leaves For St. Paul Debate 
March 4, 1938 J.B. Cooke Oratorical Contest News Cooke Contest Comes May 10 
March 4, 1938 Blind Interpreter Returns Annualy to Present Recitals Here; Repeat '33 Rendition News E.A. Thompson Reads Disraeli Next Thursday 
March 4, 1938 Harold Grove News Grove Accepts Book As Prize for Notes After Music Recital 
March 4, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell Short Comment Prexy Stays Home! 
March 4, 1938 By the Editor Column Grub Street.... 
March 4, 1938 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 4, 1938 The Trinity of Glory of Romans 5 Column The Trinities of Christianity's Magna Charta 
March 4, 1938 Student Opinion Column Opines... 
March 4, 1938 By Dave Enlow Column Sports Barrage 
March 4, 1938 Madison U. Wrestlers Come With Good Record This Season; Frame Will Return Sports Twisters Meet Wisconsin Sat.; Past Tilts Tie 
March 4, 1938 Junior Varsity Men Sports DeKalb J.V.'s Defeat Frosh in Last Game 
March 4, 1938 Mat Team Sports Johnston Boys Face Clader's Pupils 
March 4, 1938 Intramural Class Trophy Sports Seniors Lead Intra Contests 
March 4, 1938 Basketball Sports Walkermen Top Season With 2nd DeKalb Win; Five Year Jinx Smashed 
March 4, 1938 Intramural Basketball Programs Sports Senior A's Finish Schedule Undefeated 
March 4, 1938 Wheaton College Swimmers Sports Natators Lose Dual To Wilson by 31-44 
March 4, 1938 Seven Members of Class '41 News Seven Frosh To Speak For Local W.C.T.U 
March 4, 1938 By Don Hoke Column Dribbles And Long Shots 
March 4, 1938 Undefeated Senior A's Team To Represent Local Intramurals Sports Intramural Winners Travel To Play Redbird Champions 
March 4, 1938 Junior League Sports Junior League Visits La Grange 
March 8, 1938 Dayton Roberts Editorial Off The Record 
March 8, 1938 Wheaton Crusaders Sports Ten Victories, Seven Losses Varsity Scores 
March 8, 1938 Kenneth Ogelsby News Returned Ethopian Missaionary Tells Of War Deliverance 
March 8, 1938 Prof. Edward A. Coray News Wheaton Uses Fitness Tests; One of Three 
March 8, 1938 Mr. W. R. Lewis News Pagan 'Devil' Seen in Lewis Trophies; Array Collected on Two Month's Trek 
March 8, 1938 Ed Elliot Information Prince Castle Enjoys Endurance Tilts 
March 8, 1938 Intramural Champs Sports Senior A Team Tops Redbirds 
March 8, 1938 Mr. George V. Kirk News Kirk Dodges Flood Tides in California 
March 8, 1938 W. Dayton Roberts Information Record Scribes Feed Wednesday Evening 
March 8, 1938 Elgin State Hospital News Psych Students Visit Elgin 
March 8, 1938 Editor Editorial 'Poison Pedlers' ..GG.. Paul Raynor 
March 8, 1938 Paul Raynor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 8, 1938 Paul Raynor Column Rain or Shine 
March 8, 1938 Jeanne Eadie Information Shearer Starts Auction Going, Going, Gone 
March 8, 1938 Tower Staff News Twenty- five Tower Cuts Elude Henryites Thru Missing Mails 
March 8, 1938 Freshmen Unbeaten sports Freshmen, Alumni Engage in Colourful Tilt Wednesday 
March 8, 1938 Rev. Loren Hanna News Siamese Missionary To Speak To League 
March 8, 1938 Wheaton Tanksters Sports Swimmers Try Beliot College 
March 8, 1938 Wes Bergson Sports Badgers Drop Local Matmen by 22-11 Count 
March 11, 1938 Pre-Med House Article Plan Displays for Pre-Med Open House 
March 11, 1938 Social Commentary Column Off the Record 
March 11, 1938 Wrestling Sports Mat Invitational Attracts Visiting Wrestlers Saturday 
March 11, 1938 Chapel Speaker Information C.I.M. Director Comes Monday 
March 11, 1938 Frat, Sorority Party Article Fraternal, Sororal Party To Be Given Post-Lit In Chapel 
March 11, 1938 Debate Article Debators Finish Second in Northwest Tournament 
March 11, 1938 Political Science Trip Article Students Sign For Trip east on April 10-18 
March 11, 1938 Evangelical League Article Addison Raws Visits League Meeting Mon. 
March 11, 1938 Health Update Information Bulletin 
March 11, 1938 Banquet Menu Information Grub Street 
March 11, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 11, 1938 Romans Commentary Article The Trinities of Christianity's Magna Carta 
March 11, 1938 Opinions Column Opines 
March 11, 1938 Sports Commentary Column Sports Barrage 
March 11, 1938 Intercollegiate Track Sports Four Thinclads Visit Naperville Intercollegiates 
March 11, 1938 Faculty Women's Club Article Faculty Women Club Entertains '38 Girls at Dorm Saturday 
March 11, 1938 Sports Commentary Column Sport Shots 
March 11, 1938 Baseball Sports April 2 Starts Diamond List 
March 11, 1938 Swimming  Sports Wheaton Swimming Team Grabs Win Over Beloit College for First of Season 
March 11, 1938 Swimming Sports Swimmers to Meet Wright in Final Try 
March 11, 1938 Wrestling Sports Old Timers Snatch Close Win in Frosh Fighters Final Fray 
March 11, 1938 Academy Basketball Sports Academy Five Faces Harris 
March 15, 1938 World War II Commentary Column Off the Record 
March 15, 1938 Symphony Orchestra Article Dasch Brings Local Players For Symphony 
March 15, 1938 Quintet Article Quintet Has Heavy Weekend Schedule 
March 15, 1938 Health Update Article Lib Hatch Rests Despite Complications 
March 15, 1938 Chicken Embryo Research Article Chick Screened By 'Pre-Meds' 
March 15, 1938 Choir in Chapel Article Conservatory Offers Waldorf's A-capella In Chapel Tomorrow 
March 15, 1938 Radio Rules Article Latest Rules Plug in Radio Loud Speakers 
March 15, 1938 Food Chemistry Article Proteins are Safe- Not Allergic Says Prof. Osborne 
March 15, 1938 Wrestling Sports Twisters Cop Trophy at Initial Tournament 
March 15, 1938 Organ Contest Article Ernie Holmes Enters Organ Preliminaries 
March 15, 1938 Commentary Column Grub Street 
March 15, 1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 15, 1938 Sports Commentary Column Rain or Shine 
March 15, 1938 College Publications Article Periodicals Request Record Issues Sent; Pass out Bouquets 
March 15, 1938 Academy Graduation Information Academy Changes Requirements 
March 15, 1938 Inter-Society Basketball Article Celts, Knights Start Seeking Society Crown 
March 15, 1938 Yearbook Article Tower Starts Springs 'Putsch'; Lost Cuts Found After Search 
March 15, 1938 Gun Club Article Gunners Win Four from Six 
March 15, 1938 Food Chemists Article Food Chemists Study Commercial Brands, Pure Food Rulings 
March 15, 1938 Record Staff Fun Article Phillips Phoiled by Six Nuts 
March 15, 1938 Wrestling Sports Pett Climaxes Wrestling Career As Crusaders Win Invitational 
March 15, 1938 Swimming Team Article Wheaton Divers Take First, Second in Swim Meet with Wright Juniors 
March. 18, 1938 Swastika Shadow Information Off the Road 
March. 18, 1938 14 Collegians Look at Life' Finds Interested Readers News To Distribute Third Edition of SDS Book 
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