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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 20, 1929 Mrs. J.O. Buswell, Sr.,  News Mrs. J.O. Buswell, Sr., Here for Visit; to Begin Y.W.C.A. Work in Atlantic City 
March 20, 1929 God is Doing the Impossible in Boston News Mr. Emery Tells of Rvival Held by Gypsy Smith 
March 20, 1929 Miss Myrtle Reber Information Seniors Will Hold Post Mid-Winter Party, Mar. 23 
March 20, 1929 Henry Thiessen News Record Drive Continues with Canvass of Alumni 
March 20, 1929 Mabel Emery News Y.W.C.A. Gives Program 
March 20, 1929 Basketball Sports Willard Deyoung to Captain Quint in 1929-30 Season/ W.A.A. Stages Banquet for Basketball Squad 
March 20, 1929 Literary Societies Choosing Representatives Information Belts Hold Story Contest, Others Are to be Friday 
March 20, 1929 Standardizing Spelling and Punctuation Information Record Staff Plans Standard Style Sheet 
March 20, 1929 Charles English Family News Bell Ringers Present Concert of Sacred Music 
March 20, 1929 Sophomore Class Information Sophs To Elect Tower Staff 
March 20, 1929 Record Editorial Ideal Wheaton Gentlemen 
March 20, 1929 Mr. A.C. Emery News Good News 
March 20, 1929 Record Edirotial The Campus Shrine 
March 20, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
March 20, 1929 Basketball Sports Celts Again Win Inter-Society Championship - Beat Belts 46-31/ Losers Fight Gamely But Champs Outplay Them all the Way 
March 20, 1929 Basketball Sports Fourth Floor Wins Intramural Title 
March 20, 1929 Basketball Sports Academy Wins Last Game 
March 20, 1929 Spring Football Sports Coach Gustafson Calls Grid Candidates Out for Spring Drill 
March 20, 1929 Baseball Sports Baseball Batteries Get Out of Doors 
March 20, 1929 Record  Notes Grad Glimpses 
March 20, 1929 Surprise Party Academy News Seniors Attend Surprise 
March 27, 1929 Home Concert Information Glee Club Gives Annual Concert Tomorrow Night/ Music News of Chicago Praises Mr. Hamp as Director 
March 27, 1929 Recital News Music and Expression Pupils Present Recital 
March 27, 1929 History Club Information Dr. Cole Will Speak on Local History 
March 27, 1929 American Chemical Society News Assistants Attend Meeting of Chicago Chemistry Society 
March 27, 1929 Chicago Union News Kenneth Gieser Is treasurer of Volunteer Union 
March 27, 1929 Oratorical Contest Information Cook Oration Contest to Be After Vacation 
March 27, 1929 Oratorio of Passion Week Information  "The Crucifixion" to Be Sung Friday in College Church 
March 27, 1929 New Tower Officers News Lindemann Made Tower Chief; Davies Is Business Manager 
March 27, 1929 Open Gate Tea Room Information Annual Record Banquet Set For Next Saturday 
March 27, 1929 Debate News Varsity Debaters Lose to Augstana on Power Question 
March 27, 1929 Full Schedule of Services News Gospel quntet to Be in Milwaukee in Easter Services 
March 27, 1929 Permanent Bulletin Board News Bulletin Board of College Subjects is Complete 
March 27, 1929 Preparation for Record-Sponsored Contest News Literary Gropus Complete Short Story Constests 
March 27, 1929 Musical Entertainment Information Des Moines 'Varsity Four' to Give Music In Chapel Tonight 
March 27, 1929 Record Editorial "Writing In" Translations 
March 27, 1929 "School Spirit" Program Editorial We Need Discipline and Training 
March 27, 1929 Selected Column The Campus Shrine 
March 27, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
March 27, 1929 Baseball Sports Prospects Bright for Winning Teams in Baseball and Track/ Return of Veterans Forecasts Good Year on Diamond 
March 27, 1929 Track and Field Men Information Cindermen Training 
March 27, 1929 New Banquets Information W.A.A. Basketball Banquet Thursday 
March 27, 1929 Prof. Moule Information History Classes Visit Museum, Art Institute 
March 27, 1929 The Pins News Academy News 
March 27, 1929 "Aviation" Academy News Kreitonian 
March 27, 1929 Trip to Field Museum Academy News Biology Class Takes Trip 
March 27, 1929 Mrs. J. Oliver Buswell, Sr. Academy News Chapel treat 
March 27, 1929 Record Notes Books to Read 
April 3, 1929 Wheaton College's Increasing Reputation News Registrar Gets 111 Applications for Next Year 
April 3, 1929 Men's Glee Club News Glee Club Presents Spring Concert in Church Thursday 
April 3, 1929 News Policies News Quill Given New Record Staff at Annual Banquet 
April 3, 1929 Charles Finney Information Organ Recital Sunday 
April 3, 1929 Mis La Von rall Information Miscellaneous Recital to Be Given Tuesday 
April 3, 1929 Individual and National Congregational Church Bodies News Council Votes to Sparate from National Church 
April 3, 1929 Debate Information Men's Team Will Debate Illinois Normal Tonight 
April 3, 1929 President James Q. Guswell News Pedagogue Abandons True-False Examinations: Bans them as Detrimental to Student Body 
April 3, 1929 "Literary Lights" of Wheaton Information Record Cups to Be Given Contest winners Friday/ Six Will Read Short Stories at Annual Program 
April 3, 1929 Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer News Dr. L.S. chafer Visits Wheaton to Interview Students 
April 3, 1929 Dr. Albert Dodd News China's Door Wide Open States Dr. Albert Dodd 
April 3, 1929 Record Editorial Let The Seniors Set the Pace 
April 3, 1929 Record Editorial No Smoking Allowed 
April 3, 1929 Record Column The Campus Shrine 
April 3, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
April 3, 1929 Record Notes The Glass Eye 
April 3, 1929 Baseball  Sports Baseball Men Continue Grind/ Diamonders Work Out Daily in spite of Soft Field 
April 3, 1929 Wheaton's track Representatives Sports Trackmen Face Tough Schedule/ Cindermen Have Five Meets Starting April 27 
April 3, 1929 Record Editorial Hero Restores Quiet in Library; Zoo Gets Reptilian Addition 
April 3, 1929 Miss Edith Torrey News Miss Torrey Leads Easter Sunrise Service 
April 3, 1929 Interclass Basketball Championship Sports Cup Given Senior at W.A.A. Banquet 
April 3, 1929 Sacred Music Information Lutheran Male Choir to Give Sacred Concert 
April 3, 1929 Philip E. Howard News Mr. Howard Brings Message on Endurance 
April 3, 1929 Student Volunteers Information Volunteers Called to Pray 
April 3, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
April 3, 1929 Debate News Women Varsity Debaters Have First Defeat 
April 3, 1929 "Varsity Four" news Des Moines "Varsity Four" Presents Gospel Program 
April 10, 1929 Concert Information Band to Present Varied Program Thursday Night/ Welcome B. Kirby Will Play Flute solos at Concert 
April 10, 1929 Debate News Washington Clash Ends Debate Season 
April 10, 1929 Debate News Frosh Defeat Lincoln Varsity Debate Team 
April 10, 1929 Fundamentalist Conference News President Speaks at Battle Creek and Maywood 
April 10, 1929 Party News Bent Cottage Gives Party 
April 10, 1929 Ima Kidder Dear Mother Ima Kidder Plans Extensive Program for Vacation Days 
April 10, 1929 Council of Churches' Recommendation Information College Church Members to Discuss Issues Apr. 24 
April 10, 1929 Handcraft Meeting News Girls Make scrap Books to Amuse Sick Children 
April 10, 1929 Annaul Freshman Edition Information Freshmen Assume Control of Next Issue of Record; Allen and Fenton Head Staff 
April 10, 1929 Men's Glee Club News Glee Club Plans Concert Tour for Spring Vacation 
April 10, 1929 Expression Recital News Miss Rall Entertains Wheaton Audience 
April 10, 1929 Short Story contest News Cups Awarded Winners in Short Story contest/ Evangeline Payne Get First - Turner, Joy Leister, Others 
April 10, 1929 Pre-Medical Society News Dr. Crabbe Speaks to Pre-Medics Group 
April 10, 1929 Oratorical Contest News Cook Orations to be Apr. 29 
April 10, 1929 Record Editorial Being "Instant" During Vacation 
April 10, 1929 Record Editorial What We "Fanatics" Think 
April 10, 1929 Record The Campus Shrine "Prayer Warfare" 
April 10, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
April 10, 1929 Beulah E. Boxell Poem I Can If I Will 
April 10, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
April 10, 1929 Record Sports Coraymen Open Diamond Season Here Next Friday Afternoon/ Play Morton Nine in Opening Game at City Field 
April 10, 1929 Ruth Sykes Sports Prospects Bright for Women's Tennis 
April 10, 1929 Mac Notes Sport Briefs 
April 10, 1929 Record Editorial Shells, Fossils and Minerals Found in Wheaton Museum 
April 10, 1929 Christian Missionary Aliance Information  Missionary Conference 
April 10, 1929 American College Youth News Comic Strip "Collegiate" Doesn't Exis in Fact 
April 10, 1929 Record Academy News Literary Societies Hold Joint Meeting 
April 10, 1929 Selected Column More or Less Good Logic 
April 10, 1929 Record Academy News Grins 
April 10, 1929 Record Acadmy News Honor Roll 
April 10, 1929 Sacred Music News Male Choir of Grand Forks Presents Sacred Concert 
April 10, 1929 Debate Information Women Debaters to Meet Wittenberg Team Tonight 
April 10, 1929 Student Directory Information Student Directory to Appear Tomorrow 
April 10, 1929 Mr. John Elder News Chapel Speaker Tells of Work in India 
May 1, 1929 Addition to Faculty News College Catalog Announces Six New Professors/ recent Pictures Are Features of 1929 Bulletin 
May 1, 1929 Student Volunteers News Student Volunteers Elect John Walvoord as Head of Society 
May 1, 1929 Mr. Paul L. Stumpf Information Graduate to Speak on Merits of Princeton 
May 1, 1929 Cook Oratorical Contest Information Orators Compete for Cook Prize Tomorrow 
May 1, 1929 Chicago Union News Student Volunteers Hold Conference with Chicago Association 
May 1, 1929 Sixth Annual Wheaton Conference News Missionary Alliance Completes Four Day conference Here 
May 1, 1929 Friday Night News Inmates of 'Y' House Serenade Cork House, Girls' Dormitory and Mu Phi, Friday Night 
May 1, 1929 National Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest News Northwestern Wins State Final Honor in Oration Competition 
May 1, 1929 Old Man Campus Day News Weather man Again Refuses Privilege of Campus Day/ Many Offer Suggestions 
May 1, 1929 Appointments for the Tower of '31 News Heads Announce Staff to Issue Annual of 1931/ Newly Elected Tower Staff Plans Trip to Engravers 
May 1, 1929 "Oldest" Book in College Library Information Old Arabic Poems Claim Honors for Library Antiquity 
May 1, 1929 Mrs. William B. Hawthorne News Mrs. Hawthorne Speaks at Y.W.C.A. Meeting 
May 1, 1929 Record Editorial Office Seekers 
May 1, 1929 Allan A. Zaun Column Virtuous Vice 
May 1, 1929 Record Editorial The Freshmen Speak 
May 1, 1929 Alice L. Studer '32 Column The Campus Shrine 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Fresh News From the Press 
May 1, 1929 Poultry Show News Aelioian 
May 1, 1929 "Choose Your Own" News Beltionian 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Philalethean 
May 1, 1929 "Advertising" News Excelsior 
May 1, 1929 "Lives That Have Counted" News Boethallian 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Aristonian 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Local Church Services 
May 1, 1929 Record Information Academy Glee Club To Appear in First Concert 
May 1, 1929 Poetry Reading News Massachusetts Colleges Hold Joint Poetry Meet 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Verdant Peaks 
May 1, 1929 Murtle Suttie '32 Column Night 
May 1, 1929 Marion E. Northway '32 Column An Ode to a Rose 
May 1, 1929 Arousiag Stephanian '32 Column My Castles and Calls 
May 1, 1929 Arnold Finley '32 Poem I Cannot Take You Here and There 
May 1, 1929 Allan Zaun '32 Poem The Little Brown Church 
May 1, 1929 Alice L. Studer '32 Poem Evening 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Alumni News 
May 1, 1929 Record Sports Trackmen Gain Second Place in Initial Meet/ Crusaders Garner Six Firsts; Ten Wheaton Records Broken 
May 1, 1929 Tennis Sports Tennis Scandal 
May 1, 1929 Phil Column Track Notes 
May 1, 1929 Baseball Sports Baseball Squad Trips Morton Jr. College 8 to 6 
May 1, 1929 Tennis Sports Tennis Men Drop First Match to North Central 
May 1, 1929 Tennis Sports Elmhurst and Wheaton Netmen Tie Tuesday 
May 1, 1929 T and B Column Television in 1950 
May 1, 1929 Concert Trip News Glee Club Tours Wiscounsin Cities During Vacation 
May 1, 1929 The Sophs Editorial "Open Season on Snipes?" Query Bewildered Sophs 
May 1, 1929 Record Notes Books to Read 
May 1, 1929 Women's Glee Club News Girls' Glee Club Sings at Glen Ellyn church 
May 8, 1929 Record Editorial News Members of Faculty Have Wide Experience/ Three Possess Ph. D. Degree - Others Well Trained 
May 8, 1929 Inland Steel Plan Information Students to Inspect Indiana Steel Plant 
May 8, 1929 Recitals Information Two Seniors to Give Expression Recitals 
May 8, 1929 May Queen  Information May Queen to Conduct Court at Annual Festival Meeting in Fischer Chapel Friday 
May 8, 1929 Clifford Soper Editorial "The Wheaton Record" 
May 8, 1929 Univque Experience News Tower Staff of '31 Visits Engraving Company's Plant 
May 8, 1929 Oratorio Elijah Information 'Elijah' to Be Given May 14; Soloists and Quartets Selected 
May 8, 1929 "Mothers" News Y.W. Hears Talks on Mothers of Great Men 
May 8, 1929 "America and You" News Arnold Finley wins Cook Oration Contest; Allan Zaun Is Second 
May 8, 1929 National Athletic Scholarship Society of Secondary Schools News National Society Offers Membership to Ahtletes 
May 8, 1929 Baseball Sports Wheaton Teams Take Four Wins Over Week End/ Crusaders Trip Up Five Rivals in Series of Wins 
May 8, 1929 Combined Glee Club News Academy Glee Club Gives First Concert 
May 8, 1929 Record Editorial Mother 
May 8, 1929 Record Editorial Too Much Talk About Religion 
May 8, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
May 8, 1929 Record Notes The Campus Shrine 
May 8, 1929 Record Sports Trackmen Break 7 Records; Win Meet, 73 to 48/ Elmhurst Garners 48, Mt. Morris, 14, Saturday 
May 8, 1929 Tennis Sports  Women's Tennis Squad Conquers Mt. Morris 
May 8, 1929 Baseball Sports Baseball Men Dwon North Central, 8-5; Peterson Hits Homer 
May 8, 1929 Record Sports Aurora Down Nine 4 to 2 in Fast Tilt 
May 8, 1929 Record  Notes Shorts 
May 8, 1929 Record Sports Netmen Conquer Loyola Team, 4-2 
May 8, 1929 Debating Teams News Academy News 
May 8, 1929 Party News Junior-Senior Party 
May 8, 1929 Tennis  Academy News Athletics 
May 8, 1929 Baseball Academy News Latin High Wins from Academy 
May 8, 1929 Baseball Team Academy News Hugh Paine Baseball Captain 
May 8, 1929 Novel contest Information "College Humor" to Award Prize for Novel in Contest 
May 8, 1929 Twenty-Eight Groups at Work on Campus Day News Groups Appear Busy in Campus Day Work 
May 8, 1929 History Society News Prof. Moule Lectures on Quebec Experiences 
May 8, 1929 Programs of Studies Information Fall Programs Will Be Registered Soon 
May 8, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
May 8, 1929 Record Notes Conservatory Issues Dates of Concerts 
May 15, 1929 Queen of the May News Girls Crown May Queen at Annual Spring Meeting/ Dorothy Ferguson Is Festival Leader of Three Societies 
May 15, 1929 Pre-Medics Club News Pres. Buswell Cites Influence of Doctors at Pre-Medics Meet 
May 15, 1929 Campus Improvements News Campus Day work Nets Improvements 
May 15, 1929 Acoustic Society of America News Dr. Taylor Assists in Formation of Acoustic Society in New York 
May 15, 1929 Visit to Inland Steel Mills News Chemistry and Physics Classes See Steel Mills 
May 15, 1929 Recitals News Two Seniors Present Expression Recitals 
May 15, 1929 "New Bag of Tricks for Wheaton" Information Schurz Magicians to Display Conjurers' Art Here Thursday 
May 15, 1929 "Northing to Alaska's Midnight Sun" Information J. Watt Reber Will Describe Alaska's Scenery Monday 
May 15, 1929 Robin Hood Information Phil-Ael Group will Entertain Bows at Picnic of Societies 
May 15, 1929 Visit to Chicago Anthropology Section News Sociology Classes Visit Chicago Field Museum 
May 15, 1929 Literary Societies Information "Palm to Pine" is Spring Open Meeting Theme/ Mixed Chorus to Sing songs of Sections of Country 
May 15, 1929 President and Mrs. Buswell Information Senior Class Reception By President Will Be Held Monday, May 20 
May 15, 1929 Paper on Birds News Miss Gregg Speaks on Birds 
May 15, 1929 Record Editorial The King's English 
May 15, 1929 Record Editorial Testimonies 
May 15, 1929 Record Notes Ponder These 
May 15, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
May 15, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
May 15, 1929 Record Sports Tracksters Trip Armour, 65 to 52; Break 2 Records/ Tillman and Hess Lead Wheaton Point Winners 
May 15, 1929 Wheaton vs DeKalb Sports Hitters Rally in Ninth to Defeat DeKalb, 16-11 
May 15, 1929 Tennis Sports Tennis Squad Ties North Central, 3-3 
May 15, 1929 "Dit" Sports Notes Shorts 
May 15, 1929 Baseball  Sports Baseball Men Rally; Down Y.M.C.A., 9-8 
May 15, 1929 Record Academy News Senior Successfully Sneak 
May 15, 1929 Record Notes Senior Sneak Echoes 
May 15, 1929 Record News Women Varsity Debaters Close Season with Party 
May 22, 1929 Tennis Sports Women's Tennis Team Wins State Championship 
May 22, 1929 Constitution Amendment News W.A.A. Passes New Amendment, Changes By-Laws 
May 22, 1929 Junior-Senior Party Information Juniors to Entertain Senior Class at Party 
May 22, 1929 Spring Field Trip Infromation Geology Classes to Visit Starved Rock Friday and Saturday 
May 22, 1929 "Northing to Alaska's Midnight Sun" News Reber Speaks on Alaskan Scenery at History Society 
May 22, 1929 Claudius R. Nedry Drowns News Claudius Nedry Dies at Ohio University 
May 22, 1929 Aels and Phils News Girls Make Merry at Inter-Society Picnic 
May 22, 1929 Annual Spring Open Meeting of Literary Societies News Tawney Presides at Open Meeting 
May 22, 1929 Debate Award News Varsity Debate Team Receives Keys as Awards 
May 22, 1929 Expression Recital Information Doris Gault to Give Comedy in Recital 
May 22, 1929 Constitution Amendment Information Student Body Will Vote on Council Amendments 
May 22, 1929 Spring Concert Information Combined Clubs to Give Spring Concert Monday/ 'New Earth' by Hadley to Be Sung Aided by Soloists 
May 22, 1929 Summer School Information Registrar Expects Record Enrollment in Summer Session 
May 22, 1929 Y.W.C.A. Meeting News Y.W.C.A. Hears Love Stories of Missionaries 
May 22, 1929 Record Editorial The Critical Spirit 
May 22, 1929 Record Editorial Athletic Vitories 
May 22, 1929 Record Notes Ponder These 
May 22, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
May 22, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
May 22, 1929 Team Breaks School Records in Four Events, Friday Sports Trackmen Down Lake Forest and Armour, 63-55-36 
May 22, 1929 Baseball Sports Lisle Baeball Team Twice Trips Wheaton 
May 22, 1929 Galesburg Sports Seven Track Stars Will Enter Conference Meet 
May 22, 1929 "Chuck" MacAskill Triples with the Bases Full Sports Hitters Conquer Elmhurst, 6-5, in Pitchers' Battle 
May 22, 1929 Tennis Sports Men, Women Down Mt. Morris in Tennis 
May 22, 1929 Baseball Sports Phils Down Aels to Win Society Tourney 
May 22, 1929 Annual Oratorical and Declamatory Contest Academy News Girls' Interacademic Contest Held 
May 22, 1929 Record Academy News Epinoian Features Mock Trial May 15 
May 22, 1929 Tennis Academy News Girls Tie in Tennis Match 
June 5, 1929 Formal Meetings of Lit Societies News Literary Groups Choose Leaders for Fall Term/ Other Officers to Be Selected Next September 
June 5, 1929 Tower Staff of '31 News Tower of '31 Makes Changes in Staff 
June 5, 1929 Commencement Week Information Literary Society Banquets Friday Show Promise of Distinctive Plans, Programs 
June 5, 1929 Eleanore Barris Sports Net Star, Injured in Match, Is Recovering 
June 5, 1929 General Assembly Action Gives Balance of Power to Liberals News Conservatism at Princeton Hurt 
June 5, 1929 Expression Recital Information Expression Pupils to Present Senior Recital Tomorrow 
June 5, 1929 College Alumni Association Information "Changing World" Will Be Theme of Alumni Banquet 
June 5, 1929 The Last Time for the Senior Class Information Seniors to Conduct Devotion Program in Chapel Service 
June 5, 1929 Baccalaureate Sermon Information Hugo Wurdack to Speak Baccalaureate Sunday 
June 5, 1929 Record Debt News Large Cut Is Made in Old Record Debt 
June 5, 1929 Seventieth Annual Commencement Information Eighty-Seven to Receive Degrees Next Wednesday/ Dr. Kelly Will Deliver Commencement Address 
June 5, 1929 Annual Junior-Senior Party News Junior-Senior Party Transforms Hall into Medieval Courtroom 
June 5, 1929 A "Sing" at the Dormitory Information Y.W. Plans Sing to Welcome New Girls 
June 5, 1929 Record Editorial Seniors Asail! 
June 5, 1929 Record Editorial Lyndon Hess 
June 5, 1929 Record Notes Ponder These 
June 5, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
June 5, 1929 Record Notes Coups du Baton or Glee Club Rehearsal Extracts 
June 5, 1929 Class Journey to Lake Harbor, Michigan on Ship News Seniors Enjoy Three Day Trip Annual Sneak 
June 5, 1929 The Excavation of the Senior Cake Information Senior Cake to Be Revived for Alumni Banquet 
June 5, 1929 L. Poindexter McClenny News McClenny is Chosen President of Y.M.C.A. 
June 5, 1929 C.E. Society News Kenneth Gieser Heads Christian Endeavor 
June 5, 1929 Ava Leach Column Combined Glee Club Presents Successful Concert on May 27 
June 5, 1929 Faculty Picnic News Pedagogues Frolic Despite Bad Weather 
June 5, 1929 Band Election News Everett Palmer to Head Band Next Year 
June 5, 1929 Richard Realf Whispers in the Vine Boughs In a Scrap Book 
June 5, 1929 Anonymous Whispers in the Vine Boughs Mutual 
June 5, 1929 "Elinor Lennen" Whispers in the Vine Boughs The True Musician 
June 5, 1929 Anonymous Whispers in the Vine Boughs The Camel, at the Close of Day 
June 5, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
June 5, 1929 Record Notes Alumni News 
June 5, 1929 "Peg of My Heart" News Doris Gault Gives Play 
June 5, 1929 Wheaton Star Breaks Record; Places as Best man Sports Hess Wins Mile and Two-Mile at Galesburg Meet 
June 5, 1929 Baseball Sports Baseball Nine Is Defeated 3 Times 
June 5, 1929 "Dit" Column Sport Flashes 
June 5, 1929 Baseball Sports Baseballers Win 20-6 Over Elmhurst Squad 
April, 1876 Be Courteous Poem Sunbeam 
April, 1876 M.L. Holt, '76 Column Radicalism 
April, 1876 S.F. Stratton, '65 Column I Know Not 
April, 1876 T.H. Haseltine Column The Place of the Public School 
April, 1876 L.B.B. Column Why? 
April, 1876 Record Editorial Editorial 
April, 1876 Record News Philadelphian & Chrestomathean Public Meeting 
April, 1876 Contest Between License and Anti-License News Corporation Election 
April, 1876 Centenial Exhibition News Wheaton College and the Centenial 
April, 1876 Record Notes The Scissors 
April, 1876 Record Notes Our Spectacles 
April, 1876 Record Notes Society Reports 
April, 1876 Record Notes Personals 
April, 1876 Record Notes Exchanges 
April, 1876 "Printer's Delight" News A New Amusement 
June, 1876 Pres. Blanchard Column Destruction of Jerusalem 
June, 1876 T.C. Moffatt, '73 Column The Etymological Argument 
June, 1876 Gussie C. Smith, '76 Column Rust 
June, 1876 To The Friends of the College Record Editorial Editorial 
June, 1876 Record Notes The Scissors 
June, 1876 Record Notes Our Spectacles 
June, 1876 Record Notes Personals 
June, 1876 Record Notes Exchanges 
December, 1876 Selected Poem Enchantment 
December, 1876 A.J. Carothers Column The Evils of Ignorance 
December, 1876 A.R. Dodd, '77 Column Stars 
December, 1876 "74" Column Sympathy 
December, 1876 T.C. Moffatt "'73" Poem Tumorro 
December, 1876 C.H. Rawson Column Truth and Education 
December, 1876 M.W.  Column Dio Lewis 
December, 1876 Record Editorial Specialty Necessary to Success in Life 
December, 1876 Record Editorial Classical Education 
December, 1876 Record Notes Personals 
December, 1876 Record Notes Our Spectacles 
December, 1876 Record Notes Scissors 
December, 1876 Salis Poem The Quiet Land 
December, 1876 Prof. E.D. Bailey Column History of Wheaton College 
December, 1876 M.E. Nash, '74 Column William Hickling Prescott 
December, 1876 Record Editorial Unknown Heroes 
December, 1876 Record Notes Editorial 
December, 1876 Record Announcement Along the Line 
December, 1876 Record Notes Personals 
December, 1876 Commencement News Among Our Exchanges 
December, 1876 Record Notes Reviews 
December, 1876 Record Notes The College World 
January, 1878 Pres. Blanchard Poem The Last Months of the Year 
January, 1878 Prof E.D. Bailey Column History of Wheaton College - III 
January, 1878 W.F.B. Column The Judicial Oath 
January, 1878 W.R. Hench, '77 Column Respect Considered as a Branch of Education 
January, 1878 O.B. Stevens Column Turkish View of a Locomotive 
January, 1878 Record Notes Editorial 
January, 1878 Record Notes The College World 
January, 1878 Record Notes Campus Chit Chat 
January, 1878 W.I. Phillips Column Dear Bro. 
January, 1878 J.P. Donaldson Column He Knocks 
January, 1878 Record Notes Et Cetera 
January, 1878 J.F. Martin Column I Graduated at the "State University of Iowa" 
January, 1878 Record Notes Personals 
January, 1878 Record Notes Reviews 
January, 1878 Record Editorial What You Can Get for Five Dollars 
January, 1878 Record Editorial St. Nicholas for 1878 
July, 1878 Chicago Tribune Column Opinions of the Press. 
July, 1878 W.R.H., '77 Poem Ad Lunam 
July, 1878 W.  Column Edmund Spencer 
July, 1878 Record Editorial A Historical Narrative 
July, 1878 Record Notes The College World 
July, 1878 Record Editorial Editorial 
July, 1878 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
July, 1878 '77 Column Eighteent Annual Commencement 
July, 1878 Record Notes Et Ceteral 
July, 1878 Record Notes Among Our Exchanges 
July, 1878 Record Notes Reviews 
October, 1878 J. Blanchard Column The College 
October, 1878 Alexander Thompson Literary There's a Glory from the Future 
October, 1878 W.W. Warner, '79 Column Limited Suffrage 
October, 1878 Prof. T.C. Moffatt Column Short O. 
October, 1878 Quandary Editorial Editorial 
October, 1878 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
October, 1878 Record Notes Et Cetera 
October, 1878 Record Notes Personals 
October, 1878 Record Notes Exchanges 
October, 1878 Record Notes Reviews 
December, 1878 J. Blanchard Column Courses of Study 
December, 1878 Ruth F. Nutting, '79 Poem Earth's Music 
December, 1878 Mabel C. Parker, '79 Column Universal Suffrage 
December, 1878 Record Editorial Memory 
December, 1878 Record Editorial Editorial 
December, 1878 Record Notes Chit-Chat 
December, 1878 Record Notes Personals 
December, 1878 Record Notes Exchanges 
December, 1878 Record Notes Reviews 
January, 1879 J. Blanchard Column Courses of Study 
January, 1879 L.N. Stratton, '60 Literary The Coming Dawn 
January, 1879 Record Editorial "Much Ever Wants More." 
January, 1879 Record Notes The College World 
January, 1879 Record Editorial Editorial 
January, 1879 Record Notes Reviews 
January, 1879 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
January, 1879 Record Notes Personals 
January, 1879 Record Notes Et Cetera 
January, 1879 Record Notes Exchanges 
March, 1879 J. Blanchard Column Courses of Study 
March, 1879 Minerva Finch Literary Our Father's Burial 
March, 1879 Record Editorial A Common Hoe 
March, 1879 Record Editorial Foils 
March, 1879 W.  Column On the Columbia 
March, 1879 Record Notes The College World 
March, 1879 Record Editorial Editorial 
March, 1879 An Eye Witness Notes Societies 
March, 1879 Record Notes Reviews 
March, 1879 Record Notes Personals 
March, 1879 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
March, 1879 Record Notes Exchanges 
April, 1879 J. Blanchard Column Courses of Study 
April, 1879 A. Jennie Carothers, '79 Literary A Monologue 
April, 1879 Prof. O.F. Lumry Literary Translation from Horace 
April, 1879 Record Editorial The Council of Christian Powers at Constance in 1414 
April, 1879 Mabel C. Parker, '79 Column Medieval Minstrelsy 
April, 1879 Record Notes The College World 
April, 1879 Record Editorial Editorial 
April, 1879 A. Member Notes Societies 
April, 1879 Record Notes Reviews (Magazines and Books) 
April, 1879 Record Notes Personals 
April, 1879 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
May, 1879 T.C.M. Literary The Burial of De Soto 
May, 1879 W.R. Hench, '77 Column Thunder Storms 
May, 1879 Record Editorial Plant Life 
May, 1879 Record Notes The College World 
May, 1879 Record Editorial Editorial 
May, 1879 Record Notes Personals 
May, 1879 Record Notes Et Cetera 
May, 1879 Record Notes Exchanges 
May, 1879 J.B. Hench & W. Paterson Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
July, 1879 J. Blanchard Column Courses of Study 
July, 1879 Record Notes The College World 
July, 1879 Rev. L.N. Stratton Literary "The Secret of the Sea." 
July, 1879 Record Editorial Mathematic 
July, 1879 Record Editorial Editorial 
July, 1879 Record Notes Commencement Week 
July, 1879 Record Notes Commencement Exercises 
July, 1879 Record Notes Reviews (Magazines) 
July, 1879 Laura Leeyard Column Little Elsie 
July, 1879 Record Notes Personals 
July, 1879 Mrs. Prof. Moffatt News Obituary 
July, 1879 Record Notes Exhchanges 
July, 1879 J.B. Hench & W. Paterson Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
July, 1879 Record Notes Personals 
July, 1879 Record Notes Reviews 
July, 1879 Record Notes Et Cetera 
July, 1879 Record Notes The College World 
July, 1879 Record Editorial Editorial 
December, 1880 J.D. Nutting, '78 Literary Treasures 
December, 1880 Hattie M. Moffatt, '83 Literary Treasures 
December, 1880 Daisy Sedgwick, '83 Column Women in French Politics 
December, 1880 Stella Laughlin, '81 Column Charles Dickens 
December, 1880 "Glimpses of Parisian Art." Reviews Scribner's  
December, 1880 "Libel and Its Legal Remedy" Reviews The Atlantic Monthly 
December, 1880 Decentennial Issue Reviews Scribner's Monthly 
December, 1880 Mrs. Mary Mapes Reviews St. Nicholas' 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Editorial 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Educators 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Herodotus 
December, 1880 Record Editorial "John Ploughman's Talk" 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Students Engaged in Teaching 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Standard of Scholarship for Teachers 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Graduates and Agriculture 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Dilligence 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Christmas is Coming 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Mr. Chittenden 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Prof. Blanchard & His Rhetorical Division 
December, 1880 Record Editorial Our Lives are Dual- Theoretical and Practical 
December, 1880 Record Epitome Preparatory Rhetoricals 
December, 1880 Record Epitome The Aelioians 
December, 1880 Record Notes Excelsior Open Meeting 
December, 1880 Excelsior Society News Excelsior Open Meeting 
December, 1880 Mrs. Bailey News Gathering at Prof. Bailey's  
December, 1880 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
December, 1880 Record Notes Personals 
December, 1880 Record Notes Diversions 
December, 1880 Record Notes Exchanges 
December, 1880 Record Notes Examination Squibs 
December, 1880 Holiday News St. Nicholas 
December, 1880 Mr. F.B. Thurber News "The Railroads and the People" 
December, 1880 Prof. C.A. Blanchard Column Wheaton College and Preparatory School 
February, 1881 C.B. Literary Dreary Hall (A Parody) 
February, 1881 E.J. Baker, '84 Column Horace Greeley 
February, 1881 D.A. Straw, '81 Column The Great Seducer of Man's Love 
February, 1881 Record Notes Exchanges 
February, 1881 Record Editorial Editorial 
February, 1881 Union Library Editorial Literary Revolution 
February, 1881 Record Editorial "Killing Time" is a Crime 
February, 1881 Aelioian News Editorial Public Society Meetings 
February, 1881 Anti Slang Society Editorial Inquiries 
February, 1881 Record Editorial Our Printers 
February, 1881 College Literary Society Editorial Character Determination 
February, 1881 Rev. H.H. Hinman Editorial Letters 
February, 1881 E.D. Bailey Column Editorial Correspondence 
February, 1881 Record Epitome Union Rhetorical Exercises 
February, 1881 Record Epitome Classical Studies 
February, 1881 Pedal Applause Epitome Prof. Chittenden 
February, 1881 Record Notes Campus Chit-Chat 
February, 1881 Record Notes Personals 
February, 1881 Record Notes Diversions 
February, 1881 New Version of New Testament Information The New Bible - Quick Work 
March, 1881 Prof. C.A. Blanchard Column Wheaton College and Preparatory School 
March, 1881 President Blanchard Literary To the Plar Star 
March, 1881 Elsie S. Dow, '81 Column Congress of Nations 
March, 1881 Professor A.J. Chittenden Column Words and Facts in the Science of Religion 
March, 1881 Ellen C. Blake, '83 Column You and I 
March, 1881 Record Editorial Editorial 
March, 1881 Record Editorial Mushroom Schools in Illinois 
March, 1881 General Grant's Administration Editorial "Black Friday" 
March, 1881 New York Universities Editorial Speaking of Examinations 
March, 1881 Mrs. Ex-President Hayes Editorial True Merit 
March, 1881 Fund Raising Editorial Rev. L.N. Statton 
March, 1881 New Bible Revision Editorial Englsih-Speaking World 
March, 1881 Record Editorial "Speling Reform Asoshiashun" 
March, 1881 Record Editorial Literary Union 
March, 1881 Record Epitome Union Rhetorical Exercise 
March, 1881 Aelioian Society Epitome Aelioian Open Meeting 
March, 1881 Record Notes Personals 
March, 1881 Record Exchanges Teachers' Guide 
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