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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March. 18, 1938 Alumni Washington Banquets Information Alumni Pledge $8000 for Gym 
March. 18, 1938 Wheaton's Present Financial Drive News Buswell Visits Rimmer in Duluth 
March. 18, 1938 Rooms of the Hosteness Information New Dorm to Feast Guests at Annual Fete 
March. 18, 1938 The Federation of IL Colleges News College Federation Holds Annual Meet, Dinner Here Today 
March. 18, 1938 Ordinary Mortals Take Pictures of Course Information Busse Finds Lenses Correct to 1 Percent in Physics Problem 
March. 18, 1938 George Spriggel News Vasial Angeloff Takes Boat for Bulgaria, Home 
March. 18, 1938 Spring Concert Tour Extends to Cities in New England Music Men Singers Complete List of Trip Stops 
March. 18, 1938 Dr. Gordon H. Clark Information French Club Hears Clark on Sorbonne 
March. 18, 1938 Wheaton's Intramural Sports News Seniors Leading in Intramural Sports Program, Record Tourout for Activities 
March. 18, 1938 Grub Street Short Comment Captain Miles Brotherhood 
March. 18, 1938 Carl F.H. Henry Article The Trinity of Christianity's Magna Charta 
March. 18, 1938 By Dave Enlow Sports Sports Barrage 
March. 18, 1938 Berghous Unbeaten Champ Big Ten Team Falls to Orangemen Sports Gehr's Initial Season Brings Success, Cup 
March. 18, 1938 Best of Three Games News Eps, Kreits Vie for Academy Cup Today 
March. 18, 1938 Private School League Sports Academy Five Closes Season; foster Stars 
March. 18, 1938 Wheaton College Tanksters Sports Wheaton Splashers Enter State Meet at North Central Tomorrow 
March. 18, 1938 Arrows, Knights Nosed Out in First Round of Society Play Sports Belts, Celts Enter Finals of Lit Games 
March. 18, 1938 Al Salter Sports Salter Returns; Greater Sports In View Soon 
March. 18, 1938 Cecilia Keys News Student Soloist Over WMBI 
March. 22, 1938 Anti-Semitic Information Off the Road 
March. 22, 1938 Louvisa Hatfield Represents Three Music Periods In Solos Music Pianist Brings Senior Recital Tonight at 8:15 
March. 22, 1938 Pi Gamma Mu News Pi Gamma Mu Hears Science Papers Thurs. 
March. 22, 1938 Northland Choir Music Northland College to Send Choir Here for Chapel Program Wed. 
March. 22, 1938 The Federation of IL College Information College Plays Host to Group 
March. 22, 1938 Glee Club Goes East During Spring Vacation; To Feature Solos Music Women Singers Leave April 2 For Trip East 
March. 22, 1938 Seven Expression Students Music Expression Recital Features Readings In Varied Program 
March. 22, 1938 The Glee Club Music  Juvenile Program at German Club Meeting 
March. 22, 1938 Brub Street Information No Tickee, No Shirtee! 
March. 22, 1938 Paul J. Raynor Article Rain or Shine 
March. 22, 1938 The Editor of the Record Article Opine 
March. 22, 1938 Howling Elmer News Howling Elmer Ultimates 
March. 22, 1938 The Siwimming Team Sports Wheaton Swimmers Place Fifth at First I.C. Conference Meet 
March. 22, 1938 Wheaton Varsity Golf Team Sports Golf Becomes Varsity Sport; Coray Coaches 
March. 22, 1938 Belt Basketeers Sports Belts Tounce Celts 30-26, Bueher Stars 
March. 22, 1938 Bicyle Physical Education Sports Nix-Nax 
March. 22, 1938 Coeds Serve Dinners in Own Rooms; Offer Music Information Rooms feast Eyes, Palates in New Dorm 
March. 22, 1938 The Epinoians Defeated Their Traditional Rivals Sports Eps Nose Out Kreits in Academy Lit Final as Foster Hits Net 
March. 22, 1938 The Boethalian Literary News Bows Celebrate Eleventh Birthday 
March. 22, 1938 A Gospel Team Information Moffett Preaches at Meeting in Elgin 
March. 22, 1938 Dryden's Statement Information  East Gate Features Collegiate Theme 
March. 22, 1938 By Jane Cook Article  The Better Half 
March. 22, 1938 Saint Patrick's Day News Saint Patrick's Day Theme in W.A.A. Party  
March 29, 1938 History Department Gives Dinner For History Professor Article Tiffany Passes Seventy Mark 
March 29, 1938 Muriel Robertson Information Muriel Robertson To Give Voice Recital Wednesday Night 
March 29, 1938 Joe Bayly Information Frosh Meeting! 
March 29, 1938 George Spriggel Article Weather Forecasts Brighten Record- - - Cloud Skies 
March 29, 1938 J. Lloyd Hunter Article Rural Bible Crusade Plan Bears Fruit 
March 29, 1938 To Debate Affirmative Side of Arbitration Question Article Men Debaters Win Third Title; Tackle Hobart Team Tonight 
March 29, 1938 Peter Stam Jr. Article Stam Attends Music Meeting 
March 29, 1938 Clarence F. Stauffer  Information Stauffer Gives Faculty Talk 
March 29, 1938 Debate News Academy Debaters Take First in District Contest 
March 29, 1938 Howling Elmer Information Elmer to Reveal All! 
March 29, 1938 Undefested Debaters Win Lead Field of Twenty Schools in Meet Article Triumph Is Repeat 
March 29, 1938 Arthur Olsen Information League Sec'y Speaks 
March 29, 1938 The Editor Column Grub Street. . . . 
March 29, 1938 Dare We Presume? Article 'Dare We Presume to Experiement with Prayer?'. . .  
March 29, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 29, 1938 Paul J. Raynor Column Rain or Shine 
March 29, 1938 Sam Moffett News Grade Point Moffett Is Tennis Captain 
March 29, 1938 Basball Sports Diamond Men Open Season With Aurora 
March 29, 1938 Wrestling Sports Four Orange Twisters Enter Central A.A.U 
March 29, 1938 Captain Woolmington Invites New Men to Fill Out Team Sports Soccer Squad Begins Spring Practice with Veterans as Nucelus 
March 29, 1938 Dorothy McConnell  News Appendectomies 
March 29, 1938 Basketball Sports Record Staff Downs Profs As King Fails 
March 29, 1938 Basketball Sports Bows, Phils to Play Finals in Women's Intersociety Basketball Tourney Tonite 
March 29, 1938 William Tell Information William Tell's Apple Shooting Features Film 
March 29, 1938 Jane Anderson Article Ael Babies lead in Dinner by Candlelight 
March 29, 1938 Volleyball Sports Volley Playoffs Match Seniors, Soph's For Crucial Contest 
March 29, 1938 Dr. C. G. Sterling Sports Sterling to Speak At Junior League 
March 29, 1938 Basketball Sports Sutherland High Scorer 
April 1, 1938 SDS to Send books to Pennsylvania News  SDS to Send Books to Penn; Solicit Funds  
April 1, 1938 Deans Office Shuts Down as Students Voice Opinions  News  Deans Office Shuts Down as Students Voice Opinions  
April 1, 1938 Three Sound Films, Color Pictures to Be Shown In Lecture News  Mack Reveals Nature Crypts 
April 1, 1938 Dr. J.A . Sutherlands  News  Dr. Sutherland Has Week's Meeting In Baton Rouge Church 
April 1, 1938 Glee Club News  Goodbye Ladies  
April 1, 1938 Glee Club News  So Long, Guys  
April 1, 1938 McKellin's Ofiice Recieves Enormous Sum Of Money News  McKellin to Spend Millions In Local Work 
April 1, 1938 Frank H.E. Wood  Article  Wood Exposes Faculty Kidnap Plot 
April 1, 1938 Dr. Frank Guy Armitage News  Ventriloquist to Give Impersonations From Dicken's Queer Folk 
April 1, 1938 Seven History Peels on Apple News  Seven History Peels On Apple 
April 1, 1938 Jeanne Cook Article  The Better Half 
April 1, 1938 Dayton Roberts  News  Off The Record 
April 1, 1938 Manifold United Article  Gay Gargoyle XVII 
April 1, 1938 Dr. Clarck's Table Talk News  Declares Wife 'Best Ever' In Role of Cook; Likes Pie 
April 1, 1938 Coach "Wes" Carlson Sports  Invite Tennis Aces To Tryout Saturday 
April 1, 1938 Dave Enlow  Sports  Sports Barrage  
April 1, 1938 Big Leaguers Fizzle When Collegians Turn On The Heat Sports  Stuart Blanks Yankees as Crusaders Garner 4 Runs  
April 1, 1938 Rueben E. Larson  News  Radio Missionary To Speak Saturday 
April 1, 1938 Jim McKellin Sports  Compliments For McKellin 
April 1, 1938 Coach and Registrar Change For Good of Both Departments  News  Coach Walker Swaps Offices With Dyrness 
April 1, 1938 Intramural Sports  Sports  Seniors Lose When Sophs Steal Yolks of 2 Varnish Tubs  
April 1, 1938 Joseph Bauer News  Junior League Leads Glen Ellyn Services  
April 1, 1938 Stuart's Pitching Allows Three Hits; Strikes Out Eleven Sports Wheaton Nine Beats Aurora In First Game  
April 1, 1938 Mrs. Rana B. Leasor  News  Mrs R. Leasor Recomends 24 For Positions  
April 1, 1938 Bill Swanson Sports  Prep Nine Shapes For Opener In April 
April 1, 1938 Doug Johnston  Sports  Wheaton Pitchers Sign Contracts With Cardinals and Chicago Cubs  
April 1, 1938 Dr. Mack News  Biology-Zoo Students To Visit Chicago Saturday 
April 1, 1938 Carl F. H. Henry News  Henry Promises Tower Before Memorial Day 
April 1, 1938 Jeanne Eadie News  Eadie to Aid With Editing Tower of '40, Weir Assists Noles 
April 4, 1938 By Dave Bronstein Column The World Speaks 
April 4, 1938 Dr. John W. Leedy Short Comment Boardman Discusses Ecology, Shows Films For Botany Seminar 
April 4, 1938 Coray and Gehr Head Program; Team to Name Pett's Successor News Sophs Sponsor Annual Dinner For Wrestlers 
April 4, 1938 Campus Parties News Students Drop Books To Fellowship 
April 4, 1938 Rev. Peter Deyneka News Soviet Evangelist To Bring Pictures 
April 4, 1938 "The Voice of the Andes" News South American Radio Pioneer Addresses FMF 
April 4, 1938 Football Achievements Show Promise For Varsity News Class of '41 Reviews Scholastic and Athletic Accomplishments of Year 
April 4, 1938 Cosmopolitan Group Leads in Many Fields News Class of '41 Reviews Scholastic and Atheletic Accomplishments of Year 
April 4, 1938 Freshman Class Column Looking Ahead 
April 4, 1938 Humor Column Garrullous Garter 
April 4, 1938 John 3:3 Column The Christian 
April 4, 1938 Dr. E. Victor Edman News Acad. to Hear Edman; Chem Students Travel; Lit Eats Progressively 
April 4, 1938 Literary Society Echoes Column Opine... 
April 5, 1938 By Dave Bronstein Column The World Speaks 
April 5, 1938 Pinebrook Quartet Short Comment Pinebrook Quartet to Sing, Speak in Chapel 
April 5, 1938 The Wheaton Collegiate News Alpha Delta to Publish Prose, Poetry Survey 
April 5, 1938 Wrestling Team News Frehsmen Wrestling Team Sends Brain And BRawn Men To Varsity 
April 5, 1938 Roger McShane and Tom Lindsay News Varsity Debaters Engage N.U. Before Lions Club Lunch 
April 5, 1938 Training School Commander To Screen Olympiad Pictures News Navy Chaplain Comes to Speak To Salterites 
April 5, 1938 Male Sextette of Renown to Sing in Russian Manner News Master Singers Present Spring Tower Concert 
April 5, 1938 Sigma Pi Sigma News Sigma Pi Sigma Brings Expert to Lecture on Acoustics and Optics 
April 5, 1938 Romans 12:1 Column The Christian 
April 5, 1938 Professor Mack, Head of Biology Department News Mack Tells of Nature's Provision for Animals; Shows Wild Life Films  
April 5, 1938 By Jeanne Cook Article Beau Ideal 
April 5, 1938 Student Opinion Column Opine... 
April 5, 1938 Library Books Short Comment Library To Prosper 
April 8,1938 Dave Bronstein Column The World Speaks 
April 8,1938 Dr. L. A. King News King Writes Textbook During Ohio Vacation 
April 8,1938 Dr. Frank Dickens Information Impersonator to Present Dickens For Academy Card 
April 8,1938 Physical Education News Physical Education Heads Visit District Athletic Conference 
April 8,1938 French Club Information French Club Meeting 
April 8,1938 Les Siegfried Sports Tracksters to Open Schedule At Naperville 
April 8,1938 Thelma Still Article Armenian Girl Goes to Mission Field 
April 8,1938 Enoch C. Dryness Information Registrar Will Speak At Columbia College; Attend Convention 
April 8,1938 Basketball Sports Frosh Basket'eers Forward Good Material for Next Year's Team 
April 8,1938 Girls Take Firsts in Lit Contests For Oratory, Extrempore News D. Mackenzie, H. Torrey Take Speech Honors 
April 8,1938 The Editor Column Looking Ahead. . 
April 8,1938 Dr. L. A. King News King Comes Thru 
April 8,1938 W.A.A . Girls Sports W.A.A Athletes Return From Naperville After Play Day Competition 
April 8,1938 John B. Streator Article The Christian 
April 8,1938 Students Opinions Column Opines. . . 
April 8,1938 Dave Bronstein Column The World Speaks 
April 8,1938 Wrestling Sports Sophs feed Wrestlers; Hess Elected Captain 
April 8,1938 Men's Intersociety Oratory Information Lits Stage Men's Oratory Contest Tonight 
April 8,1938 Gerald Frederic Information Conservatory Series Presents Noted Piano Artist on Program 
April 8,1938 Cesar Franck News French Club Met 
April 8,1938 Poetry Contest Information Poetry Contest Opened for All By Alpha Delta 
April 8,1938 Dr. V. R. Edman Information Political Science Field Trip Leaves 
April 8,1938 Orators, Extemp Speakers Vie For Tournament Honors Information Varsity Debate Team Leave For National Meet 
April 8,1938 Jeanne Cook Column Beautiful but Dumb 
April 8,1938 Library Announcement Library Books Due 
April 8,1938 J. N. McKellin Information Start Work on Dorm Wing Soon as Contract Bids Will be Released 
April 8,1938 Doug Johnston Sports Frosh Baseballers Form Crack Team 
April 8,1938 John B. Streator Column The Christian 
April 8,1938 Volleyball Sports Sophomore Volleyballers Cop Intramural Championship 
April 8,1938 Little Gems by Dr. Left- Column Science Squeaks 
April 8,1938 Says Like Morden Trends; Will Speak at Union Cemetary Article Prexy Signs Auburn Affirmation; Likes Hoseradish Also 
April 8,1938 Has Had Much Experience in Milking Cows; Is Much Happy News Dean Wins Cow In Cheese Raffle; Gets Interest 
April 8,1938 Professor Tincture Article Prof Confesses Raising Tri-Brats; Dribbles on Facts of family Life 
April 8,1938 Stooge in Disguise brings in Evidence News No. One Stooge Is Kicked off Dean's Payroll 
April 8,1938 Einstein Makes Faculty team; Cements Strong Position on Personnel News Scientist Coming 
April 8,1938 Pigley Wigley Goes on Biggy;Swirling Fog Hides Bender Article Sinister Deed Exposed As Faculty Joe Guzzles 
April 8,1938 Edgar BMOC Column Spice to the Lovelorn 
April 8,1938 Ellis Island Special Column I Say Old Thing It's at This Point We Laugh 
April 8,1938 Poetry Literature Pomes 
April 8,1938 Mr. Lemuel Cuebell News Intramural Al Get Hitched To A Girl 
April 8,1938 Professor Yoder Article Sammy's Story 
April 8,1938 Einstein's Theory Article Einstein Slap- Happy Over New Graft 
April 8,1938 Earnest Young Saint Literature -EY 
April 8,1938 Socrates System Article Reformers Advocate No Women ; C. King For Good Cigar 
April 19,1938 News Commentary Column Off the Record 
April 19,1938 Navy Chaplain Article Intramural Presents Navy Chaplain, Sport Pictures in Finale 
April 19,1938 Radio Panel Discussion Article Eichorn, Hoke Meet St. Viator on Radio 
April 19,1938 Tennis Sports Tennis Competition Open With Elmhurst on Home Courts Today 
April 19,1938 Dining Hall Head Article New Dining Hall Head Appointed; McKellin Quits 
April 19,1938 Baseball Sports Crusader Nine Defeats Joliet in Practice Tilt 
April 19,1938 Chapel Ventriloquist Article Ventriloquist Brings Dickens Characters 
April 19,1938 Piano Concert Article Conservatory Series to Present Piano Genius in Recital Tonight 
April 19,1938 Men's Glee Club Article Singers Finish Easter Tours 
April 19,1938 Resurrection Column Grub Street 
April 19,1938 Missionary Alliance Conference Article Alliance Conference Commences Thurs.; Missionaries Speak 
April 19,1938 Easter Reflections Article From Sanderson 
April 22,1938 Master Singers Article Tower of '39 Brings Master Singers Soon 
April 22,1938 Williston Hall Party Article Williston Hall to Entertain Men 
April 22,1938 News Commentary Column Off the Record 
April 22,1938 Campus Parties Information Party Program 
April 22,1938 Alliance Missionary Reuinion Article Missionaries Will Gather for Reunion 
April 22,1938 Congress Vote Article Taylor Misses Speakership in Congress Vote 
April 22,1938 Dickens Presentation Article Armitage Brings Queer Folk Impersonations 
April 22,1938 Palestine Presentation Article Free Describes Palestine Knots on April 25 
April 22,1938 Foreign Mission Fellowship Meeting Article F.M.F. to Hear South American Missionary 
April 22,1938 Play About Christ's Final Hours Column Grub Street 
April 22,1938 Romans 9 Commentary Column The Trinities of Christianity's Magna Carta 
April 22,1938 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
April 22,1938 Sports Commentary Column Sports Barrage 
April 22,1938 Baseball Sports Wildcats Down Nine by Point 
April 22,1938 Tennis Sports Netmen Lose to Elmhurst 
April 22,1938 Literary Society Meeting Information Bows, Arrows Join as Quakers 
April 22,1938 Political Science Tour Article History Tour Finds Romance, Antiques 
April 22,1938 Baseball Sports Eighth Inning Rally Downs Lake Forest 
April 22,1938 Campus Romance Article The Better Half 
April 22,1938 Engagement Announcement Information Molly Harrison Announces 
April 22,1938 Baseball Sports Crusaders Play Armour Saturday 
April 22,1938 Golf Sports Golfers Start with Dekalb 
April 26,1938 New Dorm Addition Article Begin Work on Dorm Addition for Fall Opening 
April 26,1938 Radio Club Article Graduate Student to Address Radio Club 
April 26,1938 Week Schedule Information Beat North Central! 
April 26,1938 Missionary Alliance Conference Article R. Brown Calls Alliance Meet Here 'Best Yet' 
April 26,1938 Tennis Sports Tennis Team Defeats North Central, 5 to 1 
April 26,1938 Master Singers Concert Article Master Singers to Come Here Saturday Night 
April 26,1938 Missionary to Africa Article Missionary to Describe African Episodes 
April 26,1938 Short Story Contest Information Bulletin Board 
April 26,1938 Holy Land Presentation Article Dr. Free Shows Pictures, Talks on Holy Land 
April 26,1938 Intercollegiate Banquet Article SDS Intercollegiate Fete Joins Campuses 
April 26,1938 Debate Article Debaters Gain Top Honors in Topeka Nat'l Tourney; Individuals Garner Awards 
April 26,1938 French Lecturer Article French Woman to Talk Here 
April 26,1938 Temploe of Religion Column Grub Street 
April 26,1938 Dorm Party Article Williston Hall Party Opens Spring Affairs 
April 26,1938 Jeanne Cook Column The Better Half 
April 26,1938 Dayton Roberts Column Off The Record 
April 26,1938 Fred Walker Sports Lose to Armour; Tackle North Central Tomorrow 
April 26,1938 Annex Annual Open House News Annex Open House Entertains Year's Deserving Young Men 
April 26,1938 Dekalb Squad Downs Locals Under Scotch Scoring System 10-5 Sports Golfers Lose Intial Match 
April 26,1938 Dell Nelson Sports Academy Win Behind 
April 26,1938 Softball Sports Seniors Victorious In Al's Opener 
April 26,1938 Basketball Sports Coed Choose Mythical Quintet Of All-Stars; Frosh Get Berth 
April 26,1938 John E. Philips Information Philips Will Speak At Academy League 
April 29, 1938 The League of Evangelical Students Information Purdue Prof Will Address SDS Banquet 
April 29, 1938 The Spring Recital Music Spring Recital varies Solos 
April 29, 1938 Deans Offer 11 O'clock Per As Advertising Bait For Program Music Tower Brings Male Vocalists Here Saturday 
April 29, 1938 Original Arrangement Will Appear in Recital Here Sunday News Grace Heidt Reads " Ruth" 
April 29, 1938 Poets Invited to Blush in Public: Alpha Delta Article Roses Are Red 
April 29, 1938 Memorial Day Weekend News Seniors Sneak in Memorial 
April 29, 1938 A Student Suspended Information President Clarifies Suspension Ruling 
April 29, 1938 The Reverend Lloyd T. Bryant News Youth Speaker Presents Films 
April 29, 1938 Host For First Time News President roberts Secures Prominent Journalists as Speakers 
April 29, 1938 The Life in College Short Comment Unwanted Publicity 
April 29, 1938 Carl. f. H. Henry Short Comment Preach the Gospel of Peace 
April 29, 1938 Diamond Dots Sports Sports Barrage 
April 29, 1938 Stuart Whiffs 11 Cardinals While Team Gives Good Support Sports Orange Crush North Central Redbirds 9-1 
April 29, 1938 Augustana Comes to the Local Courts Sports Tennis Squad Meets Tops in Conference Here This Afternoon 
April 29, 1938 The Sophomores Won the Interclass Hockey Tournament Sports Sophs Win Hockey Tournament 
April 29, 1938 Macomb Will Invade Local Diamond in Non-Conference Encounter Sports Crusaders Play State Teachers 
April 29, 1938 Captain Sam Moffett's Netmen Sports Net Squad Victorious in 5-1 Match with Concordia College 
April 29, 1938 By Dayton Roberts Information Off the Record 
April 29, 1938 Captain Les Siegfried's Wheaton College Tracksters Sports Cinder Squad Opens Season in Triangular 
April 29, 1938 The Women's Varsity Team Sports Coed Racketeers Take Redbirds 
May 3, 1938 Prof. Aninslie of Purdue U. Gives Main Message of Evening News Students Meet at Fellowship Banquet Sat. 
May 3, 1938 ICPA Convention Information I.C.P.A. Convention Convenes Here Friday, Exciting Program up 
May 3, 1938 National Music Week Music  College Honors Music Week 
May 3, 1938 Dainty Manicured Fingers Speed Swiftly  News Women Remake Record Office; Publish Semi-Weekly Newspaper 
May 3, 1938 Six Soloists Will Appear on the Women's Glee Club Music Glee Club Soloists Sing This Saturday 
May 3, 1938 Wins Contest of Delegates from U.S. and Canada--One of Four Music  Soprano Wins Scholarship At Curtis Music Institute  
May 3, 1938 Mr. John Herrmann Short Comment Hermann Speaks on Magnetism 
May 3, 1938 Wheaton Not a Utopia Short Comment Grub Street 
May 3, 1938 Margaret Bailey Article A Golden Bell And a Pomegranate 
May 3, 1938 Alpha Delta Announces Winners of Bard Contest Information Poets Win for Publication 
May 3, 1938 War in Europe Information Off the Record 
May 3, 1938 Golf Enthusiasts Sports Golfers Putt in Coming Tournament 
May 3, 1938 Outstanding Invidividual Performers Sports Individuals Perform on League Teams 
May 3, 1938 Varsity Trackmen Placed Second in the Triple Meet Sports Wheaton Tracksters Place Second in Meet 
May 3, 1938 ferguson Holds Upperclass at Only Eight Hits Sports Sophs Take Jrs. In Softball Tilt  
May 3, 1938 The Crusaders Traveled to Dekalb Saturday to Play Sports Crusader Lose Late Dekalb Game 13-8 
May 3, 1938 Dr. Gordon H. Clark Short Comment Dr. Clark Tells of Urgency for Nat'l Freedom Promotion 
May 3, 1938 Pupils of Mrs. Corinne R. Smith Music Conservatory Pupils Give Piano Recital 
May 3, 1938 Chicago Business Men's Orchestra Information Stam and Students Hear Business Men  
May 3, 1938 Gospel in Korea News Soltau Lectures on Korea This Evening in Junior League 
May 3, 1938 Linguistic Dinner Jackets Information Dr. King Writes in Eng. Journal  
May 3, 1938 The Women's Glee Club  Music  Women's Glee Club Concludes Season in Final Home Concert 
May 3, 1938 Personeel Office  News Few Discipline Calls at Personnel Office  
May 3, 1938 Harold Van Broeckhaven News Van Broeckhaven and Chafer's Niece Engaged 
May 6, 1938 M. Robertson's Debut Music  Glee Club and Soloists Give Spring Concert 
May 6, 1938 Miss Clarabelle F. Hiney News  Academy Instructors Attend Conference 
May 6, 1938 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News  Nystrom Tells How Speech Betrays  
May 6, 1938 D. Edman Has Crown  News  May Queen From Aeloian Lit To Wear Crown 
May 6, 1938 George Dasch Music  Annual Music Award Goes To George Dasch 
May 6, 1938 Lois Nixon Sports  W.A.A. Banquet Convenes Saturday 
May 6, 1938 Helen Cederberge News  Cook Presents Oratorical Award In Tuesday Contest 
May 6, 1938 Mr. Lloyd Hunter News  Crusade Teaches Class  
May 6, 1938 Group Visited Hearst Plant, Examined Tribune, N.B.C. Studio News  College Host To I.P.C.A. '38 Convention 
May 6, 1938 Dr. Kenneth Gieser News  Dr. Gieser of China Addresses Fellowship 
May 6, 1938 Grub Street Article  Grub Street 
May 6, 1938 Margaret Bailey Article  Who Will Go? 
May 6, 1938 Emily Miller News  Coed Quizzes Campus On Lyrical Lure 
May 6, 1938 The Gay Gargoyle  Article  The Gay Gargoyle 
May 6, 1938 Students Are Thankful Local Campus Are Frat-Free News  Wheaton Group Visits Schools  
May 6, 1938 Mrs Katherine C. Shapleigh News  Mrs Shapleigh Goes South 
May 6, 1938 Delle Mackenzie  News  Off The Record  
May 6, 1938 Charles Frame  Sports Siegfried Heads Track Team in Triple Meet 
May 6, 1938 Ball Nine Defeats Elmhurst 8 to 2 Sports  Ball Nine Defeats Elmhurst 8 to 2 
May 6, 1938 Miss Dorothy Slote Sports  Girls Attend Play Day 
May 6, 1938 Elsie Emery  Sports  Girls Racketeers Bow To Chicago Normal 
May 6, 1938 Peter Stam Jr. Music  Stam Announces Music Even For Semester 
May 6, 1938 Mrs Corinne R. Smith Poetry Mrs Smith and Mary Hosler Give Recital 
May 6, 1938 Norris Aldeen Sports  Norris Aldeen Stars in DeKalb Golf Meet 
May 6, 1938 Joe Coughlin News  Coughlin Plans Summer Camps  
May 6, 1938 Howie Fischer Sports  Fisher Takes Singles To Tie Armour Tech 
May 6, 1938 Dortha De Wald News  Kreitonian Girls Elect Dortha DeWald President 
May 6, 1938 Sophomore Wins against Seniors  Sports  Sophs Outdo Seniors In Soft Ball Game  
May 10, 1938 Reviewing Stand News Alpha Delta to Present Booklet 
May 10, 1938 Dr, Wallace Emerson News Dean Elected Vice President of Association 
May 10, 1938 President J. Oliver Buswell News Wheaton Citizens Promise Support to College 
May 10, 1938 Illinois College Press Association(ICPA) News Record Takes Two Firsts in ICPA Contest 
May 10, 1938 Noble Prize Winners News Physicists Attend Conference at South Bend, Study Cosmic Rays 
May 10, 1938 Dayton Roberts News Record Enters Higher Field of Competition 
May 10, 1938 Men's Glee Club  News Male Singers Close Season Saturday Eve. 
May 10, 1938 Appointment and Employment Bureau News Employment Bureau Assists Students 
May 10, 1938 Editor Editorial Grub Street..... 
May 10, 1938 Tower AD News Opine 
May 10, 1938 Dayton Robert Editorial Off The Record 
May 10, 1938 Morrow's Biography of the Judsons Is Topic for Recital News Ada B. Groom To Read Life Of Missionary 
May 10, 1938 Elizabeth Loeks Short Comment Academy Grad Third In National Oratory 
May 10, 1938 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News Talk Betrays, Warns Speech Prof in Paper 
May 10, 1938 Golf Sports Golfers Meet North Central Here Today 
May 10, 1938 W.A.A. News Annual WAA Banquet Brings Lilac-Time 
May 10, 1938 A Capella Choir News A Capella Has Full Schedule 
May 10, 1938 Placement and Employment Bureau Short Comment Placement Bureau Dines at Leasor's 
May 10, 1938 Baseball Team Sports Stuart Starts Against Tech for Revenge 
May 10, 1938 Frosh Diamond Boys Sports Frosh Trounce Semi-Pros 5-1 
May 10, 1938 North Central, Concordia Districts on Slate Next Week Sports Netmen Score 5-1 Victories Against Eureka, Wesleyan 
May 10, 1938 Baseball Sports Undefeated Freshmen Will Play Oak Park 
May 13, 1938 Dr. Glueck of American Oriental Research Institute News Cruise to See School in East 
May 13, 1938 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor News Taylor Offers New Survey 
May 13, 1938 Schedule of Examinations Information The Bitter End 
May 13, 1938 Rev. Dr. John D. Nutting News First Record Editor Returns-- Started On 4 lbs. of Type 
May 13, 1938 Hunt, Ellis, Shearer Join Referendum Questions on Ballot News May Voting Machine Election To Choose Student Council Prexy 
May 13, 1938 Date Change Short Comment Seniors Swap Sneak 
May 13, 1938 Male Singers News Male Singers Warble Finale 
May 13, 1938 The Home of Onesiphorus News L.M. Angelin Tells League of Mission Work in China 
May 13, 1938 Meeting Topic Shrouded in Central Europe, Says Kennedy News Roberts Taps Gavel Tonight 
May 13, 1938 Annual Cook Oratorical Contest News Senior, Soph Win Oratory 
May 13, 1938 Year Book News Tower Staff Promises Memorial Day Issue 
May 13, 1938 By The Editor Column Grub Street 
May 13, 1938 By Carl F.H. Henry Column The Trinity of Cast-Aways of Romans 11 
May 13, 1938 By Dayton Roberts Column Off The Record 
May 13, 1938 Visit Elmhurts Tomorrow; Lee, Gavin Show Top Form Sports Track Men in Invitational 
May 13, 1938 Walkermen Try to Avenge Former Loss Behind Stewart, Ellis Sports Wheaton Meets Wesleyan Club 
May 13, 1938 Trackmen Sports Thin Clads Place Second to Armour 
May 13, 1938 Ed Seaberg Sports Seaberg Wins Frosh Game 
May 13, 1938 Netmen Sports Netmen Trounce Cardinal Team 
May 13, 1938 Racqueteers Sports Racqueteers Blank George Williams; Fischer Starts Team Off With Win 
May 13, 1938 Junior League News Junior League Leads Service 
May 13, 1938 "Natural Sciences in Christian Scholarship" News Natural Sciences Grigolia's Subject 
May 13, 1938 Golfers Sports Wheaton Putters Go Down To Redbirds 
May 13, 1938 Thoughts and Suggestions Offered on Crowning May Queen Article The Better Half 
May 13, 1938 Gun Club Sports College Rifle Club Beats Town Team 
May 13, 1938 Harrison M. Wild Organ Club Music Groom Plays in Chicago Recital 
May 13, 1938 Engagement Short Comment Carne-Englesman Engagement 
May 17, 1938 Dayton Roberts Column Off The Record 
May 17, 1938 James McKellin News McKellin Hears Air-Condition Plans 
May 17, 1938 Conservatory of Music Information Recital Spots Piano Duets 
May 17, 1938 Annual Junior-Senior party News Junior- Senior Fete Ends Fite 
May 17, 1938 Tennis Team Sports Tennis team Sweeps District Prelimaries 
May 17, 1938 Dobbins, Trombone Star, Amateur Celloids Feature Trip Article Glee Clubbers End in Sprint 
May 17, 1938 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor Article Sound Journal Prints Research 
May 17, 1938 George Olson News Olson Successful As Ball Coach 
May 17, 1938 Al Salter News Al Combs East For Intramurals 
May 17, 1938 Miss Bee Van Dyne Article Bee Van Dyne Flips Fiddles into Splinters 
May 17, 1938 Lois Raws News Tower to Offer Marine Band 
May 17, 1938 Illinois State Academy of Science  Information Science Profs Attend Conflab 
May 17, 1938 Coach Fred Walker Sports Nine to Face North Central Minus Seniors 
May 17, 1938 Bill Gavin Sports Bill Gavin Fifth In Invitational  
May 20, 1938 Debate Team Article Debaters Talk over WJJD 
May 20, 1938  Honoring Wesley Article History Profs Honor Wesley 
May 20, 1938  Literary Society Meeting Article Open Meeting on River Banks 
May 20, 1938  Moody Fellowship Article Copelin to Head Moody Fellowship 
May 20, 1938  Dedication of the Yearbook Article 1939 Tower Honors Leedy 
May 20, 1938  Senior Class Fruit Cake Unearthed Article Class of '38 Uncovers Cake- First Time in School History 
May 20, 1938  League of Evangelical Students Article Jamaica Missionary Will Address League Next Monday Night 
May 20, 1938  Campus Party Article Blanchard House, Spanglers to Entertain 
May 20, 1938  Employee Health Improved Article 'Lib' Hatch Leaves Hospital 
May 20, 1938  Academy Literary Societies Meeting Article Academy Societies to Hold Meeting; Patton to Preside 
May 20, 1938  Summer School Enrollment Article Summer School Records Broken 
May 20, 1938  Placement Bureau Article New Placement Office to Combine Bureaus 
May 20, 1938  Student Council Candidates Article Grub Street 
May 20, 1938  Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 20, 1938  International News Commentary Column Off the Record 
May 20, 1938  Glee Club Article Male Singers Will Dine Out 
May 20, 1938  Yearbook Staff Article Tower Staff Burns Copy 
May 20, 1938  Literary Societies Article Belts Eat Wienies in Tonight's Roast 
May 20, 1938  Baseball Sports Redbirds Clip Wheaton Nine 
May 20, 1938  Academy Queen Article Junior Academy Crowns Ruth Stam May Queen in Spring Fete, Exhibit 
May 20, 1938  Tennis Sports Netmen Seek Titan Repeat 
May 20, 1938  Intramural Softball Article Seniors, Sophs Vie in Softball Final 
May 20, 1938  Track Sports Cindermen Hope to Take Loyola 
May 20, 1938  Baseball Sports Bob Foster Pitches Three Hit Victory Over St. Charles H.S. 
May 20, 1938  Academy Track Sports Five Academy Stars to Run Saturday 
May 20, 1938  Tennis Tournament Sports Academy Meet Host 
May 24, 1938  International Commentary Article Off the Record 
May 24, 1938  Senior Recital Article Carbaugh Sings, Plays Tonight 
May 24, 1938  Summer School Article Summer School Plans Activities 
May 24, 1938  Glee Club President Article Peter III New Singer's Prexy-- Other Stams Make News Copy 
May 24, 1938  Voice Recital Article Emily Miller To Give Recital 
May 24, 1938  German Club Article German Club Gives Program; Vining Solos 
May 24, 1938  Band Concert Article Band Gives Annual Concert Tomorrow 
May 24, 1938  Gospel Team Article Record Gospel Team at Academy League 
May 24, 1938  Tennis Championship Sports Beth Blackstone Captures State Tennis Championship 
May 24, 1938  Forensic Society Article Pi Kappa Delta Honors Students 
May 24, 1938  Accidents Article Three Accidents Mar Weekend 
May 24, 1938  Quintet Tour Article College Quint to Tour West 
May 24, 1938  Psych Club Article Psych Club Closes Year, Elect Stout 
May 24, 1938  Baseball Sports Two Wins Raise Average; Team Piles Up Hits, Runs 
May 24, 1938  Baseball Sports Ball Club Meets Illini 
May 24, 1938  Golf Sports Golfers Lose to Armour; Anderson Low 
May 24, 1938  Baseball Sports Troun Elmhurst Behind Stuart; Pick Up 14 Hits, 12 Runs 
May 24, 1938  Track Sports Lee Makes Record as Tracksters Lose 
May 27, 1938 '14 Collegian' Tracts Get Wide Distribution in 3 Months News S.D.S. Prints 10,000 Booklets 
May 27, 1938 Debater's Forum  Information Debaters Talk Politics on Air  
May 27, 1938 Bob Carbaugh Is Vocalist Helen Dobbins Accompanies Music Maurice Dobbins Climaxes Volin Career Tuesday 
May 27, 1938 His Trimph Edition of the Gospel News Present His Triumph To Frisco Normal  
May 27, 1938 Herbert Prinzing News Academy Chose Whom's Whom 
May 27, 1938 Black Hills  News Field Museum Swaps Exhibit 
May 27, 1938 Senior Class Sneaked off to Lake Wawassee News Seniors Spree! Rosy Reports Relieve Riot Rumors 
May 27, 1938 The Daily Vacation Bible School Information Bible School Opens in June  
May 27, 1938 Wheaton College Quintet's Only Home Apperance Will be this Sunday Information Quintet Appears at Tabernacle Sunday 
May 27, 1938 Nationals, State, Sectional Honors Form Awards Information Debaters End Banner Year 
May 27, 1938 Elections for Class Officers Will be Held Information Levers to Poll Student Opine 
May 27, 1938 Divine Grace Article Grub Street 
May 27, 1938 T.V.A. Scandal Short Comment Off the Record 
May 27, 1938 Victorious in Districts, 9-3 Season Record; Will Leave Today Sports Netmen Seek State Laurels With Entire Varsity Team 
May 27, 1938 The Private School League Tennis Tournament Information Parker Takes First at Prep Tourney 
May 27, 1938 Morton Brooks Sports Swim Team Elects Brooks Next Captain 
May 27, 1938 Girl's Athletic Association News Academy Gilrs Trek Tomorrow 
May 27, 1938 The College Rifle Team  News Rifle Squad Wins; Coe Scores High--911 
May 27, 1938 Team Tries Comeback With J. Stuart on Mound; Mcdonald Catches Sports Meet Blueboys In Revenge Try 
May 27, 1938 Five Leaders of the Wheaton Track Squad Sports Stars to Run in State Meet 
May 27, 1938 Del Nelson's Academy Sports Academy Baseballers Defeat Luther 2-1; to Conclude Season 
May 27, 1938 Bows Won the Inter-Society Baseball Tournament Sports Bows Defeat Ladies Win Lit Tournament 
May 27, 1938 French Club Music Clubs Sing Swan Song 
May 27, 1938 at Homecoming News Concert Drowned Savage Stays Prexy 
May 27, 1938 The Engagement of Elizabeth Baillie to Don Boardman News Baillie-Boardman Announce Betrothal 
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