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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 17, 1926 Washington Post Article Value of a College Degree 
March 17, 1926 Aacdemy Glee Club News Academy News 
March 17, 1926 Mr. Carlberg News Senior-Freshmen Debate 
March 17, 1926 The Western Team of Ripon College Information Campus Calendar 
March 17, 1926 Prof. Royal E. Montgomery of The University of Chicago News Asbury Debate 
March 17, 1926 Kathryn Oliver, Margaret Moffat, Evelyn Krouse News Aelioian 
March 17, 1926 Elizabeth Green News Philalethean 
March 17, 1926 Shakespeare and the Bible Literature Detours 
March 17, 1926 Dorm tries New Stunt Short Comment Confessions! 
March 17, 1926 The Seniors beat the Sophs Sports Basketball Tournament 
March 17, 1926 Dr. Higley News Beltionians Invoke the Muse 
March 17, 1926 Deacon White Short Comment Jokes 
March 17, 1926 George Marston News Excelsior and Poetry 
March 24, 1926 Mrs. H. M. Stough News Western Team Bids Wheaton Fond Farewell 
March 24, 1926 Illinois University News Intercollegiate 
March 24, 1926 Dallas Lay Preacher Strikes Faith Note in Strong Appeal to Students News Ironside Gives Chapel Message 
March 24, 1926 Harry Lindsay News College 'Y' Chooses Miller as New Pilot 
March 24, 1926 Miss Irene Freeman News Glee Club Girls Sing at Newark 
March 24, 1926 Mrs. Dyrness as Chaperones News St. Pat's Frolic is Soph Special 
March 24, 1926 Men's Team Takes to Trunk Life After Ripon Battle News Flash and Fire in Last Home Debate 
March 24, 1926 Back to the Old Trail- Janet M. Ingles, Author Article Mrs. Blanchard Reviews Book 
March 24, 1926 Mr. Marving and Miss Miles News Volunteers Hold Annual Banquet 
March 24, 1926 May Reorganize Coucil News In the Spotlight of World News 
March 24, 1926 Beat Sophs in Extra Games, Breaking Tie; Frosh Lose Early Lead News Seniors Finally Take Hoop Honors 
March 24, 1926 Frank Dyrness News "W" Club Elects Kelly President 
March 24, 1926 The Annual Short Story Contest News  Melody Mixed With Stories Subs For Lit.  
March 24, 1926 Paul's Letter Article Lines From a Mother's Diary 
March 24, 1926 The Belt-Celt Basketball Game Article Inter-Society Games 
March 24, 1926 Henry VanDyke Article Four Rules for Good Sportsmanship 
March 24, 1926 Beloit News Frosh lose Both Sides 
March 24, 1926 V. Hicks Information Campus Calendar 
March 24, 1926 Mr. DeVelde News Student Council 
March 24, 1926 Rev. J. D. Nutting News Utah Gospel Mission Calls for Workers 
March 24, 1926 Bubonic Plague Short Comment A Registered Student 
March 24, 1926 To a Humming Bird, Judge Not! Literature Detours 
March 24, 1926 Ednar Heber News Aelioian Report record Issue March 24 
March 24, 1926 David Heydenburk News Belts Read Stories 
March 24, 1926 R. Irwin, David Wilson News Excelsior 
March 24, 1926 Katherine Bloker News Phi Nu 
March 24, 1926 Irate Mother Short Comment  Jokes 
March 24, 1926 Clement Hydenburk News Academy News 
March 31, 1926 Concert News Music Devotees Enjoy Concert 
March 31, 1926 Tower Publication  News Tower Works to Get Issue Early 
March 31, 1926 Tower Head News Class of '28 Elects The Two Tower Heads 
March 31, 1926 Reveley Hallet and Walker Barndollar News Council Chooses Record Workers for Next Season  
March 31, 1926 Clarence Mason, Charles Murray, Effie Jane Wheeler News Alumni News 
March 31, 1926 McCardle Club Travels to Coast News McCardle Club Travels to Coast 
March 31, 1926 Constitution  Column  Students to Vote on Constitution  
March 31, 1926 Writing and Plot in Story Contest  Column Ingles Claims First; Each Society Gets Mention 
March 31, 1926 Interclass Debates News Plan to Debate Local Problems 
March 31, 1926 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunton  News Dunton's House Scene of Party  
March 31, 1926 Frank Conley  News Frank Conley Improved  
March 31, 1926 Belt-Celt Basketball  Sports Excelsior Trims Belt Cage team In 27 -24 Tussle  
March 31, 1926 Dr. D. A. Higley  Article The Trend of Higher Education  
March 31, 1926 Schools and Society  Article  Organizations and Grades  
March 31, 1926 Jobs Article Flunkey Jobs 
March 31, 1926 The Academy Honor News Academy News 
March 31, 1926 Miss Thorlakson  News Botany Class makes Tour  
March 31, 1926 Inter-class Basketball Sports Upper Classes Cop Title  
March 31, 1926 Kreitonians News Practice School Perfoms  
March 31, 1926 Professor MacKinney Sports W. A. A. Tries Rules  
March 31, 1926 Marguerite Scheirich News Y. W. C. A. 
March 31, 1926 Bill Hiatt  Sports Hiatt Cops Topcoat  
March 31, 1926 Dr. Higley  News "Premedics" Organize  
March 31, 1926 Excelsior Literary Association  Literature Detours  
March 31, 1926 Chicago City of Normads  News In Spotlight of World's News 
March 31, 1926 Florence L. Barclay  Column  The Following of The Star  
March 31, 1926 Phi Phi Delta Appartments  Column  Fourth Floor Aroused; Flogs Incorrigibles  
March 31, 1926 Olivet M. E. Church  News GleeClub  
March 31, 1926 Noel Patterson  News  Personals  
March 31, 1926 Jokes Jokes  Is Our New Maid German?  
March 31, 1926 Ohio University  News Intercollegiate  
April 21, 1926 Strong Debating Along Way Helps Line Up New Students For Next Year News Western Team Is Returning Today After Month Trip 
April 21, 1926 Tennis Sports Interest In Net Sports Run High 
April 21, 1926 Updates on Alumni Information Alumni News 
April 21, 1926 Basketball Squad Sports DeVelde Choice For Cage Leader 
April 21, 1926 Coral Conklin's Birthday News Librarians Must Have Books, Even At Party 
April 21, 1926 Football and Basketball Sports Varsity Letters Given Athletes 
April 21, 1926 W.A.A. Association News W.A.A. Sweaters and Letters Given Winners 
April 21, 1926 Y.M.C.A. Installation of Officers News Install Y.M.C.A. Leaders for Year 
April 21, 1926 Wheaton College Glee Club Music Men Sing Over W.L.S. In College Program 
April 21, 1926 Senior Men Cop Early lead, Hottest Fights of Rival Classes Come Soon News Interclass Frays Provide Supply of Wit And Logic 
April 21, 1926 Campus Day Information Campus Day, April 29 
April 21, 1926 What is Originality? Article Reflections On My "Liberal" Education 
April 21, 1926 Recreation Article Intra-Mural Program 
April 21, 1926 Snapshots of Happenings Information Personals 
April 21, 1926 Humor Short Comment Jokes 
April 21, 1926 "Better English Evening" Literature Aelioian 
April 21, 1926 Phils Literature Phil Meeting 
April 21, 1926 Peppy Party News Seniors Have "Hard Times" 
April 21, 1926 Weekly Activities Information Campus Calendar 
April 21, 1926 Poetry Literature Magic Casements 
April 21, 1926 Happenings Information Intercollegiate 
April 21, 1926 Prof. J.B.Russell Short Comment Elected Superintendent of Schools 
April 21, 1926 Junior Party A Taffy Pull, Pompeii Revived in Latin Club, Encouraging Outlook in Atheletics, Y.W.C.A Meets News Academy News 
April 28, 1926 Wilma Grabill News Alumni News 
April 28, 1926 The Real Campus-financiers-elite News An Exposure 
April 28, 1926 Missionary Experiences Arouse Interest News View Palestine's Life and Customs 
April 28, 1926 The Reverend E. J. Richards News Alliance Meets This Week 
April 28, 1926 President Coolidge News World News 
April 28, 1926 Robert Gillespie News Talk Athletics; '27 Claims Vote 
April 28, 1926 Herman Thiessen News Pre-Medics Breakfast at the Break of Dawn 
April 28, 1926 Rev. J. N. Bradford Obituary Class of '81 Loses Two 
April 28, 1926 Seniors and Frosh Leads; May Spill Dope Soon News Classes Race for Baseball Honors 
April 28, 1926 Martha Johnson News Society of Speedy Pen to Dine Saturday Eve. 
April 28, 1926 Ye Stately Seniors Opinion Student Opinion 
April 28, 1926 Mr. Mrs. James Ingles Information Engagement 
April 28, 1926 Monmouth Comes First on Next Year's Schedule Sports Spring Football Practice to Help Line Up Material 
April 28, 1926 Mr. Baldwin Sears News Courts Almost Ready for Use 
April 28, 1926 The General Welfare and Spiritual and Educational Strength of Wheaton College Comment Word From Pres. Buswell 
April 28, 1926 J. Oliver Buswell Article Reflections on My Liberal Education (Part II) 
April 28, 1926 H. W. C. '26 Article Our Campus 
April 28, 1926 The King of Kings Opinion "Man's Out" 
April 28, 1926 Haldeman News Chesterton Praised, Flayed by Belts 
April 28, 1926 Commter Jokes Jokes 
April 28, 1926 Judge George Washington English of Illinois News The Impeachment of Judge English 
April 28, 1926 William B. Ward News Baker's Merger Prohibited 
April 28, 1926 German-Austro Union News Mussolini 
April 28, 1926 The Chapel Literature Magic Casements 
April 28, 1926 Esther Salzman News Aelioian 
April 28, 1926 Juniors Conduct Kreitonian Meeting News Academy News 
April 28, 1926 Ruth Truesdell Information Campus Calendar 
April 28, 1926 Prof. J. B. Russell Correcting the information Beg Your Pardon 
May 5, 1926 Yale University News Intercollegiate Echoes 
May 5, 1926 Rev. E. J. Richards News Missionary Alliance Rally Inspirational  
May 5, 1926 All Decision Debates; Argue Child Labor News Women Dabaters Have Unique Year 
May 5, 1926 Mrs. McShane News Clever Party for Girls Varsity Big Success 
May 5, 1926 Prof. Roop News Students Dress Campus for Year 
May 5, 1926 K. P. Landon News Alumni Notes 
May 5, 1926 Take Every Set Safely; Bradley Also Loses Sports Girls White Wash Northwestern in Hot Tennis Series 
May 5, 1926 Not democratic but aristocratic Opinion Student Opinion 
May 5, 1926 Girls to Have Tennis March Sports Class Meets in Track and Tennis 
May 5, 1926 The National Y. W. C. A. Convention News Students Delegates to National Convention 
May 5, 1926 Mound Men in Demand; Batter's Eyes Keen Sports Seniors Set Pace in First Round of Battery Contest 
May 5, 1926 R. A. H. '27 Article Prayer Changes Things 
May 5, 1926 James O. Buswell Article A Stand Against Dancing That Stood 
May 5, 1926 J. Wesley Ingles Information Campus Calendar 
May 5, 1926 The Relation of Speculation to the Prosperity of our country Article Speculation 
May 5, 1926 George Brandon Saul Literature Magic Casements 
May 5, 1926 Ralph Irwin News Record Board Banquet 
May 5, 1926 Plant Shrubbery News Academy News 
May 5, 1926 Josephine Peterson News Josephine Peterson a Campus Visitor 
May 5, 1926 Prof. Stanley Martin of Northwestern University School of Music Music Organ Recital 
May 5, 1926 Clergyman Jokes Jokes 
May 12, 1926 Dr. U.H. Roop Article Local Man gets Orthodox Chair 
May 12, 1926 Alumni News Alumni Notes 
May 12, 1926 Reader's Recital  Article Readers' Recital Soon 
May 12, 1926 Mrs. John Robertson Article Mission Worker to Talk 
May 12, 1926 Journalism Article College Editors Meet; Study Good and Poor Papers 
May 12, 1926 Dorm News Article "Dorm Doings" 
May 12, 1926 Men and Women's Glee Club News Men and Girls to Sing in Joint Concert 
May 12, 1926 Geology Article Geologists to Explore Starved Rock 
May 12, 1926 Pres. Buswell Article Dr. Buswell East Visiting Alumni 
May 12, 1926 Intramural Baseball: Dickman Stops Sophs by Safe Margin News Seniors Leading; Juniors, Frosh in Diamond Clinch 
May 12, 1926 Yearbook News Alumni Reminder 
May 12, 1926 Football Sports Gridders Work to Keep in Trim 
May 12, 1926 YWCA News Y.W.C.A. Discusses Joining Nat'l Ass'n 
May 12, 1926 Mens and Women's Tennis Sports Fine Play Takes Racquet Matches With Old Rivals 
May 12, 1926 Mammals Article "Conies" 
May 12, 1926 James O. Buswell, Record Platform Article Liberal College of Pagan University 
May 12, 1926 Literary Society Article Aelioian Report 
May 12, 1926 Women Voters Article League of Women Voters Elects Officers 
May 12, 1926 Botany Class Trip News Academy News 
May 12, 1926 Poetry Column Magic Casements 
May 12, 1926 Student Council Article Student Opinion 
May 12, 1926 Meeting Article Phi Nus 
May 12, 1926 Music Article Recital 
May 12, 1926 Mothers and Fathers Day Program, Literary Society Article Academy News Keitonian Association  
May 12, 1926 Literary Societies Article Exelsior, Belts Discuss Modernism 
May 12, 1926 Jokes Article Jokes 
May 12, 1926 Personals Article Personals 
May 19, 1926 Debate, Wheaton's Traveling teams Start Civil War Tonight Article Dixie Meets West on Local Floor in Big Debate 
May 19, 1926 Debate Article Debate Coach Writes Prospects for '27 
May 19, 1926 Debate Election Article Debaters Elect '26-'27 Leaders 
May 19, 1926 Classical Concert Article Quintette Gives Classical Concert 
May 19, 1926 Obituary Article Ralph Neighbour, Kermit Miller 
May 19, 1926 Alumni News Princeton Degrees Given to Alumni 
May 19, 1926 Alumni News Alumni Notes 
May 19, 1926 Beath Naperville But Lose to Wadewitz in Sectional Tourney Sports Men Show Tennis Instinct by Wins Despite Handicap 
May 19, 1926 College Sunday School Breakfast Article Girls in College Sunday School Give Breakfast 
May 19, 1926 Engagement News Popular Couple Announce Engagement 
May 19, 1926 Inter-class Baseball Sports Juniors on Top; Seniors Follow 
May 19, 1926 Michiganders Supper Article Michiganders Take to Woods for Supper 
May 19, 1926 Astronomy Class Article Astronomers to Visit Yerkes Observatory 
May 19, 1926 Reach Finals in Both Singles and Doubles after Strong Sets Sports High Honors Won by Girls in State Racquet Tournament 
May 19, 1926 On Importing Musical Artists, Halls Column The Record Platform 
May 19, 1926 Literary Society Jokes Article Belts Wax Humoristic 
May 19, 1926 Music Recital Article Student Recital 
May 19, 1926 Academy News Article Academy News 
May 19, 1926 Campus News Article Campus News 
May 19, 1926 Poetry Column Magic Casements 
May 19, 1926 Literary Societies Article Aelioian Report, Excelsior 
May 19, 1926 Interclass Track Meet News Will Give Interclass Trackers Chance Soon 
May 26, 1926 Summer School Session  News  Summer School Open June 21st  
May 26, 1926 Joliet Penitentiary  News Geology trip brings Out Nearby Wonders  
May 26, 1926 Paul Jackson  News Western Team Wins From Southern Men in Exhibition Debate  
May 26, 1926 President Buswell News Largest Alumni Group Meets Pres. Buzwell at nat. Bible Institute  
May 26, 1926 President Buswell New  A Reception for President Buswell  
May 26, 1926 The Proletariat  Column  The Proletariat is The latest Acquisition  
May 26, 1926 The Record News Alumni And The Record  
May 26, 1926 Novel Party Program  News  Jumior Class Entertains Senior with Novel Party Program  
May 26, 1926 Wheaton  News Wheaton Activities Bright Timelight 
May 26, 1926 Prof. George H. Smith  News Doris Smith Taken  
May 26, 1926 President Buswell News President Buswell Home; Eastern Trip Makes Many Friends  
May 26, 1926 Y. W. News Y. W. Votes on Union with National Organization  
May 26, 1926 Prof. Mintier and Prof. Doolittle  News Astronomers Gain Vision by Visit to Yerkes Observatory  
May 26, 1926 Y. W. C. A. Column  Y. W. C. A. Starts Day Right is View of Many  
May 26, 1926 Record News Summer Issue of the Record 
May 26, 1926 Football  Sports Football Heroes of '25 to Feast in Geneva Tonight 
May 26, 1926 Triple Tie Lead Broeken by Frosh Bats Sports Seniors Top Juniors For Diamond Title  
May 26, 1926 Tenis Sports Tenis Team Again bring Back Triump to Orange and Blue  
May 26, 1926 Armour  Sports  Men Fight Armour to Tie  
May 26, 1926 Mrs. Blanchard and President and Mrs. Buswell  News Seniors to be Entertained  
May 26, 1926 J. O. Buswell Article  Evolutionary Philosophy  
May 26, 1926 D. Otis Fuller  News Alumni  
May 26, 1926 Paul Rickabaugh News Personal  
May 26, 1926 Ralph Varhaug  News Campus News 
May 26, 1926 Dorothy Hammett News League of Women Voters  
May 26, 1926 Elisabeth Lawrence News Academy Instructor Receives M. A. Degree  
May 26, 1926 Marguerite Garlough and Miss Edna Dickman  Music  Recital June 3 
May 26, 1926 Coach Lipp Sports Track 
May 26, 1926 Stephen Paine  News Academy News 
May 26, 1926 Michigan Boulevard Column  Studies in Streets  
May 26, 1926 Flew London Streets News Piccadilly 
May 26, 1926 Sir Philip Gibbs News Fleet Street 
May 26, 1926 The Merrie Seniors News Seniors Give AEL Program  
May 26, 1926 Harriet Northrup News Cartoons Attracts Phils 
May 26, 1926 Young Women on the Campus Column  Ambitions  
May 26, 1926 Excelsior Literary Association  News Literary Society News  
May 26, 1926 Mr. Johnson and Mr. Langley  News Prohibition Debate 
May 26, 1926 Election of the President  News Beltionian  
May 26, 1926 Professor Garlough News Mrs. Garlough Missed  
June 9, 1926 Word Contest Goes to Phil-Celt Team News Living Magazine; Debate; Provide Novel Joint Meet 
June 9, 1926 Robert Erwin Wallenborn News Judge Welsh to Lead Celt Toasts 
June 9, 1926 John Champion News '28 Tower Staff Start Work Now 
June 9, 1926 David Heydenburk News Two Glee Clubs Join In Concert 
June 9, 1926 Rev. T. T. Shields Information Wheaton College Sixty-Seventh Annual Commencement 
June 9, 1926 Dr. Buswell as Toastmaster News Seniors Dine in Blanchard Home 
June 9, 1926 Miss Anna Johnson News Juniors Take Cup in Class Debate 
June 9, 1926 Plan to Make New Girls Feel at Home News Local Autonomy Retained by Y. W. 
June 9, 1926 The Football and Basket ball Season News Cheer Leader Letters Arrive 
June 9, 1926 The Typical McGraw Manner Sports Junior Men Take Baseball Crown 
June 9, 1926 Women win 3, Tie 3; Men win 4, Tie 2, Lose 2 Sports Tennis Teams win or tie Twelve of Fourteen Duals 
June 9, 1926 Arnold Pent News Alumni Notes 
June 9, 1926 Dr. J. G. Brooks News Beltionians to Banquet Friday 
June 9, 1926 President Buswell Article A Desire 
June 9, 1926 Wheaton's Literary Societies Article Literary Societies 
June 9, 1926 The Summer Issue of the Record Information Summer Record 
June 9, 1926 President Evan Welsh Information Excelsior Officers for First Semester, 1926-27 
June 9, 1926 Joybelle News Phil-Ael Game 
June 9, 1926 Miss Myra Belle Wylie, Mr. Ansel M. Ward News Martha Wylie and Ansel Ward Married 
June 9, 1926 Latin Club News Academy News 
June 9, 1926 The Word that was Lincoln Literature Magic Casements 
June 9, 1926 Roland Class News Alumni News 
June 9, 1926 Esmeralda News Campus News 
June 9, 1926 Dr. H. U. Roop News Summer School To Begin Monday, June 21 
June 9, 1926 The Alumni Viewpoint  News Alumni and The Record 
August 11, 1926 Strengthens Courses and Permits Wider Range of Subjects News Faculty Adds New Instructors with Long Experience 
August 11, 1926 Mildred Matteson '29 News  Want Big Sisters for Girls of '30 
August 11, 1926 Miss Hiney News Wheaton Students at Chicago U. Work for Higher Degrees 
August 11, 1926 The Psychology of Thinking and Studying News Offer New Courses in Five Departments 
August 11, 1926 Says Jimmy Schreiber Article Campus not so Dead 
August 11, 1926 Enrollment must stay below 400 News Speculation on Size of School Next Year Shows Large Roll; Class of '30 May Have 130 Students 
August 11, 1926 Panama Canal News Wheaton Students Get Their Share of Vacation, Fun and Travel 
August 11, 1926 Dr. Roop, Director News Summer School Hits New High Level With 180 Total Enrolled 
August 11, 1926 Pottawatomie Park News Student Picnic at St. Charles a Success 
August 11, 1926 Jimmie Schreiber News Got His Ears Wet 
August 11, 1926 Wayside Inn News Fire at Wayside Does Small Damage 
August 11, 1926 Mr. Weaver News Campus Wild Oats Heading, What of It? 
August 11, 1926 To Take Handicap Off Grads Who Master News State University To Rate Wehaton Students at Par 
August 11, 1926 The Tower Trunk Transit News T.T.T. Has Troubles But Smiles at 'Em 
August 11, 1926 Journalism Article Where is the Other Half of College Education 
August 11, 1926 seven Football Article That Old Worn Out Line 
August 11, 1926 Victor Hicks News Hunting Introduced at Wheaton 
August 11, 1926 Nother Questionnaire Jokes Alleged Jokes 
August 11, 1926 Autumn Movement Literature Detours  
August 11, 1926 The Excelsior and Philalathian Meetings News Literary Societies 
August 11, 1926 Eugenie S. Brown News Vacation Personals 
October 6, 1926 Dr. H. A. Ironside  Article  Dr. Ironside Tells of Doctrine Not Often Preached  
October 6, 1926 Record News Record Program is For Wide Circulation  
October 6, 1926 Rock Island News Fun Enroute To Game Is Jovial  
October 6, 1926 Sophomores News Soph Version of Frosh Antics 
October 6, 1926 Post Graduate School News P. G. School Organizes 
October 6, 1926 Debate  News Chance for new Men to Prepare For Varsity Next Year  
October 6, 1926 Dr. Reuben A. Torrey  News Dr. Torrey Speaks On Chinese Field 
October 6, 1926 Prof. Straw News Big News Just Out  
October 6, 1926 Fox River News Thrills, Fights In Frosh Fun-Day  
October 6, 1926 Dr. Nykl News Intercollegiate  
October 6, 1926 Football Sports Monmouth Takes Wheaton By toll of 8 Touchdowns 
October 6, 1926 Dr. Welsh News Dr. Welsh Leaves Church for Bible School Work  
October 6, 1926 Loyalty  Article  Selling  
October 6, 1926 Freshmen and The Upper Classes in Wheaton  Article What Hurts 
October 6, 1926 Record News Record to Print Officers of Organization  
October 6, 1926 Ruth and Odessa Bixel  News Personal  
October 6, 1926 Magic Casement  Column  The Wind bloweth  
October 6, 1926 Shoemus O'Sheel Poem  They Went Forth To Battle, But They Always Fell  
October 6, 1926 Dr. H. A Ironside  News Dr. Ironside Presents new volumes to Library  
October 6, 1926 The Augustana Students  News Intercollegiate Echoes 
October 6, 1926 Ikey Miller  News Personal items 
October 6, 1926 Janetter Fraser Inquiring  Inquiring Reporter  
October 6, 1926 Debaters News Varsity Debaters Busy  
October 6, 1926 Concert News Academy News 
October 6, 1926 Jo Peterson  Column  The Hidden House  
October 6, 1926 Cars News Faculty Rules on Cars 
October 6, 1926 North Central College  Sports Can't Tell Much From Y College - Naperville Game  
October 6, 1926 Robert Milner  News Crazy Man Scares "Y" House  
October 6, 1926 Homecoming  Sports Valpo Grid Squad to Face Wheaton At Homecoming  
October 6, 1926 Athletic Sports W. A. A. Great Help to Co-ed Athlotics 
October 6, 1926 Ralph Noel  Sports Chose Next Year's Tennis Captain  
October 6, 1926 Election  News Class Election  
October 6, 1926 Library  News Library Contains Interesting Books  
October 6, 1926 Naperville News Here's Dope on Saturday's Scrap With Old Rivals  
October 6, 1926 League of Women  News League Girls Enternain  
October 6, 1926 Toms Nes Beltionian Meeting Is Intresting  
October 6, 1926 Baptist Student  News Baptist Young People  
October 6, 1926 Dutch News Campus Doings 
October 13, 1926 Fifteen alumni Class Secretaries Discuss Alumni Contest News President Calls Meeting of Class Representatives 
October 13, 1926 Miss Dow News Mystery Man Invades Miss Dow's House 
October 13, 1926 Nicodemus News Prof. Straw Talks to Bible Students 
October 13, 1926 Harriet Northrop News Phils Give New Girls Fine Time 
October 13, 1926 Homecoming Information Homecoming Program 
October 13, 1926 McNary Hogan Bill News Sidney Team Debates World War Results 
October 13, 1926 Milton Nelson News Alumni Notes 
October 13, 1926 Mrs. Buswell News Mrs. Buswell Speaks at Y. W. C. A. Meeting 
October 13, 1926 Kermit Miller News Celt Informal Well Attended 
October 13, 1926 Varsity Rallies Yet Fails To Make Score in Thrid Period Sports Naperville Beats Wheaton By 10-0 by Steady Play 
October 13, 1926 Chopsticks on the Piano News Yang Nduu Samaj Has Oriental Dinner 
October 13, 1926 Homecoming Article Talk it Over. Say Hello 
October 13, 1926 Under the Oragne and Blue Article But Act 
October 13, 1926 Augustana Observer News Intercollegiate 
October 13, 1926 The Naperville Chief of Police News Personals 
October 13, 1926 The Fort Sheridan Game News Second Team To Fight Elmhurst 
October 13, 1926 Mr. Mrs. Blanchard Article News Writing has its Pitfalls 
October 13, 1926 Chorus Song A Song of Alma Mater 
October 13, 1926 Campus sunset From the Southeast Literature Magic Casements 
October 13, 1926 C. Bingley News Academy News 
October 13, 1926 First Glee Club Concert a Success News Men's Glee Club 
October 13, 1926 The Record will be mailed on Thirty more News Thirty Dollars Worth of Wheaton News for One Dollar 
October 13, 1926 A. L. Webster The Additions and Development New Map of Wheaton 
October 13, 1926 Bigger and Better is the Slogan News Plans Developing for Homecoming 
October 13, 1926 Staturday the boys lost a heart-breaking game Sports Coach Coray Gives Opinion of Season 
October 13, 1926 Prof. Hotchkiss News Good Luck to you, Prof.  
October 13, 1926 There are other honors beside the sweater Sports Points Explained on W.A.A. Athletics 
October 13, 1926 Down Center Street News Paraders Frolic and Sing in Pajamas 
October 13, 1926 Orange and Blue to Play Strong Army Team at Home News Ft. Sheridan and Wheaton Eleven Clash Saturday 
October 13, 1926 Jump to a squat position A Short Story A Radio Menu 
October 13, 1926 O. K.  Opinion Student Opinion 
October 13, 1926 MacKinney News Beltionian 
October 13, 1926 Mr. Barndollar News Baptist Young People Celebrate 
October 13, 1926 Alma Mater News Raw Meat! Blistered Feet Around the Fire We all Did Meet! 
October 20, 1926 Schedule for Three Days Full of Stunts, Games News Details Complete for Entertaining Alumni This Week 
October 20, 1926 Wheaton vs. Valparaiso U. Information Week End Program Friday 
October 20, 1926 Talked over the Matter of Prayer News Prauer is a Relation, Bible Study Theme 
October 20, 1926 Peg Garlough News Seniors Hike to Steak and Buns 
October 20, 1926 Myrl Vita News Volenteers Discuss Indian Missions 
October 20, 1926 Wants 'Personal Freedom' Question; May Accept News Wittenburg Asks Wheaton Debate 
October 20, 1926 Dr. Robert L. Schofield Music Dr. Schofield Joins Conservatory 
October 20, 1926 Janet Fraser News Women Debaters to Travel This Season 
October 20, 1926 The Whistling Race News Girl Athletes Hold Parlor Track Meet 
October 20, 1926 Orange Fights Hard Against Big Odds Sports FT. Sheridan Wins from Wheaton in Stiff Game, 27-0 
October 20, 1926 Mrs. Wright News Forger on Campus Visits "Y" House 
October 20, 1926 R. W. N. '28 Articles The Election of Cheer Leaders, The Campus, The Kick of an Army Mule, The Library vs. the Athlete 
October 20, 1926 Della Kinsey News Alumni Profs 
October 20, 1926 Kathryn Hammond News Phils Feature Defining Program 
October 20, 1926 Augustana College Sports Late News Bulletin of Games of Sat., Oct. 16 
October 20, 1926 Washington State University News A New Football Song For Homecoming 
October 20, 1926 Introducing Peter Pan Literature Magic Casements 
October 20, 1926 Personals, Spanish Club, Human Hearts, Aelioian News Academy News 
October 20, 1926 Dave Crosby Sports Academy Athletes Want Good Year 
October 20, 1926 Portner R.E., Leutke Sports Second Team Plays Elmhurst to Tie 
October 20, 1926 Winifred DeHaan News Girl's Glee Club Elects 
October 20, 1926 Marion Dill News Plan Girls' Track for This Week 
October 20, 1926 "Uncertainty" Opinion Student Opinion 
October 20, 1926 Bradley Sports Illinois College Leads Little 19 
October 20, 1926 Marion Dill News Y. W. C. A. 
October 20, 1926 Successful Week End Depends on Locals News Let's Rally 'Round the Homecomers; hope to Enthuse Alumni with Win 
October 20, 1926 Y House Pete Short Comments Lions 'O Type 
October 20, 1926 Ernie Hoover News Belts Belts Belts! 
October 20, 1926 Katherine Oliver Jokes Jokes 
October 20, 1926 Kappa Kappa Gamma News Cork House Signals Reorganized 
October 20, 1926 The Celt Hall News Excelsior Meeting 
October 20, 1926 Shurtleff College News Intercollegiate 
October 27, 1926 Spicy Program Adds Zest to Reunior  News Alumni And W Men Unite For Biggest Banquet in Years 
October 27, 1926 Wheaton Music Lovers Music Fine Tallent Offered in Celt Concert 
October 27, 1926 The National Student Federation of America  News Ask Students Opinion on Dry Question 
October 27, 1926 Mr. Robert Gillespie News Men of Missionary Home Organize 
October 27, 1926 Skinned Knees and Smudged Faces Sports Co-Eds Play Football Like Old Timers 
October 27, 1926 A Hallowe'en Dinner News Tower Dinners Help Raise Finances 
October 27, 1926 Debaters Gathered at the Green Lantern News Varsity Debaters Give Breakfast 
October 27, 1926 President, Ewart Stephenson News Freshmen Elect Officers For Year 
October 27, 1926 Dr. Schofield Was Assisted by President Buswell News Dr. Schofield Holds Organ Recital 
October 27, 1926 The Library Is to be Open News  Library Open Evenings Until 9 o'clock 
October 27, 1926 Sport Events in Quick Succession Make Busy Week End Sports Record Crowd at Home-Comming Sees Valparaiso Game  
October 27, 1926 Professor Rice News Student Tricks of Years Ago Beat Today 
October 27, 1926 Men as a Whole Lives Under Laws Short Comment There Are Laws; And Laws 
October 27, 1926 Last Friday Evening Found The Spotlight of Interest News Excelsior 
October 27, 1926 Three Chinese Shawls of Silk Literature Chinese Shawls  
October 27, 1926 A Time of Spiritual Refreshing And Meditation News Academy News 
October 27, 1926 Homecoming Brought Back a Large Number of Philalethean Alumni News Jully Welcome Given The Old Phils 
October 27, 1926 Charles Weaver News Alumni 
October 27, 1926 Mr. Partington Sports Regular meeting of the Student Council 
October 27, 1926 Moody Bible Institute  News Intercollegiate 
October 27, 1926 Homecoming Crowd Last Friday Evening News Record Crowd Cheers Stunts and Tumbling at Pep Session 
October 27, 1926 Interference Seems lacking To Carry Ball Across Sports Heavier Valpo Eleven Tankes Orange in Tow 15-0 
October 27, 1926 The Soccer Game Sports Frosh Soccer Team Downs Sophs 1-0 
October 27, 1926 Nine Rahs for the Team Music Band Leads Rooters to Varsity Game 
October 27, 1926 Fast Hard Play is Too Much For Seconds Sports Second Team Has Fight; Short Odds 
October 27, 1926  The First Conservatory Recital Music Hold First Conservatory Recital of Year 
October 27, 1926 For the First Time This Year News Y. W. Discusses Senior Privileges 
October 27, 1926 Wayside Inn  News  Wayside News 
October 27, 1926 A Lovely Maiden's Eyes Literature Lions O' Type 
October 27, 1926 Wheaton Academy  News Personals 
November 17, 1926 English Nearly Miss Appointment; Arrive in Hiking Duds News  War or Peace; Is Subject for Meet with Australians 
November 17, 1926 By Elsie Wood Schofield News Across the Andes in a Single day 
November 17, 1926 Phi Mu's Have a Brother Society News  Moo-Cow-Moo Brother Society to Phi-Mu 
November 17, 1926 Tickets Free; Step In Sports Sophs Give Frosh Novelty Party 
November 17, 1926 Sarah Lackey '23 is in Winnebago News Alumni Notes 
November 17, 1926 rev. Matteson  News Church Evangelistic Meetings Close 
November 17, 1926 Home Talent Shows Up News Sense-Nonsense is Successful  
November 17, 1926 A Junior Concert and a Conservatory Stunt Music Toy Symphony Given by Conservatory 
November 17, 1926 The Annual Reunion of the Alumni News Annual Event is Part of Plan to Organize All Wheaton Grads 
November 17, 1926 Where is Citizenship to Start Short Comment Editorial 
November 17, 1926 President Mr. Coleman News Regular Studnet Council Meeting 
November 17, 1926 "Yellow" Sheets Literature Excelsior 
November 17, 1926 The Foreign Program News Philalethian 
November 17, 1926 The Spirit of Peace News Beltionian 
November 17, 1926 Aelioian Room Short Comment Aelioian 
November 17, 1926 Butler School in Elmhurst News Special Belt Meeting 
November 17, 1926 The Celebrated Evening Arrived at Last News Academy News 
November 17, 1926 Jack Champion News Getting Personal 
November 17, 1926 The Wanderer, The Treasure Literature Goin Home 
November 17, 1926 To Amaze Literature Lions O' Type 
November 17, 1926 Reported for Prof. Straw by George Marston '28 Short Comment The Examnination 
November 17, 1926 African Missions News Student Volunteers 
November 17, 1926 Interesting Chapel Talk of the Year News Miss Blanchard Gives Chapel Talk 
November 17, 1926 National Peace Contest  News Plan Essay Contest; Award Cash Prizes 
November 17, 1926 Last Saturday's Games Left Sports Big Ten Results 
November 17, 1926 Beauty Contest News Dorm Notes  
November 17, 1926 Letter, Bars, Numerals Given to Hikers News W. A. A. Presents Honors To Gilrs Who Earn Merits 
November 17, 1926 Little Everett Develde  News Excavation Made in Deep Mud 
November 17, 1926 Professional Football Sports King of Pro Football Starts Ruling 
November 17, 1926 Debaters and Public Speakers News The Pep Meeting 
November 17, 1926 Rain and Mud Prevent Flashy Game Sports Goal in Danger Several Times; Never Crossed 
November 17, 1926 Norski Johnson  News Viking Explores Into Team Irritability 
November 17, 1926 bradley's Victory Sports Wet Fields Prevail on All Little 19 Gridirons 
November 17, 1926 Y.W. Society at the New Girls' Meeting News Y. W. C. A. 
November 24, 1926 Locals Register High Hopes Of A Win From Sydney News Englishmen Will Get Warm Welcome 
November 24, 1926 Baptist Young Peoples Union Short Comment Baptists Hold Sunrise Prayer Meeting 
November 24, 1926 New Talent Appears On Varied Program Music Music Students Entertain Well 
November 24, 1926 Alumni Updates Information Alumni Notes 
November 24, 1926 Arrives Home Tonight After Meeting With Andover Board News Alumni In East Hear President Speak of School 
November 24, 1926 Annual Christmas Scramble Short Comment Wayside News 
November 24, 1926 Bikers Sports Bike Fans Plan Trips Despite King Winter 
November 24, 1926 Wheaton's Lone Score Is Touchback Sports Snowbound; 26-2 Marks Last Game 
November 24, 1926 Student Volunteer Prayer Meeting News Feature China At Last Volunteer Meeting 
November 24, 1926 Word of God Article Thanksgiving 
November 24, 1926 Wheaton Debaters Article The Sydney Debate 
November 24, 1926 Debate Article Is The Chapel The College Auditorium? 
November 24, 1926 Poetry Literature Lions O' Type 
November 24, 1926 Question and Answer Information Inquiring Reporter 
November 24, 1926 Prophecy Studies Information Bible Study Hour 
November 24, 1926 Y.W.C.A Girls Short Comment Y.W. Forecast 
November 24, 1926 Literature Societies Literature Excelsior, Beltionian, Aelioian, Philalethian 
November 24, 1926 Army-Navy Egg Rolling Contest Short Comment Army-Navy Game 
November 24, 1926 Kreitonian Literary Society Literature Academy News 
November 24, 1926 Esther Brooks Information Personals 
November 24, 1926 The Academy Glee Club Information Notice 
November 24, 1926 Poetry Literature Magic Moments 
November 24, 1926 Reber House Short Comment Girls Hold Spread At Reber's 
November 24, 1926 The Record News Producing "Our Miniature Record" of Two Weeks Ago Proves To Be A Happy Answer To Big Problem 
November 24, 1926 Game Lost Sports Second Team Loses 6-0 
November 24, 1926 Tenants of Blanchard House Article From Blanchard's House 
November 24, 1926 Big Ten Conference Title Sports Yostmen And Wildcats Tie Big Ten Title 
November 24, 1926 "Dime A Seat" Helps Pay Information Permanent Seats Ordered For Gym 
November 24, 1926 Interclass Basketball Sports Tournament To Decide Class Cage Title 
November 24, 1926 Frosh Initiation Ceremony News The Lively Art of Hazing Was The Sport Of Long Ago 
November 24, 1926 Faith Anderson News Wayside Girls Spread Midnight Feast 
November 24, 1926 "Pig-Tail Day" Short Comment Dorm Doings 
November 24, 1926 Games Scheduled Cancelled Sports Little Nineteen Game Notes 
November 24, 1926 Snippets From Other Colleges Information Intercollegiate 
November 24, 1926 Happenings Information Personals 
December 1, 1926 Elliott Coleman News Alumni Notes 
December 1, 1926 Mrs. Woodhouse News Talk Tabacco Evils at W. C. T. U. Branch 
December 1, 1926 Buffalo, Boston News President's Speaking Program is Heavy on Eastern Trip 
December 1, 1926 Dr. Charles Inglis News Dr. Inglis Speaks in Church Prayermeeting 
December 1, 1926 Rev. John C. Page News Rev. Page Continues Bible Study Topic 
December 1, 1926 Pro. Herbert Hotchkiss News Sears Entertain on Thanksgiving Day 
December 1, 1926 Large Attendance at First Contest of the Year News Debaters Win First English Contest; Australians Lose Audience Decision Vote 
December 1, 1926 Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Miles of Holden News Announcement Engagement of Priscilla Miles 
December 1, 1926 When He Comes, Scholarship Articles Editorial 
December 1, 1926 On the Road to Perene with Apologies to Kipling Literature Sketch Travels in South America 
December 1, 1926 Prof. Alexander Meiklejohn News College Problems Talk of Student Conference 
December 1, 1926 Mr. St. John News Missionary Speaks in Chapel 
December 1, 1926 Coach Coray Sports Seniors Win Basketball Tourney with No Losses 
December 1, 1926 Freshmen remove Snow from Football Field News Intercollegiate 
December 1, 1926 Dorothy Johnson News Academy News 
December 1, 1926 To Amazon, Paass the Toothpicks Short Comments Lions O' Type 
December 1, 1926 Emeralds from the Isle Literature Magic Casements 
December 1, 1926 Mr. McPherson of Yonkers News Dorm Doings 
December 1, 1926 Mr. Wendell P. Loveless Information Notes from Moody Bible Institute 
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