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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
Friday, October 1, 1937 Women's News Article Off the Record 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Women's Glee Article Mrs. Mackenzie Cheery about Singing Talent 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Knitting Article Casualties Mar Knit-Squad's Early Trials 
Friday, October 1, 1937 House President Article Long Roomers Pick Moulds as President 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Men's Glee President Article Stamm III Succeeds Carbaugh as Glee Club Vice President 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Brewers Officers Article Brewers Pick Year's Officers; Grind Frosh 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Photographers Article Photographers Use Guile to Aid Ladies 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Junior League Meetings Article Edman to Giev Series in Jr. Leauge Meets 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Radio Review Information Record Reprint Reviewed on Institute Radio Station 
Friday, October 1, 1937 College Yearbook Article NSPA Rates Tower First Class in New Group Categories 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Yearbook Staff Article Carl Henry Gives Complete List of '39 Tower Heads 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Chapel Speakers Article Business Man to Give Testimony in Chapel 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Literary Societies Article Lit Informal Season Opens; Phils, Celts 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Lion's Club Meeting Article Walker Speaks, Bundy Sings at Lion's Club Meet in Glen Ellyn 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Local Engineer's Death Information Local Engineer Dies in Glen Ellyn Home 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Studying Opinion On Studying Occasionally 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Morgues Opinion More Morgues Accrue Interest 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Irvin C. Reynolds Article The Ecclesiast 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Social Advice Article Say Fellows 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Drinking Fountain Opinion Opines 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Football Sports Gridders Tackle Wisconsin Profs Here Tomorrow 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Intramural Council Article Intramural Council Starts Ball Rolling 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Academy Academics Article Academy Starts Art, Music Lab 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Riding Club Article Riding Club Picks Mrs. Gavin as Prexy 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Sports Commentary Sports Rain or Shine 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Women's Athletic Association Article W.A.A. Plans Breakfast Hike This Saturday 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Marriage Information H. Kattman '36 Marries Berne Girl 
Friday, October 1, 1937 Frosh Statements Article Heard from Frosh 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Clinton Youle Sports Off the Record  
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 The University of California Bible Club News S.D.S. to Send 15,000 Gospels to U. of Cal. 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 President Will Speak Tomorrow at the Young People's Conference  News President Buswell to Speak in Indiana 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Chapel Choir Will Go on the Road This Year Music Rebuild Chapel Choir; Nordin Seeks More Tenors, Sopranos 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 The History Club Held Its First Meeting of the Year Information Volle to Head History Club 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 David H. Heydenburk, Former Faculty Member Information Former Faculty Man Takes Job at BIOLA 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Wisconsin Freshman Came With High Honors, Many Friends Information Herbert Mayer Dies Friday, After Two Weeks Illness 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 World's Largest set of Triple Octave Chimes News Mason Bell Ringers to Open '39 Tower Concert Offerings 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Free Telegraphic Message Service Information Radio Club Offers Telegraph Services 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Friends in Wheaton College Express Their Deepest Sympathy to Flora Petersen Information Students Extend Sincere Sympathy to Flora Peterson 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Evolution Today Is Being Considered Differently Article Rethinking Evolution 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Walt Macmilian Short Comment Christ in the Scripture 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Wheaton High School Team Sports Academy Wins Over "B" Team of High School 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Cherry Blossoms on the Shore of Tago Bay News Phils Mingle By Japan Sea Near Fujiyama 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Intramural Director Al Salter Sports Seniors Defeat Juniors in Intramural Football Game 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 In Memory of Emmerson Gonnsen Information Camera Club Hangs Memorial Photo by Gonnsen in Studio 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Wheaton College Is Resuming Its Music Broadcasts  News College to Broadcast Over WMBI Thurs. 
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Herb Jauchen Sports After the Game  
Tuesday, October 5, 1937 Wheaton College Scored Early Sports Wheaton Bows to Whitewater By 14-6 Score 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Condemns War Information Off the Record 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Student Concil Members Elected John Shearer News John Shearer Will Manage Homecoming 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Delayed for 25 Years News Mrs. Dryness Gets Card 25 Years Old 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Wheaton Residents Will be Awakened Entertainment Men Enthusiates to Wake Town In Snake Dance 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Doug Johnston's 1939 Freshman Squad Sports Heavy Frosh II to Encounter Redbird Foes 
Friday, October 8, 1937 No More This Wanted Sports Orange Will Meet Rivals on Even Terms This Year 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Members of an Academy Class News Academy Class Gapes As Students Bellow 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Students Interested in Psychology Information Students Meet to Form Local Psychology Club 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Charlotte Chappell  News C. Chappell Resigns as '38 Vice President 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Two-Minute Flashes by League Speakers Information League to Explain Phaese of Activity in Chapel Monday 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Wheaton College Conservatory Music Music Faculty Meets to Hear Berger's Paper 
Friday, October 8, 1937 "Ching-Chong" Allison Information C. Allision Gawks, Gets Stuck By Cordell Hull 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Wheaton Medical Students News Wheaton Premeds Work in Clinics 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Rev. Eldon Farrar Information Evangelist farrar to Addess League Meeting 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Physician Education Department News Gym Department Offers Free Posture Clinic 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Ladosian and Naitermian Literary Societies Information Knight Informal Theme Centers on Empty Clouds; Ladies' Secret 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Cheering is the Most Collegiate of College Traditions. Short Comment Would That I Had More Than One Voice to Give For my Country 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Carl H. H, Henry Article The Ecclesiast 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Interest in Track And Basketball Information  Mexican Lad Gives Opinion of U.S., College 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Bill Kerr Sports Kerr Begins His Soccer Career on Irish Field 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Faculty Members Voted Last Week Information Faculty Inaugurates Bulletin Procedure 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Paul Raynor Sports Rain or Shine 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Berghouse Captains veteran Aggregation Sports Cross Country to Run This Saturday 
Friday, October 8, 1937 13 to 6 Victory Sports Seniors Beat Sophs in Exciting Battle; Young Leads '39 
Friday, October 8, 1937 Kreitonian and Epinoian Literary Societies Information Kreits, Eps Pick Officers 
October 12, 1937 Clinton Youle Editorial Off The Record 
October 12, 1937 Arthur Volle News Shanghai War, Historic Film Show Thurs 
October 12, 1937 Honor List News Thirteen Wheatonites Named in Honor List of American Students 
October 12, 1937 George Dasch News Fall Concert Brings Dasch To Wave Baton 
October 12, 1937 Howard Moffett News International Club Plans Meet Series Staring Friday a.m. 
October 12, 1937 Music Director News New Band Uniforms Out at Homecoming 
October 12, 1937 DeWitt Whistler Jayne News Will Decorate Library Walls 
October 12, 1937 L. Patterson Sports Orange Drops Close Tussle To Naperville 
October 12, 1937 Delle Mackenzie News Chess Enthusiasts Elect Mackenzie in Meet at Clark's 
October 12, 1937 The Wheaton Record Editorial Getting Much Done, Making A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord 
October 12, 1937 Walt Macmillan Column Christ In The Scripture 
October 12, 1937 G. G. XVI Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 12, 1937 Ken Taylor News Fifty Debaters Attend Meeting with K. Taylor 
October 12, 1937 Edward Frizen News Edward Frizen Now Radio Club Prexy Succeeding Wilson 
October 12, 1937 Doug Johnson Sports Frosh Outplay Redbirds 22-8 at Naperville 
October 12, 1937 Coach Pop Warner Sports Pop Warner Wins 300th Football Victory 
October 12, 1937 Ruby Tillman News New Coeds Visist Land of Northern Lights in Second Meeting 
October 12, 1937 Dr. and Mrs Eavey Information Christain Ed Major Visits Eavey Home 
October 12, 1937 Lois Nixon Column NIX-NAX 
October 12, 1937 Mrs. A. Lindberg News Vikings Organise At 714 N. Scott 
October 12, 1937 Herb Jauchen Sports After the Game 
October 12, 1937 Captain Wes Berghouse Sports Thinclads Lose Despite First Place Won By Berghouse 
October 12, 1937 Coach John Thomas Sports Rival Hash Slingers Will Meet Saturday In Fierce Grid Tilt 
October 12, 1937 Coach Del Nelson Sports Academy Gridders Lose 7-0 Battle To Todd School Eleven, Saturday 
October 15, 1937 Clinton Youle Editorial Dog Auction, Hot Dogs, Pope for Peace 
October 15, 1937 Dr.Darian A. Straw News Aels, Belts Give Annual Informal Programs Tonite 
October 15, 1937 Douglas Johnston News Doug Johnston Shows Ability In Athletics 
October 15, 1937 Ruth D. Raws News  Freshmen Relieved From 3 Soph Rules 
October 15, 1937 Dr.James B.Mack News Zoo Majors To Visit Monkey Island at Brookfield Zoo 
October 15, 1937 Jeanne Smith News Frosh, Sophs, Juniors To Celebrate Saturday 
October 15, 1937 Reihmer, Thomas, Gavin on Injured Lists; May See Action News Crusaders Invade DeKalb For Even Tilt Tomorrow 
October 15, 1937 Dr.Victor Raymond Edman News Dr.Edman to Speak At Junior League 
October 15, 1937 Enock C. Dyrness Short News VICE PRES. DRYNESS TAKES HOLIDAY 
October 15, 1937 RECORD Article Opinions Are Free But Should Be Kept 
October 15, 1937 Dr.Albert Hughes Literature The Ecclesiast 
October 15, 1937 Puzzling Marks Literature THE GAY GARGOYLE 
October 15, 1937 Bill Sefton News California Cinder Ace Testifies of Christ In Letter To S.D.S 
October 15, 1937 Mrs.Mignon B Machenzie Short News Mackenzie, Jernberg To Appear in Concert 
October 15, 1937 Maurice Nelson Sports Freak Passes, Safeties, Tie Sr. - Jr. Score 
October 15, 1937 Wheaton Bible Church Short News NEW YORKERS PRAY 
October 15, 1937 Aelioian Girls Sports Women's Soccer Teams Enter Finals Tuesday As Ladies Play Bows 
October 15, 1937 Wheaton Victory March Short News Band President To Arrange New Songs 
October 15, 1937 Fritz Crisler's Princeton  Sports Nelson's Proteges To Visit Chicago 
October 15, 1937 Edwards Hempel Short News Chapel Choir Elects At Mon. Rehearsal 
October 15, 1937 Mrs. Frances C. Blanchard, M.D News Infirmary Discharges Blanchard; Acquire Examining Material 
October 15, 1937 Alice McKelvey Sports Football Captain, Alice Announce 
October 15, 1937 Mr.Einar Waermo News Swede to Tell Life History Monday Nite 
October 15, 1937 Joe McCarthy Sports Rain or Shine by Paul Raynor 
October 15, 1937 Harriet Smith Short News Annex Chooses Smith Prexy, McCoy Vice 
October 15, 1937 Mr. O.L Downs Shorts News Business Students Hear O.L.Downs 
October 19, 1937 Clinton Youle Editorial Off the Record 
October 19, 1937 Jack Harvey News Crav At Colors Clash 
October 19, 1937 President J. Oliver Buswell News Prexy Addresses Business Men of Denver 
October 19, 1937 Dr. Herbert Moule News Interclass Debates In Men's Division To Open Monday 
October 19, 1937 Dr. V. R. Edman News Dr. Edman Proposes Visits To Pennsylvania, Washington 
October 19, 1937 Associated Collegiated Press News A.C.P Convention Gives Staff Heads New Layout Ideas 
October 19, 1937 Conductor Gorge Dasch News Dasch to Bring Chicago Artists 
October 19, 1937 Wheaton Crusaders Sports DeKalb Outs Gridders 7-0; Three Hurt 
October 19, 1937 Bob Savage News Savage Turns Prof For Song Leaders 
October 19, 1937 The Editor Editorial Shrapnel 
October 19, 1937 Walt Macmillan  Column Christ in the Scriptures 
October 19, 1937 Kenney Bassett Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 19, 1937 Lois Nixon Column Nix -Nax 
October 19, 1937 Wheaton Frosh Team Sports Frosh Conquer A.C.P.E. In Last Quarter, 12-0 
October 19, 1937 Captain Wes Berghouse Sports Cross Country Team Beats North Central 
October 19, 1937 Babara Boyes News "Indian Summer" Given By Aelioian Last Friday 
October 19, 1937 Edward Cording News Broadcast Hour Change Homecoming 
October 19, 1937 Dr. Wallace & Mrs Shapleigh News Mens's CoEDS' Deans To Address Chapel Next Thursday a.m 
October 19, 1937 Peggy Stam News Prep Lit Theme is Modern Gold 
October 19, 1937 Dr. J. W. Welsh News Dr. Welsh to Give Schick, Dick Tests 
October 19, 1937 Herb Jauchen Article After the Game 
October 19, 1937 Mary Thompson News Aels Seize Girls' Net Trophy; Mixed Doubles Not Finished 
October 22, 1937 Nobody Knows, Blame Washington, Here Is Why, Happy Ending Column Off The Record 
October 22, 1937 Oliver M. Thompson News S.A. Missionary To Speak Here 
October 22, 1937 Literary Societies News Bows, Arrows Keep Meeting Plans Quiet; Entertain Tonight 
October 22, 1937 Don Hillis '36 News Don HIllis '36 Sails For Ceylon, India, Soon from New York 
October 22, 1937 French Club News French Studes Form Conversational Club 
October 22, 1937 Conversatory to Present Damrosch Hour to Music Lovers News Stam Promises Radio Programs For Enjoyment 
October 22, 1937 Dininghall Rules News Council Sets Rules To Curb Chiselling In Dining Rooms 
October 22, 1937 Scheduled Activities Information This Week End 
October 22, 1937 Dean Emerson News Even Dean Dates For Tower Concert After Seeing Signs 
October 22, 1937 Annual Homecoming Fiesta News Shearer Pushes Reunion Plans 
October 22, 1937 Minor Disciplinary Cases to be Handled in New Student Rule News Deans Propose Student Court For Men, Girls 
October 22, 1937 Business Staff of The 1939 Tower News Moffett Lists Tower Business Staff; Gets Chatty to Reporter 
October 22, 1937 Highest Scholastic Honors News Highest Honors For Past Year Go to '37 Grads 
October 22, 1937 Awful Low Grades Article Say Fellows... 
October 22, 1937 Cow-Education Column Collegiate Review 
October 22, 1937 Electronic Machine Grading News Georgia University Uses Robot To Grade Tests 
October 22, 1937 Orange Gridders Play Elmhurst There Tomorrow; Pett, Reihmer Hurt Sports Crusader Eleven Set For Elmhurst Pirates 
October 22, 1937 Academy Footballers Sports Academy Grid Team To Meet St. Albans Sat. Afternoon 
October 22, 1937 Colleges in The Big Ten Conference Sports American Colleges Ban All Drinking At Football Games 
October 22, 1937 Soccer Team Sports Soccer Team Plans Eastern Trip For Late Fall Holiday 
October 22, 1937 Johnston Drills Squad on Offensive Plays For Saturday Sports '41 Grid Squad Shapes Up for DeKalb Game 
October 22, 1937 Bootblacks Article Shrapnel.... 
October 22, 1937 The Nation: Catchy Choruses Column The Ecclesiast 
October 22, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 22, 1937 John Hopkins University Short Comment John Hopkins University Revamps Department of Psychology 
October 22, 1937 Student Opinion Column Opines... 
October 22, 1937 Sport Snippets Sports Rain or Shine 
October 22, 1937 Cross-Country Aggregation Sports Harriers Try Triple Meet On Saturday 
October 22, 1937 Hockey, Soccer, Tennis and Archery Teams Sports Coed Athletes Visit Normal to Compete In Play Day Games 
October 22, 1937 Academy Library News Academy Library Has One Thousand Books Taken Out Annually 
October 22, 1937 Opponents, Former Champs Of American Labor Group As Swedish Americans News Booters Tackle Baltic A.A. Saturday In First Skirmish 
October 22, 1937 Chess Club Short Comment Clark Mentors Pawns, Pupils In Chess Club 
October 22, 1937 Intramural Council Sports Class Sport Heads Finish Winter Plans 
October 22, 1937 Pat Patterson Sports Pat Patterson Ranks 9th in Conference Grid Scoring Scale 
October 22, 1937 Leon Lehman News Prep Student from Brazil Likes School 
October 22, 1937 Dr. Glenn Frank News Glenn Frank Lashes New Deal In Talk To DuPage Educators 
October 27, 1937 Miss Margret Jean Cree Music Talented Cellist Makes Debut in Tower Concer  
October 27, 1937 Miss Florence Cobb News Seniors, Sophs Argue Forensic Wins  
October 27, 1937 Rev. Walter Oldfield News Mizen Gives Portrait of Dr. Dow Friday; Oldfield Speaks Wed 
October 27, 1937 Clint Youle News Off the Record 
October 27, 1937 Gene Vickers Sports Gridders Spoil Homecoming For Elmhurst Buccaneers 7-6; Soccer Team Takes Rockford  
October 27, 1937 Wes Berghouse  News Harriers Win, Lose in Double Dual Contest, Saturday  
October 27, 1937 Dr. Raymond Edman News Junior League To Hear Edman Again Tonight  
October 27, 1937 Art Vollen  Column Gay Gargoyle 
October 27, 1937 Walt MacMilan Article Mighty Faith  
October 27, 1937 Beth Blackstone  News Girls Meet With Partial Sucess At State Play Day  
October 27, 1937 Jean Hermann News Mrs. Smith to Present Pupil In Recital  
October 27, 1937 Douglas Taylor  News Pre-meds Plan For Activities of The Year At First Meeting 
October 27, 1937 Ann Beckeley News Bows Entertain In Rome Amid Scenes Of Classic Art  
October 27, 1937 Clint Youle The Record Off The Record  
October 27, 1937 Rimskey Korsakow Music Symphony Gives Program From Persian Legend  
October 27, 1937 Homecoming News College Welcomes Returning Graduates To Gala Weekend  
October 27, 1937 Rev. Harry Hagar  News Hagar Will Speak To League Monday On 'Precious Faith' 
October 27, 1937 La Verne Donalson News Psych Club Elects Heads Wednesday  
October 27, 1937 University of Iowa News Collegiate Review 
October 27, 1937 Beth Blackstone Sports Blackstone, Fischer Win Intersociety Tennis Tourney For Aels  
October 27, 1937 Louis Gehr  Sports Gehr Will Coach Varsity Wrestlers As Ball Leaves  
October 27, 1937 Harry Pet Sports First String Meets Illinois College Team For First Time  
October 27, 1937 Captain Wes Berghouse Sports Wheaton Runners Attempt Repetition Of Saturday's Win  
October 27, 1937 Jimmy McDonald Sports Welsh to Lead Alumni Squad Against Frosh  
October 27, 1937 Coach Del Nelson Sports Prepsters To Meet Second Team From Downers Groove In Gave  
October 27, 1937 Al Salter News Intramural Director Plans Entertainment  
October 27, 1937 Miss Florence Gessing  News Academy Commitee Plans Float  
October 27, 1937 Bob Foster Sports Seniors, Sophomores Enter Finals  
October 27, 1937 Homecoming News "Be it Ever So Humble ..." 
October 27, 1937 The Rodeo News The Gay Gargoyle 
October 27, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article  The Ecclesiast  
October 27, 1937 Elisabeth Howard news Bombs, Floods Increase Perils Of Missionary  
October 27, 1937 Paul Raynor  News Rain Or Shine 
October 27, 1937 Horse Show News Rodeo Extravaganza Features Homecoming Horse Pegeant  
October 27, 1937 Ada G. Rury News Infirmary Average Excede Last year's Rush Season  
October 27, 1937 Wheaton College Band News Band To Show New Uniforms At Game Sat  
October 27, 1937 Ruth S. Sandrdge News Dinning Hall Worker tells Of Engagement  
October 27, 1937 David Enlow Sports Sports Barrage  
October 27, 1937 Wheaton Dianas News Archers Meet in First Dual  
October 27, 1937 Theodore Levis News Former Student Dies In Eastern Home  
October 27, 1937 Orange Win  Sports Orange Wins Seven Games Of Thirteen  
October 27, 1937 Mama Nelson News Fouth Floor Holds Open House, Features Mama Nelson 
October 27, 1937 Philalethean News Naitical Program Featured by Phils 
October 27, 1937 George Moffit  News McShane Starts Work On Academy Team  
October 27, 1937 Ann Berkely  News Bows Honor Old Members In Program  
October 27, 1937 Rev. Torey Johnson News Alumni to Go On Air Early Sat. Morning  
October 27, 1937 Herb Gauchen  News After the Game  
October 27, 1937 DeWitt Jayne News Jayne And Latest Work  
October 27, 1937 Seniors Sports  Seniors Beat Sophs In Football Game To Take Crown  
October 27, 1937 Harry Pett Sports Pett Merits Three Stripes For Mat, Grid  
October 27, 1937 Judge Frank E. Hendrick News Academy Grads Show Up Well For Alma Mater  
October 27, 1937 French Club News French Club Holds Inaugural Meeting  
October 27, 1937 Capt. McDonald Sports Seven Seniors Meet Illinois Homecoming  
October 27, 1937 Vernoy Reihmer News Injured End  
October 27, 1937 Bellwood Mission Church  News Junior League Holds Gospel Team Meeting  
November 2, 1937 Social Commentary Column Off the Record 
November 2, 1937 Interclass Debate Information Seniors and Sophs Will Have it Out in Men's Debate Finals 
November 2, 1937 Pushball Article Frosh Coeds Yank Sophomore Gals Across Rope Line 
November 2, 1937 Sickness on Campus Article Six Men Frolic in Quarantine; Exposed to Infantile Paralysis 
November 2, 1937 Medical Equipment Article Infirmary Acquires Basal Metabolism Diagnosing Machine 
November 2, 1937 Sports Movies Article To Show Sportsmen Films for Men Only 
November 2, 1937 Symphony Orchestra Concert Article 'It Was Charming' Says Artist After Applause at Concert 
November 2, 1937 Chapel Speaker Article Chapel Speaker Will Describe Work for Jews 
November 2, 1937 Chapel Choir Article Chapel Choir to Sing in Chapel Exercises Friday Morning 
November 2, 1937 Interpretive Reading Recital Article Speech Pupils Will Present Recital Tonite 
November 2, 1937 Sickness on Campus Article Shapleigh Returns to Home at Dorm; Infirmary Crowded 
November 2, 1937 Black Hills Reunion Article Leedys Entertain Black Hill Group 
November 2, 1937 Homecoming Column Shrapnel . . . 
November 2, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 2, 1937 Opinions Column Opines 
November 2, 1937 Devotion Reflection Column Heavenly Havens 
November 2, 1937 Sports Commentary Article After the Game 
November 2, 1937 Football Sports Gridders Fail to Stop Attack of Powerful Illinois Team 
November 2, 1937 Soccer Sports McKellin's Soccerites to Meet Mooseheart There This Afternoon 
November 2, 1937 Interclass Pushball Article Sophs Push Frosh Into Proper Place in Annual Struggle 
November 2, 1937 Inter-collegiate Article Collegiate Review 
November 2, 1937 Women's Soccer Article Coed Mentors Pick All-Star Soccer 11 
November 2, 1937 Literary Societies Article Weird Ghosts Get Last Laugh; 'Ambition' is Academy Lit Theme 
November 2, 1937 Alumni Football Game Article Alumni Stars Out-Shine, Out-Talk Awed Frosh Football Machine, 13-6 
November 2, 1937 Cross Country Sports Cross Country Team Beats DeKalb, 24-3; Berghouse Wins 
November 2, 1937 Sports Commentary Article Sports Barrage 
November 2, 1937 Intercollegiate Co-eds Article College Coeds are Queer Folks 
November 2, 1937 Academy Football Sports Academy Football Team Defeats Downers Grove Second Team 
November 5, 1937 Clinton Youle Information Off the Road 
November 5, 1937 IL Contributes 75% of Returing Graduates News 337 Alumni register Here for Wheaton's Biggest Homecoming 
November 5, 1937 Sam Campbell Information Samuel Campbell to Show Pictures on Conversation 
November 5, 1937 Wheaton Chapter of Pi Gammu Mu Information Pi Gamma Mu Invites 14 to Membership 
November 5, 1937 Swimming Pool Named as Goal of Student, Faculty Contribution News Alumni, Council Pick Campaign Objectives for New Buildings 
November 5, 1937 2034 Alumni of Wheaton College Will Endeavor to Raise 200,000$ Information Alumni Seek to Raise $200000 Towards New Auditorium Gymnasium 
November 5, 1937 An Eastern Tour is Calling President News President Buswell Goes to New York on Speech Tour 
November 5, 1937 Representing Wheaton College Enoch C. Dyrness News Dyrness Attends College Celebration in Pennsylvania 
November 5, 1937 The Value of Gospel Music Will Be the Rev. Music Hymn Writer Will Evaluate Gospel Music 
November 5, 1937 Patients This Week in the Over Crowded Infirmary News Infirmary Nurse Requests Students Observe Hours 
November 5, 1937 Morgantown, W. Va. Music Composition Mixed With Photograph at West Virginia  
November 5, 1937 Trainer Has Served in Christian Work For 25 Years Information Doc Cardiff Combines Ministries; Will Serve in Both Duties on Tour 
November 5, 1937 Rev. James News McGinlay, Linton To Address Chapel Monday, Tuesday 
November 5, 1937 Professor H. William Nordin Music Glee Club Director Leads Large Chorus 
November 5, 1937 Scout Reports Strength In James Millikin Offensive Sports Wheaton Visits League Cellar to Try Millkin 
November 5, 1937 Coach Edward A. Coray, Physical Education Director News Eight Colleges Vote on Knox, Mammoth 
November 5, 1937 Paul Raynor Information Rain or Shine 
November 5, 1937 Pittsburgh News Pitt Decides to Quit Privilege System, Scouting, in Athletics Reform 
November 5, 1937 Wheaton's Cross Country Aggregation Travels to Loyola Tomorrow News Cross Country Goes to Invitation Meet at Loyola Saturday 
November 5, 1937 Shrapnel... Information Who Are the Caspar Milquetoasts? 
November 5, 1937 Charles W. Gordon Information " Sky Pilot" Author, Record Story Judge, Dies in Winnipeg 
November 5, 1937 Enoch C. Dyrness, Vice President News Dyrness to Direct Registrat's Journal 
November 5, 1937 Arrows Will Become Two-Faced Information Arrows Are Two-Faced Tonite In Literary Meeting 
November 5, 1937 Coach Nelson's Grid Devotees Sports Academy Boys Tackle Harvard in Final Game 
November 5, 1937 Margaret Kellogg Will Lead the Academy Glee Club Music Glee Club Prexy 
November 5, 1937 The Orange Soccer Team Sports Soccer Team Brings Back Win 
November 5, 1937 Members of Coach Edward A. Coray's Game Activity Class Sports Coray's Game Class to Hold Gamefest Again This Year 
November 5, 1937 Miss Thorlakson News Academy Tours 
November 5, 1937 David Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
November 5, 1937 Ithaca, N. Y.------( ACP) Information First Lady Advises Grads to Step on It 
November 5, 1937 Blanchard Hall News Bell Company Shows Tower 
November 5, 1937 Bill Libby  Information Record Ad Man Prays for Snow 
November 5, 1937 Charles Frett Information Frett's Market Shows Ways to Cut Meat 
November 5, 1937 The Nation: Presses Thunder Short Comment The Ecclesiates 
November 5, 1937 New York City News Hunter College Inaugurates Finesse 
November 5, 1937 Student Life Information Wendell Brooks, Academy Graduate, Publishes New Book 
November 9, 1937 Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
November 9, 1937 Chapel Talk Will Show Students' Share Of $35,000 Article E.F Dival to Outline $25,000 Student Goal for Pool Campaign 
November 9, 1937 Conservatory Staff Information Conservatory Staff To Have Tea 
November 9, 1937 Sam Campbell News Campbell to Show California in films Of Natural Settings 
November 9, 1937 Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Clark Article Moore, Foster Girls Swap off Invitations In Potowatomi Party 
November 9, 1937 Prof. H. William Nordin Information Practice for Messiah To Begin Sunday 
November 9, 1937 L. C. Grant Article School's Latest Lit Concocted by Studes Jailed in Infirmary 
November 9, 1937 James Millikin Falls 21-0 Before Offensive Drive Of Crusaders Sports Millikin Romp Evens Victories To Losses, 3-3 
November 9, 1937 Lois Raw Article New Dorm Guests Fail to Find Peanuts 
November 9, 1937 The Editor Column Shrapnel 
November 9, 1937 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 9, 1937 Student Opinions Column Opines. . . . 
November 9, 1937 - A. W. S. Column Heavenly Havens 
November 9, 1937 Herb Jauchen Article After The Game 
November 9, 1937 Soccerites face Runners-up Of Chicago League at high School Sports Booters Encounter Acorns Beneath Floodlights Here 
November 9, 1937 Miss. Tanner Sports Campus Dianas Beat Cardinal Coed Scores 
November 9, 1937 Mrs. Marion Saunders Article New Dormers Import Tomes for 'Own Library 
November 9, 1937 Wes Berghouse Cross Country  Harriers Sixth In Invitational  
November 9, 1937 Karl Rhoads News Academy Gives Honors; Rhoads Speaks Today 
November 9, 1937 Professor William H. Nordin Information Chapel Choir Brings First Concert Friday 
November 9, 1937 Coach Edward A. Coray Sports Bang-up Pushover Game Blowout 
November 9, 1937 Thomas Lindsay Debate  Debaters to Negate Northwestern Thurs. 
November 9, 1937 Miss. Lois dickason Information Women's Houses Dicker Tomorrow 
November 9, 1937 David Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
November 9, 1937 Wheaton Academy Sports Prep Griddlers Lose Last Game 12-0, to Harvard 
November 9, 1937 Dr. Herbert Moule Article Senior , Sophs Win Women's Debate; Men Argue 
November 9, 1937 Prof. Paul Young News Illinois Psychologist Tabulates Laughs, Tears of U. Students 
November 9, 1937 Dean Emerson Reviews Publication of Merit By Enlow '14 Article Graduate Pens Statistics Book 
November 9, 1937 Miss Lamberta Voger News Barracks Girls Skate Make Popcorn 
November 9, 1937 Zeida Harvey News Dangeling Skeleton Initiates Frolickers At Williston Fete 
November 9, 1937 Miss. Ruth Berg News Fizz Eds Fry . . . 
November 12, 1937 Clinton Youle Sports  Off the Records 
November 12, 1937 LeRoy 'Pat' Peterson Sports Coray Announces Further Blowout 
November 12, 1937 Dr Harry Ironside News  Paul Jackson To Speak On Amusement 
November 12, 1937 Wheaton Chess Team Sports Chess Players Must Conquer Dr. Clark 
November 12, 1937 New Swimming Pool Campaign News Aldeen Lines Up Representatives For "Get Twenty-Five" Drive 
November 12, 1937 Academy Football Sports Pigskin Spreading Felicitates Heroism Of Academy Grid 
November 12, 1937 Junior League Short Comment Junior League Will Hold Park Service 
November 12, 1937 Psychology Club Short Comment Psychology Club Not Psychic 
November 12, 1937 Activities Information Calendar 
November 12, 1937 Illustrated Gospel Address News League Envoys Sketch, Preach In 28 Towns 
November 12, 1937 Classic Forum Meeting Short Comment Dr. Free Will Show Last Summer's Tour 
November 12, 1937 Pioneers Still Undefeated; Walkermen Prepare for Stiff Game News Football Ends In Carroll Tilt This Saturday 
November 12, 1937 Joseph Bayly Short Comment Bayly Retained As Frosh Class Head 
November 12, 1937 Wheaton Business Men's Association News Business Men Give Best Floats Cups At Morning Chapel 
November 12, 1937 Prominence of Jollity; Fun at Philippi; "Poor Gentlemen" Article Shrapnel.... 
November 12, 1937 The Nation: MOVIESCOPE MUCK Article The Ecclesiast 
November 12, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 12, 1937 Apology; Real Estate; Lazy Coeds Column Opines... 
November 12, 1937 Local Squad Underdogs For First Time In 2 Years News Orange Loses Night Soccer To Acorns, 4-2 
November 12, 1937 Wrestling Squad Sports Six Varsity Twisters Ready for Mat Time; To Limber Up Soon 
November 12, 1937 Folk, of Illinois Wesleyan, Is First in Fridiron Season Ratings Sports Patterson Hits Fourth Rating 
November 12, 1937 The Hoover Policies News Gift Work Presents Hoover's Policies 
November 12, 1937 Indiana Wins; Tomorrow Column  Rain or Shine 
November 12, 1937 Latin Club Short Comment Latin Club Selects Officers For Year 
November 12, 1937 Fall Informal Short Comment Shufelt Roomers Will Entertain At Fall Meeting 
November 12, 1937 Cross Country Runners Sports HArriers to Run In State Meet Saturday Morn 
November 12, 1937 By Lois Nixon Column  Nix-Nax 
November 16, 1937 Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
November 16, 1937 Swamp Rockford Saturday 6-2 in return Tilt With Ex-Champs Sports Soccer Eleven to Leave Thursday For Five- Game Eastern Jaunt 
November 16, 1937 David Helmich News Sigma Pi Sigma Intiates Members 
November 16, 1937 Virgina Linden Information Musicians To Give Second Recital Thursday Evening  
November 16, 1937 Fred M. Walker Information Hard Floor Practice Begins Monday p.m Under Fred Walker 
November 16, 1937 Dr. C. L. Nystrom Information Debate Tournment To Be Nov. 22-23 
November 16, 1937 Professor Boldt Article Dateless Men To Be Lacking Friday Night 
November 16, 1937 Roger McShane News McShane takes Thirds In State Oratory Contest 
November 16, 1937 Presenting Our Heroes Column Shrapnel 
November 16, 1937 Say Hell, Gals! Column Opines 
November 16, 1937 Walt MacMillan Column Heavens Havens 
November 16, 1937 Dr. Clarence A. Mills Article Prof at Cincinnati U. Has New War Theory  
November 16, 1937 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 16, 1937 Buck Rivals Patterson For Individual Performance Sports Carroll Downs Gridders 39-13 In Flashy Tilt 
November 16, 1937 Annaul Open House News Open For Brewers. . . 
November 16, 1937 Bob Schell News Schell Takes Mining; Academy Has Quartet 
November 16, 1937 Jason Walker Information To Sing Thursday 
November 16, 1937 Carol MacLeod News High-Hatters Hunt Treasure 
November 16, 1937 Vice President George V. Kirk  News Kirk To Meet Prexy In Trip To New York 
November 16, 1937 Herb Jauchen Column After The Game 
November 16, 1937 Ghost Pirates Loot Eastgate Article Ghost Pirates Loot Eastgate 
November 16, 1937 Ruth Von Verdo News Moodyites Dine 
November 16, 1937 Biology Department News Biology Majors Talk Shop at Mack's Party 
November 16, 1937 Miss Harriet Rader Article Wheaton Grad Club Announces Elections At California Meeting 
November 16, 1937 Ruth Nadal Sports Juniors Take Seniors Frosh, Sophs Clinch In Women's Hockey 
November 16, 1937 David Enlow Article Beltionians to Debate Re Intercollegiate Grid Competition Question 
November 16, 1937 Frank Lehmann Article Academy Lits Sound Musical Autumn Peals 
November 16, 1937 John W. Welsh News Polimylitis Suspects Released Saturday 
November 16, 1937 Bob Johnson News "See-the-Birdie" Friends Elect Bob Johnson 
November 19, 1937 Clinton Youle  Column Off The Record  
November 19, 1937 So New Dorm Shelters All Dates For Moon Article Snow- Time Ain't Not Time 
November 19, 1937 Rev. Isaac Page News Isaac Page, McKee To Hold Mid-Year Special Meetings 
November 19, 1937 Jim McKellin Sports Snowballs Start Soccerities Off For East Coast 
November 19, 1937 T. S. Soltau Information Soltau To Lecture For F M F Monday 
November 19, 1937 Norris Aldeen Information Turn Them In 
November 19, 1937 Miss. V. H. Zeliff Information New Mexico Worker, R. Torrey of China To Speak in Chapel 
November 19, 1937 Team Elects Soph tackle In Locker Room Gathering Sports Bill Gavin Is Grid Captain Next Season 
November 19, 1937 Paul Raynor Column Rain or Shine 
November 19, 1937 Al Salter Article Salter Breaks All Precedent; Prefers Illinois To California 
November 19, 1937 William Hays Article Foreign Missions Fellowship Plans To Resume Meetings 
November 19, 1937 Rebecca R. Price News College Students to Teach Grade Pupils All-Bible Courses 
November 19, 1937 Lucille Keiser News W.A.A To Greet New Members Sat. 
November 19, 1937 Miss M. Joy Leister News Joy Leister '30 Chinese Refuges 
November 19, 1937 Fred M. Walker Sports Gridiron Season's Summary 
November 19, 1937 Wes Berghouse Sports Gehr's Runners Beat Loyola U 
November 19, 1937 Pat Patterson Sports Frosh, Juniors Lead Intramural Matches  
November 19, 1937 Walker handles New Squad Of Basketeers Sports Shaping Up . . 
November 19, 1937 Louis Gehr Sports Five Wrestlers Return for '37; Chicago for First 
November 19, 1937 David Enlow Column Sports Barrage 
November 19, 1937 Dr. Tiffany Jolly Column Shrapnel 
November 19, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Column The Ecclesiast 
November 19, 1937 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 19, 1937 Wheaton College Gun Club Sports Riflemen Succumb To Local Shooters; Putnam Hits 143 
November 19, 1937 That Man Again Column Opines. . . 
November 19, 1937 Doug Johnston Sports Frosh Gridders Chalk up Wins Over Outsiders 
November 19, 1937 Bob Foster Sports Herb Prinzing Leads Academy '38 Team; Coach Lauds Foster 
November 19, 1937 Robert Foster Information Juniors fac Seniors In Academy  
November 19, 1937 Del Nelson Sports Nelson Forsees Fair Season For Academy Basketball Quint 
November 23, 1937 Senior Recital Article Mrs. Gregory Gives Victoria Presentation for Senior Recital 
November 23, 1937 Gospel Team Outreach Article Ten Gospel Teams Go Sunday; 100 This Year 
November 23, 1937 College Newspaper Needed? Article Off the Record 
November 23, 1937 Soccer Sports Loss of Moffett Handicaps Team, Tigers Win 2-0; Play Army Today 
November 23, 1937 Glee Club Article Glee Club Travels Announced at Party 
November 23, 1937 Date Night Article Inter-Lit Date Night Gets Dec. 5 Encore; Parlors to be Utilized 
November 23, 1937 Soccer Sports Princeton Breaks Through in Final Period to Win 
November 23, 1937 Bookbinding Article Bookbinder's Nook 
November 23, 1937 Thanksgiving Article Column Shrapnel 
November 23, 1937 Adoption Column Heavenly Havens 
November 23, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 23, 1937 Academy Party Article Academy to Review Traditional Festivity For Thanksgiving 
November 23, 1937 Opinions Column Opines 
November 23, 1937 Cross Country Sports Cross Country Finishes Year 
November 23, 1937 Gymnastics Sports Gym Team Practiaces for Spring Exhibit 
November 23, 1937 Sports Commentary Column Sports Barrage 
November 23, 1937 Women's Athletic Association Article W.A.A. Novitiates Fill Requirements; Get Live Workouts 
November 23, 1937 Basketball Practice Sports 18 Frosh Appear for Cage Practice 
November 23, 1937 Infirmary Break-In Article Spooks 
November 23, 1937 Women's Council Article Co-eds Discuss Student Rule 
November 23, 1937 Sports Commentary Column After the Game 
November 23, 1937 Debate Team Article Sophomores Best Seniors in Debate 
November 30, 1937 National News Commentary Column Off the Record 
November 30, 1937 Speech Recital Article Mrs. H. Gregory to Give Recital Thursday Night 
November 30, 1937 Journalism Students Article Newshawks to Visit Chicago Newspapers Thursday Afternoon 
November 30, 1937 Traffic Violation Article Red Light Does Not Phase Chevrolet as Officer Lectures 
November 30, 1937 Obituary Article Dr. Penheiter '32 Dies in Duluth 
November 30, 1937 Campus Sickness Article Appendectomies Are Vogue; T.B. Case Appears 
November 30, 1937 Soccer Article H. Moffett Recovers in Westchester Bed; To Return Here Soon 
November 30, 1937 Fordham Graduates Article Fordham Repairs Used Graduates 
November 30, 1937 Basketball Sports Cagers Trounce Mission Qint in Opener, 45-19 
November 30, 1937 Measles Article Columbia Scientist Discovers Virus of Measles Contagion 
November 30, 1937 Party Article "California Here We Come" 
November 30, 1937 News Commentary Column Shrapnel 
November 30, 1937 Purpose of Life Column Heavenly Havens 
November 30, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 30, 1937 Opinions Column Opines 
November 30, 1937 Sports Commentary Column After the Game 
November 30, 1937 Home Mission Article Home Mission Training 
November 30, 1937 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Try for Positions in Chicago Tilt 
November 30, 1937 Moody Fellowship Article Moodyites Invent Acrostic for Dinner 
November 30, 1937 Sports Update Sports Sports Barrage 
November 30, 1937 President Speaking Article Prexy to Attend Teas, Schedule of Lunches in Publicizing Drive 
November 30, 1937 League Article Junior League to Hear Ballbach Wednesday 
November 30, 1937 All-Star Fotball Sports McDonald, Pat Patterson Take Honors in IIC 
November 30, 1937 Spaulding Party Article Spaulding Girls Pin Aprons Upon Guests 
November 30, 1937 Freshman Questionnaires Article To Learn to Earn 
November 30, 1937 Campus Parties Article Emily Post, Lits Encourage Dates 
November 30, 1937 Intercollegiate News Collegiate Review 
December 3, 1937 Clinton Youle Information Off The Road 
December 3, 1937 Exclusive Showing News Free to Present Color Films of Holy Land Tour, Dec. 9 
December 3, 1937 Ed Frizen News Explorer Ed Frizen Admits He is Frozen After Bath In Lagoon 
December 3, 1937 Coach Bill McCarrell Sports Frosh Cagers Start Basketball Season With Local Team 
December 3, 1937 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen  News Asthma Necessitates Thiessen's Departure to Mayo Hospital 
December 3, 1937 Six Debaters Left Information Debaters Leave to Take Part in Missouri Meet 
December 3, 1937 The Renaissance of Ancient Instruments News Kessler of Oberlin to Play Instruments of Ancient Beauty 
December 3, 1937 Rev. James Graham Information China Preacher Talks in Chapel Next Monday 
December 3, 1937 Rev. Peter Deyneka. Russian Gospel Mission News Popular Russian Is League Speaker for Next Monday Nite 
December 3, 1937 Women's League in Blanchard Hall News Men May Utilize Girls' League Now  
December 3, 1937 By the Editor Short Comment Shrapnel 
December 3, 1937 Christmas Giving Article The Ecclesiasts 
December 3, 1937 Crusaders Will Attempt to Repeat Last Season's Win Sports Orange Cagers Open Season With Elmhurst 
December 3, 1937 Friendly Combat Among Missionary Home  Information  Missionary Home Tries Ping Pong 
December 3, 1937 Round Rolin Debate Information Varsity Debaters Take Top Places in Forensic Meet 
December 3, 1937 Trip to China News Chem. Students Take Filed Trip 
December 3, 1937 The Bible Conference  News Prexy to Speak in Chicago 
December 3, 1937 Coach Edward A. Coray Sports Coray to Attend I.I.A.C. Convention 
December 3, 1937 Miss Florence E. Cobb Music Expression Pupils Prepare Yule Recital 
December 3, 1937 Wrestlers Hope to Even Up Wins and Losses by Victory Saturday Sports Matmen Face Chicago Maroons In Season Opener at Midway 
December 3, 1937 Paul Raynor Short Comment Rain or Shine 
December 3, 1937 Eugene Hammer Information Everybody's Doing it; Gene Hammer Joins Appendictis Group 
December 3, 1937 Winners of the Debate News Academy Interclass Debaters Meet 
December 3, 1937 J. Stratton Shufelt's 34  News Stratton Shufelt Directs at Moody 
December 3, 1937 Roger McShane News McShane Wins Peace Oratorical Contest; National Meet Next 
December 7, 1937 Honduras and Nicaragua News Off the Record 
December 7, 1937 Dr. Joseph P. Free News Climpes from Overseas 
December 7, 1937 Bill Kerr News Coray Will Present Minor Sports Awards in Chapel Tomorrow 
December 7, 1937 Aseptic Preparation News Pre-Meds Plan to Demonstrate Aseptics 
December 7, 1937 Prof. Maurice Kessler News Kessler of Oberlin to Illustrate Talk Upon Viola d'Amore 
December 7, 1937 Thomas Lindsay News Men Debaters Meet N. C., Loyola Soon 
December 7, 1937 H. William Nordin News 160 Voices to Sing in Messiah Choir 
December 7, 1937 The Elmhurst Pirates Sports Pirates Drown as Cagers Win by 41-36 Score 
December 7, 1937 The Chicago Tribune By the Editor Shrapnel 
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