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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
Februrary 26, 1930 President Wendell S. Brooks News President Brooks Arrives at Helena 
Februrary 26, 1930 Northing to Alaska's Midnight Sun Information J.Watt Reber to Give Illustrated Lecture 
Februrary 26, 1930 The Woman's Affirmative Debating Team News Women Will Debate Shurtleff College; To Visit East on Tour 
Februrary 26, 1930 Wheaton's South Shore Forensic League Debating Team Information Men's Teams Debate Tonight ; Meet North Park and Y. College 
Februrary 26, 1930 Classes Offer Varied Programs; Doctor Tiffany Speaks News  Annual Banquet Hailed Best in College Annals 
Februrary 26, 1930 Mrs. Schofield in Interview Information "Temperance Work in South America Sees Progress" 
Februrary 26, 1930 The Scientific Attitude in Belief Short Comment An Appeal For Music 
Februrary 26, 1930 Mr. Ironside in the Regular Meeting Information Campus Christianity  
Februrary 26, 1930 Margaret Richards Has Average of 97.7 Information Sophomore Girl Leads Students on Honor Roll 
Februrary 26, 1930 Edward Abner Thompson News Edward Thompson Presents Incidents in Life of Lincoln 
Februrary 26, 1930 In The Interests of Its Piano Fund News Phils to Sell Eats at Open Gate Friday 
Februrary 26, 1930 The Junior Expression Class of The College News Silver Medal Contest Here Thursday Night  
Februrary 26, 1930 A. Gusta Me. Literature Friends, Tree Lace, The Star 
Februrary 26, 1930 Kreitonians, Epinoian literary Society News Academy News 
Februrary 26, 1930 Rally in Second Half Falls Short; Game Exciting Sports Wheaton Drops Close Game to Y.M.C.A. College  
Februrary 26, 1930 Beat Phils in Final; Bows Defeated in Both Games Sports Society Series is Won by Aels  
Februrary 26, 1930 Wheaton's Junior Varsity Sports Wheaton Seconds Lose to Elgin Five In Close Game, 27-25 
Februrary 26, 1930 Wheaton's Old Rival Macomb News Dribblers Will Meet Two Snappy Quintets 
Februrary 26, 1930 Aldrich, Pett, and Oury Turn in Wins Sports Wrestlers Lose Season Finale To Naperville 
Februrary 26, 1930 Willard DeYoung-Senior News Inquiring Reporter 
Februrary 26, 1930 Edna Asher News Alumni News 
March 5, 1930 Rev. E.L. Gunasekara Describes Hindu Attitudes News Speaker Tells Advantages of English In India 
March 5, 1930 The Gospel Quintet Music Gospel Quintet Leads Services in Winfield, Chicago; Plan Tour 
March 5, 1930 Miss Julia Blanchard Conducting Library Training Information Library Training Class Now Meeting Weekly 
March 5, 1930 Wheaton College Organ Recitals Music Regina Sanchez Gives Vesper Organ Recital; Joseph Philp Assists 
March 5, 1930 Washington banquet News Boston Alumni Have Washington Banquet 
March 5, 1930 James Watt Reber News J. Watt Reber Depicts Beauties of Alaska 
March 5, 1930 Wheaton Record News Hursh Heads Staff For Yearling Edition; Muck, Business Head 
March 5, 1930 Declamatory Silver Medal Contest News Ruth Wood is Winner Of W.C.T.U. Contest 
March 5, 1930 Women's Debate Team News Lombard, Monmounth, And Augustana to Meet Debate Team 
March 5, 1930 John Corbin '29 News Alumni Have Prayer Group For Wheaton 
March 5, 1930 Face Heavy Schedule; Naperville Here March 11 News Debaters Meet Milton College Here Thursday 
March 5, 1930 Mrs. Frances Allison News Mrs. Allison Speaks At Y.W. Installation 
March 5, 1930 Charles Finney Music Charles Finney To Give Weekly Organ Recitals 
March 5, 1930 Upcoming Washington Banquet News Make Plans For Next Washington Banquet 
March 5, 1930 American Schools and Colleges Curricula Article The Preliminary Frills 
March 5, 1930 Friendships Between Students, Professors And Advisors Article Out Of The Classroom 
March 5, 1930 Q&A Information Gay Gargoyle 
March 5, 1930 Snippets Information The Family Album 
March 5, 1930 Aelioian, Beltionian, Philalethean, Excelsior, Boethallian, Aristonian Literature Literary Society Review 
March 5, 1930 Life, The Garden of The Soul Literature Whispers In the Pine Boughs 
March 5, 1930 Seniors, Freshman News Academy News 
March 5, 1930 "Bruz" McGill and Laverne Harwood News New Law Of Gravity Found By Students 
March 5, 1930 Western Teachers Lead, 34-17 at Half Sports Cagemen Drop Final Game To Macomb, 57-30 
March 5, 1930 Take Interclass Court Crown, Winning Three Games; Seniors Second Sports Juniors Defeat Sophs, 21 to 20 
March 5, 1930 Coach Vic Gustafon Sports More Track Material Needed; No Meets Scheduled at Home 
March 5, 1930 Loss of McGill and orvis Is Felt; Fight Hard Sports Wheaton Loses To St. Ambrose by 44-17 Score 
March 5, 1930 News of Alumni News Alumni News 
March 5, 1930 Q&A Information Inquiring Reporter 
March 5, 1930 Humor Article The Gay Gargoyle 
March 5, 1930 Basketball Game Called Off Sports Game With Lewis Is Called Off 
March 5, 1930 The Record Banquet Information Record To Stage Banquet, March 22 
March 5, 1930 Ada Stearns '22 News Alumni News 
March 12, 1930 Short Story Judge Article Earl R. Buell Is Short Story Contest Judge 
March 12, 1930 President Speaking Article President Buswell to Speak in Boston 
March 12, 1930 Men's Debate Article Men Debaters Meet Crane State Normal, and Lombard College 
March 12, 1930 Dorm Party Article Inhabitants of Dorm Make Preparation for Annual Party 
March 12, 1930 Freshman Record Article Freshman Edition of Record out Next Week; Staff Heads Choose Assistants 
March 12, 1930 Affirmative Debate team Article Three Debates Won on Eastern Tour by Strong Local Team 
March 12, 1930 Missionary Alliance Article Christian Missionary Alliance to Meet Here 
March 12, 1930 Men's Glee Article Men's Glee Club to Give Annual Spring Concert 
March 12, 1930 Scholastic Averages Article Phils Have Highest Scholastic Rating; Bows are Second 
March 12, 1930 Alumni Article Charles Parsons, '91, Active in Many Fields 
March 12, 1930 Student Opinion Column Commendation, Criticism, Comment 
March 12, 1930 Schoolwork Column Just a Puzzle 
March 12, 1930 What is the Gospel? Column Campus Christianity 
March 12, 1930 Campus Happenings Article The Family Album 
March 12, 1930 Opinion Column Student Opinion 
March 12, 1930 Literary Societies Column Literary Society Review 
March 12, 1930 Poetry Column Whispers in the Pine Boughs 
March 12, 1930 Basketball Review Sports Johnny McGill is High Score with 100 Points 
March 12, 1930 Photo Contest Article Silhouette Gets First Award in Photo Contest 
March 12, 1930 Sports Sports Comments 
March 12, 1930 Society Sports Article Inter-Society Games Are Played This Week, Celts are Favorites 
March 12, 1930 Baseball Sports Good Season is Predicted for Baseball Team 
March 12, 1930 Academy News Academy News 
March 12, 1930 Alumni  News Alumni News 
March 19, 1930 Men's Glee Article Men's Glee Club Presents Third Annual Concert 
March 19, 1930 Student Volunteers Article Local Volunteers to be Host to Chicago Union 
March 19, 1930 Men's Debate Article Men Debaters Take Three Wins 
March 19, 1930 Band Article Band Will Present Concert Over WMBI 
March 19, 1930 Summer School Information Summer School to be in Session June 21 to Aug. 15 
March 19, 1930 Dorm Party Article Unbelievable Evidence of Use of Old Dutch Cleanser at Red Castle 
March 19, 1930 Rhetoric Article Rhetoric Students Imitate Art of Big City Newspapers 
March 19, 1930 Faculty Party News Faculty Celebrates St. Pat's Birthday with Jovial Party 
March 19, 1930 Women's Debate Article Both Women's Teams Win Over North Central 
March 19, 1930 Gospel Quintet Article Bright Outlook for Gospel Quintet Tour 
March 19, 1930 YWCA Article Miss Puckey Talks to Y.W.C.A. on Nursing 
March 19, 1930 Politeness Opinion Common Courtesy 
March 19, 1930 Clocks News A New Clock System 
March 19, 1930 Freshmen  Article From the Freshmen 
March 19, 1930 Christ Column Campus Christianity 
March 19, 1930 Jokes Column Jokes 
March 19, 1930 As Freshmen See Things Opinion The Green Eye 
March 19, 1930 Literary Socities Column Literary Society Review 
March 19, 1930 Poetry Column Magic Casements 
March 19, 1930 St. Patrick Article Here's the Dope about This Guy Saint Patrick 
March 19, 1930 Chapel Address Article Dr. Danner of Mission to Lepers Gives Address 
March 19, 1930 Women's Debate Article Women Debaters Take Trip To Western Illinois 
March 19, 1930 Basketball Sports Overcome Lead and Take Extra Session, 22-20 
March 19, 1930 Sports Commentary  Sports Our Point of View 
March 19, 1930 Roller Skating Contest Article Lions are to Sponsor Roller Skating Contest 
March 19, 1930 Tennis Sports Tennis Team Plays in Eleven Games, Two Tournaments 
March 19, 1930 Inter-Society Sports News Arrow, Celt Cagers Take First Games of Inter-Society Meet 
March 19, 1930 Track Sports Track Team is To Enter Indoor Meet at U. of C.  
March 19, 1930 Humor Article Inquiring Reporter 
March 19, 1930 Academy News Academy News 
March 19, 1930 Advice Letter Article When Children Leave Home 
March 26, 1930 Yearbook Staff Article Fenton, Palmer to Head Staff of Tower of '32 
March 26, 1930 Record Staff Banquet Article Penheiter Accepts Quill from Aldrich at Record Banquet 
March 26, 1930 Even Services Article Pugilist Threatens Visitation Worker, But Doesn't Hit Him 
March 26, 1930 YWCA Article Missionary Life in China Depicted to Y.W.C.A.  
March 26, 1930 Tower Article Students Sob Thanks to Tower Staff for Selling Pictures 
March 26, 1930 Women's Debate Article N.U. Male Debaters Beat Wheaton Women 
March 26, 1930 Chess Article Chess Players Will Compete Here Soon 
March 26, 1930 Short Story Contest "Synopsis Makes Good Guide for Short Story," Advises Earl R. Buell  
March 26, 1930 Evangelical Student Conference Article Conference to Attract Noted Speakers Here 
March 26, 1930 Debate Article Men Debaters Win Two; Suffer First Defeat of Season 
March 26, 1930 Recital Article Expression Recital to be Given Thursday 
March 26, 1930 Missions Article Adequate Training 
March 26, 1930 Loitering Article SH! 
March 26, 1930 Clock Opinion Letters from Readers 
March 26, 1930 Literary Society Column Literary Society Review 
March 26, 1930 Poetry Column Whispers in the Pine Boughs 
March 26, 1930 Academy News Academy News 
March 26, 1930 Baseball Sports Schedule Set for Crusaders Baseball Nine 
March 26, 1930 Basketball Banquet Article Ladies Join Men in Annual Basketball Banquet in Chapel 
March 26, 1930 Sports Comments Sports Comments 
March 26, 1930 Basketball Sports Eight Basketball Men Are Awarded Varsity Letters 
March 26, 1930 Track Sports Track Team to Open Season with Meet in Aurora on Saturday 
March 26, 1930 Basketball Sports Will Claus Elected Basketball Captain 
March 26, 1930 Girls Tennis Sports Prospects Bright for Good Girls Tennis Team 
March 26, 1930 Track Sports Track Season to Open at Armour for Local Men 
March 26, 1930 Wheaton People Events Article The Family Album 
March 26, 1930 Alumni News Alumni News 
April 2, 1930 PenDesk Sets to be Awarded to Three Best Stories News Winning Stories Will Be Read at Record Contest 
April 2, 1930 May Belle Boaz News Three-Day League Convention Closes; Gaebelein Speaks 
April 2, 1930 The Preliminary try-out Information Oratorical Contest 
April 2, 1930 Dr. Moule, Stephen Paine and Allan Zaun News Moule, Paine, Zaun Attend Conference at Wichita, Kans. 
April 2, 1930 The W. A. A., the Cooperation of the Girls News Girls' Locker Rooms Undergo Rejuvination 
April 2, 1930 Medical Missionary to the Belgian Congo News Dr. Kellersberger Tells Advantages of Married Life 
April 2, 1930 The South Shore Forensic League Sports Wheaton Men Win South Shore Forensic League Championship; Varsity Undefeated 
April 2, 1930 Russell Mizter News Mr. Mizter Spends Spring Vacation Here 
April 2, 1930 Prof. Leedy News Biology Classes Spend Saturday at Field Museum 
April 2, 1930 Miss Gudrun Thorlakson News History Club Hears of State in Borneo 
April 2, 1930 Committee Arranging to Furnish Space by Old Chapel News  Faculty to Give Students Place for Conversing 
April 2, 1930 Mrs. Klokke News Local Y. W. C. A. Sends Letters to Navajos 
April 2, 1930 The Highest Woman Grader News Highest and Lowest Marks in School Are Doled out by Women 
April 2, 1930 American Colleges Articles Opportunities, Out West, Thinking Robots 
April 2, 1930 C. G. DuBois Short Comments Listen to This 
April 2, 1930 Landes to Mellish Short Comment The Gay Gargoyle 
April 2, 1930 Lindemann Opinion Student Opinion 
April 2, 1930 Aelioian, Beltionian, Philalethean, Excelsior, Boethallian News Literary Society Review 
April 2, 1930 A Red, Red Rose, Roses Literature Whispers in the Pine Boughs 
April 2, 1930 Myrtle Galusha News Academy News 
April 2, 1930 First Game of Season to be Played on Cicero Field Sports Baseball Squad to Face Morton College Monday 
April 2, 1930 Coach Ruby Sports Coaches Advocate Changes in Various Basketball Rules 
April 2, 1930 Irvine Pett Sports Awards Presented to Athletes; Pett Receives Sweater 
April 2, 1930 Americans Legion to Sponsor Amateur Fights at High School Sports Local Fans to Witness Boxing 
April 2, 1930 Mary Lou Albertson Sports Managers Elected for W. A. A. Sports at Recent Meeting 
April 2, 1930 West Coast Relay Comments Comments 
April 2, 1930 Hess Wins Mile Run; Hoeldtke, Crawford, Ferris Place Sports Track Men Take Eighth Place in Chicago Event 
April 2, 1930 Clarene Mason, Jr. News The Family Album 
April 2, 1930 Dr. Frederick H. Pratt News Failing Students to Forfeit Privileges  
April 9, 1930 Sailing Missionaries Honored at Local Banquet News Wheaton Is Host To Chicago Union of Volunteers 
April 9, 1930 Wheaton College Was Voted  Information Wheaton Debates Voted Into Pi kappa Delta A 
April 9, 1930 The Christian Missionary Alliance News Christian Alliance to Hold Conference Here April 29, 30 and May 1 
April 9, 1930 The College Christian Endeavor Society News Christian Endeavor Sponsors pre-Easter Vesper Devotionals 
April 9, 1930 Dr. R. Marshall Howell News Demonstration to Be Given By Glass Blower 
April 9, 1930 Pastor Armand Bois Will Bring a Missionary Message News Mr. Bois To Speak To Student Volunteers 
April 9, 1930 Campus Day Information First Field Day Held on Campus Offers Diversion 
April 9, 1930 Debate Season Will End News Men Debaters Close Season Tomorrow 
April 9, 1930 Suckau, Teresa Bettes Take Other Awards News Pett Wins First Place in Short Story Contest 
April 9, 1930 April Fool's Day News "Y" House Proves To Be Pretty Hot Place April First 
April 9, 1930 The Need for a Hobby Short Comment Planning Self-Development 
April 9, 1930 Victorious Defeat W.B. Hinson Short Comment Campus Christianity 
April 9, 1930 Herbert Moule Literature Letters From Readers 
April 9, 1930 The Men's Glee Club Quarter Music  Many Concerts Given By Men's Guartette 
April 9, 1930 Willard Aldrich, Walter Cahill  News Gospel Five To Hold Meetings In Michigan 
April 9, 1930 The Women's Varsity Debate Team News Women Varsity Team Defeats Marquette 
April 9, 1930 The Tower Will Go to press Some Time During Spring Vacation Literature The Family Album  
April 9, 1930 Remotat, A.Gusta Me. E.E.D. Literature April, Spring, A Snow Fall at Night  
April 9, 1930 Girl's Interclass Basketball Game News  Academy News 
April 9, 1930 Crusaders Nine Take Season Opener By 10-6 Score Sports Wheaton Wins From Morton College Team 
April 9, 1930 The Schedule for the First Round of the Chess Sports Chess Tournament Schedule Announced 
April 9, 1930 The Girls' Volley Ball Short Comment Comments 
April 9, 1930 The Attempted New Sport in W.A. A. Proved Quite Successful Sports Aels Win Intersociety Volleyball title; Phils Take Second Honors 
April 9, 1930 Wheaton College Baseball Team  Sports Crusaders Practice With North Central 
April 9, 1930 Coraymen Journey to Bloomington for Second Game Sports Crusader Nine Meets Illinois Wesleyan Soon 
April 9, 1930 William Brierly, '29 News Alumni News 
April 30, 1930 Belts, Celts, Arrows to Gather with Alumni at Annual Affairs Literature Men's Literary Societies Plan For Banquets 
April 30, 1930 Rev. Gerald B. Winrod  News Rev. Winrod Tells of Brain Building In Chapel Address 
April 30, 1930 Illinois Inter-Collegiate Debate League, Little Nineteen Conference News Varsity Debaters Win Championship of Little Nineteen 
April 30, 1930 Astronomy Class of Dr. Taylor News Astronomers Visit Yerkes Observatory 
April 30, 1930 Girls Engaged in Binding Magazine Short Comment Magazines in Library Bound During Vacation 
April 30, 1930 National Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest News Northwestern Orator Wins Regional Contest 
April 30, 1930 James Price News James Price Elected Men's Glee Club Head 
April 30, 1930 Christian Missionary Alliance News Prominent Speakers Attend Missionary Rally, April 28-May 1 
April 30, 1930 Miss Traxel's French Students and Miss Soldner's and Mrs. Taylor's German Students News French and German Classes Write to Foreign Students 
April 30, 1930 Eastern Alumni Association News Eatern Alumni Form Association In Boston 
April 30, 1930 Chorus of Forty Voices to present Program in College Chapel Music Women's glee Club To Hold Concert May 6 
April 30, 1930 Annual J.B. Cook Oratorical Contest News Cook Oratorical Contest Divided; Date To Be May 8 
April 30, 1930 Mr. G.V. Kirk News Mr. Kirk Returns From Pacific Tour; Meets Many Alumni 
April 30, 1930 Spring Fever Article This Spring Complex 
April 30, 1930 To Form Several Smaller Athletic Conferences From The Little Nineteen Article A Goal In Athletic Conferences 
April 30, 1930 Advice Information Listen To This- 
April 30, 1930 On Alumni Information The Family Album 
April 30, 1930 Dr. Doff Article The Gay Gargoyle 
April 30, 1930 Aelioian, Beltionian, Philalethean, Excelsior, Boethallian, Aristonian Literature Literary Society Review 
April 30, 1930 When Nature Speaks, The Human Touch Literature The Silver Net 
April 30, 1930 Senior Class Meets, Juniors Have Program, Sophomores, Freshman Class Meets, Debaters End Season, Baseball Team Loses News Academy News 
April 30, 1930 Locals Take Short End of 6-4 Score; Errors Aid Teachers Sports Crusaders Drop Baseball Game To Dekalb Team 
April 30, 1930 Coach Coray's Baseball Squad Sports Orangemen Win From Wesleyan by 8-6 Score 
April 30, 1930 Track Squad Sports Trackmen to Meet Elmhurst, St. Viator In Triangular Event 
April 30, 1930 Men's Tennis Team Sports Men's Tennis Team Plays With Dekalb 
April 30, 1930 Girls' Tennis Team Sports Girls' Tennis Team to Meet North Central In Two Tournaments 
April 30, 1930 Wheaton Loses Sports Coraymen Lose to Elmhurst; Pirates Shut out Wheaton 
April 30, 1930 Locals to Meet Aurora, 'Y' College, St. Viator and Dekalb Sports Coraymen Play Four Games This Week, Two Here 
April 30, 1930 Wheaton People's News Information The Family Album 
April 30, 1930 Q&A  Information Inquiring Reporter 
April 30, 1930 News About Alumni News Alumni News 
May 7, 1930 Yearbook Staff Article Tower Editors Pick Tentative Annual Staff 
May 7, 1930 Debate Society Article Stephen Paine is First President of Debating Society 
May 7, 1930 Debate Union Article Allan Zaun Will Head Wheaton Debate Union 
May 7, 1930 Chess Tournament Article Chess Winner to Play President Buswell 
May 7, 1930 Women's Glee Article Women Give Sacred, Secular Numbers at First Annual Concert 
May 7, 1930 Zoology Article Zoology Department Receives Equipment 
May 7, 1930 YWCA Article Joy Leister Speks at Meeting of Y.W.C.A. 
May 7, 1930 Conservatory Information Conservatory Schedule 
May 7, 1930 Faculty Information New Members Join Faculty; Former Teachers Return 
May 7, 1930 Chapel Article Chapel Speakers Address Students on Varied Themes 
May 7, 1930 Dramatic Art Department Article Elias Day to Present Program Here May 19 
May 7, 1930 Volunteer Board Information Hugh Pain to Direct Student Volunteers 
May 7, 1930 Catalog Changes Information New Teachers, Courses Listed in '30-31 Catalog 
May 7, 1930 Worlds Fair Article Worlds Fair in 1933 to Feature Great Carnival of Sports 
May 7, 1930 Christian Surrender Opinion Not Martyrdom 
May 7, 1930 Sleep Opinion The Purpose of Sleep 
May 7, 1930 Wheaton Family Column The Family Album 
May 7, 1930 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 7, 1930 Literary Societies Column Literary Society Review 
May 7, 1930 Poetry Column The Silver Net 
May 7, 1930 Academy News Academy News 
May 7, 1930 Track Sports Trackmen Take Armour Meet by 65-61 Score 
May 7, 1930 Track Sports Cinder Men to Meet North Central, Loyola in Triangular Affair 
May 7, 1930 Sports Column Comments 
May 7, 1930 Men's Tennis Sports Tennis Men Lose to Elmhurt Courtmen 
May 7, 1930 Track Sports Elmhurt-Wheaton Trackmen Make Tie Score in Dual Meet 
May 7, 1930 Baseball Sports Crusaders Down Aurora Nin by 9-1 Score; Give 3 Hits 
May 7, 1930 Baseball Sports Orange and Blue Nin Wallop "Y" College, 12 to 3 
May 7, 1930 Alumni News Alumni News 
May 7, 1930 Oratorical Contest Article Women, Men Sign for Oratorical Contest 
May 7, 1930 President Travels News Dr. Buswell to Go to Los Angeles Soon 
May 7, 1930 Baseball Sports Diamond Men Lose to St. Viator Nin, 8-1, at Bourbonnais 
May 7, 1930 Baseball Sports Orangemen to Fight North Central Nine Saturday at Wheaton 
May 14, 1930 Recital News Tower of '31 To Present Elias Day in Recital 
May 14, 1930 Press Convention Article Record Staff Members Go To Press Convention 
May 14, 1930 Girls Glee Information Alic Mac Kinney to Head Girls Glee Club 
May 14, 1930 Ministerial Banquet Article Dr. Buswell Speaks at Ministerial Banquet 
May 14, 1930 Oratorical Contest News Six Contest Winners Receive Cash Prizes 
May 14, 1930 Recital Information Conservatory Pupils Give Music Recital 
May 14, 1930 Party Information Junior-Senior Party Date Set for June 
May 14, 1930 Chemistry Article Chemistry Students Inspect Industrial Plants Near Chicago 
May 14, 1930 Geology Article Geologists Make Study of Fossils at Starved Rock 
May 14, 1930 Essay Contest Article Students Enter Essays in Prohibition Contest 
May 14, 1930 Senior Party Article Dr. and Mrs. Buswell To Give Party for Seniors 
May 14, 1930 Yearbook Information Work on Tower of '31 Finished; Goes to Press 
May 14, 1930 Literary Society Meeting Information Local Societies Will Hold Open Meeting May 23 
May 14, 1930 YWCA Article Y.W.C.A. Girls Hold Meeting in Woods 
May 14, 1930 Sports Award Information W.A.A. Awards Given to Winners in Chapel 
May 14, 1930 Inter-Academic Contest News Girls Give Orations in Inter-Academic Contest Held Here 
May 14, 1930 Education Opinion Reversing the Order 
May 14, 1930 Christian Writing Opinion Religious Writing 
May 14, 1930 Christianity Column Campus Christianity 
May 14, 1930 Humor Column The Gay Gargoyle 
May 14, 1930 Literary Societies Article Nanny Kjelstad Crowned Queen at Open Meeting 
May 14, 1930 Literary Societies Article Men's Societies Hold Regular Meetings 
May 14, 1930 Poetry Column The Silver Net 
May 14, 1930 Academy News Academy News 
May 14, 1930 Track Sports North Central Beats Wheaton, Loyola in Meet 
May 14, 1930 Women's Tennis Sports Women Tennis Players Defeat Bradley Tech 
May 14, 1930 Baseball Sports Crusaders to Meet Pirates Saturday 
May 14, 1930 Baseball Sports Crusaders Drop Second Game to Teachers, 13 to 11 
May 14, 1930 Baseball Sports Locals Topple North Central Tossers, 4 to 3 
May 14, 1930 Men's Tennis Sports Men Tennis Players Win Singles, Doubles in Sectional Meet 
May 14, 1930 Wheaton Family Article The Family Album 
May 14, 1930 Library Article FIne Opportunities for Study Offered by College Library 
May 14, 1930 Track Sports Local Track Men Meet Lake Forest There on Saturday 
May 14, 1930 Alumni News Alumni News 
May 14, 1930 Alumni News Exciting Times in China Related by Wheaton Alumnus 
May 21, 1930 Mrs. Shapleigh  Music New Combinations Of Societies to Give Music  
May 21, 1930 Tower News Staff Of Tower Of '32 Visits Engraving Plant  
May 21, 1930 Dr. And Mrs. Buswell News Dr. And Mrs. Buswell Give Party For Seniors  
May 21, 1930 Teresa Bettes News Y. W. C. A. Hears of Christian Work Among Mexicans  
May 21, 1930 Dr. W. M. Turnbull News Dr. Turnbull Killed In Auto Accident; Was Visitor Here 
May 21, 1930 Dr. Schofield  Music Conservatory Pupils Present Music Recital  
May 21, 1930 Mrs. Enquist News Pi Gamma mu Holds Banquet This Evening  
May 21, 1930 Dean Higley  News Scholastic Averages Show Slight Increase  
May 21, 1930 Dr. Brooks News Mr. Eavey Will Head Education Department  
May 21, 1930 Dr. A. P. Sterret News Missionary minister Archaeologist Speak At Chapel Services  
May 21, 1930 Walter A. Straw News Alumnus Awarded C. B Budley Medal  
May 21, 1930 Women's Advisory Boad  News Women's Advisory board Has Meeting  
May 21, 1930 Elias Day  News Chicago Artist Shows Pathos, Humor in Reading  
May 21, 1930 Mabel Emery  Litterature  Mabel Emery Will Present Graduation Recital Tomorrow  
May 21, 1930 Charles Baker  News Baker Wins W. C. T. U. Prohibition Contest  
May 21, 1930 The Record Column  Selfishnes In Campaigns  
May 21, 1930 The Record Column  Let Us Listen Prayerfully  
May 21, 1930 Percy Clark  Music  Family Album  
May 21, 1930 Aelioian  Litterature  Literary Society Review  
May 21, 1930 Edwin R. Worrel  Litterature  What Shall I Render? 
May 21, 1930 Mrs. E. Mignon Mackenzie  News Glee Club Concer 
May 21, 1930 Adam Ferguson  Academy  Junior - Senior Banquet  
May 21, 1930 Lake Forest College  Sports Condermen Lose To Lake Forest Artists, 75 To 51 
May 21, 1930 Carl Hoeldtke News Trackmen To Go To Conference Meet At Peoria Saturday  
May 21, 1930 Clarke Evans  Sports  Diamond Men Take Second Win From Aurora Ball Squad  
May 21, 1930 "Y" College  Sports Baseball Men Meet "Y" College Today  
May 21, 1930 Mae DeVoe Sports Women Racqueteers Defeat North Central, Mount Morris Here  
May 21, 1930 Mt. Morris  Sports Wheaton Courtmen Take Wins From DeKalb, Mt. Morris  
May 21, 1930 Elmhust  Sports  Locals Smother Elmhurst Squad With 17 - 6 Score  
May 21, 1930 Morris E. King  News Alumni News  
May 21, 1930 Dr. Buswell  Sports Chess Players Reach Semi-Finals In Play  
May 21, 1930 Dr. and Mrs. Higley  News Psychology Students Visit Insane Hospital  
May 28, 1930 Professors Will Visit Belgium, France, Italy News Five Members of Faculty to Tour in Europe 
May 28, 1930 Raymond Horton News Record Staff Chooses Design for Pins, Keys 
May 28, 1930 Dr. Purkiss of Pittsburg News Staff of Tower Dedicates Annual to Rev. Purkiss 
May 28, 1930 Catherine Hurlburt News Seniors Bury Fruit Cake in Campus Soil 
May 28, 1930 The Reverend W. N. Payne of Chicago News Chapel Speakers Address Students on Varied Themes 
May 28, 1930 Homer Rodeheaver News Mr. Rodeheaver to Present Concert 
May 28, 1930 Phils, Bows and Aels News Co-Eds Meet for Literary Society Picnic Near Elgin 
May 28, 1930 The Ground Superintendent News New Lawn Mower Attracts Students with Strange Noise 
May 28, 1930 "Pilgrim's Progess" is Theme of Annual News Students Get Yearbooks as Big Surprise 
May 28, 1930 Walter Lindemann News Staff Members Receive DeLuxe Copies of Tower 
May 28, 1930 Wheaton College needs a few Business Courses. Articles Training Christian Business Men, Interest at the Start 
May 28, 1930 The Christian God's Word Short Comments Campus Christianity 
May 28, 1930 Miss Wheeler News The Family Album 
May 28, 1930 Hunter Jokes The Gay Gargoyle 
May 28, 1930 Literary Numbers, Music Revive Memories News Theme of Open Meeting Brings Back War Days 
May 28, 1930 Examinationa in Four or Five Hour Courses Information Examination Schedule 
May 28, 1930 C. B. Eavey News Mr. Eavey to Take Charge of Education Department in Fall 
May 28, 1930 Alice MacKinney Music Faith Williams Gives Expression Recital  
May 28, 1930 Robert Ekvall '20 Literature The Silver Net 
May 28, 1930 Kreitonians, Epinoians News Academy News 
May 28, 1930 Crawford, Heoldtke, Hess Score 17 Points Sports Locals Share Fourth Place in State Meet 
May 28, 1930 Decoration Day Sports Crusaders Meet North Central in Ball Game, May 30 
May 28, 1930 Crawford and Hess Short Comments Comments 
May 28, 1930 The Crusaders Sports Wheaton Drops Contest to "Y" College, 5 to 4 
May 28, 1930 The Crusader Ball Club Sports Mount Morris Takes Game From Locals in Ninth Inning, 3-2 
May 28, 1930 North Central Sports Cardinals Defeat Local Tennis Men 
May 28, 1930 Co-Eds Beat Bradley, Blackburn in Finals Sports Women's Tennis Team Wins Two Championships 
May 28, 1930 Rachel Mostrom '29 News Alumni News 
May 28, 1930 Don Davies and Foster Oury News Finals of Chess Tournament are Played This Week 
June 4, 1930 New Manager Has Had Much Experience Information Isaac Thiessen To Head Record Business Staff 
June 4, 1930 Last Meetings of the College Christian News Local Christian Endeavor Plans Special Features 
June 4, 1930 The Juniors Will Entertain the Senior Class Information Juniors to Entertain Seniors Next Saturday 
June 4, 1930 Mr. Emery and his Business Career  Information Mr. Allan C. Emery, Trustee, Will Give Baccalaureate Address for Class of '30 
June 4, 1930 This Year's Summer School Information Varied Courses To be Offered in Summer School 
June 4, 1930 What Do We Expect When We Ask God For a Blessing Short Comment  Special Speakers Address Students in Chapel Periods 
June 4, 1930 The Annual Election News Classes Choose Presidents for Next Semester 
June 4, 1930 John r. Effenger, Dean of the Literature Information U. OF M. Dean Visits Here on Inspection 
June 4, 1930 Four Classes May Join in Encircling Field as Class Gifts News Seniors Offer To Start Fund To Buy Fence  
June 4, 1930 Gospel Concert in Chapel Music Homer Rodeheaver Gives Program for Athletic Association 
June 4, 1930 President Buwell Has Gone to the Annual Convention News  Dr. Buswell Goes on Western Tour 
June 4, 1930 True Bible Study  Short Comment  What Bible Study Means  
June 4, 1930 The Meaning of Slan Short Comment Is a Campus a Dump  
June 4, 1930 Faith or Feelings: Which? Short Comment  Campus Christianity  
June 4, 1930 Uppeclassmen enjoy Bathing, Boating, Eating News Seniors Sneak To Lake Harbor Over Week End 
June 4, 1930 The Recent Tabulation Made in Chapel  Information Students Show Preference for Christian Work  
June 4, 1930 What T.T.T. Stands for  News T.T.T. Ready To Move Trunks For Students 
June 4, 1930 Hugh Cole Was Elected President News Hugh Cole To Head History Society  
June 4, 1930 Donald Davies Won the College Chess Tourment  News Don Davies Wins Local Chess Title 
June 4, 1930 D. O'V., '32 Literature  Vienna Sleeps 
June 4, 1930 Sophomore Class Meeting, Junior Class Meeting News Academy News 
June 4, 1930 North Central Takes Close Contest to Even Series Sports Orangement Lose Return Game to Cardinals 4-3 
June 4, 1930 The Football Squad Sports Gridment To Meet Stiff Opposition 
June 4, 1930 The Baseball Squad Sports Crusaders to Meet Valparaiso Diamond Men Next Saturday 
June 4, 1930 The W.A.A. Has Been Able To Run Off Its Baseball Program  Sports Juniors, Aels Are Leaders in W. A. A. Baseball Program 
June 4, 1930 Athletes From Entire Land to Meet in Chicago  News Hess, Crawford Go To National Meet Saturday 
June 4, 1930 Almni News Almni News  
June 4, 1930 A tour of Fourteen States is Planned by the Wheaton College Gospel Quinett News Gospel Quintet Arranges Tour of Fourteen States 
June11, 1930 Other Officers to be Elected Next September News Society Groups Choose Leaders for Fall Term 
June11, 1930 Allan Zaun News Debate Keys Presented to Varsity Women, Men 
June11, 1930 Rev. Edward L. James News Twenty Seniors to get Diplomas from Academy 
June11, 1930 Dr. Taylor News Faculty Members will Play Chess 
June11, 1930 Miss Cobb News Expression Pupils to Present Recital Tomorrow Evening 
June11, 1930 Pastor Dolman News Commencement Speaker 
June11, 1930 J. S. Bach Information Conservatory Pupils to Present Recital Next Saturday Night 
June11, 1930 The Ministrial Association News Leslie Dunn to Lead Ministerial Group 
June11, 1930 Numerous Activities Scheduled for Next Week News Wheaton will Graduate 125 at Exercises 
June11, 1930 Mrs. Mignon Bollman Mackenzie News Combined Glee Clubs to Present Cantata Commencement Week 
June11, 1930 Politicians vs. Statemen Articles Valuable Promises, Replace That Divot 
June11, 1930 Paul Allen News The Family Album 
June11, 1930 Charles and Heanne Luts King '23 News Alumni News 
June11, 1930 Miss Spaulding Jokes The Gay Gargoyle 
June11, 1930 Many Alumni Exprected to Return for Finale News Men's Societies to Hold Annual Banquets Soon 
June11, 1930 Rev. Herbert Mackenzie News Wheaton to Confer Honorary Degrees 
June11, 1930 Senior Expression Recital Information Seventy-First Annual Commencement 
June11, 1930 Epinonians, Kreitonians News Academy News 
June11, 1930 Everett DeVelde '27 News Alumni News 
June11, 1930 Diamond Squad to Lose Only three Men This Year Sports Baseball Team Finishes Year at .500 Percent 
June11, 1930 Lyndon Hess Sports Hess Places Ninth In Mile in National Meet 
June11, 1930 Football, Basketball, Cross Country Sports  Little 19 Champs 
June11, 1930 Margaret Saunders '28 Sports Entire Men's Tennis Team will be Back for Play Next Year 
June11, 1930 Bob Crawford Chosen Track Captian for 1931 Sports Local Athletes Receive Awards in Major Sports 
June11, 1930 The Girls' Tennis Match Sports Women's Tennis Team has Successful Year 
June11, 1930 Ruth Wood News Juniors, Seniors Hold Annual Party in Lower Chapel 
June11, 1930 Island Park in Geneva News Faculty to Picnic at Geneva Saturday 
June11, 1930 Willard Aldrich News Aldrich Elected as Council President 
June11, 1930 Henry Schweinfurth News Irvine Pett Elected Pre-Medic Society Head 
June11, 1930 Pro. Dyrness News Faculty Members Address Students in Chapel Sessions 
June11, 1930 Dorothy Lains News John Walvoord to Head College C. E. 
June11, 1930 Arvin Morris News New Additions Announced for Yearbook Staff 
June11, 1930 Rev. Davidson, Missionary from India News Mr. Davidson Speaks to Volunteer Band 
September 24, 1930 Literary Groups Plan for Informal Meetings News Societies Elect Heads for First Semester Work 
September 24, 1930 The First Band Practice News Forty Students Out for Band 
September 24, 1930 The change in the system of registration News College has 616 Students 
September 24, 1930 Dr. Straw News Frosh Spend Opening Days Taking Test, Listening to Lectures 
September 24, 1930 Prof. Bole News Bole Gospel Team Completes Tour of Western States 
September 24, 1930 Trustees Accept Plan to Build Inclosure from Class Gift Funds News Athletic Field Will be Renced Within a Year 
September 24, 1930 President Buswell News Turstees Elected for Ten Years 
September 24, 1930 Miss Torrey, Instructor in Bible News Three Teachers fail to Return 
September 24, 1930 Youn People's Bible Camp News President Buswell on Preaching Tour Has Busy Summer 
September 24, 1930 Miss Mabel Katherine Davidson News Paul Wright Gets Wife and Degree 
September 24, 1930 James Price News Gospel Quintet Completes Tour 
September 24, 1930 Priscilla Ruth News Coach Coray has Third Daughter 
September 24, 1930 Minnesota Pastor has Wide Experience as Preacher News Dr. Riley Comes to Wheaton for Annual Service 
September 24, 1930 Mr. Weaver News Administration Still Uncertain Concerning Tennis Court Upkeep 
September 24, 1930 Inez Larson News Changes Made in Record Staff 
September 24, 1930 Christian Business Men Articles A New Vision in Business, Ah! There's a Life Class! 
September 24, 1930 The Maintainance of Way Dept.  Jokes  The Gay Gargoyle 
September 24, 1930 Heb. 13:5 Article Campus Christianity 
September 24, 1930 Ruth Bryant  News Ohio Alumni Group Plans Organization; Miller is Chairman 
September 24, 1930 Miss Lindblad News Faculty Members Travel in Europe 
September 24, 1930 Cafeteria, Library Information Hours Announced by Local Heads 
September 24, 1930 Emma Freeman News W. A. A. Frolics in Stanton's Barn 
September 24, 1930 Dit Fenton News "Tower Transit Line has Successful Year," says Annual Editor 
September 24, 1930 Dr. Eavey News New Teachers Join Faculty; Student Assistants Chosen 
September 24, 1930 The Gary Memorial Methodist Church News New Methodist Church Building Nears Completion 
September 24, 1930 George Washington News Everyone in the World Knows 
September 24, 1930 The Annual Faculty Reception News Students, Faculty meet at Reception of Women's Board 
September 24, 1930 Mrs. Faith Fischer Johnson News Annual Meeting of Alumni Association 
September 24, 1930 Remember  Literature Try Him, Joy 
September 24, 1930 Martha Harris News Junior Class Chooses Heads 
September 24, 1930 Homecoming Game to be with Aurora Sports Orange and Blue Warriors Face Hard Opponents 
September 24, 1930 Dorothy Johnston Sports Reporter Tells of Opportunities for Local Girl Athletes 
September 24, 1930 Locals have Strongest Line Developed in Years Sports Crusaders will Meet Monmouth Scots Saturday 
September 24, 1930 Lyndon Hess News Harriers Train for Meets:Seven Letter Men out for Team 
September 24, 1930 Monmouth College Short Comments Off Side 
September 24, 1930 Coray, Gustafson, Pett Are Experienced for Work News Three Coaches Train Athletes for Competition 
September 24, 1930 Abbie Prendergast Sports Wheaton Students Take all Events in Tennis Tournament 
September 24, 1930 Willard Aldrich News Student Council Meets for First Time This Year 
September 24, 1930 Coach Coray News Athletic Supplies to be Sold in Gym 
September 24, 1930 No Backfield Letter Men Return to Practice Sports Coaches Drill Crusaders for Heavy Schedule 
September 24, 1930 Howards Zabriskie News Seniors Choose Class Officers 
October 1, 1930 Freshmen, Sophomores, Last Year Seniors Follow Information Present Seniors Lead Classes In Honor Rating 
October 1, 1930 A Meeting of the Student Council News Student Council Plans To Change Bulletin Boards 
October 1, 1930 Daneil F. Weyer Infomation Mr. Weyer Teaches Philosophy Classes; Assists Dr. Buswell 
October 1, 1930 Noted Preacher Speaks In Defense of Bible During Week Information  Dr. Riley Pleads For Churches in Closing Meeting 
October 1, 1930 The Sophomore Class Elected Their Remaining Officers Information  Sophomore Class Elects Officers 
October 1, 1930 German Department Information Wheaton Students Write to Germans  
October 1, 1930 Men's Glee Meeting Music  Men's Glee Club Finishes Election; To Hold Try-outs 
October 1, 1930 Debate Union Information  Appoint Managers of Debate Groups; Classes To Debate 
October 1, 1930 President Buswell News President Takes Trip to Winnepeg 
October 1, 1930 Phtographic Editor Gives Suggestion For Dress News Picture Taking For Tower Is In Full Swing  
October 1, 1930 Betty Baker News Vacancies Filled on Tower Staff  
October 1, 1930 Little Girls in Gingham Dresses News Y.W.C.A. Girls Give Kid Party 
October 1, 1930 Literary Society Literature The New Men And The Societies 
October 1, 1930 Buried With Christ Short Comment Campus Christianity  
October 1, 1930 But Wheaton is Different Short Comment Student Opinion 
October 1, 1930 Naperville Loses Court House to Wheaton in Civil War Days News Wheaton Steals Country Seat, Jail 
October 1, 1930 Dorothy Lains Was Awarded the Record News Dorothy Lains Wins Record Key  
October 1, 1930 The Wheaton Gospel Quintet Took Charge News Gospel Quintette Leads College C.E 
October 1, 1930 Mrs. Shapleigh News Mrs. Shapleigh Plans Parties 
October 1, 1930 The Young American is a Determined Animal News "Young America Is Determined" Says Professor 
October 1, 1930 Miss Wheeler News Miss Wheeler Sees Literary Shrines In European Tour 
October 1, 1930 The Academy Freshman Class News  Academy News 
October 1, 1930 Wheaton Passes Good For Touchdown in Fourth Quarter Sports Monmouth Hits Crusaders 32-6 
October 1, 1930 The Season Opens With a Practice News Announce Grosss Country Dates  
October 1, 1930 The Girl's Track Meet is to be Held Sports Girls Postpone Track Meet; To Run Next Spring 
October 1, 1930 Shakespeare News A Feather in Your Cap is Worth Two in Your Hand 
October 1, 1930 Orangemen Play First Night Game at High School News Locals, Crane Meet Saturday  
October 1, 1930 The Fall Tennis Tournament Sports Tennis Tourney To Start Soon 
October 1, 1930 The Newly Elected Officers Literature Literary Society Review  
October 8, 1930 Explanation of System of Reserve Shelves Made Information  Librarian Tells Students How to Find Books 
October 8, 1930 Don Davies News Frosh Initiated at Annual Stag Party; League Plans Told 
October 8, 1930 The State Women's Christian Temperance Union News Charles Baker Wins W.C.T.U. Prize for Essay on Prohibition 
October 8, 1930 A Special Grading System Information Introduce New Grading System 
October 8, 1930 a Trip to the Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan  Information  Students of Plant Ecology Study at Indiana Stand Dunes 
October 8, 1930 Vice-President Kirk Left Friday  News Mr. Kirk Makers Eastern Tour 
October 8, 1930 Committees Chosen For Homecoming, Chapel Information Student Council Elects Officers; Frosh Chairman 
October 8, 1930 The Student Volunteers Were Addressed News Mr. Skemp Speaks To Volunteers 
October 8, 1930 Academics Information Chemistry, Physics Departments Get Modern Equipment 
October 8, 1930 A Series of Meetings News Christian Endeavor Discusses Personal Problems in Meetings 
October 8, 1930 The Pi kappa Delta News Coaches Announce Debate Questions 
October 8, 1930 The Gym Has Recently Been Converted into a Parking Space News New Driveways Built on Campus 
October 8, 1930 Plan Concert Tour for Next Spring Vacation Music  Members for Women's Glee Club Selected  
October 8, 1930 Wheaton Was Represented by Isaac Thiessen Information Debating League Elects Officers 
October 8, 1930 National Scholastic Press Association News Tower of '31 Gets First Class Honor Rating in Contest  
October 8, 1930 Student Opinion Short Comment But, Is Wheaton Different 
October 8, 1930 Seek God First News  Think On These Things 
October 8, 1930 The Literary Society Information Student Opinion 
October 8, 1930 The Lone Sentinel Literature The Silver Net 
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