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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
February 18, 1931 Junior Varsity and De Kalb Sports Junior Varsity To Meet De Kalb 
February 18, 1931 General Information Information Dope 
February 18, 1931 Wrestling Squad Sports Grapplers To Meet Crane Outfit Again; Seek To Even Count 
February 18, 1931 Aeliolian Society Literature Aeliolians To Hold Poetry Contest 
February 18, 1931 Phils Literature Phils Hold "Heart Throb" Program 
February 18, 1931 Theme of Next Bow Meeting Literature "Oral Magazine" to Be Theme at Bows 
February 18, 1931 Beltionian Association Literature Next Program of Belts To Be Essay Contest 
February 18, 1931 Excelsior Literary Association Literature "Lincoln" Is Theme of Celt Program 
February 18, 1931 Aristonians Literature Aristonians To Give "February Review" 
February 18, 1931 Academy Debaters News Academy Debaters Lose Dual Affair 
February 18, 1931 News of Alumni News Alumni News 
February 18, 1931 Nancy Norman Article We Make This Break, Do You? 
February 25, 1931 Local Senior Sees Much Fighting, Looting in Villages News Henry Ekvall Tells of Life in West China 
February 25, 1931 Library Training News Librarians have to Study, too.  
February 25, 1931 St. Agnes' School at Albany, N. Y.  News Reporter Tells Story of Mrs. Shapleigh's Early Life at School 
February 25, 1931 The Expression Recital News Students to Give Recital 
February 25, 1931 Prof. Mack of the Zoology Department News Ornithologers Start Forays 
February 25, 1931 The American Association of Medical Colleges News Pre-Medics Take Aptitude Tests 
February 25, 1931 The Grace Missionary Church of Zion News Men's Glee Club Will Broadcast 
February 25, 1931 C. R. L. Vawter News Dr. Cole's Books Popular Abroad 
February 25, 1931 The University of Illinois News Harriet Jameson Wins University of Illinois Scholarship 
February 25, 1931 Dr. Thomas A. Lambie News Dr. Lambie Shows Abyssinian Views 
February 25, 1931 Prof. Eavey News Faculty Adopts Grading Scale 
February 25, 1931 Record Contest Prizes to be Dispalyed in Library News Pen Desk Sets to be Awarded Story Writers 
February 25, 1931 Dr. Spaeth, Progessor of English Literature at Princeton News Mrs. K. C. Shapleigh Attends Convention of Deans of Women 
February 25, 1931 The Washington Banquet Articles Some T. N. T. for the P.T. R., This Gripes Me 
February 25, 1931 The Glee Club Concert Opinion Opinions of Readers 
February 25, 1931 Elizabeth Mae Wardrop Opinions The Gay Gargoyle 
February 25, 1931 The Humorous Snapshot Contest of the Tower News IKE Brubarcher Wins Contest 
February 25, 1931 Willard Aldrich News League of Evangelical Students Convention Adopts S.D.S. Work 
February 25, 1931 Molly Harrison News Women Debaters Degeat Miami U. In Feature Meet 
February 25, 1931 Morton Junior High School News Junior Varsity will Meet North Central Debaters Tomorrow 
February 25, 1931 Elsie Dyck News Biology Students to visit Flower Show 
February 25, 1931 Christobel Brandt News Bits of News 
February 25, 1931 Prof. Straw News Looking Through the Files 
February 25, 1931 Dr. Tiffany News Washington Banquet Proves Colorful Event 
February 25, 1931 Carl Anderson News Bits of News 
February 25, 1931 North Central News Track Candidates to Report Soon; Many Vets Back 
February 25, 1931 Mary Conklin News Library Girls Enter Tourney 
February 25, 1931 W. T. Harmon News Exchanges 
February 25, 1931 Cardinals Contunue Fight for Conterence Title News North Central to Come Here Saturday for Annual Classic 
February 25, 1931 The Blue and White of Aurora Sports Aurora, Wheaton to Tangle Here Tomorrow Night 
February 25, 1931 Ted Hinn Sports Intra-Mural Games to Begin March 2; Eight Teams Signed 
February 25, 1931 Morton Junior College Sports Matmen to Meet Morton Team Here Friday Afternoon 
February 25, 1931 Coach Gustafson Sports DOPE 
February 25, 1931 Clarke Evans Sports Second Stringers Drop Rough Game to DeKalb, 38-37 
February 25, 1931 Minerva Yeakle News W. A. A. Elects New Officers 
February 25, 1931 Aldrich, Ebeling, O'Brien Win Their Bouts Sports Wrestlers Lose to Crane 17-11 
February 25, 1931 Dr. Lambie News Dr. Lambie Shows Need of Doctors in Missionary Work 
February 25, 1931 Honor Roll Released News Academy Conducts 'Frolic and Handout' 
February 25, 1931 Dorothy Horton News Freshman of 1903 is Now Liberal Donor to College 
February 25, 1931 Nancy Norman Article We Make This Break, Do You? 
March 4, 1931 Honor Roll Article Alma Mengel, Freshman, Heads Honor Roll with 95 Average 
March 4, 1931 Commencement Article Voice Amplifier to be Used on Campus on Commencement Day 
March 4, 1931 Peace Meet Information Peace Meet to be Held Here 
March 4, 1931 Missions Article Experiences in Africa Related by Ralph Wight 
March 4, 1931 Survey of Christian Colleges Article Professor Furbay Makes Survey of Christian Colleges 
March 4, 1931 Greek Article Professor Hale to Try New Method in Teaching Greek 
March 4, 1931 Newspaper Article Freshmen to Edit Record 
March 4, 1931 Debat Article Co-Ed Debaters Defeat De Kalb 
March 4, 1931 Scarlet Fever Article Infirmary Inmates Get Games by Radio 
March 4, 1931 Recital Article Dr. Thompson to Give Reading 
March 4, 1931 Scarlet Fever Article Scarlet Fever Epidemic Starts New Rampage Among Students 
March 4, 1931 Debate Article Junior Varsity Debate Team to Meet Crane 
March 4, 1931 Journalism Article Christian College Journalism 
March 4, 1931 School Monotony Article Classroom Ruts 
March 4, 1931 Chapel Complaint Opinion Opinions of Readers 
March 4, 1931 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 4, 1931 Poetry Column Think on These Things 
March 4, 1931 Basketball Sports Wheaton 'B' Team Loses to Reds in Last Minute, 32-31 
March 4, 1931 Basketball Sports North Central 'B' Wins Over Junior Varsity, 40 to 22 
March 4, 1931 Alumni News Alumni News 
March 4, 1931 Exchange Students Article Exchanges 
March 4, 1931 Society Sports Article Class Society Games to Begin 
March 4, 1931 News News Bits of News 
March 4, 1931 Basketball Sports Corayment to Meet Mt. Morris in Last Conference Event 
March 4, 1931 Intramurals Sports Intra-Mural Games Begin 
March 4, 1931 Recital Article Junior Expression Students Present Recital Tuesday 
March 4, 1931 Basketball Sports Cardinals Beat Crusaders 35-26 
March 4, 1931 Wrestling Sports Dope 
March 4, 1931 Little 19 Sports Little Nineteen News 
March 4, 1931 Poetry Contest Article Louise White Wins Ael Poetry Contest 
March 4, 1931 Literary Society Article 'Bow-Wow Meow' to be Theme at Phils 
March 4, 1931 Poetry Article Bows to Stage Poetry Contest 
March 4, 1931 Essay Contest Article Alfred Engle Wins Belt Essay Contest 
March 4, 1931 Travel Program Article Excelsiors to Hold 'Travel' Program 
March 4, 1931 Debate Article Arrows to Hear Varsity Debate 
March 4, 1931 Academy Sports Academy Loses to Lake Forest, 45-17 
March 11, 1931 New Zealand News Charles Poole Gives Opinions on Problems 
March 11, 1931 Volunteers Article Dr. Paul Harrison to Address Chicago Student Volunteers 
March 11, 1931 Literary Socities Article Academy Literary Societies to Hold First Open Meeting 
March 11, 1931 Debate Article Co-Ed Debaters Go to Michigan 
March 11, 1931 Banquet Article Staff of Record to Hold Banquet 
March 11, 1931 Debate Article Varsity Debate Team Defeats Augustana Trio 
March 11, 1931 Lecture Article G.W. Ray to Lecture Here 
March 11, 1931 Homecoming Banquet Article Miss Puckey's Charges Hold First Homecoming Banquet in Infirmary 
March 11, 1931 Prohibition Article N.C. Discusses Prohibition Law 
March 11, 1931 New Professor Article Dr. Eavey Tells Reporter of His Life at School 
March 11, 1931 Business Men Opinion Training Business Men 
March 11, 1931 Winter Weather Opinion These Blizzards . . . 
March 11, 1931 Short Stories Article Short Story Writers 
March 11, 1931 Academic Grades Opinion Opinions of Readers 
March 11, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 11, 1931 Open House Article Annual Fourth Floor Open House Will be Held Next Saturday 
March 11, 1931 Senior Jackets Article Juniors Discuss Senior Jackets 
March 11, 1931 Alumni News Alumni News 
March 11, 1931 Events Information Events This Week 
March 11, 1931 Chapel Article V.C. Fennell to Speak Tuesday 
March 11, 1931 News News Bits of News 
March 11, 1931 Intramural Tournament Article Tuffies Wallop White Sox, 35-3 
March 11, 1931 Basketball Sports Mt. Morris Hides in Snow; No Game 
March 11, 1931 Exchanges Information Exchanges 
March 11, 1931 Quintet Article Quintet Plans Annual Tour 
March 11, 1931 Studen Illness Article Otto DeCamp Goes to Albuquerque Sanitarium 
March 11, 1931 Intercollegiate News News of Other Colleges 
March 11, 1931 Basketball  Sports Junior Varsity Wins Final, 32-26 
March 11, 1931 Girls Basketball Sports Open Gate Wins House Hoop Title 
March 11, 1931 Sports Conference Sports Little Nineteen News 
March 11, 1931 Societies Tourney Article Society Games to Begin Monday 
March 11, 1931 Sports News Dope 
March 11, 1931 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers to Meet "Y" College Team in Return Match 
March 11, 1931 Literary Societies Articles Literary Societies Events 
March 11, 1931 Debate Article Academy Debaters Win and Lose Meets 
March 11, 1931 Scripture Distrubution Article S.D.S. Sends Gospels to U. of I. Students 
March 11, 1931 Yearbook Article Sophs to Elect Tower Heads 
March 11, 1931 Language Exams Article Students to Take Approval Exams 
March 11, 1931 Social Skills Article We Make This Break, Do You? 
March 18, 1931 First Appearance of Group To Be March 26 Music Women's Glee Club to Present Annual Concert 
March 18, 1931 The Freshman Class News Frosh Join Other Classes With Gift For Fence Fund 
March 18, 1931 Record Banquet News Annual Banquet Of Record Staff To Be Tomorrow 
March 18, 1931 Professor Furbay's Survey News Survey Reveals Membership of Campus Groups 
March 18, 1931 Freshmen To Edit Next Issue of The Record Information Next record To Be Frosh Issue 
March 18, 1931 Women's Debate Union News Women Debaters Open Season with Naperville Co-Eds 
March 18, 1931 G. Whitfield Ray, Missionary-Explorer News G. Whitfield Ray Tells Student Volunteers of South American Trips 
March 18, 1931 Biology Students and Those Interested News Biologists To Visit Museum 
March 18, 1931 University of Vermont Comes Here for Meet News Two Bedates Will Be Held Here Tonight 
March 18, 1931 Annual "Open House" of The Fourth Floor Dormitory News Phi Phi Deltas Give Demonstration of Dorm Life at Party 
March 18, 1931 Championship Material In Basketball Squad Article Wheaton Basketball 
March 18, 1931 Music, 24 Hour Lunch Counter and Soda Fountain Article Opinions of Readers 
March 18, 1931 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
March 18, 1931 "As Seeing Him Who is Unseen" Article Think On These Things 
March 18, 1931 Scarlet Fever Cases News Scarlet Fever Cases Increase On Campus; Professor Dyrness III 
March 18, 1931 New Telechron Clock News New Electric Clock To Ring Bells From Physics Laboratory 
March 18, 1931 Arrows vs Belts Sports Arrows Beat Belts, 46-23, In Opener of Society Tournament 
March 18, 1931 Little Nineteen Conference Sports Illinois Normal Winner of Little Nineteen Title 
March 18, 1931 Possibility of A Break Sports Break Looms Between North Central Group And Big Ten Members 
March 18, 1931 Professor Edward Abner Thompson Music E.A. Thompson Gives Recital 
March 18, 1931 Chemistry Classes To Go On An Inspection Trip News Chemists To Visit Inland Steel Mills At Gary, Indiana 
March 18, 1931 Meetings and Announcements of General Interest News Bits of News 
March 18, 1931 All-Tournament Team Sports Varsity Picks All-Star Team 
March 18, 1931 Naperville Woman's Athletic Association Sports Naperville To Entertain W.A.A 
March 18, 1931 "Y" College Grapplers Sports "Y" College Grapplers Make Clean Sweep of Meet With 23-0 Score 
March 18, 1931 Junior Varsity  Sports J.V.'s End Season With Even Break 
March 18, 1931 Information on General Subjects Information Dope 
March 18, 1931 Intra-Mural Tournament Over News Intra-Mural Games Take Toll; Broken Basket Is Restored 
March 18, 1931 Profs, Scribes To Stage Fight- feature Contest Will Be Preliminary to Lit Game Sports Faculty Accepts Record Challenge 
March 18, 1931 Women's Athletic Association News W.A.A Installs New Officials 
March 18, 1931 Little Nineteen Sports Little Nineteen News 
March 18, 1931 Varsity Team Members Sports Orvis, McGill Lead Varsity in Scoring During Past Season 
March 18, 1931 High Scoring Guard to Pilot Varsity Next Year Sports Hoopsters Elect Orvis As Captain 
March 18, 1931 Finals of Intra-Mural Tournament Sports  Tuffies Take Final From Caddies, 21-19; Win Championship 
March 18, 1931 Aeliolian Literature Victoria Tatomer Wins Ael Contest 
March 18, 1931 Philalethian Literature "King Cole's Fiddlers" To Play at Philalethian 
March 18, 1931 Boethallian Literary Society Literature Bows Celebrate Fourth Birthday 
March 18, 1931 Beltionian Literature Belts To Hold Annual Short Story Contest 
March 18, 1931 Excelsior Literature Celts to Read Short Stories Next Friday 
March 18, 1931 Aristonians Literature Aristonians to Hold Short Story Contest 
March 18, 1931 Academy Juniors News Academy Juniors Hold "Unlucky" Party 
March 18, 1931 News of Alumni News Alumni News 
March 18, 1931 Women's Debate Team News Monmouth Co-Eds Defeat Wheaton 
March 18, 1931 Mrs. Mortenson News Mrs. Stroh Talks To Y.W.C.A. Girls 
March 18, 1931 Nancy Norman Article We Make This Break, Do You? 
March 25, 1931 Class of '73 Carries Stone from Railroad News West Wing of College Built by Freshmen 
March 25, 1931 Edna Suckau News Freshman Class is Cosmopolitan 
March 25, 1931 Dr. Tiffany News Seniors Precieve Cup for Highest Semester Honors 
March 25, 1931 Emily Bauer News German Students Organize Club 
March 25, 1931 Dr. Jones News Scarlet Fever Ban Removed 
March 25, 1931 Many Amusing Haps and Mishaps Mark College Days News Profs Recall Experiences as Freshmen 
March 25, 1931 The Williamson Baptist of Williamston, Michigan News Glee Club Plans to Include Three States in Tour 
March 25, 1931 Gordon Dillon News Campus Day to be held Soon 
March 25, 1931 George Samuelson News Germs Wage Losing Fight 
March 25, 1931 Sophomores Try to Stop Frosh Edition News Plan to Thward Frosh Edition Fails 
March 25, 1931 Miss Stoker News Wheaton Co-eds Defeat Carol in Close Competition 
March 25, 1931 Henry Phillips Articles Forward March, Our Stand, Campus Christianity 
March 25, 1931 Emily Schmelz Jokes Freshmen Funny Bones 
March 25, 1931 Ida Noyes Hall News Volunteer Hears of Work in Arabia at Chicago University 
March 25, 1931 Mildred Grant News Librarians Hold Monthly Meeting 
March 25, 1931 Prof. Mixter News Science Students Make Intresting Visit to Museums 
March 25, 1931 The McKendree College Athletic Department  News Little Nineteen News 
March 25, 1931 Hugh Cole News Bits of News 
March 25, 1931 Stair, Ebeling, Aldrich Win Matches in Short Order Sports Matmen Easily Trim Valparaiso 
March 25, 1931 Irvine Pett Sports Green Paint 
March 25, 1931 Coach Pett Sports Coach Pett and his Grapplers Wind up Successful Season 
March 25, 1931 Scribes and Faculty Meet Tonight After Short Postponement Sports Chapionship Society Game Tonight 
March 25, 1931 John McGill News Excelsior Defeats Beltionian Quintet in Uneven Contest 
March 25, 1931 Class Secretary of her Freshman Class News Ael President is All-Around Athlete 
March 25, 1931 Marita McMillan News Phils Select Leader with Poetic Talent 
March 25, 1931 Blanchard Hall News Bow Leader Scales Heights of Wing 
March 25, 1931 Ted Hinn News Ted Hinn Holds Various Offices 
March 25, 1931 Washington Banquet News Hugh Cole's Illness Caused by Banquet 
March 25, 1931 Charlie Baker News Arrows Headed by Raido Announcer 
March 25, 1931 Alice Reid News Debate News 
March 25, 1931 President Buswell News Alumni News 
March 25, 1931 The Jester's Day News Academy News 
March 25, 1931 In 1860 the Student of the College News Prayer Meeting Organized in 1860 
March 25, 1931 St. Patrick News St. Pat Makes Annual Visit 
April 1, 1931 Twelve Straight Wins Mark Record for Two Years News Wheaton Debaters Win Two Successive Championships 
April 1, 1931 Open Meeting of the Two Literary Societies Information Academy Literary Societies to Hold Meeting April 4 
April 1, 1931 The Freshmen record Staff Gathered Saturday Night  News Staff of Freshman Edition of Record Celebrates at Party  
April 1, 1931 The Teacher's Placement Bureau  Information Vacancies Open To Wheatonites  
April 1, 1931 The Judge for the Record Short Story Contest Information J. B. Emperor, U. of Tennessee Professor, Is Short Story Judge 
April 1, 1931 Miss Cobb and Dr. Moule News Debaters to Uphold Wheaton at Pi Kappa Delta Tournament 
April 1, 1931 Douglas Was Elected Editor-in-Chief of the 1933 Tower  News Sophomores Elect Douglas Hursh for Tower Editorship 
April 1, 1931 The Annual Campus Day  Information Prof. Furbay To Conduct Tour 
April 1, 1931 Work to Be Started on Campus Day Sports Students To Build Atheletic Field Spring Vacation 
April 1, 1931 A Conceet Was Presented Music String Quartet Gives Concert 
April 1, 1931 Wheaton Has Won Information Ringing The Bell  
April 1, 1931 To the Wheaton Record Short Comment Opinions of the Reader 
April 1, 1931 Think on These Things Short Comment Driftwood 
April 1, 1931 Young Professor relates Experience at Hawaii U Information Mr. Weyer Tells Reporter of His Life at College 
April 1, 1931 Gertrude Ekvall Smith News Alumni News 
April 1, 1931 Scandinavian College Students Information Swedes Predominate in Monthly Dinner of Scandinavians 
April 1, 1931 Alumnus Studies French Before Going to Africa Information Jack Hall, '29 Tells Story of trip to France 
April 1, 1931 The Tower Staff News Towermen To Meet Recordites Tonight In Championship Duel 
April 1, 1931 The First Baseball Game of the Season Sports Aurora To Come Here For Opener of Baseball Season 
April 1, 1931 Bole and Taylor Star For Professor's Aggregation  Sports Scribs Whip Faculty, 17-13 
April 1, 1931 A Conference Track Meet at Elmhurst News Little Nineteen News 
April 1, 1931 Inter-Class and Inter-Society Basketball Games Sports Femme Sports 
April 1, 1931 The First Baseball Game Sports Crusaders To Open League Season With Dekalb On April 
April 1, 1931 Carlson, Thillman and Strachan Stars as High Scores Sports Arrows Defeat Celts, 32-26 
April 1, 1931 Wheaton and St. Viator Varsity Debate Team News Varsity Debaters Defeat S. Viator at Ael Meeting 
April 1, 1931 Nettie McCaughey News Nettie McCaughey Wins Phil Contest 
April 1, 1931 Literature News Teresa Bettes Wins Bow Story Contest 
April 1, 1931 Literature Contest News  Walter Lindemann Wins Belt Contest  
April 1, 1931 The Excelsior Literary Association  News Wilfred Congdon Wins Celt Story Contest  
April 1, 1931 "The Man Pays" News Charles Baker Wins Contest in Arrows 
April 1, 1931 The Christian Endeavor  News C.E. Sponsors Daily Services 
April 1, 1931 Negotiations Were Begun on Dec. 6th, 1930 Information College Foewards Petition for Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter 
April 1, 1931 nancy Norman Short Comment We Make This Break, Do You? 
April 8, 1931 Secure Eight Victories Out of Ten Meets News Men's Debaters Win Tournament Championship 
April 8, 1931 The Next Meeting of the Chicago Union Information Volunteers To Meet in Chicago  
April 8, 1931 American Medical Journal Information Danger of Scarlet Fever Yet Remains Among Student Body 
April 8, 1931 Mrs. Hockman Allowed the Boys and Girls to Have the Party Sports S.A.A. Gives Party For Basketball Boys  
April 8, 1931 The Anuual Record Banquet Information Speeches Feature Anuual Banquet of Record Staff 
April 8, 1931 In Place of a Term Paper News Physics Students Carry On Tests 
April 8, 1931 President Buswell Information Dr. Buswell To Preach In East 
April 8, 1931 Literature Meeting News Lit Meeting To Be Held Friday  
April 8, 1931 The Kreitonian and Epionian Literary Society News Academy Societies Hold first Open Meeting in History 
April 8, 1931 The Outside Girls' Party Information Outside Girls To Entertain Guests 
April 8, 1931 Nettie McCaughey Wins Second Place Award Information Terasa Bettes Presents Best Short Story  
April 8, 1931 The Christian and Missionary Alliance Information Alliance Rally To Convene Here 
April 8, 1931 Preaching the Gospel Short Comment Sowing the Seed 
April 8, 1931 To the Wheaton Record Short Comment Opinions of Readers 
April 8, 1931 Professor Mixter's Ornithology Class Information Ornithologists Take First Trip 
April 8, 1931 Coach Coray's 1931 Baseball Team Sports Aurora Comes Here Today 
April 8, 1931 A New Phase of Intercollegiate Competition News Little Nineteenn News 
April 8, 1931 Dr. Moule Addressed the Oratorical Association Information Orators Prepare for Peace Meet 
April 8, 1931 Strachan and Palmer Star fpr Tower Team Sports Tower Beats Record, 23-21 
April 8, 1931 Mt. Morris Comes Here April 22 Information  Mt. Morris to Come Here for First Home League Game April 22 
April 8, 1931 The Phils Beat the Bows Sports Phils Beat Bows in Opener, 30-25 
April 8, 1931 Coach Gustafson Sports Dope  
April 8, 1931 Athletic Attention Sports Monmouth to Act As Host at Final Conference Meet 
April 8, 1931 Permanent Positions Still Remain Unknown News Crusaders To Meet Morton 
April 8, 1931 By Bill Alexander Information Journalists Receive Bi-Weekly Grilling From Miss Wheeler 
April 8, 1931 By Bill Alexander Information Einstein and Voliva Disagree on Theory of Earth's Surface 
April 8, 1931 The Discipline Commitee Information Faculty Wishes to Call Attention of Students to Rules 
April 8, 1931 Postmaster W.W. Renton Information Wheaton to get New Post Office, Federal Building 
April 8, 1931 By Nancy Norman Short Comment We Make This Break, Do you? 
April 29, 1931 Many Courses to de Added to Department of Instruction Next Semester- Staff to Take Journalism- Students Will Be Able To Take Physical Education As Major News Bulletin Announces Change In Courses 
April 29, 1931 Annual Open House News Williston Hall Girls To Hold Open House 
April 29, 1931 Wheaton Men's Glee Club Music Glee Club Returns; Visits Three States 
April 29, 1931 Campus Day News Merchants Award Prizes to Winners On Campus Day 
April 29, 1931 Professor Dyrness News Professor Dyrness Attends Convention 
April 29, 1931 Intercollegiate Peace Association News Peace Association To Meet Tomorrow 
April 29, 1931 Women's Glee Club Music Women's Glee Club To Complete Season With Three Concerts 
April 29, 1931 Scripture Distribution Society News S.D.S Work Extends To Pacific Coast 
April 29, 1931 School Paper Takes Another Step In National Scholastic Press Association- Convention to be Held- Shurtleff College to Be Host to Illinois College Press Association News Record Gets First Class Honor Rating 
April 29, 1931 Men's Glee Club Music Glee Club Returns From Tour, Work Highly Commended 
April 29, 1931 Cultural Development Article Something Besides Religion 
April 29, 1931 Letters From Readers Column Opinions of Readers 
April 29, 1931 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
April 29, 1931 Life With Jesus Article Think On These Things 
April 29, 1931 Garments Literature Driftwood 
April 29, 1931 Beltionian Literature "The Nine Muses" To be Belt Theme 
April 29, 1931 College Christian Endeavor Society News C.E. Begins Series of Practical Topics 
April 29, 1931 Library Force News Librarians Work Spring Vacation 
April 29, 1931 Bole Gospel Group Music Gospel Team Holds Services; Many Saved 
April 29, 1931 Spring "Practice" Music Mens' Glee Club Concert Tuesday Evening 
April 29, 1931 Girls' Varsity Tennis Team Sports Girls' Tennis Team Holds Tryouts; Beats North Central, 6 to 1 
April 29, 1931 Excelsior Literary Association Literature "Celts" Is Theme Of Excelsior Meeting 
April 29, 1931 Moody Alumni Auxiliary Association News Moody Alumni Holds First Open Meeting 
April 29, 1931 News Bites News Bits of News 
April 29, 1931 "Music" Literature "Music" to Supply Theme for Bows 
April 29, 1931 Girls Interclass and Intersociety Track And Baseball Teams Sports Girls' Baseball and Track Teams Begin Practice; Many Out 
April 29, 1931 Little Nineteen Sports Little Nineteen News 
April 29, 1931 Baseball Squad Sports Wheaton Wins 5, Loses 0; Pitching Contributes Much 
April 29, 1931 Wheaton Baseball Team Sports Wheaton to Meet Elmhurst, Aurora, and Armour Soon 
April 29, 1931 Errors and Hitting Mark Loosely Played Contest News Wheaton Gains Fifth Victory 
April 29, 1931 Twelve Annual Little Nineteen Track and Field Meet Sports Little Nineteen to Hold Annual Meet On Monmouth Field 
April 29, 1931 Clarke Evans Displays Championship Form Sports Crusaders Rout Mt. Morris, 11-1 
April 29, 1931 General Information Information Dope 
April 29, 1931 Otto De Camp's Absence Serves to Cripple Team Sports Wheaton Trims Naperville, 4-2 
April 29, 1931 Milwaukee Teachers Sports Milwaukee Teachers To Meet Tennis Team 
April 29, 1931 Ike Brubacher News Wheaton Trio Receives Unfriendly Reception From Philadelphia Cops 
April 29, 1931 Chicago's 1933 World's Fair- "Century of Progress" News More States Join World Fair; Rubber Exhibit to be Shown 
April 29, 1931 Aelioian Hall Literature Aelioian Enjoys "Home" Program 
April 29, 1931 Philalethean Literature "Music" to Furnish Next Phil Program 
April 29, 1931 News of Alumni News  Alumni News 
April 29, 1931 Aristonian Literature "Business Is Business" Is Aristonian Theme 
April 29, 1931 Nancy Norman Article We Make This Break, Do You? 
May 5, 1931 Teacher of Magicians Come here for Concluding Program of Series News Tower to Bring Harlan Tarbell 
May 5, 1931 A Variety of Botanical Specimens News Biology Department Adds New Equipment 
May 5, 1931 Rev. John C. O'Hair News Ministers to Hold Banquet Saturday 
May 5, 1931 Wesley Carson News Open Gate Burns Sunday Morning; Cause not Known 
May 5, 1931 The State Superintendent of the League News Anti-Saloon League to Hold Convention 
May 5, 1931 Kenneth Hine News Douglas Hursh Picks Staff of Tower of '33; Will Make Additions 
May 5, 1931 Miss Wheeler News College Presents Journalism Course 
May 5, 1931 Early Monday Morning News Junior Class Captures Many Senior Jackets 
May 5, 1931 Mr. Philip H. Howard News Wheaton Club of Philadelphia Holds Dinner; 53 Present 
May 5, 1931 Everett Sugarbaker News Medical Schools Accept Students 
May 5, 1931 Purpose is to Promote Scholarship and Christian Culture News Faculty Arranges for Honor Society 
May 5, 1931 Robert Nolan of St. Viator News Menno Schrag Wins Seconds Place in State Oratorical Contest 
May 5, 1931 Prejudice Articles Student Discipline, Mother, Rivaling Rivalry 
May 5, 1931 The Open Gate Sunday Opinions Opinions of Readers 
May 5, 1931 Nancy Norman Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
May 5, 1931 Ruth Mellis, '31 Literature Driftwood 
May 5, 1931 Leland Howard News Press Association to Hold Convention 
May 5, 1931 Other Departments Grow News Bulletin Accounces Facts Concerning Present Students 
May 5, 1931 Rev. R. V. Bingham Information Events This Week 
May 5, 1931 Alpha Zick News Aels Take Trip to Land of Mussolini 
May 5, 1931 Ice-Cream News Academy Sophs Give Party for Freshmen 
May 5, 1931 Charles Seidenspinner News Aristonian Turns to May for Next Program 
May 5, 1931 Milwaukee Teachers Win Sports Men's Tennis Team Loses to Y College; To Milwaukee, 4 to 2 
May 5, 1931 Hess Wins First Place in Mile and Half Mile Events Sports Wheaton Places Seventh in Meet 
May 5, 1931 Herb Rhodes Sports Orangemen Defeat Aurora 14-0; Rhoades Pitches Entire Game 
May 5, 1931 Christian Endeavor News Bits of News 
May 5, 1931 Evans Holds Pirates in Check Throughout Contest Sports Coraymen Trim Elmhurst, 8-7 
May 5, 1931 The Orange and Blue Sports North Central Women to Come for Match 
May 5, 1931 Bill Tillman Sports DOPE 
May 5, 1931 North Central Sports Elmhurst to be Host at Northern Illinois Meet Next Saturday 
May 5, 1931 Parshall and Evans Hurl; Entire Team Displays Poor Form Sports Crusaders Lose to DeKalb, 18-12 
May 5, 1931 The Lake Forest Sports Wheaton Nine to Play Two Games 
May 5, 1931 Mr. Ingles News North Central Paper Reviews Ingles' Book 
May 5, 1931 Dorothy Lehman News Boethallian Enjoys Musical Program 
May 5, 1931 Clarence Wygarden News Beltionian to Have Musical Program 
May 5, 1931 May Belle Boaz News Alumni News 
May 5, 1931 Louis McGill News Excelsior to Have "Variety" Program 
May 5, 1931 Nancy Norman Article We Make This Break, Do You? 
May 5, 1931 Martha Harris Music "Music" is Theme of Phil Program 
May 13, 1931 Press Association Convention News Wheaton To Have 1932 Convention of College Press Association 
May 13, 1931 Astronomy News Astronomers Postpone Trip to Observatory 
May 13, 1931 Applicants Article Faculty Considers 160 for Degrees This Week 
May 13, 1931 Student Council Article Student Council to Start Publicity Service; Committee to Be Formed 
May 13, 1931 Gospel Teams Article Gospel Groups to Represent College 
May 13, 1931 Physics Article Physics Department Makes Experiments 
May 13, 1931 Womens' Societies Article Women's Societies Hold May Festival; Betsy Fitz is Queen 
May 13, 1931 Scarlet Fever Information Scarlet Fever Appears Again on Campus 
May 13, 1931 Magician Article Harlan Tarbell, Magician, is Last Artist in Tower of '32 Series 
May 13, 1931 Geology Article Geologists to Take Trip Friday; Will Study Rock Formations 
May 13, 1931 Opinion Column A Voice That is Still 
May 13, 1931 Opinion Column Getting Things Straight 
May 13, 1931 Opinion Letters Column Opinions of Readers 
May 13, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 13, 1931 Christian Faith Column Think on These Things 
May 13, 1931 Poetry Column Driftwood 
May 13, 1931 Glee Club Director Article Professor Hamp, Glee Club Director, to Leave Wheaton 
May 13, 1931 Volunteers Article Phil Wichern to Head Student Volunteers 
May 13, 1931 Academy Students Article Academy Students Get "All-95" Grades 
May 13, 1931 Literary Meeting Article 'En Route' to be Next Bow Theme 
May 13, 1931 Literary Meeting Article 'Globe Trotting' is Aristonian Theme 
May 13, 1931 Tennis Sports Women's Interclass Tennis Gets Started 
May 13, 1931 Track Sports Cindermen to Go to Elmhurst for Triangular Meet 
May 13, 1931 Track Meet Sports Prizes to be Given at Little Nineteen State Track Meet 
May 13, 1931 Glee Club Article Men's Glee Club Elects Officers; Director Leaves 
May 13, 1931 Student Council Article Student Council Plans for "High School Day" 
May 13, 1931 YWCA Article 'W' Club Decides on New Awards 
May 13, 1931 News News Bits of News 
May 13, 1931 Track Records Sports Wheaton College Track Records 
May 13, 1931 Baseball Sports Coraymen Lose to Armour, 5-4 
May 13, 1931 Track Sports Orangement Place Fourth in Meet; Hess First in Mile 
May 13, 1931 Women's Athletics Sports W.A.A. Holds Board Meeting Thursday 
May 13, 1931 Sports Comments Column Dope 
May 13, 1931 Sports Tournament Sports Monmouth to be Host to Little Ninetoon at Twelfth Annual 
May 13, 1931 Baseball Sports Coraymen Face St. Viator Team 
May 13, 1931 Literary Societies Article Exelsior, Belts 
May 13, 1931 Round-the-World Telephone Calls Article Peoria Student Will Represent Illinois in Telephone Hookup 
May 13, 1931 World Fair Building Article First World's Fair Building Will Open 
May 13, 1931 Alumni News Alumni News 
May 13, 1931 Literary Society Article Aelioian Choose 'Gardens' as Theme 
May 13, 1931 Lilac Festival Article Lombard Prepares for Lilac Festival; Glee Club to Sing 
May 13, 1931 Dating Advice Column We Make This Break, Do you? 
May 20, 1931 English Professors Article Wheaton Has Two Veteran Teachers 
May 20, 1931 Oratorical Contest Article Women Hold Cook Oratorical Contest; Men Meet Tonight 
May 20, 1931 Sunday School Work in Schools Article League to Introduce Sunday School Work into District Schools 
May 20, 1931 Student Council Article Council Approves Award of Letters 
May 20, 1931 Literary Societies Article Societies to Have Open Meeting Friday 
May 20, 1931 Chapel Speaker Article Dr. Chafer Addresses Ministers; Outlines Work of Seminary 
May 20, 1931 Recital Article Conservatory Gives Recital; Another To Be Hold Monday 
May 20, 1931 Orchestra Article Orchestra to Hold Concert Tomorrow 
May 20, 1931 Student Registration Information  Students to Register This Week; Tentative Program to be Made 
May 20, 1931 Publicity Opinion Student Publicity 
May 20, 1931 Opinion Column Spring Fever 
May 20, 1931 Letters to Record Column Opinions of Readers 
May 20, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 20, 1931 Poetry Column Driftwood 
May 20, 1931 Christianity Column Think on These Things 
May 20, 1931 Contest Article Popularity Contest Begins 
May 20, 1931 Legion Fundraiser Article To Sell Poppies 
May 20, 1931 Intercollegiate News Exchanges 
May 20, 1931 Yearbook Banquet Article Tower of '32 to Hold Annual Banquet Next Wednesday Evening 
May 20, 1931 Baseball Sports Crusaders to Meet North Central Today 
May 20, 1931 Tennis Sports Racketeers Trim 'Y' College, 5 to 1; Moffett Loses Set 
May 20, 1931 Academy News Academy News 
May 20, 1931 Baseball Sports Coraymen Lose to Viators, 11-2 
May 20, 1931 "W" Club Article "W" Club Selects Orvis for President 
May 20, 1931 Athletes Sports Little Nineteen Meet to be Composed of 400 State Athletes 
May 20, 1931 Sports Commentary Sports Dope 
May 20, 1931 Women's Tennis Sports Women's Tennis Team Wins Two 
May 20, 1931 Track Sports Elmhurt Defeats Orangemen in Dual Track Meet, 83-22 
May 20, 1931 Sports Conference Sports Little Nineteen News 
May 20, 1931 Baseball Sports Crusaders Lose to Armour, 7-6 
May 20, 1931 Alma Mater Song Article Alma Mater Remains Unchanged; Council Plans New Handbook 
May 20, 1931 Yearbook Staff Information New Members Added to Tower of '32 Staff 
May 20, 1931 News News Bits of News 
May 20, 1931 Acoustics Class Article Acoustical Students Visit Laboratories 
May 20, 1931 Chivalry Column We Make This Break, Do You? 
May 20, 1931 Ex-Mayor Reception Article Reception is Given in Honor of Former Mayor Pittsford 
May 27, 1931 Yearbook Article Staff of Tower of '31 Distribute Annuals; Copies to be Secured in Lower Chapel 
May 27, 1931 High Schooler Banquet Article High School Seniors are College Guests; Program is Given 
May 27, 1931 Literary Meeting Article Impromtu Literary Meeting Held in Bow Room Last Friday 
May 27, 1931 University Women Article Wheaton Branch of A.A.U. To Hold Meeting June 5 
May 27, 1931 Recital Article Ruth Gower to Give Expression Recital 
May 27, 1931 Sigma Pi Sigma Article Herman Landes is Elected President of Sigma Pi Sigma 
May 27, 1931 Glee Club Article Glee Club Presents Final Concert of Season at Moody 
May 27, 1931 Oratorical Contest Article Ruth James Wins Oratorical Contest 
May 27, 1931 Literary Society Meeting Article Spring Open Meeting to be Held in College Chapel Friday Evening 
May 27, 1931 Hiking Group Article Wheaton Students Join Hiking Group 
May 27, 1931 Track Sports Graduation Will Make Heavy Toll on Track Team; Hess Holds State Record 
May 27, 1931 Opinion Column Soliloquy 
May 27, 1931 Opinion Column Welcome Back 
May 27, 1931 Opinion Letters Column Opinions of Readers 
May 27, 1931 Poetry Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 27, 1931 Christianity Column Think on These Things 
May 27, 1931 Poetry Column Driftwood 
May 27, 1931 Literary Society Article Literary Society is Held Friday Evening 
May 27, 1931 Holiday Programs Article Down by the Track 
May 27, 1931 Campus News News Seniors Take Annual Sneak to Turkey Run; Explore Hills and Canyons 
May 27, 1931 Alumni News Alumni News 
May 27, 1931 News News Bits of News 
May 27, 1931 Sports News Sports Little Nineteen News 
May 27, 1931 Baseball Sports Coraymen Lose First Leaguer 
May 27, 1931 Sports Commentary Column Dope 
May 27, 1931 Baseball Sports Crusaders to End Season With Two Games This Week 
May 27, 1931 Baseball Sports Crusaders Trim North Central 
May 27, 1931 Tennis  Sports Racqueteers Lose to Crane College 4 to 2; Carlson Wins Easily 
May 27, 1931 Track Sports Track Meet is Won by Bradley 
May 27, 1931 Botany Class Article Seniors Take Course in Special Problems; Write Theses On Work 
May 27, 1931 Sophomore Events Article Sophomores Take Five Mile Hike; Play Games; Roast Steak 
May 27, 1931 Faculty Banquet Article Faculty Holds Annual Banquet; Presents Watch to President 
May 27, 1931 Science Society Meeting Article Pi Gamma Mu Society Holds Final Meeting 
May 27, 1931 Academy News Academy News 
May 27, 1931 Chivalry Column We Make this Break, Do You? 
May 27. 1981 Literary Society Meeting Article Epinonian Program 
June 3, 1931 Horace Fenton Is Given Presidency in Recognition of Work on Annual News Classes Elect Officers for Coming Year; Seniors Choose Former Tower Editor 
June 3, 1931 Miss Northrop of the College Conservatory of Music News Literary Societies Hold Open Meeting; 'Knighthood' Theme 
June 3, 1931 Miss Wheeler News Juniors Entertain Seniors at Annual Party on Saturday 
June 3, 1931 Katherine Rhodes News Wayside Inn Holds Open House; Irene Daggitt has Charge 
June 3, 1931 Dr. Arthur H. Carter News Dr. Carter, Lecturer, Speaks in Chapel 
June 3, 1931 The Teather's Knowledge News Experiments Made with Rating Scale in Several Classes 
June 3, 1931 Mr. Joes News Council Discusses Propsed Hand-book 
June 3, 1931 New Appointments to Business Staff to be Made Soon; Several Positions are Open News Student Council Elects Leland Howard Business Manager of Record for 1931-32 
June 3, 1931 The Gary M. E. Church News Rain Prevents Memorial Day Parade; Services are Held in Gary M. E. Church; President Buswell Gives Address 
June 3, 1931 St. Charles on the Fox River News Faculty to HOld Picnic at Fox River June 6 
June 3, 1931 Nettie McCaughey Articles Pro Summum Bonum 
June 3, 1931 The Campus Universalistic Hedonist Short Comments The Gay Gargoyle 
June 3, 1931 Inez Larson '31 Literature Driftwood 
June 3, 1931 Mr. Zander News Freshmen have Hard Times Party Saturday 
June 3, 1931 W. A. Faust Information Junior High to Graduate Seventy-five 
June 3, 1931 Willis Virtue News Ministers Choose Next Year's Officers 
June 3, 1931 Mr. Issac Page News Mrs. McKelvy will Address Volunteers 
June 3, 1931 Mr. Hale News Bits of News 
June 3, 1931 The Celt Pledge News Excelsiors to Elect Officers for Next Semester June 5 
June 3, 1931 Thomas to be Chariman News League for Industrial Democracy is to hold College Conference 
June 3, 1931 James Millikin Information Exchanges 
June 3, 1931 Orange and Blue Rallies in Final Inning But Fails to Win Sports Pirates Defeat Coraymen, 19-2 
June 3, 1931 Julia Miller Sports Freshmen Win First Place in Track Meet 
June 3, 1931 Stanford's Great Vaulter Sports DOPE 
June 3, 1931 Calvin Match Rained Out Sports Racqueteers Tie With DeKalb, 3-3; Defeat Crane, 4-2 
June 3, 1931 Wheaton Loses Chance to Win Championship Pennant Sports Crusaders Lose League Game, 8-7 
June 3, 1931 Irv Pett Sports Wrestlers Elect Carlberg Captain 
June 3, 1931 The Final Bow-Ael Game Sports Freshmen Women Defeat Sophs, 55-4 
June 3, 1931 Loretta Turnbull News Eleven Schools to Enter Annual College Humor Boat Races 
June 3, 1931 Ruth Lewis News "Under the Orange and Blue" is Phil Theme 
June 3, 1931 Edith Chamberlain '30 News Alumni News 
June 3, 1931 John Walvoord News C.E. Elects George Moody President 
June 3, 1931 H. M. George V Information Historical Calendar For Month of June 
June 3, 1931 Nancy Norman Column We Make This Break, Do You?  
June 3, 1931 Mary Pearl Reinhart News "Bon Voyage" to be Next Aelioian Theme 
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