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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
June 18, 1924 Calvin Lee, Pauline A. Frass Article Students Relate Life and Spirit of Alma Mater 
June 18, 1924 Sep. 8--May 27 Sports Sport Editor Smith in Athletic Review 
June 18, 1924 DeVelde, McGill. Place, Rosenkrance Sports Baseball Review 
June 18, 1924 "Spirit of Wheaton" Sports Y. M. C. A. finishes good year 
June 18, 1924 Wolstenholme Sports "W" Club News 
June 18, 1924 The Basketball Tournament Sports Women's Athletic Association 
June 18, 1924 Axton, Flames Sports I.G.S. Mystery Sloved 
June 18, 1924 Friendship, From New England, Between You'n Me Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
June 18, 1924 Hastings' dictionary of Christ and the Gospel News In and About the Library 
June 18, 1924 Aelioian, Excelsior, Philalethian, Beltionian News Literary Societies 
June 18, 1924 Russell Garner News Open Meeting 
August 6, 1924 Art Long: Time Short News Pres. Blanchard Gives Message to New Students 
August 6, 1924 Registrar Instructions Information Record Gives Aid for Registration 
August 6, 1924 Esther O'brien, Wheaton College Summer School Articles Summer School is Well Attended 
August 6, 1924 Students Keep Busy Articles Vacation Tasks to Show Variety to Be Spice of Life 
August 6, 1924 "The Spirit of Wheaton" Sports The Spirit of Wheaton 
August 6, 1924 Intercollegiate News News Intercollegiate 
August 6, 1924 Religious Vision Articles Religious 
August 6, 1924 Conservatory News Wheaton College Conservatory 
August 6, 1924 Wheaton's Literary Societies Information Literary Societies 
August 6, 1924 Alumni News News Alumni News 
August 6, 1924 Concert Announcement News Glee Club Concert 
August 6, 1924 Everett DeVelde, Football Team Sports Camp Ready for Second Season 
August 6, 1924 Edward R. Schell, Dean Article Wheaton College Academy 
August 6, 1924 Lois McShane, Literary Editor Literature Slants From a Goos Quill 
August 6, 1924 Personal Vacations Column Personals 
August 6, 1924 Wheaton Practice School Column Practice School 
October 1, 1924 Jonathan Blanchard Column Seventy-First Year Begun; School in Expansion Period 
October 1, 1924 Homecoming Council Committee News Large Programs Planned This Homecoming 
October 1, 1924 Augustana Football Game Sports Varsity in Close Opening Game With Augustana 
October 1, 1924 Welcome Article Article Enter, "Frosh" 
October 1, 1924 Record Platform News "Be Thyself" 
October 1, 1924 Alumna Farewell Article Farewell to Alumna 
October 1, 1924 Women's Association News Women's Association Opens Year; Feed Frosh 
October 1, 1924 Local Church, John Wallace Welsh, D.D.  Column College and Church 
October 1, 1924 Faith on Campus Column Campus Christianity: "As to the Lord" 
October 1, 1924 Class Hike Column Senior Hike 
October 1, 1924 Junior Class Hike Article Getting Back to Nature 
October 1, 1924 Rev. Holland Chapel Article Personals 
October 1, 1924 Campus Literary Societies Information Literary Societies 
October 1, 1924 Track Sports Track! Track! Track! 
October 1, 1924 Margaret D. Mortensen, Friendship Column Slants From a Goose Quill 
October 1, 1924 Athletic Camp Article Camp Alma Mater 
October 1, 1924 Music Recital News New Artists Appear in Recital 
October 1, 1924 College YMCA Party Article "Y" Stag 
October 1, 1924 College Reunion Meeting News Rockford Reunion 
October 8, 1924 Literary Society Meeting Summary Article Literary Socierty Year Begun By Belt and AEL Informals 
October 8, 1924 Suggestions for Record Manuscript Article Record Faces Problems in Larger Plans: Suggestions for Manuscript 
October 8, 1924 Varisty Football, Smith Sports Reserves Wallop Elgin Academy Lightweights: Varity Idle; Play "Y" Saturday 
October 8, 1924 Cross Country Sports Cross Country Training in Full Swing 
October 8, 1924 Excelsiors Meeting News Snappy Meeting for Excelsiors 
October 8, 1924 Yearbook Article Tower Interests at Work 
October 8, 1924 School Spirit Article Spirits 
October 8, 1924 Campus Visitors News Campus Visitors 
October 8, 1924 Social Calendar News Faculty Ruling for Social Calendar 
October 8, 1924 Other Colleges News Intercollegiate 
October 8, 1924 Campus Christianity Article The Unique Position of the Believer 
October 8, 1924 Alumni News Alumni News 
October 8, 1924 Underclassmen Picnic Article Bably Class Bluffs Sophs 
October 8, 1924 Wheaton Academy Article Wheaton Academy 
October 8, 1924 Sophomore Hike Article The "Soph" Version of the Hike 
October 8, 1924 Margaret Mortensen, Editor Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 8, 1924 Obituary Rev. W.H. Chandler News Death Claims Former Students: Death of Mr. Chandler 
October 8, 1924 Alumni Letter News Word From Old Student 
October 8, 1924 Social Gathering News Frosh Have Extra Amusement 
October 15, 1924 William J. Bryan News Varied Talent Lends Spice to Celt Informal 
October 15, 1924 Real Scrap Promised in Lincoln Game News Home-Coming will be Big Day for All Alumni 
October 15, 1924 Wheaton Takes Offense, Wolstenholme Score Sports "Y" Wrests Win from Wheaton by Close Margin 
October 15, 1924 The Philaletheans News Phil Informal Delights Frosh with Novelties 
October 15, 1924 Last Year Naperville brought 200 People Sports Northwestern Game Saturday 
October 15, 1924 Dr. Hiatt Article "And Their Works Do Follow Them" 
October 15, 1924 A National Election Article Our Inalienable Right 
October 15, 1924 The First 5 miles Cross-Country Hike of the Season News The Walking Club 
October 15, 1924 Arch Angel Michael Article Campus Christianity Prophecy 
October 15, 1924 Irving Chriswell Information Bulletin 
October 15, 1924 Mr. Ralph Irwin, Mr. Ralph Noel News Record Staff Changes: New Department Created Improved Paper Promised 
October 15, 1924 Christopher Columbus Article Columbus and America 
October 15, 1924 Registration Days in Wheaton Information Information for Voters 
October 15, 1924 Miss Gladys Howell News Conservatory Gives Big Recital  
October 15, 1924 Myrtle Johnson News S. V. B. Work Progressing 
October 22, 1924 Northwestern in football Sports Wheaton Waits for the Alumni to Come Back 
October 22, 1924 Why not Mt. Morris? Sports Mt. Morris Meets Wheaton In Game set for Saturday 
October 22, 1924 Red Cross Work Information  College Can Do Much to further Red Cross Work 
October 22, 1924 Library Offers Information  Library Offers Wide Reading To Students  
October 22, 1924 Basketball Team  Sports Academy Expects Good Basketball Team This Season n.  
October 22, 1924 Religious Meetings Season  Information  Find Religious Meetings Boost Wheaton Spirit  
October 22, 1924 Football Win  Sports Varsity Wins by Ability To Play Versatile Game  
October 22, 1924 The Record Platform Article  Vollege Vs Life  
October 22, 1924 Counsel Approval  Information  Student Council Minutes  
October 22, 1924 President Blanchard Speaking  Information  Campus Christianity  
October 22, 1924 Around Colleges News Here and Elsewhere  
October 22, 1924 Getting Out a Paper Article The Rushlight 
October 22, 1924 Wheaton Academy News News Trip to Chicago 
October 29, 1924 Varsity Takes Another Conference Game Sports Wheaton Downs Mt. Morris 10-2 - Wheaton Drives Net Wins Over Strong Team 
October 29, 1924 Present Fine Program at Baptist Church Music Phil Concert Brings Tennis Courts Nearer 
October 29, 1924 Tower Pictures Information Notice 
October 29, 1924 Join or Renew Membership News Red Cross Needs Membership To Continue Drive 
October 29, 1924 Special Musical Numbers Music Special Chapel Programs to be Given Each Monday 
October 29, 1924 Winning Celebration Sports Rodens Banquet Varsity; Raise Winning Spirit 
October 29, 1924 Tickets Information All Students 
October 29, 1924 Entertaining Frolic Article Sophs Give Frosh Frolicsome Time At October Party 
October 29, 1924 Weekly Activities Information Bulletin 
October 29, 1924 Skin-deep Democracy Article The Prince and Democracy 
October 29, 1924 Homecoming Festivities Article Welcome!!!! Alumni!!!! 
October 29, 1924 Fall Trip Information President to Take Trip 
October 29, 1924 Wisdom From A Watermelon Article Campus Christianity 
October 29, 1924 Nomination of Persons Information Student Council Minutes 
October 29, 1924 Updates News Alumni News 
October 29, 1924 Short Comments from Around Short Comment Here and There 
October 29, 1924 Relics of a Past Civilization- Priceless Treasure Taken From a Tomb on the Site of the Ancient City of Wheaton News Astounding Discoveries 
October 29, 1924 Riddles by The chandler of the Rushlight Short Comment  
October 15, 1924 Prominent Men Give Memorial Speeches News Hiatt Brothers are Honored at Chapel Service 
October 29, 1924 Excelsior, Philalethean, Beltionian, Aelioian News Literary Societies 
October 22, 1924 Excelsior, Aelioian, Beltionian, Philalethian  News Literary Societies  
October 29, 1924 Athletic Win Sports Senior Girls Triumph 
October 29, 1924 Commentary Sports Sports Slants 
October 29, 1924 Homecoming Information Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! 
November 5, 1924 300 Assemble at Gym for Festivities News Alumni Meet at Reception Before Saying Good-Bye 
November 5, 1924 Muriel Ramsay Information Bulletin 
November 5, 1924 Messrs Olson News Athletic Heroes Past and Present Have Big Banquet 
November 5, 1924 Mr. Rober Graham News Freeman Given Surprise Party 
November 5, 1924 The United States Naval Hospital at Great Lakes News Red Cross Needs Money to Help Wounded Vets 
November 5, 1924 Wwally's Tenor News Old Friends Meet as Alumni Banquet Draws 65 Grads 
November 5, 1924 The Sophomores and the Seniors were pitted against the Juniors and Frosh. Sports Co-Eds Clash in Football Game 
November 5, 1924 Big Crowd Sees Wheaton Trim Lincoln by 16-12 Sports Both Teams Win at Home-Coming 
November 5, 1924 J. O. S., '23 Article Is Your Back Yard Clean? 
November 5, 1924 Gertrude Fletcher Article PHI NUS 
November 5, 1924 Mr. Richard Oliver, Jr.  News More Chapel Features 
November 5, 1924 Margaret Andreson, Mavis Cathey Information HomeComers 
November 5, 1924 Professor Mintier News Novel Pep Meeting 
November 5, 1924 Mr. Fuller News Student Council Minutes 
November 5, 1924 Albert Green, Director Conservatory of Music Article The Value of Music 
November 5, 1924 Kreitonian Literary Society News Academy News 
November 5, 1924 Miss Mureil Ramsay Literature  The Rushlight 
November 5, 1924 The Gospel Team News Our Gospel Team 
November 5, 1924 Myrtle Johnson News Volunteer Band Progressing 
November 5, 1924 Miss Hiney Short Comment Around the Campus 
November 5, 1924 The Knights of the Korroded Kords Short Comment Here and There 
November 5, 1924 The Lion's Club News Townspeople Loyal in Support 
November 5, 1924 Aelioian, Beltionian, Excelsior News Literary Societies  
November 5, 1924 Rosenkrance and McGill Sports Sport Slants 
November 5, 1924 Miss E. Jaderquist News Student Council Minutes 
November 5, 1924 Dr. Philpott from Moody church News Dr. Philpott at Wheaton 
November 12, 1924 Debate Team Article Debating Starts With a Boom as 25 Try for Team 
November 12, 1924 George Freeman and Zoe Landon Engagement Article Personal 
November 12, 1924 Christian Speaker Article Rv. Philpott of Moody Church is Speaker for Men 
November 12, 1924 Helen May Martin Article Talented Pianist Will Be at Chapel 
November 12, 1924 Join American Red Cross Article Join Now: The American Red Cross Serves Humanity 
November 12, 1924 American Legion Description, Mrs. "Coach" Conley Article American Legion Helps Disabled Vets 
November 12, 1924 Halloween Party, Senior Class Meeting Article Preps are Busy at Fun and Work 
November 12, 1924 Football Game Report Sports Wheaton Routs Concordia Team by Score of 60-0 
November 12, 1924 Value of College Education Article CUI Borne? CUI Bons? 
November 12, 1924 Meeting Wheaton Alumni Article Get Acquainted With Wheaton's Alumni 
November 12, 1924 Scripture Reflection: His Unspeakable Gift Article Campus Christianity 
November 12, 1924 Alumni News Updates News Alumni News 
November 12, 1924 Outside Girl's Party, Homecoming Thanks Article Personal 
November 12, 1924 Christopher Morley, Evelyn Krauss, Poetry Column The Rushlight 
November 12, 1924 Literary Societies Meetings Article Beltonian, Aelioian, Philalethean, Excelsior, Freshman Meeting 
November 12, 1924 Football Sports That "House Fire" Football Squad 
November 19, 1924 Football Season Recap Sports Season of 1924 Marks Success for the Varsity 
November 19, 1924 Interclass Basketball Tournament Sports Interclass Rivalry Will Produce Fast Basketball Games 
November 19, 1924 Julia Blanchard, Librarian News Read the Exchangles 
November 19, 1924 School Band Article College Band Will Become a Reality 
November 19, 1924 Student Volunteer Meeting News Volunteers from Northwestern Take Charge of Meeting 
November 19, 1924 Basketball Pre-Season Prospects Sports Basket Ball Prospects 
November 19, 1924 Wheaton Outplays Dekalb in Second Half Sports Teachers Beat Conley's Boys by Hard Fight 
November 19, 1924 The Record Platform, Value of College Education Article Four Years: Is it Worth It? 
November 19, 1924 Criticism vs. booster Article Boosters 
November 19, 1924 Thursday Chapel Service Notes, Hoisington Article Chapel Notes 
November 19, 1924 Wheaton Motorists Article Boulevard Notes 
November 19, 1924 Society Notes Article Society Notes 
November 19, 1924 Nellie Gordon, Leslie Blasius Marriage News Surprise Their Friends 
November 19, 1924 The Sunday School Times Advertisement W. Graham Scroggie: Britain's Foremost Bible Teacher 
November 19, 1924 Football Scores Sports Individual Scoring 
November 19, 1924 The Poetry of Windows Column The Rushlight 
November 19, 1924 Literary Society Meeting Notes Article Aelioian, Excelsior, Philalethean, Beltonian (Tiedt the best orator) 
November 26, 1924 Capt. Jim Receives Sweater as Honor Token News Frosh Banquet Varsity; Close Football Year 
November 26, 1924 Bill Harper '24 News Alumni News 
November 26, 1924 Mr. Hydenburg News Girl Flute Player Shows Her Ability 
November 26, 1924 Dr. and Mrs. Stough News Sophs Hold Party and Eat dinner on Installment Plan 
November 26, 1924 Miss Helen May Martin News Genius Shown by Sightless Pianist Inspires Hearers 
November 26, 1924 Miss Cobb, Miss Dorothy News Give Year's First Expression Recital 
November 26, 1924 Kelly Barnes News Social given by Sunday School is Big Success 
November 26, 1924 Frosh Beat Seniors by Score of 20-12 Sports Sophomores Cop Interclass Flag; Beat Jrs. 31-22 
November 26, 1924 Avery Johnson, Harris Muir News Report of Averages for 6 Weeks Ending Oct. 29, 1924 
November 26, 1924 P. F. W., '25, V. W. H., '26  Article The Old Evangelism, Christian Athletics in Wheaton, Reply to Editorial  
November 26, 1924 Rev. Charles H. Rawson, A. M. Class of '78 Article Campus Christianity-Thanksgiving  
November 26, 1924 Celts and Aels are leading News Society Notes 
November 26, 1924 A Dissertation on Roast Turkey, My Southern Home, The Call Literature  The Rushlight 
November 26, 1924 What's Wrong in This Picture? Honest, This Happened, Try This One, Boys Short Comment Here and Elsewhere 
November 26, 1924 Philalethean, Aelioians, Beltionian, Excelsior News Literary Societies 
December 3, 1924  Harold "Red" Grange, Banquet News Red Keepy Cool; Gets Priase, Banquet, but Not Swell Head 
December 3, 1924  Union Meeting News Union Meeting Held at Chapel Marks Thanksgiving Day 
December 3, 1924  Dr. A McKendricks Speaker News Dr. McKendricks Helps, Inspires by His Message 
December 3, 1924  Alumni News News News of Alumni Shows Variety 
December 3, 1924  Yearbook Request Article Tower Staff Craves Dollars and Photos 
December 3, 1924  Basketball Start of Season Sports Cagement Headed by Capt. Gale Get Under Way 
December 3, 1924  Thanksgiving Ceremony News Speeches, Music Mark Ceremony on Thanksgiving 
December 3, 1924  The Record Platform Column Promptness 
December 3, 1924  Student Council Meeting News Student Council Minutes 
December 3, 1924  Other Colleges Column Intercollegiate News 
December 3, 1924  Junior Class, Kreitonian Society, Glee Clubs, Moving Day, On Time Contest Column Academy Sidelites 
December 3, 1924  Poetry Column The Rushlight 
December 3, 1924  Inter-class Football Sports Football Games 
December 3, 1924  Basketball Season Preview Sports Academy Basketball 
December 3, 1924  Glee Club Concert News Glee Club Special 
December 10, 1924  Basketball Season Preview Sports Basketball Season Opens: Team Plays Northwestern Next Saturday 
December 10, 1924  Park College Building News Park College is Building a New Hall 
December 10, 1924  Chapel Message Article Dr. Walker Thrills College Students by Chapel Sermon 
December 10, 1924  Dorm News, Fred Axton News News events Help Liven Past Week 
December 10, 1924  Gospel Quartet News News Gospel Team Has Good Month; Trip East is Planned 
December 10, 1924  Gospel Service News Mr. Oliver Leads Gospel Service 
December 10, 1924  Student Volunteer News Student Volunteers in Return Meeting at Northwestern 
December 10, 1924  Alumni News News Our Alumni are Busy and Happy 
December 10, 1924  Girl's Glee Club Article Girl's Glee Club Gives Concert 
December 10, 1924  School Tradition: Buried Fruitcake Article Buried Cake Tastes Good to Eureka Srs.  
December 10, 1924  Practical Arts Column The Record Platform 
December 10, 1924  Student Council News Student Council Minutes 
December 10, 1924  Academy News, Ye Old-Time Concert, Sophomores Entertained News Academy Sidelights 
December 10, 1924  Professor D.A. Straw Article Campus Christianity: Charity 
December 10, 1924  Doug Wycoff, Harold Grange Sports Here and There 
December 10, 1924  Poetry Column The Rushlight 
December 10, 1924  Literary Societies Column Philalethean, Excelsior, Aelioian, Beltonian 
December 10, 1924  Comics Article Here and There 
December 17, 1924  Tells of His Activities in Eastern Cities News Prof. Blanchard Completes Trip 
December 17, 1924  Mr. D. Otis Fuller Information Paper will suspend Issue until Jan. 14 
December 17, 1924  Mrs. Andrews News Give Prof. Capell Farewell Party 
December 17, 1924  The Dabate Union News Debaters Work Hard; Fight for Team Positions 
December 17, 1924  Celts and Phils Triumph in Society Debate News Open Meeting Has Literary Value 
December 17, 1924  Faculty Representatives of the "Little Nineteen" Sports Coach Attends Conference 
December 17, 1924  Editor-in-chief Coray News Tower Completing Photographic Work 
December 17, 1924  Mr. Weaver, Business Manager of the College News Record Purchases Addressofraph; Improves Mailing 
December 17, 1924  Overwhelm Elmhurst 37-4; Nipped by Naperville 30-28 Sports Cage Men Show Great Promise 
December 17, 1924  The Missourians, the Pennsylvanians News Organize State Clubs at School 
December 17, 1924  A. B. Dick Mimeograph, Mr. Peter Wall News Class of 1925 Gives Mineograph to College; Helps Speed up Work 
December 17, 1924  The Famous Yul Tree Article Trees 
December 17, 1924  D. J. M. '26 Article The Christmas Spirit: Altruism 
December 17, 1924  Dr. Hervin U. Roop Article The Child Jesus 
December 17, 1924  Dorothea Buck News Alumni- Far and Near 
December 17, 1924  Unhappy Woman, Traffic Congestion 2348 B. C. Short Comment Here and There 
December 17, 1924  Mr. Whittlesey, the most popular baritone News Chapel Solos by Whittlesey 
December 17, 1924  Dr. Isaac Page Information Campus Calendar 
December 17, 1924  Rawlins, Camp Sports Wheaton Academy Downs Northwestern 
December 17, 1924  Prof. Capell News Dorm girls give merry Christmas party 
December 17, 1924  The Story of a Gospel Hymn Greatly Owned and Blessed of God Article "Just As I Am" 
December 17, 1924  Julia E. Blanchard, A.B. Article Books for College Libraries 
December 17, 1924  A. Sauerwein, D. J. MacKay, H. Tiedt, W. J. Jones News Gospel Quartet 
December 17, 1924  The Virgin Birth of Christ Jesus Article Campus Christianity 
December 17, 1924  Auld Lang Syne Information "Ye Olde Tyme" Concert Presented by Academy 
December 17, 1924  The Arche Club News Men's Glee Club 
December 17, 1924  Dr. Leonard T. Capell News Farewell to Professor Capell 
December 17, 1924  Ruth Dill News Dorm News 
December 17, 1924  Books and Their Lending Literature  The Rushlight 
December 17, 1924  MacKinney, Gale Sports Elmhurst Game 
December 17, 1924  Coach Wolstenholme's Academy Sports Academy in Another Win 
January 14, 1925 Eastern Cities Afford Quartet Warm Gretting- proves Great Blessing Music Gospel Team Completes Trip 
January 14, 1925 Give Hard Battle Sports Wheaton Five Lose to Valpo and Lawrence 
January 14, 1925 Alumni Ring Contest Information Everybody!! Attention!! 
January 14, 1925 President Blanchard News Prexy leaves for North; Expects to Go East Soon 
January 14, 1925 Trip West Being Arranged News Forensic Work Well Under Way 
January 14, 1925 Basketball Game Sports Crowd Thrilled as Dorm Co-Eds Trim Outsiders 
January 14, 1925 C. E. Meeting News Excellent Start Marks Christian Endeavor Work 
January 14, 1925 Are Golden Period of Gala Events News Holidays Teem With Pleasure 
January 14, 1925 Nation-wide craze Article The Psychology of the Crossword Puzzle 
January 14, 1925 Setting Priorities Article On Schedule Time 
January 14, 1925 Updates Information Tid-Bits From the Holidays 
January 14, 1925 Balcony Gave Way News Balcony Proves Unsafe 
January 14, 1925 Tower Snap-Shot Contest Information Snap-Shot Contest 
January 14, 1925 Reminiscences Short Comment Remember Way Back When 
January 14, 1925 Updates from Alumnis Information Doings of The Alumni 
January 14, 1925 Meeting of Old Students and Alumni Article Quartet Trip By-Paths And Sidelights 
January 14, 1925 Humor Short Comment Here and There 
January 14, 1925 Christmas Party News Miss Hinley Gives Christmas Fete 
January 14, 1925 Games and Refreshments News Betty Johnston Entertains in Royal Fashion 
January 14, 1925 Happenings Short Comment Sidelites in Brief 
January 14, 1925 Party by Sophomores News Prevarication Livens Party 
January 14, 1925 Lose to Lawrence 23-13; Valpo Wins 31-24 Sports Varsity Drops Two Hard Games 
January 14, 1925 The Mind, Wheaton College, A Century Hence, Writing Poetry, Ikey and The Apple, Christmas Crowds Literature Six Sonnets 
January 14, 1925 Activities for the Week Information Stop!! Read This and Act Accordingly 
January 21, 1925 Spirit And Fight Secure Victory Over Fast Team- Valpo String Broken Sports Wheaton Nips ValParaiso 20-17 
January 21, 1925 New Sociology Study Information Department of History Offers Students Further Courses 
January 21, 1925 New Equipment Added to the Laboratory News Professor J. Doolittle Delights Class With Voltmeters 
January 21, 1925 Third Monthly Meeting of Missouri Club of Wheaton College News Missouri Clique Gets Acquainted 
January 21, 1925 Topnotch Programs Feature Friday News New Members Liven Socities 
January 21, 1925 Thank you note Short Comment Page Mr. Fuller 
January 21, 1925 Alumni Letters News Ask Snapshots, Subscriptions from Alumni 
January 21, 1925 Treat by Mr. and Mrs. G.W. McGill News Hungry Singers Invade M'Gills' 
January 21, 1925 Alumni Record Short Comment More About Alumni 
January 21, 1925 Little-Appreciated Professor or Instructor Article May Their Tribe Increase 
January 21, 1925 Christian Athletics Article Does It Pay? 
January 21, 1925 Activities for the Week Information Campus Calendar 
January 21, 1925 The New Birth Article Campus Christianity 
January 21, 1925 Poem Literature The "W" Man 
January 21, 1925 Poem and Article Literature Tale of A Possum 
January 21, 1925 Riddles Short Comment The Pessimist 
January 21, 1925 Basketball Game Sports Wheaton Academy Wins Again 
January 21, 1925 Happenings at the Academy News Academy Functions 
January 21, 1925 Updates on Alumnis News Alumni News 
January 28, 1925 Pictures True President News Thompson GivesDrinkwater's Lincoln Play 
January 28, 1925 Desssa and Maurine Olson News Literary Programs Exhibit Coincidence and Contrast 
January 28, 1925 The Annual Christian Endeavor Social Information One Moment Please 
January 28, 1925 Mr. Olson gives Testimony News Rev. Joyce has Message for "Y" 
January 28, 1925 Systematic Theology of McMaster University News Dr. Keirstead of McMaster U. in Chapel Lecture 
January 28, 1925 Knox College Information Radio at Siwash 
January 28, 1925 Karl D. Hummel News Missionary from Nicaragua Talks at S.V.B. Meeting 
January 28, 1925 Will Try to Rise Subscription List  News Record Plans for Next Term 
January 28, 1925 Game has Fast Play Sports Wheaton Cagers Lose to DeKalb by Score 24-18 
January 28, 1925 That "Jap" Peril again Short Comment Editorials Embryonic, Makes a Man Healthy 
January 28, 1925 Ruth Truesdell, Rev. Emblem Information Campus Calendar 
January 28, 1925 Salvation Article Campus Christianity 
January 28, 1925 Miss Fenton's Ancient and Modern History Classes News Academy News 
January 28, 1925 The Dorm Lights- Aleene Drydale, Thr Spirit of Wheaton College- Dessa Olson Literature  The Rushlight 
January 28, 1925 William and Mary College, The Naperville Clarion Short Comment The Pessimist 
January 28, 1925 Mrs. John Park, George F. Bradfield News Alumni News 
January 28, 1925 Verna Crofts, Elizabeth Green News Report of Averages for the Second Six Weeks 
Febuary 4, 1925 PHILLATHEAN, AELIOIAN, BELTIONIAN Information Next Semester Officers Chosen at Lit. Societies 
Febuary 4, 1925 The Academy Wins a Basketball Game Sports Academy Quintet Wins over Elgin 
Febuary 4, 1925 Bible study and Christian fellowship Religion Y.M.C.A PROGRAM SHOWS ACTIVITY  
Febuary 4, 1925 Orchestra went out to the State Hospital Music  Orchestra Cheers Many Veterans at Elgin Hospital 
Febuary 4, 1925 College Band Music Band Requests Horn Blowers 
Febuary 4, 1925 Team Shows Spirit Sports GOOD SHOOTING BEATS AURORA AND MT. MORRIS 
Febuary 4, 1925 New Building and Increased Tuition Information THE RECORD PLATFORM 
Febuary 4, 1925 The Faculty and Students Are Preparing for Reunion Information Academy Reunion 
Febuary 4, 1925 The Best Finish Story  Literature The Rushlight  
Febuary 4, 1925 An Ideal Professor Short Comments The Pessimist  
Febuary 4, 1925 The Excelsior Society  News Excelsiors 
Febuary 4, 1925 The Christian Short Comment Campus Christianity 
Febuary 4, 1925 A House Party News Christian Endeavor Holds Annual Social 
Febuary 11, 1925 100 Percent Attendance is Goal News NOVEL PROGRAM IS PREPARED FOR ANNUAL BANQUET 
Febuary 11, 1925 Famous Author of Boy's Stories News  Mrs. Roy Snell tells of Alaska 
Febuary 11, 1925 The Wheaton Basket Dropped a Hard Fought Sports Nelson Sinks Ten as Chandlers Win From Team29-21 
Febuary 11, 1925 Construction of the New College Chapel Sports New Tennis Court 
Febuary 11, 1925 Plan That Class of '25 Graduate From it News Church Building Rises Steadily 
Febuary 11, 1925 Green and Holtorf Were Present News  Two Evangelists Speak in Chapel 
Febuary 11, 1925 Election night News Excelsiors Have Election, J. Welsh is New President 
Febuary 11, 1925 Mr. Hansell Was the Speaker News Missionary from Japan  
Febuary 11, 1925 Basketball and Banquet Feature Festivities News ACADEMY HOLDS REUNION; MANY SEE OLD FRIENDS 
Febuary 11, 1925 Men's Glee Club Appeared in Concert Music Glee Club Gives Local Concert 
Febuary 11, 1925 Christians Short Comment Chriticism and Gigantism 
Febuary 11, 1925 Frank Heathfield News Alumni News 
Febuary 11, 1925 Fact Faith Feeling News  Campus Christianity 
Febuary 11, 1925 Beauty is Silent  Literature The Silent Places 
Febuary 11, 1925 Miss Fenton News Academy News 
Febuary 11, 1925 Big Contest Opens Literature The Pessimist  
Febuary 11, 1925 Phi Hall News Philalethean 
Febuary 11, 1925 Miss. Edith Brown News Aels 
Febuary 11, 1925 Mr. Lindeman News Beltionian 
Febuary 11, 1925 Hicks  Short Comment Campus Personal 
February 18, 1925 Plan Succeeds at Princeton News Propose Local Organization for Alumni Society 
February 18, 1925 Atletic Director of Wheaton College Does Good Article Conley Does Good Work With Team 
February 18, 1925 Alumni Search for Graduate Schools News Post Grads Go to Many Schools; Attend Princeton 
February 18, 1925 President Blanchard and Professor Fischer Article Two Friends Give Lifelong Service to Wheaton College 
February 18, 1925 Alumni Who are Teaching Short Comment Teachers Enjoy Work in Schools 
February 18, 1925 Activities Information Campus Calendar 
February 18, 1925 Whereabouts of Classmates Information Alumnus Tells Varied Activity of Classmates 
February 18, 1925 Persia, Africa, Congo Call News Foreign Fields Beckon Alumni to Great Work 
February 18, 1925 "W" Club Article "W" CLub Grows; Plans New Stunt 
February 18, 1925 A Type of Leader Article The College "Grad" 
February 18, 1925 A Woman in Industry Article The Woman in Business 
February 18, 1925 An Extension of Gratitude Short Comment Greetings! 
February 18, 1925 How Can We Know God? Article Campus Christianity 
February 18, 1925 Informal Meetings Information "The Gumps" 
February 18, 1925 Poetry and Music Literature A Spring, A String of Chinese Peach Stones, What Shall I Render? 
February 18, 1925 Updates of Happenings Information Locals 
February 25, 1925 Keen Class Rivalry Peppers Program Article Washington Banquet is a Success 
February 25, 1925 Debate Team Match News Frosh to Debate Elmhurt Varsity: Neighboring College to Have Hard Fight 
February 25, 1925 YMCA Meeting Article Dr Allen at 'Y' Stage Monday Night 
February 25, 1925 Debate Team, Evan Welsch News Varsity Debaters Win and Lose: Beat Milliken and Bow to Milton 
February 25, 1925 Basketball Game, Long Shots Help Local Cagers Win Sports Wheaton Bests Lake Forest at 31 to 19 
February 25, 1925 Student Body Unity Article School Unity 
February 25, 1925 Not I, but Christ Article Freshman Sentiments 
February 25, 1925 Jokes Article Inquiring Reporter 
February 25, 1925 Co-Ed Basketball Sports Co-eds Show Team Work 
February 25, 1925 Christian Imperatives Article Campus Christianity 
February 25, 1925 Dating Advice Article Advice to the Lovelorn 
February 25, 1925 Frosh Asking for Feedback About Their Record Edition Article N.B.  
February 25, 1925 Jokes Article Gloom Chasers 
February 25, 1925 Music, Frosh Guys and Girls Article Music 
February 25, 1925 Meeting Minutes, Student Committee of Wheaton Academy News Academy News 
February 25, 1925 Class Meetings, Sattire Article Suggestions for Boosting Your Class 
March 4, 1925 Debate Team, Decorah and Wheaton Scenes of Clash News Debate Teams Defeat Luther "Yes" and "No" 
March 4, 1925 Northwestern Game Preview Sports Northwestern Game Means Big Struggle 
March 4, 1925 Campus Events Article Academy Has Activity; Party, Meeting Held 
March 4, 1925 Short Story Contest Article O. Henries May Sharpen Quills For Story Tilt 
March 4, 1925 Howell Evans, Kenneth Landon Information Evans and Landon Visit Alma Mater: Other News Awakens Interest 
March 4, 1925 Chess Tournament News Chess Tournament is Now Progressing 
March 4, 1925 Excelsior, Beltionian, Aelioian, Philalethean Column Lit. Societies in Full Swing; Plan Contests 
March 4, 1925 Basketball Game Report Sports Lake Forest and Mt. Morris Lose to Home Quintet: 28-21; 23-21 Scores Show Close Games 
March 4, 1925 Christian Faith Article Others 
March 4, 1925 Salvation and Rewards Article Campus Christianity 
March 4, 1925 Lit Society Basketball Game Article AEL-Phil Game 
March 4, 1925 Poetry Column Column The Rushlight 
March 11, 1925 Forensic Schedule, Girls Have Good Schedule Ahead Article Forensic Action Shows Success, Determinatino 
March11, 1925 Chess Tournament Results News Chriswell Wins Chess Tourney by Steady Play 
March 11, 1925 Professor J.A. Parkhurt Death Obituary Professor J.A. Parkhurst, '85, Dies; Contributed Much to Astronomy 
March11, 1925 Co-Ed Debate Team News Michigan Aggies Defeat Wheaton Co-Ed. Debaters 
March11, 1925 Glee Club on the Radio News Glee Men Sing For Radio Fans; WLS Broadcasts 
March11, 1925 Wheaton-Northwestern Basketball Sports Wheaton Dash Dazzles Foes Early in Game, Second Half is a Tussle 
March11, 1925 Wheaton Conservatory Concert News Poor Attendance Mars Otherwise Perfect Musical Performance 
March11, 1925 Opinion Column Column Excuses 
March 11, 1925 Christian Revival Article Revival 
March 11, 1925 Tower Poetry Contest News Tower Announcements 
March 11, 1925 Poetry Column Column The Rushlight: Old Things 
March 11, 1925 Student Council Meeting Article Student Counil Minutes 
March 11, 1925 College Symphony Orchestra Officers News Conservatory Items 
March 18, 1925 Contest Marked by Closeness News Carroll Squad Gains Decision over Home Team 
March 18, 1925 Mrs. Mildred B. Ogden News Missionary Work Engages Alumni in Africa, India 
March 18, 1925 C. Higgins News Frosh Debaters Lose to Elmhurt; Prof. J. M. Crawford Judges Match 
March 18, 1925 J. Wilbur Chapman News Dr. Henry Ostrom to Conduct Spring Conference Here 
March 18, 1925 Frank Edward Heathfield News Life of Dr. Frank Heathfield Shows Great Service 
March 18, 1925 Peppy Crowd Supports Team in Close Game: Foes Win 26-19 by Fast Play Sports Augustana Nips Wheaton 
March 18, 1925 Archie MacKinney News Excellent Glee Club to Feature in First Home Concert of Years 
March 18, 1925 More Straight Thinking Article Mental Exercise 
March 18, 1925 Shakespeare Article Bohunk 
March 18, 1925 Romans 8:16 Article Campus Christianity 
March 18, 1925 Dorothy Vreeland Literature The Rushlight 
March 18, 1925 Kreitonian Society News Academy News 
March 25, 1925 Verna Croft Stars for Wheaton News Negatives Travel Up to Kalamazoo and Win Decision 
March 25, 1925 Interclass Fracas Sports Senior Girls Take Interclass Title in Basket Tourney 
March 25, 1925 Interesting Incidences in Life Work News Rev. Mr. Holtorf is Speaker at Chapel 
March 25, 1925 Women's Athletic Association Sports WAA Announces Plans for larger Athletic Program 
March 25, 1925 Students Listen With Deepening Interest News Dr. Ostrom Gives A Message Which Grows In Appeal 
March 25, 1925 Gospel Team News Gospel Quartet Busily Engaged on Every Sunday 
March 25, 1925 Updates Information Alumni Are Making Success in Their Varied Occupations 
March 25, 1925 Burying cakes Short Comment Seniors Bury Cake 
March 25, 1925 St. Patrick's Birthday News Sophs Have Birthday Party in Honor of Old St. Patrick 
March 25, 1925 Library Article Waste Baskets 
March 25, 1925 The Record Short Comment An Appreciation 
March 25, 1925 Beltionian, Excelsior, Philalethean Literature Literary Societies 
March 25, 1925 Wheaton College and Wyoming University News Woman's Debate 
March 25, 1925 Stories and Poetries Literature The Rushlight 
March 25, 1925 Internal Warfare Article Campus Christianity 
March 25, 1925 Inter-class Debate, Sophomore Class Party, The Academy Track Team News Academy News 
April 1, 1925 Prospects Bright for Next Year News Close of Season Sees Basketeers Well Up in Wins 
April 1, 1925 The Literary Societies News Short Story Finals 
April 1, 1925 One of the biggest Successes in the way of Glee Club Concerts News Large Audience Loudly Applauds Glee Club Songs 
April 1, 1925 To Stop at Berne, LaSalle and St. Louis News Gospel Team Plans Southern Campaign 
April 1, 1925 Phyllis Rietz News Personals 
April 1, 1925 Princeton Seminary News Eastern Alumni Make Plans for Annual Reunion 
April 1, 1925 "What is the most valuable thing you have received in college?" Short Comment Inquiring Reporter 
April 1, 1925 Services Progress Despite Conflicts News Deep Thought of Dr. Ostrom Inspires Faith 
April 1, 1925 The Student Council News New Pilots for Record 
April 1, 1925 Rev. Dr. Henry Ostrom Article Scholarship 
April 1, 1925 Excelsior, Beltionian, Philalethean, Aelioian News Societies 
April 1, 1925 The Second Regular Meeting of the Student Council News Academy Activities 
April 1, 1925 Dbate (Men's) at North Park Information Campus Calendar 
April 1, 1925 The Real Truth About the Famous College Elopement Short Comment The Pessimist 
April 1, 1925 DeVelde of the Celt News 'Celts' Beat 'Belts' Unexpectedly 
April 1, 1925 The Girls' Interclass Basketball Championship Sports Junior-Senior Game 
April 1, 1925 Owen Rhoad Sports Our Track Team 
April 1, 1925 Mr. and Mrs. Roden, Basketball Sports Mr. and Mrs. Roden Royally Entertain Volunteers 
April 1, 1925 Bill Gale, Basketball Captain Sports Capt. Gale 
April 1, 1925 Mackinney, Basketball Captain Sports Capt. Mackinney 
April 1, 1925 Track Season Startup Sports Track 
April 1, 1925 Literary Societies Column Aelioian, Exelsir, Philalethean, Beltionian 
April 1, 1925 Funnies Article Names is Names 
April 1, 1925 Poetry Column Rushlight 
April 1, 1925 Wheaton Alumni Ring Article Alumni Ring 
April 1, 1925 Adrienne Jones, Alumni Obituary Succumbs to Pneumonia 
April 1, 1925 Kreitonian Society Article Academy News 
April 1, 1925 Academy Debate Article Inter-Class Debate 
April 1, 1925 Ethnic Feast News Yang Nduu Samaj Meets 
April 8, 1925 Obituary for '22 Alumni News Adrienne E. Jones in Memoriam, October 4, 1899-March 26, 1925 
April 8, 1925 School Yearbook News Tower 
April 8, 1925 Women's Debate Team Article Girl Debaters Divide Honors With Augustana 
April 8, 1925 Y.M.C.A Cabinet Article New "Y" Officers Get Flying Start 
April 8, 1925 Basketball Celebration Sports Men Show Co-Eds Novel Good Time at Basketball Fete 
April 8, 1925 Short Story Contest, Alice Campbell Article "The Blue Bowl" By A. Campbell Wins in Contest: High Type Stories Well Delivered 
April 8, 1925 Tennis Season Preview Sports Tennis Prospects for the Season 
April 8, 1925 The Record Platform Opinion Column What Price Laziness?, Pitfalls, Activities 
April 8, 1925 Conference Report Article Y.M.C.A Conference 
April 8, 1925 Yearbook Editor Election News Election of 1926 Tower Editor and Business Manager 
April 8, 1925 Debate Team Article Fresman Debate 
April 8, 1925 Conservatory Students  Article Music Conservatory 
April 8, 1925 Miss Olive Recital Aritlce Artist's Recital 
April 8, 1925 Y.W.C.A. Officers  Aritlce Y.W. Installation 
April 8, 1925 Dr. Henry Ostrom Article Farewell Week with Dr. Ostrom 
April 8, 1925 Mock Court Trial Article Munding Case Goes to Court Here 
April 8, 1925 Missionary Banquet News Student Volunteers Plan for Second Annual Banquet 
April 8, 1925 Academy Basketball Awards News Academy News 
April 8, 1925 Student Council Article Campus Day Set By Council 
April 8, 1925 News From Some of China's Missionaries Article Alumni News 
April 8, 1925 Sattire  Column The Pessimist 
April 8, 1925 Behold He Cometh Article Campus Christianity 
April 8, 1925 The Christian Endeavor Article The Work of the Christiani Endeavor 
April 8, 1925 Record Election News Annual Record Board Election Held 
April 8, 1925 Men's Debate Team News North Park Debate 
April 8, 1925 Alice Campbell News Short Story Contest 
April 8, 1925 Interclass Sports Article Interclass Sports in Full Swing After Vacation 
April 8, 1925 Poetry Column The Rushlight 
April 8, 1925 Professor Higley Article Chemistry Made Useful 
April 8, 1925 YMCA Meeting News Annual "Y" Meeting 
April 8, 1925 YWCA Officer Election News Y.W.C.A Has Election 
April 29, 1925 Mrs. Goforth gives Vivid Picture of Boxer Rebellion News Dr. Goforth Tells of Gospel Power in Mission Work 
April 29, 1925 A Red-Letter Day News Co-Ed. Songsters Carol in Chapel 
April 29, 1925 Homemade Cake and Ice Cream News Y. W. C. A. Active; Furnish Eats, Have Special Nursing Course 
April 29, 1925 The Cross Reformed Church News Quartet on Trip Carries Message to Three States 
April 29, 1925 Julia Aveling Sports Intra-Mural Fun Engages Students 
April 29, 1925 Rosenkrance Sports Soph-Seniors Win Campus Day Game at Lawson Field, 3-2 
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