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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
February 1, 1928 Prof. Arthur H. Daniels  News Prof. Daniels to Address Faculty, Seniors 
February 1, 1928 Frances Lyster News Alumni News 
February 1, 1928 "The Old Order Changeth," Ships Asail Literature Ships Asail  
February 1, 1928 New Year's Resolution Short Comments Sparx 
February 1, 1928 I'm Surprised that You Don't Know That Jokes Lions O'type 
February 1, 1928 The Mount Morris Sports Crusaders Lose Return Game to Mout Morris 
February 1, 1928 Russell Mixter News Class Speakers Chosen 
February 1, 1928 The Junior Varsity Captian, Peterson Sports Sportlets 
February 1, 1928 Ruth Dill Sports Aels Beat Phils for Society Championship 
February 1, 1928 Charles MacAskill Sports Maywood Church Team Defeats Local Club 
February 1, 1928 Orangemen Have Tough Battle: Louis McGill Out of Lineup for Game Sports Wheaton, North Central Clash Saturday 
February 1, 1928 Otto Keller Sports Junior Varsity to Play North Central Seconds in Headliner Saturday 
February 1, 1928 Ralph Snow News Quartet Broadcasts over W. M. B. I.  
Febuary 8, 1928 Two Week's Schedule Into New York State Information Lindquist, Paine Chosen to Make Debate Trip East 
Febuary 8, 1928 The Refinishing of the Walls in Room C2 Information Y.W.C.A. Furnishes Women's Rest Room 
Febuary 8, 1928 Twenty-five Guests Inspect Rooms News Bartlett Hall Throws Annual Dinner Party 
Febuary 8, 1928 Christian Missionary Alliance Conference News Revs. Brown and Hogue Open Special Meetings 
Febuary 8, 1928 Efficiency and Cooperation is Motto Information Janitor Excercises Broom And Brains 
Febuary 8, 1928 The Annual Record Board Banquet News Annual Record Board Banquet  
Febuary 8, 1928 The Women's Debating Team  News Lombard Wins Forensic Contest 
Febuary 8, 1928 Battle of Old Foes Witness by Crowd Sports Tie Score Broken by Orangement in Overtime Period 
Febuary 8, 1928 Short Comments Literature Lions O' Type 
Febuary 8, 1928 Meeting of the Young People's Branch of the W.C.T.U. News Y.P.B. Hear Reports On State Convention 
Febuary 8, 1928 Dorm Party Next Wednesday Information Dorm Cupids Entertain 
Febuary 8, 1928 Hess and Heldtke News Aristonian 
Febuary 8, 1928 Transportation News Beltionian 
Febuary 8, 1928 The Bows Were Chilled News Boethallian 
Febuary 8, 1928 A Chinese Festival Literature Ships Asail 
Febuary 8, 1928 Rev. Arthur Purkiss News  Alumni News 
Febuary 8, 1928 Colum of Comment Information Sparx 
Febuary 8, 1928 Pete Vining News From The Dope Bucket 
Febuary 8, 1928 Locals Lead Till Last Few Minuts of Play News Cardinal Seconds Defeat JR. Squad 
Febuary 8, 1928 By Sport Editor Sports Sportlets 
Febuary 8, 1928 By A Special Correspondent Music Pep Meeting Features New Songs and Yells 
Febuary 8, 1928 Crusaders In Better Shape for Game Sat. at Local Gym Information Doctors' Team To give Tough Battle 
Febuary 8, 1928 The Academy Won News Academy Five Trims Chicago Church Team  
Febuary 15, 1928 Programs Takes Place of Evening Service Music Wheaton Women Singers Featured By Glen Ellyn C.E 
Febuary 15, 1928 By Prof. D.A. Straw Information Faculty and Advisory Board Hear Hencher, Financial Specialist 
Febuary 15, 1928 The Dormitory Will be Dressed in Its Annual Party Information Cupid Holds Sway at Dormitory Party Tonight 
Febuary 15, 1928 Annual Banquet News Record Banqueteers Hear Dr. Dow and Prof. Straw 
Febuary 15, 1928 From "the New Student" Information Humanistic Education Urged by E.K. Rand of Harvard 
Febuary 15, 1928 Dr. Arthur H. Daniels Information Dean Daniels Delivers Address and Conducts Open Forum Discussion 
Febuary 15, 1928 Mrs. Earl Winsor, Gertrude Kellogg, Florence Watts News High Lights In The Alumni Field 
Febuary 15, 1928 Rev. R. R. Brown Gives Initial Address of Meetings Information World Need Given in Messages From Other Field Men 
Febuary 15, 1928 Special Day of Prayer Information Telegram Received 
Febuary 15, 1928 Lester W. Bartlett News Alumni News 
Febuary 15, 1928 Short Comments Literature Lions O' Type 
Febuary 15, 1928 Great Churches I Have Seen Short Comment Beltionian 
Febuary 15, 1928 New Officers Information Aelioian 
Febuary 15, 1928 Elinor Portser Literature Philaleathean 
Febuary 15, 1928 Abraham Lincoln Information Boethallian 
Febuary 15, 1928 Aristonian Literature Society  Literature Aristonian 
Febuary 15, 1928 Abraham Lincoln Information Excelsior 
Febuary 15, 1928 Column of Comment Literature Sparx 
Febuary 15, 1928 Lincoln, the Man of the People Literature Ships Asail 
Febuary 15, 1928 The Nature Club News Academy News 
Febuary 15, 1928 Orangemen In Slump From Naperville Game Information N.U. Dents Trim Coraymen 22-18 
Febuary 15, 1928 Crusaders Show Fight Sports Wheatonites Lose To Dekalb Normal Five In Close Game 
Febuary 15, 1928 By Sport Editor Sports Sportlets 
Febuary 15, 1928 Crusaders Are in Good Shape For Game Sat. Sports Dope Points to Win For Locals 
Febuary 15, 1928 By Chuck MacAskill News Maywood Church Team Defeats Junior Squad 
February 22, 1928 Fourteen Day Trip Covers Nine Teams On Three Questions News Lindquist, Paine Open Forensic Season Today 
February 22, 1928 Mavis Cathey, Paul Wright, Marguerite Deimler News High Lights In Alumni Field 
February 22, 1928 Professor Hamp Short Comment Sympathy Expressed 
February 22, 1928 "Problems in The Prayer Life" News President Writes Book 
February 22, 1928 Upper Chapel Renovation Completed News "Plaster, Paint"- Decorators Make Old Chapel New 
February 22, 1928 Women's Debate Team News Women Debaters Score Over Shurtleff Co-eds 
February 22, 1928 Valentine Leap Year Party News Leap Year Party Staged At Castle 
February 22, 1928 Rev. Will Houghton News Atlanta Preacher Speaks In Chapel 
February 22, 1928 First President To Be Honored As Faculty, Alumni And Students Meet- Everything From Eats To Oratory Scheduled for Nineteenth Banquet News Stage Set For Annual Washington Banquet 
February 22, 1928 Wheaton College Conservatory of Music Music College Conservatory Announces Concerts 
February 22, 1928 Prayer Request for Mrs. Florence Hughes Charlesworth Short Comment A Friend In Need 
February 22, 1928 Herbert Moule Article Debate 
February 22, 1928 Washington Banquet Article Roses Et Cetera 
February 22, 1928 Weekly Activities Information Campus Calendar 
February 22, 1928 Islands Literature Ship Asail 
February 22, 1928 Valentine Program of the Bows Short Comment Boethallian 
February 22, 1928 Phils Friday Short Comment Philaleathean 
February 22, 1928 Humor Short Comment Lions O' Type 
February 22, 1928 Effie Jane Wheeler, Della Kinsley, "Betty" Shirk, "Archie" Mackinney News Alumni News 
February 22, 1928 Q&A Information Inquiring Reporter 
February 22, 1928 Women's Interclass Basketball Sports Senior Girls Win Interclass Title 
February 22, 1928 Former Wheaton Basketball Men Have Made The Princeton Seminary Squad Sports Wheaton Alumnus Sends News 
February 22, 1928 "Chuck" MacAskill Sports North Central Seconds Sawmp Junior Varsity 
February 22, 1928 All-American Team to Represent Wheaton College at Olympic Games Sports Committee Picks All Star Co-ed Team 
February 22, 1928 Sport Editor Sports Sport Lets 
February 22, 1928 Wheaton Junior Varsity vs Edgewater Mission Church of Chicago Sports Juniors Lose Close Game to Church Team 
February 22, 1928 Orangemen Slow On Strange Floor- Make Shots Count In Final Half Sports Wheaton Drops North Central Tilt 32-21 
February 22, 1928 Helfrick Sports Cheer-fest in Gym for North Central Game 
February 22, 1928 Literature Societies Literature Beltionian, Aelioian, Aristonian, Excelsior 
February 22, 1928 Dr Bowen of Africa News Dr. Brown to Speak to Student Volunteers 
February 29, 1928 Precedent Paves Way for Two Man Team on Tour East News Victory Greets Debate Team at Beginning of Trip 
February 29, 1928 Bill Thomas News "W" Club Sponsors Inter-Society Tilt; To Present Trophy 
February 29, 1928 Miss Anderson Information Volunteers Honor Orr 
February 29, 1928 Honor Roll Announced News Averages Grant Aels First Place Among Societies 
February 29, 1928 The Marquette Team News Women Debaters Make Trip into Wisconsin 
February 29, 1928 Mirth Reigns as Classes Vie in songs and yells News Father of Country Lives Again at Banquet; Annual School Function Featured by Class Competition and Speeches 
February 29, 1928 Paul Turner News Alterations, Additions Made to Record Staff 
February 29, 1928 Mrs. Charlesworth News News Received of Death of Alumna 
February 29, 1928 Joseph Philp News Class Decorations Create Veritable Garden of Colors 
February 29, 1928 Columbia University Article What about it?  
February 29, 1928 Shakespeare Short Comment GEMS 
February 29, 1928 Naughty Nice Column Lost Fish Tale 
February 29, 1928 Douglas Barrows Information Campus Calendar 
February 29, 1928 Margaret Monson '31 Literature Ships Asail 
February 29, 1928 Kenneth Lutz News Alumni News 
February 29, 1928 The Mayor of a New Jersey City Poem On Campus Gossip or Any Gossip 
February 29, 1928 Modern Proverbs Short Comment Lions O'Type 
February 29, 1928 Dr. Howard A. Kelly News Scientist-Physician to Address Class of '29 
February 29, 1928 Claire Marcelle News Organization Pictures 
February 29, 1928 Miss Gudrun Thorlakson News Academy News 
February 29, 1928 The Fourth National Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest News Orators Sought for National Contest 
February 29, 1928 The Traditional Record Short Story Contest News Societies Vie in Literary Contests 
February 29, 1928 Esther Salzman Information Y. W. C. A. Election 
February 29, 1928 The Hockmann Residence News Y.B.P. News 
February 29, 1928 Carl Anderson News Batavia Meetings 
February 29, 1928 Maroons Chalk up Eleventh Victory Out of 14 Starts Sports Academy Swamps Chicago 'Y' School  
February 29, 1928 Barrett A. C.  Sports Black Horses Lose Game to Oak Park 
February 29, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Lake Forest Academy Trims Junior Varsity 
February 29, 1928 Basketball Sports Quintet Returns Tilt with Dekalb To-Day 
February 29, 1928 Bruz McGill Sports Tip-Offs 
February 29, 1928 Lake Forest  Sports Cage Season Closes; "Y" College Final Foe 
February 29, 1928 Zest to Win Lacking, Coraymen Bow Again Sports College Phy. Ed. Trips Crusaders 30-23; Muscle Builders Display Ability 
March 2, 1928 Science Professor Obituary Article Prof. Howard Known as True Man of Science 
March 2, 1928 Howard Article Busy Man 
March 2, 1928 Prof. Howard Article President Finds True Character in All His Work 
March 2, 1928 Prof. Howard Article Tribute Paid to Instructor by Co-Worker 
March 2, 1928 Prof. Howard Article Honors Conferred on Scientist in U.S. and Foreign Lands 
March 2, 1928 Professor Struck by C.A. & E. Train Thurs Afternoon Article C.W. Howard Killed 
March 2, 1928 Remembering Howard Article Gone Home, Emancipation 
March 14, 1928 Coed Debate Article Varsity Debater Gives Inside Dope on Eastern Trip 
March 14, 1928 Joseph Brinkman Article Famous Pianist Heard in Recital 
March 14, 1928 Baccalaureate Sermon Article C.G. Trumball to Address Seniors 
March 14, 1928 Photo Explained Information Explanation 
March 14, 1928 Funeral Article College Friends Join in Funeral Service of Prof. C.W. Howard 
March 14, 1928 Debate Article Naperville Again Meets Wheaton on Debate Platform 
March 14, 1928 Women's Glee Article Women's Singers Give Concert at Elgin Baptist Church 
March 14, 1928 Glee Club News Article Men's Glee Club Appears in Spring Concert Series 
March 14, 1928 Record Staff Information Record Staff Canned; Green Stuff Served 
March 14, 1928 Christian Education Article "Establish Thou It" 
March 14, 1928 Short Story Contest Article Will it Be A Record Contest? 
March 14, 1928 Atheists Article How Big Are You? 
March 14, 1928 Prof. Howard Article Professor Charles Walter Howard 
March 14, 1928 Letter from Mrs. Howard Article Mrs. Howard Sends Letter to Faculty and Student Body 
March 14, 1928 Poetry Column Ships Asail: In Memoriam 
March 14, 1928 Academy News Academy News 
March 14, 1928 Nature Club Article Nature Club Program 
March 14, 1928 Interclass Debate News Juniors Win Debating Cup 
March 14, 1928 Alumni News Alumni News 
March 14, 1928 Jokes Article Sparx 
March 14, 1928 Poetry Contest News Mabel Driscoll Wins Honors from Aels 
March 14, 1928 Poetry Article 'Footprints in the Snow' Prize Poem of Arrows 
March 14, 1928 Poetry Contest Article Celts Give Coleman First Place in Contest 
March 14, 1928 Poetry Contest News "Just Fences" by Pen of Evangeline Paine First 
March 14, 1928 Poetry News Bradley Wins Judge's Decision in Belt Hall 
March 14, 1928 Y.W.C.A. Information Y.W. Officers Inducted at Candlelight Service 
March 14, 1928 Poetry Column Lions O' Type 
March 14, 1928 Interhouse Sports Article "Y" House Victorious; Take Three in a Row 
March 14, 1928 Interhouse Leage Article 4th Floor Consoled; Used Four Players; Phi Phi's Fine Finish 
March 14, 1928 Interhouse Sports Article Bartlett Boys Smother Bewildered Commuters 
March 14, 1928 Interhouse Sports Article Bartletts Make a Pair; Bachelors Upset Dope 
March 14, 1928 Sports Commentary Sports Tip-Offs 
March 14, 1928 Campus Sports Sports Scottys Turn Back Sons 
March 14, 1928 Inter-Society Sports Campus Decisive Inter-Society Matches This Week 
March 14, 1928 Alumni Sports Sports Ex-Wheaton Cagers Help Win All Games 
March 14, 1928 Academy Basketball Sports Academy Trims Chi. Christian High 
March 14, 1928 Lost Column Lost Column 
March 21, 1928 Men's Debate Article Men's Debate Trio Engages in Clash With Greenville 
March 21, 1928 Mens' Glee Article Men's Glee Club Outline Program for Spring Work 
March 21, 1928 Obituary News Mrs. Paul Phillips Passes Suddenly 
March 21, 1928 Melvin Kyle News Dr. Kyle "Digs" Again 
March 21, 1928 Campus Party Article Bachelors Give Party on St. Patrick's Day 
March 21, 1928 Debate Banquet Article Debaters Entertain at Banquet Monday 
March 21, 1928 Three Silver Loving Cup Winners Will be Announced by Judges Article Record Short Story Finals Set for Friday 
March 21, 1928 Aida Doninelli News Aida Doninelli Sings in Concert Here; Lauded in Chicago 
March 21, 1928 Scrapbook Article Rhetoric Classes Form Scrapbook 
March 21, 1928 Literary Society Programs Article All Societies Have Enjoyable Programs at Preliminaries 
March 21, 1928 Gospel Team Article Gospel Team Visits Highland Park Church 
March 21, 1928 Elizabeth Spooner News Miss Spooner Gives Vesper Recital 
March 21, 1928 Student Opinion Column Problems of a Freshman; Books; Daydreams 
March 21, 1928 Freshmen Goals Article Freshman Aims 
March 21, 1928 Education in America Article Educational Diagnosis 
March 21, 1928 YMCA Information Y.M.C.A. Officers Elected Tuesday for Coming Year 
March 21, 1928 Poetry Column The Jade Quill 
March 21, 1928 Sattire Article Freshlets 
March 21, 1928 Academy News Academy News 
March 21, 1928 Entertainment Article Entertainment 
March 21, 1928 Debate News Academy Debaters Twice Victorious 
March 21, 1928 Oratorical Contest Article Wheaton Students to Orate Soon on U.S. Constitution  
March 21, 1928 Inter-Society Sports Article Arrows Defeat Belt Hoopmen; Celts Victorious Over Arrow Five 
March 21, 1928 Spring Sports Preview Sports Prospects Point to Successful Season for Spring Sports 
March 21, 1928 Sports Commentary Sports This and That 
March 21, 1928 Senior Varsity Sports Senior Major Sport Men Get Awards 
March 21, 1928 Basketball Sports Academy Basketeers Defeat North Park 
March 21, 1928 Inter-Society Basketball Article Society Receives 'W' Club Trophy 
March 21, 1928 Academy Basketball Sports Academy Hoopsters to Play in Tournament at Madison Tonight 
March 21, 1928 W Club Basketball Sports "W" Club Sponsors Game Saturday 
March 21, 1928 St. Patrick's Party Article Bent Cottage Girls Gave St. Patrick's Party Monday 
March 21, 1928 Augustana Concert Band News Good Work Augustana 
March 21, 1928 Women's Debate News Women's Debate Team on Michigan Trip 
March 28, 1928 Run Off With Bacon from Western Normal and Olivet College- New Material In Sight To Replace Seniors News Victories Crown Season Efforts Of Women's Team 
March 28, 1928 Madame Doninelli's News Famous Young Artist Here Tuesday 
March 28, 1928 New Features Promised As Glee Club Appears In Fischer Chapel Music Men Singers Give Home Concert Thurs. Night 
March 28, 1928 E.L.Vogel, Sr. News Friend Of College Dies 
March 28, 1928 Mrs. Shapleigh Short Comment Dean At Conference 
March 28, 1928 Lecture, Last Men's Debate Short Comment Forecasts 
March 28, 1928 Blessing Anticipated as College Assembles At Twilight Hour News Special Passion Week Services Planned 
March 28, 1928 Lewis-Business Head News Stephen Paine Editor-In-Chief Of 1930 Tower 
March 28, 1928 Betty Honston, Aelioian, Claims Highest Honors- Friday Night Program Featured By Society Musical Numbers- Corbin And Halbert Place In Finals- Precedent Is Set---Only Six Stories Are Read News Cups Awarded Winners of Story Contest 
March 28, 1928 President Buswell Recently Returned From Another Speaking Tour News President Buswell Travels, Speaks 
March 28, 1928 The Farmer, Politician And Preacher Article Help Yourself 
March 28, 1928 Donald Ogden Stewart Article Education 
March 28, 1928 Bulettin Boards Article In The Public Eye 
March 28, 1928 Fuji Nemoto Article The "Last Word" 
March 28, 1928 A Wheaton Man Article "Home, Sweet Home" 
March 28, 1928 Weekly Activities Information Coming Events 
March 28, 1928 Lines- In Early Spring, My Thoughts, Written in March, Anchor Literature Ships Asail 
March 28, 1928 Caesarites Have Meeting, Physiology- Democracy Debate, Literary Society, French Club, Debates, Academy Grins News Academy News 
March 28, 1928 A Correct Translation Information Lions O' Type 
March 28, 1928 "Dunnie" Article Professor Cole's Cozy Corner 
March 28, 1928 Donald Hamilton, Julie Aveling, Betty Shirk, Alec Gale, Clarence mason, Joybelle Fitche, Ruth Nowack and Muriel Ramsay, Lucille Fritsch Information Alumni Notes 
March 28, 1928 Professor Moule News Economic History Class Visits Chicago Plants 
March 28, 1928 Snippets Short Comment Sparx 
March 28, 1928 Mrs. W.C. Vining News Alumna Places In National Contest 
March 28, 1928 Mr. Paul B. Phillips, Mrs. F.D. Fogie Information Personals 
March 28, 1928 Wheaton Academy Quintet Sports Academy loses Consolation Title; St. John Wins It 
March 28, 1928 Wheaton High Alumni Sports High School Alumni Drub Northen Lights 
March 28, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Spring Pigskin Toters Have Final Tussle 
March 28, 1928 Snippets Information Right In Ame's Mitt 
March 28, 1928 Spring Baseball Sports Baseball Enthusiasts Take Advantage of the Unexpected Weather 
March 28, 1928 Fun Facts Information Fun and Fact In Sport 
March 28, 1928 local men Ahead At Half But Lose- "Red" DeYoung Sinks 6; newman's 7th Takes game Sports C.A.A. Wins In Season's Final Thriller 
March 28, 1928 Y.M.C.A Information "White Elephant Fair" 
March 28, 1928 Wheaton Debate Team Short Comment Debaters Kept Busy 
April 4, 1928 Seven Words from the Cross Considered in Brief Messages News Vesper Services Held This Week in fischer Chapel 
April 4, 1928 Raymond Lindquist News Tower of '29 Soon to Go to Press 
April 4, 1928 Helen Barnes Wodrada News Wheaton Alumna Edits Balzac Work 
April 4, 1928 Mr. Weaver  News Money Available for the Asking 
April 4, 1928 Harry Miller, Jack Hall, and the Gospel Quartet News Wheaton Again on the Air 
April 4, 1928 Down by the Old Mill Stream News Coeds are Little Girls Again-Just for Monday 
April 4, 1928 The Cook Prize News Elight Orators Lined up for Local Combat 
April 4, 1928 Mary Agnes News White Elephant Fair 
April 4, 1928 Harry Lauder News World-Famous Artists Visit Chicago 
April 4, 1928 Program Varied by Solo, Quartet Numbers, Special Features News Capacity Crowd Hears Men's Glee Club; Spring Concert Exhibits Work of New Director 
April 4, 1928 Chandoo N. Shah News 'The Story of the Atom' to be given tonight 
April 4, 1928 He is Risen Articles Easter-Home, Excess Baggage 
April 4, 1928 The Chief of Police of the Locality  News What Does the Cop Say? 
April 4, 1928 Fischer Chaple News That Spring Concert 
April 4, 1928 Government and Society, Trade and International Compacts  Article To have to Live 
April 4, 1928 Ruth Hale Information Coming Events 
April 4, 1928 Fate or Fortune, The Santa Rosa, Belva Clark Literature Ships Asail 
April 4, 1928 Who Do you Thknk will be the Next President of the U.S.?  Opinion Inquiring Reporter 
April 4, 1928 Mr. and Mrs. Sears News Tower Builders Dine 
April 4, 1928 Latin Short Story Contest, Nature Club News Academy News 
April 4, 1928 Kathryn Kuhn News With Academy Alumni 
April 4, 1928 Aristonina,, Excelsior, Aelioian, Philalethean News Literary Societies 
April 4, 1928 Les Editeurs Short Comments SPARX 
April 4, 1928 Josephine Peterson News Alumni News 
April 4, 1928 Tournament to Open Tennis Season Sports Call Issued for Racket Recruits 
April 4, 1928 Cobwebs Spin Best on Laurels Opinion Hit or Strike? 
April 4, 1928 Eccentricity, Inaisw Baseball as the Public Sees it Short Comment  Fun and Fact in Sport 
April 4, 1928 Diamond Progress Foiled by Weather Sports Veteran Infield Forms Nucleus of Team; Mound Workers Needed 
April 4, 1928 "Al" Gibbons Article 40 Love 
April 4, 1928 Concordia College Information Men's Tennis Schedule 
April 4, 1928 North Central  Information Baseball Schedule 
April 4, 1928 Deitzel and Shaw News Cinder Elevators 
April 4, 1928 Crane College Information Track Schedule 
April 4, 1928 McKendree R. Long  News Artist-Preacher Heard in Chapel 
April 25, 1928 Cancelled Classes Article 'Kute' Kollegians Klean Kampus Keenly 
April 25, 1928 Engagements News Cupid Works Overtime and Does Double Duty 
April 25, 1928 American News News Hertbert Hoover President 
April 25, 1928 Newspaper Staff Information "Record" Has Gone to the Co-eds; Pink Paper to Tell the Story 
April 25, 1928 Essay Contest News James and Long are First in Local Contests 
April 25, 1928 College Comics Article What Does the College Think of "College Humor" 
April 25, 1928 Wheaton Abroad Article Summary of Christian Activities Reveals Works of Wheaton Abroad 
April 25, 1928 Dr. John Timothy Stone Article Dr. J.T. Stone Heard in Volunteer Meeting; Local Band Busy 
April 25, 1928 Yearbook Staff News Tentative Lineup of '30 Tower Staff is Now Complete 
April 25, 1928 World Christian Fundamentals Association Article Wheaton to Have Part in World Convention May 13-20 
April 25, 1928 Quintet Article College Quintet Covers Three States During Easter Vacation 
April 25, 1928 Presidential Travel News Head of College Now on Final Lap of His Coast-to-Coast 
April 25, 1928 Educational Work Article Initiative 
April 25, 1928 Chapel Conduct Article The Eyes Have It 
April 25, 1928 Wheaton Education Article What Is Wheaton Worth? 
April 25, 1928 Poetry Article Always Room for One More 
April 25, 1928 Poetry Column Ships Asail 
April 25, 1928 Academy News Academy News 
April 25, 1928 Alumni News From Wheaton's in the Near East 
April 25, 1928 Sattire Column Sparx 
April 25, 1928 Chapel Article Diamonds and Rubies Passed Out in Chapel 
April 25, 1928 Piano Recital Article Irwin Fischer Appears in Recital 
April 25, 1928 Chauncey Depew Article Flash: Chauncey Says 
April 25, 1928 University of Wisconsin Literary Society Article Can You Beat It? 
April 25, 1928 Bow hall Article Bows Advertise 
April 25, 1928 Organ Recital Article Dr. Schofield Again Heard in Vesper Organ Recital 
April 25, 1928 Literary Societies Article Belts in Egypt; Phils on the Sea; Aels Have Sunshine; Arrows in India; Excelsior 
April 25, 1928 Baseball Sports Orange and Blue Drubbed by Lisle in Season Opener 
April 25, 1928 Athletics Sports Sat. April 28 Big Day for Wheaton Athletes- Two Events here, Two Away 
April 25, 1928 Inter-class Track Meet Sports Wood, Tillman Spring; Hess Cops Longer Runs 
April 25, 1928 Baseball Sports Return Tilt with Lisle Sat. Locals Work Hard 
April 25, 1928 Baseball Sports Right in Ame's Mitt 
April 25, 1928 Men's Tennis Sports Courtmen Open Season with Concordia; then Meet Armour Tech. 
April 25, 1928 Baseball Sports Orangemen Alert Until Final Out 
April 25, 1928 Womens' Tennis Sports Girl Racketeers to Meet Aurora in Opener on Saturday Morning 
April 25, 1928 Men's Glee Club Article Warblers Get Boquets 
May 2,1928 Lecture Readings Article "Luria" Will be Read by Head of the Eng. Dept. 
May 2,1928 Dean Speaking in Chapel Article Dean of Insitute to Show Pictures 
May 2,1928 Endowment Article Million Dollars is Goal in Endowment Drive for Extension Work 
May 2,1928 Student Volunteers Article Geiser is President; Will be Installed at Volunteer Banquet 
May 2,1928 Riding Horses Article Horses are Popular with Class of '30 
May 2,1928 Humor Article What D'You Know About That! 
May 2,1928 Literary Meeting Article Coed Meeting to Feature May Day Festival 
May 2,1928 Men's Glee Article Highland Park Hears Men's Glee Club 
May 2,1928 Women's Dress Opinion Let Them Drop a Bit 
May 2,1928 Football Coach Sports Ben Ten Star to Assist Football Coach Next Year 
May 2,1928 Thinking Opinion Can You Think? 
May 2,1928 Chapel Opinion Chapel Contributions 
May 2,1928 Women Opinion Always Blame the Women 
May 2,1928 Humor Column Sparklettes 
May 2,1928 Poetry Column Lions O' Type 
May 2,1928 Womens' Debate Article Keys Awarded to Women Debaters 
May 2,1928 Engagements Article Tower Bell Tolls Fair Weather Results 
May 2,1928 Poetry Column Highways: The Open Road 
May 2,1928 Womens' Debate Article Women Debaters Have Annual Party 
May 2,1928 Literary Society Article Celts in Politics 
May 2,1928 Academy News Academy News 
May 9,1928 Kenneth P. Gieser  News Volunteers Unite With Missionaries At Banquet Table  
May 9,1928 Professor Hamp Music  Chicago Audience hears Hampmen In Popular Concert  
May 9,1928 Wheaton College Bulletin  News 1928 - 29 Catalog Fresh From Press 
May 9,1928 Mrs. Margaret Barnet  News Mrs. Barnet Hostess To Senior Group At Dinner Party  
May 9,1928 Florence Smith  Alumni News Of Almni Far And Near  
May 9,1928 Prof. Hamp Music Two Glee Clubs To Unite In Concert 
May 9,1928 Prof. Glen Gates Cole  News "Jungle Poison" Ready For The Public 
May 9,1928 Finale News Two Young People's Societies Strive For Grand Finale  
May 9,1928 Chauncey Depew News Chauncey's Sectret  
May 9,1928 Wome's Organizations News May Pole Spectacle Climaxes Varied Program 
May 9,1928 Dr. Samuel Miller News Younf dean Conducts Friday Chapel Service And Gives Lecture 
May 9,1928 The Record  Column  The Function Of Criticism  
May 9,1928 Lutheran Declaration  News Going Down  
May 9,1928 Ships Asail  Column  Birds 
May 9,1928 Milton  News It Is Written  
May 9,1928 Tenis Sports Tennis Men Improve But No. Central Wins  
May 9,1928 Celt News Hoover, Smith Absorb Attention In Celts Arrows In Chicago  
May 9,1928 Partington  Sports Orange And blue Downs Elmhurst  
May 9,1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Cardinals Superior On Diamond in First Clash  
May 9,1928 Sport Sports Spring Sportings 
May 9,1928 Seniors Academy  Academy News 
May 9,1928 Turner Sports Track Men Trim Chicago Normal  
May 9,1928 Ruth Dill  Sports Girls Victorious Win Every Set  
May 9,1928 Crum  Sports Camp And Dickman Prevent Love Match  
May 9,1928 I. B. Unknown  Litterature Spring  
May 16,1928 Decennial Convention of W. C. F. A. being held at College Church News Noted Speakers come to Wheaton during the Week 
May 16,1928 Robert L. Schofield News Chorus of 80 Voices to Sing "The Creation" Tomorrow Night 
May 16,1928 Mr. Hallett News Chicago Singer Assists Mark Hallett in vesper Treat 
May 16,1928 Miss Jeanette Van Valeknburg News Pianiste, Violiniste and Soloist Heard Last Thursday Evening 
May 16,1928 Martin L. Long News  Long is to Represent Wheaton at Ohio State in Finals 
May 16,1928 Aels, Bows and Phils News Flash Lights of the Lit Societies 
May 16,1928 Miss Effie McGill News New Tea-Room to be Opened by Students First week in June 
May 16,1928 Mark Hallett News Missionaries Get up before Breakfast for Brookside Spree 
May 16,1928 First Glimpse of Real Mountains Gives Prexy Inspiration for Talk News President Returns from Speaking Tour; Western Friends Brought in Touch with Wheaton 
May 16,1928 St. Charles News Fox River Outing Gives Michiganders Chance to get Together 
May 16,1928 Evolution Article An Accomodation 
May 16,1928 Voices of the evening, A Mountain Sunset Literature Ships Asail 
May 16,1928 Dr. L. S. Keyser Information Eventoscope 
May 16,1928 A. J. Paine Opinion Examinations: Student Opinion 
May 16,1928 Timmerman Sports Trackmen Lose in Short Notice Tilt Armour Wins 65-52 
May 16,1928 Crum and Dickman Win Sports Tennis Men Lose Again 
May 16,1928 Coach Coray Sports Pill Tossers Bow to Y College 11-1 
May 16,1928 Players were shifted about Sports Crusaders Crumble in Frist Inning; Aurora Gets 9 Runs; Win 17-2 
May 16,1928 Y College Short Comments Spring Sportings 
May 16,1928 Aidda Doninelli Information So. American Soprano Scheduled for Tuesday 
May 16,1928 Miss Dora E. Winsor '23 News Alumni News 
May 16,1928 Janet Fraser Sports Girl State Champions Down North Central Again to Tune of 5-0 
May 16,1928 The Fall Session Information Students Enthralled in Schedule Planning 
May 16,1928 Latin Club, La Societe Francaise News Academy News 
May 16,1928 The Lincoln Park Zoo News Off to the City 
May 23,1928 Mr. Leriy Hamp Music Chicago Soloists Assist Musical Clubs In Concert  
May 23,1928 Mr. Allan C. Emery  News Trustee Visits Wheaton  
May 23,1928 Brig. William Drake Pennick  News Family United After 19 Years' Separation  
May 23,1928 Ales. Phild and Bows  News tramp, Tramp, Tramp. Bandannas, Bathing Suits, N' Everything 
May 23,1928 Boad Of Regents News Board Of Regents Gives Significant Rating To Wheaton  
May 23,1928 Dr. Leander S. Keyser  News Nine Christian Leaders Visit Campus In Week  
May 23,1928 Joseph Haydn  News Church Crowded For The Singing of "The Creation" 
May 23,1928 Jack Conley News Inaugurate Drive At Lion's Banquet Of Business Men  
May 23,1928 Madame Doninelli Music Much Advertised Singer Delights Audience In Fischer Chapel  
May 23,1928 E. H.  Column  Self - Control  
May 23,1928 A Campus Talk  Column  The Sheepskin Holder  
May 23,1928 Ships Asail  Column  A Bit O' Wheaton Poetry  
May 23,1928 Evangeline Payne Litterature Just Fences 
May 23,1928 Avery Johnson  Litterature Alone, Lookimng out O'er The Sea 
May 23,1928 Elisabeth Dickson  Litterature To A Humming Bird  
May 23,1928 Elliott Coleman Litterature Wheaton: June 1928 
May 23,1928 Prescott Dennett News Alumni News 
May 23,1928 Oratorical Contests  News Academy News 
May 23,1928 Marjorie Isel  Music Glee Club Concert 
May 23,1928 Chicago Normal  Sports Girls Still Display Championship Style, Chi. Normal Falls 4-0 
May 23,1928 Men's Tennis  Sports Netmen Taste Victory As DeKalb falls 4-0 
May 23,1928 Decatur Tournament  Sports Spring Sporting  
May 23,1928 North Sectional Tournament  Sports Racketeers Stage Real Rally to Win Tourney  
May 23,1928 Henry Lawrence News Henri L. Southwick To Read "King Lear" Mon  
May 23,1928 Miss Lois Richards  News Radio Engagements Filled by Women's Glee Club  
May 23,1928 Crawford, Hess Take Firsts News ten Cindermen Place in Quadrangle Meet At Stagg Field  
May 23,1928 College Quintet  News Quintent Busy  
June 6, 1928 Large Morton estate Near Lisle Furnishes Pleasant Rendezvous News Profs take a day off to picnic and visit arboretum 
June 6, 1928 The Presbyterian Genenral Assembly  News Prayers Answered for Princeton 
June 6, 1928 Rev. Arthur F. Purkiss  News Mr. Purkiss Scheduled for Fall Services Here 
June 6, 1928 Fischer Chapel Music Combined Music Clubs Set High Precedent in Spring Concert 
June 6, 1928 President J. Oliver Buswell News Andover Case Considered 
June 6, 1928 Weekend Inspirations Culminate in Campfire Service Sunday Night News Seniors Have Big Time at Winona Lake Assembly 
June 6, 1928 Elizabeth Jaderquist News Alumna Going Abroad to Study and Travel 
June 6, 1928 N. Harrison to Address Graduates at Final Service Wednesday News Sixty-Ninth Annual Commencement Nears 
June 6, 1928 The Record Staff members  News Record Subscription Rate Raised in effort to Free From Debt 
June 6, 1928 To the Class of '28 Articles Speed on, Team Work, Christian Culture 
June 6, 1928 Miss Cobb, Professor of Expression News President Southwick Delights Audiences with readings 
June 6, 1928 The Baseball Diamond News Staff of Tower of '30 Urges Use of Candy 
June 6, 1928 Each Organization is Represented by Two Numbers on Program News Lit Societies Join in Open Meeting in Fischer Chapel 
June 6, 1928 Are Peace Harbingers  News University Soon To be Bounding over the Ocean 
June 6, 1928 Rev. Norman B. Harrison Information Campus Calendar 
June 6, 1928 Marion Leach News Ava Leach in Recital Exhibits Ability as Keyboard Artiste 
June 6, 1928 The Financial Campaign of the College State Information Still Driving 
June 6, 1928 Hezekiah Loudenslagel Short Comments '28 SPARX 
June 6, 1928 Dorothy Howell News Tuesday Nite Dream of a Twenty-After 
June 6, 1928 Adieu, The Journey Onwards Literature Ships Asail 
June 6, 1928 Kathryn Evans News Societies in Limelight with New Presidents and Banquet Plans 
June 6, 1928 Miss Marguerite Garlough News  Academy News 
June 6, 1928 Miss Thorlakson News Senior Sneak Day 
June 6, 1928 Louise Koester News Alumni Briefs 
June 6, 1928 Anderson and Morris Sports Spring Sportings 
June 6, 1928 Helen Nowack Sports Ex-Champs Fail to Come Back but Take 3 out of 4 on Trip 
June 6, 1928 The Illinois Intercollegiate Conference Sports Relay Team and Hess Place in State Meet Held at Monmouth 
June 6, 1928 Elmhurst Has Lost only Once Sports Netmen Tie Elmhurst in Season Final 3-3 
June 6, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Crusaders Drop Final Game to No. Central 
June 6, 1928 Dickman Sports Girls Have clean Slate Men Lose at Same Time 
June 6, 1928 Hess Takes Three Firsts Navarro is Crane Star Sports Cindermen Drop Crane Tech Meet by Margin 68-63 
June 6, 1928 Monmouth Takes Championship from Wheaton Trio Sports Girl Tennis Champs Lose Both Crowns to Monmouth at Decatur 
June 6, 1928 Mr. Snell News Interview Reveals Back-Stage Work of Local Alumnus 
June 6, 1928 The May Queen News Upperclassmen Gather Around the May-Pole 
June 6, 1928 The Final Expression Recital of the Year News Senior Expression Recital Tomorrow 
June 6, 1928 Open Gate Tea House  News New Tea House Ready for Commencement 
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