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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
December 1, 1926 Ruth H. Milliken Article Book Review- Beau Geste 
December 1, 1926 Georgia Tech News "Pup Tent & Blanket" Help Back to Nature Hiker 
December 1, 1926 Blanchard House News Blanchard News 
December 1, 1926 Oosterbaan, Michigan News Big Ten Closes Heavy Season 
December 1, 1926 The Missionary Training Institute News Academy Grad at NYACK 
December 1, 1926 Ralph Corbin and William Thomas News Junior Varsity Will Back Varsity 
December 1, 1926 Walter T. Martin and Miriam O. Worrell News Students Marry Over Holiday Season 
December 1, 1926 Mrs. Besant News Contemporary History from an Ancient Book 
December 1, 1926 Elizabeth Green Music Conservatory Students Present Recital  
December 1, 1926 Jemez Indians News Indians Kept Thanksgiving Rites before Pilgrims Borrowed Them 
December 1, 1926 A. B. Chapin Cartoon Nothing Could be Slicker 
December 1, 1926 The National Student Federation of America News Investigation of Compulsory Chapel Results 
December 8, 1926 Waiters, Cabbies, All Hope to Keep Busy in Spare Hours News Students Earn Way thru School by Varied Tasks 
December 8, 1926 Avery Johnson Information Mathematics Club Starts Working 
December 8, 1926 Plan Launched to Form Other "Wheaton Clubs" News Forty Alumni Meet at Princeton First Grads to Organize 
December 8, 1926 Prof. Hotchkiss News Chapel Talks of New Profs. Interest Many 
December 8, 1926 Bertram Smith '26 News Girls Glee Club to Sing 
December 8, 1926 All American Rating Award is Given in Certificate News Tower '27 Claims Contest Honors 
December 8, 1926 Will Develop Three Questions; Tour State Later News Women's Debate Plans Include Wisconsin Trip 
December 8, 1926 Prof. Bole News Genetics Class Seees Flower, Stock Shows 
December 8, 1926 "Hello, Boys," Be on Time Articles Editorial 
December 8, 1926 Lake Glen Ellyn News Local Winter Sports 
December 8, 1926 A Y. M. C. A. Executive  News Use of Opportunity in Phillipino Embroidery Brings Wealth 
December 8, 1926 The Peruvian People News Miss Erickson '23 Writes of First Impressions in South America 
December 8, 1926 The Way Sigma's  News Wayside News 
December 8, 1926 Lindquist News Belts Study bunyan 
December 8, 1926 The Phi Nu Voyage News Sea Featured at Phils 
December 8, 1926 Prexy Welsh News Celts Review Great Men 
December 8, 1926 The Musical Feature of the Evening News Aels Try Notion Theme 
December 8, 1926 Albin E. Johnson News Intercollegiate 
December 8, 1926 The Party News Academy News 
December 8, 1926 Oh Girls!! Short Comments Lions O' Type 
December 8, 1926 Louise French Literature Magic Casements 
December 8, 1926 The Spirit of Christmas News Y. W. hears Miss Cobb Interest Students 
December 8, 1926 Miss Betty Johnston News  Student Volunteers 
December 8, 1926 Roy J. Snell News Alumni Notes 
December 8, 1926 Miss Viola Mitchell News Dow House Personals  
December 8, 1926 Richard Neale Short Comment Inquiring Reporter 
December 8, 1926 Mr. Taddonio Music Ensemble Music in Latest Concert 
December 8, 1926 Bleachers Sports Bleachers in Gym Appreciated by All 
December 8, 1926 Miss Joybelle Fitch News Indoor-Outdoor Girls' Contest Coming Dec. 10 
December 8, 1926 Captain Gratz Sports Girl's Interclass Basketball Starts 
December 8, 1926 Seasoned Men Fight for Berth on Varsity Sports W. C.'s Four Horsemen Ready for Cage Season; Rarin' to go; Who will be fifth Man 
December 8, 1926 Dr. Roop News Orientation 
December 8, 1926 The Lounge or Club Room News Dorm Doings 
December 8, 1926 Christmas Gifts Galore Information Y. W. C. A. to Sell Gifts and Candy Friday 
December 15, 1926 Chapel Talk Article President Stresses Christian Growth 
December 15, 1926 Engineer Cuts Cost Article Heating Plant Well Managed 
December 15, 1926 Student Life Article Illness; Death Calls Students Home 
December 15, 1926 Requirements Met By Surety Bond Article Endowment Fund Permits 500 Students '27 
December 15, 1926 Debate Goes Ael-Belt Article Talent Arrayed in Open Meeting 
December 15, 1926 Sunday School Times Article Blanchard Work is Reviewed in "Times" 
December 15, 1926 Student Policies Article Campus Leaders Talk Problems of College Life 
December 15, 1926 Harmon Foundatin Offers Wheaton Current Fund Article $1000 Grant to Make Possible Student Loans 
December 15, 1926 Editorial Column The Bible Open? Chapel for Worship 
December 15, 1926 Theology Article Contemporary History From an Ancient Book 
December 15, 1926 Newspaper Leadership News 1927 Record Heads to be Chosen January 10 
December 15, 1926 Book Review Article "The Modern Triangle" by Prof. Bole 
December 15, 1926 Sears Alumni News Sears to Entertain Alumni of '20-'26 
December 15, 1926 Intercollegiate News News Intercollegiate 
December 15, 1926 National Women's Christian Temperance Union Article Plan Local W.C.T.U. for Students 
December 15, 1926 Poetry Column Lions O'Type 
December 15, 1926 Literary Society Meeting News Next Ael Program for Jan. 7th 
December 15, 1926 Cork House News Cork House News: K.K.G.s 
December 15, 1926 Academy News Academy News 
December 15, 1926 Women's Glee Club Article Christmas Cantata Given by Women 
December 15, 1926 Ael Literary Society Article Aels Have Supper at Mortenson's 
December 15, 1926 Post Office Article Carry Uncle Sam's Mail 
December 15, 1926 Poetry Column Magic Casements 
December 15, 1926 Yang Nduu Samajers Dinner Article Foreigners eat Chicken at Christmas Meeting 
December 15, 1926 Studen Volunteers Article Student Volunteers Hear Mrs. Ekvall 
December 15, 1926 Christmas Recital News Christmas Recital Held Tonight 
December 15, 1926 Dorm News Article Dorm Doings 
December 15, 1926 New Student News Services Article Student Editor Fights Corrupt Society 
December 15, 1926 Girl's Basketball Sports Outsiders Keep Edge on Dorm Girls 
December 15, 1926 Reber House Article Reber House 
December 15, 1926 Basketball News Tomorrow Night Teacher Play W. 
December 15, 1926 Unknown Soldier Article Think This Thru 
December 15, 1926 Alumnus Article Alumnus Strengthens Alma Mater 
December 15, 1926 Academy Basketball Sports Academy Shows Well Against Naperville 
December 15, 1926 Men's Glee Club News Men's Glee Club at Baptist Church 
December 15, 1926 Sayings Article "Equestrian Neckwear' Says Ikey Nowadays 
December 15, 1926 Men's Basketball Sports Varsity Takes Early Lead; Wins 
December 15, 1926 "Y" House Feast Article Dinner Dates Precede Open Meeting 
December 15, 1926 Varsity Debaters Breakfast Article Varsity Debaters Give Breakfast 
December 15, 1926 Ministerial Association News Ministerial Meeting 
December 15, 1926 Sattire Article Barlett Pears 
December 15, 1926 Student Life Article Fouth Floor Diary 
December 15, 1926 Vote for Co-Education Article Frosh for Co-Education 
December 15, 1926 Missionary Home Article Missionary Home 
December 15, 1926 Blanchard House Article Echoes from Blanchard House 
December 15, 1926 Humor Article The Ham What Am 
December 15, 1926 College Church Sunday School Article Joy Girls Will Give Christmas Party 
January 12, 1927 Alumni Branch Article Western Alumni to Organize Branch 
January 12, 1927 "Modification or Not" Is Theme of Dual Argument Article Debaters Face Loyola Teams 
January 12, 1927 Co-Ed Debate Article Co-Eds Debate Jury System at Carrol 
January 12, 1927 New Courses Possible with Enlarged Faculty Article Choose Three New Profs as Classes Grow 
January 12, 1927 Revival Services Article Campus Leaders and President Confer 
January 12, 1927 Record Newspaper Leaders News Elect 1927 Record Leaders 
January 12, 1927 Record Employees Article Record Calls for Employees To Break in and Train All New Writers and Business Men 
January 12, 1927 Endowment News $130,000 Estate Goes to Endowment 
January 12, 1927 Administratin Bldg. to Tower Over All Others News Break Ground for Blanchard Memorial Soon 
January 12, 1927 Illness News Floyd Tawney III 
January 12, 1927 Editorial Column Criticism, Christian, and Helpful; Make Ourselves Plain 
January 12, 1927 A Reverie, Characteristic of a Junior Article Junior News 
January 12, 1927 What is Your Roommate's Most Insidious Trick? Article The Inquiring Reporter 
January 12, 1927 Seniors News Senior Class News 
January 12, 1927 Record Gets Present from Toronto, Canada News Intercollegiate 
January 12, 1927 Missionaries News Missionary Home Notes 
January 12, 1927 Poetry Column Lions O' Type 
January 12, 1927 Alumni Visitors News Alumni '25 on Visit Tell of Dallas 
January 12, 1927 Debate Article Senior-Soph Debate Honors are Split 
January 12, 1927 Sorority News 'Nother Organization 
January 12, 1927 Poetry: The Blanchards Column Magic Casements 
January 12, 1927 Essay Contest News Ham Wins Essay Contest 
January 12, 1927 Literary Society Article Aelioian Talks New Year 
January 12, 1927 Philalethean Society News Phil Has Snow-Gram 
January 12, 1927 Excelsior Society Article Excelsiors Show Wit 
January 12, 1927 Library Staff Article Library Staff has Party 
January 12, 1927 Freshman News Article Freshman Notes 
January 12, 1927 Sleeping in Class Article Snooze if You Can 
January 12, 1927 Dorm Article Xmas Dorm Roll Light 
January 12, 1927 Volunteers Article Student Volunteer Meeting 
January 12, 1927 Basketball Sports Macomb Will Put Up Stiff Argument; Oshkosh No Easy Mark 
January 12, 1927 Girls Basketball Tournament Sports Girl's Basketball Row To Come Off Soon 
January 12, 1927 Alumni Article Alumni Notes 
January 12, 1927 Record Bulletin Article Record Bulletin Service Comes into Play 
January 12, 1927 Campus  Article "Moo-fy" House Makes History 
January 12, 1927 Personals Article Personals 
January 12, 1927 Men's Basketball Sports Chicago Normal Game Comes Easy 
January 12, 1927 Campus Religious Survey Article The Record 
January 12, 1927 Evangelism Services News Evangelistic Services 
January 12, 1927 Summer School News Plan '27 Summer School 
January 19, 1927 Evangelistic Meeting Article Mr. Purkiss' Goals are Inclusive, Strong 
January 19, 1927 Patrick Clark Article Dr. Clark Gives Talk on Prayer; Addresses Students at Special Chapel Service 
January 19, 1927 Campus News News Late News Bulletin 
January 19, 1927 First Home Debate to Be with Taylor News Girls Debate on Jury Reform in Wisconsin Trip 
January 19, 1927 Athletics Association Sports Ask Entrance to Wisc.-Ill. Conference 
January 19, 1927 Wheaton Record Staff News Council Elects Staff of Record for 1927 
January 19, 1927 New Registration Plan to Avoid Jam, Rush Article One Week Given When Registrar Will Be Popular 
January 19, 1927 Debate Article Juniors Win Junior-Frosh Debate 
January 19, 1927 Resolution Calls for Committee to Form New Organization News Beltionians To Sponsor Third Men's Society 
January 19, 1927 Y.W.C.A. Article Y.W. In Open Forum Discusses Study 
January 19, 1927 Record Staff Goodbye: "Au Revoir" Column Editorial 
January 19, 1927 Sophs Article Sophs Busy About Campus 
January 19, 1927 Ray F. Kahle, Rhetoric Assignment Article 'Seed Sown in a Forest' 
January 19, 1927 Bartlett Hall Article Bartlett Hall 
January 19, 1927 Assistant Coach? Sports The Inquiring Reporter 
January 19, 1927 Vocational Predictions Article Fourth Floor Diary 
January 19, 1927 Dorm Article Dorm Jottings 
January 19, 1927 Missionary Home Article Missionary Home Notes 
January 19, 1927 Poetry Column Lions O' Type 
January 19, 1927 Mu Phi Article Mu Phi Doings 
January 19, 1927 Alumni News Alumni News 
January 19, 1927 Dr. Isaac Page Article Dr. Page at Bible Study This Thursday 
January 19, 1927 Intercollegiate New Intercollegiate 
January 19, 1927 Glee Club News Academy News 
January 19, 1927 Mrs. Blanchard News Mrs. Blanchard Returns from Western Visit 
January 19, 1927 Illness Article Flu is the Style at Reber House 
January 19, 1927 Social Event Article Corking Good Time is at Cork's 
January 19, 1927 Poetry Column Magic Casements 
January 19, 1927 Woman's Chrisitan Temperance Union Article Y.P.B. of W.C.T.U. Meets at Grange Home 
January 19, 1927 Book Review Article Review of Mark Sullivan's "Our Times" 
January 19, 1927 Literary Societies Article Beltionian, Aelioian, Phil Essays, Excelsior 
January 19, 1927 Former Moody Students Article Local Ex-Moodyites Meet 
January 19, 1927 Basketball Reserve Team Sports Seconds Take Close Game by 22-17 
January 19, 1927 Student Council Article Special Meeting of the Student Council, January 6, 1927 
January 19, 1927 Basketball Sports Macomb's Victory is by Two Points 
January 19, 1927 Basketball Preview Sports "Y" College Comes to Slaughter Saturday 
January 19, 1927 Don Guild Sports Guild Elected 1927 Football Captain 
January 19, 1927 Milton Nelson News M. Nelson Returns from Europe 
January 19, 1927 Basketball: On Defense DeVelde Busts Up Play Sports Gillespie Back; Leads Scoring 
January 19, 1927 Student Council Article Regularing Meeting of the Student Council 
January 19, 1927 Moody Bible Article Founders Week at Moody Brings Alumni Back 
January 26, 1927 Ruth Skyes News Senior-Frosh Debate Seniors Win 2-1 
January 26, 1927 Dr. Robert L. Schofield Music Vesper Organ Recital  
January 26, 1927 Jean Murdock News Third Lit Society is decision for Sophs 
January 26, 1927 Whiskey Rebellion will be Subject News Dig Out History in W.C.T.U. Meet 
January 26, 1927 President Buswell News "Y" House Banquet Surpises Many 
January 26, 1927 Muskingum College News Personal Work is One Evangelistic Theme of Rev. Purkiss 
January 26, 1927 Dr. John C. Page News College Church Calls Mr. Page 
January 26, 1927 Gordon Moffett News New Wheaton Trio Takes On Loyola 
January 26, 1927 To Make $75,000 Wing on East Side of Main Bldg.  News Equipment Will be Complete in Blanchard Hall  
January 26, 1927 Dr. Hawley O. Taylor of Boston News New Faculty Member a New England Prof.  
January 26, 1927 A Pledge to Yesterday, What are the Other Three Societies Doing?, About Second Half Comebacks Articles Editorial 
January 26, 1927 Menno Lutke News Missionary Home Notes 
January 26, 1927 An Award of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars  News Big Prize in Essay Contest 
January 26, 1927 P. S. Harris News Barbers, College Bred, is Newest Course 
January 26, 1927 Henry Coray News Alumni Notes 
January 26, 1927 Story of Binding Library Magazines Article From Rack to Stack 
January 26, 1927 Steve Paine News Mysterious Fourth Floor Diary Causes Great Excitement 
January 26, 1927 Rutherford Short Comments Lions O'Type 
January 26, 1927 Glenn Frank News The University with One Student 
January 26, 1927 Elinor Wylie News Book Talk for Record Readers: The Reading Years 
January 26, 1927 Aelionian, Phi Nu, Beltionian News Literary Societies 
January 26, 1927 Kathryn Oliver Literature Magic Casements 
January 26, 1927 Dr. Clark News Chapel Talk 
January 26, 1927 "Marching Thru Georgia" News Our Band Can't be Beat 
January 26, 1927 Paul Rader News Hear Rader Over Radio 
January 26, 1927 He Wasn't an Englishmen News Academy News 
January 26, 1927 Dr. Issac Page News Dr. Issac Page Studies Book of Ephesians 
January 26, 1927 Miss Mabel Alevrson News "Confucianism" Theme of Student Volunteers 
January 26, 1927 Bloomington News Team Takes Walk and Makes Shop Tour 
January 26, 1927 Wooster College News Intercollegiate 
January 26, 1927 The Watch College News Academy Swamps Watch College 
January 26, 1927 Ev's Boys News Next Illinois Normal Here This Time 
January 26, 1927 Muriel White Short Comments The Inquiring Reporter 
January 26, 1927 Spirit Mounts Hight as Score Grows Sports Wheaton Grabs Victory From "Y" College 
January 26, 1927 Bold and Brazen Pete Short Story Blanchard house News 
January 26, 1927 E. T. Geddes  Column  Flying Home 
January 26, 1927 College Man  Column  My Latest Room-Mate  
January 26, 1927 Frederick Miller  News Ancient Church Organ  
January 26, 1927 Proud Father  Jokes I Understand  
January 26, 1927 Alice, Jim Jokes Gracious, Yes! 
January 26, 1927 Ben Franklin  Column  If Record Was Printed By Hand  
February 2, 1927 Literary Society  News Elect Officers For Spring Term in Lit Societies  
February 2, 1927 Herman A. Fischer News Attorney Fischer Talks to Youth of Wheaton  
February 2, 1927 Record News Quality Circulation Pays  
February 2, 1927 Marjorie Johnson News Girls Battle Over Phillipine Question  
February 2, 1927 Men's GleeClub News Men's GleeClub to Sing at Home Soon  
February 2, 1927 Record, Tower News Demand High Grades For Student Leaders 
February 2, 1927 Alice Howard News Alumni Notes 
February 2, 1927 Reveley Hallett, Gordon Moffatt News Wheaton And Loyola Break Even On Modification Debate  
February 2, 1927 Clara Dunning Bevins, Marie Kecker Alumni Alumni Sell, Lecture, Marry, Study, Preach  
February 2, 1927 Wheaton, Loyola News Both Negative Teams Victors On Home Platforms 
February 2, 1927 The Record Editorial  The What, Why, How, Of The Record 
February 2, 1927 Elliot Coleman  The Record Coleman Is Editor  
February 2, 1927 Exams Editorial  Just A Minute, Please 
February 2, 1927 Wheaton Milestones Editorial  At Least Seven  
February 2, 1927 David Editorial  Goodbye Cheating, Etc 
February 2, 1927 Nothern Illionois State Teachers College News Intercollegiate  
February 2, 1927 Kappa Pi News Kappa Pi News 
February 2, 1927 Mr. and Mrs. Lomasson  News Talks Of Interest By Mr. and Mrs. Lomasson  
February 2, 1927 Red Deyoung Bill Wood, Eddie Olson  News Fourth Floor Diary 
February 2, 1927 Le Revasseur  Litterature  Lions O' Type 
February 2, 1927 Keep Guessing  News Oh Myyyyyy! 
February 2, 1927 Law'norder News Page Mrs. Garlough, Quick!! 
February 2, 1927 R.E.O. (Woof!)  News A Confession  
February 2, 1927 John T. Scopes News Monkey Bill Again Headline  
February 2, 1927 Thomas Buell Litterature Our School  
February 2, 1927 Frank Smith  News Sunday School Class Goes On Sleighride  
February 2, 1927 Glenville High School  News Graduating Class Total Failures  
February 2, 1927 Rabindranath Tagore Litterature Cameos 
February 2, 1927 Beltionians  News Old Faces Missed in Beltionians  
February 2, 1927 Evangeline Moltenson  News Aels Elect President  
February 2, 1927 Kermit Miller  News Ikey Miller Takes Reins  
February 2, 1927 Electral Convetion  News Phi Nu 
February 2, 1927 Prof. Green  News New Society  
February 2, 1927 Semester Gone  News Academy News 
February 2, 1927 Wheaton, Illinois Normal  Sports 30 - 19 Score Without Gillespie Shows Flash Play  
February 2, 1927 Wheaton  Sports Here's Sample Of Playing In Pinch  
February 2, 1927 Coach Coray's Junior Varsity  Sports Junior Varsity Nosed Out By Concordia  
February 2, 1927 Lake Forest  Sports Lake Forest Claims Victory from Juniors  
February 2, 1927 Kelly Barnes  Sports Crowd Goes To Aurora  
February 2, 1927 Naperville, Wheaton  Sports  Game Next Saturday Will Continue The Old Battle  
February 2, 1927 Wheaton, Aurora  Sports Visitors Out Play Home Team  
February 2, 1927 Irvine Pett Article  The Origination of The Forward Pass  
February 2, 1927 The Spice Of Life  Litterature  The Spice Of Life  
February 2, 1927 Dr. Isaac Page  News Dr. Page Concludes Talks On Ephesians  
February 2, 1927 Percy Clark  News Missionary Home Notes  
February 2, 1927 Florence Glover  News "Persecution" Sebject In Volunteers  
February 11, 1927 Brunelda von Heidi News Distinguished Personage Matriculates At Wheaton 
February 11, 1927 1926 Football Team Sports Coach Coray Awards 18 Football Letters 
February 11, 1927 Professor Mintier Short Comment Former Instructor Visits Campus 
February 11, 1927 J. Watt Reber News Mr. J.W. Reber to Present Travel Lectures Here 
February 11, 1927 Debate between Wheaton College and Taylor University News Women Meet Taylor on Marriage Law 
February 11, 1927 Rev. A.F. Purkiss Opens Semester With Services- Represents Laymen's Christian Association News Special Meetings Continue Through Sunday 
February 11, 1927 Demise of Dr. Wm. Kuntze News Dr. Kuntze Succumbs To Long Illness 
February 11, 1927 President Buswell Short Comment President Active on Brief Eastern Trip 
February 11, 1927 Marriage of Helen Andrews and David Gillespie News Gillespie-Andrews 
February 11, 1927 An American Tragedy Article Editorial 
February 11, 1927 Wheaton's busiest Year in History Short Comment Spring, 1927 
February 11, 1927 Humor Short Comment Academy News 
February 11, 1927 Sorority Engagement Short Comment Can Wheaton Beat U. of Illinois In This? 
February 11, 1927 Galahad, Preface to A Life Review Book Talk 
February 11, 1927 Updates From Other Colleges News Intercollegiate 
February 11, 1927 Basketball Team Sports "Yankee Doodle" Leads Team on to Victory 
February 11, 1927 Questions Short Comment Can You Imagine? 
February 11, 1927 Poetry Literature Lions O' Type 
February 11, 1927 Clubs Information Forty Points To Each Student 
February 11, 1927 Prof. Nydegger News "Y" House Spirits 
February 11, 1927 Academy Curriculum Information Debate Class Added To Academy Curriculum 
February 11, 1927 Minutes Information Regular Student Council Meeting, January 31,1927 
February 11, 1927 Poetry, Short Stories Literature Cameos 
February 11, 1927 Candlelight Installation Service Short Comment Phils Run Switchboard 
February 11, 1927 Installation of New Offices Information Aels Install Officers 
February 11, 1927 February Origin Literature February Featured By Celts 
February 11, 1927 Basketball Game Sports How We Got To The Game 
February 11, 1927 Updates on Alumni Information Alumni Notes 
February 11, 1927 Short Story Article How Two Co-eds Saw Lewis Game 
February 11, 1927 Junior Varsity Short Comment Wheaton Seconds Meet Their Match 
February 11, 1927 Wheaton versus North Central Sports Junior Varsity Wins In Tilt With Naperville 
February 11, 1927 Basketball Sports Local Basketeers Romp Over Lewis 
February 11, 1927 Basketball against Mount Morris Sports Play Mt. Morris Sat. 
February 11, 1927 Crusaders Cop Whirlwind Clash On North Central Floor- Large Wheaton Crowd Migrate to Game Sports Wheaton Tramps on Cardinals 34 to 25 
February 11, 1927 Sport Comments Sports Players Do Their Stuff 
February 11, 1927 Pep Meeting Sports Wheaton Spirit Shown In Pep Meeting 
February 11, 1927 Dinner News Trustee And Faculty Get Together 
February 11, 1927 Mr. Whiting Short Comment English Bible Student Gives Helpful Message 
February 11, 1927 Mrs. Hugh Roberts Short Comment College And College Church Represented At Founder's Week 
February 11, 1927 Beltionian and New Societies Literature Belts and New Society Hold Joint Meeting 
February 16, 1927 Mr. Purkiss News Students Voice Opinions of Purkiss Meetings 
February 16, 1927 Kelly Barnes News Cottage Girls' Party Featured by Hearts 
February 16, 1927 The Washington Banquet News Faculty and Students to Get Together at 18th Annual Banquet 
February 16, 1927 Garlough News Valentines Entertain at "Red Castle" 
February 16, 1927 Wheaton Women's Debating Team Information Women Meet Taylor Thur-Michigan Mon. 
February 16, 1927 Mr. Barton Rees Pague News Lose to Taylot at Upland 
February 16, 1927 H. F. Harrington News Medill Dean Speaks at Record Banquet 
February 16, 1927 chan. Friend of Gen. Chiang, Attacked by Chicago Thugs News Wheaton China-man Predicts Canton Victory 
February 16, 1927 Wilhelmina Aveling News Miss Howell Elected President of W. A. A.  
February 16, 1927 Far East Rumblings, Tribute to Mr. Purkiss, Basketball and School Spirit Articles Editorial 
February 16, 1927 Robert Phip News New Men's Society Will Choose Name Friday 
February 16, 1927 Mr. Raymond Lindquist News  Super-Generosity for the Unknown 
February 16, 1927 Kathryn Oliver News Aelioian 
February 16, 1927 Irvin Pett. News Missionary Home Exposed at Celt Meeting 
February 16, 1927 Harriet Northrop News Belts Lead Meeting 
February 16, 1927 Richard Huston News Academy News 
February 16, 1927 A Phi Phi Delter News Fourth Floor "Diarist" is Blackmailed 
February 16, 1927 Rhapsody in F Minor Short Comment Lions O'Type 
February 16, 1927 Mr. Kelly Barnes Short Comments Inquiring Reporter 
February 16, 1927 Sauerwein Proud of Team News Alumni Notes 
February 16, 1927 Mr. Rhoad News Rev. Mr. Rhoad Addresses Volunteers 
February 16, 1927 W. G. Moffet Defers His Damage Claims News Record May be Sued by Former Staff Reporter 
February 16, 1927 The Music Information Students Active in Meetings 
February 16, 1927 Old Ships, Cargoes Literature Cameos 
February 16, 1927 Capt. MacKinney News Gillespie 
February 16, 1927 Doris Hoops News Cork House Claims Three Sets of Sisters 
February 16, 1927 Miss Torrey News Dinner for Prof. Taylor 
February 16, 1927 Muriel Regal News Soph Girls Out-Argue Frosh Coeds 
February 16, 1927 Howard Adams News Juniors Frolic at Green Lantern Inn 
February 16, 1927 Paul Hayward News Prof. Roop's Class Like "L" Rush Hour 
February 16, 1927 The Frosh and Soph Sports Girls Basketball Starts Today 
February 16, 1927 What my "W" means to me Short Comments Inquiring Reporter 
February 16, 1927 North Central  Sports Lake Forest Nips Junior Varsity 
February 16, 1927 Basketball Sports Dop-O-Gram 
February 16, 1927 Paul Marwitz Information Beg Pardon, Paul! 
February 16, 1927 To Win the Orange and Blue Must Stage Comeback Sports Wheaton Cagers Primed for "Hoosier's's Best 
February 16, 1927 Virginia Mengel Opinion A "Catamount's" Wee Mistake 
February 16, 1927 Mt. Morris Boys Sports Mt. Morris Topples to Yellow Jackets in Unspirited Game 
February 23, 1927 Sixty Five Attend "Record" Banquet Article Dean of Medill School Critizes Collegiate Press 
February 23, 1927 Men's Debate Article Obed Kay Will Manage Men's Debating Team 
February 23, 1927 Women's Debate Article Women's Varsity Wins from Michigan Trio 
February 23, 1927 Women's Debate Article Wheaton Debaters Lose to Taylor 
February 23, 1927 Summer School Schedule Article Dr. H.U. Roop to Direct Summer School 
February 23, 1927 YWCA Article Y.W.C.A. Elects Cabinet Officers 
February 23, 1927 Young People's Branch of WCTU Article Y.P.B. Meets Monday 
February 23, 1927 Program Directed by Dr. Taylor Article Speeches, Songs, Yells, Eats 
February 23, 1927 Interclass Debate Article All Class Clash in Debate To-night 
February 23, 1927 Come and Find Out; Who's Guilty Column Editorial 
February 23, 1927 Alpha Sigma Article Alpha Sigma Girls Meet at Schofield's 
February 23, 1927 Book Review Article Miss Oliver Reviews "Hounds of Spring" 
February 23, 1927 Alumni News Alumni Notes 
February 23, 1927 Missions Talk on India Article Student Volunteers 
February 23, 1927 Prayer for China Article Christian Endeavor 
February 23, 1927 Academy News Academy News 
February 23, 1927 Poetry Column Lions O' Type 
February 23, 1927 Student Body Article Who's Who 
February 23, 1927 Ministerial Association Article Ministers Hear Dr. H.U. Roop 
February 23, 1927 College Magazine Article "My Old College Magazine" 
February 23, 1927 Student Personals Article Personals 
February 23, 1927 Sports Headquarters Sports College Has Athletic Head-Quarters in Glen Ellyn 
February 23, 1927 Poetry Column Cameos 
February 23, 1927 Literary Societies Article Beltonian, Aelioian, Excelsior, Phi Nu 
February 23, 1927 Aristonian Society Article New Society Named 
February 23, 1927 Dorm Article Dorm Notes 
February 23, 1927 Wayside Inn Article Wayside Reports Quiescence 
February 23, 1927 Catology Class Article Catology Class Cuts Cats 
February 23, 1927 Jr. Varsity Basketball Sports Jr. Varsity Falls to Concordia 
February 23, 1927 Jr. Varsity Basketball Sports Chi-Boys Trim Jr. Reserves 
February 23, 1927 Sports Opinion Sports Sport Opinion! 
February 23, 1927 Hi-School Basketball Sports Wheaton Host to Local Hi-Schools 
February 23, 1927 Basketball Sports Kelly Barnes Gives Stove League Chat 
February 23, 1927 Basketball Crusaders Must Fight Sports North Central Out for Blood 
February 23, 1927 Alumni Basketball Review Sports Old Grad Recollects 
February 23, 1927 Basketball Sports Hoosiers Fall, Horsemen Ride 
February 23, 1927 Basketball  Sports Wheaton Takes Two in '24 
February 23, 1927 Jokes Article Jokes 
February 23, 1927 Interclass Rivalry Article Juniors Stave Off Senior Attack 
March 2, 1927 Paul Turner Victim of Kidnapping News Sophomores Raid Bartlett Hall  
March 2, 1927 George Storrey '30 Information Bulletin! 
March 2, 1927 Prof. Nydegger News Hallett and Moffatt Honored at Party 
March 2, 1927 Prof. Doolittle Music Observatory Awakes from Dormant Sleep  
March 2, 1927 Wayne Reinert News Frosh-Soph Take Debate Laurels 
March 2, 1927 The Vesper Organ Recital Music Dr. Schofield Gives Organ Recital 
March 2, 1927 Classes Vie in Yells, Songs, Decoratopms Article Banquet Attended by 600 Faculty, Students, Alumni 
March 2, 1927 Let's Ring the College Bell, Criticism of the Council Articles Editorial 
March 2, 1927 Mr. George Marston News Regular Student Concil Meeting, Feb. 21, 1927 
March 2, 1927 Safe in China, Directs World Cruise News Alumni Notes 
March 2, 1927 Morgan Nelson Story Fourth Floor Diary 
March 2, 1927 Ruth Prentice News Student Volunteers 
March 2, 1927 Elinor Portner News Wayside News 
March 2, 1927 Aw Shucks! Short Opinion Lions O'Type 
March 2, 1927 Prof. Stroh Reviews Life of Evangelist News D. L. Moody Lives Again in Chapel 
March 2, 1927 The Dinkey Bird, Mr. Wells, Bygones Literature Cameos 
March 2, 1927 Julie Aveling News 22 Seniors Surprise Charles Bole, 21 
March 2, 1927 Stewardship of Life's Calling News Chicago Baptist Pastor Speaks at Bible Study 
March 2, 1927 Mr. Heydenburk News Wheaton Glee Club Visits Illinois Cities 
March 2, 1927 Kathleen Hockman News Academy News 
March 2, 1927 C. J. McIntosh News Intercollegiate 
March 2, 1927 M. W. F. Dr. Dow News English Claases Divide 
March 2, 1927 Phillips F.  Sports Junior Varsity Trims Cardinal Seconds 
March 2, 1927 The Glen Ellyn Church Sports Junior Varsity Wins Close Tilt 
March 2, 1927 Y College is located at 5315 Drexel Ave. Sports Orangemen to Play "Y" 
March 2, 1927 Girls Show Much Skill Sports Class of '28 Wins Tourney 
March 2, 1927 Crusaders Attempt Long Trys Sports Rampant Napervillers Down Wheaton; Cardianls Play Good Ball Crusaders fight to Finish 
March 2, 1927 Coach MacKinney Sports Academy Swamps North Park Five 
March 2, 1927 Rosencrance F. Sports What! No Tickets? Out of Luck, Buddy 
March 2, 1927 Mr. J. Watt Reber News Y. W. Elects Cabinet Officers for the Year 
March 2, 1927 Archie MacKinney Jokes  Jokes 
March 2, 1927 William Schobert News Academy News 
March 2, 1927 Hester Foster News Personals 
March 2, 1927 Coach Coray News Gym Sharpshooters Display Loud Socks 
March 2, 1927 Last Game a Thriller Sports Junior Girls Win Tourney 
March 9, 1927 Earl Helfrick News Expression Students Present Recital Varied with Music 
March 9, 1927 Frank Early Herrick News Pittsfors and Howe Win Nominations 
March 9, 1927 Dr. R. H. Glover  News Dr. Glover Preaches at Collge Church 
March 9, 1927 Debate Northwestern University Next News Wheaton Loses to McKendree on farm Relief 
March 9, 1927 Raymond Lindquist News Lindquist and Corbin to Direct Tower 
March 9, 1927 Interesting Programs Coming Music Music Enrollment Soars; Gless Clubs Planning Trips 
March 9, 1927 Mark Hallet News Dr. Schofield's Pupils to Give Vesper Service 
March 9, 1927 Second Society to Split within Two Months News New Woman's Society Formed; Phils Divide; Action Forced by Enlarged Membership 
March 9, 1927 George Storrey News Missing Frosh Located at Fort Worth, Kansas 
March 9, 1927 The Student Council, Short Story Contest Article Editorial 
March 9, 1927 Dr. Adelaide Woodard Information Campus Calendar 
March 9, 1927 Archie MacKinney Information Who's Who 
March 9, 1927 Jimmie Buswell News Academy Boys Down Saints 
March 9, 1927 Prof. Gayton News A Review of "Perella," by William J. Locke 
March 9, 1927 Mr. S. J. Bole News Prof. Bole Addresses Ministerial Society 
March 9, 1927 Ruth Howell News Dorm Doings 
March 9, 1927 Volunteers Hear Lewis on Leadership News Dr. Jaderquist Gives Bible Study Message 
March 9, 1927 to "La Revasseur" Short Comment Lions O'Type 
March 9, 1927 Miss Vita News  Girls Sing Over Radio 
March 9, 1927 Chapel News Galatians is Theme of President's Message 
March 9, 1927 Virginia C. Emery News Student Council 
March 9, 1927 Sonnet, A Picture, Etchings Literature Cameos 
March 9, 1927 Clara McCandless News Personals 
March 9, 1927 Mr. Axton  News Aristonians Study Short Stories 
March 9, 1927 Beltionian, Aelioian, Excelsior News Literary Societies 
March 9, 1927 Alfreda Pense News Phi Nu Story Contest Soon 
March 9, 1927 Mary Edwards News Alumni Notes 
March 9, 1927 MacKinney High Point Mn with Eleven Markers Sports Crusaders Trip Y College Five in Hot Conflict 
March 9, 1927 Just Like Horse Shoes! Sports "Juniors" Win Comedy Tilt 
March 9, 1927 Team is Named Sports Record Chooses All-Star Team Critics Select Cream of Tourney 
March 9, 1927 Towner Nelson, Jr.  Sports Junior Varsity Trims Local Outfit 
March 9, 1927 Phil Rally Scares Aels Sports Inter Society Game Fraught With Thrills 
March 9, 1927 Grimly Fought Game is Predicted by Dopesters Sports Wheaton-Valpo Cage Clash to Cap Season; Four Horsemen Will Ride for The Last Time 
March 9, 1927 Johnson, MacKinney, Dietzel Sports Cinder Men Stretch Kinked Muscles 
March 9, 1927 Medical Examiner Jokes  Jokes 
March 9, 1927 Mrs. McShane's Sunday School Class News McShane Class Entertains 
March 9, 1927 Massachusetts in 1651 Information First American Mint 
March 16, 1927 Paul Hayward News Hayward Completes Work, Goes East 
March 16, 1927 Brother of President Writes of Difficult Orient Experiences News Calvin Buswell Explains China's Crisis Problems 
March 16, 1927 Professor Nydegger News History Head Accepts Ohio Assistantship 
March 16, 1927 Short Story Preliminary Contest News "Poe" Prelim Winners Announced; Final Soon 
March 16, 1927 Northing to Alaska's Midnight Sun News "Alaska" Reber's Theme For First Y.W.Lecture 
March 16, 1927 Vesper Organ Recital Music Local Musicians Give Vesper Organ Recital 
March 16, 1927 Wheaton College "W" Club News Morgan Nelson Is President of "W" Club 
March 16, 1927 Debate Trip Downstate News Women Debaters Leave for Triple Tilt 
March 16, 1927 Will Advocate Direct Repeal Of Amendment- Hold Open Forum With Luther news N.U.Pits "Wet" Team Against Wheaton 
March 16, 1927 Student Opinion Information Tell Us About It 
March 16, 1927 College Suicide Wave News Another Self-Murder 
March 16, 1927 Weekly Activities Information Campus Calendar 
March 16, 1927 Julie Aveling News Who's Who 
March 16, 1927 Imagine Article Academy News 
March 16, 1927 Mr. Crabtree Article Crabtree Gives Facts 
March 16, 1927 Snippets of Alumni Information Alumni Notes 
March 16, 1927 Blanchard House Article  Dorm Doings 
March 16, 1927 Dr. Woodard of India News Soul Winning Work In India Depicted By Dr. Woodard 
March 16, 1927 Happenings from Colleges Information Intercollegiate 
March 16, 1927 Poetry Literature Lions O' Type 
March 16, 1927 Heart-Searching News Y.W.C.A 
March 16, 1927 Poetry Literature Cameos 
March 16, 1927 Short Comments Information Bartlett Hall Notes 
March 16, 1927 Short Stories Literature Societies Celts Hold Short Story Contest, Aelioian, Phi Nu, Aristonians Write Short Stories, Belt Hall 
March 16, 1927 Hoosiers; Jinx Downs Wheaton In Weird Tilt- Horsemen meet Their Waterloo Sports Orangemen Drop Season's Final to Valpo 
March 16, 1927 Coach Issues Call to All Able Bodied men Sports Gridders In Spring Practice; Will Work Hard 
March 16, 1927 Coach Mackinney's Academy Sports Wheaton Academy Enters Badger Basket Tourney 
March 16, 1927 Valpo Echoes! Article Student Opinion 
March 16, 1927 Bus Trip Sports Valparaiso Bound Basket Ball Crowd Peps Up Bus Trip 
March 16, 1927 Capt. Ev Develde Short Comment Quintet Thanks Fans 
March 16, 1927 Annual Election of Cheerleaders Short Comment Students Choose Cheer Leaders 
March 16, 1927 Humor Article Exam Post-Mortems 
March 16, 1927 Surprise Birthday Celebration for Mrs. Bole News Gospel Group Surprises Mrs. Bole 
March 16, 1927 Varsity Team Sports Embryo Baseball Team Planned 
March 16, 1927 Capt. Miles Standish Short Comment Plan Statue of Miles Standish at Plymouth 
March 16, 1927 Jolly Josephine and Karl Otto Short Comment A Hefty Bride 
March 16, 1927 H.G.Wells News H.G.Wells Agrees With Local Chinese 
March 30, 1927 Paine, Noel, Oliver Win Record Trophies News Story Honors Go To Belts, Celts, Aels 
March 30, 1927 The New York Evening Post  News Prize Offered for Best Explanation of Mental Depression 
March 30, 1927 Mr. Ralph Neighbor Opened the Debate News Defeat Shurtleff on Farm Relief 
March 30, 1927 The Student Council Held a Special Meeting News Council Answers Faculty Appeal for Regulations 
March 30, 1927 Mrs. Robert L. Schofield News Mrs. Schofield Gives Y. P. B. a Travelogue 
March 30, 1927 Marie Strow, Alice Larson, and Bernice Stuver News Women Win Two of Triple Down State Debates 
March 30, 1927 Patrons of the Wheaton Public Library News Students to Join in "parade of Books" 
March 30, 1927 One Half of Necessary Fund Raised News Final Details of 100,000 Project Near Completion 
March 30, 1927 Missionary Work in New Guinea  Short Comment Chapel Talks 
March 30, 1927 Mr. Guerrero's Letter to the Editor News Mr. Guerrero on the Council  
March 30, 1927 Concerning The Council News Student Opinion 
March 30, 1927 An Interesting Program News Math Club to Solve Problem at Meeting 
March 30, 1927 Levanchie Barrows News Alumni Notes 
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