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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 8, 1936 Dr. Paul Currey  News Culley, Orr To Adress School Soon  
January 8, 1936 Miss Harriet Northrop Music Organ, Piano Music Will Feature Mothly Vesper Recital, Jan 12 
January 8, 1936 $25,000.00 Endowment Gift  News West Coast Friend Swells Endowment With Big Donation  
January 8, 1936 Ray Huey News Local Camera Club Show Twelve Salon Photographs in Store 
January 8, 1936 President J. Oliver Buswell News Buswell Trial Set For Jan.30 
January 8, 1936 Enock C. Dyrness Information Largest Enrollement Seen For Next Fall 
January 8, 1936 Lila Jean Bruce ex -'35 News Lila Bruce Gets Gold Medal For Prize Story  
January 8, 1936 Bad Weather News Thrills, Chills, Spills, Bills, Characterize Winter Travel  
January 8, 1936 Dr. French Oliver News College Students To Participate in Religious Rally  
January 8, 1936 Mr. and Mrs. James McKellin News Painting Heads Holiday Work 
January 8, 1936 Eleanor Stephens Music Conservatory to Present General Recital, Jan.14 
January 8, 1936 Capt. Woods of Malcomb Sports Cagers Drop Final Tilt To Malcomb Last Night  
January 8, 1936 Dr. George H. Smith  News Freshman Class Will Fete Gridders, Jan 9 In Annual Banquet  
January 8, 1936 The Wheaton Record Column A little Data About Our Gym 
January 8, 1936 The Wheaton Record Column A New Year's Resolution? 
January 8, 1936 W. W. for G. G. XII Column The Gay Gargoyle  
January 8, 1936 Wheaton Chamber Of Commerce News Business Men Create Chamber Of Commerce As Municipal Booster  
January 8, 1936 William H. Wrington Article Divine Invitation Is As Broad as Provision  
January 8, 1936 Elisabeth and Wayne Amsler '33 News Marriages, Journeys, Visists Take Place Among Crusaders  
January 8, 1936 Chess and Checkers News Journal Offers to Back Club For Chess Fans  
January 8, 1936 Nance Dixon News Societies to Hear Stories In Preliminaries, Friday  
January 8, 1936 Catherine Foster  News Students Floric During Vacation  
January 8, 1936 Florence E. Bleecker News Bleeker - Westphal Married, Dec. 14 
January 8, 1936 Laberta Dickman '35 News Alberta Dickman Is Teaching 
January 8, 1936 Delburt Nelson News Four Mules, Aided by a jackass, Help Distressed Farmer  
January 8, 1936 Johnny Gray Article Orangebirds Twitter on Cage Tour Through South: Let's Listen to Them 
January 8, 1936 Crusader Sports Travelling Crusaders Win One, Drop Five On Winter Tour  
January 8, 1936 Captain Les Malmquist News Grapplers Take Morton, 30 to 8; Win Six Falls  
December 18, 1935 The Christian League of the Academy Music Christian League, Glee Club Appear in Chapel 
December 18, 1935 Professor Kilby Advances the Method Information Professor Kilby Prepares Article For College Paper 
December 18, 1935 Naomi Neuenschwander News Pamphlet File in Library of Worth to Practice Teachers 
December 18, 1935 Josephine Batchelder Head of 5 Academy Organizations, Likes Boots News Prep Senior Holds Many Positions  
December 18, 1935 The College Quintet News Two Groups Buy New Automobiles 
December 18, 1935 A Communication From the Chicago Presbytery Information Presbytery Postpnones President's Trial 
December 18, 1935 Immunization Treatments News Shots for Fever to End Friday, Says Miss Rury 
December 18, 1935 By the Reviewer News Metropolitan Moods is Excellent Says Reviewer 
December 18, 1935 Miss Marion J. Downey News Miss Downey Goes On Absence Leave to Finish Thesis 
December 18, 1935 Miss Florence McDuffie News Miss Mcduffie, McKellin to Be Married, Dec. 19 
December 18, 1935 Students Prefer Trips Home News Dr. Taylor Postpones Trip to Planetarium 
December 18, 1935 Norman Harrison News Thirteen Help Ma Dunton to Celebrate  
December 18, 1935 Members of the English Department News English Profs to Visit, Rest During Races 
December 18, 1935 Homesickness News Annual Christmas to Be Held Saturday in Dorm 
December 18, 1935 Bartlett Men Entertain 20 Coeds Wish Movies, Banquet News Y House, Barracks Stage House Parties on Dec. 14 
December 18, 1935 Men at the Barracks News Music, Games Feature Frolic 
December 18, 1935 Wheaton Youngsters Entertainment Hiatt Hall Girls  
December 18, 1935 Christmas  Short Comment Christmas in Its True Sense 
December 18, 1935 John: 15:22 Short Comment If I Had Not Come...Christmas Jou Would Go 
December 18, 1935 Coray Announces Selection of Squad News Coraymen to Engage Four League 
December 18, 1935 Bill Haarlow's Night  Sports Elmhurst, Chicago Fives Beat Orange Last Week 
December 18, 1935 Seven Grid Encounters for the 1936  Sports Coach Smith Issues Football Schedule for 1936 Season 
December 18, 1935 Underclassmen Prove nemesis to Veterans on Cardinal Team Sports Southeners, Oshkosh to Meet Orange  
December 18, 1935 Four Falls Bring Victory as Clader, Malmquist Sports Wrestlers Take Opener From Armour Tech, 20-16 
December 18, 1935 Wheaton College  Infomation Wheaton's Gym Was a Handsome Structure in 1904 
December 18, 1935 Poor Playing Ruins Wheaton's Chances as Jay Vees Show up Well Sports Techmen Trip Orange 39-19, In Chicago Last Night 
December 18, 1935 Wheaton's Junior Crusader Sports Undefeated Jayvees To Meet Humboldt  
December 18, 1935 Veteran Senior Majors in History; Plans to Study at Moody Bible Institute Sports Flashy Play Chracterizes Page's Game 
January 15, 1936 Editors of Story Signify Willingness to Judge Winners of Contest News Periodical Editors Will Rate Stories 
January 15,1936 John Sanderson  News Council to Vote On New Record Editor, Tonight 
January 15,1936 Motion Pictures, Sound Machine Addded to Equipment for Teaching News College Buys New Camera 
January 15,1936 Story of Wheaton- Normal Game in Old Days Reveals Sidelights Article How Did Cagers Dress in '04? Listen Then as Coach Recalls  
January 15,1936 John Ballbach, Hatch to Assist as Vice-Presidents For Next Year News Jack Hillis To Preside Over League  
January 15,1936 Men's Glee Club to Tour, Mid-Semesters Information Singers to Visit Neighbor States In MidwinterTours 
January 15,1936 Mrs.Gordon I. Mackenzie Information Itinerary Includes Southern I11., Ind.;Personnel Improved, Says Leader 
January 15,1936 Ada G. Rury News Colds Cause Trouble For Students; Fewer Sick Than Last year 
January 15,1936 Homer Hammontree Will Aid Columbia President In Evangelistic Meetings News Dr. McQuilkin to Open Winter Services Feb.2 
January 15,1936 Mr. D.L Foster  Information Mr. D.L Foster To Address C.E 
January 15,1936 Dr.D.A Straw Information Next Semester's Class Schedules Includes Changes 
January 15,1936 The Wheaton Record Staff Article The Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to New 
January 15,1936 Wheaton Need a New Gym Article By Way of Amendment To Last Week's Editorial 
January 15,1936 Criticism of Wheaton Wrong Article And Why Criticize? If You Can't Suggest Better 
January 15,1936 J. Edwin ORR Article Here 's The Cause Of Much Apostasy Expressed 
January 15,1936 Grace Vanderpool News Grace Vanderpool Takes Intra- Mural Debate Tourney 
January 15,1936 Dr. William H. Wrighton Article Pilgram's Progress Tells Story of Bunyan's Life 
January 15,1936 Dr.Hawley O.Taylor Article Telescope Views 14,000,000 Stars, Dr. Taylor Says 
January 15,1936 Professor H. William Nordin News Nordin Suffers Accident After Skating Party 
January 15,1936 Oratorical Association Information Winning Orators Offered $15 Prizes In Contest Jan.28 
January 15,1936 Literary Societies  Article Short Stories, Elections, To Occupy Societies 
January 15,1936 New Year Party News Girls at Felicidad Entertain, Saturday 
January 15,1936 Ruth Brunner Information Ruth Brunner Luckman, Engaged 
January 15,1936 Paul Schoonmaker Information Cosmopolities to Give Chapel Program 
January 15,1936 Charles Stanton News Stanton - Kimmel Are Married 
January 15,1936 Celeste Shroeder News Celeste Shroeder Is German Club Head 
January 15,1936 Mr. L. H. Stafford Information Camera Fans Plan Visit for Jan.16 
January 15,1936 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. News Buswell Trial is Postponed to Feb.5 
January 15,1936 Maybelle Orth News Mixed Quartet To Sing Over WMBI, Jan. 16 
January 15,1936 Dr. Cole Information Dr. Cole Is Teaching At Englewood 
January 15,1936 Varsity Negative to Open Debate Season in Fischer Chapel Article H. Mackenzie, Howard Will Meet Olivet 
January 15,1936 Dr. Chester J. Farmer Information Northwestern U. Prof Will Address Medical Organization Tomorrow 
January 15,1936 C. Wayland Brooks, former Resident, To Speak On Carrying On News Political Candidate To Address Acadamy 
January 15,1936 Debate Information Preps To Debate Aurora High 
January 15,1936 Team to Wrestle Midway School In Rubber Meet Sports Crusader Matmen To Grapple With Maroons, Friday 
January 15,1936 Doug Johnston Sports New Grid Man 
January 15,1936 Basketball Sports Coraymen To Meet Oak Park Y, Jan.28 
January 15,1936 Varsity Tackle Chosen by Team at Annual Banquet Last Thursday Sports D. Johnston Will Captain '36 Gridders 
January 15,1936 Crack Forward Nears 9 Point Average With 11 Points Against Vikings Sports Hoopers Lose to Swedes As Page Continues Spree 
January 29,1936 Chapel will be Renovated During Spiring Holidays, Says Progessor Dyrness News Willis Pierce Gives $20,000 for Galleries 
January 29,1936 Valparaiso Ind., News Glee Clubs Report Successful Trips, Travel Five Days 
January 29,1936 Dr. Norman b. Harrison News Harrison, Council, to Conduct Chapel 
January 29,1936 Jack Hillis Information Council Sets Day of Prayer 
January 29,1936 Student Returning News Enrollment Figures Drop Down to 891 for Next Semester 
January 29,1936 Paul Miller News Miss Everlyn Erickson Discloses Friendship with British Monarch 
January 29,1936 Sanderson Appoints Roverts McShane to Head Managing, News Departments News Changes Appear In Record Staff 
January 29,1936 Eleanor Stephens News Lit Societies Choose Heads for Semester 
January 29,1936 Hammontree, Bill Thomas '29 to Lead Songs News McQuilkin, Kelly to Conduct Mid-Winter Gospel Services 
January 29,1936 Rev. P. A. Kliewer News Buswell Speaks in Midwestern States 
January 29,1936 Two Other Wheaton Teams Place Second in Pre-Season Invitational Tourney News Troutman, Eadie Take Premier Debate Honors 
January 29,1936 Harvard Scientists News Astronomers to Observe Eclipse from Siberia 
January 29,1936 Attorney for Defense May Bolster Case with New Eastern Witnesses News Hope to End Buswell Trial Before Spring 
January 29,1936 A Late Survey News Barnard Graduates Average $1,962 for Earnings Each Year 
January 29,1936 Mario Salvador Music Van Dusen's Pupil Wins Organ Contest 
January 29,1936 Hospital Accident Insurance to $250 Offered Students for $12 Annually News Vassar Inaugurates Student Insurance 
January 29,1936 Northeastern University, Boston Comment Joe College Says:- 
January 29,1936 Miss Florence E. Cobb Music Recital Features Dramatic Readings, Humor, in Chapel 
January 29,1936 President James Oliver Buswell Jr. News Prexy Pulls Boner, Tells his Surprise 
January 29,1936 Miss Erickson News Miss Erickson Tells Story of Acquaintance with King Edward 
January 29,1936 Will Hold Contest to Select Women Speakers for State Meet News Eadie Takes Speech Honors, Claassen Next 
January 29,1936 Dr. Willis F. Pierce News Dr. Pierce Gives Prexy a Scare, Burns Meal 
January 29,1936 Dr. Willis F. Pierce Letter From Oliver Buswell Jr.  
January 29,1936 Helen Cantrell News 'Lits' are only Social Efforts in Zero Weather 
January 29,1936 Claribel King News Bondsmen Give Party 
January 29,1936 McKellin News Groans or Cheers, Depending on Home State, Greet Cold 
January 29,1936 The Tower of '37 Information Tower Advertises, to Give Desk Blotters 
January 29,1936 Gordon Timyan News Robot Smoker Arouses Wonder 
January 29,1936 Bob Foster Sports Academy Hoopsters Hit Their Stride for First Victory 
January 29,1936 Charlotte Stephens News Leap Year Party Gives Opportunity to Wayside Girls 
January 29,1936 Announcement of Policy Articles Want to Sing? 
January 29,1936 Banchard Hall Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
January 29,1936 The Asbury Collegian Short Comments Round'n Around 
January 29,1936 William H. Wrighton Article Revival Depends upon God's Power, Blessings 
January 29,1936 Dr. George Washington Carver News Black Man Makes Black Magic from Southern Products 
January 29,1936 Devoting To Editor Students Opine 
January 29,1936 Loss of Westlake, Skoglund by Graduation Weakens Last Year's Champs Sports Cagers Expect to Take DeKalb, Saturday Night 
January 29,1936 Gene Heike Sports Wheaton Takes Tech, 41-31, Jan. 16 
January 29,1936 Johnny Gray Sports Rough but Fast Play Helps Team to Win Thriller 
January 29,1936 Bulky Pennsylvanian Has Colorful Career as High School Athlete Sports Dave Watson Claims Bright Sport Career 
January 29,1936 Paul Miller Sports Jay Vee Team Defeats Greeks with Speedy Play 
January 29,1936 Clader, Rejmer, Hursch, Malmquist Win on Time; Merritt, Johnston on Falls Sports Wreslters Defeat Morton, Take Six of Eight Matches 
January 29,1936 Tom Field Comment Field Goals 
January 29,1936 Coraymen Come From Behind to Defeat Sons of Pericles in 5th Triumph Sports Powell Leads Crusaders to 40-28 Win, Monday 
January 29,1936 Bartlett Hall Sports Wilson, Y House Retain Advantage in Intra-Murals 
January 29,1936 Russ Powell Person High Point Man 
January 29,1936 Reprinted From the Chicago Tribune Sports Johnny Page Takes Fifth Place Among conference Scorers 
January 29,1936 Page J. Sports Here's How the Cagers Rank 
January 29,1936 Doug Johnston Person He Pins 'Em Fast 
January 29,1936 Sum Twit News Registration Goes Fast 
January 29,1936 The University of Chicago News Students will Hear Talkies This Evening 
February 5, 1936 Officials Are Gratified As Final Figures Bring Total Enrolled to 906 News New Semester Enrollment Sets A Record 
February 5, 1936 League of Evangelical Students News Pictures Taken in Tibet Will Feature League Gathering 
February 5, 1936 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. News Prexy to Address Meeting at Moody 
February 5, 1936 Rev. Lockyer, Aldrich, Shoemaker To Address Students After Close Of Evangelistic Services News Visitors to Talk In Chapel Hour 
February 5, 1936 Men's Dormitory News College Donor Ponders Contribution to Dorm Fund; $45,000 Needed 
February 5, 1936 A Major in Knowing Christ News McQuilkin Offers Major in Christ 
February 5, 1936 Monthly Vesper Recitals News Swnason to Play, Nordin to Sing at Vesper Services 
February 5, 1936 Five Varsity Debaters Take Lone Decisional Debate from Kalamazoo News Women Meet Nine Schools On Long Trip 
February 5, 1936 Representative for State Oratorical Contest News Three Girls to Vie For Oratory Crown 
February 5, 1936 School to Offer M.A. Degree in Education Departments Hinges on Endowment; Want Large Library News Committee Talks Over Tentative Arrangements For Post Graduate Study 
February 5, 1936 Coal Consumed by the College Heating Plant News School Furnaces Swallow Coal at Astonishing Rate 
February 5, 1936 Defence to Present Six Witnesses In What Is Expected to Close Trial News Commission to Conclude Buswell Trial Tomorrow 
February 5, 1936 Conservatory of Music Information Conservatory Enrollment jumps to New High Peak 
February 5, 1936 New Students News Registrar's Office Releases Record Of New Students 
February 5, 1936 John Lawrence Frost, Jr. and Orlinda Childs Pierce Short Comment Portraits of Chapel, Fund Namesakes To Hang in Halls 
February 5, 1936 William C. Thomas, '29 News Evangelistic Pianist Reviews Past Here 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton Debaters News Crusaders To Meet Wesleyan Tonight 
February 5, 1936 Volleyball Finals Sports Juniors Take Championship 
February 5, 1936 Clogged Gas Lines, Missing License, Spiritual Uplift Characterize Tour News Men Singers Tell of Many Happy Times 
February 5, 1936 Literary Societies News Socialites Discontinue Functions As Evangelistic Services Continue 
February 5, 1936 Intercollegiate Snippets Column Round' N Around 
February 5, 1936 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor Short Comment Physics Teacher To Return Soon 
February 5, 1936 Music Box Mews Music Box Elects Ruth Tanis, To Presidency, Jan. 29 
February 5, 1936 Revival Article Pray Without Ceasing 
February 5, 1936 Education is Not The Greatest Need of The World Today Article A Goodly Apple 
February 5, 1936 I Came, I Saw, I Conquered Article Veni, Vidi, ... 
February 5, 1936 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
February 5, 1936 New Weather Instruments News New Instruments May Make School Weather Station 
February 5, 1936 1 Samuel 10:9 Article Educated Heart May be Shown In Simple Deeds 
February 5, 1936 Homer Hammontree Article Leader of Songs Learns to Sing By Calling Hogs 
February 5, 1936 Student Opinion Column Student Opine 
February 5, 1936 Improved Rivals To Seek Revenge On Orange Mat; Wheaton Will Attempt To Uphold Reputation Against Traditional Foes; Johnston Unbeaten; Big Heavyweight Wrestler Enjoys Undefeated Record on Mat This Season Sports Matmen To Wrestle Cardinals Here Friday, February 7 
February 5, 1936 Gun Club Sports Gun Club Elects F. McGuidwin To Succeed Hockman 
February 5, 1936 Wrestler Sports Willie Currens Thrives Upon Toughest Luck 
February 5, 1936 Currens, Clader, Pett, Merritt, Johnston Gain Bouts in Hard Meet Sports Big Ten Foes Falter Before Orange Tricks 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton's Basketeers Sports Conference School Will Act As Host To Orange, Feb. 12 
February 5, 1936 Team Expects To BReak Slump Against Visitors Sports Cagers To Meet Towering Miners Saturday Night 
February 5, 1936 Rev. and Mrs. Henry A. Coray News Coach Coray's Borther Announces Son's Birth 
February 5, 1936 Last Minute Rally Brings Home Tallies to Within 5 Points of Victory Sports Quintet Drops Fast Game DeKalb Profs 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton College Marksmen Sports Chicago Gunmen Trim Local Club, 991-972, Feb. 1 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton's Wrestling Team Sports Wrestlers Travel To Beat Normal 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton's Crusaders Sports Oak park Defeats Crusader Cagers In Return Game 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton Crusaders Sports Field Goals 
February 5, 1936 Debate Teams News Parties at Academy Share Interest with Debate Drills 
February 5, 1936 Wheaton's Junior Varsity Sports Jayvees Gain Eightth Successive Victory; Swamp DeKalb Subs 
February 5, 1936 Imtramural League Sports Minute Men Gain Ground in Local Intramural League 
February 12, 1936 Student Council News Faculty votes Grade points for Extra Curricular Activities 
February 12, 1936 Oliver Berg information Oak Park Chemist to address Club 
February 12, 1936 Dr. Will H. Houghton  Information Dr. Will Houghton to Address Chapel  
February 12, 1936 Jack Hills News League of Evangelical students Meeting in Chicago 
February 12, 1936 Dr. Mc Quilkin News Revival breaks on Wheaton Campus 
February 12, 1936 President Oliver Buswell News Faculty accepts Masters Degree in Religious education 
February 12, 1936 Dr. Clarence Nystrom Information Speech Association ELects Dr, Nystrom  
February 12, 1936 Lucille O'Hair  Information Lucille O'Hair and Eadie to Speak 
February 12, 1936 President Oliver Buswell Information President Buswell to address Midwest Bible church 
February 12, 1936 Dr. John W. Leedy  Information Dr. John Leedy to lead Christian Endeavour Soceity 
February 12, 1936 Dr. Oliver Buswell News Commission trying Buswell to give verdict by Feb 27 
February 12, 1936 Coach Coray Sports Old opponent will test team Saturday night 
February 12, 1936 Gov. Martin L. Davey News Davey's Grid Joke is simply in fun 
February 12, 1936 Samuel Hugh Sports Girls Wanted for Ping Pong 
February 12, 1936 President Oliver Buswell Information 'No Theme' Announce Dinner Banquet Entertainmnet 
February 12, 1936 Don Jackson News Expel Cheating Students after Mess in South 
February 12, 1936 Mrs. James McKellin Information Director Changes Food Schedule due to Increased Cost 
February 12, 1936 Dr. Allen Higley Information Dr. L. A. Higley To Show Robot Smoker 
February 12, 1936 Margaret Bailey Information Philalethean To Hold Informal Tea, Feb. 13 
February 12, 1936 Miss Ada Rury News School Nurse Tells Infirmary News; Treats Seven Men 
February 12, 1936 Martha Elting  News Martha Elting Will embark for Ethopia 
February 12, 1936 Editorial Information Our Part in Continiung His Work 
February 12, 1936 Wheaton Basketball Sports Tomorrow's The Day to Beat North Central 
February 12, 1936 Henry Justin Smith News A Tribute Editor of Chicago Daily News 
February 12, 1936 Wheaton Scoreboard Information Round 'N Around 
February 12, 1936 Margaret Munson Information Margaret Munson '31 speaks on Mission in Minnesota 
February 12, 1936 Dr. Mervin Stone News Mervin A. Stone is Put On Field Force 
February 12, 1936 Wheaton Revival Information New Revival for Home Churches Can Follow Now 
February 12, 1936 Men's Debate Article Men Debate Squads Will Try Three More Schools This Week 
February 12, 1936 School Anthem Article Student Council Will Seek School Anthem 
February 12, 1936 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Beat Cardinals; To Test Wisconsin Team Feb. 15 
February 12, 1936 Wrestling Coach Sports Maroon Mat Ace Coaches Champion Team at Wheaton 
February 12, 1936 Wrestling Sports Naperville Foes Take Drubbing With 31-3 Count 
February 12, 1936 Intra-Mural Basketball Article Minute Men Take First Place In Intra-Mural Basket League 
February 12, 1936 Academy Social Setting Article Academy Slows Social Pace During Services 
February 12, 1936 Student Ministry Reorganization Article Student Ministers Reorganize; Seek Spread of Revival 
February 12, 1936 Basketball News Field Goals 
February 12, 1936 Newspapers Information Supply Store to Sell Newspapers 
February 12, 1936 Jayvee Basketball Sports Jay Vees Win Ninth in Row 
February 19, 1936 Organ Recital Article Organ Recital Initiates Series of Musicales 
February 19, 1936 Presidential Tour Article President Buswell Starts Eastern Tour to Address Alumni 
February 19, 1936 Chapel Speaker Article Rimmer to Speak in College Chapel 
February 19, 1936 Botany Professor Award Article English Insitute Honors Dr. Leedy 
February 19, 1936 GPA Awards Information Faculty Issues Conditions for Grade Point Awards 
February 19, 1936 Oratorical Meet Article Lucille O'hair, Eadie Speak in Oratorical Meet 
February 19, 1936 Christian Endeavor Society Article Rev. Loyal H. Bartel to Address CE. Feb. 23 
February 19, 1936 Scholastic Award Article Five Wheaton Students Receive Perfect Honors in College Chapel Today 
February 19, 1936 Educational Conferences Article Personnel Officers to Attend Meet 
February 19, 1936 Informatin about Professors Article May We Present 
February 19, 1936 Leauge of Evangelical Students Gatherings Article Ballbach Announces 'Unique' Gathering For Monday, Feb. 24 
February 19, 1936 New League Leader Article Academy Names Alice Unkefer to Head Newly Formed League 
February 19, 1936 Speaking Contest Information Society Speakers to Orate, Feb. 27 
February 19, 1936 Radio Debate Article McShane, Lindsay TO Meet St. Viator Over WCFL, Feb. 22 
February 19, 1936 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany Information History Head Travels Much, Attains Honor 
February 19, 1936 History Classes Article History Department has Attendance Race 
February 19, 1936 Basketball Tickets Opinion It's all in Fun But No! 
February 19, 1936 Committee Assigned Article But the Cosmos Changes For 
February 19, 1936 Intercollegiate News News Round 'n Around 
February 19, 1936 Radio Musicians Information Mack, Edman to Play for WMBI Listeners 
February 19, 1936 Homor Hammontree Letter Article Unclouded Communion Brings Lasting Revival 
February 19, 1936 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
February 19, 1936 Football Banquet Tradition Column Student Opine 
February 19, 1936 Valentine Festivities Article Varied Programs Follow Gala Banquet Festivities 
February 19, 1936 All Campus Banquet Article Hatchets, Axes, Cupids, Mingle in Banquet Fun 
February 19, 1936 Engagement Information Declare Engagement using Novel Means at Annual Banquet 
February 19, 1936 Entertaining Guests Article Miss Rury Entertains Friends on Week End 
February 19, 1936 Bartlett Hall Party Article Bartlett Hall has Party for Friars 
February 19, 1936 Camera Club Article Camera Club to Hear Talk by Oak Parker 
February 19, 1936 Valentine Party Article Valentine Party at Hiatt Hall Attracts Crowd 
February 19, 1936 Grapplers Visit Cards Saturday Sports Crusaders To Meets Redbirds In North Central Tomorrow, Saturday In Return Matches 
February 19, 1936 Dave Miller Sports D. Miller Paddles Fischer In Close Ping-Pong Final  
February 19, 1936 Larry Hursch Sports Hw Pins' Em Fast 
February 19, 1936 Russ Powell Sports Wheaton Five Takes on Pirates 
February 19, 1936 J. V. Men Sports J-V's Strengthen Varsity 
February 19, 1936 Coray Expects Tight Game As Five Clash on Larger Floor Sports Revenge Sought In Redbird Tilt 
February 19, 1936 Morris Nelson Sports Jay Vees Triumps Over North Central For Tenth Straight 
February 19, 1936 Mildred Seymour Sports Mildred Seymour Made W.A Prexy For New Semester 
February 19, 1936 Woods of Macomb In First Place In Little Nineteen Scoring Sports Page Ranks 8 In Conference Scoring Race 
February 19, 1936 Wheaton Gets All Points On Falls ; Opponents Take Time, Forfeit Sports Badgers Defeat Home Matmen In Close Match 
February 19, 1936 Wheaton Gunners Sports Men Beat Ladies' Scores to Settle Intraclub Rivalry 
February 19, 1936 Tom Fields Sports Fields Goals 
February 19, 1936 Del Nelson Sports Capacity Crowd Sees Crusaders Rally Too Late to Catch Foe 
February 19, 1936 George Williams Sports Regulars Impotent At Free Throw Line Geo. Williams Wins 
February 19, 1936 Undefeated Jay Vees Still Hold Best Record of Any Present College Team Sports Future Varsity Win Two More By Large Scores 
February 26, 1936 Harvey Mc Arthur, Emily McDonald Elected President, Secretary League News League Honors Buswell, Hillis , Two Graduates 
February 26, 1936 Dr. Henry C. Thiessen News Dr. Thiessen Heads Bible Department 
February 26, 1936 Charles Yoder Information Honor Roll Additions Include Charles Yoder  
February 26, 1936 Smokey Stover Article Fire at Bachelors Gives Smokey Stover Journelistic Scoop 
February 26, 1936 H. William Nordin Information Men's Glee Club To Sing Over WMBI 
February 26, 1936 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. Information President Buswell Will Hear Verdict 
February 26, 1936 Grace Vanderpoel Wins Gold Key For Work in Debate at White-water, Wis. Tourney News Debate Teams Take Two Cups at Meet In Whitewater, Wis. 
February 26, 1936 Dr. Orrin Edward Tiffany Article Dr. Tiffany Leads On Home Stretch 
February 26, 1936 Rodger Mcshane Article Summer School to Offer Master Work This Year At Association Proposal 
February 26, 1936 Mrs. E. W. Raetz Information Former Student To Speak Soon 
February 26, 1936 Miss Erma Stevens Information Miss Stevens Offers New Writing Class; Will Meet Tonight 
February 26, 1936 Enock C. Dryness News New Gates To Cut Electric Light Bill 
February 26, 1936 Orlinda Childs Article Chapel Dedication Set for Late April 
February 26, 1936 Eight Speakers Draw For Extempore Topics, Orators Talk Later Information Society Orators Try for Award if Silver Cups 
February 26, 1936 Dr. Clarence L. Nystrom Information Men Debate Team Travel to St. Paul To Speak, Testify 
February 26, 1936 Clint Youle Article Physics Department Head Has Background In Many Fields 
February 26, 1936 Dr. Hawley  News Loves Wheaton 
February 26, 1936 Dr. P. B. Fitzwater Article Educational Phase 
February 26, 1936 President Buswell Article Need of Churches 
February 26, 1936 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Article Why Not Do It The Right Way 
February 26, 1936 Prayer Article 'For Christ and His Kingdom' 
February 26, 1936 Mario Salvador Article More About Wheaton's Progress 
February 26, 1936 Hjalmer Berg Article Gospel Team Announces New Members, Itinerary For Next Summer's Trip 
February 26, 1936 News Headlines News Round' N Around 
February 26, 1936 By th rev. William McCarrell Pastor, Cicero Bible Church Article Grace Covers Past, Present, Future Of True Christian 
February 26, 1936 Student Activity Fee Information Student Opine 
February 26, 1936 Lois Dickason Article Women Hold Veil of Secrecy Around Leap year Party 
February 26, 1936 Roberta Tucker Information Aels Ask If Winter's Coming 
February 26, 1936 Lucille Keiser Information Ladies to Visit Toy Shop 
February 26, 1936 Jack Haillis Information Knights to Travel To Japan 
February 26, 1936 Carl Klein Information Celts to Beware Of Dogs 
February 26, 1936 Catherine Foster Information Bows to Discuss Dickens 
February 26, 1936 Surprise Party for Dr. Emerson Results In Annoucement Party For Senior, Graduate Article Lois Dickson Rayburn Tell Of Engagement 
February 26, 1936 President J. Oliver Buswell Article Student Council Plans Check on Groups 
February 26, 1936 Charlotte Stephens Article Outside Women Plan Party; Seven Recieve High Honors 
February 26, 1936 Lois Ice News Junior Wheatonian Elects Staff 
February 26, 1936 Peter Stam Jr. News Chicago Fellowship Hears Mr. Peter Stam 
February 26, 1936 Towering North Central A-ces Outshoot Crusaders In One- way Contest, 47-30 Sports Quint Bowa To Cardinal At Naperville 
February 26, 1936 Delburt Nelson Sports Muck Starts Second Year With Varsity 
February 26, 1936 Tom Field Sports Field Goals 
February 26, 1936 Helen Stephens Sports Girls Start Class Basketball Rivalry 
February 26, 1936 Volley-Ball Sports Dorothys Challenge Women of Faculty 
February 26, 1936 Paul Mohr Sports Local Gunners Lose To elgin Marksmen 
February 26, 1936 Shifted Line-up Takes Second Contest With Cardinals, 35-3 Sports Matmen Pin North Central 
February 26, 1936 Johnny Gray Leads Team to Victory With 9 Points; Rhoad Stars at Defense Sports Cagers Defeat Elmhurst In Second League Win 
February 26, 1936 Coach Edward A. Coray  Sports Replacement Shines 
February 26, 1936 Johnny Gary Sports Gary Scores 
February 26, 1936 Wrestling Sports Wrestling Squads Meet Two Teams On Home Mats 
February 26, 1936 President J.Oliver Buswell Jr. Information President Buswell To Speak in Chicago 
February 26, 1936 Course in Evangelistic Song Leading Proves Popular as Two Hour Class Article Murray Leads Singing Class 
February 26, 1936 Basketball Sports Varsity to Play Tri-State Team  
February 26, 1936 Future Vasirty Trail First Half; Rally to Win Close Game Sports Junior Varsity Take Old Foe; Record Intact 
February 26, 1936 Adolf Jensen News Five New Members Are Initiated Into Scientific Society 
March 13, 1936 Cagers Sports  Cagers Lose to Irish 35 - 26, Last Evening  
March 13, 1936 Chicago Presbyterian Seminary News Seminarians to Lead CE, Sunday, Mar.15 
March 13, 1936 Walden Howard News Debaters Leave For State Meet  
March 13, 1936 Gerald Ford  News Ambassadors Lead Meetings; Broadcast  
March 13, 1936 Gospel Messengers News Gospel Messengers Sing, Testify Over WMBI Yesterday  
March 13, 1936 Ruth Veerman News Ruth Veerman Wins Lake Erie Placque In Record's Contest  
March 13, 1936 Thomas Lindsay News Lindsay, McShane Get Audience Vote  
March 13, 1936 Debaters News Wheaton Debaters Rank High In Tournament, Hold Meetings 
March 13, 1936 Gordon Timyan Sports Wheaton Plays Host to Little nineteen Tomorrow 
March 13, 1936 Dorothy Walker Information League Initiates Activity Heads 
March 13, 1936 Samuel Hugh Moffet News Moffet, Aldeen To Head Staffs Of Tower of '38 
March 13, 1936 Waltom McMillan News Good News Service Planned For Chappel  
March 13, 1936 Debate Tourney News Fourth Invitation Prep Debate Meet Draws More Teams 
March 13, 1936 Women's Glee Club News Thirty Three Girls To Sing In South  
March 13, 1936 Evan Welsh '27 News Alumnus To Speak Before Next League  
March 13, 1936 President J. Oliver Buswell Information  President Buswell To Visit Michigan  
March 13, 1936 Miss M. A. Burnet  Information  Miss Burnet Tells of Japan As Missionary  
March 13, 1936 Lit Societies  News 'Lits' Baltmore Party Comprise Social Events  
March 13, 1936 Zane Gret Information Camera Club Show Features Zane Grey  
March 13, 1936 Delburt Nelson  News Faculty Five Faces Failure  
March 13, 1936 John Crane  News Maryland Students To Get Acquainted  
March 13, 1936 Charlotte Stephens  Article 'Spring Fever', 'Friendships' In 'Lits'; Preps Take Harris  
March 13, 1936 George Bowdler  Information Pioneer Missionary To South America Speaks Before C.E 
March 13, 1936 Marian Miller News Alumni of '32 Hold Service  
March 13, 1936 Wheaton Basketball Academy Sports  Cagers Win  
March 13, 1936 The Wheaton Record Column Pin That Conference! 
March 13, 1936 The Wheaton Record Column More Progress In Wheaton  
March 13, 1936 Philosophical Notations Column The Gay Gargoyle  
March 13, 1936 Dr. Orrine Edward Tiffany  Information Hitler's Action Not Threatening, No War Expected, Says Tiffany  
March 13, 1936 Lewis Sperry Chafer  Article Relationship to God As Father Conveys Meaning for Christians 
March 13, 1936 R. C. C. News Student Opine  
March 13, 1936 Knox College News Round 'N Around  
March 13, 1936 DeKalb News DeKalb Suprises In Light Weight 
March 13, 1936 Johnson Sports Three Mat Champions Expect to Duplicate Feat Tomorrow Nigh 
March 13, 1936 Tom Field Sports Field Goals  
March 13, 1936 Coach Ball Sports Grappers Defeat Armour tech For Twelth Win  
March 13, 1936 Blanche Anderson news Junior Women Win Individual, Class Tourneys 
March 13, 1936 Balconies News Company to End Balcony Changes By Spring  
March 13, 1936 Smoking  Information  Why Smoking Is Harmful  
March 13, 1936 Clubs News W Club Lists Society Cage Game Card  
March 13, 1936 Frank Moose  News 'Moose' Lawrence Plays With Champs  
March 13, 1936 The Track Team  Sports Thinclads Prepare For League Meet  
March 25, 1936 Prospective Coach to View Team Before Formally Accepting new Position News Fred Walker Will Inspect Team Today 
March 25, 1936 L. Allen Higley News Four Professors To Attend Science, Religion Meeting 
March 25, 1936 Dr. V. Ray Edman News  Committee Suggests Two New Teachers To Trustees Board 
March 25, 1936 Mrs. Minnie Cedargreen Jernberg Music Mrs. Jernberg, Salvador to Play 
March 25, 1936 Pictures to Portray Camp Life at Hisega, College Field Camp News  College to Show Summer Camp Movie In Pierce Memorial Chapel, Tonight 
March 25, 1936 Eadie, Troutman Battle to Semi-Finals in West Coast Debate Tourney, Mar.21 News Debaters Gain Semi-Finals at Redlands; Eadie, Mackenize Excell in Individuals 
March 25, 1936 Dayton Roberts News Roberts to Head Cleaning Work 
March 25, 1936 Preliminaries See Champs Show Up Well Against Tough Competition News Orange Team Gains in AAU Mat Tourney 
March 25, 1936 Dr.Austen Debelois News Rimmer, DeBelois To Speak in Chapel 
March 25, 1936 Edmund Clowney News  Freshman Choose Clowney, Kliewer 
March 25, 1936 August Ballbach to Replace Berg in Quartet as Latter Is Forced Out by Illness News Glee Clubs to Begin Annual Trips Through Nearby States Next Friday 
March 25, 1936 Chaplain A. C. Golsch News Witnesses to Conduct Federal Camp Meets 
March 25, 1936 Lucille O' Hair News Women Debaters To Speak in Texas 
March 25, 1936 Mrs. Gordon I. Mackenzie News Southern States Attract Club As Thirty - Three Members Make Trip 
March 25, 1936 Miss Julia E. Blanchard News Librarian Discloses Book, Paper Binding 
March 25, 1936 Riding Club Elects Officers For Coming Semester; To Take More Rides News Riding Habit Elects Buyers, Nina Rudolph 
March 25, 1936 Resurrection Literature Literary Societies List Seven Subjects 
March 25, 1936 Dr. John W. Welsh Jr. Short News Academy Student Takes Diphtheria 
March 25, 1936 Alice Wallendorf News Ten Sandbox Men Hold House Party 
March 25, 1936 Boethallian Literary Society News  Bows Celebrate Ninth Birthday 
March 25, 1936 Delburt Nelson News  Delburt Nelson To Teach Preps 
March 25, 1936 Willie Currens Article Good Work, Crusaders! 
March 25, 1936 The Game of '36 Article How Are The Mighty Fallen! 
March 25, 1936 H. Wilbert Norton Short News Hears Dr. L. A. King Record Staff Dinner 
March 25, 1936 Humane Society  Literature The Gaygargoyle 
March 25, 1936 Charles Finney Article Constant Revival Power Dependent On Passion For Souls, Intercession 
March 25, 1936 Editor Article Student Opine 
March 25, 1936 Milwaukee State Teachers College Article ROUND' N AROUND 
March 25, 1936 Faculty Engages in Word Pictures; New Attempt On Newsmen Planned Sports Record Team Does It Again, beats Profs 24-20 
March 25, 1936 Baseball Sports Baseball Signifies Spring - Schedules 
March 25, 1936 Moody Players Sports Girls' Basketball Team Wins Return Game with Moody 
March 25, 1936 Captain Ray Anderson Sports Swimmers Enter Sectional Meet At North Central 
March 25, 1936 Mrs. Claude Thomas Short News ALUMNI REPORTED SAFE FROM ARMY 
March 25, 1936 Paul Mohr Sports Wheaton Rifle Team Defeats Elgin Club; Hockman Ranks High 
March 25, 1936 Red Fitzimmons Sports Field Goals 
March 25, 1936 North Central to be Scene of Annual Track Meet on Mar. 28 Sports Track Squad To Compete In IIAC Meet 
March 25, 1936 Celts Swamp Arrows While Knights Take Belts in Overtime period Sports Knights, Celts Win Openers In Lit Tourney 
March 25, 1936 Edward A. Coray Short News Coach E. A. Coray To Speak in CE 
March 25, 1936 Noted Scientist To Appear In Fischer Chapel, Next Monday, Mar. 30 News  Dr. Harry Rimmer To Address League of Evangelical Students 
March 25, 1936 Five Freshman Substitutes Beat North Central, Chicago Normal, Beloit Sports Orange Coeds Win Play Day Title, Saturday 
March 30 1936 Excelsiors Literary Society Sports Celts Retain Cager Title, Beat Knights 
March 30 1936 Prof. John W. Leedy Information Summer Session Offers Field Work In Dakota Camp 
March 30 1936 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr News President to Speak In California Soon 
March 30 1936 Prof. H. William Nordin Music Nordin Revamps A Capella Choir 
March 30 1936 A New Helper for Clean Up News Town Joins Campus In Spring Clean-up 
March 30 1936 Lorrayne Benson Article  Freshman Firecrackers 
March 30 1936 Charles Troutman News Grade Point Inquiry Hits Five students  
March 30 1936 Ladies Doun Phils By 31-13 Count Sports Doug Finishes Second In Olympic Tryouts; Has 2 Bouts In Hour 
March 30 1936 Ted Kennedy Sports Faculty Referee Combine Forces In Record Fracas 
March 30 1936 Douglas Johnston Sports Leads Friday Bouts; Winner Gains By Forfeit 
March 30 1936 Rifle Team Sports College Rifle Team Wins From Lagrange 
March 30 1936 Assistant Professor of Chemistry News K. B Osborne Talks Before Camera Club 
March 30 1936 Bob Evans  Article  Christians Bound by God's Grace 
March 30 1936 Annual I.I.A.C swiming  Sports College Swimmers Tie For Sixth Place 
March 30 1936 The Diggers Sports Sport Spots 
March 30 1936 Intersociety Basketball Sports Bow Defeat Ladies 29-23; New Champs 
March 30 1936 Mike Shook Ike Article  GGXIII is Dead! Long Live GGXIII 
March 30 1936 B.T. Howard News Faculty Women, Library Staff Rayburn, Blanchard House, Hold Sicial Affairs 
March 31,1936 Hellen Cilley News Women's Glee Club Delayed By Accident 
March 31,1936 Robert Mulligan News  League Gives News of Future Meeting  
March 31,1936 James Comstock News Three Students Plan WMBI Radio Program 
March 31,1936 Dr. Harry Rimmer News  Rimmer Crowds Chapel; Lectures On Bible, Science 
March 31,1936 Annual Cook Oratorical Contest News  Oratorial Contest To Afford Prizes 
March 31,1936 Paul Brown News  Alumni to Speak For Medic Group 
March 31,1936 Coach Walker Sports  Walker Asks for Pep; Training To Be Strict 
March 31,1936 Metting After Holiday News  German Club Plans Meet After Holiday 
March 31,1936 Joy Pittman News  Record Writers Enjoy Festival Season At Gate 
March 31,1936 Rev. Brownville News  Five Honor Degrees Awarded This June  
March 31,1936 Robert L. Cooke News  Chi Sigma Theta To Name Initiates  
March 31,1936 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany Sports Wrestlers Announce Banquet On Thursday 
March 31,1936 Everett Gray Article  Christians are God's Husbandry 
March 31,1936 GGXIII Article  Hogwash 
March 31,1936 Roy Hess  Sports  Philip Merrit is Freshman Who Won AAU Title 
March 31,1936 Johnny Shearer Article  Freshman Firecrackers  
March 31,1936 The Diggers  Sports  Sport Spots 
April 1, 1936 Consill Takes up New Disgussione; Stevens Makes Up! News Gnu Coarse Wanted by Stewdentz 
April 1, 1936 Nabs Insibe Dope for Frosh Wreckerd News J. Shearer Reveals a Revelation 
April 1, 1936 Sheepdip Clowney News Deans Wrangle at Monoply 
April 1, 1936 Hogwash Youle News Shapleigh Plenty Griped at Dorm; stinkin Big Fire 
April 1, 1936 Scoop McCausland News Dean Tells Awfuk Tale 
April 1, 1936 A Public Nuisances News Silent Wright is Bone of Contention 
April 1, 1936 What the Studes Would Like Article Merry Christmas 
April 1, 1936 Red Castle Article Eat Breakfast Early This A.M. 
April 1, 1936 Dr. Lauren A. News Honest? King 
April 1, 1936 Kemper Taylor News Sport Spots 
April 2, 1936 Griffiths, Brownville, Reich, Rimmer Speak in Exercises News Four Pastors will Address Grads in June 
April 2, 1936 Students, Professors, Fool, Get Fooled, in April First Pranks News Snow Storm Hits Campus, Students with 'April Fool' 
April 2, 1936 Mr. Edwin W. Fisch News Record Linotype Man Undergoes Operation 
April 2, 1936 St. Louis Short Comments Both Glee Clubs Send Tour News 
April 2, 1936 Virginia Linden News Song, Meter, Blend in Ael's Anthology 
April 2, 1936 Miss Effie Jane Wheeler News Professors Announce Next Year's Abscences 
April 2, 1936 Have Hard Trek in From Indian Country; View Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns News Sightseeing, Delays Characterize Tour 
April 2, 1936 University of Hawaii Speakers to Debate Here April 14, Traveling Over U. S.  News Pacific Islanders on 2nd State Trip 
April 2, 1936 The Four Corresponding Secretaries News Daily Record Brings Today's Broadcaster 
April 2, 1936 Dr. C. Benton Eavery News Chi Sigma Theta Asks Nine Students 
April 2, 1936 The Alumni of '25 News New Library Case to Display Curios 
April 2, 1936 Dr. John Frame News Don Hillis will Lead Easter Sunrise Group 
April 2, 1936 Dr. Wallace L. Emerson News College Officials Go North for Holiday 
April 2, 1936 Dr. Lauren A. King News Belts to Read Poetry at Meeting April 17 
April 2, 1936 Roy Hess Article God Acknowledges Saved as Brethren 
April 2, 1936 The Class of '39 Opinion Editorial 
April 2, 1936 The Diggers Short Comment Sport Spots 
April 2, 1936 Jack Hills News Men to Hold Services 
April 2, 1936 Elsie Gregory News Gregorian Mansion Girls give Dinner 
April 2, 1936 Traveling Lecturer to Bring Pictures of Boulder Dam; Speak in Fischer Chapel News R. A. Kirkpatrick will Give Travelog, Slides Here Today 
April 3, 1936 Only Two Illinois Schools Still in Tournament; All Wheatonites Eliminated News Debaters Stop At 6th Round In Texas Meet 
April 3, 1936 C.C.C. Camps News Gospel Groups Travel During Easter Holidays 
April 3, 1936 Boethallion Meeting News Bows Impersonate Nine Greek Muses 
April 3, 1936 Phil Poetry Contest News Phils To Try Poetry Contest On April 17 
April 3, 1936 "Y" House Freshmen News "Y" House Covers Shelter Swallows 
April 3, 1936 "The Poems of Elliot Coleman" News Dr. Dow Reviews Poetry of Elliot Coleman 
April 3, 1936 Jayne Completes Oil Portrait of Logic, Rhetoric Professor This Week News Freshman Gift Committee Favors Dr. Straw's Portrait 
April 3, 1936 Student Opinion Column Student Opine 
April 3, 1936 Kirkpatrick Explains Working Condition at boulder Dam; Tells Origin News Talk Praises Boulder Dam To Students 
April 3, 1936 Meriam Lutz and Lester Malmquist Short Comment Malmquist-Lutz Tells Engagement 
April 3, 1936 Troutman Grosser, Ebeling to Read Papers; Banquet, Installation Planned News Sigma Pi Sigma Elects officers; Arranges "Open" 
April 3, 1936 Root Photography Co. News Root Co. Offers Prize for Golfers 
April 3, 1936 Student Supply Store Information Supply Store Announces Hours  
April 3, 1936 Mark 11:2-3 Article Holy Week Should Make Men Reflect 
April 3, 1936 Carl "Skippy" Clader Sports Clader Elected Mat Captain At Banquet For Coming Season 
April 3, 1936 Sport Snippets Sports Sport Spots 
September 26, 1936 Seven Graduate Fellows Swell College Teaching Staff News College Adds To Staff as Roll Gains 
September 26, 1936 Wheaton College Library News Library Receives Government Books 
September 26, 1936 Takes Position as Mr. Morton Hale Retires News McKellin Heads Building Staff 
September 26, 1936 Gay Gargoyle Information G.G. Goes Grandiose 
September 26, 1936 Jerome "Dizzy" Dean News "Dizzy" Dean Boosts College; Thinks Buildings "Pretty" 
September 26, 1936 Dr. Will Houghton Stresses Surrender, Salavation in Message News Living Christ Characterizes Current Talks 
September 26, 1936 Journalism 221 News Writing Course Meets, Sept. 30; Stresses Basics 
September 26, 1936 Miss Cummings Appointed Execustive Secretary News John Ballbach Heads League 
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