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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
October 24, 1928 Elsie S. Dow, '81 Ships Asail The House of Life 
October 24, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
October 24, 1928 "B" Convenes Academy News Literary Society "B" Convenes 
October 24, 1928 Miss Fenton Academy News Junior Class Entertained 
October 24, 1928 "Fall Sports"  Academy News "A's" Discuss Sports 
October 24, 1928 Record Notes Personals 
October 24, 1928 Indian Program Academy News Philalethean 
October 24, 1928 Bows and their Visitors Academy News Boethallian 
October 24, 1928 Record Academy News Aelioian 
October 24, 1928 Arrows Delved into American Literature Academy News Aristonian 
October 24, 1928 Record Academy News Beltionian 
October 24, 1928 President Thomas Academy News Excelsior 
October 24, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Cardinals Jinx Wheatonites 25-0/ Crusaders Proved They Can Fight by Second Half Comeback 
October 24, 1928 "Steve" Paine Sports Harriers Lose Run to North Central with Hess Nute Firsts 
October 24, 1928 Record Notes On the Bench 
October 24, 1928 Football Sports notre Dame Res. Give Wheaton Battle/ Irish Crew Will Give Orangemen Gruelling Test 
October 24, 1928 Women Athletic Association Sports Soph Girls Win Track Meet with 37 Points 
October 24, 1928 Ralph Corbin Beyond the Blue European Air Travel 
October 31, 1928 Dr. Reuben A. Torrey News Friends Startled to Hear of Death of Dr. R.A. Torrey 
October 31, 1928 Campus Day News Everybody Gets Out to Fix Up Campus-Field 
October 31, 1928 Homecoming Program News Continuous Round of Events Greets Guests at Sixth Annual Festivity 
October 31, 1928 Even Distant Africa was Represented News More Than Three Score Homecomers Here for Festivities 
October 31, 1928 Wheaton College Supports Hoover News Wheaton Leads American Colleges in Straw Vote for Hoover 
October 31, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Rockne Reserves Overpowered in Homecoming Game 
October 31, 1928 Director LeRoy Hamp News Members of Men's Glee Club Selected after Tryout Series 
October 31, 1928 We are Products of Our Choices Editorial Choosing Socieites 
October 31, 1928 What Kind of a Mind Have You? Column Mental Tests 
October 31, 1928 Record Editorial A Book 
October 31, 1928 Record Editorial On Dating 
October 31, 1928 Record Editorial Your Excellency! 
October 31, 1928 Record Jack in the Pulpit One Can't 
October 31, 1928 John Congdon Column Excelsior 
October 31, 1928 Catherine Hurlburt Column Philalethean 
October 31, 1928 Helen Zwiers Column Boethallian 
October 31, 1928 Lincoln Ships Asail Today's Heart Throb 
October 31, 1928 Whittier Column Who Fathoms the Eternal Thought 
October 31, 1928 Longfellow Poem "The Buildin of the Ship" 
October 31, 1928 Paul Turner Column Aristonian 
October 31, 1928 Academy Debating Club News Interclass Debate Scheduled 
October 31, 1928 Captain Wright Academy News Basketball Practice Held 
October 31, 1928 Arthur Grubb Academy News Sophomores Elect 
October 31, 1928 George Schuler Academy News Ghosts! Spooks! 
October 31, 1928 Record Academy News Personals 
October 31, 1928 Stephen W. Paine Column Beltionian 
October 31, 1928 "Steve" Paine Sports Hess leads Harriers To Win Over Armour 
October 31, 1928 Record Sports All-Americans Lose to N. Central Seconds 
October 31, 1928 Soccer Sports Sophs Have Shade on Frosh in Soccer Game 
October 31, 1928 Record Notes  On the Bench 
October 31, 1928 Thirty-Seven and a Half Poud New Baby News New Baby Sets Record on Doc's Fish Scales 
October 31, 1928 Record Sports Chicago "Y" College Team Here Saturday/ Orange Boys Face Powerful "Y" in Dreaded Scrap 
October 31, 1928 Elizabeth Nowack News Chinese Program in Y.W. 
November 7, 1928 Record News President Visits Eastern Cities on Trip for College/ Is Convinced that It Was Financially and Spiritually a Success 
November 7, 1928 Harry Miller, '28 Information Miller and Stough Sail for Africa Saturday 
November 7, 1928 Prof. Moule News History Club Started 
November 7, 1928 Pep Meeting Editorial Correction 
November 7, 1928 President Russell Orr News Orr Welcomes B.Y. Members 
November 7, 1928 Mrs. Myron E. Sears News Mrs. Myron E. sears Succumbs to Operation 
November 7, 1928 Haoolowe'en Party News Outside Girls Hold Big Hallowe'en Party in the Gymnasium 
November 7, 1928 Miss Louise Truesdell News Pre-Medics Make Plans for Future Meetings 
November 7, 1928 College Enrollment Situation News Registrar Explains Enrollment Situation/ 23 Visitors Taken Into Collage as Real Students 
November 7, 1928 Freshman Class News Eickmeyer Heads Freshmen 
November 7, 1928 Record Editorial New Members Elected to Record Staff 
November 7, 1928 Record Editorial The Red Cross 
November 7, 1928 Edith Clare Torrey Column Dear Friends at Wheaton 
November 7, 1928 Fisher Formen Column "Words of My Mouth" 
November 7, 1928 Record Erudite Crevices Try a Little Bit of Neither 
November 7, 1928 Record Notes Chapel Chimes 
November 7, 1928 Record Column Alltted Corner for Those Who Have Been Momentarily Embarrased 
November 7, 1928 General Electric Company Column Lights that Fill the Skies with Commerce 
November 7, 1928 Ralph Corbin Beyond the Blue Scotland's Capitol 
November 7, 1928 Winona Ingles Column Aelioian 
November 7, 1928 Margaret Dodd Notes Academy News 
November 7, 1928 Record Sports Chicago Trainers Bring Formidable Scrappy Outfit/ Orangemen Counting on Student Backing 
November 7, 1928 Football Sports Frosh-Junior Squad Led to Win by Barris Duo in Coed's Classic 
November 7, 1928 Bill Roper Sports Princeton Coach Values Interference 
November 7, 1928 Record Sports Reserves Again Lose to North Central Res. 
November 7, 1928 Football Sports Triangular Meet 
November 7, 1928 Record Notes On the Bench 
November 7, 1928 "AI" Woodruff Sports "Y" College Wins Muddy Grid Contest 12-0 
November 7, 1928 Recitals News Spooner, Finney and Shufelt Present Vesper Recital 
November 7, 1928 John Congdon Column Excelsior 
November 7, 1928 Albert Heydenburk Editorial Bit By Bit He Supported A Foreign Missionary 
November 7, 1928 Helen Zwiers Column Boethallian 
November 14, 1928 George W. McGill News Trustee George W. McGill in Serious Condition in Hospital 
November 14, 1928 "Wheaton College Quintet" News Quintet Broadcasts Over Station W.M.B.I. 
November 14, 1928 Driscoll Girls Information A Real Thanksgiving? 
November 14, 1928 Red Cross Drive Information Woodruff Conducts Drive 
November 14, 1928 Dr. Arthur F. Purkiss News Two Thugs Attack Dr. A.F. Purkiss/ Victim of Thugs Escapes after Blackjack Blow 
November 14, 1928 Thomas Moody Information Moody Speaks Tonight 
November 14, 1928 "Bunyan Year" Information Classic Volumne is Offered Free to the Students 
November 14, 1928 Year of Debate News Greatest Debate Year in Wheaton History?/ Universities are on Schedules for Local Debaters 
November 14, 1928 History Club News First Meeting of History Club Held Last Friday 
November 14, 1928 Record Bound Copies Information Three Local Publications Portray Student Efforts 
November 14, 1928 Record Editorial On Saying "Hello" 
November 14, 1928 Record Editorial Weighing Arguments 
November 14, 1928 A.W. - '29 Column The Empty Shelf 
November 14, 1928 Phreno Cosmian Column Atheism 
November 14, 1928 Record Jack in the Pulpit If You Sto to Think 
November 14, 1928 Record notes Intercollegiate 
November 14, 1928 Record Notes Erudite Crevices 
November 14, 1928 Alexander Macleod Ships Asail Wheaton's Glory 
November 14, 1928 Paul Turner Column Aristonian 
November 14, 1928 margaret Dodd Column Academy News 
November 14, 1928 Stephen W. Paine Column Beltionian 
November 14, 1928 Winona Ingles Column Aelioian 
November 14, 1928 Helen Zwiers Column Boethallian 
November 14, 1928 Record Sports DeKalb Will Be Final Opponent of Orangemen 
November 14, 1928 Cross Country Sports Harriers Take Another Meet with Hess, Nute and Crawford Leading 
November 14, 1928 Paul Allen Sports Inter-Class Basketball Now as Gridders Finish 
November 14, 1928 AI Woodruff Sports Crusaders Victorious By Late Rush 15-6/ Boys Score Twice in Last 2 Minutes of Slimy Contest 
November 14, 1928 Record Notes On the Bench 
November 14, 1928 Football Sports Decline in Football is Seen as Present Situation is Analyzed 
November 14, 1928 School Athletics Sports State Team is Formed; Sets School Precedent 
November 14, 1928 "Dormites" are to be Prepared Information Fire Drill at Dorm 
November 21, 1928 Inter-Class Debates News Record Breaking Audiences Hear Class Debates/ Freshmen Start Series with Double Win 
November 21, 1928 Mrs. Katharine Shapleigh News Members of Faculty Address Local Groups/ Mrs Shapleigh Wins Medal 
November 21, 1928 Clarence C. Rhoades News Clarence Rhoades Elected Captain of '29 Football Squad at Banquet 
November 21, 1928 Record Editorial Next Record December 12 
November 21, 1928 Oratorio "Messiah" Information Large Rehearsals as Date for "Messiah" Draws Near 
November 21, 1928 University Man Dorothy Blanchard Absent Roommate Will Go to Tower Party Next Year/ After Hearing Rehearsals of Last Thursday Nights Affair 
November 21, 1928 Eastern Alumni Banquet News Banquets Take President Buswell East/ Buffalo Program Heavy Following New York Affair 
November 21, 1928 George W. McGill News Mr. McGill Improved 
November 21, 1928 Prayer Meeting Information Thanksgiving Sunrise Service Planned 
November 21, 1928 Student Missionary Rally Information Volunteers Will Rally Next Saturday at North Central  
November 21, 1928 Record Editorial Thanksgiving 
November 21, 1928 John Ruskin Column True Education 
November 21, 1928 C.F.B. Column Turkey or Thanks? 
November 21, 1928 Record Editorial Solitude 
November 21, 1928 S.P. '30 Column Bell Ringers 
November 21, 1928 Record Notes Over the Air 
November 21, 1928 Record Editorial Pigskin Scholars 
November 21, 1928 Record Notes Erudite Crevices 
November 21, 1928 Paul Allen, '32 Column The "Hello" Habit - With Jesus Christ 
November 21, 1928 Virginia Squires, '32 Column Thanksgiving 
November 21, 1928 Philip H. Wichern, '32 Column The Phase of Wheaton Whi I Like Best 
November 21, 1928 W.H. Childs, '30 Column Wheaton College Spiritual and Friendly Atmosphere 
November 21, 1928 Edwin Olson, '32 Poem Rain 
November 21, 1928 Walter Eickmeyer, '32 Poem Home 
November 21, 1928 Miss Margaret Dodd Column Academy 
November 21, 1928 Record Editorial Literary Telescope Turned in Many Direction in Friday Night Meetings 
November 21, 1928 Bible Class News Party Last Saturday 
November 21, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
November 21, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Basketeers Face a Stiff Schedule Beginning Dec. 8 
November 21, 1928 Basketball Sports Get Those Season Seat Tickets Now 
November 21, 1928 Football Sports The Great God Football 
November 21, 1928 Record Notes On the Bench 
November 21, 1928 Cross-Country Sports Harriers Wallow to Win at Lake Forest; Conf. Meet Closes Season 
November 21, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Sports Final Rainstorm Grid Combat Is Scoreless 
November 21, 1928 Ralph Corbin Beyond the Blue Loch Lomond and the Trossachs 
November 21, 1928 Congregational Convention News Special Meeting Called 
December 12, 1928 "The Messiah" Information Messiah Will Be Sung Thursday in College Church 
December 12, 1928 "Y" House Banquet News 27 Guests Sit Down Annual Banquet Bartlett Hall 
December 12, 1928 Dr. Wendell S. Brooks Information Wheaton Professor has Invitation to Cornell 
December 12, 1928 Student Volunteers News Only "Adequate One" Theme of Message of Dr. J.A. Clark 
December 12, 1928 All-American Contest News First Class Rating Given the Tower '29 
December 12, 1928 Record Column Beulah E. Boxell (1907-1928) 
December 12, 1928 Orange Floodlights News Lights Coat Tower with Gold 
December 12, 1928 Annual Convention of Evangelical Students News President Buswell Opens Sessions of Conference in Chicago Over Weekend 
December 12, 1928 Record Notes Eventoscope 
December 12, 1928 Della Dreher Literary Societies' Meeting Mid-Winter Open Meeting Holds Sway Friday/ Orr Will Preside at Joint Session of Lit Societies 
December 12, 1928 Wheaton, IL vs Waynesburg College, PA News Coach Mintier's Triplets Yield Victory to Local Men 
December 12, 1928 Professors Wendell S. Brooks & John W. Leedy Information 2 New Professors Backed by Extensive Experience 
December 12, 1928 Record Editorial Only Credit Exam Marks? 
December 12, 1928 John Wesley Column Home Influence 
December 12, 1928 Record Note So Big 
December 12, 1928 Record Editorial Substitution 
December 12, 1928 E.H. '29 Column Work Schedules 
December 12, 1928 Record Editorial What to Do? 
December 12, 1928 Record Notes Chapel Chimes 
December 12, 1928 Record Notes Over the Air 
December 12, 1928 Record Notes Erudite Crevices 
December 12, 1928 Polan Banks Column Oh Yes 
December 12, 1928 Ernst Anderson Communication To the Editor of the Record 
December 12, 1928 margaret Dodd Columm Academy News 
December 12, 1928 General Electric Company Column This Changing World 
December 12, 1928 Edith Clare Torrey Ships Asail In Memory of Beulah Boxell 
December 12, 1928 Virginia Emery, '29 Poem A Child of Thine Hast Thou Called Home 
December 12, 1928 Margaret Monson, '31 Column My Memories of Beulah Boxell 
December 12, 1928 Cleaver of Egypt Column Dr. Ironside's Address 
December 12, 1928 Marion J. Downey Column "Leaves Have Their Time to Fall" 
December 12, 1928 Literary Associations News New Literarians Exhibit Talents in Meetings of Six Societies 
December 12, 1928 Dyrness and Moule Eventoscope 2 Profs. Journey to Buffalo 
December 12, 1928 Wheaton vs Northwestern University News Non-Decision Debate with Northwestern U.  
December 12, 1928 Definite Christian Service Abroad News Volunteers Have Charge 
December 12, 1928 Radio Broadcast News Quintet Have Hour 
December 12, 1928 Coach Coray News Skating Rink Planned 
December 12, 1928 Ray Kahle News Kahle Has Operation 
December 12, 1928 Extension of Christmas Vacation News Petition Goes to Committee 
December 12, 1928 Cross-Country Sports hess Takes Gold Medal in Conference Meet; Wheaton Places 5th 
December 12, 1928 Basketball Sports Jr. Varsity Tumbles Before Reds 27-24 in the Curtain Raiser 
December 12, 1928 Record Notes Foul Tries 
December 12, 1928 Selection of All-American Eleven News All-American Eleven is Chosen By Cooperation with Leading Coaches 
December 12, 1928 Jack Sports Crusaders Dazed by Ill. Normal Dribblers 34-23/ Capt of Cardinal and Center Equal Wheaton's Total 
December 12, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
January 9, 1929 Endowment Fund News $ 500,000 Campaign Goes Over the Top Midnight, Dec. 20 
January 9, 1929 J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. Column President's Greeting 
January 9, 1929 Inter-Class Debates Information Clash Tuesday Will Determine debate championship Team 
January 9, 1929 Open Meeting Information Literary Societies Will Join in Open Meeting Next Friday 
January 9, 1929 Paul Truner Column Some Stude Dents Came "Early" as ol' spirit Drew 
January 9, 1929 Dorothy Miles News Professor Engaged 
January 9, 1929 "Flu" Epidemic News Flus Has Disappeared 
January 9, 1929 Pi Gamma Mu News Prof. Cole at Conventions 
January 9, 1929 Mr. R.L. Parks, '89 News Artist Presents Paintings 
January 9, 1929 Miss Gower News Curry School Values Work 
January 9, 1929 Miss Margaret Moodie News Coworker from China Visits Mrs. Shapleigh 
January 9, 1929 Record Editorial We Have Attempted 
January 9, 1929 Record Editorial "Student" Editor 
January 9, 1929 Paul S. James Column An Appreciation 
January 9, 1929 Record Editorial Building the Tower 
January 9, 1929 Ellis Parker Butler Column Non Curricular 
January 9, 1929 Martha Inez Johnson, 27 Column "Rag Bag" Scores 
January 9, 1929 Record Editorial Does the Record Pay? 
January 9, 1929 Henry Ford Editorial Ford on Spending 
January 9, 1929 Record  Notes Erudite Crevices 
January 9, 1929 Margaret Dodd Notes Academy News 
January 9, 1929 General Electric Company Column Lights that Fill the Skies with Commerce 
January 9, 1929 G.M. Adams Ships Asail The New Year 
January 9, 1929 R.H.S. Poem I Know Not What It Bringeth 
January 9, 1929 Open Meeting, Jan. 11 News Many Phases of Literary Endeavor Demonstrated Friday; Women Visit 
January 9, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
January 9, 1929 Gospel Program News Wyngarden and Allen Broadcast from Moody 
January 9, 1929 Spies Bros. News Classes Approve 4-Year Ring Contract 
January 9, 1929 Quarterly Magazine Information Alumni Have Magazine 
January 9, 1929 Mr. Henry M. Woods News "Grace Aboundings" On Way 
January 9, 1929 President Edna Asher News Y.W. Deputation Sunday 
January 9, 1929 Matholphilia Club News Purpose of Math Club for Students Set Forth 
January 9, 1929 Jack Hall Sports Orangemen Face Two Stiff Games 
January 9, 1929 ABC Team News Bachelors Fail After Leading Church Team 
January 9, 1929 Record Notes Foul Tries 
January 9, 1929 Jack Hall Sports Grads Present Coraymen First New Year Defeat/ 'Ame' Marston Decides Contest with Long Shot 
January 9, 1929 Ralph Corbin Beyond the Blue Shakespeare Land 
January 16, 1929 League of Evangelical Students Editorial Canada Colleges Form Christian Fellowship/ Palmer and Guinness Offer Affiliation in British Union 
January 16, 1929 Record Editorial New Bulletin Board Will Contain Class Schedules 
January 16, 1929 "Light Cuts" News Dorm Girls Surprise Night Watchman with Stuffed Lady 
January 16, 1929 Semi-Annual Open Meeting News Short Story and Oration Feature in Open Meeting of Literary Societies/ Professor Straw Gives Valuable Critique 
January 16, 1929 Oratorio News "The Messiah" Sung Monday Night at College Church 
January 16, 1929 National Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest Information Call Given Orators for Nation Contest on Constitution 
January 16, 1929 Recital information Conservatory of Music Presents Recitals 
January 16, 1929 The Lord Supplied Needed $ 500,000 News Praise Service Is Held in Chapel For $ 500,000 Raised 
January 16, 1929 Miss Florence E. Cobb News Miss Cobb Attends Expression Recital 
January 16, 1929 Fenton Column Junior and Senior Debaters Lose to Freshmen 
January 16, 1929 Student Volunteers Meeting News Dr. Isaac Page gives Message at Volunteers 
January 16, 1929 Record Editorial A Word From the New Staff 
January 16, 1929 H. Paul Truner '30 Column This "Boo" Complex! 
January 16, 1929 Record  Editorial Mustaches and Men 
January 16, 1929 H.F. Column Student Volunteers 
January 16, 1929 Record Notes The Glass Eye 
January 16, 1929 Bob Evans Campus Shrine Digging Ditches 
January 16, 1929 Spring Semester Information Wheaton's Faculty To Be Strengthented by David L. Cook 
January 16, 1929 Record Editorial Record Appointments Being Made 
January 16, 1929 History Club News Bunyan Lives Again in Chapel Program 
January 16, 1929 "The Watchman Examiner" Column College Church Severs Connections with State Congregational Group 
January 16, 1929 Record Notes Empire's Biggest Parish 
January 16, 1929 Record Notes Knocking 
January 16, 1929 Margaret M. Monson Ships Asail Whispers in the Pine Boughs 
January 16, 1929 Max Ehrmann Ships Asail (Ruth Helen sykes) "A Handful of Pine Seeds ..." 
January 16, 1929 Interclass Academy Seniors Take Debate Cup 
January 16, 1929 Mrs MacKenzie Academy Chapel Treats 
January 16, 1929 Portraits and Painters News Art Club Meets 
January 16, 1929 Club Election Academy Nature Club 
January 16, 1929 Parliamentary Order Academy French Club 
January 16, 1929 Miss Thorlakson Academy Personals 
January 16, 1929 Record Joke Grrins 
January 16, 1929 Chuck MacAskill Sports DeKalb Swamps Orange Quintet in Fouling Game/ Cagemen Test Shooting in Foul-a-Minute Fray 
January 16, 1929 Landes Column Foul Tries 
January 16, 1929 Record Sports Wheaton 34 - Mt Morris 24 
January 16, 1929 Jack Hall Sports Wheaton Faces Victory-Laden Cardinals/ North Central is Most Bitter Foe of Orangemen 
January 16, 1929 "King Winter" Column Some Use Sleds When They Slide 
January 16, 1929 Uncle Joe Sports Civil War Among the Rough Eoeds/ Insiders Slay Outsiders in Unexpected Upset 
January 16, 1929 Record Editorial Double Shooting Exposed at Cemetery Inn 
January 16, 1929 New Courses Information Several New Courses Are Offered for Spring Semester 
January 16, 1929 Record Notes "Y" Room Debt Discussed 
January 16, 1929 James Jarvis, Ex-'29 Column Grad Glimpses 
January 16, 1929 Prof Edward Abner Thompson Column "Disraeli" Coming 
January 16, 1929 Record Notes We Were Told! 
January 16, 1929 Record Column Jokes 
January 16, 1929 Record Editorial As Semester Closes, Books Are Opened 
January 16, 1929 Chicago Union News Large Attendance at Chicago Volunteer Union on Saturday 
January 30, 1929 Record News Willis Bradley Reelected as Business Head/ Editorial and Business Staff Approved by Student Council 
January 30, 1929 Erroneous Article Quoted Editorial College Church Still Has Connections with Congregational Body 
January 30, 1929 Mid-Winter Evangelistic Services  Information Mr. Smith Will Conduct Winter Revival Service 
January 30, 1929 Fischer Chapel News Professor Thompson of Boston Presents Play, "Disraeli" 
January 30, 1929 Mr. Gladstone Koppole  Information Native of India to Speak in Ekvall Class and C.E. 
January 30, 1929 Election Night News Women Elect Ruth Dill, Millicent Johnson, Irma Morrison 
January 30, 1929 "Gala Event" News Tawney, Ralph Corbin, Stevenson Head Men's Groups 
January 30, 1929 Attractive Magazine News Initial Number of "Wheaton Alumni Quarterly" Issued 
January 30, 1929 Student Volunteer Band News North Central Volunteers Conduct Meeting Here 
January 30, 1929 John Nute Editorial Registration Trials Are Related by a Freshman 
January 30, 1929 Cross Country Editorial Time to Train for Track 
January 30, 1929 Recent Renovation News Bulletin Boards! 
January 30, 1929 Record The Campus shrine Let The Joy Overflow! 
January 30, 1929 Temple Called Christianity Editorial Billy Sundays Bible (Printed by Request) 
January 30, 1929 Record Editorial Those Two Hour Exams! 
January 30, 1929 Record Notes The Glass Eye 
January 30, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
January 30, 1929 Record Notes Jokes 
January 30, 1929 Record News Women's Glee Club Makes First Chapel Appearance 
January 30, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
January 30, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
January 30, 1929 Madison Cawein Whispers in the Vine Boughs Sunrise 
January 30, 1929 Record Editorial Dawn 
January 30, 1929 Basketball Sports Mt. Morris Here Thurs.; Wheaton at Elmhurst Sat/ Wheaton Basketeers Face Stiff Schedule 
January 30, 1929 Wheaton vs Northwestern Sports Academy Loses 
January 30, 1929 Mac Notes Corner Shots 
January 30, 1929 Wheaton vs Lincoln College Sports Coraymen Victorious Over Lincoln 31 to 15 
January 30, 1929 Wheaton vs Illinois Normal University Sports Orangemen Upset Illinois Normal University 21-19 
January 30, 1929 Wheaton vs North Central Sports Coray's Crusaders Defeat Old Rivals 25-17/ Wheaton Downs North Central in Fast Game 
January 30, 1929 Marjorie Stoute and Peggy Miller News W.A.A. Adds New Members 
January 30, 1929 Eleven New Students Added News New Registration Plan Is Successful, States Professor Dyrness 
February 6, 1929 Mid-Winter Evangelistic Services News Business Duties Curtail Stay of Mr. Smith/ Speakers Secured for Rest of Mid-Winter Services 
February 6, 1929 "Founder's Week Conference" Information Moody Bible Institute to Hold Conference This Week 
February 6, 1929 Theism Class News Students' Visages of Value 
February 6, 1929 Record Information Record To Have Data Cards 
February 6, 1929 Miss Torrey's Classes News Rev. Torrey Explains Practical Need in Mission Fields 
February 6, 1929 College Christian Endeavor News Race Prejudice Theme of Address Given at C.E. Sunday 
February 6, 1929 Debate Season Information Women Debaters Will Start Season Friday 
February 6, 1929 Record Editorial Grads Tell of "Hippos" and Crocodiles on Nile Trip 
February 6, 1929 Stereopticon Lecture Information Missionary Will Present Illustrated Talk Tonight 
February 6, 1929 Word of God and Heart of Man News Sidney smith Opens Mid-Winter Services 
February 6, 1929 "Slaying-Ride" News Jingle Bells! Brave Freshmen Stage Sleigh Ride Party 
February 6, 1929 "The School Board Member" News Dr. Brooks Writes Review 
February 6, 1929 Record  Editorial The Washington Banquet 
February 6, 1929 J.H. '29 Column Christian Work Survey 
February 6, 1929 Taylor University Echo Column Christian Exercise 
February 6, 1929 Record The Campus Shrine Christian Warfare 
February 6, 1929 Record Notes The Glass Eye 
February 6, 1929 Essay Contest News Aelioian 
February 6, 1929 Floyd Tawney News Beltionian 
February 6, 1929 Installation of New Officers News Philalethean 
February 6, 1929 Record Notes Excelsior 
February 6, 1929 Installation of Officers News Bethallian 
February 6, 1929 Arrows' Meeting News Aristonian 
February 6, 1929 General Electric Company Column Changing Horses 
February 6, 1929 Clinton Scollard Whispers in the Vine Boughs Dusk 
February 6, 1929 Alfred Noyes Whispers in the Vine Boughs In the Cool of the Evening 
February 6, 1929 Amelia C. Welby Whispers in the Vine Boughs Twilight at Sea 
February 6, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
February 6, 1929 Wheaton vs Mt Morris Sports Crusaders Fall Before Mt. Morris Cagemen 33-31 
February 6, 1929 Mac Notes Corner Shots 
February 6, 1929 Basketball Sports Academy Bows to Luther 
February 6, 1929 Basketball Sports Elmhurst Come-Back Noses Out Coraymen 28-26/ Overconfident Coraymen Fail to Hold Early Lead 
February 6, 1929 Wheaton vs DeKalb Sports Crusaders and Cardinals Clash Saturday/ North Central comes Her for Second Battle/ Coray's Busy Tossers Invade DeKalb Tonight 
February 6, 1929 Record Sports Junior Varsity Loses to Tabernacle Team 
February 6, 1929 Iphegenia Column Physical Condition Perfect 
February 13, 1929 Mid-Winter Evangelistic Services News Speakers Tell of Many Phases of Christian Work 
February 13, 1929 New Education Fellowship Information Education Conference is Planned for Next August 
February 13, 1929 Plans for Reunion Information Moody Bible Institute to Hold Reunion of Students 
February 13, 1929 Circulation Staff Announcement Circulation Complaint 
February 13, 1929 Wheaton College Quintet Information Gospel Quintet Lays Plans for Summer Tour of U.S. 
February 13, 1929 Students Who Wish to Continue Their Studies Information Foreign Colleges Offer Scholarships to Students 
February 13, 1929 Election of Officers News Elizabeth Nowack Will Lead Work of Y.W.C.A. 
February 13, 1929 Scholarships News Twenty Scholarships Offered Students by Utilities Companies 
February 13, 1929 Wheaton vs DeKalb News Women Debaters Lose to DeKalb and to North Central 
February 13, 1929 President Coolidge News U.S. Gives Recognition to 1933 Chicago World's Fair 
February 13, 1929 Record Sports Wheaton Defeats North Central 17 to 16/ Orangemen Enjoy Two Consecutive Wins Over Rivals 
February 13, 1929 Paint Editorial Paint, Shellac Feature Valentine Party Clean-up 
February 13, 1929 Record Editorial Extra-Curricular Activities 
February 13, 1929 Record Editorial Why Not Be Late 
February 13, 1929 Record Editorial The Campus Shrine 
February 13, 1929 Record Editorial Courtesy 
February 13, 1929 Reader of '29 Column A Grievous Complaint 
February 13, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
February 13, 1929 Essay Contest News Philalethean 
February 13, 1929 Debate on Semester Exams News Excelsior 
February 13, 1929 Animals, Dumb and Otherwise News Boethallian 
February 13, 1929 Record Notes Aelioian 
February 13, 1929 "Zoology" Program at Belt News Beltionian 
February 13, 1929 Academy Girls Academy News G.A.A. Organized 
February 13, 1929 Winter Program Academy News Epinoians Elect Officers 
February 13, 1929 Record Academy News Kreitonian Election Results 
February 13, 1929 Miss Gudrun Thorlakson Academy News Personals 
February 13, 1929 Record Academy News Grins 
February 13, 1929 Zillah Cross Peel Whispers in the Vine Boughs To My Valentine 
February 13, 1929 Gerald Griffin Whispers in the Vine Boughs Maiden Eyes 
February 13, 1929 The "Northern Illinois" Whispers in the Vine Boughs Hearts 
February 13, 1929 Record Notes Alumni News 
February 13, 1929 Intercollegiate Competition Sports Orange Cagemen Face Two Games/ Des Moines University Here Thurs. - Coraymen at Battle Creek Sat. 
February 13, 1929 Mac Notes Corner Shots 
February 13, 1929 Wrestling Sports Wheaton Matmen Lose Return Meet to Morton 
February 13, 1929 Record Sports Jr. Varsity Swamped by Cardinal Reserves 
February 13, 1929 Basketball Sports Junior Varsity Fall Before DeKalb Colts 
February 13, 1929 Basketball Sports Crusaders Victorious Over DeKalb 33-29 
February 13, 1929 Record Editorial Criton Wins Her Homecoming (A Short Short Story) 
February 13, 1929 Miss Olivett Swallen News Mission work in Korea Told 
February 20, 1929 "Dot" Blanchard Column Hearts Flutter as "Dorm" Fetes Guests at Party 
February 20, 1929 "Pastor's Privilege" News Dr. Buswell Gives Practical Talk to Ministerial Group 
February 20, 1929 Installation of Officers Information Y.W.C.A. Will Install New Officers, Feb. 25 
February 20, 1929 Semester Class Avarages News Aels Again Lead Literary Societies in First Semester Avaerages; Boethallian Second 
February 20, 1929 Bachelor's Club News Bachelors Discuss the Merits of Marrying College Girl 
February 20, 1929 Christmastide News Juniors Stage Sleigh Ride Before Cage Game 
February 20, 1929 Clayton D. Steiner News Clayton D. Steiner, Missionary in Peru, Suffers Persecution/ Police Stop Stoning 
February 20, 1929 Station WMBI News Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Sing Over WMBI 
February 20, 1929 "Dit" Fenton Column Stage Is Ready For Washington Banquet/ Event This Year Promises to Be Gala Occasion 
February 20, 1929 "Aunt Helen" Ekvall News "Aunt Helen" Talks to Student Volunteers 
February 20, 1929 D.A. Straw Column The Ideal Student 
February 20, 1929 William H. Taft Editorial Materialistic Philosophy 
February 20, 1929 Record The Campus Shrine Wheaton Tares 
February 20, 1929 Record Editorial Is the Y.W.C.A. Worth While? 
February 20, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
February 20, 1929 "Hearts A-Flutter" News Boethallian 
February 20, 1929 Automobile Industry News Aristonian 
February 20, 1929 Plantation Memories News Aelioian 
February 20, 1929 Poetry Contest News Beltionian 
February 20, 1929 Valentine Program News Philalethean 
February 20, 1929 Photography News Excelsior 
February 20, 1929 Record Notes Alumni News 
February 20, 1929 Debate News Monmouth College Wins Meet with Women's Team 
February 20, 1929 Record Whispers in the Vine Boughs February's Children 
February 20, 1929 Mary Blake Woodson Column "Wee Washington" 
February 20, 1929 Markham Whispers in the Vine Boughs "Lincoln, the Man of the People" 
February 20, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
February 20, 1929 Coach Coray Sports Coraymen Beat Battle Creek/ Final Rally Noses Out Stubborn Michigan Foe 
February 20, 1929 Mac Column Corner Shots 
February 20, 1929 Vic Gustafson Sports Vic Gustafson Calls for Track Candidates 
February 20, 1929 Basketball  Sports Orangemen Defeated in Thrilling Game by Des Moines U. 
February 20, 1929 Wheaton vs West Chicago Sports Shooting Stars Win 
February 20, 1929 Basketball Sports Crusaders Close Season Here Thursday/ Elmhurst to Be Final Opponent of Coraymen 
February 20, 1929 Basketball Sports Bows Upset Phils in 14-13 Thriller 
February 20, 1929 Record Editorial Roger's Roamings/ Roger Winds Up the Basketball Season 
February 27, 1929 Record Editorial Finances Cause Size of Decrease in College Record/ Staff to Put Business on Sound basis for Future 
February 27, 1929 Pre-Medics Society Information Dr. Blum, Dentist, to Speak at Meeting of Pre-Medics 
February 27, 1929 National Association of Deans of Women News Mrs. Shapleigh Attends Conference of Deans 
February 27, 1929 Wheaton vs Augustana News Men, Women Debaters Each Conquer Augustana 
February 27, 1929 Robert Ekvall News Bob Ekvall Captured by Moslems; Is Rescued 
February 27, 1929 History Club News Illustrated Lecture Mon. 
February 27, 1929 Record Note College Church Split Discussion to Be Tonight 
February 27, 1929 Barris Twins News "Honey Plan" Raided; Bees Turned Out of Red Castle 
February 27, 1929 "Evangelisten" Information Faculty Members Help Edit "Evangelisten" 
February 27, 1929 Debate News Six Colleges Create South shore Forensic League 
February 27, 1929 Washington Banquet News 470 Attend Washington Banquet Friday/ Groups Attempt to Lead Others in Noisemaking 
February 27, 1929 Record Editorial The Ideal Professor 
February 27, 1929 Flagrush News Washington Banquet 
February 27, 1929 Record Editorial The Campus Shrine 
February 27, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
February 27, 1929 Basketball Sports Crusaders Drop Final Contest to Elmhurst/ Free Throw Wins Crucial Battle in the Closing Minute 
February 27, 1929 Record Sports Aels- Champions 
February 27, 1929 Record Sports Seniors, Frosh Win in Girls Interclass Games 
February 27, 1929 Meeting of the Pins Academy News Epinoian 
February 27, 1929 Washingon Program Academy News Kreitonian 
February 27, 1929 Record Notes Alumni News 
March 6, 1929 Summer School Information New Courses to be Contained in Summer School 
March 6, 1929 A "Rea" Debate Information Wittenberg College to Debate Women Here March 12 
March 6, 1929 American Sunday School Union Information Two Contests Offer Prizes for Manuscripts 
March 6, 1929 Rev Paul Alden Information Rev. Paul Alden to Confer with Students on Missions 
March 6, 1929 Poetry Contests News Poesy Reigns at Five Literary Society Meetings 
March 6, 1929 Recital News Edwin Seder, Concert Organist, Gives Recital 
March 6, 1929 "Wheaton College Songs" Information Wheaton College Song Book to Make Appearance Tomorrow 
March 6, 1929 Record Editorial Campus Visitor Finds Classes ARE in Session 
March 6, 1929 WMBI Concert Broadcast News Glee Club Makes Plans for Spring Concerts 
March 6, 1929 State Intecollegiate Debate Contest News Debaters Rank in Five Highest in Race for State Honors 
March 6, 1929 President Hoover News Welcome, President! 
March 6, 1929 Katherine C. Shapleigh Column On Banquets 
March 6, 1929 "Streams in the Desert" Column The Campus Shrine 
March 6, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
March 6, 1929 Basketball Sports Men's Annual Inter-Society Games Draw Students Interest This Week 
March 6, 1929 Interclass News Seniors Take Girls' Interclass Crown 
March 6, 1929 Record Sports Academy Loses Game to High School Seconds 
March 6, 1929 Basketball Sports Rodents Treat Varsity Basketeers to Banquet 
March 6, 1929 Record Sports Academy Defeats Glenbard Lights 
March 6, 1929 Mrs. Pat Groves News Speaker Shows Pictures in Western Canada Talk 
March 6, 1929 Record Notes Academy News 
March 6, 1929 "Black Virgin of Cartago" News Missionary in Costa Rica Tells of Idol Worship 
March 6, 1929 Inauguration Ceremonies News Inaugural Services Are Heard in Fischer Chapel 
March 6, 1929 Record Notes Alumni News 
March 6, 1929 The Franklin Over the Air Clothing Fad 
March 13, 1929 Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest Information Local Orators to Compete for Honors Tonight/ Winner Will Represent Wheaton in Regional Contest 
March 13, 1929 Three Hundred Copies Sold News Wheaton Song Book Receives Approval 
March 13, 1929 "Non-Stop Flights" News "Prexy" Returns From Kentucky, St. Louis Trip 
March 13, 1929 History and Social Science Club Information Philistrian Society to Present Three Awards 
March 13, 1929 Missionary Trips News Foot, Horseback, Canoe Are Used in Travel by K.P. Landon 
March 13, 1929 Alice Kirchenbauer & Peg Miller News Early Morning Hikers Are Stopped by Policeman 
March 13, 1929 Los Angeles Artists Information Bell Ringers to Present Sacred Music Program 
March 13, 1929 Place of Alocohol in Modern Civilization Information Rhetoric Students Compete with Essays on Alcohol 
March 13, 1929 The Tower Information Tower of '30 Nears Completion 
March 13, 1929 Wheaton Faculty News Women Teachers Mark Higher Than Men, Says Report 
March 13, 1929 Wheaton vs Mt. Morris News Women Debaters Win Both Meets on Saturday 
March 13, 1929 Installation of Officers News W.A.A. Installs Officers 
March 13, 1929 Students in Public School Methods News New Buletin Board 
March 13, 1929 Steve Partington News Partington Will Be New Head of Student Council/ Philp Resigns As Chief, McClenny Named Treasurer 
March 13, 1929 Exposing the Theory of Evolution News Dr. Arthur I. Brown Talks On Fallacies of Evolution 
March 13, 1929 Kim & Nyland Information Evangelists to Sing at Student Volunteers 
March 13, 1929 Record Editorial An Alumnus Views the Song Book 
March 13, 1929 Record Editorial The Ideal Wheaton Girl 
March 13, 1929 Don't Pity the Man with the Unpleasant Job Editorial Appreciation of the Unpleasant 
March 13, 1929 Record Editorial The Campus Shrine 
March 13, 1929 Record Notes Rap-So-Dees 
March 13, 1929 Basketball Sports Belts, Celts in Big Game Tonight for Inter-Society Crown/ Arrows Defeated Twice In Spectacular Race for Trophy 
March 13, 1929 Basketball Sports Intramural Games 
March 13, 1929 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
March 13, 1929 "Books" Academy News Kretonian 
March 13, 1929 Record Opinion Column The Inquisitive Editor 
March 13, 1929 Jennie M. Constance Memorial Dormitory News Bradley Builds Dorm 
March 20, 1929 Vesper Services Information Vesper Services Begin March 25; Will End Easter/ Last Words of Christ to Be Theme of Meetings 
March 20, 1929 Regional Meetings in chicago News Martin Long Wins Local Oratorical Honors in Contest 
March 20, 1929 "Willie" Aveling News W.A.A. Appoints Board of Managers for 1929 
March 20, 1929 Home Concert Information Men's Glee Club Conducts Chapel Service Program 
March 20, 1929 Dr. Robert Schofield Information Conservatory to Present Student Recital Tonight 
March 20, 1929 Wheaton College vs State Normal University Information Wheaton Debaters to Clash Thursday with State Normal 
March 20, 1929 Scientific Luncheon News Dieticians Gasp at Culinary Art Shown in "Lab" 
March 20, 1929 First Hike Information W.A.A. Hikes Thursday 
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