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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 7, 1934 - G. G. IX Column The Gaygarygoyle 
March 7, 1934 An Alums News The Student O.P.I.N.E.S 
March 7, 1934 Charles Seidenspinner Literature Kindness And Love Should Mark Walk of Christian  
March 7, 1934 Edith Hollingsworth Literature  New Song 
March 7, 1934 Winifred Hahn  Literature Poignant Realization  
March 7, 1934 Alice Wallendorf News Short - Stories to Hold Attention of Societies  
March 7, 1934 Miss Clarabelle Hiney News Aels Announce Contest Judge 
March 7, 1934 Miss Efie Jane Wheeler News Phils to Tell of 'Once Upon a Lifetime' 
March 7, 1934 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany News Dr. Tiffany To Judge Belt Short Stories  
March 7, 1934 Miss Elisabeth Dancey News Bows to Have Three Judges 
March 7, 1934 Aristonian Literary  News Quartette, Piano Numbers To Interperse Arrow Stories  
March 7, 1934 Spanish Club Spaniard meet At Schofield Home   
March 7, 1934 The Epinonian Literary News Eps ro Blow Soap Bubles 
March 7, 1934 "Old Testament Hebrew Family" Information  Kries To Discuss hebrew Home Life  
March 7, 1934 Wheaton Academy News Academy Debates Defeats Y.M.C.A 
March 7, 1934 Wresling Sports Seven Men Wresle in Final Bouts 
March 7, 1934 Bob Glover Sports Glover to Pilot "W"Club With Petersen Assisting  
March 7, 1934 Johnny Gray  Sports Belts, Arrows to Meet in Initial Game Series  
March 7, 1934 Basketball Championship Sports W. A. A. Wail ... 
March 7, 1934 Basketball Tournment  Sports Intramural Standings 
March 7, 1934 Frank Rejmer Sports Congratulations, Wrestlers 
March 7, 1934 The Dorothy Club News Faculty Women To Engage Dots in Curtain Raiser  
March 7, 1934 Proofs trains With Doors  News Record, Faculty Prepare For big Court Encounter  
March 14, 1934 Ensemble Recitals Article Six Students to Perform in Recital 
March 14, 1934 Biology Department Article Biologists to Study in Chicago, March 24 
March 14, 1934 Women's Debate Article Rosary, Normal Debaters to Face Women's Team 
March 14, 1934 Organ Recital Article Mildren Smith to Give Organ Recital 
March 14, 1934 Debate Article Wheaton Debaters Head League with Trio of Victories 
March 14, 1934 Missionary Volunteer Band Article Missionary Volunteer Band to Listen to Mission Head 
March 14, 1934 College Faculty Dinner Article College Faculty, Trustees to Hold Annual Dinner 
March 14, 1934 Ping Pong Announcement Ping Pong Tourney to Begin March 24 
March 14, 1934 Academy Award Article Junior Academy Grade to Receive Honor Shield 
March 14, 1934 Oratorical Group Article Oratorical Group to Hold Dinnner Meeting 
March 14, 1934 Speech Recital Announcement Speech Students to Present Recital on Tuesday, March 20 
March 14, 1934 Gymnastics Exhibition Article Gym Exhibition Proceeds Will Buy Equipment 
March 14, 1934 Buswell Military Medals Article President to Receive Two War Medals 
March 14, 1934 Quintet Announcement Quintet to Conduct St. Charles Service 
March 14, 1934 German Club Announcement Underclassment to Lead German Club, March 20 
March 14, 1934 City Fire News Gospels Damaged in City Fire, March 6 
March 14, 1934 Wheaton Record Struggles Article Many Difficulties Present Themselves to Record Staff 
March 14, 1934 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 14, 1934 Opinions Column Student Opines 
March 14, 1934 Spiritual Reflection Column Events in Crucifixion Scene Reveal Studies in Contrasts 
March 14, 1934 Poetry Column Helicon 
March 14, 1934 Literary Society Party Announcement Boethallian to Celebrate Seventh Birthday Party 
March 14, 1934 Literary Societies Column Bows, Belts, Arrows, Celts, Phils, Aels 
March 14, 1934 Castilian Music Club Article Castilian Group to Hear Program of Modern Music 
March 14, 1934 Personals Column Personals 
March 14, 1934 Faculty, Record Staff Basketball Article Faculty Falls 21-20, Before Record Five 
March 14, 1934 Wrestling Sports Jayvee Wrestlers Come Out Victors in Aurora Meet 
March 14, 1934 Basketball Sports Basketball Squad Names Newsom Captain for 1934 
March 14, 1934 Basketball and Wrestling Column Hoop 'n Mat 
March 14, 1934 Women Faculty vs. Dorothy Club Basketball Article Faculty Women Win Dottie Club Game by Hard Offensive Play 
March 14, 1934 Track Announcement Track Meetin 
March 14, 1934 Literary Society Basketball Article Arrows, Celts Gain Victories Over Beltonians 
March 14, 1934 Sports Column W.A.A. Wail 
March 14, 1934 Intramural Basketball Article Three Intramural Teams Tie at Top 
March 21, 1934 Society Presidents to Form Cabinet to Supervise all Inter-Club Relations News Six Groups Favor Plan for Council 
March 21, 1934 Harvey Chrouser News 'W' Club Group to Conduct Program at Christian Endeavor 
March 21, 1934 Doyle Brewington News Forensic Contests Attract Debaters to Lexington, Ky. 
March 21, 1934 Delbert Jorgensen News Record to Give Free Pass to D. Jorgensen 
March 21, 1934 Pres. J. Oliver Buswell Jr.  News Pres. Buswell to Begin Series of Services in East 
March 21, 1934 Port Chester News Women to Tour Eastern States; to Leave, March 31 
March 21, 1934 Ralph Dreger News Council Chooses Dreger as Campus Day Leader 
March 21, 1934 Melvin Suttie News Tower to Include Seventy Pictures of Organizations 
March 21, 1934 Earle Stevens News Freshmen Elect stevens, Sanderson to Head Paper 
March 21, 1934 Club to Give over Twenty Concerts; to Have Party with Women Singers News Men singers Plan Annual Eastern Trip 
March 21, 1934 John Brobeck News Class of '36 Chooses Brobeck, Wilson as Heads for Yearbook 
March 21, 1934 All of the Sports Articles Northwestern Gives Edict Against Student Drinking 
March 21, 1934 Adventure Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
March 21, 1934 Paying Hi Own Electric Bill Opinion The Student Opines 
March 21, 1934 Charles Seidenspinner Article Christ's Death Finishes His Gift of Salvation 
March 21, 1934 Edith Hollingsworth Literature Helicon 
March 21, 1934 Alice Wallendorf News Societies' Topics range from Stamps to Hash 
March 21, 1934 Mr. and Mrs. theodore W. Carlberg News Alumni 
March 21, 1934 Sayre Lummis News Irving House Residents Entertain at Open House 
March 21, 1934 Marvin Derby News Record Staff to Discuss 'Post-Depression' Theme 
March 21, 1934 Florence Cobb News Orators Stage First Annual Luncheon 
March 21, 1934 Mary Helen Jones News  Miss McDuffie Receives Start as Student Here 
March 21, 1934 New York University News Beyond the Campus 
March 21, 1934 Leander S. Keyse, D. D.  News A Reasonable Faith 
March 21, 1934 Emily MacDonald News Alumni News 
March 21, 1934 The Belts and Celts News In Ye Good Old Days 
March 21, 1934 The University of Michigan News Playermen to Wrestle in Nationals 
March 21, 1934 Rev. V. Atchinak News V. Atchinak Shows Slides From Syria Monday, March 19 
March 21, 1934 Will Bass Sports Willard Bass to Captain '34 Thinclads 
March 21, 1934 Johnny Gray Sports Arrows to Retain Trophy by Victory Over Celts, 17-14 
March 21, 1934 Baseball Short Comments on Sports Spring Sports Pasms 
March 21, 1934 Ben Coleman Sports Record Ping Pong Tourney to Begin Saturday Morning 
March 21, 1934 Third Annual Presentation to Hold Limelight in High School, Saturday Sports Evans' Gymnasium Exhibit to Feature Blindfold Acts 
March 21, 1934 Veterans Return to Bolster Lineup as Team Awaits Good Training Weather Sports Coach Coray Issues Call for Tossers 
March 21, 1934 Harriet Barr News Adeline Allison Enjoys Physical Training Work 
March 21, 1934 Mrs. Thomas Kellogg News Faculty to Hold Dinner in Dining Hall, Friday 
March 21, 1934 The Kreitonian Girls News Academy Groups Discuss 'Spring', 'Visions' Today 
March 21, 1934 Erma Stevens News Doctor Dow's Sole Aim is Life for God 
March 21, 1934 Frank Lawrence Sports Wheaton Runners to Enter League Contest Saturday 
March 28 1934 High School Debate Information Ten Schools to Debate in Tourney 
March 28 1934 Dr Wade C Smith Information Student Council to conduct service in Chapel Tomorrow 
March 28 1934 The Women's and Men's Glee Clubs Music Songsters to Tour East During Spring Vacation 
March 28 1934 Prof Enock C. Dryness Information Registrar's Office Sends Catalogues To High Schools 
March 28 1934 Rev. John Berwyn Information Quintet Members Arranging program For Summer Months 
March 28 1934 The Missionary Volunteer Band  News Paul Stough to Speak To Volunteer Group 
March 28 1934 Constance Frogley Article Class Heads Have Wide Experiences 
March 28 1934 Constance Frogley Article Marion Isel Instututes Prayer Meeting 
March 28 1934 Annual Faculty Dinner Party Information Dr. Elsie S. Dow to Address Faculty at Annual Banquet 
March 28 1934 Scripture Distribution Society News Scripture Distributors Send Student Guides 
March 28 1934 Gospel Team Work Music Gospel Team Renders Musical Program on Chicago Radio Station 
March 28 1934 Dr. J Oliver Buswell Jr. News  Karl Buswell To Address Class of '34 
March 28 1934 Rev. Harold M. Carlson News  President Buswell Visits Alumni Party at Rockford 
March 28 1934 Freshman Class Article Freshman Class To Prepare to Forward College Standards 
March 28 1934 Minor Sports Article Minor Sports Lack Enthusiasm 
March 28 1934 Editor Aprreciates Time and energy News Freshman Staff Appreciates Cooperation 
March 28 1934 C. Willard Fetter Articles Frosh Orchid 
March 28 1934 New Lawson Field Information Improvement on New Athletic Field Near Completion 
March 28 1934 Fern Huser and Jack Hillis Article Jesus Delivers Christians into God's Hand Forever 
March 28 1934 Helen Lundberg Poem HELICON 
March 28 1934 Byron Straw Sports Miller Writes Sports 
March 28 1934 Alfred Martin News Honor Students Display Diversity 
March 28 1934 Donna Ruth Sports Freshmen Hold Society Office 
March 28 1934 Earle Stevens News Journalists Edit Paper 
March 28 1934 Good Old Days Article When I was a Freshman 
March 28 1934 Dorothy Waterhouse News Class Heads Have Wide Experiences 
March 28 1934 Robert Hastings  Information Hatsings, Hatch Holds High School Offices 
March 28 1934 Phil Hall Information Animal to Hold the Attention of Phils 
March 28 1934 'Amazing Grace' Information Celts to Follow Saviour In Passion Week Meeting 
March 28 1934 When the Stone was rolled Away Information Aels to Linger 'By The Waters of Minnetonka' 
March 28 1934 Newton Schoenly Information Mnemosyne's Daughters to Be Discussed by Belts 
March 28 1934 Ruth Christopherson News American Indians Dominates Bow's Program 
March 28 1934 Allan Schoff Information Arrow Reviews Trial of Christ 
March 28 1934 Charlmers Hatch Information Freshmen Class To Hold Skating Party Saturday 
March 28 1934 Calvin Busch  Busch, Saunders to Direct Open Metting Committee 
March 28 1934 Academy Classes Information Academy 
March 28 1934 Forencia Team to Enter Pi Kappa Delta Convention Information Wheatonics Clinch State Debate Tilt 
March 28 1934 Harold Staffeld News Staffeld , Youel Achieve Letters For Grid Work 
March 28 1934 Jack Hillis Sports Cinder and Sack 
March 28 1934 St. Procopius Sports Baseball Schedule 
March 28 1934 Stanley Ray Sports Coray, Ray Look Ahead to Baseball Conference Trophy 
March 28 1934 Moose Lawrence  Sports Wheaton Tracksters Enter Track Tilt 
March 28 1934 Rev. Newberry Cox Information Easter Services 
March 28 1934 Special Easter Dinner Information Join Easter Parade 
March 28 1934 The Redstarts Sports Intra-Mural Leaders to Decide Champions 
March 28 1934 Student Laundry Information And Mother 
March 28 1934 William Brosius Music Freshmen Diplay Variety of Interests 
March 28 1934 Eleanor Muir Music Glee Clubs Attract Singers 
March 28 1934 Charlotte Buyers  Information Men Enter Debating 
March 28 1934 Ralph Chamberlain News Clara Gunn Wins Prize 
April 4, 1934 Group to Give Glen Ellyn Performance; Mrs. Hicks to Assist News Orchestra to Make Three Appearances 
April 4, 1934 The Jahn anad Ollier Co,, News Freshmen Agree on Engraving Contract 
April 4, 1934 Rolf Jacbobson News The World Roll On 
April 4, 1934 Rev. A. W. Touzer News C. M. A. to Conduct Annual Meeting On College Campus 
April 4, 1934 James Comstock News Comstock will Direct Tower Business Staff 
April 4, 1934 Grant Whipple News 'Envoys for Christ' to Testify in Six Wisconsin Services 
April 4, 1934 Lesson Illustrations Used in Indian, Japanese, Chinese Publications News Wade C. Smith Classes Little Jetts as Missionaries 
April 4, 1934 The University of Montana News S. D. S. to Reach Montana Students with Gospels 
April 4, 1934 John Walvoord News Extra 
April 4, 1934 Rev. Muir News Cosmopolites to Have Chinese Meal, Thursday 
April 4, 1934 Play Day News Student Council Votes Out Campus Day for This Year 
April 4, 1934 Miss Florence McDuffie News Miss McDuffie to Talk at Christian Endeavor, Sunday 
April 4, 1934 Meal Tickets in Dining Hall to Cost Ninety Dollars Per Semester News Catlogue to List Trio of New Courses 
April 4, 1934 The Liebenzellu Mission News Volunteers to Hear Rev. Herman Becker in Meeting, Tonight 
April 4, 1934 The Kansas City Bible Institute News Dr. Walter Wilson Will Talk in Chapel, Friday 
April 4, 1934 Vacation Time Presents Opportunity for Many Things Articles Good Friday Should be Day Set Apart for Worship 
April 4, 1934 Prof. Moule Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
April 4, 1934 2 Peter 3:10 Article Christian, to Be Fruitful, Must Grow in Knowledge 
April 4, 1934 Muriel Fuller '23 Literature Helicon 
April 4, 1934 Alice Wallendorf News Three Joint Meetings to Usher in Vacation 
April 4, 1934 The Annual Record Information In Ye Good Old Days 
April 4, 1934 Nora May Green News Prep Societies Discuss 'Fools' 'Easter', Today 
April 4, 1934 Master of Nursing Information School of Nursing of Yale University 
April 4, 1934 Record Staff Members Meet for Annual Dinner at Open Gate Tea Room, March 31 News Journalists Hold Banquet on Theme 'Post-Depression' 
April 4, 1934 New Worlds To Conquer Information Book Suggestions 
April 4, 1934 Newsom, Coleman to Lead Team Against Elmhurst, April 18 Sports Court Squad Trains for First Meet 
April 4, 1934 Betty Humphreys News W. A. A. Wail 
April 4, 1934 Vivien Peterson News Alumni 
April 4, 1934 Coach Vic Gustafson Sports Coach Announces Football Schedule for Next Season 
April 4, 1934 Coach John M. Player Sports Player Declares Men Won Greater Laurels Than Medals, Awards 
April 4, 1934 DeKalb's Little Nineteen Champs Short Comments Cinder and Sack 
April 4, 1934 The Championship Pansy-Redstart Game Sports Pansies Attain to Championship in Intramurals 
April 4, 1934 Crusaders to Open Sseason Tomorrow in Game with St. Procopius Sports Ball Squad to Compare with Lisle 
April 4, 1934 Mills College Information Highly Debatable 
April 4, 1934 The University of California Information Could We Use That! 
April 25, 1934 Illinois College Press Group To Convene at Dekalb Friday, Satursday Information Record Men Will Attend Press Meet 
April 25, 1934 Mr. Monroe Article The World Rolls On  
April 25, 1934 Dr. Walter L.. Wilson Information Dr. W. Wilson to Speak In Chapel Next Friday 
April 25, 1934 Henry Gregory and Ernest Loving News Complimentary Tickets 
April 25, 1934 Miss. Florence E. Cobb Infromation Six Students to Give Readings, Tuesday, May 1 
April 25, 1934 Mrs. Gordon I. Mackenzie Article Sacred, Varied Music Composed Glee Club Program, April 24 
April 25, 1934 Erma Stevens News Dr. Charles W. Gordon Selects Pen Name, Ralph Connor, for Use in Magazine Fiction 
April 25, 1934 Ralph Connor Information Six Conest Winners to Read Stories Selected by Connor, Tomorrow Night 
April 25, 1934 Earl Zetterholm Infromation Zetterholm to Preside At Science Club Meet 
April 25, 1934 Dr. Wallace Stevens News Rating Group Changes Systems 
April 25, 1934 High School Debate Tournament  News Hammond Debaters Win Invitational Forensic Tournament 
April 25, 1934 Smith , Shufelt to Appear in Last Concert After Glee Club Returns from Tour Infromation Men Singers Set April 30 For Concert 
April 25, 1934 Wheaton Oratorical Society  Infromation Orators to Participate In Three Major Contests 
April 25, 1934 Mirriam Jones Information Volunteers Tell The For Banquet, Saturday 
April 25, 1934 Annual Oratorical Contest Article College Students Should Express Convictions for Peace 
April 25, 1934 Dr. Charles W. Gordon News Annual Literary Contest to Be Held Tomorrow Night 
April 25, 1934 Charles Seidenspinner Article Deep Religious Experience Produces Strong Convictions 
April 25, 1934 Alice Wallendorf Article Numerous Social Events Greet Spring on Campus 
April 25, 1934 Betty Weeks Article Outside, Dorm Girls to Hold Annual parties 
April 25, 1934 Norman Harrison Information Arrows To Hold Oriental Meeting 
April 25, 1934 Russell Mixter Infromation Russell Mixter To Preside at Pre-Med Dinner 
April 25, 1934 Louise Loizeaux News Louise Loizeaux Tells Friends of Engagement 
April 25, 1934 Crusaders to Begin League Play Today with North Central Team Sports Redbird Nine to Invade Wheaton in Opener Today 
April 25, 1934 Wrestling & Boxing Exhibition Sports Athletes Stage Ring Exhibition For Elgin Men 
April 25, 1934 Baseball Sports Coray Lose, 5-1, To George Williams 
April 25, 1934 W.A.A Jackets Sports ..W.A.A.Wail.. 
April 25, 1934 Ronny Rediger Sports Physical Education Student Calls Tennis Favorite Sport 
April 25, 1934 Wheaton College Track Team Sports Orange and Blue To Run Elmhurst In Initial Meet 
April 25, 1934 Baseball Sports Diamondmen Defeat St. Procopius, 18-7 
April 25, 1934 Kenny Klopf Sports Spring Sport Spasms 
April 25, 1934 Flip of Coin Secures 3-3 Score For Crusaders Against Pirate Racket Wielders Sports Net Team Ties With Elmhurst In Frist Match 
April 25, 1934 Maroon and White Tossers To Open Season with Chicago School, Friday Sports Academy to Play latin Ball Squad 
May 2, 1934 LeRoy Urseth, '33, to Play Piano Solo in Spring Concert of Orchestra Music Symphonic Group Will Play, May 10 
May 2, 1934 Happenings News The World Rolls On 
May 2, 1934 College Christian Endeavor Short Comment C.E. to Hold Discussion On "Refuting Modernism" 
May 2, 1934 Wheaton Oratorical Society News Orators to Hold Intersociety, Peace Contests, May 7,8 
May 2, 1934 Peter Deyneka Short Comment Deyneka, Band, Bone To Conduct Chapel 
May 2, 1934 The Oratorical Society Short Comment Orators to Hold Election Of Officers, Wednesday 
May 2, 1934 Record Editors Attend I.C.P.A. Convention at DeKalb over Week-End News Censorship Among Topics Discussed at Press Meet 
May 2, 1934 Student Conductors to Handle Baton in Assembly Program, Tuesday, May 8 News Band to Appear With Leaders' Class in Chapel 
May 2, 1934 Joy Lester, '30 Short Comment Joy Lester, '30, Recovers From Tubercular Attack 
May 2, 1934 Sydney Goldfinch, Harold Hunter Short Comment Goldfinch, Hunter To Receive Passes 
May 2, 1934 Chi Sigma Theta News Chi Sigma Theta Receives Group of 13 New Members 
May 2, 1934 Former Wheaton Student Tells Of "Intensely Interesting Work" in South Carolina News Liberman Tells Of Missionary Work in South 
May 2, 1934 Sigma Pi Sigma Members To Perform Scientific Experiments for Public News Physics Club to Present Open Meeting, Tomorrow 
May 2, 1934 Pre-Medic Club Short Comment Future Doctors to Elect Officers in Last Meeting 
May 2, 1934 Spring Fever Article Spring Fever Now Established As Actual Disease 
May 2, 1934 Editorial Written To Promote Interest Article Subsidization of Newspapers Has Not Reached The Record 
May 2, 1934 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 2, 1934 Student Opinion Column The Student O.P.I.N.E.S 
May 2, 1934 My Mother Sea, Thyself, Freedom, To- Literature H.E.L.I.C.O.N 
May 2, 1934 Literature Societies News May Day, Coed Party To Feature Week End 
May 2, 1934 Wheaton Through The Years News In Ye Goode Olde Dayes 
May 2, 1934 Annual Outside Girls' Frolic to Occur, Saturday Evening at 8, in Trinity Parish House News Japanese Theme To Attract 200 To Coeds' Party 
May 2, 1934 Alumni News News Alumni... 
May 2, 1934 Not Only Authors, That's An Idea, Tough On Coeds, Even Profs? Column Chatter... 
May 2, 1934 Wade Smith's Little Jetts Edition of Pilgrim's Progress, The Testament For Fishers of Men Information This Week's Book Suggestions 
May 2, 1934 Newsom, Coleman to Enter Singles; Lines, Farr Form Doubles Team Sports Four Crusaders to Play In Sectional Net Meet 
May 2, 1934 Orange and Blue Track Team Sports Orange Falls, 68-57, To Elmhurst; Bass, Romein Set Records 
May 2, 1934 Monthly Meeting Information ...W.A.A. Wails... 
May 2, 1934 Academy Team Drops Game to Latin Baseball Squad, 16-11, After Bad Third Inning Sports Prep School Nine To Meet Lemont Township Today 
May 2, 1934 Baseball Sports Spring Sport Spasms 
May 2, 1934 Wheaton Baseball Sports Lake Forest to Play Host To Crusaders on May 5 
May 2, 1934 Wheaton Tennis Team Sports Tennis Team Loses to Redbirds, 5-1, Peoria, 7-0 
May 2, 1934 Host of Stars to Compete In Triangle Cinder Meet At DeKalb Sports Crusaders, Profs, Pirates To Run In Meet, May 4 
May 2, 1934 News Outside of Campus News Beyond the Campus 
May 9, 1934 Dr. Elsie Storrs Dow Information Wheaton Club to Establish Scholarship for Needy College Students  
May 9, 1934 Dr. F. Melius Christiansen News St. Olaf Choristers To Present Concert In Summer Session 
May 9, 1934 The Johnson Act News The World Rolls On 
May 9, 1934 Mary Helen Literature Wheaton Students Write Poems For College Magazine  
May 9, 1934 Field Museum News Geologists to Go To Field Museum  
May 9, 1934 Alf LeRoy Urseth News Urseth, Smith, Werdell to Play Solos in Concert  
May 9, 1934 Victor Nyquist  News Three to Adress Alliance Meeting  
May 9, 1934 Wesley Burnham News Pre-Medics Select W. Burnham as Head  
May 9, 1934 Erma Stevens News Custom of Mother's Day Imported from England  
May 9, 1934 Dr. Glenn Cole News Dr. Cole Arranges Lecture Calendar For Summer Trip  
May 9, 1934 Dr. Hockman  News Missionary Volunteers to Hear Bible Institute Department Head Tonight 
May 9, 1934 Amy Deck News Eadie, Amy Deck Win Intersociety Speaking Contest  
May 9, 1934 President Oliver J. Buswell Information Trustees Make Five New Appointements to Faculty  
May 9, 1934 William D. Upshaw News Upshaw, Harrison, Schell To Lead Chapel Services  
May 9, 1934 The Record Column Mother - - - What a Token Of Regard She Deserves  
May 9, 1934 The Record Column Society Membership Emplies Attendance  
May 9, 1934 Mrs Kosin Column The Gaygargoyle 
May 9, 1934 Dr. Higley Column The Studnet O.P.I.N.E.S 
May 9, 1934 Alice Wallendorf Literature Literary Societies to Resume Normal Life  
May 9, 1934 The Wilson Hall News Red Castle Guests 
May 9, 1934 Trinity Episcopal Parish  News Outside Girls Give party at Trinity Church  
May 9, 1934 Wilson Hall News Queen Marijorie, King Elden to Lead Banquet Procession at Red Castle Frolic  
May 9, 1934 Charles Seidenspinner  Article Faithfulness Is Demanded in Stewards of Christ  
May 9, 1934 Edith Hollingsworth Literature From Out of Nowhere  
May 9, 1934 "Hid handwork" Music Music Club To Look At 'His Handwork' 
May 9, 1934 Tennis Sports Coed Tennis Team to Go To Tourney  
May 9, 1934 Newsom Sports Wheaton Netmen Lose to Winners In District Meet  
May 9, 1934 Coach Coray Sports Armour Sluggers Topple Coraymen With 16-8 Score  
May 9, 1934 Coach Gustafson Sports Ceinder Men To Run at Loyola 
May 9, 1934 Aurora College Sports Spting Sport Spasms 
May 9, 1934 Lake Forest Sports Ball Tossers to Oppose Elhmust Squad, Today  
May 9, 1934 Basketball Sports Lake Forest Defeat Orange in Last Inning  
May 16, 1934 Yearbook Staff Article Tower of '36 Heads Name Staff Editors 
May 16, 1934 Photography Department Information Assistants Chosen 
May 16, 1934 Sports Department Information Nelson and Campbell Head Sports 
May 16, 1934 Woman's Club Article Effie Jane Wheeler Talks Before Peotone Club About Hardy 
May 16, 1934 Preregistration Information Students to Make Out Fall Courses by This Saturday 
May 16, 1934 Yearbook Information Tower Staff Will Distribute Books Tuesday, May 24 
May 16, 1934 Academy Honor Club News Academy to Receive National Honor Club Chapter for Seniors 
May 16, 1934 Oratorical Contest News Laura Gates, Gray Win Cook Oratorical Contest 
May 16, 1934 Glee Club Information Busch to Head Men's Glee Club in Next Season 
May 16, 1934 Scripture Society News Scripture Society Sends Gospels to Westerners 
May 16, 1934 Campus Roads Information Campus Drivers to be Improved with Oil Coat 
May 16, 1934 College Christian Endeavor Article Dorothy Waterhouse to Discuss Doctrine 
May 16, 1934 Chapel Speaker Article Grads to Come with Head of Seminary on Visit Here 
May 16, 1934 Organ Player Article Seder Plays Organ Today for Chapel 
May 16, 1934 Mission Study Class Article Rev. P.C. Metzger to Address Mission Study Class Tonight 
May 16, 1934 Debate Union Article Amy Deck Head of Debate Union, May 14 
May 16, 1934 Campus Communication Article Dean's Office Should Handle Communication 
May 16, 1934 The Depression Article Better Prospects Face Graduating Seniors 
May 16, 1934 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 16, 1934 Opinion Column The Student Opines 
May 16, 1934 Campus Christianity Column Love Prevents the Tongue from Speaking Evil 
May 16, 1934 Poetry Column Helicon 
May 16, 1934 Literary Societies Article Societies to View Japan at May Open Meeting 
May 16, 1934 Faculty Devotions Article Faculty Members to Have Devotions, Critique 
May 16, 1934 Commencement Article Busch, Aristonian Heads Committee 
May 16, 1934 Interclass Entertainment Article Juniors Prepare to Entertainment of Seniors 
May 16, 1934 Open House Article Williston Hall Holds Annual Open House 
May 16, 1934 Education Fraternity Article Education Club Breakfasts in Park 
May 16, 1934 Literary Groups Article Prep Societies To Join in Open Session, May 14 
May 16, 1934 Pre-Med Banquet Article Titus Johnson Addresses Pre-Meds 
May 16, 1934 Men's Glee Article Men Vocalists to Hold Annual Party, Sunday 
May 16, 1934 Sigma Pi Sigma Article Science Fraternity to Dine Tomorrow Evening at Gables 
May 16, 1934 Book Review Column Christian Fiction 
May 16, 1934 Track Sports Track Team to Compete at Elmhurst, Saturday 
May 16, 1934 Baseball Sports Two Teams Win From Crusaders on Ball Field 
May 16, 1934 Tennis Sports Racket Wielders Defeat City Team With Close Count 
May 16, 1934 Tennis Sports Slote, Kilbourne Win First Place in State Doubles 
May 16, 1934 Wrestling Sports Matmen Choose Austin Captain for Next Year 
May 16, 1934 Baseball Sports Baseball Team to Oppose Elmhurst Tosses, Today 
May 16, 1934 Tennis Sports Orange Net Stars To Play Redbirds in Return Match 
May 16, 1934 Intramural Sports Article Gray, Gehr to Clash in Game, Today 
May 23, 1934 Groups to Cover Entire Country in Extensive Preaching Tour News Five Gospel Teams Plan Wide Tours 
May 23, 1934 The World Rolls On News The World Rolls On 
May 23, 1934 Music Department Information Ensemble Classes To Give Recital Tuesday at 8pm 
May 23, 1934 Music Department News National Council Of Journalistic Group Honors Lines, Fetter 
May 23, 1934 Student Council Guests Information High School Seniors to See Campus as Council Guests 
May 23, 1934 Mrs. Harold Dunton News Seniors Journey to Winona For Annual Sneak, May 17 
May 23, 1934 The Wheaton Record News Record to Close Semester With Graduation Issue 
May 23, 1934 Food Chemistry Students to Watch Walgreen Methods On Chicago Trip, Friday News Nutrition Class to View Food Tests  
May 23, 1934 Wrestlers, Debaters, Co-ed Tennis Victors to receive Student Praise News Champions to Be Honored At First Annual Banquet 
May 23, 1934 Lawrence Anderson  News Anderson to Direct Publicity Service 
May 23, 1934 Senoir Chapel's Seat News Council Members Discuss Chapel Custom, Monday 
May 23, 1934 Helen Pace News Helen Pace Picks 'Daddy Long legs' For Recital Topic 
May 23, 1934 Women's Glee Club News Women's Glee Club Elects New Officers  
May 23, 1934 Chemistry Department News Three Receive Positions In Chemistry Laboratory  
May 23, 1934 The Intersociety Council Article In Explaination 
May 23, 1934 Westbrook Pegler Article Human Perversity 
May 23, 1934 Webster C. Muck Article Christian Friendship Ranks High Among Wheaton Ideals 
May 23, 1934 Alice Wallendorf Article Campus Clubs to Close Term with Banquets 
May 23, 1934 Lucille Mellis News Tower Bell Announces Lucille Mellis' Engagement 
May 23, 1934 Library Staff News Librarians to Honor Senior Staff Members 
May 23, 1934 Wedding News Members of Class of '32 Marry in Pittsburgh 
May 23, 1934 Lower Chapel to Be Scene of Evening's Entertainment of Games, Musical Program News Juniors Invite Class of '34 to Party, Tonight 
May 23, 1934 Banquet Information Debaters, Orators To Join in Banquet 
May 23, 1934 Donald Carlson Information Musicans to Have tea on Irving Lawn 
May 23, 1934 Murray Downey Information Downey to Lead C.E. Meeting 
May 23, 1934 Howard Tucker Information Tucker to Head Oratorical Society 
May 23, 1934 Intersociety Council Information Open Meeting? 
May 23, 1934 Mrs. Eleanor W.Muir Information Mrs. Muir to Address Volunteers, Tonight  
May 23, 1934 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor Information Sigma Pi Sigma to Hold Open House on Class Day 
May 23, 1934 Seniors head School Averages With Grade of 83.35;King Hanldey Wins Tennis Title News Academy Societies Pick Smith, Carne As Falls Leaders 
May 23, 1934 President J.Oliver Buswell Jr. Information Pres.Buswell to Preach In St. Louis on May 27 
May 23, 1934 Track, Field Men to Try For Victories in Conference Meet at Monmouth Sports Ogan, Romein, Lawrence Hold State Meet Hopes 
May 23, 1934 Baseball Sports Baseball Squad Loses Games to Teachers, Pirates 
May 23, 1934 Softball Sports Softball Teams Continue Schedule In Today's Game 
May 23, 1934 Baseball Sports Crusaders to Finish Conference Card at Redbird Field, Today 
May 23, 1934 Delburt Nelson Sports Spring Sport Spasms 
May 23, 1934 Baseball Sports Luther Defeats Academy Ball Squad, 17-4, May 18 
May 23, 1934 Wheaton College Chapter Sigma Pi Sigma  News Wheaton Fratenity Gets High Rating in Bulletin 
May 23, 1934 Track and Field News Seven New Records Set at Elmhurst as North Central Wins 
May 30, 1934 Glee Clubs Music Women's Men's Glee Clubs, Orchestra to Present Last Concert, June 10 
May 30, 1934 Summer School Information Inquiries Point to Increased Attendance For Summer Session 
May 30, 1934 Stolen Books News Office of Dean to Return Stolen Books to Students  
May 30, 1934 Roberta Leaf  News Roberta Leaf to Give Graduation Recital, Thursday  
May 30, 1934 Annual Commencement News Seniors to Present Thirteenth Annual Graduation Recital 
May 30, 1934 Gay Gargoyle News Position Open  
May 30, 1934 Alf LeRoy Urseth  Music E. R Elson to Speak at Prep Commencement  
May 30, 1934 Graduation Information Diplomas Will Go to 138 In Graduation Exercises  
May 30, 1934 J. Stratton Shufelt Music Shufelt to Climax College Career in Recital, Monday  
May 30, 1934 Chalmers Hatch  News Hatch to Head Sophs During Next year  
May 30, 1934 Rev. Henry A. Ironside News Annual Graduation Exercises To Be Held On Monday, June 11, at 10 a.m 
May 30, 1934 Ralph Dreger News Students to Vote for President in Chapel On Thursday, 31 
May 30, 1934 Harold F. Bachman News Band Presents Outdoor Concert In Front Campus 
May 30, 1934 The Wheaton Record Column Record Presents Records Of Council Candidates  
May 30, 1934 Mr. Philips News The Gay Gargoyle  
May 30, 1934 Charles Seidenspinner Article Renewed Intrest in Bible Study Great Need of Hour  
May 30, 1934 Wings Column H.E.L.I.C.O.N 
May 30, 1934 Alice Wallendorf News Elections to Feature Meetings, Friday Eve 
May 30, 1934 John Liquist Music Music To Intersperse Electioneering in Belts 
May 30, 1934 Elmer Lampert News Arrows to Disuss Books A Summer Friends  
May 30, 1934 Phils News Phils to Present Seniors in Final Program 
May 30, 1934 Celts Column Celts to Hold Spring 
May 30, 1934 Bow Members News Bows Members to Meet At Glen Ellyn 
May 30, 1934 Amaryllis News Organdies, Muslins Predominate Gowns At Social Function  
May 30, 1934 Ida Claypoole to James Hanna News Engagement Announced At Wayside Inn Party  
May 30, 1934 Edith Holingsworth  Literature Reviewer Awaeds Greates Honor to Story by M. Derby  
May 30, 1934 Class Day News Speeches, Music, Stunts To Feature Class Day 
May 30, 1934 Rev. Edward L. R. Elson  News Rev. Elson to Speak At Academy Program  
May 30, 1934 King Handley News Academy Classes Name Leaders for Ensuing Semester  
May 30, 1934 Julia W. Fischer  News Funeral Rites Held yesterday Afternoon For Mrs. H. Fischer  
May 30, 1934 Lila Majonnier News Lila Majonnier, Muck, '33, to Marry on June 30 
May 30, 1934 Mrs. Elevanor V. Muir  News Mrs. E.V Muir to Speak To Missionary Volunteers  
May 30, 1934 The Wheaton Record Honor Pins News Thirty -two Staff members Become Eligible for Pins  
May 30, 1934 Baseball Sports Boethallians Win Crown In Baseball 
May 30, 1934 Ronny Rediger News Ronny Rediger Gets Senior Honor Award At Breaksfast, Today  
May 30, 1934 King Handley News Handley, M. Worsham Win Prep Tennis Titles  
May 30, 1934 Elmhust Sports Wheaton Players Tie Elmhust In Return Net Meet 
May 30, 1934 Wheaton Academy Sports Prep Ball Players Rout Lake Forest For First Victory  
May 30, 1934 Coach Vic Gustafson Sports  Coach Gustafson Places Third in State Golf Meet  
May 30, 1934 Champions Sports Coed Champions Finish With Three Net Victories  
May 30, 1934 Bows, Ael News Evans Offers Prize for Best Name of New Game  
May 30, 1934 George knipple Sports Scorer tallies Season Records Of Ballplayers 
May 30, 1934 Dr. Hawley News Hawley Otis Taylor Will Teach Popular Course in Astronomy  
May 30, 1934 Gray Sports Gray Holds Lead Indoor League; Ties with Austin  
May 30, 1934 Madge Keagle News Chi Sigma Theta Closes Year in Meeting, May 24 
May 30, 1934 Universty Of Chicago  Sports maroon Net Team Trips Orange, 6-0 
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