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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
June 10, 1931 Esther Brooks  News  Societies Choose Officers For Coming Year; Bows Hold Picnic At Glen Ellynn  
June 10, 1931 Dr. Glover  Academy Academy To Graduate 25 Students Monday 
June 10, 1931 Natalie Ann Morris News Debate Awards Given Out In Chapel Service  
June 10, 1931 Charles Baker  News Class Day Exercises To Be Held tuesday; Alumni Will Hold Banquet  
June 10, 1931 Biology Professor Mack  News Biology Department Closes Year's Work  
June 10, 1931 Paul James  News Paul James, Ava Leach To Be Married Friday  
June 10, 1931 Joy Liester  News 'My Testimony to Wheaton College', Is Written by Missionary  
June 10, 1931 Paul Allen  Literature  Orators Choose Paul Allen As President  
June 10, 1931 Bob Milner  News Lake Erie Alumni hold Spring Party  
June 10, 1931 Allan Zaun  News Allan Zaun Is Elected Student Council Head  
June 10, 1931 James Allen  News J. Philips, '28, To Head Ceremonies For Excelsior Program; James Allen To Be Guest  
June 10, 1931 Graduation  Academy  Largest Graduating Class In History of School To Receive Diplomas June 17 
June 10, 1931 The Record  Column  Telling The World  
June 10, 1931 The Record  Column  Why Wheaton  
June 10, 1931 The Record  Column  A Different Angle  
June 10, 1931 The Record  Column  No Socialism Here  
June 10, 1931 The Record Column Memories 
June 10, 1931 Joe Collitch News The Gay Gargoyle  
June 10, 1931 Driftwood Literature  Cynic's Despair  
June 10, 1931 Inez Larson Literature Dreams 
June 10, 1931 Leland Howard  News College Press Association to Hold Convetion At Wheaton May 6 -7, 1932  
June 10, 1931 Otto DeCamp Sports Men's Tennis Team Completes Season; DeCamp Is Missed  
June 10, 1931 Hellen Rook News Alumni News 
June 10, 1931 Discpline Committee News A Letter From The Discpline Committee  
June 10, 1931 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers Complete Third Season Of Work  
June 10, 1931 The Record Sports Record Selects All Star Baseball Team  
June 10, 1931 Rev. Peter W. Philpott News  Rev. Philpott To Give Baccalaureate Sermon  
June 10, 1931 Miss Gladys Puckey  News  Bits of News 
June 10, 1931 Dr. Keller of Northwestern University  News Dr. Keller Lectures On Lie Detector To Psychology Students  
June 10, 1931 Bradley  Sports Trackmen Complete Season At Monmouth; Enter Four Meets  
June 10, 1931 Wheaton Baseball  Sports Crusaders End Season; Win 8 
June 10, 1931 Kay Hockman  Sports Women's Tennis Team Completes Season; Win From Naperville  
June 10, 1931 DeKalb  Sports Football Summary; Team Wins Two And loses Six Contest  
June 10, 1931 "Swede" Olander Sports Dope 
June 10, 1931 Captain Claus  Sports Basketball Team Wins 7 Loses 11; Has .389 Average  
June 10, 1931 Mary Lou Albertson  News Student Council Elects Officers Approve Award  
June 10, 1931 Dr. Riley  Sports High Sports of The Year  
June 10, 1931 Horace "Dit" Fenton  News Fenton Is Chosen Director Of S. D. S.  
June 10, 1931 Admissions  Academy  Large Number Of Students Apply For Admittance In Fall 
June 10, 1931 Professor LeRoy Hamp Music  Music News Makes Comment On Work Of Men's Glee Club  
June 10, 1931 Nancy Norman  News We Make This Break, Do you? 
June 10, 1931 Natalie Ann Morris  News Expression Students To Present Recital Tomorrow Evening  
September 23, 1931 Pastor Of New Calvary Baptist In New York City- Formerly at Atlanta, Ga., Expresses Opinion Concerning Standards of Wheaton College News Dr. Houghton Opens Evangelistic Services 
September 23, 1931 Wheaton Record News Staff of Record Recognized; New Members Added 
September 23, 1931 Student Council Meeting News Student Council Holds First Meeting; Stowell To Head Homecoming 
September 23, 1931 Cosmopolitan Wheaton Student Body News Students Of Many States And Countries Register At Wheaton 
September 23, 1931 New Music Club Music Students Form New Music Club 
September 23, 1931 Co-Educational Literary Society News Students Of Summer School Organize Co-ed "Therizonian" Society 
September 23, 1931 Tom Hoover News Tom Hoover, Injured In Automobile Wreck, Show Improvement 
September 23, 1931 James Archer and Don Brown News  James Archer And Don Brown Tour Europe On Bicycles 
September 23, 1931 New Apparatus Purchased For Education And Psychology Departments- New Stairs In West Wing- Over $1000 Spent On Gymnasium Improvements; Steel Stacks In Library News Numerous Changes Made on Campus 
September 23, 1931 H. William Nordeen News H. William Nordeen Is New Director Of Men's Glee Club 
September 23, 1931 Welcoming New Students Article Again "Welcome" 
September 23, 1931 Ideals Established By Environment Article Wheaton Ideals 
September 23, 1931 Opinion Column Student Opinion 
September 23, 1931 Letters to The Wheaton Record Column Opinions of Readers 
September 23, 1931 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 23, 1931 God's Masterpiece, Roaming Fever, An October Moon Literature Driftwood 
September 23, 1931 News on Societies, Alumni and Personals News Societies, Personals, Alumni 
September 23, 1931 Ms. Edith Clare Torrey News Miss Torrey Returns As Bible Instructor; Writes Autobiography 
September 23, 1931 Twenty Men Answer Call For First Practice Sports Four Veteran Harriers Return 
September 23, 1931 "Hank" Fuller, '29 Sports Fuller's Ball Team Captures Summer Title Of Campus 
September 23, 1931 Wrestling Squad Sports John Player To Be Wrestling Coach: Captain At U. Of. I. 
September 23, 1931 Short Updates Sports Shorts 
September 23, 1931 Women's Athletic Association Sports W.A.A Entertains New Girls At Outing; Night Spent In Loft 
September 23, 1931 Coach Perfecting the Blocking And Tackling Sports Football Squad Hard At Work 
September 23, 1931 Hours Information Local Heads Give Various Office Hours 
September 23, 1931 Intercollegiate News News Exchanges 
September 23, 1931 New Class in Journalism News Miss Wheeler And Record Editors To Conduct New Class 
September 23, 1931 Wheaton Academy In Full Swing News Academy News 
September 23, 1931 Scripture Distribution Society News S.D.S To Continue Gospel Distribution; Funds Are Available 
September 23, 1931 Women's Glee Club Music Women's Glee Club Accepts New Members 
September 23, 1931 Chicago's 1933 World's Fair- A Century of Progress News Fourth World's Fair Hall Started; News Of Other Buildings 
September 23, 1931 Directory Information Directory Of Organizations 
September 30, 1931 Canadian Speaker Article Record Reporter Interviews Sidney Smith, Noted Canadian Lay Minister 
September 30, 1931 Junior Class Officers Article Juniors Complete Election of Officers 
September 30, 1931 Music Club Article New Music Club Organizes; Finney Elected President 
September 30, 1931 Scripture Distribution Article S.D.S. Ready to Resume Campaign to Reach Students 
September 30, 1931 Dormitory Article New Students Enter Williston Hall, Fourth Floor Dormitories 
September 30, 1931 Transporting Library Books Article Math Shark Figures Distance Traveled by Library Book Carriers 
September 30, 1931 Biology Department Article Biology Department Enrollment Largest in History of College 
September 30, 1931 Informal Literary Meetings Article Phils, Celts to Hold Informals Friday 
September 30, 1931 Faculty Vacations Article College Faculty Visit Places of Interest During Past Vacation 
September 30, 1931 Football Season Preview Article Football: Abilities and Possibilities 
September 30, 1931 Academic Advice Article Just a Reminder 
September 30, 1931 Alumni Article By Their Fruits 
September 30, 1931 Frosh Rules Opinion Opinion of Readers 
September 30, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
September 30, 1931 Campus Christianity Column Think on These Things 
September 30, 1931 Poetry  Column Driftwood 
September 30, 1931 Conservatory Concert Article Conservatory Faculty Give Concert; Nordin Tendered Reception 
September 30, 1931 Debate Article Conference Coaches Choose Question for Illinois Debate League 
September 30, 1931 Football Sports Wheaton High School Ties Glenbard 0-0, in Annual Grid Battle 
September 30, 1931 Business Meeting Article W.C.T.U. Holds Business Meeting 
September 30, 1931 Advancement of Teaching Study Article Carnegie Foundation Report Shows Senior Loses Much Knowledge 
September 30, 1931 Literary Societies Column Societies 
September 30, 1931 Personal Information Column Personals 
September 30, 1931 Alumni Column Alumni 
September 30, 1931 Rural Sunday School Article Evangelical League to Establish District Rural Sunday Schools 
September 30, 1931 Library Revamp Article New Stacks Installed for Library; Reading Room Ready for Use 
September 30, 1931 Sophomores Give Freshman Rules Article Freshman Dormitory Girls Must Address All Sophomores Formally 
September 30, 1931 Football Sports Junior Varsity Defeats DeKalb 
September 30, 1931 Football Sports Roster of Wheaton Gridders 
September 30, 1931 Football Preview Sports As We See It 
September 30, 1931 Women's Athletics Sports New Girls Urged to Participate in Tennis, Soccer Tournaments 
September 30, 1931 Football Preview Sports Crusaders Open Season at Crane 
September 30, 1931 Other Colleges News News of Other Colleges 
September 30, 1931 National Honor Fraternity Article Foster Oury is New President of Sigma Pi Sigma 
September 30, 1931 Gospel Ambassadors Article Gospel Ambassadors Visit Fourteen States During Summer Tour 
September 30, 1931 Excavation Findings Article Skeletons of Black Sand People Unearthed Beneath Indian Mound 
September 30, 1931 Academy News Academy News 
September 30, 1931 First Aid Classes Article Thirty Students Join Red Cross Classes Under Miss Puckey 
September 30, 1931 Quintet Article Quintet Travels Over Eight Thousand Miles During Past Summer 
October 7, 1931 Social Science Meeting Article Central Social Science Conference to Meet in Wheaton Next Thursday 
October 7, 1931 Homecoming Football Article Wartburg Gridders, Alumni Banquet to Feature Homecoming 
October 7, 1931 Physics Equipment Article Physics Department Purchases Mikelson "Interferometer" 
October 7, 1931 Freshman Officers Article Wesley Burnham, Dorothy McCrory are Frosh Officers 
October 7, 1931 Rhetoric Classes Article Freshman Rhetoric Classes Write Interesting Composition on "Why I Came to Wheaton" 
October 7, 1931 Birthday Celebration Article Miss Dow Celebrates Birthday; Teacher is Surprised by Friends 
October 7, 1931 Student Sickness Article Lillian Sue Smith Leaves Sanitarium 
October 7, 1931 Literary Meetings Article Aelioian, Beltionian Societies to Hold Annual Informals Next Friday Evening 
October 7, 1931 Faculty Picnic Article Faculty Holds Annual Picnic at St. Charles; Professors Play Ball 
October 7, 1931 Bole Evangelistic Group Article Bole Evangelistic Group Continue Western Meetings 
October 7, 1931 YWCA Article Mrs. Buswell Speaks to Y.W.C.A. at 'Little Sisters' Party 
October 7, 1931 Editorials Article College Editorials 
October 7, 1931 Starting Well at Wheaton Article Getting the Right Start 
October 7, 1931 Opinon of Paper Column Opinions of Readers 
October 7, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 7, 1931 Poetry Column Driftwood 
October 7, 1931 Campus Christianity Column Think on These Things 
October 7, 1931 Olympiad Article Organizing Committee Announces Complete Program for Olympiad 
October 7, 1931 Literary Societies Column Societies 
October 7, 1931 Personal Information Column Personals 
October 7, 1931 Alumni Information Column Alumni 
October 7, 1931 Football Sports Crane Defeats Orangemen 7-0 
October 7, 1931 Football Commentary Column As We See It 
October 7, 1931 Interclass Girls Soccer Sports W.A.A. Starts Girls' Soccer Practice for Interclass Tourney 
October 7, 1931 Football Preview Sports Varsity to Face Mountaineers 
October 7, 1931 Football Cheer Section Article "Junior Crusaders" Organize to Cheer College Grid Team 
October 7, 1931 Cross Country Sports Harriers Win Over Cardinal Runners in Opening Meet 
October 7, 1931 Other Colleges News News of Other Colleges 
October 7, 1931 Relief Worker in Chapel Article Rev. George Andrew, Noted Relief Worker, Addresses Students 
October 7, 1931 Hiking Article Hiking Enthusiasts Tramp Five Miles Early in Morning 
October 7, 1931 Electric Exhibits at Chicago Fair Article Electrical Group to Contain Radio, Telephone Exhibits 
October 7, 1931 Academy News Academy News 
October 7, 1931 Moody Auxiliary Association Article Mood Auxiliary Holds Weiner Roast 
October 7, 1931 Women's Debate Article Women's Debate Union Organizes Class Under Direction of Coaches 
October 7, 1931 Forensic Board Information Forensic Board Elects Officers 
October 14, 1931 Mr. Fleming H. Revell News Noted Man Dies From Injuries Received In Fall At His Home  
October 14, 1931 Allan Zaum  News Seniors Defend Title Thursday In Interclass Debate With Juniors  
October 14, 1931 National SCholastic Press Association  News Press Association Awards Tower Of '32 First Class Rating  
October 14, 1931 Clem Heydenburk News Clem Heydenburk Sails For Persia; Alumnus To Teach At Kermanshah  
October 14, 1931 Zoology  Information  Zoology laboratory in Schene Of Original Reconstruction Act  
October 14, 1931 Clara Wiggs News Bows, Arrows, To Hold Informals 
October 14, 1931 Ruth Elliot  News Ruth Elliot To Study Language Customs At Young Chow School  
October 14, 1931 Freshmen  News Student Council Requires Freshmen Join Drill Teams 
October 14, 1931 Dr. Orrin E. Tiffany News Science Conference Elects Dr. Tiffany To Vice presidency 
October 14, 1931 Rev. J. Wallace Gunn  News Former Student Gives Memories Of Fifty Years Ago 
October 14, 1931 The Record  News Students To Cast Ballots For Most ttractive Girl, Neatest Fellow In Contestt  
October 14, 1931 Carl Anderson  News S. D. S. To Receive 50,000 Gospels From New York Society  
October 14, 1931 The Record Column  Ban The Disguise  
October 14, 1931 The Record Column  OpinionsOf Readers  
October 14, 1931 Dr. Straw Column  The Gay Gargoyle 
October 14, 1931 Amos R. Wells News Driftwood 
October 14, 1931 Dr. Tiffany  Information  History Students To Organize Clubs  
October 14, 1931 Chicago's 1933 World Fair News  Star To Open 1933 Fair Exhibits  
October 14, 1931 Mary Pearl Reinhard Music  The Family Album  
October 14, 1931 Willis Virtue News Belts Plan Nautical Program  
October 14, 1931 Joe Pleva News "Woodlore" To Be Celt Theme 
October 14, 1931 Y. W. C. A. News "From Many Lands" Is Y. W. C. A. Theme  
October 14, 1931 Dr. James B. Mack News Dr. Mack Addresses Pre-Medic Society  
October 14, 1931 Viola Hinshaw Music Conservatory Students To Give Recital  
October 14, 1931 Jeanette Smith  News Alumni News 
October 14, 1931 Alfred Fick Academy Academy News 
October 14, 1931 Ray Salchi News Ray Salchi Tells Of Work Of Evangelical League Of Students  
October 14, 1931 Mt. Morris  Sports Mt. Morris Wins From Crusaders  
October 14, 1931 Paul Allen  News Seniors Agree To Announce Date Of Traditional "Sneak" 
October 14, 1931 Mt. Morris  News As We See It 
October 14, 1931 Dorothy Holton  Sports Sophomore Men, Freshman Women, Win First Debate  
October 14, 1931 Van Arsten  Sports Fall Tennis Tourney Is Now In Progress; Stars Win Matches  
October 14, 1931 Mt. Morris Sports Orange And blue To Meet Physical Eds In Next Grid Game  
October 14, 1931 President Buswell News President Buswell Class Officers Make Rules For Flag Rush  
October 14, 1931 Wheaton Harries Take Four of Six Places Sports Runners Win Over Elmhurst 
October 14, 1931 The Women's Tennis tournament Sports Women Playing First Round Matches in Tennis Tournament 
October 14, 1931 Jack Evans Sports Freshmen Practicing Formation for Game With Wartburg College 
October 14, 1931 News from other Colleges News News of Other Colleges 
October 14, 1931 The Living Definitions of the Entering Classmen in Colleges Literature The Innocent Abroad 
October 14, 1931 Mr. John Baergen Has Been Apointed Assisstant Information Dean Highly Announces Appointment of New Assistant Dean of Men 
October 21, 1931 Alumni Shows Interest Information Wheaton Wartburg Game Saturday To Feature Home-Coming Program 
October 21, 1931 Gospels of John Were Distributed in CA. Information S.D.S. Members Distribute 20,000 Gospels of John 
October 21, 1931 New Music Club Music Music Club Makes Survey of Music Last Wednesday 
October 21, 1931 Tom Hoover Information Tom Hoover Dies Sunday Morning in St. Louis Hospital 
October 21, 1931 The Junior Debate Team Information Junior Debate Teams Win From Seniors in Interclass Contest  
October 21, 1931 Viola Hinshaw and Leroy Urseth Music  Hinshaw, Ureth To Give Duo-Piano Recital Thursday 
October 21, 1931 R.F. Davis is Conductor Music  Tower of '33 Presents Welsh Singers At First Concert of Annual Series 
October 21, 1931 Student Council  Information Council Votes First Home-Coming With Trepidation; Societies Originate Floats 
October 21, 1931 College Papers Short Comment Where Corrupt Politics Begin 
October 21, 1931 To the Wheaton Record Information Opinions of Readers 
October 21, 1931 Argue it out with Rommie Literature The Gay Gargoyle 
October 21, 1931 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ Short Comment Think on These Things 
October 21, 1931 Meditation, To John G. Whittier. Literature Driftwood 
October 21, 1931 Betty Baker News Dark Horses Poll Largest Vote in "Neatness" Contest 
October 21, 1931 Rhoda Pope Gives Skating Party  Information The Family Album 
October 21, 1931 Alumni News News  Alumni News 
October 21, 1931 Debates Begin News Academy News 
October 21, 1931 Orange and Blue Scores Three Touchdowns to Win 20--0 Sports Crusaders Win From City Men 
October 21, 1931 The Cross Country Team Went Down in Defeat Sports Illinois Normal Wins Meet from Wheaton Cross Country Squad  
October 21, 1931 A New Sport in Wheaton College Sports W.A.A. to Introduce Archery as Sport For College Gilrs 
October 21, 1931 A Record of Two Wins and One Loss Sports Wheaton Harriers To Meet Elmhurst on College Course 
October 21, 1931 Plans for a Big Pep Meeting Music Cheerleaders, Band Plan Pep Meeting For Friday Evening 
October 21, 1931 The Crusaders Came Through News As We See It 
October 21, 1931 Harold Bachman Music  Harold Bachman is New Director of College Band 
October 21, 1931 Comparative Standings Promise Close Game Sports Iowans To Meet College Gridders 
October 21, 1931 The Fall Tennis Tournaments Sports Fall Tournaments Enter Third Round of Tennis Matches 
October 21, 1931 The Seniors, Accompanied by President and Mrs. Buswell News Seniors Class Hikes To Glen Ellyn Lake For Songs, Lunch 
October 21, 1931 A Perusal of the Latest Edition of the College Catalog Information Last Catalog Shows Variety of Degrees Held by Professors 
October 21, 1931 Dr. Cole, Professor of Sociology News Dr. Cole to Address Meeting of Young People of W.C.T.U. 
October 21, 1931 The Fund for Tom Hoover News Fund Donated by Faculty, Students Sent Tom Hoover 
October 21, 1931 News from Other Colleges News News of Other Colleges 
October 21, 1931 The Student Council Information Council Sets Aside Chapel Thursday for Memorial Service 
October 21, 1931 The Election of Milford Humphrey President and Eldon Allain News Milford Humphrey New Phi Ph Idelta President 
October 21, 1931 Wheaton College Information University of Illinois Lists Wheaton as Class"A" College 
October 28, 1931 Artists Score Successes in Wales, England, Scotland, Canada- Singers on Second Tour, R. Festyn Davies Is Prominent Director, Tenor Soloist News Welsh Imperial Singers to Present Concert in College Chapel Saturday 
October 28, 1931 Dr. Straw News Doctor Straw Gives His Philosophy of Play In Recent Chapel Talk 
October 28, 1931 Student Volunteer Band News Student Volunteer Band to Present Stereopticon Talk 
October 28, 1931 Finals of Interclass Debates News Debaters to Hold Interclass Finals Tonight in Chapel 
October 28, 1931 Mrs. Rodgers News Dr. Dow's Sister Dies Sunday 
October 28, 1931 Tower Bell News Tower Bell Once Popular With Students, History Reveals; Tolling Was Privilege 
October 28, 1931 Meeting to Be First Gathering On Campus Since 1912 of Any Illinois College Group- Session to Be Held Friday- College Authorities Expect Over Forty Delegates to Be In Attendance News Collegiate Registrars To Meet at Wheaton 
October 28, 1931 Perfect Homecoming  Article Thanks, Gang 
October 28, 1931 Two Churches On Campus Article The Students Care 
October 28, 1931 Homecoming Article Homecoming In '32 
October 28, 1931 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
October 28, 1931 Will A Man Rob God? Article Think On These Things 
October 28, 1931 Night Scenes For The Siren Isles Literature Driftwood 
October 28, 1931 Marjorie Blossom, Kenneth Amsler, To Receive Awards for Neatness- Prizes to be Presented- Rumor Says Fourth Floor Men WIll Circulate Petition For Revote News Record Announces Winners of Contest 
October 28, 1931 Tom Hoover News Students Hold Chapel Memorial Service for Tom Hoover, Thursday 
October 28, 1931 Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily News and Merganthaler Linotype Co. News Journalism Class To Visit Chicago Newspaper Plants 
October 28, 1931 Names of Alumni Present During Homecoming News Many Alumni Return To Campus for Annual Homecoming Program 
October 28, 1931 Professor David Heydenburk News Professor Heydenburk Arranges Appreciation Program for Musicians 
October 28, 1931 Professor K.B. Osborne News Professor Osborne To Offer Courses in Foods, Adulterations 
October 28, 1931 Professor Charles G. Shaw News Professor Shaw Of N.Y.U Receives Adverse Criticism 
October 28, 1931 History Club of Wheaton College News New History Club Elects Joe Stomell As First President 
October 28, 1931 "Dusk To Darkness" To Be Bow Theme, Belts To Give "Fine Arts" Program, Phils To Spend "Spanish Evening in Spanish Home", Arrows To Hear Of "Railroad Romance". Women Of Faculty Organize Gym Class, Pi Gamma Mu Elects Officers News The Family Album 
October 28, 1931 News of Alumni News Alumni News 
October 28, 1931 Juniors Have Party, Soph-Frosh Hold Party, Kreitonian Literary Society, Epinonian Literary Society News Academy News 
October 28, 1931 "The Book of Dragons" Article Henry Coray Reviews "The Book of Dragons" By O. Muriel Fuller 
October 28, 1931 Moody Alumni Association Short Comment Moody Alumni Elect Merold Westphal 
October 28, 1931 Department of Chemistry News Department Adds Camera, Projector To Chem Equipment 
October 28, 1931 Teachers College of Columbia University News Columbia Teachers College Creates New Sort of Pedagogue 
October 28, 1931 Lucille Mellis Short Comment Friends Surprise Lucille Mellis 
October 28, 1931 Homecoming Crowds Sees Crusaders Win 34-0 Sports Orange and Blue Trims Wartburg 
October 28, 1931 Men's Tournament Sports Orvis, Van Artsen Capture Doubles Crown in Tourney 
October 28, 1931 Junior Varsity Sports DeKalb Reserves Win From Junior Varsity By Scoring Safely 
October 28, 1931 Women's Athletic Association Sports W.A.A Awards Varsity "W" to Sylvia Feldman At Monthly Meeting 
October 28, 1931 Journalism Class and Record Staff Meeting News Apparatus Cabinet Excites Journalists By Crash Wednesday 
October 28, 1931 Wheaton Cross Country Team Sports Cross Country Men Defeat Elmhurst in Homecoming Meet 
October 28, 1931 Traditional Rivals Will Clash Saturday in Annual Game Sports Grid Squad to Meet Cardinals 
October 28, 1931 "Petroleum Battle" News Sophs Prevent Frosh From Raising Flag in "Petroleum Battle" 
October 28, 1931 Students of the Expression Department News Expression Students Give Recital in College Chapel Tuesday Night 
October 28, 1931 Intercollegiate News News News of Other Colleges 
October 28, 1931 Proper Spelling of the Word "Nertz" News Campus Splits on Spelling of "Nertz," Or Is It "Nerchtz"? 
October 28, 1931 Aeliolian Literature Aels Entertain Sisters of Other Years 
October 28, 1931 Ms. Gladys Puckey Short Comment Miss Puckey Receives Degree 
November 4, 1931 Sophomore Men Defeat Junior Men to Capture Title News Junio Women Win Interclass Debate 
November 4, 1931 Dr. John R. Mott News Student Volunteers to Meet in Eleventh National Convention 
November 4, 1931 Dr. C. A. Blanchard News Doctor McHendrick, Scottish Evangelist, Speaks to Students 
November 4, 1931 The Student Volunteer's Meeting News G. V. Andrews Speaks to Volunteers 
November 4, 1931 Attendants Show Group Through Daily News; Tribune Buildings News Journalism Students Visit Chicago Plants 
November 4, 1931 Maywood News Katherine Williams Entertains Commuters 
November 4, 1931 Members of the Band News Faculty Votes to Give Gym Credit for Band Practice 
November 4, 1931 The Cosmopolitan Club of Occidental News Cosmopolitan Club Furnishes Aid for Deported Mexicans 
November 4, 1931 Council Arranges Broadcast News Council Orders Frosh to Wear "Drinks" or Rake Campus Leaves 
November 4, 1931 Fifty Delegates Present News Registrars Choose Officers at Meeting 
November 4, 1931 The College and Community Chorus News College, Community Singers Practice for Annual Presentation 
November 4, 1931 Mr. Hale Articles So It Goes, Seein' Things, Football Songs 
November 4, 1931 Wacht He Gacht Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
November 4, 1931 Cyrano De Bergerac Literature Driftwood 
November 4, 1931 Dr. Eavey Interviews More Than Two Hundred and Fifty Persons News Personnel Office Assists Students 
November 4, 1931 Extra-Curricular Broadcasts News American School of Air to Present U.S. Schools with Program 
November 4, 1931 Ann Young News Helen Grabner Entertains Friends 
November 4, 1931 Ruth Haxton News Mrs Mixter Tells Y. W. C. A. of "My Task" 
November 4, 1931 The University of Arizona News Arizona Men Attempt to Make Co-eds Share in Expenses of Dates 
November 4, 1931 Allied Forces for Prohibition News California Students Form Association for Dry Law Enforcement 
November 4, 1931 Eugenia Brown News Mrs. Russell Mitxer Addresses Y. W. C. A. Girls on Life's Task 
November 4, 1931 Marjorie Hood News Sophs to Entertain Frosh Saturday at Lower Chapel Party 
November 4, 1931 Helen Baskin Plans Party for Helen Pace News The Family Album 
November 4, 1931 Inez Larson '31 News Alumni News 
November 4, 1931 Fred Nelson News Academy News 
November 4, 1931 Miss Hiney News Women's Debate Class to Meet on Monday 
November 4, 1931 Constance Richmond News Spanish Club Chooses Don Brown as President 
November 4, 1931 Horace Fenton News Senior Biographies 
November 4, 1931 Edward Matson News Mathophilia Club Elects Officers 
November 4, 1931 Smith Crosses Goal Line Three Times for Touchdowns Sports Cardinals Down Wheaton, 26-7 
November 4, 1931 Valpo's team Sports Grid Squad to Clash with Valparaiso in Last Home Contest 
November 4, 1931 The Championship Sports Seniors to Defend Soccer Crown in Interclass Games 
November 4, 1931 North Central  Sports As We See It 
November 4, 1931 The Cardinals Sports Junior Varsity Loses to Naperville "B" Team Saturday Morning, 18-7 
November 4, 1931 Phils Sports W. A. A. Board Elects Marguerite Harmeling New Archery Manager 
November 4, 1931 Capt. Ferris Leads Men to Victory in Meet Last Saturday Sports Harriers Win Over Crimson 
November 4, 1931 The Record Staff Journalism News Instructor Questions Journalsim Class on Campus Generalities 
November 4, 1931 Robert R. Kelly News President Hoover to Speak on Liberal Arts Radio Program 
November 4, 1931 "Pop" Harris News Bootblack Achieves Success by Shining Shoes of Hoover 
November 4, 1931 The University of Kansas News News of Other Colleges 
November 4, 1931 Natalie Short Comment An Open Letter 
November 4, 1931 College Endowments News College Men Prefer College Women as Partners for Life 
November 4, 1931 McKendree News Filling Station Offers Gas, Oats to Player Scoring First Points 
November 4, 1931 The Ministerial Association  News Dr. Tiffany Speaks to Ministerial Students About "Salesmanship" 
November 4, 1931 Dr. Harvey Farmer News Noted Speakers to Address Fall Bible Gathering at Moody 
November 11, 1931 Sigma Pi Sigma Convention Article Doctor Higley, Foster Oury Attend National Sigma Pi Sigma Convention 
November 11, 1931 Freshmen President Article Freshman Elect Ralph Dreger as First President 
November 11, 1931 Chapel Article Mrs. Tylee Speaks to Students; Noted Men Address Chapel 
November 11, 1931 Faculty Golf Article Faculty Men Take Up Golf as Means of Exercise 
November 11, 1931 Orchestra President Article Orchestra Elects Dorothy Verkuyl as New President 
November 11, 1931 Organ Recitals Article Charles Finney, with Assisting Soloists, to Give Organ Recitals 
November 11, 1931 Missionary Speaker Article Former Missionary to India to Speak Tonight at Meeting 
November 11, 1931 Hymnology Article "Music Box" Club Studies "Hymnology" in Recent Meeting 
November 11, 1931 History Club Article History Club Council to Present Yale Chronicle of "Yorktown" Monday Night 
November 11, 1931 Clock Donation Article Mrs. Marie Maas Donates Electric Clock for Gym Use 
November 11, 1931 Campus Enthusiasm Article Just Another Depression 
November 11, 1931 World War I Article The World Forgets 
November 11, 1931 Jesus Article Ye Serve the Lord Christ 
November 11, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 11, 1931 Poetry Column Driftwood 
November 11, 1931 School Papers Article Record Receives Papers from More than Fifty Schools 
November 11, 1931 Hazing Banned Article Michigan State Bans Soph-Frosh Flag Rush, All Forms of Hazing 
November 11, 1931 First Football Game Article New Stonybrook Student Describes First Grid Contest 
November 11, 1931 Literary Meeting Article Arrow Theme to be "Friday the Thirteenth" 
November 11, 1931 Interclass Soccer Article Phils Will Defend Soccer Crown in Interclass Games 
November 11, 1931 Ohio Football Sports Ohio State Athletic Director Champions Football's Popularity 
November 11, 1931 Literary Societies, Alumni, Campus News Column The Family Album 
November 11, 1931 Academy News Academy News 
November 11, 1931 Senior Bios Article Senior Biographies 
November 11, 1931 Football Sports Crusaders Lose to Valparaiso 
November 11, 1931 Archery Class Article Gymnasium Classes to Start Archery Practice Next Week 
November 11, 1931 Interclass Soccer Article Frosh Defeats Sophs 2-0 in First Interclass Soccer Game Monday 
November 11, 1931 Football Commentary Column As We See It 
November 11, 1931 Interclass Soccer Article Seniors, Freshman Win in Interclass Soccer Tourney 
November 11, 1931 Football Sports Grid Men to Face State Teachers at DeKalb Saturday 
November 11, 1931 Junior Varsity Football Sports Orange and Blue "B" Squad to Clash with Concordia Saturday 
November 11, 1931 Football Sports Junior Varsity Holds North Central "B" Squad 6-6 Score 
November 11, 1931 Cross Country Article Harriers Nose Out Milwaukee 
November 11, 1931 Basketball Sports Wheaton Fans Look Forward to Opening of Basketball Season 
November 11, 1931 Intercollegiate News News of Other Colleges 
November 11, 1931 Busiest Man Article Iowa Records Show University Student to be Busiest Man 
November 11, 1931 Chapel Speaker Article Grace Livingston Hill Speaks to Students about "Separation" 
November 11, 1931 Journalists Convention Article High School, College Journalists to Gather in Annual Convention 
November 11, 1931 Literary Meeting Article Aelioian Theme to be "Electric Currents" 
November 18, 1931 Noted Men Address Symposium on Various Aspects of Prohibition News Wheaton Delegates Attend Y. M. C. A. "Parley on Liquor" at U. of I. in Urbana 
November 18, 1931 Ernest Bauer News German Club Elects Officers 
November 18, 1931 Red Man Leaves No Wounded News Hotan Tonka, Member of Ojibways, Speaks on Armistice Program 
November 18, 1931 Mrs. Dyrness News Fourth Floor Men to Stage Annual Party Saturday 
November 18, 1931 Dr. H. W. Gentles News Dr. H. W. Gentles Addresses Joint First Aid Meeting 
November 18, 1931 George Ferris News Students Give Recital Friday Morning After, Before Chapel Period 
November 18, 1931 Dr. Leedy News Progessor Leedy to Offer Course in Bacteriology 
November 18, 1931 Harriet Kylander News Kenneth Gieser, '30, Talks to Pre-Medic Students Monday 
November 18, 1931 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Mackenzie News Record Staff Frolicks at Informal Party in Mrs. Mackenzie's Home 
November 18, 1931 Members to Boost College News Alumni Committee Plans Formation of New "Wheaton Club of Chicago" 
November 18, 1931 Dr. Taylor News Workers Redecorate, Repair Second Floor, West Blanchard Hall 
November 18, 1931 To the Weaton Record Articles It's the Harriers Make the Bell Ring 
November 18, 1931 Proof Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
November 18, 1931 Florence Manley Literature DriftWood 
November 18, 1931 Prof. Moule News History Club Shows Films of "Yorktown" Last Monday Night 
November 18, 1931 Margaret and Jeanette Crossett News Dorm Girls Serenade Bill Zabriskie with Birthday Greetings 
November 18, 1931 Harry Lauder News Phils to Sponsor "Schotch" Program 
November 18, 1931 Flora Corron News New Members Tell of "Religions in Many Lands" 
November 18, 1931 General John J. Pershing News Pershing Pre-Views Chicago Fair 
November 18, 1931 Dr. Mack Information Dr. Mack to Speak to Pi Gamma Mu 
November 18, 1931 Daniel Stukey News Belts to Give Biography Program 
November 18, 1931 Mr. Stuart Chase News Debaters Hear Stuard Chase 
November 18, 1931 "Education" to be Celt Theme News The Family Album 
November 18, 1931 Lewis McGill '31 News Alumni News 
November 18, 1931 Glee Club Election News Academy News 
November 18, 1931 Mable Lee Information Senior Biographies 
November 18, 1931 Pace Stars as Teachers Defeat Varsity on Muddy Field Sports DeKalb Pasters Crusaders 20-0 
November 18, 1931 Bass for Bell Sports Junior Varsity, Concordia Battle to Scoreless Tie 
November 18, 1931 Aurora Short Comments As We See It 
November 18, 1931 Red Evans Sports Orange and Blue to Meet Aurora in Final Grid Tilt 
November 18, 1931 Morton College Sports Coach Coray Makes First Cut in Aspiratns to Basketball Squad 
November 18, 1931 Captain Ferris Sports Little Nineteen Meet to Attract Wheaton Cross Country Men 
November 18, 1931 Crank of Visitors Leads Cross Country Men to Finish Sports Harriers Win Over Loyola 
November 18, 1931 Virginia Smith Sports Freshman Girls Win Interclass Soccer Championship Friday 
November 18, 1931 To Hold Three Seminars News European Students Organize Cooperative Self-Help Enterprise 
November 18, 1931 Volleyball News Faculty Women's Gym Class Convenes 
November 18, 1931 Hunter College News News of Other Colleges 
November 18, 1931 The Introduction of Archery News Women Greet Archery with Enthusiasm as Sport Opens Season 
November 18, 1931 Coach Coray News Coach Coray Exhibits Dexterity in Subduing Blaze in His Pocket 
November 18, 1931 Coach Player  Sports John Player, New Wresling Coach, Directs Practice 
November 25, 1931 Students to Discuss Centralized Control of American Industries- Marquette on Schedule- Debaters to Tour New England, Michigan Colleges in January News Men's Varsity Debate Team to Meet Northwestern Next Monday Evening 
November 25, 1931 Annual Union Thanksgiving Service of the Churches of Wheaton News Doctor Roy L. Smith to Speak at Annual Union Thanksgiving Service 
November 25, 1931 Aquariums On Exhibition News Biology Department Exhibits Fish, Snails In Dr. Mack's Office 
November 25, 1931 Annual Fourth Floor Party News Phi Phi Delta's Show Guests Fourth Floor Dormitory at Party 
November 25, 1931 Y.W.C.A. Meeting News Edith Norhtrop Gives Group of Readings at Thanksgiving Program 
November 25, 1931 Initiation of Recently Elected New Members News Sigma Pi Sigma Initiates Members At Recent Session 
November 25, 1931 Villa Park Gospel Tabernacle News Student Volunteers Attend Meeting at Villa Park Church 
November 25, 1931 Mathophilia Club News Jean Elliot Gives Mathophilia Club "Chat On Radians" 
November 25, 1931 Rev. Charles H. Heaton News Elkhart Pastor, Speak in Chapel Speaks in Chapel 
November 25, 1931 Newspaper Loses Favor Because of Policy Advocating Dry Law Repeal- Grinnell Also Bans Paper- Wheaton Endeavors to maintain Standards Upholding Prohibition News Faculty Approves Resolution Barring Chicago Daily Tribune From Library 
November 25, 1931 Mr. Viatch of Lyon and Healy Co. Short Comment Piano Company Shows Motion Pictures of Steinway Factories 
November 25, 1931 Dorm Fire Drill News Dorm Girls Make Rapid Escape From "Burning Building" 
November 25, 1931 Value of Extra Curricular Activities Article What Price Honor? 
November 25, 1931 A Day of Thanks Article Thankful For What? 
November 25, 1931 Letters to Wheaton Record Opinion Opinions of Readers 
November 25, 1931 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
November 25, 1931 Cheer up Christian! Article Think On These Things 
November 25, 1931 Thanksgiving Literature Driftwood 
November 25, 1931 Stereopticon Lecture News Stereopticon Talk Features Student Volunteer Meeting 
November 25, 1931 Wheatonites organized an informal forum News Students Organize Forum to Discuss Current Questions 
November 25, 1931 Dr. George E. Guille News Dr. Guille of Bryan Memorial University Dies 
November 25, 1931 Garland Franklin, '31 News Garland Franklin, '31 Will Go To Kentucky 
November 25, 1931 News of Alumni News Alumni News 
November 25, 1931 Student Council News Wheaton Council Arranges Program For Station WMBI 
November 25, 1931 Rufus "Nick" Chase News "Nick" Chase Improves After Operation 
November 25, 1931 College Christian Endeavor News Christian Endeavor To Give Sunrise Service 
November 25, 1931 Wayne Amsler News Wayne Amsler Regains Health 
November 25, 1931 Belts Will Give "Indian Lore" Program, Phils To Have "Bargain Day", Boethallian Theme To Be "Animal Crackers", Arrows To Have "Modernism" For Theme, Celts To Review "German Culture", Red Flags Fly At Ael Hall Literature Societies The Family Album 
November 25, 1931 News From The Academy News Academy News 
November 25, 1931 Louise White, Robert Steinmeier, George Ferris, Marguerite Turnbull Information Senior Biographies 
November 25, 1931 Varsity Finishes Season With 18-0 Victory on Muddy Field Sports Crusaders Win Over Aurora 
November 25, 1931 Opinions Column As Wee See It 
November 25, 1931 Soccer Game Sports Aels, Bows Battle To Scoreless Tie In Soccer Game 
November 25, 1931 Football Game Sports Five Grid Men Play Final Contest at Aurora Last Week 
November 25, 1931 Women's Athletic Association Sports W.A.A. Discusses Archery; Students Join Association 
November 25, 1931 Wrestling Team Sports Wrestlers Train With Coach Player For Winter Season 
November 25, 1931 Gymnastic Abilities Sports Gymnasts to Compete For Bronze Medals in Gymnasium Contest 
November 25, 1931 Hanna Leads Wheaton Runners to Tape Sports Orange and Blue Cross Country Squad Takes Third in State Meet 
November 25, 1931 Archery Sports Thirty-Three Co-eds Turn Out for First Bow, Arrow Practice 
November 25, 1931 Scripture Distribution Society of Wheaton College News Students Approve Work of Scripture Distribution Society 
November 25, 1931 Wheaton Alumni Dinner News President Buswell, Vice President Kirk Attend Alumni Dinner 
November 25, 1931 Intercollegiate News News News of Other Colleges 
November 25, 1931 Des Moines University Student Reunion News Former Des Moines Students Gather In Reunion Friday 
November 25, 1931 Professor Bole Short Comment Professor Bole Bags Pheasant 
November 25, 1931 Dr. Dow Short Comment Dr. Dow Speaks At Northern Baptist 
November 25, 1931 Dr. Dow's Hobby News Dr. Dow Chooses "World Peace" As Theme of Hobby 
December 9, 1931 Students at N. C. Debate News Debaters to Meet Marquette Tonight 
December 9, 1931 Dr. O. E. Tiffany News History Department to Offer course in Religious Backgrounds 
December 9, 1931 Tschaikowsky News Little Symphony Orchestra to Give Winter Concert 
December 9, 1931 Pearl Grigg News Advnace Expression Students to Present Recital, December 15 
December 9, 1931 Carl Anderson News S. D. S. Prepares Gospels for Penn State University 
December 9, 1931 Professors Give Talks News Chicagoland Alumni Meet in Loop Hotel 
December 9, 1931 The North Central Association News N. C. A. to Survey Wheaton, Twelve Other Institutions 
December 9, 1931 Mary Pearl Reinhard News Charles Finney to be Assisted in Recial by Mary Pearl Reinhard 
December 9, 1931 Christmas Cards News Rregistrar's Office Urges Students to Purchase Directory 
December 9, 1931 Dr. O. E. Tiffany News Letter to Dr. Tiffany Reveals Popularity of Wheaton Alumni 
December 9, 1931 The Funeral of Carrie Finch Straw Obituary  Carrie Finsh Straw, Former Student, Dies At Dixon Last Week 
December 9, 1931 Allan Zaun Will Preside News Societies to Hold Fall Open Meeting 
December 9, 1931 Lester Harnish News Freshmen Hike to Castle Lake Last Saturday Afternoon 
December 9, 1931 Wheatonites Articles 600 Students can be Right, Think on These Things 
December 9, 1931 Illinois Wesleyan Argus Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
December 9, 1931 Florence Manley Literature Driftwood 
December 9, 1931 Teacher Tells Interests in Rose Bushes, Athletics News Dr. Smith Tells of Many Hobbies 
December 9, 1931 F. D. Searls News Kauffman's Employs Two College 'Georges' as Waiters in Store 
December 9, 1931 Dr. Eavey News Members of Faculty Take Training Course for College Teachers 
December 9, 1931 Mrs. Spaulding News Spauldings shop in Chicago 
December 9, 1931 Amelia Zoerb '28 News Alumni News 
December 9, 1931 New Girls Join Bows News The Family Album 
December 9, 1931 Mrs. MacKenzie News Mrs. MacKenzie Gives Lecture, Vocal Solos at Y. W. C. A. Meeting 
December 9, 1931 Hold Intra-Mural Contests News Academy News 
December 9, 1931 Everett Palmer News Senior Biographies 
December 9, 1931 Cicero Hoopsters Show Uncanny Basket Eye to Win, 38-26 Sports Orange and Blue Bows to Morton 
December 9, 1931 Mt. Morris Short Comments As We See It 
December 9, 1931 The Wheaton Football Team Sports Football Team to Encounter New Teams Next Year 
December 9, 1931 Visitors Outplay Varsity to Win by 35-23 Score Sports Crusaders Lose to Oak Park "Y" 
December 9, 1931 Dave Allen Sports Junior Varsity Loses to Wheaton All-Stars Last Saturday, 22-17 
December 9, 1931 Manager Pleva Schedules Meets with DeKalb, Morton Sports Wrestling Squad Practice Daily 
December 9, 1931 Jack Evans Sports Jack Evans to Coach Men's Fencing Class for Beginners Tonight 
December 9, 1931 University of Chicago News Harriers Win Second In Loyola University Invitational Meet 
December 9, 1931 Coach Coray Sports Coraymen to Face Joliet, Lake Forest in Weekend Games 
December 9, 1931 Coach Vic Gustanfson News Coach Gustafson Schedules Meets for Track Team 
December 9, 1931 Intercollegiate News News from other Colleges 
December 9, 1931 Volunteer Convention Article Student Volunteers To Send Members to Buffalo Convention 
December 9, 1931 Oratorical Meeting Article Dr. Elsie S. Dow Leads Discussion in Oratorical Meeting 
December 9, 1931 German Club Program Article German Club to Have Christmas Program at Dr. Dow's House 
December 9, 1931 Football Captain News Letter Gridmen Elect Willard Bell Captain at Banquet 
December 9, 1931 Volleyball Sports Miss Seidenspinner Urges Girls to Come Out for Volleyball 
December 9, 1931 Archery Article Feminine Archers Show Enthusiasm in First Practices 
December 16, 1931 Debate Article Men's Debate Team to Meet Miami University on Capitalism Question 
December 16, 1931 Christmas Buses Article Over 100 Students to Leave Friday in Three Special Buses 
December 16, 1931 Campus Party Article Students Gather in Bartlett Hall for "Y" House Party 
December 16, 1931 Christmas Recital Article Conservatory Assists Speech Department in Christmas Recital 
December 16, 1931 Christmas Party Article Women's Advisory Board to Sponsor Christmas Party 
December 16, 1931 City Christmas Tree Article Business Men's Club Provides for Annual City Christmas Tree 
December 16, 1931 Literary Societies Meeting Article "Out of the East" Forms Theme of Fall Open Meeting 
December 16, 1931 Pre-Medic Students Article Pre-Medic Students Witness Four Major Operations in Chicago 
December 16, 1931 Arrow Hall Party Article Juniors Transform Arrow hall for Party Last Saturday Night 
December 16, 1931 U. of Chicago Classes Article Wheaton Professors Attend Classes at University of Chicago 
December 16, 1931 Extension of Hours Article Student Council Favors Extension of Friday, Saturday Evening Hours 
December 16, 1931 Brother-Sister Party Article Phils, Celts to have Brother-Sister Party Next Thursday Night 
December 16, 1931 Frosh Initiation Article Why Soak the Frosh? 
December 16, 1931 Etiquette Opinion Article Etiquette at Wheaton 
December 16, 1931 Opinion Letters Column Opinions of Readers 
December 16, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
December 16, 1931 Poetry Article Driftwood 
December 16, 1931 Cabinet Making Article Doctor Moule Claims Hobby from France 
December 16, 1931 World Fair Article Word's Fair Trustees Assist in Erection of Electrical Building 
December 16, 1931 Journalism and Radio Article Journalism Class to Take Up "Radio Writing" Next Term 
December 16, 1931 Astronomy Article Astronomers Visit Yerkes Observatory; Examine Telescopes 
December 16, 1931 Essay Contest Article Memorial Foundation Announces Goethe Anniversary Contest 
December 16, 1931 Wheaton Family News Column The Family Album 
December 16, 1931 Academy News Academy News 
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