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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 20, 1937 Ernest Young News  Ralph Sickles to Lead Camera Club in Next Semester 
January 20, 1937 Ladies are Again Conquerors Sports  Ladies Take Title In Volley Ball Loop Last Thursday Night  
January 20, 1937 Dizzy Dean Offers Congratulations To Team Sport  Speeches, Turkey, Awards Feature Football Dinner 
January 20, 1937 Academy Lit Plan For Semester Ends  Sports Academy Girls Stamina in Sports; Nelson Breaks Leg 
January 20, 1937 Tell Of Duping Jap Article  Dayton Roberts Doesn't Look Like An Oriental; He Isn't 
January 20, 1937 Prep Hoopsters Beat Harris, 38-18; Lose to Luther 21-19 Sports  Academy Five Defeats Harris; Luther Wins 
January 20, 1937 Mrs Mignon Bollman Mackenzie Music Women's Glee Club To Sing Selections From Concert Tour 
January 20, 1937 J Oliver Buswell Jr News  President To Stay Here Mid-Year 
January 20, 1937 Ed McCausland Sports  Along The Sidelines  
January 20, 1937 Ancient Rivals To Test Walkermen Here Saturday Night  Sports  N.C Tilt Sell-Out Tough Game  
January 20, 1937 John Dawson Sports  Wrestling Trophy 
January 20, 1937 Jimmy McDonald Sports  Orange To Test Armour Today; Chicago Floor  
January 20, 1937 George Williams College Sports  Chicago Team Beats Orange  
January 20, 1937 Ed Kelly Offers Service To College For Golf Team Sports  Green Valley Pro Will Instruct In Golf This Spring  
January 20, 1937 Coach Ball's Team Shows Class In Local Meet Sports  Matmen Take Redbirds 25-13, With Five Falls  
January 20, 1937 Athletic Directors Discuss College Problems  Sports  Ponder Difficulties  
January 20, 1937 Frosh Overcomes Early Lead To Win Game Easily Sports  Green Swishers Take Moodyites 29-21, Here  
January 20, 1937 Phil Merritt Sports  Wisconsin Mat Team Wins 17-15 
January 20, 1937 Men Intramural Basketball League Sports  Streaming Tigers Hold Lead Over Intramural Foes  
January 20, 1937 Lois Nixon  Sports  Nix-Nax 
January 20, 1937 Faith Roberts  Sports  Girls Take To Science For Volleyball Games 
January 20, 1937 Mrs Ruth Berg Sports  Girls Inaugurate System To Tabulate For All-Star Team 
January 20, 1937 Herman A. Fischer Jr News  Ladies Advisory Board Convenes  
January 20, 1937 Mildred Habegger Music  WMBI To Provide Outlet For College 
January 20, 1937 C. Willard Fetter Article  Student Opine 
January 20, 1937 Clint Youle  Article  Mostly Fillers  
January 20, 1937 Hail The Swimmers  Sports  Hail The Swimmers  
January 20, 1937 J. Edgar Hoover Article American Tragedy 
January 20, 1937 Address To Pre-med Group News  Dr. J. W. Welsh Will Address Pre-med Group 
January 20, 1937 A. C Lyon News  National Park Guide To Speak 
January 20, 1937 Noted Bible Teacher To Lead Service News  Dr. McQuilkin Will Speak  
January 20, 1937 Dr. Buswell Publishes 5 Volumes  News  Prexy Writes Books 
January 20, 1937 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News  Dr. Thiessen Speaks To Pinebrookers  
February 5, 1937 Alberto Salvi Music Famous Harpist to Appear in Tower Concert, Saturday  
February 5, 1937 John Sanderson News Off The Record  
February 5, 1937 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom Information  College Names Plumb Studios  
February 5, 1937 Chalmers Sherwin  News League Discontinues Sunday vesper hour; Attendance Meager  
February 5, 1937 Kit-Kat club News 18th Century Coffee Houses Reappear  
February 5, 1937 The Wheaton Record Information Tenatative Day Set For Story Contest  
February 5, 1937 Herbert Ball Sports Coach to Send Local Matmen to A. A.U. Meet  
February 5, 1937 Genevieve Alpaugh  News Redbird, Crusader Feather Their Nest  
February 5, 1937 Dr. Robert C. McQuilkin News Dr. McQuilkin Leads Prayer Group Tonight  
February 5, 1937 The Wheaton Record Information  Changes Appear In Record  
February 5, 1937 D. L. Moody  News Moody Bible Instirute Celebrates Centenary of Its Noted Founder  
February 5, 1937 Prof. Osborne  News Science Dep't Tells Of New Plans, Supplies  
February 5, 1937 J. Oliver Buswell  News President Talks Tonight Before Elkhart Group  
February 5, 1937 Genevieve Ginote  Information  Lit Societies Choose Officers For Second Semester Duties  
February 5, 1937 Eleanor Loizeaux Sports Anderson - Loizeaux Volleyball Combination Captures Fourth Consecutive Championship  
February 5, 1937 Louis Nixon Comment  - Nix - Nax -  
February 5, 1937 The Wheaton Record  Column Ring Out The Old  
February 5, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry  Article  Men Who Turned Back  
February 5, 1937 G. G. XV Column  The Gay Gargoyle  
February 5, 1937 Mr. J. A. Dawson  News Mr. Dawson Presents Wrestling Placque To Mat Aces  
February 5, 1937 Charles R. Wager  News He Wields a Steady pen At Seventy - six  
February 5, 1937 Ed Hakes  Short Comments  Do You Remember? 
February 5, 1937 Jim McDonald Sports Wheaton Five Retaliates 28 -25 Over George Williams Attack  
February 5, 1937 Crusaders Sports Crusaders Matmen Beat De Kalb 30 - 8; Dawson Gives Cup  
February 5, 1937 Orange Loopers Sports Orange Loopers Take Redbirds 32 -33 January 23 
February 5, 1937 Bill McCarell  Sports Quinter Finds Mission House Set-Up; 46-20 
February 5, 1937 Carl Clader Sports "Skippy" Clader Enjoys Gospel Work, Sports  
February 5, 1937 Rockford Church  News Rockfordites Clear Frosh by One Point  
February 9, 1937 John Sanderson News  Off The Records  
February 9, 1937 Cough Drops , Birthday Figure In Adventures During Tour News  Treble Clefers Seem To Enjoy Glee Club Trip 
February 9, 1937 Wheaton's High Water Enrollment News  Enrollment Figures Indicate Decrease  
February 9, 1937 H.S. Debaters Recieve Set-Back News  H.S. Debaters Recieve Set-Back 
February 9, 1937 Dr. Norman Richardson News  Richardson To Speak For Education Groups 
February 9, 1937 Adrian Heaton News Clyde Henry is Foxed in Traditional Glee Club Hazing  
February 9, 1937 Pett, Shiroma win Individual Honors  Sports  Grapplers Capture Lawson Y.M.C.A Mat Invitational 
February 9, 1937 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News  Group Share Plumb Studios 
February 9, 1937 J.C. Phillips News  The Wheaton Records  
February 9, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article  Men Who turned Back 
February 9, 1937 Fagin Timyan Article  The Gay Gargoyle 
February 9, 1937 Kenneth Taylor News  Elect '38 Speaker 
February 9, 1937 Blanche Boyer to Robert Arthur  News  Tell of Engagment 
February 9, 1937 Ann Beckley News  Sisters' Tea Fetes Frosh 
February 9, 1937 Mary Lou Lindquist News  Bows Feed New Girls at Breakfast 
February 9, 1937 Hugh Evans News  Hugh Evans Recovers From Operation; Beds In Infirmary Vacant 
February 9, 1937 New Dorm and Williston Hall News  Girls Dorms are No Place For Sleepwalkers  
February 9, 1937 Larry Souder News  Name Souder Class Speaker 
February 9, 1937 Lou Gehrig  Sports  Raynor Shine 
February 9, 1937 Glee Club Mid-semester Tour News  Club Finds Glee In Brainstorms  
February 9, 1937 Katherine Watson News  Kitchen Equipment In New Doprm Nears Final Installment 
February 9, 1937 Lois Nixon Sports  Nix-Nax 
February 12, 1937 John Sanderson News  Off The Records  
February 12, 1937 Dr. Robert C. McQuilkin News  Evangelistic Speaker Gives Revival Helps 
February 12, 1937 Miss Ella Burgeson News  Reformation Forms Basis For Short Story Competition 
February 12, 1937 Authorities Themes To Be Varied For All Tastes  News  Faculty Offers Varied Series Of Free Talks  
February 12, 1937 Prof. Olinger Article  Keep This Under Cover 
February 12, 1937 Professor C.D. Giauque  Sports  George Williams Coach to Address P.E. Department 
February 12, 1937 Dr. Allen C. MacRae  News  McRae To Be Chapel Guest 
February 12, 1937 L.M Aldridge  Music  Sunrisers Will Hear College Band  
February 12, 1937 Russell W. Keeney News  State Attorney To Be Knight's Guest 
February 12, 1937 Wide Selection In Courses of Bible, Theology Offered News  Dr. Wrighton to Join Summer School Staff 
February 12, 1937 Enock C. Dyrness News  To Visit Illinois Registrar Meet 
February 12, 1937 Noted Congregationalist Pastor's Crusading Service Ends  News  Dr. A.Z Conrad Former Trustee Dies In Boston 
February 12, 1937 Emmett Logan Article  Tower Photograph Editor Learns Of Human Vanity 
February 12, 1937 August Ballbach News  Glee Club Material Still Swamps Press  
February 12, 1937 Miss Jane Hawkins Article  HA--ha--ha 
February 12, 1937 Howard Winter News  Things The Record Forgot 
February 12, 1937 Ed Hakes  Sports  Dribbles and Long Shots  
February 12, 1937 Louisiana Tech Sports  Tech Boys Feature Blue Busts 
February 12, 1937 Harry Pett Sports  Matmen to Visit Wisconsin Team In Return Match 
February 12, 1937 Wilbur Webber Sports  Elmhurst Tank Meet Opens Second Year For Crusader Stars 
February 12, 1937 Odds Favor Wheaton Sports  Walkermen To Board Pirates in Second Tilt 
February 12, 1937 Miss Florence E. Cobb Music  Speakers to Offer Program on Lincoln 
February 12, 1937 J. Oliver Buswell News  President To Address Austin Y. P. Group 
February 12, 1937 William H. Nordin Music  Group Chorus To Feature In Spring Oratorio 
February 12, 1937 Strangers In The Midst Article  The Wheaton Records  
February 12, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article  Men Who Turned Back 
February 12, 1937 Walt MacMillan Article  The Gay Gargoyle  
February 12, 1937 Dr Albert Einstein Article  U. of Penn Picks International Profs. 
February 12, 1937 L.M Aldridge  Letter  Opines 
February 12, 1937 DeWitt Jayne News  Professor Jayne Proud, Happy Over New Art Department Studio 
February 12, 1937 Dr. J.W. Welsh News  Infirmary Gives Aid To 139 Since Autumn 
February 12, 1937 Gordon Timyan Sports  With The Little "19" 
February 12, 1937 Wildcats Defeated By Friars Sports  Tigers Hold Close Lead In Intramurals 
February 12, 1937 Hannah Klein Sports  Academy Debates Proviso In Practice For State Tourney 
February 12, 1937 Should They or Should They Not? Article  Staff Queries Paddle Artist 
February 12, 1937 Margaret King News  Academy League Picks Margaret King, Pres., Jean Hermann, Sec. 
February 12, 1937 Camera Salon News  Camera Salon Opens Today For Entries  
February 12, 1937 Rules Of Fiction Writing  Article  Standards For Mar.5 Contest 
February 12, 1937 Bob Foster Sports  Christian Beat Youngsters 17-14In Finishing Flurry 
February 16, 1937 John L. Lewis News Off the Record 
February 16, 1937 Popular Lecture Discusses New, Old Theories in Education News Buswell Presents Dewey, Hutchins Stranded on Hill 
February 16, 1937 Kirk's Spending Vacation in South West; Return in March News Vice President Kirk Vacations on West Coast 
February 16, 1937 Robert A. Salisbury News Authorities Consider Revised Gym Plans 
February 16, 1937 Ruth Taylor Music Lincoln Subject of Recital 
February 16, 1937 Dr. Darien A. Straw News Graduates Join to Offer WMBI Alumni Hour 
February 16, 1937 Freshie Green News Exams Wilt Frosh I.Q.'s 
February 16, 1937 Enock C. Dyrness News More Students Here Than Last Spring 
February 16, 1937 Wheaton Rooters Travel to View Fast Game Sports Crusaders Take Elmhurst on Pirate's Floor; 37-27 
February 16, 1937 Edgar F. Dival News Trustee Dival to Show Films Thurs. 
February 16, 1937 Malice Toward None Articles More Still Needed 
February 16, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Story Men Who Turned Back 
February 16, 1937 Ed Elliott Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
February 16, 1937 Elizabeth Engle Dear Editor Opines 
February 16, 1937 J. Edward Hakes News Society Marks Time; Annual Banquet Looms 
February 16, 1937 Armour Tech News Gun Club to Meet Armour Saturday 
February 16, 1937 Berkeley Mickelson News Academy Juniors Pick New Officers; Ashe Elected Head 
February 16, 1937 Irene Ackerman News Valentine, Installation of Officers Provide Excuses for Extra Meetings 
February 16, 1937 Harry Pett Sports Wheaton Men Fall at Hands of Wisconsin 
February 16, 1937 Paul Raynor Sports Raynor Shine 
February 19, 1937 John Sanderson News Off the Record 
February 19, 1937 Frederick Mizen Information Illustrator of Coca Cola Ads To Speak in Wheaton 
February 19, 1937 Professor W. Leedy Information Dine with the Washingtons 
February 19, 1937 Coach Walker Sports Alonzo Stagg will attend Macomb Fray with Coach Walker 
February 19, 1937 Coach Walker Sports Coach Walker to Battle one of Strongest Conference Teams 
February 19, 1937 Rev Daniel G. Finestone Information Finestone to Give Illustrated Lecture 
February 19, 1937 Daniel Boone Sports Clubs to Show Reels of History 
February 19, 1937 Dr. Joseph P. Free News Summer School Arranges for Mediterranean Cruise 
February 19, 1937 Wheaton Debaters Information Wheaton Debators will drive Today to Whitewater 
February 19, 1937 Don Hoke News Prepsters Plan Year's Activities 
February 19, 1937 Ed Hakes Sports Dribbles and Long shots 
February 19, 1937 George Thomas Information Big Shots Aim for Loud Bang 
February 19, 1937 Wheaton Wrestlers Sports Grapplers Pin Dekalb Matmen for Second Victory Over Red 
February 19, 1937 S. K. Smith Company Information Smith Co. to Design Cover for Tower 
February 19, 1937 Miss Ruth Berg Sports -NIX-NAX- 
February 19, 1937 Francis Parker Sports Prep Cagers lose 25-12 to Parker Five 
February 19, 1937 Wheaton Crusaders Sports Wrestlers face tough match with Michigan State Champions 
February 19, 1937 Margaret Horner Information Seniors Bear Tape Measure 
February 19, 1937 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Mackenzie Music Music Box Sets Date for Spring Concert 
February 19, 1937 Carl Henry Information Carl Hnery to Edit, Moffet Keep Books for 'Tower of 1939' 
February 19, 1937 Freshman Wrestling Sports Frosh Wrestle Morton in First Competition 
February 19, 1937 Miss Julia E. Blanchard Information Seniors May Utilize Fischer Stacks Now 
February 23, 1937 John Sanderson News Off the Record 
February 23, 1937 Dr. Merwin A. Stone Information Flag History Discussed by Stone Tonight 
February 23, 1937 Wheaton Graduates News Wheaton Graduates Take Advance Study at Big Universities 
February 23, 1937 Prof. Enock C. Dyrness Information Mediterran Trip to cost about $400 says Prof. Dyrness 
February 23, 1937 Wheaton Matmen Sports Hoopsters, Wrestlers Occupy Sports Light for this Week 
February 23, 1937 Margaret Meredith News Debaters Win Second Place 
February 23, 1937 Charles J. Woodbridge News Woodbridge, Africa, to Speak in Chapel  
February 23, 1937 Daniel Boone Information This Week 
February 23, 1937 The Register's Office News Publicity for Summer Term Put in Print 
February 23, 1937 James McKellin News McKellin Supervises Campus Repair Work for Board Inspection 
February 23, 1937 Delle MacKenzie News Debaters to Meet Cornell, Hillsdale Here Wed., Thurs. 
February 23, 1937 Profs Rank Lower News Sixth Conference Game for Season Tonight with DeKalb 
February 23, 1937 Bequeaths $30,000 to Wheaton; Donations to Other Institutions News Ella Norton Leaves Gift 
February 23, 1937 But Not Now Articles Our Responsibility 
February 23, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Bible Men who Turned Back 
February 19, 1937 Carl Henry Bible Men who turned Back 
February 23, 1937 L. Cassiopea Zelle Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
February 23, 1937 Prexy Dear Editor Opines 
February 23, 1937 Nelson, Hoke Guide Lit Society Activities This Term News Academy Lits Elects Officers for Semester 
February 23, 1937 Monitors Tremble at Memory of Giants of Dorm Folk-lore News Recalls Ancient Deeds of Phi Phi Phantoms 
February 23, 1937 Enid Dresser News L. Carson, Lummis Tell of Engagement 
February 23, 1937 To Sing for Wisconsin Tab. Tonight, at Aurora Saturday News Quintet to Continue Season in Kenosha, Fox River Meetings 
February 23, 1937 The Journals of the American Medical Association News Book Bindery Repairs to Fill Library Files 
February 23, 1937 Daniel Boone News German, History Clubs Bring Films 
February 23, 1937 Ruth Veerman News Eastgate Celebrates Members' Birthdays 
February 23, 1937 Dean Wallace Emerson News Dean's Secretary Gets Birthday Dummy 
February 23, 1937 Ed Dudley Article Raynor Shine 
February 23, 1937 Emmett Logan News 'Doc' Cardiff Dresses 'Em 
February 23, 1937 Underclassmen Form Team to Win First Dual Meet 47-24 Sports Wheaton Swimmers Take Elmhurst in First Meet 
February 23, 1937 Bill Hughes News Macomb Tops Local Quintet 
February 23, 1937 John Alexander Clarke News Herbert S. Ullmann to Picture Safari, African Expedition 
February 26, 1937 Strikes, Ethiopian Homage, An "Aryan Christ", Refugees News Off The Record 
February 26, 1937 W9YYU, Will Broadcast Description of Redbird Encounter News Radio Experts Will Try Ether For Sat. Game 
February 26, 1937 Films Taken On Extensive Tour Through Africa Short Comment Ullmann Will Show African Films After Lit Meetings Tonite 
February 26, 1937 Wheaton's "House Trailer Home" News Trailer Solves Room Problem Cheaply For Two Wheatonites 
February 26, 1937 Mme. Arendt, Leo Podolsky Appear in Concert March 16 News Soprano, Pianist Will Entertain For Music Box 
February 26, 1937 Crusader Matmen Sports Wrestlers Tussle Illinois Normal Here Saturday 
February 26, 1937 Clarence B. Hale Short Comment Hale Resigns Post After June to Leave For Mission Field 
February 26, 1937 Radio Uncle John Illustrates Fulfilled Bible Prophecies For League News John Meredith Of Bible House Lectures Mon. 
February 26, 1937 Annual Short Story Contest News Short Stories Hold Horizon 
February 26, 1937 Short Story - Most Popular Form of Literature Article Short Story Contest 
February 26, 1937 Reformation and Enlarging of The Training Quarters For The Benefit Of Brusied Or Ailing Wheaton Athletes Article One More Step 
February 26, 1937 Matthew 19:22 Article Men Who Turned Back 
February 26, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
February 26, 1937 Edward Abner Thompson Short Comment E.A. Thompson Returns Mar. 11 
February 26, 1937 Honor Roll Short Comment Seven Earn Academy Scholastic Honors For First Semester 
February 26, 1937 By Lois Nixon Column Nix-Nax 
February 26, 1937 Redbirds Out to Avenge 35-33 Defeat of Last Wheaton Tilt News Bitter Rivals Clash Friday In Naperville 
February 26, 1937 Literary Societies Information Roster of Tonight's Lit Programs 
February 26, 1937 Sports Commentaries Sports Dribbles and Long Shots 
February 26, 1937 Swimming Sports Swimming Meet To Meet Beloit 
February 26, 1937 Academy Cagers Sports Academy Hoopsters Engage Oak Park 
February 26, 1937 Orange and Blue Ball Tossers Sports Orange Cagers Lose To Dekalb, 28-39 
February 26, 1937 Wheaton Wrestlers Sports Wheaton Wrestlers Avenge Defeat, Take Armour 31-3 
March 2, 1937 Miracles Article Off the Record 
March 2, 1937 Piano Concert Article Preps to Offer Piano Concert Next Saturday 
March 2, 1937 Chapel Speakers Article Chapel to Feature Mrs. Demarest with Dr. Howard Kelly 
March 2, 1937 Professor Illness Article Prof Osbourne Ill Since Wednesday 
March 2, 1937 Open Houses Article Emerson Announces Men's Open Houses on Friday Nights 
March 2, 1937 League of Evangelical Students Article League Group Picks McKnight 
March 2, 1937 Debate Team Article Debaters Tie Dekalb For First in Tourney 
March 2, 1937 Logic Lecture Article Logician to Lecture Tonight In E-201 on "The Job of a Lifetime" 
March 2, 1937 Dean Education Convention Recap Article Deans Return Home from New Orleans Education Meeting 
March 2, 1937 Basketball Sports Quintet to Tackle DeKalb in Final Basketball Tilt 
March 2, 1937 Campus Faith Opinion Objectives 
March 2, 1937 Literary Societies Opinion A Slight Change 
March 2, 1937 Christian Faith Article Men Who Turned Back 
March 2, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Garoyle 
March 2, 1937 Inter-Collegiate Athletics Article Little Nineteen 
March 2, 1937 Literary Society Meeting Article Marial Topics Lit Themes for March Meeting 
March 2, 1937 Girls Athletic Association Article Whitaker New Prexy of Youngers GAA 
March 2, 1937 Scavenger Hunt Party Article Ladies Skating Party Becomes Scavenger Hunt 
March 2, 1937 German Club Informatino German Club Elects Baumgart President 
March 2, 1937 Fencing Article Foil Champ Will Instruct Fencing Here 
March 2, 1937 Women's Christian Temperance Union Article WCTW Offers Prizes in Annual Contest 
March 2, 1937 Chapel Article Frosh Hold Chapel 
March 2, 1937 Alumni Basketball Sports Page Still At It 
March 2, 1937 Soccer Sports Booters Will Travel to Play Army, Penn in New Fall's Bill 
March 2, 1937 Graduate Club Article Graduate Club Elects Joyce Jenkins President 
March 2, 1937 Indoor Track Sports Runner Open Indoor Season 
March 2, 1937 Debate Article Quartet of Debaters Compete in St. Paul 
March 2, 1937 Short Story Contest Information Tower Sets Short-Short Date 
March 2, 1937 Basketball Sports Redbirds Win 39-30 After Crusader Five Lose 1st Half Lead 
March 2, 1937 Basketball Sports Preps Beat N. Park In Return Tilt Here 
March 2, 1937 Broadcast Information To Broadcast 
March 2, 1937 Sports News Column Raynor Shine 
March 2, 1937 Inter-house basketball Tournament Article Mills Girls Capture Hardfloor Primacy in Interhouse Scrap 
March 2, 1937 Moody Fellowship Article Moody Grads Meet at E. Dival Home 
March 2, 1937 Women's Athletics Sports WAA to Give Swim Party; Consider Gym Credit for Natators 
March 2, 1937 Intercollegiate News Article Collegiate Review 
March 2, 1937 Swim Team Article Swimmers Lose to Gold 52-23 
March 5, 1937 John Sanderson Short Comment Off The Record 
March 5, 1937 Promise Unique Background For Mme. Else Arendt, Leo Podolsky Music Music Club's Concert Comes Next Tuesday  
March 5, 1937 David A. Berger News Berger to Present Lenten Program In Vesper Recital Sun. 
March 5, 1937 The Record Staff Information Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 
March 5, 1937 Wheaton College Quintet News Quintet To Handle Suburban Services 
March 5, 1937 Chapel Program Information Chapel Program List Olsen, Wheaton Choir 
March 5, 1937 Electricity Will be the Center of the Lecture News Sigma Pi Sigma To Sponsor Open Meet 
March 5, 1937 Gordon H. Clark Information Dr. Clark to Addres League Next Monday 
March 5, 1937 Academy Presents Program of Sacred Readings, Piano Music Information Dunlop, latham to Give Concert in Pierce Chapel  
March 5, 1937 Wheaton Closed its Basketball Seaon Sports Quintete Completes Basketball Season With Dekalb Loss 
March 5, 1937 A Reproach Short Comment Self-Complacency 
March 5, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article Men Who Turned Back 
March 5, 1937 Lois Nixon Information Nix-Nax 
March 5, 1937  Carl F. H. Henry News Henry, Moffett Begin Plans for ' 39 Tower  
March 5, 1937  Team Hopes to Repeat Win With Decisive Score Over Cardinals Sports Matmen Tackle North Central There Tonight 
March 5, 1937  The Academy G.A.A. Girls News Academy Amazons Will Stretch taffy at Ironside Home 
March 5, 1937  Ed Hakes Sports Dribbles And Long Shots 
March 5, 1937  Forty-Five Men, Twenty-Five Girls Take up Cultural Sport Sports Coeds to Start foiling Practice Under Mulligan 
March 5, 1937  Navy Pier, Wheaton Gun Club News Gun Club Marksmen To Compete Tonight At Navy Pier Match 
March 5, 1937  Mrs. katharine Information Deans Entertain Hostesses At Tea 
March 5, 1937  Students in Political Science News  Edman's Quiz Fools Students 
March 5, 1937  Two Changes Were Made in the Point System Information Council Votes Alterations in Point System 
March 5, 1937  Wheaton's Freshman News Freshman Grapplers Take Morton Again 
March 9, 1937 Dr.Howard Kelly  News OFF THE RECORD by John Sanderson 
March 9, 1937 Edward Abner Thompson News Blind Teacher From Boston To Give Readings 
March 9, 1937 Dr.Orrin E. Tiffany News League, Scholastic Honor Society Will Share Week's Chapel 
March 9, 1937 G.Carr Takes Third Place With Score of 197 News  MARION KARSTENS SHOOTS FIRST IN CHICAGO-LAND WOMEN'S MEET 
March 9, 1937 16 Winning Stories From Societies Will be sent To Chicago News Short Stories To be Judged By J.P.Lally 
March 9, 1937 clark will give Expository Lecture as Third in Faculty Series News Difference Between Christian, Pagan Ethics to Be Given 
March 9, 1937 Lenoir Masteller News Silver Medal Attracts Freshman in WCTU Temperance Contest 
March 9, 1937 Ten of Last Year's Sixteen Finalists to Compete Here Saturday News Sixty Matmen To Challenge IIAA Primacy 
March 9, 1937 Film Presented Short News HOUSE OF MAGIC, MOVIE THEME 
March 9, 1937 Williston Article CHISELLING 
March 9, 1937 The Record Article THE FORGOTTEN MAN 
March 9, 1937 Messiah Article MEN WHO TURNED BACK 
March 9, 1937 Marion Snowball Currie Article THE GAY GARGOYLE 
March 9, 1937 Hope to Repeat Earlier Victory over "Y" Quint, 31-15 Sports Prep Hoopsters Take Central Y; prime for Harris Boys Today 
March 9, 1937 Ping-pong tournament Sports Gargoyle to meet Ping Pong Champ 
March 9, 1937 Blanche Anderson, Business Manager, Tells Outline of Eastern Tour News Women Singers Announce Annual Easter Trip Plans 
March 9, 1937 Evangel Male Trio Short News Evangel Trio Holds Week End Services 
March 9, 1937 Augsbury College News Men Debaters Participates in St. Paul Tourney 
March 9, 1937 Elizabeth Bennett News Corkers Pull Taffy Play Old-Time Games 
March 9, 1937 Mary Troutman  Sports Coeds Carry Debate To St. Paul Tourney; Lose in Sixth Rouna 
March 9, 1937 Loyala University Sports Tankmen Lose To Loyola-ites 
March 9, 1937 Paul Raynor  Sports  Raynor Shine  
March 9, 1937 Grace Vanderpoel is Chairman of Contest to Be Held Monday News  Societies To Present Extemps, Speeches In Annual Contest 
March 9, 1937 Howie Schoon Sports  Crusaders Down Central Matmen 
March 9, 1937 Margaret Meredith News  Coed Debate Northwestern 
March, 12, 1937 Rev. Peter Deyneka News  League Will Hear Russian Mission Head 
March, 12, 1937 Ridgewood Baptist Church News  Quintet To Appear In Joliet Churches  
March, 12, 1937 Wallace Emerson News  Explain House Rules  
March, 12, 1937 Peter Deyneka  News  College Ochestra, Russian Evangelist Appear In Chapel 
March, 12, 1937 Literary Societies  News  Alpha Delta Plans New Literary Book 
March, 12, 1937 Phil Merritt Sports  Three Wheaton Men Will Defend Primacy 
March, 12, 1937 Eliot Putman Sports  Cindermen To Run At Naperville 
March, 12, 1937 Wheaton Hosts Wrestlers  Sports  Taking The Rap 
March, 12, 1937 Carl F. H Henry Article  Men Who Turned Back 
March, 12, 1937 Don Kennedy Article  The Gay Gargoyle  
March, 12, 1937 Dwight Schultz Sports  Junior Cagers Crush Harris 
March, 12, 1937 Bob Foster  Sports  Academy Scores More Than Foes For Season's Total 
March, 12, 1937 H. Willaim Nordin News  College, Town Chorus To Give Joint Musical 
March, 12, 1937 Wanda Simpson News  Debaters To Enter Tourney at Bradly 
March, 12, 1937 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom News  Tryouts For State Orattorical Contents To Be Held Mar. 20 
March, 12, 1937 Miss Florence E. Cobb News  Inter-society Speakers Will Vie Monday 
March, 12, 1937 Jack Hamilton Sports  Cagers Updike Boss 
March, 12, 1937 Ed Hakes Sports Dribbles and Long Shots 
March, 12, 1937 George Thomas Sports  Shoot In Nationals  
March, 12, 1937 Dr. Merwin A. Stone  News  Belts Feature Profs For Apple-Polish 
March 16, 1937 John Sanderson News Off the Record 
March 16, 1937 School, Clader, Hess, Pett, Merritt, Champions News Win Two State Meets 
March 16, 1937 Edward Groesbeck News Choir to Broadcast Thursday Afternoon 
March 16, 1937 Coach Fred Walker News Walker to Present Faculty Talk Tonite 
March 16, 1937 Music Box Gives Concert Tonight at 8:15 News Podolsky Joins Arendt Tonight in Club Concert 
March 16, 1937 18 Colleges Compete News Debaters Capture Second Consecutive Win Saturday 
March 16, 1937 North Central Association Article Advertising Pays 
March 16, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry The Bible Men who Turned Back 
March 16, 1937 George G. Moffat Short Comment The Gay Gargoyle 
March 16, 1937 The Honor Roll Dear Editor Opines 
March 16, 1937 Zaida Harvey News Seniors Take Most Honors for Semester 
March 16, 1937 Dr. E. H. Gault News Michigan Teacher Offers Exposition Prize to Students 
March 16, 1937 Singers Leave Friday, April 9, for Spring Tour in West News Men's Glee Club to Journey to California for Two Weeks 
March 16, 1937 Paul Fried News Fried to Conduct Tour of Palestine for Simmons Agency 
March 16, 1937 Lois Nixon Comment Nix-Nax 
March 16, 1937 Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer News Col. Agnew to Talk for Salvation Army in Chapel Service 
March 16, 1937 Paul Raynor Article Raynor Shine 
March 16, 1937 The Gay Gargoyle Sports Record Ping Pong Tourney Draws 50; to Play Saturday 
March 19, 1937 By John Sanderson Column Off The Record 
March 19, 1937 Men Engage U. of Florida, St. Viaotr; Women meet N.U. News Debaters Plan Three Meets Over Weekend 
March 19, 1937 Appointment of Associate Editors News Tower of '39 Editor Chooses Varnell, Hetrick Assistants 
March 19, 1937 Thirty-two Girls to Leave April 2; First Stop At Cleveland News Women's Club Tells Personnel For Easter Trip 
March 19, 1937 Rev. John Herrmann News C.Y.L.A. Sponsor Speaks in Chapel Next Tuesday a.m. 
March 19, 1937 Ex-Atheist Martin S. Charles News Former Atheist Will Address Chapel Group 
March 19, 1937 Expression Scholars and Conservatory Students News Expression Students To Display Talent In Easter Recital 
March 19, 1937 Wrighton, Tiffany to Offer New Summer School Courses News Eavey to Head Bible School Next Summer 
March 19, 1937 Haydn's Oratorio, The Creation News Chorus to Present Hyden's "Creation" Sunday Afternoon 
March 19, 1937 Wheaton College's Vice President News Kirk Returns From Vacation Business Trip 
March 19, 1937 Wheaton's Latest Sleeping Beauty Short Comment Morpheus Moffatt Moved 
March 19, 1937 Men's Glee Club News Glee Club Arranges Repertoire For Tour 
March 19, 1937 Christian Mission Alliance Leader to Visit League News Rev. A. Tozer To Talk Here 
March 19, 1937 Intercollegiate Snippets Column Collegiate Review 
March 19, 1937 "Blue Slip" Dyrness, "Buster" Buswell, "Ear-phones" Emerson to Star News Scribes, Profs Prepare for Annual Fracas 
March 19, 1937 First Formal Open House Short Comment New Dormites To Celebrate 
March 19, 1937 William McLeister News McLeister Fools Stick-up Man 
March 19, 1937 Inter-lit Games For Academy Cagers News Epinoians Capture Inter-Lit Program 
March 19, 1937 Fiftieh Aniversary of The Record News Record to Hold Dinner Mar. 27 
March 19, 1937 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schoon News "Schooner" Inmates Fete and Celebrate 
March 19, 1937 Academy Baseball Season Sports Coach Nelson Plans Diamond Schedule For Academy Nine 
March 19, 1937 Mrs. Paul Fisch Short Comment Old Record Editors To Visit Mrs. Fisch 
March 19, 1937 Time To Take Stock And Line Up Program For The Rest of The Year Article Taking Stock 
March 19, 1937 Response to Advertising In The Paper Article An Appreciation 
March 19, 1937 Psalm 142:4 Article Men Who Marked Time 
March 19, 1937 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 19, 1937 Officers Testify to Providence of God in League Activities News League Counts Work Expense 
March 19, 1937 Student Opinion Column  ..Opines.. 
March 19, 1937 Both Varsity and Freshman To Participate in Central Meet News AAU Attracts Champ Mat Team to Chicago 
March 19, 1937 Inter-class Basketball Tournament Sports Class Of '37 Keeps Women's Cage Title 
March 19, 1937 Women's Athletic Association Sports "Basketball" Theme of W.A.A. Meeting 
March 19, 1937 Freshman Edition of The Record Short Comment Jauchen, Elliott To Run Frosh Paper 
March 19, 1937 Women's Athletic Association Sports W.A.A. To Attend Deklab Play-Day 
March 19, 1937 Wheaton's Swimming Team Sports Water Boys to Enter Finals 
March 19, 1937 Personnel Group Short Comment Progressive Dinner St. Patricks Party 
March 19, 1937 Annual Record Ping Pong Tournament Sports Drawings Held For Ping Pong Tournament 
March 19, 1937 Infirmary Short Comment Business Slack at College Infirmary 
March 19, 1937 By Ed Hakes Sports Dribble and Long Shots 
March 19, 1937 Abolish Grade of Condition News Faculty Votes Grade Change 
March 23, 1937 John Sanderson News Off The Record 
March 23, 1937 Board of Trustees Article Trustees Meet, Defer Issues  
March 23, 1937 Grace Vanderpoel Information Girls Meet Elmhurst In Debates Tonight; Varsity God on Air 
March 23, 1937 Dave Miller Article Red Cloth, White Muslin. Blue Ink 
March 23, 1937 Dr. Penheiter Information Dr. Penheiter '32 To Tell Pre-meds Of Hospital Form  
March 23, 1937 Dr. Victor Raymond Edman Information Scholar to Recieve Society Recognition In Chapel Program 
March 23, 1937 Grace Vandepoel  Information Taylor, Vanderpoel Enter Oratory Meet 
March 23, 1937 Dr.V.R. Edman Information Class Studies Christ's Trial 
March 23, 1937 Dr. Gordon H. Clark News Dr.Clark Accepts Position on faculty 
March 23, 1937 Professor of Political Science To Trace decay In State  Information Edman Speaks On Democracy Tonite at 8:15 
March 23, 1937 Howie Fischer Sports Fischer, B. Coughlin Ping-Pong Champs Before G.G.Wins 
March 23, 1937 Jean Hermann Infortamtion Academy broadcasts WMBI Easter Hour 
March 23, 1937 Dr. William Wrighton News From Athens 
March 23, 1937 Grandpa Thoren Article God's Phonograph 
March 23, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article Men Who Pressed On  
March 23, 1937 Grampa G. G Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 23, 1937 Blanchard Hall Information Had You Heard....? 
March 23, 1937 Student Opinion Column ..Opines.. 
March 23, 1937 Serve Buffet Supper; Inspect Women's Rooms; Give Program News Girls' Dorm Holds First Open House 
March 23, 1937 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen Article Social Science Group Meets 
March 23, 1937 Lloyd Hunter Information Canadian Missionary Will Address FMF 
March 23, 1937 Kenneth Taylor News Taylor, Naitermian, McShane, Beltionian, Win 'Lit' Contest  
March 23, 1937 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Mackenzie Information Musicians to Give Concert for Pupils 
March 23, 1937 Margret Meredith Article Mad Hi-hatters Clebrate Sat. 
March 23, 1937 President J. Oliver Buswell  News Bible College Honors Prexy At Columbia 
March 23, 1937 Volley Ball Sports Girls Victors In Play-Day 
March 23, 1937 Bob Savage Information Juniors to Sponsor Good News Service 
March 23, 1937 Paul Raynor Sports Raynor Shine 
March 23, 1937 Carleton White Information Ex-prexy Will Talk On Picture Printing  
March 23, 1937 Wrestling  Sports Wilcox; Clader Take Second In AAU Meet 
March 23, 1937 Dr. Benton C. Eavey  Information Science Organization To Discuss Reports On Thursday Night 
March 23, 1937 Intramural Basketball Sports Tigers Mangle Wildcats Cagers 
March 26, 1937 John Sanderson Column Off The Record 
March 26, 1937 D. Breining, M. Troutman, D. Mackenzie, G. Van-derpoel Go Information Coeds Debate In Spring Trip In South, East 
March 26, 1937 Northland Choir Information Chapel Will Present Fifty Voice Choir From Ashland, Wis. 
March 26, 1937 Mary Allen Information Churches Will Hold Joint Easter Services 
March 26, 1937 Louis Gehr Gymnastics Gehr Coaches team for 6th Gym Exhibit  
March 26, 1937 Mildred Moore  Article Schooner Cooks Up Very Ducky Affair With Mystery Gift 
March 26, 1937 Men's Glee Club Information Manager Announces Personnel For Men's Vacation Excursion 
March 26, 1937 Enock C.Dryness News Ten Seniors Selected for Honor Group 
March 26, 1937 Mrs. Betty Roy News Green Latern Men Struggle to Handle Second Rate Blaze 
March 26, 1937 Examination in Field of Major to be Given Next Year News Senior to Take Comprehensives For Graduation 
March 26, 1937 William Runyan Information Noted hymnologist To Address Music Box Tuesday Night 
March 26, 1937 J. Oliver Buswell Jr. Information President Buswell Talks in Muskegon 
March 26, 1937 League of Evangelical Students News League Publication 
March 26, 1937 Record-faculty Basketball Game Article Faculty Frolic 
March 26, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article Men Who Pressed On 
March 26, 1937  Gargoyle Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 26, 1937 Paul R. Finlay Article Choir Leaders Sing on Easter 
March 26, 1937 Student Opinions Column .. Opines.. 
March 26, 1937 Captain Grosser and Squad Prime for Tough Schedule Sports Walker Starts Early Session On Diamond 
March 26, 1937 Lois Nixon Information - Nix-Nax - 
March 26, 1937 Frank Butler News Celt Quiz Profs 
March 26, 1937 Doctor Jack Cardiff Information 'Doc' Jack cardiff Leads House Group 
March 26, 1937 Naitermian Literary Association Information Postpone Trial 
March 26, 1937 League Schedule Sports Spring Sports Under Swing For Academy 
March 26, 1937 Miss Julia E. Blanchard News Faculty Ladies Meet For Tea, Business 
March 26, 1937 Ed Hakes Sports Dribbles And Long Shots 
March 26, 1937 Coach Walker Sports Walker's Workouts 
March 26, 1937 Irving Berlin Information Monday Night 
March 26, 1937 Benjamin Coleman News Ben Coleman Takes Award 
March 30, 1937 John Sanderson Column Off The Record 
March 30, 1937 Chunky Little "Chunky" Roberts Cleans up on Scribes, 38-24 Article Howling Elmer Foiled by Ref In Faculty Fray 
March 30, 1937 Evangelistic Concert to Supplant Regular Monday Service Information White Shirt Brigade to Sing, Latham to Play Thursday Night 
March 30, 1937 Dr. Wallace L. Ermson Information Resurrection Will Be Topic 
March 30, 1937 Men's Debate Team News Debate Teams Will Enter Local Society Tourney, March 31 
March 30, 1937 Herb Jauchen News Jauchen Announces Frosh Record Staff 
March 30, 1937 Samuel Hugh Moffett Article Editor Moffett Prepares For Vacation 
March 30, 1937 Charles Giaque, John L.Leedy Will Assume Positions Next Year News Faculty Names Staff Changes For 1937-1938 
March 30, 1937 Dr. Ernest Work Information Former Advisor to Ethiopia to Speak In Chapel Friday  
March 30, 1937 Chicago Daily Tribune Article Our Americanese 
March 30, 1937 Freashman Class Article Not Tailor-Made 
March 30, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry Article Men Who Pressed On 
March 30, 1937 Grampa Galahad..XV.. Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 30, 1937 Helen Torrey Information Montrose Reunion Group Meets, Dines 
March 30, 1937 Student Opinions Column ..Opines.. 
March 30, 1937 Girls Entertain in Studios; Center Arrangements On 'Easter' News Formal Party Opens House For Eastgate 
March 30, 1937 Annual Silver Medal Declaration Contest Information Frosh Will Compete In WCTU contest 
March 30, 1937 Dr. Paul E. Stanley Article Tower Eyrie Shelter W9YYU, Radio Club's Short- Wave Set 
March 30, 1937 Carl F. H. Henry News '39 Tower Appoints Flash Bulb Lighters To Start This Term 
March 30, 1937 Mrs. John W. Muir Information To Use Chop- Sticks 
March 30, 1937 Full House Cheers Winners Of Girls's Society Games News Phils, Bows Win 1st Round 
March 30, 1937 John Sanderson News Writers Celebrate Paper's Birthday At 50 Year Mark 
March 30, 1937 Paul Raynor Column Rayor Shine 
March 30, 1937 Men' "Lit" Associations Information Inter-Society Games To Attract Crowd Thursday, Next Week 
March 30, 1937 Volleyball Article Prim Teachers Trim Dotties In Volleyball 
March 30, 1937 Emmett Logan Article He's Alice Goon to Town!..... Howling Alice, Alias Elmer...Does.....It...Again!... 
March 30, 1937 Portia Sedgwick Literature Book Review Gone With the Wind 
March 30, 1937 Annual District Tournament Article Academy Girds for Debates 
March 30, 1937 Wheaton Radiations News Wheaton Radiations Sigma Pi Sigma Book To be Printed Soon 
April 2, 1937 Commentary Article Off the Record 
April 2, 1937 Women's Glee Article Women's Club Leaves Today To Sing in Eastern States 
April 2, 1937 Graduate Program Article School to Give Theology M.A. Next Semester 
April 2, 1937 Student Council Article Coucil Resolves on "Lit" Situation: Drops Campus Day 
April 2, 1937 Gymnastics Article Gymnasts to Sail Through Air as Gehr Present Mat Circus 
April 2, 1937 King's Witnesses Article King's Witnesses Will Travel East in Spring Vacation 
April 2, 1937 Missionary Needs Article F.M.F. to Hear Eight Speeches 
April 2, 1937 Chapel Topics Article Dr. Free, Awards Will Monopolize Chapel this Week 
April 2, 1937 Missionary Speaker Article Rev. Carl Tannis To Inform League of Head Hunters 
April 2, 1937 President Speaking Article Prexy to Speak in Winnipeg 
April 2, 1937 Biblical Reflection Article Men Who Pressed On 
April 2, 1937 Literary Society Activities Column Here's Our Opinion 
April 2, 1937 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
April 2, 1937 Student Opinions Column Opines 
April 2, 1937 Track Team Sports Orange Track Team to Enter Little 19 Meet 
April 2, 1937 Sports Commentary Sports Dribbles and Long Shots 
April 2, 1937 Speach Contest Article L. Masteller Wins Medal for Speech 
April 2, 1937 Easter Party Article Dow House Women Give Easter Party for House Mother 
April 2, 1937 Event Schedule Information This Week-End 
April 2, 1937 Society Basketball Article Belts Upturn Celts at 45-38 
April 2, 1937 Society Basketball Article Bows Crack Triple Deadlock by Wins Over Ladies, Phils 
April 2, 1937 Field Museum Trip Article 150 Botany, Zoology Students to Visit Field Museum Sat.  
April 2, 1937 Baseball Sports Baseball Team Get Practice 
April 2, 1937 Library Donation Article Library Receives 100 History Books 
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