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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
April 29, 1925 College Grounds Put in Excellent Shape by Students News Ideal Weather Marks Annual Campus Day 
April 29, 1925 Martin Luther, John Calvin Article Beyond Reason 
April 29, 1925 John 17 Article Campus Christianity 
April 29, 1925 Dr. Stroh Information Campus Calendar 
April 29, 1925 The Largest Annual Record Board Banquet News Recprd Scribes, This Way! 
April 29, 1925 The Chandler Bows Literature Detours 
April 29, 1925 C. C. Brooks News Alumni News 
April 29, 1925 The Club at Wasco News Gilr's Glee Club 
April 29, 1925 The Krietonian Literary Society News Academy News 
May 6, 1925 Dr. Kyle of Xenia Relates Discovery of Pithom Egypt News Archeologist Bears Witness to Bible Facts 
May 6, 1925 53rd Anniversary at the First Baptist Church News Celts to Stage 53d Annual Feed 
May 6, 1925 Miss Alice Campbell and Miss Lois Mcshane  News Progress, Keynote Record Banquet 
May 6, 1925 The Debate Season of Next Year News Debaters Make Early Start for 1926 Season 
May 6, 1925 The Annual Convention of the Christian and Missonary Alliance News Alliance Meeting Makes Appeal 
May 6, 1925 Institute Works Hard to Equal Score Sports Tie Armour 3-3 in Fast Tennis 
May 6, 1925 the 70th Anniversary of the Beltionian Literary Association News Belts Plan for 70th Anniversary 
May 6, 1925 Teamwork, Courage and and Perseverance Article Intra Mural 
May 6, 1925 The Academy Declamatory Contest News Academy News 
May 6, 1925 Essay on "Spring-Time Thoughts" News Philalethean  
May 6, 1925 People and Things as I See Them News Aeliolian 
May 6, 1925 Li Po and His Poetry Literature Detours 
May 20, 1925 Wheaton Takes Second in News Writeups  News  ILLINOIS Colleges Hold Third Annual Journal Contest 
May 20, 1925 A Scriptual and Spiritual Young People's Movement News America's Future Challenges Youth--Winfield S.Hall 
May 20, 1925 David Heybenburk News MissCobb's Pupils Entertain Audience 
May 20, 1925 We Miss Him Literature In Memoriam of Gordon Rhoad 
May 20, 1925 Lower Chapel Evening Banquet News  Many Missionary Guests Attend Volunteer Dinner 
May 20, 1925 Gypsies Strolling toward the Camp News Gypsy-Phils and Moonlite Please Aels 
May 20, 1925 Men Defeat Loyola And Lake Forest Sports Co-eds Trim N.-W. 3-0 Play in State Tennis Tourney 
May 20, 1925 Character Building Articles Young Womanhood 
May 20, 1925 Mathematics as a Disciplining Subject Articles Compulsory Mathematics 
May 20, 1925 The Sunset Psalm Literature  Detours 
May 20, 1925 By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them Articles Doers of the Word 
May 20, 1925 Miss Rice Music  Senior Recital 
May 20, 1925 '25 And '28 in Lead For Honors Sports Keen Competition Adds Zest to Campus Sports 
May 20, 1925 Crowning Feminine Exhibition Sports Aels Beat Phils in Inter-Society Indoor Baseball 
May 20, 1925 Change for the Excelsior Litetature Association Literature Celts Initiate Limited Society Membership 
May 20, 1925 Noted Speakers Are Expected on Program News Graduating Class Is Largest to Leave Wheaton 
May 20, 1925 A Plato Center Audience Music Men's Glee Club Broadcast From Wrigley Tower 
May 20, 1925 Dramatic Rally Nets Second Place Sports Coray And Conley Take Honors In State Tennis 
May 20, 1925 Intra-Mural Movement Athletics Intercollegiate Athletics 
May 20, 1925 Ask Him Your Place News Campus Christianity 
May 20, 1925 The Power of Gravy Literature Detours  
May 20, 1925 The Appal of the Outdoors News Beltionian 
May 20, 1925 Mr. Heydenburk Holds This Degree from Oberlin College News  Campus News 
May 20, 1925 Lavern Smith News Alumni News 
June 17, 1925 Chapel is Crowded to Hear Message on Gospel Power News  "Unseen Thing" Dr. Machen's Text At Baccalaureate 
June 17, 1925 Annual Senior Concert Music Senior Concert Delights Hearers by Varied Talent 
June 17, 1925 Wheaton Gridiron Season Sports Many Stars Back for 1925 Football Make Prospects Brightest in Years 
June 17, 1925 Beltionian Banquet, Excelsior Banquet, Aelioian, Philalethean Literature Lit. Societies End Year's Activities At Big Banquet 
June 17, 1925 Homecoming Date Information Attention Alumni! 1925 Homecoming To Be October 24 
June 17, 1925 Lay Foundations for Christianity in Youth is Plea News Dr. P.W. Philpott Delivers Address At '25 Graduation 
June 17, 1925 Sixty-sixth Commencement of Wheaton College News "The Milestone of Another Year" President Blanchard's Message 
June 17, 1925 Purpose of Life Article The Purpose of A Purpose 
June 17, 1925 Think Spiritually Article College 
June 17, 1925 Literary Societies Article Open Meeting 
June 17, 1925 Academy Alumni Association News Academy News Banquet 
June 17, 1925 Dr. Melvin G. Kyle News Eminent Archeologist Relates Incidents to Prove Truth of Bible 
June 17, 1925 Wedding at College Chapel News Wurdack-Harper Wedding 
June 17, 1925 Senior's Annual "Sneak" Article Seniors Sneak For A Real Time 
June 17, 1925 Students Literature Detours 
June 17, 1925 Plan's For Next Year Annual News Tower Staff For Next Year Gets Under Way 
June 17, 1925 Class Day Stunts News Class Day 
June 17, 1925 Alumni Banquet News Sixty-Fourth Alumni Banquet 
June 17, 1925 Debate Union News Debating 
June 17, 1925 Kortzenborners Music Men's Glee Club Concert 
June 17, 1925 Football Teams Sports "W" Club Camp 
June 17, 1925 Interclass Track Meet at Glen Ellyn Sports Interclass Track Meet 
June 17, 1925 Academy Society Literature Kreitonian Society 
June 17, 1925 Academy Baseball Sports Baseball 
June 17, 1925 Academy Tennis Sports Tennis 
June 17, 1925 First Year English Class Short Comment Magazine Work 
June 17, 1925 Names of Graduates Information Graduates 
June 17, 1925 Names of Visitors Information Campus Visitors 
September 23, 1925 Northwestern is Foe in Grid Battle News October 24-27 Third Annual Homecoming 
September 23, 1925 Earl Radeke Obituary In Memoriam 
September 23, 1925 Glad to be at Wheaton News Tuesday Evening Prayer Meeting 
September 23, 1925 The Tower Trunk Transit News The T. T. T. 
September 23, 1925 The Total Enrollment in Both College and Academy News Pres. Blanchard Tells of Outlook for New Year 
September 23, 1925 Philalethean Informal, Excelsior Informal News Literary Societies Open Doors to New Students at Big Informals 
September 23, 1925 Bible Mottoes News Welcome!! New Students Y. W. C. A.  
September 23, 1925 Williams Bay News Annual Camp Held at Geneva 
September 23, 1925 Wheaton College Football Schedule Sports Schedule 
September 23, 1925 The Strong Class of '24 News Attention Freshmen! 
September 23, 1925 Hamilton Sinclair News Senior Class Election 
September 23, 1925 Meet Y.M.C.A. College in Opening Fray News Grid Material Hard at Work For First Game 
September 23, 1925 Alma Mater Article New Comers 
September 23, 1925 The Telephone Company Article Little Things 
September 23, 1925 Elizabeth Shirk Information College Calendar 
September 23, 1925 The Athletics Article Campus Christianity 
September 23, 1925 William Jones News Wheaton Gospel Quartet 
September 23, 1925 Ralph Irwin News Excelior Literary Association 
September 23, 1925 The Kreitonian Literary Society News Academy News 
September 23, 1925 Everett DeVelde News The Reception 
September 23, 1925 Walter de LaMere Literature  Detours 
September 23, 1925 Pro. Straw Article A Little History 
September 23, 1925 Prof. Kortzenborn News Wheaton College Men's Glee Club 
September 23, 1925 The History of the Christian Church Information Student Volunteer Band 
September 23, 1925 The Debating Tide News Debaters Already Active 
September 23, 1925 Franklin Dyrness News Junior Class Election 
September 23, 1925 Marjorie Miles News Alumni  
September 23, 1925 Pro. Garlough and Smith Article Registration Day 
September 30, 1925 Dr. Conant News Bible Study Class Hold 1st Meeting 
September 30, 1925 Ralph Irwin News Celts Entertain New Men Well 
September 30, 1925 Prof. Kortzenborn News Glee Club May Travel West During Vacation 
September 30, 1925 Field Marshal Minister News Grub Gladiators Grab and Gobble 
September 30, 1925 Sophs Divided News  Upper Classes Complete Elections 
September 30, 1925 Beat Augustana News Girls Glee Club Starts Practice 
September 30, 1925 Dame Rumor News Wheaton Club of Princeton Grows 
September 30, 1925 Beth Jaderquist News Personals 
September 30, 1925 Beltionian Informal Interests Newmen News This Week's Society Activity Continues, New Students Reception 
September 30, 1925 John T. Scopes News In the Spotlight of World's News 
September 30, 1925 Wheaton Pushes Y Hard in First Half; Weakens in Next Sports Y College Takes Opening Game from Home Team to Win 24-0 
September 30, 1925 President Blanchard News Phil Party Thrills the New Girls 
September 30, 1925 Science is Knowing. Art is Doing Article The Value of a Literary Society 
September 30, 1925 Clifford Bax Article College Friends 
September 30, 1925 Personal Enthusiastic Pushing Article PEP 
September 30, 1925 Rock of Ages Short Story That Furrow 
September 30, 1925 Press Congress of the World in Hawaii Information New Books in the Library 
September 30, 1925 Raidie Poole Comment Personals 
September 30, 1925 Night of Stars, Silver Literature Detours 
September 30, 1925 Mary Sears News Academy Hike 
September 30, 1925 John Corbin News Beltionians Meet for Vacation Program 
September 30, 1925 Alfred Crofts News Alumni Notes 
September 30, 1925 The Swedes News Augustana Here Saturday! 
October 7, 1925 Famous Pianist Delights College Church Music Robert Harkness Gives Rare Treat in Gospel Songs 
October 7, 1925 John Conley News Coach Conley Resigns 
October 7, 1925 Happenings Short Comment Personals 
October 7, 1925 Beltionian Informal News Beltionians Point New Men To High Literary Endeavor 
October 7, 1925 Program of Welcome for 500 Alumni Information Biggest-Best-Homecoming! Plans All Set for Oct 23-27 
October 7, 1925 Updates News Intercollegiate News 
October 7, 1925 Subscription to The Record Short Comment Attention, Alumni! 
October 7, 1925 Admiral Nelson Short Comment 1927 Tower 
October 7, 1925 Way back when Article When Father Went To College 
October 7, 1925 Game Tied 0-0 At Three Quarters Sports Augustana Wins on 4th Quarter To Tune of 21-0 
October 7, 1925 President and Mrs. Blanchard News Aelioians Have Star Program At Informal For New Women 
October 7, 1925 Augustara Article Religion at Augie 
October 7, 1925 Bulletin Boards Article Wall Psychology 
October 7, 1925 Practice of Hazing Article Respect 
October 7, 1925 Co-operation of Students News Record Stafff Desires Co-operation 
October 7, 1925 Weekly Activities Information Campus Calendar 
October 7, 1925 Meeting Report Information Excelsior Meeting Oct 8, 1925 
October 7, 1925 Poetry Literature Detours 
October 7, 1925 "Backward Party" News Academy News 
October 7, 1925 Senior Class of '26 Article A Senior Tale 
October 7, 1925 Make Gordon Ham Smile News In The Wake of The News Outstanding News Events 
October 7, 1925 Humor Short Comment Pathetic Humor 
October 14, 1925 Mid-West Conference to Debate Prohibition News Varsity Debaters Given Subjects; Research Begun 
October 14, 1925 The Frosh Frolic News Frosh up Early for Hike: Eat in Peace 
October 14, 1925 Mr. Townsend, a Missionary to Central America News Student Volunteers Hear Missionary Address 
October 14, 1925 Hilma Johnson News Y. Girls have Novel Program 
October 14, 1925 Longfellow Short Comment Personals 
October 14, 1925 Seniors Walk to Wiesbrook Despite Rain News Upper Classes Stage Hikes with Undamped Spirit 
October 14, 1925 Thelma Agnew News Alumni News 
October 14, 1925 Team Fights Hard to Last Whistle Sports Tough Breaks Let Mt. Morris Win 7-0 Score Furnishes Wild Thriller 
October 14, 1925 Dr. Hervin U. Roop Article The Law of Habit 
October 14, 1925 The Student Council of Wheaton College Article Assessments 
October 14, 1925 William Allen White Article The Pressroom 
October 14, 1925 Dorothy Johnston News Academy Freshman Class Holds Party 
October 14, 1925 Miss Miles News The W. A. A. Frolic 
October 14, 1925 W. Blair and R. Irwin News Celts Use Heaters to Warm Hall for Meeting 
October 14, 1925 Thomas Hardy, Li PO, Grace Hazard Conkling Literature Detours 
October 14, 1925 Kathryn Kuhn, Elsie Pottinger News Wheaton Academy Alumni News 
October 14, 1925 Miss Thorlakson at 705 Irving Ave. News Sophomore Party 
October 14, 1925 Robert Harkness' Song News Beltionians "Up in the Air" 
October 14, 1925 Ernie Hoover News Frosh Successfully Display Flag 
October 14, 1925 Mr. Philp and Miss Carman News Student Council 
October 14, 1925 Alex Sauerwein News Campus Calendar 
October 21, 1925 Wheaton Homecoming Football Game Sports Grit and Nerve Will Help Wheaton Win Homecomer: Will be Second Win in History Against Naperville 
October 21, 1925 Missionary Talk, Townsend Article Volunteers Enjoy Steroptican Talk 
October 21, 1925 Intercollegiate News Intercollegiate News 
October 21, 1925 World News News In the Spotlight of World's News 
October 21, 1925 Debate Team Article Lower Classes Break Even in Debate 
October 21, 1925 Conservatory Public Recital News First Musical Here Tomorrow 
October 21, 1925 Homecoming Activities News Banquets, Two Games, and Bonfire Lead Program for Active Week End 
October 21, 1925 Alumni Updates News Alumni Remarks 
October 21, 1925 William Jennings Bryan  Article Immortality 
October 21, 1925 The Record Platform Column The Backbone, Welcome Home 
October 21, 1925 Wheaton Academy Article Academy News 
October 21, 1925 Phi Nu Hall Program News New Students Enjoy Phil Program 
October 21, 1925 Poetry Column Detours 
October 21, 1925 Literary Society Article Beltionians Delve Into Science 
October 21, 1925 Literary Society Article Aelioians Present Interesting Program 
October 21, 1925 Excelsior Literary Society Article Rain Does Not Prevent Large Crowd at Celts 
October 21, 1925 Women's Athletic Association Article Woman's Athletic Ass'n Point System 
October 21, 1925 Campus Personals Article Personals 
October 28, 1925 College President Travels Article Pres. Blanchard Spends Month on Travel in East 
October 28, 1925 Football Game Review Sports Mud Features in Reserve Grit Tilt 
October 28, 1925 Sports Banquet Sports "W" Club Banquet Cheered by Victory; Old and New Letter Men Tell of Joy 
October 28, 1925 Alumni Banquet Article Give Banquet and Reception for Alumni 
October 28, 1925 Alumni Reception Review Article Dr. B.P. Fitzwater Speaks on Great Homegathering 
October 28, 1925 Varsity Football Homecoming  Sports Varsity Grid Men Send Thrill to Wheaton Homecomers in Big Game 
October 28, 1925 Visiting Alumni News Alumni From Far Visit Alma Mater 
October 28, 1925 Student Council Thank You Article Thank You 
October 28, 1925 The Record Platform Article Letting Down, 10 a.m. (chapel) 
October 28, 1925 Academy News, Debate News Academy News 
October 28, 1925 Excelsior Literary Association Article Celts Hold Brief Meet Before Big Pep Session 
October 28, 1925 The Bible Article The Bible 
October 28, 1925 Aelioian Literary Society Article Alumni Night at Aels 
October 28, 1925 Poetry Column Detours 
October 28, 1925 Personals Article Personals 
October 28, 1925 Phil Literary Society News Phils Hear Alumni in Lively Program 
October 28, 1925 Beltionians Literary Society News Betionians Admire Alumni Talent 
October 28, 1925 Football Pep Rally News Gym Packed at Final Pep Meeting 
October 28, 1925 Conservatory Recital News Conservatory Stages Its First Recital 
November 4, 1925 A. J. Sanders News Eastern Alumni to Unite at Princeton 
November 4, 1925 O. Muriel Fuller Book Review "Little Shipe" - A Book Review 
November 4, 1925 Joybelle Fitch News "Musical Saw" is Aels Feature 
November 4, 1925 Snappy Stunts Make Live Competition News Soph's Help Frosh to Good Time  
November 4, 1925 "Hollowe'en in Utopia" News Spirits-Ghosts; Shiver Ye Belts 
November 4, 1925 Rev. Milton Nelson News Student Pastors Active This Fall 
November 4, 1925 Arnold Pent News Personals 
November 4, 1925 Valparaiso University News Intercollegiate Echoes 
November 4, 1925 Satisfaction Article Campus Christianity 
November 4, 1925 Lincoln College Sports Lincoln Edges Victory From Orange and Blue by Single Lucky Spurt 
November 4, 1925 The Excelsior Program News Human Interest with Celt Meet 
November 4, 1925 "Introductory to William Allan Brooks" '"How to Study'" Article Are Students Lazy? 
November 4, 1925 Personality should Mean Power Article The Flaccid Parade 
November 4, 1925 Dorothy Rasmussen News Hallowe'en Program in Phils 
November 4, 1925 Caroline L. Blake Literature Detours 
November 4, 1925 Captain McGill Sports The Game by Plays: First Quarter, Second, Third, and Fourth 
November 11, 1925 Wheaton Shifts Fail In Strawless Mud Sports Fish For Ball In Mudslinger With Elmhurst School 
November 11, 1925 Love at First Sight Interview Inquiring Reporter 
November 11, 1925 Freshman Class Information Frosh Class Elects Corbin President 
November 11, 1925 Various Denominations Represented Information Baptist Students in Plurality Here 
November 11, 1925 Wheaton College Needs A Band Music Good Band Assists Team To Win 
November 11, 1925 Rev. P. W. Philpott News Rev. P.W. Philpott Receives Degreee Doctor of Divinity 
November 11, 1925 World News News In the Spotlight of World News 
November 11, 1925 Mr. Page and Dr. William L. Pettingill News Chapel Speakers Arouse Interest 
November 11, 1925 Old And Yet Always New News Grandma's Time is Phil's Theme 
November 11, 1925 Updates about Alumni News Alumni News 
November 11, 1925 Y.W. Meeting Short Comment Y.W. Programs Prove Of Great Interest 
November 11, 1925 Child Labor Amendment Information Co-Eds Will Debate On Child Labor 
November 11, 1925 Humor Short Comment Personals 
November 11, 1925 Once Classmates Now Lifemates Go to Africa News PArk-Winsor Wedding Opens The New Chapel 
November 11, 1925 A Definite Purpose Article  Collegiate 
November 11, 1925 Courage And Foolhardiness Article What Price Football? 
November 11, 1925 Beltionian Literary Program Literature Beltionians Discuss Literature, Past and Present 
November 11, 1925 Snippets from Various Colleges Short Comment Intercollegiate Echoes 
November 11, 1925 Rev. Charles Reeve Hunt News Rev. Charles Reeve Hunt Alumni '85 Dead 
November 11, 1925 Halloween Party News Academy News Senior Halloween Party 
November 11, 1925 Minutes of Student Council Meeting Information Regular Meeting Of The Student Council 
November 11, 1925 Great Excitement in The Academy News The Sophomore-Freshman Party 
November 11, 1925 Excelsior Meeting Literature Lively Meeting Held By Excelsiors Friday 
November 11, 1925 Honor Roll Information Honor Roll For The Last Six Weeks, To Oct 23 
November 11, 1925 Humor  Short Comment Personals 
November 18, 1925 Ruth Bixel News Recital Concert Well Executed 
November 18, 1925 Becky Lewis News Mrs. O'Neil Gives Citizenship Talk to Phils and Aels 
November 18, 1925 Former Pastor of the College Church News Dr. Ferris Dead 
November 18, 1925 Milton G. Nelson News Dr. Roop Talks Before Student Pastors 
November 18, 1925 Bill at Princeton, From Blanche and Bill News Alumni Notes 
November 18, 1925 President Guides in Dedicatory Services News Over Thousand Present at Chapel Decidation; Dr. Riley Gives Address 
November 18, 1925 Trinity College News Intercollegiate Echoes 
November 18, 1925 Lola Bartholomew News Y. W. Girls Hear Talk by Miss Carey of M.B. I. 
November 18, 1925 Orange and Blue Carry Ball Farhest but Fail to Score Sports DeKalb Techers win in 6-0 Fracas with Place Kicks 
November 18, 1925 The Greatest Needs in the Educational System Article Abolish Football? 
November 18, 1925 Deplorable Article "The Campus Critique" 
November 18, 1925 Charles Hill Music Academy Orchestra 
November 18, 1925 Miss Torrey News Personals 
November 18, 1925 Paul Wright News Excelsior Meeting Nov. 13 
November 18, 1925 MacKinney News Belts Catch Music Waves 
November 18, 1925 The twelve Apostles Article Does it Pay? 
November 18, 1925 The Winds, The Runner in the Skies Literature Detours 
November 18, 1925 John McGill News Academy News Kreitonian Literary Society  
Decmber 2, 1925 A Strong Class Spirit News Class Cage Titile at Stake This Week 
Decmber 2, 1925 Mrs. Carlton Campbell News Alumni Notes 
Decmber 2, 1925 Tiring Trip Helps Defeat Orange and Blue by 14-6 Score Sports Night Stops Last Grid Game Early 
Decmber 2, 1925 Foundamentalist Conference News Dr. R.A Hadden Leaves Message 
Decmber 2, 1925 exemplifies in Life Theme of Message Short Comment Upshaw of Georgia Thrills Students 
Decmber 2, 1925 Wheaton Was Completely Out-charged Sports Concordia Beats Reserves 26-0 
Decmber 2, 1925 Illinois College Information Intercollegiate Notes 
Decmber 2, 1925 First Program of the Year Music Men's Glee Club on Air from WHT 
Decmber 2, 1925 Review of Football Season Reveals Team's Pluck Sports Wheaton Fight Shows Despite Grid Handicaps  
Decmber 2, 1925 Careful Examination and Search Short Comment Concering Judgement 
Decmber 2, 1925 Starts with Scripture Reading News Belts Discuss Thanksgiving 
Decmber 2, 1925 The Life of College Men and Women Short Comment Loyalty 
December 2, 1925 Margaret Toms Led the Devotions  Literature Aelioians Have Knightly Program 
December 2, 1925 From An Art Gallery Literature Detours 
December 2, 1925 Regular Meeting of the Student Council News Student Council Notes 
December 2, 1925 Academy Basketball Team News Academy News 
December 2, 1925 Celt Meeting Was Opened with Devotions News Excelsior 
December 2, 1925 The Students' Handbook Information How to Study 
December 9, 1925 The Princeton "Theologues"  News Eastern Alumni Visit Princeton  
December 9, 1925 Football Lettermen Last Friday Sports Welsh to Lead '26 Grid Team 
December 9, 1925 Sports Prexy as Pilot Leads to Smashing Victory Choice of Record All-American Can Play Heavy Game 
December 9, 1925 The Funeral Service of Prof. Herman A. Fischer Information College Mourns Prof. H.A.Fischer 
December 9, 1925 Is Well Known Among Coaches in Territory Information Lipp Arrives With Long List of Wins  
December 9, 1925 The League of Women Voters News College Women Voters Organize League 
December 9, 1925 One of The Most Successful Seasons News Varsity Debate Men Are Chosen 
December 9, 1925 Lave for Africa Africa News Winsor Gives Farewell at Volunteers Meeting 
December 9, 1925 Evan Welsh's Music Expression Recital Holds Interest  
December 9, 1925 Juniors Come Away with Championship by Big Score News Rivalries Intense in Basket Tourney for Class' Honors 
December 9, 1925 Life is an Undertaking Short Comment What is Success? 
December 9, 1925 Both Words and Deeds Short Comment Words and Deeds 
December 9, 1925 Betty Shirk Spoke on Shakespeare's Life Information Shakespearean Program in Phils 
December 9, 1925 Caroline Krueger News  Aelioians 
December 9, 1925 Nursing as a Profession for College Women Information Y. W. Girls Enjoy Nursing Lecture 
December 9, 1925 Gilrs's Inside and Outside Teams Sports Outside Girls Defeat Dorm Rivals 
December 9, 1925 New Birth is a Spiritual Condition Short Comment The New Birth 
December 9, 1925 Midred Corbett News Alumni Notes 
December 9, 1925 Post Season Reflections  Literature Detours 
December 9, 1925 Wheaton Academy Glee Club News  Academy News 
December 9, 1925 Scripture and Prayer by Blair News  Girls Register Glee at Friday Meeting 
December 9, 1925 H. Brown Led the Devotions News Belts Try Hamlet's Sanity 
December 16, 1925 Girls' Glee Club  Music Christmas Music Well Interpreted 
December 16, 1925 Letters and Sweaters Information Change Style of "W" Men's Sweaters and Strips 
December 16, 1925 Speeches Clouded by Sadness of Seniors Sports Frosh Entertain Football Heroes 
December 16, 1925 From a U.S. Patent Literature The Poor Fish  
December 16, 1925 Coach Lipp is Working Hard Sports Lipp Works Team Into Good Form 
December 16, 1925 Wheaton's Men's Glee Club Music Men's Glee Club Gives Warrenville Program 
December 16, 1925 Cheerleaders Sports Basketball Yells, Songs, Needed for This Season 
December 16, 1925 Every Feature Novel--Seems Motto News Dorm Girls Stage Royal Good Time 
December 16, 1925 Ottawa University News Intercollegiate Echoes 
December 16, 1925 Dorothy Vreeland News  Alumni Notes 
December 16, 1925 The Annual Interclass News Interclass Track Meet Gives Girls Competition 
December 16, 1925 Belts-Aels Win Decision by 2-1 in Debate of Unusual Interest Literature Lit. Societies Join to Give Versatile Fall Open Meeting 
December 16, 1925 Peace on Earth, Good-will to Men Short Comment Peace on Earth 
December 16, 1925 Post Office Department News  Christmas Mailing 
December 16, 1925 College Men and Women Information Representation 
December 16, 1925 Miss Cobb's Reading News  Academy News 
December 16, 1925 Christmas Hymns Music Expression Department Again Recites 
December 16, 1925 Princess Literature Detours 
December 16, 1925 Various Newspaper Opinions on the Iceman's Fight from College News  Grange Turns Professional 
December 16, 1925 The Spirit os Christmas News  Christmas or Xmas  
December 16, 1925 Two Trips Are Being Planned News Women Debaters at Work 
January 6, 1925 Untiring in His Activitiy in Every Phase of Christian Work From Coast to Coast News "For Christ And His Kingdom" Is Motto Wrought In Very Life By Dr. Blanchard 
January 6, 1925 Capable Substitute Already On Campus To Take Up Work Until New Head Is Found News Dr. J.W. Welsh, D.D. Steps Into Chair As Pilot Pro. Tem. 
January 6, 1925 Resolutions of The Executive Board of Wheaton College News Praise to God for a Beloved Leader Given by Trustees 
January 6, 1925 Tribute in Wheaton College Annuals News Tribute to Our Noble Leader From "Towers" of Past Years 
January 6, 1925 President Blanchard Article Carry On 
January 6, 1925 Appreciating Professors Short Comment Appreciation 
January 6, 1925 Little Nineteen Conference Short Comment Wolstenholme Given Place on Mythical All-Conference Team 
January 6, 1925 Poetry Literature Detours 
January 6, 1925 Coach Lipp Sports Basketeers Return Early 
January 13, 1925 Baylar University News Intercollegiate Echoes 
January 13, 1925 Miss Torrey News College Meets in Memorial Chapel Services Tuesday 
January 13, 1925 Henry W. Coray, Pres.  News Resolutions of the Students Body 
January 13, 1925 Dr. Hervin U. Roop News Dr. Roop to Head Summer School 
January 13, 1925 First Game Puts Men on Feet For Valpo Struggle Sports Cage Season Starts with 42-23 Win 
January 13, 1925 Ruth Dunton Thomas News Alumni Notes 
January 13, 1925 The Debating Union News Call Issued for Interclass Debates 
January 13, 1925 Debate Schedule Over Easter will Lead Far as Coast News Varsity Team Will Take Far Western Trip 
January 13, 1925 Jiro Shiroma Short Comment When President Entered into Student's Lives 
January 13, 1925 The Washington Banquet Article Friday, February the Nineteenth 
January 13, 1925 The Ottawa Campus Article Women and the Weed 
January 13, 1925 The Benefits of Christian Education Article The Waste in Life 
January 13, 1925 Carroll College Information Debate Schedule 
January 13, 1925 The First Issue of the Record in 1922 Article Why Wheaton? 
January 13, 1925 Sunday, October Fifth Literature  Detours 
January 13, 1925 Mr. Sainyen News Student Council 
January 13, 1925 Ted Hinn News Academy News 
January 13, 1925 Rev. John W. Welsh News Wheaton Academy 
January 13, 1925 Beuscherites News Academy Basketeers Give Naperville 2 Drubbings 
January 13, 1925 Mrs. Camp's Speech News Y. W. C. A.  
January 13, 1925 So-Called Cold Logic News Logic Under Prof. Straw 
January 20, 1925 Florence McDuffie News Girls Talk of Work Done by Other College Y. M. C. A.  
January 20, 1925 Bulletin Illinois League of Women Voters News Wheaton Has First College League of Women Voters 
January 20, 1925 The Boston Schoole of Expression News Professor Thompson Coming Next Week 
January 20, 1925 Mavis Sang "Mother Machree" News Aelioian Essay Contest 
January 20, 1925 Second Semester 1926 Information Scoial Sciences Benefit by New Courses Offered 
January 20, 1925 "Amen" Article Student Opinion 
January 20, 1925 Alteration were begun News Gym. Improvements Will Make Better Style of Games 
January 20, 1925 The National Student Conference News Sanders '24 Represents Wheaton at the National Student Council 
January 20, 1925 Eleanor Jones News Alumni Notes 
January 20, 1925 The Men's Glee Club News Men Warble Here Tomorrow Night 
January 20, 1925 The Form of an Open Forum News Volunteer Band Seeks to Make Service Vital 
January 20, 1925 Freshman Discipline Article Here's What was Handed Our Seniors When They Were Funny Fresh Frosh 
January 20, 1925 Miller of Heidelburg University News Intercollegiate Echoes 
January 20, 1925 Many Sure Shots Jump In and Out Again for Wheaton Men Sports Valpovictors by 3 Points After Hot Tussle for Bacon 
January 20, 1925 To Erect A New Library Article The New Library 
January 20, 1925 Greek Lesson Article Getting By 
January 20, 1925 Constitution of the League of Evangelical Students News Shall Wheaton Join the League of Evangelical Students? 
January 20, 1925 Sunset, The Rocket Literature Detours 
January 20, 1925 Proverbs 3 Article Good Advice 
January 20, 1925 Brueschwyler News Belts Read Essays 
January 20, 1925 The "Time-Makers" News Academy Team Defeats Elgin Watchmakers 
January 20, 1925 Dorothy Rasmussen News Essay Contest in Phils 
January 20, 1925 Latin Club Information Academy Record News 
January 20, 1925 A Dissertation on the Joy News Celts Hold Enthusiastic Literary Contest 
February 3, 1926 Prize for the Best Adverse criticism of "Profits," a book by Foster and Catchings, authors of "Money" Article Five Thousand Dollars for a Book Review 
February 3, 1926 Chapel Speaker Article Rev Buswell is Special Speaker 
February 3, 1926 Shakespeare Program Article Prof. Thompson Makes Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Living Reality 
February 3, 1926 Birthday Party for Janet Fraser Article Frazers Entertain Large Group at Delightful Home Dinner Party 
February 3, 1926 Debate Team Party Article Varsity Debaters Hold Informal at Campdown Hall 
February 3, 1926 Short Story Contest Article Story Contest is Coming March 26 
February 3, 1926 Alumni News News Alumni Notes 
February 3, 1926 Glee Club Program Article Men's Glee Club Give Interesting Clever Program 
February 3, 1926 Intramural Basketball Article Aels Conquer Phils Again in Basket ball To Tune of 26-20 in Fast Game 
February 3, 1926 Intercollegiate News News Intercollegiate Echoes 
February 3, 1926 Basketball Review: Orange and Blue Runs Riot with Baskets Sports Wheaton Hits Mt. Morris and Lewis For Heavy Scores 
February 3, 1926 Wheaton Reformatory, Law Column The Record Platform 
February 3, 1926 Excelsior Meeting News Celts Close Successful Semester 
February 3, 1926 Wheaton Academy News Academy News 
February 3, 1926 Literary Society Election Results News Miss Kinsey President of Phils 
February 3, 1926 Poetry Column Detours 
February 3, 1926 Opinion Column: The Record, Spiritual Life on Campus Column Student Opinion Column 
February 3, 1926 Student Council Meeting Minutes Article Student Council 
February 3, 1926 Literary Society Meeting Minutes Article Aeloioian 
February 3, 1926 Literary Society  News Beltonians Elect Officers 
February 10, 1926 Chapel Special Services Article Rev. Buswell Is True Messenger of Gospel Logic 
February 10, 1926 Chapel Quartet Article Xenia Quartette 
February 10, 1926 Basketball Review Sports Basketeers Fight Heavy Games This Week-Macomb"Y" 
February 10, 1926 Mr. Ingles ex-editor Article Appreciation and Thanks for His Untiring Efforts are Due Ex-Editor Ingles 
February 10, 1926 YMCA Meeting Article Bartlett hall is Scene of Revelry 
February 10, 1926 Debate: Carroll and Lawrenec Are Opponents Tonight and Tomorrow Article Debaters Meet in First Clashes of Season This Week 
February 10, 1926 Yearbook Article Each "Tower" is Lasting Memorial of Class' Years at School 
February 10, 1926 Intercollegiate News Intercollegiate Echoes 
February 10, 1926 Campus Library News Library is Reorganizing with Purpose of Highest Service to All 
February 10, 1926 Basketball: Thrills, More Thrills Fill Game from End to End Sports Wheaton Takes Victory from the Wisconsin Stars 
February 10, 1926 Junior-Senior Debate Article Academy News 
February 10, 1926 Y.W.C.A. Election Results Article Y.W.C.A. 
February 10, 1926 Christian Living- Salt Article NA-CL 
February 10, 1926 Belt Hall Program Article New Members Appear on Belt Program 
February 10, 1926 Poetry Column Detours 
February 10, 1926 Literary Societies: Philalethean, Aelioian Article Philalethean, Aelioian Literary Society 
February 10, 1926 Alumni News Article Alumni Notes 
February 10, 1926 Chess Tournament- David Meyers Article Chess Tournament 
February 10, 1926 Literary Society Election News Exelsior Association Holds Semester Election 
February 10, 1926 Convervatory Recital Article Recital 
February 10, 1926 Personals Article Personals 
February 17, 1926 Debate: Win and Lose Again Carroll; Hold Open Forum with Lawrence Article Debates Present Real Battles for 18th Amendment 
February 17, 1926 Debate: Carroll, Lawrence Article Negative Debates Here 
February 17, 1926 Funds for Much Needed and Monumental Building are Growing Rapidly Article Memorial Administratino and Library Building to Honor Presidents Jonathan and Charles Blanchard 
February 17, 1926 Girls Basketball Tournament News Interclass Clash Shows Seniors-Soph Victors in First Fray 
February 17, 1926 League of Women Voters Article Voters Hold Session 
February 17, 1926 Basketball Sports Northwester to Hit Stone Wall 
February 17, 1926 Girl's Athletics News W.A.A. Chooses Pilot to Head Girl's Athletics For Coming Year 
February 17, 1926 YWCA News Novel Entertainment Coming Soon 
February 17, 1926 Literary Society News Kreitonian Literary Society Officers 
February 17, 1926 Tied At Half Time; Wheaton Nearly Loses, Then Beats Macomb Sports Whirlwind Games Bring More Glory to Orange and Blue Via Basketball 
February 17, 1926 Basketball Sports "Y" College Loses as Wheaton Chalks up Fifth Straight Win 
Tied At Half Time; Wheaton Nearly Loses, Then Beats Macomb Basketball Hospitality Sports Mrs. Toms Treats Warriors to Evening of Fur and Plenty of Eats 
February 17, 1926 Boosting Wheaton, Is Loyalty a Moral-Code Substitute? Column The Record Platform 
February 17, 1926 Academy Sports News Academy 
February 17, 1926 Endeavor Members Travel News Endeavor Members Travel 
February 17, 1926 Future Issues Article Freshman Co-Ed Issues 
February 17, 1926 Literary Society Meeting Article Phi Nu 
February 17, 1926 Academy News, Honor Roll, Officers News Academy News 
February 17, 1926 Poetry Column Detours 
February 17, 1926 Intercollegiate News News Intercollegiate 
February 17, 1926 Literary Societies News Aelioian Literary Society, Celts Have Snappy Session, Lincoln Honored by Belts 
February 17, 1926 Jokes and Personals  Article Jokes and Personals 
February 17, 1926 Alumni News News Alumni 
February 17, 1926 Jokes Article Kampus Kut-Ups 
February 24, 1926 Prohibition Debate News Debaters Debate on Home Platform 
February 24, 1926 Basketball Sports Westbound Team Packs Bags Soon 
February 24, 1926 Debate Schedule News Home Debate Schedule 
February 24, 1926 Alumni News News Alumni News 
February 24, 1926 Jiro Shirom Article  My Adopted Home 
February 24, 1926 38-26 Win With Coach Lipp Absent Shows Team Plays at Best Sports Northwestern Hit Hard by Wheaton 
February 24, 1926 Intramural Sports News Senior Co-Eds Wins First Round 
February 24, 1926 Girls Basketball Tournament Sports Seniors-Sophs Cop 2nd Round 
February 24, 1926 Local Story Article A Boy's Mite But it May Be Mighty in God's Sight 
February 24, 1926 Toasts Compare Two Great men- Washington and Blanchard, Local Alumni Serve Article Banquet, First in New Chapel, Well Attended by Classes and Faculty 
February 24, 1926 Banquet Article Colorful Table Decorations Add to Gaiety of Songs and Cheer 
February 24, 1926 Cheering Contest at Banquet Article Sophs and Frosh Vie with Mean Look and Yell for Supremacy 
February 24, 1926 Forceful Chapels, Turn the Page, Oh For a Closer Walk With God, Doing Things Professionally, If the Student Body Grows in Years to Come Column The Record Platform 
February 24, 1926 Intercollegiate News News Intercollegiate Echoes 
February 24, 1926 Jokes Article Who Am I? 
February 24, 1926 Book Review of "The Mind in the Making" Article Book Review 
February 24, 1926 Locals News Locals 
February 24, 1926 Poetry by Freshmen Column Fresh Breezes 
February 24, 1926 Student Council Minutes News Student Council 
February 24, 1926 Debate Team Trip News Debaters Take Southern Trip 
February 24, 1926 Conservatory Concert Article Wheaton Grads of '36-'40 Concert 
February 24, 1926 Campus Opinions Article People Who Have Influenced Me 
February 24, 1926 Sattire Article All Fact- No Fiction 
February 24, 1926 Literary Society Meeting Article Belts meet at Elmhurst 
February 24, 1926 Health Update News Coach Lipp Ill 
February 24, 1926 Personals Article Personals 
March 3, 1926 Co-Eds Meet Carroll Men in South for Ten Days Trip; Meeting Five Strong Teams News Men and Women Go on Platform in Debate at Widely Separated Places 
March 3, 1926 Mathilde Reiners News Miss Reiners, Talented Singer, Will Give Concert for Y.W.C.A. March 12 
March 3, 1926 Tax Reduction News In the Spotlight of the World's News 
March 3, 1926 Short Story Contest Article Short Story Writers are Burning the Midnight Oil; Contest Comes March 19 
March 3, 1926 Debate Article Southern Team Gives Irish Hard Times Farewell 
March 3, 1926 Alumni News Alumni News 
March 3, 1926 Inter-class Basketball Article Senior Co-Eds Win Tournament for Basket Honors 
March 3, 1926 Bus Ride to Game Sports "We Went to Waukesha Just for a Ride" (?) and Saw a Real Game 
March 3, 1926 Intercollegiate News Intercollegiate 
March 3, 1926 Y.W.C.A. Article Mrs. Demarest Speaks to Y.W. Girls at Installation Services in New Chapel 
March 3, 1926 Fight to The Last Spirit Makes Game Never-To-Be-Forgotten Sports Seasons' Fast Game Lost 31-25 to Carroll Stars 
March 3, 1926 Lighted to Lighten, Co-Eds (Women's Equality) Article The Record Platform 
March 3, 1926 Literary Society Article Excelsior 
March 3, 1926 Debate News Teamt hat Will Take Western Trip to Debate Asbury Here Saturday 
March 3, 1926 Coach Health Update News Coach Lipp Improving 
March 3, 1926 Poetry Column Sea Moods 
March 3, 1926 Personals Article Personals 
March 3, 1926 Literary Societies Article Aelioian, Philalethean 
March 3, 1926 Speaker Joseph C. Conrad  Article Condrad Inspires Belts to Literary Endeavor 
March 3, 1926 Academy Sports Sports Wheaton Academy Takes the Starch Out of Argo 
March 17, 1926 Coach A. M. Mintier  News Team Comes Through Winning Against Stiff Opposition  
March 17, 1926 Superior Teamwork News Co-Eds Conquerin Debate at Carroll  
March 17, 1926 Professor Nydegger News Juniors Auction Eats at Wartime Prices But Enjoy Them All 
March 17, 1926 Mrs. DeVelde News Mrs. DeVelde Feeds Cage Men to Chicken an' Everything  
March 17, 1926 Dr. John Campbell News A Word of Sympathy 
March 17, 1926 President Rev. James Oliver Buswell News President Blanchard's Mantle Falls on a Leader Trained For the Post  
March 17, 1926 In Cage Contests Sports Win Ten Drop Two in Cage Contests  
March 17, 1926 Intercollegiate  News Intercollegiate  
March 17, 1926 Finishing The Season  Sports Orange and Blue Wins Final Game From Mt. Morris  
March 17, 1926 Wheaton College Basketeers Sports Northwestern Return Game Also Comes Our Way 
March 17, 1926 Miss Doris E. Brown  Column Meekness 
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