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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 7, 1923 Orange and Blue Minus Coray Fight Hard Sports Naperville Basket Squad Downs Varsity in Final  
March 7, 1923 Elgin Academy , Edwards and Blanchard Sports Academy Defeats Strong Elgin Team 30-26 
March 7, 1923 Vincent Starret of Northwestern U. To Pass on Stories; Contests Postponed for One Week News Noted Expert is to Judge Record Story Contest  
March 7, 1923 "Is the playing of jazz music incompatible with the spirit of Wheaton College?" Opinion Inquisitive Reporter 
March 7, 1923 Victory is Marked by Close Decision. The Meeting at Naperville is Postponed News Affirmative Debaters Slip Defeat to North-Western Men 
March 7, 1923 Aelioian, Philalethean, Beltionian, Excelsior News Unique Programs are Presented in Society Meetings 
March 7, 1923 Production to Appear in 1924 Tower News Muiriel Fuller Wins Tower Short Story Contest 
March 7, 1923 Mr. Reynolds, Dr. Glover, Bruce Hunt Information Bulletin 
March 7, 1923 The Centre College Football Team Article A Bigger and Better Wheaton 
March 7, 1923 "Wits' End Corner" Short Comment Campus Christianity 
March 7, 1923 Thoughts While Strolling Around The Campus Short Comment Well! What of It?  
March 7, 1923 The Suspending of the Paragraph  Literature Slants from a Goose Quill 
March 7, 1923 Harold Tiedt's brother, Esther Richmond, Harry Stemme News Local News 
March 7, 1923 Martha Mills. Harry Stemme News Alumnals 
March 7, 1923 A Matter of Student Reform, Manitou Messenger, The Poet Laureate Speaks Opinion, Literature Contributors' Column 
March 7, 1923 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carlton, Mrs. Robert Llewelyn Evans of Pasadena News Howell Evans Engaged 
March 7, 1923 Rifle Team Shoots by Telegraph, Robert Driscoll Shea News Intercollegiate 
March 7, 1923 Mark 8:34-5, II Corinthians 4:18 Bible Verses  Bible Thoughts for the Week 
March 14, 1923 Beltionian, Excelsior, Aelioian, Philalethean News Lit. Societies Present Programs of Merit 
March 14, 1923 A first payment on your Tower News 1924 tower Nears Completing, More Subscriptions Needed 
March 14, 1923 L. R. Blasius Violinist, F. L. whittlesey Baritone News Second Concert for Building Fund to be Given Tomorrow Night 
March 14, 1923 Fast Game and Close Score is Likely Event Sports Belts and Celts to Meet in Basketball Tonight 
March 14, 1923 Frosh are Expected to Furnish Stiff Opposition  Sports Sophs Lead Field in Girls Basketball Tourney 
March 14, 1923 Opponents Are No Match For Wheaton Men; Only Negative Team Debates Remain on Schedule News Affirmative Debate Men Gain Sweeping Decision at Carroll 
March 14, 1923 The Undid Parson News Expression Recital Delights Audience  
March 14, 1923 Rev. J. C. O'Hare Information Bulletin 
March 14, 1923 Athletic Endeavor Article The Strength of Purpose 
March 14, 1923 Knowing God's Will Article Campus Christianity 
March 14, 1923 Tough! English Walnuts! Short Comment Well! What of It? 
March 14, 1923 A Summer Rain, No Nature Literature Slants From a Goose Quill 
March 14, 1923 How can we prevent the forming of paths in the campus? Opinion Inquisitive Reporter 
March 14, 1923 Laura Wood, Esther Lindley, Arthur Twigg News Alumnals  
March 14, 1923 A. T. Robertson, D. D., LL. D.,  News Moody Institute to Offer a Free Summer Course 
March 14, 1923 Myron Weaver, Albert Sanders News Student Council 
March 14, 1923 Catherine Tait, Mr. Howard, Mr. Mason News Local News 
March 14, 1923 Otis Fuller News Tower Elections  
March 28, 1923 Lose to Willamette, Willamette Debate News Wheaton Debaters Win Another Victory 
March 28, 1923 Coach conley's baseball Sports Baseball Prospects are Very Bright 
March 28, 1923 The Intercollegiate Games Sports Interclass Baseball is Planned by W. A. A.  
March 28, 1923 The Expenses of the "Record" for the Current Year News A Last Call  
March 28, 1923 Myron Weaver, Lu Campell, Paul Hoover News College News 
March 28, 1923 Should the Student Body sit as societies at the Short Story Contest? Opinion Inquisitive Reporter 
March 28, 1923 Student Body Out in Full to Hear Noted Reader News Professor Thompson Delights Large Audience 
March 28, 1923 Mr. Samuel J. Howe, Mrs. Jewett, Miss Gregg News Short Story Finals. Get Your Tickets Now 
March 28, 1923 S. Mosby, Norman H. Camp. Ruth Truesdell Information Bulletin 
March 28, 1923 Indiana University, Harvard, The Kansas State Teachers' College News Intercollegiate 
March 28, 1923 Nothing Matters "But God," A message of Hope and Joy, Alice Maude Carvell Literature Campus Christianity 
March 28, 1923 A Song- Kathleen Bull, Visions- Marion J. Downey Literature Slants From a Goose Quill  
March 28, 1923 F. Dyrness, R. Edwards, A. Sparboro News  Academy News 
March 28, 1923 II Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 58:7 Bible Verses Bible Thoughts for the Week 
March 28, 1923 Aelioian, Beltionian, Philalethean, Excelsior News Literature Societies 
March 28, 1923 J. Orland Stockton, Edward A. Coray Opinion Contributors' Column 
March 28, 1923 Ezra Devereaux, Lillian Connel News Alumnals 
March 28, 1923 The Student Council News Record Board Election 
March 28, 1923 Chopstick Supper, Missionary Home, D. I. A. C. Cork House News Local News 
April 4, 1923 Visitors' Day, Miss Edith Peterson News Academy Improvement Fund Program Draws Large Audience 
April 4, 1923 John F. Conley, of the class of '20 News Coach Conley Elected Park Commissioner 
April 4, 1923 Miss Muiriel Fuller Takes First Place News Aelioian Wins Annual Short Story Contest 
April 4, 1923 Dorothy Nelson, Clarence Mason, Grace Barrows, Jack Fletcher, Sarena Dunton Opinion Inquisitive Reporter 
April 4, 1923 M. Weaver, MacLeod and King News Wheaton Debaters Will Meet Northwestern Next Saturday 
April 4, 1923 New Record Staff to Edit Next Issue News Student Council Elects A. Crofts Record Editor 
April 4, 1923 Six highest Individual sverages: Paul Adolph, Frances Chester, viola Olive News When Will Your Name Appear Here?  
April 4, 1923 Outdoor Sports News Inter Class Track 
April 4, 1923 The new staff will take up the work after the spring recess. Short Comment Au Revoir 
April 4, 1923 "The One Who Satisfies" Article Campus Christianity 
April 4, 1923 Ouch! Send It In Short Comment & Literature  Well! What of It?  
April 4, 1923 Reflections of a Senior, Any Senior to His Friend Articles & Literature  Slants From a Goose Quill  
April 4, 1923 The Editor amd Associate Editor Article Tower Fast nears Completion 
April 4, 1923 Vacation makes us think of home. Short Comment Listen, Dorm Girls.  
April 4, 1923 B. Barber, F. meeker and D. Kinsey, W. Grabill, A. Hough and R. Brokaw News Frosh-Soph Debating Teams Clash Thrusday Night 
April 4, 1923 Homecoming Day Opinion Contributors' Column 
April 4, 1923 Isaiah 2:8, Isaiah 40:8, Mark 13:37 Bible Verses Bible Thoughts for the Week 
April 4, 1923 Jones, Mason, Myers, Sagar Information Tennis 
April 4, 1923 Miss Elliott, Viola Olive and Rhena Brokaw, Babe Stark, Kristy News Local News 
April 4, 1923 Kristy '22, George Bradfield, Peg Richter News Alumnals  
April 25, 1923 Wheaton Negative Gets 2-1 Victory at Naperville News Northwestern Debaters Suffer Second Defeat 
April 25, 1923 Mr. Jack Welsh News Frosh-Soph Debates 
April 25, 1923 The chances for new buildings on Wheaton's campus News For a Bigger Wheaton 
April 25, 1923 Raggerd Fielding is Largely Responsible for Both Defeats; "Y" college Scheduled for Saturday- Elmhurst Game, Northwestern Game Sports Baseball Nine Drops First Two Games of the Season 
April 25, 1923 The jingoistic phrase, "God marches on the side of the big battalions" Article Reserves 
April 25, 1923 A Recent Article in the Northwestern Chronicle Opinion A Word to the Wise 
April 25, 1923 A Good Deed Article Campus Christianity 
April 25, 1923 The First Dandelion Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
April 25, 1923 Apologies to Walt Whitman, Music Hath Charms Short Comment Well! What of It?  
April 25, 1923 Albert Kissling, Mr. and Mrs. Miles of Holden, Esther Everett, Viola Olive News Campus Locals 
April 25, 1923 E. Peterson, L. Campbell, P. Iles, L. Leonard, I. Mann News Aels, Phils, Belts, Excelsior 
April 25, 1923 Rev. J. G. Brooks, Miss Lucinda Gernhardt, Esther Lindley, J. Noble White News Alumni News 
April 25, 1923 Professor Shaw of the Massachusetts School of Technology, Edward A. Thompson, Progessor Brigham of Princeton News Intercollegiate 
April 25, 1923 Every student is expected to do his duty and aid in the work of maintaining the good appearance of the campus News Campus Day 
April 25, 1923 O. Fuller, I. Chriswell, M. Mortenson, J. Wolstenholme, W. Jones, R. Varhaug News The Tower "1925" 
May 2, 1923 Banquet Held at Prseident's Home News New Record Board Ushered into Office 
May 2, 1923 Campus Day is Success News Students Stage Annual Cleanup 
May 2, 1923 Muriel Fuller, Frances Paul News Co-Ed Record 
May 2, 1923 Wheaton 3; Y. M. C. A. 18 Sports Third Baseball Game of Season Goes to Y. M. C. A. 
May 2, 1923 Varsity Men In Victory at Concordia Sports Wheaton Wins First Match in Tennis Season 
May 2, 1923 Mr. J. D. Nutting of the Utah Gospel Mission News Alumnus Gives Chapel Talk 
May 2, 1923 Phil Richmond, Otis Fuller News Students Have Narrow Escape 
May 2, 1923 G. C. Prince, Paul Stough, A. L. Dahn Information Bulletin 
May 2, 1923 "Consider Others" Article Consider Others 
May 2, 1923 Campus Day Article The Campus Beautiful 
May 2, 1923 "If Only Thinks Were Different!" Article Campus Christianity 
May 2, 1923 Lois McShane Information A Correction 
May 2, 1923 Song- Anna E. Sperry, Habit- Jack Welsh  Literature Slants From a Goose Quill  
May 2, 1923 Gertrude Isabel Straw, Anna Dresser Plumb, Mrs. Lillie Wallbrook Aherens, Rev. W. B. Stoddard, Mrs. Mae Plumb Harris News  Alumni News 
May 2, 1923 "Are you in Favor of the College and Church Cooperating to Build a church on the Campus?" Opinion Inquiring Reporter 
May 2, 1923 Belts, Phils, Excelsior, Aels News Lit. Societies  
May 2, 1923 The Augustana Wheaton Girls' Debate and Wheaton's Unanimous Victory News Intercollegiate 
May 2, 1923 The Oratorical Ability, Contest, Effie McGill News Academy News 
May 9, 1923 Miss Doris McShane, Miss Virginia Hawkins, Miss Marguerite Garlough News Academy Wins Contest with Elgin 
May 9, 1923 Hope to emulate and add to the original and unique style News New Tower Staff Has First Meeting 
May 9, 1923 Last Thursday President Blanchard left for a trip East for ten days News President Away on Short Trip 
May 9, 1923 Belts to Sponsor Program for Improvement Fund News "Parsifal" to be rendered by Dr. Kuntze and noted Assistants  
May 9, 1923 O. Muiriel Fuller, Kate Mackenzie, Elizabeth Murray, Frances Lyster, Anna Evans News Announcing the Co-Ed Record 
May 9, 1923 W. J. Jones, W. Kennedy, R. Johnson, W. McGill Sports Basketball Men Receive "W's" 
May 9, 1923 DeKalb vs. Wheaton Sports Baseball Nine Suffers New Defeat 
May 9, 1923 Hicks, Myers, H. Coray, Schmidt Sports Tennis Men Victors in Second Match 
May 9, 1923 The running high and broad jumps, hurfles, 100, 220 and 440 yard lashes Sports Men's Interclass Track Meet Coming 
May 9, 1923 J. C. O'Hair, Frances Paul Information Bulletin 
May 9, 1923 "Orthodox Christian Scholarship" Article Mailing the Colors 
May 9, 1923 From our Oriental hierarchy to the modern university Article "Hazing" 
May 9, 1923 The Futility of Lukewarm Christianity-- Alice Maude Carvell Article Campus Christianity 
May 9, 1923 Alfred Tennyson Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
May 9, 1923 The University of Minnesita, The Sate of Michigan News Intercollegiate 
May 9, 1923 Advanced Mathematics, Advanced Chemistry, Chicken Pie Recipe, Horse Races, Harmless Short Comment Well! What of It?  
May 9, 1923 Aels, Phils, Excelsior, Belts News Lit. Societies 
May 9, 1923 C. Thomas, Fran Paul, Doc Oelke, bill Jones News Campus Locals 
May 9, 1923 Prof. Dwight, Miss Gudrun Thorlakson, Marie Kecker Opinion Inquiring Reporter 
May 9, 1923 Arthur Twigg, J. P. Shaw, Carl Aldinger, Henry Tweed News Alumni News 
May 23, 1923 Belts Clear $85 for Improvement Fund News Benefit Concert is Great Success 
May 23, 1923 Meta Frank, Paul Blanchard, Dr. Welsh News Frank--Blanchard 
May 23, 1923 Aels, Phils, Excelsior, Belts News  Lit. Societies 
May 23, 1923 The Baccalaureate Address at the Missionary Training Institute Message A Message From President  
May 23, 1923 Prof. Winsor's Economics class News Oh, Money! Money! 
May 23, 1923 Miss Blanchard, Lois McShane, Zoe Landon, Miriam Smith Opinion The Inquiring Reporter 
May 23, 1923 Victory in singles at Napervile, Girls Triumph over Aurora in Tennis Sports Wheaton Runner up in District Tennis Tourney 
May 23, 1923 Helen Sinclair Information Bulletin 
May 23, 1923 DeKalb 8; Wheaton 1: Special to the Record by Marie Keeker Sports Wheaton Loses Its Fifth Game 
May 23, 1923 Lawson Field, R. G. Brokaw Short Comment "Right This Way, Please!" 
May 23, 1923 Not in Puritan way, but in a manner appropriate to the Lord's Day Article Wheaton Womanhood 
May 23, 1923 Umbrella, raincoat, rubbers Article Grades 
May 23, 1923 "Speaking Scandal" Article "To Speak No Scandal, No, Nor Listen to It." 
May 23, 1923 The Influence of Bible Women Article Campus Christianity 
May 23, 1923 The Luna Moth- Muriel Ramsey '26, To a Rustic Attic- Mignon Rittenhouse '25, A Morning Prayer- Margaret D. Mortenson '25 Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
May 23, 1923 The Children's Hour- Lombard Review, Ask the Woman- Dick R., Eddie Earl, Connie Opinion Well! What of It? 
May 23, 1923 St. Albans Academy News Academy News 
May 23, 1923 A. L. Winsor, Mr. John Mann, Elizabeth Cossum, Olive Anderson News "Baseball!" 
May 23, 1923 E. S. Murray. Editor Short Comment Co-ed Corner 
May 23, 1923 Ranselaer Barrows, Mrs. Mildred Sleeper Osborne, Dora winsor, Lucinda Gernhart News Alumni News 
May 23, 1923 La Rue Leonard, Dot Harris' sister, Miss Matlack, Miss Florence Smith of Chicago News Campus Locals 
May 23, 1923 Kansas University, The Law of Compensation News Intercollegiate  
May 30, 1923 Annual Banquet is Enjoyed by All News President Entertains Seniors 
May 30, 1923 Lake Forest and Northwestern are Victims Sports Girls' Tennis Team in Double Win.  
May 30, 1923 Elizabeth Green and Mr. Whittlesey on Program  News Academy Spondors Benefit Recital  
May 30, 1923 Noted Speakers are Present News Missionary Alliance in Convention Here 
May 30, 1923 L. Blasius, Nellie Gordon News Men's Glee Club Gives Concert 
May 30, 1923 H. Coray's Victory over Robenstein at the Aurora Tournament Information Notice: Previous Error Corrected 
May 30, 1923 Failure to Hit and Loose Play in the Field is Again Responsible: Lose to Elmhurst 6-3, Drop Final Game to N. W. C., 9-0 Sports Varsity Nine Closes 1923 Season with Double Defeat 
May 30, 1923 Strange Features Added to Entertainment News Frosj-Soph Frolic in the Gymnasium  
May 30, 1923 Dedicated to Prof. Smith News 1924 Tower is Issued 
May 30, 1923 Christian Jessen, Miss Marion Grinnell Information Bulletin 
May 30, 1923 Class of 1923 is the largest graduating class in the history of the school Article Stay for Commencement  
May 30, 1923 Stanley Lawrence Article Campus Christianity 
May 30, 1923 The Senior Orations: The Meaning of Victory-- Charles A. King Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill  
May 30, 1923 J. Allison, Mrs. Stough Short Comment  Well! What of It?  
May 30, 1923 Paul Adolph, Viola Olive, Charles Hess News Individual Grades High in Last Count of Year 
May 30, 1923 John Sawyer, B. Allen Reed, Mr. John Crofts News Alumni News 
May 30, 1923 Mr. Sherman, Mr. Hockaday News Academy Debaters Lose Dual Meet 
May 30, 1923 Wheaton Lost to Y. College 5-2 Sports Varsity Loses to Y College in Best Game of Season 
May 30, 1923 Mr. Mrs. Walter Myers, H. Coray, Miss Evangeline Mortenson News  Campus Locals 
May 30, 1923 The Northland College Men's Glee Club, Furman University, The University of Cincinnati, Illinois University News Intercollegiate 
June 6, 1923 Commencement Issue to Have New Features News Special Record Number Planned 
June 6, 1923 The Benefit Lawn Social News Benefit Social is Held at Dorm 
June 6, 1923 Program is very well Rendered News Girls' Glee Club Gives Recital 
June 6, 1923 Louise Johnson News Phils-Aels Hold Annual Party 
June 6, 1923 Dr. Morris Frater, the New Hebrides, The John G. Paron Mission News Students Hear Missionary Address 
June 6, 1923 Harper and Buck are High Men; Sophomore Girls win Co-Ed Meet, Coray Brothers Play in State Tennis Meet; Henry Goes to Semi-Finals and Loses to Winner of Tournament Sports Juniors Carry Off Men's Interclass Track Meet 
June 6, 1923 Dr. Griffith Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Camp, Elsie Bohmlander, Mr. Norman Camp Information Bulletin 
June 6, 1923 All stand equal on the threshold of a new day Article Today 
June 6, 1923 Representative, Superintendent, Legislative Committe Article The Student Council 
June 6, 1923 A Telling Life Article Campus Christianity 
June 6, 1923 Helas! by Oscar Wilde, The Last Days of the Puritan by F. H. Leach Literature Slants from a Goose Quill  
June 6, 1923 Epworth Herald, Miss Cobb, Stan Lawrence Short Comment Well! What of It?  
June 6, 1923 Jimmy Schrieber, Gus Jackson, Myron Weaver, Alice Winsor,  News  Campus Locals 
June 6, 1923 excelsior, Aels, Belts News Lit. Societies 
June 6, 1923 Will Vote on New Project News Alumni to Help Record 
June 6, 1923 The Tech of Cambridge, Mass, Iowa State, Taylor University News Intercollegiate 
June 6, 1923 Miss Norris, Miss Loenard, Miss Rice, Dr. Kuntze News Conservatory Seniors Give Recital 
June 6, 1923 I Peter 1 News R. E. Neighbour Speaks in Chapel 
June 6, 1923 Coach Conley, Prof. Weaver Sports Faculty--Preacher Game 
June 6, 1923 Harry Stam, Eugene Haldeman, Muiriel Fuller, Enoch Dyrness Short Comment The Inqiuring Reporter 
June 20, 1923 Gifts for Each Graduate News Class Day Exercises Prove Interesting 
June 20, 1923 Noted Bible Teacher Gives Scholarly Address; "Here Am I" Subject of Baccalaureate Sermon, Commencement Message "Scholarship and Orthodoxy" News Dr. Griffith Thomas is 1923 Graduation Speaker 
June 20, 1923 Recital Held Saturday Evening Music Conservatory Students Graduate 
June 20, 1923 Conservatory Cooperates in Program Music Expression Dept. Gives Last Recital 
June 20, 1923 Graduation Exercises Well Attended News Academy Day is Big Success 
June 20, 1923 O. Muiriel Fuller Literature Class Song 
June 20, 1923 Where will the Senior be next year? Short Comment Senior Plans 
June 20, 1923 '24 showed '23 a royal good time  News Junior-Senior Party 
June 20, 1923 A Plumber, Lawyer, Carpenter, Doctor, Judge, Preacher Short Comment Mistakes 
June 20, 1923 Dr. A. W. Blunt, Rev. J. G. Brooks, J. P. Shaw, Esther Cleland, Arthur Clark, A. L. Nichols News Alumni News 
June 20, 1923 Dr. A. W. Blunt, Mr. J. F. Skeel, Mr. J. G. Brooks, Robt. Woolston, Maude Mitchell News 200 "Old Grads" Entertain Departing Class 
June 20, 1923 Special to the Record from the Near East Relief News Miss Ludgate Visit Queen 
June 20, 1923 "Curley" Brooks, Early Anderson, "Babe" Thomas Short Comment Do you remember way back when 
June 20, 1923 The Student Council News Home Coming Day 
June 20, 1923 Howell G. Evans News "The Twenty-Two-er" 
June 20, 1923 Coach and Mrs. Conley, Captain Sagar News Baseball Men Dine 
June 20, 1923 Howell G. Evans, President of last year's Student Council celebrates his nuptials News Congratulations 
June 20, 1923 J. F. Conley- Record Editor 1919-20 Article Traditions 
June 20, 1923 John L. Sawyer, Record Editor, 1920-21 Article Impressions 
June 20, 1923 A. E. Christopherson, Record Editor 1921-22 Article After One Year 
June 20, 1923 Fred H. Leach, Record Editor 1922-23 Article Travel, An Education  
June 20, 1923 Rudyard Kipling, Margaret Mortenson Literature  Slants from a Goose Quill  
June 20, 1923 Review of 1923 Baseball Season Article Lack of Coordination Leads to Poor Baseball Showing 
June 20, 1923 The men's tennis team and the girl's team Sports Tennis 
June 20, 1923 George Freeman, J. O. Stockton, Clarence E. Mason, William Jones News "W" Club 
June 20, 1923 Sir Henry Newbolt Literature Play the Game! 
June 20, 1923 Mr. Roberts' short story, Mr. Geo. Smith, Mr. Arthur Guild News Excelsior Banquet 
June 20, 1923 N. Cox, Mr. Merle Weaver, Van Dyke News Intersociety Open Meeting 
June 20, 1923 The list of two years' intersociety contests News Are you Celt, Phil, Belt, or Ael?  
June 20, 1923 Dr. Gregory Mantle's talks on Consecration, Dr. M. A. Stone's scholarly exposition of Ephesias Article What Christianity has meant in Wheaton; a Review of the Year 
June 20, 1923 Mr. Blasius, Miss Gordon News Beltionian Banquet 
June 20, 1923 M. Weaver, A. Crofts, Mgr. Ed., C. Mason, O. Fuller, J. Allison, J. wolstenholme News Student Council Minutes 
June 20, 1923 The Stronger The Better, Fierce Variety, His Own Fault Short Comment In Lighter Mood 
June 20, 1923 Daddy's Invincible Athletic Club Article D. I. A. C.  
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