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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
April 6, 1937 Ed Elliot News Off the Record 
April 6, 1937 Laughs, Crys, Humor will Capture School News '40 Editors will Produce Green Dizzy Addition This Thursday 
April 6, 1937 Dr. Alerander Grigolia News "Are you a Monkey's Cousin?" Science Prof Will Inquire 
April 6, 1937 Bob Lewis Information First Chapter in History of '40 
April 6, 1937 Gunners Down Opposition at Chicago University Invitational News Wheaton True to Form; Gunners, Debaters Win 
April 6, 1937 S. S. Frosh News Nauticals Characterize Noted Frosh's Party Thursday 
April 6, 1937 Dr. Joseph P. Free News Dr. Free to Lecture about Hold Land in Spring Holidays 
April 6, 1937 Annual Event is Announced by Forensic Union Manager News Speech Season to End with Cooke Contest 
April 6, 1937 Wanda Simpson News Debaters End Year in State Oratorical Contest This Week 
April 6, 1937 Prof. Erskine of Columbia U. Short Comment Quoting Quotables 
April 6, 1937 Charles Frame Article Proud Father 
April 6, 1937 Othello Article Collegiate Gleanings 
April 6, 1937 Awards, Impromptus, Election Occupy Great Part of Program News School Honors Matmen Wed. with Banquet 
April 6, 1937 Miss Johanna Voget News Frosh Among Honor People Earning Way; Miss Voget States 
April 6, 1937 Enid Dresser News Musicians Feature Regular Broadcast 
April 6, 1937 Houghton College Glee Club Society; Noted Author at Chapel News School to Enjoy Varied Chapel During Week 
April 6, 1937 Botany and Zoology Classes News Science Department Spend Day Studying, Visiting in Chicago 
April 6, 1937 Wheaton Collge Men and Women's Glee Club Music Good-Bye 
April 6, 1937 Ballbach and Mcknight Music George Makes Glee Club 
April 6, 1937 Nationally Known Critic Will Select Best for Alpha Delta Information Poets Will Contest for Honors Apr. 23; 3 to Be Awarded 
April 6, 1937 Literary Societies Information The Lit Question 
April 6, 1937 Lacking of Pastors in Church News Pastors Wanted 
April 6, 1937 Acts: 4:8 Short Comment Personality Plus 
April 6, 1937 G.G. XV Short Comment Thumps by Eadie 
April 6, 1937 Misses Mackenzie, troutman Breining, Vandepoel to Travel for W News Coed Debaters to Tour South on Spring Trip 
April 6, 1937 Prognostications Proved Correct Information Prep Debate Squad Successful in Prelims: to Vie Fri. in Finals 
April 6, 1937 Edward A. Cording News Cording's Hold Social; Students Entertained 
April 6, 1937 Wheaton Will Have a Winning Baseball Squad Sports In the Sport Spotlight 
April 6, 1937 Wheaton Fencing Instructor Promises Strong Team In New Sport Information Mulligan Foiled by Woleben on Paper Instead of Floor 
April 6, 1937 University of Chicago Rifle Match News Local Gun Team to Shoot at U of C 
April 6, 1937 Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Boxing Sports Sport Parade 
April 6, 1937 Crusader Baseball  Sports Baseball Men Will Meet Chi in Opener 
April 6, 1937 Our Track Prospects Are the Best Sports Track Team to be Strong Says Putnam 
April 6, 1937 19 Indoor Track Meet Sports Wheaton Takes 6th at Indoor Track Final, Frosh Star 
April 6, 1937 A Small Freshman Squad News Frosh B-B Men Show Worth, Call Recruits 
April 6, 1937 Record's Twice Avowed Enemy Swings Deal Raw as Steak Sports Chucky Roberts, Bribed Officail Steal Volleyball Tilt from Scribes 
April 6, 1937 Beltionian Literary Society Sports Victorious Belts, Knights to Clash 
April 9, 1937 Clyde S. Kilby, Assistant Dean of Men Information kilby Publishes Thesis About Squeaks in Shoes 
April 9, 1937 Urns Professor Ship Four Scintillations Upon Scribes News Charles Q. Roberts to Keep Prof Berth 
April 9, 1937 Picture of Wheaton Campus Information Smooty View of...Wheaton?? 
April 9, 1937 The Accomplishments of Modern Surgery Literature Anything Goes 
April 9, 1937 Paint Pursues Poor Willetts Relentlessly Through Weary World Woe News Breakfast Dinner Supper Too Much Exercise at Bartlet 
April 9, 1937 Shakespeare Information The Noiseless Footprint 
April 9, 1937 August Q. Ballbach Information Ballback Reveals His Weight on to 
April 9, 1937 Carl Johnson News Carl Johnson Throws Dirt In Eyes of Readers Some Dig 
April 9, 1937 Lucy Raids S S Frosh Information Tenements Portray Dorm Personalities 
April 20, 1937 The Typical Briton Information Off The Record 
April 20, 1937 travellers find Monrovia, Mugs, real High Spots News Offer Convenient Guide For Cross Country Travel 
April 20, 1937 North Central Association Information NC Group Approves Graduate Studies in Local Schedule 
April 20, 1937 Wale Tibbett Music Men's Glee Club Wakes Lawrence Tibbett in Train 
April 20, 1937 Evening Mail Collection Initiated Information Postmaster Changes Collection Hours; Installs New Box 
April 20, 1937 Curriculum Information for 1937-38 News Catalog to Appear in Middle of May 
April 20, 1937 Moffetts Sleep Westward, Then Eastward, in Trip Information Journalists Bask, Play, Under Western Sun 
April 20, 1937 Frank W. Van Dusen News Prof. VanDusen to Bring Pupil For Organ Talk 
April 20, 1937 Men's Glee Club  Short Comment Safe Publicity 
April 20, 1937 Ezek 3: 15-23 Short Comment Men Who Pressed on 
April 20, 1937 The Record Received First Class Honor News Record Gets First Class Press Award  
April 20, 1937 Paul Raynor Information Raynor Shine 
April 20, 1937 Enock C. Dyrness Information Dryness Attends Annual Registrar's Convention in West 
April 20, 1937 The Cutting of Tress News Prexy's Trees Cut to Aid Growth of Lawn 
April 20, 1937 Meeting Held at Rocky River News Lake Erie Alumni Elect 1937 Officers 
April 20, 1937 Jenny Linds' Grave Information Little Things to Say When With Dull Girl 
April 20, 1937 Wheaton's Tennis Aces Will Seek a Win Game  Sports Tennis Team Goes To Dekalb Today For First Tourney 
April 20, 1937 Class Editors of the 1939 Tower Were Appointed Information '39 Tower tells Appointments, Summer Plans 
April 20, 1937 Place Latest Equipment at Plumb Studio  Information Camera Fans Obtain Rooms 
April 20, 1937 The Baseball Team Sports Dribbles and Long Shots 
April 20, 1937 The Increase of Students of Wheaton College  News Record Enters ICPA Contest  
April 20, 1937 Unprecedented Numbers of Applications News Applications Swamp Office of Registrar 
April 23, 1937 John Sanderson  Information Off the Record 
April 23, 1937 Dr. Alexander Grigolia Information Grigolia Will Conduct Forum 
April 23, 1937 Flora Peterson  News Texan, Wheatonite Vie for Sweepstakes 
April 23, 1937 Evangelist SEvangelist Sprangler Uses Billy Sunday Methodsprangler Uses Billy Sunday Methods News Spry Pastor Will Address League Mon. 
April 23, 1937 Dr. Walter Wilson News Wilson, Ruscoe Bring Messages to Chapel First of Next Week 
April 23, 1937 Women's Glee Club Music God Is Able, Glee Club Theme 
April 23, 1937 Five Knox College Freshmen News Coeds Draw Beads Over Internationals in Shooting Sallies 
April 23, 1937 Speakers From Far and Wide Discuss Mission Topics, Problems News C.M.A. Group Gathers Here For Convention 
April 23, 1937 Wheaton Needs Gospel Short Comment Adorning the Gospel 
April 23, 1937 Mark: 16:7 Short Comment Men Who Pressed on 
April 23, 1937 The Academy Debate Team Sports Prep Debaters Lose in Finals of N. District 
April 23, 1937 Meet Chicago Latin in First Tussle of 4-Game Schedule Sports Academy Baseball Commences; Swimmers Take Third Place 
April 23, 1937 Frances Ogg and Harley Barnes Information Ogg, Barns Signal Historic Triple-Seven 
April 23, 1937 Critical Issues in High Education News Graduates to Here Russell of Chicago 
April 23, 1937 Johnson Swats Long Homer; Merritt, Barth Score Information Teachers Use Errors to Win With Two Hits 
April 23, 1937 Coach Fred Information North Central Object of Local Vengeance on Field Tomorrow 
April 23, 1937 Baseball Practice Sports Dribbles and Long Shots 
April 23, 1937 Varsity Tennis Squadmen Sports Dekalb Net Match Checked by Drizzle as 5 Matches Split 
April 27, 1937  John Anderson News Off the Records 
April 27, 1937  Samuel A. Yoder Information Uni. of Indiana English Prof. to Join Wheaton Staff 
April 27, 1937  Grace Livingstone Hill Information Authoress to Speak in Chapel Thursday 
April 27, 1937  The Crusaders Sports Nine to Challenge St. Procopius Wed. 
April 27, 1937  Tennis Team Sports Tennis Team Defeats Elmhurst 6 straight 
April 27, 1937  Prof. John W. Leedy Movie Prof. Leady to show Black Hills Movies After 'Lit' Friday 
April 27, 1937  Men's Glee Club Music Band to Greet Men's Singers  
April 27, 1937  Wes Carlson Sports Orange Tennis Men Check Line -up for North Central Meet 
April 27, 1937  Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom Information Fifteen Pupils Enter Cook Oratory Meet 
April 27, 1937  Dr. Henry Clarence Thiessen Information Thiessen Has Jews, Zionism For Subjects 
April 27, 1937  Hormer Car News Exonerate Carne After Fatal Mishap in Lagrange  
April 27, 1937  Wheaton Chapel Choir Music A Capella to Sing in Chicago Sunday 
April 27, 1937  Carl F. H. Henry  Information Men who Pressed On 
April 27, 1937  O. Peterson Column The Gay Gargoyle 
April 27, 1937  Mrs. I. B. A. Robin  Information Mrs. Robin Chirps Gentle Exhortation 
April 27, 1937  Dr. D. B. Dill News Lash's Bulging Lungs Scoop 50% More Air 
April 27, 1937  Paul Raynor News Raynor Shine 
April 27, 1937  Mildred Schielmann Information Mildred Schielmann Announces Betrothal 
April 27, 1937  Music Conservatory Music Recital Includes Veins of Humor 
April 27, 1937  William Peck Information Sophs Hold 'Hike' Thru Lower Chapel 
April 27, 1937  Wedding Bells Information Wedding Bells Ring for Three Wheaton Couples Last Sat 
April 27, 1937  Coach Fred Walker Sports Redbirds Beat Wakerman 10-8 
April 27, 1937  Coach Eliot Putnam Sports Runners End Last in Triangular Meet 
April 27, 1937  Lois Nixon Column -NIX-NAX- 
April 27, 1937  Robert Ibsen Information Ibsen Gets Paddles , Party as Housemates Honor His Birthday 
April 27, 1937  Coach Nelson Sports Academy Nine loses Opening Contest 
April 27, 1937  Miss Molly Harrison Sports Tennis Stars Note 
April 30, 1937  John Sanderson Column Off The Record 
April 30, 1937  Spangler to Talk again Before League Monday News League Hears of Evangelism 
April 30, 1937  Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News Thiessen to Discuss 'Limiting God' Mon. 
April 30, 1937  De Studwell News Leroy Campbell, Cinder Champ, Visits Wheaton 
April 30, 1937  Upper, New Dorm Halls go to $100; Lower to $85 News Board to Advance $10; Tuition Stays Same in Fall 
April 30, 1937  Sir Walter Scott News Zellars Writes Spanish Book 
April 30, 1937  Bob Claffy News R. Dresser Crashes When 'Cycle Misses Curve on President 
April 30, 1937  Enock C. Dyrness News Incidental Fees Become Lump Sum of $25 
April 30, 1937  Roy Watson News 'Record' Staff Heads to Drive to Normal for I.C.P.A. Confab 
April 30, 1937  The National Physical Education Convention News Future Coach Talks at Gym Convention 
April 30, 1937  Carl F. h. Henry Information Men Who Pressed On 
April 30, 1937  G.G.. XV Column Gay GarGoyle 
April 30, 1937 Dorm Ratings News Dorm Ratings of Fair Sex Show Intellect 
April 30, 1937 Dr. C. G. Sterling News Sterling Will Address Moody Group Friday 
April 30, 1937 Roberta Leaf Information G 'Lits' Unite To Hear Story 
April 30, 1937 Coach Wes Carlson Sports Caoch Carlson Picks Netmen for 3 Meets 
April 30, 1937 Coach Nelson Sports Academy Athletes Get Cage Awards 
April 30, 1937 President Chalmers Hatch Information Student Council to seek Action on Noise 
April 30, 1937 Thordore Kennedy and Edwin P. McCausland Sports '39 Tower Editors Pick Sports, Art, Alumni Staff Heads 
April 30, 1937 Miss Ruth Berg Sports Star Cage Team Chosen By Women 
April 30, 1937 The Spectator News Peck's Razor Clips Mal's Overhead 
April 30, 1937 John Baumgart News Sigma Pi Sigma Picks Next Year's Officers 
April 30, 1937 Mr. Wilbur F. Swanson News Swanson, Augustana Choir to be Here 
April 30, 1937 Literary Soceity Information Literary Societies Mostly Try Poetry 
April 30, 1937 The Office Boy Column Warning Tower Staff Talks Pure Nonsense 
April 30, 1937 Coach Wes Carlson Sports Orange Defeat North Central Netmen 5-1 
April 30, 1937 Edgar Studwell Sports Nine Trounces St. Procopius 
April 30, 1937 Coach Fred Walker Sports Team Prepares for Pirate Tilt This Sat 
April 30, 1937 Coach Eliot Putnam Sports Tracksters to Meet Armour Tech There 
April 30, 1937 Charles Miller News Crowds, Band Greet Glee Club at Train After Western Trip 
April 30, 1937 E. D Hakes Sports Dribbles And Long Shots 
May 4, 1937 John Sanderson Column Off The Record 
May 4, 1937 President J. Oliver Buswell News President To Travel , Speak, Hold Rallies 
May 4, 1937 Dr. Elsie Storrs Dow Information Dr. Elsie Dow To Tell of Two Great Authors 
May 4, 1937 Don Patterson News Track Team Takes Armour Men 69-61 in Chicago Saturday 
May 4, 1937 Capitol Executive Praise The Record for High National Award News Congressmen, Leaders Send Praise on Rank 
May 4, 1937 Fred Walker Sports Crusaders Try Geo. Williams Today, There 
May 4, 1937 Dr. Robert L. Cooke News Cooke to Present 'Learning with Jesus' in Chapel Talk Wed. 
May 4, 1937 Neda Westlake News Story Winners Receive Prizes, Placque Tonite 
May 4, 1937 Jonathan B. Cook of Chicago News Orators to Compete in J.B. Cook Contest Preliminaries Friday 
May 4, 1937 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News Nystrom, Debaters to Judge Tourney for Forensic League 
May 4, 1937 John Sanderson Articles Shoot for the Stars 
May 4, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry The Story of the Bible An Encircling Love 
May 4, 1937 The Dying Mummy Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
May 4, 1937 Dr. H. D. Bossinger News League Group Attends Annual I. F. Conference 
May 4, 1937 Mr. Peter Stam, Jr., Music Last Conservatory Recital Offers Voice, Instruments, Thurs. 
May 4, 1937 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith News Dean Smith has Operation in City 
May 4, 1937 Ruth Samuelson News Elaborate Gardens Grace Dorm Fete; Mills in 'Dutch' 
May 4, 1937 Lois Nixon Column Nix-Nax 
May 4, 1937 Mr. Fred B. Gerstung News Germans Show Film; Hold Reading Contest at Evening Meeting 
May 4, 1937 Bert Grove News Collegiate Review 
May 4, 1937 Bob Diehl News Horsehiders Whip Pirates 
May 4, 1937 Paul Raynor Column Raynor Shine 
May 4, 1937 Edward Hakes News Foreigners Prepare for Post-Lit Social 
May 7, 1937 Lighting Strikes, 32nd Disaster, Anti-Religion, Godless Slipping Column Off The Record 
May 7, 1937 William Richie to give Talk On Mountain Work In Meeting News Kentucky Work To Be Shown During League 
May 7, 1937 Orange Netmen Sports Victorious Netmen Continue Winning Streak of Season 
May 7, 1937 The Record Short Story Contest News Ruth Veerman Wins Short Story Contest; Aels Take Plaque 
May 7, 1937 Spring Concerts Information Glee Club Concerts Top Last of Recitals Given By Conservatory 
May 7, 1937 Campus Day Short Comment Traditional Holidays Removed by Action 
May 7, 1937 George Williams' Squad News Nine Wins 4-1, George Williams 
May 7, 1937 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robin News Robins Open House During Chapel Hour 
May 7, 1937 Mrs. Mackenzie Leads Singers in College Concert Saturday Night; Pictures On Program News Women to Give Concert Closing Spring Season 
May 7, 1937 Dual Meet Sports Runners Prime For Home Meet 
May 7, 1937 Learn Court Etiquette Article They Do At Wimbledon 
May 7, 1937 Spring Grass Article Off The Grass 
May 7, 1937 By Carl F. H. Henry Article An Encircling Love 
May 7, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 7, 1937 Morgan park Military Nine Scores on Eleven Hits Against Foster News Academy Drops Ball Game, 13-7 
May 7, 1937 Student Opinion Column ..Opines.. 
May 7, 1937 Lois Dickason To Crown Senior Beauty From Ladosian News Coronation of May Queen Comes Off This Evening 
May 7, 1937 Eskimo Diet News Columbia U. Dentist Urges Eskimo Diet 
May 7, 1937 Chemistry and Food Chemistry Students News Young Chemists Visit Chicago Food Industries 
May 7, 1937 Jean Fleming Short Comment Henry Appoints Prep Tower Editor 
May 7, 1937 Lake Forest Nine Emerges Victorious Yesterday on Local Field; Johnston Allows 5 Sports Gold Coast Twirler Holds Walkermen to 3-2 Defeat 
May 7, 1937 Dutch to You; Misunderstanding Column Dribbles and Long Shots 
May 11, 1937 John Sanderson Column Off the Record 
May 11, 1937 Dr. L. A. Higley Information Geology Authority to Discuss Flood Control, Bible Interpretation 
May 11, 1937 President J. Oliver Buswell Information John Buswell Well Following Operation 
May 11, 1937 Coach Fred Walker Sports Baseball Team Girds For Games Against Lake Forest, Armour 
May 11, 1937 Alpha Delta Journalistic Soceity News Chapel to feature Alpha Delta Groups, Prof. Boldt, Prexy 
May 11, 1937 Ralph J. Fallert News Kodak Demonstrator To address Lens Club 
May 11, 1937 Wheaton Academy Sports Academy loses Ball Game St. Charles 
May 11, 1937 Professor H. William Nordin News Men's Glee Club to Give Annual Concert Saturday 
May 11, 1937 Dr. C. L. Nystrom News Oratory Group Shrinks to Six 
May 11, 1937 Dayton Roberts & Clint Youle News I.C. P. A. Elects Two Record Heads, Picks Wheaton for confab 
May 11, 1937 Wheaton Record Editorial Editorial Is Air Traffic Doomed?, Every Bit Helps 
May 11, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Column An Encircling Love 
May 11, 1937 Col. G. G. XV Column The Blithe Mouthwash 
May 11, 1937 Foster Hurls Sports Academy Squad Realises 4 Runs on 4 Hits 
May 11, 1937 Paul Raynor Column Raynor Shine 
May 11, 1937 Dr. Glenn G. C News Pi Gamma Mu Holds Election at Banquet 
May 11, 1937 Coach Putnam Sports Elmhurst Wins 66-65 on Track 
May 11, 1937 Elinor Pearson News May Queen Crowning Brings E. Pearson Honor of Garlands 
May 11, 1937 Fred L. Kildow News College Press Meet To Convene In Chicago 
May 11, 1937 Lois Nixon Column -NIX-NAX- 
May 11, 1937 Mrs. Marian V. Saunders News Glen Ellyn Resident Gives Library Books  
May 11, 1937 Girls Tennis Sports Coeds Divide Tennis Match With Redbirds 
May 11, 1937 President Robert Maynard Hutchins News University of Chicago Students Attend for Profit! 
May 11, 1937 John Stuart Sports Ball Team Loses to Elmhurst 9-8 After Sudden Pirate Rally 
May 11, 1937 Dr. Ira A. Manville Information Collegiate Review 
May 11, 1937 Carl Henry Information Sophomores Change Prayer Meeting Nite 
May 14, 1937 John Sanderson Editorial Off The Record 
May 14, 1937 Freshman Rule News Wheaton , Ten Other Schools Drop Little 19 
May 14, 1937 Divinity Degree in Wheaton College News Plans for Seminary Too Indefinite for Definite News 
May 14, 1937 Prof. John W. Leedy  Information Prof. Leedy Attends Botany Conference 
May 14, 1937 Bee Van Duyn News B. VanDyn Gives Recital On Violin Next Tuesday Night 
May 14, 1937 Prof H. William Nordin News Men's Glee Club Will Sing In Home Concert Saturday 
May 14, 1937 Rev Kenneth A. Amsler  News Amsler '32 Resigns Bible Church Post 
May 14, 1937 Russell McNamara  News 'Prison to Pulpit' LES Guest's Topic 
May 14, 1937 President J. Oliver Buswell Information Announcement is Made For Honor Degrees 
May 14, 1937 Senior Cake News Juniors Unearth Senior Cake For First Time in 8 7 Years 
May 14, 1937 Dr. H. A. Ironside News Dr. Ironside To Speak In Chapel Monday 
May 14, 1937 Wheaton Record Editorial Editorial Time Out of Joint, Soup's On! 
May 14, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Column An Encircling Love 
May 14, 1937 Col. G.G. XV Column The Blithe Mouthwash 
May 14, 1937 Wayside Residents News Wayside Residents Give House Party Tommorrow 
May 14, 1937 Neill Hawkins News Betls, Aels to Preside Over Open Meeting 
May 14, 1937 Simpson and Taylor News Simpson, K Taylor Win Oratory 
May 14, 1937 High Honors News Five Prepsters Gain High Honours 
May 14, 1937 Don Hillis News Don Hillis' 36 To Speak at Tab 
May 14, 1937 George Williams Sports Crusader Net Stars Top Geo. Williams on Chicago Courts 
May 14, 1937 Women Tennis Team Sports Women Racqueteers Beat North Central 
May 14, 1937 Miss Ruth Berg News W. A. A. Banquets 
May 14, 1937 Captain Harold Peterson Sports Thinclads Tune Up for Elmhurst Meet 
May 14, 1937 Coach Walker Sports Crusaders Hold Scoring Bee During Second Inning Downpour 
May 14, 1937 The Crusaders Sports Crusaders Muff Game With Armour, 7 to 4 
May 18, 1937 Commentary Article Off the Record 
May 18, 1937 Violin Recital Article Bee Van Duyn to Give Senior Recital Tonite 
May 18, 1937 Music Course Article Appreciate Course Offered Next Year 
May 18, 1937 Baseball Sports Nine Takes on Cardinals Here 
May 18, 1937 Tennis Sports Conference Tourney Next for Winners 
May 18, 1937 Gospel Mission Article Class, Mission, Prof. Finish Chapel List to Complete Week 
May 18, 1937 Telephone Donation Article Forsh Give Telephone Set to School as Class Present 
May 18, 1937 Art Appreciation Article DeWitt Jayne to Tell of Art Appreciation 
May 18, 1937 League Elections Information R. Savage, McKnight to Head League Work 
May 18, 1937 Bible School Article Summer Bible School Provides Experience for Teaching Majors 
May 18, 1937 Faith During Finals Article The Right Slant 
May 18, 1937 Underclassmen Article Underclassmen:- Note 
May 18, 1937 Eternity Article Press Flash for Eternity 
May 18, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 18, 1937 Professor Published Article Dr. Wm. H. Wrighton Publishes Bible Sermonettes 
May 18, 1937 Professor Scholarship Article Prof. Clyde S. Kilby Gets NYU Scholarship 
May 18, 1937 News Commentary Column Raynor Shine 
May 18, 1937 Chi Sigma Theta Article D. Walker Educ. Pres. 
May 18, 1937 Tower Article '39 To Sell Cake! 
May 18, 1937 Baseball Sports Crusaders Swat G. Williams 9-2 
May 18, 1937 Tennis Sports Wheaton Netmen Capture Honors in Intersectional; Enter State Meet 
May 18, 1937 Funnies Article More Boners 
May 18, 1937 Faculty Recovered Information Mrs. Smith Better 
May 18, 1937 Faculty Women's Club Article Faculty Women Elect Miss Wheeler Prexy 
May 21, 1937 John Sanderson News Off The Record 
May 21, 1937 11 Seniors Will Return Next Year Information Grads Return For Teaching, Study, In 1938 
May 21, 1937 Tuberculin Tests Given at the Infirmary News 900 Studetns Take Tuberculin Reading at Local Infirmary 
May 21, 1937 Young People of Churches to Hear Miss Ervin of A.M.L. Information Union Group Plan to Hear Leper Lecture 
May 21, 1937 Wheaton College en Masse Will Go Hiking Sports Plan All-College Hike to Lakes on May 29 
May 21, 1937 Johnston Strikes Out 12; Veerman Triples in N.C. Tilt Sports Diamond Nine Clips Cards, 9-7 
May 21, 1937 James Comstock Information Sigma Pi Sigma Hears Dr. Clark at Banquet 
May 21, 1937 Three Gospel Teams News  Gospel Teams Plan Extensive Summer Tours Across Nation 
May 21, 1937 Seven Crusader Track Men Sports Seven Men to Run in State Tourney at Monmouth 
May 21, 1937 Girls in the Sports Short Comment Pinaforks and Hoopskirts 
May 21, 1937 Christian Leaders of Nation News Dean Wins Recognition 
May 21, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article Parable from Daily Life 
May 21, 1937 The Class of '39 News Freshmen Win in Interclass Cinder Meet 
May 21, 1937 Berkeley Information Cal. U. Physician Urges Recreation From Exam Grind 
May 21, 1937 4 Girls Drive to Millike U. With Two Doubles; Singles News Coed Racketers Face State Stars In Decatur Tilt 
May 21, 1937 Syracuse, N. Y---(ACP)____Cabbage Information Cabbage Rated as Aid to Roman Health 
May 21, 1937 Sophomores Will Go Sailing Entertainment Sophomores to Sail on Lake Michigan Saturday Afternoon 
May 21, 1937 Menmbers of Ladosian and Naitermian Literary Societies Information Ladies, Knights Join in Medieval Program Friday in Men's Hall 
May 21, 1937 Kreitonian and Epinoian News Academy Groups Present Holand In Open Meeting  
May 21, 1937 Clifford Witcher Information Typist Taps Thrice on Each Answer Now 
May 21, 1937 High School Baseball Team Rallies in Ninth to Tie, 9-9 Sports Frosh Play Even Game With Preps 
May 21, 1937 Tennis Talk, Success Story Information Dribbles and long Shots 
May 21, 1937 Coach Wes Carlson's Tennis Team Sports Netmen Repeat Over Redbirds in Match on Home Courts 
May 25, 1937 John Sanderson Column Off The Record 
May 25, 1937 Societies Have Little Claim To Ownership of Halls, Says Official Article Belt, Celts To Keep Of 'Lit' Halls 
May 25, 1937 Howard Moffett News H. Moffett Names Sheerer Assistant, Merritt to Advertise 
May 25, 1937 Chapel Attendence News Drop Chapel Point 
May 25, 1937 Donna Ruth Breining Article D.R. Breining To Give Recital 
May 25, 1937 Boyd Hunt Information Sophs Choose B. Hunt For Prexy Next Year 
May 25, 1937 Milton Johnson Information M.Johnson, E.Crum Give Joint Recital Tonight in Chapel 
May 25, 1937 Soph Sailor Article Sophomore Class Ends Activities of Year With Boating Trip 
May 25, 1937 Assistant Dean Will Discuss Educational methods, Old and New Article Prof. C. Kilby To Lecture on 'Good Ole days' 
May 25, 1937 Dr. William A. Shimer News Dr. William Shimer Urges School to Ask For Phi Beta Kappa 
May 25, 1937 Edward Groesbeck Information Chapel Choir To Give 4th Program Wed. 
May 25, 1937 J. R. Ridgway News Employment Prospect Hit '29 Peak for Grads 
May 25, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Column A study In Contrast 
May 25, 1937 The Gay Gargoyle Literature The Gay Gargoyle 
May 25, 1937 Students Opinions Column - - - OPINES - - - 
May 25, 1937 Schools Meet To Formulate Athletic Group News Eight Colleges Meet Friday To Form New I.C.C. At Monmouth 
May 25, 1937 M. J Pittsford News M. J. Pittsford Plans To Retire; to Sell Out Stock in Store 
May 25, 1937 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. Information Prexy to Travel East For General Assembly 
May 25, 1937 Paul Raynor Column Raynor Shine 
May 25, 1937 Blanche "Pat" Anderson Article B. Anderson to Guard Title Against Dianas 
May 25, 1937 Dr. A. S. Webb Information To X-Ray For T.B 
May 25, 1937 Wheaton Tennis Team Sports Raquet Swingers Ace Elmhurst For Sixth Win; Take Eureka 5-1 
May 25, 1937 Miss Julia E. Blanchard Information List New Travel, Art Books Now Here 
May 25, 1937 Johnston To Start Today; Three Pitchers Meet Armour Sports Nine Attacks DeKalb Today After 19-0 Loss 
May 25, 1937 Jim Black Sports Academy Loses Final Game to St. Charles 
May 25, 1937 Betty Minnick News B.Minnick, Oliver Announce  
May 25, 1937 Mary Hope Wood Sports Coeds Lose 4-2 In Home Tennis 
May 25, 1937 Dr.Stone Article Roman's Class Deep In Exegetical Debate 
May 25, 1937 Avery Johnson News Grad's Paintings hang In White House 
May 28, 1937 John Sanderson Sports Off The Records 
May 28, 1937 Vivian D. Jolley News  Jolley to Speak on Christian Problems In Business,' Mon. 
May 28, 1937 Mary Louise Harrison Sports WAA to Award Honors Wed 
May 28, 1937 Samuel Hugh Moffett News  Moffett Elected to Head Senior Class; Find Cake Delicious 
May 28, 1937 Henry Barr Music Dutch High School Choir To Sing Tuesday 
May 28, 1937 Doug Johnson Sports Wheaton Rally Fails Against DeKalb, 6-5 
May 28, 1937 Harriet Northrop Music  Miss Northrop Will Play in Chicago School 
May 28, 1937 John Troy  News  Troy To Talk To LES Group Monday Night  
May 28, 1937 Roger McShane Music  Good News Service To Be Held Outside After 'Lit' Meeting 
May 28, 1937 John W. Leedy News  Botany Prof. To Give Talk On Plant Life 
May 28, 1937 Orval Simpson News  Camera Club to Give Movie On Mexico Tomorrow Evening  
May 28, 1937 William Beebe News  Friara, Annex To Celebrate Saturday; Beta's Rained In 
May 28, 1937 August Ballbach News  'Sneakers' Ape Chapel, 'Lits' 
May 28, 1937 George Olson Sports  School Hike Leaves For Lake at 3p.m .; Plan Supper Campfire  
May 28, 1937 Leo Lapp News  Chinese Missionary To Speak To F.M.F. 
May 28, 1937 Ruby Tillman Sports  WAA Elects Tillman; Plans Chapel Hour 
May 28, 1937 Carl F. H Henry Article  The Promise Is To You 
May 28, 1937 Paul Q. Miller Article  The Gay Gargoyle 
May 28, 1937 Bob Foster Sports  Prep End Year By Frosh Win 
May 28, 1937 Orrin Edward Tiffany News  Tower Of 1938 Honors Tiffany In Publication 
May 28, 1937 Norman Glenn Sports Fourth Floor Beats 'Y' House at Indoor 
May 28, 1937 Wheaton Tennis  Sports  Racqueters Draw Favorites In First Round of Finals  
May 28, 1937 Cribbers and Answer-exchangers  Article  Collegiate World  
May 28, 1937 Florence E. Wenner Music  Florence E. Wenner, Anita Brill To Give Joint Recital Tues 
May 28, 1937 Prof. T.D Stewart News  Prove Ancient Adage 
May 28, 1937 Roy Watson News  Roy Watson To Hold Cash For '38 Record  
May 28, 1937 Lester Siegrfried Sports  Siegfried Elected Track Captain 
May 28, 1937 Jame N. McKellin News  Sports 
May 28, 1937 Dr. D. M Allen News  Psychologist Gives Grade Advancement by Using Hypnotism 
May 28, 1937 F. S. Beers  News  Machines Score True-False Exams  
May 28, 1937 Ed Hakes  Sports  Dribbles and Long Shots 
May 28, 1937 Eureka Today; Oak Park, DeKalb on Docket For Next Week Sports  Women to Meet 3 Court Teams  
May 28, 1937 Prof. Morton Scott Enslin News  Mumps Make Mirth 
June 1, 1937 John Anderson Column Off The Record 
June 1, 1937 Thomas Lindsay News Lindsay '38 Council Head for Next Year 
June 1, 1937 J. F. Fletcher News Fletcher to Direct Final Band Concert As First Outdoor 
June 1, 1937 Senior Recital News Senior Speech Fest To Sponsor '37 Class Expression Students 
June 1, 1937 George T. Stephens News Geo. T. Stephens To Give Message On Evangelism 
June 1, 1937 Clinton Youle News Clinton Youle Prexy Elect of Fraternity 
June 1, 1937 DeWitt Whistler Jayne Information Jayne Finishes Murals For Library; Schedules Exhibition in Plumb 
June 1, 1937 Paul Raynor News Five Die; Three Hurt In LeTourneau Crash 
June 1, 1937 Rev Lewis Sperry Chafer  News Graduation 10am June 14, Strachan, Lundquist Talk Sunday 
June 1, 1937 Pi Kappa Delta News Band, Council Hold Chapel Spotlight 
June 1, 1937 Iner Basinger News Singers Pick Iner Basinger For New Prexy 
June 1, 1937 Prof. Russel E. Mixter News Russel Mixter '32 To be Toastmaster At Alumni Dinner 
June 1, 1937 Katie Adair News Chi Sigma Theta Elects Katie Adair 
June 1, 1937 Miss Alice K. Spaulding Information Miss Alice K. Saulding Earns B.D. Degree 
June 1, 1937 Gleen Gunderson and Emerson Gonn News Local Campers Plan 2500 Mile Jaunt in Canoe 
June 1, 1937 Ernestine Holmes News E. Holmes Has Senior Recital On Piano Jun. 12 
June 1, 1937 Reed, Mauch, Burns Compose Trio to Work in Middle West News Three Girls to Travel as Team 
June 1, 1937 All Four Classes Hold Final Outings; National Awards Given News Academy Finishes Year of Action 
June 1, 1937 H. William Nordin News Choir Concert Last of Current Season 
June 1, 1937 J. R. Hutchins will Address Academy Graduation June 12 News Academy Seniors to Get Diplomas 
June 1, 1937 "I am the way" Articles Valedictory 
June 1, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry The Story of The Bible The Woman in the Garden 
June 1, 1937 Roger McShane Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
June 1, 1937 Ima Soph Dear Editor Opines 
June 1, 1937 Receives $10; Nelson Gets Honorable Mention in Contest News Jorgensen Wins Ad Theme Prize 
June 1, 1937 G. G. XV Article Grandpa Galahad Claims to be Evolution's Product 
June 1, 1937 Holiday Excursionists Spend Saturday in Indiana Sand Heaps News Schooner Gobs Sail to Dunes in Four Autos 
June 1, 1937 Hamilton News Colgate Grads Expect Jobs Upon Leaving University in June 
June 1, 1937 Paul Raynor Column Raynor Shine 
June 1, 1937 Senior Girl Wins Sportsmanship Medal of Athletic Association Sports WAA Presents Special Award to M. Seymour in Chapel 
June 1, 1937 Patterson Brothers, Raube, Andrews Comprise Fast Team Sports Relay Runners Annex Thirds at Beloit Race 
June 1, 1937 Kathryn Needham Sports R. Berg, Harrison Pick Girl Allstars for Diamond Team 
June 1, 1937 St. Charles, Glen Ellyn, Country Club to be Scenes of Parties News Three of Men's Lits to Dine Out of Town 
June 1, 1937 Mr. Carsons Sports Gunners Eat Annual Feast; Give Awards for Match Rankings 
June 1, 1937 John Vander Mey Information Vander Mey Heads Tankers Next Year 
June 1, 1937 Dr. C. L. Nystrom Music Carl Carlson to Give Expression Recital 
June 1, 1937 Norman B. Harrison Jr. News Seminary Quartet of Dallas to Sing Here 
June 1, 1937 Bee Van Duyn Music Glee Clubs to Give Last Dual Concert 
June 1, 1937 August Ballbach News Men's Glee Club to Dine Saturday 
June 1, 1937 Eugenia Berry News Barracks Gives Party in Southern Manner Last Saturday Night 
June 1, 1937 Edward S. Crum Music E. S. Crum to Present Organ Recital Wed.  
June 1, 1937 Orange Coubles Team Loses to Champs in Early Tourney Round Sports Fischer Takes 2nd in State Meet; Netters Beat Armour 
June 1, 1937 Lois Nixon Short Comment NixNax 
June 1, 1937 Omar Barth News Gospel Messengers Tell Plans for Summer Tour 
June 1, 1937 Dr. V. Raymond Edman News Dr. Edman Addresses Aurora Prep Seniors 
June 1, 1937 Varsity Bows to Faculty in Shamful Onslaught 8-4, Friday Sports Profs Display Superiority on Ball Diamond 
June 1, 1937 Robert Cary News Camera Club Reveals Salon Prize Winners 
June 1, 1937 Retrospection Comment Dribbles and Long Shots 
June 1, 1937 University of Oklahoma News Strange Words on Frosh Tests 
June 1, 1937 Gary Memorial Methodist Church Information Summer Bible School Meets in M. E. Church 
June 1, 1937 Bartlett Hall News 'Y House' Mob Gives Shower to Barnes, Lummis; No Cigars 
June 1, 1937 Dorothy Nicholas Information Sophs Pick Delegates 
September 17, 1937 By Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
September 17, 1937 Mrs. Benjamin Ogden Chapman News College Gets $3400; Remodel Wayside Inn 
September 17, 1937 Summer Tragedies News Ahlstrom, Gonnsen Are Accident Victims In Summer Tragedies 
September 17, 1937 Moody Memorial Pastor to Conduct Fall Special Meetings; "Ham" Makes 6th Visit News Ironside, Hammontree Start Week's Services on Sunday 
September 17, 1937 Bible Department News Dr. Pierce Establishes Memorial Bible School With $50,000 Fund 
September 17, 1937 John Erwin Woods News Sophomores Pick John Woods Prexy 
September 17, 1937 Mandy School of Music of Chicago Short Comment Mandy School Director To Teach School Here 
September 17, 1937 Wheaton's Field Representatives News Field Men Visit Campus to Plan Trips for Year 
September 17, 1937 College Band First Rehearsal Short Comment Band Rates Uniforms Practice Saturday 
September 17, 1937 Clark, Grigolia Permanent; Stauffer to Assist Dean of Men News Faculty Frosh Include Leedy, Stauffer, Stone 
September 17, 1937 Intramural Group News Salter Prepares Extensive Plans In Intramurals 
September 17, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 17, 1937 Freshmen Introduction News College Plans Tea, Socials For Students 
September 17, 1937 Marriages Among Wheaton Young People News Summer Produces Matrimonial Bliss 
September 17, 1937 Tower Bells Rang To Announce Engagement News Bell Rings Out Three Engagements 
September 17, 1937 Women's Glee Club Tryouts News Women to Try For Glee Club Places Today 
September 17, 1937 Miss Eleanor Stephens '36 wed Jack Murray '36 News Stephens, Murray Wed Yesterday In College Church 
September 17, 1937 Weddings Article Hymen... 
September 17, 1937 W.A.A. Members News W.A.A. Hikes, Hunts At Castle Lake 
September 17, 1937 College Trade Article Wheaton Stores Have What You Want 
September 17, 1937 News of Tragedies Article Death into Life! 
September 17, 1937 Hebrew 1:1 Article Slow Revelation 
September 17, 1937 Freshman Week News Tower States Frosh Pictures Start Monday 
September 17, 1937 Summer Vacations News Vacations Vary From Soup To Nuts 
September 17, 1937 Dr. L.A. Higley News Higley Announces Black Hills Show 
September 17, 1937 Soccer Squad Sports McKellin's Soccer Squad Prepares For Thanksgiving Invasion of East 
September 17, 1937 Raynor-Shine Column Column Rain or Shine 
September 17, 1937 by Carl H.H. Henry Article The Ecclesiast 
September 21, 1937 Clinton Youle Column Off The Record 
September 21, 1937 Rankin Ely News Rankin Ely Plans For Mooseheart 
September 21, 1937 Frank Cassel News Wheatonites Hold Montrose Reunion; Elect Frank Cassel 
September 21, 1937 Harold Lindsell Article Norris $3.98 Aldeen Is Handsome Groom In Farcial Wedding 
September 21, 1937 Football Sports School Will Gather To Cheer Gridders 
September 21, 1937 Kenneth Taylor News Debater Point Towards Third Championship 
September 21, 1937 Hinkie-Pinkie Article Hinkie-Pinkie Comes to Town 
September 21, 1937 Dr. Ironside Article Dr. Ironside's Messages Continue to be Inspiring In Evangelistic Meeting 
September 21, 1937 Prof. Enoch C. Dryness Article Enrollment Drops To 1080 This Year 
September 21, 1937 Dean E. R Schell News Academy Raises Roll 10% With Students From Far and Wide 
September 21, 1937 Blanchard Hall Article School Boast Alarms, Lockers 
September 21, 1937 Miss. Florence Lutz Information Miss Florence Lutz To Present reading In Speech Concert 
September 21, 1937 Walt Macmillan Article Introducing Our Brainchild 
September 21, 1937 Kathleen Bulter News Easy Money 
September 21, 1937 Walter Macmillan Literature Christ In The Scripture 
September 21, 1937 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 21, 1937 Fred Walker Article Footballs Fly In Autumn Sky 
September 21, 1937 Freshmen Article 'Button Frosh' To Be No More 
September 21, 1937 Seven Wheatonites Crusie Thru Mediterranean To Holy Land Article Dr. Free's Trip Proves Success, State Tourist 
September 21, 1937 Jimmy McDonald Sports Grid Captain McDonald Asks For Recruits; Has Ten Letters 
September 21,1937 Herb Jauchen Article After the Game 
September 24, 1937 Clinton Youle  Column Off the Record  
September 24,1937 George Wilson Football Wheaton-Charleston Football Plays May Be Recieved Here 
September 24,1937 Howard Moffett Article Tower of '39 Breaks All Precedent; Offers Presents to Students 
September 24,1937 Gay Gargoyle  Article Resolved :Gay Gargoyle Concocts More Nicknames Than Walker 
September 24,1937 Rev. Carl Tanis News Rev. Tanis to Tell of Africa Before League 
September 24,1937 Fred McGuidwin Article Coed Gun Club Aims To Maintain Record Of Last Years Win 
September 24,1937 Clarence F. Stauffer News Dean Stauffer Earns Degree in Theology At Louisville School 
September 24,1937 Miss Lois Dickason Information Girls' Lit Groups Sponsor Inventory 
September 24,1937 Harley Barnes News Four Students Still Seriously Sick 
September 24,1937 Continual Prayer Meetings for Today; Evangelist Gratified News Dr. Ironside's Gospel Series End Sunday 
September 24,1937 Joseph Bayley News Joseph Bayley Picked As Temporary Frosh President by Council 
September 24,1937 Miss. Catherine Cummings Article On and Off the Campus 
September 24,1937 Literary Societies Information In Time-Worn Hall 
September 24,1937 John Shearer Article Say Fellows. . . 
September 24,1937 Carl H. H. Henry Article The Ecclesiast 
September 24,1937 Gay Gar'l Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 24,1937 Women's Literary Societies News Women's Lits Choose Officers For Semester 
September 24,1937 Student Opinions Column OPINES. . 
September 24,1937 Chrleston Team To Have Thirteen Lettermen Playing In Game Sports Blue and Orange Griddlers To Tackle Eastern 'Profs' 
September 24,1937 Miss Julia Blanchard News Library Announces New Religion Books 
September 24,1937 George Long News Academy Classes Choose Officers 
September 24,1937 Dr. Jack Cardiff News Improvements Made In Men's Training, Locker Rooms 
September 24,1937 Miss. Berg News W.A.A. Cabinet Gives Managers For Activities 
September 24,1937 Anita Brill Article Great Percentage Of Academy Graduates Now College 'Frosh' 
September 24,1937 Paul Raynor Sports Rain or Shine 
September 24,1937 Al Salter Sports Intrmural Players Meet Today; Will Hear Event Schedule 
September 28,1937 News Commentary Column Off the Record 
September 28,1937 Class Rivalries Article Dinks Appear As Soph Court Enforces Rules 
September 28,1937 Enrollment Information Enrollment Figures Indicate Increase Declares Registrar 
September 28,1937 Interpretive Reading Article Visitor to Give Schiller Work 
September 28,1937 Summer Enrollment Information Summer Enrollment is Largest in History 
September 28,1937 Debate Article Debaters Plan Meets with Big 10 Schools for Coming Season 
September 28,1937 Chapel Speakers Article Prexy, Memorial Lits to Have Chapel 
September 28,1937 Portland Students Article Portlanders Go Broke 
September 28,1937 Football Sports Single Point Margin Brings Win in Opener 
September 28,1937 Evangelistic Services Article Quiet Decisions that Count 
September 28,1937 Football Sports Out of Nothing- A Champion Team 
September 28,1937 Game Broadcast Article A Vote of Thanks to Charleston 
September 28,1937 Scripture Reflection Article Christ in the Scripture 
September 28,1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 28,1937 Professors Study Abroad Article Profs Venture Afar to Study for Degrees 
September 28,1937 Academy News Academy Briefs 
September 28,1937 Football Sports After the Game 
September 28,1937 Intersociety Soccer Article Accounces Plans for Girls Intersociety Soccer Tournament 
September 28,1937 Varsity Soccer Sports Veteran Soccer Team Plans Easter Schedule for Fall 
September 28,1937 Cross Country Sports Cross Country Squad Awaits Full Season 
September 28,1937 Gospel Teams Article Gospel Teams Cover Country on Summer Evangelistic Travels 
September 28,1937 Academy Football Sports Coach Nelson Cheered by Prospects for New Academy Grid Team 
September 28,1937 School Drivers Information Dean Emerson Explains Rules to School Drivers 
September 28,1937 Radio Club Broadcast Article Radio Club Broadcasts Game with Charleston to Campus 
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