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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
September 26, 1923 Which Means You have 449 Schoolmates; How many are you acquainted with? News Enrollment Estimated at 450 
September 26, 1923 Help Make it Larger News Record Increased in Size 
September 26, 1923 Efficient Officers Chosen News Semester Elections are Held 
September 26, 1923 Held for one week before school opened; Michian Lake Shore Proves Ideal Location News Fall Camp Sets Fine Precedent 
September 26, 1923 Scholastic Standards  Article "L'Emvoi" 
September 26, 1923 The Death of our President Article Since Last We Met 
September 26, 1923 My Ruthers: James Whitcomb Riley Literature Slant from a Goose Quill 
September 26, 1923 An Unwritten College Law Article Attention, Frosh! 
September 26, 1923 Alma Mater News Homecoming Day 
September 26, 1923 A Regular Subscriber News Alumni News 
September 26, 1923 Dr. J. N. Fifield, Mr. D. E. Peterson, Ernest W. Gutzmer News Alumni News 
September 26, 1923 The Wheaton College Club of Harrisburg News Why Not Try This in Your Home Town? 
September 26, 1923 Wednesday night Mission study and Thursday Bible Study News A Message from the Y. M. C. A.  
September 26, 1923 Freeman vs. Dille, Crofts vs. Neighbour, Peck vs. Welsh News "Y" Stag Draws Large Attendance 
September 26, 1923 Peter F. Wall, Treasurer News Tower Campaign Well Under Way 
September 26, 1923 Lower Chapel News "Get Together" Reception Opens Year 
October 10, 1923 Improvement Noted in All Departments of Play: Squad is being groomed for Naperville Oct. 27 News Wheaton Bows to Y Eleven 19-0 
October 10, 1923 Excelsior, Philalethean News Celts and Phils Entertain with Fine Programs 
October 10, 1923 Northwestern Game will be the Chief Feature of Homecoming Fete; All Alumni are urged to be present by coach Conley, Program includes huge pep-meeting, "W" club banquet & reception News Alumni to Gather Oct. 27 for Big Fall Reuion  
October 10, 1923 The Personnel of the Record Board Article Boost Wheaton 
October 10, 1923 Bring Other Alumni Friends with you Article Concerning Homecoming Day 
October 10, 1923 At the Beginning of a new school year with all its opportunities Article Looking Forward 
October 10, 1923 On Receiving an Eagle's Quill from Lake superior-- Whittier Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 10, 1923 Thirty three girls and thrity boys representing fifteen states of the Union, Canada, and China News Wheaton Academy 
October 10, 1923 Crane College of Chicago Sports Wheaton and Crane Play Scoreless Tie 
October 10, 1923 Iowa State University, Albion College Michigan, Lehigh College Bethlehem News Intercollegiate 
October 10, 1923 The reason of the size and form of the Record for the year News In Explanation 
October 10, 1923 College students are in a particular danger of "lopsidedness" or discord.  Article Harmony 
October 10, 1923 Prof. Straw, Leach and Cantwell, Otto Kellar News Personal 
October 10, 1923 Vice President Marjorie Miles, Secretary Viola Olive News Ael Election 
October 10, 1923 October 12th we must have every subscription in. Short Comment Tower Staff Requests Aid of Students 
October 10, 1923 Ev Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Joe White, Catherine Jones, Charles Farnum News Alumni News 
October 17, 1923 Beltionian, Aels Score Touchdown News New Students are again informal Guests 
October 17, 1923 Physician Forbids Speech at Mooseheart: Many are disappointed News Lloyd-George goes thru here yesterday noon 
October 17, 1923 Every girl in the school is invited News Big Night for Y. W.  
October 17, 1923 Chicago Y. M. C. A. College defeated Northwestern  Sports Y College Downs Naperville Team 
October 17, 1923 Entire School is Looking Forward to the Biggest Event of the Year; Many Treats in Store for Those who come back News Homecoming Day Draws Near Large Crowd of Alumni Expected 
October 17, 1923 How Quickly are the High Purposes and Resolutions of an Inspired Youth Absorbed Article Homecoming As Seen by An Alumnus 
October 17, 1923 Unfriendly Feeling between some of the townspeople and the college Article Cooperation 
October 17, 1923 An Exhortation to the whole student body Article Consider Others 
October 17, 1923 One by One, King and Slave Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
October 17, 1923 "God's Wonders" Article Campus Christianity 
October 17, 1923 The Zoology class under the supervision of Miss Thorlakson News Wheaton Academy 
October 17, 1923 The Cooperation of the student body and faculty News Tower Progressing 
October 17, 1923 Frosh Calendar, Keeping It Quitet, It Looks Like It News & Short Comment Intercollegiate 
October 17, 1923 Muiriel Fuller, The Norris-Conley-Whitaker trio News Personal  
October 17, 1923 Miss Olive, Miss Sears, Miss Green News Conservatory Recital  
October 17, 1923 Wheaton vs. St. Procopius Information Bulletin 
October 17, 1923 Lavanchie Barrows, Blackhawk Park at Rockford, Lillian Bohmlander News Alumni News 
October 17, 1923 Lawson Field Sports Beat Northwestern! 
October 24, 1923 College Band to Lead Parade Before Game News Huge Pep Meet will Introduce 1st Homecoming 
October 24, 1923 Lohengrin's Wedding March News Fall Showers are Reality for Co-Ed 
October 24, 1923 The Band Practices for the Big Homecoming News All Players of Band Instruments Report 
October 24, 1923 Philalethean, Alpha Epsilon Lambda, Excelsior, Beltionian News Literary Societies Resume Regular Meetings 
October 24, 1923 St. Procopius is Victim of 6-0 Defeat Penalty Prevents Tie Score Sports Varsity Eleven Downs Foe From Neighboring Village 
October 24, 1923 Helping the fit out the room with furniture and fixtures News The New "W" Room  
October 24, 1923 J. O. O'Hair,  Information Bulletin 
October 24, 1923 Gossip is as prevalent as flies Article Talk 
October 24, 1923 "Arousing students to Think" Article Be a Thinker 
October 24, 1923 "One by One" -- Anon Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
October 24, 1923 "John is nothing withough Jesus." Article Campus Christianity 
October 24, 1923 To get A No. 1 Grades Short Comment Wheaton Academy 
October 24, 1923 Charles King, Harold Alden News Alumni News 
October 24, 1923 Dr. Fuchs, Prof. Bole Short Comment Personal  
October 24, 1923 Expect a bigger, better annual than ever before News Alumni! Aid the Tower 
October 24, 1923 Clara Nelson, Leonard Larson News Student Volunteers Welcome you 
October 24, 1923 Florence Meeker--Assistant Secretary, Margaret Mortenson News Student Council  
October 31, 1923 Beltionian, Excelsior, Philalethean, Alpha Epsilon Lambda News Societies Entertain Alumni in Lively Fashion 
October 31, 1923 Graduates and Former Students Have Merry Time on Saturday Evening; Everyone Looking Forward to a Larger Homecoming Next Fall News Many Alumni are Present at Informal Reception in Dorm Parlors 
October 31, 1923 The Bone fire Pep Meet were Dampened by the Rain News Rain Fails to Stop Wheaton Pep 
October 31, 1923 Chas. E. Congleton Letter An Example of Wheaton Spirit: Seattle, Washington, October 24, 1923 
October 31, 1923 Visitors, Though Out-played, Are Favored by the Breaks; Lone Point Spells Defeat in First Homecoming Sports Varsity Loses Tough Game to Northwestern  
October 31, 1923 Bruce Hunt from New Jersey, Shorty Sagar Article Look What Some of You Missed 
October 31, 1923 My Star--Robert Browning Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
October 31, 1923 "The Burden of Vision"--H. M. Coulter Article Campus Christianity 
October 31, 1923 There was a good deal of profitable discussion of Alumni Association policy. News Alumni Business Meeting Saturday 
October 31, 1923 Mavis Cathey, Mabel Thompson, Bill Gale, Rachel Stough News Personal 
October 31, 1923 Mr. O. S. Grinnell, Chas. Parsons, George Bond News Those Who Were Here For Homecoming 
October 31, 1923 Rev, Schaffer of Moddy Bible Institute, Lucile Fritsch Information Bulletin 
October 31, 1923 Jim Wolstenholme, Mason, Ludgate Sports Lose to Naperville 
October 31, 1923 Jones and Coach Conley led the singing  News "W" Club Banquet: A Huge Success  
October 31, 1923 Y. W. C. A. calls a meeting Announcement  Girls To Meet 
November 7, 1923 Aelioian, Philalethean, Excelsior, Beltionian News Girls' Societies in Novel Programs 
November 7, 1923 Elmhurst Must Be Decisively Beaten: Show the Team You are with Them Yet Sports Pep Meeting For Saturday's Game 
November 7, 1923 Artists' Recital Tomorrow Night by Misses Garlough and Green News Senior Conservatory Program is Greatly Enjoyed by Audience 
November 7, 1923 President Blanchard's Seventy-Fifth birthday News Reception Given President on 75th Birthday 
November 7, 1923 Our Team, Minus Regular Lineup, Is Overcome In the First Quarter: Final Score is 14-0 Contest Takes Place in a Sea or Mud Sports Wheaton Loses Hard Fought Game to MT. Morris College 
November 7, 1923 Local "Y' to Observe Student Christian Week News Y. M. C. A. Man Here for Address 
November 7, 1923 Mr. G. C. Prince of Moody Bible Institute, Peter Wall Information Bulletin 
November 7, 1923 A Growing Tendency for Student Bodies to become separated by more than geographical location Article Collegiate Isolation 
November 7, 1923 Two Hundred Alumni Subscribers Article Alumni News 
November 7, 1923 A Summer Idyll Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
November 7, 1923 "Will"--K. P. Landon Article  Campus Christianity 
November 7, 1923 Phoebe Melin, Marguerite Garlough, Ruth Hegstrom, Marge Larson, George Bostrom, Jack Whittacre News Wheaton Academy 
November 7, 1923 Doris Edwards, Art Bolt, Kenny Landon Short Comment Personal 
November 7, 1923 Dr. Hercin U. Roop: Professor of Education News Our New Professors 
November 7, 1923 Mr. Mason, Mr. Varhaug News Student Council Minutes 
November 7, 1923 Agnes Scott College, Ga, Y. M. C. A. college,  News  Intercollegiate 
November 7, 1923 Clara Nelson, Mrs. Amos Dresser, Jr., Henry L. Kellogg News Alumni News 
November 14, 1923 Excelsior, Beltionian, Philalethean, Aelioian News Lit. Societies Hold Regular Meetings 
November 14, 1923 Miss Green, Miss Garlough News Artists' Recial Pleases Audience  
November 14, 1923 Miss Lutz, of Boston, to Present Play; Everyone Invited News Noted Reader to Appear Here 
November 14, 1923 George Sagen, Marguerite Brown, Gladys Wright News Student Council Minutes 
November 14, 1923 Orange and Blue Gridders Stage Comeback in Second Half: Final Score is 13-6; One More Game Remains on Schedule Sports  Wheaton Triumphs Over Elmhurst in a Loosely Played Exhibition 
November 14, 1923 Miss Torrey News Academy News 
November 14, 1923 Paul Gates, William Jones, florence Meeker, Howard Blodgett News Men Lead in Individual, Women in Group Markings, Records Show 
November 14, 1923 Dr. Straw, Helen selander Information Bulletin 
November 14, 1923 Twenty-Five Miles from the metropolis of the great Middle West Articel Take Advantage of Wheaton Location 
November 14, 1923 Why did we choose Wheaton as our college? Article Why Wheaton? 
November 14, 1923 Castles in Spain, Change, The Arc of Self-Control, Thy Will Be Done Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill  
November 14, 1923 We shall be avoided by tale-bearers and backbiters Article Campus Christianity 
November 14, 1923 Dr. and Mrs. Simon Nord, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Nord, Florence Watts, Phebe Rice News  Alumni News 
November 14, 1923 Mrs. Hattie Landon Beach, MO., Ezra Devereaux, Bellaire, Mich., Charles R. Hunt, Ithica, N.Y.  Letter Extracts from Letters Received Recently 
November 14, 1923 Mr. Landon, Marge Larson, Steve Thorlakson News Personal  
November 14, 1923 Leonard T. Capell, Prof. of Chemistry News Out New Professors 
November 14, 1923 H. M. Jaderquist, Mgr. of Walking Club Information Wheaton Walking Club 
November 14, 1923 Kalamazzo College (Mich.), Eureka College Pegasus, Thomas Miller Edison News Intercollegiate 
November 21, 1923 Aelioian, Philalethean, Excelsior, Beltionian News Novel Programs Mark Work of Lit. Societies 
November 21, 1923 Interclass Contests to Begin Soon: Support Your Team Sports Varsity Debate Schedule Portends Good Year 
November 21, 1923 Register in Advance News Volunteers Gather at Naperville, Nov. 23-25 
November 21, 1923 Senior Are Ruling Favorites to Win: Surprizes may result, Alumnae Attention, Help! Help! Help! Sports Interclass Basketball Begins Next Wednesday 
November 21, 1923 Second Team to Meet Elgin in Preliminary: Every Student Out! Sports  Dekalb Game to Close Grid Season on Saturday 
November 21, 1923 To Eat or Not To Eat: That is the Question Sports Dinner or Pep?  
November 21, 1923 Mr. Sutherland, Harold Tiedt Information Bulletin 
November 21, 1923 Procrastination Article Our Time 
November 21, 1923 A Week before Examination, Poetry Literature  Slant from a Goose Quill 
November 21, 1923 Sympathy--Sigfrid B. Mosby  Article Campus Christianity 
November 21, 1923 Art Bolt, Jo Hammond, Polly Wurdock, Jane Darrell News Personal  
November 21, 1923 Larchmont, N. Y. Grace O'Brien, Doris McShane News Academy News 
November 21, 1923 The Interest in the band is growing News Volunteer Meeting 
November 21, 1923 Dr. Mabel may fuchs, Language News Our New Professors 
November 21, 1923 North Western College, The Southern Methodist University, Washburn College News Intercollegiate 
November 21, 1923 Elsie Bohmlander, Marcus Cheng News Alumni News 
November 28, 1923 W. J. smith Defends President in Trial: Dr. Roop gives address News Celts Fail to Impeach President  
November 28, 1923 Aelioian, Philalethean, Beltionian News Literature Societies 
November 28, 1923 Interclass Basketball, Sunrise Prayer Meeting Methodist Church Information Bulletin 
November 28, 1923 Portrays Characters in Pleasing Style News Miss Lutz Reads Play Before a Large Audience 
November 28, 1923 The Decadence of Logic News Present Day Problems Brot Out by Dr. Straw 
November 28, 1923 Wheaton Stages Real Comeback Against Heavy DeKalb Eleven: Hold De Kalb Grid Team Scoreless in Second Half--Varsity Ends Season with Excellent Game Sports Wheaton Ties DeKalb in Hardest Struggle of Year 
November 28, 1923 Down Orange and Black Sports One Thousand Percent Season for the All Americans 
November 28, 1923 Eastern Students: Reunion at Richie's in Trenton, N. J. News Attention! 
November 28, 1923 Silence is golden, it has been said. If that is the case Wheaton College is silver plated.  Article Silence 
November 28, 1923 Let's see a little more REAL pep from now on. Article Uniformity 
November 28, 1923 Ode to the Wings of night, Ode to Friday Literature Slant from a Goose Quill 
November 28, 1923 The Cook or the Book? Article Campus Christianity 
November 28, 1923 Alice Howard, Pheobe Melin, Mr. Wurdach, John S. Park News Personal 
November 28, 1923 The Domestic Relations and the Marriage License Department News Academy 
November 28, 1923 Fred H. Leach, Arthur T. Bolt News Managing Editorship Changes Hands: Bolt Takes Position on Staff 
November 28, 1923 Kalamazoo College, Albion College, North-Western College, Southern Methodist University News Intercollegiate 
December 5, 1923 Gain Decision on Both Questions News Yearlins Win in First Debates 
December 5, 1923 Beat Elmhurst Sports Yell Meet 
December 5, 1923 Alumna Gives Interesting Talk News Miss Meebold Portrays Turk Conditions 
December 5, 1923 Dr. G. H. Smith Article Real Value of Greek is told by Dr. Smith 
December 5, 1923 Long Shots by Hicks and Hard Playing Coray Determine Score: Promising Material Seen in Four Teams Sports Sophs Clinch Basketball Title by Hard Fight: Class of '26  
December 5, 1923 The Women on the Faculty of Albion, Mich. News Intercollegiate 
December 5, 1923 Muriel Ramsay, Dr. Stone of Oak Park, Arthur Delamarter of Chicago Union Information Bulletin 
December 5, 1923 Woodrow Wilson Article What is a college for?  
December 5, 1923 Our professors command a little respect Article Fair Play 
December 5, 1923 As It Is, See It Through Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill  
December 5, 1923 Paul Adolph, Rev. Charles Parsons, Arthur W. Hancock News Alumni News 
December 5, 1923 Beltionian, Philalethean, Aelioian, Excelsior News Societies 
December 5, 1923 Donald J. MacKay Article Campus Christianity 
December 5, 1923 Mohammed in the Koran, Mrs. Illis Short Comment Personal  
December 12, 1923 Excelsior, Beltionian New "Tower" Essay Contest Successful and Interesting: Topics Varied 
December 12, 1923 Dr. Lincoln MacCommell of Georgia News Georgian Lecturer Speaks in Chapel 
December 12, 1923 Carlyle's tirade News Important World Problems Shown by Dr. Elsie S. Dow: Making Democracy Safe 
December 12, 1923 Mr. Chriswell, manager of the debating union News Senior-Junior Debates Monday Closely Contested: Seniors Win Twice 
December 12, 1923 George Congdon News Graduate of '99 and Frosh of '27 Double on Scripture Verse 
December 12, 1923 "Editor of The Tower"  Short Comment Alumni News 
December 12, 1923 F. Hicks, N. Irwin McKinney, C. Mason Sports Varsity Takes Opening Game by Narrow Margin: Academy Five Loses 
December 12, 1923 Wheaton College Library Article Shut Up 
December 12, 1923 P. F. Wall, Mrs. Pearl Dorr Longley, Lornard J. Larson Articles Campus Christianity: Joy 
December 12, 1923 Pedigree--Sans Nom D. Plume Literature Slants from a Goose Quill-- Kate Mackenzie, Editor 
December 12, 1923 President Coolidge of Marquette University, Hope College,  News Intercollegiate 
December 19, 1923 Mrs. Helen Carbury Alexander News President Presents Christmas Spirit: Days of Heaven on Earth 
December 19, 1923 Lincoln College Here for Homecoming Game Sports Tentative Football Schedule for 1924 
December 19, 1923 Wild Animal Life Portrayed News Large Audience Enjoys Seton Lecture 
December 19, 1923 Gospel Team Quartet Goes East: Will visit Home Cities of Wheaton Students News Extensive Trip is Planned for Holidays 
December 19, 1923 1 John 2:15, 16 Article "Do All to the Glory of God" 
December 19, 1923 Our Greatest Christmas Present Article Campus Christianity 
December 19, 1923 Kate Mackenzie Editor Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
December 19, 1923 Esther Richmond, Bon and Betty Ekval News Alumni News 
December 19, 1923 Various Talents Displayed News Inter-Society Debate Won by Belts-Aels 
December 19, 1923 North-Western College, Kalamazoo College News Seniors have Christmas Frolic 
December 19, 1923 Miss Lucile fuller, Miss Virgina Hemingway News Personal 
December 19, 1923 Mr. J. Watt Reber News Wheaton Alumnus Pictures Alaska 
December 19, 1923 Adameny song is composed News Academy News 
January 18, 1924 Gather in Moorestown, New Jersey-- Bruce F. Hunt, ex-'24 News Eastern Alumni Meet 
January 18, 1924 Gospel Quartet Trip News Eastern Trip Proves Successful 
January 18, 1924 Mr. William Harper, President of the Class of '24, and Miss Blanche Wurdack News The Engagement 
January 18, 1924 Loyola University of Chicago Sports Lose Heart Breaker to Loyola U.  
January 18, 1924 Coach Collins' Cardinal Worriors Sports Northwestern Game 
January 18, 1924 The Special Bible Conference Article Revival 
January 18, 1924 In order to criticize rightly we should weigh the good and bad points Article Criticism 
January 18, 1924 The Wish of Today Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
January 18, 1924 Get Out Your Snaps News Tower Contest 
January 18, 1924 Six days thou shalt work Article Idleness 
January 18, 1924 Paul Stough, Rachel Winsor Article Reunion at Stough's 
January 18, 1924 Enock Dyrness, Grace Barrows, C. E. Peterson News Alumni News 
January 18, 1924 Toastmaster Jones Captain-elect Wolstenholme Sports The Football Banquet 
January 18, 1924 Richard Lewis, Jay Smith, Janet Fraser, Arnold Perkson News Academy News 
January 18, 1924 Coach Conley's Orange and Blue Sports The Valpo Game 
January 23, 1924 Lectures to Large Audience: Portrays Mexico's Problem News Prof. Cantu Gives Lecture on Mexico 
January 23, 1924 The Aurora Quinteters News Keep Up the Old Fight, School 
January 23, 1924 Reason Under a Microscope-- S. J. Bole News Prof. Bole Presents World Situation 
January 23, 1924 Good Material Displayed in Societies: Tower Topics Vary News Budding Bards Pipe Their Swan Songs 
January 23, 1924 Celts, Aelioian, Belt News Lit. Societies 
January 23, 1924 Varsity Takes Dekalb in Tow: Wheaton Five Brings Home the Bacon Sports Varsity Beats DeKalb on Own Floor: Take Hard Game from Teachers 
January 23, 1924 Clarence E. Mason News Mason Succeeds Allison as Editor 
January 23, 1924 The financial burden of the Record Article Business 
January 23, 1924 "Lovest thou me more than these?" Article "All of Thee" 
January 23, 1924 Sleep Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
January 23, 1924 Margaret Mortenson, Secretary News Student Council 
January 23, 1924 Carlos Daniels, O. J. Johnson News Alumni News 
January 23, 1924 Coach Shdoan, of Valparaiso University News Intercollegiate 
February 6, 1924 False Impressions in Heavy Type: Unenviable Notoriety News News Dailies Give College Black Eye 
February 6, 1924 Scores Five Points Over Kent College: Win by Low Margin Sports Quintet Wins Over Lawyers by Low Score 
February 6, 1924 Early Comers Only Will Get Seats: Joint Artists' Recital News Radio Artists' Concert to Pack Chapel 
February 6, 1924 Prof. Kortzenborn News Glee Club Concert 
February 6, 1924 Gave Light on Biblical Topics: Week of Special Meetings News Wins Many Converts in Revival 
February 6, 1924 Record Staffs since the fall of 1920 Article Change 
February 6, 1924 Tempus Fugit! Article The New Semester 
February 6, 1924 The Washington Banquet Article The Student Council Proposal 
February 6, 1924 Dr. Hadden Article The Revival--Past, Present, and Future 
February 6, 1924 The Added Inch--Jack Welsh Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
February 6, 1924 Calvin Lee Article Campus Christianity 
February 6, 1924 For N. I, S, T. C. Game Information Pep Meet 
February 6, 1924 Mabel Steele, Howell Evans, Esther Rice Robinson, Paul Adolph News Alumni News 
February 6, 1924 Mr. J. Watt Reber News Lecture on Cuba 
February 6, 1924 Paul Hayward, Dorothy Miles Information Bulletin 
February 6, 1924 Hicks, MacKinney, Mason, Kennedy Sports Wheaton Wins by One-Sided Score 
February 6, 1924 Prof. Roop in Ethics, Ruth Spencer, Lois McShane News Personals 
February 6, 1924 Philip Space Short Comment Wise Cracks from a Broken Dish 
February 6, 1924 Doug Carvel, The Aels Gladys Wright News Elections 
February 13, 1924 Fitting Tribute to Mr. Wilson News Respects Paid War President by Doctor Dow 
February 13, 1924 Rev, Harry Strachan of the Latin America Evangelization Campaign News Rev. Strachan Here 
February 13, 1924 Kate Mackensie, Mrs. Russell Hawken of Elgin News Personals 
February 13, 1924 Last Appearance of Quartet Here News Radio Artists Give Excellent, Varied Concert 
February 13, 1924 The Men's Glee Club News Glee Club 
February 13, 1924 Contributors of Present Needs News Inconspicuous Characters in English History 
February 13, 1924 Quintet Takes Difficult Fray from N.I.S.T.C.: Defeat Teachers the Second Time Sports Tossers Defeat N.I.S.T. in Return Tilt 
February 13, 1924 Dr. Fitzwater, Wm. Harper Information Bulletin 
February 13, 1924 Woodrow Wilson Article America's Great War President 
February 13, 1924 A Real Brand of Basketball Article Our Praying Basketball Team 
February 13, 1924 Mr. Crofts Article Out Alumni Subscribers 
February 13, 1924 Man--Dan Place, Celts Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
February 13, 1924 "Search me, O God, and know my heart" Article Campus Christianity 
February 13, 1924 Samuel Walter Plumb '95 News Alumni News 
February 13, 1924 Mr. Tiedt News Gospel Team 
February 13, 1924 Butler College, Hope College News Intercollegiate 
February 13, 1924 The Second meeting of the Academy Literary Society News Academy 
February 13, 1924 Philip Space Short Comments Wise Cracks: From a broken dish 
February 20, 1924 Splendid Talent on Varied Program News First Home Concert by Glee Club 
February 20, 1924 Louise Meebold, Dr. Kennedy News Beg Your Pardon, Alumni 
February 20, 1924 Prof. Cobb Tells Primary Aims News Expression is Foremost in Fine Arts 
February 20, 1924 Dr. Straw Gives Fact from Grades News Bible Study a Problem at Wheaton 
February 20, 1924 Six Highest Individual Averages News Look How Smart We Are! 
February 20, 1924 C. Victor Knox, Lake Forest University News Intercollegiate 
February 20, 1924 Varsity Loses to Loyola In Chicago: Early Lead Too Hard to Overcome News Lady Luck Fails Quintet 
February 20, 1924 Dr. R. H. Glover, Stefania Thorlakson Information Bulletin 
February 20, 1924 The Father of our Country Article Making Washington's Life Count 
February 20, 1924 Wheaton's Historic Washington Banquet Article The Washington Banquet 
February 20, 1924 The Insiduous Propaganda  Article Pessimism 
February 20, 1924 Mavis Cathey Short Comments Personals 
February 20, 1924 People Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
February 20, 1924 The Habit of Finding Fault Article Campus Christianity 
February 20, 1924 Clara Nelson '23 News Alumni News 
February 20, 1924 Beltionian, Aelioian, Phils, Clets News Societies 
February 20, 1924 Lydia Klein News Academy 
February 20, 1924 Mr. Varhaug News Student Council Minutes 
February 20, 1924 Philip Space Short Comments Wise Cracks from a Broken Dish 
February 27, 1924 Win Streak Stopped by Mt. Morris Sports Varsity Loses One Takes Another 
February 27, 1924 Intra-Mural Sports Also Win Place Sports New Athletic Plan Favored 
February 27, 1924 Winning by a 16-5 score Sports Academy Wins from Aurora Seconds 
February 27, 1924 Miss Harriet Northrup News Glee Club 
February 27, 1924 Prof. Dootlittle Tells of God's Wonders News Study of Science Still a Mystery 
February 27, 1924 Presentation Large This Year: Novelties Add Life to Socail Event News Banquet is Huge Success 
February 27, 1924 Mr. Meeker, Wm. Harper Information Bulletin 
February 27, 1924 Mr. Jones, Miss Seidler Article Read the Record 
February 27, 1924 Prof. Capell Article The Banquet 
February 27, 1924 Mt. Morris, Northwestern Article Let's Finish Strong 
February 27, 1924 Maxims, If Thou Couldst Know Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
February 27, 1924 The Power of Purpose Article Campus Christianity 
February 27, 1924 Margaret Mortensen News Student Council Minutes 
February 27, 1924 Miltonvale College Monitor, Northwestern College News Intercollegiate 
February 27, 1924 Carl Swift News Personals 
February 27, 1924 The Academy Basketball, The Girl's Debate News Academy 
February 27, 1924 What's Wrong Here? Famous Alibis,  Short Comment Wise Cracks from a Broken Dish 
March 5, 1924 F. L. Wood of Chicago Information Bulletin 
March 5, 1924 Trustee for Many Years at Wheaton News College Benefactor is Dead 
March 5, 1924 The Bok Peace Plan, Northwestern College News Intercollegiate 
March 5, 1924 Wallenborn Renders Classic Numbers News Boy Prodigy in Recital at Celts 
March 5, 1924 Glee Club Program Well Appreciated News Girls Give First Home Concert 
March 5, 1924 Pro. conley News Glee Club at Westmore 
March 5, 1924 Eddie Earl, Jack Welsh News Personals 
March 5, 1924 Title Tilt Lost by Orange and Blue: Long Shots Give MT. Morris Game Sports Five Loses by Low Score 
March 5, 1924 I got thru Enlgish this time. Article Getting By 
March 5, 1924 A Study in Blind Unbelif Invictus and Seeing Faith My Captain Article Campus Christianity 
March 5, 1924 Dawn, Conviction Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 5, 1924 The Senior Class Meeting, The Academy Basketball Fellow News Academy News 
March 5, 1924 Alex MacLeod, Lavanchie Barrow, Virginia Keefer News Alumni News 
March 5, 1924 Mr. McClure News Chapel Lecture 
March 5, 1924 The New System of Having Intramural Athletic Contests News New Style of Indoor Sports Instituted 
March 5, 1924 Miss Mortenson, Photographic Editor News Tower Picture Contest Results 
March 5, 1924 Gus Jackson News Personals 
March 5, 1924 Mr. George Freeman, Circulation Manager News Succor! Succor! 
March 5, 1924 Pittsburgh Short Comment Wise Cracks from a Broken Dish 
March 12, 1924 Games Attract Unusual Interest Sports Girls' Tourney in Full Swing 
March 12, 1924 Kansas City, California News President's Trip 
March 12, 1924 Prize Cups Now On Display News Short Story Preliminaries Friday 
March 12, 1924 The Temptation of Christ by Satan News Dr. Neighbour 
March 12, 1924 Arthur Bolt News Record Extends Sympathy 
March 12, 1924 Triangular With N.W.C. And Luther News Forensic Season Opens Saturday 
March 12, 1924 George Bradfield News Glee Club at Argo 
March 12, 1924 Varsity Displays Some Real Form: Second Nose Out Alumni 26-21 Sports N. W. C. Beaten in Final 
March 12, 1924 John Allison Information Bulletin 
March 12, 1924 Philadelphia "Public Ledger" Article Carry On, Investing a Life 
March 12, 1924 A Practice School Definition News Personals 
March 12, 1924 Valparaiso University, The University of Washington News Intercollegiate 
March 12, 1924 A Beautiful Expression of our Natural Realization of God Literature Slants From a Goose Quill 
March 12, 1924 The Modern Trends Article Campus Christianity 
March 12, 1924 Y. W. C. A. Room News Girls! 
March 12, 1924 Jeannie Geddies, Frank Heathfield News Alumni News 
March 12, 1924 Beltionian, Philalethean, Aelioian, Excelsior News Literary Societies 
March 12, 1924 Margaret Mortensen, Florence Meeker News Student Council Minutes 
March 12, 1924 Persen and Pfingston News Academy News 
March 12, 1924 The Inauguration of Bert Wilson News Dr. Roop at Eureka 
March 12, 1924 Ralph Varhaug, Mary Edwards Short Comment Inquiring Reporter 
March 19, 1924 Triangular Debate News Luther College Given First Place 
March 19, 1924 Short Story Prelims News Budding Authors Enter Contest 
March 19, 1924 Juniors In Second News Initial Round Won by Sophs 
March 19, 1924 Old Rivals Downed Sports Wheaton Takes Second Place 
March 19, 1924 A. Crofts, 24.  Article "The Good Old Days" 
March 19, 1924 Luther and NorthWestern Debate Article Courtesy 
March 19, 1924 Albert Kissling, Crane Junior College News Intercollegiate 
March 19, 1924 Prof. Roop talks of beauty News Personals 
March 19, 1924 The Song of the Sugaring Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 19, 1924 Destructive and Constructive Faith Article Campus Christianity 
March 19, 1924 Mr. and Mrs. McGill News Academy News 
March 19, 1924 Mackinney High Man News Statistics of Cage Season 
March 19, 1924 Eddie Corray, Robt. J. Black News Alumni News 
March 19, 1924 What's Wrong with Here? Short Comment Wise Cracks from a Broken Dish 
March 19, 1924 Harper and Kenney News Belts Win Game from Celts 
March 19, 1924 Rev. Joyce, of Chicago, Mary Edwards Information Bulletin 
March 26, 1924 Many Clever Stories to be Read News Short Story Finals to be Held Friday 
March 26, 1924 The Girls' Interclass Cage Tournament News Sophs Cop Interclass Title 
March 26, 1924 Henry Coray, Editor-in-Cheif News Coray and Sinclair to Head Tower 
March 26, 1924 Agnes Hyde, Harvey Oinney, Richard Schermerhorn News Dakota Wesleyan Here Saturday 
March 26, 1924 Wallace Kennedy News Student Body Extends Sympathy 
March 26, 1924 Mr. Ellwood S. Brown, a Former Coach News Ellwood S. Brown Dies 
March 26, 1924 Kalamazoo versus Northwestern at Wheaton News Kazoo and N. W. C. Triangle Held 
March 26, 1924 Treas. Reports Need of More Shekels News Annual Y. M. C. A. Elections Tonight 
March 26, 1924 "Castles in Spain" News Belts and Celts in Combination Meeting 
March 26, 1924 Why not try for a position? Article Apply for a Record Position 
March 26, 1924 Does Christ Expect us to be Like Him? Article Campus Christianity 
March 26, 1924 Progress Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 26, 1924 Raymond Hoisington, Edward G. Fischer, Walter Gunn News Alumni News 
March 26, 1924 Willie Jones, Rev. Harriosn of Seattle News Personals 
March 26, 1924 Mr. sears, Miss Mackenzie News Student Council Minutes 
March 26, 1924 Mr. Graydon R. Clark News F. L. Whittlesey in Concert 
March 26, 1924 Philip Space Short Comment Wise Cracks 
March 26, 1924 The Last Literary Society Meeting News Academy News 
March 26, 1924 Fred Leach Information Bulletin 
April 2, 1924 Phils Take Third News Story Contest Won by Aels-Belts 
April 2, 1924 Salem Reformed Church, Hope Congregational, North Side Y.M.C.A. News Gospel Team to St. Louis 
April 2, 1924 Annual House Cleaning Season Information House-Cleaning 
April 2, 1924 Peter Wall News Jones and Wall to Pilot Record for Coming Year 
April 2, 1924 Wall, Fuller, Irwin News Y. M. Election 
April 2, 1924 John L. Sawyer News Mammoth Cave Monument Started 
April 2, 1924 Marie Neighbour News Harriet Lark to Appear 
April 2, 1924 Why should I Study Mathematics? Article Prof. Garlough Discusses Value of Mathematics 
April 2, 1924 Negative Wins News Dakota Bows to Wheaton Debaters 
April 2, 1924 Coach Conley News Basket Men Enjoy Feeds 
April 2, 1924 A Town Which Boasts a Population of 700 Inhabitants Article Spring Vacation and the Bobbed Hair Scandal 
April 2, 1924 "Record Race" Article Adieu! 
April 2, 1924 Gus Jackson, Miss Becky Lewis News Personals 
April 2, 1924 Philip More Space Short Comment Wise Cracks 
April 2, 1924 Mrs. Rollin Mullenix, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ahrens, Adeline Hendricks News Alumni News 
April 2, 1924 You Never Can Tell-- Ella Wheeler Wilcox Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
April 2, 1924 Wisconsin University News Intercollegiate 
April 2, 1924 Margaret Mortenson, Grace Kratz News Aels Win from Phils 
April 23, 1924 Meetings Also Held At Cairo News Gospel Quartet visits St. Louis 
April 23, 1924 Carvel and Sanders in Last Debate News Westminster in Close Decision over Wheaton 
April 23, 1924 Harriet Lark, Marie Neighbour News MME. Lark to Sing High "E" 
April 23, 1924 Final Lecture for Improvement Fund News J. Watt Reber in Scenic Lecture on Yellowstone 
April 23, 1924 Plum Pudding Reveals Mystery News Engagment Announced 
April 23, 1924 Margorie Miles Information Bulletin 
April 23, 1924 Ball Tossers Hard at Work Sports Spring Sports in Full Swing 
April 23, 1924 Lake Forest, Armour Tech Sports Tennis 
April 23, 1924 Changes are a part of programs in college life Article Debut 
April 23, 1924 Philosophy, Ethics Article An Easter Meditation 
April 23, 1924 Romans Reveals the Righteousness of God Article Campus Christianity 
April 23, 1924 The Georgia School of Technology News Intercollegiate 
April 23, 1924 Aelioian, Philalethian, Excelsior, Beltionian News Literary Societies 
April 23, 1924 Prof. Roop's Ethics Class News Advice to Lovelorn 
April 23, 1924 Miss Grace Cramer, Alice Campbell News Personals 
April 23, 1924 Helen Andrews, Donald MacKay News Student Council Minutes 
April 23, 1924 Lavanchie Barrow, Mrs. N. E. Kellogg News Alumni News 
April 23, 1924 Priscilla Miles Information Point System for W. A. A. Awards 
April 23, 1924 Ralph Irwin News Debaters Elect Manager for Coming Year 
April 30, 1924 Incoming Board is Officially Installed  News Record Board Has Peppy Banquet 
April 30, 1924 Club Will Broadcast at W-T-A-Y, Oak Park News Men's Concert Held at Ravenswood Was Finest of the Year 
April 30, 1924 Basketball Game at Mcgill's Sports Sophomore Men Dine Champions 
April 30, 1924 Varsity Plays "Y" College Sports Baseball Saturday 
April 30, 1924 a Larger Wheaton  Information New Buildings 
April 30, 1924 Large Audience Given a Real Treat Music Exceptional Talent Displayed in Junior Recital Last Week 
April 30, 1924 String Men and Yell Leaders Sports Basketball Party at Mortenson's 
April 30, 1924 Six Highest Averages  Information Scholar's Aerages Issued by Registrar  
April 30, 1924 Improve Grounds in Various Ways News Campus Day Fete Huge Success 
April 30, 1924 All Society Write-ups Information Notice 
April 30, 1924 calender  Infomation Bulletin  
April 30, 1924 USA Immigration Laws Articles  That Perennial Immigration Problem 
April 30, 1924 Daniel's Prophecy Articles Campus Christianity  
April 30, 1924 Margaret M. Mortenson Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
April 30, 1924 William Blair Literature  Literary Societies 
April 30, 1924 Wheaton Alumni around the World News Alumni News 
April 30, 1924 Walking Club Sports Girls Hike it! 
April 30, 1924 University of Minnesota  Information Intercollegegiate 
April 30, 1924 Mrs. Bole News Y.W.C.A. Banquets 
April 30, 1924 Wheaton debating team News Frosh Wallop Crane Varsity  
May 7, 1924 Church and College in United Effort News College Chapel Erection Nearer 
May 7, 1924 Harriet Lark Music  To Appear Tomorrow Evening 
May 7, 1924 Competition Sports Girls Tennis Team at Work 
May 7, 1924 First Concert  Music  Girls' Glee Club Sings 
May 7, 1924 This is the Spring Custom  Information Near East Appeals to Students 
May 7, 1924 Wheaton Scores Win in First Match Sports Baseball Men Drop Season's Opener  
May 7, 1924 Mother's Day Articles Campus Christianity  
May 7, 1924 Wheaton Can Soon Start the Proposed Chapel Information Intercollgegiate 
May 7, 1924 Spiritual Growth Has Been Neglected Articles Things Spiritual 
May 7, 1924 Margaret M. Mortenson  Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill 
May 7, 1924 Poetry Literature  Literary Societies 
May 7, 1924 Alumni Report News Alumni 
May 7, 1924 Calender  Information Bulletin 
May 7, 1924 Gladys Wright, C. Glen Wilson. Short Comment Senior Reflections 
May 7, 1924 Professior Green Music Senior Recital 
May 7, 1924 Missionaries Tell of Great Needs News  Bible Conference Proves Helpful  
May 7, 1924 Many Hear Splendid Radio Concert Music  Men's Glee Club at Largrange and Oak Park 
May 7, 1924 Esther Everett, Alice Winsor. Short Comment Senior Reflections 
May 7, 1924 Miss Neighbor Adds to Success Music Famous Artist Sings to Many Music Lovers 
May 7, 1924 an Annual Get-together Information Student Volunteer Banquet May 26 
May 7, 1924 Calender Information Bulletin  
May 7, 1924 Concordia Defeats Varsity 10-0 Sports Wheaton Nosed out by N.Western 
May 7, 1924 Throne of God Articles  Reverance 
May 7, 1924 Connecticut College  Information Intercollegiate 
May 7, 1924 Margaret D. Mortenson Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
May 7, 1924 Aelioian, Beltionian, Philalethean and Excelsior Literature  Literary Societies 
May 7, 1924 Thots from the Alumni News Alumni News 
May 7, 1924 President Blanchard News Seniors Enjoy Peppy Party at Prexy's  
May 7, 1924 Mr. Sauerwein News Gospel Teams at Work 
May 21, 1924 Bible is Theme of Stirring Talk News Dr. Gray Addresses Large Audience 
May 21, 1924 Track Team Sports Season's Opener in track 
May 21, 1924 Tennis Team Sports "Y" Players Too Strong for Wheaton 
May 21, 1924 Net Team Sports Elmhurst and Armour Bow to Racqueteers 
May 21, 1924 Girl's Team Reaches Finals at Decatur Sports Men's Tennis Team Turns in Double Victory 
May 21, 1924 Concert Music Girl's Glee Club at Western Springs 
May 21, 1924 Aims to Increase Circulation News Record Plans for Larger Paper 
May 21, 1924 Poetry Music I Sing the Hymn of The Conquered 
May 21, 1924 A Disgusted Writer Literature Campus Christianity 
May 21, 1924 College News Information Intercollegiate 
May 21, 1924 Sonnet Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
May 21, 1924 Jokes Short Comment Wise Cracks 
May 21, 1924 Girl's Oratorical News Academy News 
May 21, 1924 Dekalb defeats Wheaton Sports Wheaton Plays Good Ball Against Dekalb 
May 21, 1924 Messages Information Personals 
May 21, 1924 Books Added to Library Information Library Notes 
May 21, 1924 Chapel Service News Rev. Nutting Speaks 
May 21, 1924 Updates News Alumni News 
May 21, 1924 Jokes Short Comment Wise Cracks 
May 21, 1924 Activities for the week Information Bulletin 
May 21, 1924 Profit Management Information Correction 
May 21, 1924 Aelioian, Beltionian, Excelsior Literature Literary Societies 
June 4, 1924 May Queen Some Scream News Frosh Entertain Sophs in Varied Program at Gym 
June 4, 1924 Paul Rader, Mark Matthews News The Life Investment Conference at Chicago 
June 4, 1924 Bill MacKay, Esther O'Brien News The Student Volunteer Banquet 
June 4, 1924 Pottawatomie Park on the Fox River News How We "Snuck" 
June 4, 1924 Marjorie Miles Short Comment Senior Reflection 
June 4, 1924 Harry Lindsay, Harvard Information Notice 
June 4, 1924 Take Game to Tune of 18-0 Sports End Season with a Track Meet for Wheaton Battery 
June 4, 1924 Coray, Swanton, Hicks, Shirey Sports Whitewash Lake Forest in Net Match 
June 4, 1924 Florence Hughes, Douglas Carvel Short Comment Inquiring Reporter 
June 4, 1924 Educational Institutions Article "For Christ and His Kingdom" 
June 4, 1924 "The Towers are Out!" Article Honor to Whom Honor is Due 
June 4, 1924 The Seniors "Sneak Day" News Academy News 
June 4, 1924 Ruth Zillmer News Personals 
June 4, 1924 "Food Night" "Carry on" "To my Sweethear" Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
June 4, 1924 From "The Book of the Lover and the Beloved" By Ramon Lull Literature Campus Christianity 
June 4, 1924 Beltionian, Philaletheans, Aelioian News Varied Features in Society Meets 
June 4, 1924 Dan Place Sports Lose to DeKalb but Win from Elmhurst 
June 4, 1924 Elgin Junior College Sports Girl's Tennis 
June 4, 1924 Stanley Lawrence, Edward Atherton Coray News Alumni News 
June 4, 1924 Prof. Winsor Short Comment Wise Cracks 
June 4, 1924 Charles E. White, Valparaiso University News Intercollegiate 
June 18, 1924 J. W. W. '25 Article "Be Strong" 
June 18, 1924 Sixty-Five Graduates from Various Depts. News Forty-Two Receive Bachelor Degree 
June 18, 1924 Robert Neighbour Music Artist's Recital 
June 18, 1924 Beltionian, CELT News Societies have Best Banquet in Yesars 
June 18, 1924 Chapel Crowded to Hear Great Sermon News Baccalaureate Address by Dr. Norris 
June 18, 1924 Summer Ahead Article Campus Christianity 
June 18, 1924 Alumni Since Last Commencement News Alumni Show More Interest, Home Coming added Feature 
June 18, 1924 Phil. 2:13 Short Comment The Gospel Team Review 
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