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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January 9, 1935 B. Fred Wise News B. Fred Wise to Conduct 'The Messiah' 
January 9, 1935 Second Annual Intramural Tourney To Decide Individual Superiority News 16 Men Try for Forensic Honors 
January 9, 1935 Webester Muck News Student Council to Elect Record Chief Monday, Jan 14 
January 9, 1935 Debaters to Hold Tourneys for Men and Women During Coming Month News Six Colleges To Contest 
January 9, 1935 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. News President to Address New York Conferences 
January 9, 1935 Wheaton College to Honor Dr. Mc Quilkin with Doctor of Divinity News Miss Danforth to Assist Mc Quilkin With Services 
January 9, 1935 Men to Tour Minnesota on Third Annual Winter Concert Tour News Men Singers Will Tour Central States 
January 9, 1935 Preacher Expected to Use 'Victorious Life' Sermons; Leader Praised News  Dr. Buswell to Lead in Singing 
January 9, 1935 Two Seniors, Sophomore Race for Supremacy As Torr Foundation Gloats News Eddie Torr Sees Results of Travails In Dating Contest  
January 9, 1935 Mrs. Harriet N. Taylor News College to Offer Two new Courses 
January 9, 1935 State Oratorical Peace Contest News State Peace contest to Occur at Wheaton 
January 9, 1935 Dr. C. Benton Eavey News Eavey Announces College Failures 
January 9, 1935 Webster Muck and Walden Howard Article Elect a Record 
January 9, 1935 Icy roads proved to be the big hazard Article An Ignoble Practise 
January 9, 1935 Eddie Torr Literature The Gaygargoyle 
January 9, 1935 New Year Article Will 1935 Be Any Different From new Years Gone By ? 
January 9, 1935 The Sear to the Muses Literature HELICON 
January 9, 1935 Moment Musical Article  New Students Head Lit Programs This Friday 
January 9, 1935 Lost and Found Article Proves To Be Prize Winning Hat of Days of Yore Article Correct Style Plays Havoc With Absent Minded Miss 
January 9, 1935 Miss Effie Jane Wheeler Information Miss Wheeler to Return Shortly 
January 9, 1935 News Editor, Copy Editor have Charge of Plans For Gala Affair News Record Staff to Skate at Elgin Thursday, Jan.17 
January 9, 1935 Mr. and Mrs. Kosin Are Parents of Baby Boy Information Mr.,Mrs. Kosin Are Parents of Baby Boy 
January 9, 1935 Robert Glover, House President To Act as Toastmaster for Evening's Program Information Phi Phi Deltas To Honor Monitor On His Birthday 
January 9, 1935 Clara Walton  Short News Olson Weds C. Wiggs; Bass-Dorothy Johnston Engagement Announced 
January 9, 1935 Frist Semester, 1934-1935 Information Final Exam Schedule 
January 9, 1935 Eleanor Slote Short Information Eleanor Slote, '32, Marries Otto Baerwind in Chicago 
January 9, 1935 From the Class of '35 Article May we Present 
January 9, 1935 Eau Claire Information Men's Glee Club To Go on Tour 
January 9, 1935 Professor Glenn Gates Cole Information Glenn Gates Cole Attends Convention of Historic Group 
January 9, 1935 Many Notables Address Convention, Presents 75 To 100 Papers News  History Head Attends Meet In Washington  
January 9, 1935 Harold Staffeld Sports Skaters Comment Favorably on New Rink After Week 
January 9, 1935 Yerkes Man Talks on News of Stars To 200 Students Information Eight Groups Confer About Gospel Teams 
January 9, 1935 Lawrence Andreson News Moving Pictures of College Scenes Will Be Prepared 
January 9, 1935 George V. Kirk News Plans Made to Coordinate Summer Trips of Groups Through New Service 
January 9, 1935 Mary Hosler Short Information Chicago Orchestra Honors Mary Hosler with Offer 
January 9, 1935 Engineers Boast Of Strong Team  Sports Grapplers to Start Season Tonight; Armour Is Foe 
January 9, 1935 Duner Expands Scope of Club With Practice at Local Police Range Sports Club Shoots With Pistols 
January 9, 1935 Revised Mat Schedule Is Given; New Opponents to Make  Sports Will Meet the Big Ten Schools 
January 9, 1935 A long Trip Always Uncovers Weakness; This is No Exception Information In Which a Startling Expose Of 'Our team' Lies Revealed 
January 9, 1935 Delburt Nexson Sports Foot Ball Men Elect Nelson New Captain 
January 9, 1935 College Gym To Be Scene Of Intramural Hoop League Contests Sports Hoop League Will Begin This Week 
January 9, 1935 CORAYMEN Article Here and There on Court and Mat 
January 9, 1935 Jack Evans Sports  Evans Discloses Plans for Meets In Nearby Cities 
January 9, 1935 Jim McDonald Article Squad Squacks 
January 9, 1935 Results of Trip Not Fair Estimate of Strength of Team Sports Coraymen Win Single Game on Trip East 
January 9, 1935 Catherine Walker Short Information Three Women Artists To Broadcast Program 
January 9, 1935 Tower Photo Contest Information Tower Photo Contest To Terminate, Jan.31; Editors to Judge 
January 9, 1935 This Is for the Story of Coach's Red Suspenders And Other Incidents Article Hoop Squad Soothes Damsels as Glover Trips Romein Thrice 
January 9, 1935 Roller Skating Party Short Information W.A.A Wail 
January 9, 1935 Mr.Nicholas Article Student Council Minutes 
January 9, 1935 Varsity-George Williams Information Junior Varsity To Meet 'Sons of Pericles', Jan 31 
January 16, 1935 W. H Wrighton Information Georgia Man to conduct fall service 
January 16, 1935 Dr. P.U Hawkins Information Cording, Hawkins invade Southwest To raise money 
January 16, 1935 Instruction in Ice Skating Information E. Putnam, Alice Gates To Offer Ice Skating Lessons on New Rink 
January 16, 1935 Peter Stam Jr. Information Reature Tomorrow Over MBI Station To Include Singers 
January 16, 1935 Harold F Bachman Information Band To Give Concert , Soon 
January 16, 1935 President J . Oliver Buswell Information President to Travel Over Bible Circuit 
January 16, 1935 Special Literary Supplement News Cosmic Significance 
January 16, 1935 Women Debate News Coed Debaters Hold Tourney 
January 16, 1935 Revival Under Luther's Leadership News Harold Von Broekhoven Will Review Revival Under Luther 
January 16, 1935 William R. Elliot News New Representative Introduced In Chapel, To Work In Chicago Area 
January 16, 1935 Women Glee Club Mid-Semester trip Information Coed Cancel plans For Glee Club Trip 
January 16, 1935 Charles Troutman and Douglas Eadie News Varsity Men Win Debate 
January 16, 1935 A new Store Room For Gun Club News Work Begins On New Rooms in Basement 
January 16, 1935 75th Anniversary of The Founding of Wheaton College Academy News  Rev. Evan Welsh Will Be Toastmaster at Banquet Of Students, Alumni 
January 16, 1935 Dr. L. Allen Higley News Chemicals Ready For Use in Lab 
January 16, 1935 A Talk to Missionary Volunteers News Rev. John Muir To Speak To Missionary Volunteers 
January 16, 1935 The Present Regime Article In Farewell An Exhortation To Loyalty 
January 16, 1935 Wheaton, a Project Article One Phase Of The Greater Wheaton 
January 16, 1935 Eddie Torr Articles The Gay Gargoxe 
January 16, 1935 Independence Not a Christian Virtue Article A Battle For Independence? No, Not for The Yielded One 
January 16, 1935 The Seat of the Muses Poem His Empty Hands 
January 16, 1935 Wheaton Literary Societies News Literary Societies Will Elect Officers on Friday 
January 16, 1935 Robert Stone News Urban Alumni Plan Washington Banquet During Next Month 
January 16, 1935 Union Plan News Ministerial Association Approves Union Plans 
January 16, 1935 Madge Keagle  News  New Staff to Skate Tomorrow at Elgin 
January 16, 1935 Morton W. Hale News Hale Not To Return For Several Weeks 
January 16, 1935 Mrs Foster Oury News Academy Hoop Team Defeats Harris, 24-14; Societies Meet 
January 16, 1935 Miss Florence E. Cobb News  Three Men Debaters Secure Pennants in Intramural Tourney 
January 16, 1935 Mrs Edward Coray News  Banquet for Evans Will Be Repeated 
January 16, 1935 Baby Girl Born News Mr., Mrs. Paul Pain Are Parents of Girl 
January 16, 1935 Eddie Torr Information Eddie Torr Seeks Writers; Submits Colyums Quickly 
January 16, 1935 Assocaite Collegiate Press Information Advertising in College Papers Increase 3.8% 
January 16, 1935 Men's Branch of The League of Evangelical Student News President Accepts Plan of Merger as League Says Yes to Constitution 
January 16, 1935 Adviser for THE WHEATON RECORD News Miss Wheeler Hopes To Return to School Tomorrow Morning 
January 16, 1935 Orville Eckberg Information May we Present From the Class of '35 
January 16, 1935 And Here A Hen Session Is Reported Article Are these Your Ideas for Qualifications for the Musculine Sex? 
January 16, 1935 King Handley News Academy Will Celebrate 75th Anniversary With Banquet 
January 16, 1935 Robert Nicholas  News  Student, Faculty Present Weekly WMBI Broadcast with Varied Talents 
January 16, 1935 Wheaton Crusaders to Engage North Central Sports Quintet to Meet North Central 
January 16, 1935 Herbert Ball Sports Chicago Defeats Local Wrestlers 
January 16, 1935 The Title Of Champs Falls To The Sophomore Class Sports W. A. A. Wail 
January 16, 1935 Squad Takes Tech, 30-10 Sports Tech Comes Witn Strohg Squad, Find Out Differently , as Score Shows 
January 16, 1935 Wheaton College Matmen Sports Mat Champions To Meet Rivals 
January 16, 1935 Wheaton Wrestling Team Defeat Sports Wrestlers Upset 'U' of Wisconsin To Tune of 21-9 
January 16, 1935 Robertr Young Sports Here and There on Court and Mat 
January 16, 1935 Profession For College Women News School Of Nursing 
January 16, 1935 Intramural Basketball Games Sports Intramurals Start Schedule Last Evening 
January 16, 1935 Barbara Campbell Sports Volley Ball Victory Goes To Sophomores 
January 16, 1935 Students well Fed News  Out In The World 
January 16, 1935 Distinctive Glasses News  Borries Holds Stars 
January 23, 1935 Gilt Edge Arrives; Thrills Heart of Local Prodigy as Career Culminates News Miss Brown Gets Ph. D; Suprised by 10:30 Mail 
January 23, 1935 Tearful Councillor Apolopizes for Rash Action at Weekly Slumber Session News Council Fears Student Action; Regrets Error 
January 23, 1935 Husband of Notes Wife Confesses Gum Adiction Under Pressure News Dr. Tiffany Admits It. 
January 23, 1935 Mentors Slip Out for Evening of Orgy, a la Roller Skating Frolic News Zugi Assists in Keeping Unruly Profs in Order 
January 23, 1935 Nebraska's Own Danny Boy Comes with Brilliant Career in W. A. A.  News Coach Weyer to Head Coeds' Athletic Program 
January 23, 1935 Tiffany Orates as Public Views Completed Roderick Evans' Memorial News Gymnasium is Deadicated 
January 23, 1935 Mr. George B. Kirk News Kirk Visits at Famous Eastern Bachelor Resort 
January 23, 1935 B. Jack finds Book; Bedlam is Instant Result News Student Gets Caught Studying!! in Library, Faces Immediate Expulsion!! oh! 
January 23, 1935 The Faculty Still Reins in Wheaton College Articles Ed. It. Or. I. Al. 
January 23, 1935 Eddie Torr Short Comments Advice for Love Shorn 
January 23, 1935 This Seat Amuses!! Literature Pelican 
January 23, 1935 Ina Fog News It's not Leap Year-But Steve Childs has a Date 
January 23, 1935 Chaste Short Comments Dick Shunary 
January 23, 1935 Demosthenes and Digenes Literature Dizzy Poultry 
January 23, 1935 Guy Comin' All the Way from Lombard to Eat at Prep School Reunite News Academy Rascals Match Wits with Proffffsss, 'They Have Unfair Advantage,' is Prof Wail 
January 23, 1935 Chief Scribe Suffers Heart Attack on Learning of 10 Pct. Raise News Record Editor's Life in Danger; Hears of Raise 
January 23, 1935 Margery. First Flagrush Queen, Awards the Prizes News 'He-Men', Codes Hold Sissy Rag Flush 
January 23, 1935 Miss Cartha Molgan News Seenior Giraffees 
January 23, 1935 Invention by Evans Heralded as Panacea for World Ills News Paddle Ball Brings Rise in Industry 
January 23, 1935 Herr Watson Sports Svenska Kjodvarer 
January 23, 1935 Tiddly Winks is Medium of Combat in Grudge Battle, Soon Sports W. A. A. Faces 'W' Wearers in Contest 
March 27, 1935 College Secures Free, Erikson to Help in French, Spanish News New Teachers to Assist In Language Department 
March 27, 1935 Annual Short Story Contest News Sangster, Lally To Judge Stories of Prize Winners 
March 27, 1935 President J. Oliver Buswell, Jr, Short Comment Buswell to Visit Missionary Union, Alumni Meeting 
March 27, 1935 Pi Kappa Delta Tournament News Ten Speakers to Debate in Meet 
March 27, 1935 German Club Meeting Short Comment "Spring" to Charm Initiates Tonight In German Meeting 
March 27, 1935 Annual Inter-Society Contest in Oratory and Extempore Speaking News Belts, Aels Take Premier Honors in Speech Competition 
March 27, 1935 Debate Tournament Sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta Short Comment Debaters to Sponsor High School Tourney 
March 27, 1935 Hillis Plans Work on the Grounds with Field Events, Recreation News Council Names April 2 As Annual Campus Day 
March 27, 1935 Russian Chorus News Russian Performance to Feature Light Effects 
March 27, 1935 Enrollment Next Fall News College Management Anticipates Great Increase In College Enrollment, Next Year 
March 27, 1935 Earle Stevens and Harley Barnes Short Comment Stevens, Barnes to Head Tower of '37 
March 27, 1935 Placement Bureau News Bureau Considers Senior Placements 
March 27, 1935 Private School League Sports Athletes, Literae will Give Academy Variety 
March 27, 1935 Meeting of International Students Short Comment Internationalists Run Far Afield 
March 27, 1935 Men's League Season Short Comment Debaters to Conclude Men's League Season 
March 27, 1935 Annual Cook Oratorical Contest Information Tentative Date for Contest in Oratory Is Set For May 8 
March 27, 1935 Best Grades Are Obtained By Lower Classmen in Upper Courses News 46 Students Placed Upon Probation 
March 27, 1935 Wherein K. Thistleden Protests Long and Loudly, and Finally Alights From the Limited Article The Limited Stops 
March 27, 1935 Literary Societies News Spring is Theme of Next "Lit" Meetings 
March 27, 1935 "Red Ink and Printer's Ink" Short Comment Record Staff will Dine at Open Gate 
March 27, 1935 Plant Conservatory Short Comment Leedy Pushes Work on New Plant Conservatory 
March 27, 1935 Expression Recital Short Comment Short Plays will Feature Recital 
March 27, 1935 Black, Blue, Scarlet Songsters Observed in Evening Finery News "Amaryllis" Spies Birds In Gym Exhibit Audience 
March 27, 1935 Sixty-Bulb-Per-Minute Tosser Plots Cosmic Catastrophic Smash News Inquisitive Reporter Theorizes In College Electric Light Bulb Fantasy 
March 27, 1935 Annual Freshman Edition Article With Best Wishes For the Class of '38 
March 27, 1935 Campus Day Article A Word About Campus Day 
March 27, 1935 Wider Scope of Activities Article Something More To Do At Wheaton 
March 27, 1935 Student Opinion Column Campus Thot 
March 27, 1935 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 27, 1935 "Something Happened" Column Helicon 
March 27, 1935 Generous Stewardship Betokens Spirit of Worship, Praise News Divine Blessings Deserve Heart, Body Consecration 
March 27, 1935 Williard J. Bell Short Comment Bell Majors in Education At Ohio State University 
March 27, 1935 Gehr, Joithe Draw Applause with Performance on Rings News 900 Attend Gym Show; Enjoy Rings 
March 27, 1935 Sport Snippets Sports .W.A.A. WAIL. 
March 27, 1935 Little Nineteen Indoor Track Championship Sports Orange Fails to Score as Redbirds Take Track Crown 
March 27, 1935 Daily Workouts Allow Squad of Thirty to Show Team Work Sports Coray Names Varsity Nine 
March 27, 1935 L. Malmquist Sports Malmquist Voted Grapplers' Head Next Mat Season 
March 27, 1935 Orange-Blue Eleven to Meet Mooseheart in Season Opener Sports Soccer Team Hopeful of Taking Moose 
March 27, 1935 Spring Sports Sports Spring Sport Spams 
February 6, 1935 New Wheatonites News Thirty New Wheatonites Enroll, Jan. 28 
February 6, 1935 Amy Deck News College to Be Scene of State oratorical competition, Feb 14, 15 
February 6, 1935 Paul DeCamp News Men Debaters Vie With Six Central States Colleges  
February 6, 1935 The Wheaton College Band  Music Band, Glee Club To Hold Joint Concert  
February 6, 1935 Dr. Giuseppe News Royal Italian Consul General to Adress History Club, Feb. 19 
February 6, 1935 Melvin Suttie News Four Societies Unite; To Organize Tomorrow  
February 6, 1935 Miss Cathryn Danforth  News Miss Danforth Conducts Afternoon Devotions 
February 6, 1935 Walden Howard News Record Editors Include Howard, John Sanderson 
February 6, 1935 Alpha Delta News Journalistic Group Invites Students Into Membership  
February 6, 1935 Clarence B. Hale News Professor Hale Tells of Graduate Study Interests  
February 6, 1935 Mary Kestner Literature New Literary heads Install Subordinates  
February 6, 1935 Adelaide Houghton News Campus Doing  
February 6, 1935 Dr. J. O. Perrine  News Expert Presents Unique Talk on Communication  
February 6, 1935 Women Debaters News Women To Debate Twice 
February 6, 1935 Elisabeth M. Kliewer News Elizabeth M. Kliewer To Head German Club 
February 6, 1935 Mabel M. Lee News mabel m. Lee Weds Thomas Clark, Feb 2 
February 6, 1935 Mrs. Loise Sandberg News 'Sandbox' Men Elect Nelson as President  
February 6, 1935 David H. Heydenburk Music Prof. Heydenburk to Study in East  
February 6, 1935 Dorothy bowen  News Music Box Concert Features Vocal, Instrumental Parts  
February 6, 1935 The Wheaton Record Column Is This Progress Or Retrogression?  
February 6, 1935 The Wheaton Record Column Let's get of This Subject Once for All 
February 6, 1935 Schnozzola Newsniffer Column The Gay Gargoyle 
February 6, 1935 W. N. H.  News The Thoughts of The Campus 
February 6, 1935 Miss Florence Bleecker News The Fulcrum 
February 6, 1935 Dr. George H. Smith  Article Agreement of Divine, Human Wills Results in Happiness 
February 6, 1935 College Fellow Column Helicon  
February 6, 1935 Charlie Peterman Sports Undefeated 'Vikings' Meet Orange on Court  
February 6, 1935 Matmen  Sports Matmen Win Over DeKalb, Chicago 'B' 
February 6, 1935 Coach Herbert Ball News Badgers Will Face Orange 
February 6, 1935 Lord Byron Sports 'Sons of Pericles' Trounce Jay Vees, 38-30 in Fast Gamee  
February 6, 1935 Wheaton Rifle Team Sports Hyde Park YMCA Defeats Gunners  
February 6, 1935 Bob Groover Sports Baskeereers Take George Williams, 33 -30 
February 6, 1935 Oran Smith  Sports Academy Classes Hold Semester Elections  
February 6, 1935 Cobly College News Five Generations Requirement fo Colby Scholarship  
February 6, 1935 Volleyball Tournement  Sports  Society Volleyball Tourney Results In Triple Draw  
February 13, 1935 Debate Article Men Open Debate Season; Women Win First Debate 
February 13, 1935 Elizabeth Warner Sickness Article Elizabeth Warner Is Better; Doctors Afraid of Relapse 
February 13, 1935 Oratorical Contest Article Illinois Orators to Vie Here, Feb. 14 
February 13, 1935 Christian Endeavor Society Article C.E. Will Elect Group Leaders for Classes on Sunday 
February 13, 1935 Special Newspaper Edition Article Record to Issue Special Edition for Next Week 
February 13, 1935 College President Special Services Article Dr. Buswell to hold Services Next Week 
February 13, 1935 The League Article Troutman to Head League 
February 13, 1935 Alumni Lunch Article Miss Soldner Attends Indiana Alumni Lunch 
February 13, 1935 Summer School Camp Article Dyrness Expresses Hope for Permanent Wheaton Summer School Camp 
February 13, 1935 Missionary Speaker Article Rev. Mallis to Talk in Chapel Tomorrow 
February 13, 1935 Annual Washington Banquet Article Washington Analogy To Feature Banquet 
February 13, 1935 Publicity Service Article Publicity Service Has Made Great Progress in Work 
February 13, 1935 Italian Diplomat Speaker Article Diplomat Will Speak; History Club is Sponsor 
February 13, 1935 Men's Glee Article Men Singers Lead in Band's Contest 
February 13, 1935 McQuilkin's Meetings Article Students Think Meetings Were of Great Value 
February 13, 1935 Literary Society Valentines Programs Article Lit' Programs Show Dan Cupid's Influence 
February 13, 1935 VP of Finance Information Kirk Does College Work in Florida 
February 13, 1935 Campus News Article Campus Doings 
February 13, 1935 Alumni Marriage Article Harry Miller, '26, Marries Alma Girl 
February 13, 1935 Rhetoric Class Reunion Article Straw's Class, '32 To Hold Reunion 
February 13, 1935 Friars Supper Article McQuilkin Attends Supper at Friars 
February 13, 1935 International Students Article Internationals to Name New Officers 
February 13, 1935 Devotion Meetings Article Miss Danforth Emphasizes Joyful Christian Witness 
February 13, 1935 Gospel Team Quartet Article Gospel Team Quartet to Supply WMBI Music 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Tickets Information A Letter of Explanation 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Tickets Information More Facts on Basketball Tickets 
February 13, 1935 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Tickets Opinion Campus Thot 
February 13, 1935 Former Students Article Former Generation Made Better Students, Says Dean of Columbia 
February 13, 1935 Tribute to Abraham Lincoln Poetry A Tribute to Abraham Lincoln 
February 13, 1935 Intercollegiate News Collegiate Chatter 
February 13, 1935 McQuilkin Speaker Article Statements, Notations from Great Speakers Prove Helpful 
February 13, 1935 Wrestling Sports Champian Wrestlers Face Purple Here, This Evening 
February 13, 1935 Intercollegiate Soccer Sports Soccer Game Inaugurated 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Sports Cagers Expect to Give Cards Scrap in Game on Feb. 15 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Sports Crusaders to Oppose Armour Hoopsters in Game Here Tomorrow 
February 13, 1935 Wrestling Sports Beat Wisconsin in Return Bout 
February 13, 1935 Sports Comments Sports Whistle 'n Tap 
February 13, 1935 Intramural Basketball Article Intramural Teams to Become Active During Next Week 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Sports Mead Leads in Scoring with 18 points; Victory Maintains League Lead 
February 13, 1935 Club and Prep Societies Elections Article Prep Societies Elect Leaders for Semester 
February 13, 1935 Basketball Sports Cagers Trim Trojan Team 
February 13, 1935 Senior Biographies Article May We Present from the Class of '35 
February 13, 1935 Campus Sports Article W.A.A. Wail 
February 20, 1935 New Officials Leave This Morning for Tenth Annual Convention Sports College men Will Attend League Meet 
February 20, 1935 George V. Kirk News Mr. Kirk Completes Business in Southland; Makes Way Northward 
February 20, 1935 Howard Tucker Music Tucker Clinches Second Honors in Oratorical Meet 
February 20, 1935 Figures from the Registrar Information Recent Fugures Show Gain in Enrollment 
February 20, 1935 Men Singers Render Sacred Concert in Methodist Church Music Men's Chorus Gives Concert in Milwaukee 
February 20, 1935 The College Christian Endeavor Society News Christian Endeavor Selects Officers to Head Class Groups 
February 20, 1935 Two Complete Teams to Debate on Collective Bargaining Information Underclassmen to Represent School in Manchester Debate 
February 20, 1935 Prof. Osborne Announces Completed Program; Quartet to Sing News Banquet Will Mimic Scene of Birthplace 
February 20, 1935 Newly Organized Underclassman League Enters Second Round News Forensic League Meets Tomorrow 
February 20, 1935 Miss Lillian Smith Music Is Thrilled by Response States Famous Violinist 
February 20, 1935 President J. Oliver Buswell News College Officials Attend Anuual School Meeting 
February 20, 1935 Plans News Washington Banquet Heads Social Program 
February 20, 1935 Campus News Information Campus Doings 
February 20, 1935 Women's Glee Club News Women's Glee Club Has Gathering Feb. 21 
February 20, 1935 The International Students Held an Election of Second Semester Officers News Mary Lou Allison to Lead Cosmopolites for Second Semester 
February 20, 1935 League Contest Prepares Speakers for Manchester, Ind. Meet News Coed's Team Meets Rosary 
February 20, 1935 Four New Students Information Number of New Students Reaches 34 for Semester 
February 20, 1935 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. News President Buswell to Conduct Kan. Bible Conference 
February 20, 1935 Hiccough Victim Recovers From Slight Relapse; to Continue in Science Information Betty Warner Recovers; to Return Soon 
February 20, 1935 Skoglund of Dekalb, Duhan of Elmhurst to Make Going Tough for Cagers News Co-Captains Will Finish Careers 
February 20, 1935 Wheaton was downed by Wildcats Sports Crusaders Drop Five Mat Bouts to Wildcats, 21 to 13 
February 20, 1935 The Jayvees Trimphes pver the Ypsilante  Sports Doc Frohock Stars as Jayvees Triumph, 26-23 
February 20, 1935 The W.A.A. Held Election News W.A.A. Elects Lucile O'Hair to Direct Club 
February 20, 1935 Crusaders Rally Too Late; Lose by Slim Margin, 36-34 Sports Hoopsters Drop Games to North Central, Engineers 
February 20, 1935 Conference Leaders Win on Long Shots, Flashy Floor Game Sports Hoopsters Drop Games to North Central, Engineers 
February 20, 1935 Luke Rhoad Sports Whistle'n Tap 
February 20, 1935 Little Nineteen Champs to Visit Naperville; to Entertain De Kalb Information Prof, North Central Will Meet Matmen 
February 20, 1935 Academy Students Are Busy Information Students in Academy Busy with Activities 
February 20, 1935 Chicago-Harvard Should Lead any List of Leading Universities Information Empree Declares Harvard Should Lead Colleges 
February 20, 1935 Joseph Vasil DeletKanic Literature MINT JELLY 
February 20, 1935 Carol Martin Literature Dawn 
February 20, 1935 Florence E Bleecker Literature A Love for Truth 
February 20, 1935 Norman Lilja Literature Washington Ideas Modern? 
February 20, 1935 Jean Jacobus  Literature To a Snowflake 
February 20, 1935 Florence Massey Literature Being a Prize-winner from One of the First Record Short Story Contests 
February 20, 1935 Hjalmer Berg Literature Those Great Souls 
February 20, 1935 Living the Christian Life Literature Sins of Omission Are Hurtful to True Victory  
February 20, 1935 by H.M. Literature Grace 
February 20, 1935 Georgia May Baker Literature Peace 
February 27, 1935 Two MBI Students, one Minnesota Man Attend Philadelphia Meet News league Meet Holds Interest of Delegates 
February 27, 1935 Six Weeks Tour Carries Finance Vice-President Northward Information Mr. Kirkto Return to Campus from Journey in South 
February 27, 1935 The Men's Glee Club Will Present a Concert Music Men's Glee Club to Hold Service in Foster Park Church 
February 27, 1935 Women's Glee Club Music Women Choristers Review Southern Jouney at Party 
February 27, 1935 The Women's Debate Team News Women to Face Olivet Tonight on Collectivism 
February 27, 1935 Emerson Expresses Hope for Extension for Year Period Information Dean Sees Possibility of FRA Continuance 
February 27, 1935 The Faculty Men News Record Accepts Prof's Hoop Game Challenge 
February 27, 1935 Howard, DeCamp to Face Olivet, Engage in IOWA City Journey Information Debaters to Open Season 
February 27, 1935 Men Win Three, Women Clinch Five Debates in Meet News Wheaton Speakers Win Eight Debates in Indiana Tourney  
February 27, 1935 More, Thankful than ever for Wheaton Information Thankful for Our School 
February 27, 1935 In Certain European Universities Short Comment Maybe We Ought to Rate the Profs 
February 27, 1935 God is the Source of All Wisdom Short Comment God's Advice is Only True Guide for Young Christians 
February 27, 1935 The Father of Our Country  Literature  Programs Turn from Love to Miscellany  
February 27, 1935 the Washington Banquet News White Velvet, Net Prevail as College Celebrates, Feb. 22 
February 27, 1935 Wheaton Has Seen Many Visitors Information Campus Doings 
February 27, 1935 Washington's Life Information Academy Students Have Depression Party, Friday 
February 27, 1935 Orange Expect to Win Again Sports Wrestlers to Play Host to Conference Mat Meet 
February 27, 1935 Hummel, Adler Are Only North Central Men to Score; Johnston Leads Sports Crusaders Down Cardinals, 26-6 
February 27, 1935 Westlake Proves nemesis as Crusaders Lose Early Lead Sports Cagers Beat Pirates Succumb to Profs 
March 6, 1935 George Dasch Music Orchestra Secures Dasch For Twenty Day Period 
March 6, 1935 Grace Gibson News Six Gain Honors; Seniors Win Cup 
March 6, 1935 George V. Kirk News Mr. Kirk pushes Plans For Chapel Settlement  
March 6, 1935 B. Coleman  Sports Radio Scene to Feature Gymn Show; Coleman  
March 6, 1935 Mr. Stam  News Mr. Stam to Be Tried before Narbeth Group 
March 6, 1935 Summer School  News Field Trip Planned  
March 6, 1935 Men's Glee Club Music Clee Club Will Sing Twice in Chicago, Mar. 10 
March 6, 1935 Debaters News Men to Debate Carroll Talk on Radio This Week  
March 6, 1935 Rev. Clarence F. Nicola News Rev. C. F Nicola To Adress League On Monday Night 
March 6, 1935 Women Debaters News Women Will Speak Twice  
March 6, 1935 Miss Florence Cobb News Speech Students to Give Recital  
March 6, 1935 The Wheaton Record Column Wrestling - A Successful Advertisement  
March 6, 1935 The Wheaton Record Column Advertising as A Student Duty  
March 6, 1935 Very Extra Column The Gay Gargoyle  
March 6, 1935 Chiseled News Campus Thot  
March 6, 1935 The Wheaton Record Article Prayer, Bible Reading Hold Key to Spritual Awakening  
March 6, 1935 H. I. B News Spring Turns Thoughts to New Avenues  
March 6, 1935 Miss Mary News Programs Show New Chairmen's Versality  
March 6, 1935 Chi Sigma Theta News Education Group to Induct Students In Chapel, April 4 
March 6, 1935 Malcom McDaniels  News March Brings Variety To Academy Activities  
March 6, 1935 Matmen Sports Matmen Win League Crown  
March 6, 1935 Wrestling team Sports Whistle 'n Tap 
March 6, 1935 Coach Coray Sports Dick Kjelstad Leads Tossers; 6 Vets Return  
March 6, 1935 Gun Club News Gunners Sponsor Inter Club Meet In Gymnasium, Sat  
March 6, 1935 Coach Herbert Ball Sports Herbert Ball Shows Capable As Wrestling Coach  
March 6, 1935 Coach "Vic" Sports Coach Gustafson Announces Spring Gridiron Practica 
March 6, 1935 Open Society Tourney Sports Celts Favored to Win Hoop Title With Second Place Belt - Arrow Battle  
March 6, 1935 Capt. Austin  News Local Grapplers Down Armour, Take Five Bouts  
March 6, 1935 Record - Faculty Game Sports Record Men get Ready For Profs Clash  
March 6, 1935 Summary of Wrestling Season Sports Here's How the Champions Fared This Year  
March 6, 1935 Oliver Austin  News Austin, boitell, Meader End mat Careers, Mar 2 
March 6, 1935 Basketball Sports Hoop Teams Contend For League Lead  
March 13, 1935 College to Offer New Major in Business Administration New Year News Faculty Staff to Include Seven New Instructors 
March 13, 1935 Lucille O'Hair News Co-ed Debaters on Six Day Trip 
March 13, 1935 Miss Harriet C. Jameson News Miss Jameson Earns Doctor of Philosophy 
March 13, 1935 Preliminaries  Information Short Story Trials to be Held, March 29 
March 13, 1935 Peter Stam Jr. News Wheatonites to Visit CCC Camp, Tonight 
March 13, 1935 M. D. Agreneva Sloviansky News Tower of '36 May Present Chorus in Concert, April 3 
March 13, 1935 Ten Piece Orchestra to Provide Musical Background for Gymnasts Music Singers, Orchestra, Marimba to Feature Gym Exhibition 
March 13, 1935 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr. News Dr. Buswell to Talk in Duluth, Superior 
March 13, 1935 Walden Howard News Men to Debate Conference Foes 
March 13, 1935 Noted Platform Speaker to Read 'Caponsacci' in College Chapel News Thompson to Appear in Recital, March 19 
March 13, 1935 Wesley Burnham News Burnham, Mohler, Nicholas, Win in Snapshot Contest 
March 13, 1935 Paul Guiness News Guiness to Speak to League, March 8 
March 13, 1935 Aurora and Elgin Station Information Biologists to Make Field Trip, Saturday 
March 13, 1935 Will They Never Learn? Articles Can There be Modern Martyrdom? 
March 13, 1935 Prof. Seymour Stars., C. M.  Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
March 13, 1935 The Aqueous Elements To Editor Campus Thot 
March 13, 1935 Webs Literature Helicon 
March 13, 1935 Presbytery News Presbytery Refers Case of President to Judicial Group 
March 13, 1935 Thanks for Saving, Preaching Constitute Best Way of Spreading Gospel Articles How Much is Christ Talked of by Those Whom He Saved? 
March 13, 1935 Belts to Roam 'At Sea' News Bows to Meet Friday in Eighth Anniversary 
March 13, 1935 John Ballabch, Junior Class Lead Academy Chapel, March 7, 8 News J. Ballbach, Academy Juniors Speak in Prep Chapel, Glee Club will Tour 
March 13, 1935 Norman Lilja News Music Box Elects Lilja as President 
March 13, 1935 Pi Gamma Mu News Carl Schauffele, '34 to Speak in Chapel, Mar. 14 
March 13, 1935 Entertaining Heads Social Calendar for Week as Barrow's Frolic News Barron Men Hold Party 
March 13, 1935 Mr. Lee Bassler News Campus Doings 
March 13, 1935 Coach Coray Presents Pre-Game Alibi; Cole Take Heydenburk's Place News Faculty Rues Departure of Heydenburk 
March 13, 1935 Jack Evans Short Comments Whistle'n Tap 
March 13, 1935 Relaxation Short Comment W. A. A. Wail 
March 13, 1935 Dr. Paul M. Wright Sports Wrestling Team will Celebrate Victory, Mar. 21 
March 13, 1935 Celts Appear Formidable Foe to Champs; Have Varsity Five News Celts, Arrows to Battle for Society Crown, March 15 
March 13, 1935 Marion Karstens News Intra-Club Meet Tests Strength of Gunmen, Mar. 9 
March 13, 1935 Captain Nelson and Watson Bulletin Arrows Come from Behind to Beat Belts in Last Few Seconds of Play 
March 20, 1935 Literary Societies to Hear Short Stories in Preliminary Record Contests News S Professors Selected to Rank Stories 
March 20, 1935 Harold Mackenzie News Societies to Meet for Competition in Oratory, Extempore 
March 20, 1935 Merrill Dunlop News Men are Invited to Appear in Chicago Sunrise Service, April 21 
March 20, 1935 Dr. Martin Luther Long News League to Hear Dr. Martin Long 
March 20, 1935 Seniors to Conduct First Assembly; Class Speakers are Announced News Derby will Speak at C. E.  
March 20, 1935 Myrtle McCarrell News Buswell to Speak at Cicero Church 
March 20, 1935 Lawrence, Wesleyan will Vie With Local Teams in Non-decision Meets News Debators to Face Three Teams Soon 
March 20, 1935 Paul Guinness News Guinness Reports Developments of Mass Gathering 
March 20, 1935 Second Concert to Bring Chorus in Program of Russian Folk Songs News Tower of '36 will Present Gay Singers 
March 20, 1935 Richard Cotter News Roberts, Crane to Head Frosh Issue 
March 20, 1935 A Few Hints to Student Opinion Writers Articles But Here's Good Result of a Crime Story 
March 20, 1935 Faculty News Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
March 20, 1935 Robert P. Glover To Editor Campus Thot 
March 20, 1935 The Message of Salvation Article Jonah's Whale can Bring Out Many Points for Living 
March 20, 1935 Rolf Jacobsen Literature Facing Death: In a Peasant Uprising 
March 20, 1935 Miss Downey to Judge at Celts News Story Contests Give Place for Expression 
March 20, 1935 Peter Stam Jr. News Stam Shows Bibles in Unusual Display 
March 20, 1935 Violinist will Present Graduation Concert on Mr. 26, in Chapel News Dickman to Give Recital 
March 20, 1935 Mrs. Gordon I. Mackenzie News Women to Sing Over WMBI, Tomorrow 
March 20, 1935 Enock C. Dyrness News Dyrness Advertises '35 Summer School 
March 20, 1935 Marvin Derby News Journalists Plan Banquet, Mar. 30; Leaders to Speak 
March 20, 1935 Joe Batchelder News Eps will Discuss Spring, Tonight 
March 20, 1935 Kreitonians Present Hill Billy Program Today Over Radio Station News Kreits Conquer Eps in Basket Contest 
March 20, 1935 Miss Harriet Northrup Information Miss Northrup Plays in Chapel 
March 20, 1935 Evans Primes Tumblers for Fourth Annual Exhibit, Saturday Sports Gym Show Program Includes Blind Acts 
March 20, 1935 The Dorm A Team Information W. A. A. Wail 
March 20, 1935 Captain Lee Ogan Sports Cindermen Report for Initial Work in Field, Track 
March 20, 1935 Ruth Parr Sports Elgin Marksmen win Rifle Match; Hockman Nets 198 
March 20, 1935 The First Wheaton College Soccer Short Comments on Sports Spring Sports Pasms 
March 20, 1935 Flashy Record Quntet Downs Apathetic Team of Pedagogues Sports  Profs Lose to Scribe Quint 
March 20, 1935 Page, Rhoad Lead With 12, 8 Points as Varsity Men Dethrone Champs Sports Celts Victors, 40 to 21, Over Arrow Squad 
May, 1935  Carl Bjorkman (vol. V, No. 5) Mission News The Mission Friend 
April 24, 1935 Daily News to Buy Winner, Arrows, Celt Get Two Places Each News Seven Winners to Read Stories in Contest May 7 
April 24, 1935 Marvin Derby News Nine will Enter Alpha Delta at Banquet Tonight  
April 24, 1935 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany News Scholastic Awards Go to 8 Seniors , Friday 
April 24, 1935 Emil Pearson Information Emil Pearson, African Missionary, To Speak 
April 24, 1935 George V. Kirk News Campus Grounds To Be Improved 
April 24, 1935 President J. Oliver Buswell Jr Information President Buswell to Speak to Canadians 
April 24, 1935 Women Finish Near Top In League; Amy Deck Wins Extempore News Debaters Conclude Season at Pi Kappa Province Tourney 
April 24, 1935 John Brobeck News  Brobeck, Romein Are Elected Floor Heads 
April 24, 1935 Glee Clud to Sing in Home Appearance After Return from Tour Information Men to Give Annual Concert on Saturday 
April 24, 1935 Ralph Dreber Information C.E Will Discuss Many Aspects of Christians' Lives 
April 24, 1935 Convetion to Start To-morrow; Many Noted Speakers to Talk Information Alliance will Meet Apr.25 
April 24, 1935 Dr. Glenn Gates Cole Information Dr. Glenn gates Cole Talks at Erie Church 
April 24, 1935 Lester W. Groom News Chicago Organist To Suceed Seder 
April 24, 1935 Campus is somewhat in Order Comment A Good Idea - This Might Help 
April 24, 1935 Miss Effie Jane Wheeler Article Just A Rumor - Here Hoping 
April 24, 1935 Dear Editor Comment Campus Thot 
April 24, 1935 A noted Atheist Lay struggling on his deathbed Article A Bulwark in Time of Need A simple Child-like Faith 
April 24, 1935 "The seat of the Muses" Article Helicon 
April 24, 1935 Phils to Discuss Debate Topic, Friday Article Outside Party Features Coming Social Program 
April 24, 1935 Amy Deck News Academy Debaters Place Second in Private League 
April 24, 1935 Academy Girls News G. A. A. Members Are Active 
April 24, 1935 Elmhurst to Oppose Coraymen Here, Saturday; First Home Game Sports Crusaders Nine will Begin Season Today in Chicago 
April 24, 1935 Wheaton Soccer Sports Soccer Men Snag 2-1 Contest from Batavia, Saturday 
April 24, 1935 Ben Coleman Sports Tennis Season to Open Here Today 
April 24, 1935 Tunis Romein Sports Basketeers Appoint T. Romein, J. Gary to be 1935-36 Co-Captains 
April 24, 1935 Elgin Rifle Sports Elgin Marksmen Defeat Crusaders; Counts Is 986 to 960 
April 24, 1935 Dottie Kellogg Sports . W. A. A. Wail . 
May 1, 1935 Senior Suffers from Shock In Accident in Villa Park Yesterday News Coleman Is Injured as Woman Dies in Crash 
May 1, 1935 Kenneth Hood News Class of ' 36 Picks Ring; Proposes to Give Chapel Pews 
May 1, 1935 Amy Deck News Extempore Speakers, Orators Rank Second In Pi Kappa Contest 
May 1, 1935 Special Student in College Is Forced by Two Gun-men to Ain Hold- ups News W. Anderson Bandit Victim 
May 1, 1935 Men, Women to Speak in Yearly Cook Oratorical Contests Next Week Information Students will Orate In Contests, May 6,8  
May 1, 1935 Changes Allow Course Additions News College Announces New Majors, Faculty Additions 
May 1, 1935 Reverend Garland Franklin Information League will Hear Garland Franklin At May 6 Meeting 
May 1, 1935 Webster Muck News Alpha Deltas elect Much as President; Amend Constitution  
May 1, 1935 Dr. Buswell To Address Wineona Men's Club, Church Services Information President will Talk, Friday 
May 1, 1935 Wesley Burnham Article Motion Pictures of Campus Life to Be Shown to Students 
May 1, 1935 Marvin Derby Information Journalist Plan to Hold national Convention, Here 
May 1, 1935 Kilby to Assist Dean of Men; King, Thiessen to teach English, Bible News Jolly to Aid in Economics Dept. 
May 1, 1935 Sacred Program Used on Southern Trip, To Be Given Here, Saturday Information Women Singers To Give Annual Spring Concert 
May 1, 1935 Literary Societies Article Adoption of Needed Plan Would Solve Society Problem 
May 1, 1935 Princeton University Professors  Article Princeton Profs Test Themselves 
May 1, 1935 Joseph P.Free News Professors Seek Ph.Ds 
May 1, 1935 Dr.William Biederwulf Article God Is Man's Power Source 
May 1, 1935 Women's Literary Societies Article Women to Celebrate MayDay, Next Friday 
May 1, 1935 Harry Pett Article Eavesdropping 
May 1, 1935 Baseball Sports Prep Nine Drops Game, 11-5, to Christian High 
May 1, 1935 Lois Myers Information Lois Myers will Recite on May 4 
May 1, 1935 Dr. Herbert Moule News Dr. Moule Speaks to CCC Men on April 25 
May 1, 1935 Jack Evans  News Jack Evans Leaves for North Club Position 
May 1, 1935 Carlson , Grace Sanderson To Lead Meeting, May 17 as Societies Meet Information Council Tells open Society Meeting Plan 
May 1, 1935 Miss Dora M. Soldner News Miss Solder Attends Chicago Convention 
May 1, 1935 Joe Cellini News Academy Glee Club To Entertain, May 8 
May 1, 1935 Face Goerge Williams Today on Home Courts; Orange Drops Two Sports Netmen to Compete with School in Regional Meet 
May 1, 1935 Johnny Stuart Sports Coraymen Drop League Opener, 4-1, Elmhurst 
May 1, 1935 Lee Ogan Sports Pirates Win from Wheaton in Track Contest, Saturday 
May 1, 1935 Jimmy Rapp Sports Four Are Named for Captaincy As Indoor League Begins Season 
May 1, 1935 Thinclads to Compete in Quadrangular Contest Monday, May 6 Sports Trackmen will Battle Professors In Second Meet 
May 1, 1935 The Official Beginning of the Season Sports . W. A. A. Wail.  
May 1, 1935 Eddie Torr Article Where with Eddie Torr Is Gripped 
May 8, 1935 Former Michigan College Head to Become Associate Professor Here News Dr. Nystrom Will Teach Expression 
May 8, 1935 Eleanor Robson News John Spellman will Show Oil Paintings in Exhibition Here 
May 8, 1935 College Gains $33,000 by Estate of Pennsylvania Woman News Will of Seraph Deal Names Wheaton Large Beneficiary 
May 8, 1935 Margaret Sangster News Winifred Habn's Short Story Wins Annual Contest 
May 8, 1935 Morris Dobbins News Quintet will Lead W. M. B. I. Service at 3:30 Tomorrow 
May 8, 1935 Ker Munro News C. E. to Discuss Phases in Life of Christians 
May 8, 1935 Ten New Teachers to Aid in Maintaining Standards of Scholarship News May Bulletin to Feature Pictures of New Faculty 
May 8, 1935 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith News Ensemble Class will Give Recital May 16 
May 8, 1935 Wesley Burnham News College to View Pictures, May 14 
May 8, 1935 College to Finish Present Projects, Says Vice-President George V. Kirk News Projects to be Completed Despite Federal Action 
May 8, 1935 Peter Stam, Stephens Sisters, G. Ford, Murray to Aid Dr. Buswell News President to Address C. C. C. Camp, Four Illinois Groups 
May 8, 1935 Allan Schoff News Schoff Chosen to Head Education Fraternity 
May 8, 1935 Congratulations, Council on Art Exhibit Articles Chances are Good For Aid Next Year 
May 8, 1935 Golf Flashes Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
May 8, 1935 Prayer To Editor Campus Thot 
May 8, 1935 Lester Groom News Chapel Schedule Includes Seder Memorial Service 
May 8, 1935 Dr. James M. Gray News Dr. Gray Will Speak to League on May 20 
May 8, 1935 Harold F. Bachman News Bachman to Return to Wheaton After Trips 
May 8, 1935 Prayer Article Is Constant Neglect of Prayer Chracteristic of Your Life? 
May 8, 1935 Johanna Voget News Personnel Office will Oversee Employment 
May 8, 1935 The Last Vesper Service of the Year Information Student Council will Sponosr Last Vespers 
May 8, 1935 The Seat of the Muses Literature Helicon 
May 8, 1935 Outside Girls to Fete with Anchors Aweigh News Outsiders to Frolic; Belts Plan Just Mom 
May 8, 1935 Eddie Torr News Eavesdropping 
May 8, 1935 The Community Tea Room News Academy Seniors Dine; Kreits, Eps to Meet May 15 
May 8, 1935 Belts, Aels to Preside as Six Groups Visit West in Chapel, Friday News Societies Join in Spring Meeting; Western Theme 
May 8, 1935 Capt. Kjelstad May Pitch for First Time as Crusaders Play Twice News Orange Faces Pirates in League Tilt Today 
May 8, 1935 Doug Johnston Sports Cardinals Defeat Crusaders 17 to 1; First Home Game 
May 8, 1935 Tunie Romein Sports Trackmen Face Armour, May 11 
May 8, 1935 Cedarholm, Fischer Drop Second Round Matches in Qualifying Meet Sports  Wheaton Fail to Place in District Net Tournament 
May 8, 1935 Inter-Class Tennis Short Comments W. A. A. Wail 
May 8, 1935 Captain Kjelstad Short Comment on Sports Spring Sport Spasms 
May 8, 1935 R. Nicholas Information Council Proceedings Meeting of April 29 
May 8, 1935 Ballbach Information Meeting of May 6 
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